August 00 Week 4


August 21
At the Whitley Street Lot, there is a huge ceremony to celebrate the pouring of the foundation of Mimi's home. Craig is giving a speech, and as he is talking, Phillip tells Chloe that the foundation for a good relationship is a first kiss, which they have yet to share. Phillip wants to sneak off to the woods, but Chloe says her mother has radar, she'd find them! Elsewhere, Craig finishes his speech and Nancy whines to him how she hates seeing Chloe with Phillip. Craig tells Nancy that if CHloe wants to be with Phillip then she will be with the boy. Meanwhile, Shawn shows up and shows the funky canister with the skull and cross bones to Belle and Mimi. Belle tells him to stop it because it could have toxic chemicals inside! Suddenly, Belle and Shawn are called to the stage to say a few words about why this project is so important. As Belle talks, Marlena thinks she's going to cry. John wishes some of Belle's goodness would rub off on Brady. Marlena says that Brady is a text book case, the more they try and help him the further away he's going to push them. Brady tells "Doc" that he's not the one with the problem, she and his dad are the sickos. Brady says he is not a perfect child like Belle, their golden love child. John tells Brady not to talk to his mother like that, but Brady says that she is not his mother, he hasn't forgotten that, but obviously his father has! Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn continue speaking, and the two hoodlums tell one another that this is their lot, not some stupid rich bitch's. Belle announces that Mimi's father has found a job, and Shawn says that his grandma is going to send over lots of donuts for the workers. Belle says that she'd like to thank her mom and dad for buying this lot and donating it. Brady tells himself "Perfect mother, perfect daughter," and that fathers and sons have things in common too. Brady thinks his dad is down on him because John is more screwed up than he is. He then sees Chloe, with her hair down to her butt, and Phillip, the yuppie prince. He says that she is not his type, what is he doing with her? Belle then congratulates her mom on her new show, and Brady also rudely congratulates Marlena, because only strangers would call her for help. John is furious with Brady, who tells himself that he has his dad right where he wants him. Elsewhere, Phillip tells Belle that he saw her weird-ass brother. Belle says that he must have seen someone who looks like Brady. Belle asks Shawn what he did with the canister he found? Shawn says it is someplace safe. The camera pans over to Shawn's backpack, which is smoking. Elsewhere, the hoodlums say that they will make these rich brats sorry they ever saw Salem's Lot!

At the Mansion, Nicole wakes up Lucas, who is laying on the couch. He asks her to help him up, but she refuses to help the man who did this to her. Nicole's nose is broken and her face is black and blue. Nicole says she called her lawyer because she won't stand for this abuse. Lucas looks at Lucas and asks who did this to her? Nicole says he did it, he beat her when he was drunk and if he hadn't passed out, she'd probably be dead! Lucas says this doesn't make sense, he isn't a violent person. Nicole tells Lucas that Sami thinks he is, and she is right. She tells him that he must have blacked out, but God sees everything! Nicole tells Lucas that if he ever comes near her again then her lawyer will put him away for the rest of his life. Lucas says you don't go to jail for life for beating your wife, but Nicole says you do for murder! Nicole tells Lucas that she knows he murdered Franco, he confessed that to her, or does he not remember that either? Lucas explains what happened, and how it was self defense. Nicole asks him how he could let Sami go to trial for murder if he could have gotten off? Nicole tells Lucas that he psyched Sami into believing she killed Franco. Lucas says Sami wasn't supposed to be convicted. Nicole tells him that she almost died! Lucas says he tried to tell the truth in the beginning, but it didn't happen that way. Nicole asked what stopped him? Lucas says someone stopped him. Nicole guesses Kate, but Lucas says it wasn't all her fault, he agreed to go along with it. Lucas then wonders why Nicole is asking him questions if he told her everything? He then realizes she has set him up to confess, he didn't tell her anything! Nicole assures Lucas that he did beat her up last night, and now she knows how terrified Will must have been. Lucas says he never hit Will, and that Sami lies. Nicole tells Lucas that he is the one who lies, and she believes Sami over him! Lucas gets rough with her, shaking her and telling her that he only did what he had to do. He ends up tearing her blouse, and exposing a wire. He calls her a bitch and asks what she's done? Nicole says she did what she had to do to prove that he is a lying murderer! Lucas demands she give him the tape, and starts getting rougher with her. Lucas gets the tape from her and threatens to shove it down the lying sluts throat. Lucas demands to know what she was going to do with it, give it to Sami or the cops? Nicole tells him that he better kill her too, because she doesn't need that tape to tell people what she knows, and people like Roman Brady will be very interested in what she has to say. Lucas says he still has Victor on his side. Nicole tells Lucas that he is such a worthless piece of crap hiding behind Victor like a little baby. Nicole then realizes why Victor and Kate went to Europe, they went to bring Sami down. Nicole asks who they went to see? Lucas says he'll never tell her anything again, and if she knows what is good for her she will keep quiet because he knows how to shut her up, permanently. The phone rings, so Lucas grabs Nicole and drags her to the phone with him. Kate is on the phone and tells him, Will, and Henderson to get over here immediately. Lucas says he will be right there. Lucas lets Nicole go, and she asks if that was mommy dearest giving him instructions? Lucas tells Nicole to shut up, he's doing what he needs to, and that includes paying her off to keep quiet. He says he knows she loves money more than anything, even herself. Nicole says she won't accept a payoff this time, not after he punched her. Lucas thinks she is faking this, and she says yeah, I punched myself in the face! She tells him to go off to Europe and play with Mommy and Victor, but when he comes back he better have a check with a lot of zeros in it for her or he will go down for assault and murder! Nicole walks out, and Lucas wonders if he hit Nicole or not. He also realizes that he can't let his mom find out about this. Upstairs, Nicole begins taking off the stage-make up that made her look battered.

In Italy, Sami has a nightmare about being on the executioner's table and Kate was tormenting her that she was going to die. Suddenly, Lucas burst into the room and confessed to killing Franco. Sami wakes up screaming that it was Lucas who killed Franco. Brandon rushes to comfort her. Sami says Lucas not only has custody of her son, but he is a murderer. Sami suddenly notices that BRandon is naked, but he says he has a towel on, he doesn't walk around naked. Brandon leaves to get dressed, but trips and almost drops his towel. After Brandon leaves, Sami reads a note from Brandon telling her that if she woke up and he was in the shower to start breakfast, which has been prepared, without him. Sami thinks Brandon is sweet and if she gets Will back she owes it all to him. Later, Brandon and Sami enjoy breakfast, and Brandon explains his plan to Sami. They will go to the restaurant and have a huge fight about sex, he wanted to have it and she didn't. Brandon says that she needs to stomp all over his heart for Angela to see, so when she walks out, Angela will rush to comfort him.

Sami and Brandon go to the restaurant and put on a show for Angela. Sami treats him like crap, which angers Angela. Angela tells one of the workers that Brandon is so romantic, and one day he will do romantic things with her. Sami demands Brandon give her the car keys because she doesn't plan to sit around him all day. He hands over the keys and asks when she'll be back? Sami tells him that he sounds like something out of a bad movie, and tells him not to wait up. Sami takes off, and Brandon walks outside and acts all broken hearted. Angela shows up and calls Brandon her poor baby, and she needs to woman to treat him good, so good. Sami spies from the bushes and waits for Brandon to work his magic. They begin talking about her boyfriend, Roberto, and his involvement with Franco's murder. ANgela tells him that Roberto did not shoot Franco like everyone says because he was with her that day! Brandon starts telling her that she is very sweet, and he doesn't like thinking about her with bad people. She asks if he really thinks she is sweet? He says she is sweet as sugar. Angela tells him to take as much as he wants, and kisses him.

Kate wakes up in Victor's bed, and she tells him that if they are meant to be lovers it will happen, and she won't put her love on hold. She tells him that they are meant for each other, and when she tries to imagine her life without him, she sees nothing. Victor says he almost lost her after his second stroke, and he has Sami to thank for that, and now he will get the chance to pay her back! Kate says she is dying to know what is in that vial. Victor assures her that it will bring an end to their Sami problem. As they share breakfast, Victor tells Kate that the vial will drive Sami crazy, she won't be able to tell her dreams from reality, she will live in a constant state of terror. Kate asks if he is going to give this to Sami? Victor says no, Lucas will be the one to spike Sami's drink. Victor tells Kate that he will go to Moroni and tell him that she has a son who needs to learn the value of a buck by washing dishes, which will give him access to the food. Kate tells Victor that his plan is brilliant.


August 22
At the diner, Fay and Hattie are busy working when Stefano shows up. Hattie wonders why someone so rich would come here. Fay thinks perhaps he just wants to go someplace where he won't be bothered. Fay goes to wait on Stefano, and Hattie shuts off the radio when an advertisement for Marlena's show comes on. Hattie says she hates Dr. Evans, she really, really hates her! Later, the cook tells Hattie to turn on the radio and hear the news about her sweetheart. Hattie turns on the radio and learns that Dr. Higgly had two sets of wives and children, and is being sued by his wives. Fay says she knew there was something phony about that guy, but Hattie says no one is perfect! Fay thinks that she should give Marlena a chance. Later, some kid has a flier promoting Marlena's show and he is salivating over Marlena's picture. Hattie grabs it, crumples it up, and tells him that she is old enough to be his grandmother! She throws it across the room, and it happens to land in Stefano's lap. Stefano opens it up and reads it. He then overhears Hattie ranting about Marlena, and he asks Hattie about this radio show. Hattie says MArlena's new radio show is disgusting, and even if Dr. Higgly is married to two women, he must love them both very much and must take good care of his families because he is the most caring, gentle, and sensitive man in the world! Later, Fay apologizes for Hattie's behavior, and that she didn't tell her anything about him. Stefano tells her it is all right, and he comes here because he likes the food and the service, he has no complaints.

At the hospital, John is talking to MArlena about Brady. Marlena says that Brady thinks they are the source of all his problems. John says that he can't help Brady until he sorts out his own life. Marlena asks if that means he's going to force his memories to the surface? John feels that if he can find out how he became Stefano's pawn then he can protect Hope. Marlena says that perhaps Hope needs to know who the father of her baby is, but John refuses to let that happen. Marlena tells him that this is becoming an obsession, and she asks him why this is his problem? Suddenly, Craig shows up and tells Marlena to instruct her radio producer and his techies to get the hell out of his hospital! Craig says that nobody asked him for permission, and Marlena apologizes and says that she thought the producer got his permission. Craig lays into Marlena, demanding she consult him about anything which involves this hospital, and he won't jump through hoops for her like Mike Horton. John warns Craig that his wife is a senior member of this hospital's faculty and he should treat her with respect. Marlena explains that the radio producer claimed he had permission to renovate a room here, but Craig says he gave no such permission. Craig tells Marlena no radio show, and leaves. Miles shows up and learns the bad news. Marlena tells him that it seems she won't be able to do the show. Miles refuses to be beaten, so he and Marlena go to talk to Craig and Nancy about the show. When Nancy learns Marlena is replacing Dr. Higgly, she tells Craig that show was a real-life Frasier! Miles says that this show could make University Hospital the next John Hopkins. Nancy pulls Craig aside and says she wants him to agree to the show so she can play the part of Roz, screening all the calls. Nancy says she wants to feel like she is making a contribution to this hospital, this show would make her feel important and people would see her as more than his side kick. Craig eventually agrees, and Nancy races to tell Miles and Marlena the good news. Craig agrees to let Dr. Evans do her radio show from the hospital as long as Nancy can screen the calls. Marlena says she doesn't know what he means? Nancy says she would be like Roz on Frasier. Marlena says she likes that show, and says that it is fine with her if it is okay with Miles. Miles is okay with it, so Marlena says it is official! Cynthia interrupts and tells Marlena that Roman is on the phone. While Marlena talks to Roman, Craig and Nancy talk with Miles. Roman has just found out about the new radio show, and he asks Marlena if she is crazy? Roman asks her if she thinks the world has gotten any safer since the last time she did a radio show? Marlena says no, and not a day goes by that she doesn't think about her sister's murder, but she feels she can help people. Roman tells her that she must know what she is doing, and he'll be there for her.

John goes home and Brady is blasting his music once again. When Brady hears him come in, he turns the music off. John tells himself at least he didn't have to ask. Brady tries to leave, but John stops him. John asks Brady why he is so angry with him? Brady says he is angry with him because Saint Doc is the only woman he ever loved, he never loved his mother. John says that is not true, it is just hard for him to talk about her because it hurts. John says the day she told him that she was pregnant with him was the brightest day of his life, and they day he buried her was the darkest. John says it is hard for him to think about the past, but Brady says that is a joke. He says that he is obsessed with his past, at least the Stefano DIMera part. John tells Brady that there is a lot he doesn't know and doesn't understand. Brady says whatever and splits. John sits down and starts flashing back to his mercenary days. He remembers disciplining a kid for not keeping a clean gun, and then orders his squad to go take out the enemy. John wonders if that is who Brady sees when he looks at him. John goes out on the deck and thinks he could be a better father to Brady if he could remember more about his past.

In Salem Place, Austin calls out to Greta by saying "Hey Snow White, over here!" Austin tells Greta that he heard Eric left town, and he asks what happened? Greta says "Nicole happened." Austin asks if it is true, are Eric and Nicole back together? Greta asks what he knows about them. Austin says Nicole told him that she was divorcing Lucas, and he got the impression that she was going to run away with Eric. Greta tells Austin that Eric wants to spend the rest of his life with Nicole, and Nicole is lying to Lucas claiming she wants to work things out. Greta says that Nicole is playing some type of waiting game, and the minute she gets what she wants, she will leave Lucas for Eric. Austin tells Greta that he knows she was hurt by Eric, but blaming Nicole won't help. Austin says that Nicole is fragile and insecure, and she has a lot of problems. Greta says that her biggest problem is her inability to tell the truth, and that he and half the male population have been conned by that woman!

Nicole shows up to see Roman, who thinks her outfit is very classy (sarcasm). Nicole asks Roman to treat her with respect, but Roman says people have to earn his respect. Nicole says fine, treat her with some decency. Nicole informs Roman that she is going to get her money today, and then she will go be with Eric. Roman doesn't like this plan, but Nicole says when he hears her news then he will beg her to marry his son. Nicole starts telling Roman that she loves Eric and wants to be with him for the rest of her life, and she will marry him with his family's blessing by helping Sami get sole custody of her son. Nicole promises that Lucas will never be in Sami or Will's life again! Roman asks her what she knows? Nicole says she can prove that Roberto didn't kill Franco. Roman asks for details, but she says she can't reveal her plan until she talks to Eric. Roman dismisses Nicole, which angers her. She warns him that she can turn Eric against him. Roman grabs Nicole by the shoulder and tells her that her words and threats are empty until she provides him with the information on who killed Franco. Nicole says she will give him the information after she gets her money back. Nicole leaves, and Roman laughs because that man she's going to meet is not Rex, the real Rex is pushing 70.

Nicole gives Rex a call and tells him that she's coming to his office to close her account. Rex tells her to give him an hour so he can wrap up some things. At Rex's office, Rex is busy packing up his office and tells his secretary that they have one hour to get out of here! Nicole shows up at Rex's office early and overhears Rex and his secretary discussing how they scammed Nicole out of her five million and sent it right back to Victor. Nicole is furious and says no one cons her and lives to tell about it. Nicole looks through some desk drawers and finds a big ole knife. However, she realizes she can't kill Rex in front of the secretary. Nicole slams a drawer shut, and Rex hears it and comes investigating. Nicole is hiding behind the corner waiting to stab Rex. Fortunately Rex' secretary shows up, so Nicole can't stab rex as planned. Nicole takes off and vows to make Victor pay. She says Victor may have won this battle, but she will win the war, and there will be no mercy! Nicole's phone rings, and it is Eric! Eric tells Nicole that he misses her and needs her, so she should come on out to see him today.


August 23
At the diner, Hattie turns Marlena's show off. Fay asks her what she's doing? Hattie says she won't let that shrink poison her mind, and they aren't going to help her keep that show on the air. Fay asks Hattie if they can please put the radio back on, but Hattie says she won't listen to one word Dr. Marlena Evans has to say. Fay says that she wants to listen to Marlena because she is an excellent counselor and she was hoping to pick up a few tips on how to better deal with her children. Hattie tells Fay that she can give her better advice than Marlena ever could! Fay turns on the show, and Hattie becomes upset. Fay says she thinks Marlena is very good, and she asks Hattie if there isn't one thing in her life she'd like to change? Hattie says the expiration on her gun permit, because if she has to listen to this show she will go postal! Fay tells Hattie that she needs to get over the loss of Dr. Higgly because his life was a wreck. Hattie bets that MArlena's is too, and she says that is what she needs, a juicy expose! Fay tells Hattie that she sounds obsessed, but Hattie says she is the one who can't keep her fingers off the dial. Fay says the customers want to listen, so she will have to listen as well whether she likes it or not!

Lily shows up at the diner and tells Stefano that she needs to speak to him, it is a matter of life or death. Lily tells Stefano that Greta's future is at stake, and that is why she must know the answer to the following question, were he and Gina intimate? Stefano chokes on his drink. They are interrupted when they hear Marlena's show, and they notice that Hattie seems to be hanging onto every word Marlena is saying. Lily eventually returns to the reason she came to see him. Stefano tells Lily that he and Gina were not lovers. Lily tells Stefano there is something else they need to discuss, something is about to happen to Greta that even she doesn't know about.

At the hospital, Marlena tells Miles that she almost drove off the parkway when she saw her 100 foot mouth smiling down out her! Nancy comes in, and when she sees Marlena she asks "Your not going to wear that are you?" Marlena, who is wearing casual slacks and a unbuttoned yellow dress shirt, tells her that no one can see what they are wearing. Nancy says yes, but she lives by the motto "You are what you wear!" Nancy says she wants this to be a bright atmosphere and an uplifting one! Marlena tells her that the people who are going to be calling them will be in pain, and they are here to help them. Miles instructs Nancy how to screen the calls and run the control panel. Marlena gets ready, and Miles begins the countdown till airtime. The new Dr. Marlena Evans show goes on the air, and as Marlena tells her listeners that she is here to hear and help, but never to judge, Nancy watches her with her chin in her hands. MArlena gets her first call, which is from a woman who is faced with the choice between her fiance and her cat, and she ends up choosing her cat! The calls come flooding in, and it is too much for Nancy to handle. She eventually gives up putting people on hold and puts the next call through to MArlena. Marlena's show goes very well, and Miles is pleased.

In Salem Place, Austin and Greta continue to talk. Greta tells Austin that he is the one who wanted to talk, and to be honest she was doing much better before she saw him. Austin says that she is really angry with Eric, and Greta says yes she is, and she even angrier with Nicole. Austin suggests they change the subject, but Greta doesn't want to. Greta accuses Austin of not being able to get Nicole out of his head, just like every other man she knows. Austin says that he knows Nicole better than she thinks he does. Austin tells Greta about how he saw Nicole in the church one day, on her knees, praying. Austin says she was hurting and asking God for help. Greta says that God can't be manipulated the way people can. Austin can't believe he is hearing this from her. Greta asks Austin what it is about Nicole that makes men feel the way they do about her? Why would Eric want Nicole instead of her? Austin tells Greta that Nicole has problems, and for some reason she blames God for everything bad in her life. Austin says she doesn't think God loves her. Austin says he attributes this to her mother taking her to church as a child. Greta says she is sorry Nicole had a bad childhood, but they had bad ones too, and that doesn't give a person the right to ruin another one's life. Greta says she is tired of doing things the right way, and now she wants revenge. Austin tells her that revenge is wrong, the bible says so, and he didn't seek revenge on Carrie and Mike for what they did to him. Greta tells Austin that he still hasn't dealt with his anger about that, and that Nicole tried to destroy her life so she's going to destroy hers. Austin talks to her about this, and says perhaps she needs to talk to someone close to her. Greta says she doesn't have any family, but . . . . Greta says her mother did tell her who her father was before she died, and that the man is living in Salem. Austin thinks she should go talk to him, but Greta says her mother has lied to her before, so this might be another lie. Besides, Greta says that she is a new and independent person these days. Greta remembers when she was living in the swamp and trusted nobody. She says that was a rough time for her, but at least she was her own person. Greta tells Austin that she will never come to him for advice again because she is her own person now, and if she ever sees Nicole again she better turn and run away!

Nicole is sitting in her car cursing Rex and Victor for doing this to her. She says Rex isn't worth killing, but she will make Victor pay for this. Suddenly, Eric calls and asks Nicole to come to him today because he misses her. Nicole tells Eric that she misses him too. Eric asks her how she is feeling, has she started the treatments? Nicole says no, they had to run some more tests. Eric asks her if everything is okay? Nicole says yes. Eric tells her instead of starting there she should come out here and start because then she won't have to switch doctors. He also asks about the divorce and how it is going. Nicole tells Eric there is a little problem with the divorce. Nicole says she hasn't filed for divorce just yet. Eric asks why, is something wrong? Nicole tells Eric that she feels guilty that she's leaving Lucas before a year is up, because it will seem like the marriage was a complete failure. She also says she feels that if they marry, it will cause problems between him and his father. Eric says that isn't her problem, but Nicole says it will be. She also says her mom needs her here for her in Salem. Eric says this is crap, she saw her mother maybe once the entire time they were together. He asks her why she is lying to him? Nicole says he is sounding like Lucas now, which angers Eric. Eric says they shouldn't start fighting considering what she's going through. Nicole tells Eric that she isn't dying after all, she was mis-diagnosed with a fatty liver. Eric asks if this is what has changed, now that she's dying she doesn't want him any more? Nicole tells Eric that she cares about him, and he interjects "Now it is care and not love?" Nicole says of course she loves him, but she needs time and she can't leave Salem right now. Eric thinks that means there is something more important that them now. Eric wonders what he has done to his life. Nicole tells Eric that she is trying right now to be the person he helped her find, and she wants to do thing right for once in her life. Eric tells her that he'll see her around and then hangs up on her. Nicole sits in her car and cries that she loves Eric so much. Nicole calls up someone and tells them that she needs to talk to them now, and she will be there in ten minutes. Back in Colorado, Eric says Isabella was right about Nicole. Eric wonders how they will ever forgive him when he can't forgive himself. Eric asks God to help him.


August 24
At the Whitley street lot, the kids are busy working on the house when Phillip notices a nasty smell. Belle notices the smoke coming out of Phillip's backpack and exclaims "Your backpack is on fire!" Shawn opens his backpack and finds out that it is only some old chemicals from chemistry class that reacted with one another. Phillip wonders what is inside the canister in SHawn's bag, so they decide to open in. Inside is another canister with a funny language on it. Chloe asks to look at it and says it is written in Sanskrit, the classical literary language of India. Phillip thinks they should open it up too, but CHloe thinks they should wait until they get it translated. Later, Chloe tells Phillip and Shawn how Craig wants to sponsor a talent show at Mimi's house when it is finished in order to encourage more people to volunteer with Habitat. Mimi thinks Craig just wants to promote himself. Phillip and Shawn tell Chloe that she should sing at the talent show, and Chloe says she'll need Shawn to accompany her. She suggests they set a date to practice, and picks Friday night. Phillip says they were supposed to go to the movie that night. Shawn says he is free, but they can't jam at his place because of the baby. Chloe says he can come to her house, so he agrees. Belle is upset, and excuses herself. Shawn wonders what is wrong with Belle, and Mimi tells him that he is so dense. Chloe says she is hungry and suggests they all go over to the pub and get some burgers. Phillip says "you mean the veggie special don't you?" Chloe says maybe the two of them can convince her to try some real beef!

Phillip, Shawn, Mimi, and CHloe go to the pub, and Phillip warns Shawn not to get any ideas with Chloe when the two of them are rehearsing. Shawn says they are just friends and Phillip should relax. Meanwhile, two girls can't believe Chloe is suddenly God's gift to guys, and they notice Belle is missing and think she has finally gotten Lame-O's number. The kids order, and Belle shows up outside the pub. Belle thinks she has over- reacted, but then the two girls from school come out and warn Belle to watch out for Chloe, she's after both Shawn and Phillip now. Belle looks in and sees Chloe flirting with both Shawn and Phillip. She becomes furious and storms off. Back inside, Phillip and Shawn both tell CHloe if she ever wants to try meat that they know the perfect place to go to. Phillip offers to take her to the Penthouse Grill, but Shawn offers to grill her a steak on his dad's barbecue. Phillip and Shawn then show Chloe their muscles, and Mimi can't believe this.

At the diner, Hattie continues to criticize Marlena. Fay thinks Marlena is great, but Hattie says she is stubborn, mean, and a fake! Hattie picks up the phone and decides to call Dr. Marlena and tell her to go back to the crazy house. However, the line is busy. Hattie says this never happened with Dr. Higgly, what type of moron is running this show! Hattie eventually gets through, and she is very rude to Nancy. Hattie tells Nancy to tell Marlena that her show is DOA, dead on arrival, dead on air, discontinue or "alse!" Hattie demands to be put on air to give Marlena a piece of her mind, but Nancy says it better not be to big of a piece because she doesn't sound like she can spare much! Nancy eventually hangs up on Hattie, which infuriates her. Hattie thinks she should plan a big protest or a petition to pull Marlena off the air.

Meanwhile, Lily thinks she should call Marlena for some help with her fear of flight or her memory. Stefano tells Lily to get back to the matter at hand, Greta. Lily says she has something of great importance for Greta which may come as a shock to her, but it will change her life forever. Lily says the late Prince Von Amburg thought he was Greta's father, so he has named her as his successor, leaving Greta the title of Princess and one hundred million dollars! Stefano asks why Lily is telling him this before telling Greta? Lily tells him that whether or not they have genes in common, he better not try to cause problems for her! Stefano asks why he'd make trouble for Greta? He says the possibility that Greta could be his daughter is shocking news, and he asks how old Greta is? Lily wonders if he is interested because she is suddenly a multi-millionaire? Stefano tells her not to be absurd. Lily says that Greta has been through enough as is and they must do everything they can to ensure her safety. Stefano is confused and says that she is not only accusing him of wanting to embezzle her funds but she also wants him to protect Greta! Lily says she knows how he works, she knows he used Gina to steal her art collection. Stefano says his hands are clean of that crime, and he will keep an eye on Greta. He asks if she thinks Greta will stay in Salem? Lily says yes, and she knows why. Stefano asks if she is going to enlighten him? Lily says Greta will want to tell him that herself. Later, Lily leaves, and Stefano talks with Fay about Hattie's behavior. Fay says that Hattie is obsessed with talk radio, and she has a bone to pick with MArlena for replacing her favorite talk show. Hattie sees Stefano staring at her, so she talks to him about the world of high finance. Stefano wonders how she became so knowledgeable about the market? Hattie tells him she always listens to the early bird morning show. Stefano says that is one of his favorites, and he can't believe he hadn't noticed her before. Hattie says that is usually the way it is, but Stefano says "until now my dear!" Later Hattie leaves to pick up an order, and Fay hopes she isn't bothering Stefano. Stefano says no, and that she reminds him of someone he knows.

At the hospital, Marlena's show continues, and Nancy thinks this show will be bigger than Frasier. Marlena says Frasier is just a sitcom, this is real. Nancy says she has been taking some calls from some pretty pathetic people, and if she was her she'd tell them to just get a life. After taking Hattie's call, Nancy tells Marlena about the wacko who just called and threatened her. Marlena feels that she just needs help and hopes she calls again. Marlena eventually ends her first talk show and says she'll be back to hear, to help, and to heal.

Nicole goes to see Greta, who can't wait to chat with Nicole. Greta answers the door when Nicole knocks and invites her in. Nicole says she is here to ask Greta for her help. Greta laughs and says she is just dying to help her, a heartless bithc who destroyed her relationship with Eric and Eric's relationship with his entire family. Greta tells Nicole that she destroyed both her and Eric's lives! Nicole asks Greta to help her save her marriage. Greta asks why she should help her do that? Nicole says her sleeping with Eric was a mistake, but Greta doesn't buy that. Nicole says she isn't in love with Eric, she was just addicted to him. Nicole says Lucas gives her a sense of security and she'd be lost without him. Greta says she'd just be lost without his money, and she tells Nicole that it is over! Greta notices a look of fear in Nicole's eyes and wonders what happened, did Eric tell her to take a hike? Nicole says no, Eric just called her and said he can't live without her and wants her to run away with him. Greta asks if that is true then why isn't she with him now? Nicole says believe it or her marriage is important to her. She says she's made a lot of bad choices and hurt many people, including her. Nicole says she tried to be her friend and even helped her get this apartment, but Greta says she knows exactly why she did that. Greta says she has been after Eric the entire time they were together, she even got him to come back to work. Nicole says that Eric is a great photographer, that is all. She says that Eric started coming on to her, and after awhile it became hard to fend him off. She says after they made love she regretted it, but for Eric all his feelings for her returned and he begged her to leave Lucas and go with him. Nicole says she couldn't do that because of her marriage vows, and she realized if she can't make it work with Lucas then maybe she can't have a real marriage at all. She fears ending up alone, and that is why she says she can't loose Lucas. Nicole says thought she could prove to her, by coming here that she only wants to be Mrs. Lucas Roberts now and forever. Greta refuses to help Nicole. Nicole says she is begging her for her help and asks Greta if she can find it in her heart to forgive her? She once again begs Greta to go to Lucas and save her marriage. Greta tells Nicole to get out, she can't stand this! Greta kicks Nicole out, and wonders how she is supposed to help that woman? Greta says she just wants Nicole out of her life, she wishes she could leave Salem. However, she says her father, her only living relative is in Salem. Back outside, Nicole smiles because her plan is going perfectly, and she says she is going to win!


August 25
I have to use NBC's summary for today. I've been moving stuff up to my apartment at school all day (3 1/2 hour drive each way), and am zonked. Unfortunately, I have to do it again tomorrow! I have the show on tape and will try and replace this with my summary as soon as I can see it.

Belle tells Marlena she's upset about Chloe. Belle says that lately, Chloe has been going out of her way to show off for the guys. It's as if she's done a complete 180. Marlena analyzes the situation and guesses that Chloe is acting out a bit because she doesn't know how to handle the attention. Later, Belle admits this is the first time she's been jealous of a good friend... Mimi watches through the window of the pub as Chloe flirts with Philip and Shawn. Jason and Jan see this, as well, and decide to take matters into their own hands. The two head inside with an agenda. Jan says she thinks Chloe's got the hots for Craig. Chloe gets defensive, and Shawn and Philip tell Jan to shut her trap. Much to Mimi's dismay, Philip and Shawn fawn all over Chloe, making sure she's all right... Brandon tells Sami that Angela admitted she was with Roberto on the day of Franco's murder, but he still needs to get more information from her. Meanwhile, Moroni catches Angela sneaking out to be with Brandon. He warns her to stay away from him, or else he'll get rid of Brandon for good. Later, Angela goes against her father's wishes and goes to see Brandon. Little does she know, her father is watching... Greta tells Austin that she spoke with Nicole earlier, and it seems the girl truly does want to save her marriage with Lucas. Meanwhile, Nicole realizes she may have been taken by Victor and Rex, but she certainly isn't going to give up her plush lifestyle. She's got to convince Lucas to take her back. Will she be successful?

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