April 98 Week 4


April 20
At Salem Place, Eric asks Nicole if she quit because of Sami's promise. Nicole asks Eric if he thinks the campaign won't work and Eric tells her that Sami tends to be overconfident. Eric and Nicole go to the park and talk. Nicole tells Eric that as a little girl she swore to make it as a model and she realizes now that she has a good shot at a modeling career now.

At Java Cafe, Vivian asks Sami to tell her the goods she has on Kate. Kate has shown up and sees them together and she realizes that she has to do something. Sami tells Vivian that she won't tell her anything until her "New Faces" campaign has been approved by Kate. Kate makes herself known to both of them and she claims she wants to give Nicole an exclusive modeling contract. Kate tells them that she knows exactly what they are planning. Vivian informs Kate that she only wants to use Sami's campaign to make her a ton of money and squash Titan. Vivian says she knows everything, but Kate knows she is bluffing. Vivian tells Kate that she and Sami have business, so they get up to leave. Kate tells them to wait and she tells Sami that she will approve her project. Sami says that she will accept Kate's offer, but only if she gets to hire the models and Eric is hired as the photographer. Kate reluctantly agrees and leaves. Vivian asks Sami to divulge her secrets, but Sami tells her no way. Sami says that she will feed her bits of information about what happens at Titan, but she'll keep the juicy parts in case she needs her help again. Sami leaves and Vivian vows to uncover the truth.

Sami goes to the park and tells Nicole and Eric that they are both hired. Nicole thanks Sami and Eric both. Sami says she can't wait to give Franco the good news.

Franco shows up at Titan and talks to Billie, who is down because of Bo. Billie tells Franco about how Bo wants to help Hope learn the secrets of her past. Bille says that she thinks this is just a ploy by Hope to get Bo back. Franco asks Billie how far she'd go to keep Hope away from Bo. Billie doesn't understand how she can get Hope away from Bo, so Franco suggests that she send Hope away on a modeling job. Billie asks Franco if he wants to go with her, but Franco says that Hope made it clear they can only be friends, so he's moved on. Billie asks Franco if he really likes Sami and he says that he did at first, but she isn't taking his advice lately. After he leaves, Franco says he knows just how to get Sami under his influence.

At the Horton House, Hope doesn't understand why she keeps remembering a specific Waltz. Bo shows up and asks if she talked to Celeste. Hope says she did, but Celeste claims that she doesn't know anything. Bo doesn't know if Celeste is being honest, but Hope tells Bo that Celeste never knew what she looked like because she left Salem when she (Hope) was just a baby. They continue talking about Celeste and Stefano and Hope tells Bo about the waltz she keeps hearing. Bo wants to help Hope find out the truth, but she wants to do it on her own. Hope says that she should go to Titan to find out her work schedule and Bo tells Hope he's going to wait for Shawn D. to get home so he can spend some time with him. After Hope leaves, a messenger drops of a package for her.

Hope goes to Titan and catches Billie about to take a drink.

Stefano goes to Jonsey's townhouse and is staring at the photograph that Edmund dropped at the Blake House. Stefano knows that Edmund killed Susan and he fears that he could kill the real Kristen this time if anything goes wrong. Stefano tries to call Kristen, but her phone is busy. Stefano looks in a locked closet in the basement and says that Hope must never find out what is here because it will tell her everything that happened during her missing years. Stefano plays the waltz that Hope keeps remembering and he says what Hope did as Gina will be hidden from her forever.

At the Bermuda airport, Susan is using Kristen's phone. Meanwhile, Kristen warns Edmund that Stefano knows she is alive and he is expecting to hear from her. Edmund tell Kristen that she'll never hear from Stefano again. Kristen asks Edmund what he's going to do and Edmund says that she's the only one who knows the truth, what does she think he's going to do? Edmund tells Kristen that he doesn't see why he shouldn't kill the real Kristen right here, right now. Kristen starts her sob story about how she had that type of love Edmund has for Susan with John. Edmund cocks the gun and Susan tells Kristen that her future has been arranged. Susan tells Edmund to please tie up Kristen and not to wrinkle her pretty sweater.

Susan, Edmund, and Kristen board John's jet. Kristen has been tied up and is ranting about how Stefano will find her. Edmund wants to return to Salem and turn himself in, but Susan tells him that he can't do that. Susan tells Edmund that if he turns himself in for the murder, he will leave her and little Elvis unprotected from Stefano. Susan tells Edmund that she forgives him and asks him to please stay with her. Suddenly, Kristen gets free and makes her way to her cell phone, which is ringing. Stefano is on the other end and he tells her that he's been trying to reach her. Edmund grabs Kristen and Susan pretends to be Kristen. Susan tells Stefano that she got away from Edmund. Stefano is relieved because he now knows that Edmund killed "Susan." Susan tells Stefano that he can't ever tell the police that Edmund was the murderer. Stefano tells her that he has no intention of doing that because it would make things more complicated. Susan asks who they think killed "Kristen" and he tells her that they think she killed herself. Susan tells Stefano that she and Elvis are safe and will be okay. Susan hangs up and she tells Kristen that she fooled Mr. Stefano DiMera. Susan asks Edmund to watch Kristen and again and she leaves. Kristen tells Edmund that Stefano will come after them, but Edmund says that if he has to, he'll kill again to protect Susan and her baby. Rick, the "Supreme Leader's" head guard, shows up to take Kristen back to the compound. Rick carries her off as she begs Susan to help her. Edmund tells Susan that he won't go back to Salem. Edmund is curious as to why Stefano has such an interest in little Elvis. Susan asks Edmund to sit down and he tells her that Stefano is Elvis' father.

The "Supreme Leader's" head guard tells Kristen that bringing her to the compound is the only way to redeem himself with his leader and save himself from execution. Kristen says that she will have the last laugh because she's taken care of the person who caused all these problems to begin with.

Back at his place, Stefano says he needs to find the perfect partner to help him achieve his goal. Kate is sitting in Salem Place sulking when Stefano arrives and tells her that she looks like she could use a friend.


Kinda brief today
Stefano spots Kate in Salem Place and starts talking to her. Stefano gets a phone call from a banker. Kate realizes that Stefano has inherited Kristen's 49% share of Titan. Kate offers to buy the shares back from him. Stefano asks her if she objects to having him as a partner. Kate says that wanted to distribute the shares to her children. Stefano says it will take some time for him to gain Kristen's shares, but afterwards he will have to make a decision and he tells Kate they'll be in touch. Kate walks off and Stefano remembers dining somewhere in the late 70s. Kate walks into the establishment in a sleek black dress and long blonde hair. Stefano just smiles.

Vivian and Ivan are in Salem Place and Vivian plans to find out Kate's secrets on her own. Vivian meets with a banker to sign the deed on an office where she will start her own company. In order to get the money, Vivian plans to pawn a diamond and ruby necklace she found and Jonsey's place. Stefano shows up and starts talking to Vivian when he notices the necklace. Stefano asks Vivian where she got it.

Hope walks into Billie's office and stops her from taking a drink. Billie says that she wasn't really thinking about the baby. Hope tells Billie that she has to start thinking about herself and start thinking about the baby. Hope tells Billie that despite what she thinks, she does care about her and the baby. Billie claims that she is just playing Bo. Hope says that Billie will have to face the fact that Bo and her have a son, which will bond them forever. Hope also says that Bo will always have a connection with her (Hope) as well, so Billie just needs to stop crying and face it. Billie gets angry and throws her drink in Hope's face. Kate walks in and asks what is going on. Hope says that she's had enough of both of them, so she quits and walks out. Billie tells her mom that Hope doesn't know it, but she just gave her the perfect way to keep Bo by her side 24 hours a day.

At Jack and Jen's house, Jen is talking to Jack about how unhappy her mom is going to be in a sanitarium. Jen also admits that she's afraid that the stress will make her catatonic again. Mickey stops by to see Jen and Jack about Laura, Mickey tells them that he's going to get Marlena to help get Laura into a nice facility. Upstairs, Laura says that she can't go back to an institution like Pinehaven. Laura takes a nap, but has a nightmare. Laura dreams about being locked in a strait jacket while Kate and Stefano laugh at her. Laura wakes up screaming and Jen, Jack, and Mickey come to comfort her.

At Marlena's place, John and Marlena are talking about Susan and Kristen. Chelsea brings Brady and Belle home and the children go upstairs to change. They both come down with a card and candy that is from Marlena. The candy is from "Susan" and it was a goodbye gift. Later, Marlena was planning to share the candy with John, but John has to take Brady to soccer practice. The two talk briefly about their future and Marlena tells John that she is going to make her choice very soon because she, John, and Roman can't go on living like this.

On John's jet, Susan tells Edmund that Stefano is her baby's father. Susan explains to him how she was artificially "incinerated." Edmund surprises Susan with a quick wedding before they land.

The supreme leader's head guard ties Kristen up on a cargo plane. Kristen tries to make a deal with him, but he tells Kristen to accept her fate. Kristen manages to break free and attempts to jump out of the plane with a parachute, but the guard stops her. Later, Kristen relishes over the fact that she left some chocolate tainted with penicillin for Marlena, which will kill her.


April 22
At Salem Place, Stefano asks Vivian where she got the necklace she's holding. Vivian says it was a gift from her dearly departed husband. Stefano looks at it and says that it looks like a necklace he once owned. Vivian says that it was a gift from her late husband, so it can't be his. Stefano tells Vivian that her late husband had great taste in jewelry and women. Vivian and Stefano both say they had great times together in the past and both tell the other how sorry they are for the other's loss. Stefano asks what her plans are for the future and Vivian says she's going to throw herself back into society and settle the score with old enemies. Vivian then asks Stefano why he rescued Laura? Ivan also wants to know the answer to that question. Stefano said that he just couldn't let an innocent woman go to prison. Vivian and Stefano take a walk and Vivian tells Stefano how she plans to start her own company and take over Titan. Stefano tells Vivian that she overlooked something, he now own 49% of Titan industries. Vivian tells Stefano that he should be worried about Kate because she will do anything to get those shares away from him. Vivian invites Stefano back to her place some time to discuss Kate. Stefano says that he'd love to because he's dying to see where she is staying. Vivian tells Stefano that she'll be in touch. Vivian and Ivan walk off and Ivan can't believe that his madame is thinking of taking Stefano to bed so soon after her dear departed Jonsey. Meanwhile, Stefano realizes that pitting Kate against Vivian is an intriguing idea.

Eric meets up with Roman at the Java Cafe and Eric tells his dad that he got a job working as a photographer at Titan. As they talk, both Eric and Roman realize that Kate and Sami don't seem to get along well. Roman congratulates Eric and tells her that perhaps he'll find a girlfriend soon. Eric confesses to his dad that he has an eye for the model he took pictures of, Nicole. Eric then convinces his dad to make some time to go out with Marlena. Roman tells Eric that Marlena will be making her choice soon, but he feels like he is coming in second place. Eric boosts his dad's confidence and Roman decides to go over to Marlena's place to see her.

Nicole buys a copy of Bella and goes shopping at a Berringers. Nicole starts daydreaming about trying on a lot of outfits. She's snapped out of it by a woman working there. The woman asks Nicole if she needs any help. Nicole picks out a dress for her date with Eric tonight and says she'd like to buy it. The woman asks Nicole if she'd like to open an account with them, but Nicole has no credit cards or proof of income as proof of her wealth. Nicole says she's working at Titan, but the woman says she'll have to return when she gets her first paycheck. Nicole has to settle for a marked down dress. As Nicole is leaving, Eric shows up to buy a shirt for tonight. Eric manages to convince Nicole to help him pick out a shirt.

At Marlena's place, Marlena is about to eat the poisoned chocolate when Jen calls. John takes the phone and learns that Laura is missing, so John and Marlena take off to look for Laura. After they leave, Belle comes out and eats the chocolate and collapses.

Marlena and John are walking around Salem Place looking for Laura. Meanwhile, Roman goes over to Marlena's penthouse. Nobody answers the door, so Roman decides to go in and wait for her. Roman sees Belle lying unconscious on the floor. Roman screams for Marlena, but Chelsea shows up. Roman realizes that Belle must have taken some of Brady's penicillin. Belle stops breathing and Roman gives her a shot of epi-pen, some type of drug to counteract the allergic reaction. Roman rushes Belle to the hospital and Chelsea calls Marlena and tells her what has happened.

Laura goes to Celeste's apartment and asks Celeste to help her. Laura tells Celeste that if she has to go back to a sanitarium then she will die. Laura cries and begs Celeste for help. Celeste makes Laura some tea and Laura tells Celeste about the horrors of being locked up in a sanitarium. Celeste can't help but wonder if Laura is a little bit crazy. However, Celeste tells Laura that she may be able to help her. Celeste takes Laura to Sister Mary's convent, where Laura can stay and try and bring peace back to her life.

At the hospital, Carrie shows Mike a letter in which the hospital fired Laura. Mike decides that it is best that he drop out of the Chief of Staff campaign. Carrie starts telling Mike how he can't drop out. Craig overhears this and tells himself that he'll have to find away to get Mike to drop out on his own. Craig approaches Mike and starts throwing the scandal with Laura in Mike's face. Later, Craig talks to Carrie alone and throws Mike troubles in her face. Carrie tells Craig that no matter what he does, Mike has the support of the entire hospital behind him. Carrie walks off and Craig says that he has a plan to destroy Mike's chances. Craig meets with a man from the Intruder and he gives him some pictures of Laura Horton. Meanwhile, Carrie goes to meet with Mrs. Winston while Alice meets with Mr. Lewis. Carrie starts praising Mike to Mrs. Winston.

Roman shows up at the hospital with Belle and tells Mike what happened. Marlena shows up and Mike tells Marlena that Belle is in critical condition, but Roman reacted just in time and did everything that needed to have been done.

Kristen arrives at the palace and gets a little note from Susan telling her to enjoy her new home. Kristen says that she'll be out of here in no time. Kristen also wishes she was there to see Marlena eat the poisoned chocolate. Kristen thinks that the police will suspect Susan and Edmund tried to kill Marlena and when they are sent to jail, she will return to raise John Jr. with John. Kristen then fantasizes about returning to Salem to be there for John when his Doc is dead.


April 23
At the hospital, Carrie and Alice compare notes about their meetings. Both of them are pleased that the people they spoke with were very pleased with the way Mike handled himself in the line of fire. Craig shows up and starts slinging dirt about Mike and he tells them both that it's not over yet. Carrie tells Alice that she wants Mike to win because he's the best person and she wants to take the smile off Craig's face. Carrie then shows Alice all the stuff she's gathered to promote Mike and she's sending each of the board members a copy of this press kit. Meanwhile, a woman delivers a copy of the Intruder to Craig. Craig looks at it and it has a picture of Laura and Mike and a headline that reads "Is it in the genes?" Craig leaves a copy of it at the nurses' station and walks off. Later, Carrie finds the nurses reading it and freaks out. Meanwhile, Craig watches as two of the Hospital Board members approach Mike about the story.

At the hospital, Marlena thanks Roman for saving Belle. Marlena also feels guilty about letting Belle get into Brady's pills. Marlena tells Roman that one day she'll be able to tell him what is in her heart for him. Mike shows up and tells them that Belle is stable. Marlena realizes that she forgot to tell John, so she runs off to call him. Suddenly, a really loud alarm in Belle's room goes off. Mike and the others work on Belle and Roman tells Marlena that they should pray for Belle.

Stefano is in Salem Place and is thinking about his son, who will carry on the DiMera name. Stefano also thinks that Susan is in the grave and he thanks God that Kristen is safe from Edmund. Stefano sees a travel agency and he thinks that they will have the listing of ships and which one Kristen is on. Stefano figures he can call that ship, so he goes into the travel agency.

Edmund, Elvis, and Susan return to the pub in England and surprise Violet. Violet takes the baby upstairs and Susan tells Edmund that they have to convince Stefano that "Kristen" is safe. Violet returns and Edmund recites a poem by Ben Johnson to Susan. Edmund asks Violet to watch Elvis for a few minutes.

Susan calls Stefano as Kristen and she tells him that everything is fine and she and the baby are safe. Stefano asks for the name of the ship and Edmund and Susan rattle some papers in order to simulate static and then Susan hangs up. Later, Edmund recreates the beach in the pub and Susan puts in her Kristen teeth. Kristen poses with little Elvis and Edmund takes some pictures of them to send Stefano.

John is still searching Salem Place for Laura, who is at the Convent. Laura thanks Celeste for bringing her to the convent, but Celeste tells her that she will have to go to the mental health facility. Laura says that she can't go back and begs Celeste not to turn her in. Sister Mary shows up and asks what they mean about not turning in. Laura tells Sister Mary that she was just telling Celeste that she wanted to turn in early. Sister Mary goes to leave when John shows up and finds Laura. Laura tells John and Sister Mary that she came her to make her peace with God before going to the nuthouse. A bell rings and Sister Mary leaves to go to Vespers and she says that she'll say a prayer for her. John knows what Laura is up to, but Laura says that she is not going back to living in a padded cell. Stefano shows up to see Mary Moira and Laura and him get into a little war of words. John decides to take Laura home and John calls Marlena. Roman answers and he tells John about Belle. John asks Sister Mary Moira to please see to it that Laura gets home because he must go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Mike tells Marlena that Belle is going to be fine. John shows up and Marlena hugs him as Roman watches. John thanks Roman for saving Belle. John and Marlena go in to see Belle and Roman says "It's time Doc."

Back at the Convent, Stefano finds Celeste and he tells her that he has a favor for her to do for him.

Kristen is dreaming about Marlena's death and how she has John all to herself. Rick wakes Kristen up and orders her to put on a costume to dance in tonight. Kristen vows to get her revenge on Susan. Kristen continues to daydream about making whoopee with John in front of Marlena's casket. Marlena pops up and asks John how he could betray their love so soon after she died. John tells Marlena that she brain-washed him into thinking he loved her and John closes Marlena back up in her casket. Rick returns and takes Kristen out to the Supreme Leader's chamber. The leader tells Kristen to dance, so she does. Kristen make-believes that she's dancing for John and she gets caught up in her fantasy. When she asks John to kiss her, the Leader says he'll be her John and tries to kiss Kristen.


April 24
Bo makes Shawn D. dinner, which is awful. Shawn D. asks Bo if he and his mom will get back together, but Bo doesn't know. The start a little food fight and Bo accidentally hits Hope when she comes in. Hope then throws food back and they start horsing around. Shawn D. goes to bed and Hope tells Bo about Billie and her mom and how they have been manipulating them for months. Hope also tells Bo about seeing Billie with a drink in her hand. Bo becomes upset and Hope tells him that he should go to Billie and make sure the baby is safe. Bo leaves, but he tells her that his heart is with her. Hope then finds the package that was delivered to the house and was addressed to her.

At the convent, Stefano tells Celeste that he has a mission for her. Celeste tells him that she will not be threatened or intimidated in the house of God. Stefano says that he didn't have threats in mind, but she knows what he is capable of. Celeste says that she's grateful to him for saving her, but Kristen is responsible for what happened. Stefano tells Celeste that him, her, and Lexie are a family. Celeste tells Stefano to leave Lexie out of this, but Stefano says he can't and he recounts the tale about how Lexie saved him. Celeste says she is moved, but she is not going back to who she was. Stefano tells Celeste that all he wants is to keep Hope quiet. Stefano tells Celeste that Hope went through many painful surgeries and it would be best that she not remember those years. Celeste doesn't believe Stefano and asks if there is another reason why he doesn't want Hope to know what happened. Stefano says that he doesn't, he just doesn't want Maison Blanche to come back into things again. Stefano returns to Jonsey's place and finds the Russian picture of Hope on the floor and he realizes that Hope has been snooping. However, Stefano realizes that Hope must not have found the picture, because she would have taken it.

Celeste goes over to the Horton house to see Hope and stops her from opening the package that was addressed to her.

At the island compound, Kristen breaks away from the leader and she warns him that her father is Stefano DiMera and he will take care of him eventually. The leader tells Kristen that he's not afraid of threats because she's not going anywhere. Kristen tells him that he should be afraid because Stefano will save her and she will expose his sick little parties. The supreme leader orders Kristen to be thrown in the dungeon.

In England, Susan and Edmund are drinking some warm beer. Susan can't help but feel that Kristen may have done something to Dr. Marlena Evans before she left. Susan calls John and she asks if Dr. Marlena Evans is okay. John tells her that Marlena is okay, but Belle got sick after eating some of Brady's penicillin pills. Susan is happy to learn that they, including Belle, are all doing well and that John thinks he and Doc will be together. Afterwards, Susan says that now that she took care of that she has one more thing to do. Susan makes another phone call and she laughs as she tells it to Edmund. Back on the island prison, a man tells Kristen that Susan called to give her a message. The man says that Marlena is fine and is very happy with John. The man locks Kristen back up in the dungeon and Kristen starts screaming. Kristen realizes that she's lost her freedom and John and that Marlena has won. Kristen screams some more.

At the hospital, Marlena and John are in Belle's room. As Roman watches them from outside he asks God to see Belle through this crises and he also promises to break this deadlock between him, John, and Marlena. Roman says that he knows what he has to do. Billie shows up behind him and asks him what it is he has to do. Billie suddenly sees Belle and Roman tells her what happened. Billie asks why he's hanging out here and Roman says that John and Marlena are Belle's parents. Roman admits that he still loves Belle and Billie says that the pain in his voice when speaking about Belle is the same as it was when they were in Paris. Roman tells her that Belle represents everything he lost. Billie starts singing her own woes about how Bo doesn't even want her child. Back in Belle's room, Belle wakes up and John goes to get Mike. Billie tells Roman that he should go in and be with Marlena. Roman thanks her for her support and he tells her that he should go to see Bo.

Mike has been confronted by the board members about the bad publicity he is getting, which is going to hurt his chances of Chief of Staff as well as the hospital and its staff. John shows up and takes Mike away and Carrie decides to speak to the board members. Carrie tells them that Mike should be judged on his character, not based on the this rag.

Mike tells Johna and Marlena that Belle will be ok. John leaves to get Belle some ice cream and John thanks Roman for saving Belle's life. Roman goes into Belle's room and he tells Marlena that they need to settle things between himself, John, and her. Roman asks Marlena to come with him to a private place so they can talk. Marlena and Roman go outside to a terrace and Roman tells her how much he loves her. As he speaks to her, Roman holds and engagement ring behind his back. Roman tells Marlena that even though she is the love of his life, she found a deeper love with John. Roman tells Marlena that he won't play on her feelings of loyalty any longer because he can't stand to see her torn apart, and then he lets her go. Roman tells Marlena that the best thing he can do is let her be happy with John, Belle, and Brady. Roman wishes her and John all the joy this world has to offer them. A moved Marlena hugs Roman as John shows up and sees them.

Mike returns and hears Carrie speaking about him to the board members. Mike thanks her and he tells the board members that he was considering dropping out of the race, but now he knows that is a bad idea. Mike tells them that he became a doctor to help people and he wants to make his grandfather proud. He also points out that Tom never let any scandal, including Laura's first commitment, to hurt the hospital. Mike also points out to one of the members of that his mother spent the last six of her life in a facility for alzhimers (spelled it wrong) disease and he didn't let it hurt his performance. Mike tells them that he doesn't know what low-life came up with this story, but he loves his mother and he is staying in this race. Both of the board members realize how right Mike is and he asks Carrie and Mike to please dine with them tonight.

Billie goes back to the Kiriakis Mansion and tries to find Bo and she realizes that he's with Hope. Billie tells herself that it's time she took control of the situation. Billie then makes a martini, but out of water. Billie starts to drink it when Bo shows up.

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