August 99 Week 4


August 23
At Titan, Vivian and Kate shake and agree to work together, for now. Kate assures Vivian that very soon Victor will be back here working, and they will be married and she can't do anything about it! Kate says she already considers herself Victor's wife, but it will be wonderful to have it made official. Nicholas tells Billie that she is doing a wonderful job with Countess Williamena, and they end up going into her office to look at her European market expansion plans. Once they are gone, Kate tells Vivian that she has to hand it to her for conning Stefano. Vivian tells Kate that they have to face it, Stefano doesn't give loyalty and protection unless he wants something in return. She asks her what Stefano wanted from her? Kate says a good return on his stocks. Kate doesn't think this will work, but Vivian says she wants this truce to work because Nicholas won't stay in Salem if she doesn't make peace with her. Kate asks if Nicholas means more to her than Victor? Vivian says of course she cares for Victor, and she still hopes he will forgive her one day. She mentions the progress she has made with him during their visits, and when Vivian asks a shocked Kate if Victor told her about their visits? Kate says of course he did. However, Kate says Victor never once mentioned that he was on the verge of forgiving her.

In her office, Billie questions Nicholas about his motives. Nicholas flirts with her by telling her that she must get her beauty and business sense from her mom, he just hopes she'll let people get close to her, unlike her mother. Billie assures Nicholas that her mom will be fine once Victor comes home.

Billie goes back to see her mom, who is trying to stay positive. Billie tells her mom that she wants her to stay realistic about Victor's chances for recovery. Kate is sure that everything will work out. Billie leaves for the night and Kate gets a call from the hospital about Victor's test results.

Nicholas and Vivian go to their office and Vivian is furious with the idea of Victor marrying Kate. Nicholas assures his aunt that he will think of something. Later, Billie drops by and tells Vivian that she will be keeping an eye on her nephew. Vivian says "You and every other woman in Salem!" Billie makes it clear she is only protecting her mother, but Vivian says you can't fool Aunty Viv!

Back in Kate's office, Kate is in tears and asks the doctor if Victor will recover enough to leave the nursing home? We don't hear the answer, but it isn't good because she says she'll have to keep praying for that miracle. Nicholas drops by and asks Kate what is wrong? Kate says Victor might never come home. Nicholas comforts her and lets her cry on his shoulder.

At Tuscany, Nancy tells Craig that her dad is very proud and impressed by him. Abe and Lexie show up for Craig and Nancy's celebration. Lexie says the board members invited them, she hopes Craig doesn't mind. Craig says of course not. Shawn, Caroline, Sami, and Austin show up to celebrate Sami's freedom, but Sami can't help notice the tension between Craig and Lexie. At another table, Ali tells Tony to go make sure Nancy gulps down her champagne instead of sipping at it like she is. Tony goes over to Nancy to talk with her. When she says she is celebrating her husband becoming chief of staff, Tony keeps toasting her and her husband so Nancy keeps drinking. Lexie talks with Craig and tells him that she hates what happened to Mike, but she hopes they can resolve their differences because she likes University Hospital and wants to stay there. Craig tells her that he only expects the same support that Mike received. Abe points out that the board invited his wife because they value her as a staff member. Brandon shows up in and ends up sitting next to a disguised Ali at the bar. When he flirts with her, she tells him that she is involved. The board members show up and everyone is shown to their table. Nancy is completely loaded at this point. When she hands her empty glass to a waiter, she slaps him on the butt when he walks by. Claire shows up and the board members offer Claire a job at the hospital. Claire thanks them but says she is looking forward to getting back to Manhattan. Lexie ends up leaving to call the hospital when she becomes sick of Nancy's blubbering about how much Craig loves Mike. Lexie runs into Brandon, and she says she will call him about the job, WHEN she is free. Brandon can't believe the attitude he is getting tonight.

Back at the table, Nancy flirts with Mr. Lewis by rubbing his leg and telling him about her special Cajun cooking that sets men on fire. She then starts flirting with Abe, telling him that she loves big guns and asks to see his. Abe tells her that he never takes his gun out in public. The waiter brings the menus and Nancy asks the waiter to liven up the music, and then suggests and starts humming Stars and Stripes Forever. She then asks Craig to order for her, she sees some people she wants to talk to.

At Sami and Co's table, Sami and Austin can't compliment one another enough in front of Shawn and Caroline. Sami eventually runs into Brandon and invites him and his friend "Ali" to join them, but Brandon says she is not with him. Sami looks at Ali and notices something familiar about her. She asks him to join them again, but he says no thanks. She realizes he is here to talk to Lexie and offers to put in a good word, but he says he wants to get the job on her own. Back at the table, Nancy shows up and starts flirting with Shawn, telling him that she has a thing for older men and loves his silver hair. She begins massaging Shawn's shoulder, and Sami tells Nancy that she better return to the table if she wants to order something. Nancy yells across the restaurant "Craigy, order me something yummy!" Craig tries to get to his wife, but is delayed by people the board members want him to meet. LExie eventually tells Nancy that someone wants to meet her, so she leaves. Lexie tries to drag Nancy into the ladies room to throw some water on her face. Unfortunately they never make it because Nancy spots Brandon and says she has to dance with this hunk. She then begins dirty dancing with a shocked Brandon. Nancy shakes all her goods, bumps her rump, and begins undressing herself and Brandon! Ali decides to go at this point, and Craig apologizes to the board members for Nancy. Craig tries to calm Nancy down, but she only grabs a feather boa and shouts "Here comes mama!" Everyone is watching Nancy performs with the male help, and Sami even stands on her seat for a better view! Craig tells his wife to stop it, but all she does is bump and grind him. Craig drags Nancy into the bathroom, and everyone gossips about Nancy. Mrs. Winston says that she is regretting hiring Craig as COS. In the bathroom Nancy wants to make love in a stall, but Craig tells her to sober up. Sami shows up and tells Craig that something is going on in Nancy's head besides champagne. Craig looks into his wife's eyes, sees she has been drugged, and exclaims "Ali!" Sami returns to her table and tells her family that someone drugged Nancy's drink. Shawn asks what makes her think that? She just says you'd be amazed what you can learn in prison. They all toast to the future.

At Carrie's place, Mike thinks maybe he should pack his bags and get the hell out of town because he's already cost her her job and marriage. Carrie asks how he can give up? Mike doesn't want to hurt her, but Carrie says he hasn't. Carrie says they have to beat Ali at her own game, they can't let her win. Mike is afraid that Ali will think she (Carrie) stole him from her again if they go through with this, and he is afraid that Ali might hurt her. Mike doesn't want his job back at the expense of her safety. Carrie doesn't think she is in danger, and Mike tells her that she is not being objective. Carrie thinks that if they expose Ali she will get help for her problems and will no longer be a danger to anyone. Carrie urges him to clear his name for his grandfather's sake. Carrie tells him that the only way they can be safe from Ali is to expose her mental instability, otherwise she will just haunt them for the rest of their lives! Mike agrees to go through with it. Carrie pulls out a small tape recorder and gives it to Mike so he can tape Ali's confession. Mike tells Carrie that he will do everything he can to protect her, but Carrie says the important thing is to expose Ali.

At Ali's place, Ali is planning her move to the southwest with Mike and the style they will live in. Someone rings ALi's doorbell and she thinks it is Mike, but it's Craig. Ali asks what he is doing here? Craig tells her that nobody hurts his wife and gets away with it! Craig grabs Ali by her neck and begins to choke her!


August 24
At the Paris house, Bo is undergoing more computer brainwashing. Stefano tells Gina that it is time to prepare her and Bo to acquire the last Rennet for him. But, Stefano says he must make sure Bo is ready. Gina can't believe how much Steffie enjoys this. He tells her that he relishes every bit of controlling a man who hates him. Rolfe tells Bo to get on his feet, but he doesn't obey. Stefano tells Bo to do as Rolfe says, and Bo snaps to. Gina asks what is going to happen? Stefano says they are going on a field trip. When Gina asks if it will be dangerous, Stefano says of course, and then asks if he detects a bit of concern in her voice? She says no, and he says good. Stefano tells her to come with him, and they leave. They end up on a street corner, and Gina asks what they are doing here. Stefano says they are waiting for lightening to strike. A man mugs some woman, and Stefano tells Bo to sick! Bo goes after the man and beats him to a pulp. The cops show up and Gina tells Stefano to do something! The cops ask Bo what he has done, what is his name? Bo just stands there like a mindless zombie, and is eventually arrested!

At the castle, Greta is alone in the dark asking if someone is there? She screams her head off when a candle held by a white arm approaches her. It is of course Eric, who brought her some food. The blanket, which was over his arm, is for her, and Eric laughs at her because she thought he was a ghost. Eric decides to light the fire and wishes Kurt was around because he could use his help. Kurt is spying on them and realizes that they are becoming dangerous and he has to get rid of them. Eric starts a roaring fire, which soon goes out in a minute. Eric wonders what happened. Greta says this place is haunted, that is what happened! Eric tells her it was probably just a draft, but Greta thinks something is going on. Eric goes to start the fire again, but his matches are missing! Kurt reached through a secret door and stole them. Eric leaves to get some more matches, and Greta begins hearing creepy creaky noises. Kurt sneaks up behind Greta, but she thinks he is Eric. She doesn't turn around, she just asks for the matches, which he hands her. Kurt sneaks off through another secret passage, and Eric returns. He asks where she got the match? She says he just handed it to her, but he says he didn't. He tells her to forget it and suggests they get some sleep. Eric sleeps on the floor and Greta takes the couch. When the storm outside rages, Greta ends up joining Eric on the floor because the place gives her the creeps. Eric asks Greta if she is okay with "this?" She tells him not to get the wrong idea, she is not looking for romance, she just wants to sleep tonight and wants to stay as close to him as possible. Lightening crashes again, and Greta says this is a day she's never going to forget. SHe tells Eric that her mother's spirit is haunting her. She tells Eric that she needs him, and asks him to hold her. Eric hold Greta, and the two fall asleep. Peeping Kurt watches them from behind the wall .

At the Kiriakis mansion, Austin finds Nicole pouring herself a drink. Nicole is upset because all she did on her trip is shop because Lucas had business to tend to the whole time. Austin asks where Lucas is? Nicole says he had to go over to Titan. Austin tells her that married life probably isn't going as she expected. Nicole looks at Austin and tells him his certainly didn't. Austin says talking about his problems won't solve hers. Nicole says she has everything she wants, but Austin says "but love." Nicole tells him that he is nobody to give her advice. Austin knows she is still in love with Eric. Nicole goes for another drink, and Austin tells her that it must be hard living with someone you don't even love. Nicole pours herself another drink and tells Austin that he is one to talk, he is living with Sami when he is obviously still in love with his wife. Nicole offers Austin a drink, but he says he doesn't need the booze to forget about his problems. Nicole tells him of course not, he and Sami are saints! She tells Austin that for his information, her life with Lucas is a dream come true. Austin tells her that this game she is playing will wear thin soon, and soon the high she is feeling will turn into a dull ache. Austin urges her to go after Eric before it is too late.

At her apartment, Carrie worries about Mike and wishes he would call her and let her know what is going on. Carrie looks at her date book and realizes tomorrow is her wedding anniversary. She asks herself how things could have fallen apart like this. She looks at her divorce papers and says she knows it is over, but she can't bring herself to sign the papers. Suddenly, Roman shows up at Carrie's door. He tells her that he came back because he heard about her and Mike. Carrie lets Roman in and he says he has not come here to condemn her, he loves her. Carrie says she knows she has hurt and humiliated the family, she has ruined everything. Roman tells her that there is always a way to repair things, but Carrie says not this time. Roman tells her to fight, but Carrie says Austin has given up on her, it is over. Roman says it is never over if there is still love. Carrie admits she still loves Austin, but she also loves Mike. Roman tells her that she has a choice to make, he just hopes it isn't the wrong one. Carrie asks if the wrong choice is leaving Austin? Roman says he doesn't want her to run out on her marriage. Carrie asks what about Mike? Roman says Mike is not the victim here. Carrie says Mike never meant to hurt anyone, but Roman says he did hurt people. Roman tells Carrie that he hopes Mike can work out his life, but it should not be with her. Carrie says that he and Marlena are forgetting something, Austin has a say in this too and he is through with her. Carrie tells her dad that it is over. Carrie says Austin has started a new life with Sami and Will, and she can't keep him in this limbo. As she goes to sign the divorce papers, Roman grabs them before she can.

At the Horton house, Mickey is glad to see Mike is happy and he says that Tom would be proud of him. Mike tells Mickey that he will be vindicated very soon, but can't tell him how. Maggie and Alice show up, Alice is walking with a cane. Both Mickey and Mike are shocked to see her with a cane. Mike asks since when does she need help walking? Alice looks at him and says "since I had my stroke." When they go to help her, she tells them that she is not helpless, she can sit her behind on the sofa by herself! Alice tells them that she did not know about the stroke until after it happened, she blacked out. Maggie says that Alice called her and she took her to the hospital for some tests. Alice says she had a mild stroke, and she didn't want anyone to know until she could deal with it herself. She also didn't want them hovering over her and worrying about her. Maggie tells them that Alice is working very hard to recover. Alice says she has joined a gym and is working with a therapist. Mickey tells his mom that he knows she likes her independence, but no more secrets from now on. Alice apologizes and says her only excuse was she didn't want to see the concern in their eyes, but now that she has, it is a comfort. Alice changes the topic and asks Mike what he is going to do about Ali? Mike says after tonight he hopes to close that chapter of his life, and he might take a vacation with Carrie afterwards. Maggie says she is still married. Mike says he is committed to Carrie and he will clear the Horton family name, but he can't tell them how. Mike leaves and is armed with Carrie's tape recorder.

At Ali's place, Craig chokes Ali, who tries to beg for her life. Craig asks why she would drug Nancy? Ali can't answer, and Craig tells her to speak up or he will have to kill her. Ali gasps out that this isn't funny. Craig eventually lets her go, and she asks him if he is crazy? Craig says unlike some people I know? She can't believe he tried to kill her. Craig tells her next time he will do it! Craig tells her that he knows she drugged Nancy to embarrass him, and if she tries to blackmail him again he will finish what he started! ALi tells him that they were all his toys, her, Mike, Carrie, the board, everyone! Ali claims that she was just tired of being pushed around by him and Nancy. Craig says next time she pulls anything like this, he'll push her off a cliff! Craig tells her to pack up and get out of Salem. Ali tells him that he can't kick her out of Salem! Craig tells her to try him! Nancy shows up and ALi tells her that Craig is going crazy. Nancy says "you think he's crazy?" And then Nancy decks Ali, who falls to the floor. Nancy and Craig threaten to take Ali's millions away from her and expose her if she doesn't leave them alone. Nancy and Craig leave, and Mike shows up with a bottle of champagne. Ali has a huge red mark on her cheek, and Mike asks what happened? Ali says she ran into a door, that is all. She asks what the champagne is for? He says he thought they'd toast to their new venture, the clinic they will open. Ali downs the champagne in one gulp, and Mike asks if she is okay? She says she is fine. Mike says he is packed and ready to go, but Ali says she's not ready. She asked if he said goodbye to Carrie? He said no, there is no reason to. Ali is very quiet and Mike asks her if she is sure everything is all right? Ali says she is just thinking about their new venture and she wants it to work so badly, she wants to get out of Salem. Mike says he wants to get away as well, but it's kinda funny that they are leaving together. Ali says she feels bad about the accusations, but Mike says he realizes that he mislead her and he was wrong. He says he should have given her the job, he brought it up and she didn't know her name was on the list. Ali tells him to let it go, but he says he doesn't know if he will ever be able to. However, he says he wants them to start fresh because know if this venture will work if there are unresolved past issues between them. Ali gets up and pours some more champagne, and Mike turns on the tape recorder. Mike says he's glad she has forgiven him, she has been nothing but wonderful and he was a jerk. He says anything can be forgiven, if a person confesses. Mike says he is ready to go and wants to help her pack, but she asks him to wait. Ali tells Mike that not everything is resolved. Mike asks her what she means? Ali tells Mike that she has a confession to make.

Craig and Nancy drive home. Nancy is feeling nauseous, and Craig fears Ali has ruined everything. Nancy tells Craig to pull over because she's going to be sick! Nancy gets the poison out of her system, and then asks Craig to slow down! Craig says he is not concerned about the car, he is concerned that he might lose the COS position!


August 25
Sorry this is so late!

John is on the phone at the penthouse trying to get an order to exhume Gina's body. Marlena and Belle walk in and listen to John on the phone. After he hangs up, John explains to Belle that they are trying to find out if Greta's mother is buried there, and how she died if she is there. Belle thinks this is so cool, her brother is trying to solve a real life mystery. Marlena tells her that this is not cool, Eric could be in danger. John says everything is okay and legal, but Marlena says he knows Stefano is in Paris and doesn't want anyone to know the truth about Gina. John says they will handle it, and then tells her that he talked with Bo earlier and he sounded kinda odd. John is afraid that Bo might be going up against DiMera alone. Belle suggests he go to Paris to help Bo, but Marlena says that is out of the question! John says that Bo helped her in Hawaii, and now he may need his help. Marlena says she thought he wasn't going to get involved in searching for his past again? Marlena turns to a listening Belle and asks her to leave them alone and fix some lemonade. When she says "why don't I bake an apricot pie, that will take longer," Marlena tells her to fix her attitude and do what she asked! Belle leaves and Marlena tries to talk some sense into John. John tells her that their love will defeat Stefano, and he will not get drawn back into his past. He says someone should be there to help Eric and Bo. Belle walks back in the room with some lemonade and says she agrees with Dad, he should go to France to help Eric and Greta. Marlena looks at Belle, and then at John again. Belle tells her mom that dad really should be there for Eric. John tells Marlena that Eric could be asking for trouble, and MArlena knows that Eric is in danger. However, she says if he goes he will be in danger too. John tells her that he isn't the kind of man who will sit around and do nothing. Marlena knows that, and John hopes she understands why he has to do this. Marlena says she does, and Belle tells her mom not to worry because "Dad is the man, he'll come through." John tells Marlena not to worry, he will not be drawn into his past. MArlena hugs him and holds back the tears. She tells him that she understands why he has to go, and she will pray to God to keep both him and Eric safe.

At the Paris House, Stefano and Rolfe are drinking to their success. Gina asks how he can call this a success, Bo has been arrested! Stefano tells her not to worry, Bo will do the honorable thing. Stefano assures her that he is confident that Bo will be just as good of a mercenary as John. Gina asks what if Bo tells the police everything! Stefano tells her not to worry, relax, have a drink. Gina says no, she wants to go for some air. Stefano suggests that since she is so worried she should go to the station and get him. Gina takes the passport and leaves. Rolfe asks Stefano if he is sure Gina will remain loyal? Stefano says she knows Bo is out to destroy her and he is the only person she can trust. Outside, Gina wonders what is happening to her.

At the station, the French police are interrogating no-brain Bo. They are in a dark room and even have a spotlight on him! They ask him if he speaks such-in-such language until they finally realize he speaks English. Bo says he is from the United States. When they ask why he hurt this man in the street, Bo says the man stole a woman's purse and he did the honorable thing. The cops ask if he has been drinking? They ask him to take a breathalyzer test, and he passes.

Gina shows up at the station and just walks into the room where Bo is being interrogated! Gina tells them that this is her husband, and she hands them his passport. They ask her if her husband is on drugs, he seems almost catatonic? Gina pulls out a pill bottle and says he is on anti-depressants, but missed his last dose. They release Bo into her custody and then leave them alone. Gina asks Bo if he knows where he is? Bo stands up and just says "My name is Bo Brady, I must complete my mission." Gina is shocked, and then remembers the sci-fi like operation she went under when she was given Gina's memories. Gina gets a call from Stefano, who wants to know if she has rescued Bo? Gina says yes, and he has not given them away. Stefano tells her to bring Bo back immediately. Gina says they are on their way, but when she hangs up, she says "We'll just see how much power you have over me!"

Gina and Bo go back to the house, and Stefano tells Bo that tomorrow he begins his life as his mercenary. Stefano asks Gina if she is ready for her new partner? Gina says it doesn't matter what she wants, she will do what she is told. Stefano tells her that is right, if she is not a loyal soldier than she will suffer the consequences. Rolfe tells Stefano that the potion is wearing down and Bo will come out of it soon. Stefano and Rolfe gather up the equipment and leave, but not before Stefano puts Bo at ease. After they leave, Bo comes to and has another headache. He looks at Gina and asks her what happened, he's lost hours again. Gina says he was asleep, but he doesn't believe her. Bo turns into Stefano and tells her that if she betrays him, she will suffer the consequences. Gina damns Stefano, and Bo says "You've seen Stefano!" Bo asks what the bastard is up to now? Bo grabs her and asks her what is happening to him, but then realizes she's working for Stefano and would never betray him. Bo says he's outa here and goes to leave, but she asks him not to leave, she is terrified. Bo asks why, and she says there is no one else she can trust. Bo asks her if Stefano told her to say that? Outside, Stefano tells Rolfe that after Gina and Bo steal the painting, he will send them both to Salem to wreak ungodly hell on the town.

At Carrie's apartment, Roman tells Carrie that she will regret it if she signs the divorce papers. Carrie says she has no choice, Austin wants the marriage ended. Roman asks Carrie if she is signing them for Mike? He tells her that he wants the truth, are she and Mike planning to be together? Carrie says they have made plans, and she is waiting for him to return tonight. Carrie admits that she and Mike are trying to get Ali to admit that she was out for revenge. Roman asks how they are planning to get Ali to confess? Carrie explains their plans to him and how Mike is trying to get Ali's confession on tape. Roman tells Carrie that he doesn't like what she is doing. Carrie says she knows she has hurt Austin, but he has Sami and Will now. Roman says Austin cares for Sami, but Carrie interrupts and tells her dad that she thinks Austin is in love with Sami. Roman says it is not a romantic love, and they are just together for Will. Carrie disagrees. Roman asks if she is using Austin's friendship with Sami as a reason to run out on her marriage and be with Mike? Carrie is in tears and says she guesses she deserved that. Roman asks if she is ready to give up Austin? Carrie says there will always be a part of her that loves Austin, but it isn't the same as her love for Mike. Roman tells her that when his marriage to Marlena ended, he went through so much pain, and he doesn't want her to go through that. Carrie says she has made up her mind to be with Mike. Roman says he doesn't have to like her decision, but he will respect it. He tells her to at least think about what he said, kisses her on the forehead, and leaves.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Austin has set up the pool patio with all sorts of lights as a surprise for Sami. Sami asks him what he has done? Austin tells her that she needed to be pampered. Sami is about to say this is so romantic, but says it is so wonderful of him. Austin tells her that he decided to bring the tropics to them, since they can't go to the tropics. Sami asks him about Carrie. Austin says he'll always love Carrie, but he has to move on. He tells her that he went to the office to see if she had changed her mind about Mike, but she ended up rushing out the door to meet him after he called. Austin says he doesn't want to talk about Carrie, he wants to have a good time. They talk about Will and how he is not as shy as he once was, Austin attributes it to being around Sami, and Sami thinks its because he is around Austin. They decide to go swimming and Austin picks her up to throw her in. She screams, so he says they will jump in together. Austin and Sami play around in the pool, and are on the verge of kissing when Carrie shows up and sees them.

At Ali's place, Mike turns his tape recorder on and hides it in his pocket. Ali tells Mike that she has a confession to make. Mike tells her to go ahead, they can't work together if they have secrets. Ali admits to Mike that she knew before she slept with him that she was on Rose's list. Mike asks "So you set me up?" Ali says she is sorry and says she knew what she was doing all along. She says she put on the outfit, got him to joke about the job, and then used it against him. Mike asks how she could do this to him? Ali says she loved him and wanted to pay him back for falling in love with Carrie. Mike realizes someone tipped Ali off about the list. Ali asks why he would think that? Mike asks her if she did this on her own, or did someone help her? Ali remember's Craig threats, and says that one of the other nurses told her. Mike remembers the call she got that night, and Ali says that is when she learned about making the list. ALi says from then on it was a trap. Mike becomes angry with her and asks how she could betray him like this! Ali asks him not to be upset. Mike says he is so mad at her that he can't even speak to her! Ali looks at him and asks if this means their trip is off, is he going to turn her in? Mike says he is angry, but wants to get past it. Ali's face brightens and she thanks him. Ali says she wants to leave right away, she wants to leave tonight. Mike says okay, so Ali goes to wash her face. Once she leaves, Mike pulls out the tape recorder and listens to the confession. Unfortunately, he shouldn't have done that because a spying Ali sees him! Ali asks Mike what that was, and he says it was his pager. Ali seems to buy it, but becomes suspicious when he says he forgot a few medical journals at the hospital and he has to go get them. Mike leaves, and Ali thinks he is telling her the truth. Later, Ali finds her Carrie Barbie and tells her that tonight she looses Mike for good, but there is one more thing she has to do to her. Ali twists Carrie's head to the point of it almost popping off, and then she call's Carrie, and Mike answers!


August 26
At the castle, Kurt shows Greta and Eric to a room by candlelight so they don't have to sleep on the floor. Greta wants to see her mother's room, so he shows it to her. The room is dark and lonely, and a portrait of Gina hangs above the fireplace. Greta says she can almost feel her mother's presence. Kurt lights some candles and tells them that he is leaving for the night, he is going to town to pick up some supplies. Eric asks Kurt when the power might return? Kurt says it could be days, and warns them if they wander around the castle in the dark, they may get hurt. Kurt leaves, and Eric and Greta look around. Greta has never seen any of the belongings in the room, yet everything seems so familiar. Kurt spies on them and says Greta is better off thinking her mom is dead, and he has to frighten them off before she learn otherwise. Eric tries to open a wardrobe, but it is locked. They wonder what could be inside. Eric tries to pick the lock, but has no luck. Luckily Greta found the key on the dresser, but all that is inside is old clothes. Greta looks at her mother's gowns, and Eric decides to check the chest. Eric finds a wolf mask and tries to scare Greta, but she isn't scared and asks the wolf not to eat her. They look through all the costumes in the chest, and Greta wonders what it would be like to spend the night all dressed up. Eric says they should find out. Greta puts on one of her gowns, and she looks in the mirror and sees her mother looking back at her.

In Gina's room, Gina realize she'll never dig her way out of this room and will have to find another way out. Kurt returns to check on Gina, and finds her sleeping in her bed. He thinks she has been acting so strange lately, and when he checks on her, he finds a bunch of pillows in the bed made to look like a sleeping princess! When he looks around for Gina, she ends up decking him! Kurt falls unconscious to the floor, and Gina makes a break for it. As she makes her way down a spiraling staircase, Gina makes plans to find Greta and John. Gina approaches her bedroom, and hears someone inside.

Back in Gina's bedroom, Eric has changed into top hat and tails. Greta and Eric pretend to be royal gossips as Gina wonders what the people in her room are saying. Gina thinks that some teenager may have broken in, Kurt told her that once, so she decides to give them a good scare.

At the Paris house, Bo thinks Gina/Hope wants him to stay because DiMera is up to something. He thinks Stefano is using her to keep him from learning the truth about Gina. Gina says Stefano is not using her, he isn't even here. Bo asks her what she is so afraid of? Gina says she doesn't want to spend the night alone in this house, but Bo tells her that isn't a very good lie. Bo is hit with another headache and wonders how a sip of beer could give him such a hangover. Bo becomes suspicious of Gina, because she was serving him drinks both times before he passed out. Bo accuses Gina of drugging him, and Gina laughs. Gina asks what possible reason she would have to drug him? Bo says because she is working for DiMera. He tells her that if she doesn't let him help her, she will end up crazy and dead like the real Gina. Gina tells him that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Bo says since there is nothing for him to do, he is going to go back to Salem. Gina stops him and tells him that she won't let him go back to Salem. Bo asks why, and she says she just doesn't want him to leave. Bo asks if it is because she is afraid she'll end up like the real Gina? Gina says she wants them to find out more about Gina's life, if he wants to help her. Gina says the Duke and Duchess are having a party, and they want him to come. Gina asks him to take her to the party. Bo says if that is what you want, and agrees. Bo says he's going back to the hotel because it is late. Bo leaves, and Gina says she hates having to do this to Bo. She wonders what Stefano would do to her if she disobeyed him. Gina begins to hear Bo and Stefano's voices in her head and screams. She says she doesn't want to go crazy, and she is not hearing voices.

At the hotel, Bo realizes he has to reach Hope, he knows she is somewhere inside of Gina. Bo remembers the time he and Hope first made love years ago. Bo vows to do whatever it takes to get his Fancyface back. He knows he has scared her, but he has to turn her against DiMera before he loses her forever.

In the Kiriakis pool, Austin and Sami are splashing each other and having a good time. They come very close to kissing, and both tell the other that they make the other feel good about themselves. Carrie approaches them and tells Austin that she doesn't mean to interrupt, but she needs to talk to him. Austin tells her that whatever she has to say she can say here. Sami decides to give them some privacy and say she will wait for Austin inside. Austin gets out of the pool and sees that Carrie has the papers. He asks if she came to tell him that she signed the papers? Carrie says no, she came here because tomorrow would have been there second anniversary. Austin says it is a fitting end, and then asks Carrie what she wants. Carrie tells Austin that she has made her decision and came here to tell him. Carrie says she will give him the divorce, and he is glad. Austin asks if she and Mike will be together? Carrie says first they need to clear Mike's name. Austin warns her that Mike will discard her just like Ali. Carrie says he is wrong, but Austin doesn't want to hear it and tells hers to sign the papers and just go. Carrie sits down and signs the papers. She tells him that he is sorry, but Austin just tells her to sign the papers and go. She finishes signing them and then hands them to him. Austin thanks her for the anniversary present, and tells her to go be with her lover.

Inside, Sami runs into Brandon. Sami tells BRandon how great everything was going, until Carrie showed up. She says tonight is a bad night, tomorrow is their second anniversary. She says that she doesn't know if her sister will ever sign those papers. Brandon accuses her of being worried that her sister and Austin might reconcile. Brandon says if that happened, it would put a crimp in her plans. Sami claims she has no plans for Austin, but Brandon says he sees how she acts when she is around, she is in love with him. Sami says she loves Austin, he is her best friend and she wants him to be happy. BRandon adds, happy with you that is. Brandon tells her to wake up, Carrie may divorce him, or she may not, but he doesn't see her ending up with Austin. Sami tells him that he has no way of knowing what will happen in the future, but Brandon says he does. Sami ask if he is trying to upset her? She says she doesn't want to hear his opinion, but after few moments she asks what he thinks because he has intrigued her. Brandon says after a man breaks up with a woman, the girl who he goes to next is only a temporary girlfriend who is there to help him get through the pain. Once his ego is back, the guy dumps the girl because she has seen his vulnerable side. Sami tells Brandon that Austin is not like that. Brandon hopes for her sake that he is wrong, and if he is, she might be able to have a future with him. However, Carrie divorcing Austin and her having a future with him are two pretty big ifs.

Sami goes back out to the pool and asks Austin if he wants to talk? He says no, and that he just wants to be alone. Austin leaves, and Brandon gives Sami an "I told you so look."

At Ali's place, Ali calls Carrie's apartment, and Mike answers! Ali quickly hangs up, and Mike wonders who it was. Ali realizes Mike and Carrie have lied to her. Ali says she knows Carrie was behind it, and she rips the head off of her Carrie doll. She swears that she will get them both for this. She then begins jumping on the doll, whose limbs begin to fall off. Back at Carrie's place, there is a knock at the door, and Mike is stunned to find Ali standing there! Ali tells him that she knows she isn't who he was expecting, but he can't always get what he wants. Ali is furious, and Carrie's neighbor sees ALi accusing Mike of lying to her and setting her up. Ali tells the woman that this is a private conversation! Mike yanks her inside and Ali yells at Mike for using her, and how could he hurt her like this again? Mike can't believe she is accusing him of hurting her after everything she did to him and Carrie. Ali says she did it because she loves him. Mike tells her that she needs to get help, and when he tries to throw her out, he finds Tony waiting at the door with a gun! Tony waltzes inside and tells Mike that he is coming with them. Mike asks who he is and why he is doing this? Tony says it doesn't matter who he is, and he's doing this for a whole lot of money. Mike tries to hit Tony, but Tony is too fast and threatens to kill him if he tries that again. They all leave, but Mike leaves the tape recorder behind. In the hall, Carrie's neighbor asks if there is a problem? Mike says no, and Ali tells the lady to tell Carrie that they couldn't wait.

Tony and Ali drag Mike out to and Ali, and Mike manages to make a break for it. Tony fires his gun at Mike, and Ali screams "No!" The next time we see Mike, he is tied up and gagged in Ali's car as she is speeding away. ALi hopes Mike is comfortable, because they are going on the road trip of a lifetime, and yells "Yeeeehaaaa!"


August 27
Lucas and Nicole are riding home in a limo, they just came from a country club charity ball. Lucas asks her if she had a good time? Nicole says she's not used to these parties yet. Lucas tells her that they have to attend these parties to keep a high profile. Plus he says he doesn't mind squiring around the most beautiful woman in Salem. Nicole turns to Lucas and tells him this isn't working. Lucas asks her what she means? Nicole says she doesn't think she'll ever fit into this country club lifestyle. She tells Lucas that she heard woman gossiping about her in the bathroom, they were saying she was a social climber and doesn't have the class to pull it off. Lucas becomes upset and tells her that he will find out who they are and kick them out of the club. Lucas tells her that he will make all her dreams come true. Nicole thinks about being with Eric, and just casually smiles and sips her champagne.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami asks Brandon if he has seen Austin. Brandon tells her that he took off out of here, and he assumes that Carrie has signed the papers. Sami says that Austin shouldn't be alone at a time like this. Brandon asks Sami if she is hoping Austin will commit to her and her son? Sami says it is not that simple, but Brandon says they are a lot alike, they like what they see and go after it. Sami turns her back to Brandon, who tells her that she is an easy read, it is obvious she is in love with Austin. Sami tells him to stop playing therapist, but he says it is in his nature as a social worker. Brandon tells her that if she wasn't so hung up on Austin, she'd ask him out on a date. Sami jokes that she doesn't even know what a date is anymore. Brandon tells her that it is when a guy asks a girl out to see a movie. Brandon starts flirting and tells her how he'd take her out to see Lady and the Tramp, and then they'd go for coffee or a late night supper, he'd take her home, and if he is lucky he'd get a good night kiss. Sami tells him that she can't picture him being so gentlemanly. Brandon tells her to keep an open mind. Sami says he still has one strike against him, he is Nicole's brother and she hates what she did to Eric. Brandon asks what that has to do with him? Sami says Nicole sold out to the highest bidder, how does she not know it is a family trait? Nicole and Lucas return, and Sami looks at Nichole's dress tells her that she has about as much taste as Cher! Lucas says this dress was designed especially for Nicole, he spared no expense. Sami asks Nicole why she looks so unhappy, or is that a trophy wife pout she is sporting? Nicole says she is just exhausted, she and Lucas danced all night long. Lucas says the night is still young, and they should throw their own party to celebrate their ever lasting love. Sami stands their with a look of "Oh Paleeze!" on her face. Lucas says they never had the time to celebrate their marriage. Sami says there is nothing to celebrate, their marriage is a joke! Lucas says their marriage is real, and he will give her a real wedding reception and soon Nicole will be throwing the most elegant parties in Salem. Sami doubts that, and suggests she tell the judge at the family court that there is trouble in paradise. Nicole looks at Lucas and says she would love to have a party, but suggests something casual and fun like a pool party to celebrate their endless love. Lucas thinks that is a good idea. Will walks into the room and Sami thinks he is having trouble sleeping. Lucas picks Will up and says he can read him a story, but Will says mommy. Sami says they will both go, and leave the room. Nicole starts downing the booze and Brandon tells his sister that he knows Sami is right, she doesn't want to celebrate her marriage to Lucas, she'd rather be married to Eric Brady. Nicole says she doesn't want to talk about Eric, so Brandon suggests they talk about her drinking insisted. Nicole says she only wants to have some fun with real people, not these snobs at the country club. Brandon tells her that she has what she always wanted. Nicole says she learned her lesson the hard way, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Nicole tells Brandon that she feels like she is in prison, and Brandon tells her its a gold plated prison! Brandon doesn't understand her. Nicole tells him that she feels trapped and doesn't know what to do. Brandon holds his sister. Upstairs, Lucas reads Will a book while Sami sits on Will's bed with him. Lucas tells Will that his mommy and daddy love him very much, and Sami asks Will to get some sleep. Lucas tells Sami that Will is happy now, the joint custody is working. When he says they both have what they always wanted, Sami says "the hell we do!" Sami says he has what he wants, he bought a wife and got away with murder. Lucas tells her to forget the past, he has Nicole and she has Austin. Sami tells him that he does not have Nicole, she is miserable and it is written all over her face!

At Carrie's place, Carrie wonders why Mike is not back yet. There is a knock at the door, and Carrie rushes to answer it, thinking it is Mike, and is shocked to see Austin. Austin asks her if she was expecting Mike, and she says she was. She asked if she signed the papers on the wrong line or something? Austin says she signed them perfectly, but he didn't want things to end in anger because their was a lot that has to be said. Carrie lets Austin in, and he picks up a photo of their wedding from a table. Austin looks at Carrie and remembers their wedding day. Carrie says she brought the picture out to remember the good times they shared. They talk about their differences, and how Carrie put of having a baby because she obviously knew something Austin didn't. Carrie asks if he came here to take another shot at her? Austin says no, he came to pick up some toys for Will. Austin goes into the back room, and returns with a box of toys. Carrie tips over a glass, and Austin asks her why she's so nervous? Carrie says she is fine, so Austin asks why she signed the divorce papers? Carrie says she couldn't fight it anymore, she knew it was what he wanted. Austin asks what about you? Carrie says she never wanted it, any of it. Austin says she is moving on, and Carrie says he is too. Austin assures her that Sami is just a friend. He asks what plans she has with Mike? Carrie says she hasn't thought that far ahead, and she is worried that he hasn't returned. Austin asks what is wrong, and Carrie tells him about her and Mike's plans. Austin tells Carrie that idea is nuts, but Carrie says she can't let Ali get away with this. Austin tells her not to get her hopes up. Carrie says she believes in Mike, and he wishes she had this much faith in their marriage because maybe things wouldn't have ended the way they did. As he is about to leave, Austin sees the tape recorder peeking out from under Carrie's sofa. He picks it up and Carrie recognizes it. She wonders what it is doing here? Carrie plays the tape and hears the confession. Austin says it is unbelievable, and Carrie worries about Mike. She calls Mike's cell phone, but nobody answers. Carrie tells Austin that she thinks Mike is in terrible danger.

In Ali's car, Ali tells a bound and gagged Mike that he should not even try to escape, those knots were tied by an expert. Ali tells Mike that they are going to have the life he promised her. Mike tries to say something, and Ali asks if he is saying he's been a very bad boy? Ali tells him that she thought he would have learned his lesson the first time he dumped her for Carrie, but apparently she's going to have to teach him all over again. Mike keeps trying to talk, but Ali tells him not to talk with his mouth full! She tells him to shut up and relax, besides he has to be punished. Ali asks Mike how she can trust him again? She reaches back to the back seat, pats Mike on the legs, and says she will make him love her even if it takes the rest of her life. Ali tells Mike about her plans. She says that she will have to blindfold him so he doesn't know where they are. Once they are there, he will write Carrie a "Dear Carrie" letter and tell her that he never wants to see her again. Mike tries to speak again, and Ali tells him that she can't understand him and she suggests he just shuts up! Suddenly, sirens flash behind Ali's car. Unfortunately the cops pass them, and Ali is glad and says they are safe. Mike starts squirming and mumbling. Ali asks if he is cold, so she turns the AC down. Ali tells Mike that Tony is in the car behind her, he has been helping her all along. She says that Tony is the man who attacked Carrie, and she had him beat her up too just to make things look good. She says he also arranged for the plane to fly over Salem with the banner. Ali tells Mike that Tony's job is to make sure he never gets away. Ali tells Mike that she will make sure Carrie never sees him again, and then waves her three million in cash in his face. She says they'll never have to worry about money again.

At the castle in Paris, Greta is looking at herself in the mirror. Eric tells her that she looks just like her mother. Greta says she can't shake the feeling that her mother is here. Outside the room, Gina decides to find out who is in her room, and she slowly turns the doorknob. Gina doesn't open the door because she is startled by a clap of thunder. She decides to get rid of the strangers. She puts her candle down and runs off. Back in the room, Greta tells Eric that being in this castle scares her. She wonders who her mom was and what happened to her. Eric says they will have the answers when they exhume her body. Greta asks what if she is not there, what if she is still alive? She says all she knows is what Stefano told her. Eric says whenever Stefano is involved it is never anything good. Back outside, Gina shows up with a sword and says whoever is inside it will be off with their heads! Gina drops her sword and tells herself that was very careless, she must be ready to defend herself at all times! Back inside, Eric finds an old radio, which happens to still work. Eric asks Greta to dance, and she says she'd be honored. Eric and Greta waltz around the room. Out in the hall, Gina hears the music and pretends she is dancing with John. BAck inside, Eric looks at Greta, who suddenly looks a lot like Nicole. Eric stops and suggests that they get some sleep. Eric asks her if she will be okay alone? She says she will, so he kisses her on the cheek and wishes her sweet dreams. Eric leaves, and Gina watches him from around the corner. Back inside, Greta gets ready for bed and brushes her hair with one of her mother's gold brushes. She looks through a jewelry box and finds a bit of pink ribbon, and a picture of herself with her mother. Greta takes the ribbon and picture over to the bed and puts them on the nightstand. She climbs into bed and remembers how her mother would give her a pink ribbon when she would have bad dreams to remind her that she is always with her. Greta goes to sleep clutching the ribbon. Meanwhile, Eric makes his way to his room and looks at himself in the mirror. Nicole appears behind him in an elegant red dress, and he tells her that she is so beautiful. When he turns around, Nicole is gone. Eric tells himself that he has to stop thinking about Nicole. He tells himself that he has to concentrate on helping Greta. Back in Greta's room, Gina finds her sleeping in her bed. She sees the picture of her and Greta on the nightstand, and then looks at Greta in bed with the pink ribbon. She wonders if this can possibly be her dear sweet Greta?

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