August 98 Week 1


August 3
Bo finds Swamp Girl and tells her that he's going to help her escape. Bo tells Swamp Girl that he knows she knows his name and cared for him after he was hit by lightening. Bo says he wants to help her now, if she will let him. Bo looks for something to break open the cage and grabs a piece of his bike. Bo eventually recognizes it as his bike and realizes that Wayne and Earl took it apart. Bo tells Swamp Girl that he never wanted to kidnap her, he wanted to see if she knows Stefano DiMera. Swamp Girl has flashes of Stefano and begins to panic. Bo asks her who she is afraid of and Swamp Girl tells him she's afraid of him. Bo says not to believe Wayne and Earl and asks her how he can prove to her that he doesn't want to hurt her and is only here to help Hope. Bo tells Swamp Girl that it's late and they have to leave, so he breaks open the cage with a hammer. Bo extends his hand to Swamp Girl, but she heads back into the cage. Bo calms her down and says that they have a connection and he won't let Wayne and Earl ruin it. Swamp Girl eventually trusts Bo and as they are about to leave, Wayne shows up and points a shotgun at Bo.

Hope is recalling Roman saying "Garden at Twilight" had been stolen. Hope tells John that if she could see the real painting then maybe it would trigger her memory. John tells Hope that he knows something about the art thefts that Roman doesn't. Hope asks what he knows and John says that during the time of the thefts, he had found her and Stefano at Maison Blanche. Even though Stefano didn't steal the art, he may have had someone do it for him. Hope recalls that time and the pain she felt not knowing who she was. Hope tells John says that she feels guilty that he's helping her recover four years when he lost almost his entire life. John tells Hope not to feel guilty. Hope tells John that Princess Gina is becoming more and more real. Hope says that she has a theory, perhaps Stefano found her, reconstructed her face, but realized that she had no memories of being Hope. John asks what she's getting at and Hope suggests that Princess Gina may have been a real person, not just a creation of Stefano's. John says what if she is Gina, but Hope becomes upset and says she knows she is Hope because she remembered everything, opened the puzzle box, and knew stuff that Stefano couldn't have known. John says that perhaps maybe Stefano noticed how much she represented the real Princess Gina and used her (Hope) to pretend to be Princess Gina. Hope says it is possible and says she needs to go back to see Ms. Faversham. John tells her that he has a better idea and suggest they go see Maurice Renet, Paul Renet's grandson. Hope says that is an excellent idea and thanks him.

Roman calls Salem to check up on Sami. He talks with his mom, who tells Roman that Sami is in court today. Billie asks Roman if anyone has heard from Bo, but he tells her no. An ISA agent posing as a maid delivers Roman some new papers, which Roman says could answer their problem. Roman learns that Ms. Faversham reported all her art thefts at the same time they were down at Maison Blanche and John found Hope. Billie begins to wonder if Gina was a real person, or someone Stefano made up. Roman says he doesn't know, but Gina is very real to Ms. Faversham. Roman says if Stefano is involved then there is much more going on than they know. Roman needs to plant a bug in Ms. Faversham's house and Billie offers to do it and try to get closer to Ms. Faversham and Lucile. Roman objects at first, but later agrees to let her do it. Billie smiles and tells herself that she's going to use Lucille's dislike of Hope to her advantage.

Hope and John run into Roman and Billie in the hotel lobby. John and Hope tell them that they're taking a drive out to the country and Billie tells them to be careful because last time she took a drive in the country it ended in tragedy. Billie and Roman leave and John tells Hope to wait for him while he goes to get a car. Hope stares at a painting in the hotel and hears the waltz in her head again. Meanwhile, two nuns recognize John and tell "Father" that it's wonderful to see him again.

Billie and Roman go to Ms. Faversham's house and Roman waits for Billie down the street. Lucile answers the door and Billie tells Lucile that she came to see her and asks if she can come in.

Back in Salem, in court, Gregory interrogates Sami and asks her if she is in fact blackmailing Kate. Mickey says Sami isn't on trial, but Gregory says he's trying to prove that Sami has a history of lying and will stop at nothing to destroy the Roberts family. However, the judge says that this has no relevance on whether Lucas hit Will, but Lucas screams that it proves she's a vindictive liar. Gregory asks for a recess, which is granted. Mickey asks Sami if Gregory's allegations are true. Meanwhile, Austin asks Lucas what this blackmail material is and Lucas says he'd be glad to fill him in on what Sami's been doing to their mom. Eric asks what is going on and Lucas says he'll be glad to fill him in as well. Kate stops Lucas from telling the truth, but Austin begs Kate to tell him the truth. Kate finally blurts out that Sami learned that she fired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Alice is shocked, but Kate says she was only trying to protect Billie. Alice is hurt that Kate caused Hope to go through months of pain. Austin asks Franco if it's true and he admits it is. Kate says it wasn't really blackmail, she and Sami just had an agreement to not to hurt each other. Sami says that is right, but it doesn't change the fact that Lucas is a drunk and an abusive father. Court resumes and Mickey calls Will's psychiatrist to the stand. Mickey asks the psychiatrist if he's been abused by his father. The doctor says Will has been traumatized by events at home. The doctor says that he played a game with some dolls with Will and that Will had the daddy doll punch the baby doll. Gregory decides to call one last witness before the ruling, Will Roberts. Mickey tries to object, but the judge allows Will to testify. Gregory tells Will to go give his daddy a hug and Will runs to Austin. Gregory asks Austin if he's ever shadow boxed around Will, or played boxing with Austin. Austin says he may have, he's not sure. Gregory points out that Will can possibly think Lucas hit him because he can't determine who his father even is. The judge says that she has heard enough and says she'll return with a verdict. Lucas is hurt over Will's rejection and Alice tells him that she's sorry. Alice tells him that it's never to late to bond with a child and Lucas thanks his grandma for being there for him. The judge returns to the courtroom and says she's made her decision.


August 4
In court, the judge says that there is no way to learn which parent is telling the truth. However, the judge rules that there is no evidence to support Sami's charges, so Lucas is found innocent. However, the judge says until Lucas completes a rehab program and can prove he's sober, he is ordered to stay with Alice and not to be left alone with Will. Furthermore, Sami gets full custody of Will. Lucas says that he may have a drinking problem, but Sami has emotional problems. Sami and Lucas start arguing, but the judge orders them to sit down. The judge then urges Sami to put away her hatred for Lucas for the sake of her son because emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse. The judge also tells Austin that she hopes he will continue to be there for Will while his father is in rehab. Austin says he will always be there for Will. Sami thanks Franco for being there for her and Franco says now they need to plan their wedding. However, Sami says first she wants to plan his birthday celebration. Franco is shocked that she knows his birthday is coming up, but Sami says she knows everything about him. Eric congratulates Sami and Sami tells Eric that he knows she will be very happy with Nicole, and that she'll aim her bouquet at Nicole at the wedding.

Carrie tells Austin that she can't stand the fact that Sami is going to raise Will alone. Austin points out that Franco will be there, who Carrie says is a great role model. Meanwhile, Kate apologizes to Lucas that things turned out this way. Alice tells Lucas that things will work out in the end. Lucas thanks his grandma for being there for him and he goes to say goodbye to Will. Kate is left alone with Alice and tells her that what she did she did for Billie, but she knows it's not an excuse. Alice tells Kate that she refuses to judge her and now is the time to think about the future, not the past. Kate thanks Alice and gives her a hug. Lucas goes to see Will and tells him that he loves him and he's going to miss him, but will try to visit every chance he gets. Sami waltzes up to Lucas and tells him to give her her son back, she's taking him home.

On the way out of court, Carrie stands up to the reporters who try to hound Lucas, and Lucas thanks her. Caroline asks Sami what happened and Sami fills her in on the details. Caroline is unhappy with the ruling and then becomes even more unhappy when Sami tells her that she's marrying Franco on August 26th because that's Austin and Carrie's anniversary. Carrie is furious that Sami destroyed another life, but Austin asks Carrie to give her a break. Later, Sami and Kate start quarrelling. Kate says if she had to she would have exposed everything about her (Sami) and herself if it would have helped Lucas. Sami says that they'll have to keep the blackmail a secret, for now. Franco begins to argue with Kate as well, but Sami tells him to forget it. Sami, Franco, and Will all leave for home. Sami tells Franco that she's so happy she's rid of Lucas because now they can plan their wedding. Sami also tells Franco that she wants to make his birthday very special. Meanwhile, Kate doesn't know how she can stay in the same house with that witch and Austin warns Kate to watch what she says around Will. Austin then comes up with a brilliant idea, he and Carrie can move in to help her with Sami and Will.

Lucas goes back to Alice's place and is craving for a drink and begins tearing Alice's place apart to find some booze.

Nicole checks her e-mail, hoping there won't be any reminders of her past. Meanwhile, a mysterious man in prison begins to send "Nikki" an e-mail. Nicole continues to read her fan mail and the phone rings. Nicole answers it and it's Jay. Jay tells Nicole he saw her in Bella, but the clock is ticking and her fifteen minutes of fame are almost up. Jay and Nicole start arguing and tells her that someone isn't going to be happy when he learns out what's going on. Jay hangs up and Nicole says she has to find a way to shut him up. Nicole returns to her e-mail and gets the message from the man in prison, which upsets her. Nicole replies and tells the person never to contact her again because he is her past, which she's buried and forgotten. Suddenly, Eric shows up and asks Nicole what she's doing. In LA, Jay goes to prison and visits the mysterious man.

Down in the bayou, Wayne has a shotgun pointed right at Bo. Wayne starts telling Swamp Girl that Bo isn't her friend, but Bo asks her not to listen to Wayne. Swamp Girl stands with Bo and Bo tells Wayne that if he lets Swamp Girl go, he will stay with him as his prisoner. Earl shows up and also helps try to turn Swamp Girl away from him by saying Bo is with the people who want to take her away. Bo asks what people, but Wayne tells him he knows the people because he works for them, or used to work for them. Bo begs Swamp Girl to trust her heart. Wayne goes to shoot Bo and tells Swamp Girl that he's doing this for her own good. Swamp Girl manages to distract Wayne and Bo charges him. Wayne's shotgun goes off and Swamp Girl lets out a scream. Bo and Swamp Girl run into the swamp and Wayne and Earl follow. Swamp Girl ends up getting her foot caught in some vines and Bo struggles to free her.


August 5
At Titan, Sami tells Franco that after they are married she wants to move to Italy. Franco tells Sami "Never!" Sami asks why and Franco says he doesn't want to take her away from her family and that America is a much more beautiful country. Sami tells Franco that he's so sensitive and she asks him to tell her something he likes about her. Franco tells Sami that she reminds him of her favorite movie star, Marilyn Monroe; who was sexy, intelligent, and misunderstood.

Also at Titan, Nicole is replying to the man in prison when Eric shows up and asks what she's doing. Nicole tells Eric that she was just e-mailing a friend. Nicole asks about the hearing and Eric tells her that Sami won full custody. Nicole says Sami must be pleased now that she can plan her wedding. The talk and joke about Nicole getting married one day and how it will be the biggest wedding Salem ever saw, but Nicole says it's too early for her to settle down. Plus, she says she has her career to think about now that she no longer has to worry about Sami firing her. Suddenly, Sami storms into the photolab and tells Nicole that she's fired! Sami laughs and said she heard Nicole talking about being fired and was just playing around. After Franco leaves, he was with her, Sami says she's planning a party and could use their help. Nicole decides to go home and change, but then she gets another e-mail. Nicole prays it isn't from a certain person, but it is.

Meanwhile, an Italian hitman arrives in Salem and Franco's good friend Roberto is involved with him. Roberto says he doesn't like being any part of this, but the hitman tells him that he's in to deep and shows him a gun to remind him. Later, Franco meets up with Roberto and the go to a strip club.

Stefano takes Vivian home and suggests she take a bath and relax. Vivian goes to take her bath and Stefano calls Dr. Rolfe. Stefano asks Rolfe is there is anything else he should be aware of. Dr. Rolfe tells Stefano that the device in Vivian only controls her moods, unlike the memory controlling devices in the OTHERS. Dr. Rolfe tells Stefano that all these devices are perfectly safe. Vivian returns and finds Stefano on the phone. Vivian apologizes for interrupting him, but he said it is no trouble. Stefano tells Vivian that he wants to be there fore her and watch after her things and her well-being. Vivian asks Stefano if he knows something she doesn't, like is she dying. Stefano tells her that she's not going to die. Vivian doesn't believe him and says the only person she trusts completely is Ivan. Stefano tells Vivian that Ivan isn't someone strong enough for her to rely on, but it is her choice. Stefano then adds that she should associate with her piers, those worthy of her. However, Vivian says she's not ready for history to repeat itself and be burned by him again. Stefano says he wants to remember the good times of their past and would like to re-invent them, in the present. Vivian asks Stefano what he has in mind and Stefano says he wants to host parties and galas with her, just like the old days. However, Vivian says she doesn't want end up being dumped again. Vivian says she has her collection of beautiful art work to admire and it cheers her up so much. Stefano then puts Vivian in a down mood and she starts crying about Jonsey and how she loved him so. Vivian says she needs to be alone and leaves. Stefano gets a call from Rolfe, who says that he shouldn't have put Vivian in a down mood so soon. Stefano says he had to because she wouldn't shut up about her things. Rolfe tells Stefano that he can't use the devise like a toy, even if Vivian is annoying him.

In Lugano, John and Hope are driving out to meet Renet's grandson. John is distant and Hope wants to know why. John says that two nuns at the hotel recognized him as father and Hope says this is a clue to his past. Hope and John show up at the Renet estate and meet with Maurice Renet. John asks Maruice if he ever went to Ms. Faversham's parties and he said he went to some, but not many. However, he says he's had many dealings with Ms. Faversham over the years. Hope says it was such a tragedy that "Garden at Twilight" was stolen and John asks if he has any idea who stole it. Maurice says he doesn't have a clue and nobody can seem to locate it. Maurice then starts talking about the last party he had with Ms. Faversham and John asks if he has photographs. Maurice does and he gets them. Hope looks at the picture and says "This is amazing!" John asks what she found and she shows him the picture. In the back is John, sporting long hair and a beard, resembling a sasquatch actually, and John sees himself and says "Oh my god, it's me!"

Meanwhile, Billie goes to Ms. Faversham's place to talk with Lucile. Billie tells Lucile that they share a common concern about someone who might be pretending to be someone else to take advantage of Ms. Faversham. Lucile promptly invites her in. Lucile leaves to checkup on Ms Faversham and Billie says she needs to plant Roman's bug, but she doesn't want to miss the opportunity to question Lucile about Hope. Lucille returns and Billie asks her if she thinks Princess Gina is a fake. Lucile says that of course she's a real princess. Billie says she just didn't want her to take advantage of Ms. Faversham and she asks Lucile what she knows about Princess Gina. Lucille says that all she knows is what Ms. Faversham has told her. Billie asks Lucile what she really thinks of Gina and Lucile says she found her a bit common and wouldn't be surprised if she was a total fraud. Lucille tells Billie that she keeps tab on all the Royals of Europe and she's never heard of Princess Gina and thought that she was a figment on Ms. Faversham's imagination. Billie pushes Lucille to do some investigating into Gina and her men. Billie comments that John and Gina went out to the country, which causes Lucille to say "So Gina isn't in her hotel room." Suddenly, Lucille has to run an errand. Billie says she'll stay here to watch over Ms. Faversham until she returns. Lucille goes to the hotel and breaks into Hope and John's room.


August 6
At the hospital, Mike is waiting for Ali to get out of surgery so they can go out with Abe and Lexie. Lexie asks Mike how he feels about Ali and he says he likes her a lot, he just isn't over Carrie yet. Abe shows up and tells Lexie how he's glad to have a night out with her. Mike tells them to go on and he and Ali will catch up later.

Meanwhile, Nancy tells Craig they need to keep Mike and Ali from going to dinner. Nancy says all she has to do is get Carrie to the hospital, so she and Mike are stuck her all alone. Craig tells Nancy that she is incredible, which she knows.

Austin packs his and Carrie's bags to go live with Kate. Carrie is upset with the idea of moving in with Kate because she doesn't want to live with Sami. Austin tells Carrie that Sami is a different person now, but Carrie refuses to believe that. Later, Carrie and Austin make dinner plans at the Penthouse Grill.

Nancy calls Carrie and tells her that reporters keep asking questions about Will. Carrie tells her that she'll be right there. Carrie shows up at the hospital just as Ali has gotten off her shift. Mike asks Carrie if she needs him and she says she doesn't. Mike realizes something is wrong and Carrie tells him her problems with Austin. Suddenly, a hospital worker shows up and says that the new contract for the orderlies hasn't gone into effect and that the orderlies are threatening to walk. Mike doesn't think dealing with this will take long, so he tells Ali that he'll meet her at the restaurant. After they deal with things, Carrie starts pouring out her problems with Austin to him. Mike tells Carrie that she and Austin are just stressed out things will work out. Carrie thanks Mike and says she feels like she can talk to him about anything. Mike tells her that he'll always be there for her.

At Titan, Nicole gets an e-mail from Jay, who knows about her message to their friend in jail. Jay tells Niki that he'll always be behind her, no matter where she goes. Nicole decides to play Jay's little game and sends him and instant message. Jay gets her message, which says she hasn't forgotten about him or their past together, those great hot and steamy nights together. Nicole says she will send him and their friend money soon. Jay doesn't buy her story, but plays her games as well. Jay hints that he may come to Salem to see her, but Nicole says that Salem is boring and she'll be in LA soon.

Sami tells Eric that she wants to make Franco's birthday very special. Sami says she arranged everything at the Penthouse Grill and wants him and Nicole there. Sami tells Eric that Franco is the first person to make her feel loved and cherished. Eric is happy for her and she tells him that he will find someone one day, possibly Nicole. Eric is unsure and says Nicole is keeping her distance from him. Sami asks if it is another guy and Eric says she said there isn't. Sami says she better get over to the Penthouse Grill to make sure everything is ready and says goodbye to Eric. Later, a new girl shows up and finds herself enchanted with Eric. The girl introduces herself as Taylor and says she works with the rug cleaning service, she's saving money for college. Taylor goes back to work and Nicole shows up and apologizes to Eric for sending him mixed signals. Nicole tells Eric that she hopes tonight will be a fresh start for them. Taylor overhears this and watches Eric and Nicole leave. Taylor uses a phone to call someone and tells them about how amazing Eric was, but someone starts telling her that he was probably just being polite to her and didn't mean anything.

Meanwhile, Franco is with Roberto at the strip club watching Candy Lace dance to "Sweet Dreams." Franco is unaware that the Italian assassin is watching him. Candy asks Franco out after she's finished with work and he says he's totally free tonight. Roberto asks Franco what about Sami and Franco says he'll meet Candy after he goes out with Sami. After Franco leaves, Roberto tells the assassin that Franco has gone to the Penthouse Grill. The assassin tells Roberto that Franco is going to die tonight.

Abe and Lexie show up for their special night at the Penthouse Grill. Austin shows up and sees Sami and asks why she's here. Sami says that she's planning a party for Franco. Austin, who is waiting for Carrie, tells Sami that he and Carrie are moving into the Kiriakis mansion to help with Will. Sami begins to wonder where Franco is when he shows up. Sami tells Franco he smells like cigar smoke and perfume and asks where he's been. Franco says he just went to a bar with Roberto and the female bar owner gave him a hug because Roberto told her that it was his birthday. Sami falls for his lies. Eric and Nicole show up and take their seats. Sami tells Franco that she can't wait for him to see the surprise he has waiting for him, but Franco can't stop thinking about Candy. Franco and Sami sit with Eric and Nicole. Sami asks Nicole to be her best man and Franco asks Eric to be his best man. Both Nicole and Eric accept the offers. Abe and Lexie see Austin and ask him to sit down and share a drink while he waits for Carrie. Ali shows up alone as well and joins Austin, Abe, and Lexie.

Stefano goes home and tells Rolfe that Vivian will soon be declared incompetent and gain power of attorney over her. Stefano also laughs that the secrets of Maison Blanche burned to the ground with it. Rolfe says one person knows, but Stefano says his people in the bayou say she is dead. Rolfe says that is a good thing because she knew more than any of the others did. Stefano flashes back to a lab where he and Rolfe were working and Swamp Girl, who was bandaged, saw what they were doing. Stefano recalls his men finding the body and he is saddened by her fate and says she never should have left Maison Blanche.

Down in the Bayou, Wayne and Earl are chasing Bo and Swamp Girl through the swamp. Swamp Girl tells Bo that she knows a place where they can go. Bo and Swamp Girl end up hiding in a cave, but Wayne and Earl soon find them. Bo and Swamp Girl escape through a passage, but Bo ends up falling down a crevice.


August 7
At Ms. Faversham's, Billie is hiding the bug when Roman shows up. Roman was worried because she's been here for such a long time. Billie tells him that Lucille went out and she said she'd stay until she return. Hope and John go to Ms. Faversham's house to talk to her about the photo of John. Billie answers the door and John goes along with the Jesse Bob and Ruth Ann routine, but Roman tells them that they are alone. Hope tells them that they went out to see Maurice Renet and John tells them that he was with Ms. Faversham in one of the photographs Maurice had. John shows them the photo and then he says he wants to show it to Ms. Faversham. Roman tells him that if he does that then he's making a big mistake. John asks why and Roman says that Ms. Faversham's memory is poor and she'll just assume she knew him and he won't learn anything. John can't figure out why he would be at an art auction when he was supposed to be a priest. Ms. Faversham shows up and is delighted that they are here, but wants to know where Lucille is. They explain everything and John and Hope subtly urge Ms. Faversham into recalling Maurice's auctions. Ms. Faversham says she remembers a very handsome priest at some of the auctions. John shows her the picture of himself and Ms. Faversham says she remembers him and that he spent a lot of time with Princess Gina, but she hasn't seen him in over fifteen years. Hope asks if she found any pictures of her, but Ms. Faversham says that it seems like all the photos of her disappeared.

Lucille is shown to John Black's room, but he doesn't have a Princess Gina listed. Lucille pretends to be delivering party invitations, but once left alone she breaks in. Lucille says she won't let Princess Gina take what is supposed to me left to her. Lucille finds the picture of Hope in front of Ms. Faverhsam's, but she thinks it could be a fake. Lucille starts going through Hopes old stuff. Lucille returns to Ms. Faversham's with Hope's passport and tells Ms. Faversham that Princess Gina is a fraud.

At Alice Horton's place, Kate is thanking Alice for helping with Lucas. Kate is waiting for Lucas to return home and take him out to dinner to tell him about Austin and Carrie moving into the mansion. Lucas begins complaining about the 12 step program and how it's killing him and it's all Sami's fault. Alice tells Lucas that the social worker called and he can have his first supervised visit with Will tomorrow. Once again Lucas says this is all Sami's faults and vows out loud to make Sami pay. Alice tells Lucas that he sounds like Sami and shouldn't think about revenge, he should think about rebuilding his life. Lucas tells his grandma that she is right and thanks him for putting him back on track. Kate tells Lucas that she wants to take him out to dinner, but has to go home and get changed.

At the hospital, Mike is talking with Carrie about her problems with Austin. The eventually start talking about Sami and her schemes. Mike realizes it's getting late and says they should get over to the Penthouse Grill.

At the Penthouse Grill, Ali and Austin join Abe and Lexie. Nancy and Craig show up and Nancy tells them that Mike and Carrie finished their work, but they were hanging behind for some unknown reason. Abe and Lexie decide to dance and Austin sees a friend and goes to talk to him. Ali decides to call Mike, but Nancy makes Craig stop her and ask her to dance. Craig asks Ali to dance and Ali asks what his wife would think. Craig tells her that it was his wife's idea and he starts flirting with her to get her to dance with him. Meanwhile, Austin begins worrying about Carrie and decides to check up on her. However, Mike and Carrie finally show up.

Franco begs Sami and Eric to give him a hint as to what his surprise is. Sami tells him no way and then Franco starts thinking about Candy. Nicole and Eric dance and Sami tells Franco that she hopes her mom returns from Colorado to help her plan the wedding. Franco comments that he thought she didn't want anything to do with her mom, but Sami tells him that they have gotten closer and her mom does have good taste when it comes to weddings. Later, Sami thanks Austin once again for moving in and Franco becomes upset that she didn't ask him to move in. Sami tells Franco that it wouldn't look right because they aren't married.

Meanwhile, the hitman tells his girlfriend to dress up in something elegant because they are going to wish Franco a happy birthday. The hitman and his girlfriend arrive at the Penthouse Grill and see Sami and Franco dancing.

Franco and Sami are dancing and Franco tells himself that the nuns at the orphanage warned him if he was bad he'd have to spend eternity in hell, and they were right. Franco says that because he was bad and betrayed the Moroni family, he now has to marry Sami. Franco excuses himself to make a call, to Candy, and the hitman follows him. Franco tells Candy that he's been delayed, but he still wants to see her later.

Lucas and Kate show up and Sami pushes the knife further into Lucas' back when she tells him that Austin and Carrie are moving into the mansion to help with Will. Lucas tells his mom that Sami's lucky he doesn't kill her. Later, Lucas confronts Austin and tells him that he thinks he is trying to steal his son. Austin says he's doing it for Will, but Lucas says he's only making things worse and is just falling for Sami's schemes and must have taken too many blows to the head.

Sami finally unveils her surprise for Franco. The lights are turned down low, which the hitman uses to his advantage. Eric stands up and tells everyone that Sami has prepared a surprise for Franco's birthday. Sami comes out dressed as Marilyn Monroe and starts singing happy birthday to Mr. Franco. Franco gets up to hug Sami and the hitman fires his gun, but Sami is the one who goes down!

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