April 99 Week 3


April 12
Lucas presents Nicole with a brand new car in Salem Place. Nicole is ecstatic, but Eric is not. He asks Lucas what exactly he's trying to pull. Lucas says he is just rewarding Nicole for hard work. Nicole jumps in the car to take it for a spin, Eric refuses to accompany her. Taylor shows up and asks what is going on? Eric tells Taylor that Lucas is attempting to buy Nicole. Eric tells Lucas that it won't work, Nicole loves him. Lucas tells Eric that Nicole will become a huge star and he won't be able to compare to the people she'll be working with. Eric tells Lucas that he knows what he's up to, he's just trying to get his son back. Lucas tells Eric to just give it up, the women of today like a man who is their equal. Nicole returns and thanks Lucas for the car. Lucas leaves, and invites Taylor out for some coffee. An angry Eric tells Nicole that Lucas is trying to buy her. Nicole tells him it was a bonus, he's reading too much into this. Nicole tells Eric that she wants a future with him, not Lucas. Eric tells her that he'd feel a lot better about their future if she told Lucas to take the car and shove it. Nicole says she'd be crazy to give the car up, but so what. Once again she assures Eric that she loves him, and knows what she's doing. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Taylor that Eric and Nicole are over, and they are about to get exactly what they want.

At the hospital, Rosa talks to Roberto and asks him to take Captain Brady's deal. Roberto tells her that a very powerful person is paying him to keep silent. Kate tries to spy on them, but doesn't know what they are saying because they are speaking in Italian. Rosa tells Roberto he has to take Roman's deal, otherwise the Moronis could go after their mother. Rosa leaves the room and Kate spies on her as she talks to Roman.

Carrie calls Austin, and the two talk. Austin asks Carrie if she took off with Mike because of her resentment of him running away with Sami? Mike says she did not run off with Mike, she's on a business trip. They argue about Sami and Carrie tells Austin that he's wasting his time trying to prove Sami innocent. Austin tells Carrie that she is the only one who doesn't believe in Sami's innocence, probably because she's isolated herself from everyone else. Carrie says she's just dedicating herself to her work. She asks about Will and Austin tells her that he's not going to let Lucas near Will, he keeps his commitments. Carrie responds "and I don't?" Austin tells her that she's the one who gave up on their marriage, so why doesn't she just come right out and says it. Carrie tells him that he ran out on her when he took off with Sami and Will. Austin tells her that she's using that as an excuse to run out on their marriage. Carrie tells him that he's not accepting any of this guilt. Austin says he never stopped believing in their marriage, can she say the same thing? Carrie says she wants to tell him so much, but she can't come home yet. Austin wants to tell her what he knows, but he hangs up on her when Billie shows up and tells him that Roberto has agreed to talk.

Kate overhears Roman, Billie, Austin, and Rosa talking about Roberto, who has agreed to talk. Kate then has a premonition of Sami getting out and gaining full custody of Will, which drives Lucas to drinking. Billie, in her BeBe outfit, and Austin show up and disown Kate because they know Lucas killed Franco and she covered it up. Next, Roman shows up and arrests both Lucas and Kate!

Kate sneaks into Roberto's room after Rosa asks the guard where to get some coffee. He decides to take her to the cafeteria himself. Inside Roberto's room, Kate fiddles with the machines, and then injects Roberto with medicine. Outside, a nurse shows up and prepares to give Roberto his medication. Kate manages to sneak back out, and suddenly Roberto goes into cardiac arrest!

Back at the clinic, Carrie tells Mike that she feels like she's grown apart from Austin, and her marriage might be over. Mike asks if she wants to return to Salem? Carrie says no, she wants to go to Las Vegas and the convention. Mike tells Carrie that they will have a good time, and he won't let anyone interfere.

John and Greta go to the Horton House to check the hotel records and Bo shows them the picture of Gina and Stefano. Greta exclaims "Oh my God I was right, Stefano and my mother!" Bo asks what she is talking about and Greta tells him that she thinks Stefano was in love with her mother, and when she died, he transformed Hope into her mother. Bo wonders if "Hope" is pushing him away because she's remembering more and more about her past, and maybe she's remembering her feelings for Stefano. Bo says that if Greta's theory is true, Hope may have been involved with Stefano, and enjoyed it. Then Bo begins to wonder if Stefano was Gina's one true love. John flat out says no, Gina never loved Stefano. Bo asks how he knows that and John says it is instinct. John wants to talk to "Hope," but Bo says she moved out. Bo then storms out of the house to get to the truth. Greta decides to go make some coffee and John contemplates the possibility of Stefano and Gina being romantically involved, and then he wonders if he could have been Gina's great love.

At the DiMera Mansion, Gina and Stefano flirt and Gina reminds him that he's still a married man. Stefano says that Vivian is dying, therefore he must think of his future, with her. Gina tells Steffie that he is a naughty naughty boy. Stefano says he loves his wife, but there are many kinds of love. Gina knows what he is talking about, there is casual love and then the love of a lifetime. Stefano asks Gina what she meant earlier by saying she was free? Gina says she got rid off Bo, she packed her bags and left. Stefano is furious and tells her that she is going to make Bo suspicious. Gina tells Stefano that living in that house is driving her insane, she wants to return to her life in Europe. She tells him that she wants to recapture her passion, and asks him if he remembers it? Stefano tells her there is a time and place for everything. Stefano then tells Gina that he suspects she has an agenda of her own. Gina says she has no agenda, she only wants to return to her old life in Europe with him. Stefano tells her for now, just be Hope. Gina begs Stefano to let her stay here, but he refuses. He suggests she just look forward to the life they will resume in Europe. Stefano remembers a time they spent on an Island, but Gina only remembers that they went there because it is where he and the real Gina went. Stefano talks about Gina and says he's only truly loved one woman. GIna tells Stefano that he never showed her how he felt about the real GIna, but she always knew that he loved and wanted her. Steffie eventually caves in and tells her she can stay with Lily if she refuses to return to the Horton house. Gina hugs Stefano as Bo shows up.


April 13
At Titan, Kate thinks she's taken care of Roberto, so now she wants to find Lucas someone suitable to marry. Lucas shows up and tells his mom that he's been working on his plan to get Nicole to dump Eric. Lucas tells his mom that he's so close to getting his son back and having the perfect wife. He tells his mom what he bought for Nicole. Kate asks him if he's out of his mind? She tells him that he can't buy affection. Lucas claims that's not what he's doing, he is just trying to get her attention. Kate tells Lucas the only thing Nicole likes about him is his wallet, which upsets Lucas. Lucas tells his mom that he doesn't need her to protect him, but Kate reminds him how he'd be up the creek if it wasn't for her. Lucas tells his mom that because of her, he's had to commit purgery and Sami may even die. Kate assures Lucas that Sami won't die, and then says she's sick of talking about Sami. Lucas tells his mom to let him live his life and says that he will marry Nicole, whether she likes it or not! Lucas walks out and Kate says she loves Lucas far too much to let him marry Nicole.

At the hospital, Roberto has fallen back into a coma. The doctor says Roberto won't be waking up anytime soon, and perhaps never again. Roman promises Rosa that the police will protect her and her family. Rosa wants to pray for her brother, so Billie takes her to the chapel. Roman then asks the doctor for a list of everyone in the ICU today. Austin asks Roman if he thinks someone deliberately tried to kill Roberto? Roman thinks exactly that.

Eric visits Sami and promises her that she'll be out soon. When Sami starts talking about Lucas, Eric tells Sami what he's doing to his relationship with Nicole. Sami tells Eric to keep Nicole far away from Lucas. They talk a bit more and Eric tells Sami that he's thinking about having a family with Nicole, he thinks he wants to ask her to marry him. Sami asks Eric what is stopping him? Eric tells her that their dad has doubts about Nicole. Austin shows up to see Sami and she thinks he's here with good news about Roberto. Austin tells Sami that he's sorry, but Roberto has slipped into a coma.

Back at the hospital, Roman tells Billie that he suspects someone tried to silence Roberto forever, and he needs to find out who. The cop who was supposed to be on guard and says that he was only gone 2 minutes, and saw nobody but the doctor, Rosa, and three nurses go into the room. Roman wonders who did this to Roberto, and how they got into the room.

Nicole is enjoying her new car. Taylor confronts Nicole and can't believe that she's not feeling guilty about leading Lucas on. Nicole tells Taylor that she's no one to analyze her, she's never been in love. Taylor tells her sister neither has she, she doesn't know the meaning of the word. They begin to argue, Nicole accuses Taylor of being angry just because she's happy. Taylor says that she only hates her when she lies. They then talk about her past and Taylor thinks her past would make great table conversation at Eric's party tonight. Taylor warns her sister that leading on Lucas will turn into a nightmare, just like it always has. Nicole tells Taylor that she is dis-inviting her to Eric's dinner tonight. Taylor says Eric invited her. Nicole tells Taylor that perhaps she has changed, and Taylor jokes that it os Eric's love which has changed her. Nicole tells her sister that it was Eric's love that changed her. Taylor hopes for Eric's sake, she's right.

Nicole goes to Titan and runs into Lucas. Lucas is glad she is enjoying the car and he tells her that if she lets him, he can make all her dreams come true. Nicole thanks Lucas again and gives him a hug. Taylor shows up at this point and sees them hugging and then Lucas kisses Nicole, and she kisses him back!

John is troubled by the thought of Gina a nd Stefano having a relationship when he's suddenly hit with a major migraine. Greta asks John what is wrong? John says it's just a migraine, he gets them sometimes and tells her that caffeine helps. John asks Greta if she's positive that Gina never mentioned Stefano? Greta tells him that the only man her mom ever talked about was him. However, Greta remembers one time when she asked her mother if she was in love with someone, someone she would have died for. Gina told her there was someone, but she never told her who. Gina only told Greta that the man she loved was charming, brave, and they had a lot in common. Greta hoped her mother would have married the man so she could have a father. Greta remembers asking her mom if the man was father JOhn? Gina told her that Father John is a priest and can never fall in love, or marry. Greta remembers being disappointed, but she doesn't tell John that part. John says that he knows Stefano was not the great love of her life. Greta tells John that he is right, her mom couldn't have fallen in love with the devil when she had an angel at her side. Greta offers John more coffee and he asks to see the hotel records, he wants to see if any of the names ring a bell because he may have used an alias. John looks through the list, but doesn't recognize any of the names. John asks Greta who the prince her mother married was, and could he have been her father? Greta says the prince gave her mom her title, but he is not her father. She fears that Stefano is her father.

At the DiMera mansion, Bo rings the doorbell. Inside, Stefano tells Gina that the maid will get rid of whoever is at the door. Gina and Stefano are holding each other when Bo barges in after the maid answers the door. Bo decks Stefano and "Hope" tries to stop them from fighting. "Hope" hugs Bo and tells him that he has to help her. Bo asks what she's doing here and "Hope" tells him that she came here to tell Stefano what he and Greta found in Capri, and she wanted to let him know he will never control her again. "Hope" then starts telling Stefano that he'll never control her or anyone else again. Bo asks "Hope" why she was in his arms, they looked like were lovers. "Hope" acts shocked and tells Bo that she was shaking Stefano, not holding him. "Hope" realizes Bo doesn't believe her and begins to cry. Bo tells "Hope" that he doesn't know her anymore. "Hope" begins crying on Bo's shoulder, but Bo asks her why she walked out on him if she's so dedicated to him? "Hope" tells Bo that she is very confused and he wasn't respecting her wishes. Bo wants to ask her about the picture, but she says she can't talk anymore and walks out. Later, Rolfe patches up Stefano, who is gloating how well Gina played her part today. Stefano can't wait to return to Europe with "Hope". Rolfe asks "what about Vivian?" Stefano says soon Vivian will die, and he will be free to pick up with Gina.

Bo finds "Hope" at Salem Place and tells her that the reason he went to DiMera's was because of a picture he found. He shows her the picture and "Hope" is shocked that he has it.


April 14
At Titan, Taylor spies Lucas and Nicole kissing. Lucas apologizes to Nicole, but says the way Nicole kissed him back made him realize she has feelings for him. Nicole says she does have feelings for him, which Taylor hears. She wants to confront them when Marie tells Taylor that she needs to have her sign photo releases, she's going to be in the next Bella. Taylor leaves and Nicole tells Lucas that she feels gratitude towards him, she's in love with Eric. Nicole tells Lucas that she wants to be friends, and know that they can trust each other. Lucas says she can trust him and he won't pressure her any more. Lucas leaves and Taylor shows up and tells Nicole that she can't wait to tell Eric that she saw her kissing Lucas. Nicole tries to explain to her that she made it clear to Lucas that she loved Eric, not him, she had to have heard that? Taylor said she had to leave, but she's not going to let her get away with it this time, she's going to tell Eric the truth. Nicole grabs her and tells Taylor that she's not going anywhere. Nicole tells Taylor that she is young and naive and should stay out of her life. Nicole warns Taylor that she will regret it if she makes trouble for her.

Kate calls Titan expecting to get Marie, but she gets Billie. Kate is with Victor and wanted to let Marie know where she is. She then decides to use Billie to get information about Roberto. Billie tells her mom that Roberto went into a coma before he could talk. Kate then gets a scare when Billie tells her mom that Roman believes foul play was involved. Victor comes into the room and asks Kate if she is okay? Kate asks Billie why they believe foul play was involved? Billie says Roberto was stable and only relapsed as he was about to give an official statement. Billie tells her mom that she will talk to her later. Victor asks Kate if she caused Roberto's coma? Kate tells Victor that she had no choice but to silence him. Victor tells Kate that what's done is done and she better hope Roberto doesn't implicate her if he comes to. Kate tells Victor that she longs for the day he comes home to her and Phillip, and she hopes Sami spends her entire life on death row for what she's done to them. Kate then tells Victor about the problems she's having with Lucas, and how she's arranged for his old girlfriend Heather to drop by. Back at Titan, Heather shows up and begins flirting with Lucas.

At the Horton House, Greta tells John that she remembers Stefano promising to take care of her at Maison Blanche, and wonders if she could be his daughter. She then wonders if her mom sent her to the boarding school to keep her away from Stefano? Greta convinces herself that Stefano has to be her father, there is no one else it could be. John chugs down his coffee as he remembers celebrating with Gina. John tells Greta that if Stefano was her father, he would not keep it a secret. However, Greta says that her mom may have kept it from him, just like Celeste did with Lexie. John says that is different, Stefano didn't know Celeste was pregnant, but he knew Gina was. Greta wishes John could only remember his past with her mother, she has a feeling he knew a lot of her secrets. John is hit with another migraine and decides to leave. Greta begins to wonder why her mom would hide the identity of her father? Outside, John can't stop thinking about his romantic evening with Gina in Capri, and is hit with another migraine. He tells himself that he has to know more about his relationship to Gina.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano tells Rolfe that he won't let Bo interfere with his happiness with Gina. Rolfe reminds Stefano that he used to have doubts about her love for him? Stefano says that was a long time ago. They then start arguing about how Hope is not the real Gina. Stefano asks Rolfe if he gets some kind of kick from raining on his parade? Rolfe says he only does his job, which is to protect him. Stefano remembers when he sent John back to the States and Gina demanded to know what he did with John. Fade to a flashback . . . . Stefano says John was needed elsewhere and he'll get her another partner. Gina says she wants to work with John! Stefano says John is just one of his creations, he's not even a real person! Gina then slaps Stefano like no one has ever slapped him before! Gina tells Stefano that John may be one of his trainees, but he has a heart and soul of his own. Gina refuses to believe his devotion and friendship to her and Greta was an act. Stefano apologizes for being harsh. Gina demands Stefano bring John back, but Stefano says she no longer needs him because she has him. Stefano looks at Gina and tells her that he loves her. Stefano comes back into the present and tells Rolfe that he knows Gina wasn't in love with John, but he remembers that is when Gina was hit with her illness. Stefano is positive that Gina never stopped loving him, and now they will can be together again.

At the prison, Austin tells Sami and Eric that Roberto has lapsed back into a coma, and they don't know if he'll come out. Sami realizes that she'll probably never get out of here, she will be executed. Eric is told his time is up, so te say goodbye to Sami. Sami wishes Eric luck with Nicole tonight. Eric leaves and Sami asks Austin if he still has a future with Carrie? Austin says he doesn't know, but he has spoken to her. Austin tells Sami that he will deal with Carrie in his own way and time, he's more concerned about keeping Will from Lucas. Sami doesn't know how they can do that without Carrie. Austin tells Sami that he's confused about Carrie's possible infidelity right now. Austin tells Sami that he believes the judge will see that he's a better parent than Lucas, but he's positive she will be out of jail by then. Sami is not as positive as Austin is, so Austin says a prayer to God for her.

Eric goes to Titan and talks with Billie, who tells Eric that his dad thinks foul play was involved in Roberto's relapse. Eric tells Billie that he doesn't know how he can make it through the rest of his life without his twin. Billie comforts Eric and wishes they could do something other than pray. Eric and Billie talk for awhile, and then Billie walks Eric down to the photo lab. Eric arrives to find Nicole and Taylor bickering. Taylor tells Eric that she won't be attending his dinner tonight. Eric asks her why not?

At Salem Place, "Hope" tries to convince Bo that Celeste saved the photo of herself and Stefano, but Bo doesn't buy it. She then tells Bo that she found it in one of Lily's books. Bo asks if she's telling him the truth? He can't help but wonder if she's having happy memories of time spent with DiMera. "Hope" acts shocked and says she didn't show him the picture because she knew he'd react exactly how he is right now. Bo tells her that she is not responsible for what she did, Stefano brainwashed her. "Hope" asks Bo if he thinks she's one of Stefano's whores? "Hope" refuses to listen to him any more, and walks off. Bo chases after her and apologizes. "Hope" tells Bo that she's so afraid of what her relationship with DiMera was and wants to stop this search for her past. Bo tells "Hope" that he knows she won't be satisfied until she knows the truth about her past. "Hope" says he is the one who won't drop the past, and she can't deal with him choosing Billie. Bo suggest they go back to Mrs. H's and then out to dinner, but "Hope" says that she can't go back to Gran's, she has to work these things out on her own. "Hope" walks off and realizes she has to come up with a way to get Bo off her back. Elsewhere, Billie shows up and starts playing with the compact and mumbling how if Georgia hadn't died, she and Bo would be together. Gina spots Billie and realizes exactly what she needs to do. Gina approaches Billie, who quickly puts the compact behind her back.


April 15
Austin goes to Titan hoping to work things out with Kate and Lucas. When he arrives he sees Lucas making out with Heather. Heather decides to leave and Austin tells Lucas that he is glad to see he has someone in his life. Austin asks where their mom is? Lucas tells him she went to see Vicotr. Austin decides to use this time to talk to Lucas about Will's future, Austin wants to work things out themselves, without court. Lucas tells Austin that he must not be feeling confident if he wants to strike a bargain. Lucas then starts cutting on Austin about Carrie running off with Mike, which is causing problems for the guardianship agreement. Lucas tells Austin that Will is better off with him, he will provide him with a loving father and mother. Austin can't believe that Lucas is going to marry Heather. Lucas says not Heather, someone else. Austin tells Lucas that even if he marries, he still won't get custody of Will. Lucas tells his brother "we'll just see." Lucas tells him that he will get custody of Will, and there won't be a damn thing he or Sami can do about it.

In the photo lab, Eric asks Taylor why she's not coming to dinner? Nicole butts in and tells Eric that Taylor doesn't have anything fancy to wear. Eric tells her that doesn't matter, but Taylor says she won't fit in. Eric tries to change her mind, and succeeds. When Eric says he's looking forward to meeting their mom, Taylor is shocked. Eric asks Nicole if she invited her mom? Nicole says yes, but she hasn't given her an answer yet. Taylor doubts that, so Nicole tells her to go down to wardrobe and pick out something to wear tonight. Taylor leaves and Nicole tells Eric how nervous she is about meeting his parents. Taylor watches them from the door as they talk about being together forever. Taylor sneaks off and calls her mom and learns that Nicole didn't invite her to the dinner tonight. Nicole's mother is very upset, and Taylor vows to expose Nicole for the lying witch she is. Back in the lab, Eric is shooting Nicole, and they soon end up kissing. Eric tells her that after tonight, both their families will know they belong together.

Bo and John are shooting pool at the Cheatin' Heart as they discuss "Hope." Bo tells John about the argument the picture of Hope and Stefano caused between them, and what he saw at Stefano's place. Bo thinks that "Hope" is using his relationship with Billie as an excuse to push him away. John says that from Hope's point of view, maybe she's afraid he will fall in love with someone else again. Bo refuses to believe that, he thinks this has to do with DiMera. John tells Bo that he doesn't think Gina loved DiMera, he thinks she loved him. Bo asks him why he would think that? John tells him about his memory of his time with Gina in the hotel in Capri. Bo, of course, refuses to believe it. He says it's possible that they were just friends. John thinks about the memory, and is hit with another migraine. John decides to leave to get some air. Outside, John begins to be hit with more memories, and more pain. He wonders what is happening to him, and stumbles off.

Gina approaches Billie in Salem Place. Billie thinks she wants to gloat to her about her upcoming wedding to Bo. Gina tells Billie that she is not going to marry Bo. Billie is shocked and then begins talking about how a few months ago she used the death of her baby to make Bo hate her. Gina apologizes to Billie for that and hopes she can find it in her heart to forgive her. That shocks Billie even more. Gina tells Billie that she thought Bo would always love her (Hope), but then he met her (Billie) and fell in love with her. Gina tells Billie that she thinks Bo is still passionately in love with her. Billie is very confused. Gina tells her that she thought she could erase her memory from Bo's heart, but that is impossible. Gina claims she can't commit to Bo because he still loves her. Billie asks Gina why she's telling her this? Gina says she asked, plus she deserves to know. Gina tells Billie that she's glad they are friends again, hugs her, and leaves. Gina remembers making out with John and tells herself that she and John will be together again, no matter what she has to do to make it happen. When Gina turns to walk off, she runs right into John. Meanwhile, Billie finds Bo at the Cheatin' Heart and asks if she can join him.

Ali, Nancy, and Craig arrive in Las Vegas. Craig and Nancy love it, but Ali thinks it's tacky. Mike and Carrie arrive shortly after, and they almost bump into the threesome in the lobby. Mike and Carrie check in, separate rooms of course. When Carrie isn't paying attention, Mike asks the man at the counter for help arranging something special. Meanwhile, Ali tells Craig and Nancy that she's sick of them dragging her all around and giving her no proof of Mike and Carrie's relationship. Craig promises her that she'll get the proof she needs in Vegas. Ali sees a bride and lets out an "Oh Ma Gowd" and says she can't believe anyone would get married in such a tacky place. Nancy informs Ms. Snootybritches that she and Craig were married here, and plan on renewing their wedding vows while they're here. Ali tells them that when she gets married to Mike it will be such a perfect wedding, and she explains it all how she has it planned out.

Mike and Carrie go gambling, and then Mike tells Carrie that he is going to take her mind off her troubles tonight. Mike gives Carrie a peck on the cheek and suggest she go upstairs and get ready. Ali sees this, but says it was just a kiss on the cheek. Carrie goes up to her room and leaves a message on Austin's machine and tells him where he can contact her. She asks him to please call her, they have a lot to talk about. After the call, a dress is delivered to Carrie, it's from Mike. Also accompanying the dress is a necklace and a note from Mike, which invites her to a special evening. In his room, Mike tells himself that he's going to make Carrie happy tonight.

Nancy, Craig, and Ali check into their room. Craig calls the concierge and pretends to be Mike, wanting to confirm his reservation this evening. Craig gets the low down and Ali tells Craig that this is his last chance to prove he's right, otherwise she will let Mike know she is here.

Mike shows up in a tux to pick Carrie up, she is wearing his dress, but requires his assistance putting on the necklace. Carrie tells Mike that she loves the things, but he shouldn't have. Mike tells her that he loves spoiling her. When the phone rings, Carrie jumps to answer it, only to learn that a limo Mike called for has arrived. Mike realizes she was expecting another call. Carrie admits that she called Austin and left him a message. Mike tells her that he hopes to prove to her tonight what kind of life he can give her.

Ali and Craig go downstairs, armed with a camera, and see Mike and Carrie playing the slots again. Carrie wins big time. Craig and Ali find Nancy, and miss Mike and Carrie kissing. WHen Ali sees how decked out Carrie and Mike are, she becomes very upset.


April 16
I never did get to see the show, this is TV Guide's summary. Sorry!
Assuring her that Sami is not to be worried about because she'll be on death row for a long time, Victor asks Kate how Roman would find out that she had tampered with Roberto's medication. A doctor informs Roman based on the lab work, Roberto missed one of his medications though both nurses insist that the drug was ready on the table for at least an hour. Hearing a guard saw an unknown third nurse enter the room, Roman decides to have a chat with Kate. Marlena defends Carrie to an upset Austin who claims that his wife is having affair. Eric waits for Nicole's mother to arrive for dinner. Eric receives a phone call supposedly from Nicole's mother who claims that she can't make the dinner because her back is hurting. Lucas sits at a nearby table with Heather which makes Nicole jealous. With Craig and Nancy watching, Ali dons a disguise as a photo girl and snaps photos of Mike and Carrie dancing at a restaurant. Upset with Carrie for stealing "her man," Ali walks by the couple's table and spits in Carrie's soup. Ali then calls her mother and lies about Mike wanting to marry her and honeymoon in New Orleans. Meanwhile, Mike unknowingly saves Carrie when he asks the waiter for fresh soup because theirs is cold.
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