April 98 Week 3


April 13
At Jen and Jack's place, the newspapers keep calling to get statements from the Hortons. Carrie shows up to give Mike her support. Mike and Jen get into an argument when Mike tells everyone that Mickey wants Laura to plead guilty by reason of insanity. Jen asks Mike if he really believes their mom is crazy. Mike doesn't want to believe it, but it could be their mom's only chance of avoiding a life sentence. Carrie tells Mike that she wishes there was something she could do for him. Mike hugs her and says he just needs a friend. Hope talks to Mickey and she tells them that a plea bargain based on temporary insanity is going to be offered for Laura. Hope decides to get going home and Carrie goes home as well, but she tells Mike that she will be back in the morning.

Susan is still being held captive and fears that something terrible must have happened to Penelope. Susan has another flashback about being aboard the plane with Penelope. Penelope is chugging down alcohol because she is afraid of flying over water because she can't swim. Susan is snapped back to reality when a guard comes in and tells Susan that the supreme leader wants to spend the night with her tonight to show his thanks. The supreme leader comes to see Susan and he gives her a box full of diamonds. He asks Susan if there is anything else he can do for her and Susan begs to be let go. The leader tells her no and then orders her to dance. Susan starts dancing and continues to serve the leader booze in hope of getting him drunk. The leader tells Susan to stop dancing and then asks her to feed him. After he's done eating dinner, he decides to have Susan for dessert. Susan knocks the leader out with a candle stick.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano and Celeste wonder who could have killed Kristen if it wasn't Laura or Celeste. Stefano says that someone else must have been at the house that night. Later, Celeste thanks Stefano for finding and saving her. Stefano tells Celeste that he cares for her very deeply. Celeste thanks him, but she knows that one day he will come to her and ask her to repay this debt.

Edmund is in his room at the Salem Inn thinking about all the wonderful times he has spent with Susan. Edmund wonders what happened to the Susan he fell in love with, the current Susan is so different. Edmund says that he must get Susan away from Salem because it has been a tragedy for both of them.

At Marlena's Penthouse, "Susan" dropped her glass when Marlena said she was going to have Kristen's body exhumed. Violet shows up with some medicine for little Elvis. "Susan" starts questioning Marlena about how digging up Kristen will help. Marlena tells "Susan" that if they can prove that the Placiden in Kristen's body was there before the night she died, then Laura didn't drug her that night. Marlena goes upstairs to say good-night to Belle and "Susan" manages to shove Violet out the door. Now that she has the medicine for Elvis, Kristen thinks she can finally get out of Salem. Marlena returns and she tells "Susan" that perhaps she'll call Abe to see about getting Kristen's body exhumed. "Susan" tells her no, all hell will break loose if she does that. Marlena says that she must do this to help her friend. Marlena eventually goes to bed and Kristen thinks that this is her chance to get out of Salem with the baby.

Violet goes back to the Salem Inn and Violet asks Edmund what is wrong. Edmund says that he doesn't believe "Susan" loves him and would have left Salem without him if Elvis wasn't ill. Violet tells Edmund that is nonsense and he should go to " Susan" tomorrow morning and tell her how he's feeling, which Edmund agrees to do.

It is suddenly the next day.

Stefano is home and is reading about Laura's arrest in the paper. Stefano tells Bart that he doesn't know if Laura did it, but he couldn't be happier. Kristen calls Stefano and asks him to meet her at John's plane, it is about Marlena.

Bart checks on Celeste, who is now wearing a Little-Orphan-Annie-like wig. Celeste picks up the newspaper and sees that Laura has been arrested and she realizes that she has to help Laura.

At Jack and Jen's place, Carrie tells Mike that she thinks she knows a way to handle the press outside the house. Carrie goes outside and Mike turns on the TV to watch Carrie. Carrie tells the press that she is going to be the spokesperson for the family. Carrie tells the press that the Hortons, Bradys, and prominent citizens believe in Laura's innocence. Carrie tries to walk away, but a woman asks Carrie how Laura's arrest will affect Mike's bid for Chief or Staff.

At the Salem Inn in Edmund's room, Violet is trying to get Edmund to eat. Edmund can't eat because he fears that "Susan" may no longer love him. Edmund says if "Susan" doesn't love him then it has something to do with Stefano. Edmund calls Marlena's place and learns that "Susan" left a note that she has left to go on her honeymoon with Edmund. Violet tells Edmund that he must go find out what is going on.

On John's jet, Kristen tells Stefano that Marlena is planning to exhume "Susan's" body. Meanwhile, Edmund is in a taxi rushing to the airfield. Back on the jet, "Susan" tells the pilot that Edmund will meet them at their destination and she tells him to take off. Kristen says goodbye to Stefano and Stefano tells Kristen that he loves her. As they hug, Edmund shows up and sees them.


April 14
Vivian Jones shows up at an apartment store to do some shopping when Kate and Billie show up. Vivian tells Kate that she is now wealthier than ever and she will use her wealth to settle her old scores. When Vivian mentions Sami's blackmail, Billie asks Kate about the blackmail. Kate tells Billie that Vivian is blowing hot air. After Kate walks away, Vivian tells Ivan that Kate will be sorry. Billie and Kate continue shopping and Kate tells Billie not to worry about Vivian. In fact, Kate thinks her new found wealth is probably a crock as well. Later, when Vivian tries to purchase some items, her credit card is rejected.

Outside of Jen's place, the reporters continue to throw questions at Carrie about Mike's campaign for Chief of Staff. Mike realizes that he has to help Carrie, but Jen stops him and tells him that Carrie can handle herself. Carrie continues to talk to the reporters and she says that they hope Mike will be judged based solely on his qualifications. Carrie escapes back into the house and a reporter on the TV commends Carrie for her statements. Suddenly Dr. Craig comes over and starts raging on him. Carrie asks Craig why he is here and Craig claims that he's here to support Mike. Carrie and Mike manage to get rid of Craig and after he's gone Carrie says she can't wait till Mike is made Chief of Staff. Mike confesses to Carrie that he thinks it would be best if he withdrew his Chief of Staff bid. Carrie and the Hortons go to the courthouse.

Marlena comes to Court House and tells Laura she may know of a way to help her. Abe and Roman show up and Marlena tells them all that if Kristen's body is exhumed, a more thorough autopsy could show that Kristen was taking Placiden long before the night she died. Roman says that it is a stretch. Abe doesn't want to do that and Laura says that is because the police are satisfied by pining the murder on her. Roman says they are getting tired of hearing that, so Marlena tells Roman to exhume Kristen's body because it will be the only way they'll know what happened. Abe tells Marlena and Laura that he'll see what he can do. Jen, Jack, Mike, and Carrie show up to support Laura. Mickey shows up and tells Laura that they couldn't cut a deal, she'll have to go to trial. He also tells them that the charge against Laura will be murder 1.

At the bail hearing, Mickey tells the court that the D.A. has no hard evidence to prove that Laura killed Kristen Blake. Mickey also asks the judge that Laura is a respected member of society and to incarcerate her would be cruel. Because Laura has a record of taking the law into her own hands, the judge denies bail.

At Abe's office, John has found a bullet near the Blake house, which he brings in as evidence. Hope shows up to see if anything new has been found and Lexie shows up because she's worried about her mom. Hope talks to Bo about Maison Blanche and she tells Bo that she wants to return to Stefano's place, but Bo tells her that she isn't to make a move without him. Later, John hears from the lab and they say that the bullet he found had blood on it.

At the DiMera mansion, Bart prevents Celeste from leaving the mansion to help Laura. Celeste tries to call Abe, but Bart has disconnected the phones.

Onboard John's Jet, Edmund is furious to see "Susan" hugging Stefano and he tells them that he knows what is going on. Edmund tells "Susan" that Stefano is tricking her into thinking that he is her friend, but he won't let that happen and and he threatens Stefano. Stefano says that he came to the airfield to check on his plane and he just says that he came to say goodbye. Edmund orders Stefano to leave, so he does. After Stefano is gone, "Susan" asks what has come over him. Edmund looks at "Susan" and asks her why she was running out on him. "Susan" says that she wasn't running out on him and she starts crying. "Susan" says that she just came here to get the plane ready for the honeymoon before he showed up. "Susan" tells Edmund that she'll just go tell the pilot to take off, but Edmund grabs her when she tries to walk away. "Susan" tells Edmund that she really does love him and they kiss. Edmund says that he was so afraid of losing her, so "Susan" tells him he doesn't have to worry about that. "Susan" gives the captain the okay to take off. Edmund tells "Susan" that there is something he needs to tell her before they consummate their marriage. Edmund tells "Susan" that he killed Kristen. Edmund says that he didn't mean to kill her, but he would kill again if he had to in order to protect her.

Stefano is on his way to the courthouse and he calls his man to ask him to check out and see if the police are planning to exhume Laura's body. Later, Stefano learns that a judge has given the ok to exhume Kristen's body. Stefano realizes that he has to stop this from happening and there is only one way to do it. Stefano goes to the courthouse as court is about to be adjourned and he tells them that he has a witness who can prove Laura's innocence.

At the supreme leader's palace, Susan has knocked out the leader and wonders how she'll escape. Before she can do anything, a man brings some more food into the room and spots the leader on the floor. Susan tells the man that they are playing a game, so he leaves. Susan decides that she'll need some money, so she takes some of the diamonds out of the box the leader gave her. Suddenly, the leader comes to and tells Susan that she is going to lose her head for betraying her leader. However, the leader tells her that he will have his way with her first. Susan manages to knock him out again and she screams that the leader had a heart attack. While everyone is busy with the leader, Susan escapes. When the main guard arrives he orders the others to go find Susan and pray that she hasn't escaped. Susan has made it to a window and jumps into the moat hoping that she can out swim the crocodiles. When the others realize that she has jumped into the moat they realize that is the end of Susan. Susan makes it out of the moat and escapes the crocodiles. Susan manages to find a camel and tries to get him to "giddy-up."


April 15
At a department store in Salem Place, Kate is gloating when Vivian's credit card is rejected. Eventually, the woman tells Vivan that the card hasn't been used in so long that it was placed on hold. The woman apologizes and Vivian tells the woman that she'll be shopping here often because she has a company to run. Kate tells Vivian she better not be speaking of Titan. Kate leaves and Vivian tells Ivan that she will see Kate thrown back in the gutter where she belongs.

Kate and Billie walk around and Kate tells Billie that she promised Victor that she would keep her out of Titan and she won't break that promise. Kate also tells Billie that she has to make sure Bo spends as little time with Hope as possible.

In Salem Place, Eric meets with Sami and Franco to look at the pictures of Nicole. Eric doesn't want to show Eric the pictures until Nicole arrives. Nicole is walking around Salem Place dreaming about becoming a model. When Nicole shows up at the Java Cafe, her boss tells her that she's this close to being fired. Nicole apologizes for being late and Eric shows them the pictures. Nicole can't believe how beautiful Eric made her look. Franco tells Nicole that the camera loves her and Sami tells Nicole that the pictures are great. As they are talking about how to present this to Kate, Vivian is eavesdropping on them. Kate also shows up and asks Sami what their meeting is about. Eric and Nicole leave and Kate tells Sami that she will not approve the "New Faces" campaign, so if that is what she is doing then she should stop. Nicole thinks it's over, but Sami tells her that she won't let that witch stand in her way. Vivian shows up and tells Sami that she overheard her situation and wants to help her out.

Billie and Kate continue walking and Billie tells Kate that she's going to go by the station to show Bo some of the things she's bought for the baby.

At the courthouse, Stefano tells the court that he has a witness that can prove that Laura did not kill Kristen. Celeste is with Stefano and she is ready to testify. Lexie is thrilled to see her mom and Lexie thanks Stefano for finding her. John, Bo, and Hope show up and inform Abe about the bullet with blood on it. Abe asks to speak with the judge and council. Abe tells them about the blood on a bullet and the DA says this is just another reason why bail should be denied. Laura panics when she thinks she may have killed someone, but Celeste says the bullet struck her. The judge orders the council into his chambers. John, Stefano, Bo, Hope, and Marlena can't help but wonder what Stefano's motives are. They also wonder who killed Kristen, if Laura didn't. John says that Kristen must have committed suicide, it's the only explanation. The judge and council return and he informs the court that Celeste will be allowed to testify. Celeste takes the stand and she tells the court what she saw. Celeste recounts seeing Laura firing her gun 3 times, the third bullet hit her head. Celeste says that when she looked back, Laura was gone, but Kristen got up and walked into the house. Celeste says that Kristen was alive when Laura left, Laura didn't kill Kristen. A polygraph confirms that Celeste is telling the truth. In Salem it must be okay to use a polygraph in court. The judge tells the court that he'd like to take a few moments to decide the outcome of the hearing. Laura asks Stefano why she helped him and he tells her he did it for Kristen, Lexie, Celeste, and the sake of justice. Stefano just prays that the case will be closed and the body won't be exhumed. Hope confronts Stefano about Maison Blanche and she tells him that one of these days she will remember. Hope tells himself that Hope's memories of that time are with him and are in a secure place. The judge returns and tells the court that he's reached a decision.

Susan has escaped her palace prison and has made her way to a marketplace. However, the guard from the palace finds her, but Susan manages to get away. Susan calls Violet in England and learns that Edmund is heading to Bermuda with her. Violet assumed that Susan was calling from the plane. Susan can't talk long because the guard shows up again. Susan realizes that Kristen has stolen her baby and Edmund and she decides to go to Bermuda. Susan finds a man with a plane and she asks him to please take her to Bermuda. The man laughs at her and says no way, until Susan pulls out her sack of diamonds. He tells Susan that he'll fly her anywhere she wants to go and anytime she wants to go. Susan and the man board his horrid little green plane and Susan just hopes she can get to Bermuda in time.

On John's jet, Edmund tells "Susan" that he killed Kristen, and he wouldn't hesitate to kill again for her. "Susan" doesn't believe Edmund, but he assures her that he killed Kristen. Edmund tells "Susan" that he flew to Salem when he learned she was heading there and he went to the Blake house. Edmund says he hid behind some bushes to take "Kristen" by surprise when she stumbled out to the patio. Edmund pushes "Kristen" into the pool and orders him to tell her where Susan is. Unfortunately, "Kristen" drowned in a matter of seconds. "Susan" is visibly shaken because she thinks that if Edmund learns that she is Kristen, he'll kill her again. Kristen pulls away from Edmund and he tells her that he feels like he's losing her all over again. "Susan" apologizes and says that she's just nervous about the honeymoon.


April 16
At the Java Cafe, Sami asks Vivian what her proposal is. Vivian says that Kate won't be interested in her "New Faces" campaign unless someone else is. Vivian tells Sami that she's going to start her own company and will make a bid for Sami's campaign. Sami says that Kate won't get involved with anything that she (Sami) is involved in. Vivian and Ivan leave Franco and Sami to talk. Franco and Sami talk and they decide that they should use Austin instead of Vivian. However, Sami realizes that Austin will most likely side with Kate. Meanwhile, Vivian is confident that Sami will come to her for help and that she will bring down Kate and take Titan. Later, Sami comes to talk with Vivian about her deal.

Eric talks with Nicole, who tells Eric that she wants to quit her job and make a better life for herself. Eric tells Nicole that she won't be working here much longer.

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Austin sees Kate and Billie sitting on a bench. Austin admits to Billie that he misses being a daddy. Kate tells Austin that he and Carrie will have a family soon, but Austin says that Carrie is so busy with Mike that she doesn't have time to think about anything else. Austin tells them that everything is okay, it's just a little frustrating right now. Austin gives Carrie a call, but Hope has her phone. Hope tells Austin that Carrie went over to Jen's house to be with the family.

At the courthouse, the judge drops the charges of murder against Laura. However, the charges will only be dropped if she pleads guilty by reason of insanity. The judge says if she doesn't take the offer, she will go to trial and could go away for 20 years. Mickey is about to accept the deal, but Laura screams no! Laura refuses to go back to a sanitarium. Mickey urges Laura to take the deal, but Laura refuses. Laura says she is not insane, but if she goes back to one then she will be. Mike and Jen urge their mom to take the deal, but Laura tells them that killing her would be more merciful. Eventually, Laura agrees to take the plea bargain. The judge tells Laura that she has twenty-four hours to report to a mental health facility. Laura says that she'd like to go home, so the Hortons and Carrie get ready to leave. Abe tells Laura that he really is happy that she's been cleared of the murder. Marlena asks Laura if she is all right with this decision and she tells Marlena that she knows what she has to do now.

At Jen and Jack's place, the Hortons tell Laura that it is for the best that she took the plea bargain. Laura thanks everyone for what they did and she heads up to her room. Jen thanks Carrie for her support. Mike gets ready to go to the hospital to withdraw his name as a candidate for Chief of Staff. Carrie tells Mike that the board won't hold Laura's situation against him. Carrie asks Mike to give her a week to where he stands with the board and Mike can't say no to Carrie. Mike and Carrie leave and Austin shows up and is told by Jack that his wife just left with Mike. Upstairs, Jen takes Laura a cup of tea. Laura is in her bed crying and she tells Jen that she wants to be alone for now. Laura tells herself that she won't go back to a sanitarium and she says she has to get out of here.

Back at the courthouse, Roman asks Abe if they will still exhume Kristen's body. Abe tells Roman that they'll have to go back to the suicide theory, but he's not going to close the file on the case just yet. John is with Marlena and he offers to take her home. Lexie decides that Celeste should go home with her. Before leaving, Hope asks Stefano how he managed to find Celeste and what was wrong with her. Stefano tells them that Celeste had Jungle Madness because Kristen injected her with the syringe that was meant to cure Peter. Stefano tells Lexie that he did not tell anyone because he didn't want her to worry. Roman tells Stefano that his incredible timing never ceases to amaze him. Hope and Bo leave to get a cup of coffee and talk. Roman almost beats up Stefano when Stefano tells him that he's disappointed that he's not putting up a better fight for Marlena.

On John's jet, "Susan" is afraid that if Edmund learns she is Kristen, he'll kill her again. Edmund tells "Susan" that he didn't mean to kill "Kristen," but he'd do it again if he had to. "Susan" tells Edmund that what he's saying is scaring her. "Susan" gives her ring back to Edmund and says she can't be married to him anymore. Edmund is shocked and he tries to make "Susan" see that he accidentally killed her. "Susan" swears that she won't tell anyone that he killed Kristen and once the plane lands she wants Edmund to promise not to follow her. The plane lands and "Susan" tells Edmund that if he comes after her, she will tell the police what really happened. She also tells Edmund that he should go back to Kristen's grave and beg for her and God's forgiveness.

Susan is on the horrid green plane flying to Bermuda. As Susan tells her story to the pilot, the pilot falls asleep. Susan wakes him up and gives him some coffee. Susan continues telling her his story and the pilot is a huge Penelope Kent fan. Susan flashes back to the plane. Susan is afraid that Penelope may get hurt, but Penelope says that she is dying anyways. Penelope says that the doctors can't help her and that is why she wants to perform her last swan song and defeat the evil Kristen. Before the plane lands, the pilot gives Susan a gun to protect herself.

At the airport in Bermuda, Susan shows up and points a gun at Kristen, who is shocked to see Susan is alive.


April 17
Sami and Franco talk with Vivian in Salem Place about her plan for Sami's "New Faces" campaign. Sami likes Vivian's plan, but Franco wants to talk to Sami alone. Franco doesn't want to make any deals with Vivian, but Sami thinks that Vivian can help her and she takes her up on her offer.

At the Java Cafe, Nicole hopes that Sami's plan works because she doesn't want to waitress anymore. Eric asks Nicole out to dinner, but she says it's not a good idea because he's a "nice guy." Eric asks her again, but before she can answer, Sami shows up and tells them that her "New Faces" campaign is about to take off. Eric asks Nicole again and she tells him she''ll go out with him, but he can't ask any personal questions. Later, Nicole tells her boss that she quits.

Also at Salem Place, Hope and Bo run into Billie. Hope tells Bo that she can handle the search for her past on her own and she takes off. Bo tries to explain to Billie why he wants to help Hope out. Billie tells Bo that if he tries to help Hope discover these secrets, he could lose his life and her baby could lose his or her father.

At Titan, Austin comes to give his mom some papers to sign. Austin sits down and talks with Kate, who is happy that Sami didn't show up for work. Suddenly, Vivian walks into Kate's office and tells Kate that she's going to open up her own company. Vivian tells Kate that she even has photos of a new supermodel who will grace the covers of all the magazines, except Kates. Vivian gives Kate the pictures and walks out. Austin was going to return them, but Kate says she wants to look at them. Kate realizes that they are Sami's "New Faces" photos and she decides to go find this Nicole person. Kate also says that maybe she was to quick to judge Sami.

Austin goes back to his office and looks his wedding photo, but he remembers Sami telling Austin that Carrie will wake up one day and realize she's in love with Mike.

Back at the Java Cafe, Franco is angry at Sami and says that Vivian doesn't care about her the way he does, or the way he DID. Vivian returns and tells Sami and Franco that phase one is complete. An angry Franco gets up and leaves. Vivian then asks Sami what she has on Kate. Kate shows up and plans to find Nicole and assign her to an exclusive modeling contract. However, Kate sees Sami and Vivian and realizes that she has been set up.

At wherever she is staying, Celeste is wondering why Stefano wanted her to clear Laura. Hope shows up to see Celeste and she asks Celeste to please answer some of her questions about Maison Blanche. Hope asks her why Stefano turned her into Gina and why did he keep her at Maison Blanche for four years. Celeste tells Hope that she doesn't have the answers because she only came to Maison Blanche the last few months Hope was there. Hope asks her if Stefano told her anything, but Celeste says that Stefano never shared his secrets with her. Hope wonders if she is protecting Stefano, but Celeste assures Hope that she isn't. Celeste tells Hope that she was living in Paris for years when Stefano asked her to come to Maison Blanche and take care of Gina. Hope says she remembers seeing slides of her as Hope, but she can't remember anything about being Gina. Hope wonders if Stefano erased those memories and why he would do it. Celeste tells Hope that if she remembers anything she'll tell her. As Hope leaves, Celeste calls her "cupcake." After Hope leaves, Celeste pulls out a box which hold Gina's possessions and she wonders if giving them to Hope would hurt her.

At the Blake House, Stefano is walking around and hoping that Kristen can get herself and his son away from Edmund. Stefano enlists Bart to help him make sure that there is no evidence about the murder left here. Stefano manages to find something and wonders what it is doing here. Stefano shows it to Bart, it's a picture of Edmund and Susan. Stefano looks at the photo and reads some writing on the back, which is Susan's. Susan says she gave the picture to Edmund and Stefano realizes that this is Edmund's picture and not Susan's. Stefano puts the pieces together and realizes that Edmund came here as well and killed Susan, thinking she was Kristen. Stefano also realizes that if Edmund learns the truth, he'll kill Kristen again.

Edmund is still on John's plane and pulls out a razor blade and intends to kill himself, but he decides that would be the cowards way out. Edmund says that he has no choice but to returns to Salem and confess what he did.

At the terminal, Susan has confronted Kristen. Susan orders Kristen to give her baby back at gun point. Susan tells Kristen not to mess with her or she will shoot her. Susan then fires her gun, but she misses her on purpose. Susan warns Kristen that she won't miss next time. Kristen is confused and she says that she saw her corpse! Susan realizes that Penelope was killed at the Blake House, and Kristen says everyone thought she (Kristen) was dead and that's why she's pretending to be her (Susan). Kristen and Susan then begin wrestling over the gun, but Susan manages to keep it. Susan demands to know what she did to Edmund and Kristen tells her that she told him to take a hike. Kristen says that Edmund is probably heading back to London. Kristen tries to make a run for it, but she runs into Edmund. Susan and Kristen both claim that they are the real Susan and they beg him for help. Susan tries to prove that Kristen isn't Susan by asking her what Edmund's middle name is. Kristen says it is Phinneas, which is right. Susan then yanks Kristen's fake teeth out. Susan then asks Kristen if she killed Penelope and Kristen says no. Edmund tells Susan that he killed Penelope. Kristen and Edmund are confused and Susan explains to them about Penelope and how she (Susan) was dragged away by a man in a turban. Edmund feels bad that he killed Susan's sister, but Susan says that he didn't know she was Penelope and that Penelope was dying anyways. Edmund realizes that he still needs to go back to Salem and confess to Penelope's death, but Susan tells him no. Susan says that he isn't going anywhere without her again. Susan tells Edmund that she still loves him and she promised Penelope that they would name their first girl after her. As Susan and Edmund hug, Kristen tries to sneak away, but Edmund stops her. Susan has Edmund keep the gun on Kristen while she makes a phone call.

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