April 99 Week 4


April 26
Today's summary is from memory, so it is short. The reason it is from memory is because the long version I wrote seems to have vanished! Needless to say I'm pissed

At the penthouse, Marlena puts John under hypnosis and he recalls giving Gina the compact with a G on it. Gina believes that once John sees the compact, all his memories will return. However, John can't see the compact because the box lid reflects light in John's face. The light causes him pain, and he grimaces. Gina shouts" No John, not again!"

At Titan, Lucas tells his mom that he plans to marry Nicole tomorrow. He is going to sweep her off her feet in Chicago. Kate doubts that Nicole will marry him, but Lucas vows to make it happen. After he leaves, Kate goes down to the photo lab and runs into Taylor, who is in tears. She just finished a long conversation with Eric, trying to convince him that Nicole isn't right for him. She failed. Kate asks her what has her so upset, and Taylor tells her that Eric and Nicole are engaged. Kate makes Taylor promise not to tell Lucas because she wants to be the one to do that. After Taylor leaves, Kate decides that she has to help Lucas.

Nicole has visions of her happy future with Eric. She tells herself that Eric's love has changed her, money and fame are nothing compared to Eric's love. However, she then has a horrible vision of Eric learning about her past from a tabloid story, and he leaves her. When Eric returns, a crying Nicole runs into his arms and tells him that she was worried about him because he was gone so long.

At the hospital, Roman gives Austin a long lecture about how running off with Sami was wrong, and Carrie felt like he chose Sami over her. Austin finally realizes that what he did was wrong. Roman tells him that he has two options, he can fight for Carrie, or walk away. Austin decides to fight for Carrie, and makes plans to fly to Vegas.

In Vegas, Carrie shows up at Mike's door and kisses him. He tells her that he won't let her leave here tonight. She has no intention on leaving and asks Mike to make love to her. As they fall on the bed and make love, the bed spins around against an outer space background. After they have finished, Carrie says she never wants this night to end. Mike tells her that the night will end, but their life together never will.


April 27
At the penthouse, John comes out of the session with a severe migraine, so "Hope" massages his temples. Marlena asks her what she thinks she's doing? "Hope" says she was trying to help John. John says it is helping. Marlena asks John if he's all right? John says he is. Bo asks "Hope" why she said "No, not again?" "Hope" says she ran into John earlier when he had a migraine, and massaging his temples helped. Marlena becomes concerned and wants to have John checked out, and she says there will be no more hypnosis until then. "Hope" begs John not to stop now, not when he's on the verge of a breakthrough. "Hope" asks John if he saw Gina's gift, but John says he didn't. "Hope" asks Marlena to hypnotize John again, but Marlena refuses until John gets checked out. Bo and "Hope" decide to leave for the night, and hope John feels better. John tells Marlena not to worry, he is fine. However, Marlena says that he should have told her about the headaches. John says he didn't want her to worry like she is now. Marlena says "what did you expect, I'm your wife." She then says she really wants to be his wife. John promises her that it will happen. Later, John gives Marlena a back rub.

Bo and "Hope" take a walk and Bo asks "Hope" if she knows what the gift is? "Hope" tells him that she doesn't. Bo asks "Hope" if she thinks John and Gina were lovers? "Hope" says that's impossible, he was a priest. "Hope" then remembers spending time with John and talking about how "Father John" is a fraud. Gina tells John that she longs for the day when they have to stop pretending and can be together all the time. Bo snaps "Hope" to and asks her what is wrong. "Hope" says that it has just been an emotional night. "Hope" tells Bo that she feels like they are on the verge of a breakthrough, they have to convince Marlena to hypnotize John again. Bo doesn't think that will happen. Gina tells herself that she doesn't need Marlena, she needs the compact. She thinks that when he sees it, John will remember everything.

Kate pays a visit to Victor and tells him about Nicole's engagement to Eric, and her fears that Lucas will do something terrible when he finds out. Kate also says that if Lucas doesn't get married, he could lose Will. Kate doesn't like to think about Lucas marrying Nicole, but Victor tells her that there may be no other choice. Victor suggests that Eric see the private investigator's report on Nicole, but Kate says it could backfire and Eric could still marry Nicole. Victor tells Kate that he has a way to help Lucas, but his plan depends on her. When Kate hears Victor's plan, she flat out refuses to do it. Victor tells her that she has no other choice.

Lucas is walking through Salem Place thinking about Nicole. He tells himself that he won't use the dirt on Nicole to get her to marry him. Suddenly, Taylor runs right into Lucas. He asks her what is wrong? Is it Eric and Nicole? Taylor tells Lucas that it's just been a bad day. Lucas offers to buy her a cup of coffee and cheer her up. Lucas tells Taylor that Will's custody hearing is tomorrow and he has 48 hours to convince Nicole to marry him. Taylor tells him that it is too late. Lucas asks why? Taylor tells him that Nicole and Eric are getting serious. She asks him why he's so desperate to get Nicole away from Eric? Lucas says because he loves her, Eric can't make her happy, and she will help him get custody of Will. Later, Taylor has a fantasy in which Eric tells her that he has realizes she is the woman he really loves, and the one he wants to marry.

At the model house, Nicole cries on Eric's shoulder and says she doesn't deserve a guy like him. Eric tells Nicole that he wants to spend his life with her. When Nicole mentions her past, Eric says that is no longer an issue, they have been through this. Eric tells Nicole that she changed his mind about love and made him believe he could have a real relationship. Nicole tells Eric that she is lucky she found him. Later, Eric tells Nicole that he told Taylor about their engagement. Nicole says that is okay, and asks how she reacted? Eric says that she's too hard to read. Eric says he wanted to find Lucas and rub it in his face, but Nicole tells him that he can't do that! Eric asks why, and Nicole says that she wants to be the one to tell him. Nicole also tells Eric that she has to go to Chicago for an appearance tomorrow, and she's going alone. Because she has to get up early, she tells Eric that she really needs to get home and sleep. After Eric leaves, Nicole gets a call from Kate, who tells her that she will meet her at her apartment in twenty minutes. Back at the home, Victor tells Kate that she is doing the right thing. Kate just hopes he is right.

In Vegas, Nancy and Craig have just finished renewing their vows, they've been married for one year. Nancy suggests they make this a tradition from now on. They then wonder how Mike and Carrie's night is going. Craig calls Carrie's room, but no one answers, which can mean only one thing. Nancy decides to check on Ali, only to learn that she has checked out. Nancy tells Craig what has happened, and then checks for some messages for them at the counter. They have a message from Claire. Claire tells them she has taken Ali back to Salem. Craig decides to go upstairs and check on Mike and Carrie. Meanwhile, Nancy calls Ali and talks with Claire. Claire tells Nancy that she will not let anyone hurt Ali, she is taking control of the situation. Nancy asks what she means? Claire tells Nancy that she intends to make Mike Horton and the hospital pay millions! Claire promises Nancy that Mike will never exploit another woman like he did her daughter again.

Mike and Carrie are holding each other in bed and looking up at the stars (the walls of Mike's room are some odd movie projecting device). Later they watch fireworks and remember their first kiss. Carrie tells Mike that she has a confession to make, she's never going to let him go. She then starts tickling him. Craig shows up at this point and listens to them through the door. Carrie and Mike then have fantasies about winning the Carrie and Mike casino loto. As they kiss, money rains down upon them.

Craig goes downstairs and tells Nancy about Mike and Carrie's pajama party upstairs. Nancy then tells Craig about the news about Ali. She also tells him that she's worried about Ali, Claire spoke in an odd tone.

Austin is on a plane heading to Las Vegas and looking at the pictures of Mike and Carrie kissing. He vows not to lose her to Mike Horton. Austin then reflects back on the pledges Carrie made to him, his arguments with her, and Marlena and Roman's speeches to him. Austin's plane lands in Vegas and he hopes its not to late to save his marriage. Austin heads to the hotel and runs into Nancy and Craig in the Casino!


April 28
Greta is sitting at the table at the Horton House when Billie shows up. Greta invites her in because Billie wants to talk with her. Billie tells Greta that she knows she was wrong to lie to Bo about the baby and she shouldn't have involved her, and now she's asking for her forgiveness. Greta tells Billie that she does not judge people, she knows what she did was out of love for Bo. Billie thanks her for being so understanding. Billie reminisces about Georgia and how she found the compact. They start talking about "Hope's" heart and who it belongs to, and Billie says she doesn't think it belongs to Bo anymore. Billie asks Greta if she thinks "Hope" is acting a little strange? Greta says that lately she's thought that her mother has been reborn in Hope, as strange as it sounds. Greta then wonders if "Hope" could be back under Stefano's control. Billie asks how that could be? Greta doesn't know. Later, Billie asks Greta if she ever told "Hope" about the compact? Greta says she almost did once. Billie asks her to please keep it a secret. Greta says it could trigger "Hope's" memory, but agrees to stay quiet when Billie begs her not to tell "Hope."

Bo and "Hope" are in Salem Place. "Hope" is very worried about John, but Bo tells her that Marlena can take care of John, she's a doctor after all. "Hope" decides to go home, but Bo says they should get a cup of coffee. They sit down and Bo starts talking about how nobody recognized John in Capri. Meanwhile, Lucille and Lilly are fighting about Gina staying with them. They run into Bo and "Hope," and Bo asks them to sit and join them. Bo mentions Capri to Lilly, and she says that she never remembers Gina spending time in Capri. Bo starts asking Lilly about when her art was stolen. Lilly tells him that January 15, 1992 was the day, and she says she is thankful that Gina was there for her. "Hope" turns pale and Bo asks her if she is okay? "Hope" says that she doesn't like seeing Lilly get worked up over this. Bo gets a call from his Italian Inspector pal and learns that the theft dates don't coincide with the art thefts. Lilly doesn't understand. Bo tells her that there is a possibility that Gina could have been involved with the art thefts. "Hope" tells Bo that she has had it with this investigation, she wishes he would drop it. She then stands up and stomps off. Lilly tells Bo that Gina was like a daughter to her and she knows that Gina was not involved in a life of crime. Bo hopes she is right, but is going to continue on with this investigation. Meanwhile, Gina realizes how close Bo is getting to the truth and that she has to find a way to stop him.

Eric runs into Lucas in Salem Place, and the two exchange insults. Lucas asks Eric what he's so damn happy about? Eric says that he's happy that there is justice in this world after all. Lucas asks if Sami has gotten out? Eric says no, but she will soon. Eric then accuses Lucas of wanting to see Sami fry. Lucas says that he never wanted Sami to die, just spend her life in jail for the lies she's told. They soon end up arguing about Nicole, and Eric tells Lucas that neither he nor Nicole need anything from him.

Nicole arrives home and waits for Kate to show up. Kate shows up moments after Nicole gets home and struts into Nicole's living room. Kate congratulates Nicole, she ran into Taylor and learned the news. Kate tells Nicole that she will not tell Lucas about the engagement, not now and not ever. Nicole doesn't understand what this is all about, and eventually tells Kate to get out. Kate refuses to leave until they reach an understanding. Kate accuses Nicole of manipulating Lucas to further her career and keep her secrets safe. Nicole asks Kate if she's threatening to expose her past? Kate says she has an offer for her, and hands her a check, a 5 million dollar one. Nicole thinks that Kate wants her to leave town. She tells her that she is going to marry Eric and live right here in Salem. Kate tells Nicole that she is missing the point, she wants Nicole to marry Lucas and be a mother to Will!

In prison, Roman pays Sami a visit. Roman tells Sami that he's here to tell her that Austin has gone to Las Vegas to see Carrie to straighten things out. Sami doesn't know why he even bothered, Carrie has given up on their marriage. The two argue and bicker, Sami thinks that Carrie will go so far as to blame her affair with Mike on her! Roman asks Sami if this is about her not wanting Austin and Carrie together. Sami says she doesn't want to see Austin hurt again, and then tells her dad about her dreams of marrying Austin and raising Will. Roman tells Sami that Carrie will always be Austin's first and only love. Sami says that right now the only thing that matters right now is that Lucas doesn't get a hold of Will, and like it or not Carrie and Austin being together is what is best for Will. Roman promises Sami that things will work out for the best.

In Las Vegas, Mike and Carrie are still snuggling in bed when Mike surprises Carrie with a necklace. Later the two end up pillow fighting and wrestling. When they finally call a truce, Carrie tells Mike that she has a surprise for him.

In the casino, Austin runs into Craig and Nancy. He tells them he's looking for Carrie, and Nancy and Craig pretend that they didn't know she was here, the came here to renew their wedding vows. Austin starts quizzing them about taking pictures, and if they sent him something? Nancy tells him no. Unfortunately, a casino worker approaches them to make sure they are having a good time and he's sorry that their friend had to leave. Austin asks them what friend would that be? Nancy says that it was her maid of honor, she came with them for their anniversary. Austin asks about his wife and Nancy and Craig act shocked when he's told that she checked in with Mike Horton. Austin tells the man that he came to surprise his wife, so the man offers him and his wife a free romantic dinner later this evening. Later, when Craig and Nancy start talking about what is about to happen, Nancy starts feeling bad for Mike again. Craig tells her that Mike has brought this all on himself. Nancy and Craig play the slot machines and win the jackpot.

Meanwhile, Austin and the manager can't find Carrie anywhere, so the manager gives Austin the key to Carrie's room! Upstairs, Carrie leads a blindfolded Austin into her room, which is filled with candles. The clothes fall to the floor and they jump into a tub fool of bubbles. Outside, Austin knocks on Mike's door to see if he knows where Carrie is. When Mike doesn't answer, he assumes that Carrie is out with Mike. Austin unlocks the door to Carrie's room and heads in. He finds a picture of him and Carrie in her suitcase and realizes that Carrie never stopped loving him. Austin takes his wedding ring out of his pocket and puts it back on his finger. Room service shows up at Carrie's apartment, but Austin tells him that he has the wrong room. The man goes to Mike's place, and Carrie offers to run into the bathroom. Mike tells her that it is okay, nobody will see her. Mike answers the door and signs the room service ticket. Unfortunately, Mike doesn't close the door all the way behind him, and Austin peeks in and sees Carrie in Mike's bed!


April 29
Sorry today's summary was WAY late, went out with friends after our final class. Due to the fact that it's 2AM, I will try and proof this tomorrow.
Roman and Billie are at the Brady Pub. Roman is thinking about Sami and he tells Billie how scared Sami is that Lucas might get custody of Will. Bo shows up and talks with them about Shawn D, who made the varsity baseball team at his school. Bo changes the subject and asks them for help solving "Hope's" connection to DiMera. Bo tells them that he believes "Hope" may have been involved in the art thefts, specifically Lilly's! Roman says he wishes he could help him, but they have no evidence linking Stefano to the crimes. Bo shows him the list of dates "Hope" stayed in Capri, but the dates don't ring a bell. However, Roman says that he always thought the thefts were an inside job. Bo doesn't think the real Gina would be an art thief, so Billie asks why Stefano would transform Hope into Gina? Bo says it drives him crazy to think about what Stefano and "Hope" did. Bo tells them that if his worst fears come true, Stefano will die. They end up talking about Lilly's art thefts, and Roman says that the version Lilly told Bo doesn't match the one she told him. Roman says that Lilly never mentioned Gina to him, but Bo says that Lilly has a "selective memory." Bo suspects that Stefano used "Hope" to get close to Lilly in order to steal her paintings.

Gina is painting at the townhouse when Stefano arrives. He is glad to see her hard at work. They talk about the past, and John. Stefano tells her that he never had to worry about her loyalties, but John was a problem. Stefano asks Gina what she is thinking? Gina says that if these paintings were found, he could go to prison for life. Stefano laughs and says that won't happen. Stefano thinks that once they leave Salem, she can pick up playing Gina. Gina tells him that there is a problem, Lilly knows the real Gina is dead. Stefano brushes that aside because Lilly's mind is off. Gina finishes the painting and Stefano tells her that she did a remarkable job. Stefano says now they can steal the last Renet. Gina wishes they could bring John back to help, but Stefano tells her no way. Stefano says that he doesn't believe John's memory can be brought back, but even if they could, John's friends would grow suspicious. Stefano tells Gina that she stole Lilly's paintings alone, so she'll steal the last one alone.

Eric visits his sister in prison and tries to cheer her up. He tells her that Austin and Carrie will get custody of Will, but Sami tells him that won't happen, and explains to him what is going on. Sami tells Eric that Lucas just may get custody, but Eric doesn't believe so because Lucas is a drunk who endangered his son. Later, Eric tells Sami about his engagement to Nicole, and how their dad still doesn't trust her. Sami says that she will talk to their dad about lightening up.

At Nicole's place, Kate tells Nicole she needs to know if she will marry Lucas. Nicole asks why she's so desperate? Kate tells her about the custody hearing. Nicole says she is appalled, but Kate tells her that she's sold herself in the past, so it's just a matter of price. Nicole says she can't be bought. Nicole asks Kate if she is planning on telling Eric about her past if she doesn't agree to marry Lucas? Kate tells Nicole to relax, keep the check and think about it. Nicole says she'd rather live with Eric in a one room place then a mansion with Lucas. Kate tells her to think about what will happen when Eric finds out the truth about her. Nicole tells Kate to get out. Kate leaves, but tells Nicole that she will await her call. Nicole gets a call from Eric, but she lets her machine get it. She eventually picks up and Sami congratulates Nicole on becoming the newest member of their family. Eric eventually tells Nicole that he loves her, and they hang up.

Back at the prison, Sami tells Eric that she's counting on him and Nicole to restore her faith in happy endings.

Lucas already has a wedding ring picked out and he's positive Nicole will marry him and he will get custody of Will. Gregory shows up to talk with Lucas about the custody hearing. He tells him that if he doesn't get a wife, his chances of getting Will aren't good. Gregory says even if he does get married, it may look suspicious. Gregory also tells Lucas that he hasn't followed through with his court required counseling, and he can't help but wonder if he's after Nicole because she's in love with Sami's twin. Gregory eventually leaves and Lucas talks to himself about marrying Nicole. Kate shows up and sees the ring Lucas has bought for Nicole. Lucas expects a lecture from his mom about Nicole, but she tells him that she wants to be supportive. Still, Lucas says that he doesn't think Nicole will accept his proposal.

In Las Vegas, Mike forgot to tip the room service guy and decides to try and catch him, but he ends up catching Austin's fist with his face! Carrie yells at Austin to wait and runs after him. Carrie wants to talk about this, but Austin says he doesn't want to hear her blame Sami. Carrie asks him not to throw away their marriage, but Austin says she did that. Austin tells her that he knows about Green Mountain lodge. Carrie says she went there on her own hoping he would come. Austin tells Carrie that he came here to Vegas to apologize to her for everything and hope they could work things out. Austin sees that Carrie still has her wedding ring on, so he takes his off and tells her to give it to Mike. He tells her that he's through with her and their marriage. Austin gets into the elevator and leaves Carrie in tears. Carrie decides to go after Austin because she doesn't want him to leave like this, but Mike tells her that he doesn't think she has a choice. Carrie asks what have they done? Mike tells her that she did nothing wrong, she thought her marriage was over. Carrie tells Mike that what they did was wrong, Austin never betrayed their vows. Mike tries to tell her what she did wasn't wrong, but Carrie wishes they had just waited one more night. Mike asks her what she's saying, if Austin came before they made love, she would have gone back to him? Carrie tells Mike that she can't think strait, she needs to get out of here and be alone. Mike doesn't think that is wise, but she takes off anyways.

Austin steps off the elevator and wonders if there is some place in Vegas where he can get a quick divorce. Carrie runs downstairs and asks to have Austin paged, but the man tells her that Austin just left. Carrie rushes out the doors and is following her, but losses her in the lobby. Meanwhile, Austin boards a plane back to Salem. Carrie returns to her room and starts packing when she sees the photo of her and Austin.


April 30
This hasn't been proof read, sorry but I got to hit the books!

Kate goes to visit Victor and she tells him that she did it, she gave Nicole the 5 million dollar check, even though she hated doing so. Kate tells Victor that Nicole turned her down. Victor is surprised and tells Kate that she must not know Nicole as well as she thinks. Victor tells Kate that Nicole won't be satisfied with a life with Eric. Kate is counting on that. Victor tells Kate that she needs to calm down and suggests she focus on Titan. Victor tells her that their enemies could make a move on Titan. Kate says the only enemy they have is Vivian, but Stefano has assured her that he will keep her at bay. Kate then starts ranting about Nicole again.

At the pub, Eric asks his Gradnma what she thought of Nicole? She tells him that she liked her a lot. Eric tells his grandparents that he proposed to Nicole, he's engaged. Caroline seems a bit troubled by the news. Eric tells his grandma not to worry, he knows this is right. He tells his grandma that he hasn't told his parents about the news yet because he's worried how his dad will react, but he will still marry Nicole.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Henderson prepares Lucas and Nicole's food for their trip, Nicole still doesn't know Lucas is going with her. Lucas walks into the living room and finds Alice waiting for her. Lucas tells his grandma that he needs her help. He tells her how worried he is about the upcoming custody trial. He feels that he's going to lose to Austin, unless she could testify for him. Alice tells Lucas that she will help him. However, Alice says there is something that he must do for her first. She tells him that no matter how bleak things look, he must stay positive and fight. Lucas promises Alice that he will never stop fighting for Will.

Nicole is remembering Eric proposing to her as she looks at the 5 million dollar check. Taylor drops by to talk to her sister. Taylor tells her that they need to talk about her engagement. Taylor tells Nicole that she's not ready for this type of commitment. Nicole asks her what she knows about her? Taylor says that is just it, there is a lot she doesn't know about her sister, and a lot more Eric doesn't know. They start arguing about her relationship with Lucas. Taylor accuses Nicole of not only keeping secrets from her family, but from her fiancee as well. Taylor asks her how she can marry someone she can't be honest with? Nicole says she wishes people would leave her and Eric alone, everyone is trying to pull them apart. Nicole says Eric loves her and that is all that matters. Taylor tells Nicole that Eric loves someone who doesn't exist, and when he learns the truth it will destroy him. Nicole's doorbell rings and she thinks it's the limo driver, but it's Eric. He tells her that he wanted to say goodbye to her before she left. Eric gives her a present, a picture of the house he's going to buy for them. Nicole suddenly gets a call from Kate, who wants an answer. Kate tells her the answer is NO! Nicole's ride shows up and Eric sees Nicole off. Eric sees that Nicole left her ring, so he decides to hold onto it to keep it safe.

Nicole goes down to the limo and is shocked to find Lucas there. He tells her that he's going to accompany her to Chicago.

At the home, Victor tells Kate that because Nicole didn't tear up the check, there is still a chance. Victor has another plan up his sleeve.

Celeste and Vivian arrive home and learn that Stefano is not at home. Vivian is glad Stefano isn't here so she doesn't have to play the dying swan. Vivian leaps out of her wheel chair and says that Vivian Alamain is back and ready to take over Titan. Vivian is feeling exceptionally well after her revitalizing break, but Celeste tells her that she needs to keep playing the dying wife. Vivian tells Celeste that Victor would be very unhappy to learn how Kate is squandering his business. Celeste doesn't understand how she can take over Titan with only 49% of the stocks, but Vivian says she only needs to get 2% to control Titan. Celeste asks her how she plans to get that 2%? Vivian tells her not to worry about that. Vivian says she only wishes she could get to Victor and tell him what a mess Kate has made of Titan. She wishes she could tell Victor her plans for Titan. Celeste tells her that she wouldn't be able to get near Victor, he doesn't feel all that keen about her. Vivian says that breaks her heart, she was so in love with Victor and doubts she'll ever have a relationship with anyone like that again. Celeste says Mmmmm Hmmmm, this is beginning to make sense. Celeste says she doesn't want Titan for the money, she wants it for Victor because she's still in love with him. Vivian says she will always love Victor, they were soul mates. She says that she has accepted that Victor will never love her again, but she wants him to at least no longer despise her and perhaps even forgive her. Celeste tells Vivian that she had no idea she felt so deeply about Victor.

Gina is over at Lilly's place thinking about her compact and how she must get it back to trigger John's memory. Lilly wakes up and is happy to see Gina here when she wakes up. Lilly starts to cry and thinks about her stolen Rennets. She asks Gina if she thinks Bo may be able to solve the crimes and find her paintings? Gina tells her that she shouldn't get her hopes up. That shocks Lilly because Gina has always been so positive and full of hope. Gina tells her that she just doesn't want to see her disappointed. Gina tells her that nobody can solve this case because the trail is cold. Lilly asks her how she knows that? Gina tells her that she just assumed it must be because the ISA couldn't solve the case. Still, Lilly says she got her Gina back, so miracles can happen. Lucille shows up and tells Lilly that they have to leave for her appointment. They leave and Gina says how she hates to see Lilly be hurt again because Bo will never learn the truth.

Bo is at the Horton House talking to Greta about the stolen paintings, and that he suspects Stefano might have used Gina and Hope to steal art works. Greta says maybe her mom learned the truth, and Stefano got rid of her mother, and that is why he turned Hope into Gina. Greta thinks if this is correct and he can prove it, maybe Hope will come back to him. Bo isn't so sure about that. Stefano says first he has to deal with Stefano, and then leaves to get some answers.

Bo shows up at the DiMera mansion and pays Vivian a visit. Bo tells Vivian that he's come to see her in his father's place. Bo says while he's here, he thought that they could talk.

Greta shows up at Lilly's place to see Gina. Gina thought it was Lilly, who forgot something, so she didn't put out her cigarette, she laid it in the ashtray. Greta tells Gina that they need to talk, she needs to know why she is pushing Bo away.

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