April 99 Week 4


April 19
In Las Vegas, Ali is disguised in a Mardi-Gras like get-up and flips when she hears Mike telling Carrie how much he loves her. She shatters the glass she was holding out anger. Nancy and Craig wonder what is going on, so Nancy decides to do some investigating. Mike and Carrie take to the dance floor and Mike tells her that this night is only getting started. Mike tells her that she is the only woman in his heart, he'll never desert her. Mike tells Carrie it's time for her next surprise, but first he kisses her.

Ali runs into the bathroom and Nancy follows her. Ali thinks that she and Craig set this up, but Nancy says they are not responsible for Mike's feelings. Ali goes berserk on her and Nancy slaps some sense into her. She tells Ali that she's going to have to deal with the fact that Mike loves Carrie. Nancy tells her that Mike will never love or marry her. Ali tells Nancy that she wasn't there when Mike made love to her and to hear the promises he made. Nancy tells her that what Mike did to her was horrible, and now she has to sue him. Craig shows up and asks what is wrong? Ali says she knows what she has to do. Nancy asks what she's going to do? Ali says she's going to call her mom. Nancy is worried about her, but Ali says she has to move on and do what she came here to do. Ali leaves and Craig tells Nancy that she was right, Ali is a loose cannon.

Back in the restaurant, Carrie and Mike watch some magicians. Later Mike and Carrie shoot craps, and they win big. When Mike goes to bet it all, he kisses Carrie for luck, and wins! At the same time, Ali takes pictures of Mike and Carrie as their lips are locked. Craig asks Ali if she's ready to sue Mike yet? Ali says "you bet I am," and then she leaves to develop her photos. Craig tells Nancy that they should go out to celebrate. Nancy asks "what about Ali the time bomb?" Ali looks at Carrie and says that it's time everyone knows what a lying bitch she is.

Roman is talking with Kate about Roberto's condition. Kate asks what this has to do with her? Roman tells her that is what he'd like to know. Roman tells Kate about the drug mix-up which almost killed Roberto, and the mysterious third nurse at the hospital. Kate acts appalled that Roman is accusing her of putting Roberto in his coma. Roman says he's not accusing her of anything, he wanted to know if she saw anyone suspicious at the hospital. Kate says no, she wasn't even looking for anything suspicious. Kate wishes she could help. Roman tells her that she can, if she remembers anything then she should tell him. Roman gets a call from Eric, who tells him that they are all waiting for him at the Tuscany. Roman says he got delayed, but will be right there. When Roman tells Kate what is up with Nicole, he realizes she doesn't like Nicole and asks why? We never hear Kate's answer.

A clean shaven Austin is talking to Lucas at the Tuscany. Lucas is picking on Austin about his upcoming "divorce" and wonders who will file for abandonment? Lucas tells his brother that he will marry and will get custody of Will. Austin asks if he's going to buy a wife? Lucas tells him that when he does get married, his wife won't be fooling around with her boss!

At the table, Nicole refuses to let Taylor talk about their mother. She eventually tells Taylor they should go freshen up and give their mom a call. Marlena tells Eric that Taylor and Nicole remind her of Carrie and Sami. Nicole and Taylor argue, Taylor accuses Nicole of being ashamed of her family. Taylor tells Nicole that it sickens her to see her lying to Eric. Nicole asks her sister why she just can't be happy for her. Nicole asks Taylor to at least try and get along with her. Taylor agrees, but only for Eric's sake. Back at the table, Caroline and Shawn ask Eric if he thinks Nicole is his soul mate. Nicole returns and tells them that Taylor is still talking to their mom on the phone. Eric asks Nicole to dance, and the two take to the floor. Lucas is now dining with Heather, and when he sees Eric and Nicole dancing, he suggests to Heather that they dance. When Eric leaves Nicole's side to get her some champagne, Lucas uses the opportunity to talk to Nicole about his wonderful date. However, Lucas tells Nicole that she can't kiss like her. Roman shows up and wonders what they are doing together. Eric returns and asks what is up? Roman says that is what he was wondering. Nicole says that Lucas was just filling her in on her next photo shoot. Lucas decides to get back to his date and the others join the party. Eric suggests that they order food, but Nicole asks to say something first. Nicole tells them all how nervous she was about meeting them, but she feels so comfortable around them, she only wishes Sami could be here. Nicole goes on and tells them that she did things when she was younger that she regrets, but Eric has changed her, he's made her a better person. Nicole tells Eric that she wants to make him happy. Caroline and Shawn tell Nicole that was wonderful. Taylor decides she doesn't feel well and decides to leave. Austin also decides to call it a night, and he walks Taylor out. Austin walks Taylor out and offers to drive her home. Taylor wonders how people who love each other lie to one another? Austin says he was wondering the same thing.

Back at Lucas and Heather's table, Heather asks Lucas why he keeps looking at Nicole, is something going on between them? Lucas tells Heather that Nicole is his future wife. Heather tells Lucas that while they are being honest, his mom set this up. Lucas tells Heather that there is no way he's going to date her, and she can tell his mom her plan was a bust. That pisses Heather off because she realizes that Lucas asked her out to make Nicole jealous. Heather calls Lucas a creep and walks off.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Bo and Billie are talking and shooting pool. Bo tells Billie about his fight with Hope and how she doesn't want to connect with him. Billie tells Bo she thinks she knows why, and she tells him that "Hope" is still upset about him committing to her in Rome. Bo doesn't understand why she can't get past this. Billie tells him that from a woman's point of view, when a man gives his heart to another woman, it is very painful. Bo realizes he shouldn't be talking to her about this, but Billie says she wants to talk to him about it. Bo doesn't understand why "Hope" hasn't been herself lately. Billie asks what he means, so Bo tells her about the picture of "Hope" and Stefano. He then tells Billie how "Hope" has also moved out of Mrs. H's house. Billie says that doesn't sound like "Hope" at all. Bo tells Billie that he has to find out what is going on with "Hope" before it's too late. Billie suggests that Bo give "Hope" the space she needs. Bo asks Billie how she is doing? Billie says she is good and misses him, as a friend. Billie asks Bo if he's forgiven her for the baby? Bo tells her yes and that he doesn't hate her, and he'd like for them to be close again.

In Salem Place, John and "Hope" talk. When John mentions his headaches, Gina recalls how massaging John's temples used to ease the pain. She walks over to John and begins to give him a massage. John tells her that it feels good. "Hope" tells him that she did this for Bo all the time. John tells her that she is a good friend and he believes she is the only one who can understand what he's going through. "Hope" tells John that she believes they can help one another. John explains how rough this is for him, he's beginning to question whether or not he was faithful to the church while he was a priest. John tells "Hope" about his memory of being with Gina in Capri. However, what is troubling him is that his name wasn't in the hotel records. "Hope" tells John that she knows his memory is a real one. John asks her how she knows? "Hope" claims that she too is having memories of being Gina. "Hope" tells John that what he felt for Gina was beautiful, nothing to be ashamed of. She tells him that he had a wonderful and fulfilling life before he met Marlena, and he can have that life again. John tells her that he wants to find the answers, but what if he learns he was the love of Gina's life? "Hope" tells John "Gina had wonderful taste."


April 20
At Tuscany, the get-to-know Nicole dinner is winding down. Nicole tells Roman that she knows he has doubts about her, but she and Eric have worked everything out and she would never do anything to hurt his son. Roman says as long as they are being honest, he doesn't trust her. Eric tells his dad that he doesn't want Nicole to hurt him, but he seems to have no problem hurting her. Nicole says she only wants to make Eric happy. Roman asks how Lucas fits in? Nicole says that Lucas is her boss. Roman leaves to take a call and Nicole asks Marlena if she share's Roman's opinion of her? We never hear Marlena's answer because both Eric and Roman return, Eric went to order his parents dessert. Eric says he and Nicole are going to leave, but they should stay and enjoy dessert.

Nicole asks Eric why he cut dinner short? Eric tells her that he has a special dessert planned for her. Eric takes Nicole outside and surprises her with a yellow classic convertible, borrowed from Titan. Eric tells Nicole that he wants to take her someplace special. Eric drives Nicole to their destination and then blindfolds her.

Back in the restaurant, Marlena talks to Roman about Eric and Nicole, and Carrie and Austin. Marlena fears that if Austin and Carrie don't talk soon they may never get back on track. Roman asks Marlena if she thinks Carrie even wants that? Later the two talk about John and his past, Marlena fills Roman in about John's breakthrough memory. Marlena tells Roman that the idea of John and Gina being an item troubles her, but Roman tells her that is in the past. He tells Marlena not to let this come between them.

In Salem Place, "Hope" tells John that he has to face the fact they he may not have been a priest. John wonders who he is, and says DiMera is the only one who really knows. "Hope" tells John that she knows, he is the same man he has always been. John mentions the picture of her and Stefano. "Hope" says she doesn't want to believe the thought of her being with Stefano, just like he doesn't want to believe he was the love of Gina's life. "Hope" says they don't have to go through this alone, they can help each other. "Hope" asks John to let her help him. John wants to know the truth and accepts her offer. "Hope" takes John by the hand and leads him to Tuscany. John asks her what they are doing? "Hope" tells him that they are going to recreate the memory he had at the hotel with Gina. John orders some Don Renard 76, but the waiter doesn't have it, so "Hope" orders 88. "Hope" excuses herself to use the bathroom. John opens and pours the champagne and when "Hope" comes back, John pours her a glass. He tells her that he didn't want it to get warm and lose its effervescence. "Hope" remembers the old John saying the same thing, and she is positive he remembers. John remembers it too, and tells "Hope" that the memory was real. "Hope" encourages John to try and remember what happened next. Meanwhile, Marlena excuses herself from her table and sees John and "Hope" staring into each other's eyes, almost as they are about to kiss.

Austin asks Taylor what is going on between her and her sister? Taylor says she and Nikki have never been close, and therefore they have problems trusting one another. Austin says they sound a lot like Carrie and Sami. Austin changes the subject to her modeling pictures. Taylor says she was so nervous, and Austin tells her Carrie was too when she first modeled for Bella. Taylor says she'd love to see Carrie's pictures and Austin says he will show them to her. Austin and Taylor go back to Austin's place and Austin looks for the photo album. Austin finds it and he and Taylor look through it. Taylor says Carrie was a natural and asks why she gave it up? Austin tells her the story about how his involvement in a gambling ring lead to Carrie's face being scarred with acid. Later, Taylor tells Austin that he has a message on his machine. Austin checks it and it's Carrie's message. Taylor says she'll leave him alone so he can talk to Carrie, but Austin says he doesn't want to talk to Carrie. Taylor asks why he doesn't want to call her back? Austin decides maybe he will call Carrie, and heads to the other room to call her. Taylor looks at a picture of Austin and Carrie on their wedding day and begins to fantasize about marrying Eric. However, Taylor snaps to and says it's more likely that Nicole will marry Eric, not that she deserves it. In the other room, Austin picks up the phone and wonders if he should call Carrie.

In Las Vegas, Ali is watching Mike and Carrie as they kiss and gamble. She says that Carrie is a little slut who obviously isn't satisfied with one man. She goes on calling Carrie a two-faced bitch and says that Carrie's happy time is about to turn into a nightmare. At the table, Mike tells Carrie that he'd like to take her to a spot where they can see all the stars. Carrie says she'd love that, but first she wants to go to her room and get a sweater. Mike realizes that Carrie wants to check her messages to see if Austin has called, but he says he doesn't mind because the sooner they talk, the sooner they can all move on with their lives. Mike and Carrie go up to her room and there is no message from Austin. Mike tells Carrie that they belong together. Carrie says she wants them to be together too, but . . . . Mike tells Carrie not to feel guilty, Austin is the one who ran out on her, but he will never desert her or put anyone over her. Mike tells Carrie that he can take away all the pain she's feeling. The two hug and the phone rings. When Carrie answers it, Austin is on the other end!

Ali takes her film to an all night development place to have the pictures developed. She then gives her mom a call. Ali tells her mom that it's payback time for Carrie and she thinks her mom will be impressed by her photographic talents. Claire begins to panic when Ali laughs hysterically and she asks Ali what she's going to do? Ali refuses to tell because it will ruin her surprise. Claire is in tears as Ali tells her mom that once she executes her plan, no one will mess with her again. Ali hangs up on her mom and Claire makes arrangements to get to Las Vegas to take care of Ali. As she is making arrangements to fly out, Claire hopes history doesn't repeat itself. Back in Las Vegas, Ali's pictures are developed and she asks the developer to email them to Austin Reed.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano is listening to opera when Rolfe shows up. Rolfe sees how happy Stefano is and assumes he is thinking about Gina. Stefano tells Rolfe about his plans to hold a gallant ball for Gina when they return to Europe. Rolfe reminds him that he is still married. Stefano says that he has to face the fact that Vivian is going to die. Stefano says that Gina's return is an act of God, but Rolfe says God didn't turn Hope into Gina. Still, Stefano says what matters is that Gina is back and he wants to love her again. Rolfe tells Stefano that he let him believe they were bringing Gina back to complete the forgeries and to keep Bo and Hope from learning the truth. Stefano says that he's just enjoying the bonus. However, Rolfe warns Stefano that he is going to slip up and soon, everyone will learn the truth and it will destroy him. Stefano assures Rolfe that he won't let down his guard. Besides, Stefano says that John is the only other one who knows the truth, and he no longer knows it. Rolfe says the memories have been erased, but who knows what Gina can do if she puts her mind to it. Stefano asks Rolfe why he thinks Gina could get John to remember his past? Rolfe says he isn't saying it's possible, but Gina does seem to want John back. Stefano dismisses that and says he plans to make the best of his future with Gina. Rolfe wonders, to himself, if Gina's vision of the future includes Stefano.


April 22
In Las Vegas, Ali has the man at the photo-shop email the pictures of Mike and Carrie kissing to Austin. Ali goes up to her room and spreads the photos of Mike and Carrie out on her bed. Claire calls Ali, who is crying. Claire is calling from the plane and wants to know how she is? Ali says she is with the man she loves in the most exciting city in the world. Claire knows she is lying. Ali tells her mom that there won't be a repeat of the past, she is in control. Claire doubts that. Ali tells her mom not to even think about coming to visit her because she won't be drug back home. Claire tells Ali that she needs help, but ALi says all she needs is Mike. She accuses her mom of harassing her and ends up hanging up on her mom. Claire fears that "it" is happening again. Ali looks in a mirror and tries to tell herself that she is in complete control. She looks at a picture of Mike and Carrie and swears that Carrie will get hers, everyone will know what a slut she is. Ali begins to cry and talk about how wonderful things could have been if it wasn't for Carrie. Suddenly, the picture of Mike comes alive and he tells that he's in love with her, he always has been. However, Mike soon disappears back into the picture, and Ali begs him to come back. Carrie's picture comes to life next and she tells her that Mike only used her (Ali) because he couldn't have her (Carrie). Carrie starts calling Ali a looser, and soon Ali begins to hear her mother telling her the same thing. Carrie jumps back into her picture and Ali starts flips out further. She looks through her dainties bag and pulls out a razor blade and says "this is for you Mike."

At Austin's place, Taylor wishes she could have a love like Austin and Carrie's. In the other room, Austin calls Carrie and they talk on the phone. Mike has gone back to his room so Carrie and Austin can talk in private. Austin is very cold to Carrie and keeps asking how she is enjoying Vegas and her R&R. Carrie doesn't want to talk about her trip, so Austin starts talking about Sami, which causes another tiff. Carrie stops it before it can get ugly. Austin asks Carrie if she is planning on coming home? Carrie asks him if he wants her to? Austin says it doesn't matter what he wants. Carrie tells Austin that they need to talk, she has to tell him something. Austin asks what she has to tell him. Meanwhile, a message comes over Austin's computer in the other room and it says "You've Got Mail!" Suddenly, Taylor screams. Austin tells Carrie that he'll call her back, hangs up, and rushes into the other room. Austin asks Taylor what is wrong? She tells him that there is a mouse running around. Austin catches it and throws it out the window. Taylor decides to go to the bathroom and she tells Austin that he got mail. Austin checks his mail and finds a message from a concerned friend. He checks the attachment and finds pictures of Mike and Carrie kissing. Austin prints the pictures out and drops them on the floor when Taylor returns. She asks if he is okay, and he tells her that he is and he will take her home because it's getting late.

Back in Vegas, Carrie is upset that Austin hung up on her. She wonders what is going on. Mike returns and asks how it went? Carrie tells him that she was about to tell him everything, but something happened and he hung up. Carrie says that Austin said he would call back, so she is going to wait for his call. Mike understands and goes back to his room. Carrie wonders why Austin hasn't called her back. Mike returns later, Carrie is terribly upset. She decides to call Austin back, but gets the machine. Carrie leaves a message asking why he didn't call her back? Austin is home and hears the message, he just can't stop looking at the pictures of her and Mike kissing. Carrie feels like this is Austin's way of telling her that their marriage is over. Carrie cries on Mike's shoulder. Mike tells her that he loves her and will never hurt her. Meanwhile, Austin feels like Carrie was going to tell him what he already knows, their marriage is over.

Bo and Billie are still playing pool at the Cheatin' Heart. Billie is thankful that she didn't drive him out of her life completely. Bo says what she did is in the past, plus he had a lot to do with it. Billie tells Bo that she ran into "Hope" today and Bo asks if she said anything odd. Billie remembers "Hope" telling her that she thought Bo still loved her. Billie tells Bo that "Hope" did say something, but asks Bo what he thinks is wrong with her? Bo tells her that "Hope" is moody and cold at times, but loving and warm other times. Bo asks Billie once again what "Hope" said to her, and Billie tells him that she understood how much she suffered when he (Bo) left her and she's sorry for her (Hope's) part in it. Bo hopes that means she is getting over it, but Billie tells Bo that she got the impression that she doesn't want to get over it. Bo asks her why she would think that? Billie tells him that as long as she claims to feel hurt and betrayed, she won't have to commit to him. Billie tells Bo that he has to forgive himself, even if Hope doesn't. Bo tells Billie that she is right, "Hope" is using this as an excuse, and wonders what happened. He says "it's not like she's in love with someone else." Bo knows "Hope" is remembering more than she's letting on. Billie tells Bo that when she was in Switzerland, Hope immersed herself in Gina's life, almost like Hope didn't exist. She suggests that perhaps that is what she is doing now. Billie tells Bo that she's worried about him and only wants him to be happy, and "Hope" hasn't made him happy yet. Billie realize it is getting late and says she has to go meet Roman at Tuscany. Bo says she's been hanging out a lot with Roman lately. Billie tells Bo that they have helped each other a lot over the last few months. Billie tells Bo that he deserves to be happy. Bo pays the bill and offers to drive her to Tuscany.

At the Tuscany, John and "Hope" are staring into one another's eyes as if they are about to kiss when Marlena spots them, and she doesn't look pleased. Gina goes to kiss John, but Marlena stops her by asking "what is going on here?" Roman follows Marlena and John and "Hope" tell them that they are re-enacting his memory in hope that they can both remember what happened. Marlena points out that John's memories are of the real Princess Gina. "Hope" says that she was just hoping it would trigger something. Marlena is upset and says that they don't even know if the memories are real. "Hope" says that they are real all right, so Marlena asks her how she knows that? "Hope" tells Marlena that she has had memory flashes of the hotel in Capri as well, and John's memory matches hers. Marlena thinks it is just the power of suggestion. "Hope" doesn't understand why she doesn't want John to remember his past? Marlena says she does want John to remember, but she doesn't understand why SHE wants it so badly? "Hope" says she is interested because she believes his past is linked to hers. She says she thinks they can work better together than alone, but Marlena tell her that she has Bo to help her. "Hope" says that Bo has made very little progress. John tries to ease the tension and suggests that they all finish off the bottle of champagne. They all sit down and start telling jokes. "Hope" tells Marlena and Roman that it's so nice to see them so friendly. Roman says they are bonded by their children. "Hope" says that is the same with her and Bo. Marlena says she sounds like someone who isn't getting back together with Bo? "Hope" says she wants to be with Bo, but can't get past the hurt. They all tells her that they know she and Bo will find a way to work it out and get back together. Marlena decides that it is time to go. John offers "Hope" a lift, but she decides to stay. Roman gets up when Billie and Bo show up. Bo is surprised to find "Hope" at the bar. Marlena tells Bo that she is worried about "Hope," she definitely needs therapy. At the bar, Gina is ecstatic that John remembered loving her, and he would have acted on those feelings if the Doc hadn't shown up. She decides that she has to find a way to get rid of her.


April 22
John and Marlena are at the penthouse, the kids are in bed. Marlena assures John that she is not jealous of what she saw between him and "Hope" tonight, she just doesn't want his search for the past to destroy them like it has Bo and "Hope." Marlena and John get into a tiff about "Hope's" motives. Marlena tells John that "Hope" is not a part of his past, the real Gina was, and that puzzles her. John says he doesn't know why "Hope" is so interested, but "Hope" looks so much like the real Gina even he gets confused. Marlena feels that John is taking "Hope's" side, but John says he's just trying to make the best out of the situation. Marlena fears that this search for their past could lead to horrible things. John says that Gina is dead, but Marlena says that "Hope" seems obsessed with playing the princess.

At Tuskany, Bo talks with "Hope." They start talking about Billie and "Hope" wants them to start with a clean slate. Bo tells her "Like hell you do!" Bo tells "Hope" how concerned he is about her. Bo says that Marlena is also concerned and they think she needs professional help.

Austin is staring at the pictures of Mike and Carrie kissing. He wonders who would send him these pictures.

A spiritual counselor comes to see Sami to offer her comfort. Sami tells him that nobody can bring her comfort while she's in here and Franco's killer is free. The man tells Sami that it might help her to talk to someone, but Sami says all she wants is her freedom back. However, Sami begins to think about how she lied to Austin about Lucas hitting Will, and wonders if she should confess. The man tells Sami that confession is good for the soul. Sami tells him that she would like to make a confession. As she is about to spill all, Austin shows up. Sami looks at Austin and says maybe she should be confessing to him. Austin talks with the spiritual advisor about God's forgiveness for a bit. The advisor, Warren, leaves and Austin asks Sami what she wanted to confess? Sami changes the subject and asks why he is here? Austin tells her about the pictures he received of Mike and Carrie kissing. Austin says that he's been blind for so long. Austin says if he had known there was a chance of losing Carrie he never would have . . . Sami finishes his sentence by saying run of with Will and I.

Lucas shows up at his mom's office and tells his mom that her matchmaking didn't work. Lucas explains to his mom what occurred at Tuscany earlier tonight. Lucas assures his mom that he will get a wife and custody of Will. However, Lucas says he used Heather to make Nicole jealous, so he should thank her for that. Kate tries to make Lucas see reason, she tells him that he doesn't need to be married to get custody of Will. Gregory Charmain shows up and tells them that he has news about Will's custody hearing.

Eric has brought Nicole to a model home used to attract new buyers. Eric tells Nicole that perhaps one day he will by this home. Nicole and Eric sit by the fire and kiss. Eric tells Nicole that he dreams of settling down with her one day.

In Las Vegas, Carrie is upset and doesn't understand why Austin is treating her this way. Carrie considers returning home to have it out with Austin. Mike tells Carrie that is a choice, but she can also chose to stay here. Carrie tells Mike that she has to confess to her husband what is going on between them. Mike tells Carrie that Austin is obviously more concerned with things more important than her, and he urges her to stay here with him. Carrie decides to stay with Mike. Later, as Carrie is taking a shower, Mike jumps in with her. Mike tells her that he couldn't stand waiting in the other room for her, and they begin to kiss. However, it was only a fantasy of Mike's.

Ali's mother shows up at Ali's hotel room and bangs on the door, yelling at Ali to open up. Ali is lying in a bathtub of blood, her blood, she has slit her wrists. on the wall "Mike" is written in blood. Clair is let in by the hotel staff and she finds Ali in the tub. Claire asks the man to go get her medical bag, she is a doctor. Claire patches Ali up and asks the staff not to mention this to anyone. Ali comes to and Claire asks Ali what Mike did to her? Ali asks if Mike is here? She starts mumbling how it proves he loves her, and she wants him back. Claire tells Ali that Mike isn't here. Ali realizes she'll never have Mike and begins to cry. Claire tells Ali that she will take care of her. Claire asks ALi to tell her everything. Ali explains what she, Craig, and Nancy have been doing.

That is the end of the show, it was interrupted for a Presidential conference on the Colorado tragedy.


April 23
At Titan, Gregory and Kate are arguing about Will's custody case. Kate tells Gregory that because of his advice, Lucas is convinced he's going to marry Nicole. Gregory tells Kate that the judge could rule that Will stay with Marlena. He says that despite the fact that Lucas has remained sober and out of trouble, he still hasn't done his community service. He also advises Kate to find out where Carrie stands on the guardianship issue. Kate asks if there is anything else she can do? Gregory tells her that she can learn to like the girl Lucas wants to marry. Gregory tells her that without a wife, Lucas has a 50/50 chance of getting custody of Will. Gregory leaves and Kate decides to find Lucas someone other than Nicole to marry.

Down in the photolab, Lucas meets with Taylor and asks her how close Eric and Nicole are, has he popped the question? Taylor says no, but she could see how much Eric wanted his family to like Nicole at dinner. Lucas tells Taylor that he just got bad news about Will's custody hearing, it starts the day after tomorrow. Taylor tries to cheer him up by telling him he'll win because he's a good guy. Lucas says that he will do whatever he needs to get Will back. Lucas tells Taylor that he thinks they will both get what they want in the end. Lucas makes a call and tells Taylor that his dreams are about to come true, so she should get ready to make her move once Nicole is out of the picture. Lucas leaves and Taylor begins fantasizing about Eric proposing to her.

Out at the model home, Nicole hugs Eric and cries, she tells him she didn't expect this. Eric tells Nicole that he loves her and wants to marry her and start a family. Nicole says a family would get in way of her modeling career, so they should wait a bit till they start a family. Eric tells her that she doesn't have to work, he can support her. Nicole says she knows that, but says her career is just taking off. Eric tells Nicole that he believes family comes first, and Nicole reluctantly agrees. They then talk about what the other brings out in them. They soon end up making love. Afterwards, Eric decides to buy the house for them. However, Nicole remembers Lucas showing her where he was going to build his dream home, and his plans for it.

Eric returns to Titan and runs into Taylor. He tells her that he's now engaged to her sister. Nicole is still at the home thinking about Eric. She wonders how he'd feel if he knew the truth about her past.

Lucas drops by his mom's office and tells her that he's taking Nicole to Chicago for a personal appearance. He says that he will use the trip to make Nicole his wife.

At the penthouse, Marlena tells John how much she needs him and how much she fears someone could come between them. Outside Marlena's apartment, Bo and "Hope" show up to see Marlena for some therapy. Bo and "Hope" ring the doorbell and Marlena and John invite them in. Marlena asks if everything is all right? John asks if "Hope" has remembered anything more about Gina? "Hope" says she hasn't remembered anything. Bo tells them that "Hope" has decided to enter therapy. When they start talking about their memories, Marlena points out that they don't know if the memories are real. That upsets "Hope," who says she's had memories of the real Gina, memories like naming Greta when she was born. "Hope" says she wouldn't be going into therapy if she didn't have faith that these memories are real. Marlena says she thought she was going into therapy to address her problems with Bo? "Hope" says she is. Bo says it is getting late and offers to take "Hope" home. Before they leave, "Hope" says she knows a way to finish what she and John started this evening. "Hope" suggests they conduct another hypnosis session and she can try and help him remember.

At the prison, Sami begs Austin not to divorce Carrie. The reverend returns and tells Austin that the warden has agreed to his request. Sami asks what is going on. Austin tells her that he has a surprise for her. Sami is taken out of her shackles and Will is brought in to see Sami. Will made Sami a drawing, but unfortunately she can't keep it because of prison rules. Later, Austin asks the reverend to lead them in prayer. After praying they sing Amazing Grace.

In Las Vegas, Mike and Carrie are laying on a blanket and looking up at the stars. Mike surprises Carrie with some charts he had an astrologer make for them to see if they are compatible. Carrie tells Mike that she doesn't need an astrologer to tell her that. However, she is excited because she's always wanted her chart done. Mike opens up the chart and they look at it together. It indicates that they will have a happy future. Mike turns on the radio and the announcer plays LeAnne Rime's "How Do I Live" and says it is from Mike to Carrie. The two dance to the song. Later, Mike and Carrie return to the hotel and to their separate room. Carrie is upset to learn that she has no new messages. In his room, Mike turns on the radio and they are playing the song again. He decides he can no longer take it, knocks on Carrie's door, and passionately kisses her. He then says that he loves her, and runs back to his room. In her room, Carrie thinks about Mike. Mike takes a cold shower and afterwards there is a knock on his door. He thinks it is housekeeping, but it's Carrie.

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