April 99 Week 1


March 29
Eric is talking with his dad on the phone, ROman is at the hospital waiting for Roberto to wake up. Unfortunately, ROberto is having problems breathing. Austin shows up and explains to Roman that the DA dropped the charges against him. He asks what is going on with Roberto, and Roman tells him it's not looking good. Austin makes a call to Marlena's place to check up on Will. Roberto is stabilized and Austin says that they need a miracle like when Sami got her memory back. The conversation turns to Carrie and Roman tells Austin to find Carrie and tell her that he's ready to move forward with her. Austin says that it isn't that easy. Roman tells Austin that the one regret he has is that he gave up on his marriage to Marlena, and he doesn't want him to go through life feeling that way. Austin tells himself that him being back is the least they have to talk about. Austin realizes that he can't let Carrie go, his marriage is worth fighting for. In Roberto's room, Roman questions a conscious Roberto. ROman tells Roberto that he will protect him, and cut him a deal. Suddenly, Roberto starts coughing and his monitors beep like crazy. Roberto is stabilized again, and Roman makes Roberto a deal. He offers immunity and a life in the witness protection program, if he names Franco's killer. Meanwhile, Austin learns that Carrie left with Mike Horton to go to the convention in LA.

At Titan, Lucas whines to Taylor about how the DA dropped the charges against Austin. Taylor tells Lucas that his lawyers got his charges dropped against him when he took Will. Lucas says he wouldn't had done what he did if Sami hadn't lied. Taylor says nothing good comes from a lie, but Lucas says sometimes you have to lie to protect the ones you love. Taylor tells Lucas that the truth will come out and hurt those you try to protect. Taylor asks Lucas why he lied to her about the photo shoot? Lucas says he didn't lie, but Taylor says she knows he hired her to make Nicole jealous. Taylor says she just looks like every other girl, Nicole is drop-dead gorgeous. Lucas tells Taylor that she is unique, and he has other plans for Nicole. Taylor tells Lucas to wake up, Nicole loves Eric. Lucas tells Taylor that things will change, and he knows she isn't thrilled about their relationship. Taylor says she just doesn't want to see Eric get hurt, and Lucas tells her that he knows how to avoid that. Some men show up and deliver some photos of Taylor and she is shocked by how different she looks. Lucas looks at a picture of Will and says that he won't be the kind of father he had. Taylor mentions that her father was never around much and Lucas says he knows. Taylor asks him how he knows that? Lucas says Nicole talks about him all the time to him. Lucas says he has a meeting to go to, so he has to cut this meeting short. Taylor leaves and Lucas remembers his oh so wonderful nights with Nicole.

BAck at Nicole's place, Eric tells Nicole what has happened regarding Sami. Nicole thought about calling his folks to convey her sympathies, but says she doesn't think his dad would like to hear from her. Eric tells her that his dad has been hurt by dishonesty in the past, but he knows she'd never betray his trust. Nicole says that there is something she needs to tell him. Nicole considers telling Eric about the past, but Lucas' face and voice change her mind. She tells him that she's worried about their careers. Eric says forget Lucas and suggest they teach Lucas a lesson. Eric says that they should start a bidding war with other agencies. Nicole tells Eric that he makes her feel so special, and Nicole tells her that she is special. Eric suggests she rip up her contract right now, but Nicole says she's not so sure about that. Eric eventually changes the topic to their future. Nicole can't believe Eric wants to have a future with her, and they kiss. The phone rings and it's Lucas, he wants to speak to Nicole. Eric hands her the phone and Lucas tells Nicole to meet her at Titan, now. Nicole agrees and Eric tells her she doesn't need Lucas, not to let him intimidate her.

At the DiMera mansion, Vivian is sick of Stefano's games and makes plans to go to the Titan board meeting. Downstairs, John asks "Hope" why she is here with Stefano? "Hope" claims she is here to check on Vivian. John asks her since when did she care about his aunt? "Hope" tells John that she cares about him as a friend and she asks Stefano if anything can be done. Stefano says he doesn't know, but will do everything in his power to find a cure. Stefano leaves to check on Vivian and John demands to know why she is really here? "Hope" says she'll check in with him later and leaves. John follows her and tells her that they need to talk. "Hope" tells John that the real reason she came was to make sure Stefano doesn't learn about Bo and Greta's trip to Europe. "Hope" asks John to call Bo and ask him to come back because she fears Bo and Greta are in danger. They then start talking about how JOhn remembers nothing from the time he was taken from the Alamains until he became a priest. "Hope" asks John how he can be so sure he was a priest? John says he's positive he was a priest, that's one of the few things he's certain about. Gina has a memory of her and Father John pulling off the ultimate con in Capri. John tells her that what they do in there spare time, DiMera must never know. John wrips off his beard and Gina tells him that he has to give Steffie credit for the idea of playing a priest as a cover. John laughs and says that the most interesting aspect, is that he really went through the seminary. John asks Gina if she knows how he feels about her? She says she has first hand knowledge. She makes him promise never to let Stefano know how they feel about one another. John promises her that he'll never leave her. The two then kiss. Gina snaps back to the present to find John rambling about Stefano. Gina tells herself "if only she could get John to remember." John asks "Hope" why she is so upset? She tells him it's not easy to explain, but John tells her to try. "Hope" claims she has to go now and John tells her that if she needs him, she's got a friend. Gina runs off.

Stefano goes to check on Vivian, who puts on a grand show for him. Stefano asks if there is anything he can do and she tells him to take him to the Titan board meeting. Stefano tells her that she's in no condition to travel, but Vivian says that she wants to be seen out as his wife before she dies. Stefano tells Vivian that he wishes they had married years ago. Vivian then asks about the shares, which makes Stefano angry. Stefano says that sometimes he thinks she married him for the stocks. Vivian says his refusal to grant her her dying wish makes her wonder why he married her. Stefano says he loves her, and will grant her anything but the stocks. Vivian begs him to, but he says he cannot. Stefano explains that he doesn't want to upset her, but he doesn't understand why she wants it because Kate would still control the company. Stefano asks what he can do to make it up to her? Vivian says she wants him to help her get dressed for the board meeting. Stefano leaves to get the chair and Vivian pops some of her pills, which are nothing but candy. Vivian is fed up with Stefano and says it's time to play her trump card.

In Capri, Bo is on the phone talking Italian and Greta laughs at his accent. Bo was talking to his friend in Rome, who is going to help them. Inspector Difloria shows up and asks Bo what crime he needs a search order for? Bo says there isn't a crime, so the inspector tells Bo good day and turns to leave. Bo stops him and tells him that this is about Princess Gina, and introduces Greta. The officer remembers Gina because she donated large sums of money at Police Charity Balls. Bo tells him about her death and how they are trying to find out what really happened to Princess GIna. Still, the Inspector says he can't give a warrant without a crime. Bo explains him that a crime was committed, and tells him about Stefano and Hope. The inspector recognizes Stefano's photo, and he recognizes him and knows who he is. The inspector tells Bo that he will call his superiors. Greta then tells Bo that she is afraid of what she might find out, that Father John betrayed his vows with her mother.


March 30
At the DiMera mansion, Stefano demands Rolfe give him the remote! Rolfe says it is to dangerous, but Stefano says he will only use it if he has to at the board meeting today, he cannot allow Vivian to make a scene. Rolfe gives him the remote and Stefano says he'll only use it if Vivian starts obsessing about the stocks. Rolfe then tells Stefano that last night, Vivian and Celeste were giving each other messages of some kind and he should keep his eyes on Celeste.

Upstairs, Vivian is getting ready for the board meeting with Celeste's make-up expertise. Vivian tells Celeste that she is planning the demise of Kate Roberts. Vivian is positive that something is going on between Kate and Stefano, and today she will make Kate the laughing stock of the meeting. Stefano shows up to get Vivian and finds Celeste with her, Celeste claims she was assisting Vivian with her wheel chair. Stefano asks Vivian if she really wants to go to this meeting and Vivian says she is positive.

At Titan, Kate and Lucas are getting ready for the board meeting. Lucas asks Kate if he can use her office to launch his plan to get Will back. When he says it has something to do with Nicole, Kate becomes upset. She tells Lucas that he will not break Nicole and Eric up, and then asks what his plan is. Lucas says he's going to handle this on his own.

Nicole and Eric show up at Titan to see Lucas, Eric wants Nicole to quit. Nicole says she can't quit, she has a contract with Titan and is making good money. Eric tells Nicole that she could model for anyone and she doesn't need Lucas. He tells her that together, they will have a great future. Nicole tells Eric that she'll see him in a little while, and Eric leaves. Kate runs into Nicole and tells her that she hopes she can depend on her to do the right thing. Nicole tells Kate that she won't disappoint her. Kate leaves for the meeting and Lucas invites Nicole into his mom's office to talk. Lucas promises Nicole that nobody will ever see the dirt he has on her, and then he shows her her itinerary for the summer, shoots all over the world. Lucas tells Nicole that he's getting her a meeting with a Hollywood agent, who conveniently shows up to meet Nicole. He already has Nicole's movie and Oscar career already planned out, and compares her to Gweneth Paltro. The agent has to leave and Nicole asks Lucas why he's doing this. Lucas puts his cards on the table and tells Nicole that he loves her.

Kate runs into Eric and she apologizes for the scene Lucas caused the other night. Kate tells Eric that he should make a move on Nicole so he doesn't lose her. She says things must be tough for him right now with Sami, but Eric opens his big mouth and tells Kate that Roman is questioning Roberto right now. Eric leaves and Stefano shows up. Kate is happy to see him alone, but Celeste then wheels Vivian out of the elevator. Vivian feeds her sick routine to Kate, who asks what has happened to her? Vivian says she is very ill and they should just start the meeting. Kate pulls Stefano aside and tells Stefano that she can't let Vivian attend the board meeting. Stefano says that he can control Vivian, and this was her dying wish. Kate asks Stefano if he's sure she's terminal and Stefano says he's almost positive.

On the road, Ali is positive that Carrie and Mike are just friends, they didn't kiss, Carrie wiped ice cream off his nose. Craig says that Mike and Carrie are in love. Ali declares that she's sick of him trashing Mike and demands they stop so she can get out. Nancy tells Ali to get it together! Craig tells Ali that she has to wake up and smell the infidelity here. Ali eventually becomes fed up and decides to jump out of the car, and Craig slams on the breaks.

Carrie is cherishing the bracelet Mike bought her and she then offers to drive some of the way. Mike says he'll pull off at the next truck stop and she can take over, unless she's too busy thinking about Austin. Carrie wonders if she'll ever see him again. Carrie says she can't remain in this limbo, she has to confront Austin about everything, but she can't do that if she doesn't know where he is. She fears that Austin and Sami may never come home. Mike tries to cheer Carrie up with some candy and tells her that as much as he'd like to take this relationship to the next level, he can wait until she makes a decision about what to do about her marriage to Austin. Later, Mike tells Carrie that the first clinic they are going to is one on a Native American reservation, the clinic is understaffed and he wants to see if University can help them. They end up talking about Craig and Nancy and Mike says that Craig has been good to him lately by helping him try and deal with Ali. Carrie tells Mike that the last thing he needs is Ali causing a scandal, but then realizes this trip could be made into a scandal. Mike tells her that won't happen.

Mike and Carrie arrive at the clinic and Mike is given some messages. Carrie asks if she got any messages, but she didn't. Suddenly, a call comes in about a car accident that happened up the road. Up the road, a bus overturned, and Ali blames herself. They arrive at the clinic and Nancy and Craig realize Mike is inside. Ali offers her services as a nurse and is about to take a little boy inside.

At the hospital, Austin asks the nurse if she knows how he can reach Carrie. The nurse gives Austin their itinerary and Austin realizes this is more than a business trip. Austin looks at his wedding ring. Austin tries to make the call, but can't go through with it. Austin tells himself that he thought Carrie would wait for him and understood why he did what he did, but he was wrong, Carrie was lying to him about Mike even then.

Roman goes to see Roberto and offers him an immunity deal. Roberto tells Roman that he will tell him all he knows. Roberto says that Sami was convicted of killing Franco and got the death penalty. ROman becomes upset and asks him about the mob and the hit of Franco, he wants to know all about that. Roman tells him that unless he talks and clears Sami, he will get no police protection. ROman asks ROberto who he is protecting. Meanwhile, Eric shows up to see what his dad has found out. Back inside ROberto's room, Roberto claims he's not protecting anyone, and he's not going to answer his questions. Roman says that it doesn't matter, once he is better, they will press drug dealing charges against him and he will go to jail. Suddenly, Roberto's monitor starts beeping again.

On death row, Sami wants to make a phone call to check on Will, but she's told she only gets one call a week, and today is not the day. Later, Sami gets a visit from Tracey, who tells her about Will. Tracey gives Sami a photo of her, Austin, and Will. Sami says it makes them look like a family and Tracey tells her that one day they will be. Sami thanks Tracey for everything she's done, including saving her life with that 60s peace medal which stopped the bullet. Sami then gets another visitor, a freed Austin. Tracey and Sami are happy to see Austin and hear that he is free. Tracey decides to leave them alone and Sami appreciates everything Tracey has done for her. Tracey tells Sami that she's positive Austin won't let any harm come to her. Tracey tells Sami that she loves her, and then leaves. Austin and Sami talk and Sami is glad that he and Carrie can take care of Will while she's in here. Austin tells her that won't happen, Carrie's gone off with Mike. Austin tells Sami that right now, he doesn't stand a chance of getting custody of Will.


March 31
Sorry this is so late!

At the hospital, Roman wonders who Roberto is protecting. Eric tells his dad that he'll get the truth out of him next time, but Roman fears there may not be a next time. Eric suggests his dad get some air, and Roman decides that is a good idea. Roman and Eric go to the Java Cafe and end up arguing about Nicole. Roman still doesn't believe Eric knows Nicole as well as he thinks he does. Roman fears he is heading into a situation like Sami did, but Eric is positive that he has been a good influence on Nicole and thinks she would even give up her career at Titan for him. Roman tells her that won't happen. Eric tells his dad that he would change his mind if he knew Nicole better and they plan a family dinner tomorrow night so he can introduce Nicole to everyone. Roman decides to get back to the hospital and check on Roberto and Eric decides to show Nicole how serious he is.

In prison, Sami tells Austin that he has to get custody of Will. Austin says that no court will give him custody of Will if they know his wife ran off with another man. Sami notices that Austin took his wedding ring off. Austin says he realizes his marriage is over, it is what Carrie wants. Sami asks Austin if it is what he wants? Austin says what he wants isn't important and right now he has to be strong for her and Will. Sami tells Austin that he gives her strength and wishes they were back at Tracey's. Austin tells her he wishes that to, with all his heart. Austin eventually has to leave, but he says that he won't let Carrie's betrayal ruin his chance of being a father to Will.

At Titan, Nicole is shocked when Lucas tells Nicole that he loves her. He tells her that she can have it all if she just says the word. Nicole tells Lucas that she doesn't love him and she never will. Still, Lucas tells Nicole that he can offer her so much more than Eric, power, fame, the good stuff. Nicole asks him if he really thinks she has what it takes and he says he does. Still, Nicole says she can't help but wonder why he's doing all this. Nicole then realizes that Lucas is blackmailing her, he has her right where he wants her. Lucas tells her that he loves her and wouldn't do that to her. Nicole tells Lucas that she loves Eric and they are planning a future together, but Lucas tells her that she will always live in fear of Eric finding out about her past. Nicole asks him if she's going to tell Eric, and he says no, but they both no Eric would leave her if he knew the truth. Lucas says he loves her in spite of her past, and when Eric eventually learns the truth, he (Lucas) will be the one who will still love her.

The board meeting begins and everyone is shocked when Vivian shows up for the meeting. The board members ask what she is doing here and Stefano explains that Vivian is now his wife. Vivian apologizes for the spectacle she made at the last meeting, and she wants to participate in the process one last time. Kate starts the meeting and Vivian causes trouble when she tells everyone that a personal problem prevented Kate from buying a publishing house, which would have made Titan a huge amount of profit. She then has Celeste pass out a report on the profits Titan would have made. Kate becomes upset and says that her families problems are resolved and business will return to normal. Kate then turns to Countess Williamenia, and Vivian points out that Billie Reed was seen entertaining as an amateur stripper at a local strip club. Kate says she has no knowledge of that. Stefano becomes agitated and contemplates using his remote. Vivian then adds more heat to the fire by saying Billie has also been entertaining the mob. Stefano uses the remote, but doesn't understand why it is not working. Celeste notices that Stefano has the remote and tells Vivian, who pretends to pass out. Stefano tells himself that for a moment he thought . . . Kate asks what is going on with Vivian and Stefano tells them that his wife is very ill. Kate decides to adjourn the meeting and one of the board members comments that Victor would be less than pleased with how this company is being managed. Kate yanks Stefano aside and asks what is going on. Stefano tells her to rely on him, and she says he better not double cross her. Stefano says Vivian does want his shares of Titan, but he has no intention of giving them to her.

Roman goes back to the hospital and finds Kate hanging around Roberto's room. He asks her what her interest in Roberto is?

Stefano is talking with Vivian, he tells her that he doesn't want to lose her. Vivian becomes angry about the stocks and says she knows about his promise to Kate. She tells Stefano that if he doesn't give her the stocks within 24 hours, she will move to Europe with Celeste and Ivan and take all her art treasures.

At the clinic, Mike is getting ready for the patients coming in from the car accident. Outside, Craig tries to convince Ali not to go into the clinic and help, but Ali refuses to put people's lives at stake when she can help. Mike is busy helping patients and Carrie is assisting him. The patient load becomes overwhelming for Mike, but luckily Craig and Ali are prepared to help disguised in surgical uniforms. Mike thinks that Craig is the regular doctor, Dr. Arnold, and doesn't notice him or Ali at first. Later, Mike recognizes Dr Arnold's assistant. Carrie tells him that he can't possibly know the nurse, but he still thinks she is familiar. Meanwhile, Ali starts having more fantasies about working and making out with Mike. She's positive Mike would be happy to see him if she let him know she was here. Ali tells Craig she's going to reveal herself to Mike, but Craig refuses to let her do that and pulls her out of the clinic. Meanwhile, the woman working at the clinic tells Mike that Dr. Arnold has been delayed, so Mike and Carrie wonder who the doctor and nurse who were just here were. Outside, Nancy and Craig lecture Ali, who thinks they ruined her opportunity to get back with Mike. Ali storms off and Nancy tells Craig that she was right, Ali is a lose cannon. She tells Craig that they have to send Ali back to Salem, but Craig is determined to prove Mike and Carrie are an item. Nancy says if Ali walked in on Mike and Carrie naked she would believe it was because their cloths were at the laundry-mat.


April 1
A good portion of the first half of the soap was interrupted due to war coverage

At Titan, Nicole and Lucas are arguing about love. Lucas tells Nicole that love doesn't last, not the love that involves hormones. Nicole asks Lucas what makes him think they'd be any different? Lucas tells her because his love for her isn't superficial. Lucas says they are from the same worlds and tells Nicole if she marries him, he can give her everything she can dream of. Lucas tells Nicole to imagine her life with Eric, and how one day she will wonder "what if I stayed with Lucas?" Lucas tells her that when that day comes, it will be to late. Lucas tells Nicole that she'll regret staying with Eric. Nicole asks if that is all? Lucas says no, there is always the threat that Eric will find out about her past. Nicole then has this vision of a very poor future with Eric thanks to her quitting Titan. Eric tells Nicole that he heard something troubling about her past, he knows what she was and what she did! Eric tells her that he can no longer be with her, and walks out. Nicole becomes scared and Lucas tells her not to sacrifice her life for Eric, marry him. Nicole tells Lucas that she can't marry him, she doesn't love him. Lucas tells Nicole that he needs her help, he can't get custody of Will without a wife. Nicole thinks that is what this is about, but Lucas tells her that he truly does love her. Nicole tells Lucas that she hopes he gets his son back, but she can't marry him. She then walks out on him.

Eric and Taylor are in Salem Place talking, Eric is ring shopping for Nicole. Eric wants to commit to Nicole, but Taylor tells Eric that he can't let him throw away his life, even if he has to tell him the truth. Eric asks what truth? Taylor says that Nicole has known a lot of men . . . but Eric stops her and tells her that what is wrong is that she and Nicole have competed all their lives, but they don't have to. Eric tells her that she is wonderful and has a natural beauty of her own. Eric tells her that he's positive she could be a model if she wanted to, and he's sure that she will find a love so right and pure, just like he and Nicole share. Taylor tells Eric that Nicole is more impressed with money and careers that men like Lucas can give her. Eric tells her she is wrong, and that right now Nicole is saying goodbye to Lucas and Titan. Taylor says she'll believe it when it happens, she'll never leave while Lucas is offering her the moon. Eric says Lucas is a jerk, but Taylor says he is a good guy. Eric tells her that she is the one being deceived and he wishes she would get over this animosity she has towards Nicole. Taylor says it goes both ways and Eric tells her he's working on Nicole as well. He then invites Taylor to his family gathering tomorrow night. Taylor then begins to fantasize about Eric buying her an engagement ring. Taylor points out the perfect ring to Eric, and he says he can definitely see it on Nicole's finger. Eric says he has to go now, but warns Taylor not to trust Lucas. He says he feels a brotherly responsibility towards her, which angers her. She tells him she's not stupid or a little girl, and to stop treating her like one! She then storms off.

At Titan, Stefano tells Vivian that he can't give her the stocks because Kristen's will stipulates that the stocks cannot leave his possession, he cannot violate his daughter's last wishes. Vivian says this is her last wish! Vivian calls to Celeste and tells her to have a moving company pack up the townhouse, they are moving to Europe. Celeste tells Vivian that she will she will take care of it right away. Stefano caves and tells Vivian that if the stocks are so important to her, she can take them. Stefano leaves and calls Rolfe and tells him that he had to agree to give Vivian the stocks. Stefano says that once Vivian is dead, he can get the stocks back and Kate will never know. Still, Stefano feels bad for Vivian. Meanwhile, Vivian and Celeste are celebrating. Stefano returns to see Vivian with his business manager, he has the stock certificates for her to sign. Vivian looks through the documents and asks what one of them is. Stefano says that it just says that upon her death, the stocks revert back to him. Vivian says of course, and signs the documents, and Stefano does as well. Vivian tells Stefano that he really does love her, but silently says she has no intention of dying before he does. Vivian then decides to make a miraculous recovery and stride into Kate's office and take her rightfull place.

At the Penthouse, John is telling Marlena about his encounter with Stefano and Vivian earlier. John says if he wants to find out the truth, he is on his own. John wonders if he stayed with Gina in Capri. Marlena asks if he would be upset if he had? John says he doesn't know, but he's sure he didn't break his vows. Marlena has a way for John to find out the truth, hypnosis. MArlena says they will need some details about the hotel, and John tells her the description Greta gave him. Marlena says that is enough to trigger a memory, so John agrees to give it a try. Marlena puts John under and tells him that he's in the suite at the Riveria Hotel in Capri. John recalls being there and says he sees something. Marlena asks John what he remembers. In John's mind, John is in the suite saying how much he loves Capri.

In Capri, Bo and Greta are spending time together. Bo is telling Greta that she is beautiful inside and out, Greta was obviously upset by something. Bo cheers her up by getting into a water fight with her in a fountain. Bo gives Greta a coin and tells her to make a wish, so she does. Bo asks her what she wished for, but Greta says she can't tell him because it won't come true. Bo then gets a call from the inspector, he has the warrant for them to open the records. Bo and Greta then leave for the hotel.

Gina is flying to Naples and is remembering working on forgeries at the hotel. John shows up and tells her no more work, and they begin kissing. Gina is brought back into the present by the pilot, who says they are descending to Naples. Gina says she has to stop Bo and Greta, and get John back, no matter what the cost. The plane lands and Gina remembers kissing John at the hotel. Gina wonders what Stefano would think if he knew they were in love, but John says that he must never know. John says that nobody here knows him as a priest, he only uses the cover while working. They then continue to kiss. The pilot tells Gina that he was instructed to take her anywhere she needs to go, but Gina says she will be fine on her own and walks off. Gina is happy to be back in the place she was always the happiest, and she recalls more romantic moments with John. Gina then ends up mugging a man so she can steal his boat to get to the isle of Capri.


April 2
Nancy, Craig, and Ali are eating in Craig's car while Craig tries to spy on Mike and Carrie. Ali still refuses to believe that Mike and Carrie are lovers, and he'd never kiss Carrie like he kissed her. Ali says nothing is going on between Carrie and Mike. Nancy tells Ali that there is nothing going on between her ears! Craig and Nancy then start talking about how Mike and Carrie will be enjoying Las Vegas next week. Ali says they aren't upsetting her, Mike would never cheat on her. Craig tells Ali to wake up and sue Mike, but Ali refuses. She says that soon Mike will realize that he loves her. She says when Carrie ditches Mike to return to Austin in Salem, she'll make her move. She then fantasizes about spending time with Mike, who has booked them a honeymoon suite in Vegas.

Mike goes to kiss Carrie, but she pulls away from him. Mike realizes she is thinking about Austin. Carrie wants to call home, but Mike tells her that Austin probably on the run still. Carrie says he is right, Austin has deserted her. Dr. Arnold shows up and thanks Mike and Carrie for their help.

In Salem, Austin is contemplating calling Carrie, but realizes what he has to say to Carrie he has to say in person. Eric finds Austin and tells him that he's glad that he is free. Eric then learns where Will is, and that Carrie has left town with Mike.

At the hospital, Roman and Kate learn that Roberto is unconscious again. Kate says he may never clear Sami at this point, but Roman tells Kate that he already had a very enlightening conversation with Roberto. Kate asks what he learned, and Roman asks why she is so interested? Kate claims she is worried about Sami. Roman tells her that Roberto is scared right now, but will most likely take a deal he has been offered.

At the penthouse, Marlena asks John to tell her about Capri. John sees himself in a hotel suite and there is champagne and candles there. He describes the room and the view of the gulf of Naples. Marlena asks him if he is alone. John says he is alone, he's clean shaven and not dressed as a priest. He pours a glass of champagne, just one. Marlena asks him if he's expecting somebody?

In Capri, Bo shows up with the warrant to search the computers, but the desk clerk says he has to wait till tomorrow because he doesn't have the password. Meanwhile, Gina has shown up and is furious with Bo and says his search is about to come to a screeching halt! Gina realizes she has to change the records, and the manager of the hotel shows up. He still refuses to let them see the records, so Bo goes to get the police. Meanwhile, Gina breaks into the records room and tampers with the computer.

Once again, the soap was interrupted for War Coverage half way through

In Salem Place, Eric asks Austin to come to his get together tomorrow night. Austin says he will come and Eric tells Austin that everything will work out with him and Carrie. Eric hopes his dad will warm up to Nicole. Austin tells Eric that when he and Carrie first started dating, Roman didn't want him anywhere near Carrie. Eric tells Austin that he and Carrie were his inspiration in working things out with Nicole. Eric decides to head to the hospital and Austin wonders if it's not to late for him and Carrie.

At the hospital, Roberto has suffered another crisis, he went into cardiac arrest, but was brought back. Eric shows up and learns the latest about Roberto. Kate is glad Roberto hasn't talked, and says even if he does he can't help Sami. Kate leaves

Craig calls Mike to see how he's doing. Craig pretends that he's still in Salem. Mike asks if anything is happening in Salem he should know about and Craig says no. Craig tells Mike that he'll see him in LA. Craig tells Nancy and Ali that Mike and Carrie have no idea about Sami and Austin. Ali wants to call Mike back, but Nancy tells her no way!

Carrie is disappointed that there is no news on Austin and feels abandoned. Mike and Carrie get into their car and decide to head on out. Mike tells Carrie that she can call Austin once they get to Arizona. He asks her if she and Austin might be able to work things out? Carrie doesn't know, but she says she has to tell him everything. Back in the clinic, Austin calls, but Carrie has left. The doctor tells Austin that Carrie and Mike make a good couple and the people in Salem are lucky to have them at their hospital. A furious Austin crumples up Mike's itinerary.

Greta calls John, who has finished his hypnosis session. He thanks her for the latest news. After their call, Greta wonders if Father John has remembered something. Marlena asks John what Greta said and he tells her that there seems to be no evidence he was in Capri. Marlena thinks that is good news, maybe he wasn't involved with Gina or Stefano, but John doesn't believe so. John knows he was at the hotel, and he wasn't alone.

At the hotel, Bo breaks into the records room and demands that the hotel manager pull up the records. Meanwhile, Gina is teetering on the ledge outside the records room, hiding from Bo.

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