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August 10


August 17
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Stefano tells Rolfe that he's going to the art festival with Vivian this time, instead of Gina. Stefano says that Vivian will be a basket case by the time he returns to Salem. Stefano then tells Rolfe that John's search for his past will keep eating at him and keep his main focus off of "The Queen of the Night." Stefano says that Rolfe's work on John and Hope will keep them from remembering is imperative. Rolfe doesn't say anything, so Stefano asks Rolfe if they will ever remember their pasts. Rolfe says of course not, but he doesn't sound very sure. Stefano leaves to prepare for his trip and Rolfe worries that Hope and John will remember everything in the year 2000 because of the millennium bug in computers.

At Titan, Nicole asks Taylor what she's doing here. Taylor says she's working and begs Nicole not to make her quit because she needs this job. Nicole accuses Taylor of interfering in her life, but Taylor says she's not and nobody will know they know each other. Nicole hopes so and then asks Taylor if she's out to ruin her life. Taylor says she's not and says "they" are grateful to her for what she's done and she just wants to make a life for herself. They talk and Taylor tells Nicole that she's met Eric. Nicole freaks out and asks if she told him that she knew her. Taylor says that she hasn't told anyone that they know one another. Suddenly, Nicole gets a call from Eric. Eric says he wants to go check on Sami and that they can do the photo shoot later. Taylor asks Nicole if she's interested in Eric romantically and Nicole says they are only friends. Taylor also asks if anyone knows about Jay. Nicole says that Eric met him and she lied and said he was her drugged out cousin. Nicole also tells Taylor to stay away from her and to pretend like they don't even know one another. Nicole tells Taylor to leave before Eric shows up and Taylor starts to whimper. Taylor says she understands how she feels, she just thought they could have been closer. Nicole tells her she thought wrong. Taylor tells Nicole that she'll always love her because she's the only sister she has, and then she leaves.

Lucas shows up at Titan all pissy and storms into Kate's office, but she's not there. Eric follows Lucas and asks what his problem is. Lucas tells Eric that his evil twin sister is trying to take Will away from him. Lucas says that he could kill her for this, but he didn't hire a guy to take her out. Lucas then says that knowing Sami, she'll frame him for trying to kill her. Eric warns Lucas to watch his mouth, but Lucas warns him that Sami is going to fall big time. Lucas goes out to a bar and starts ordering drinks and planning his revenge on Sami. Lucas then recalls Alice telling him not to focus on revenge, but still downs the vodkas he orders.

Austin confronts Franco about where he's been and Franco says he met up with a travel agent at a club he sometime hangs out at. Franco asks Austin why he is concerned about where he spends his time and Austin says he's just looking after Sami and Will.

On their way home, Billie asks Roman why he hates Franco. Roman says that Bo doesn't trust Franco. Billie points out that he was only upset with Franco because he loved Hope, but Roman says Bo wouldn't let personal feelings interfere with his job. Billie then goes of on one of her "it's Hope's fault" speeches. Roman tells Billie that he doesn't see her having a future with Bo and she needs to move on and find happiness elsewhere. Billie doesn't know how she'll live without Bo, but Roman tells her that Bo will always love Hope. Billie chuckles that Hope may not even be Hope.

Also on their way home home, John and Marlena are talking. John is worried about leaving Hope alone because Stefano may find out what she's doing, and that would put her in great danger. John then tells Marlena about the picture he found of himself and then shows the picture to Marlena. John says that he has no memories of Lugano, but he knows now he was there and fears that he may have been Stefano pawn since the day he was born.

Roman and Billie go to the Kiriakis Mansion and run into Sami, Austin, and Franco. Roman talks with Sami about the shooting and if she knows anyone who would want to kill her. Sami says that Kate and Lucas would want her dead. Austin says that they wouldn't do that, but he does tell Roman that Kate hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Roman becomes angry and asks Franco how his daughter figures into all of this. Sami tells Roman that she found about how Kate hired Franco and she promised Kate she wouldn't tell anyone. Sami says she didn't find out until it was too late for Bo and Hope and that she knew this would hurt too many people if it came out. Roman says that he always knew Franco was up to no good and tells Franco to leave before he does something he may regret. Franco leaves and Sami yells at her dad for being mean to Franco. Roman tells Sami he doesn't want her to marry Franco, so she better fall out of love with him because the wedding is off!

In Lugano, Ms. Faversham faints and Hope tells Lucille to call for an ambulance. A doctor arrives and Ms. Faversham comes to. Lucille tells Hope that she should go and let the doctor do his work because she'll be in the way. Hope refuses to leave and the doctor asks Lucille if she gave Ms. Faversham her medication. Lucille said she had to go out and Ms. Faversham took her pills. Ms. Faversham says she only took one pill, but Lucille secretly says she put the other in Ms. Faversham's tea to try and convince her she can't go on this trip. Hope stays with Ms. Faversham despite Lucille asking her to leave and Ms. Faversham introduces her to her doctor and tells him that they are taking a trip together. Lucille says that the trip is a mistake, but Hope says that they are going on the trip and she will take care of Ms. Faversham.


August 18
At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sami tells her father that she won't let him stop her from marrying Franco. Sami says that Franco has changed, but Roman doesn't believe it. Roman asks Sami to postpone the wedding for 6 months so he can run a background check on Franco. Sami asks Billie to say something and Billie says that Franco is a good and kind person. Sami turns to Austin and says that he knows Franco loves her and is faithful to her, but Austin says this is between her and her father. Austin and Billie leave and Roman still insists that Sami not marry Franco. Roman asks for just six months for him to check out Franco. Sami asks if he'll really stick around Salem for six months, or will he run off on some ISA mission. Roman says he deserved that, but if she waits six months she might have a change of heart. Sami says that mom agrees with her, but Roman points out that Marlena isn't being objective because she only wants to mean fences with her. Sami starts telling Roman about how marrying Franco is right when Eric shows up. Eric says that he knows Franco doesn't seem exactly trustworthy lately, but he does know that Franco loves Sami. Sami then threatens to elope with Franco if she has to, but only if her dad forces her to do that. Roman sees that Sami isn't going to wait, but he says that he hopes Franco never hurts her. Roman agrees to walk Sami doesn't the isle and she cries and thanks him.

Kate shows up at work and wonders where Lucas is. Lucas shows up and Marie tells him that Kate is looking for him. Lucas goes to see Kate and she asks him how the meeting was. Lucas says it was kinda of boring. Kate also asks about the visit with Will and he tells her it didn't go well and that he got caught with Will alone, and now he can't see him at all. Kate tells Lucas that he is going to say strong and sober if he wants to get his son back. Kate also says that she's going to put an end to Sami by doing something she should have done a long time ago. After Kate leaves, Joan calls Lucas and tells him that they are doing a surprise blood test on him today!

Stefano is working on his plans for his and Vivian's trip to Bulgaria. Kate shows up to see Stefano and realizes that Stefano will want something in return for helping her, but she says she has no choice. Kate tells Stefano that she needs help dealing with Sami. Kate fears that if Sami marries Franco then she'll take Will away from Lucas for good, which is why she needs his help in stopping the wedding. Stefano starts questioning Kate about Franco and she says how eager Franco was to come to the States. Stefano asks if Franco had problem getting a greencard and Kate says he already had one. Stefano asks if she knows why he wanted to leave Italy, but Kate doesn't know. Stefano places some calls to the immigration office and tells Kate that they should know what Franco wants very soon.

Billie and Austin run into Alice and Maggie in Salem Place and they tell Billie that they're sorry about her baby. Billie goes off on her "It's all Hope's fault" speech and Maggie and Alice says that nobody is to blame because it was God's will. Alice tells Billie that if Bo and Hope are meant to be together than they'll find their way back together. Alice and Maggie leave and Austin tells Billie that she has to move on and forget her hatred for Hope. Billie starts asking about Sami and Franco and Austin tells Billie that he's not sure Franco is committed to Sami.

Franco meets Roberto in Salem Place and tells him that he fears the bullet that hit Sami was meant for him. Roberto tells Franco that he's right. Roberto says that he's learned that the Moroni family has sent a hitman to the States and they're trying to make Franco worry about being killed before they actually kill him. Franco says he'll kill the man who sold him out and Roberto tells Franco that he knows who sold him out. Franco asks who and Roberto says that by becoming a famous model, he sold himself out. As they argue, Candy shows up and Franco thinks it is a good sign. As Candy and Franco act very close, Austin spots them together.

In Lugano, Ms. Faversham tells Lucille that she is going on the trip with Gina and she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Lucille points out that she collapsed from mixing her medication, but Ms. Faversham said she only took one pill and only collapsed after the tea she brought her, which sparks Hope's attention. Ms. Faversham looks at her bottle of pills and then can't remember if she took one or two pills. The doctor tells her that she must take the right amount of medicine. Hope says that she'll be with Ms. Faversham on the trip and will look out for her. Ms. Faversham asks the doctor if Gina isn't as wonderful as ever and Hope becomes excited that someone else knows her. However, the doctor says he only knows her from what Ms. Faversham has told her. Hope sees the doctor out, but then asks him if there are any drugs that could help her memory. The doctor says no, but what memories she does have are true. Hope also asks the doctor to look at her birthmark and it is without a doubt a real birthmark, not one that could have been planted on her. Ms. Faversham starts telling "Gina" about how excited she is about taking this trip and then she tells "Gina" how she once played poker with some other Royals on the Orient Express. Hope tells Ms. Faversham that she's not a real princess, but Ms. Faversham doesn't understand why someone would do brainwash her. Ms. Faversham says that she thinks she was brainwashed into being Hope and her birthmark proves she is a royal. Ms. Faversham leaves to get something and Hope calls Alice. Hope asks Alice about her birthmark, but Alice says she never had one of any kind.

In the bayou, Bo tells Swamp Girl that the only other person he knows that knows the entire play by heart is Hope. Swamp Girl says she's spent a lot of time down here reading. Bo hopes that Wayne and Earl won't find them and Swamp Girl swears to Bo that she will kill them if they try and hurt him. Bo tells Swamp Girl that she's nothing like Wayne and Earl described her as. Swamp Girl tells Bo that they were probably just trying to protect her. Bo starts questioning Swamp Girl about friends and she says that she doesn't need friends to hurt and abandon her. Bo tells Swamp Girl that he wants to help her heal and go back into the world. Swamp Girl screams that she'll NEVER leave the bayou! Swamp Girl says that maybe Wayne and Earl were right about him wanting to take her away. Bo says that he didn't mean to upset her and apologizes. Bo realizes that she's not only hiding from the world out of fear, but because of her face. Swamp Girl says that her life now is the only one she can have and says "give it up Brady." Bo is shocked and she apologize for calling him thats. Swamp Girl says she's returning to the Bayou, but Bo stops her. Swamp Girl says he can't help her and Bo realizes that Swamp Girl doesn't think she deserves to be happy. Bo tells Swamp Girl that he has also made huge mistakes and he ran away, but now he realizes that it was the wrong thing to do. Bo says they need to move forward and then tries to think of a poem Hope use to quote. Bo quotes one of Longfellow's poem and Swamp Girl says the quote along with him. Bo asks how she knows that poem and she says there is a collection of Longfellow in the library. Swamp Girl looks for it and Bo begins to wonder if Swamp Girl maybe the real Hope.


August 19
Due to the fact that I was out all day, this is TV Guide's Summary. I'll try to replace it with my own if I get a chance.

Austin spots Franco in the strip club again but reasons that many insecure men do that before they tie the knot. On the phone, Alice reveals to Hope that Kate hired Franco to break up Hope and Bo. Marlena learns that Sami has decided to have Nicole in her wedding but not her own sister. Sami convinces Marlena to help her buy her wedding gown. After drinking all night, Lucas worries when Joan asks him to take a blood test to make sure he hasn't been drinking. He lies to Mike and claims he took too much cough medicine which causes Mike to put off the test for a day. Maggie confronts Lucas and reveals her own battle with the bottle and warns him about missing the latest AA meeting. She confides that she lost an adopted child because of her drinking and warns him about the dangers he faces. Craig secretly turns up the air conditioning in Mike's office in hopes that Carrie will want to get closer to Mike to stay warm. Ms. Haversham brings Hope a key to a music box from Gina's past. As Hope remembers the tune, she also remembers Stefano showing her photos of Hope and Bo. The swamp girl boasts to Bo that she knows who he is.


August 20
At the hospital, Austin finds Carrie with Mike and she is wearing Mike's jacket. Carrie says it was cold and Mike gave him his jacket. Mike says that Carrie was upset and Austin asks what has her so upset that she has to go to Mike for comfort. Carrie tells her husband what else, Sami. Mike leaves so they can talk. Carrie explains about how Sami schemed to keep Lucas from Will, but Austin sides with Sami and says that Lucas is the problem. Carrie tells Austin that Sami is ALWAYS the problem and he needs to open his eyes to see what she really is. Austin says that Sami has changed, but he's worried about Franco. Austin says he went to the strip club to talk with Daryl and he saw Franco with a stripper and they seemed very friendly. Carrie says this is none of their concern and he should just drop it. Austin refuses and tells her that he'll deal with this on his own, and then leaves. As Mike and Lexie talks about Carrie, Lexie sees Carrie and she seems very upset. Mike goes over to talk to Carrie to see if she is all right.

Franco is with Candy and they are making love. Candy asks Franco to call off the wedding, but Franco says that he has to marry Sami, but won't say why. Candy starts questioning Franco and when he won't tell her anything, Candy threatens to call Sami and tell her the truth. Suddenly, Franco grabs Candy and begins strangling her. Candy breaks free and Franco tells her that he will kill anyone who tries to stop him from marrying Sami. Candy says she was just kidding and apologizes.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami tells Will that she is a lost princess and prince Franco has come and rescued her, and now they will all live happily ever after. Austin shows up and Sami asks why he's upset. Austin says he and Carrie had a fight, but says he wants to talk to her about Franco. Franco suddenly shows up and says that he was late because he bought her a present.

Taylor is recalling speaking to Eric when Nicole shows up and tells her sister to get lost. Nicole starts saying how she hates that she is working here, but Taylor says that she needs this job to pay for college. Taylor promises that nobody will find out they're sisters and Nicole says she better keep it. Eric shows up and asks what promise they are talking about. Nicole says that she coaxed Taylor into putting extra tissues in her room. Eric introduces the two and then starts talking about his sister's wedding. Nicole leaves to get her purse. Nicole quickly returns and Taylor leaves when Nicole comments about how she thought she was finished cleaning. After she leaves, Eric tells Nicole that Taylor reminds him of her. Nicole asks how and Eric says that it wasn't long ago that she was working at the cafe and aspiring about becoming a model. Eric tells Nicole that his mom will be shopping with her and Sami for a dress tomorrow. Nicole says that she hopes his mom likes her and Eric says he's sure she will.

Eric goes to leave and sees Taylor waiting outside. Eric offers her a ride home and says he'd like to get to know her better. Eric says he knows she has a crush on him and he says he has a crush on her as well. Unfortunately, it was all a dream and Taylor is brought back to reality when he mom shows up in a car and honks her horn.

In Lugano, Hope is trying to sort all the new information she's been given. Hope wonders if maybe she is Gina and was brainwashed to be Hope. Hope starts thinking about Bo and realizes that she's lost her sixth sense when it comes to Bo and she wonders who she is. Hope feels that by going to Bulgaria with Ms. Faversham, she will learn the truth. Ms. Faversham brings Hope some tea and says she's so excited about the trip. Hope says she hopes she can find out who she really is. Ms. Faversham tells Hope that she doesn't like her attitude lately. Ms. Faversham says the Gina she knew sparkled with life, but know she's always sad and down, especially when she thinks about Bo. Hope starts telling Ms. Faversham about Bo and Shawn D. Hope explains about how she "died" and became Gina, but then returned from the dead. Ms. Faversham asks what happened with her husband and Hope tells her that Bo had married another woman. Hope explains about how she and Bo almost got back together, but Bo ended up betraying her by getting Billie pregnant. Hope then cries and fears she's lost Bo forever. Ms. Faversham tells Hope that everything will turn out as it should and the trip to Bulgaria will lift her spirits.

In the swamp, Bo tells Swamp Girl that he wouldn't leave her if he saw her real face, which she is afraid he will do. Swamp Girl tells Bo that she trusts him and knows he's not one of the other men who were chasing her. Swamp Girl says that her life is in the swamp now, but Bo refuses to believe that. Bo asks Swamp Girl to wash off her mud and her fear. Swamp Girl says she can't because she heard Wayne and Earl talking about her and how she is a freak. Bo says not everyone is like that and says they should go wash off her mud. Secretly, Bo says that he has to find out if she is Hope or not. Bo gives Swamp Girl a wet rag, but Bo hears a noise and goes to check it out. As Bo is about to open a door, Swamp Girl yells at him to try and stop. She's too late and bats fly in Bo's face and blind him.

This was all I was able to see as the soap was interrupted for a press conference. I think I missed the last 10 minutes, sorry.


August 21
The show was briefly interrupted for a press conference.

John and Marlena are back at home and in bed. The nanny brings Brady and Belle in to see Marlena and John before they go off with Grandpa Brady. Marlena is excited about shopping for a dress with Sami, but John isn't so sure Sami is a changed person and tells Marlena to keep her eyes open. As Marlena gets dressed, John continues to stare at the photo of himself in Lugano. John tells Marlena that he's going to do some checking up on Vivian today and see what she's up to with Stefano.

At the Java Cafe, Eric is looking at a picture of Nicole in Bella when he spots Taylor. Taylor tells Eric that she just registered for her classes at Salem U. Eric invites her to sit down and they talk about school, and the money that it is going to cost her. Taylor mentions that she lives at home and Eric asks if she has any brothers or sisters. Taylor tells Eric that she's an only child and she just lives with her mom. Taylor says that she better go and takes off.

Also in Salem Place, Nicole argues with her mom on the phone about Taylor working in Salem. Nicole says that she wants to forget about her old life. They then talk about the man in prison. Nicole says that he can't come to Salem, thank God, but she will always love him. Nicole asks her mom to keep Taylor away from Titan. She then asks her mom if she's okay and says she'll send her some money. Nicole meets up with Eric and he tells her that she just missed seeing Taylor.

Vivian is getting ready for her trip with Stefano, but Ivan asks Vivian not to go on this trip. Vivian leaves to make a call and Ivan asks Celeste to help him with Vivian. Celeste tells Ivan that he needs to get past his jealousy, but Ivan says that he knows Stefano is up to something big.

Stefano and Rolfe are talking in Salem Place about his trip with Vivian to Bulgaria. Stefano tells Rolfe that on this trip he plans to win Vivian's trust and make her dependant on him. Rolfe asks "What about Ivan?" and Stefano says that is why going on this trip is so important, there will be no Ivan. Rolfe points out that John is Vivian's nephew, but Stefano says that John doesn't have any interest in his aunt. Vivian calls Stefano and asks when they will be leaving and Stefano says they will depart shortly. Later, Kate finds Stefano and asks him when he'll get the dirt on Franco. Stefano tells her that someone should be in contact with her shortly, but Kate doesn't have that kind of time.

Back at the townhouse, Ivan tells Vivian he doesn't feel good about this trip. Vivian tells Ivan that she's sick of him hovering over her and keeping her from leading a fun and fabulous life. Vivian tells Ivan that Stefano is her ticket back to her rightful place in society. Vivian's doorbell rings and she expects it to be Stefano, but it is John. John says that he just wanted to check in on her to see how she is. Vivian says she's very well and is planning to go on vacation with Stefano. Vivian tells John about her vacation with Stefano, but Ivan tells John how bizarre Vivian has been acting lately and he thinks Stefano is involved and may have hypnotized her. Vivian starts to become woozy and John becomes concerned. John says he agrees with Ivan that this trip isn't a good idea. Vivian says she doesn't recall asking for his opinion and she says she is going on this trip with Stefano. Suddenly, Stefano show up to pick up Vivian.

Carrie is getting ready for work and Austin tells her that they won't have to stay here much longer. Carrie says that after Sami and Franco are married tomorrow, they'll have no reason to stay here any longer. Carrie and Austin start to argue about who is the real bad guy, Sami or Lucas, and Carrie eventually tells Austin that she's tired of arguing about this. Carrie tells Austin that she has a busy day ahead of her and doesn't know when she'll be home.

In another part of the mansion, Sami asks Henderson to pick up her shoes, but Kate comes in and tells Sami that Henderson is not her servant to order around. Henderson leaves and Kate and Sami start arguing. Sami tells Kate that she can't stop her and then Sami skips off to order Henderson around some more. Kate says she hopes Stefano will come up with some dirt on Franco soon. Unfortunately for Kate, Franco happened to walk into the room and hear her and he asks what she just said. Kate says she was just talking and tells Franco that she knows there is another reason he's marrying Sami. Sami rushes into the room and she and Franco play all lovey-dovey-kissy-poo. Kate tells herself that she will find out why Franco is so eager to marry Sami. Franco shows Sami their marriage license and he needs her to sign it so he can take it to the court house. Sami says she wishes she could go with him to the court house, but Franco says her dress is more important. Franco then starts telling Sami how he wants to be close to her family and is so glad that they have accepted him. Austin shows up to talk with Franco, so Sami leaves. Sami then starts telling Carrie how such a grand wedding she'll have that will make hers look like garbage. Carrie tells Sami that she knows she's the same evil old Sami. They start arguing and Carrie tells Sami that she hopes her schemes against Lucas backfires in her face. Marlena shows up and tells them not to fight.

Meanwhile, Austin asks Franco what he's up to. (Not sure what his answer was, a press conference interrupted). Carrie still hasn't left and runs into Austin downstairs after Franco has left. Austin mentions how this will all be over at the wedding tomorrow, but Carrie says she's not going to Sami's wedding.

Eric and Franco go shopping for groom accessories and Sami, Nicole, and Marlena go shopping for dresses. Franco sees the INS agent and manages to ditch Eric by sending him to pick up the wedding rings. Franco asks the agent what he's doing here and he tells Franco that the INS hasn't forgotten about him. The agent tells Franco that this better be a real wedding and Franco says it will be.

Kate spots Lucas in Salem Place and he's wearing dark glasses. Kate doesn't suspect that he has a hangover because Lucas claims he has a very bad cold. Lucas sees Marlena, Nicole, and Sami shopping and Kate tells Lucas that she's going to take care of Sami. Lucas says he has to go to an AA meeting and will see her later. Lucas tells himself "to hell with AA, this is much more important" and walks off. Kate spies on Sami and family as they try on their dresses. Later, the INS agent shows up to speak with Kate about Franco Kelly. Kate asks what he knows about Franco and he tells her a lot, and he thinks she'll find it interesting.

Franco runs into Roberto and Roberto suggest they go to his favorite club to celebrate his becoming a citizen.

Eric runs into Taylor again, who is daydreaming about him, and he asks her what she's thinking about.

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