August 99 Week 2


August 9
At the Kiriakis mansion guest house, Austin and Sami are watching the news on the arbitration. Austin ends up turning off the TV when Carrie defending Mike makes him sick. Austin tells Sami he's finally seen Carrie for who she is, and she'll probably always love Mike no matter which way the arbitration goes. Sami says she thought Carrie wanted to work things out with him, but Austin says she is just confused. Sami tells him not to make excuses for Carrie, she has to live with the repercussions of what she has done. Austin says that Carrie can't make a choice about the men in her life, so he will decide for her. Austin says their marriage is over and its time for her to move on. Austin wants to change the subject, so Sami tells him that she called Rosa and pretended to be Kate. Sami tells him that Kate payed them a lot of money, and she thinks it is a payoff for Roberto's confession. She says she thinks Lucas killed Franco and Kate covered it up. Will calls to his mom, so she goes to see him. Later, Austin, Sami, and Will go out to the pool. Sami tells Austin that she won't stop until she has proof Lucas killed Franco, and Austin tells Sami that she is a little too obsessed with this. He tells her that they both need to move on with their lives. Sami and Austin end up in the pool, and Austin tells Sami that being here is what he needed, he feels like everything will be okay.

At hospital, the news reporter interviews Carrie about the hearing. Carrie says she is not allowed to talk about the case, but she hopes the lawsuit will be put to rest so Mike can get back to saving lives. Carrie tells the reporter that Mike is one of the finest men she knows. Later, Nancy tells Carrie that she is looking a little pale and should go rest. Carrie says she will once she learns the outcome.

Mike tells Maggie and Alice that it isn't looking too good for him. Craig and Nancy approach Mike, and Craig says he had to say what he did. Mike says he understands. Nancy tells Mike that he doesn't look too hopeful. Mike says he just wishes he knew what is going on in there. Ali looks and Mike, makes an L with her hand, and mouths "looser!" Gregory and Claire try to control Ali, and Maggie and Alice tell Mike not to confront Ali. Mike talks with Carrie for a bit, and Carrie urges him not to sink to Ali's level. Ali tells her mom that Carrie is hitting on Mike right now, the bitch has no shame. Claire tells Ali to just focus on the money. Elsewhere, Craig tells Nancy that he loves her and apologizes to her for snapping at her while he was under all the stress. Nancy tells Craig that she loves him too, and he does not need to apologize.

Mike and Carrie go to his office because Mike can't stand to look at Ali. He apologizes to her for sleeping with Ali. Carrie says that she suspects that Ali knew she was on the list for the head nurse job. Carrie says she thinks Ali steered him into talking about the head nurse job that night, she smells a set up. Mike thinks that is just great, and smacks the file cabinet. Carrie tells Mike that she had her doubts about him, but in the end she trusted her heart because she loves him. Mike tells her that she doesn't know how much it means to hear her say that, and they end up locking lips. Mike asks Carrie if they are going to build a life together after this? Carrie reminds him that she still has some unresolved issues with Austin.

In the board room, the arbitrator suggests a cash settlement. The board members say they want to settle in cash, they just hope Gregory Charmain doesn't bleed them dry. Gregory Charmain is summoned, which lets Mike and Ali know that a decision has been reached. The board members make Gregory an offer, which he laughs at. Mickey tells Ben not to be a party to extortion. Later, Mickey finds Mike and tells him the decision has been made. Everyone goes back into the board room, and Alice, Maggie, Nancy and Craig all know what decision has been reached. In the board room, the arbitrator says that the hospital will pay Ali McIntire three million dollars. The arbitrator hands Ali a contact which specifies that she has to resign to collect the money, and she can't talk about this to anyone, otherwise she gets nothing. Ali asks what happens to Mike, and the arbitrator says he will keep his job. Ali is furious and says this is wrong, but Claire forces her to sign the paper. ALi tells herself that Mike is FAR from rid of her, and then walks out of the room. Mike apologizes to Carrie for the way things turned out, but it is finally over. Outside, Claire tells Nancy and Craig the news, and Craig is furious that Mike wasn't fired. Elsewhere, Ali goes into the stairwell and pays a man to do what he has to. She tells herself that Carrie is finally going to get what is coming to her.

At the Von Amburg estate, Eric gets tough with Kurt and says they are coming in the castle now! Kurt asks why he should believe she is Gina's daughter. Greta shows him her passport, and the deed. Eric threatens to call the authorities, so Kurt allows them inside. Eric and Greta look around the castle and Greta is shocked by how clean everything is. Kurt says that keeping everything in good condition is his job. Greta asks Kurt if he knows anything about her mother's death, but Kurt says no.

Up in her room, one of the Real Gina's imaginary friends pays her a visit, but when Gina tries to embrace her, she vanishes and Gina looks puzzled. Gina thinks her friend is hiding from her, and looks around her room. She looks out the window and realizes that Kurt must have let the visitors in. Kurt returns to GIna, who asks if someone is here? Kurt says nobody is here, the visitors left after they got directions. Gina says in that case she will be going out, but Kurt says it is supposed to ring. Gina tells him that is nonsense, but Kurt locks her in her room anyways. Gina begins to wonder what is going on. She sees the car outside and thinks John has come for her, but finds her door is locked.

Back downstairs, Greta and Eric explore. Eric says her mother kept a lot of secrets from her. GReta says she knows, but thinks she will get all the answers she seeks here. Eric says Kurt won't be of any help, he doesn't trust the guy. Kurt returns and tells Eric that he doesn't trust him either. Eric doesn't really care and tells Kurt that they aren't leaving until all their questions about Princess Gina are answered.

Elsewhere in Paris, Rolfe and Stefano are discussing whether or not Gina will feed Bo the potion, which will make Bo susceptible to mind control. Rolfe says that Stefano seems tense, and he asks Stefano if he is starting to believe he has completely lost control of Gina? Stefano is sure they can trust Gina.

At the Paris house, Bo asks Gina/Hope what the messenger delivered. Gina tells him that it is her favorite perfume she special ordered. Gina claims to be thirsty and asks him to join her in a drink. Bo wants to know why she is being so nice to him all of the sudden. Gina says she might as well make him comfortable if he is going to stay. Bo accepts the drink, which Gina spikes. They talk about Shawn D, Gina tells Bo that if Shawn D wants to come home he can, she just wants to see him happy. Bo tells Gina that he wants to see her happy. Gina knows that, and Bo tells her that DiMera can't make her happy. Gina says she wasn't looking to him for happiness. Bo says once they were close, possibly even lovers. Gina remembers seducing Stefano on the sub and becomes upset. Bo begins to feel woozy and ends up passing out. The doorbell rings, and it is Stefano and Rolfe. Stefano is pleased that GIna did what he told her to do, and tells Rolfe that it is show time. Bo is set up in front of a computer terminal with a pair of earphones to be brainwashed. Stefano says he has not been this delighted since he captured Roman, and he has his precious Gina to thank for it. Gina is obviously unhappy about this, but tries to hide it from Stefano. Stefano says Bo will never be a true Brady again. Bo's brainwashing is completed, and Stefano says they have to put Bo to the test.


August 10
At the Horton house, Mike is upset about the hospital caving in and tells MAggie and Alice that he doesn't think Grandpa would be too proud of him. He also tells them that he knows they probably aren't proud of him either. Mike says he never thought Ali would turn on him. Alice says that Ali seemed like a perfectly sane girl. Mike says she sure fooled the arbitrator. Alice says that it sounded to her like he did promise her the head nurse job. Mike asks if she believes Ali? Alice says she would never believe he purposely sexually harass Ali, but Ali obviously took what he said the wrong way. Maggie tells Mike that he should be grateful his and Carrie's relationship didn't come out. Maggie asks what the future holds for them? Mike says he hopes he and Carrie start planning their future, now that Austin wants to end the marriage. Maggie asks if Carrie feels the same way? Mike says Carrie is having a tough time coming to a decision, and he promised he wouldn't pressure her. Alice says that is for the best, but she also thinks he shouldn't see Carrie until she has made up her mind. Mike asks how he can stay away from Carrie when he loves her? Maggie tells him that if he has learned anything from this lawsuit it would be discretion and restraint. Maggie advises Mike that rebuilding his reputation is the best thing he can do right now. Mike thanks them for the advise and leaves to do some work.

At the hospital, Craig is pacing around on the terrace. Nancy tells Craig that she is going to have to explain to her father why he isn't COS. Claire comes out to gloat, and receives a cold reception. When she asks what is wrong, Nancy tells her that she and ALi got the gold mine while Craig and I got the shaft! Claire tells them to count their blessings, at least their involvement didn't come out. Craig says that they are glad they weren't implicated, but they wanted Mike to lose his job! Claire says she thought they would be happy for Ali, but now thinks they had their own agenda. Nancy says she is appalled by Mike's behavior and the only thing he gets is a slap on the wrist, no woman at this hospital is safe with him in charge. Claire says there is nothing she can do, but Nancy says there is. Nancy suggests she return some of the money in return for Mike's dismissal. Claire can't believe they are asking her to return some of Alison's money, and then realize Craig wants Mike's job. Claire tells them to go to the board themselves and lobby for Mike's dismissal, but Craig says he can't do that because Mike will fire him! Claire tells them to put their heads together and come up with a plan of their own. Claire wishes them luck and decides to go find Alison and get her the hell out of here. Nancy tells her that is a good idea, Ali shouldn't be running around unsupervised because they all know she doesn't use the best judgement.

Ali is cleaning out her locker and tells her Carrie Reed doll that she thinks she may have won, but wait till she sees what she has in store for her. Ali tells the doll that she will regret the day she heard the name Mike Horton. She continues to talk to her doll and tells her one day Mike will come around to her. Suddenly, one of the nurses walks in and asks Ali if she is okay? Ali puts her doll behind her back and says hello to Louis. Louis asks Ali who she was talking to? Ali says she was talking to herself, and doesn't think it is fair that she is being dismissed. Ali tells Louis that she can't talk about the case or the settlement with anyone, or she will lose everything. Louis says that she shouldn't be treated that way, and Ali says she knows it. Louis doubts that Mike will make the same mistake again, but Ali says he already has and soon everyone will know about it. After Louis leaves, Ali says the best is yet to come. Ali calls someone and makes sure everything is settled. She then tells her doll that she's going to a party she'll never forget!

Claire finds Ali and tells her that they should be leaving for New York. ALi says she's not leaving yet, she has some unfinished business with Mike. Mike pops up behind her and asks her what business would that be?

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami and Austin are playing with Will in the pool. Carrie shows up and sees them together acting like a family. Carrie asks Austin if they can talk, alone. Austin tells Sami that he'll be right back. Austin and Carrie go into the guest house to talk, and Sami wishes Carrie would leave Austin alone. Sami tells Will that she hopes they will get Austin forever and ever. In the guest house, Carrie and Austin argue about the case and Ali's settlement. Austin can't believe Mike is not out of a job. Carrie says that Ali was out for revenge, and Austin says Ali seemed like she only wanted Mike to admit he is wrong. Austin is sick of hearing Carrie defend her lover and asks if she has signed the divorce papers? Carrie says she hasn't and was hoping to talk him into going back to counseling. Austin refuses to waste anymore of his time and wants to be around people who love him like Will. Carrie adds "and Sami." Austin tells her to just sign the papers and end their marriage, she has to get used to the fact that their marriage is over. Austin the storms off back to Sami and Will. Sami asks Austin why Carrie came by, but Austin says he'll tell her later. Austin and Will jump in the pool, and Sami goes inside to see Carrie. Sami asks Carrie if she came here to gloat?

At the penthouse, Belle hangs up the phone after finishing talking to Mimi about her party. When her dad comes home, Belle is happy to see he is okay and tells him that she knows what happened on the honeymoon. Belle says she was very afraid when she learned the truth, and then talks about how many times he's had to save mom from Stefano. John says those days are over, and Belle wishes they could say the same for Bo and Hope. John wants to change the subject, but Belle says she is a big girl and can deal with these problems, and she knows that Hope's search for her past is driving her crazy. John tells her that he's sure that Bo and Hope will be okay. John asks Belle if she needs a lift to Mimi's place, but Belle says Mimi just got her license and is coming to pick her up. John worries and says he doesn't like her newfound independence. Belle says she can't be his little girl forever. Belle changes into her party attire and John tells her that she looks beautiful. Mimi calls for Belle, and John wishes her a happy birthday before handing the phone over to Belle. Belle tells Mimi that she is ready and will meet her outside. John tells Belle to have a great time.

In Paris at the castle, Gina tries franticly to escape her room because she thinks her visitors are John. Gina runs around her room to find something to wear, and tells a portrait of John that they will be together and then with Greta they will escape from Stefano. Gina puts on some make-up and says it will feel so good to be in John's arms again. When we finally see Gina's make-up job, she looks like a 5 year old girl who has been playing in her mother's make-up drawer.

Downstairs, Kurt allows Eric and Greta to look around, but tells them that they are making a big mistake. Eric asks if that is a threat? Kurt says no, he just meant that it gets cold and damp here at night and some say the castle is haunted. Eric says they will be fine. Kurt tells them he has things to attend to, and then departs. Eric tells Greta that Kurt doesn't want them here, but Greta says that she thinks they can trust him. She tells him that they have a big castle to explore and should forget about Kurt. As they look around, Kurt spies on them from behind a sculpture hanging on the wall. Greta and Eric talk about John and whether this castle was used as a secret rendez- vous spot for John and Gina. Behind the wall, Kurt says he cannot let Eric and Greta learn the secrets of this castle. BAck in the room, Greta and Eric hear the moaning of a "ghost." Greta begins to get creeped out by the castle, and Eric teases her about being afraid of Kurt's story. When the lights begin to flicker, Greta runs into Eric's arms. Greta apologizes for being a baby, but Eric tells her it is all right. When the howling continues, she runs back to Eric. She then tells him that she will calm herself down, but runs back to him again when a rat scurries across the floor.

Kurt goes to see Gina, and asks her why she is all dressed up? Gina says she knows John is here and wants to see him. Kurt says John isn't here, but Gina yells "you're lying!" and demands to be taken to see her visitors. When Kurt refuses, Gina says she will take herself. Kurt tells Gina that he cannot allow her to leave this room!

At the Paris house, Stefano tells Gina that he is going to test Bo's loyalty and obedience. Gina asks what will happen to Bo after his indoctrination is complete? Stefano says he will use him to get his revenge on the Brady's once and for all! Stefano asks Bo to stand up, which Bo does. Stefano starts playing with Bo's face to make sure he isn't faking, and eventually tells Bo "at ease soldier." Rolfe says that it worked perfectly, and Stefano says they have Gina to thank. Gina realizes that Rolfe had his doubts about her. Gina says its not like she had nothing to gain from this, she finally has Bo off her back. Stefano says she no longer needs to worry about Bo, he is now one of his creations, just like John was. Rolfe explains to Gina that as long as Bo is fed the serum and watches the brainwashing computer program, he will remain a pawn, and eventually the old Bo will be fully erased and can never return. Rolfe and Stefano leave to talk about the "test" and Gina tries unsuccessfully to get through to Bo. Stefano and Rolfe return and Stefano orders Bo to go with Rolfe, which Bo does. Gina asks Steffie if he is going to use Bo to help her steal the last Rennet. Stefano says yes, and much more! Gina wants to know about his plans for the Bradys, but Stefano tells her that it is better that she not know.

Gina, Stefano, and Rolfe go outside and Stefano tells Ginas that she is about to see the new Bo Brady. Stefano blows a dog whistle, and Bo, who is dressed up like a mime, begins to do a routine for the people watching him. Stefano and Rolfe think it is funny, but Gina is not laughing one bit.


August 11
At the Kiriakis Mansion guest house, Sami confronts Carrie about how she and Mike must be sitting pretty. Carrie informs Sami that the hospital has to pay a huge settlement to Ali and Mike feels responsible. Sami says he is responsible! When Carrie says that the only good that has come out of this is Ali's leaving, Sami tells Carrie that she must be relieved that nobody is left to get between her and Mike. Carrie says she is not with Mike, she is supporting him because it is her job. Sami asks Carrie if she is not in love with Mike? Carrie tells her that is none of her business. Sami tells Carrie to do something good for once and give Austin a divorce. Carrie asks why, so you can have him all to yourself? Sami says that Austin won't be happy with her, that is for sure. Sami tells Carrie that she broke Austin's heart all over again at the marriage counselor's office. Sami accuses Carrie of wanting to have it both ways, Mike in love with her and Austin on a string for the rest of her life! Carrie says that is not true, so Sami asks her to prove it and give Austin a divorce! Carrie tells Sami not to tell her how to live her life, and in case she has forgotten, Austin is still her husband. With those words, Carrie storms out of the guest house.

At the hospital, Mike asks Ali what unfinished business she with him. Ali says that she has one last shift to work, but Mike says no way, she is gone. ALi asks if she can thank her friends Craig and Nancy, who she is grateful to. Mike asks Craig and Nancy what they have done to make Ali grateful? Ali says she, Craig, and Nancy took a trip together. Mike asks where they went? Claire butts in and says she was speaking figuratively of course, and that Nancy and Craig both remained impartial though this whole ordeal. Claire says they must get back to New York where people mean what they say. Mike tells Claire that they will be able to live comfortably with the money they extorted out of this hospital. Mike, Ali, and Claire continue to exchange blows, and Claire eventually tells Mike that he still has his job and what Ali was paid isn't nearly enough to make up for the damage done. Ali tells herself that for once she agrees with her mother, but she will make sure Mike and Carrie get what they deserve. Mike tells Ali that she can't get out of this hospital fast enough for him, and then leaves. Craig yells at Ali for almost blowing their cover, he still has to work for the man. Ali smiles and tells Craig not to give up hope of becoming the Chief of Staff. Nancy asks Ali if she knows something they don't? The next time we see Ali, she is on the hospital terrace talking to her Carrie doll. Claire finds Ali and asks her who she is talking to? Ali says no one, and asks her mom to let her be. Claire reminds Ali that they don't have the money yet, so don't blow it by talking to the press. Ali tells her mom that she doesn't care about the money, she has bigger fish to fry. Ali goes inside and invites Craig and Nancy to a party she is giving at the Penthouse Grill. Craig doesn't want to go, but Nancy tells him that they have to go to do damage control. Craig tells her that she can go, because he tried his best and is still no where. Nancy can't believe he is quitting, and tells him to stick with her and they will make it to the top. Craig asks Nancy if she'll still be his date for the party? Nancy says tonight and always. Elsewhere, Ali calls Sami and invites her and Austin to her party at the Penthouse Grill.

Mike goes into his office and tells a picture of Tom that he sure let him down. He then looks at a picture of him and Carrie and thinks about the times they have shared. Mike then looks through a little black book and calls a number to arrange something special for someone very important to him.

Carrie goes home and finds the divorce papers waiting for her. She thinks about the good times she had with Austin, including their wedding day. Carrie says that she thought they'd be together forever. She then remembers Austin finding her in bed with Mike, and the arguments that followed. Carrie thinks Austin will never love her again, so she goes to sign the papers. However, she stops when there is a knock at her door, it is Mike with flowers. Mike tells Carrie that it is over now, but Carrie says it isn't over for her until she . . . . Carrie tells Mike that she is so confused and doesn't know what to do. Mike says he does, and holds her.

At Titan, Kate tells her secretary to keep an eye on Nicholas for her. The day is almost over and tells her that she can go home, she'll close up. When Kate goes into her office, she finds Nicholas sitting at her desk and asks what in the hell he is doing? Nicholas says he is working, but Kate says in my office at my desk? Nicholas says he came to bring her some marketing projections, but got a brainstorm and forgot where he was. Kate pours Nicholas a drink at tells him that Vivian is using him to get her thrown out of Titan. Nicholas can't believe how untrusting she is. Kate says she only trusts Victor, so Nicholas says he will have to change that. Nicholas asks what he can do to earn her trust. Kate thinks he has a motive, and Nicholas says he only wants her and his aunt Viv to work together. Kate tells him that will never happen. Nicholas flirts with Kate and tells her that there is a side of her that most people don't see, soft and vulnerable. Kate walks away from Nicholas and tells him not to talk to her like that. Nicholas tells her that she is obviously a woman of many secrets. Nicholas accuses Kate of being afraid of her own desires, but Kate says that is preposteros. Kate says she has plenty, and shares her life with Victor. Nicholas says yes, but there must be times when she is alone at night . . . . Kate cuts him off and tells him that he won't be able to sweep her off her feet as easily a young girl. They then begin to argue about Vivian's illness and how she wants to make the most of her second chance. Kate says she will continue not trusting Vivian if he doesn't mind. Nicholas tells Kate to take a risk for once in her life, try something new. Kate tells Nicholas that it is time to end this conversation, she has given him far too much attention tonight. Nicholas says he doesn't understand why his interest in her is a problem? Kate says she is running a business and if he wants to assist her that is fine, but her personal life is off limits to him. Nicholas says he can live with that, for now.

John pays Vivian a visit and is glad that she divorced Stefano, and is not dying. John soon begins to wonder what is going on with her. Vivian tells John that her marriage to Stefano was a sham, now it's over and Stefano is in Europe. John says that Bo believes "Hope" is in Europe pretending to be Princess Gina. Vivian eventually notices the gashes on John's head and asks what in the hell happened to him? John tells her about his honeymoon adventure. Vivian wants to know how she can help him, she wants to help him. John asks Vivian if she ever heard of Princess Gina traveling with a priest in Europe? Vivian says no, and even if she saw Father John, she would not have known he was her supposedly dead nephew. She asks if he thinks Stefano had control of him all along? John says he doesn't know, but he intends to live in the present and make Marlena happy. Vivian says that as long as Stefano is free, he will always be a threat. John tells Vivian that she is right, he has to make sure Stefano never gets the chance to destroy anyone else.

In Paris, Stefano tells Rolfe how happy he is with Bo's indoctrination, and soon he will follow his orders to the letter. Rolfe says is too bad they can't say the same about Gina. Stefano tells him that Gina has learned her lesson. Meanwhile, Gina watches Bo perform his mime act and realizes Bo is nothing but a machine, and wonders if that is what she is too. Gina wonders what fate Stefano has in store for him. Gina tells Bo to blink three times if he can hear her, but he does not blink, he only performs his mime routine. Later, Gina asks Bo if he can understand her. He says yes, and when Gina asks if he understands what is happening, Bo tells her that he is in training for his mission. Gina asks Stefano if this is how he trains all his creations? Stefano says no, and they tested her in more appropriate ways in regards to her talents. Stefano says the next test for Bo is to see if he is willing to risk his life. Stefano tells Bo to close his eyes and walk across the street! Gina is shocked and says he will be killed, but Stefano says his odds are fifty-fifty. Stefano tells Bo to go, and he crosses the street with his eyes closed. As he does, cars wiz by, screech, and honk. Bo makes it across, and turns around and comes back when Stefano blows his whistle. Stefano and Rolfe applaud Bo. Gina is not, and tells Stefano that Bo could have been killed, what would he have done then? Stefano says he would have found a suitable replacement for him immediately, the world is filled with potential pawns. Stefano tells Gina that she is not unique. Gina remembers Bo asking her what DiMera will do with her when he's finished with her? Bo told her that he could save her by bringing Hope back, but Gina thinks it might be to late for both of them.


August 12
At the castle, Greta wonders why her mom didn't tell her this place. Eric asks GReta what this rope and tassel is for? Greta tells him it is to summon servants. She then fills Eric in on her family history. Greta's mother, Princess Gina, married Prince Von Amburg, who was later killed in a yachting accident. Eric wonders where Kurt is, so both Eric and Greta ring the servants bell. Kurt doesn't come running, so Greta suggest they keep looking. Greta finds her mother's traveling trunk, and they both decide to go through it. Greta finds a lot of her boarding school letter, and one addressed to her that her mother never sent. Greta opens it, it is a poem to her daughter on her birthday (posted in my poems section, see main page). Greta tells Eric that she doesn't think she ever wants to be in love because she believes love killed her mother. Greta says her mother either died of a broken heart, or Stefano killed her for betraying him. Eric suggests they search around and find out what really happened to her. Eric and Greta eventually get separated, and when Greta runs into a suit of armor, she screams her bloody head off. Eric asks her how she could face all the creatures of the bayou, yet be so jumpy in a haunted house. Eric goes to fix the suit of armor and finds a hidden map of the castle inside!

Upstairs, Gina informs Kurt that he works for her and demands he open the door and let her out! Kurt refuses, so Gina pushes her way past him to do it herself. Unfortunately, the door is locked from the inside. Kurt eventually stops her and tells her that if she leaves this room she will walk right into danger! Gina says she is not afraid of danger, and she has to get out of here because John is coming for her. She tells Kurt that there is nothing he or anyone else can do to keep them apart! Gina eventually realizes that Kurt has been keeping her a prisoner for himself. She tells him that he cannot keep her and John apart, their love is far too strong! Gina begins screaming for John, but Kurt tells her to save her breath, this room is soundproof! Gina asks why she is a prisoner, and Kurt tells her for her own safety. Kurt tells Gina that John isn't coming for her.

Stefano, Rolfe, Bo, and Gina return to the Paris house, and Stefano orders Bo to make him a Pouse Cafe. Gina tells Stefano that she knows he must be enjoying this, but can't he find something a bit more useful to do? Bo brings Stefano his drink, but Stefano informs him that he poured them in the wrong order, it is a layered drink, and Stefano makes him do it again. Stefano tells Gina that making this drink is a test of his steadiness and concentration. He then tells Gina to watch, and then leans her over and kisses her! Bo glances over at them, but does nothing. Stefano tells GIna that the old Bo would have strangled him! Bo then presents Stefano with a perfect drink. Gina asks Rolfe when the potion will wear off? Rolfe says that it won't as long as she gives him the doses on time. He warns her that if she betrays Stefano again, her fate will be worse that the Real Princess Gina's! Gina asks Stefano what will happen to her after she and Bo steal the last Rennet? Stefano tells her not to worry about that, he thinks she and Bo will make a great team. Gina says she and John were a great team, but Stefano reminders her that it is her fault she is gone. Gina asks Stefano what happened to the real Gina, did she go crazy when she lost John? Stefano just warns that if she is not careful, history will repeat itself! Gina begs Stefano to tell her what happened to the real Gina? Stefano tells her that she knows all that she needs to know. When Gina asks Stefano if he is threatening her, Bo shouts "That's enough!" He then tells Gina not to talk to her creator in that manner! Stefano says he and Rolfe have to leave, so they say goodbye to them. Gina asks what she is supposed to do with Bo? Stefano puts him at ease, and leaves. Bo sits down on the couch and snaps too. He tells Hope that he has one hell of a headache! Outside, Stefano tells Rolfe that he can't wait to send Bo home to the Brady clan! Stefano says that if everything goes as planned, he will never change Bo and Hope back!

At the Penthouse, Marlena tells John that she hopes Bo catches up with Hope before she does something deadly. They relax and enjoy the peace and quiet and comment how soon the house will be full of teenagers. John says soon Brady will have his license and Isabelle will be fighting off the boys. Soon the two end up kissing, and eventually they make love. Marlena tells John that after all Stefano has done to keep them apart, he is alone and will never know this kind of passions. John says he'll try to find it in his own warped way. Marlena wonders what he will do next, and John says maybe Greta and Eric will find the answers. Marlena is worried about Eric, especially because he's gone off with Greta. John knows she doesn't like to be reminded of his time with Gina, and Greta is a reminder of that time. However, John assures her that he is with the woman he wants to be with.

At the Kiriakis Mansion Guest House, Sami tells Austin that Ali invited them to a party at the Penthouse Grill. Austin says they should go because he really feels for Ali. They then talk about Carrie and why she came over. Austin was hoping she . . . would have signed the divorce papers. Sami tells Austin that she would never hurt or betray him like Carrie has. Austin asks if she wants to go to the Penthouse Grill, and Sami says yes.

At the Penthouse Grill out on the terrace, Ali tells her Carrie doll that she has a big surprise in store for her, and her life will never be the same! Inside, Craig and Nancy show up and Ali tells them that she didn't invite these gloomy glusses! Nancy reminds her that they got the shaft, but Ali says, in a British accent "Didst thou think I'd forget me friends, nay!" Ali tells them that she has a surprise in store! Winston and Lewis, the board chairs, show up as invited. Ali tells them that she wants them all to know she has no hard feelings against them. Austin and Sami show up as well. A waiter tells Ali that her tables on the terrace are ready, and shouts "Come everyone!" Craig asks Nancy why they are here, Ali is so WEIRD tonight! Ali tells Austin and Sami that she will miss work, but what is most important is that the truth comes out! Suddenly, everyone looks towards the sky when they hear the roar of a prop-plane engine. The plane is dragging a banner with a huge picture of Carrie and Mike kissing in Las Vegas! As everyone is shocked, Ali stands in the midst of them with a big grin on her face. Nancy tells Craig that Ali said she gave her all the photos and negatives, and Craig says she obviously lied. Sami asks how that photo got up there, and Ali says "damned if I know!" The board members want an explanation, so Austin gives them one. Austin says that Mike and Carrie slept together in LA, and Nancy and Craig say that must be why he didn't make it to the convention. The board members wish they had known this before the arbitration. ALi says she tried to warn them. Ali goes inside to "freshen up," and tells her Carrie doll that her fifteen minutes of fame are about to begin. Everyone remains shocked, and Austin tells Sami that the same photo in the sky was the photo he received via email. Austin looks at Ali and says "You sent it didn't you? Answer me!" Ali, whose mouth is full of food, points at her mouth and smiles.

At Carrie's place, Mike is happy to be holding Carrie. Carrie apologizes for being distant and sending mixed signals. Mike tells her not to be, everything is over. Carrie takes a call from a reporter who wants information on the settlement, but Carrie says she can't say anything. Mike is beeped and when he calls work, he asks the person on the other end if Craig can't handle this? The person tells him that Craig and Nancy went out to dinner with Ali! Mike has Lexie handle the problem. Mike tells her where he is, which shocks Carrie. Mike tells her that Lexie knows the truth about them. Carrie tells Mike about her counseling session and why Austin stormed out on her. Mike asks Carrie if he can stop loving Austin? Before she can answer, Mike's surprise arrives, a romantic candlelit dinner. Mike then asks Carrie his question again, and Carrie says that Austin has stopped loving her. Mike says that was not his question. Carrie tells Mike that there will always be a part of me that will love him. Mike asks what about your love for me? Carrie says that it is for real and she wants him if he still wants her. Mike tells her of course he still wants her. After dinner there is a knock at the door. Carrie says she'll get rid of whoever it is, and it happens to be Winston and Lewis. They tells Mike that new information came out tonight and ask for his resignation!


August 13
At the castle, Greta, who is holding the map, tells Eric that she wants to search her mother's room first. Eric asks which of the four thousand rooms is hers? Greta tells him its probably the biggest one! Eric wishes Kurt would tell them, and then rings the servants bell. Greta tells Eric to forget it, this is just Kurts way of testing them. Eric suggests they start at the top of the castle and work their way down. Eric and Greta end up separated, and Eric scares her by jumping out from behind a corner with a sword.

In Gina's room, Gina is horrified by Kurt's statement. She asks Kurt why he is being so cruel? Kurt says what he told her was true, John isn't coming. Gina asks why John is not coming for her? Gina sees the look on Kurts face and realizes that John could be dead. Kurt says something must have happened to him because he hasn't come. Gina says that Stefano suggested she come here to wait for John instead of waiting at Maison Blanche. She says that a letter arrived at the Paris house from John, so he must have tried to get to her, but he couldn't because she was being held captive. Kurt tells her that Stefano is protecting her, and Gina screams "From what!" Gina wonders if Stefano is holding her prisoner because he learned about her relationship with John. GIna tells Kurt that she will pay him more than what Stefano is if he lets her out. Kurt tells her that both he and Stefano have her best interests at heart, and there are too many dangers out there for a woman in her condition. Gina asks "what do you mean my condition?" Kurt asks her to trust him, and then leaves. Gina reads her letter and says what Kurt told her can't be true. Gina looks at a portrait of John and says Stefano must be holding him prisoner, and she will not let Stefano take him away from her. Gina goes to the wall and begins digging through a large space of it which is hidden behind a curtain.

Greta and Eric continue to explore the castle, and catch Kurt coming out of a secret passage. Eric asks where he has been, and Kurt says he was in his quarters. Kurt tells them that they won't find anything on Princess Gina here, but Greta says they already have and tells him about the trunk. Greta then says she regrets going back to New Orleans when her mother was so sick and vulnerable. Kurt tells Greta that there is something she should know about her mother. Kurt tells Greta that her mother is buried in the castle plot. Greta and Eric take off to find Gina's gravesite, and Kurt thinks he's gotten rid of them for good.

At the Paris house, Gina massages Bo's temple to help him get over his migraine. Bo says this is what she did for John. Bo sees Gina's watch and realizes he has lost four hours of his life! Gina says that he fell asleep because he was exhausted. Bo says he's never had a headache like the one he just had, and it must have been one like John used to have. Gina tells him that his headaches are not like John's. Bo says that John is happily married to Marlena and is no longer searching for his past. Gina comments that he might change his mind if they find something, but Bo says there is nothing left to find. Gina asks why there is nothing left to find? Bo tells her that she already has Gina's memories, even though she won't admit it. Bo tells her that Stefano is the enemy and she should stop pretending who she is. Bo tells her that Stefano has a plan for her, but he will not let him put her in that kind of danger. Gina tells Bo, you don't have a choice! Gina says she can take care of herself. Bo says Hope might have been able to, but Princess Gina suffered a mental breakdown, and the same might happen to her. Bo tells her that he will risk anything, even death, to get Hope back. But she, Gina, probably knows nothing about that type of love, the real Princess Gina might have come close. Bo says that she has the original Gina's obsession, and Gina blurts out "But we're the same . ." Bo finishes the sentence and says "person." Bo tells her that they aren't the same person, the real Gina had free will, she doesn't. Bo asks her if she wants to suffer the fate of the real Princess Gina?

At Titan, Nicholas invites Kate to dine with him. She says she is going home, but Nicholas tells her that he's found a way to purchase the internet company at a cheaper price. Kate says she would like to hear his ideas, but she is exhausted right now. Nicholas tells Kate that if she agrees to have dinner with him, he will not mention Vivian's name and will pitch his idea. Kate reluctantly agrees and suggests the Penthouse Grill.

At the Penthouse Grill, Nancy and Craig are delighted because they realize Mike will be booted because of this scandal. Claire asks Nancy and Craig if they helped Ali pull this stunt? Craig says he had nothing to do with this, he doesn't have that kind of money. Nancy tells Claire that her daughter obviously did this! Austin tells Ali that he knows she pulled this airplane stunt and should just admit it. Ali says she cares about him, but Austin says all she cares about is revenge! Ali admits to sending him the photos. Sami asks Ali if she followed Mike and Carrie to Vegas? ALi says no, she was on vacation with her mother, a friend of the family was there and sent her the pictures. Austin doesn't believe her and says "Carrie was right about you all along!" Ali is shocked! Austin tells her that Carrie's private life is none of her concern, and what she did was sick. ALi says "well excuuuuuuuuuse me!" Austin and Sami leave, and Ali asks her mother what is it about Carrie that makes men crazy. Claire doesn't know, but says she may have just cost them their settlement! Ali says to hell with the settlement and to hell with you! Ali stomps off, and Nancy tells Craig that they should leave. However, Craig says he has to make sure Ali doesn't turn on them. Claire scolds Ali for always having to make a spectacle of herself, and damn anyone else! Ali assures her mother that she will get her money and pay off her mom's debts. Craig and Nancy suggest they go inside for dinner, but Ali tells them "I don't give a damn!" Nancy and Craig suck up to Ali, who ends up screaming for more champagne. She tells him that she is happy to know who her real friends are.

Kate and Nicholas arrive at the Penthouse Grill, and are informed that Austin is dining on the terrace with friends. and if they'd like to join them? Nicholas says no, they will be dining alone. They sit down and Nicholas tells Kate that she needs someone to help her, someone well enough, unlike Victor. Nicholas wishes she could trust him. Austin and Sami spot Kate and Nicholas on the way out. Kate asks Austin if something is wrong, but he says he will talk to her later. Austin and Sami decide to go to their table. Later, Nicholas asks Kate to dance, but she turns him down. Kate excuses herself, and after she is gone, Nicholas says "that is a woman!"

At their table, Sami is delighted that Vivian and her nephew are now working at Titan, they can haunt Kate forever. Sami realizes that Austin isn't listening. She says she is sorry for what Ali did, but Carrie is also to blame for this. Sami tells Austin that she wishes he wasn't going through so much pain. Austin takes Sami's hand, and tells her that he feels blessed to have her and Will in his life. Kate passes their table at this point and doesn't look very happy.

At Carrie's place, Mike asks the board members why they are calling for his resignation. The board members tell Mike and Carrie to look out the window. They do and see the plane and banner flying overhead. Carrie asks how long that plane has been flying over Salem? The board members say they first saw it at Ali's party at the Penthouse Grill. Mike says Ali set them all up, but Mrs. Winston says that Austin said that Carrie had been unfaithful in Vegas. They ask them point blank if they had an affair. Mike says he won't make any apologizes for loving Carrie, and tells him that Ali engineered this entire scandal to destroy him and Carrie. Mike asks for a chance to repair some of the damage of Ali's vendetta against him and the hospital. The board members tell Mike that he is a good doctor, but they just put one scandal to rest. They say that this scandal will add to the damage the hospital has already suffered, which is why he has to resign. Mike tells them that they will have his resignation first thing in the morning. The board members tell Mike that they are sorry, and then they leave. Mike apologizes to Carrie for not being able to protect her from this. Carrie tells Mike that Ali has destroyed everything, or perhaps it is fate's doing. Mike tells Carrie that their love can survive anything, but Carrie asks Mike to leave. Carrie says they can't be together now, he has to go. Mike leaves, and says he won't let Ali do this to him.

The board members return to the Penthouse Grill and tells Craig that he has been named the new Chief of Staff. Craig says he is honored, but doesn't enjoy taking the position over in these circumstances. However, because Mike would have wanted him to do this, he accepts. As Nancy and Craig celebrate, Ali tells her Carrie doll "Wait till the see what I have planned for tomorrow," and then sticks a knife in her chest!

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