August 01 Week 4


August 20
I have a really bad migraine today, so these are short summaries
In Salem Place, Hope tells Jen that one out of seven men who have been married will marry again, so if Jack marries again, she'll only have herself to blame for losing him. Jen says even if she wanted Jack back, she doesn't know what is going on between him and Greta. Jen says if she asks Jack, he'll think she's interested, so she decides to ask Greta.

Hope runs into John and the two talk about the past. John tells her that he doesn't have all the answers, and it is hard for him to talk about this. John tells Hope that he and Stefano were very close, he thought of him as a father. Hope asks if that is why he doesn't like remembering the past, or is it that he's afraid of what he felt for her, er, Gina. John says that is just it, it was them that made love on the submarine, not him and Gina. Hope realizes John is afraid they may fall in love again if they dig into their past.

At the Wesley's, Nancy and Craig spend some major time in bed making love, and then decide to go out for a night on the town. Meanwhile, CHloe and Brady are still hanging out together. Brady asks Chloe what she wants to do? CHloe has an idea, something most girls her age have done, but she has not. Brady is shocked, until she says bowling! Brady takes Chloe bowling, and messes with her by telling her that the goal is to get the ball in the gutter. She believes him, until Brady goes to the men's room and another guy points out how the game is really played. Chloe tells Brady she knows what he's up to, and she's shocked that he's such a good liar. As they have fun, the mood is spoiled when Nancy and Craig show up.

At the Blue Note, Julie tells Jack that she wants to help him win Jen back, because she sees that he has truly become a man worthy of Jen. Jack is shocked, and even more so when Julie tells him her plan. She says she wants Jack to make love to Greta!

At Greta's place, Austin shows up and hangs out with Greta. He tells her that he and Sami are giving things between them a chance. Greta is a little disappointed, but she says that she has made a new friend, Jack. Austin is shocked, and the two talk. As they are joking around Jen shows up to see Greta. Greta invites her in, and Jen thinks maybe something is going on between Austin and Greta. However, Jen is disappointed when Austin has to go meet Sami for a serious dinner date. Greta sees Jen is upset, and asks if she was hoping there was something between her and Austin? Meanwhile, as Austin is on his way out, Jack shows up. Austin warns Jack that Jen is in there, so he cooks up a scheme. Jack knocks on the door and asks his sweaty if she is in there. Greta is shocked, but not as much as Jen. Jack plays innocent and acts like he had no idea Jen was here, and he tells Greta he has a lead on a job.

Back in Salem Place, Roman meets up with Kate at the Java Cafe and begins talking about Sami. Sami shows up and demands to know what the whore is saying about her now. Kate is shocked, and Roman says that Kate just told him that she gave custody of Will to her because she found out something Lucas did that could send him to jail, and she agreed to shut up about it in order to get Will. Sami is shocked, and Roman thinks Kate was actually telling the truth. Sami and Kate get into a huge fight, and Sami storms off to meet Austin. As she is talking to Austin, Kate walks by and sticks her tongue out at Sami, which horrifies Sami.

At the Dimera mansion, Lexie continues to struggle with what to do about Hope and John. Lexie wishes John would just disappear, and that her father was here. Rolfe shows up and says he can help Lexie. Rolfe claims he has a way to give Hope Gina's memories without turning her into the princess. He says if Lexie just says the word, it will be done.


August 21
At Greta's place, Jack tells Greta that he has found a lead on a job, and he wants to talk about it with her over dinner. Greta is surprised to see Jack, and Jen pops up and says he can't go to dinner, because he has to pick up Abbey from day-camp. Jack asks Jen what she is doing here? Jen says she just getting chummy with Greta, which is what he wanted her to do. Jack asks if she picked up that expression in Ireland? Jen asks Jack what is this job, what is the big secret? Greta tells Jen that she and Jack have been job hunting together, that is all. When Jack says a friend called him, Jen begs Greta not to get involved because this friend is probably Oliver. Jack says Oliver is a great guy, and describes him. Greta asks Jack how he knows this guy? Jen tells Jack to tell them how he knows Oliver. Jack says he met this guy in North Africa. Jen says that he ran Oliver's company into the ground. Greta asks what the company was, and Jack says plastic nose bones. Greta and Jen share a laugh at Jack's expense. Jack says they were going to market them in American in a variety of day-glo colors, but Jen says that Jack and Oliver failed to look into the fact that there was no market for such a thing! Greta and Jen continue to laugh, and Greta says she's dying of curiosity to hear what this great new job idea is. JAck asks her how many languages she speaks? She says French, English, a little bit of German and Spanish. Jack says his new idea is to provide closed captions in a multitude of languages through a device one plugs into their TV. Greta thinks this is a great idea, but Jen doesn't. Jack says he'll talk to Greta more about this later, and storms out. Jack tells himself it is time for plan B. Back inside, Jen apologizes for being so negative. Jen says coming here was a mistake, but Greta tells her that she doesn't think she's a bad person, if that is what is worrying Jen. Jen thanks her, but she says she is very embarrassed by the way she acted. Jen says Jack does need to find a job, and Jack's idea was a good one. Greta tells Jen that before she goes she will answer her question. Greta says she is interested in Jack, she thinks he's a good guy and she likes him a lot. Jen, holding back tears, tells Greta that she's glad because Jack really likes her too. Jen leaves, and a spying Jack does a happy dance because his plan is working. However, Jack then realizes Greta really is interested in him, and wonders what he's going to do about that. Jack talks to himself to try and come up with a solution to his latest dilemma.

Caroline, Colin, and Elizabeth are out in Salem Place. Elizabeth is still hating Salem, and she asks Caroline what on God's green earth would posses someone to live in this town? Caroline says this town isn't as provincial as she might think, they have a ballet on tour from Russia here. Colin asks about shopping? Caroline says they have a Barrons department store, and Countess Willamina started right here in Salem. Caroline takes Elizabeth off shopping, and meet up with Colin later for lunch. After lunch, Caroline and a very happy Elizabeth do some more shopping. Later, Jen arrives, and thinks she spots Colin shopping for an apartment. Jen wonders what she'll say to Colin if she runs into him, because he said he never wanted to see her again. After Colin leaves, Jen talks to the man he was talkng to and learns the man had an accent.

On the island, the kids are all sitting around the campfire talking with their teachers about their plans for tomorrow. Jason is still sneaking drinks, and Paul is still spying on the kids. Suddenly, Belle screams because she felt something on her hand. Kevin checks her out and says it may have been a sand spider. Shawn tells Belle it was him, he was trying to hold her hand. Mrs. Perez and Mr. Woods want to check the area for spiders, but Belle tells them it was a false alarm. When she has to admit it was Shawn's hand, everyone laughs. Mr. Woods suggest they all get to bed because they have a full day tomorrow. Phillip pulls out a guitar and decides to get away from everyone for awhile and find some time for himself. Meanwhile, Jason tries to get Jan to drink, but she says he knows she can't have any. She becomes angry with Jason, but smiles when she sees sleazy Paul watching her from the bushes. Jan sneaks off with Paul, and Belle and Shawn decide to sneak off together as well. Mimi hangs around with Kevin, Susan, and Penelope, and starts teasing Kevin about how hot it is, so maybe he should take his shirt off. Mimi flirts with Kevin until he takes off his shirt. All the girls then sit around and stare at him. Mimi then puts on Kevin's shirt, and decides to walk through the water. Kevin tells her to be careful because it is high tide. Mimi suggests Kevin walk with her and explain the tides, moon, etc. to her. Mimi and Kevin take off, and Susan comforts a hurt Penelope. Susan tells Penelope that playing dumb with Kevin will only get her so far, Kevin respects a person with a brain. Susan says that girls their age have to be a little more aggressive with guys and make the first move. Penelope asks Susan how she can get Kevin's attention? Susan tells her this is what she needs to do . . . .

Meanwhile, Jan talks with Paul, and she asks if she has to take her clothes of for these films? Paul thinks she's chickening out, but Jan says she'll do if it if it important to the plot. Plus, Jan thinks she's going to travel, and make a lot of money. Paul says he's going to get her into some great movies, but he needs some photos of her. Jan thinks he means head-shots, but Paul says centerfolds. Jan says she doesn't have any, but Paul says he can take some for her. Jan doesn't think she can do that, so Paul says if she can't drop her clothes for him, she will never make it in films. Suddenly, Shawn shows up and asks what is going on? Jan says nothing. Shawn suggests she come back with him to camp, but Jan says no. Shawn tells her one day she'll wish she had someone looking out for her, and he leaves. Paul talks to Jan, who he thinks has been around the block a few times, so the photos will be a piece of cake. Jan says she'll think about it, and will talk to him later. Jan leaves, and Paul tells himself that he moved too fast, but Jan will be back because she wants it bad.

Shawn meets up with Belle, and they go swimming into the lagoon again. The two also share another passionate kiss. Afterwards, the two head to the beach. Shawn and Belle share a towel to stay warm, and snuggle on a blanket. Soon, things become very hot between them, so to speak. Hands begin moving, and Shawn tells Belle that they better stop. Belle tells Shawn not to stop, and the too continue making out. Shawn tells Belle that if he doesn't stop now, he doesn't think he'll be able to later on. Belle say she doesn't want him to, and off comes Belle's top. Meanwhile, Kevin and Mimi walk along the beach, and Mimi continues flirting with Kevin. Mimi gets to the point where she can't control herself, and kisses Kevin.

Phillip goes off and begins thinking about Chloe again, and what a jerk he was to her. Phillip then begins strumming his guitar and singing. As Phillip sings, he thinks he sees a ghost of Chloe in the distance. Chloe comes closer to Phillip, and becomes solid for second, but soon vanishes. Phillip yells for her to come back, so she does. Chloe says he can't hold her, because he didn't believe in her. Phillip says he does believe in her, and then screams "Get me off this damn island, I want to go home!"


August 22
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Belle and Shawn are getting hot and heavy on the beach, and it looks like they are going to make love. However, they are stopped by Mimi and Kevin who pointedly announce their arrival very loudly. Kevin and Shawn return to the group while Mimi and Belle have a talk. Mimi confesses that she interrupted Shawn and Belle on purpose. She tells Belle that she is not ready for something this intense and pointo out that Belle and Shawn have only been on one date. Belle tells Mimi that she has known Shawn all her life and that she was ready to have sex. Mimi apologizes and promises never to interfere again. Meanwhile Shawn chastises himself when he realizes that he almost had sex with Belle without protection... At the bowling alley, Brady, Chloe, Nancy, and Craig decide to bowl together. Brady suggests that it should be boys vs girls but Craig doesn't like that idea because he knows what a great bowler Nancy is. The foursome are having a wonderful time until Chloe's cell phone rings... it's Philip. He hears Brady's voice and says some hurtful things to her on the phone. His anger brings Chloe to tears and she turns to her mother for comforting. Nancy tells her daughter that everything will be okay with time and distance from Philip... Back on the island, Paul attempts to seduce Jan. His plan is to get her drunk on run and fill her head full of dreams of fortune and fame. He thinks with Jan he can pick up right where Nicky left off...


August 23
Hope is driving home in her car, and realizes it is very late and Bo is going to freak. At Bo and Hope's, Julie and Doug are playing with JT, and Bo walks in and is furious that there is laundry laying around, and the house is a mess. He's also not happy that JT has been all around town and leaving with JT with sitters. Bo says that this is Hope's home and this is where she should be! Bo asks to have JT, but Julie refuse to hand him over because Bo is too upset. Doug doesn't understand why Bo is so upset, so Hope is a little late. Bo accuses Doug of butting his nose in where it doesn't belong. Doug asks Bo what his damn problem is? As they are arguing, Hope walks in and asks what is wrong. Bo tells her that she's been gone for hours, and now she wonders what is wrong? Julie decides to put JT down for a nap, and Hope thanks Doug for picking up JT. Doug was glad to do it, because it allowed him to get some of Caroline's cooking, which he must admit is better than Julie's. Doug comments to Hope not to tell Julie he said that, and Bo says Hope is great at keeping secrets. Julie returns, and both she and Doug notice the tension between Bo and Hope. Bo accuses Hope of not taking care of the house, because it is a mess. Hope says she doesn't have time to do housework everyday with the baby, but he can go ahead and clean it up. Bo starts cleaning up, and Julie and DOug head into the kitchen. Bo tells Hope that he works all day, so it just makes sense for her to keep things together at home, since she is here all day. Hope tells Bo that it is too bad he doesn't have a tower to lock her up in like Stefano did to Gina. Bo says there is nothing wrong with a man expecting his woman to be home at the end of the day instead of . . . . Bo demands Hope tell him where she was. Hope says she had to go out, and she made sure JT was looked after. Bo asks again, where in the hell was she? Meanwhile, Julie and Doug are stuck in the kitchen listening to Hope and Bo's argument. Hope says she was out with a friend, is she allowed to have friends still? Bo knows it was John, and he says she can't seem to stay away from him. Bo accuses Hope of only being concerned about her past, and she is treating JT like he comes in second to her past. Hope says that is not fair, him and JT are everything to her. Bo tells Hope that he loves her, but this thing with John is messed up, and he hates feeling that he can't trust her. Hope says she is sorry, but she has to handle this the way she feels is best. Bo tells her fine, handle it without him. Bo says he's out of here, and he'll get his own damn dinner! Doug and Julie finally leave, after Bo storms off. Hope goes outside and finds Bo pacing. Bo says that it all comes down to JT, he is not biologically his son, and that has been difficult. However, Bo says the worst part is her and JOhn looking for her past as Gina, and they might find out who fathered JT. Hope says that is not why she is doing this. Bo fears part of her may still love JT's real father, but Hope says that will never happen, she loves him and only him. Hope swears no one will come between them.

Brady takes a blindfolded Chloe to the park, which is often used for weddings. The pavilion in the park has been strung up with Christmas lights, and there are flowers all over the place. Brady tells Chloe he used to bring dates here when he was younger. Chloe can't picture Brady as the romantic type, and then she drifts off and begins thinking about Phillip. CHloe tells Brady that Phillip misses her and loves her. Brady asks CHloe how she feels? Chloe is shocked he asked such a question, because she expected him to tell her to stop thinking about him. Brady says he's learned he can't force anything that involves love, so either she thinks about him, or she doesn't. However, after a big speech about how she has to make up her own mind about Phillip, Brady comes out and tells her that in the end she will realize Phillip is the wrong guy for her. CHloe says that she has to be the one to come to that decision, on her own, without any help. Brady gets the hint, she wants him to shut up, so he suggests they turn their attention to this place. Chloe says this place reminds her of the Sound of Music, and they both remember the scene from the movie where the daughter sneaks out to meet the guy she has a crush on. Brady and Chloe then beginning singing "Sixteen going on Seventeen." Afterwards, Chloe tells Brady that things have changed between them, and she can tell they will be very good friends. Chloe tells Brady that she hopes they will stay friends forever, and hugs him. Chloe says that love is so confusing, and that one really needs to take the time to get to know someone first. They then start singing "These are a few of my favorite things!"

Out on the island, Shawn is thinking about how close he and Belle came to making love. He wonders how he could have been so stupid. Suddenly, Mimi shows up and jumps on Shawn's case for trying to take advantage of Belle the way he did. Mimi tells SHawn that he almost ruined Belle's life. Mimi says if anyone else saw them, Belle's rep would have been trashed! SHawn says it wasn't like that, he and Belle care about one another. Mimi asks him if he took precautions? Shawn says nothing, and Mimi yells that he was about to go all the way with a girl he's known his whole life and he didn't even have a condom! Shawn says Belle could have gotten pregnant, and they have only been on one date. Mimi tells SHawn that he was raised better than this, and she doesn't know him anymore. Shawn tells her exactly what happened, and that things just got out of hand. Mimi tells Shawn that he is letting himself off the hook way too easy, God gave them brains to tell them to stop what their body's want to do. Mimi tells Shawn to watch it next time. Paul shows up and asks what is wrong, the little woman not putting out? Mimi tells Paul that she is not Shawn's girlfriend, and storms off. Shawn asks Paul what is their next move for the treasure? Paul says danger, the most dangerous situation of his life. Shawn asks what kind of danger? Paul says that mountain is going to be dangerous, but Shawn says he's done some climbing, and he has good equipment. Shawn leaves, and Paul jokes that Shawn may make it to the top, but he'll take a fall coming down. Later, Paul puts the moves on Mimi, and she tells him that he is a sleaze, he is old enough to be her father!

Meanwhile, Phillip continues thinking about Chloe and how he yelled at her. He begs God to help him get Chloe back. Belle shows up to comfort Phillip. Phillip tells her the latest blunder he made. Phillip says he called Chloe, and she was bowling with her folks and Brady. Belle is amazed because Chloe never does anything with her mom and Dr. Wesley. Phillip says he said she was with Brady, what in the hell is up with that? Phillip accuses Brady of waiting for him to leave town so he can make a move on his girlfriend. Belle says he has nothing to worry about, Chloe is probably hanging out with Brady because all her friends are in Salem, and she is desperate. However, Phillip thinks something may have happened, and Chloe may be dating Brady now. Belle tells Phillip that he is letting his imagination go nuts. Belle tells Phillip that CHloe cares about him, but Phillip says not after what he just did. Belle asks Phillip what he said? Phillip says he called her a bitch and phony, and then hung up on her. Belle tells Phillip that she was wrong telling him not to worry early, he should worry a lot! Phillip says he doesn't know what is happening to him, he misses her, but when he speaks with her, he yells at her. Belle tells Phillip that he has a serious problem with jealousy, and he needs to resolve it before he sees Chloe again. Belle also tells Phillip that if he and Chloe don't get back together, it won't be the end of the world. She asks Phillip to get his self respect back, and just be Phillip until they get back home. Belle says he'll never get Chloe back until he likes and respects himself. Phillip and Belle hug and agree to be friends for life. Shawn shows up, and looks a little jealous. Belle and Phillip see Shawn and say hello to him, and then decide to all go to bed.


August 24
Kate is at Dot.Com admiring some beefcake when Austin shows up. Austin tells his mom that she looks beautiful Kate says it must be because she is happy. Austin asks her if she found out something about Lucas? Kate says that she talked with the people at the facility where Lucas is and they believe if and when Lucas comes out of the coma, he will make a full recovery. Austin says that is really great news. However, Kate says the doctors don't know when or if Lucas will come out of the coma, but there is hope. Austin says he will go visit Lucas very soon, and he hopes Lucas will know that he is there. Kate says he will know, a parent knows what their child is feeling, he will understand that someday. Austin tells his mom that he wants to talk to her about that, about having children. Kate tells Austin not to tell her that Sami is pregnant. Austin says that Sami isn't pregnant, but one day he hopes they will marry and have children. Kate starts whining, but Austin tells her that they have all changed, and Sami is the woman he wants to spend his life with. Austin says Sami has her priorities straight now, but Kate thinks Sami is just trapping Austin. Kate tells Austin that he is a wonderful person, he is kind, caring, and trusting, but he is naive when it comes to women. Kate tells him to look at what happened with Carrie. Austin says that is ancient history. Kate tells Austin that there will come a time when he'll have to choose between Sami and her. Kate recaps all of Sami's evil deeds, and tells Austin that Sami is only out to destroy her, and he is helping her. Austin tells his mom that there is nothing that Sami can do to make him stop loving her (Kate), so if she chooses not to be in his life because of Sami that is her choice, not his. Kate asks Austin to find a woman he can love and trust, because Sami will just break his heart. Kate then gets a call from Roger telling her that John wants to meet with Sarah. Kate tells herself that she will have her revenge on Victor!

At the hospital cafeteria, Sami tells Brandon that everything is going well for her and Austin. Brandon asks her to elaborate. Sami says they have been dating, going to movie, dinner, playing with Will. Sami says that Austin is very unselfish, he wants her and Will to be happy. Brandon tells Samantha that it sounds like she might be hearing wedding bells soon. Sami says she's not pushing to get married because everything is going so well. Brandon is shocked because he thought her mission in life was to marry Austin. Sami says she's changed her mind. Brandon asks her what has changed? Sami says she is enjoying her freedom, so if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Sami says she learned from Carrie's mistakes, she was playing games with Austin while having an affair with Mike. Brandon asks Sami if she knows why Carrie turned to another man? Sami says no, she just thought she was a fool to give up on Austin. Brandon asks if Carrie's expressed any regrets in her choice? Sami says no, Carrie is in Israel with Mike, and she hopes they both stay there. Brandon says she sure tells it like it is. Sami says she can't tell it like it is around Austin. Brandon asks why not? Sami says when you love someone you tell them what makes them happy. Brandon disagrees and says some men like a woman to be herself, and to respect herself. Brandon tells her she's going to be living a life of secrets, lies, and empty promises. Brandon tells Sami that if she loved Austin she would marry him now, but she is dragging her feet because she is realizing she has nothing in common with Austin. Sami tells Brandon that he is wrong, but Brandon knows she needs someone who loves the real her, and that man is not Austin. Sami is sick of talking to Brandon about this, and she decides to leave because she doesn't want this to ruin their friendship. Brandon tells her that if they are friends, she shouldn't play games with him. Sami walks off, and Brandon says he refuses to let her marry Austin.

Greta runs into Colin outside her apartment. Colin is looking at one of the apartments, and Greta says it would be nice having such a charming gentleman living right down the hall. Elizabeth shows up and asks if she'd enjoy having his fiancee as a neighbor as well. Elizabeth says they met the other day, and Greta remembers. Elizabeth says that flat was not to her liking, and not at all large enough. Colin isn't surprised. Elizabeth says she'd like to discuss this in private. Greta leaves, and Colin finally yells at Elizabeth for her constant bitching. He says that she is different from the woman he fell in love with, that woman was kind, generous, and hospitable. He wonders what is responsible for changing her into what she has become, a rude, dismissive, and condescending person. Elizabeth says she doesn't feel at home here. Colin tells her he's not asking her to feel at home, just be accepting and nice to people. Elizabeth says she misses her things, and living here upsets her. She says she misses her friends, and she doubts she could make any friends in Salem because she has nothing in common with them. Elizabeth says Salem has a whole different culture. Colin says that he thinks Elizabeth is saying that the people of Salem are lacking class, actually she thinks they are all beneath her. Elizabeth tells Colin that he is right, she doesn't want to live here and she resents that he gets to decide where they live. Colin tells her that she can leave, but he is staying. Elizabeth apologizes, and starts playing little games with him. Back inside Greta's place, Greta realizes Elizabeth has Nicole Walker's lovely personality. Greta wonders what Colin is doing with that girl, and thinks Jen should meet him.

At Jack and Jen's, Jack comes back from taking Abby to the bus. Jen tells Jack that they need to talk about Greta. Jack says he was surprised that she has become friends with Greta so quickly. Jen says Greta is sweet and intelligent, but very innocent when it comes to men like him. Jack wonders what she said to her about him? Jen says that it doesn't concern him, but Jack says it does because Greta is a friend of his. Jack and Jen start quarrelling like children, and Jen almost walks off, but doesn't for Greta's sake. Jen tells JAck that she thinks Greta is falling in love with him. Jen tells JAck that he should be careful with Greta's feelings. Jack says he cares about Greta as a friend, so Jen begs him not to lead her on for his own selfish purposes. Jack says Greta will find someone that is right for her, but Jen tells Jack to stop rationalize his using Greta to attempt to make her jealous. Jen warns Jack not to do this to Greta. Jen goes to her room and tells herself that she hates living like this. She then begins to think about Colin. Later, Greta calls Jack and asks him what he is doing today? Jack says he was going to continue his job hunt, so Greta asks him to have lunch with her. Jack says okay, because he would like to talk to her about something. They decide to meet at Dot.Com. Jack fears Jen could be right, and Greta could be falling for him. He wonders how he can let her down easy, but still keep things going.

John takes Marlena to the place which will be Basic Black's offices, currently it is still being built and there is drywall everywhere. John asks Marlena if he should hire Sarah Burton? Marlena thinks John should get a picture of her first. John asks Marlena if she is feeling a little insecure? Marlena says no. She is, however, uneasy about something she wants to discuss with him. Marlena tells John she is still worried about Hope learning the truth about her past as Gina. John tells Marlena they can't live in fear, they have to just hope things work out for the best, and continue loving one another. Suddenly, Roger Collins calls John and tells him that Sarah Burton is available to meet him today if he'd like. John says that is fantastic, he's looking forward to meeting her. John and Marlena decide to meet up later for dinner, after John meets with Sarah.

At Titan, Nicole asks Victor to let her handle Roger, that way he doesn't have to get his hands dirty. They soon talk about Kate, and ask him how much more money he will give her. Victor is hoping Kate will get a job soon, but Nicole asks why she would work when she can get a free ride from him? Victor tells Nicole not to underestimate him, he knows how to deal with Kate. Nicole asks Victor what the game plan is? Victor says he wants to keep it secret for now. Nicole tells him that he is a man of mystery, which is what makes life with him interesting.

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