August 98 Week 3


August 24
This is TV Guide's summary. It's 9:30 PM and I still have more packing to do. Hopefully I can post my summary sometime tomorrow with Tuesday's. I'm going to attempt to watch the soaps as I pack, so I may be able to add more to this summary later on.

Nicole demands that Taylor quit her cleaning job at Titan and accuses her of scheming to ruin her life. Taylor ignores her claims and calls her the only sister she'll ever have, adding that she will always love her. Lucille manages to put two pills into Ms. Haversham's tea. When she passes out, a doctor is called and Hope announces that from now on, only she will be giving Ms. Haversham her medication. Lucas complains to Eric that Sami has gotten a restraining order filed against him. When Eric defends his twin sister, Lucas vows to make her pay for all that she has done. Lucas then heads to a bar and starts drinking. On his way to Salem, John shows a worried Marlena the old photo that features him dressed as a priest. Heading back to Salem after hearing that Sami was shot, Roman admits to Billie that he's glad she accompanied him on this assignment. He urges her to let go of Bo and move on with her life. Billie lies to Austin about going to New York to shop. Roman is furious when he learns that Franco was hired by Kate to break up Bo and Hope. He orders Franco to get out and then decides that Sami will never marry Franco. Rolf assures Stefano that Roman and Gina will never remember the truth about their pasts but then privately worries that something may trigger their subconscious. Austin confronts Franco about seeing him at the strip club.


August 26
Not Proofed
In the Bayou, Swamp Girl puts some herbs on Bo's eyes while he sleeps. When he wakes up, Swamp Girl tells him not to open his eyes yet. When Bo finally opens his eyes he still can't see. Swamp Girl says she'd hope the herbs would work and maybe she should get Erlene. Bo says that she'd be putting herself in danger and tells her no. Swamp Girl continues to bath Bo's eyes and Bo tells her that earlier, he thought she was someone he loved. Swamp Girl leaves to get some food and Bo continues to wonder who Swamp Girl really is and how he can help her. Swamp Girl returns and something rumbles, which prompts Bo to try and figure out what the noise was. Bo leaves, but Swamp Girl chases after him when another rumbling noise occurs. Swamp Girl finds Bo and he tells her that there has been a cave in, but he still thinks they can get out because he felt a breeze. Swamp Girl and Bo go back to the shelter and Bo starts telling Swamp Girl how everyone has scars. Bo says he can't understand her scars, unless she wants to tell him who gave them to her. Bo hands her a bucket of water and suggests she wash her mud off so he can feel her scars. Bo tells himself that if she's Hope, he'll know it just by touching her face.

At the hospital, Carrie is reliving her fight with Austin. Carrie overhears some of the nurses talking about Ali dating Mike and they hint that she's doing it for her career. Carrie watches as Ali flirts with Mike and asks her out. Carrie butts in and tells Mike that she needs to talk with him. Mike says goodbye to Ali and they go in to his office to talk. After they leave, Craig starts hitting on Ali, but she blows him off. In Mike's office, Carrie tells Mike all about her fight with Austin. Carrie tells Mike that he is the only man who truly understands her and cares about her feelings. Carrie apologizes to Mike for burdening him and asks if he needs any work done. Mike asks her to look over some applicants for some position and give him her opinion on who she thinks would be good for the hospital. Carrie still wants to tell Mike about her problem and he tells her it's ok. Carrie explains to Mike that Austin wants her to go to Sami's wedding. Mike tells Carrie that he's going to be there for his mom. Carrie asks if she should go and Mike tells her it has to be her decision, but if she goes, he'll keep her from decking Sami. Carrie laughs and tells Mike that she always knows how to make her smile. Suddenly, a woman shows up to give Mike a present that Ali bought him, Ali was paged and asked the woman to deliver the gift. It's a heart shaped pillow with "handle with care" embroidered on it. Carrie asks what it means and Mike tells her that it's an inside joke. Mike explains that Ali complimented him during open heart surgery earlier. Carrie then tells Mike that it may not be proper for him to date someone on staff. Mike smiles and says "you don't want me to date Ali, do you?"

Nancy and Craig meet and scheme to keep Mike and Carrie together. Craig isn't so sure if Mike will act on his feelings for Carrie because of Ali. Nancy tells Craig that they have to stop Mike and Ali before it get's too far. Later, Nancy talks with Ali and tells her that she'll never win Mike's heart.

At the strip club, Austin spots Franco with Candy. Austin is positive that Franco is cheating on Sami. Daryl stops Austin from charging over to Franco and by the time Austin gets there, Franco is gone. Daryl tells Austin that the stripper Franco was with is named Candy and Austin decides that he wants to talk to Candy. Daryl tells Austin that if he is wrong about Franco and Sami, he could be ruining Sami's life.

At Titan, The INS agent asks Kate if Sami knows about Franco's status. Kate asks what if Sami knows and is helping him and the agent says that Sami would go to jail. The agent tells Kate that the only reason Franco hasn't been deported is because he had a marriage license. The agent tells Kate that he was going lightly on this case because Roman is an old friend, but he has strict orders to find out whether the marriage is real. Kate asks what if it isn't and the agent says Franco will be on the next plane to Italy. The agent asks Kate if the marriage is legit and Kate says she wouldn't be shelling out all this money for the wedding if it wasn't legit. The agent doesn't know and hates to think that Roman's daughter may be being used. Kate assures him that the marriage is for real. The agent hopes it is and thanks Kate before leaving. After he's gone, Kate says she wants the pleasure of spoiling Franco's scheme on her own. However, Kate is still missing one piece of the puzzle, why Franco is afraid to go back to Italy. Kate recalls the shooting and realizes that someone has a hit out on Franco. Kate then wonders if she should tell Sami the truth before, or after the wedding. Kate realizes she doesn't have enough proof to expose Franco. Suddenly Austin shows up and tells Kate that he thinks Franco is lying to Sami. Kate asks about what and Austin tells Kate about Candy. Kate tells Austin that strippers make money off of tips and play up to men to get good money. Austin tells Kate that she's not taking this seriously and Kate says there is nothing to worry about. Austin says that he still thinks he should tell Sami, but Kate tells him no way. Kate convinces Austin not to bring it up without any proof and he agrees not to tell Sami. After Austin leaves, Kate realizes that she has to expose Franco's schemes to Sami in the most humiliating way as possible. Kate smiles and says she'll finally be able to teach that bitch (Kate's word) a lesson after.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami holds a gun on Lucas. Lucas asks Sami to give him a break, but she threatens to blow his head off. Lucas says it would be worth it if she goes to jail. Sami says she's calling the cops on him and Lucas says she'll be going to jail with him. Sami laughs and Lucas points out that she has an unregistered gun and is keeping it in the house with Will. Sami still decides to call the police and Lucas says that he showed up and found Will playing with that gun. Sami says nobody would believe him and Lucas says that they will take Will from her if there is even the slightest hint of danger. That hits home and Sami ends her call. Lucas asks Sami how it feels to get a taste of her own medicine. Sami starts telling Lucas that he ruined his own life with his drinking. Lucas tells Sami that they used to be friends, but she turned on him because she found out that he was Will's father. Sami says she thought Austin was his father, but Lucas says she was so obsessed with Austin that she ignored the possibility that he wasn't Will's father. Lucas then accuses Sami of keeping Will from him because she lost Austin. Sami tells Lucas that she's over Austin and after she marries Franco, he'll never see Will again. Lucas says she can't do that, but Franco walks in and says she can. Franco tells Sami that he hadn't told her about this, but he's thinking of taking her and Will to California after they are married. Sami says that is a great idea and then starts telling Lucas how Franco will become the only father Will will have. Lucas warns Sami that he will stop her. Sami and Franco kick Lucas out and Franco convinces Sami to move to California with him. Franco hugs Sami and then tells himself once he gets his green card he can dump the bitch (Franco's word) and disappear forever. Meanwhile, Lucas plans to take Will from Sami.


August 26
Once again I had to bum a summary from TV guide. I will be able to do Thursday's show, I hope. As if my air conditioning being broken isn't bad enough, my monitor is dying and I may have to buy a new one unless they can repair mine over the weekend quickly (yeah right)

Carrie finds herself telling Mike that she thinks that Ali is coming on too strong with him. She then backs off, embarrassed by what she has told him. Mike suggests that she change her mind and solve one problem in her marriage by attending Sami's wedding. Taylor tells her sister that if she has a problem with her working at Titan too, then Nicole should leave. Taylor then reminds her sister that a person's career doesn't change who she is. Jay brings Bella magazine to the man in jail with a boast that Nicole's new money will get him a better attorney to get him out of prison. Kate learns that Nicole hired a male stripper for Sami's party and decides to hire Candy as a stripper for Franco's bachelor party. Lucas downs a few drinks and asks Tim to make a phony passport for his son. He tries to take some money from the safe when he's interrupted. Franco apologizes to Shawn for what he did to Hope and Bo but Shawn isn't interested in his apology. Carrie changes her mind and explains to Austin that she will be attending her sister's wedding. Suggesting that they cool it for a while between them, Mike confides to Ali that things might be moving too fast but adds that he's not dating anyone else. Later, Carrie and Austin spot Mike and Ali kissing on the balcony.


August 27
At the hospital, Austin tells Carrie that he thinks Mike dating Ali is a good thing, and then Austin asks her to go to Sami's party at the pub with him. Carrie refuses to spend her first anniversary celebrating Sami's upcoming wedding. Austin and Carrie end up arguing and Austin finally says he's going to the party and asks if she's coming or not.

At the pub, Sami thanks Roman for putting his doubts about Franco to the side. Kate shows up at the pub and Sami tells her to get out. Kate tells Sami that she'd have to explain the absence of the woman who is funding her wedding, so Sami lets her stay. Later, Nicole thanks Kate for taking care of the "entertainment" for the guys. Kate says it was no problem, but says she'd like to keep it their little secret.

Also at the pub, Billie tells herself that she has to find Bo and tell him that he had no idea about her mom's plan to hire Franco to break up him and Hope. Billie asks Shawn and Caroline about Bo and she asks them to tell Bo to call her if they hear from him.

Roman makes a little toast to Sami as Kim (give her a contract) tapes it. Afterwards, Shawn answers his own little toast. Meanwhile, Kate relishes over her surprise for Sami. Billie talks with her mom and Kate notices that she came with Roman. Billie says they've both lost the one they've love. Kate tells Billie that Roman has excepted his loss and moved on, but Billie says she can't do that. Billie storms off and Roman confronts Kate about her hiring Franco and lying to him about knowing about him. Kate says she did what she did for her daughter and she hopes for Sami sake that Franco has changed.

John and Marlena are getting ready for Sami's party at the pub. John tells Marlena about Hope's trip with Ms. Faversham. Marlena and John are both worried about her. John tells Marlena that there is some good news, Stefano is taking a trip out of the country.

John and Marlena show up at the pub and Sami thanks them both for coming. Mickey asks about Hope and John tells them all the latest news about Hope. Carrie and Austin show up and Sami thanks them from coming. Sami also asks Austin if he can stay at the mansion a little while longer while she's on her honeymoon. Austin agrees and Carrie walks off in a pissed off mood. Marlena tells Carrie she's glad she came and Carrie tells Marlena that she wouldn't even be going to Sami's wedding if it wasn't for Mike. Later, Marlena talks to Carrie and Carrie mentions she can't stop thinking about . . . . Marlena finishes her sentence and says "about Mike?"

Candy shows up for her performance and Kate tells Candy that this bachelor deserves and extra special send off.

Roman asks John if he has any new leads about the photo of him as a priest, but John says he hasn't, but he isn't giving up. Later, Roman tells Marlena that he can't believe their little girl is about to get married.

Eric tells Nicole that she's met his whole family, but he hasn't met hers. Eric mentions that he'd like to meet her mom and Nicole tells Eric that she'd like t hat too.

A special present from Eric and Nicole shows up for Sami, a male stripper. As the male stripper performs, Maggie gets all hot and tingly as Susan would say.

Marlena asks Billie how Roman is and she tells Marlena that is none of her business after the hell she put him through. Laura comments that Billie obviously inherited her moms personality. Marlena wonders why Kate is paying for the wedding and Laura says it's not out of the goodness of her heart, because she doesn't have a heart.

The "dessert" cake is brought in and Candy pops out in a genie outfit. Eric leads her over to Franco and when she takes off her veil she says "Franco, I didn't know this was your party!"

Hope and Ms. Faversham are on their way to the Orient Express. Hope begins to think about Bo and Ms. Faversham knows it. Ms. Faversham tells her how she used to distract her in the past when she would think about the man she loved. Hope starts crying and Ms. Faversham gives her a handkerchief. Hope recalls one like it being in the box of Gina's belongings and Ms. Faversham says they bought several of them on a trip years ago. Hope says this explains the origin of everything but the compact, but Ms. Faversham knows nothing about a compact. Hope mentions losing it in the Bayou and tells her about the story of the Swamp Girl. Ms. Faversham tells Hope that perhaps this mysterious Swamp Girl is the real Hope. Hope and Ms. Faversham arrive at the station and Ms. Faversham tells Hope that she requested the same car they had last time. Ms. Faversham becomes woozy and Hope goes to look for her medication, but it's not in her purse. Suddenly, Lucille shows up. Lucille says they forgot Ms. Faversham's medication, but Hope says that she was the one who packed the bags. Lucille says she's also got a room rented on the Empress Express (hmm, trade mark infringement cause a name change?) A man comes to take their bags and sees Hope and asks if it really is her.

Down in the Bayou, Swamp Girl has washed the mud off her face, but she keeps it covered with her hands. Bo asks if he can touch her face and Swamp Girl recalls seeing her face in a mirror years ago. Swamp Girl refuses to let him touch her. Bo starts telling her that he believes his blindness serves a person and wants to help her. Bo says she was about to tell him something earlier and asks if it was about Hope. Swamp Girl recalls Stefano talking to her in the hospital and telling her to never tell anyone what she told him. Swamp Girl then has another flashback of a cage exploding over a vat of acid. Swamp Girl tells Bo that she doesn't know if she can trust him, let alone anyone else. Bo tells her that they have a special connection and she can feel it to. Swamp Girl grabs Bo's hands, but then drops it. Swamp Girl sees that the lantern is flickering and needs more kerosene. Bo says that if she gets the kerosene than he'll refill it. Swamp Girl brings Bo the kerosene and he refills the lantern. Unfortunately, Bo knocks over the lantern and starts a fire.


August 28
At Titan, Taylor catches Lucas cleaning out the safe in his mom's office. Lucas asks her who the hell she is and Taylor says she works for the cleaning service at nights. Lucas asks her if she knows who he is and she says he's Kate's son. Lucas says that's right and he came to get some papers from the safe, nothing more. Taylor says she'll return later and then she leaves. Lucas starts drinking and toasts himself to getting Will away from Sami, the devil-bitch. Lucas says that while Sami gets ready for her wedding, he will escape the country with Will. Taylor returns later and Lucas offers her a drink. Taylor says she's underage and doesn't have a break right now. Lucas says he's the boss and gives her a break now. Lucas gives her a soft drink and apologizes for biting her head off. Lucas starts flirting with Taylor and tells her that she reminds him of someone. Lucas looks at a picture of Nicole and says he'd love to date her. Taylor says that Nicole is unavailable and Lucas asks her how she knows Nicole. Taylor says she doesn't know her, but she's heard gossip that she doesn't date because she's devoted to her career. Lucas gives Taylor some advice, never trust those who say their your friend and to always watch her back. Lucas offers her a ride home and Taylor says she wouldn't go anywhere with him and he shouldn't be driving in his condition. Lucas says she's right and decides to call a cab. Lucas leaves with his money and decides to make a stop at the Bluenote to have a nightcap.

At the pub, Candy is shocked to see that the bachelor she is dancing for is Franco and tells him "Franco honey, I didn't know this party was for you!" Eric asks Nicole who hired the stripper and Nicole says she has no idea. Carrie asks Austin if this was his idea and he says no. Sami confronts Franco and asks how he knows her. Franco tells Sami that he's been at the strip club where she works. Sami asks how long he's been dating this tramp. Candy tells Sami not to call her a tramp! Franco takes Sami aside to explain and she asks him what else is he hiding from her. Franco says Roberto likes Candy and he's been trying to play matchmaker between them. Sami wants to learn the truth for herself and walks off. Sami finds Candy and asks her if Franco is sleeping with her. Candy recalls Franco strangling her and warning he'd kill her, so she keeps quiet. Candy asks Franco if said they were lovers and Sami tells Candy what Franco said to her about Roberto. Candy says what Franco says is true, but Sami doesn't know if she can trust Franco any longer.

Meanwhile, Franco calls Roberto and tells him that he has to come to the pub now. Franco goes to see Candy and Roberto shows up and acts like Candy is his girlfriend and says that Franco brought them together. Sami apologizes to Franco and he suggests they go back to their party.

Austin is glad the truth has come out, but Carrie says Sami creates every situation she's involved in, so she's getting what she deserves. Austin tells Carrie that she's being unfair and that Sami has changed, but Carrie says if he believes that then he's a fool.

Billie asks Kim if she's heard from Bo. Kim says no, but she doubts that Bo will want anything to do with her when he learns what her mom did. Billie says she had no idea what her mom was planning, but she was only trying to help. Kim says that all her mom did was cause her daughter, Bo, and Hope a lot of pain. Kim walks off and John tells Billie that Kim is right. Billie starts getting smart with John by saying that if Hope turns out to be Gina, it will change everything. John says he believes she is Hope and he tells Billie that her marriage to Bo is over. Billie says it isn't legally over yet.

Roman sees how pleased Kate looks and asks her what she knows about this. Kate says she has no idea what is going on, but Roman accuses her of trying to hurt Sami. Later, Kate warns Nicole if she ever tells anyone that she hired Candy then she'll never work as a model again. Kate walks off and Eric asks her what Kate was talking to her about. Nicole says that Kate was just thanking her for the work they did on the party. Eric tells Kate that he has a little surprise for her later on.

Roman tells Abe that he has a suspicion that the bullet that hit Sami may have been meant for Franco. Later, Roman gets a call from Shane. Shane gives Roman some terrible news.

Sami and Franco return to their party and Sami says the entire thing with Candy was a big misunderstanding and that there will be a wedding tomorrow. Carrie tells Austin that he was wrong about Franco and the stripper, but Austin says he saw her kiss him. Carrie says a kiss doesn't mean an affair, but Austin says it still counts as being unfaithful. Carrie then recalls her kissing Mike on the 4th. Austin says if you love someone you don't kiss someone else and he asks Carrie if she'd go and kiss some other guy. Carrie says she doesn't want to fight and Austin says he doesn't either. Austin decides to go home and check up on Will and Carrie decides to go to work so she doesn't have to be around Sami.

Franco confronts Candy and asks who sent her here, but Candy says it was a job from her boss at the club. Roberto suggests that Sami may have set this up and Franco thinks that he's right. Franco tells Candy that after he ditches Sami, he'll meet her at their table at the club.

Kate is angry that her plan failed, so she decides to learn why he can't go back to Italy.

Down in the Bayou, a fire breaks out and Bo is trapped and doesn't know what's happening, other than Swamp Girl is screaming. Swamp Girl manages to put out the fire and then she hugs Bo. Bo tells Swamp Girl that she faced her fear and conquered it. Swamp Girl tells him she wouldn't do it for anyone else but him. Bo tells Swamp Girl that she is brave and beautiful. Swamp Girl says she's not beautiful and leaves to "take care of something." Bo tries to find Swamp Girl, but has no idea where she has gone. Swamp Girl makes her way to a locked room and begins looking at some old clothes. She picks out black flowery dress when Bo is about to come into the room. She rushes to the door and tells him not to come in yet. Swap Girl decides to make herself look beautiful for Bo and starts cutting her hair.

On the EMpress Express, Stefano and Vivian arrive at their private car and Stefano tells Vivian to call him "Rudolpho." Vivian looks out the window and tells Stefano to look who is here. Stefano looks out the window and says "How can it be? She'll regret getting on this train!" Celeste boards the train and Stefano tells her that she has a lot of impudence following them all the way from Salem. Celeste is dressed as a chamber maid and she tells Vivian that this was the only way she could get onboard. Chef Ivan follows Celeste on and Stefano cries "For God's sake, you brought tweedle-dumb with you?" Vivian tells them both that she appreciates their concern, but she is fine. Vivian leaves and Stefano asks Celeste how dare she ruin their trip. Celeste says that it was Ivan's idea, but she has some very strange vibrations here. Stefano loses it and tells Celeste that he has no ulterior motives and he enjoys Vivian's company. Later, Stefano tells Chef Ivan and Chamber Maid Celeste to get off the train in Milan and not to bother him or Vivian. Vivan changes into a gown and she and Stefano get ready to go to the dining car. On their way there, Vivian becomes a little woozy and says she has to change her shoes and runs back to their car. Stefano has a flashback about sitting with "Gina" on the Empress Express years ago and says how he misses those days. Vivian returns with some new shoes and they head to the dining car.

The train master of the Empress Express recognizes Princess Gina, but doesn't know why she doesn't recognize him. Ms. Faversham tells him that Princess Gina lost her memory and doesn't know what has happened. The trainmaster shows Ms. Faversham and Hope to the "Princess Gina" suite. Lucille tags along and Ms. Faversham tells her that she can sleep in the staff quarters. The trainmaster tells Hope about the buffet in the dining car and Ms. Faversham asks him to reserve a table for two. After Hope changes, Ms. Faversham and Hope go to the dining car. The people in the dining car all remember Princess Gina, which delights Hope.

Celeste, Ivan, and Lucille all go to the dining car for dinner and Lucille learns that Celeste is from Salem. Meanwhile, Stefano also comes to the dining car and Hope is right around the corner!

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