August 2002 Week 1


August 5
In Salem Place, Jack meets up with Jen to talk about Collin Murphy. Jen says she hasn't heard from Collin, and asks Jack to cover the little league finals. Jack says his time is a bit full to do that, and Jen says that's because he's too busy investigating her life! Jen begins to worry about Collin and thinks maybe she has missed her chance with Collin. Jen orders Jack to go cover the little league story, and she says she will track down Collin and find out the truth on her own. They begin to argue over whether Collin is a bad Brady or not, and then they see Collin with Nicole! Jack and Jen spy on Collin and Nicole, and Jen wonders what games Collin is playing. Jen suggests they split up and spy on them to try and hear what they are saying. Meanwhile, Victor shows up, and he finds Jack lurking in the bushes. He asks Jack what he is doing, and Jack just says he's working on a huge story. He tells Victor to trust no one, and runs off. Later, Jack sees the reporter in the bushes taking pictures of Nicole and Collin, and he wonders whom he is because he doesn't have a press pass or look like paparazzi.

Elsewhere, Collin meets up with Nicole, who if still furious with him about being dumped. She says no guy treats her like dirt and gets away with it! Collin tells her that he could never dump her after the night of passion they shared, but Nicole says he did and she knows why. Nicole says she knows Victor blackmailed him into giving her up, but he says he was under a lot of stress at work. He says that Victor only told her how he felt about her and wanted a chance to win her back, and he sensed that she had conflicting feelings for him. Nicole says she and Victor are back together now, for good, and she asks Collin what in the hell he wants? Collin answers "you!" Nicole asks about Jennifer Horton, and Collin says he did build a fantasy world about her and that he knows now he doesn't really want her. Collin tells Nicole that it is her that he wants, he wants to spend more time with her and show her how much he cares. Nicole spots Victor, and suggests to Collin that they talk elsewhere. They move, and Jen follows them. Colin gives Nicole a token of his affection, a little black box, and as she takes it a reporter snaps pictures of them. Collin gives her a Celtic ring, and explains that the meanings change from friendship to love depending on which way the ring faces. Collin gives her a kiss, and suggests she wears it like a friendship ring until she is ready for more. Nicole claims she is not ready for his ring or his kisses, and she doesn't know what type of game he is playing. She storms off, and Collin says that worked like a charm. Later, Collin calls up Jen, who has been spying on him and Nicole. He asks her if they are still on for dinner tonight, and she says yes. Meanwhile, Nicole gets a call from Victor and asks her to meet him at the jewelry store.

At the hospital, Brandon is puzzled why Sami seems to be being so distant towards him. Lexie shows up, so Brandon meets with her. Sami thinks about Victor's warning, and she says there has to be some way for them to be together! Out on the terrace, Brandon tells Lexie that he knows she has set a court date for her lawsuit, and they begin to argue. Brandon tells LExie that this lawsuit is wrong, because he is betting that her father was behind this switch, and he cannot support her this time. He also says if he is called to testify, he will have to tell the truth, that she knew about the baby switch for over a year. Brandon tells her that even if she had gotten the right baby, Glen still would have claimed his son from her. Lexie says her lawyer would have taken care of Glen, and she says that the blame lies with this hospital and she wants revenge! Brandon understands the need for revenge, and he promises to protect her and never let Abe hurt her again. However, he still feels she needs to drop this lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Sami debates going to see what is going on with Brandon and Lexie, but she's afraid of Victor's wrath. When Brenda scolds her for leaving her station, she sees and hears Victor yelling at her at first. Sami realizes that Victor has taken control of her soul. She ends up seeing Victor all around her, and Nurse Brenda thinks Sami is going nuts. Sami tries to get a grip, and works on how to get Lexie away from Brandon. Victor's image shows up again later and warns her once again to stay away from Brandon. Lexie and Brandon show up, and Sami ends up screaming at them to leave her the hell alone! Brandon asks Sami if she is okay, and she says no. Lexie says she's love to watch her breakdown, but she has a lawsuit to take care of. Lexie gives Brandon a kiss and runs off. Sami can't believe she has him wrapped around her little finger. Brandon tells Sami that it beats being wrapped around hers! Brandon then realizes that Sami is hiding something. Sami refuses to talk about this, and tells him that if he no longer wants anything to do with her, then she wants nothing to do with him. Brandon is glad she is realizing they have no future together, and says he'll be seeing her! Sami damns Victor for doing this, and hopes Tony's plan works. Meanwhile, Lexie is met by two officers who say they have come to escort her to the station.

At the station, Bo and Abe watch the enhanced surveillance tape, and witness the names on the baby bracelets magically switch! Abe wonders if the video has been doctored, but the crime lab tech says it hasn't. They watch the video again, and Bo knows that Stefano is behind this! They realize the bracelets were tampered with before they were even put on the babies. Abe says Stefano may be dead, but everyone else involved with this switch will be brought to justice.

Elsewhere, Roman is upset that Billie did not stay in the car like he asked. Billie is fed-up with Roman and says she knows what is going on here. She says he has done everything he can to keep her away from Bo. Roman says he is training her the best that he knows how. He also says that she begged him to give her a job and that she had no interest in Bo whatsoever. Billie swears she only thinks of Bo as a co-worker and a friend, nothing more. Roman says good, because if she took this job to win Bo back then she should hand her badge in right now. Billie says she did not sign on to work with Bo, she signed on to work with him again. She says she only wants to be treated like any other recruit, and he says okay. He tells her that if he finds out this is a game, he will make sure she can't even get a job as a crossing guard! Suddenly, Bo shows up and asks if there is a problem here? Billie says no, and Roman insists that everything is fine. Roman then heads into Abe's office and watches the tape. Abe says there is something he's been waiting to do for a long time, and now he can finally do it. Abe then makes a call to Lexie and tells her that there is something involving her lawsuit she needs to see. Lexie says she's not interested and hangs up the phone on him. Abe runs out of the office, and Bo and Roman follow. Once they are gone, Billie sneaks into Abe's office and sees the tapes of the babies. She says Bo acts like their baby never happened. Bo catches Billie in the office, and she claims she just brought papers in for Commander Carver to sign. He ends up scolding her for watching classified evidence, but she says it just reminded her of Georgia. They're conversation is interrupted by a call from Hope. Bo talks with Hope about JT and Zack. Hope tells Bo that JT is really happy, and she is happy to see how well he's adjusted to his new home and family. Bo and Hope say goodbye as Billie continues to spy on them.

Lexie is brought into the station by the officers, and she demands Abe tell her what this is about. Abe says he has something that he wants her to see. Abe and Bo then show Lexie the tape if the baby switch. Lexie watches the tape, and is shocked. Meanwhile, Billie gets a call and she tells the person that she'll be right there.


August 6
Got a terrible headache while watching the shows, so I'm posting them unproofed
In Salem Place, Nicole pretties herself up to go meet with Victor, but has a nasty run-in with Kate first. Kate knows that Nicole has been planting lies in the business world about her and Basic Black. Nicole says she hopes John isn't fired over these rumors circulating in the business world. Kate ends up attacking Nicole, and Roman breaks up the fight. Nicole says she could charge her, and Roman offers to make an arrest, but Nicole says no. Nicole leaves, and Roman talks with Kate about what just happened. Later, Roman asks her what Stefano did to her in the past? Kate pretends like it was nothing, but Roman knows he did some serious damage to her, and because of what he did she doesn't trust anyone. Kate tells Roman to leave the head shrinking to Marlena, and she turns the subject around. She says it still burns him that MArlena dumped him for Marlena. Roman says that is not the case, and he says he knows she is as attracted to him as he is to her, and one of these nights he'll call her and ask her out. She laughs, but he says he knows when he asks her out she will say yes.

Nicole meets with Victor and tells him about her nasty run-in with Kate, but that her plan to take care of Kate is working. Victor then surprises Nicole with a little black box. Nicole opens the box, and it is empty. Nicole is shocked. Victor tells Nicole that he loves her, but he knows she is not ready yet. He says when she is ready, when she can't live without him, then they will pick out a ring for that box. Nicole says the last thing she needs is another ring today. Victor asks who offered her another ring? Nicole says it was just a joke, but Victor says he needs to know they aren't a joke to her, that they are real. Nicole assures him there is no other man, but as she hugs him, she thinks of Collin. Nicole then ends up in a liplock with Victor!

Billie arrives at the hospital and meets with Brandon. She asks why he needed to see her? Brandon says he has an abused girl patient, and he needs her help. Brandon says he couldn't get the girl to open up, probably because he is a guy, and she is the only woman cop he knows. Billie goes in to meet with the girl, who has a dislocated shoulder. Billie tells the girl that he knows how bad it must hurt, but she says it will get better soon. The girl begins to cry, and Billie tells her that she knows what she is going through because she's been where she is. She tells the girl about her own dad, and she says it is not her fault that this happened to her. The girl tells Billie that her name is Tia Vincent, and she admits that her dad did this to her. Later, Billie makes the call and Tia's dad is arrested at his girlfriends apartment with a boatload of cocaine. Brandon realizes how much they have in common, and he tells her that his dad beat him up too. Billi says she never would have thought that about him. Billie says she has to get back to the station because Abe is having problems with his wives. Brandon asks what is wrong, so Billie fills him in about the tape.

At the station, Lexie is shocked when she witnesses the baby-bracelet-switch tape. They tells Lexie that this baby switch was deliberate, and they know it was Stefano who planned it and carried it out. Lexie says this can't be! Lexie is stunned, and says she has to get out of here. Abe tells Lexie that she can't run from the truth, she has to drop her lawsuit. Lexie breaks free from Abe's grip, and leaves. Later, Abe and Bo head to Abe's house and they talk. Abe admits that he still loves Zack, and for some reason he still loves Lexie. Bo tells him that it is normal, he's been through a lot. Abe thinks he'll love them forever, but Lexie won't let go of her father, so it is over. Abe says he's going to have to file for divorce.

Later, Bo returns to the station, and Roman gets word that the force has given Bo the go ahead to form a team to bring down Magic Mike's drug ring. Billie overhears this news and plans to get on Bo's team.

At the mansion, BArt shows Tony some photos he found in the basement from a satellite. Tony says they were recent photos, and hopefully they can find the location of the satellite from them. Suddenly, Sami shows up ranting about how glad she is to see Tony, but Tony yells at her to get out! Eliana tells Tony that she told Sami now was not a good time, and Bart decides to throw her out. Tony, however, stops him. Tony talks to Sami and says he is sorry for snapping, but he is working on a very important project on fighting famine and disease. Sami is shocked and says she had no idea. Sami feels bad for coming her about Brandon. Tony assures her that he will help her as best as he can, but not this minute. He then shows Sami out. Sami is furious, makes a call, and asks the mysterious person to meet her in Salem place. Later, Lexie shows up and demands Bart tell her the truth about the baby switch. She says she knows about the bracelets, and Bart lets it out that Stefano was behind it when he says he was sworn never to tell anyone even her. Tony tells Bart to leave, and Lexie can't believe her father lied to her. She says his lies have destroyed her life. She tells Tony how father sat here and lied to her, and now she has lost her baby and her husband. Tony tells Lexie that Abe still loves her, and he knows she still loves him. Lexie, however, says Abe won't be able to forgive her, because she is a DiMEra now. Later, Tony receives the photographs of Nicole and Collin kissing, as it was his man who was spying on them. Suddenly, Brandon shows up to console Lexie. Tony tells Brandon that he is not Lexie's savior, and to stop stalking Lexie! Tony tells Bart that he hates Abe and Brandon, but Lexie deserves to be happy, and he knows she still loves Abe.

Lexie heads to her old house, where Abe answers the door.

Sami meets her grandma in Salem Place and begs her to talk to Victor and convince him that she needs to be with Brandon. Caroline is confused, but says she would only thank Victor for whatever he did because she doesn't belong with Brandon. Sami is shocked, but Caroline says it is too soon after Austin. Sami knows what she wants, and she says it is Brandon! Caroline asks Sami to close her eyes and imagine herself alone and waiting for Brandon. Sami does as her grandma asks, and she hesitates when her grandma asks her to ask Brandon if he wants anything from her. Sami claims she hesitated because it was just a fantasy. Caroline says that is right, it is a fantasy in her head. Caroline says she will not find love until she is ready to make the man's needs as important as her own. Sami, however, takes her Grandma's words the wrong way and comes up with a new plan to win Brandon back.


August 7
Abe is at home looking at photos of Isaac/Zack when Lexie shows up. She's in tears, and ends up crying on his shoulder. Abe is unsympathetic to her, and tells her that she should probably go. Lexie tells him that she is sorry she believed her father over him, and she knows now that is what destroyed their lives, and their dreams. Abe says this is about more than her father, it is about her accusations against him putting other things ahead of them and their family, when in reality she put her father and Brandon ahead of him. He tells her that he wants a divorce, the sooner the better! Lexie says that Brandon is just a friend, and she tells Abe that if he wants a divorce then she will give him one. She says she knows it is selfish of her to want comfort from him now, and she wishes she could comfort him. Abe kisses her hand, and she apologizes for putting him through hell. Abe says it will take time and honesty to get back to where they were. He also says if there are any more secrets she has to tell him, she needs to do it now.

At the hospital, Brady shows up to see Chloe and learns she is in remission and is leaving the hospital. She asks him what he wants, and he says to talk. She says this isn't the best time, so he says he'll see her around and leaves.

At the penthouse, Sami has a heart to heart with John. John tells Sami that she is a very special woman, and he reminds her how he used to take her to the park without Eric to prove that. Sami remembers they always had cream cheese and grape jelly sandwiches, which she knows he hated. She says she overheard him tell Isabella once, and she realized then that you have to do things you don't like to make other people happy. John tells Sami that he loves her as much now as when he thought he was her father. He then lectures her on seeing Tony, because she grew up without her mother because of the DiMeras. John asks her if she really wants to help these people ruin her mother's life again? Sami says Tony is not a villain, he is a wonderful man. She begins talking Tony's project to end hunger and the sateleitte he's put in orbit that must have cost millions. John becomes curious, but before he can question her about it, Brady shows up to talk to his dad. He says Chloe kicked him out of her room today, and acted like he wasn't there. John knows that must of hurt, and he thinks he knows why Chloe is acting that way. John says this can't be an easy time for Chloe, and perhaps she doesn't want him to get to close just in case. Brady says that is not what mom says, and John does an "excuse me?" Brady finally admits to his dad that he's been seeing and hearing mom at the loft, and she's been giving him advice about Chloe. He admits that he doesn't know if it is real or not. John thinks Brady is just feeling close to his mother being at the loft, but Brady says that she is real. He says he doesn't know if he can trust her because he doesn't know her, but John says she has always been a part of him. Brady becomes upset and says he took her advice and that is what caused the problem. John asks what advice, what is he talking about? Brady claims he did what he thinks mom would have told him to do, since John obviously isn't believing him. He says his plans keep backfiring, so John offers to help find Chloe's father. John also tells Brady that the best thing he can do for Chloe is love her. Brady tells him something his mom said "you must go on a journey, one that must bring you home." Brady asks his dad if he knows what that means. John says it could mean a lot of things. Brady leaves, and John begins thinking about what Sami said about Tony's satellite photographs, and pictures of an island it had taken. He vows to keep Marlena safe from whatever Tony may have planned.

At the mansion, Tony rants and raves to BArt about the key and the satellite, and how he needs answers. Later, Sami shows up and tells Tony that she doesn't know if he's being nice to her because he is nice, or if he is playing a game, but she won't be his spy, or John's. Tony laughs and tells Sami that he does like her. She says she likes him too, and she didn't give John any details about his satellite or the photos she saw. Tony becomes angry and demands she tell him what she told John about the satellite. Sami tells him not to shout at her, but Tony says he and John are competitors in the business world. He then tells Sami that she should be happy to know that Lexie wants to work things out with Abe, escpecially after learning the truth about the switch. This makes Sami's day, and she says if she wasn't so nuts for Brandon she could fall for him! She kisses him, and runs off. Tony once again looks at the satellite photos, and he wonders what his father was up to.

Phillip, Craig, and Nancy bring Chloe home, and she says she'll never take her home or days like this for granted again. Meanwhile, Craig gets the good news that Lexie will lose the lawsuit because the station has proof the baby switch was not the hospital's fault.

At Smith Island, Shawn tells Belle that if Rex and Cassie don't come clean with them today and tell them who they are, then he will turn them into his father. Shawn and Belle end up going for a swim to relax, and as they kiss, they see Cassie and Rex staring at them. Cassie has no top on, so Belle tries to teach her why she needs to cover up! She puts a towel over Cassie, and they tell them to no longer peak. Rex ends up pointing at Belle's breasts and asks what are those! Shawn giggles, but then realizes they were talking about her goosebumps! Belle says they come from being cold, and Rex replies "Belle cold?" Belle thinks he is finally understanding. Later, the twins rub their stomachs and say "Hungry." Belle continues to teach them things, like the difference between boys and girls, and that they are humans. Belle asks Rex and Cassie who they are? Rex and Cassie look at one another, and nod.


August 8
At the penthouse, John looks at the pillow Marlena got from Stefano and wonders what it could mean. He looks up the constellation on the back of the pillow and finds out that it is the Gemini constellation! John wonders what this could mean, what is Stefano trying to tell them. He wonders what this constellation, the satellite, and the key have to do with one another.

At the hospital, Jen shows up looking for Collin, but runs into Jack. She is furious with him and thinks he is worried she is so determined to get the goods on Collin that she’s going to sleep with him. Jen tells Jack to have a little faith in her. Jack just worries that Collin is setting Nicole up, so she should be careful. Jen says she knows what she is doing. Jack says just to be safe, and hands her a gift. The gift is a brooch, which is wired!

Elsewhere, Collin calls Tony and they talk about their plans for Nicole. Tony plans to use the photos for part of his plan, but Collin says he’s really not interested in Nicole, he’s interested in someone else right now. Tony asks him if he is sure he can trust this other woman? Tony says they can’t compromise this operation over a woman. Collin assures Tony that he won’t let him down. Back at the DiMera mansion, Tony wonders what games his father is playing with him, and what all of this means. Suddenly, John shows up to see Tony! Tony asks what he owes this pleasure to. John says they need to talk, about the Gemini twins! Tony is confused, so John spells it out. He says it was the constellation on the pillow Stefano gave his wife, and he knows this has something to do with the satellite his father put into space. Tony says he has no idea what his father’s plans for the space program was, but he’s going to use it for the DiMera foundation to help third world countries. John says Sami did mention that, and Tony suggests they work together and use their knowledge of space to solve the mysterious on earth. John proposes they call it the Gemini project. After John leaves, Tony looks at his photos once again, and thinks what the Gemini have to do with this. John returns home, and wonders why Tony seems to know nothing about the Gemini. He wonders if this is as much of a mystery to Tony as it is to him, and he realizes this is all Stefano’s doing.

Back at the hospital, Jen notices Collin watching her and Jack, so she puts on an act telling Jack to take his earrings and return them because they are over. She hands Jack back the box, but takes the brooch. She then goes to see Collin, who says tonight is going to be a surprise. Jen and Collin leave, and Jack worries about Jen. Collin takes Nicole out to a little island somewhere. Jen notices it seems like a storm is coming, but Collin thinks they can brave it. He pours Jen some champagne, and Jen asks Collin if he is still seeing Nicole Walker, because she thought she saw them together earlier. Collin says no, it was just an innocent little coincidence they ran into one another today. Collin tells her that no woman has ever stirred the feelings in him that she has, and as he moves in to kiss her, thunder cracks. Collin suggests they take cover, and leads Jen to a little shack.

At Tuscany, Nicole meets with Victor. Victor says they have to talk about competition of the heart. He tells her that if she is seeing anyone else then he wants to know about it right now. Nicole thinks he is jealous, but he says he is not jealous; he is smitten with her and is afraid she will leave him. She says that is foolish. Victor finally spits it out and asks if she has stopped seeing Collin Murphy? Nicole says she gave him the heave ho, but Victor says he’d hate to think she was being dishonest with him. Nicole thinks about Collin, but tells him not to worry. Victor tells Nicole that he has to know he can trust her, and Nicole then accuses Victor of putting Collin up to that little scene. Victor asks Nicole what she is hiding from him. Nicole says Collin called her and asked to meet her in Salem Place, but she told him no and that they were through. Victor tells Nicole that if she wants a future with him then he’s passed the first test. Nicole asks him what he means? Victor tells her that before he puts a ring on her finger, they have a lot to discuss. Victor tells her that if she does marry him, she will be one of the wealthiest women in the world, she will want for nothing. He says she will be provided for in his will, but she says they shouldn’t go there. Victor says he just wants her to know after he is gone; she will have the same wealth and power she enjoyed while he was alive. However, he says this offer comes at a price. She asks what price she has to pay? Victor says he has but one demand, if they are to be together then there can be no other man. Victor says if they get married then she cannot be, see, or cheat with another man. Nicole says she understands. Victor warns her if she was to cheat on him, she will face horrible consequences!

On Smith Island, Belle asks the twins who they are, and they say Rex and Cassie. Belle and Shawn says those are the name they gave them for the Gemini twins. Rex and Cassie seem to recognize the word Gemini, and Rex tries to draw something. Belle helps him by showing him how a pen works. Rex winds up drawing the Gemini constellation. Shawn says they can’t be from there, it is too far away, and nobody would survive the trip. Belle says they weren’t even alive when they found them; perhaps they were frozen for the trip. Belle believes they are aliens, but Shawn isn’t sure who or what they are. As they talk about what to do with the aliens, the aliens tells them “No one else!” Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and it turns out to be Mimi and Kevin. They say they were going to go jet skiing, but it looks like a storm is coming so they headed for the cabin. Mimi and Kevin see the aliens, and Mimi tries to talk to them, but they don’t talk back. Mimi asks who these guys are? Belle tells them that these are the alien, and Mimi faints. Mimi comes too, and Belle and Shawn tells the twins that these are their friends. However, the storm begins to scare the twins. When Belle says they must not have storms on the Gemini constellation, but Kevin says they couldn’t exist on a star, it is much to hot. Rex starts talking about planets, and grabs a cantaloupe, so Belle tells him what it is. Mimi realizes they can learn English pretty well, but Belle tells her that the one thing they can’t say or show them is keys. Mimi wonders why, as does Belle. Belle finally asks them why they are afraid of keys? Rex and Cassie then draw a key similar to John’s! Later, the kids end up trapped in the cabin because of t he storm.


August 9
I missed the first 5 minutes, sorry
At Tuscany, Kate arrives for a business meeting, and ends up sitting at a table across from Roman, who has been stood up by Sami for a dinner date. Roman flirts with her and sends her champagne, which she thinks is from another man so she returns the favor. She’s shocked when her champagne is sent to Roman, and he admits he sent her the champagne. Roman ends up joining Kate at her table, and he asks Kate if she and Stefano were ever in love? They are interrupted by the waiter who says Kate’s date had to cancel because he’s unable to land his plane do to the storm. Roman says the lady will be joining him, but she says no she won’t and runs out of the place and into the elevator. Roman follows her to escort her home safely, and they end up trapped in the elevator!

At Abe’s house, Brandon shows up and tries to convince Lexie to leave with him, but she refuses. She tells Brandon if he doesn’t leave, she will never forgive him. Brandon tells her that she’s made her bed and now has to lay in it, and not to come crying to him any more. Brandon leaves, and Abe returns from the phone call he was on. He asks who was at the door, and Lexie says it was just a neighbor asking if they had an extra flashlight. Abe tells Lexie that once again he needs to know she can trust her. She blows up and says she doesn’t need this right now, and decides to leave. However there is a storm raging, and she ends up crying on Abe’s shoulder once again as she tries to leave. He asks her once again to tell him if there is anything else he is keeping from her, and she agrees. Lexie tells Abe that her father swore he had nothing to do with the baby switch, and she believed him. She says she acted like his daughter and not his wife, and she betrayed her wedding vows. LExie says that is it, and Abe says he believes her and gives her a kiss. Abe looks at her and says she looks like the woman he married, but Lexie says she isn’t the same woman, she has been changed by all of this and can’t go back. Abe says they don’t have to, now that everything is in the open then can move forward.

At the hospital, Sami talks to her grandma about her latest plan to get Brandon to love her. Caroline ends up furious because Sami is resorting to her old games, she is tricking Brandon into loving her. Caroline becomes furious and storms off. Sami has no idea why her grandma is so mad. She ends up planning an elaborate setup to get Brandon up on the roof where she will woo him. She thinks of her setup, and fantasizes about getting Brandon up on the roof where he kisses her. As she thinks about Brandon, Brandon shows up to fume about Lexie. He ends up blowing up at Sami, who tells him that he should forget about LExie because she’s gone back to Abe. Brandon tells her that he doesn’t want to hear this from her, and she should get lost. Sami tries to leave, but realizes she is locked on the roof with Brandon! Sami says the door is jammed, but Brandon thinks this is another scheme. She yells at him to try it, and he realizes it is jammed. It ends up raining, and neither one of them has cell phones on them. Sami accuses Brandon of going after women like Lexie and her when they are unavailable. She says going after Lexie will not change the fact that Abe and his mother had an affair, and that his father found out and took it out on him. Brandon ends up grabbing Sami, and she fears he might hurt him. She tells him that she no longer wants anything to do with him because she hates him. Brandon says she doesn’t, so she says fine he hates her. He then kisses her!

Bo is on his stakeout to nail Magic Mike when Billie, in a disguise, shows up. He asks her what she is doing here? Billie says the girl that was supposed to be his partner panicked because she was a newly wed, so she had to step in. Bo doesn’t like this, but Billie says she can handle it and the other cop tells Bo that Billie is their only option right now, it’s too late to back out. Billie heads into the warehouse to meet up with Magic Mike and the drug dealers. Billie shows Magic Mike her money, and asks where the product is. He shows it to her, and his men counts the money. He says the price just went up, she is now part of the deal! Billie becomes uncomfortable, and outside, Bo listens and worries. Magic Mike offers Billie to refund the money and offer this a personal exchange! Suddenly, Bo and the cop burst in, and Magic Mike grabs Billie and uses her as a shield! Billie uses her training and ends up pinning Magic Mike. The arrest is made, and Bo and Billie stay behind in the warehouse so Bo can yell at Billie. He tells her that she subverted his authority and put them all in jeopardy. Bo says he’s going to write her up, and if he has his way, she’ll be losing her badge! Billie is furious and ends up telling Bo that there is no way she’s going to let him bounce her off this force because she nailed Magic Mike for him and saved his butt! Suddenly there is a crash of thunder, and cracking sound from the roof!

In Iowa, Hope is shocked to learn Stefano was behind the baby switch all along. She tells Barb they all suspected it, but now they have the proof. Hope says she doesn’t regret having JT in her life, but she wishes she had known earlier she was raising someone else’s baby. Barb remembers blackmailing Lexie, and she feels guilty for what she did. Barb comes clean with Hope and tells her that she knew about the baby switch long before she did, and she wasn’t the only one. Barb admits she did horrible things when they first found out about JT, and she did them because she didn’t think they could take on the responsibility of JT. Barb says she and Glen did DNA results on JT when they kidnapped him, but she never told Glen the results. She says she figured out about the switch from the results, that Hope had the wrong baby. She says she went to Lexie, but Lexie already knew! Hope calls Bo and leaves him a message telling him to call her ASAP.

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