August 97 Week 2


August 11
At the Kiriakis mansion Lucas agrees with Kate about how planting a speaker in Austin's place is a rotten thing to do, but Sami she will use whatever it takes to get Austin back, and soon he will be begging her to come back to him. Lucas tells Sami to be careful because Austin might find the speaker, but Sami say's he won't, and bets Kate she'll be back with Austin by morning.

At Austin's place Austin realizes he's lost Carrie, his son, and has nothing left. Austin tries to go back to sleep and hears Will calling for him again, so he decides to go for a walk. Austin goes up to the roof of the building and wonders what Sami is doing right now and thinks she's probably crying here eye's out. Austin starts going off on how sweet and kind Sami is now, and how much he hurt her. He then thinks about Will and Carrie, and how much he loves them both. When Austin remembers seeing Carrie and Mike together he says it's his own fault he lost her.

In L.A. Carrie tells Mike that she dreamt that Austin disappeared in her dream, and that she thinks that she's lost Austin. Mike tells her she needs to go back to Salem and talk to Austin, but she says nothing is more important than finding a cure for her dad. Carrie calls Austin's place, but only gets an answering machine and asks him to call her. Carrie wonders where Austin and Sami are, and wonders if something happened to Roman, but Mike says Marlena would have called. Carrie calls the Kiriakis mansion and when Sami asks Carrie asks why she's there. Sami makes up a lame excuse that Austin is having her painted. Carrie asks Sami to please have Austin and she says she will.

After hanging up on Carrie, Sami says she tell Austin when hell freezes over. Kate tells Sami one day she'll get the info she needs on her to expose her, and when Sami turns away Kate realizes there is something Sami is hiding, but Sami claims it's just that she has her memory back and doesn't want anyone to know. Sami then calls Austin's apartment and erases the message Carrie left on his machine. Kate says she can't be near someone so disgusting, and Lucas tells her sometime's she goes to far. Sami leaves to go check on will, and when Kate gets upset Lucas asks her to calm down. Kate asks Lucas to tell Austin the truth, but Lucas says he can't, he knows he can make Carrie love him. Kate says if he loved Carrie than he would want her to be happy, but Lucas says Austin only makes her sad and says that deep down Austin knows he's no better than his father. Later Will starts crying and Lucas says he'll go check on him (Sami is making tea). Sami returns and hears Lucas talking to Kate about Will and how if he had a son he would want him to be just like Will. Sami says she needs to change Will's records at the hospital. Kate then tells Lucas that Will has his eyes, which makes Sami drop her cup of tea on the floor!

In L.A. Mike tries to cheer Carrie up and tells her they can go for a drive in the hills of L.A. Right after Mike and Carrie leave Austin calls the hotel and learns from the desk clerk that "Mike and Carrie" are so in love and asks if he knows if they're on their honeymoon. Austin says they aren't and asks why she asked, and she says that they always seem to be together.

Austin goes to sleep and dreams of Curtis, who congratulates him for abandoning his wife and kids and pushing the woman he loves into another man's arms. Curtis says he turned out to be just like the old man. Austin says he'll never be like him, but Curtis says little Will will have the same memories of his father as Austin had of him. Austin wakes up and looks at a picture of Sami and Will and he says maybe he is a terrible person, a terrible father, he's just like Curtis.

Back in L.A. Mike has rented some old convertible and wants to show Carrie the sights of LA. Later Mike and Carrie park on top of a overlook and dance to the car radio. (Note: Song is How Do I Breath Without You, I think by Leanne Rhimes). Unfortunately for Mike, Carrie is only thinking about Austin. Carrie calls the hotel to see if anyone left her any messages, and when they say no Carrie tells Mike it's over between them.

At the DiMera mansion Eric urges his dad not only to fight for his life, but to fight for Marlena. Roman tells Eric he is proud of him, but when he's gone he wants Eric to be there for Marlena and his sisters, and Eric says he will. Roman then goes off about how he should have forgiven Marlena years ago, and he knows now that he can fully trust Marlena.

Downstairs Marlena worries about John and Abe, but Laura assures her they're all right. Laura says after tonight Stefano will be behind bars, but Marlena can't help but think Stefano's up to something.

At Stefano's hideout John and Abe have finally caught Stefano, who can only congratulate John. John realizes something is wrong here, Stefano has given up too easily. John and Abe wonder if he is or isn't Stefano, but John finds no trace of a latex mask on him this time. Abe wants to take Stefano to jail, but John says there's someplace he wants to take him first.

John returns to the mansion and asks Marlena if Roman is awake. He is and John says he has a surprise for Roman, and brings Stefano in handcuffs and leg irons! Eric tries to attack Stefano, but Abe stops him. Stefano says hello to Roman, who can only say "We finally got you!" Roman asks John how he did it, and John says Kristen lead them to him. Roman is confused as to why Kristen knew where he was, and Stefano says that he was the one who knew where Roman was and only agreed to help Kristen bring him home to Salem if she took him along. Roman asks Stefano why he would want to bring him home to his family, and Stefano says he did it as a gift for John and Marlena. Roman asks what type of gift, but John tries to get Stefano out of the room before he can say anything. Stefano says he knows what he's saying, and says the reason he brought him back because it was Kristen's idea, and he just can't say no to his children. Abe gets a call from the station and learns that the finger prints on a glass at the hideout match Stefano's, it's really his. Before Stefano is taken out of the room Roman tells him he's glad his reign of terror is over and that now he can die a happy man. Later Roman tells Eric if he could have chosen one miracle it would have been Stefano's arrest over finding a cure for his own disease, because now he knows his family will always be safe.

Laura toasts to the capture of Stefano and hopes God grants them all what they deserve, and Kristen tells her to shut up. Laura tells her that John is going to force Kristen to telling the truth about Peter, and then Jack will never have to back to prison. Laura tells Kristen that she needs to wake up because when Roman is cured John will run back to Marlena.

Later Marlena tells John that something is wrong, Stefano could have told Roman the truth but he didn't. Before Stefano leaves he tells Marlena he will see her soon.


August 12
Hope and Franco come over to Jen and Jack's place and wait for Laura to arrive. Laura comes in and when they ask what the good news is she tells them Stefano has been arrested. Everyone is happy and Laura says that Stefano and Kristen will confess, but when Franco says what if they don't confess Laura says she's sure John can break Stefano. Jen says she knows Jack will be free, and as they hug Travis/Trever looks in from outside but can't hear what they are saying. Hope decides to call the station and see what she can find out.

At the police station Stefano offers to autograph his mug shot for John. John almost strikes Stefano but Abe stops him in time. John just laughs and says before this night is over he'll tell them everything he knows. Abe asks Stefano where Peter is but Stefano says he's dead. Abe and John tell him they know what he, Peter, and Kristen did to Laura Horton, but Stefano says Laura is crazy. John says Laura was right all along and they know Peter is alive and want to know where he is. Stefano says Jack murdered Peter and he'll spend the rest of his life in jail for it. John says no he won't because his testimony will free Jack for good.

Meanwhile Trever learns Stefano is in jail, and Stefano's henchman tells him to do something, but Trever hangs up and says he's on his own now.

Hope calls the station and Abe answers as John interrogates Stefano. John asks Abe to let him talk to Hope and he says that after he's finished with Stefano he'll come by and pass on the good news. John tells Hope goodbye and then yells at Stefano to start talking. Eventually John becomes frustrated and almost kicks the living crap out of Stefano but Abe stops him. John asks Abe to just lock Stefano up for the night and Abe assures him that Stefano won't escape from the cell he's being held in. Before he leaves John tells Stefano he will work him over and get the truth out of him.

Back at Jack and Jen's place Hope passes on the news about Stefano, but Jack isn't very optimistic about the situation. Franco asks Hope if she is okay and she just says she hopes Jack and Jen will have their happy ending, unlike Bo. Jen has to go up to check on Abbey and Jack thanks Laura for everything she's done for him. Jen brings Abbey down and thinks it's a party and asks if they can have pancakes. Laura takes Abbey to the kitchen when John shows up and tells them they'll learn the truth about Peter soon. Trever manages to listen through the open door, which john didn't close, and says he'll just have to wing it from here. Jack serves the pancakes and everyone eats and has a good time, but Hope has to excuse herself when she sees Jack and Jen so happy. John goes after Hope to talk to her. He asks her if she's okay and Hope says Abbey wanting her mom and dad to be together reminds her of Shawn D. John said that he thought her and Bo were meant to be together and Hope says she thought so too. Hope says she knows he and Marlena will work things out, and despite her situation she still believes if two people love each other there is a way.

At the Kiriakis mansion Kate and Lucas play with little Will and Kate says the resemblance between Lucas and Will is uncanny. Sami, who must have cleaned the tea up is spying once again as Kate says she has to do something to stop Sami. Lucas tells Kate that for Will's sake she should make an effort to be more civil with Sami. Lucas tells her you have to admit she is a good mother and they talk about how Lucas sucked his thumb just like Will, but Austin never did. Lucas jokingly says he takes after his uncle Will. Sami barges in the room and takes Will and yells that he doesn't take after anyone, he's his own unique special person. Lucas asks her why she is freaking out and Sami says she doesn't like them hovering over Will. Kate says she thinks Sami is scarred about something, and suddenly Austin shows up. Austin says he's here to see Will and Sami goes off about how she's so ashamed of the person she was and understands why he got the annulment, and she and Will are just going to have to find a way to start over without him. Stefano and Sami goes upstairs and Kate is disgusted with how wicked she is, but Lucas thinks maybe Austin is starting to love Sami now, and Carrie is falling in love with Mike now. Kate doesn't believe him and says it's impossible for Mike and Carrie to be more than just friends. Upstairs Austin hugs Will and says how much he's missed him. Austin asks Sami if staying with Kate is for the best but Sami says if he doesn't love her they shouldn't live together. Back downstairs Kate is pacing around when Sami finds her. Kate senses Sami is hiding something else aside from her memory, and says she'll find out what it is. Kate says she's going to stop her from ruining Austin's life. Sami reminds her she has worse things on Kate to reveal, and Kate tells her she's such a bitch. Sami shows Kate a photo and says she carries this photo at all times in case she needs to show it to the press, or Austin. Kate then grabs the photo from Sami and tears it into pieces. Sami tells her she's not stupid, she has multiple copies of the evidence in many places. Sami starts going through all the pictures she has of Kate's dirty little secrets, and then shows Kate a picture of Kate and Franco! Sami accuses her bringing Franco to Salem to break up Bo and Hope. Upstairs Lucas tells Austin if Will were his son he'd find a way to keep his family together.

In L.A. Carrie is tired and crying and thinking about Austin and just wants to focus on the view. Carrie says the view is so beautiful and Mike says so are you. Carrie asks him what he said, but he says nothing. He turns on the radio and some song is playing that reminds her of Austin. (Note: No idea what the song is). In a fantasy Mike leans over and tells Carrie to forget Austin because he loves her and they kiss. Carrie snaps Mike out of it and asks him to turn the radio off and drive elsewhere so she can forget about Austin. Mike says sure and she hugs him and tells him what a good friend he is. Mike starts driving around and gets lost, but Carrie says she doesn't care, she's in no rush to get back to the hotel. Mike drives to the beach and Carrie says this is perfect.

In Italy Petra gives Bo a list of clubs where one can score drugs, but Bo says it's a waste of time, Billie isn't using drugs again. Petra tells him it's their only lead but Bo refuses to think Billie would go back to drugs. Petra says if he didn't know Billie then he would take her past into consideration and tells him to follow this lead. Bo says he'll knows Billie won't be there, but he'll check it out just in case.

Billie is in a night club where Max told her she could score some drugs. Billie asks for a drink and Jean-Luc offers to pay for her drink. He tells her not many Americans know about the Club Fortuna and asks if she's looking for someone. Another man approaches her and says maybe she was looking for something. Dino approaches her and tells him he believes they have a mutual friend, Max. Dino offers to get her something, but she says she doesn't want anything. Dino takes Billie to a table and asks her to wait for him when Bo shows up at the club!


August 13
Bo goes to the Club Fortuna and before going in Bo meets an American couple and asks them if they've seen Billie inside. They tell him no, so Bo leaves to check out the other clubs. He returns to the cafe were Petra is waiting, and even though he couldn't find her Petra says she could still be using. Bo however doesn't believe she's using again, but something is wrong. Bo then wonders if possibly Stefano is involved, and Petra says she knows someone who can help them. Bo and Petra learn Stefano has been arrested, and that there is no connection between Stefano and Billie's disappearance. Bo tells Petra goodbye, and he says he'll check out the clubs one last time.

Inside the club Billie is talking with Dino and he wants to know what Billie is craving for. Billie says nothing, and when she goes to leave he tells her he knows why she's here, she needs a fix. Billie says she doesn't want the drugs because she'll be miserable, but Dino says if her needs are satisfied she'll be happy. Dino shows her some drugs (crack?) and offers it to her.

Bo goes back to the Club Fortuna and learns from one of the men there that Billie was hear tonight. Meanwhile, in the back of the club Billie takes the drugs Dino offered her. Dino tells her to go to the ladies room, and she puts the drugs in her big black purse and goes to the ladies room to powder her nose, so to speak. Bo is shown to the table where Billie was, but when he get's there she's gone.

Hope and Franco go to Alice's place and tell her that Stefano has been arrested. She also tells her that Mike and Carrie are in L.A. working on finding a cure for Roman. Shawn D. comes home and tells his mom about the sports he want's to play, and to make an effort to get on his good side Franco says he played soccer with the pros back in Italy and he'd be happy to kick the ball around this weekend, which Shawn D thinks would be great. Shawn D goes off to bed and Franco kisses Hope and says maybe one day she'll fall in love with him. Franco realizes it's late and leaves. Hope goes upstairs to check on Shawn D, who's fallen asleep with a picture of Bo. She picks it up and turns it down, and Shawn D asks why she can't look at Bo's picture. Shawn D says he knows his dad still loves her, but Hope says she has to get on with her life. Shawn D asks if she's going to marry Franco? Hope says she's not going to marry anyone, and Shawn D. says Bo doesn't trust Franco, but Hope says Bo is wrong about him. Hope says that no man would ever replace his dad, and that if she ever finds a man to marry she knows he would love him too. Shawn D says no he wouldn't and runs out of the room. Shawn D goes downstairs where Alice talks to him about change and adjustments.

In L.A. Mike hears from a doctor in Israel who's looking into Roman's situation. Carrie is still sulking because Austin hasn't called her back. Carrie starts day dreaming about being reunited with Austin. (Note: Song is How Do I Live: sung by Leanne Rhymes).When Carrie returns to reality she and Mike build a sand castle. They then talk about some fairy tale Carrie used to pretend about a prince in a castle who reached to the heavens and pulled a star down for her. Mike leaves and gets a starfish and sticks in on the castle door, like in Carrie's fairy tale. Carrie and Mike return to the hotel and is disappointed that Austin hasn't called. Mike says they should probably get ready for bed and Carrie decides to take a shower. When Carrie comes out of the shower Mike has ordered wine and cheese for a late night snack, and he also has a starfish for her in hopes she won't lose her faith in love.

At the Kiriakis mansion Lucas is really going hard on Austin, saying how he walked out on his family, and how Sami almost had a mental breakdown. Austin says he's sorry about what happened, but Sami will deal with it. Lucas and Austin talk about Carrie, and Austin thinks Carrie is really in love with Mike, and says it's his own fault. Lucas then pretends like he's just sooooooo concerned that Will will be involved in the middle of all this and will be the one who really loses. He then paints this scenario where Austin will get married again, and that he'll have other children and will forget about Will. Austin says that will never happen, but Lucas says that it's his duty to make his son's life as happy as possible. Lucas leaves the room, after he's totally confused and guilt tripped Austin. Austin tells Will that Sami has changed and maybe he should just give up Carrie since she's happy with Mike.

Downstairs Sami shows Kate the picture of Kate and Franco, but Kate says Franco is just a model who works for her. Sami says she brought Franco to Salem to break up Bo and Hope, but Kate says she can't prove that. Sami says that she broke into Titan's computer and learned so much about Franco and his escapades. Kate tells her she has no idea what Sami is talking about but Sami says she can see it in Kate's eyes that she paid Franco to do all those horrible things, and more. Sami says Billie and Austin would hate her if they find out, but Kate says nobody would believe that story, and if she goes around telling that to people they'll realize she has her memory back, and they'll both lose. Suddenly Franco calls Kate, and Kate tells him not now. Sami quickly turns the speaker phone on, and overhears Franco say he thinks they've successfully broken up Bo and Hope! Kate turns around and Sami says "Gotcha!" Kate says that she only wanted Billie to be happy and Sami asks why is it okay for her to scheme to keep Bo and Hope apart, but when she does it Kate calls her evil. They argue and yell and Sami says she's not going to let Austin go and Kate won't stand in her way otherwise she'll lose everyone she cares about and loves. Suddenly Austin comes in on them and asks what's going on. Sami says she was just talking to Kate about the person she was and how she doesn't think she can face her family. Austin says she's sweet and kind and everyone knows that now. Sami leaves to check on Will and leaves Austin and Kate to talk. Austin tells Kate that he's been considering asking Sami to bring Will back home. Kate says he should talk to Carrie about this first, and starts to cry. Austin says it's not worth it because he talked to a clerk at the hotel who said Mike and Carrie seemed like honeymooners to them. Austin hugs Kate and says he thinks it's better he not tell her about the annulment.

Upstairs Lucas asks Sami to tell him what she has on his mom, but she refuses to say. Sami tells Lucas that she wishes he wouldn't spend so much time with Will, but Lucas says he loves his nephew. Lucas asks Sami what's wrong and says she seems afraid of something. Sami just says she's afraid that Kate will ruin everything, and leaves.

Sami and Lucas go downstairs and eavesdrop on Kate and Austin. Austin says that Sami has changed and is such a good person now and asks Kate if she thinks he could possibly be happy with Sami?


August 14
Kate calls Franco and tells him that Sami is blackmailing her with the info she has on her. Franco tells Kate that he's fallen in love with Hope and if she finds out the truth she'll hate him. Franco tells Kate she has even more to lose and tells her that she needs to give Sami what she wants. Kate says she can't let Austin spend his life with Sami because he won't be happy, but Franco says Austin will be even more unhappy if he learns Kate has been manipulating Bo and Hop. Kate hangs up, and says sorry Franco.

Hope is remembering telling Bo to search out his feelings for Billie and realizes she should have fought harder to hold onto Bo. Franco comes over to see Hope and invites Hope to have lunch with him. Hope says she can't because she has to go to Jack and Jen's place for the hearing and Franco asks if he can go with her. Hope says she'd like it and says he's such a good friend, but she knows he wants more. Hope apologizing for hurting Franco but she needs time to move on from Bo.

Jack is at home and is dreaming about remarrying Jen. Jen comes downstairs and asks Jack how long he's been awake and Jack tells her hours. Jack is nervous about the hearing because the rest of his life depends on the judge's ruling. Jen tells Jack everything is in his favor and that maybe Kristen will admit Peter is alive, then he'll be free. Jack says he hopes so, but if he is sent back to prison he wants her to find someone else. Jen refuses to make such a promise because she loves him and she knows the judge will grant his appeal. Laura and Abbey come downstairs and Abbey tells Jack they have a surprise for him (We never find out what it is). Mickey and Maggie come over and Mickey talks to Jack. Laura asks Mickey if he's found Lynn but he says she's just disappeared. Jen hopes now that Stefano has been arrested they'll hear from her. Hope and Franco show up to show their support. Jack asks Mickey if he has a chance and Mickey says if Abe and John crack Stefano or Kristen he'll have a very good chance. Later Jack tries to ask Hope for a favor in case he's sent back to prison, but Hope says she'll always be there for Jen and Abbey. Jack says if he is set free he's going to Rome to find out what is going on with Bo, but Hope says he knows what's wrong, Bo only loves Billie now. Later Jen thanks her mom for what she's done, but Laura wishes she could have done more, and fears the judge will think she is unbalanced. Jack leaves to go to the courthouse, and tells Hope if he's freed he'll go to Rome tonight.

Austin has a nightmare that Carrie has a son by Mike and that Mike tells Austin he needs to focus on Sami and his own son now. Austin tells Carrie he loves her but Mike says he always says that and then he is never there fore her. Mike tells Austin he's just like Curtis, deserting his own son, and that if he cares about Will he should forget Carrie and focus on Sami and Will. Austin says Mike is right, and Carrie is better off without him. Austin wakes up and says he loves Carrie, but maybe he should let her go and do what's best for his son.

Sami is in Will's room and promises Will nobody will find out that Lucas is really his father. Suddenly Lucas shows up in the doorway and says "Sami!" Sami asks Lucas how long he's been standing there and Lucas says he just walked in. Lucas tells Sami that Austin fell asleep on the couch last night, and Lucas thinks he's waiting to talk to his mom about what he should do. Sami says she'll talk to Kate and get her to support her, and Lucas asks what could she have on his mom that's so bad. Sami tells him to trust her that it's bad, and she'll use it if she has to.

Lucas goes downstairs and tells Austin he's not dealing with reality, he's lost Carrie, and now he's losing his son because Sami won't live with him unless they are marryied. Lucas then goes off on growing up fatherless and asks if he wants Will to grow up the same way.

Sami goes to see Kate and warns Kate not to cross her, or she'll regret it for the rest of her life! Kate says she won't let her manipulate her or Austin but Sami says she loves Austin and is a better mother than she ever was. Sami says that even if everyone forgave her for being a call girl, and they may forgive her for manipulating Bo and Hope, but there is a lot more. Sami says she knows Kate's deepest and darkest secret and the woman's who's life Kate is manipulating doesn't even know about it! Sami tells her to think about it, she knows Kate will give Austin the correct advice.

(Side Note From Dustin: Remember my theory I posted in the Rumor Mill a few months back about Phillip not being Kate/Victor's child, but really Viv and Ivan's and Kate hid the truth to keep Victor? I said perhaps Kate learned that the eggs in the fertility clinic were switched back by someone (perhaps Laura?) and kept the truth a secret because it's the only way she could stay in control of Victors finances because he left control to the mother of his child? Well all I have to say is if that happens to be one of Kate's secrets everyone who read my page then knows where they got the idea from!)

Sami comes downstairs and sees Austin with Will and she says she's going to have Phillips nanny so they can see the horses. Austin notices something is wrong with Sami and Sami says she feels so ashamed about everything she did and she doesn't think she can live in Salem and she's thinking about moving to another town. Austin tells her she's not the same person and he has forgiven her. Sami thanks him, but she thinks it's better if she and Will moved away, and Sami leaves the room with Will. Kate comes down to see him and Kate tells him she's given a lot of thought as to whether he could be happy with Sami, and she's come to a decision. Austin stops her and says he's made up his own mind, and Kate asks him what he's going to do.

In Rome Billie is calling for Bo to help her and says nobody loves her and ever will. Billie reaches into her purse and pulls out the drugs and recalls Dino telling her to give into her cravings. Billie realizes that the drugs are the only way she'll feel better but realizes she's better than this. Curtis shows up and congratulates Billie on getting hooked. Curtis wants to see what she is holding and she shows him. He tells her to take it but Billie says she doesn't want to be like she was before. Curtis says she can't fight destiny and that she's as screwed up his he is, it's heredity. He tells her not to fight it and Billie takes the drugs, but she says she'll only do it this one time.

Out in the restaurant Bo sees Dino and approaches him to talk to him about Billie. Bo shows him a picture of Billie and Dino says she looks familiar, but then says he was mistaken and doesn't know her. Bo wonders maybe Billie went to the ladies room just as Billie is leaving. Billie says she only took half of what Dino gave her, but this is the last time. Bo asks a women outside the ladies room if she can check for Billie in there, but he just missed her. Bo goes to the bar and sees a woman who looks like Billie and he approaches her.

In L.A. Mike tells Carrie that breakfast has arrived and when she asks if Austin called he says no. Carrie thanks Mike for trying to cheer her up, but Mike realizes it's not the same as a phone call from Austin. Carrie doesn't understand why he didn't call back, and fears they're growing further and further apart. Mike and Carrie talk over breakfast when someone calls. Carrie rushes to the phone hoping it's Austin, but it's a secretary of a doctor who thinks he could help Roman. Carrie writes down the directions to his place in the mountains and Mike tells her he'll go rent a car. Mike knows Carrie was hoping it was Austin and he tells her to call Austin. Right as Carrie is calling Austin, Austin calls Carrie but the phone is busy. Carrie learns that her message was checked and erased, and says Austin doesn't want to talk to her. Carrie says they should go to the mountains and meet with the doctor and they leave. As they drive to the mountains Mike and Carrie run into a major rain storm. Mike tells Carrie that when they get back to Salem she needs to give Austin a chance, but she fears things may be worse for them when she returns to Salem. As they drive along the long and winding road the windshield wipers stop working, and when he tries to pull over the car goes out of control and Carrie screams!


August 15 Summary by Linda
A tough decision has to be made by Marlena. John comes to pick up Marlena to go to Jack's trial (John's in a suit and tie, Marlena in a blue suit). John tells Marlena in the hall before they join Roman & company, that the D.A. said he would lower Stephano's charges if he would tell them Peter is alive at Jack's trial. Stephano would be able to be on parole if this happens, but Jack would be able to be home with his family. Of course Marlena agrees being such an incredible woman as John says. Roman and Eric are playing checkers (or chess?) in the study and Roman tells John he hopes he'll die a happy man if he nails Stephano, and everyone involved with him, to the wall. Kristen walks in and hears that. Marlena and John tell Kristen to do the right thing and tell everyone Peter is still alive. They tell her don't bother and about Stephano's plea bargain. Marlena said she agreed to it as she was thinking about Jen, Jack and their daughter, like Kristen should too. Marlena walks out of the room, but Kristen grabs John's arm as she wants to talk with him. Kristen tells John she doesn't have any right to ask John, but can he forgive her. John tells her she should tell the truth for Jack and her friend Jen. Kristen says she just wants to make things right with John and says she she'll see them at the courthouse. John assures Marlena that they will be together one day. Kristen comes out from a room where she was listening to them and when he said that, says to herself, then what in the hell does that mean for me. Kristen sits next to Stephano (that's smart to let them discuss their strategy!) He tells her NOT to tell the truth, he has a plan. Her only hope is him.

Ma Brady joins Caroline..oh, her hair is carrot orange again and sporting a new haircut. Roman admits his mind is on what's happening at the courthouse and he feels weaker when Marlena is not around. He goes to lay down on the couch. Caroline says she worries about how much Roman loves Marlena and on cue, Roman starts coughing hard. Eric goes to call a Dr., but Roman said, no, it'll pass. Caroline goes to get some chowder (I bet he's sick of that by now) and leaves him to talk with Eric (weren't they just doing that over checkers?). Roman asks Eric about his life in Colorado, then the subject changes to Sami. Roman was so worried about her for a while, but she has really pulled her life together.

At the court, Jen tells Jack that it's hard to believe everything depends what that bastard (Stephano) says and Stephano shuffles in and agrees. Mickey walks in and tells Jack, Jen and Laura about the plea bargain. Kristen gets to the courthouse and asks Kristen to tell the truth. Shes doesn't want to lose her husband that she loves and the father of her daughter. Kristen looks over at Stephano and says, sorry Jen (but I think she was leaning there to tell the truth). Hope tells Kristen to let love win, just once, to herself. Abe is put on the witness stand and Mickey is asking him about the exhuming of Peter's casket and what happened. Abe said he never saw Peter's body.after it was exhumed and before it was cremated and he said no. Marlena tells about all the cameras in the Dimera house and what she had seen. She said she saw Kristen talking to Viv and Ivan about digging up the casket and having it cremated immediately. She said Kristen was afraid that they would learn it was Daniel Scott's body and not Peters. Laura gets on the stand and tells about leaving her purse in the church and finding Stephano and Peter. How she tryed to run away and Stephano kidnapped her and took her to Peter's house. She tells about the laser surgery in Peter's, Kristen and Stephano's presence. They both know that Peter is alive.

While Stephano is on the stand, the Judge has John come up to present the D.A.'s offer (why John and not the D.A. or Abe?) John comes and when says in question format that Stephano knows Peter is not dead, the judge tells John that the witness is not on trial, just say what you want to say. John reminds Stephano that there is a long list of charges against him and he could go to prison for the rest of his life without parole. If he agrees to tell the truth, he could be eligible for parole in a few years time. Mickey stands up and asks Stephano if Peter is alive. Stephano said as most of you know, Peter is like a son to me. He's not alive. Jack killed him. He was tryed and sentenced and should be in prison. He said he also talks for Kristen. The judge said he doesn't talk for anyone in her courtroom and we see Marlena get a big smile on her face at that. Mickey asks Kristen if that's true and Kristen gets a paniced look on her face. Kristen says NO. The judge denies the appeal on the evidence she just heard. Abe assures Jack they'll continue looking for Peter and they're not going to give up. John strolls up to Stephano and tells him he made a big mistake. He'll spend the rest of his unnatural life in jail. Jen goes up and tells Kristen she can't believe what she did. She denied her daughter of her father and her of her husband. She tells Kristen she hates her, then says it softly again, I hate you.

Marlena and John talk in the back of the courtroom. She said she has a bad feeling about Stephano, he must have something else planned and Kristen must be involved too. Kristen whispers to Stephano that she's now alienated from John and Jen and all her friends. Kristen said Marlena will marry John after Roman dies as there's no cure and Stephano said, who says there's no cure. She looks up at him with a surprised look.

In Rome, Bo goes up to the Billie-look-alike at the bar and finds it's not her. Billie is at a sidewalk cafe and debates whether to use more drugs. She's thinking pretty logically for a drug addict. Should I use it or throw it away. Her make up and hair look pretty good too. She watches a couple at the next table who are in love and kissing and uh oh, flashback alert. She remembers her and Bo kissing, then Curtis derating her while tied in the bed about how great Hope is and how bad his daughter is. She puts the drug stuff back in her purse. Billie goes back to Club Fortuna (why, she still has drugs). She's tired, but figures being around people will help. Still hearing old American music in the background (this is ROME, right?), Billie has a Curtis lecture in her head and whips out her drugs again. She carries them into the lady's room just as Bo walks back into the room with his drink (he's sure looking hard for her). She promises to stop doing drugs tomorrow and hands shaking, unzips the bag and pulls out the drug items.

Austin and Kate are still talking about what he should do. Kate encourages him to go after Carrie and Austin tells her it's too late. Austin tells Kate what's best for Carrie is if he let's go of her. He admits that Carrie will always be his soul mate. If he can't be with Carrie, it doesn't matter who he's with and it would be the right thing for Will. After hearing that admission, Sami and Lucas walk in and Sami asks what they're talking about. She tells them about her leaving town with Will again to start over. After hearing about all those awful things she's done, she's too embarressed to see her family. Austin asks her to move back in with him. Caroline calls and tells Sami her dad isn't doing well and needs her. Sami said her dad needs her and she has to go. Austin said he'll drive her there (what about Will?). Lucas tells Kate well, Sami gets Austin and Carrie has Mike. Kate says Sami will drain every drop of blood (and brains) out of Austin. Lucas said prepare the transfusion then. Sami goes in and hugs Roman (who's now sporting WHITE jammy's and a baby blue robe (MUCH BETTER THAN THOSE LAVENDER ONES). Roman tells Caroline to go back to the pub as the lunch crowd will be coming soon and she's needed there. She tells him to finish his chowder (gag) and Sami assures her she'll take good care of her Daddy. Roman tells Austin he knows he's not going to get well and he's real glad he's looking out for Sami and thru the years he hopes their love will grow as strong as the love he feels for Marlena. Sami almost looks sorry for lying to him.

Roman said the next wedding will be Carrie and Mike's and he's sorry he won't live to see the wedding. He'd give anything to have the memory of walking his daughter down the aisle (hmmm, will that be Sami and Austin getting "re-married?" LOS ANGELES
In Los Angeles, it must be very early morning as it's still dark. We see Mike and Carrie unconscious in the car which appears to have gone over a hill as it's in the bushes. Mike wakes up and finds Carrie unconscious. He checks her pulse and she's still alive. He sees there's a fire under the hood and rushes to get her unbuckled and out of the car before it explodes. Mike gets out of the car and is able to open Carries door. He thanks God she's not held in the car and lifts her up and carrys her away from the car to shelter. It's still raining and he finds an open shed. He thanks God again for it. She's soaked to the bone, so he's got to get her clothes off and starts undressing her.

Mike is shirtless and Carrie is now under a blanket. He must have found a shirt at the cabin as she's wearing something. He tells her he love her, but she's still unconscious. Later he notices she has a fever and he's not going to let her die and crawls under the blanket with her. (why doesn't he try to get her to a hospital?)

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