August 00 Week 3


August 14
From NBC, Dustin was out of Town
Chloe and Philip leave the lot and head to Chloe tells Philip she's sick of Mimi living at her house and is considering a move to New York... Unless Philip can somehow manage to get Mimi out of there ASAP. Meanwhile, at the vacant lot, the mystery guy continues messing with his knife as the kids meet a workman who says they're going to start clearing the lot this afternoon... Nicole interrupts before Greta tells Lucas that Nicole and Eric slept together. In a private moment, Nicole tries to persuade Greta not to tell Lucas, but Greta thinks he has a right to know. Meanwhile, Lucas is stressed about the Sami situation and eyes the pitcher of martinis... John manages to swipe a DNA sample from Hope's baby without getting caught. But as he's leaving, he runs into Bo, who is less than thrilled to see him. Bo is suspicious of John always hanging around Hope and the baby... Stefano tells Bart that he wants John to think that the baby is his (John's) because then Stefano will have a hold over him. Rolf gets the results back from his DNA test...


August 15
From NBC, Dustin was out of Town
Today is the day to break ground for the Lockhart family house. Everyone is at the site including the media and the hot boy band "Plus One." Nancy and Craig mug for the news crews, while Chloe and Shawn take the stage with the band. Later, the bulldozer starts to dig, and we see a mysterious looking can lodged beneath the dirt... Lexie stops by Hope's place with Isaac. The women are enjoying the fact that they're going through motherhood at the same time. The babies get fussy, and Hope picks up Isaac, while Lexie comforts John. Hope can't help but notice that Isaac shares many of the same traits that Shawn did when he was a baby. Later, Hope tells Lexie she wants to have her wedding ceremony right there in the backyard. The sooner the better... Stefano gets quite a surprise when John stops by and tells him that Hope's baby has fetal alcohol syndrome. Later, John says he's thought about it, and he cannot let Hope remember that they made love on the submarine. He tells Stefano he will get that chip out of her brain, but he just needs to know how...


August 16
From NBC, Dustin was out of Town
Kate calls Lucas and tells him that things are going well in Italy. And she wouldn't be surprised if she and Victor got married. But even if that doesn't happen, Kate has a backup plan. Later, Kate manages to wrap Moroni around her little finger, which leaves Victor pleased... Determined to win Brandon over from Sami, Angela really turns it on when she sees them dining at her father's restaurant. She flirts with Brandon, much to Sami's disgust. Later, Sami says she can't believe how Angela has totally fallen for Brandon. Maybe his plan to get information from her regarding Franco's murder will be a cinch... As they relax by the pool, we see that Nicole will stop at nothing to get Lucas to drink again. She even goes so far as pouring liquor all over her body in hopes that Lucas will kiss it off. Lucas, of course, falls for it and before long, he is completely inebriated. Nicole is pleased. It won't be long now until he finally spills his guts... As Hope and Lexie shop for wedding attire, they talk about their sons. Hope says that she's come to accept that baby John has fetal alcohol syndrome and she's just happy he's alive and well. She admits she doesn't take the little things for granted anymore... John collapses just outside the DiMera mansion. Stefano and Rolf are horrified when they find him lying there. They drag John inside and check his vitals. John has a memory of choking a general, and this memory prompts John to jolt awake and start choking Rolf. When Stefano yells "at ease," John pulls back. Later, John heads to the lab to get the results of the paternity test...


August 17
Lucas and Nicole are sitting on the deck of the Kiriakis pool. Nicole won't let Lucas play until he catches up with her, she is three drinks ahead of him. To entice his she takes off her bikini underneath her robe and throws it at him. Lucas downs his drink and then drops his shorts. He then gets in the pool, and tells her it is her turn. Nicole drops her robe and joins him in the pool. Lucas tells Nicole that he has to have her, and she says "Right here? You bad boy!" Lucas tells her that Will is upstairs sleeping and they are all alone, so they should go for it! After making love, Lucas proposes a toast, and Nicole makes him drink because it would be bad luck to toast without drinking. Lucas says he's wiped, but Nicole tells him that they can't call it a night. Lucas says he just needs a nap, which Nicole says is typical of a man. She tells him that he's so boring, but Lucas says he's not used to drinking like this. Nicole says that is his problem, hers is that she is hot and she'll find another man if he can't give her what she needs. Lucas says he just needs some fresh air. Nicole tells him that they are outside. Lucas says that he needs more air, and tells her to come with him. Lucas and Nicole jump in the limo, and Lucas gets totally trashed. Nicole then starts questioning him about Sami, and how she happens to be away at the same time Brandon is, but he doesn't want to talk about them. He says he wants to take her to the hotel they got married in and stay the night. He tells her that it will be like a second honeymoon. Nicole says she doesn't want to drive to Chicago, so they should go home and whip up another pitcher. Lucas says he has a better idea, they should go see her mom! Nicole asks why he wants to visit the queen of tacky? Lucas says they are way overdue for a trip to her mom's house, but Nicole says she waits tables at a diner at night. Lucas says he likes diners and thinks that they should go there. Nicole talks trash about her mom, which upsets Lucas and he says she shouldn't talk that way about her mom. They drive by the diner, but Lucas refuses to leave until he sees her mom. Nicole looks in and sees her mom with Abe, so she says now is not a good time. Lucas falls on the ground, and Nicole tells the driver that her husband has fallen and he can't get up. She asks the driver to toss her sorry husband into the back seat and drive them back home. Lucas hurts his ribs, so Nicole tells him that another martini will take his pain away. He asks her what she's trying to do, poison him with alcohol? Nicole pours him a martini when they are in the limo, and she tells him that it hurts her when he keeps secrets from her. Lucas says he does trust her and he'll do anything to prove it. Nicole asks him why Victor and Kate went to Europe? She thinks it has to do with Sami, so she asks him to tell her. He whispers that it has to do with Franco, and no one can know because it is a big secret. Nicole says she's good at keeping secrets, and pours him another drink.

Abe and another cop stop at a diner, and one of the cops says that the waitress behind the counter looks familiar. Inside, Fay is serving people some coffee while a fat trucker complains that the doctor's show on the radio is boring and they should turn it to something else. Hattie, a Marlena look-a-like, tells him "Over my dead body!" Fay tells Hattie that they know she is a fan of Dr. Higgly, but they know what the boss would say. The trucker tells her that if she doesn't turn it off, Fay won't get a tip! Hattie turns it, and tells Fay it doesn't matter because that is a re-run, and she has all his shows on tape. Suddenly, a radio personality announces that NBC Radio has axed Dr. Higgly, but a replacement is in the works. Hattie starts crying and tells Fay that she should have called Dr. Higgly when she had the time to talk about her boy and Commander Carver. Fay says she hasn't had the time to talk to Abe about that yet. Hattie tells her she better get ready to, because Abe just walked in the door! Abe sees Fay and can't believe his eyes. Abe remembers Fay, especially kissing her and telling her that he'd always be there for her. Abe tells the officer with him that he has to speak to this woman alone, so she leaves to check out the action on the stake-out. Meanwhile, Hattie tells Fay that Abe has been looking at her since he walked in, so she needs to go over there and talk to him. Fay brings Abe his usual, and he can't believe she still remembers. Abe asks her to join her, and she says okay, but she can't sit for long. Abe remembers Fay's little boy and how he always protected her, and he asks her what he's doing now? Fay tells Abe that he already knows her son, he is Brandon Walker.

At Marlena's office, Marlena's assistant tells her that the man from the radio show stopped by again, and Marlena asks her to send him in because she's going to turn him down because of what happened last time she had a show. Miles, the radio station manager, enters and Marlena turns him down. Miles says he expected that, but he knows how to change her mind. Marlena says he already has a talk-show therapist, but Miles says Dr. Higgly is no longer with them. He says that the station is looking for someone who could be a role model for younger children. That grabs Marlena's interest because she has a teenage daughter of her own, and she sees her friends making all the wrong choices. Miles says that is why they need her, why she is right for this job. Marlena says the studio is so far out of town, but Miles says the hospital has agreed to put a station right here in the hospital for her in exchange for some extra donations to the hospital. Marlena says she can't sign a long term contract, so Miles says they can try it for six months. Marlena agrees, and says she could start in January. Miles tells her they needed her to start yesterday! Marlena says she'll see what she can do, and he thanks her.

Stefano tells John that congratulations are in order, but John tells DiMera to shut the hell up. Stefano offers John his help, but John thinks nobody can help him and that the truth will destroy everyone he loves. Stefano tells John that he can remove that chip from Hope's brain, but John says he doesn't know how. Stefano says that he can help John remember. John then has a memory of performing surgery on someone in a tent long ago. John's head hurts from the memory, and Stefano tells him that remembering won't always be this painful, soon it will become like second nature to him. John refuses to be DiMera's pawn again, but Stefano says that all those children will suffer if he does not put himself in his hands. Stefano tells him that he can lead him to the light of salvation! However, Stefano warns John that there is a danger that he'll never be the John Black he is today if he remembers the John Black he was in the past. John says he won't go back to being that man, but Stefano tells John that he has no choice. He tells John that he must prevent Hope from remembering and blabbing all. Stefano advises John to use his past to save his future.

John goes to see Marlena and tells her that he loves her. Marlena is glad to see him, and tells him about her trial radio show. She says that Miles thinks he tricked her into doing the show, but she wanted to do it all along. John tells Marlena that he trusts her because she always knows what she is doing. John then tells Marlena that he has to tell her something, something he can't keep to himself any longer.

In Italy, Kate puts the moves on Victor in an attempt to seduce him. She tells him that he is her whole life and she'll love him forever. Victor responds by kissing her passionately. However, he comes to his senses and says they are hear to protect her future from Sami. Kate asks him what he is planing? Victor says he is planning something cold, calculated, and deadly for Sami! Victor tells Kate that he has a secret weapon for Sami, and shows her a mysterious vial.


August 18
At the Whitley Street Lot, Shawn continues to tease Belle about the monster which lives in the woods. Meanwhile, Phillip talks to Chloe about her singing, and how she's gotten him listening to opera lately. Chloe has a fantasy about running along the beach in a bodacious (sp?) bikini along with Phillip and getting caught up in the romance of the waves and the sand. As the two move in for a kiss, Mimi screams for everyone to come here. She has found the canister with the skull and cross bones on it, and they wonder what it is. Shawn says that it belongs to the monster of the woods. Meanwhile, some mysterious person watches the kids. Mimi ends up throwing it out, and the kids head home. After they leave, two guys show up and talk about how Mimi and her friends better not think about taking over their woods! At the diner, Abe is shocked that Brandon is Fay's son, and he asks why Brandon would hate him? Fay says that every time Abe showed up to arrest her husband, when he was released his anger and rage grew more intense, so in Brandon's mind, he linked Abe with his mother being beaten. Abe asks Fay if Brandon knows about their relationship, but Fay says no one does and she wants it to be kept that way. MEanwhile, Hattie learns that Dr. Higgly is being replaced by Marlena Evans, and it infuriates her. She tells Fay that she hates that rich snob, and then tells herself that Marlena won't be around long enough to enjoy her new talk show's success. At the hospital, John tells Marlena that he is having memories from his past, such as being a surgeon during a war, and he thinks that if he can remember more, he will know when Hope might begin to start remembering things. Marlena thinks that John is playing a dangerous game here. Suddenly, the radio station manager returns and asks Marlena to sign the contract. John thinks MArlena is nuts, but she convinces him that she can help so many people. Later, John leaves, and Marlena knows there is something else John is keeping from her. At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas and Nicole return home and Lucas is furious with Nicole for almost tricking him into confessing the truth about Franco, and he tells her that he doesn't trust her one bit. Will comes downstairs, and Lucas starts swinging him around. Nicole tells him to be careful with Will, and Will tells his dad that he is acting funny. Henderson comes to take Will back to bed, and Nicole continues to ply Lucas with booze. Lucas finally admits that he fired a gun at Franco, and that Franco's death is his fault. As Nicole asks Lucas if he killed Franco, Lucas passes out. In Italy, Brandon and Sami put their plan into motion. Brandon leaves the restaurant to get his credit card, and Angela follows him. Sami attempts to keep Senior Moroni busy while Brandon talks to ANgela. He gets her to open up and talk about Roberto and Franco. Angela says that Roberto is a good man, and he was murdered because of Franco, who was also the victim of murder. Angela says that she doesn't want to talk about this anymore, but Brandon thinks she'll feel better if she does.
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