August 01 Week 5


August 27
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At Bo and Hope's, Hope talks to Jen, who is holding JT, about the argument she and Bo had. Hope says she's sorry Bo feels threatened by her search for her past, but he's just going to have to understand. Jen loves holding JT, and says he makes her want to have another one. Hope asks if Abby is still bugging her about giving her another sibling. Jen says no, she's moved on to bugging her about sleeping in the same bed with Jack. Jen says that will never happen, and she thinks that Greta is falling for Jack. Hope asks her what she's going to do about that? Jen says she doesn't know, she really doesn't know how she'd feel if Greta went after Jack. Jen then begins thinking about Colin again. Hope suggests she get in touch with Colin if she can't stop obsessing about him. Jen says it may not be real between her and Colin, and she wonders why she can't meet a man who wants her. Hope thinks that on a subconscious level, she isn't getting involved with a man who wants to be with her because she still wants to be with Jack. Hope and Jen move out to the patio and sip some ice-tea, and Jen says she hates her situation. Jen doesn't want to encourage Jack, but she does want him to love and want her. Jen says she's already taken vows once, and it almost killed her when it fell apart. Jen doesn't want to go through that again. Hope tells Jen that sooner or later she'll have to decide what she wants. Jen says she wants to run away and not come back. Jen decides to take off, and calls someone who she thinks will be able to help her.

Jack waits for Greta at Dot.Com and worries that Greta might be falling for him. Greta shows up and gives Jack a kiss on the kiss before sitting down. Jack says "wait!" Greta asks "wait?" Jack says he meant why, why did she just kiss him? Greta says because she likes him. Jack fears that Jen was right, and that Greta is indeed falling in love with him. Greta tells Jack about Colin, and she notices he is very distracted. Jack is constantly talking to himself and blurting words out loud, confusing Greta. Suddenly, a man shows up and offers Greta his name and number, if she is interested. Greta thanks him but says she is taken. She then grabs Jack's hand and says "right honey?" The guy leaves, and Jack tells her that she is nuts, he was built and had money, hunks like him don't come along everyday. Greta says she is happy right where she is. Oliver then calls Jack about the job, and tells Jack he needs to fly out to Vegas and bring his pretty wife, otherwise there is no job. Jack doesn't know what to do, because Jen wouldn't go with him, and he can't ask Greta or she'll get the wrong idea. Greta returns, after buying a love songs CD, and Jack panics. He tells her that they really need to talk. Jack says he has a job interview in Vegas, but he needs to bring a date. Greta thinks this is an invite and accepts, but Jack says he was not going to invite her. Greta thinks she is such an idiot, and she is coming on too strong, which pushes guys away. Jack tells Greta that it is not her, it is him. Greta says that is what all guys say, and she thinks that something is wrong with her. Jack says he is telling the truth, so Greta asks him for one good reason why he isn't interested in her? Jack says nothing, which takes as confirmation that something is wrong with her. Jack tells Greta that the truth is . . . Jack sees a magazine cover and realizes that would do it . . . Greta tells Jack to just say it, she is a freak, and that is why he's not attracted to her. Jack says she is a lovely person, and the reason he is not attracted to her is because he is gay. The camera then pans over to a copy of Bella magazine which has an article listed on the cover called "When he says he's gay."

At the Wesley's, Chloe can't stop thinking about her sing-a-long with Brady. Suddenly, her phone rings. Chloe answers it and it is Brady. Chloe is delighted to hear from him. They both chit chat for awhile, Brady is shooting hoops in his bedroom with one of those over-the-door nerf basketball hoops. Brady asks Chloe what she is wearing? Chloe says she's wearing her PJs, she was going to go get some breakfast. Brady doesn't want to keep her, but she says it is okay. She also says she went online and ordered the soundtrack from the Sound of Music. Chloe tells Brady that she had a really good time last night. Brady says he did to, and he thought they sang well together. Chloe asks Brady if he really meant it when he said she couldn't sing, because music is everything to her. Brady tells Chloe that if she goes pro she will fall on her face. Brady tells her right now she is too uptight and closed off, she has to get in people's faces and tell them how she feels. He tells her that is what she has to do when she sings. Chloe thinks he is right, and she says she felt very free with him last night because he is just a friend. This doesn't go over well with Brady, who looks like someone just killed his dog. Chloe goes on and says when she used to sing for Phillip, she felt uncomfortable, like she had to watch every move she made. Brady suggests they work on her signing some more, and he says he'll give her a call. Chloe decides to go have breakfast, and says she'll talk to him later. At Brady's, Brady continues to shoot hoops from his bed, but keeps missing the basket. Brady says if he makes the next shot, CHloe will forget about Phillip and go for him, guaranteed. Brady makes the shot, and smiles.

Out on the island, Mr. Woods tells the kids they have the rest of the day off to do whatever they want. Shawn asks Mr. Woods if they can do some rock climbing, but because they aren't certified, Mr. Woods says no. Paul is not happy to hear this, so Shawn asks Paul why finding his great grandmother's ruby is so important to him? Paul says he's just trying to help them and kill time while on the island. Shawn begs Mr. Woods to let him climb, so Mr. Woods offers to take him. Shawn says that is okay, he is very busy. Mr. Woods refuses to let Shawn climb without someone who is certified. Paul says he is certified, and he has all his equipment with him. Mr. Woods agrees, on the condition that Paul and Shawn are the only ones who climb. Shawn asks Paul how much climbing he's really done. Paul says he's climbed, and his last experience was a real cliff hanger. Shawn and Phillip work on getting the gear together, and Phillip continues obsessing over Chloe being out with Brady again. Shawn suggests Phillip just apologize to CHloe and then let it go. Phillip thinks that is good advice, but can't find the phone in Mr. Woods' pack. Phillip decides to ask Wood's for permission to use it, and he tells Shawn he'll meet him at the mountain in ten minutes. Phillip manages to convince Woodsy to let him use the phone to call Chloe. Phillip calls Chloe, and begs her not to hang-up. Phillip tells Chloe that he's sorry for what he said, he didn't mean it. Chloe says she knows, and she knows he loved her. Phillip thanks her, and says goodbye.

Mimi continues to think about her kiss with Kevin, and he obviously likes her and says hi and smiles at her. Susan and Penelope watch, and both are a bit jealous. Mimi eventually leaves, and both Penelope and Susan think Mimi is in love with Kevin. As Penelope talks about Kevin's bod, Susan begins to show signs that she likes Kevin too. Later, Mimi talks to Belle about running into her and Shawn the other night. Belle is glad Mimi did run into them, because neither one of them had protection. Mimi can't believe Belle would have gone through with it, but Belle says that Shawn is the right guy for her. Phillip interrupts them and tells them that it is time to go. Meanwhile, Penelope thinks making a move on Kevin now would be a waste of time, because Mimi already has him.

Jason shows up and gets fresh with Jan, but she tells him that she has a headache from the booze. Jason wonders where she got the booze, because she didn't get it from him. Jan says she got it from the only real man on this island, Paul. Jason tells her that she is nuts for drinking with that old man. Jan says he is mature, and he is going to help her get into modeling. Jason laughs at her and walks off. Paul shows up and asks Jan to meet him at a cave down the beach with a waterfall, and to bring her bathing suit. Jan says okay, and asks why? Paul says they just need to talk about her career. Jan says she'll be there. Later, Jan and Jason have another fight. Jan thinks she is good enough to be a model and she will make a lot of money. Jan tells Jason that he makes her sick, and everyone will be sorry for laughing at her.

Paul and the kids go to the mountain, and Shawn climbs for the first clue.


August 28
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Bo shows up at the DiMera Mansion to see Lexie. Eliana tells Bo that if he doesn't have an appointment, then she must announce him. Bo thinks this is a joke, and he says that he wants to know if his and Lexie's children were switched at birth. Lexie overhears this, and lets Bo in. Lexie says that Eliana just doesn't know her friends yet. Bo wants to talk about the baby switch, but LExie says that never could happened. Bo gets the feeling that Lexie doesn't want to talk about this, but he won't drop it. Bo says that JT has FAS, but Isaac is perfectly healthy. Lexie says that Marlo stopped drinking when she became pregnant, and Hope drank like a fish when she was Gina, so she's heard. Bo says most of Hope's pregnancy was spent in a castle with her father, not partying. Bo begins to think Lexie is becoming a lot like Stefano, so Lexie suggests Bo leave. Bo says he only came here out of respect for her because he's looking into the switch, and it effects her. Lexie says it doesn't, she knows her own baby and Hope knows hers. LExie then suggests Marlo could still be alive, nobody identified the body. Bo says that is because the body was stolen from the morgue, and that same day a body was scene in this house. Bo says she can cling to her lie all she wants, but as to whether or not JT is Hope's biological child, there is definitely a way to find that out! Bo accuses Lexie of being a true DiMera, and he thinks it is sad. Bo tells her if she wants to be a DiMera, then he'll bring her down along with Stefano. Lexie accuses Bo of not wanting Hope to find out anything. Bo says she is wrong, so LExie tells him to concentrate on Hope and his family, not on hers. Lexie then kicks Bo out of her house.

At Basic Black, John shows Brady around. Brady wants to know where his office is. John says, "you mean your cubicle," which makes Brady's jaw drop. John laughs and says he's just kidding, the plans are in the other room. John goes to get the, and Brady calls up Chloe. Chloe asks Brady what is going on? Brady says he's checking out his dad's new office space. Brady can tell by Chloe's voice that something is wrong. Chloe doesn't want to talk about it over the phone, so he suggests she come here. Chloe says his dad is there. Brady asks if she wants him all to herself? CHloe says she does. Chloe says she'll come over there anyways, so Brady gives her the address. John returns with the plans, and he starts talking to Brady about their college deal. John really wants Brady to go back to school, so he suggests he work at Basic Black part time while finishing up at Salem University. Brady says no way, he wants to amaze him and in order to do that he has to focus on one thing at a time. Brady says that he wants to help his dad with his business now, because he'll be in the business of "cool" and he'll want someone cool working here. John is a little insulted, but he knows what Brady means. John then gives Brady the resume of Sarah Burton. Brady looks at it and says she's going to run this company one day. Suddenly, Chloe shows up to see Brady. John decides to go to the conference room and wait for Sarah, leaving Chloe and Brady alone. Chloe can't stop thinking about Brady's advice that she can't sing. Chloe says that if he wants to teach her anything it probably isn't a good idea to destroy her confidence. Brady asks if that is what he is doing? CHloe says not yet. Chloe plans on giving Brady a fantastic performance today in order to shut him up for good. Chloe starts singing opera, again, and Brady turns it off. Brady tells her she sings like a machine, she's not getting in touch with her feelings. Brady tells her that if she doesn't start acknowledging she has a problem, she's never going to get anywhere. Chloe becomes fed up and tells Brady to sing for her. Brady refuses, so Chloe says she's not going to listen to him anymore if he doesn't sing. Brady says fine, and he sings Music of the Night from Phantom. Chloe is moved and realizes Brady is right, and she doesn't think she can sing like that. Chloe then runs off. Brady chases after her and tells her that she needs to use this feeling she is having right now, of being frightened, and express it through her music. Brady suggests they get out of here. CHloe goes to get her pack, and he goes to tell his dad that he's leaving.

Meanwhile, Kate shows up, and John asks her what she is doing here. Kate says she heard she was moving into this building and wanted to see for herself. Kate tells John that he seems very energized, and she knows how that feels. John says being on the board can become boring after awhile. John chit chats with Kate about Lucas, and then he realizes he has to meet with his interviewee, and Kate says "Oh Sarah?" John asks her if she knows Sarah? Kate says she is Sarah Burton! John asks her why she lied? Did she think he wouldn't meet with her if she gave him her real name? Brady walks in and says that is correct, his father is not going to interview her, so she can leave!

On the island, Shawn climbs for the next clue. He reaches an overhang, and begins to run out of steam. He slips, and hangs from an overhang. Shawn gets his focus back, and continues climbing up the cliff-face. Meanwhile, Phillip uses the binoculars to look for the clue. Jan shows up and wonders what Shawn is doing? Belle says that Shawn is just rock climbing. Paul gets distracted by Jan, and gives the rope to Phillip so he can go flirt with her. Suddenly, Shawn slips, and Phillip drops the rope. Phillip manages to grab it again, and Shawn is okay, but a little banged up. Belle yells at Jan to go, and Mimi runs off as well. Belle wants Shawn to come down, but he refuses. Shawn can't seem to find the star, and continues searching. Phillip tells Belle about his call to Chloe, and how this one went really well. Belle is pleased and hopes things work out for them. Back on the cliff, Shawn continues to slip and stumble, but eventually finds the next clue, but it is out of reach. As he is going for the clue, he can't seem to dislodge it from the cliff-face. As he's pulling on it, Shawn stumbles backwards!

Jan, Jason, and Mimi all end up talking on the beach. Jason plans to take a nap on the beach because people keep making him wake up early. Jan wants to know what Shawn and the other suck-ups are up to now? Mimi says they are up to nothing. When Jan starts talking about Paul as being sexy, Mimi says "eeww!" Mimi says she does not go for the fatherly type, and Jan tells Mimi that she knows she fantasizes about her father. Mimi thinks this conversation is disgusting. Jason leaves, and Jan tells Mimi that she saw Belle and Shawn during their midnight swim. Mimi asks Jan exactly what she saw? Jan says she saw nothing, but obviously Mimi did. She wants to know what is going on with them, because she can't believe Shawn would go all the way with that snob. Mimi says that Belle is not a snob. Jan then starts thinking about Shawn and what the perfect sexual position for him is. She then suggests they make a bet, who can get SHawn into the sack first.


August 28
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Greta is shocked at Jack's startling news that he is gay. She has no idea that Jack is lying to her so as not to hurt her feelings. Greta thinks back to all the times that Jack acted differently than most men. To Jack's surprise, Greta says it all makes perfect sense. He then proceeds to ask her to be his "girlfriend" in Las Vegas so that he can get the job he's in the running for. She agrees, and mentions that they need to talk openly and honestly with Jennifer about his homosexuality. Jack freaks, his lie is coming back to bite him...

Meanwhile, Jennifer goes to see Marlena, professionally, to discuss her feelings for Jack. She is unsure if she wants to get involved with Jack and his shenanigans again. In addition, she tells Marlena that she has feelings for another man as well. Marlena suggests more therapy sessions, but Jennifer is hesitant. If she only knew what Jack is really up to...

On the island, it appears as if Shawn has snapped his neck and is dead. However Shawn was just playing a prank, and is really okay. Mimi gets upset and moves off, but is comforted by Philip. She realizes now how much making a fool of someone can hurt their feelings. She is sorry that she hurt Chloe. Shawn tells Belle about the second clue when they are interrupted by Jan and Jason. Luckily they are able to hide the clue. When Philip and Mimi return, Shawn reads the clue aloud. Paul is excited. They are closer than ever to finding the treasure...

On the beach, Kevin and Susan talk. She accuses him of having the hots for Mimi. He tells her that Mimi is not his type. He wants someone that can stimulate him physically as well as intellectually. We can see that Susan wants to be that girl...


August 30
On the island, Shawn, Belle, and Paul work to decipher the third clue. They discover the treasure is located in a cave. Afterwards, Belle and Shawn go swimming in the lagoon of love again, and talk about Paul. Belle says that Paul is no good, and they should try and get the Ruby on their own. Shawn says he was thinking the same thing. Shawn rambles on and on about Paul and the treasure, and Belle finally tells him to stop with the talk about those subjects. The two then engage in a water fight, and then some kissing. Belle and Shawn get out of the water, and once again end up making out on the blanket! Shawn eventually says they have to stop, but Belle says it's okay, she knows her cycle and she can't get pregnant. Shawn continues kissing Belle, and Belle tells Shawn that she wants him. Shawn eventually stops and says he can't do this, he doesn't want to take a chance. Belle thinks Shawn is rejecting her, but Shawn says he's not rejecting her. Shawn tells Belle the reason he stopped is that the only way she won't get pregnant is if they wait. Shawn asks why it has to be right here right now, why is waiting a bad thing? Belle says it is beautiful here, and she doesn't want them to end up in a crummy hotel or the back seat of a car, and that this place would make such a wonderful memory. Shawn tells her that every time he looks at her that he'll remember how beautiful she looked right now. Shawn kisses Belle, and tells her that if she wants him to stop to say something. Belle says nothing, and the two begin making out again. Shawn starts doing some serious body sucking, until Belle stops him. Belle puts her top back on and hopes Shawn isn't mad. Shawn says he's not.

Meanwhile, the rest of the island gang celebrate a productive day of planting plants with a beach barbecue. One of the kids ends up saying "Who could have thought you could have such a good time in the land of giants and nerds." Mr. Woods is furious, but the student says it is just a joke. Susan is on the verge of tears, and doesn't want to say anything, so Penelope urges her to stand up for herself. Jason and Jan show up, and Jason makes a crack about Penelope, which causes everyone to laugh. The teachers continue to scold the popular students for teasing the other kids. Penelope finds her courage and she tells everyone that she has something to say! Penelope says ever since she can remember people have called her shy, and she accuses Cynthia of making it worse once they got to high school, she called her thin and flat. Cynthia just laughs, and Penelope is tempted to run off. However, Mimi tells Penelope not to leave, say what she has to say. Penelope says that at first she thought it was just her, but then she heard Susan, Kevin, and CHloe all being made fun of. Penelope says there is no nice way to put someone down, it is all mean, hurtful, and unfair. Mimi and Phillip tell Susan to speak up as well, but Susan asks why? Phillip says if she tells them how it felt, maybe the name calling will end. Susan tells Phillip that he's going to be sorry he asked! Susan says she was happy up until she was ten years old, until she was called fat. Susan says she never fought back, because she thought it would make things worse for her. Susan says she never stood up for herself, or the other kids, and that makes her feel ashamed, she let them do to the other kids what they were doing to her. Susan says that her name is Susan, she is Penelope, and he is Kevin, so they should tell all their friends back home to stop calling them names because they are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it any more! The kids applaud Susan's speech.

Paul goes back to his hut and plans to let the kids set off the traps in the cave while he gets the ruby. Paul says that either way, someone is going home in a box, and it won't be him. Later, Paul meets up with Jan, and he encourages her to dump her boyfriend because he will only hold her back. Paul invites Jan inside to tell her his big plans to make her a star. Paul tells Jan that if she is serious about this, she has to prove it to him. Paul asks her to pretend like they are on a movie set, and they have to kiss. Paul kisses Jan, and she pulls away from him and asks what he's doing? Paul says he was just teaching her how to act, but she obviously doesn't have much to learn. Paul then cons her into kissing him again, as an acting lesson of course. He then feels her up, which causes Jan to yell at him. Paul says he was just checking, because directors are going to want to know if they are real or not. Paul says before he can recommend a new star to his directors, he has to ask her for a sneak preview. Meanwhile, outside, Jason shows up at Paul's hut, and calls out to Paul. Paul goes out to see Jason, and sees he is with Cynthia. Jason asks Paul for his flask back. Paul drinks down the rest of Jason's booze and then gives it to him. Jason and Cynthia leave, and Jan decides to go after Jason because she doesn't want to let Cynthia get her claws into him.

In Salem, Kate reveals to John that she is Sarah Burton. John asks Kate what the deal is, did she think he wouldn't meet with her if she used her real name? Kate asks "Was I right?" Suddenly, Brady bursts in and says she was right, and his father will not meet with her, so get the hell out of here! John asks Brady what in the hell he is doing? Brady refuses to let his dad hire Kate Roberts, and asks who gets to throw her out? John apologizes to Kate, and Brady tells his dad this is crazy, he shouldn't be the one apologizing. John says Brady is right, he should be the one apologizing! Brady refuses, so John says perhaps he isn't the one who should be helping him run this company. Brady says fine, he is gone. John tells BRady that if he walks out that door, not to bother coming back. Brady says he is sorry to Kate, and storms out of the room. Kate thinks she should go, but John says they have things to discuss, and he offers her a drink. KAte accepts, so he tells her to make herself at home while he gets some bottled water. Kate looks around the office, and picks out which office will be hers! Later, John tells Kate that while he doesn't approve of her applying under an alias, she does have what he's looking for. Kate tells John that she knows Brady's anger is about Phillip, and she is glad Phillip has such support. Kate says that she is far from perfect, and she'd give anything to undo what she's done. John can understand that. KAte starts going in her personal life, but John says that it is none of her business. Kate says that is not true, there are things he needs to know about her, intimate things. Kate says if he hires her, they will be together every day, and he'll end up seeing more of her than he does of his wife. John asks Kate if she is coming onto him? Kate says she was flirting with him, she just wanted to see if he would confront her about it. John asks why? Kate says she is honest person and knows what she wants out of life, and she wants to make peace with all those she's hurt, such as Samantha. Kate asks John if she is the kind of person he'd want to run his company with? John tells Kate that he is considering her for this job, and he'd like to talk to her about it again at a later date. Kate asks what about Brady? John says he decides who works here, not his son. Kate thinks she is already in, and her first task will be to get Brady out!

Meanwhile, Brady is furious that his dad has turned on him. Chloe asks Brady why she is acting like Kate wanting a job is a crime? Brady says that woman tried to kill his grandfather! Chloe says that there could be two sides to that story, how well does he even know Kate? Brady says nothing, so Chloe says that his father is right. CHloe tells Brady that first it was MArlena, now it is Kate, every woman he comes across he attacks. Chloe asks Brady if he hates women? Brady says he is not a misogynist, he doesn't trust MArlena with his father, and he doesn't trust Kate either. Brady says this is none of her business anyways. Chloe accuses Brady of attacking her as well by telling her what she can and can't do regarding singing and Phillip, and she thinks it is because she is a woman. Brady laughs and says she is a kid! Chloe says if she is a kid, then why is he hanging out with her? Brady says he wants to help her, but CHloe thinks he just likes ordering women around. Chloe thinks he hates women and it has something to do with the fact that his real mother wasn't around for him. CHloe thinks his real mother would be appalled by the way he treats women. Brady yells at Chloe to stop talking about his mother! Brady says that his mother was a good woman, and he holds no resentment towards her. CHloe apologizes for bringing his mother into the discussion. Brady also apologizes for going off on her. He says besides, how could she understand, she has her mother and she could care less about her. Chloe says she never said she didn't care about her mother, and she has a right to be angry with her mother for willingly giving her away! Brady tells CHloe that she is vicious to her mother! Brady tells CHloe that one thing he admires about her is that when she goes after someone, she takes no prisoners, she goes in for the kill! Chloe thinks about what Brady has said. She says she always thought Nancy deserved to be treated the way she was treating her, but maybe she needs to know more. Chloe begins to cry, which she hates doing. Brady gives her some Kleenex, and she tells Brady that he's made her think. Chloe says there is something she needs to go do, so she takes off. After CHloe leaves, Brady calls the building security and learns Kate's car is still in the parking lot. He says that the only way Kate will work for this company is over his dead body.


August 31
At Basic Black, John lectures Brady about his behavior. Brady says that Kate Roberts is a snake, Grandpa Vic threw her out of Titan because he couldn't trust her. John says there is no room in his company for trouble makers, which is Brady's point. John says he embarrassed him and Chloe, and he wouldn't be surprised if she never wanted to see him again. Brady says he doesn't care, he has better things to do than hang out with a high- schooler. John asks him "such as?" Brady says working here of course. When John just looks at him, Brady thinks his dad is no longer going to hire him. John tells Brady that he blew it, so he should probably go back to school. Brady says he is sorry, he was just trying to protect his company. John says he is perfectly capable of doing that himself. Brady tells his dad that so much time has been wasted the past few years between them, and he thinks working together will bring them closer. John says he is building this company for his children as his legacy, so Brady will have to adjust his attitude. Brady says he will, and then he asks if he thinks Chloe was turned off by his anger? John says "so you do like her!" Brady says he's only helping Chloe get in touch with her emotions so she can be a better singer. John says, while they are speaking about her, that he should apologizes to CHloe for his outburst as well. John hopes Chloe will accept his apology, but Brady says he doesn't care if she doesn't, she's just a messed up kid. John says "yeah, right."

Chloe goes to the hospital to see Craig, but finds him with Nancy. She asks if she can speak to Craig, alone. Nancy seems hurt, but says she has plenty of work she needs to do, so she leaves. Chloe talks to Craig about what happened at Basic Black today, and Craig doesn't know where she is going with this. Chloe says that Brady told her she treated Nancy poorly, similar to the way he treated Kate. Chloe says she thought that when she and Nancy argued she was just being honest. Chloe says that she doesn't even know who her father is, and Nancy just keeps lying to her about him and want them to pretend to be a happy family. Craig says whatever reason Nancy has for not telling her, it must be a good one. Chloe says no reason is good enough to keep the truth from her, she has a right to know who her father is. Chloe says that she hates when Nancy feels like they are becoming best friends, because it just reminds her that she was given up by this woman, a woman who wouldn't have come for her if the adoption agency hadn't called her. Chloe says sometimes she thinks that the only reason Nancy brought her home is to show off her talented singing skills. Craig tells Chloe she has a lot to learn about Nancy, because shallow she is not. Craig tells Chloe that Nancy has never told him who her father is, but she has told him how painful it was to carry her and then give her away. Chloe says she would never give her baby away, but Craig says she doesn't know that. Chloe says it is true. Craig says he knows that her mother has love in her heart for her, and if she can accept that love one day, she will be a better person for it. Craig is beeped and has to go, but asks Chloe to think about what he said.

Outside, Nancy meets with a sick little girl and tries to cheer her up. The little girl was in a car accident with her mom, and her mom died. Nancy learns that the little girl is living with her aunt and grandma now. Nancy tells her that even though her mom can't be with her anymore, she will always love her. Nancy tells the little girl that she'll be all right, and gives her a hug. Chloe sees this touching scene.

At Dot.Com, Greta tells Jack that she wants to tell Jennifer that she knows he is gay, but Jack says she can't do that! Greta asks Jack if he is out to Jennifer? Jack says he and Jen have an understanding. Greta says "Of course she knows, how could she not know!" Greta tells Jack that she realizes now that Jen was trying to give her subtle warnings not to get involved with him. Greta says Jen also mentioned he let her down, which must have been a reference to his preference for men. Jack says no, he thinks she was let down that the two of them hit it off so well, her being a woman and all. Greta asks Jack how he knew that, has he been eavesdropping on her and Jen? Jack says no, and Greta says it doesn't matter, all that matters is he opened up to her. Greta says that so many things are making more sense to her now, such as them living together for Abby's sake after he and Jen split up. Greta says that she also realizes Jen is still attracted to him, and she's just going to have to accept he is gay. Jack becomes annoyed and begs Greta to stop yelling that word at the top of her lungs. JAck tells Greta that he is not gay! Greta asks "your not gay?" Jack says he is, but the word makes him feel uncomfortable. Greta tells Jack that it is not healthy to be ashamed of who he is. Jack says he is proud of who he is, but it is his business and nobody else's. Jack asks her not to mention this to Jen. Greta asks why? Jack says that he doesn't want to hurt Jen's feelings, she only recently found out and they've been together for ten years. Jack says he still wants to work things out with Jen, which puzzles Greta. Greta asks if they will be a couple who doesn't have sex? Jack says he wouldn't say that, which puzzles Greta even more. Jack asks Great to drop the subject of sex, but Greta wants to span her horizons and learn about different sexual orientations! Greta says she wants to help him and Jen. Jack says she is helping him, she's helping him get that job. Suddenly, Oliver calls Jack back and says he's faxing him the airline and hotel information, and he has to present a macho man image. Jack says he's a macho, macho man, and has a hot babe to bring with him. Greta takes the phone and starts giggling about how she can't wait to meet him. She then starts panting and telling Jack to stop it, as if he is doing something to her while she is on the phone. Oliver is impressed, and Jack thanks Greta for what she did. Jack decides to head home to get the fax, and Greta decides to buy the Belle Magazine about coming out of the closet to learn more about Jack's sexual orientation.

Jen shows up at Bo and Hope's to see Hope and JT. Jen says seeing JT in Hope's arms is such a miracle. Hope says she has her little boy back and nobody will take him away from her again. Hope says she was expecting Jen earlier, but Jen says she had to go see her shrink. Hope is shocked, but Jen says she just felt like she needed to talk to someone who is objective, and Marlena is one of the best. Hope is troubled she is seeing Marlena, but asks how it went? Jen says it went well, and she finally has realized that she needs to start sharing some of the blame for her and Jack's problems. Jen says going to Ireland after Colin was a mistake, and she needs to work out her feelings for JAck, because they did love one another very much. Hope asks if this means there is a chance for them? Jen says she doesn't know, but she has to stay positive and believe that there is a possibility that she and Jack can build up there relationship once again. Jen says she knows right now she can't make a commitment to Jack, but she is ready to forgive him. Jen says who knows, if Jack can win her trust back, maybe they might be able to get back together. Jen and Hope start talking about Lexie, and Hope says Lexie has changed since she moved into the DiMera mansion, she is becoming very secretive and jumpy. Hope tells Jen about the innocent baby switch remark she made, which causes Lexie to freak out. Jen says LExie does has an incredible fear of having her baby taken away from her.

Bo goes to the pub and talks with his mom. Bo is reading the paper and there is a story about a baby-switch happening at a hospital in Chicago. Caroline thinks that story is awful, and she is just glad that could never happen here in University Hospital. Bo says it could, and it might have already happened. Bo talks to his mom about the possibility Isaac and JT could have been switched. Bo feels Lexie is under DiMera's spell, and that she is hiding something. Bo is positive Lexie knows more than she is letting on, and it's not about being worried that Marlo may not be dead and could come after her baby. Bo thinks that it is very possible that Isaac and JT were switched. Bo says this can all be traced back to DiMera, because he's the one who found MArlo and brought her to Salem. Still, Caroline says that doesn't prove that JT and Isaac were switched. Bo and Caroline argue about Marlo and how it just doesn't add up that JT is the one who has FAS. Bo says he has to go, and he takes off.

LExie takes her baby to the hospital for a check-up, and she is very distracted. The nurse takes Isaac to see the doctor, and Brandon shows up and notices that LExie is trembling. Lexie says she can't take the secret anymore, it's like a time bomb that is about to go off! Lexie cries that she is so afraid of losing her baby! Brandon takes Lexie into another room to try and calm her down. Brandon tells Lexie that she needs to face reality, she is a mess, this secret is taking over her life. Lexie says Isaac belongs with him, and if the situation was reversed, Hope would feel the same way. Brandon says that is an easy justification considering Hope doesn't know she has her baby. Brandon tells Lexie to either tell everyone the truth, or come to terms with what she is doing an calm down. Lexie says he is right, she needs to calm down for her son's sake. Lexie says even if she does manage to calm down, people might find out the truth anyways. Lexie says that Hope has made some comments about a possible baby switch. Brandon says he thinks Hope probably won't stop until she uncovers the truth. BRandon is beeped, but he doesn't want to leave Lexie in this condition. Lexie says she will be fine, so Brandon leaves. After Brandon leaves, Lexie says she has everything figured out and knows exactly what she has to do.

Meanwhile, Bo shows up and talks with some of the nurses about the night JT and Isaac were born, and hospital security. The two nurses look at one another, and tell Bo that another gentlemen inquired about that night a few months back. Bo says that was Glen, and he knows about that. Bo talks to the nurse about keeping babies straight, and the nurses say that id bracelets are put on babies to keep them from being mixed up. As they are talking, Lexie shows up and spies on them. Bo asks if there is any room for error, any possibility the wrong bracelets could be put on the wrong baby? This question causes Lexie to freak out. The nurses say that would never happen. Bo asks "So nothing odd happened that night in the nursery?" One of the nurse says she remembers that night well, there was one mix-up. The nurse tells Bo that the babies were placed in the wrong basinettes. They only recall that JT was one of the switched babies, they don't recall who the other one was. Bo is beeped and has to leave, and Lexie calls up Rolfe and says she has to meet him at the mansion because they have a problem

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