August 00 Week 2

Note: I accidentally deleted my summaries for this week, so these are NBC's


Monday 8/7/00 Chloe gussies herself up, and then she and belle take off to the pub. Chloe is fuming when she sees Shawn is there with Philip. After all, Philip cancelled their date earlier. Much to Philip's surprise, Chloe forgives him. But this is all part of her plan to make him pay... Fay stops by the station, determined to warn Abe about Brandon. However, when she gets there, she sees Lexie is with Abe and decides not to bother him now. Officer Simmons notices Fay and says she'll go get Abe, but Fay makes herself scarce before Abe emerges... Piņa colada in hand, Rolf returns from his tropical vacation. Stefano fills him in on everything he missed. Unfortunately, he hasn't gotten a DNA sample from Isaac because the kid is extremely well guarded. Rolf has an idea... He'll kidnap the baby... Hope panics when she can't find her baby. Bo hurries home and holds a gun on the "kidnapper", but is shocked when he finds that it's john. John produces a cover story, and Bo buys it. Later, Hope tells Doug, Julie, and john that the baby has fetal alcohol syndrome. This hits John especially hard...


Tuesday 8/8/00 Kate and Lucas start the day at odds. Kate is up to her Nicole-bashing, which doesn't sit well with Lucas. Meanwhile, Nicole puts some not-so-subtle moves on victor, then saunters off to her top-secret meeting. Later, Kate, victor, and Lucas go over the plans regarding Sami and the Moronis... Roman starts the day with Marlena. She is devastated when he tells her Eric left town. Roman is upset, too. He looks at his former wife pointedly and says he can't imagine losing someone else he loves. Later, roman meets with Nicole. She tells him that she's going to win roman's trust by getting Sami custody of will. Roman isn't about to fall for one of Nicole's tricks, but she says she'll make him a deal he can't refuse... After being brushed off by Chloe, Nancy confides in Marlena. Nancy is angry because no matter what she does, Chloe gets upset. And Nancy isn't going to put up with it any longer! Meanwhile, Chloe tells Belle that sometimes she wishes Craig was her biological parent... John pays Stefano a visit. Stefano taunts John, asking him if he's been having memories of being a mercenary. John admits he has, and Stefano says John should put those skills to the test and get that chip out of Hope's brain. If he does so, there's a good chance she'll never remember being on the submarine with him. John has a big decision to make...


Wednesday 8/9/00 Shawn blindfolds Belle and leads her to the empty lot where they'll soon start building Mimi's house. Shawn knew Belle would want to see it, but he didn't think she should be wandering the neighborhood alone. Belle is privately pleased Shawn is so caring. Later, Shawn confides in Belle and says he's concerned about his brother's health. Belle knows this is tough, but she also knows Shawn is going to love the kid no matter what... Lili Faversham pays Greta a much-needed visit. Greta tells her all about the Eric situation. Lili suggests that Greta tell Lucas the truth about his cheating wife. But will Greta do it? Fay stops by the mansion to tell Nicole that she heard that Nicole's father is getting out of prison soon. Before Nicole can react, Lucas calls for her. Later, Nicole meets with rex who tells her that if she wants him to speed up the financial transaction, he wants to have sex with her again... At the station, roman tells Abe about what happened to Eric. Roman is in a huff and blames this whole ordeal on nasty Nicole walker! Little do they know, Fay has moved up and overheard the guys bashing her daughter. Later, Fay confronts roman... Rolf manages to put a chemical into the air conditioning system at Lexie's house, which causes her to pass out. This gives Rolf the opportunity to take the baby and get a DNA sample to determine who the kid's father is...


Thursday 8/10/00 Chloe gets a call from Philip who wants to go out with her again. A skeptical Chloe says yes, but still privately wonders if she can trust the guy. Meanwhile, Nancy and Mimi get off to a rough start, but then they get to talking... Mimi admits she picked on Chloe because she was sick of being the one kids always picked on. She tells Nancy details about how hard it was growing up and going through adolescence. Nancy can't help but see herself in Mimi. Later, Chloe comes downstairs, clearly not thrilled to see Mimi and Nancy yakking it up... Lexie finally awakens and freaks out when she can't find Isaac anywhere. Little does she know, her baby is with Stefano and Rolf. Rolf tells Stefano he got the DNA sample. Stefano is angry with Rolf for pulling this stunt on his own. They've got to get Isaac back to the carver house before it is too late. Meanwhile, Celeste and Abe drive home, but get sidetracked when Rolf secretly punctures their gas tank... Greta stops by to see Lucas. She wants to talk to him about Nicole. Lucas thinks Greta needs to focus on her own love life with Eric. Greta says Eric's left town... Besides, Eric is in love with Nicole... Roman and Fay go to the Salem inn bar to talk about Nicole. Roman wishes both Nicole and Brandon would leave his kids alone. Fay is offended by this. Roman sees Nicole with rex, but doesn't say anything to Fay. Meanwhile, rex reminds Nicole that if she wants her money, she's got to make love to him. Nicole argues at first, but then agrees to go up to the room with him. Roman, now alone, immediately goes up to the front desk and asks for Nicole's room number. Later, we see Nicole has her own personal agenda as she gets out her laptop and a gun and demands rex transfer the money now... Or else!


Friday 8/11/00 Chloe confronts Nancy, thinking that she's taking Mimi's side. But Nancy and Chloe aren't the only ones who are fighting. Chloe and Mimi are at odds. Chloe tells Mimi that things are going to change. Chloe says she isn't the class loser anymore... Mimi is! And with that, Chloe turns on her heels and walks off... Philip joins Belle and Shawn at the vacant lot. Seems he's creeped out by the eeriness of the place, too. Little do they know a mysterious man with a knife is watching them from the bushes... Rex manages to produce a phony investment statement for Nicole. When she sees all the zeros, she screams out in joy. Roman, who is just outside the room, kicks in the door with his gun poised. He wants to know just what's going on... Greta tells Lucas that Eric doesn't love her, he loves Nicole. Lucas starts to hypothesize and decides that Eric was the one pressuring Nicole to divorce him. And if Nicole really loved Eric, she would have gone after him. Later, just as Nicole approaches, Greta prepares to tell Lucas that Nicole slept with Eric... Lexie is horrified when she sees Stefano outside with Isaac. She demands an explanation. Stefano makes up a cover story, which Lexie buys. But when Abe gets home, he is suspicious of Dimera. Lexie and Abe argue with regards to Stefano. Later, Abe is devastated when he overhears Lexie tell Stefano that he's always welcome at their home. After all, Stefano was able to provide her with a baby, unlike Abe. Meanwhile, Rolf begins the DNA testing...
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