August 01 Week 1


July 30
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Brady is driving Chloe home. Chloe remembers that she forgot her suitcase on the plane. Brady gives her his cell phone and tells her to call the airline and have them ship it back home to Salem. Brady realizes Chloe is beginning to have regrets about not going on the trip. Chloe doesn't want to talk about the trip, and asks Brady to take her home. Brady tells Chloe that her parents think she is on a deserted island, so she should do whatever she wants. Chloe says no, just take her home. Brady tells her that she has no sense of adventure. Chloe asks the big shot what he would do? Brady suggests first they go get a bite to eat. Chloe says okay, but she'll probably regret it because he'll probably just spend all night telling her she's a terrible singer and is better off without Phillip. Brady says they could find something else to talk about other than her. Chloe comes back with "We could talk about your favorite subject, you!" Chloe asks if they are going to Dot.Com? Brady says no way, he knows just the place to take her.

At Tuscany, Marlena gives John her blessing to tell Hope about their past together, except for the vivid details of their love making. Marlena says she is afraid those details could trigger something inside of Hope, and she doesn't want any more problems for their marriage. Marlena says she also doesn't want to share him as a lover. John says she'll never have to, and they toast to themselves. John suggests they talk about other things, such as his business meetings. John says his new venture "Basic Black" is about to take off. John is going into the fashion and publishing business. John then asks Marlena to dance, so they do.

Brady and CHloe arrive at Tuscany, but Maggie tells Brady that she can't seat him dressed the way he is. Brady tells Maggie he knows she has some dinner jackets available for those who come casually dressed. Brady becomes upset and asks why he doesn't get that service, because he is John Black's son? Maggie has a jacket brought up for Brady, and he is shown to table 24. They run into Marlena and John on the way to their table. John tells Brady he handled that like a champ! Marlena is shocked to see Chloe with BRady instead of on the trip, but then realizes what is going on is none of her business. John and Marlena return to their table, and Marlena wonders what Chloe is doing with Brady. Meanwhile, Chloe feels all icky, so she goes to the bathroom to try and fix her hair. John comes over to Brady's table and asks if everything is okay? Brady exclaims why Chloe didn't go on the trip, and why she is here with him. Brady insists nothing is going on, and tells his dad to go back to his own date. In the bathroom, Marlena talks to Chloe, and helps her with her hair. Chloe thinks it is strange having her hair brushed, she hasn't had it done since her adoptive mother did it. Marlena tells her that she is very beautiful, and talented from what she hears. Chloe says Brady thinks she is a fraud, and she is only having dinner with him because she thinks he is feeling lonely right now. Marlena and John return to their table, and they both agree that Brady likes CHloe, even if he won't admit it. Back at their table, Brady asks Chloe if she is okay? Chloe says she is fine, and thanks him for rescuing her.

Paul checks into his hotel in Puerto Rico, and makes arrangements to have his room on the same floor as the Salem kids. Later, Paul meets the captain of the ship who will be taking the kids out to the islands. Paul talks with the captain, and expresses phony concern about the safety of the children. Paul buys him a drink, and talks about the islands the kids be going to. When the captain looks the other way, Paul dumps a drug in his drink. Paul talks with the captain about navigating the islands, and how tricky it is. Paul asks him if he could teach him how to navigate? The captain says he'll draw in the danger zones on Paul's map. When the captain begins to feel the effects of the drugs, Paul helps him to his room. Later, Paul flirts with the waitress, and works on his plans to get to the treasure before the kids do.

On the plane, the kids from Salem cause trouble by playing in the aisles. Mr. Woods eventually scolds them and tells them all to sit down and behave. Mr. Woods then begins telling them about their trip. Mr. Woods says they will stay in a hotel tonight, sight see tomorrow, and then take a chartered boat to the islands. Phillip is sleeping and dreaming of Chloe through Mr. Woods' talk, so he asks Shawn to fill Phillip in on their plans. Later, Jan sits next to Shawn and teases him about his relationship with Belle. Shawn tells Jan she is a mean person, and he thinks it has something to do with her non-supportive parents. Jan says her parents are way cool, and storms off. Phillip finally wakes up, and continues to feel sorry for himself. Shawn lectures him not to waste his life feeling sorry for himself. Phillip realizes Shawn is right, and he sets out to make this trip work for him, get good grades, and make his dad proud of him. Later, Phillip runs into Jan and Jason, and vows to make them pay for hurting Chloe. Jan tells Phillip that this whole school would have been better of Chloe stayed in that orphanage, and she tells Phillip that the changes in him since he dated Chloe are just sad. Jan then tells Phillip that Chloe didn't dump him because of what she did to her, she dumped him because he didn't believe in her. Jason tells Phillip that he dissed all his friends for Chloe, and Jan says they used to have good times together before CHloe. Jason tells Phillip to snap-out of this Chloe-coma so he can hang out with them again. After Phillip leaves, Jason asks Jan if she really wants to be friends with Phil again, or is this just another scheme to get back at Chloe. Jan asks him what he thinks? She says of course she's going to pay CHloe back for what she's done to her!

Susan sits next to Penelope, and notices that she is wearing lipstick. Susan tells her that she thinks it looks great. Susan tells Penelope that she loves make-up, because she likes making the best of what she has, a nice looking face. Penelope says she doesn't have a nice face, a beautiful one . . . Susan knows what Penelope is thinking, if she would diet she would be a knockout. Penelope says that wasn't what she was thinking. Susan says she is a minority then, because almost everyone she's ever met has told her that she'd look great, if she wasn't so large. Later they talk about Kevin, and Susan thinks Penelope might have a crush on Kevin. Penelope says she just wants to be his friend, would that bother her? Susan says she can be whatever she wants to be to or with Kevin, but it would bother her if she was just using her to get to Kevin. To get on Susan's good side, Penelope tells her a secret she's learned. She says that Belle and Shawn have some sort of treasure map, and plan on going out on their own and looking for it.

Mr. Woods talks to some of the kids about the trip, and how the boat they will be on will have a generator and he does have a cell phone. Shawn asks Mr. Woods if he's been to all these islands? Mr. Woods says no, some are off limits. Shawn asks him why? Mr. Woods says they are protected by laws conserving the archaeological remains there. Mr. Woods assistant says there is a better reason to stay away from them. Shawn asks what reason? She says that some people who have gone there, have never been seen or heard from again. Mr. Woods says they should stick to historical facts, but Kevin says history is just a rumor that people believe. Mr. Woods says he has done this expedition several times and has never had a problem.

Mimi is shocked Belle sat down next to her because she thought she'd never talk to her again. Belle looks at Mimi with anger, which Mimi picks up on. Mimi tells Belle to just say it, she doesn't want to be her friend ever again. Mimi then runs off before letting Belle speak. Belle runs after Mimi, and she asks how all this mess got started? Mimi says Jan wanted to get revenge on Chloe, and she talked her into helping her. Belle asks Mimi why she got involved in this? Mimi says because of the shampoo glue-do from hell. Mimi says it all boils down to the fact that she likes Chloe more than her, even Jan can see it. Mimi says Chloe was becoming popular, and hanging out with her all the time, and she was left with no friends. Mimi tells Belle that she is an outcast now, so she should probably go away before she is seen with her. Belle tells Mimi that she is being selfish trying to deprive her of their friendship. Mimi is shocked, and asks if she still wants to be her friend after what she did? Belle says they have been friends for a long time, and she is very important to her. Mimi cries that she is important to her too, and she swears to never deliberately hurt anyone again for the rest of their lives. Belle and Mimi then promise to be friends forever. Because they are friends again, Belle tells Mimi all about the can. Later, Shawn joins them, and tells Belle to let Mimi know about their mission. Belle fills Mimi in on the entire treasure hunt they have planned.


July 31
The kids arrive at the hotel in Puerto Rico, and Shawn and Belle are holding hands. As the kids talk and have fun, Paul spies on them and says these kids are going to be sorry they ever went on this trip. The kids joke around, and one of the girls who has the hots for Phillip puts the moves on him. However, Phillip isn't interested, and just walks away. The kids continue to rough house in the hotel lobby, and Mr. Woods finally arrives and scolds the kids for not showing respect to the hotel. Meanwhile, Paul spies on Shawn and Belle as they look at the treasure map. Elsewhere, Kevin talks with Susan about the trip, as Penelope hangs by and stars at Kevin. Kevin asks Penelope if there is something she needs? She says she was just hanging out with Susan. Meanwhile, Jan tries to talk Mimi into making a play for Phillip. Mimi goes to see Phillip, and Jan tells Jason that Mimi is so clueless, she does everything she tells her to do. Mimi approaches Phillip and tells him that she's sorry Chloe cut out on him, especially since it is her fault, and she asks if he could ever forgive her for screwing everything up for him. Mimi says she would like them to be friends again, and maybe . . . Phillip tells Mimi that he's moving on with his life, so she should do the same. Later, Mr. Woods and Mrs. Perez hand out the room keys, and Mr. Woods tells Phillip to perk up and start acting like he wants to be here. After they get their assignments, Shawn shows Belle and Mimi a message to "desi" he found which basically says finding the treasure won't be easy, and they'll have to solve a lot of riddles to find it. Paul eavesdrops on them and tells himself that he's not going to let those kids get their hands of on his ruby or the rest of his treasure. Shawn reads the riddles, and Paul becomes upset because his friend in prison knew he couldn't read or figure out this mumbo jumbo. As the kids discuss the riddles, Paul places a call to the prison to talk to his old cellmate. Paul is furious with his friend and asks him if the treasure even exists. His cellmate says the treasure is there, he just has to play the game to find it. Paul threatens to have him killed, but his cellmate says he'll find the treasure if he does that! Paul hangs up on his cellmate, and suddenly Mr. Woods demands to speak with Paul! Mr. Woods says he heard he was talking to their captain earlier, and he wants to know where he can find him. Paul says the captain got sick, so he is going to be filling in for him. Back at their table, Mimi thinks they should get some help, but Shawn says they can't tell anyone because they might want to keep the treasure for themselves. Paul approaches Shawn and the others and asks if they are ready to go on their trip tomorrow. Shawn says they are, and Shawn asks Paul about a specific island. Paul says he knows that island, and asks what is there. Mimi claims a rare bird lives there. Paul says he'll see about helping them get there, and tells himself that he'll drown all those greedy little bastards for wanting to keep his treasure for themselves.

Jen is out driving and still can't stop thinking about Colin. We are treated to flashbacks of Jen in Colin in Africa. Jen told Colin that she can't count on Jack, what she needs is a man she can trust and can sweep her off her feet. Jen told Colin that Jack was incapable of loving a woman with his whole heart, and she wonders if any man is. Colin tells Jen not to rule out anything, her man could be closer than she thinks.

Out on the road, Colin tells Grandpa Shawn that there is a secret he must share with him. Colin says coming to the states wasn't his idea. Shawn says he is confused, so Colin tells Shawn to come with him and he'll show him his secret. Colin says he has to introduce him to someone. Out of Colin's car steps a vision in red, Colin's fiance, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Elizabeth is a spoiled brat, and she tells Colin she thought he'd never let her out of that car, and she wants to know when they are going to eat.

At Tuscany, John and Marlena agree to stop talking about Hope for the rest of the night.

Hope and Greta show up at Tuscany, because Greta wanted to get out of the Blue Note because of Nicole. Greta admits to Hope that she reminds her of her mother, and she feels protected when she is with her. Greta asks Hope why she wants to know about Gina all of the sudden? Hope says for a long time she thought she was Gina, and she wants to know about her, about her and John. Greta tells Hope that whenever Father John would come over, her mother would make the house look beautiful, and she and her mom would get dressed up in their best outfits for him. Greta says her mom would drink Champagne, and John would only drink scotch that was twenty-five years old. Hope says the memory feels familiar, probably because she knows what it is like to be so close to someone. Greta says she used to think John and her mother were only friends, and Hope says that is because she was just a child. Hope mentions what Greta said about knowing who her father was. Greta then sees John with Marlena, and says "Oh my god." When Hope see John across the room, she asks Greta if John is her father? Suddenly, Jen arrives, and interrupts Greta and Hope's conversation. Hope asks Jen to join them. Meanwhile, Marlena gets up to go to the washroom, and sees Hope. Jen tells Hope she is only here for take-out. Hope spots Marlena spying on them, and goes to see her. Greta tells Jen she wants to make plans to go out with her one night. Jen stares at her, and Greta asks Jen if she doesn't want to be friends with her because of Jack. Jen asks Greta if she and Jack more than friends? Greta says oh no, of course not! Greta asks Jen if she is still in love with Jack?

Outside, Marlena accuses Hope of wanting John to recount the details of making love to John on the submarine. Hope asks why she would do that, because she needs to be turned on, for the stimulation? Hope tells Marlena she just wants to know about her past, and she does not have any evil intentions. Marlena says fine, but know this, everything she discuses with John, he discuses with her. Marlena returns to John, and Hope goes back to Greta and saves Jen from answering Greta's question whether she is in love with Jack still. After Jen leaves, Greta asks Hope what is wrong, did she have a fight with Marlena?

Brady and Chloe are served dinner, and Chloe decides she isn't hungry. Brady becomes upset and thinks this was a mistake. Chloe asks if something is wrong with his chicken? Brady says the chicken is fine, taking a love sick teenager to dinner was the mistake. Brady says it is hard for him to enjoy dinner with her while she is pining away for Phillip. Chloe says she is still a little bit rattled from tonight. When she threatens to leave, Brady asks her to stay. They talk, and he asks her what her mysterious job was? Chloe says she was going to try and get a job singing backup vocals in Nashville, but she didn't get the job. Chloe tells Brady to say what he's thinking, she didn't get it because she's a terrible singer. Brady says he's not going to say that, in fact, he's going to help her. Suddenly, Phillip calls Chloe on her cellphone! Chloe listens as Phillip tells CHloe that he is sorry for lying and coming on the trip. Phillip asks if she got his video. She says yes, and he says he meant every word. Phillip then hears music in the background, and people talking, and he asks her where she is? John approaches them and asks Brady what he had for dinner. Phillip becomes furious and says she sure didn't wait to move on, or has she been seeing him on the side the whole time? Chloe finally gets a clue and hangs up on Phillip! John sees something is going on, and leaves them. Brady asks her what happen, and she tells him. Brady says that there will be other loves in her life, and she can use this pain in her music.


August 1
Shorter summary due to illness. Sorry!
At the Wesley's, Nancy and Chloe are sitting at the table having breakfast. Chloe is reading the paper, and Nancy is banging away trying to get Chloe's attention. Nancy finally breaks down and asks Chloe why she got off the plane? Chloe tells her that when she got on board, Phillip was there, and she couldn't stand being stuck on an island with him. Chloe says she is miserable and alone, her friends are gone and she's stuck in Salem. Nancy tries to think of things they can do, but Chloe tells her mom she just wants to be by herself right now, and she takes off.

John and Brady are out playing a game of basketball, and various teen girls stare at an oiled up Brady and comment about how hot he is. John tells Brady he is cramping his style, but Brady says he is not interested in teeny-boppers. John, however, thinks Brady is interested in one teen, Chloe. Brady doesn't want to talk about Chloe, and he asks his dad how his new company is going. John says he is about ready to go into business. Brady says that is great news, because he can't wait to get to work. John says he's been thinking about that, and has decided Brady shouldn't come to work for him. Brady thinks his "wicked" step-mother Marlena had something to do with this, but John says she had nothing to do with this decision. John says he wants Brady to go back to school. Brady claims he can learn so much more working with his dad. Brady makes a deal with his dad, he'll work for him for one year, and if one of them doesn't think it is the best thing, then he'll go back to school. John agrees. Chloe then shows up, and she tries to run off before Brady can see her, but she is too late. Brady reminds his dad that he has that "thing" to do, so John takes off. Brady then offers to treat Chloe to a cappuccino at Dot.Com. Chloe eventually agrees, but says he's not going to be able to cheer her up. Brady says he wouldn't dream of it.

Outside the pub, Jen remembers going to Ireland and running into Colin. Colin was furious to see her and told her that she should jump on a tour bus, kiss the Blarney Stone, buy some postcards, and go back to Africa. Mrs. Brady shows up and asks Jen what is wrong, she looks a million miles away. Jen tells Caroline she was remembering one of those "What was I thinking" moments of her life. Caroline says she has some of those, and then invites Jen inside to meet Shawn's nephew and his fiancee, who are visiting from Ireland.

In the pub, Grandpa Shawn talks to Collin and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is spoiled, and was raised on an estate according to Colin. She really doesn't understand why they have to stay at the cabin when the hotel was so nice and clean. Shawn jokes with her that their are huge spiders and mosquitoes out on the island, which creeps her out. Colin tells her that Shawn is just pulling her leg. Shawn takes them out the back way, just as Jen comes into the pub with Caroline.

Hope and Lexie are at the pub with the kids. Hope is glad to see Lexie is finally enjoying herself and back to her old ways. Lexie says she is glad to be back to herself and not always looking over her shoulder for Barb and Glen. Hope brings up Brandon walker again, and Lexie says that she and Brandon are just friends, and she is very affectionate with her friends. Hope just thinks Brandon might get the wrong idea, after all they were holding hands. Jen comes in at this point, and sees JT. John soon arrives, and sees Hope.

John and Hope go off into a corner to talk. Hope continues to tell John that she has to know the truth, and she found a way to learn the truth without his help if need be. She starts talking to him about his past with Gina, which he found out about from Greta. John asks her why she needs to know this? Hope says she is driven, and she doesn't care what Bo, he, or Marlena try and do to stop her. John asks why she brought up Marlena? Hope tells him about her fight with Marlena last night, which shocks John, because Marlena didn't mention it to him. John asks Hope if she ever considered that this drive to know may not be part of her, but part of something else? Hope says she has to know the truth. John asks what about JT, think what this could do to him. Hope says she is doing this partially for JT. She fears she may have done something horrible as Gina, and Stefano could tell JT one day to hurt their relationship. Hope says if she has the knowledge, Stefano won't have power over her. John holds JT and says he must be protected.

MEanwhile, Jen talks with Lexie, as Colin talks with Elizabeth outside. Elizabeth is still sulking, and Colin decides to go back inside and get some chowder. However, as he approaches the pub, he sees Jen inside and is shocked. Elizabeth whines that she hates chowder. Colin becomes fed up with Elizabeth and says she hates this place and his family, maybe they shouldn't be together. Elizabeth tells him to settle down. She says they are both just tired and cranky, and she says she knows how to take his mind off his problems once they get to the cabin. Back inside, Jen decides to go out for some air, and just misses running into Colin.

Paul and the kids set sail on the boat. Phillip is unusually cheerful, and Shawn, Belle, and Mimi ask why. Phillip says he called Chloe, and realizes that everyone (Nicole, his father, and others) were right about her, and it is over. Belle asks for details about their conversation, but Philip says he doesn't want to talk about it, he wants to move on. Meanwhile, Jan and Jason have snuck some rum on board, and a spying Paul overhears this, but tells them he'll keep their secret. He also secretly lusts after Jan and thinks this trip may not be so bad after all. Paul then finds Shawn and agrees to take him to his island, but because his first mate is sick, he needs him to help him navigate. Shawn agrees, and Paul says they have to keep this their little secret. Mr. Woods overhears this and asks what they are keeping a secret? Paul lies and says he was telling Shawn that he used to get sea sick, which he doesn't think would help his reputation if the other kids found out. Later, Mr. Woods talks to Paul about the schedule. Paul tells him that he has to take him to an island in the Southeast, not the original one they were planned to go to. Mr. Woods says this is unacceptable, he refuses to go to that island. Paul says the other island has been closed because the last kids on the last trip their disregarded the rules and made a mess which is still trying to be cleaned up. Paul says all the islands are basically the same, so what is his problem. Mr. Woods says the island he is taking them to used to be used by drug cartel, and when he took a class there years ago, the kids dug up some dead bodies. Paul realizes that is why the treasure is hidden there, and he claims that the island has been cleaned up since then. Mr. Woods throws a fit and says he's calling management to complain because he was not informed about this. Paul begs him not to do that, because he will get fired for not explaining it to him better. Mrs. Perez asks Mr. Woods to give Paul a break. Mr. Woods says okay, and Paul thanks him. Mr. Woods tells Mrs. Perez that he's going to keep an eye on Paul, something about him isn't right. MEanwhile, Paul thinks he may have to get rid of Mr. Woods if he doesn't stop sticking his nose into his business.


July 27
I was only able to see half of todays show (VCR problems) so this is NBC's summary

John returns home and has a Romantic interlude with Marlena in the shower. After lovemaking, they have a serious conversation. John is worried about Hope's recent behavior. He is afraid that she could turn back into princess Gina. To help Hope, John must get the microchip out of Hope's brain, but to do that he must get in touch with his past as "soldier black." Marlena encourages her husband to do whatever is necessary to help their friend. John kisses Marlena, and we see their love is stronger than ever...

Hope and Lexie bring their babies to the DiMera mansion. Hope begins asking questions about the DNA test and comes close to the truth that the babies were switched. Lexie covers it up with a lie and then tells Hope she has a headache. Hope leaves and goes to the pub where she remarks to Abe and Bo about Lexie’s strange behavior. Once alone, Hope confides in Bo that Lexie is keeping secrets, and she is determined to find out the truth...

Rolf overhears Lexie’s talk with Hope. He tells Lexie that the only way she can keep Isaac is to turn Hope back into princess Gina...

Chloe and Brady go to Dot Com where she is taunted by some high school kids, but Brady comes to her rescue. She confides in him that since she broke up with Philip she has to start over. Brady tells her that the pain she is feeling will make her a great artist. They leave Dot Com to play a very physical and intense game of basketball...

Jack and Abby surprise Jennifer with a takeout feast, but they find Jennifer in tears. She has been thinking about Colin. Jack tries to get Jennifer to confide in him, but she refuses. They set the table as a family, and Abby urges her daddy to give mommy a kiss. Before she can stop him, jack kisses Jennifer passionately...

Colin and Elizabeth return from the Horton cabin because she refuses to stay there. Elizabeth goes inside the pub where she runs into Bo. She is very attracted to him. Outside, Colin flashes back to his time in Africa with Jennifer...


August 3
I missed the first five minutes of today's show, sorry! Also, this hasn't been proofed (Not feeling well today)
On the boat, Paul tells Shawn that he and is friends have to stick to the trails and not go into the forbidden areas, because this island used to be used by drug runners and the government, so there are lots of land mines on it. Belle doesn't think they should go, but Shawn says they have to. Paul asks them what they are up to? Shawn claims he is supposed to look for a bird for his great grandmother. Paul says he'll help them, because the company wants him to stay with them. He goes on about how he loves this place, and says it is the perfect place for the two of them to "get it on." Belle blushes, and Shawn tells Paul to watch what he says, she is only sixteen. Belle leaves to watch the land get closer, and Shawn apologizes if she got embarrassed. Belle says she just thought he might be embarrassed. Elsewhere, Phillip and Mimi argue and Phillip tells Mimi that she is a follower, she is pathetic and stupid for believing Jan. Mimi tells Phillip what he did to Chloe is a hundred times more stupid than what she did! Mimi says she maybe mean and a follower, but she didn't turn her back on someone she claimed to love. Phillip tells her to shut up, but Mimi refuses to take all the responsibility for hurting his precious Chloe! Phillip walks away, and talks to Belle a bit about his obsession with CHloe. He says he was needy jerk with a one track mind, he did everything for Chloe. Belle tells Phillip that there are lots of kids who lose track of everything in their life over one date. Belle says perhaps this time apart will make both him and Phillip stronger. Phillip says he's known her for a long time, and he didn't realize until just now how beautiful, smart, and funny she is. Belle tells Phillip that she thinks he'll be fine. Meanwhile, Jan tells Jason that he's going to get her parents to hire a lawyer and have her sentenced reversed. Jason tells Jan her parents are in Europe, and she needs to let loose and have fun. Jason shows her a flash of rum, but Jan says it smells like gasoline and she refuses to drink it. Jan says she can't screw up on this trip, so he should keep that stuff away from her. Suddenly, the real captain wakes up from below deck, and yells at Paul. Paul says he is saving his butt, he got drunk last night! Suddenly, the boat hits a sand bar! Belle is knocked unconscious, and Mimi is knocked overboard!

At Jack and Jen's, JAck gives Jen a kiss! Abby asks her mom if she liked it when daddy kissed her? Jack says they better eat, and tells Abby to go set the table. After Abby leaves, Jen tells Jack never to kiss her again. Jack says he did it for Abby, but he wanted to kiss her. Jen tells Jack that they just can't kiss and make up, and says he is making her out to be the mean one who won't forgive daddy for her silly little mistakes, and she is mean. Jack says she isn't mean, she is the best person he knows and deserves to be loved. Jen asks why he is saying this to her now, the entire time they were together he only thought about herself and never of her. Jen tells Jack that he was always busy, and never made her feel wanted and loved. Jen tells Jack that he never told her that he loved her, and she had no idea she would play second fiddle. Jack tells her that she was the conductor, and she made his life worth living. Jen wishes he had told her then when it would have meant something. Jack asks if it doesn't mean anything now? Jen says she can't let it mean anything. Jack ask her to let it, let him help her try and make it mean something. Jen says no, and tells him never to kiss her again. Over dinner, Abby tells her parents that her friend's mom is going to have another baby. Abby asks some questions about babies, and Jack and Jen tell her stories about her when she was little. Abbey then asks for a baby brother or sister, to make them a real family. Jack says of course they can have another baby, but Jen says that they won't be having another baby. Abby asks why not? Jen says that is a private thing between mommy and daddy that they can't discuss with her. Abby leaves to wash her hands for her play date, and Jen scolds Jack for leading Abby on. Jack says he is just trying to be positive! Jen and Jack continue to argue, and Jen refuses to get back together. Jen tells Jack that they are wrong for one another, and they are going to tell Abby the only reason they are living together is because they love her. Jen says that he was right that living together was the best thing for Abby, but he's not right about them getting back together. Jack says that is not how he wants it! Jen asks why? Jack says she knows why, it's because he still loves her.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie refuses to turn Hope into Gina, she couldn't hurt her friend. Rolfe says Hope will learn about the baby switch and take Isaac from her. Lexie says she does not want Hope hurt in anyway, but Rolfe says Hope yearns to become Gina again. Rolfe says Hope will eventually turn back to Gina, and if they wait, Hope will take Isaac. Lexie begins to cry and wants to talk to her father, but Rolfe says he can't be reached. Lexie tells Rolfe to tell her father to protect her and her son. Suddenly, Abe shows up, and Lexie asks what he is doing here? Abe says unfortunately he lives here. Lexie knows that, she just didn't expect him home so soon. Abe says he ran into Hope who said she was tense. Lexie says she is just scared, and Abe holds her. Abe asks her what is bothering her? LExie says that Hope just commented about Marlo and the babies, and how they could have been switched at the hospital. Lexie says it couldn't possibly have happened, so Abe asks her why it has her upset? Lexie says what if Hope tells others about her crazy idea, people could gossip. LExie says perhaps Hope is saying this out of guilt because she knew Gina drank, so that is why JT has FAS. Lexie says she is just so afraid some other problem will come up and people will start asking questions about Isaac. Abe tells Lexie that won't happen. Abe says Hope just wants answers about why her baby has FAS, and those are answers she'll never get. Abe tells Lexie not to worry about anyone taking Isaac from them, it won't happen. Lexie says if Isaac's mother was alive, the courts would give him back to her. Abe says Marlo is dead, and she needs to stop this worrying.

At the pub, Hope tells Bo that she thinks JT misses Shawn. Bo thinks so to, and he suggests they all go on a vacation to Dublin. Grandpa Shawn overhears this and tells Bo never to think about going back to Ireland again! Bo and Shawn begin to argue. Bo says the factory in Ireland is they key to bringing Stefano down. Bo agrees not to go there if he tells him what happened to make him so scared? Shawn remembers being a little boy and seeing an explosion, but tells Bo he's not scared of anything. Bo knows his father is lying to him, and that makes him a liar and a lousy father for jeopardizing their safety. Shawn tells Bo that even if he knew what happened, it wouldn't help him get DiMera, and it would put them at risk. Shawn tells Bo to concentrate on his responsibilities here, as a husband and father. Bo tells his father that he's keeping a secret that could help him nail DiMera! Shawn tells Bo that he should be ashamed of the way he is speaking to him! Shawn walks off, and Hope tells Bo that he hurt his feelings and should go talk to him. Bo says too bad, but Hope says he wasn't listening to him, whatever he knows can't help him. Bo tells Hope that he should have known she'd side with him, because she is keeping secrets from him too. Bo tells Hope that he thinks she knows more about her life as Gina then she is telling him, and he thinks she knows who JTs father is. Bo says he's sick of all their lives, and walks out. Hope is shocked, and she talks to Shawn. She thinks they should both tell Bo what he needs to know, but Shawn says he's taking his secret to the grave, and Bo must never go back to Ireland to investigate the explosion.

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