August 01 Week 2


August 6
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At Jack and Jen's, Jack tells Jen that he loves her. Jen tells Jack that she doesn't know what to say to him. Jack says that words aren't necessary. Jen tells Jack that he is right, and it isn't that he didn't told her he loved her enough, it is that he didn't show her. Jack asks Jen if she wants him to kiss her again? She says no, so he asks her what she wants him to do? Jen tells Jack that she knows what it took for him to say that, and that he thinks he meant it . . . This angers Jack, and the two begin to argue about the past. Jack says that he only left her to try and provide for her, and that he felt she and Abby deserved so much more. Jen tells Jack that she didn't need money, and there is nothing wrong with a plain old job with benefits and two weeks vacation a year. Jack says she knows he is not a nine-to-fiver, and she should understand what drives him because it drives her to. Jen says they are parents now, and that has changed her. Jen says that is why she doesn't understand that she is being accused of being the selfish one. Jack tells Jen that they all could have been rich and happy, and they start arguing about the past again. Jen tells Jack that he always supported her career, he only hoped she would have done the same for him. Jen tells Jack that she wants a partner who is there to support her, so Jack says he would be happy to stay home and play mommy if she wants to go to work. Jack says she is more important than his male pride, and if male pride was important to him, they would not be having this conversation. Jen says they aren't still married, so this won't work. Jack reflects back on when they were first married, and how he was so afraid he would hurt her. Jen says he did hurt her, but parts of their marriage was good. They flashback to the poem Jen read to Jack. Jack and then start arguing about the honeymoon, and everything else. Jack asks Jen why she took him back the first time? Jen says she didn't want to walk that road alone. Jack asks her what is different between then and now? Jen says she is different. Jack asks Jen what she wants? Jen says she wants her own life, and she never wants to be married to him again. Jen apologizes to Jack for not telling him what he wanted to hear, and after some more talking about Abigial, Jack tells Jen they need to work on being more civil to one another when Abigail is not around. Jack says he has a plan, and asks Jen to come with him.

At the Wesley's, Chloe is running out of the house in some beach looking dress, and Nancy asks her where she is going? The doorbell rings, and Chloe says she's going out with a friend. Nancy thought all her friends were gone? Chloe says she does associate with a few people whose names aren't Belle and Shawn. Chloe answers he door, and Nancy is shocked to see Brady. Nancy exclaims "Oh no, you?" Chloe introduces Brady to Nancy, and says though he's related to Phillip, he is nothing like him. Chloe goes to get her purse, and Nancy tells Brady they have met before. Nancy tells Brady that he attacked the medical profession in general, and her husband, who then went on to give him the highest standard of care. Chloe returns, and Nancy tells Chloe that this is not a nice person she is going out with. Chloe thinks her mom is saying that her judgement sucks, and tells Nancy to learn her boundaries because she is really pushing her luck. Brady and Chloe leave, and Brady can't seem to remember offending Nancy. CHloe sees that Brady still has the handicap van, and suggests he let someone else who needs it have it. Brady says okay, and asks if she is hungry. She says not really, so Brady says he has someplace to take her before they go eat. Brady and CHloe go car shopping, and Brady falls in love with a black jeep wrangler. Brady wants the car, if the price is right. Chloe doesn't think he should just buy a car on an impulse, and she thinks Brady should think it over, but Brady wants the car. Brady ends up buying the car, and Brady and Chloe decide to go for food. As they are driving along, Chloe puts in an opera CD. Brady jokingly sings along, which makes Chloe laugh.

Out of the high sea, Paul runs the boat onto a sandbar. Mimi goes overboard, and Belle falls down and hits her head. Phillip nearly falls on top of her, and he asks her if she is okay. Her head is bleeding, and she is unconscious. The real captain yells at Paul, but Paul says that he was only trying to save his drunk ass. The captain says that they are at the wrong island, they don't come here because of the treacherous nature of the geography, and that only criminals come here. The captain says as soon as the tide comes in, they are leaving. Paul says they should at least check the boat out first and make sure it is okay. Meanwhile, Mr. Woods helps the kids who are hurt, and Jan tells Jason that she could get high off of his breath. Jason sprays his breath with some freshener, and Phillip screams for help for Belle. Shawn sees Belle and runs to her and tries to get her to wake up. Belle eventually comes to, and she insists she is fine. Mr. Woods and Mrs. Perez confront Paul and the real captain, and starts complaining again. The captain says they have to wait for high tide, which is in eight hours, but Mr. Woods says that will result in the loss of an entire day. Paul suggests they use the inflatable boats to get the kids and the supplies onto the island. Mrs. Perez says that sounds like the quickest way, so Mr. Woods agrees. The captain tells Paul that he is very slick, and Paul thanks him and says that this is the easiest and most trouble free solution, the kids get their island, and he gets paid and doesn't lose his job. The captain agrees, and Paul tells himself the treasure is his. Meanwhile, Mrs. Perez looks over Belle, who insists she does not have a concussion. Mrs. Perez goes to get the first aid kit, and Jan starts teasing Belle, Phillip, and Shawn. Phillip is sick to death of her, and tells Jan that he thought this trip was supposed to be her punishment, but it is turning out to be a punishment for them. Belle also starts in on Jan, asking her is she likes being a jerk. Drunk Jason shows up and wonders if there is going to be a cat fight. Belle wonders why Jason is slurring. Jason claims he's had to much sun, so Belle suggests he take his girlfriend and find some shade. Belle suddenly realizes Mimi is missing. Mimi is in the water shouting for help, and trying to stay afloat. Belle sees Mimi out there and asks her what she is doing? Mimi says she's trying to stay afloat, because she's having a little trouble. Jason yells "Baywatch moment guys, lets go in and get her!" All the guys jump in after Mimi, but ignore her and start horsing around! Mr. Woods asks what is going on, and Belle explains. When he says that Mimi doesn't need all those boys to rescue her, Jan says she has her own personal flotation devices! Mimi continues to shout for help, so Belle and Jan jump in to save Mimi. Unfortunately, when Jan jumps in, her top comes off! Belle swims to Mimi and asks her what is wrong with her legs? Mimi says her pants pulling her down. Phillip and Shawn show up, and Phillip helps Mimi get her pants off. Meanwhile, Susan tells Penelope and Kevin that Mimi's problem is she is a lot like the beef jerky person who got kicked off survivor, she couldn't take the idea of living off the land, so she hit the vending machines at the hotel. BAck in the water, candy bars start floating everywhere. The boys then begin racing one another to the island. Back on the boat, Paul tells the captain that he's planning on staying on the island with the kids, but the Captain says no way, he's coming back with him. Paul says he promised the parents that he would look after them, so the captain tells Paul he can stay with them if it will get him to shut up. The kids all hoot and holler for the racers, and Shawn wins. Belle feels bad when Phillip comes in dead last. The boys collapse on the beach, and Shawn asks Phillip what happened to him out there? Phillip says he lost his focus, in other words he was thinking about Chloe again. Phillip begins thinking about going back to Salem and working things out with CHloe. Back on the ship, Paul is wishing he had learned to read in prison, but says those darn kids will help him, and it is the last thing they'll do in this life! Scooby Dooby Doo moment!


August 7
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Brady and CHloe head to Salem Lake, where Brady asks CHloe to ditch her glasses, so she does. Brady and Chloe talk about Phillip, and Chloe says deep down she thinks she knew she and Phillip were doomed. Brady says she is being to Gothic, they just weren't right for one another. Chloe says she wanted them to be right, but whenever they went out, she felt like she was acting a part, she was trying to be normal. Brady says she was lying to him. CHloe says she was in a way, but she didn't think of it as lying at the time. Chloe says she'll never do that again, because the truth is she's not normal and never will be. Brady wonders why she would want to be normal? Chloe says she just wants to fit in, and she doesn't want to talk to him about this. Brady tells her not to think of him as a guy, but as someone she can confide in. Brady asks her why she stayed with Phillip so long? Chloe says because when Phillip kissed her, it made her realize feeling loved and loving someone is what makes life worth living. Chloe also says that Phillip made her feel accepted, like the other girls. BRady says she's not like other girls, so why would she want to be like them? Chloe thanks Brady for the not so nice complement. Brady tells Chloe as soon as she accepts who she is, she will be better off. Chloe says that is not true, that is why she memorized every moment with Phillip while she was with him because she knew it would end someday. Brady has had enough of Phillip talk, and suggests they go get something to eat. Chloe couldn't agree more.

At the pub, Victor shows up to see Shawn, who said he needed to see him urgently. Shawn tells Victor that he's very worried about their son, Bo. Shawns says Bo wants to go back to Ireland and investigate DiMera, which can't happen because it could cost him his life. Victor says what good will a talk from him do when Shawn couldn't convince him not to go? Shawn says it is worth a try. Victor says he'll do what he can, and Shawn thanks him from the bottom of his heart.

Brandon and Nicole meet at the pub, and Brandon is suspicious about why their dad left town. Nicole says their dad was asking questions about the kids' school trip. Brandon wonders why he's interested in the kids? Nicole says their dad claims he buried a piece of jewelry for mom that he wanted to dig up, but Shawn and the others found it first. BRandon doubts that, and thinks it is loot he stole and stashed. Brandon then sees Jen and Jack, and she wonders if he should go over there because Jen looks uncomfortable.

Jack and Jen are out at the pub, and Jack is trying to put the moves on Jen, who could care less. One of the mom's of Abigail's friends comes over and talks to Jack, and then tells Jen that her husband is a big hit with the moms at school. Jen points out that Jack is her ex-husband. The girl's mom apologizes for interrupting, and says perhaps they can set up a play date for Abby and Cassidy soon. Jack and Jen continue to fight. Jack finally tells Jen off and says that he's sorry he couldn't devote every waking hour of his life to being romantic towards her, but perhaps he had his own problems. Jen asks Jack how he could say such cruel things to her? Jack tells her that he lives to make her suffer, she should already know that. Jen is hurt, and runs to Brandon and asks him to take her home. Brandon does so.

Outside, Jen thanks Brandon for getting her out of there, but she doesn't need a ride home. She just didn't want to walk out alone, because Jack would have followed her. Meanwhile, Jack begins to realize his plan to get Jen back is not working. Jack leaves the pub, and overhears Jen talking to Brandon about how Jack is a good person, he just reminds her of someone she can never be again. Brandon tells Jen that he thinks he can help her, and asks her out! Jen accepts, which upsets JAck, so he calls "someone" and asks them out.

BAck inside, Nicole talks to Victor, and the two of them see CHloe come in with Brady! Victor becomes furious and refuses to allow CHloe to take over Brady's life as well. Victor approaches them, looks at Chloe, and tells Brady they will have to talk about this very soon! Victor and Nicole then leave.

On the island, Mimi talks to Phillip, who is missing Chloe. Mimi says she has never known how it feels to love someone so much that it hurts to be away from them. Mimi blames herself, but Phillip says it was his fault that he lost Chloe. Mimi tells Phillip that at least he's loved, she's never been in love and probably never will be because she is not cool or popular or beautiful. Phillip tells her not to put herself down, if she thinks she is beautiful and fun to be with, others will too. Phillip says it is just a state of mind. Mimi says if that is so, why can't he change his state of mind about CHloe? Phillip avoids answering the question, and continues to focus on cheering Mimi up.

Meanwhile, Paul talks to Shawn and Belle and tries to convince them to let him help them look for his grandma's ruby, but Shawn says they can handle this on their own. Paul tells them that this island can be dangerous, and tells them about the tragedy of 1990 when some school kids got killed by some drug smugglers. Belle becomes afraid, but Shawn says he can handle it. Jan walks by and looks upset. Shawn asks if something is wrong? She says no, and walks off. Paul leaves as well, and Shawn and Belle set up Shawn's tent, because he was unable to do it on his own. Later, they go swimming in a moonlight lagoon before Mrs. Perez midnight hike. Shawn jokes around with Belle in the lagoon, and disappears under the water, which frightens Belle. Shawn comes up, and Belle throws her arms around him. They then here music, figuring someone brought their CD player, and Edwin Mcain's "I'll Be" is playing, the song they danced to at the last blast. Shawn suggests they finish the dance they never got to, so the two dance in the water. Belle asks Shawn why he is looking at her the way he is? He says he can see the moonlight in her eyes, however corny it sounds. He also tells her that she is absolutely beautiful. Belle tells Shawn that she thinks he is handsome. Shawn then tells Belle that he thinks their first date was a big disappointment. Belle doesn't like hearing this, and backs off. Shawn says that he didn't mean that, he just wanted it to end differently. Belle asks how did he want it to end. Shawn says he wanted for them to, you know . . . Shawn decides to just show Belle, and they move in for a kiss! Shawn and Belle then share a passionate kiss.

Paul chases after Jan, and asks her why she is so down when she is so beautiful? Jan asks if he thinks she's beautiful? Paul tells her that with that face and figure, some New York agent would snap her up in a second! Jan asks if he is serious? Paul says yes, and offers to set her up with an agent after the trip is over. Later, they see Shawn and Belle together, which upsets Jan. Jan hates to see anyone, especially Belle, happy. However, she thinks she can at least use this to bug Mimi. Later, Jan finds Mimi with Phillip, and can't believe Phillip might be going for Mimi.


August 8
Brandon and Jen are driving to the Blue Note, and Jen tries to explain her problems with Jack to him. Jen then makes a promise to stop spending her entire life obsessing about Jack, no more talking about Jack tonight. Brandon says okay, how about they talk about Jennifer. Brandon tells Jen that he'd like to know a lot more about her. Jen asks what he wants to know? Brandon asks her what Jennifer is all about? Jennifer says she doesn't have a clue, maybe hanging out with him will help her figure that out. Brandon asks Jen if there has been anyone special since Jack? Jen says there was someone special to her, but it turned out to be a disaster, and she's been so afraid to date ever since. Brandon tells her this isn't a date, just so she knows. Jen says yeah, he rescued her tonight, which is really great. BRandon says rescuing beautiful women is his specialty. Jen asks him how a guy like him can still be single? Brandon says he could ask her the same thing. Brandon parks the car, and they go inside.

Meanwhile, Jack is going out with Greta, who doesn't seem to be very happy. Greta looks over at Jack, and for some reason sees John. Hmmmmmm. Jack asks Greta what is wrong? Greta says she was just thinking about her past. Jack says that is why she needs a drink at the Blue Note, it will help her relax.

Colin and Elizabeth are out at the Blue Note. She tells Colin that she hates this town, and that his family are of the merchant class where she is of the ruling class. She then begins going on and on about Salem and how dreary it is. As she is, Colin thinks about Jen. When Elizabeth scolds Colin for not listening to her, he tells her to have another Whiskey because they get along better when she drinks.

Jack and Greta arrive, and Jack doesn't see Jen. He hopes she comes her and doesn't actually go back to that guys place. Jack and Greta sit down, and Greta notices Jack is very nervous. Greta asks Jack why he set her up tonight, she wants an answer because she's tired of being used by him. Suddenly, Jen arrives with Brandon, and Greta realizes what is going on. Greta tries to calm Jack down when he sees them together, and she suggests they go someplace else. Jack refuses to leave her with that Ricky Martin wannabe! When Jen heads there way, Jack hides and tells Greta not to tell Jen that he is here! Jack pushes Greta towards Jen, and she talks with them. Brandon invites her to join them, but she says no, and she tries to convince them to sit at a table far far away from the table she and Jack are at. Jen tells Greta that Jack's nuttiness is rubbing off on her, and she and Brandon leave. Jack comes out from under the table, and he becomes upset when he sees how close Brandon and Jen are acting. Greta sees Colin across the bar, and likes what she sees, but when Elizabeth returns, she realizes he is taken. Jack decides to help Greta get Colin, but she says no. Brandon and Jen's date begins driving Jack crazy, so he decides to go see what is going on. Greta says he's only going to make a fool of himself, and Jack says she is right. Jack pretends like he just walked into the Blue Note, and talks very loudly so Jen can hear him.

Over at Brandon and Jen's table, the waitress flirts with Brandon right in front of Jen. When Brandon acts innocent, Jen tells Brandon that he is a very good looking man. Jen can't believe she said that, and downs her drink! Jen changes the conversation and asks what happened between him and Sami? Brandon says Austin got there first. Jen says Austin is a good guy, so Brandon suggests she go after Austin. Jen replies "leaving Sami for you?" Jen hears Jack, and asks Brandon to take her home. As they are leaving, Jen then hears Colin talking to Elizabeth!

Hope, who is near John's penthouse, calls John and asks if he can see him, she's having a problem with Bo. John says he will come down and see her. John and Hope meet, and Hope tells him about the huge argument she had with Bo at the pub. Hope tells John she needs the truth, and John says Marlena agrees she deserves to know the truth. John agrees to tell her everything, but not here. The go to Hope's car, and talk about the past. Hope asks about the subsex, and she tells John what they did wasn't just sex, they made intense love. John doesn't want to do this, but Hope says he promised. John tells Hope that it was spine-shatteringly intense, because he and Gina were in love, more in love than he could ever imagine! John tells Hope that Gina was the most exciting woman he's ever known, and he couldn't resist her if he tried. John remembers dancing with Gina and telling her that she belongs to him now, not Stefano. John says that Gina was beautiful, sexy, and everything he ever wanted in a woman. John snaps to, and tells Hope that he's sorry. Hope realizes how powerful the memories are for John. Hope tells John when she was Gina, and they were together, he felt the same way. John looks at Hope and tells her that when he looks into her eyes, he can see Gina! John tells her that everything about her is just like Gina. Hope tells John that she can feel Gina inside of her, and if she lets her out, maybe she can expel her from her life. John says he has no idea what she is getting herself into, what if Gina takes over her life forever? John puts his arm around her, to feel where the chip is, and she asks him what he's doing? He says she just has a piece of lint back there, and that he has to go. Hope leaves, and John wonders how he will get the chip out of her before it turns her back into Gina? John knows if he blows this surgery, Hope will die.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolfe continues to try and persuade Lexie to turn Hope back into Gina before she relapses on her own. Lexie says Hope is more than her friend, and she has never known anyone more unselfish than Hope. Rolfe tells Lexie that she must choose, Hope or Isaac? LExie chooses her son, but before she can consent to turning Hope back into Gina, she wants her father to tell her all the details of John and Hope's past so she knows what she is going to be doing to Hope. Rolfe says he will tell her father. Later, Eliana brings Isaac out to LExie, but Rolfe takes him and tells Lexie to say goodbye to Isaac if she doesn't go through with the plan. Lexie tells Rolfew to give him her son or she will kill him! Rolfe says that is what he likes to hear! He gives her Isaac, and tells to think things over.

On the island, there is a quick recap of yesterday's conversation between Belle and Shawn, and then the two kiss, twice, long, and hard. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Meems to look at that! Mimi shouts "Oh my gosh!" Phillip tells Mimi that there is something out there! Mimi tells Phillip he is just trying to scare her, and yells "Who is out there?" Back at the Lagoon, Shawn and Belle are interrupted by Mimi's shouting, and think they should go. They get out of the lagoon, and run into Mimi and Phillip, who know what they were up to. Shawn accidentally opens his mouth about the you know what in front of Phillip, and Phillip asks them what is going on, do they have a secret? Shawn tells Phillip the secret, not realizing Paul is spying on them. Shawn thinks they can trust Paul, but Belle thinks there is something shifty about him. Paul barges in on their conversation and asks them what they are talking about? When Belle says hello to Mr. Garcia, he tells them to call him Uncle Paul. Belle and Shawn agree to let him to help them, but they say they can't start tomorrow because of their school work. Paul leaves, and the kiddies decide to tell Woods that they will go on a nature walk after their school work tomorrow, and they'll bring Paul along because he may be able to help them. When Mr. Woods blows the whistle, the kids leave for their nature walk.


August 9
The first few minutes were cut for weather alerts due to heat in the city

At the pub, Chloe admits to Brady she might want to date Phillip again. Brady can't believe he is hearing this. Caroline shows up and is glad to see Brady is doing better, and she asks if she can take him off her prayer list? He says she can, but he says he'll never forgive her son. Caroline just suggests they leave the past in the past. Caroline serves them some food, and Brady dumps a whole bunch of stuff on Chloe's food cause she isn't eating it right. Chloe refuses to eat, so Brady shoves the food in her face like he used to do with Belle when she was younger. Chloe eats the food, and says it is heaven. Chloe flings some food at Brady's face, and he asks her if she really wants to start a food fight with him? Chloe says no, she doesn't want to be bad in the pub. Colin and Elizabeth come in, and Brady and CHloe talk about their fight. Chloe becomes upset by something Brady says, that he agrees with some of what Nancy says, so Chloe thinks he can't possibly care about her. Brady tells her to forget about Phillip, and concentrate on Juliard. He thinks he can help her with opera by connecting her heart and soul. He tells her to concentrate on singing this year, not teenage crushes or moping after past crushes. Chloe asks Brady to respect what she and Phillip had and call it was it was. Brady says if she thinks it was true love, there is only one way to find out for sure. Brady tells her to say the word if she wants him to help her, so she says "word." Brady and Chloe set a date for tomorrow, and Brady promises to work on ways to inspire her, and forget about Phillip.

Colin and Elizabeth show up, and Elizabeth continues bitching and moaning about the Brady Pub. She wonders if Colin wants to have their wedding reception here? Colin says perhaps they won't have a reception at all. Elizabeth is hurt and runs off. Caroline shows up and talks with Collin about Elizabeth. Colin says Elizabeth is different from his previous women, who were sweet and nurturing, and who wanted to settle down and have a family. Caroline thinks Colin is talking about the one who got away. Colin ignores the question and says he proposed to Liz because he saw a future with her. Elizabeth returns, she was in the bathroom, and asks Colin who was the one who got away? Caroline leaves them, and Liz asks Colin if he loves her? Colin apologizes for what he said earlier, and says he spoke rashly. Elizabeth says she forgives him, and gives him a kiss.

At the Blue Note, Jen swears she saw Colin, but he left and she didn't see his face. MEanwhile, Jen becomes furious when she sees Jack and Greta, and decides to put a stop to this. Jen walks to Jack and Greta's table, takes JAck's keys from him, and decides to give Greta a ride home so they can have that talk. Brandon says he'll see that Jack gets home. Jen tells Greta that they need to talk, she needs to give her insight into the real Jack. Jen drives Greta home, and Greta tells Jen that she knows Jack is using her, and she's letting him. Jen asks her why? Greta says it is for a good cause, his family. Jen tells Greta there is no chance they are getting back together, so she can stop torturing herself. Greta says Jack is her friend to, she likes him. Jen asks Greta is she is hoping for something more between her and Jack. Greta asks her if that would be a problem for her? Jen tells Greta that all of Jack's games aren't harmless. Greta asks Jen if she is being honest with herself? Greta thinks that deep down, she wants to work things out with Jack.

Back at the Blue Note, two very lovely ladies catch Brandon's eye, and he refuses to leave. He wants to move in on the ladies, which shocks Jack. Brandon can't believe Jack has never tried to pick up some ladies, and thinks they should have some fun. Jack doesn't want to do this, but Brandon refuses to leave these lovely ladies. He then starts telling Jack than Jen isn't interested in him, and she is looking for someone else in her life, so he should to. Jack tells him not to get any ideas, but Brandon says Jen likes him, so why not. They argue about Jen, and Brandon gives Jack some money for a cab because he thinks Jack is a freak. Jack tells Brandon he is the freak for giving money away, and runs off.

On the island, the kids finish their hike and have to draw a map afterwards. The kids are paired off, and Phillip ends up with Belle, and Shawn with Jan. Shawn knows Jason has been drinking, and he hopes Jan hasn't been or she will get sent to juvy hall. Jan wonders why Shawn is being so nice to her and talking to her, it can't be because he cares. Shawn says he does care, which shocks her. Jan walks off feeling sorry for herself. Mimi shows up and talks to Shawn about Jan. She is concerned that Jan is getting to Shawn, and Shawn is caring about Jan a little too much. She warns him about Jan. Meanwhile, Paul continues to oogle after Jan.

Meanwhile, Phillip and Belle have a long talk about CHloe. Phillip is still so devastated that CHloe won't talk to him. Belle says Chloe needs time, and after the summer, maybe she'll be ready, and there could be a chance for them. Later, Shawn shows up, and Phillip tells Shawn and Belle that they are both great, and he leaves. Shawn asks Belle what is going on with him? Belle tells him to take a guess. She says she doesn't know what he'll do if he and CHloe don't get back together.

Elsewhere Mr. Woods starts talking about Native American rights of passage, and they talk about war paint and tattoos. Mrs. Perez asks Kevin to volunteer, which pleases Penelope cause she wants to see Kevin's bod. The kids start chanting Kevin's name, but he is uncomfortable. However, they convince Kevin to strip, and the girls are shocked by his body. Mrs. Perez begins to put a tattoo on Kevin's chest, which is very pumped up, which is why the kids where shocked. Penelope thinks Kevin is now way out of her league. Susan tries to encourage her, and when Phillip calls her Shy Girl, Penelope points out her real name. Susan congradulates Penelope for taking a stand. Later, Mimi, Susan, and Penelope drool over Kevin's body.

Later, Shawn shows Paul the map, and they discuss the first clue. Shawn thinks the first clue is talking about a mountain, but Paul says it's talking about an underwater peak. Shawn asks how they will get to it? Paul asks him how well he can hold his breath?


August 10
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Jen swears she heard Colin's voice last night, and wonders what he is doing in Salem. Jen remembers her time with Colin in Africa, and can't believe she followed him to Ireland. Abby shows up, she didn't go to camp today, and asks her mom if they can go to the park today?

Jack is at home and he calls up Greta, who was asleep. He asks her to tell him every detail. Greta calls Jack an idiot for calling her so early. Jack doesn't care and wants to know every word Jen said to her last night. Greta tells Jack it is very early, she was having an amazing dream which didn't involve him, and she has no caffeine in her body. She says this can surely wait, and hangs up on Jack. The phone rings again, and it is Jen this time. Greta screams at first, thinking it is Jack, and then apologizes to Jen and says she just can't seem to wake up this morning. Jen invites Greta out with her, Abby, and Jack today. They arrange to meet in Salem Place to shop while Jack and Abby play in the park. Greta realizes that if Jen wants to be her friend, she can't betray her confidence to Jack.

Jack and Jen take Abby to Salem Place, and they watch her play. They both agree that Abby is very well adjusted for someone who has been moved around so much. When Jack brings up Ireland, Jen refuses to talk about the subject. Jen says he knows why they went to Ireland, because he left them for days or weeks in Africa without contacting them, and to give it a rest. Jen watches the time and says she is meeting up with someone. Jack wonders who the lucky guy is. Jen refuses to say who it is, so Jack brags about his friendship with Greta, and claims he is meeting up with Greta.

Colin and Elizabeth are at the Java Cafe. Elizabeth has some things she needs to buy, but doubts Salem Place has anything she wants or needs. Greta shows up to get some coffee, but all the tables are full. The waitress ends up seating Greta with Colin, who is alone now that Elizabeth went shopping. Greta recognizes Colin from last night. Colin introduces himself, and when Greta does the same, he says it isn't every day one gets to have coffee with a princess. Greta asks how he know who she is? Colin says he's obviously from across the pond, and he read the story in the papers over in Europe. As Colin tells her how touched her gift to the orphans was, Elizabeth returns and is not happy to see Colin with another woman. Colin introduces Elizabeth Cox to Princess Greta Von Amburg. Elizabeth says her father, Alistair, own Cox banking who handles all the finances for the royal family. Greta says her family banks with the Favershams. Colin and Elizabeth leave, and Greta wonders what a great guy like Colin is doing with a social climber like Elizabeth.

Abby runs into Greta, and brings her over to Jack and Jen. Greta apologizes for being so late, and then informs Jack she is going shopping with Jen today. Jen tells Greta that her date with him today must have slipped her mind. Greta is confused, and Jen says that is just a byproduct of hanging around Jack too much. Jen and Greta leave, and Jack is not pleased. Jack spends some time with Abby, and Abby sasses her father. When Jack asks her how she learned to sas like that, Abby says he does it with mommy all the time. Jack realizes she is right, and wonders if he is really that annoying.

Meanwhile, Jack and Greta go shopping and talk about Jack, until Jen says enough about Jack, it is time for them to do some shopping. Greta begins looking for Colin, and tells Jen about him. Greta's description reminds her of Colin. Meanwhile, Colin and Elizabeth are out shopping, and they see Greta. Jen is behind some bushes, so Colin doesn't see her. Jen asks Greta what her guy's name is. Greta says Kevin, or perhaps it was Colin. Greta says she doesn't seem to see him around, but he was gorgeous.

Hope and Lexie are out in Salem Place with the kids. Hope sees Lexie looking at Isaac as if she was afraid of something, like someone was going to take her baby away from her. Lexie claims that she just can't help but think that Isaac's birth father is in the back of her mind. Hope tells her not to worry, she is a good mother and no judge would take him away from her. Lexie tells Isaac that she is his momma, and no one will ever take him away from her. Isaac calls Lexie mama, which pleases Lexie. Hope tells Lexie that she is the only mother Isaac knows, and she promises not to let anyone take Isaac from her. Lexie thanks Hope and tells her that she's counting on her to keep that promise. Hope says she is just happy to have JT healthy, and she wants to be able to tell him the truth about his conception when he grows up. Hope tells Lexie she has to talk to her about her time as Gina, and when JT was conceived. Lexie wonders if Hope is going to tell her that John is JT's father. LExie doesn't understand why Hope is bringing this up again. Hope says when JT, and Bo, find out the truth, she wants to be able to tell them why and how it happened. Lexie asks if she isn't risking falling back love in with the father of her baby? Hope says no, her love for Bo is too strong. However, Hope says Gina is still inside of her, and this baby is part GIna's as well. Lexie tries to discourage Hope, but she refuses. Lexie says she's talked with this about Greta and John as well, and she tells Lexie she needs her help in finding out everything possible about her time as Gina. Lexie agrees to help Hope. Hope asks Lexie how she can help her, when she can't be trusted. Hope begins to cry and tells Lexie that she knows she's been lying to her for weeks! Hope tells Lexie that she knows she knows the truth about JT's father, and she was sitting there acting like she had no idea. Hope asks her why she should trust anything she has to say?

At the mansion, Stefano calls Rolfe with orders. Rolfe says the Hope situation is not a problem and he understands his concerns. Rolfe hangs up on Stefano, and says he (Stefano) is making a mistake and he may have to take matters into his own hands! Bart jokes around and calls him the nutty professor, which angers Rolfe. Rolfe warns him never to speak to him that way again. BArt asks what the game plan regarding Hope is. Rolfe says Stefano no longer wants to turn Hope back into Gina, and it is his fault. Rolfe says he has to find a way to turn Hope into Gina, but not do away with the Hope personality all together, because the Brady's will be suspicious. Once he finds out how to do so, Stefano says they can put the plan back into motion, and then they will destroy the Bradys forever! Rolfe and Bart talk for awhile, recapping everything that's happened to Lexie, and he says if it was up to him he would just zap Hope right now and be done with it.

At the Wesley's, the Wesleys are having breakfast together. Chloe becomes upset when Nancy asks her why she is in a good mood. Chloe says she just wants to be in a good mood, that is all. Nancy and Chloe are sickeningly sweet to one another, and then Brady arrives. Nancy can't believe Chloe is going out with him again. Nancy asks Chloe what her fascination with Kiriakis men is? Chloe says Brady is John Black's son, and they are only hanging out together because everyone else was on the school trip. Chloe realizes she is sounding like a little brat, and doesn't know how Nancy puts up with her. Nancy says sometimes it is easier than others. Chloe shares something with Nancy, she admits she got involved with Phillip way to fast, and she won't do it again. Chloe says when Phillip returns, she wants to feel more comfortable him, and she may choose to see him again, and she doesn't want Nancy telling her that she can't. Nancy says she won't, and that Chloe is showing signs of growing up. Craig answers the door when Brady arrives, and he's not happy to see Brady either. Brady apologizes to Craig for being rude to him and Mrs. Wesley, even though he doesn't recall being rude. Brady says he shouldn't have been drinking that night, and he would have been nasty to anyone. Craig isn't exactly moved by Brady's apology, but accepts it. Chloe says bye to Craig, and not to wait up because they have some wild and crazy plans. Craig tells her not to push it. After they leave, Nancy refuses to give Brady a break. Nancy says the last thing Chloe needs is to get involved with another obnoxious, spoiled rich brat. Craig suggests Nancy give this boy a chance, but Nancy says this boy is not right for her, and she knows better because she gave birth to her. Craig replies "and I'm just the step father?" Nancy tries to say that's not what she meant, but Craig is furious. Craig tells her that perhaps she should call Chloe's real father, because perhaps he'll be able to deal with his daughter!

Out in the car, Chloe asks "Big Boy" were they are going? Brady says the last place she expects. Brady takes Chloe to Salem High School, and he says he's going to teach her how to connect her little heart to her big voice. Chloe is insulted and tells him that he doesn't know her well enough to judge the size of her heart. Furthermore, Chloe tells Brady she's not even sure he has what it takes to be her teacher. Brady puts on some music and asks Chloe to sing for him. She does, and he tells her that sucked! Chloe says she hit every note precisely and perfectly, but Brady says she isn't connecting with the character. Chloe suggests Brady show her instead of attempt to teach her.

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