August 2002 Week 2


August 12
At a cabin by the river, Collin and Jen drink champagne. Jen begins to panic and says if she doesn’t get back soon her grandmother will panic. Collin says the storm appears to be letting up, so he’ll go for the car. Jen decides to try and reach Jack, and pulls out the brooch. However, she tells herself that she can’t do this, and puts it back. Collin returns and says the car won’t start, so perhaps they should have more champagne. Jen says she’d like some more of the food. Collin’s very wet shirt begins to come off, and Jen drops her purse. Out falls the brooch and Collin asks what this is, because it is pretty. She says it was a gift from Abby, so he puts it on her collar. As Collin goes to kiss Jen, the window blows in, so he goes to close it. Jen tries to stay cool and plays with Collin’s emotions. She says she wants to spend more time with him, but they must be honest with one another. As Collin goes to kiss her again, there is a knock at the door. There is a patrol man at the door who says he saw their car and thought they might be stuck, so he’s going to drive them to town before the roads are closed.

Jack is at the hospital covering the summer storm, which is causing a plethora of problems. Suddenly, Jack hears Jen’s brooch working, and he thinks she must be in trouble. Jen and Collin are brought to the hospital, and they part ways until their next meeting. Jen runs into Jack, and he tells her that he was the one who called the state troopers. Jen, however, says too many more of these close calls could blow this and then they’ll never learn what Collin is up to. Jen tells Jack from now on to stay out of it.

Tony comes into the hospital and demands to see Dr. Murphy, but is told he’s not working tonight. Tony demands they get a hold of him and get him here right away. When Collin finally shows up, Tony yells at him for not being here, but Collin says he is not at his beck-and-call! Tony explains what John is up to, and how he feels John knows a lot more about this key that they do. Collin says he highly doubts that.

At Smith Island, Belle asks Cassie what the key in the picture means to her? She asks if this key is hers. Cassie becomes scared, and Shawn tells Belle to cool it. The kids are able to use the phone to call home, and they are all told to stay put because the storms in Salem are really bad. They end up eating, and have to teach the aliens how to use utensils. After dinner the kids all turn in to go to bed, the boys in one room and the girls in the other. Mimi, however, sneaks over to kiss Kevin, so Shawn goes to kiss Belle. Rex and Cassie see the kids kissing. Later, Cassie has a nightmare about the key and wakes up screaming. Rex comforts her, and the others wonder what happened to her. Belle wonders about the key, and thinks it is the key to solving the mystery of who the twins are and where they come from.

John goes to see Brady at the loft, and tells him that he has some news on Chloe’s father. John says the trail is pretty cold, his passport was last used in 1991, and it was never renewed. Brady asks if he is dead, and John says that could be, or he could have gotten himself a new identity. John says they won’t give up, and Brady vents to John about his problems with Chloe. Brady says Chloe is in denial and thinks because she is in remission she will be fine, but that isn’t true, and Phillip is helping her to live in denial. Brady asks how he lived with mom when she was so sick. John says he lived for her, and for him. Brady says he is the only one who understands, and once again tries to tell him that her spirit is here. John says this place is filled with her memories, but Brady says he hears and sees her, and she tells him what to do in order to help Chloe. John still doesn’t believe Brady, but he assures his dad that he has been seeing mom, as crazy as that sounds. Suddenly there is a strike of lightening, and the power goes out. John tells Brady that he believes his mother’s love for him is more powerful than death, and her spirit is still with him. Brady sees Isabella in the mirror, and points her out to his dad. John, however, did not see Isabella. John tells him that whatever guidance his mom may be giving to trust it, and he says he’ll get back to him with any info he gets on Chloe’s father. John leaves, and Isabella shows up. Isabella tells Brady that John’s mind and heart are someplace else right now, so he can’t see her. Besides, Isabella says she is here to help him now. She tells Brady that he needs to follow his heart because his love for Chloe will tell him how to help her.

At the Wesley’s, Craig calls the house and Phillip answers. He says Chloe is sleeping, and he agrees to stay with her until he and Mrs. Wesley can get home from the hospital. Chloe wakes up, and Phillip asks her if she is ready to start planning the rest of their lives together? Phillip tells her that she is getting better and stronger every day, just like their love, and she will be fine. They remember last time they got caught in a storm, it was in the stables when they almost made love. Chloe says that was also the night she accused him of rape, but he says they made it through that, and they will make it through this. Phillip decides to prove to Chloe that miracles can and do happen, and gives her a surprise. He gives her part of the Fourth of July meteor! She thanks him, and gives Phillip a hug. Soon the two get carried away. Phillip promises her that he’ll always love her, and they kiss.


August 13
Missed the first 10 minutes, sorry!
In the elevator, Roman and Kate argue. Kate hates being trapped in the elevator with Roman. She freaks out, and Roman goes to comfort her, but she ends up biting Roman Je complains because she broke the skin, so he sprays perfume on it because it has alcohol, and he complains some more about the smell. KAte ends up looking in her purse for food, and drops a card from Raymond Grant, who is Stefano's executor of estate. ROman asks her why she'd be meeting with him? Kate says she doesn't have to explain anything to him. Roman tells Kate that he'd like to help her and she doesn't have to be afraid. Roman offers his support with her problems with DiMera, but Kate says she doesn't need his help or support, and she wants nothing to do with him. She also tells him that she is not attracted to him at all, and to prove it she kisses him! Suddenly, the power comes back on, and the elevator starts moving again, which breaks their kiss. They get out, and Roman says he didn't like getting bit, but he enjoyed being kissed! Kate says goodbye, and walks off.

Bo and Billie end up trapped in the warehouse. The roof has fallen in, and electrical wires have broken and fallen in, trapping them. Billie and Bo end up arguing about her working with Bo. Bo says she obviously wanted hours of his attention, but Billie says she'd never use her job that way. Billie says the girl who was supposed to work on this drug bust just found out she was pregnant, and she felt bad. Bo says she should have told him, but she says it is hard for women to talk about these things working with a bunch of men. She also says that Maria, the girl, felt bad about having to give up the assigmment after working so hard on it, and Billie just wanted to help her out. Bo realizes things in the warehouse are getting dangerous, so he suggests they find someplace dry. They find a window high up in the room they might be able to use to escape from the water and electricity, so Bo boosts Billie up there via his shoulders. Billie climbs up on a wooden roof beam, busts open the window, and realizes the only way down is to jump. Bo says they are too high, she can't jump. Suddenly, Billie tumbles out the window screaming! Billie survives the jump, and calls for help. The fire department shows up, turns off the power, and rescues Bo. Billie thanks Bo for saving his life, and she says they are even. Bo realizes Billie has hurt her ankle, so he picks her up and says he's taking her to the hospital.

On the hospital roof, Brandon tells Sami that she used him and it hurt, just like everyone else who has used and let him down. Sami says she is sorry for using him, she was less mature then and she knows how it feels to be let down now. She says may lightening strike her down if what she is about to say is not true. Sami tells Brandon that she loves him and she will always love him. Brandon says he wants to believe her, and he asks what about Austin? Sami says Austin was a toy for a little girl, she had a fantasy about what love was and she forced Austin to play along and believe it. SHe says it couldn't last, because it was not real, but what they have is. Sami says he knows her and fell in love her in spite of who she is, and she's never had that before, not even with her family. She says nobody can love her like he does, and she finally gets it. She says she know he loves her, and he always will. Sami and Brandon share a kiss, and soon fall to the ground and begin to make love! However, they are interrupted by hospital security, who has come to check out the roof! Sami fears if they go back downstairs, they will lose what they have found up here. Brandon says they have found each other, and if she is honest with him, they will never lose this. Brandon says every day will be a good one from now on, and he wants to wake up every day with her. One of the nurses stumble on Sami and Brandon kissing, but he doesn't mind. He tells Sami that he wants everyone to know about them. Brandon tells Sami to go home and get some dry clothes, and then to come to his loft later! Sami tells Brandon that she loves him, and he says he loves her.

Tony and Marlena end up trapped in the darkened DiMera mansion. Marlena showed up looking for Sami. Tony tells Marlena about his and John's new venture, the Gemini project. Marlena doesn't like the idea of him and John being in business together, and she says his charms won't work on her. She tells him to leave her husband and her children alone! Suddenly, Tony goes into a trance, and Tony hears a voice telling him that he knows what he must do. Marlena thinks he is faking, so she goes to leave, until Tony says "he must come back for Marlena!" Marlena turns around, and asks him why he said that. Tony calls her name, and she wants to know what he wants from her. TOny says he must protect her, and he must bring them home. Tony snaps out of the trance, and he realizes it happened again and asks what he said. Marlena tells him what he said, and she asks if it means anything to him. Tony says it doesn't. Marlena suggests he seek help, but he refuses to see anyone but her. Marlena agrees to see him once or twice to get him started. Marlena says she'll check her dates and give him a call. Marlena leaves, and Tony thinks Marlena might be able to help him since Collin hasn't been able to.


August 14
In Salem Place, Nicole meets Victor for coffee. Nicole tells Victor that she’s been thinking about last night, and she doesn’t think he’s going to like what she has to say. Nicole says she wants to know how he plans to make sure she doesn’t cheat on him, give her lie detector tests each week? Victor says he just wants to know he can trust in her. Nicole says that is the problem, how can she trust him when he puts all these demands on her. Victor says maybe it is “us” he doesn’t believe in, because he rarely gives second chances, and they shouldn’t enter this union with doubts. He says that he would hate to have her end up the object of his wrath. Victor tells her that he is offering her the world, but not to accept it if she can’t live up to the bargain. He also says if she accepts his offer, she can’t back out.

At the hospital, Sami changes out of her wet clothes and into some scrubs. She thinks about what happened on the roof with Brandon, when he happens to come into the room. Sami says she is ready to go home, and go to bed. Brandon says he can’t because of his patient, and she wonders if they are pretending last night didn’t happen? Brandon says no, he’s loved her since the moment he met her. He assures her that he is with her because he wants to be with her. Sami says she is so happy, she has never been happier before! Sami and Brandon almost do it right there in the hospital break room, but Brandon stops it and says this isn’t right, the first time should be special and something she won’t forget. Brandon is beeped, so he tells her to wait for him to get off work. Later, Brandon calls Sami at home and tells her that he wants to cook her dinner tonight. After their phone call, Nicole shows up and asks Brandon what is wrong with him! They begin arguing about whether Sami is good for him, and she ends up giving up on him. She decides to solve this problem on her own. Nicole goes to see Sami, and confronts her about her date tonight with Brandon.

At the station, Roman comes to see Bo. Bo says he didn’t get back until late, and it was too late to call Hope back. Bo calls Hope back, and she asks where he was last night? Bo says he was tied up on a case most of the night, and when he got home it was too late to call her. Hope says she was so worried, and she has huge news. Hope tells Bo that Lexie knew about the baby switch long before any of them. Hope tells him the whole story, and Bo realizes he has to call Abe and tell him the truth. Later they end up talking about Billie, and Roman wants to have her disciplined. However, Bo sticks up for Billie and says Billie was level headed, smart, and got the job done last night. Bo says he thinks Billie has learned her lesson last night, and handed herself professionally in a tough situation. Roman says okay, he’ll let her off the hook, but he’ll be keeping his eye on her and her mom. Bo asks what he means? Roman says Kate is up to something. He tells him about Kate’s appointment with the executor of Stefano’s will, and if he has to romance the truth out of her then so be it.

Back at Salem Place, Kate spies Nicole with Victor, and sighs. She then runs into Billie and sees she is limping. Billie says she is fine, she promises. Kate asks if working with Bo is going okay? Billie says better than okay, especially after last night. Kate asks what happened? Billie says she worked with Bo last night and she proved to him that she is a good cop. Kate knows she wanted to work as a cop, but she also thinks she wants a relationship with Bo. Billie tells her mom that she would be surprised what he wants. Billie says she really likes being a cop, and she wants to be a good one. Kate thinks Billie also wants Bo, so Billie turns this line of questioning around and asks how her love life is? Kate blurts out that she gets enough of this from Roman. Billie asks if there is something she should know about her and Roman. Kate says that Roman is only interested in what her connection to Stefano is. Kate asks why she is so curious about her and Roman, would there be a problem if something was going on between them? Billie says yes there would! Billie says that he is her boss. Kate assures her nothing will be going on between them, because he is Sami’s father after all. She assures Billie that hell would have to freeze over before she considered dating Roman. Suddenly Roman shows up and asks why hell would have to freeze over? She says hell would have to freeze over before she accepts Billie’s job as a cop. Billie says she has to go to work, and she takes off. Bo, who was with Roman, follows her, and they talk about last night. Bo tells Billie that she did a good job last night. Billie says they were just doing their jobs. Bo says that is right, last night is over and now they move on. Billie tells herself “not without me Bo!”

At Abe’s house, Abe and Lexie wake up in each other’s arms. They kiss one another, and Lexie says she doesn’t want to leave this bed, she doesn’t know how she could have left it in the first place. Lexie and Abe once again make love. Lexie says she’s dreamed about this so many times before, and Abe says for awhile he was afraid to dream. Lexie thought having a child would bring them closer, but it did the opposite. Abe tells Lexie that when he married her it was forever, and even when his mind told him to leave, he couldn’t. Lexie tells Abe that they are forever. Abe says he’s going to go bring her breakfast in bed, and he promises to come back. Lexie looks in the mirror and smiles, and she says it has been so long since she has felt this way. Meanwhile, Abe gets Bo’s call as he’s headed back upstairs. Tells Abe that he has some difficult news to tell him, and it’s about Lexie. Abe doesn’t go back upstairs, which worries LExie so she comes downstairs. She asks him what is wrong? He looks at Lexie and asks her “how could you!” Abe tells her that he told her last night he would forgive her for anything, but she still lied to him. Abe says he knows now they’ll never be able to wipe the slate clean. Lexie asks what he is talking about? Abe asks how long she’s know about the switch? She says nothing, but he says it doesn’t matter because he won’t be able to believe her. Abe tells her money might have bought Barb’s silence, but it won’t buy her love or another child. Abe calls Lexie selfish and jealous for what she did to Zack and JT. Abe says what just happened between them makes them sick, they just talked about forever when it should have been never! Lexie cries and says she knows he is angry but not to throw their life away. Abe says he threw nothing away, she did! She says she is sorry, but Abe says he is sorry that he ever knew her! Abe tells Lexie that if she had told him the truth last night then he might have believed she was sorry, but not now. Abe tells Lexie to go upstairs, get dressed, and get out of this house! Lexie dresses, and begs Abe to think about this. Abe tells her that she’s out of time, he’s filing for a divorce. Lexie leaves, and Abe goes nuts and smashes some things.


August 15
Shawn and Belle use Bo’s boat to get back to Salem, and they leave the twins on it while they go to the penthouse to check in with John and Marlena. They walk in on John and Marlena talking about Tony, John has the key in his hand. Belle exclaims “what is that!” She was referring to an ugly piece of art John brought home, which he says he’ll be moving them to the office. Marlena is glad to see the kids, asks who they were at the cabin with, and they say Mimi and Kevin, and Cassie and Rex, some new kids they’ve met. Belle gets nervous talking about them, and ends up dropping the drawing which Cassie made. It is folded up, and John goes to pick it up. He gives it back to Belle, and she and Shawn head back out. John is bothered that they spent the night together, but Marlena isn’t too worried since others were there with them. John asks MArlena what she was going to tell him earlier about Tony. She says that it will probably upset him, but she tells him about going to see Tony because she thought Sami might be with him. She says Tony went into one of those states, and he called her name in it. She says she asked him to seek therapy, and he agreed as long as she was his therapist. She says she agreed, and John says that he thinks this is a great idea! He wants to wire her, but she says no, that will break her oath as a doctor, and she won’t be telling him what goes on in their sessions. John says rules don’t apply with the DiMeras. Marlena says she won’t let a DiMera force her to turn her back on her ethics, so John says she is not allowed to treat Tony then. MArlena says they have a problem then, and the two bicker about what to do.

At the loft, Brady yells at his mother’s ghost and tells her that she’s made things worse for him, and maybe she should get lost! He says she says she wants to be here for him, but she wasn’t there for him when he was growing up. Isabella says she will go, and fades out. Brady yells “No, don’t go!” She comes back, and he apologizes to her. He says he tends to take out his anger on those around him, and he did it to Marlena and hurt her so much. Brady said he took his anger and pain of losing his mother out on Marlena, and he said some horrible things to her. Isabella says Marlena loves him as if he was her own, and she knows his anger towards her had a deeper meaning. Brady thanks his mother for her words and says he has something he must do. He leaves, and Isabella says she knows what he is about to do and she is proud of him. Brady heads to the loft and interrupts John and Marlena’s fight to tell Marlena that he’s sorry for the way he acted when he got back from college. He also apologizes to his dad for the way he treated his wife. Marlena tells Brady that he has apologized before, but Brady says he can never do it enough, because even now she seems timid around him like she’s afraid he’ll return to that ingrate. Marlena says she’s no longer afraid because he has matured into a man, and if she seems timid around him it is that she just doesn’t want to seem controlling of him. Marlena says she just wants him to be happy, and they all hug. Brady then tells them that if they wonder what brought this on, it was his mom. He says living in his mom’s loft has made him feel closer to her, and he realized that even though his real mom died, he still had a mom in Marlena. He says he felt like he would betray his own mom if he were to love her, and he’s sorry for thinking and feeling that way. Marlena is moved to tears by Brady’s apology. Brady tells Marlena that he really does love her, and she gives him another hug. Brady then invites them over to his place for dinner, and they agree. After Brady leaves, John also apologizes to Marlena for not doing more to stop Brady from being so horrid to her, but she says she understands that he was also hurting for his son while he was in pain. Brady returns to his place, and his mom tells him to pick up the phone and call Chloe!

Craig and Nancy are out at Salem Place, and Craig refuses to let Nancy call Chloe and check up on her. Craig says Chloe needs to be out, it is good for her. Nancy just wishes she thought Phillip is what she needs, and he better not hurt her again.

Phillip and Chloe are drinking coffee at the Java Café. Chloe thinks her scarf looks bad, but Phillip says she is beautiful and every guy who sees her is envious that he is with her. Phillip asks Chloe to be his girlfriend. Chloe says she feels close to him again, closer than she has in a long long time, but she can’t think about having a boyfriend if she doesn’t know if she has a future. Phillip tells her that he doesn’t want to hear her talk like that again.

Elsewhere, Shawn and Belle show up and Belle checks her messages and finds out Chloe is in remission and home. Suddenly they run into Mimi, and they scold her because she’s supposed to be watching the twins. She tells them to relax, Kevin is watching them and she came here to get them food because they have eaten everything they had. Belle and Shawn end up arguing about what to do with the twins, Belle wants to protect them but Shawn wants to turn them in. Mimi sides with Belle and reminds him what happened to ET. The kids run into Craig and Nancy, and then see Chloe with Phillip. Shawn thinks they should go say hi, but Belle says they should do something else first. The gang surprises Chloe and Phillip, they are all wearing bandanas like Chloe, and Bring Phillip a cowboy hat. Belle talks with Phillip alone and tells him that she’s very worried about him, he seems to be acting like Chloe is fine, and he says it is. Belle says it is one thing to think positively, but it is another to be in denial, and he may be setting Chloe up for a fall. Phillip tells Belle that everything will be fine, and he says he’s getting back to his girlfriend now. Later, Belle and Shawn tell Chloe and Phillip about the aliens. Chloe wants to meet them, so Phillip thinks they should have a party for Chloe’s recovery. Belle says they can talk about it soon, and the gang goes back to the boat. Phillip tells Chloe to wait here, he’s going to get her a surprise. Brady calls Chloe while Phillip is away, and she is very cold to him, asking what he wants. Brady says he doesn’t like the way things have been between them, and he is apologizing for being negative and wants to make things up to her. He invites her over for dinner, but she doesn’t know. She eventually agrees to come over. Phillip returns and says he’s made arrangements for them to go to Tuscany for dinner and dancing! Meanwhile, Belle gets a call from Kevin, who says Rex got a hold of the ships radio and has been sending some messages. Shawn wants to turn them in now, but Belle refuses.


August 16
Due to emergency circumstances beyond my control, I missed almost all of Days. Sorry. This is from NBC
Nicole accuses Sami of pursuing Brandon, despite Victor's warnings. Sami defends that Brandon came after her, but Nicole threatens her to cut all ties with Brandon or else Victor will destroy her. Brandon calls Sami to ask what's keeping her and she hangs up on him abruptly. She tries to throw Nicole out, but opens the door to Victor, whom Nicole called while Sami was on the phone. He forces her to call Brandon and break their date, as well as any future engagements. Meanwhile, Brandon's surprised when Lexie shows up. He's furious when Sami calls, thinking she's played him once again and turns to Lexie. At the police station, Celeste convinces Abe to talk to Lexie and give her one more chance. Abe tries to call her on her cell phone, but she doesn't answer; she stays focused on Brandon and they end up in a torrid rebound kiss.

Philip is brimming with anger when Chloe tells him she's having dinner with Brady because she wants to preserve their friendship; when she gets there, Isabella materializes and urges Brady to play the piano while Chloe sings. John is deeply affected and tells Brady and Marlena that the song they performed was one of Isabella's favorites. Chloe resents Brady for bringing up the connection to his dead mother again and storms out of there. Alone, John and Brady fill Marlena in on the possibility that Chloe's father may be in the Witness Protection Program and she suggests Brady talk to Roman, since he used to work with the program. Meanwhile, Philip talks to Kate, who expresses her concern about being so optimistic that Chloe will recover. He lashes out at her and takes off. Chloe comes running back to Philip and he sees she's upset; he impulsively suggests that they leave Salem for a while.

Marlena goes to see Tony and returns the items Stefano bequeathed to her and John. Wanting to sever all ties with the DiMeras, she says she can't be his therapist, either. He protests, but Marlena holds her ground and leaves. Alone, he goes into a fugue state and dreams of being comatose on a gurney and a male voice instructing that Marlena must be the one to turn the key and unlock his dreams.

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