August 99 Week 1


August 2
Sami and Austin are busy moving into the Kiriakis mansion, Sami is still in possession of Rosa's letter to Kate. At the main house, Kate is scolding Brandon for eating too much. Lucas shows up and Kate asks him to remind his brother in law that he is no longer living in a trailer park. Brandon tells Kate that she has no right to be as snobby as she is, he knows all about her past. Brandon says she is no different than Nicole and himself. Billie says that he and Nicole are nothing like her mother, they are high class sponges. Austin shows up for breakfast and Lucas becomes extremely upset that he is living here now. Billie and Kate try to get Lucas to make peace with Austin, but Lucas can't imagine a worse nightmare than Austin living here. Sami walks in and Kate asks "What the hell are you doing here?" Sami says Austin asked her to move in with him, she lives here now! Kate asks Austin how he could trick her like this? Austin says he didn't trick her, he had Sami sign the joint custody papers, and this way Will doesn't have to be shuttled back and forth between two places. Billie thinks it is a good idea, Will doesn't deserve to come from a broken home. Later, Lucas goes to the guest house and sees that Austin really is moving in. Lucas says this has gone to far, but Austin says he and Sami are here to stay. Billie, who is also there, asks Lucas to lighten up. Lucas can't believe she has sided with her brother against him. He knows they are here to spy on him, but tells him he won't slip up! Back in the main house, Sami confronts Kate and wonders why she tried so hard to get Roberto to confess to Franco's murder. Kate says she did it for Will, but Sami knows she had another motive. Sami then shows Kate Rosa's letter, which she has re-sealed.

At the townhouse, Vivian tells Nicholas that she is ready to get back to destroying Kate, which upsets Nicholas. Nicholas reminds her that Kate only allowed her to stay at Titan because she was dying, she will hit the roof when she learns she is quiet well. Vivian says that is right, Kate will have a coronary and she will be there to see it! Nicholas puts his foot down and tells his aunt "No, I won't allow it!" Vivian asks what is going on with him, she would swear he is taking Kate's side. Nicholas says he only wants them to reconcile, but Vivian says she wants Kate out because she (Vivian) can better Titan. Nicholas tells Vivian that he helped Kate get her loan to purchase the internet company, it will make Titan millions. Vivian tells her nephew that he has turned into Benedict Arnold! Nicholas says by helping Kate out, he has increased the worth of her stocks. Vivian says she doesn't care about the stocks, she only cares about ousting Kate from Titan and Victor's life. She says she will get such pleasure telling Kate that she isn't dying. Nicholas asks her to let him do that, and Vivian wonders what is going on between them? Nicholas says nothing is going on, he can help her with Titan just like he helped her with Stefano, but only if she gives him room to work.

At the hospital, Lexie is told someone wants to see her on the terrace. When she goes out to see her visitor, it is a very angry Stefano. Stefano can't believe his own flesh and blood lied to him. Lexie says "how dare you accuse me of anything when you tried to kill the woman!" Stefano says he can't believe she would believe Vivian and Celeste over him. Lexie says she felt terrible lying to him, but felt it was the right thing to do under the circumstances. Stefano asks her what justifies such cruel deceit? Lexie says she is so sorry, but didn't want him to get away with hurting Vivian. Stefano says he did not hurt Vivian in anyway, and he is devastated that she thinks so little of him as a human being. Stefano says he and Vivian have severed all ties, he is divorcing her and is going to Europe. Stefano tells Lexie that he may not see her very long time, and says goodbye to her. After he leaves, Lexie cries.

Brandon shows up at the hospital and fills out an application for work. Afterwards he is told to talk to Doctor Carver. Brandon finds Lexie to talk to her about applying for a job as a worker in the peids ward. Lexie says right now isn't a good time, but he manages to charm her into laughing.

Stefano gets on his plane to head to Europe and he is confident that LExie will mend her ties with him, after all he is her father.

In Hawaii, John and Marlena are enjoying their honeymoon. They are out in the sun having drinks and joking around. Marlena tells John that while this is paradise, she's looking forward to going home and starting her life as Mrs. John Black. John wishes he could remember what happened out at sea, and Marlena tells him that the trauma could have triggered his amnesia. However, John can't help but think there is more to it. When he starts talking about Gina, Marlena tells him "enough, I'm just glad to have my husband back." Marlena tells john that she has a surprise for him. Marlena gives John a new wedding ring, and recites the lines she recited about the wedding ring at their wedding. Marlena thanks God that he came back to her and now they can be a family. Marlena wonders if Stefano and Hope did conspire against them, but John says they are together and he intends to make sure they stay that way forever.

In Paris, the real Gina is busy painting another portrait of John. She screams for Kurt, who does not respond. Gina wonders where John is. She screams that she's tired of waiting, all she ever does is wait! She then destroys her portrait of John. Gina cries that Kurt and everyone have lied to her, and she screams that she doesn't want to wait anymore. As she trashes the place, she sees her picture of John, which she defaced only moments ago, and thinks it is a sign from John telling her to wait because he's coming. Gina hates Kurt for doing this to her and grabs a halberd (axe on a spear) from one of the suits of armor and says she will kill Kurt when he returns.

At the Paris house, Bo brings "Hope" her morning coffee. She thanks Bo for staying with her last night. Bo says she never told him why she screamed, and why he found her past out. "Hope" says that she could have sworn she saw someone behind the drapes. Bo looks and says nobody is here now, and "Hope" snaps at him for being sarcastic. What she doesn't know is that Kurt is still in the house, listening to their every word. He wonders who they are and what they are doing here. Back in the room, Bo shows "Hope" pictures of Shawn Douglas and tells her stories about Shawn D at school, which make "Hope" laugh. Bo wishes she would give up this search, but "Hope" says she can't and doesn't know what the future holds for her. Bo comforts her by holding her. "Hope" says she is cold, so Bo leaves to get some blankets. Kurt quickly slips out, but Gina sees him and screams for Bo. Bo shows up and "Hope" tells him that a man was just in the hall way, but Bo says whoever it was is long gone. "Hope" wonders if she is hallucinating? Bo says no, but the real Gina probably did because this place is enough to drive her mad. Bo tells her that she is safe and thank God she is not Princess Gina.


August 3
At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate grabs Rosa's letter from Sami and tells her "How dare you go through my mail!" Sami says she knows she made a deal with Roberto and that letter will prove it. Sami suggests Kate open it, so she does. KAte says the letter only wanted to thank her for her kindness. Sami calls her a liar and says she thanked her for paying for Roberto's funeral and other expenses. Kate is furious with Sami for reading her letter. Sami asks Kate how much she had to pay Roberto's family for his confession? Kate says she did not pay for Roberto's confession, she felt sorry for them. Sami doesn't believe her and says she was just trying to protect herself and Lucas. Kate says there is the old Sami I hate. Sami knows she got Roberto to confess to take the heat off of Lucas, she is convinced he is the real killer. Kate can't believe she is going after Lucas, the person who confessed to try and save her. Kate tells Sami to be happy and move on, but Sami says she can't be happy until she knows the truth. Sami swears to Kate that she won't stop until she gets both her and Lucas.

Nicholas goes to see Victor at the home. Victor is surprised to see him, and wonders if he is here to follow up on Vivian's visit? Nicholas says no, and tells Victor that Aunt Viv isn't dying. Victor is not surprised, Vivian's fatal condition was just another manipulation if gers. Nicholas says it wasn't a trick, his aunt was ill but went into remission. Victor says if that is all he came to tell him, he can go. Nicholas says there is something else he should know, she has filed for divorce from Stefano. Victor isn't surprised and tells him that he can tell Vivian that Kate will remain in control of Titan, and if she has other plans, he will force her out on his own! Nicholas says he didn't come here to make him angry, he was hoping he could help out. Victor asks what he means? Nicholas says that if they don't stop this war between Kate and Vivian, the real looser will be Titan. Victor says he is right, but doesn't think they could make Kate and Vivian work together. Nicholas says he has taken the first step by helping Kate get the loan to buy the company she was interested in. Nicholas says that he has asked them both to end the feud, but he (Victor) can convince Kate to give Vivian a chance. Victor says he can't promise anything, but will try. Suddenly, Kate bursts into the room ranting about Sami, but then she sees Nicholas Kate asks him what he is doing here?

At the hospital, Brandon wants to talk to Lexie about getting a job in the pediatric ward. Lexie tells him to leave a resume at the front desk and someone will look them over. Brandon says he will wait, so Lexie agrees to take time off of her busy schedule to see him. Lexie asks what his background is, and Brandon says he has a degree in Social Services, and would like a job as a pediatric counselor. Lexie asks why it took him six years to earn his degree? BRandon says he had to drop out a number of times to save the money to go back. Lexie then says he has no experience, and Brandon says if she gives him a job then he will. Lexie is impressed by his insistence and says she will be in touch. Brandon thanks her and says he will call if he doesn't hear from her within a couple of days.

Back at the mansion, Sami makes a long distance call to Rosa and impersonates Kate. At this point Brandon shows up and hears Sami talking to Rosa.

In Mike's office, Alice, and Maggie show up to support Mike, Laura is out of town on call. In the hospital corridor, Nancy tells Craig that he will make a very handsome Chief of Staff. Claire approaches them and tells them today is the day Mike gets what he deserves, and Gregory will not implicate them. Gregory shows up and they notice that Ali is not with them. Ali shows up and has a slew of reporters following her. Ali says she will give them an in-depth interview after the arbitration. Carrie tells Ali not to count her money yet. Ali says it is not about the money, she wants Mike to suffer. Carrie asks Ali why she hates Mike so much, and she turns the question around and asks Carrie why doesn't she hate Mike after what he's done to her? They argue for a bit, and Ali tells her that she is the one who is nuts if she thinks Mike will keep his promises. Mike comes out and tells Carrie that she doesn't have to be here. Ali asks Mike if he is planning on slipping a quickie in before the hearing? Gregory pulls her aside and tells her she is not allowed to talk to Mike before the hearing! Ali goes to the bathroom, and Carrie tells Mike that Ali seems to know a lot about Vegas. Mike tells her not to worry about it, and they go in to start the arbitration. Meanwhile, ALi strangles her Carrie doll and tells her the whole world will finally know what a lying two-faced slut she really is.

The arbitration begins and the arbitrator says this is not a trial, but he is judge, jury, and executioner. The arbitrator says that as he understand it, Ali claims Mike offered her a job in exchange for sex, and Mike did not follow through with the deal. Mike says it was a misunderstanding, and the arbitrator says by time they are finished, he will know who is not telling the truth. Out in the hall, Rose shows up and greets Carrie, Craig, and Nancy. She has come for the arbitration, and then goes into the room. Nancy asks why Rose was called, and Carrie says to prove that there was no way Mike knew she was on the head nurse list before they slept together. Back inside, Rose is questioned and says that Mike never saw the list before the infamous night. The arbitrator says that is of no relevance, the issue is whether Mike promised her the promotion to get her into bed. However, if Ali knew about the list, her intentions could be seen as manipulative. The arbitrator asks Ali if she knew if she was on the listen before sleeping with Mike? Ali remembers Craig telling her she is on the list and to make the most of the night. The arbitrator asks her again whether she knew her name was on that list. Ali says she never saw it, but was thrilled and surprised she was nominated and thought Mike would make her head nurse. Rose leaves and tells Carrie and the others that it looks like things are leaning towards Ali. Craig is then called to testify, and Mickey asks if there was a change in her demeanor after Mike broke things off. Craig says that Ali was hurt and didn't understand Mike's decision. Mickey asks Craig if it isn't true that Ali became delusional? Craig says he has no idea, she didn't talk to him about the relationship. Craig admits that Mike tried to help Ali get a head nurse job elsewhere, and Gregory says it is obvious that Mike was trying to get rid of Ali. The arbitrator asks Craig if Mike consciously tried to get rid of Ali? Craig says yes.

In Paris, Bo is dining with Eric and Greta. Bo tells them that Gina/Hope was rattled after learning the real Gina had a nervous breakdown, and now Gina/Hope thinks the same will happen to her. Bo fears that this could be the beginning of the end for Hope, so he will rescue her from DiMera's creation. Bo notices that Greta has the original compact, and Eric shows Bo the key that was hidden inside. Bo says it loooks like a safe-deposit key, and Greta remembers her mother banking at a Faversham bank here in Paris. Bo wonders if Gina/Hope knows about this? Greta says it would explain why she wanted it back so badly. Bo says it looks like a safe deposit key, but they can't get access to it without a will or death certificate. Greta says there has to be a way to get to it. Bo says there is, he knows someone who can get to it, Hope/Gina! However, Bo says they can't let her know they have the compact or key, so that idea is gone. Eric wonders why Hope/Gina is even here, and Bo says he thinks she is here to steal the last Rennet. Greta fears that if they don't save Hope soon, DiMera will destroy her just like her mother.

At the Paris house, Gina/Hope is wondering what happened to the real Gina. She fears Stefano might do to her what he did to the real Gina. Someone rings the door and Gina thinks it is Bo, but it is Stefano! Stefano is surprised that she actually followed his intrusions and came here. They argue about her betrayal of him and her supposedly making up for it on the sub. Stefano looks around and says this house is a disaster. Gina tells him that someone was looking for something, his security system failed. GIna says a number things are missing as well. Stefano asks like what, and Gina says her candlesticks for one thing. He wonders why they mean so much to her, and Gina says being in this house has stirred up memories for her, memories with him. Gina is of course lying, she is thinking of John. Stefano tells her they have more important things to talk about, such as the reason he saved her life instead of getting rid of her like he should have. They argue some more about her betrayal and Stefano says unlike the real Gina, she does not have a will of her own because she is his creation and will do what he tells her to do. Gina asks or what, I'll end up like the real Princess who went to her grave because she lost her true love? Stefano screams that the real Princess Gina lost John for the same reason she did, he did not belong to either one of them because he was his (Stefano) creation! Gina says now he belongs to Marlena, but Stefano says John would be here now if it wasn't for her selfishness. Stefano says he turned John back into Marlena's husband forever, and she has no one to blame but herself. Gina says it is not to late, but Stefano says he will never trust her near John again. Gina still asks for John to be brought back, but Stefano says that John is dead and buried, and she will finish the job alone, and will follow his orders to the letter. He warns her that if she betrays her again, he has the means to ensure her total loyalty and complete obedience.


August 4
This hasn't been proofed
At the hospital, Carrie and Nancy are sitting outside the room where the arbitration is going on. Carrie is glad she hasn't been called, and news reporters swarm Carrie to ask her questions. Carrie doesn't understand why they are here. They say that Ali told them a bombshell was going to be dropped on someone.

Inside the room, Craig admits that Mike tried to get rid of Ali. Gregory says because Ali was qualified for the position of head nurse at Mercy hospital, but didn't get it at Salem University Hospital is proof that Mike is guilty of sexual harassment. Mickey questions Craig about his working relationship with Mike and Ali, and asks his professional opinion of Ali. Craig says she is a top of the line nurse. When Mickey asks Craig if he wouldn't mind her assisting on a surgery to save his own life, Craig says there was an incident in the OR. Ali says that Mike was being mean to her in the OR, and she left to keep her dignity. Mike says that he was only concerned about the survival of his patient and Ali made a mistake. Gregory says that if Ali's work performance suffered it is because of Mike's rejection of her. Mike says that he never doubted ALi's performance as a nurse, he doubted her ability to work with him. Craig is caught between a rock and a hard place and says that ALi is a bit emotional around Mike, and he has never seen Mike behave unprofessionally. Craig is dismissed and Carrie is called to speak. Mickey assures Mike that he will try and take care of Carrie. Ali is thrilled at the idea of seeing Gregory stick it to Carrie, but Claire reminds her that Mike is their enemy. Craig leaves the room and Carrie and Nancy ask what is going on. Craig says there is blood in the water, sharks are circling, and Gregory has called Carrie to testify. Carrie goes into the room and Nancy and Craig celebrate Mike's burial. Carrie is sworn in, and Gregory asks her about her relationship with Mike. Carrie says she is the PR person for the hospital, it is her job to protect Mike and the hospital. Gregory questions her about why she thought Ali was unstable and how she didn't believe Ali because Mike lied to her about his relationship with Ali. Carrie is silent, and the arbitrator asks her if Mike lied to her about his relationship with Ali? Carrie says he didn't lie to her about Ali, but Gregory says he didn't tell her about it either. Carrie says it wasn't relavent that she know until this law suit came about. Carrie refuses to believe that Mike lured Ali into bed by offering her a promotion, he has too much integrity for that. Carrie thinks she is done and decides to leave, but Ali stops her and reveals that Carrie cheated on her husband with Mike. Carrie says she never planned it, but Ali calls her a liar and accuses her of going after Mike. Ali asks Carrie to admit it, both she and Mike are guilty as sin. Unfortunately, that little scenario was all in Ali's head. As Carrie is really about to get up, Gregory stops her and asks her "you never approved of Mike's relationship with ALi did you?" Carrie says that she didn't think Ali was right for Mike. Gregory asks why she thought that was any of her business? Carrie responds that she didn't think he should date anyone on staff. Ali blurts out "you should talk!" Gregory asks Carrie if she was in the room when Mike and Ali were lovers? Carrie says no, so Gregory asks her how he can be so sure Mike is telling her the truth. The arbitrator agrees with Gregory. Carrie says she knows Mike very well, she knows he wouldn't lie about this. Gregory asks her how well she knows Mike? She was unhappy with Ali dating Mike because she is in love with Mike Horton!

At the home, Kate is shocked to find Nicholas with Victor. Victor tells Kate that Nicholas has some interesting ideas for Titan. Kate lashes out, but admits that Sami is what is bothering her. Kate tells Victor that Sami has moved into the guest house with Austin. Kate then turns to Nicholas and asks what his agenda is? Nicholas says that he wants her and his aunt Vivian to make peace. Kate says she will have peace once Vivian is dead. Nicholas tells her that Vivian isn't dying at all. Kate says so Vivian was pulling a scam all along. Nicholas says his aunt was terminal, but Vivian is in remission. He says she is also divorcing Stefano. Kate if furious that Vivian is fine, divorced, and in possession of 49% of Titan's stock. Nicholas asks Kate to try working with his aunt, and Victor asks her to keep an open mind. Kate can't believe she is hearing this, but Nicholas says he thinks he can keep Vivian under control because he is the only family member still speaking to her. Nicholas tells Kate not to waste time on something she can't change, Vivian's presence at Titan. He says the bright side is that he will be there too.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sami calls Rosa and pretends to be Kate. Rosa tells Sami that they are fine and have more than enough money thanks to her. As they talk, Brandon spies on Sami. Rosa tells "Kate" that thanks to her, she and her mother will have everything they need. After the call, Brandon applauds her performance. Brandon asks why she hates Kate, and Sami says that Kate and Lucas had her put on death row. Sami asks if he is going to rat her out? Brandon asks what does he get if he keeps quiet? They begin to discuss Kate and Lucas' true motives, and Brandon wonders why he should trust her? Sami tells him to go ahead and trust Kate, it is his funeral. Brandon says he thinks it would be in his best interest not to take sides. Sami tells him to do what he wants, but stay out of her way.

In Paris at La Roulette, Greta tells Eric and Bo that Stefano doesn't want them to find out what happened to her mother. Bo tells her not to worry, they will find the answer to those questions. Bo suggests they head over to the Faversham bank and see if they can open the box. Greta says she thought he said they couldn't get access to it, but Bo thinks she can persuade them to let her have access.

Bo, Eric, and Greta go to the Faversham bank and are allowed access to the box. Greta opens it and they are shocked by what they see. The box is filled with cash and passports for John and Gina. Bo says this is an escape kit, everything John and Gina needed to escape from Stefano. Greta looks through the papers and finds a deed to the Paris house, and another one for a country estate that is the ancestral home of the Von Amburgs willed to her mother by a prince. Bo ends up leaving after receiving a call from "Hope," and Greta and Eric decide to drive to the country home.

At the castle, Gina is screaming for Kurt, axe in hand. Gina says she will show him who is in charge when Kurt returns. The door knob to her room turns, and Gina hurls the axe at the door. The axe misses Kurt and Gina screams at Kurt for leaving him. Kurt says he went to the Paris house as she instructed, but Gina wants to know why he was gone so long. Kurt says that there are strangers living in the house as if they belong there. Gina asks if one of them was a man, and Kurt says yes, a rugged American. Gina thinks it is John, but he says it was not John. He also says that there was a glamorous woman there with him, but he didn't get a look at her face. Gina wants to meet these people and asks him to take her to Paris. Kurt tries to convince her that is a bad idea, but she wants to go. Kurt refuses and decides to leave her with some peace and quiet, but Gina vows to get to Paris and meet her house guests.

At the Paris house, Gina/Hope tells Stefano that she hopes he can trust her again one day. Stefano tells her that if he learns she has betrayed him again, her life as Gina will come to an abrupt and painful end. Gina assures him that she won't betray him again, she is completely his. Stefano says as long as you accept that you will never have John, and she says she knows. Stefano says John is happily married to MArlena and does not remember the sub at all. Gina mentions their (hers and Stefano's) night together, and Stefano says that for now his desires will be satisfied by owning the final Rennet. Gina says there is a small problem, Bo Brady is here in Paris. Stefano is furious, but Gina says he wasn't nearly as annoying as usual and acted like a man of the world. Stefano thinks that perhaps Bo could be useful to him. Gina asks what he is thinking, and Stefano says Bo could be her new partner. Stefano asks Gina to call Bo, but Gina says it won't work. Stefano tells her to make it work. Gina calls Bo, who is still at the bank, and asks him to come see her right away. Bo says he is on his way. Stefano tells Gina that she did well, Bo Brady is in for the surprise of his life. Gina asks what she is supposed to do, and Stefano asks her turn Bo into his newest Pawn. Gina says she cannot do that, but Stefano says she can and she will. The doorbell rings, and Stefano tells Gina not to betray him again. Gina answers the door and Bo asks what is up?


August 5
John and Marlena return home to the penthouse to find a very grownup Belle. Marlena asks John if she is crazy, or has Belle grown? Belle asks if they had a good time? Marlena says there was one problem, but after it was resolved it was a wonderful honeymoon. Belle shows them the sign she made, and says it could have been better if Brady was home from baseball camp to help her. John asks what she did while they were gone, and Belle says she went to the movies, boring. John says the movies can be fun, as long as they aren't princess films. Belle asks what he has against princesses? John says he nothing. Belle says if she knew they were getting in earlier she would have fixed herself up, but John tells her that she is beautiful. Belle tells him he isn't looking so hot, and asks where the gashes on his forehead from? John tells her not to worry about them. They present her with a gift, butterfly hair clips. Belle says she will wear them tonight to Mimi's birthday party. As John is about to go call Brady, Belle tells her dad that Eric called early with news for him. John then receives a call from Greta. While he is on the phone, Belle questions her mom about the cuts on her dad's forehead.

At the hospital, Gregory asks Carrie if she is in love with Mike Horton? Mickey says that is irrelevant, but Gregory says he wants to prove that Carrie tried to undermine Ali's relationship with Mike, Ali is just as much a victim of Carrie's as she is Mike's. Mickey says this is still irrelevant, and the arbitrator agrees and tells Gregory to move on, which angers Ali. Gregory tries to rephrase the questions, but the arbitrator tells him to end this line of questioning. Gregory says he is finished, but Ali says she is not. Ali says Carrie seduced Mike and the whole world will know what a lying bitch she is. Ali pulls out her lipstick and writes "bitch" on the table! However, it was another of Ali's delusions. Mickey asks Carrie if Mike acted unprofessional towards Mike at work? Carrie says no, Ali was the one who played flaunted her feelings for him at work. Carrie is allowed to leave, which leaves Ali steamed. Mike if finally sworn in to give his side of the story. Gregory asks Mike if he saw the list of candidates the night he slept with Ali, and Mike says no, and if he had he would have canceled the date to avoid a conflict of interests. Gregory questions Mike about his intentions that night, and why he brought condoms? Mike says he thought that they could end up making love, he wanted to be prepared. Gregory asks Mike if he remembers telling Ali that they made a wonderful team? Mike says Ali said that, and he admits he didn't disagree. Gregory asks what else he told her that night? Mike remembers talking about Ali's body in regards to the head nurse job. Mike says they just talked pillow talk. Gregory doesn't understand how Mike could make love to Ali, but then tell her days later he could never love her. Mike says he thought they could have a relationship, but realized it was not possible. Gregory asks why, and Mike says he believes everyone has a soul mate, and Ali wasn't his. Mike says he did not have sex with Ali in exchange for a promotion. Gregory pulls out some skimpy nurses outfit and asks Mike how he explains this? Mike says it is the outfit she wore that night, it was a joke. Gregory says Ali wasn't joking, and asks Mike if he told Ali that her body put her in front of everyone else out of the running. Mike says he may have, but can't believe Ali is so shallow she would think her body would get her a job. Gregory continues questioning him, and Mickey keeps objecting. Gregory says that Mike only used Ali for sex and planned to get her thrown out of the hospital. Gregory tells Mike that he hope he enjoyed his night playing doctor, because it will not only be the most expensive sex he had, but no other woman in Salem will even want to touch him!

Outside the meeting room, Nancy and Craig are waiting for the outcome of the arbitration. They call a reporter up and feed him some juicy details, as long as he keeps them out of it. Mrs. Winston, a board member, talks with Nancy and Craig, she is so thankful to Craig for his help. Nancy asks her what is going on inside? We never hear what Mrs. Winston tells her. Later, Nancy begins catalogue shopping for larger houses. Craig tells her that she's getting ahead of herself, but Nancy tells him that he will be chief of staff very soon!

In France, Greta and Eric are driving out to Von Amburg country estate and giving each other googily eyes. They talk about the safe deposit box and its contents, and Eric is puzzled by the fact that Gina never mentioned the family estate to Greta. Greta thinks that perhaps her mother and JOhn were planning to move to the chateau under assumed identities. They talk about her mother's death, and how only Stefano seemed to know about it, he telegramed her about her mother's death. There was no will and she was not contacted by lawyers. They talk about love and how it can destroy lives, and Greta is happy Eric didn't let Nicole destroy his life. Later, Greta wishes her mother was alive because she has so many questions to ask her. She then borrows Eric's cell phone to call John, she's following up on Eric's call. Greta tells John that she needs to know something about her mother, and he's the only one she can ask. John is happy to answer any questions that he can. Greta asks John if he remembers the castle her mom owned, but he says no. Greta tells him that it looked like he and her mother were planning to run and hide there. They arrive at the chateau, so Greta tells John goodbye.

At the castle, Kurt returns with some flowers for the real Gina. Gina asks if she received any mail, and Kurt says no. Gina is thinking about Greta and how much she misses her. Kurt tells her that hopefully John will come soon and they can visit her. Gina says that her daughter is going to play Juliette in her school's production of Romeo and Juliette. Gina suddenly becomes hot and asks him to open a window, but Kurt says that the windows don't open. However, Kurt says he will get her a fan. Kurt leaves and returns later with some fans. Gina asks Kurt to take her out to find John, but Kurt tells her that John asked her to wait here. Gina says she will wait right by the window where she has a perfect view of the gate. Greta and Eric's car pulls up to the gate, and she thinks it must be John. Gina starts waving frantically in order to get their attention.

Bo shows up at the Paris house as Gina/Hope requested. Bo asks what he wanted to see him about? Gina asks if he has learned anything new about Gina? Bo says he has, something very interesting. Bo tells her that he knows her compact was the original, and that there was a secret compartment with a key in it, which opened the safe deposit box at the bank. Bo tells her that they found out about the chateau, and Gina says she didn't know Gina had another house. Bo tells her they also found phony passports for John and Gina, they were planning to run off together. Bo asks her what she knows about it? Gina wonders where this line of questioning is going? Bo tells her that he know she isn't Hope, he knows she's Gina, he's just sorry it took him so long to learn. Gina says it is not the truth, but Bo says he knows it in his heart, he can see it in her eyes. He says he can't imagine what it must be like to have your identity ripped from you, and he swears he won't abandon her this time. He intends to fight to bring Hope back. Gina tells him that he is crazy, but Bo says the love he and Hope share is forever, she will never get over him, and vice versa. Bo says that true love is something DiMera can not destroy, and he is her only chance to avoid the same fate as the real Gina. Gina says she doesn't need his help, but Bo says she needed it last night. Bo asks her to at least let him stay and protect her, he doesn't want to lose her again. Bo sees a flicker of Hope in Gina's eyes, and tells Gina that he sees Hope inside her and wants to bring her back. He asks Gina not to let DiMera destroy her the same way he destroyed Gina. The show ends with GIna in tears.


August 6
At the penthouse, Belle demands her mom tell her how her dad was injured in Hawaii. Marlena tells her that her dad swam out to save a woman drowning, and he almost drown. Belle isn't okay with that answer and refuses to leave until she knows the whole story. Marlena explains the whole story to Belle, who is very concerned about her father. Belle asks what about the headaches? Marlena tells her that they are gone now because daddy has decided to live in the present. Belle then informs Marlena that Lucas has taken Will home, and Austin and Sami are living in the guest house at the Kiriakis Mansion. Marlena is shocked and asks if Carrie knows. Belle says she guesses, but the truth is that Carrie is tied up with her affair with Mike. Marlena gasps and asks Belle how she knew about that? Belle says she's not a little kid, and if Mike and Carrie;s affair comes out in this arbitration the whole town will know about it. Marlena asks Belle not to talk to her friends about this, and Belle says she is not a gossip. Later when Belle skips a meal, Marlena becomes concerned and tells Belle about Sami's problem. Marlena tells Belle that she knows she thinks about her weight, but nobody needs to be super skinny. Later they talk about clothes and decide to browse some catalogues. Before they do, Belle asks if she should call the hospital to see how the arbitration is going? Marlena stops Belle and tells her to focus on her life instead. Marlena wishes her daughter wasn't so curious, but Belle says she is worried about Carrie. Marlena tells Belle to enjoy her life, be happy. Belle tells MArlena that she intends to make the most of her life.

At the hospital, Lexie is mobbed by the press, who want to know how the arbitration is going. Lexie tells them all that if they don't leave she will call security. Lexie tells Craig it will be a relief to get back to their normal routines, but Craig says the fallout of this scandal could go on for months if Mike loses this case. Lexie eventually realizes that Craig is after the COS position and couldn't care less if Mike looses. Nancy tells Lexie that she has it all wrong, and Lexie apologizes and says she is just under a lot of stress.

In the board room, Mickey questions Mike about his relationship with Ali. Mike says that he suggested to Ali they stop seeing each other during the race for head nurse, but Ali said the head nurse job wasn't important to her and she'd rather keep seeing him. Mickey asks Mike if sleeping with Ali influenced his decision about the head nurse? Mike says no, and Ali seemed to understand why he made that choice. Mike then says Ali kept trying to move their relationship forward, but he tried to make it clear that he wasn't interested. Mickey asks why he think Ali waited so long to file this lawsuit against him? Mike says he doesn't know, he gave up trying to understand months ago. Ali says Mike is a liar and she wants them to hear her side of the story now! The arbitrator tells her that she doesn't need to scream. Ali is sworn in and Gregory asks Ali who brought up the possibility of her being head nurse? Ali says that Mike brought it up first. Mike says it was a joke, but Ali says Mike made it clear that she has a knack for taking his boss' mind off work, a quality worthy of promotion. Mickey questions Ali about why she waited so long to file this suit, and how Ali went so far as to tell her mother that she was engaged to Mike. Mickey says that after Ali was humiliated by Mike when he told Claire they weren't engaged, she and her mother came up with the idea of this lawsuit as a way to get revenge on Mike. Ali says that is not true, this lawsuit is about justice. The arbitration ends and the arbitrator tells Mickey and the board members that he believes Ali's allegations are justified, and Mike and the hospital should get ready to pay Ali for her pain and suffering. Outside, Mike tells Carrie that no matter what Sherman decides, this thing is almost over. Mike tells Carrie that he's grateful her name wasn't dragged through the mud. Elsewhere, Ali plays with her Carrie doll and tells her that she has a big surprise planned for her!

At the Castle in Paris, Gina hurries to make herself presentable for John. Outside, Greta and Eric stare at the magnificent "Castle of Dreams." Back upstairs, Gina looks out the window and exclaims "Oh my God!" Down at the gate, Eric and Greta shout to get someone's attention. Up in Gina's room, Gina tells Kurt that the people at the gate aren't John. Kurt tells her that he will come for her soon. Gina thinks they may be friends and wants to let them in, but Kurt forbids her to go to the gate. Kurt tells Gina that he will go see who these people are and what they want. After Kurt leaves, Gina sees something familiar about the girl. Later, Gina thinks that perhaps these people have brought a message from John. Gina becomes upset and says that Kurt does not control her!

Down at the gate, Kurt is shocked to learn that Greta is Princess Gina's daughter. Eric and Greta want a tour of the castle, but Kurt says now is not a good time. Eric pulls out a deed and says Greta is the legal owner of this castle. Kurt thinks they may be con artists, but Greta assures him she is Gina's daughter. She asks him if he worked here while Gina lived here, and he says no. Kurt says a man came to the village below and hired him to look after the castle. Greta asks if this man was Stefano DiMera? Kurt says no, he was hired by the man in charge of the household in Paris. Greta demands to look around the chateau. When Kurt says he can't allow that, Eric says Greta owns this place and calls the shots.

Rolfe and Stefano prepare to program Bo. Rolfe doesn't think he will succeed, but Stefano says he has Gina helping him. Rolfe laughs and says he can't trust her, but Stefano believes Gina will remain loyal to him. Rolfe says if he wants to get rid of Brady then they should eliminate him for good! Stefano says he will deliver the potion to Gina with detailed instruction, since Rolfe doesn't want to do it. Rolfe thinks Gina won't cooperate, but Stefano says if she wants to remain Gina she will. Rolfe chuckles and says she may not want to live as Gina if she learns what happened to the real Gina could happen to her.

At the Paris house, Gina tells Bo that Stefano won't destroy her. Bo tells Gina that he has spent his life loving Hope and will win her back. Gina says Hope is gone forever, and good riddens to her! Gina tells Bo that she is Hope, but not the same Hope he once knew. She says that when the man you love more than anything in the world betrays you, you change. Bo gets fed up with her and tells her that he is afraid she will die just like the original Princess Gina. He tells her that all she is is a creation of DiMera's. Bo says he's sure DiMera has threatened her with what will happen if she turns on him, but she, like John, has the strength to defy Stefano. He says they can bring Hope back, if she'll let him help her. Gina tells Bo that DiMera does not control her. When Bo says DiMera can easily make another pawn to make him money and give him pleasure on demand, Hope tells Bo to get out! Bo refuses to let her give him the brush off anymore. Bo doesn't understand why she is holding onto Gina, and then realizes she hopes John will come back to her. Bo tells her that John is married to Marlena know, and that he can save her from Dimera. Gina says she is Hope and doesn't need any saving. Bo pulls out a picture of Hope and Shawn D on the day he was born, and tells Gina that this is where she belongs. The doorbell rings and Gina goes to see who it is. It is a delivery man with a package for her. She opens it up and finds a note from Stefano instructing her to drug Bo's drink with the enclosed potion. Once he has drank the potion, Gina is to call Stefano. Bo decides to leave and let Gina have some time alone, but Gina asks him to stay.

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