August 00 Week 1


July 31
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Brandon and the P.I. viciously fight, and Brandon ends up hanging on for dear life on the edge of a cliff. Sami manages to knock the P.I. to the ground, and Brandon pulls himself up. He goes into his battle mode, which is triggered by a memory of his dad. It looks as though he's really going to kill the guy. Later, Sami and Brandon get quite a surprise when Angela Moroni and her father show up... Nicole heads to Eric's apartment, but when he isn't there, she spends time with Austin waiting. Nicole tells Austin he'd better keep his eye on Sami because she thinks the girl's starting to fall for Brandon... Everyone is upset, but for different reasons, when they read the note and realize Mimi has left. Nancy and Maureen have it out until Craig intervenes. Then, Chloe calls Maureen a hypocrite. This doesn't sit well with Shawn, who talks to Chloe, later coming to the conclusion that she has a thing for Philip. After Nancy probes, Belle tells her that Chloe was a big hit at the dance. this is music to Nancy's ears. Later, Mimi finally returns... John has myriad of memories of his time spent with Isabella, but he is jolted out of them when he hears Brady jamming on his electric guitar. John yells for his son to knock it off, but later feels guilty for his harshness... Greta is in horror having just seen Eric's car get smashed by a freight train. She rushes over to him, along with the paramedics. Eric appears to be unconscious, and we wonder if he's even alive. Isabella appears to Eric in a dream, and he realizes he's got to take time for himself to think about what he's done. Later, Eric awakens, much to Greta's relief. She gently kisses him on the cheek, but says she still thinks it'd be best for him to get away for a while. Eric says goodbye to Salem... forever?


August 1
At Titan, VIctor is celebrating the downfall of Nicole. Rex shows up to celebrate with him, and Rex was hoping Victor could throw a little more work his way as a thank you. As Victor talks, Rex wonders what is up with Victor, he is acting very strange. Victor says everything is wonderful, he has all of his five million dollars back from Nicole. However, he says it wasn't much of a challenge, Nicole never stood a chance. Rex says someone who lived the life Nicole has won't just give up and die. Victor asks Rex what he is talking about? Rex tells Victor about the porn film, and how he and Nicole had sex. He says says that Nicole goes into these trances where she's not all there mentally, but physically she is all there! Victor doesn't want to hear this, so Rex asks him what is next on his agenda? Victor says what he did to Nicole is nothing compared to what he's going to do to Sami Brady.

Nicole walks in on Lucas drinking a club soda in the mansion dining room. She thought it was a gin and tonic, but Lucas tells Nicole that he is stone cold sober and it is all thanks to her! Lucas starts telling Nicole that she is very smart and she has taught him a lot about himself. He says that she taught him a lot about love, and he only had one other girlfriend other than her, and it is not Sami. He says it was a girl named Andrea when he was in military school. Nicole says she doesn't care and asks why he's telling her this now? Lucas says that he thought she would want to know how special she is to him. He says that he and this girl were together for a year, she would buy him things, compliment him, and she always wanted to see him. He says that they could laugh together, and he likes laughing. Nicole asks Lucas what his point is? Lucas says maybe he doesn't have a point, or maybe it is that they never laugh when they are together. Nicole decides to psycho analyze this and says he obviously didn't like his relationship with Andrea. Lucas says he didn't because there was no challenge, she gave him everything. He then starts telling Nicole that is why he loves her, because she is a challenge. He also says that he know she loves him to, and they are good together. He goes on and on, and says that he also knows, thanks to her, that he is not an alcoholic. He says he only had one drink, and that was it. Lucas now knows that is as far as it goes. Nicole asks Lucas when he is leaving, and he says tomorrow. Nicole tells him so is she, and she won't be back! Lucas tells her that if she thinks she's running away with Eric Brady than she should think again! Lucas tells Nicole that the Brady's will never accept her for abusing Eric, they will never forgive her for dumping Eric and marrying him. Nicole says he is not guiltless in this. Lucas says he doesn't care about the Brady's, and he doesn't think he cares about her! Nicole realizes Lucas is right, and the only way to earn the Brady's thanks and forgiveness is to get Lucas drunk and prove he is an unfit father. Nicole tells Lucas that he is so damn uptight, and if he would loosen up there might be hope for their marriage. Nicole tells Lucas that if he decided not to go to Europe, and would stay here with his newfound confidence to drink and not go overboard, perhaps he could bring some fun back into their marriage. She says that she is tired of being at the bottom of his priority list, instead of working on their marriage he is traipsing off to Europe. Lucas says she is at the top of his list, she is the most important thing in his life, but if he doesn't go to Europe he might not have a life. Nicole asks him what he means? Lucas claims he is about to lose a lot of money. Nicole says he not only puts Will and his mother above her, but now money.

Victor comes home, and Lucas asks Victor for a moment of his time. Lucas tells Victor that he has to bow out of the trip to Europe. Victor calls him deaf, dumb, and blind; Nicole wants a divorce! Lucas says Nicole feels like he has been neglecting her, and she has a point. Lucas thinks if he could spend a few days with Nicole, maybe things could be worked out. Victor, who is sick of arguing with Lucas, tells him that he can stay behind for a few days and meet up with them in Italy later. Lucas thanks him and says he's leaving to tell Nicole the good news. Victor knows Nicole is up to something, but it won't work. Meanwhile, Nicole thinks she is rich and will be together with Eric very soon. Later, Rex calls Nicole to check in. Nicole tells him that she is coming over to see him right now and get her money. Rex says it will take time, but he could be persuaded with some drinks and a cosy dinner. Nicole hangs up and says never again. She also refuses to wait thirty days to get her money. She plans to get her money, ply Lucas with a quart of scotch, and get Lucas to tell her everything she knows about Franco's murder.

At Dot.Com, Shawn and Phillip are about to play a videogame, but Phillip suddenly has had a change of heart about them. He thinks they are a stupid waste of time. Shawn wonders what is up with Phillip. Phillip wishes Jason hadn't talked them into the bet. Shawn tells Phillip that from what he saw, Phillip had a good time at the dance, aside from the blood. He asks Phillip what is wrong, are he and Chloe not getting along? Phillip says they are now, but what if she finds out the truth? Shawn says maybe she'd understand, but Phillip says Chloe would cut them both out of her life, and so would Belle. Shawn says so the bet was a bad idea, and if CHloe and Belle find out, they will have to live with the consequences. Phillip tells Shawn that Chloe and Belle will hate them, and Belle will call Shawn a first class jerk! Shawn says he will deal with that if it happens. Phillip tells Shawn not to play like he doesn't care, he knows he and Belle are a potential item. Shawn says he and Belle are not an item, they are far from it, they are only friends. Phillip says if he isn't interested in Belle, then maybe he'll put the moves on her. Shawn says no way, Belle isn't that kind of girl and isn't interested in him. Shawn is at a loss for words, and Phillip just laughs at him. Jan and Jason show up and ask Shawn and Phillip if they are up for another bet? Shawn lays into Jason and tells him that he is a menace to society and someone should teach him a lesson about messing with other people's lives. Jason asks him if he thinks he is Judge Judy? Shawn and Jason come close to almost beating up one another, but Phillip breaks them up. Jan talks about Mimi and how she hears they are helping her build a house. Jan says she doesn't understand why Mimi's family just can't go out and get jobs. Shawn says bad things happen, and before she goes thinking she is better than Mimi and her family, which she is not, perhaps she should consider the possibility that the same thing could happen to her and her family. He then says perhaps she should do something honorable for once and help them build Mimi a house. Jan says no way, that lot is haunted by witches. Jason also refuses to build a house for someone he doesn't know, and he and Jan eventually leave. Phillip and Shawn return to talking about the bet. Shawn thinks that Phillip should tell Chloe about it before Jason can, but Phillip wants Chloe to get to know him a little better first. Shawn agrees not to say anything, but he feels they are making a really big mistake.

Belle and Chloe are out at the Java Cafe talking about the haunted lot. Belle says she doesn't believe in any of that stuff, but Chloe tells Belle that witchcraft is very real and messing with dark and powerful forces is something she shouldn't be doing. Belle says the important thing is to build Mimi a new house. CHloe comments yeah, and get her out of mine. Belle says that being homeless has forced Mimi to grow up, but Chloe doesn't believe that. Belle asks Chloe what is wrong with her? CHloe tells Belle about her problems with Phillip and how she thinks that there is another reason Phillip asked her to the dance. Belle asks why she'd think that? Chloe says he went from calling her Ghoul Girl to asking her out. Chloe then tells Belle about her almost kiss with Phillip, which Nancy interrupted, and how she was relieved because she wasn't ready to kiss Phillip. CHloe then says after what happened between them at the pub the other day, she doesn't think she will ever be ready to kiss Phillip. Belle is upset that Chloe is keeping things from her. Chloe says she just doesn't have practice at how to be friends, and she doesn't feel that she fits in here. Belle says of course she does. Chloe and Belle decide to hit some clothes stores, and Chloe decides to change her hairstyle.

In Italy, Sami and Brandon argue about Senior Moroni. Sami tells Brandon that they have to leave, but Brandon says he's not going anywhere! Brandon says they still have Angela, and if they can get her to provide an alby for Roberto, then they are once step closer to nailing Lucas and Kate. Brandon and Sami follow the Moronis. Senior Moroni tells Angela that he needs her to stay behind in Italy at take care of his clean business while he leaves to take care of some unclean business. Suddenly, Brandon approaches Senior Moroni and asks him if he can ask him a question. Senior Moroni can't believe Bradon's nerve, but gives him five minutes. He tells his "girlfriend" Angela to excuse them, so she leaves. Brandon explains what happened with the Private Detective, and why he beat the guy to a pulp, to teach the man a lesson. He says that they have that in common, teaching people lessons. Senior Moroni tells him that he can stay, but no more beating people up! Brandon thanks him, and says that he would love to take him and his daughter out to dinner as a thank you. Moroni tells Brandon that no thanks is necessary. Meanwhile, Angela tells Sami that she loves her dress, and then starts pumping her for information on her boyfriend. Sami changes the subject to America, and if Angela has ever been there. Angela suddenly doesn't feel like talking She says that it is late, and she has to go. Later, Senior Moroni asks Angela what she was talking to that girl about. Angela says nothing, she just wanted to know about the man she was with. Senior Moroni tells him no more men, the next man she gets mixed up with will be the one she marries, and he will choose that man. Elsewhere, Brandon and Sami talk about Angela. Brandon says Angela is on the prowl for a man, and he's going to be that man in order to get Angela to talk.


August 2
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John is at Bo and Hope's house, but Bo is at work. John is holding the baby and asks Hope what is up with Bo? Hope says that she hoped the birth of the baby would change things, but now it seems like he wishes this baby never came along. Hope says she has to get to the hospital, so John offers to take her. Hope thanks him but says she will be okay because she is meeting Lexie there. John says he'll see her out to the car and put the baby in the car seat. He tells the baby that he's here to make sure nothing bad happens to him or his mother. Hope asks John if he really means that? John answers "with all my heart," and assures her that everything will be fine.

At the hospital, Hope meets up with Lexie and a nurse takes the baby. Lexie asks if Bo shouldn't be here? Hope says no, she thought it would be best to get the news on her own and break it to Bo herself. Lexie tells Hope that she is praying for her. Dr. Maxwell shows up and Hope asks if Lexie may stay? Dr. Maxwell says he usually prefers to deal with the parents only. Hope says her husband won't be joining them, and she needs Lexie here with her. The doctor allows her to stay, and the baby starts crying. Hope wants to go to him, but the doctor says the nurse will handle it. Dr. Maxwell tells Hope that her son is suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. Hope asks him what kind of life her son will have? Dr. Maxwell hands Hope a brochure about developmental delays, but Hope tells him to just tell her. The doctor says that her baby might have problems judging right from wrong and getting along with other children. He goes on to say there could be physical abnormalities as well, growth defects, heart defects . . . Hope is heartbroken, but Lexie says that little John hasn't been diagnosed with any of these yet, and this early diagnosis will help them monitor him. Hope says that is great, her son will have to look forward to spending a lot of time with counselors and doctors. Hope asks if there is anything that can be done? Dr. Maxwell says she needs to give her baby the attention he needs, pray, and have patience. Hope says she is doing all of that, and that she'll do anything to help her son. Hope then breaks into tears. Later, Hope gets her baby and tells Alice that she has to tell Bo that their worst fears are coming true.

In the cafeteria, Craig and Nancy are eating lunch and bitching about the "street people" camping out in their living room. Craig says he'd love to kick them back out on the streets, but ALice Horton would just love that. Alice suddenly shows up and asks Craig if he's having second thoughts about his house guests? Alice says that giving doesn't come naturally to everyone, but Nancy tells her that she should turn up her hearing aid because she heard them wrong. Nancy and Craig says they are happy to sacrifice their home to help others. Alice, however, thinks they are only after a Nobel peace prize. Alice leaves, and Craig and Nancy start talking about how Alice Horton is probably lobbying to get Mike back as Chief of Staff, and then he and Carrie will be back in town before they know it. Nancy once again starts joking about how to kill Alice by having her slip on a bannanna peel (Bad writers!). Nancy starts ranting about how it isn't proper for a young lady to be doing things like that and bringing shame upon her family. As she goes off, Craig asks if they are talking about Carrie, or Chloe? Nancy tells Craig that she just doesn't think Phillip is the right boy for Chloe, she needs a boy who shares her passion for music. Nancy says she's going to tell Chloe not to accept his calls anymore. Craig tells her that she will hate her, but Nancy says Chloe needs her mother's advice. Craig says she needs to make mistakes on her own. Nancy asks him if he wants to give her anymore advice how to raise her daughter? Craig becomes upset and tells Nancy that she wanted them to be a family, but he now thinks what she really wants is her and Chloe to be a family and him to stand on the side and keep his mouth shut! He warns her that she better drop this attitude because it will tear their marriage apart, so what will it be? Nancy asks Craig how she is supposed to not be upset when Chloe goes to him for advice and not her? Craig says he doesn't bother the girl and lets her come to him, he doesn't go to her. Nancy says she just wants to be there for her, be her mother, be her friend. Craig tells Nancy that this is not about her, it is about Chloe. Craig accuses Nancy of not even liking Chloe and he asks her to name three things she likes about her. Nancy tries, but can't. However, she tells Craig that she loves Chloe and tells Craig not to try and come between them! Craig tells Nancy not to put him in the middle of her problems with Chloe because if she keeps it up, then he will split! He tells her once again that love between her and Chloe will either happen or it won't, she can't push it. Nancy cries that she knows that, and Craig tells her to let CHloe come to her. Nancy said she always prayed he and CHloe would get along, but she also prayed they'd get along too. Craig tells her that if she'd back off a little maybe it would happen. Craig is beeped and has to go. Nancy asks him if he is still mad at her? Craig says he is in her corner and gives her a kiss.

John goes home to the penthouse and says he could really use Marlena home right now. He goes inside and finds Brady is blasting his music. He fears Brady is going to get them kicked out, so he yells at Brady to get his butt down here! We see Brady's feet, and hear him say "Yo dad, what's the problem?" John says that the music is too damn loud and he needs to turn it down. Brady says "Dad gives the orders and we jump, or else!" Brady turns the music off and asks his daddy dearest if he is happy? John says he told him to turn it down, not off. Brady says this is his only passions and his dad wants to stifle it. He says if he can't play it at volume 11 then there is no point. He then wishes he had a normal father, not one who gets weird headaches. Brady tells him that if he can save a plane full of people he can put up with a little music. John doesn't understand Brady at all and says his little Belle is so easy, but Brady is his own man. John tells Brady to go ahead and play his music because . . . . Brady starts blasting the music and doesn't here John says he is going out and hopes they can talk when they get back.

John goes to the church and kneels at the alter. He talks to God about his problems with Brady, how angry he is, and how he doesn't know what to do. He asks God to show him what he's doing wrong. Father Jansen walks in and asks John if he can help him? John says he's having problems with his son, they don't connect, it is like their are total strangers. John talks with Father Jansen about Brady's mother, Izzy B, and her tragic death. John says he doesn't know what was more painful for her, cancer or saying goodbye to a baby who would never remember his mother. We then see a flashback of Isabelle, John, and Brady in Italy before she died. Isabelle told Brady and John that the two of them would take such good care of one another. John says that Isabelle was counting on him to make it up to Brady for loosing his mother, instead he has been punished for it. Father Jansen tells John that he needs to be there for Brady now, that is all he can do. John returns to the alter and asks God for help. Isabelle appears behind him and says she can help him, if he'll let her.

Phillip and Shawn have just finished a one on one game and are hanging out in Salem Place. Phillip is still worried that Jan and Jason will tell Chloe about the bet. Shawn tells Phillip that is why he needs to talk to her first. They approach CHloe and Belle, who are at the Java Cafe. Chloe is now wearing a blue dress and her hair is in braids. Phillip asks CHloe if they can talk, he wants to clear up why he asked her to the dance. CHloe gets up and ends up tripping and falling into Phillip's arms. She apologizes, but he doesn't mind. They go off to talk, and Phillip tells her that he didn't ask her out so she could help him with his grades. Chloe copes an attitude, and Phillip points it out by calling her Miss Attitude. CHloe is about to walk away, but he grabs her arm and says there is something else. Phillip asks her to go out with him again. Chloe asks him why? Phillip tells her that she asks too many questions and should go with the flow. Chloe says he's already gotten blood poured on him, and she ran away from him at the pub, what is so much fun about her? Phillip says he's into humiliation. Chloe agrees, so he suggests they go to a movie tonight. Chloe seems shocked that he wants to go out tonight. She says okay and tells him that he can pick the movie. They return to Shawn and Belle, and tell them that they are going to the movies tonight. Phillip invites them, kind of like a double date, but Shawn and Belle look a little uneasy about the idea. Belle and Shawn both says forget it, and then Phillip and Shawn leave to play another game. Phillip asks Shawn what gives with him and Belle? Shawn says he and Belle have different views on dating. Phillip tells him that perhaps Belle wants Shawn to ask her out! Meanwhile, Chloe asks Belle if she can get dressed at her house and have Phillip pick her up there? Belle asks if this is about Mimi, but Chloe says no, it is about her mom freaking out if she learns she's going out with Phillip again.


August 3
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Marlena walks into the penthouse and yells out that she is home. Brady shows up and tells her that nobody is home. Marlena smiles when she sees Brady and says hi, but all he has to say to Marlena is later. He then walks back into his room and slams the door. Marlena looks through her mail and then leaves to read it. Brady sneaks downstairs and out the front door. Marlena tries to run after him, but runs into Chloe and Belle instead. Belle and Marlena hug, and then she asks her if she saw Brady? Belle says Brady is never home, and he has been acting very weird. Marlena asks where John is? Belle says she doesn't know where anyone is, she and CHloe have been shopping all day. Belle asks her mom what Africa was like and what did she do? Marlena says she doesn't want to bore her, but Belle says she won't be bored. Marlena becomes sad when Belle questions her about the sick children, so she changes the subject to Mimi and her family. Belle tells Marlena how she is working with Habitat for Humanity to build them a house, and dad already bought a lot. Marlena cries that they have the best family. Later they talk about what Chloe should wear. Chloe has no idea what to wear! Marlena tells her whatever she picks Phillip will like and will feel lucky that he asked her out. Chloe and Belle go up to Belle's room to talk. Chloe still feels bad about the stupid things she said to Phillip. Belle says, if it would make her feel better, she could tell her all two thousand stupid things she's said to guys. Chloe says it is different when you really care . . Belle finishes with "about the guy." Chloe then tells Belle that she knows she claims she doesn't like anyone, and would have been happy going to the dance alone, but she was happy when Shawn asked her out. Chloe tells Belle to be honest, she really likes Shawn, doesn't she? Belle says that she and Shawn have been friends their whole lives, they're just . . . . suddenly Belle's phone rings, it is Phillip looking for Chloe. Phillip has to cancel his date with CHloe (because of the events below), and CHloe hangs up on him before he can explain. Chloe tells Belle that Phillip will pay for this!

At the church, Isabella appears to John and offers to help him. Isabella tells John to love Brady with all his heart, all his soul, and all his might. John asks if he doesn't know that? Isabella asks John to look at her, he is staring up at God still. John tells Isabella that when he looks at Brady he doesn't even see her in him anymore, and nowadays he hates baseball and anything that he likes. John cries and wishes Brady could hear her laughter and lullabies, because if she could only hear the music he plays. Isabella says that he uses music to escape. John says he knows it isn't Brady's fault, it is his for not being there for him. He says look what not knowing his mother has done to Brady, will the same thing happen to little John because he'll never know who his real father is. John asks God, he still doesn't know Isabella is behind him, to tell him what to do. Isabella tries to make John hear her, but he doesn't, he just keeps ranting about little John. Isabella tells John that this isn't his fault, and so many people love him if they would give him the chance. She recites John's wedding vows to Marlena, about how the truth always perseveres, and then she touches his shoulder. John turns around and feels Isabella's presence. John tells Isabella to say a prayer for them. John then says a little prayer of his own, gets up, and walks out. However he pauses when he walks buy Isabella's ghost and looks around for her. He smiles, and then walks away. Isabella says John is strong and wise, and he needs to have faith. With those words she disappears.

John comes home and smells Marlena's perfume. He yells out "Doc?" and she runs into his arms and kisses him. She asks him if he is all right? He says he is tired, but she is the one who should be tired after her flight. MArlena talks with John about Brady, and he tells her what is going on with him. He says it has been since Christmas since they've all been under the same roof, and he tells Marlena that she is the glue that holds this family together. John thinks that everything will be just fine now. Meanwhile, we see a very angry Brady out in the park listening to heavy metal and playing with a switchblade.

At the mansion, Nicole calls Eric and gets his machine. She says she wishes she was with him because she misses him already. SHe tells him not to worry about Sami because she will help her get her son back. She tells him that she loves him and will talk to him soon. As she's hanging up, Lucas walks into the room and asks Nicole who she loves? Nicole says she loves her doctor, all the tests came back fine! Lucas is thrilled and gives Nicole a big kiss. Nicole then asks Lucas if he was more worried she had cancer, or that she was talking to another man. She then yells at him for once again not trusting her and putting other things before her. Lucas tells her that she is the most important thing in her life, he just postponed a huge trip for her. Nicole asks what this trip is about? Lucas says it is a big Titan emergency, but Nicole says that yesterday was the slowest workday ever! Lucas says he doesn't know all the details, and they are supposed to be talking about them! Nicole asks when Victor and Kate are leaving? Lucas tells her that he is glad she's so interested in solving their marital problems. Nicole says this is about them. Lucas says they are leaving tonight, and Nicole thinks they will finally have some fun with his mother gone and him drinking again. Lucas says he only had one drink and he's not in the mood for another one. Nicole yells that he's going to have a drink with her and love it! Lucas tells her if their happiness depends on him drinking then they have a big problem. He says sure he wants to celebrate with her, but do they have anything to celebrate? Nicole says they do, so Lucas says he will plan something special for her. The phone rings and Lucas answers, and it is Sami! Lucas asks her where she has been? Sami says she's been sleeping and she didn't want him to catch anything. She says she'd like to say hi to Will. Lucas asks her if she has any idea what time it is, the kids been in bed for two hours! Sami says she must have slept longer than she realized, and she is really out of it. Lucas doesn't believe her and asks where she really is? Lucas says he and Will tried calling her and left him five messages. Sami says that she'll call him in the morning and asks him to kiss him goodnight for her. Lucas tells her to do that herself when she gets better, and then hangs up on her. Lucas then says just wait till Victor gets to Italy.

While Lucas is talking to Sami, Nicole plays her little games with Victor, who wonders why she is smiling. She says it has to do with her husband, but Victor says in that case he doesn't want to hear it. Victor guesses that her biopsy came back negative since she's no longer worried about the petty cares of life. Victor says they have so much to live for, and he considers himself very FORTUNATE, especially where he is concerned. Nicole tells Victor that if things don't work out with him and Kate he can always find himself a younger woman because there are a lot of women looking for a handsome sugar daddy like him. Victor asks her if she would be one of those women? Nicole says she had no idea he thought of her that way! She smiles and walks out of the room. Outside, Nicole gags and says she doesn't need a man except for the one she loves, because she is rich.

Elsewhere, Phillip talks to Kate as she is packing, and is happy that he's going to have the mansion all to himself. Kate says this is a business trip, but Phillip says he asked dad if they might be coming back hitched . . . Kate asks him what he said, and then screams "TELL ME WHAT HE SAID!" Phillip asks why she is freaking out? Kate says she's not freaking out, but if she's getting married she's needs to take some more things. Phillip says that dad didn't seem to happy about him asking the question, and he also realizes that they aren't sharing separate bedrooms to set a good example for him. Kate tells Phillip that he really doesn't know what her life was like before she came to Salem and met his father. She says she worked very hard to make things better for herself and her sons. Phillip says he has a great life, but she still hasn't told him what is going on with her and dad. Kate says that his father no longer wants to marry her, and he (Phillip) has to make sure he changes his mind! Phillip asks what he can do? Kate says that his happiness and well-being means the world to his father. Phillip says if they are fighting over him then he will apologize, but Kate says she doesn't want to feel that this is his fault, it is very complicated. She tells him to just tell Victor that it is very important to him that they are married before the trip. Phillip says they are leaving tonight? Kate says exactly, he needs to say he wants to be there when they wed, or he should say he's worried that the plane could crash. Phillip yells out "Mom!" Kate tells him that she doesn't care what he says, he just needs to let his father know that it is important they are married immediately. Phillip wonders if this is the best time to marry dad if they aren't getting along. Kate then tells Phillip, in her own subtle way, that Victor is threatening to kick them out! Phillip says that dad loves them both and they are a family, but Kate says not until she has a marriage certificate! Kate urges Phillip to talk to his father tonight. He agrees, and she thanks him with a hug and an I love you.

Kate goes to see Victor and tells him that she has a surprise for him at the plane, and she thanks him for the time they have together. She tries to get fresh, but he tells her not to go planning their future, there nothing more offputting than a desperate woman.

Victor is on the phone with the private detective. The detective is black and blue, and Victor tells him that he better not let Brandon know who hired him! The detective says he'd die before he let that get out, and he almost did die. Victor tells the detective to keep an eye of Sami and Brandon from a distance, and when he arrives he'll take care of them. The detective tells Victor that Moroni was ready to tear Brandon limb from limb for what he did. Later the detective tells Victor that his men have found nothing on his wife and Nicholas Alamain, other than the night at Green Mountain Lodge which he already knows about. Victor thanks him and says goodbye. Victor then looks at a picture of Kate

In Italy, Brandon comes out of the bathroom in a towel, and a turned on Sami suggests in the future that he wear something other than just a towel. He apologizes and says he will in the future. Sami goes in to take a shower, and Angela shows up to spy on Brandon. Brandon thinks he's alone, so he takes the towel off and walks around naked while Angela enjoys her private peep show. The peep show comes to an end when Sami, who is now out of the shower, closes the blinds. Brandon makes up the sofa to go to bed, but Sami refuses to let him sleep on the sofa after what he did for her tonight. Brandon says he's a guy, he's not going to let her sleep on the sofa. He also says tonight is nothing compared to what is to come. Sami tells Brandon that he is amazing, and she thinks with his charm he can get Angela to tell them anything. Brandon smiles and says he wishes his charms worked on all the girls. Sami changes the subject and says they still have to deal with that man following them, and she suspects Lucas is behind him. Brandon says that there is a way they can find out how much Lucas knows. Sami calls Lucas, details above, and thinks that Lucas didn't send the guy after him. She continues to cough, and she realizes that she's getting sick as payback for lying to Austin. Brandon thinks she has a fever and tells her to get into bed.

Angela returns home and talks with her father about Roberto. Senior Moroni says that violence for violence sake, talking about Roberto killing Franco, is never right, and America ruined Roberto. He says that this Brandon character is just like Roberto. We then see a flashback of Roberto and Angela talking about Franco and Sami's wedding, and why Franco was really marrying Sami. She also remembers that she was with Roberto when Franco died, and she tells her father that he is wrong about Roberto, so he must be wrong about Brandon too.

Later, Angela returns to the cabin to get more peaks at Brandon. Inside the cabin, Sami asks him about Angela. He tells her not to worry, a lot will happen between him and Angela, and the two of them. Sami asks him what he means? Brandon says he hopes they will be better friends by time they return home.


August 4
Direct TV just doesn't want to let me watch Days of Our Lives on Fridays! AS usual, problems with the feed! This is NBC's summary. Sorry!

Alice meets with board members Winston and Lewis with regards to Craig's unacceptable behavior. Winston and Lewis have a talk with Craig and Nancy, but the two suck up to the point where Winston and Lewis fall for it. Later, Craig comes up with a brilliant plan to solidify their reputation at the hospital... Chloe is furious after having been dumped by Philip. She vows to get back at him. Belle is inwardly bothered when Chloe says that Shawn would never treat her so horribly. Later, much to Belle' surprise, Chloe calls Shawn and asks him to meet her and Belle at the pub. Privately, belle can't help but wonder if Chloe is falling for Shawn? Kate presses Philip to talk to Victor and convince him to marry her. Philip isn't thrilled by this, but does it anyway. Victor, of course, knows Kate is behind it all. Later, Philip gives an emotional speech, truly from the heart. He always thought his parents loved each other. Both Kate and victor are touched... Marlena asks john to fill her in on everything she missed while in Africa. John says there have been problems with hope's baby, but he isn't sure of the extent of it yet. Marlena alerts and says if there are problems with baby John, it will be imperative for them to find out who the real father is... Hope tells Bo and Shawn the bad news... that baby John has been diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome. Both are shocked and saddened, but promise to do whatever they can to make sure the boy has a good life. Later, when hope isn't looking, a mystery person sneaks up and takes baby John...

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