August 02 Week 4


August 26
Nancy continues to worry about Chloe, and calls Phillip, who is on his way to pick Chloe up, to give him care instructions for Chloe. Meanwhile, Brady and Chloe arrive in a little diner to get some lunch, and Chloe uses her phone to call Phillip and tell him that their trip is off. However, Phillip is not answering his phone. Brady tells Chloe that he can do this on his own if she wants to go be with Phillip. Chloe wants to tell Phillip the truth, but Brady says she can’t because it would jeopardize everything. Brady says he’s not even supposed to have this information on Dr Sykes. Chloe says she’s going to have to give Phillip some excuse as to why she is breaking their plans. Chloe finally gets through to Phillip, who is on his way to get her! Chloe tells Phillip that there is a problem and the trip is off. Phillip asks what is wrong, and she says it is the bone marrow issue. She says it was fun to pretend like everything was okay, but she has to face reality now, and she has to solve this problem on her own. She tells Phillip that she can’t say anymore, but if he cares about her he should go to New York and let everyone think she went with him. He says he will, and that he loves her. Chloe feels guilty for lying to Phillip, and Brady feels bad for Chloe and says he’s sorry. Chloe says she’s not, it’s like her adopted father used to say, you have to play the hand your dealt in life. Chloe says she is grateful for everything and everyone she has in her life. Brady and Chloe both apologize to one another for the way they have been treating one another lately. Chloe tells Brady he was right, she needed to face reality and fight, not sit around and wait to get better or pretend like she is okay. Chloe tells Brady that he is the best friend she has ever had. Chloe becomes a little dizzy, and Brady worries about her. Chloe says she is just a little light headed because she hasn’t eaten, that is all. Brady gets them some pie, and Brady asks her what she knows about her father. Chloe says Nancy has said nothing about him, all she knows is that whatever happened between the two of them was pretty awful.

In Shawn’s garage, Cassie heads for Belle with a power saw when Rex comes in and finds Bell screaming. Shawn turns up and saves Belle, and asks what happened? Belle thinks Cassie accidentally turned on the power saw. Shawn says someone could have gotten seriously hurt, they need to turn them over to someone because the twins are more than they can handle. Belle doesn’t want to, but Shawn says he’s sick of babysitting them! Belle wonders what is going on to him? He says nothing, but they can’t baby-sit them forever because they have college. Belle says she’s not going away, she’s delaying Columbia for a year to go to Salem U because of the twins and because she needs to stay with Chloe. Shawn says if she is staying in Salem, then so is he. Belle tells Shawn that she loves him, and Cassie mimics Belle. Cassie then yawns, and Belle asks if she is tired and wants to go to sleep? Cassie remembers being locked in the room and told to sleep, and she is frightened. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. It turns out to be Phillip, and he’s curious as to what Brady is up to because he thinks he has something to do with Chloe’s canceling their trip. Belle calls Brady and he says he’s on a road trip and won’t be back anytime soon. Phillip is suspicious, and takes off. Shawn gets a call from Bo (see below) and leaves to take care of some things. Cassie ends up going to sleep, and has more nightmares about her childhood. Belle becomes concerned and calls her mom for help, asking her to come over to Shawn’s garage. Belle has finally realized the twins need more help then she can give them. Rex ends up telling Belle that they need home. Meanwhile, Phillip calls Nico and asks him to find someone for him.

At the Salem Inn, the hitman takes aim at Victor, while Bo takes aim at the hitman and yells at everyone to get down. Sami and Nicole, who are fighting, are in the line of site. The hitman fires, and Sami shoves Nicole to try and push her down as she goes down as well, but only shoves Nicole into Victor’s arms. Nicole ends up taking the bullet meant for Victor. The hit man tries to flee, but Billie returns and shoots him! Bo checks him, and Billie is shocked to learn the hitman is dead. This is the first man she has killed, and she is in shock. Nicole is rushed to the hospital as well, and keeps mumbling Sami’s name. Sami also feels guilty for pushing Nicole in front of the line of fire. Bo tells Sami that he’s going to need a statement from her, and they all head to the hospital .

At the hospital, Brandon continues to wonder what has been going on with Sami, and why she brought up Nicole. Craig asks Brandon if he is all right, and Brandon says he is. Craig goes to see Nancy, who is very nauseated. She and Craig wonder if she could be pregnant. They decide to take a home pregnancy test, but Craig is paged to the ER. He tells her not to take the test until he gets back, but she goes ahead and takes it anyways. When Craig returns Nancy is upset because the results are negative. He says it will happen soon. Craig is once again paged to the ER about Nicole.

Later, Nicole is brought in, and Victor vows to make Sami pay if she had anything to do with Nicole being shot. The doctors work on Nicole, and Sami says this is not her fault, she had no idea she was walking in on a hit. Brandon hears this and is furious with Victor because he’s supposed to be protecting Nicole! Nicole is rushed to surgery, and Collin is the operating doctor. Meanwhile, Brandon calls his mom and tells her to come to the hospital right now. Sami tries to comfort Brandon, but he wants nothing to do with her right now. He does, however, want to know what is going on between her and Nicole. Sami says she can’t tell him, and he’s says life is too short for wasting time on her. Sami realizes if Nicole dies, Brandon will never forgive her, but if she lives, her life will still be hell. Later, Victor threatens to take away everything Sami holds dear if he finds out she had anything to do with this. Brandon shows up and sees them in a tense moment.

Bo calls Shawn to tell him that he’s at the hospital on police business, and he asks if the talk he wanted to have can wait. Bo learned from Roman that Shawn wanted to talk. Shawn says the talk can wait. However, Shawn decides to go deal with this now, and leaves Belle with the twins. Back at the hospital, Billie is in tears over taking the hitman’s life. Bo tells her that it is normal to react this way, but Billie says she learned at the academy she’s is supposed to separate herself from her feelings. Bo tells her that it is okay, and he comforts her. He tells her that she will get through this, and it is better to fall apart then hold this in. He also tells her that she saved a lot of lives today. Shawn shows up and sees Billie in Bo’s arms and he is not happy.


August 27
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Brady and Chloe arrive at a motel in Dry Creek and are forced to share a room when the hotel only has one room left. Chloe is shocked to see that there is only one bed as well. Brady says he'll take the chair or the floor. Chloe begins thinking of Phillip and their trip to New York. She admits she never wanted to go, but she feels bad for disappointing Phillip. Brady says if Phillip really cares about her then he will be okay. Brady tells her that another room will be available tomorrow, but he doubts they will need it because they will find her father. Chloe asks him how he managed to find him? Brady says he can't say, but he had to find this man for her. Chloe says if they find him, what if he doesn't want to help them? Brady says they won't give him that choice. Chloe asks how they are going to confront him without him running from them? Brady says he has a plan. They end up going to the clinic where he works, claim CHloe hurt her ankle, and ask for Dr. Thompson, aka Dr. Sykes. However, they are told he is not here. Brady asks when he will be back? The nurse says he's on a house call but should be back soon.

At the hospital, Jen shows up as press to get info on the Nicole Walker shooting. She learns Collin is working on Nicole, and she hopes he is the right doctor to save her.

Victor threatens Sami, and Brandon shows up and sees a tense moment between the two. Phillip also shows up and interrupts Sami and Victor's discussion. Phillip and Victor leave, and Brandon tells Sami he really doesn't know or care what is going on between her and Victor, he just wants her out of his life. MEanwhile, Phillip tells Victor that he's asked for Nico's help on something, and Victor says it is okay with him. Phillip talks to Nico and asks where in the hell is Brady? When Phillip learns that Brady left town with Chloe, he is furious and says Brady is not going to get away with this. Phillip uses his dad's jet to fly to Dry Creek.

Meanwhile, Sami continues thinking about Nicole, and begins to contemplate ending her life. Roman shows up and hugs Sami. He's glad to see she is all right.

Elsewhere, Shawn shows up and finds Billie in his father's arms. Bo sees Shawn and asks him what he is doing here? Shawn says he was looking for him, but it doesn't matter anymore. Bo asks Shawn if something is wrong? Shawn tells his dad now he knows why he doesn't care if mom stays away, he knows what is going on, he saw him at the Salem Inn kissing Billie! Bo tells Shawn why they were at the Salem Inn. Bo explains that they were working undercover to help save his Grandpa Victor from a hit man, and Nicole Walker was shot and is barely hanging on. Shawn asks why they are in one another's arms right now? Billie says she can explain, and asks to talk to Shawn alone. Bo leaves them, and Shawn accuses Billie of doing anything to get close to his dad. Billie says the only thing she's wanted to do since she came back is to be a good cop, and his dad has helped her in spite of their history. She says she killed a man tonight, and his dad helped her through it. Shawn says he understands, and thanks her for saving his grandpa victor.

Faye shows up at the hospital and learns from Abe that Nicole has been shot and is in surgery. As Abe comforts Faye Brandon sees them together and is not happy. He demands Abe get his hands off his mother, but Faye tells Brandon not to talk to Abe that way. Brandon ends up storming off, and Roman tells Brandon to focus on what is important, not old vendettas. Brandon tells Roman to mind his own damn business. Faye continues talking to Abe, and Lexie shows up. Lexie thinks Faye is using the situation to move in on her husband. She spots Brandon and gives him a hug and tells him that she is so sorry about Nicole. She tells Brandon that Nicole is strong and full of life. As she hugs Brandon, Abe spots them together. Faye decides to go be with Brandon, but before she leaves, Abe tells her that the reason Brandon hates him is because he knows they had an affair. Faye says he can't know, but Abe says he does. Abe says Brandon thinks he sent his father to jail so they could be together. Faye is stunned, and a nurse shows up to take Faye to see Nicole. Abe tells her to call him if she needs anything.

Collin comes out of surgery and says the operation is over, and Nicole is alive. However, he says she is in a coma, and on a ventilator because she can't breath on her own. As Victor makes arrangements for Nivole to have a private room, Sami tries to give her sympathies to Brandon. but he doesn't believe her. Billie shows up and tells Brandon that she is sorry, and she still doesn't know how Nicole took the bullet meant for Victor. Sami becomes nervous and tries to change the subject, saying that she (Billie) seemed pretty cozy with her uncle Bo. Brandon tells Sami to give it a rest, but Billie wants to know why Sami was there? Sami says she was just following Nicole, that was all. Billie says they will need a statement from her. Later, Billie makes a call to someone and tells them that Bo is finally starting to trust her.

Jen asks Collin how he is doing, and she sees he is upset. Collin says this is the last thing he wanted to happen. Jen is puzzled by his statement, and he ends up running off. Bo overhears Jen with Collin and tells her to be careful with Collin. Jen says he is sounding like Jack now. Bo asks if she is still upset that he told her she was still in love with Jack. Jen says no, and that Jack has moved on with Billie. Jen leaves, and Shawn shows up and tells his dad that there is something he wants to say. Shawn apologizes to his dad for jumping to conclusions. Shawn asks if he has told mom, and Bo says he will once things settle down.

Abe confronts Lexie, and she says Brandon is just a friend. However, she knows he won't believe her, because he never does. She tells him to just leave her be, because he obviously has Faye now. He tells her not to make him out to be the badguy, she is the one who has been lying to him. Lexie says if she lies now it is because she is afraid he won't believe her when she tells the truth. She tries to make amends with him by talking sweetly to him, but ABe tells her that she disgusts him and wants nothing to do with her! Meanwhile, Sami confronts Collin about his affair with Nicole. Collin tells Sami that she should be ashamed of herself for spreading rumors while Nicole's life is hanging by a thread.

BRandon and Faye go in to see Nicole as Victor watches from outside. Victor goes into see her, and Brandon says this is his fault. Victor says he should have taken better care of her, and she will have the best treatment. HE leaves, and finds Sami badmouthing Nicole in the hall and saying if Nicole lives her life will be hell. Victor asks Sami if she is saying she wants Nicole to die? Sami says of course not. Victor tells her that if he finds out she is responsible for what happened to Nicole, she will wish she was dead! Sami ends up going to see Nicole, and looks at the plug keeping her machines going. Sami realizes it is either Nicole's life, or hers!


August 28
Phillip shows up at the hotel where Chloe and Brady are supposed to be staying, but they aren’t there. He’s furious, and has to pay off the hotel manager for letting him into the room. Phillip vows to make Brady regret convincing Chloe to run off with him. The hotel manager says he might know where they are, for a price. Phillip pays the guy off, so the manager says they are at the clinic down the road. Phillip thinks Chloe must be sick and runs out.

At the clinic, Chloe and Brady continue waiting for Dr. Thompson aka Sykes. Chloe ends up freaking out, and doesn’t think she can do this anymore and wants to leave. Brady doesn’t get why Chloe is chickening out. Chloe doesn’t understand why this man didn’t want to be her father, or even meet her. Brady says perhaps he doesn’t know he even has a daughter. Chloe says if that is true this could upset both him and his wife. Brady thinks it will be okay, and that he’ll accept her. Dr. Thompson arrives, and Chloe and Brady watch him as he talks with his wife. The nurse, his wife, takes them to an exam room where they are told the doctor will meet them. Phillip then shows up and begins screaming for Chloe! Brady goes to see Phillip and says they should take this out, but Phillip says no way and runs into the exam room. He thinks Chloe is sick and won’t listen to Brady or Chloe. Brady tells him to leave now, but Phillip refuses and decks him! Brady punches back, and Dr. Thompson/Sykes and the nurse call the cops. Thompson listens in as Chloe explains what is going on. When Thompson hears Chloe call him Dr. Sykes, he realizes his cover has been blown. Sykes flees, and Brady learns from the nurse that the doctor is gone. Brady accuses Phillip of ruining everything! The sheriff shows up, and Chloe collapses into tears into Brady’s arms.

Marlena meets up with Shawn and Belle at Shawn’s garage, and they explain the aliens to Marlena. They take her in to meet them, and Marlena is moved when she sees them, but is also puzzled. She smiles at them, and they smile at her. Belle introduces her mother to them, and she says she is Marlena. Rex says no she’s not, she is mom. The twins mimic Belle in calling her mom, and the twins say they want home and mom. Marlena asks them where they came from, but they say that they know their home. MArlena says she doesn’t know where they come from. Belle tells her mother that she feels that they have been locked up in the past. Rex says they were locked up with a key, and Cassie cries “no key!” Marlena asks what this key business is about? Shawn says they should tell her everything, so Belle says the twins had a key with them when they landed. Marlena asks the twins to show her the key, so Rex does. MArlena is shocked to see it looks just like John’s. Belle asks her mom if she is okay? Marlena tells the kids that they must never mention this key to anyone!

At the hospital, Victor makes chit-chat with Brandon, but he isn’t in the mood to talk to Victor. Roman shows up and asks about Nicole. Victor says there is no change. Roman asks if they have seen Sami? Victor says he hopes she has left, she has no business here. Victor says Nicole mentioned Sami’s name before she past out. Roman asks if he is accusing Sami of having something to do with Nicole being shot? Victor says if Sami was involved . . . Roman says a hitman was after him, and this is not Sami;s fault. Victor says that something went down between Sami and Nicole, but Roman says that doesn’t mean Sami had anything to do with this shooting. Roman warns Victor not to take this out on his daughter! Victor talks to Brandon about Nicole and how much she loves him, and how much she wants to protect him, especially from Sami. He says that Sami uses and manipulates, and he should listen to his sister and stay away from her.

In Nicole’s room, Sami realizes it is her life or Nicole’s, and eyes the plug to Nicole’s life support. She goes to pull it, only to hear her conscious telling her not to do it. Sami struggles with what to do, and she fears if Nicole rats out what she did everyone will hate her. Sami has this vision of being put in stocks and having her family, dressed as pilgrims, throwing food at her. She says she can’t let that happen, but her conscious tells her that if she pulls Nicole’s plug she’ll lose her life! She then has a vision of Victor’s goons killing her for killing Nicole. Sami hears Brandon coming to check on Nicole, so she hides in the closet. Brandon holds Nicole’s hand and talks to her. Brandon tells Nicole that after tonight he sees how much Victor cares for her. He also says Victor told him how much she wanted him to stay away from Sami, and he should have listened to her. Brandon admits that he still loves Sami after the way she’s treated him, but he will work hard to get over Sami for her sake. Brandon tells Nicole that he doesn’t want to live the rest of his life without her, and he begs her to come back. Brandon leaves, and Sami rushes out and calls Nicole a cold hearted bitch for everything she’s done to her and Brandon. Sami goes to pull the plug, but once again hears her conscious speaking to her. Sami continues to struggle with what to do. Sami has a vision of Brandon learning everything she has done, and he tells her that he’ll never believe her again! Sami ends up pulling the plug on Nicole, and she can’t believe what she’s done. However, it too turns out to be another vision of her subconscious. Sami checks everything, and Nicole is fine. However, as she is checking things, Nicole wakes up and thinks Sami is trying to kill her!


August 29
At the hospital, Nancy is upset that she is not pregnant. Craig says they have the whole house to themselves tonight, so they should go home, enjoy it, and let nature take its course. Nancy says they will go home, but first calls Chloe to see how she is doing. After they finish talking, see below, Nancy realizes something is going on. Nancy says it was too quiet when she was talking to Chloe, too quiet for New York, and she sounded abrupt and strange. Craig tells her that Chloe is fine, an opportunity is passing them by! Nancy and Craig finally head home.

At the clinic in Dry Creek, the nurse says Dr. Thompson has gone, and she doesn’t understand where or why he fled. The cops show up, and she says it is because she called them. Brady tells Phillip that they ruined everything! Brady and Chloe rush off, and the sheriff shows up and catches Phillip! Phillip is arrested, even though he insists he is innocent. The nurse says there are two other people involved, and Phillip says he is innocent. The sheriff thinks they were all stealing drugs. Phillip says that this is not his fault, and it is not the girls fault, it is the other man’s, Brady Black. Phillip uses his father’s name to get him out of the situation, and he says that Brady has been in this kind of trouble before. The sheriff refuses to let Brady off, and Phillip says his father would like Brady to spend a night or two in jail to learn his lesson. Phillip agrees to take the sheriff to Brady in exchange for his freedom.

Meanwhile, Brady and Chloe search for Sykes, but they can’t find him. Brady blames Phillip, but Chloe says it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, her one chance at being cured is gone. Brady and Chloe go back to the hotel and he says he’ll look for Sykes and she should call around to see if anyone has seen him. Later, Nancy calls Chloe to chat. She asks if she is having a good time? Chloe says she is having a great time, and she asks her mom how she is. Nancy says she is fine, and wants to know how she is. Chloe says she is fine, but she has to go. Elsewhere, the hotel manager stalls Brady per the Sheriffs orders. The Sheriff and Phillip show up, and the Sheriff nabs Brady and lets Phillip go per their agreement! Brady is hauled off, much to Phillip’s pleasure. Phillip goes to see Chloe, and she asks him what he is doing here. He begs her to talk to him, he’s sorry he followed her, but this really hurts him. Chloe says she didn’t tell him because she knew this is how he would react. Phillip asks her to explain, so she does. Chloe says Sykes is her father, and he may have ruined her only chance of finding a bone marrow donor. Chloe explains everything to him, and Phillip promises to do everything he can to find her father. Chloe says she hopes Brady already has found him!

Meanwhile, Brady goes in front of Judge Broe and is accused of stealing drugs. Brady refuses to speak until he gets a lawyer, but the phone is broken, and the defending attorney is away. Brady is then locked up for being a trouble making city slicker!

At the hospital, Sami checks the plug to make sure everything is okay. Nicole wakes up and sees Sami with her hand on the plug, and she freaks out. The machines start beeping, and everyone rushes in. Victor and Brandon ask Sami what she is doing here? Sami says she was just visiting Nicole. Nicole stabilizes, and Collin insists everyone leave. Sami says she was just trying to make peace, that is all. Victor doesn’t believe her and puts her on warning, but Brandon thinks Sami just made a dumb move and Nikki sensed her presence. Roman pulls Sami aside and gives her a talking to. Sami says everyone is out to get her! Roman says she is sounding paranoid and self absorbed. Sami asks her father if he thinks she would let Lucas take Will away for the whole summer? Roman realizes his daughter is being blackmailed, but he also knows her own secrets and lies got her to this point. Sami says that he can believe what he likes, but she is not going to miss out on raising her son the way he missed out on raising her and Eric. Roman tells Sami that he believes she can overcome the power of all the bad things that have happened to her. As they continue to talk, Roman is paged. Sami says it is okay if he goes. Roman says he has to, but he begs Sami to stay out of harms way. Sami realizes if Nicole wakes up now she will have even more of a hold over her head. Meanwhile, Victor tries to convince Brandon that he is better off without Sami. Brandon ends up turning the conversation around and says he knows Nicole wants to marry him, but he thinks it is for all the wrong reasons, and when she wakes up she may have a whole new look at life. Victor says he will keep Nicole safe and make her happy. Later, Sami talks to Brandon and says she is sorry she went into Nicole’s room, but it seemed like Nicole was waking up, so any response has to be good. She also says she is sorry about the shooting, and she says she tried to push Nicole out of the way during the shooting, and she feels terrible. Brandon asks Sami why she was even at the inn with his sister? Sami says she heard Nicole was going to accept Victor’s proposal, and she knows he didn’t want that, and she was trying to talk her out of it. Later, Chloe begins to realize she needs to do something before Nicole wakes up and starts talking.

Jen and Jack meet at Dot.Com, and they talk about the hit on Victor and Nicole being hurt. Jack ends up accusing Collin of being in on this shooting somehow, and that is why Nicole ended up in a coma. Jen doubts Collin is involved in this and he swore to her that he had nothing to do with the shooting. Jack says that makes him even more guilty because he never would have said that if he didn’t know that she suspected him! Jack says he is scared for her and for Abigail. Jen switches the subject to Billie and how she knows they are dating. Jack says the date was Billie’s idea, but she did encourage him to move on. Jen says she did and that it is great he is moving on with Billie. As they continue talking about Collin and Tony, Collin shows up to get some coffee. Jack and Jen see him, and Jen decides to go question Collin. Jen tries to make amends with Collin if she upset him at the hospital. She wonders if he his feelings for Nicole interfeared wiuth the surgery, but he assures her that she is the only woman that he wants. Collin returns to the hospital, but thanks Jen for her concern. Jen begins to wonder if Jack could be right, was Collin trying to kill Nicole? Meanwhile, as Jack spies on Jen and Collin, he is surprised by Vern, who is picking up coffee beans. Vern is trying to figure out Jack’s mom’s coffee recipe, and he needs him out of the house tomorrow mourning to surprise his mom with breakfast in bed! Vern would also like to know when he will be getting out of the house permanently? Jack says when he and Jen are back together. Vern says that will be when hell freezes over!


August 30
At the hospital, Tony shows up and Brandon tells him that his father had a hit put out on Victor, and his sister got caught in the crossfire. Tony says his father has been dead for months, so Brandon says perhaps he is responsible. Brandon says if he finds out he had anything to do with this, he will regret it, and he doesn’t care if he is Lexie’s brother. Elsewhere, Sami and Lexie get into an argument, and Lexie asks Sami what she was doing at the Salem Inn anyways? Sami ends up storming off, and Lexie runs into Brandon. She asks him what is wrong. Brandon and Lexie go out on the terrace and talk about what is going on. He’s not only upset about Nicole, he’s upset that she has chosen Abe over him. Lexie says she never meant to hurt him, and she would like them to remain friends. Brandon remembers betraying Lexie to Abe by allowing him to learn she was with him, and he assures her that they will always be friends. However, Brandon says he has to put Sami behind him by clearing the air.

Meanwhile, Sami runs into Tony and begs him to help her with the Brandon/Victor/Nicole problem. Tony tells Sami that he happens to need her help as well.. He says her step-father stole something from him, and he wants her to get it back. Sami thinks she is being blackmailed by him, but he says she isn’t, all he wants is what was taken from him. Tony says John stole a key from him, that is all. Sami asks why he doesn’t just ask John for it, she thought they are friends. Tony says they are not friends, and he is only asking her for one small favor. Sami remembers John’s warnings to her, and she refuses to help Tony undermine her own family. Tony says if she doesn’t help him, he will have to go to her father and file charges against John Black. Sami says she is not afraid of him, but he says this will solve all the tension going on between their families. As he begs her to do this for him, Brandon shows up and hears them talking. Brandon asks what is going on here? Tony says that is between Sami and him. Brandon and Sami go off to talk, and Sami gets a phone call from “him,” the love of her life, who is back.

Meanwhile, Lexie asks Tony about Kristen’s affair. Tony realizes that Lexie has slept with Brandon and that is why she is asking about this. He says this can be fixed with time, and he suggests she move back into the mansion. Lexie doesn’t see how that will help. Tony says if she wants to reconcile with Abe then it must be with a true understanding of who she is, a DiMera. Tony and Lexie vow to show the world what and who the DiMera’s really are.

In Shawn’s garage, Marlena tells Belle and Shawn that they must never tell anyone about this key. Belle asks her mom what is wrong, is she okay? Rex takes the key back and refuses to give it back to MArlena. Marlena says she’s going to head home and talk to John about this and come up with some way to help Cassie and Rex. Marlena leaves, and Belle thinks something was really bothering her mom. Cassie and Rex react to the word mom, and Belle thinks they have no mom, no dad, and no home; only one another.

At the penthouse, John meets up with Agent Spector to talk about the Gemini project. They believe the satellite photos Sami saw were of the island Marlena was held on for so long. Later, Marlena returns and says she has information on the key. John introduces her to his friend Russell Spector, and he says anything she has to say about the key or the DiMeras can be said in front of him. Marlena tells John and Spector about the kids, and John is furious with Belle for lying to him about this. He gets a call and has to leave the room, and Spector continues questioning Marlena about these kids. She says these children are communicating, so they must have grown up with people speaking to them. She believes they are human, and in time they will tell them their story. Spector has to leave, and he asks her to tell John that he will be in touch. Marlena worries that Spector is going after the children, so she calls Belle to warn her about the agent. She asks her to get the twins somewhere safe, but not here. Belle gets an idea, and she and Shawn decide to take the twins for a drive. Back at the penthouse, Marlena fights with John because the agent has gone after the kids. John wants to backtrack and asks what the key has to do with this. Marlena says the twins have a key like Tony has. When John learns they are twins, Gemini twins, he blows up and says they have to get Belle away from them! Marlena says Belle has been with them all summer and they are fine. John tries to reason with her and tell her why they should suspect these twins of being DiMera plants, and Marlena says she’s already warned Belle to run. Marlena tries to call Belle’s cell phone, but she isn’t getting through. John calls Spector, and he tells Marlena that they will take care of this.

Out in the woods, Belle, Shawn, and the twins come across something in the air. They think it is a spaceship coming to pick the twins up, and they say goodbye to them. As they hug them goodbye, Rex puts the blue key in Belle’s purse! The twins then board the spacecraft. Meanwhile, Marlena senses something wrong and runs out of the penthouse!

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