April 98 Week 5


April 27
Austin is once again at the Titan gym and is beating the hell out of a punching bag. Sami shows up and comments that he seems to spend a lot of time at the punching bag. Sami and Austin start talking about Sami's "New Faces" campaign and Austin accuses her of blackmailing Kate into approving her campaign. Sami says that she did what she had to do to make Titan money because her son will run this company one day. Austin tells Sami that he feels that she should work on getting along with Lucas for Will's sake. Sami changes the subject back to boxing, but Austin assures her that he's not going back to boxing. Sami starts rubbing the time Carrie spends with Mike in Austin's face and she tells him how much time Carrie will be spending with Mike trying to do damage control thanks to the article in The Intruder.

At the hospital, Carrie accepts a dinner date for her and Mike with two of the board members. Mike doesn't know if it's such a good idea, but Carrie thinks it is just what he needs. Craig listens to them and realizes that Mike really has a good chance of succeeding. Craig decides that he'll have to work a little harder to make sure that Mike doesn't get the job, even if he has to get dirtier. Craig confronts Mike and congratulates him on his speech and then asks him if he's a little bit concerned about spending so much time with another man's wife, especially since everyone knows it's more than business. Mike tells Craig that Carrie is happily married to Austin and they have been friends since they were kids. Craig apologizes and says that it would be horrible if the board thought there was anything more going on. Craig leaves and Mike knows that Craig can't be trusted.

Carrie goes to the Titan gym and asks Sami where Austin is. Sami points her to Austin, but says that she'll have to spend a lot more time with Mike thanks to the Intruder story. Carrie talks to Austin and tells him that she has to break their evening date because she has to go to dinner with Mike and some of the board members. Later, Sami realizes that Austin isn't very happy that Carrie is going out with Mike. Sami calls someone and tells them that it's time they turn up the heat.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo shows up and sees Billie almost drink a fake Martini. Bo is angry with her and asks her what is going on with her. Billie tells Bo that he and Hope don't give a damn about her, so why doesn't he run along to Hope. Bo tells her that this isn't about Hope, it's about her and the baby. Billie starts crying about how hard it is to not drink when Bo is always off with Hope. Billie says that she is just so afraid about the amnio tomorrow and wanted something to calm her down. Bo promises Billie that he will be there for her, but Billie says she doesn't believe him and she's sick of hearing him say he'll be there. Billie tells him to talk all he wants, but actions speak louder than words. Billie is about to take a drink, but Bo tells her not to. Billie smashes the drink on the floor and Bo hugs her. Bo tells Billie that she and the baby are very important to him. Billie tells Bo that she'd never consciously do anything to harm their baby and she apologizes to him. Bo apologizes to Billie for letting her down. Bo also tells Billie that their baby will have a father. Bo decides to leave because it's late and Billie thanks Hope for the great idea she gave her.

At the townhouse, Stefano asks Bart about the picture of Hope he found on the floor. Bart says he doesn't know how it got there, but he had the alarm set whenever he left the house. Stefano tells Bart to leave and Stefano realizes that Hope and Bo would have taken this if they saw it. Stefano then says that if Hope ever remembered what she did at Gina it could be disastrous. Stefano flashes back to when Hope was Gina and she was putting on some red lipstick.

Celeste shows up at the Horton house and grabs the package she sent to Hope before Hope could open it. Celeste says that sending this to her was a mistake because it can only hurt her. Celeste tells Hope that she lied to her earlier, she was with her the entire time she was at Maison Blanche. Celeste says that Hope had a very painful time and went through many reconstructive surgeries and she just didn't want her to go through that pain again. Hope says that if Celeste is telling the truth then there is no harm at letting her look into the box. Hope snatches the box back from Celeste and begins to open it. Inside is a box that contains some fabric, what appears to be a comb, and a silver compact with a "G" on it. Celeste tells Hope that Stefano made sure that Gina had everything she wanted. Inside the compact is some lipstick, which Hope puts on. Hope thinks about her past and Celeste asks her if she's remembered something. Hope tells Celeste that she hasn't remembered anything because she was at Maison Blanche for the entire for years. Hope also tells Celeste that it may be better that she not remembers the horrible four years of her life. Hope thanks Celeste for her help and Celeste tells her not to mention the box or their talk to Stefano. Celeste leaves and Hope knows that Celeste was lying and that Stefano put her up to it. Hope says that she is more determined than ever to find out what happened to her and to bring down Stefano DiMera. Bo shows up to see Hope later and Hope asks him what is Billie up to now.

Celeste goes to see Stefano and tells him about the lie she told to Hope about her being at Maison Blanche for the entire for years. Stefano thanks her, but Celeste tells Stefano that she hated lying to Hope and she doesn't want anything more to do with this. Stefano says that he may not need her, but if he does he hopes she has the good judgement not to refuse.

Out on the hospital terrace, Roman tells Marlena that he loves her very much and he only wants the best for her. Marlena says she'll always love him too and they hug. John shows up and sees them hugging from inside the hospital. John goes out to the terrace and he tells them that he's sorry to interrupt their conversation and he decides to go in to see Belle. Roman tells John that he needs to stay because they have had a talk about their future. John thinks that he knows what is going on, but Roman says he doesn't. Marlena takes Belle's ice cream into her and Roman tells John that he knows that he (John) belongs with Marlena. John asks Roman if he no longer loves Doc, but Roman says that he'll always love Doc and part of Doc will always love him. However, Roman says that the love Doc has for him (John) isn't the same type of love she has for him (Roman). Roman tells John that he realized that he and Doc had a special bond when he saw them at Belle's bedside. Roman says all he ever wanted was for Doc to be happy and he knows that she will be happy with him (John). John doesn't know what to say and Roman tells him to go be with Doc. John goes back inside to be with Marlena and Belle. Roman watches them from outside Belle's room and he tells Doc to be happy. John tells Marlena that he can't wait to be a family again and he's glad that Roman finally realized that they were meant to be together. Marlena tells John that she never stopped loving him and the two hug.

Roman goes off to a bar to relax. Billie shows up and finds Roman sitting at the bar.


April 28
Today's Summary is from TV Guide, Dustin's VCR didn't record Days!
Sami warns Eric about mixing business with pleasure by dating Nicole. He warns her to stop telling him what to do or face finding a new photographer. When the landlord demands her late rent payment, Nicole keeps him calm by showing him her modeling contract. Sami leaks to Austin that Lucas has been coming home and drinking quite a bit. Out with two of the board members, Mike is embarrassed when a drunk man confronts him and accuses him of killing his wife. Mike takes him aside and reexplains the medical reasons behind her death and impresses the Board members with the way he handled the situation. Austin spots Carrie alone with Mike after the dinner and takes her home. At the bar Roman and Billie talk about their problems and Roman reveals that John and Marlena are back together again. John and Marlena bring Belle home from the hospital. Hope warns Bo that Billie is unable to help herself because she is an addict and thus needs his help during the pregnancy. Bo insists that he will not allow Hope to go after Stefano alone.


April 29
Eric and Nicole are dining ar Chez Vous. Eric has finished telling his life story to Nicole and wants to know about her. Nicole is reluctant to talk about her past. A waiter drops by and Nicole orders a really fancy brand of port, but what she wants isn't in stock. Eric is impressed by her knowledge for someone her age. Eric wonders if she's from a wealthy family and asks her if she was a debutante. Suddenly Nicole hears a song she says she likes and she asks Eric to dance with her. Eric tells Nicole that he hopes they can have more nights like this in the future, and Nicole agrees. Eric realizes that it's getting pretty late and he offers to take her home, but Nicole refuses. Nicole apologizes and says she can get home on her own, so Eric backs off.

Eric is walking home and he catches LeAnne Rimes trying to run off with some muffins she stole.

Nicole returns home and starts dreaming about living in a beautiful penthouse and living a glamorous life. Nicole goes through her mail and rips up one of the letters and says "Never Again!"

Kate meets Franco in Salem Place and she tells him that he has not taken care of Sami. Kate tells him that she's paying him to keep her under control. Kate tells Franco her current problems with Stefano and Franco suggest that she make Franco her ali. Kate returns to the subject of Sami and she tells Franco that she wants Sami out of the picture, or he will find himself out of Salem so fast that he'll never know what hit him. Franco tells himself that he'll never let Kate ruin what he has going, but first he must turn his current situation around.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami call's Franco and leaves a little message on his machine. Lucas overhears and tells Sami that Franco must have dumped her. Lucas starts chugging some beer, so Sami decides to put Will to bed so he wouldn't see him like that. Sami returns and they start arguing about how Sami blackmailed his mom. Lucas tells Sami that he warned her not to blackmail his mom again, so now he's going to sue for sole custody of Will. Sami tells Lucas that he'll never win and Austin won't let him take Will. Lucas tells Sami that no man will ever want part of her life and if she thinks a man does or will care for her, then she is delusional.

Franco stops at the mansion to see Sami. Franco tells Sami that he's hurt that she went against hisd advice to get her campaign started. Sami asks Franco what he's saying and he tells her that their relationship is over. As Franco walks out on a stunned Sami, Lucas watches with a smile from the steps. Lucas comes down to gloat and Sami says if she was a man she'd deck him.

Franco meets up with Kate and tells her that soon, Sami will come back to him groveling on her hands and knees.

John calls Marlena from his hotel room because he misses her. John tells Marlena that he wants to make her an indecent proposal. Marlena tells John that she's interested in his proposal. John tells Marlena that he wondered what they'd be like if they had met in high school, so he's set up a trip down memory lane. John rents a classic car and John and Marlena do a Grease kinda date. John and Marlena go to the movie theater, which John rented out for a private screening. Inside the theater, John has gathered all sorts of 60s memorabilia, as well as a table with dinner and champaign. Later they start watching a movie, I think it might be Grease. I have never seen it, so I don't know (ducking the stones).

Roman and Billie are still in the bar. Roman tells Billie that he know he promised to always protect in her Paris and he will. Billie tells Roman that unlike Bo, he keeps his promises. Roman tells Billie that he owes her for saving him in Paris while they were on an ISA assignment. Roman tries to cheer Billie up, but Billie still can't get past hearing Bo say he wished she wasn't pregnant. Billie cries to Roman about how she feels so alone at a time which is supposed to be the most miraculous time of her life. Roman tells Billie how sorry he is for her and how she shouldn't be going through this. Roman tells Billie not to give up on Bo because he believes that she'll have a future with him. Roman offers to walk Billie home on the condition that they not talk about Bo or Marlena.

Hope tells Bo about the box of "Gina's" possessions and she tells Bo not to try and talk her out of looking into her past. Bo asks Hope if he can look in the box and she lets him. Bo thinks that the items inside are too personal for Stefano to give to her. Hope also wonders why Stefano would give her a compact with a mirror if her face was so disfigured. Bo still doesn't want Hope to search for her past because he fears it is too dangerous. Bo tells Hope that he's afraid if she goes off he'll never see her again. Bo tells Hope that he loves her, but Hope throws his fling with Billie in his face. They both calm down and Bo asks Hope to be careful and call him if she needs him. Hope looks at her compact and wonders what type of a life "Gina" lead.

As Bo is walking home, he runs into Billie and Roman hugging.


April 30
Carrie and Austin go home and Austin has his mind on one thing, but Carrie keeps talking about Mike. Carrie tells Austin about her dinner date with Mike and how some guy showed up to accuse Mike of killing his wife, but Mike turned the situation around and handled himself with grace. Eventually the conversation turns to children and Austin tells Carrie that he can't wait till they have children. Carrie tells Austin that she wants a family, but she thought they were going to wait awhile. Austin says that is true, but he says they can practice. Austin tells Carrie about his little meeting about Sami about Lucas' drinking problem, but Carrie says that Sami is manipulating him. Austin and Carrie go to sleep, but Carrie tells Austin she's tired and doesn't want to make love. Carrie looks over at her night table and sees a picture of Mike. Carrie then asks herself why she can't stop thinking about Mike.

At the hospital, Mike is unable to concentrate. Lexie shows up and talks with Mike, who seems upset. Lexie asks him what is wrong, but she knows it's Carrie. Mike tells Lexie that he just can't get Carrie out of his heart. Nurse Ali informs Mike that some accident victims are coming in and Mike has Craig paged to help because he's the only other surgeon there. Mike and Ali come out of surgery and Ali tells Mike that he is the best man for the chief of staff job. Lexie shows up and sees Mike looking at Ali. Mike says they dated, but she's no Carrie. Meanwhile, Craig questions Ali about her relationship with Mike. Later, Ali throws away a copy of The Intruder. Mike tells Lexie that he fears a bigger scandal could result if anyone found out how he feels about Carrie. Craig starts bragging to Mike, but his talk is cut short when he's called to surgery.

At Salem Place, Eric pays for the muffins that Madison stole. Eric talks to Madison, who is a real smart mouth. Eric asks Madison to sit down and talk, and Eric buys her a glass of milk. Eric asks Madison how old she is and she tells him she's 18, which Eric doesn't believe. Eric offers to give her some money so she can go home, but Madison says that is the last place she wants to go. Eric tells Madison about his sister, but she tells him that she's not his sister and he can't tell her what to do. Madison tries to leave, but Eric stops her. Eric offers her a place to stay at his grandparents so she's not taken advantage of by some creep, or worse. Eric takes Madison to his grandparents house and gives her some towels so she can shower.

Nicole is at home and tells herself to keep her eyes on the prize. Suddenly there is a knock at Nicole's door. Nicole turns off her lights and hopes whoever it is will go away. Eventually it turns up to be a friend of hers who means her no harm. Nicole tells her friend about Eric and her job at Titan. Nicole's friend mentions her past, but Nicole tells her that she doesn't want anyone to know about her past. Nicole's friend leaves and Nicole's phone rings. Nicole waits and eventually it stops ringing. She decides that she has to get out of this place for awhile before she goes crazy. The phone begins to ring again and Nicole answers and tells the other person to leave her alone. She's shocked when she learns that Eric is on the other end. Eric was just checking in on her and Nicole thanks him.

Bo sees Roman hugging Billie and he asks them what is going on. Billie said that she was restless and ran into Roman at a piano bar. Billie tells Bo that she wasn't drinking and Roman says he's glad he ran into Billie because he needed some comforting. Roman then tells Bo that he needs to spend some more time with Billie because she need her more than Hope does. Bo thanks Roman for the advice, but he says this is between himself and Billie. Roman gives Billie a kiss and leaves. Bo tells Billie that he's very worried about her and this baby and Billie tells Bo that she and the baby are fine. Bo takes Billie home and he decides to crash on the couch. Bo asks if he can get her anything and she asks for postashio ice cream. Bo goes out to look for some and Billie says "mission accomplished." Billie tells her baby that she is going to make sure that he or she has the family that she didn't.

John and Marlena are still at the movies enjoying their date. John tells Marlena that he has a prize for her and he leaves to get it. John brings her some popcorn and tells Marlena to look inside. Marlena pulls out a jewelry box only to open it and find a mood ring.

Meanwhile, Roman can't stop thinking about Doc. As he stands outside the theater, John and Marlena come out and they all come face to face. John apologizes for running into him, but Roman says that they will run into each other and he doesn't want any of them to feel uncomfortable. Roman tells them to have a good time, so the leave.

While out getting ice cream for Billie, Bo runs into Roman. Bo tries to dodge Roman, but Roman tells him that they need to talk. Roman starts preaching to Bo about the promises he made to Billie and how he needs to stick to them. Bo asks Roman what is going on between him and Billie and when did he appoint himself as her protector. Roman apologizes for acting so harsh and he says that sometimes you have to put other's feelings before your own. Bo tells Roman that he can't stand there and tell him not to love Hope when he still can't get over Doc.

Bo goes back to the Kirkiais mansion and he talks with Billie. Bo says that he regrets some of the choices he made in the past, but he wants no regrets about his future choices. Billie asks what he is saying and Bo tells her that he will be there for her and the baby 100%.

Marlena and John go to the Java Cafe and talk. Marlena can't help but be worried about Roman's feelings. Later, John tells her that tomorrow night will be a night she'll never forget. He also tells her that the next time they make love will be a time that neither of them will forget.

Roman gets a call from Shane, who offers him an assignment.


May 1
It's now the next day. Eric is talking to Kim about Madison. Madison wakes up and comes into the kitchen and Eric introduces her to Kim (See Kim Brady Donovan in the character guides for info on Kim). As Kim is talking to Madison, Kim is beeped and has to take the call. Eric pours Madison a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, Kim councils someone on the phone. Madison realizes that Kim is a psychologist and she runs off. Eric goes after Madison and says he didn't set her up. However, Eric wants her to talk to Kim. Madison says that Kim will call protective services and have her carted home. Madison tells Eric that he doesn't know what it's like to come from a messed up family. Eric looks and her and chuckles "if you only knew." Eric tells Madison how he ran away from home and only recently came home. Eric and Madison return to the Brady house and Kim tells Madison that she is a counselor. Kim talks with Madison about her lousy life. Madison says that she's been in foster care because her mom is a drug addict and her dad is gone. Madison tells them that a judge has allowed her mom to have custody of her, which she's upset about. Madison starts crying and Kim hugs her. Madison doesn't know what she wants to do. Kim tells Madison about how she was molested by an uncle when she was little and it destroyed her self image, her faith in people, and her hope. Kim says that lead her into prostitution. Kim says that she's telling this to Madison because she wants her to know that whatever her problem is, she didn't do it to herself. Kim goes on and tells Madison that the day she reached out for help she was met with more love and support that she ever could have imagined. Kim says that she believes that this is possible for Madison too. Madison calls home and learns that people have put up poster all over the place to find her and that the pasture of her church has offered to take her into his home. Eric takes Madison to the bus terminal and Madison tells Eric that he'll pay him back the money one day. Before she leaves, Eric gives her some samples from Countess Willamina. Eric also gives her a Bible, in which he marked a special verse. Eric tells Madison that she's not alone and Madison hugs Eric and says she has a true friend in him. Before leaving, Madison has a fantasy about dancing with Eric and then says maybe one day she'll be back.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate wakes Bo up rather rudely. Kate bitches at Bo for the way he's treated Billie. When Kate mentions Hope, Bo tells Kate that he'd like to speak to her about Hope. Meanwhile, Billie shows up and listens to the conversation. Bo asks Kate if she pressured Hope to quit, but Kate says that Hope quit on her own. Kate tells Bo to stop worrying about Hope and focus on Billie. Billie walks into the room and tells her mom that is enough. Kate has to go to work and she tells Billie that everything is going to be fine. Bo leaves to brush his teeth and Billie begins to plot how too keep Hope out of Bo's life now that she's out of Titan.

Roman meets with Sami in Salem Place and he tells her that he's given up on Marlena. Sami is hurt and she tells her dad that she will never understand his decision. Sami says that she hates John and her mom, but Roman tells her not to say that. Sami then cries to daddy about how Franco dumped her. Roman tells Sami that she's better off without him and this must have been meant to be. Roman tells Sami that she will meet the right guy eventually. Sami leaves and Roman gets another call from Shane Donovan (See the character guides for info on Shane). Shane asks him if he's made a decision about the assignment, but Roman says he hasn't made up his mind.

Hope is in Salem Place thinking about Gina. Hope almost falls, but Franco catches her. Franco suggest they go over to Titan to model, but Hope tells Franco that she quit. Franco doesn't understand why and Hope tells him the story. Franco is upset and says that Kate never told him. Hope looks at Franco and asks why Kate would tell him about this. Franco says that he's her partner and that this could effect his career. Hope tells him that her modeling career was just a short time gig and now she has to move on and search for her past.

Stefano gets the fake picture of Kristen and the baby and he believes that he is safe. Stefano then decides to concentrate on his plans for the people of Salem. Vivian and Ivan are out shopping and they run into Stefano. Vivian asks Stefano out for dinner and he accepts. Stefano walks off and Vivian tells Ivan that Stefano is their ticket to the top of Titan.

Kate goes to work and learns that Vivian has rented the entire upstairs floor. Kate walks into her office and sees someone sitting in her chair and tells them "how dare you!" Unfortunately, when the chair turns around it's Stefano. Stefano tells Kate that he's here to protect his interests and he'd like to know the status of the company. Later, Franco confronts Kate about Hope's quitting. Franco is angry with her because now he'll never see Hope again. Kate tells him that now he can start thinking about Sami instead of Hope. Franco yells at Kate now that he's lost Hope he doesn't have to worry about keeping Sami quiet. Sami shows up at Titan just as Franco tells Kate that Sami is the last person he wants to be with right now. Sami runs off and Kate tells Franco that she doesn't think it will be problem to find a top model to replace him. Kate says that now that he won't help her with Sami, she doesn't need him. Kate tells Franco to get out of her office. Franco leaves and then learns that he's being deported! When Franco looks at Sami he thinks he found a way to stay in the country.

Upstairs, Vivian talks with a woman about remodeling her office, but it will cost her 40,000$. Vivian decides to sell something from Jonsey's house.

Hope runs into Stefano in Salem Place and Stefano thinks he has Hope under control. Later, Stefano runs into Roman. Roman sees Stefano with some Titan files and Stefano tells Roman that he owns 49% of Titan. Even later, Stefano sees the statue from Jonsey's in a store windows and thinks that Jonsey sold it.

Meanwhile, Hope calls the doctor in New Orleans who reconstructed her face. The doctor tells Hope that he just discovered something that he really needs to discuss with her. Hope tells the doctor that she'll be in New Orleans ASAP.

Billie and Bo go to the hospital for Billie's amnio. Billie panics and starts crying about how she can't do this and then she starts yelling at Bo about where his heart and mind is. Bo says he's doing the best he can, but Billie says that she needs him here with her. Bo tells her that he is her for her. Billie tells Bo that she thinks he's just pretending, but Bo tells her that he does care about her and their baby. Dr. Bader tells them that she's ready and they go in to see her. The amnio is completed and Dr. Bader says she'll have the test rushed so they can get the results ASAP. Billie rests after the test and Bo runs out to do something. Dr. Bader tells Bo that he managed to get the room booked for her to rest in.

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