August 02 Week 3


August 19
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At Dot.Com, Marlena looks at a book on disassociative identity disorder. Meanwhile, Jack, Jen, and Abby are out eating deserts. Abby is having a good time with her parents, and asks if they can do this every night. Marlena runs into Jack, Jen, and Abby; and they see her with her book. Abby decides to go see Chloe. Chloe and Phillip show up at Dot.Com, and he tells her once again that they should go away together. Chloe says she wants to, but she canít. Phillip starts talking about the places heís researched when Abby shows up and tells Chloe she knows she needs the bone marrow transplant, which is why sheís wearing that turban. She tells her that it is cool, and she can pretend to have magic powers and use it to grant wishes. Jen and Jack show up, as does MArlena, and Abby tells Chloe that she had a transplant too. Jen and Jack take Abby home, and MArlena talks to Chloe to make sure she is okay. Chloe apologizes for the way she acted, and she says every time she is around him she is on edge. She says she is on remission and she doesnít want to be known as the girl who needs a transplant. Chloe says she knows Brady is a friend, but he doesnít understand her the way she thought he did. She says Phillip is different, perhaps it is because they are close in a way she and Brady never were. Chloe says Brady makes her feel like she doesnít have a future, and Phillip doesnít make her feel that way. Marlena says Brady does believe she has a future, but this is her illness and she needs to deal with it in the best way she can. Chloe says Bradyís way is to keep reminding her that she is sick, but Marlena says that isnít his intention. Chloe ask what he is trying to tell her? Phillip returns before Marlena answers, and then Marlena is beeped and has to leave. Phillip asks Chloe why she looks upset? Chloe says little Abby came over to see her and told her how she had a bone marrow transplant as well and it saved her life. Chloe doesnít think that will happen for her, but Phillip assures her that she will be well forever. Chloe asks him if he believes that, then why does he want to take her away to all these far away places? Phillip says he just wants to show her what life has to offer, and how much she needs her in his life. Chloe eventually tells Phillip that she will go with him wherever he wants to go.

At the DiMera mansion, Tony is in another trance and sees himself lying in a white room on a hospital gernie. A voice tells him that when he wakes up Marlena must be the one to turn the key and unlock his dreams. He says this out loud, and Collin overhears him. Elianna called Collin, and he says heíll take over from here. Collin spends asks Tony what he says, and he says ďwhite,Ē and ďher room.Ē He eventually snaps out of it, and Collin tells him that he had another episode. Tony asks what he said, so Collin tells him. Tony thinks it has something to do with the key father left him. Collin says there is no physical cause for these attacks, so perhaps psycho therapy could help. Tony says he asked Marlena to help him, but she eventually refused him. He asks Collin to talk to MArlena and try and get her to reconsider.

Later, Collin heads to Dot.Com and buys a book on dissasociative identity disorder, the same one Marlena bought earlier. He then runs into Jack and Jen, and Abby is not pleased to see Collin. Jack and Abby excuse themselves to look at some magic books. Collin talks with Jen, and says there seems to be a lot of blood disorders in Salem and he recalls reading something years back about a landfill causing some problems. Jen tells the story of how Jack was involved in that deal years ago, and later it came back to haunt them when Abby was infected, but she says it has been all cleaned up now. Jen, however, lets Collin believe that she is still angry at Jack for it. Later she tells Jack, who thinks Jen should still be angry with him over it. Jen says she forgave him long ago, and she tells Jack that Collin bought the same book Marlena did. They realize the patient they have in common must be tony, so they go to find a copy of the book as well. They read some of the book, and they wonder if Marlena is afraid something will happen to her.

Marelna goes to her office, where she is surprised by Tony. He once again begs her for help. However, Marlena has to turn him down, again. Tony says at least allow him to share with her whatever information he uncovers on his own. She says that is fine. Tony leaves, and calls Collin to tell him that he has Marlena right where he wants her. Meanwhile, MArlena uses her voice recorder to make a record of her converstion with Tony, just in case something happens to her!

At the loft, Brady looks at the snowglobe Chloe gave him, and he refuses to let her die. He remembers Marlena talking about Roman working in the witness protection program. Isabella shows up, and she tells Brady to listen to MArlena. Brady says he and Roman have never gotten along, but he will ask him for help because all he has left to lose is his pride. Isabella says sometimes you have to believe in the impossible. Brady says he does, heís talking to her.

At the station, Abe is trying to call Lexie because heís afraid she might do something rash. Abe realizes that he just canít turn his back on Lexie yet. Later, Brady shows up to see Roman and asks him for his help finding Fredrick Sykes, Chloe Laneís father. Brady says it is possible that Sykes is in the witness protection program, and perhaps he could help him. Roman says that he canít compromise the witness protection program by telling him the whereabouts of this man. Brady begs Roman to help him, but Roman says he canít, which infuriates Brady. Brady tells Roman that he is all about the rules, except when he bends them for his own purpose. Brady tells Roman that if Chloe dies it is all on him! Brady heads home and tells his mom once again that her advice didnít work! However, Isabella is not there. He think he has driven his mom away just like Chloe.

At Brandonís, Lexie tells Brandon that she wants to be here for him now, and the two share a kiss. Lexieís cell phone rings, but she ignores it and continues kissing Brandon. Lexie eventually stops the kiss and says they canít. Brandon says he would never hurt her. She says she needs him so much right now. He picks her up, dropping her scarf in doing so, and carries her to his bedroom. She looks around the room and asks if this was all for Sami? Brandon says sheís history, and he wants her right now, and he promises to protect her. Brandon and LExie then do it. Suddenly, Abe bags on the door and demands Brandon open up! She begs Brandon not to tell Abe, but he says why not, they are getting a divorce. Lexie says that he is still her husband, and she loves him. Brandon is shocked, and hurt. He goes to the door and answers it. Abe says heís looking for Lexie, but Brandon says she isnít here. He offers to let him search the place, and as Abe is looking around, Brandon picks up Lexieís scarf and places it in plain view of Abe! Brandon tells Abe to show himself out, and goes back into his room. Abe finds the scarf, grabs it, and leaves. Lexie gets dressed and thanks Brandon once again. She also says this was wrong, they both want other people, and she says they should pretend like this never happened. Lexie leaves and Brandon is furious. He remembers how he was going to pay Abe back by using his wife, and he let himself get sidetracked. Brandon says Abe doesnít deserve Lexie, and he wonít let him win!


August 20
At the station, Billie overhears Roman talking on the phone to the commissioner about Billieís work. Roman sticks up for Billie, but says he will convey his orders to Detective Brady and Officer Reed, even though he disagrees with them. Billie tells Bo that she fears the commissioner is going to throw her off the force. Bo says heíll see what he can do, but Billie says no, whatever she has coming she will take. Bo tells her that she is a good cop. Bo leaves, and Billie makes a call and tells the person that she will not lose her badge; she is not leaving this precinct or Bo!

At the Java Cafť, Jack meets up with Jen, who has her nose in the book Marlena and Collin bought. Jack tells her that she has been working too hard, and surprises her with tickets to Annie for the family. Jen thanks Jack and gives him a hug. As they hug, Collin shows up and wonders what is going on between them. He blows up and thinks Jen still loves Jack. Meanwhile, Jen apologizes to Jack and says she shouldnít have done that, at least not in public. She says she canít appear to be romancing him when sheís supposed to be romancing Collin. They begin to argue, and Jack eventually takes off because heís hurt by Jenís reluctance to be seen enjoying herself with him. Bo shows up for their meeting about Tony, and asks where Jack is? Jen says he canít be here, and she has made a mistake hiring Jack when he still loves her. Bo laughs and says she had to know that when she hired him. Jen says she did, and she told him they had no romantic future together. Jen says she thinks it is unfair to give Jack mixed messages from her, and as she talks about him, Bo tells her that if Jack is getting mixed messages from her it is because she obviously still loves him! Jen says she will never go back to Jack because all he does is leave her once he has her. Bo says he doesnít know what to tell her, heís also had his fair share of problems with Hope. As he talks about his problems with Billie and Hope, Jen begins to think about Jack. Jen realizes she has been pushing Jack away, more and more, and she just canít be sure Jack wonít break her and Abbyís heart again. Bo tells Jen that she is a wonderful woman and she deserves to be loved the way she needs to be loved. Jen thanks Bo for the talk because she feels better now. Bo takes off for work, and Jen thinks about Jack and the tickets he bought. Jen calls work and asks to speak with Jack, only to learn that heís not back at work. Jen begins to think about Jack, and wonders if she should stop being afraid of Jack hurting her.

At Nicoleís, Nicole tells Victor that they just stole another account from Basic Black, so they need to celebrate! Nicole gives Victor a kiss, and she says she wants to give him something special. Nicole invites Victor to dinner, and she says she wants him to open the box and show her a ring inside, and he wonít be disappointed! Victor says he will see her tonight! Victor leaves, and Nicole says she may not love Victor, but she loves the life heís giving her. Nicole lays down and has a nightmare that Victor handcuffs her to him and says she is his for life! Nicole wakes up, and Collin shows up at her door. Collin is fuming and he tells her that she is the only one who has ever been honest with him. She says she doesnít know what he wants, but he should leave. Collin says he knows what she wants, it is what he wants as well. The two kiss, but she pushes him away and says she is going to be with Victor, not him. Collin tells Nicole that to Victor she is only a toy, another one of his possessions! Collin tells Nicole not to sell herself to Nicole, if she makes loves to him now they will both feel better! They begin to kiss, but Nicole pushes him away again. He tells her not to let Victor possess her. They kiss some more, and soon make love. Afterwards Nicole says that no one must know about this, and he says no one will. Collin leaves, and Victor calls. He tells her that tonight will be the start of a new life, for both of them. There is a knock at the door, and she says she has to go.

At the Salem Inn, Roman is on work when he runs into Victor, who is booking the honeymoon suite. He asks if he and Nicole got married? Victor says not yet, but tonight they will be engaged. Roman wishes him good luck, because that woman is trouble. Victor warns Roman he should stay away from Kate, because she is the one who is trouble. Roman tells Victor to stop worrying about Kate, and start worrying about Nicole! Victor ends up calling Nicole, see above, and afterwards he wonders why Nicole seemed so tense on the phone.

Sami recalls having to break up with Brandon because of Nicole and Victor. She is furious and vows to find a way to be with Brandon. Suddenly there is a knock at Samiís door, and it is a furious Brandon. He demands to know what happened last night? She said she loved him? Sami says she does love him, so he demands an explanation before he leaves. She says it is complicated, other people are involved. He asks who the other guy is, but she refuses to say. He thinks it is about Austin and she has just used him, but she says she canít tell him. Brandon thinks heís always going to be alone, but then remembers Lexie. Sami realizes he made love to LExie last night, but he says what he and Lexie do is none of her business. Brandon tells her that he is never going to believe anything she says again! As Brandon is going to leave, Billie shows up. She says a neighbor reported loud noises over here, and she asks if Sami is okay. Sami says she is fine, and she begs Billie not to file a report or tell anyone that Brandon was here. Billie asks why not? Brandon also wonders why she is so concerned about people finding out he is here. Sami tells Billie to go back to the station and seduce her uncle, and she tells Brandon and his damn sister to get out of her life! Brandon and Billie leave, and Sami vows to bring down Victor and Nicole. Meanwhile, Brandon walks around and wonders why Sami told him and Nicole to get out of his life? Brandon heads over to see Nicole and demands to know what she did to Sami! Meanwhile, Sami runs into Collin in Salem Place, and demands to know why he was at Nicoleís apartment and what he was doing with her!

Jack shows up at the station to see Billie, and Billie proposes a wild idea to Jack, they should go out! Jack laughs in her face, and she says sheíll take that as a no. Jack realizes she was serious, and he apologizes. Jack says heís already tried to date a woman other than Jen, and all that happened was that Jen and this other woman ended up angry at him. Billie says why canít they go out, they are already friends, so who knows what might happen? Jack thinks about it, and agrees! They go out to pick up coffee, and are spotted by Jen hugging. Back at the station, Bo learns from Roman that he and Billie have to stay at the Salem Inn tonight, together!


August 21
In Salem Place, Sami tells Collin to tell her what he was doing at Nicoleís or she will go straight to Victor. He dares her to do it, and she says if he has nothing to hide, why doesnít he just tell her? Collin thinks Sami is out for revenge against Nicole because of what happened between her and Austin. They begin to argue, and Sami tricks Collin into admitting that heís sleeping with Nicole. Collin ends up telling Sami that heís having an affair with her, but it isnít what she thinks. He says heís planning a hospital affair, a fundraiser and Nicole is helping him finance it through Titan. Collin switches the subject to her and Tonyís little affair, but Sami says they are just friends. Collin knows Tony is helping Sami try to get Brandon, and he tells her so! Sami says there is nothing going on between her and Brandon. Collin says she is better off without him, but she says he is the kindest, sweetest man she knows. They eventually part ways,

At Nicoleís, Brandon asks Nicole what she did to Sami? He says he just came from her place and he knows something is up. Nicole canít believe Sami told him, but she soon realizes Sami said nothing, but she did! Nicole says she doesnít know what Sami is accusing her of now, but he needs to stop believing the lies she tells. Brandon says he knows something happened between the time he was at the hospital with Sami, and when she didnít show up last night, and he thinks she has something to do with it. Nicole says she has no idea what Samiís problem is now, but he is well to be rid of her. Brandon says maybe she is right, maybe last night was for the best. Nicole realizes there is someone else, but Brandon wonít so who. Brandon says from now on his life will be very different. Nicole then tells Brandon that she has decided to marry Victor, and she is going to tell him tonight. Brandon tells her not to sell herself out! He says Victor is just a bankrolled version of their old man. Nicole says she is not that young anymore, soon guys arenít going to be after her. She says if she marries Victor she will be set for life, but Brandon says if she felt that way then she would have married Victor months ago. Brandon thinks she is holding out for love. Nicole says she wants more out of life, and Victor can give it to her. She then tells Brandon to forget about Sami and run from her. She also says she is going to marry Victor, and she hopes he can be happy for her. He says heíll walk her down the isle if that is what she wants. Nicole says they should just agree to disagree about their private lives. Brandon tells her that he doesnít have to worry about him and Sami anymore, he is over her. Later, Sami shows up to see Nicole and she says she knows all about her affair with Collin! Nicole asks if this is a joke or something? Suddenly, Collin calls Nicole and tells her that Sami is on the prowl, and he tells her to pretend like they are working on a fundraiser together. Nicole says she has it, and pretends like she is talking to Victor. Nicole gives Sami the same story that Collin did, but Sami says she doesnít buy it.

Lexie goes back home to Abe. She says she got the message that he wanted to see her, but he says he left that last night. Lexie was hoping heíd give them another chance. Abe asks her where she was last night? Lexie says she went back to the hotel, but Abe knows better and tells her not to lie to him. Lexie claims she was upset, went back to the health club in the hotel to sit in the sauna, and then she went back to her room. Abe shows her her scarf, which he found at Brandonís last night. Lexie claims she went there for a few moments last night and must have dropped it. Abe asks why she didnít tell him up front? Abe tells her that it is because he is a DiMera, she is hard wired to lie, cheat, and steal! They begin to yell and argue, and LExie says Brandon listens to her and doesnít accuse, and no matter what she does she will never be good enough for him! Lexie says she is a DiMera now, and she is proud of it. She says she may have changed, but so has he. She says he used to have a heart! Abe tells LExie that he wants her out of this house, and out of his life, heís suing for divorce! Lexie says fine, and rushes out of the house. Abe tells Lexie goodbye, even though sheís already gone.

Lexie runs into Brandon in Salem Place. She cries that it is over, and Lexie says that Abe knows about them last night, he found her scarf. Brandon remembers selling Lexie out last night by placing her scarf in plain site. Brandon asks if she is going to fight the divorce? Lexie says no, but she says Abe canít find out everything that happened last night. Brandon agrees to keep their secret, and he promises to be there for her during this divorce.

At the station, Bo and Billie learn they have to stay at a hotel together. Roman tells Billie that the call she heard earlier was the commissioner wanting them to work as an undercover case to find a new hitman who has just shown up in Salem. Billie is excited, but Bo is not. Roman says the FBI, CIA, and ISA are all in on this. Roman says they will pose as a couple at the inn, but Bo refuses to do this. Roman says he doesnít have a choice; he has already been assigned to it. A cop knocks on Romanís door and says the Commissioner wants to see him ASAP, so Roman leaves to talk to him. Billie tries to convince Bo that they can work together, and she doesnít understand why he doesnít want to take the job. Bo says he canít take the chance that someone sees them together and tells Hope, so he is out. Suddenly Roman returns and tells Bo that he now knows who the hitman is after, itís Victor! Bo asks why, and he says it because Victor have Bo info on Stefanoís secret airstrip when Lexie was trying to kidnap Zack. Bo is furious, but agrees to help to save Victor. Roman says there is something else he must agree to, Hope can know nothing about this! Bo says Hope was a cop, she can keep this a secret , but Roman says no way. Bo agrees to do whatever it takes, and then takes a call from Hope. Hope tells Bo that while JT was being prepped for surgery, Barb had her baby. She says JT is doing fine, and she is going to be in Iowa a little longer than planned to help Barb. Bo says that is sweet of her, and it is just as well since heís been working long hours lately. Meanwhile, Billie makes a call to Jack to cancel their date, and she thinks everything is going her way. Later, Abe shows up and informs Roman and Bo of his upcoming divorce. Abe goes into his office and calls Mickey to begin divorce proceedings.


August 22
In Salem Place, Belle and Shawn have dressed Cassie and Rex up like they should be on Club MTV, and then begin arguing about what to do with Cassie and Rex. Cassie and Rex end up wandering off, and find a food stand where they grab some food. The vender yells for the cops, and the twins are grabbed. Belle and Shawn show up and beg them to let the kids go. Shawn pays for the stuff, and Belle says they are exchange students who donít know any better. Shawn uses his connection to get them a break, and the cops leave. Belle begs Shawn to just give her a few more days with the twin before turning them in because she wants to find out what the key means. Shawn eventually agrees. They take a walk back to where the spaceship crashed, and soon see the twins engaged in odd activities and they hear a roaring sound. Belle wonders if it is another spaceship? It just turns out to be an airplane, and the twins end up lying on the ground. Belle remembers the night they found the twins. Belle wonders if the key Cassie drew could be around here somewhere, so Shawn and Rex decide to go searching down the cliff for it. Rex, however, slips and almost falls to his death! Shawn saves him, and he and Rex climb down to search for the key. Shawn canít find the key, but Belle soon spots something shiny in a tree and sends Shawn to look at it. It ends up being a blue key just like John has! Belle canít believe they have found it. The twins look at the key and are mystified by it.

Phillip continues to talk to Chloe about going away on a trip, and he says heís already made arrangements. He says that his dad wasnít crazy about them going to a foreign country, so he made arrangements for them to go to New York. Chloe is thrilled, but Nancy shows up and says it is out of the question! Chloe and Nancy argue about it, and Craig shows up and disagrees with Nancy and says he thinks the trip will be good for Chloe. Nancy is concerned in case anything happens to Chloe, but Craig says there are fine doctors there. Phillip assures her that he has booked two rooms, and Chloe says she can check out Julliard when she is there. Nancy agrees to let her go. Phillip leaves to pick up some supplies, and Craig and Nancy give Chloe a gift. The gift is a wig which looks similar to her own hair. She is shocked and thanks them both. She asks Nancy to help her put it on. They put the wig on, and Nancy remembers when she first met Chloe in the orphanage. Nancy tells Chloe that she is even more beautiful than the first time she saw her. Chloe says she doesnít know what to say expect thank you mom. Nancy cries, and they hug. Later, after Phillip and Chloe leave, Pete the PI shows up and tells Nancy and Craig that Dr. Sykes dropped out of site after testifying against a drug lord. Nancy thinks that Sykes must be dead. Nancy doesnít know how they will break this to Chloe. Craig says they will find a way to save Chloe.

At the station, John shows up to see Abe, but heís not in. Roman asks if he can help him. The two chat about Tony as John feels something big is going down. Roman says something big is going down, and it could be tonight! Roman tells John that he needs his guarantee that will stay confidential. John agrees, and Roman says Stefano may have put a hit out on Victor for ratting out the secret airstrip. John asks what he can do, and Roman says nothing! John says okay, but it is only a matter of time before the DiMeras come after all their enemies in Salem. John says this hit on Victor is just the tip of the iceberg.

Brady is thinking about what to do for Chloe, when Isabella shows up and urges him to go back to Roman. Brady says Roman isnít going to help him. Isabella tells him then he must take a journey with Chloe to find the truth. He doesnít understand, and she once again urges him to go back to Roman! Brady goes for a walk in Salem Place and runs into his dad. The two talk, and Brady asks his dad how he hung on to his mother for so long when he knew she was going to die? John says he could because of faith. He tells Brady that some people die before their time, and he knows that Isabella watches over both of them every single day. Brady thanks his dad and says he has to go take care of something. Brady runs into Chloe and Phillip later, and when Chloe is about to tell him about her and Phillipís trip, Phillip stops her and says they are going shopping and drags Chloe away from Brady. Brady goes back to see Roman, and once again begs him for help. Isabellaís spirit shows up and witnesses Roman once again turn Brady down. Roman does, however, put the file Brady needs on the desk and says he canít tell him anything. Brady doesnít get it, and decides to storm off, but Roman stops him. Roman says he canít give him the answers, so heíll have to find them himself. Roman touches the file, and says he has to leave but when he returns he expects everything to be the way it was when he left. Brady looks at the file and begins to take notes. Roman returns, and Brady smiles at him before leaving. Roman tells Brady to be careful. Back in Salem Place, Chloe asks Phillip why he didnít want to tell Brady about their trip? Phillip says because this trip is about them.


August 23
Chloe is at home getting ready for the trip to New York when Phillip calls her from the mall. She tells him not to buy her anything else. Chloe is feeling great, and she says Nancy and Craig are being very supportive as well. Chloe says sheíll see him in 30 minutes. After getting off the phone with Phillip, Brady shows up. She says she is kind of busy, and he says heíll make it quick. Brady says he wants to get passed this wall of ice between them, and then he sees her suitcase. He asks if she is going back to the hospital. Chloe says no, sheís sorry to disappoint him. Brady tells Chloe that he wants her to get well, and he wants her to get a bone marrow transplant so she can stay well. He says heís been working to make it happen, and heís closer than ever now. He asks her where she is going, and she tells him that she is going to New York for shows and walks in the park. Brady accuses her once again of living in denial. He tells her that she is in the middle of a battle, and Chloe says it is her decision to run away! Chloe says she is leaving, and tells Brady to go. Brady refuses to leave or be brushed off by her. He says he is full of hope for her, but he isnít a smooth talker like Phillip and he calls things as heís sees them. Chloe says she doesnít know how to hope, and Brady says he has some hope for her. Brady says heís leaving town to find her father. Chloe asks if Nancy told him something? He says Nancy and Craig hired a PI to search for him, and they didnít tell her because they didnít want to get her hopes up. Brady thinks she needs that hope right now. Brady says the PI hasnít found him, but he has through the help of his dad and other people. He tells her his name, and she becomes dizzy and faints! Brady catches her, and she says she is okay. He continues to explain what has happened with her father, and he says heís leaving today to find him. Chloe says no, she wonít let him. Brady says he demands to know why she hung up on him before. Little do they know Sami is outside spying on them. Nicole claims she is just nervous, but she wonít be after tonight. Suddenly, Bo calls Victor and tells him that they need to meet, his life is at stake. Bo tells him that there is a hit out on him, so Victor says heíll be right there. Victor tells Nicole that dinner is off because of business, and it doesnít concern her. Victor kisses Nicole, and takes off. Sami then shows up, and says perhaps Victor got a hot tip about her afternoon romp with Collin! Nicole tells Sami to leave or she will call the cops. Sami tells Nicole that Collin strikes him as a strictly wham-bam-thank you man kinda guy. Nicole claims she was not with Collin in the way she thinks, but Sami knows better. Sami says she wants Brandon and Victor off her back in exchange for her silence. Nicole ends up exploding and says she will not be blackmailed and she will not let her prey on her brother, she is going down! Nicole says sheís going to see Victor and have her taken care of once and for all. Nicole takes off, and Sami follows her.

In Salem Place, Billie meets with Roman, and she tells him that before tonight is over she is planning to have Bo in bed! Roman says this is no joke, and Billie says she was just verbalizing what he was thinking. She knows he still doesnít trust her. As they argue, Bo shows up and asks if he missed something? Roman says no, they were just going over the details of the stakeout. Victor shows up and learns the details. Bo ask Victor not to cancel his room at the inn, but to stay home. Victor refuses and wants to be part of the stake out. When Bo realizes Victor wonít cancel, Bo says fine. Later Shawn shows up looking for Bo, only to learn from Roman that Bo is working undercover and canít be bothered. Shawn ends up learning from Phillip, who saw Bo and his father together earlier, and says he thinks his dad is headed to the Salem in. Shawn says thanks, and heads there.

Bo and Billie check into the Salem Inn as part of the sting. They see Victor come in, and the pose as lovers as they watch Victor. Meanwhile, Sami and Nicole both race to the Salem Inn. The hitman shows up, and Bo ends up kissing Billie so they donít looks suspicious. As they kiss, Shawn shows up and sees them together! He runs out of the hotel, and in come Nicole and Sami, still arguing. Victor asks what they are doing here. Bo sees the hitman take aim, he yells everyone to get out of the way, and Sami pushes Nicole in her attempt to take cover. Shot are fired, and the show ends.

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