April 98 Week 2


April 6
Eric and Nicole are drinking some sodas and eating some candy after the shoot. Inside the studio, Franco tells Sami that she shouldn't take the photos to Kate, she should get someone Kate trusts to present the photos. Sami thinks that Franco wants to hog all the credit, but he tells her that she has to trust him. Eric and Nicole come in to get their stuff and they both thank Sami for the opportunity. Lucas walks in on them and asks them all what in the hell is going on. Sami tells him that she let Eric photograph his friend. Lucas says that it is against policy to use the company for personal interests, but Sami says that he and his mom use the company jet and limos all the time. Franco stands up to Lucas, who lets it slide. However, Lucas says if there is something more going on here then they will answer to him and Kate. Eric leaves to get started on the photos and Sami says that if Lucas ruins this for her then he will regret it. Franco tells Sami that Lucas was just blowing smoke. Meanwhile, Eric offers to take Nicole home, but she declines the offer. Lucas confronts Eric about what was really going on and Eric says that he's just trying to help his sister succeed. Nicole tells Eric that he was really great standing up for Sami and Eric tells her that he's sure she'd stand up for her family.

At the station, Roman, John, and Abe are talking about the case and Abe says they have almost have enough proof to get a warrant for Laura's arrest. John wonders if maybe Marlena is right about Laura suppressing her memories and he will be there for Doc to help her through it. Roman and Abe leave to check out some local stores that carry gloves like the one in the river. John stays behind and listens to Kristen's suicide phone call to him in hopes he may have missed someone.

Celeste is in Salem Place and is wearing a blond Kristen-like wig and is having visions of drowning "Kristen." She overhears Abe and Roman questioning a shop owner about the sales of a particular pair of gloves. Celeste also overhears Abe and Roman talking about how Lexie is worried about her mother. The store owner returns and gives Abe a list of all the people who purchased those particular gloves and Laura Horton is on the list. Abe says they can't ignore the evidence anymore, they'll have to arrest Laura.

Laura comes home from her walk and Mickey, Maggie, and Mike are all very worried about her. Mickey thinks that Laura should make a formal statement, but Laura doesn't see the point. Laura wants to go to the Penthouse Grill to work on Susan and Edmund's wedding, but the others don't know if she's up to it. Laura says she is and walks off. Both Mickey and Mike feel that Laura is suppressing something. Laura gets ready and says goodbye to everyone. After she's gone, Mickey wonders what Laura is hiding. Mickey decides to find out what is going on, so he calls the station. John answers and Mickey asks him if he knows if Roman and Abe have any evidence on Laura. John says that he can't tell him that, but he can say that Laura is the primary subject of their inquiry.

At Marlena's pad, Kristen was getting ready to leave when Edmund shows up with Violet and Elvis. Kristen asks Edmund if this is his surprise and he tells "Susan" that it is part of his surprise. When "Susan" takes little Elvis, he starts to cry. Edmund wonders what is wrong with little Elvis and Violet says it is Susan. Violet says that "Susan" must have just scarred the baby because she was so surprised to see him. Elvis calms down and "Susan" thanks both of them for bringing her baby home. A man shows up to take "Susan's" things to the airport, but she tells him he's not needed and slams the door in his face. Edmund looks at "Susan" and asks her if she was planning to leave without him. "Susan" just says that she was planning to go to England to get her baby.

At the hospital, Stefano is on the phone with Bart telling him to find Celeste. Lexie overhears Stefano, who promises Lexie that he will do everything he can to find her. Stefano asks Lexie if she knows what the police have on Laura. Lexie tells Stefano that all she knows is that Abe went to Laura's place with a search warrant. Lexie thanks Stefano for trying to find her mother and Stefano says he loves her and will always care for her mother. Stefano also says that he will do what he needs to do to make sure that Laura is arrested for the murder of Kristen. Stefano gets a call and Lexie leaves to do some work. The call is from the man who was supposed to take Kristen to the airport, but he told her that she wouldn't go. Stefano is puzzled and wonders what Kristen is up to now.

Stefano calls Kristen and asks her why she hasn't gone to the airport and Kristen tells him that the baby is here. Stefano says that's perfect and he will make sure she disappears. Stefano tells himself that Kristen is getting away with murder, but he has to make sure that Laura Horton does not.

Back at Marlena's place, Kristen tells Edmund and Violet that the person on the phone was her hair dresser. "Susan" claims that she was going to get her hair done and go to the spa today. Edmund tells her that she should go, so "Susan" says okay and goes to leave with Elvis. Suddenly Violet says that "Susan" can't take Elvis to the spa, so she will watch him. "Susan" says no! "Susan" goes into the kitchen to get Elvis some milk and Violet asks Edmund if "Susan" is all right? Edmund tells his mum that "Susan" is just under an enormous amount of pressure. Edmund tells his mom that he wants to write down the number of the Penthouse Gril for her and while searching for a pen and paper, Edmund comes across the Dear John letter Kristen wrote to him. "Susan" returns and stops Edmund from reading it because she claims it is part of her surprise for him. Edmund leaves to get his surprise for "Susan" ready and Kristen wonders how she will get rid of Violet. "Susan" tells Violet that she looks very tired and convinces her to take a short nap. Kristen tells her baby that it's time to go and they leave Marlena's place.

Stefano goes to the station and finds John listening to the suicide tape. Stefano tells him that she is dead because of him. They begin to argue over Kristen's death and John warns Stefano not to go after Susan's child. Stefano assures John that he has no intention of taking the boy away from Susan, but he is his son. Stefano also tells John that he will make sure that Laura is arrested.

Edmund goes to the Penthouse Grill and meets up with Maggie and Laura to plan the wedding. Edmund calls John, who is still at the station with Stefano. Edmund asks John if he's taken care of his part of his surprise and John says he's working on it. John tells Stefano that he has to leave now. Stefano asks what is up and John tells him that Edmund is planning a surprise wedding for Susan and he is arranging the honeymoon. Back at the Penthouse Grill, Laura tells Edmund that with Kristen dead, so he and Susan have nothing to fear. Edmund says that she is right, they have nothing to fear now that Kristen is dead.

Mike goes to work and talks to Lexie. Mike is worried about his mom and he also tells Lexie that she shouldn't get to involved with Stefano. Lexie says that she is tired of people warning her about her father. Lexie also asks Mike if there is such a thing as the DiMera curse. Mike assures Lexie that she was not raised by Stefano, so she has nothing to worry about.

Kristen goes to the airport with little Elvis in hope of escaping Salem, but she's caught by John!


April 7
Celeste is wandering around the park wondering why Stefano told her she has jungle madness. Celeste is still having visions about the Blake house and she wonders if she was there that night. Celeste has a vision of drowning Kristen and she says "I did it, I killed Kristen!" Celeste takes out her tarot cards and gets the death card as well as the emperor. Celeste says that there is terrible danger for "Susan" and her baby. Celeste has another vision of Susan, Edmund, and little Elvis. Susan and Edmund are married, but then Celeste realizes that "Susan" is really Kristen! Celeste says she must warn them and she runs off.

At the station, Roman and Abe are talking about Laura and Abe wonders what else she is hiding. Abe gets a call from a judge and he tells Roman that the warrant for Laura's arrest is ready for them to pick up.

Carrie shows up at the Penthouse Grill to tell Austin that she has to ditch the wedding because she needs to work on a publicity article for Mike. Austin says he understand and as Carrie leaves, Sami and Franco show up. Also at the Penthouse Grill, Vivian compliments Laura on her fine performance at the Kristen's funeral. Edmund shows up and Laura tells him how the wedding will go off. Laura is still spacing out about the shooting, but Maggie brings her to. Laura tells Maggie that she's going to run home and change before the wedding. Meanwhile, Sister Mary shows up and asks Vivian if she's going to give another Elvis impersonation. Vivian says no, but she would like to donate some money to the convent. Vivian hands Sister Mary a check for 25,000 dollars! Later, Vivian asks Sami what she is really doing with Franco. Sami says she doesn't know what she's talking about, but Vivian tells Sami that she knows she blackmailed Kate to get her job and she may be blackmailing Franco as well. Sami tells Vivian that one day she will be running Titan Publishing one day, which causes Vivian to choke on her wine. Sami admits to Vivian that she was blackmailing Kate, but Kate and Lucas have retaliated by telling her that they will take Will away if she makes her blackmail public. Meanwhile, Austin can't stop thinking about what Craig told him what he saw in LA between Mike and Carrie. Franco talks to Austin about boxing and he tells Austin that he would make a great boxer. Austin thanks him, but he says that his days of fighting are over. Franco and Sami talk and Franco tells Sami that he's sure Austin will return to boxing soon.

Laura is driving her car home and is thinking about her part in Kristen's death. Laura starts hoping that the police will close the case on Kristen's death soon, and then she starts thinking about how her best friend turned her into the cops. Laura closes her eyes for a split second, and in that second she goes off the road. The police find Laura unconscious and call for an ambulance.

At Marlena's pad, Stefano shows up looking for "Susan." Violet is shocked when he tells her that he is Stefano DiMera. Violet tells him to go away and to stay away from "Susan." Stefano realizes that she is Edmund's mother and she just wants to give "Susan" his best wishes. Violet says that will spoil the surprise, besides, "Susan" is not here. Stefano thanks Violet for her time and leaves. Stefano gets a call that "Susan" is at the airport and he tells his pilot to hold the plane until he gets there.

John finds "Susan" at the airport and he asks her if she is running out on Edmund. "Susan" says no, she came here because someone called her to come to the airport. "Susan" says that she thought it was part of Edmund's surprise, but John suspects that Stefano tricked her into coming to the airport. John tells "Susan" that she has been tricked into coming here, so the need to leave. Suddenly Stefano shows up and "Susan" starts yelling at Stefano that he tricked her into coming here. John tells Stefano that he's just got himself arrested and Stefano throws something across the room and yells "Damnit John!" Stefano asks "Susan" to excuse them and Stefano tells John that he was planning to send "Susan" to England to see her baby. However, Stefano says he didn't know that the baby was brought to Salem, so he came to the airport to stop "Susan" from leaving. John doesn't believe Stefano and he tells Stefano that he's going to suggest to Edmund that he adopt little Elvis. This enrages Stefano, who says he will never allow that to happen. John tells Stefano that he doesn't believe his story, so Stefano asks him to talk to "Susan" to prove that he had no intention of stealing the baby. John tells Stefano no way and then he tells him to leave. Stefano leaves and John tells "Susan" that Edmund is waiting to meet her for dinner. "Susan" says that she just wants to go home

At the hospital, Mike is upset that some nurses moved his instruments during surgery and Craig starts picking on him. Mike tells Craig that when he (Mike) becomes Chief of Staff, Craig shouldn't waste his time applying for a job. Later, Mike asks Craig why he's hanging around trauma. Craig tells him that he's been asked to consult on a heart patient of Dr. Berringer's. Carrie shows up and gives Mike the article she's written for the spectator. Mike is called away to check on a patient and Carrie asks Lexie why Mike is so tense. Lexie tells Carrie that he's worried about Laura, who is a suspect in Kristen's death. Carrie talks to Mike later on, who is very worried about his mother. Mike says that his mom swears she didn't kill Kristen, but Mike doesn't know if he believes her. Later, Craig starts telling Carrie about how Mike isn't the right candidate for the Chief of Staff position. Suddenly Laura is brought in by the ambulance. Mike takes care of his mom, who is okay. Laura wants to leave, but Mike tells her that she needs to be x-rayed. Abe and Roman show up at the hospital and Carrie tells them about Laura's accident. Mike comes out of Laura's room and he asks Abe and Roman why they are here. Abe tells Mike that they have a warrant for Laura's arrest.

Back at Marlena's place, Violet calls Edmund to tell him that "Susan" and the baby are gone and Stefano DiMera was at Marlena's looking for them. Edmund panics and tells Caroline that they must call the police. Caroline tries to calm him down and she decides to call Marlena. Violet comes to the Penthouse Grill and Edmund is sure that "Susan" has been kidnapped. Edmund thinks that Stefano is behind this and he decides to call the FBI. Lexie tells Edmund that she resent him blaming her father for this, but Vivian says that Stefano is usually to blame when things go wrong. However, Vivian also suggests that perhaps "Susan" changed her mind about marrying him. Suddenly John shows up with "Susan". "Susan" asks what is going on and Edmund tells "Susan" that they are getting married!


April 8
Susan is back in her palace prison and a man brings her her last meal. Susan begs that she not be killed, but the man tells her that she will be executed shortly. The man returns for Susan and she begs him once again to let her live. The man grabs her arm and drags her out of the room. Susan is taken to the leader is and is going to be beheaded with an axe. Susan is prepared to be beheaded when she notices that the leader is choking. Susan runs over to him and saves his life by using the hymlick (sp?) maneuver. The leader tells Susan that her life will be spared and he calls off the execution. The leader tells Susan that from now on she will be his personal companion. Susan asks a man what that means and he tells her that he will be with the leader 24 hours a day.

Celeste is trying to get to the Penthouse Grill to stop Edmund from marrying Kristen. However, Celeste fears that if she exposes Kristen, then she will be accused of killing the woman in the pool.

"Susan" has shown up at the Penthouse Grill and is speechless when she is told she and Edmund are getting married. Marlena shows up to help "Susan" get dressed and Violet takes little Elvis. Meanwhile, Austin is upset because Carrie hasn't shown up. Franco talks with Austin, who feels Carrie's carrier is more important to her than her marriage. Austin switches the subject to Sami and he asks Franco if he knows what Sami has on his mom. Franco claims that he knows nothing. Later, Franco fills Sami in on his chat with Austin. Franco says that Austin is going to be their ally in getting Kate to accept the "New Faces" campaign.

In the back, Marlena helps "Susan" get ready for her wedding. Marlena leaves her and Stefano shows up. Kristen begs Stefano to help her, but Stefano tells her that she has no choice but to marry Edmund.

Back out in the main area, Lexie asks Sister Mary about her mom. Mary tells Lexie that her mom is doing very important work right now which requires solitude. Marlena and John talk and John tells Marlena about what happened between "Susan" and Stefano out at the airport. As they are talking about the wedding, John kisses Marlena. Marlena tells John that she should go get "Susan."

Marlena heads to where "Susan" is, unaware that Kristen is back there with Stefano. Marlena finds "Susan" alone and preparing herself to be married. Marlena leaves and says she will tell everyone to get ready. Stefano, who was hiding in the closet, tells Kristen that she must go through with the wedding.

The wedding begins and Belle is the flower girl, Brady is the ring bearer. John walks "Susan" down the isle and the priest starts the ceremony. Meanwhile, Celeste has shown up and is prepared to expose Kristen. Before she can do so, Celeste is nabbed by Stefano. The ceremony has reached the vows and "Susan" and Edmund are pronounced husband and wife. Edmund thanks everyone for their support and he tells them to enjoy the party. Jen is worried about her mom, so Jack agrees to take her home.

Sami goes to see Austin and thanks him for telling Franco that he believes she is a good mom. Austin says that he doesn't want to see her lose Will, unless she's blackmailing his mom. After they finish dancing, Edmund tells "Susan" that he can't wait to make love to her tonight.

At the hospital, Abe and Roman have shown up to arrest Laura. Abe tells Mike that he has to serve Laura with the warrant. Unfortunately for Laura, Laura's x-rays have come back and there is no concusion. Laura walks out of her room and asks Mike to take her home. Laura looks around and Abe arrests Laura for the murder of Kristen Blake. Laura is furious and she tells them that she is not going anywhere with them. Craig shows up and learns that Laura is being arrested, which just makes his day. Mike asks Carrie to please go get Mickey at the Penthouse Grill and have him get to the station. Laura still refuses to go to the station, but Mike tells his mom to cooperate for now.

Carrie shows up at the Penthouse Grill and Austin asks her where she's been. Carrie tells Austin that she must find Mickey. Carrie fills Mickie in on the news. Carrie also finds Marlena and John and tells them the news. Marlena says she must go, so John takes her to the station. Carrie also explains to Austin what happened. Austin just walks away from her when she said that she couldn't leave Mike alone.

Mike and Laura go to the station and Laura accuses Abe of trying to set a record for arresting innocent people. Abe tells Laura that she shouldn't say anything else until her lawyer arrives. Laura says that she doesn't need a lawyer and asks them to start with their interrogation. Mickey shows up and Laura starts saying this whole thing is a joke, she didn't kill anyone. Mickey asks Abe to see their evidence, so they step outside. Mickey looks at the evidence and then goes back in to see Laura. Marlena and John show up and Laura tells Marlena that this is all her fault.

Stefano has taken Celeste home and she becomes angry and violent with him. In a fit of rage, Celeste manages to break free from Stefano's grip. Stefano catches her and eventually has to knock her lights out.


April 9
Eric is at his place and is working on developing his pictures of Nicole. Lucas drops by and invites himself into Eric's place. Eric asks Lucas why he is here and Lucas offers to help Eric develop the film. Eric asks why he wants to help, but then he asks Lucas if he has a thing for Nicole. Lucas says Nicole is pretty, but he sees many pretty girls. Lucas says that he only wanted to see if he had an eye for fashion. Before leaving, Lucas warns Eric that his evil-twin will bring him down if he gets involved with her.

Nicole is at her place and is saying how much she hates her place and her life, which is why she's hoping this job at Titan works out. Nicole then begins to daydream about becoming a big-shot model. Nicole checks her mail and receives a letter that upsets her. After reading the letter, Nicole cries and wonders when "it" will all end.

At the Penthouse Grill, Carrie apologizing to Austin for not calling him to tell him why she was late. Austin tells Carrie that Mike seems to be talking up a lot of her life lately. Carrie tells Austin that the job is bigger than she thought it would be and Mike is facing some fierce competition, namely Craig Wesely. Carrie and Austin hang around the party for awhile before deciding to go home.

Vivian and Ivan are still at the Penthouse Grill and Vivian is planning to find out why Franco is hanging around Sami. Vivian approaches Sami and offers her to be her partner in destroying Kate. Sami doesn't know because she's trying to turn her life around, but she says she will think about it. Vivian also asks Sami what Franco wants from her. When Sami says that maybe Franco likes being with her, Vivian asks her if she believes that. Later, Sami asks Franco as to why he is hanging around with her and he gives her his answer by kissing her.

Edmund is talking to "Mrs. Crumb" about preparing for their honeymoon. Edmund and "Susan" go to Marlena's place and "Susan" asks about the honeymoon. Edmund tells her that John has arranged everything and they are going to be flying in John's jet. "Susan" then asks Edmund to go pack his things and she will be waiting here for him to return.

At Stefano's place, Stefano has restrained Celeste and is preparing the cure for her. Celeste comes to and sees the syringe on the table, which prompts her to try and escape. Stefano tells Celeste that he is going to use it to cure her, but she thinks he's trying to kill her. Stefano gives Celeste the cure. Kristen calls Stefano to ask him to arrange for the plane to be ready when she arrives at the airport with the baby. Stefano tells Kristen that he can't do that. Kristen says that he has to help her, but Stefano says that John has had the DiMera jet grounded by the FAA. Kristen says that she'll just go wherever the honeymoon is and will escape from there. Stefano tells Kristen about Celeste and how he's given her the cure. Kristen says she wishes she could say goodbye and she promises to take good care of John Jr.

At Marlena's place, Kristen decides to drug Violet with the last of Laura's placiden. Violet comes downstairs and offers to serve "Susan" some tea. "Susan" says she would love some tea, but only if she'll join her. Kristen manages to get Violet to leave the room and she dumps some placiden into her tea. Violet takes one sip and then falls over. Kristen drags Violet upstairs and decides to get little Elvis.

Stefano is still at his place and telling himself how he still cares about Celeste. Celeste comes to and Stefano tells Celeste that he gave her the cure for her illness. Celeste says she remembers the horrible visions she saw, including her vision that Susan and Kristen were the same person. Stefano tries to cover Kristen's butt and Celeste realizes she is tied up. Stefano unties her and tells her that he had to tie her up for her own safety. Suddenly Celeste remembers that she was at Peter's house when Kristen died.

At the station, Laura asks Marlena if she's come to gloat. Marlena tells Laura that she's very upset about her arrest, but Laura doesn't want to listen to her. Laura says that she betrayed their friendship and sided with a dead woman that everyone hated. Laura then thanks Dr. Evans for getting her arrested for a murder she did not commit. John tells Laura that they want to help her and he asks if she is forgetting to tell them anything. Laura says she told them everything, she did not drug Kristen. John asks when the last time she had her pills were and she says it was when she and Celeste ran into Kristen at Salem Place. Jen and Jack show up and tells Laura that they will do everything they can to help her. Laura realizes that Jen and Jack think that she may have killed Kristen and Laura thanks Marlena for turning her own children against her. Abe tells Laura that she has lied over and over and Celeste is out of town, so she can't back up Laura's story about losing her pills. Jen pleads with her mom to tell them the truth if she is keeping something from them. Abe and Roman confront Laura with her glove and the button and they tell her that they can place her at the scene of the crime and there are witnesses who can testify that she threatened Kristen numerous times. Abe tells her that the evidence is circumstantial, but the DA can make a conviction with it. Laura says she went to the Blake House to try and scare her into telling her where Peter was, but when she saw Kristen she wanted to kill her. Abe asks Laura when the last time she fired a gun was. Laura is surprised and Abe tells her there was gunpowder residue on her coat and he'd like to know how it got there. Mike asks Abe for some time alone with his mother and Jen tells Laura that no matter what happened, they will still love her. Abe returns and he asks Laura when she fired a gun and why. Mickey tells Laura that she doesn't have to answer the question, but Laura says she does. Laura tells them that she never spoke to Kristen that night; instead, she shot her.


April 10
Susan has been locked in a room and is saying how this is all Kristen's fault. Susan decides that she has to find a way to get back to Edmund. Susan says that she hopes her backup plan worked and maybe the people in Salem know about her. However, Susan says she has a bad feeling that something happened to Penelope. Susan recalls the night everything went down. In England, Penelope shows up at Susan's place and at first, Susan thought she was Kristen. Penelope tells Susan that she saw her photo in the paper. Susan accuses Penelope of being Kristen, but Penelope says she is not Kristen and doesn't know who Kristen is. Penelope tells Susan that she is THE Penelope Kent, a well known actress. Susan shows Penelope a picture of Kristen and she says that is not her. Penelope pulls out a movie poster of her staring in a movie entitled "The Sirens of Saturn" and she says "This is me." Penelope says she has something important to tell her, they are sisters! Penelope says she's been searching for her birth family for so long and finally found them. Susan tells Penelope that her mother had triplets, not quadruplets. Penelope says she can prove that she is family and she shows Susan a locket that was around her neck when she was found at the orphanage. Susan notices that the locket holds a picture of their mother and Penelope says that their mother couldn't afford to raise four children. Susan hugs "Sissy" and then tells her about the trouble she is in. As Susan is telling her the story, Penelope starts chugging down booze. Penelope thinks it will be fun to go to Salem to beat the evil Kristen. Penelope takes the spare outfit that Kristen sent her and they both dress up in the same white dress. They board the plane and Penelope takes some Placiden to calm her fear of flying. Susan tells Penelope that she will distract Kristen while she looks for their sissy. Penelope also tells Susan that her adopted father fixed her teeth and he will fix hers. Susan says no he won't because Edmund loves her just the way she is.

At Marlena's place, Kristen has taken a drugged Violet upstairs and plans to sneak off with Elvis. As she is about to leave, Edmund shows up to pick "Susan" up for their honeymoon. Kristen realizes that she'll have to take off after they land. Edmund wants to give little Elvis to Violet while they're on their honeymoon, but "Susan" says no way. "Susan" says that she just doesn't want to let her Elvis go now that she has him back. Edmund tells her that Violet is going to take Little Elvis back to England and they will return there after their honeymoon. Suddenly, a woozy Violet begins to stumble down the stairs. Violet notices that Elvis has been rubbing his ear a lot. Violet feels Elvis and notices that he's quite warm. Suspecting that Elvis has an ear infection, Violet calls Belle and Brady's pediatrician. The doctor comes over and diagnoses Elvis as having an ear infection. She tells them that they must keep little Elvis inside for a couple of days AND Elvis cannot fly for a couple of days. Edmund says that they can postpone their honeymoon for a little while longer.

At the DiMera Mansion, Celeste tells Stefano that she was at the Blake House when Kristen was murdered. Stefano tells Celeste that whatever she may have done, it was because of the Jungle Madness. Celeste knows that Stefano thinks she killed Kristen and she tells him that she did not kill Kristen. Stefano asks her if she is sure and Celeste says she remembers what happened that night. Celeste tells Stefano that saw Laura shoot Kristen, who fell down after the first shot. Stefano asks her what happened then and Celeste says that the third bullet grazed her head and then everything went black. Celeste says that when she came to, Laura was leaving and a woozy Kristen made her way back into her house. Stefano says that perhaps it was a hallucination, but Celeste knows it is real. Celeste goes on and she tells Stefano that she saw gloved hands pushing Kristen's head under the water. Stefano asks her if she was wearing gloves and Celeste says yes, but she did not kill Kristen! Stefano still doesn't believe her because he says Celeste can't be sure. Stefano asks Celeste if her gloves were dry when she left the Blake House and Celeste tells him that they were wet. Stefano asks her how her gloves got wet and Celeste says they got wet when she fells into a snow bank. Celeste is overjoyed that she isn't the killer, but Stefano still believes that she could have killed her without knowing the truth. Celeste says that she never remembers going into the house or the terrace. Stefano says if she didn't kill Kristen, and Laura didn't kill Kristen, then who did?

At the police station, Laura reveals that she shot Kristen at the Blake House. Abe tells her that there were no bullets found in Kristen's body, which is why Laura says she knows and that is why she is innocent. Laura thinks she can go home because the police no longer have a reason to hold her, but Abe says that she has obstructed justice. Roman asks why she didn't come forward to begin with and she tells him that she knew she was innocent and she didn't want to be falsely accused. Abe asks her where the gun is now and Laura says she doesn't have it. Laura says she showed the gun to Jack, and Jack says that is true. Laura said she through the gun into the river and later she disposed of the gloves as well. Abe thinks that Laura forced Kristen to drug herself at gunpoint and then drowned her in the pool. Laura swears she didn't kill Kristen and she begs Jack to do something. Mickey says it's to late to get her out on bail and Abe says that Laura will have to spend the night in jail. Marlena tries to apologize, but Laura tells her to shut the hell up. Marlena swears to Laura that she will do anything to find the evidence that can prove her innocence. Laura is taken to lock-up and Abe tells Roman that just because she didn't kill Kristen with a gun, it doesn't mean she didn't kill Kristen all together. John decides to head back over to the Blake House to search for clues. Meanwhile, Mike suggest that Laura plead guilty by reason of insanity. Jen tells Mike never, if Laura had to go back to the sanitarium it would kill her.

Marlena returns home and "Susan" tells Marlena that Elvis has an ear infection. Marlena decides to rest after the day she had. "Susan" asks Marlena what is wrong and Marlena tells her that Laura was arrested for killing Kristen tonight. Marlena says that she doesn't believe Laura killed Kristen, maybe Kristen found Laura's prescription early on. Marlena says that if Kristen had the bottle months before the murder than the Placiden may have been in her system long before the murder. "Susan" says there is no way to discover how long the Placiden could be in Kristen's system. Marlena tells her there is, she's going to have Kristen's body exhumed. "Susan" drops the glass she was holding and it shatters on the floor.

Meanwhile, Edmund is pacing around his room and he wonders if he should tell "Susan" how far he's gone to make her happy. Edmund decides to tell "Susan" the secret he has been keeping. We see Edmund sitting on a rock and hearing the three gunshots fired off by Laura. Edmund races towards the source of the gunshots and then the flashback ends. Edmund decides that once he has "Susan" alone he will tell her of the awful thing he did.

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