April 98 Week 1


March 30
Bo is at the hospital and asks Lexie about Stefano. Lexie says that Stefano is stable, but she's worried about her mom. Lexie tells Bo that she hasn't seen or spoken to Celeste since Jen's funeral. Bo tells Lexie that if she doesn't hear from Celeste soon than she should come see him. Bo changed the subject back to Stefano's release. Lexie says that he should be released soon unless he has another incident like he did with Hope. Lexie gets angry and Bo points out that this is the same man who terrorized his family for years. Lexie says that Stefano is trying to change and then she tells Bo he should be grateful to Stefano because it was thanks to him that everyone knows Hope is alive! Bo gets pissed and Lexie is beeped away. Bo tells himself that he wants to know what really happened to Hope and he knows just where to start.

In his room, Stefano tells Bart that they must find Celeste immediately. Stefano fears that if Lexie learns what happened to Celeste, Lexie will never forgive him. Stefano also says he has to stop Hope from uncovering the secrets of Maison Blanche. Lexie goes in to see Stefano and she tells him that Bo was poking around the hospital trying to learn how he is. Stefano asks why and Lexie says she think it may be because of Maison Blanche. Stefano says he already told them everything he knows and he isn't lying because he's trying to become a man she (Lexie) can be proud to call father. Lexie leaves and Stefano says he has to prevent anyone from finding out the secrets of Maison Blanche. Lexie returns later and tells Stefano that he can leave, but he has to hire Lynn as his private duty nurse, which Stefano agrees to. Stefano asks Lexie if he can do anything for her and she asks him to find Celeste. Stefano agrees and Lexie also calls Abe for help, which Stefano doesn't like. As they talk, Stefano is shocked when Lexie says that the investigation of Kristen's death has been reopened and Laura was at the scene of the crime. Lexie doesn't mention to Abe why she called and says they can talk about it later. Lexie leaves to take care of Stefano's discharge papers and Stefano vows to make Laura pay for what she has done.

Celeste is still at the convent and is plagued by her visions of Susan, Kristen and Sister Mary. Celeste wonders if her visions are connected to Kristen's death and what she was doing that night. Celeste suddenly remembers being at the Blake House, seeing Laura, and hearing gun shots being fired!

Alice and Hope are reminiscing about the past and how Hope recalls nothing about what went on during the four years she can't remember. Alice suggests that Hope go to Marlena or Laura for help to remember what happened. Hope says that she believes Stefano is the only one who can help her now and she believes that once she remembers what really happened it could spell the end of Mr. Stefano DiMera. Bo drops by to see Hope and they discuss her past and connection to Stefano. Bo tells Hope that he thinks they should go search Jonsey's place while Stefano is in the hospital. Hope tells Bo no way, she's doing this on her own. Bo says he wants to help her and just because Billie is pregnant it doesn't mean he can't help her as well. Hope agrees to let Bo help her and they head over to the townhouse.

At Salem Place, Laura is spaced out thinking about what happened the night Kristen died and doesn't hear Mickey and Maggie yelling to get her attention. Mickey says that Laura is nervous about something and he wants to know what is wrong. Laura says she's just distracted with planning Jack and Jen's wedding. Mickey and Maggie say they are preparing a surprise for Susan and they invite Laura to sit with them at the Java Cafe. Maggie and Mickey talk about Edmund's surprise for Susan, but Laura can only think about Kristen's death.

At Marlena's pad, Abe announces that he's reopening the investigation into Kristen's death and Laura is the main suspect. "Susan" says that Laura claims she didn't see Kristen that night and Marlena asks "Susan" how she knows that. "Susan" says that she just happened to have overheard them talking when she was on her way to the kitchen. Roman also tells "Susan" that she has to stay in Salem because she saw Kristen that night. Edmund becomes defensive, but Roman tells him that in light of the Evidence, "Susan" has nothing to worry about. Kristen tells herself that if Laura is blamed for "Kristen's" murder it is because good'ole self-righteous Doc went snooping. Edmund starts asking a lot of questions about the original suicide theory. Abe and Roman begin to speculate that Laura may have spiked Kristen's drink with pills and Abe decides it's time to bring her in. Once again, Marlena tells Abe that Laura could go into shock and that Laura's mental state could collapse and she may end up back in the institution, which would be a shame if she was innocent. Abe and Roman decide not to bring Laura in until they have hard evidence. Roman, Abe, and John go to the Blake House to search for more clues and Edmund tells "Susan" he has to go take care of something and he leaves. "Susan" and Marlena are left behind alone and they talk about Marlena's theories about Kristen's death. Marlena tells "Susan" that Kristen was not the type of person who would commit suicide. As they talk, Kristen is sure that Laura killed the woman in the pool and she is home free. Kristen then really lays it into Marlena about how she must feel so guilty that her admissions made Laura the main suspect. Marlena says she had to tell them because she couldn't live with her conscience. Kristen realizes that she's stuck around Salem long enough and plans to return to England tonight.

Edmund meets up with Mickey and Maggie and continue to plan there surprise for "Susan." Edmund says he can't wait to see the look on "Susan's" face tomorrow when she gets her big surprise.

Over at the Blake House, Abe admits that he believes that Laura has been mentally unbalanced for some time and he also believes that Laura killed Kristen.

The real Susan is being made beautiful for the party at the Sultan's palace tonight. Maya tells Susan that the next supply truck is coming tonight, but there is no way she can escape. An angry man comes in and sees that Susan is still not ready. He informs Susan that if she doesn't please the supreme leader than she will die. Later, Susan pretends that she is going to barf because all the weird food they made her eat made her sick. Maya is told to go on instead of Susan, but if she is faking this than she will die. Susan is left alone and tries to pick the lock on the door just like Thomas taught her when they were little. Susan manages to pick the lock puts her escape plan into action.

Nurse Lynn wheels Stefano out of his room and they see Laura. Stefano glares at her and accuses her of killing his daughter. At the convent, Celeste sees someone drowning the woman in the pool and wonders if it is her. Back at the Blake House, John discovers the button from a woman's coat.


March 31
Bo and Hope are hiding outside of Jonsey's place and watch Stefano's henchman, Bart, leave. After Bart leaves, they break in and start searching. Hope finds a picture of Maison Blanche. Hope has a few memory flashbacks, but recalls nothing new. However, Hope tells Bo that she doesn't think she was at Maison Blanche for the entire four years she was missing. Hope looks through a art book and recognizes a painting in the book as one she's seen. Suddenly, Bart returns!

At the hospital, Stefano calls Laura a murderess and accuses her of killing his Kristen. Laura says that Kristen's death was a suicide, the police have closed the case. Stefano then updates Laura on the case status, it has been reopened and she is the only suspect! Laura doesn't believe this and says the police can investigate all they want, but they won't find anything. Stefano tells Laura that he knows she was hiding something and now he knows what it is. Laura and Stefano start arguing and Laura says that the truth is she did nothing wrong. Stefano doesn't believe her and he tells her that he will make Laura pay for killing his Kristen.

Lexie sees Stefano getting ready to leave and he is upset. Lexie asks him what has him so upset and he says he is angry that Laura hasn't been arrested for Kristen's murder. Lexie tells him that he has to be fair to Laura and let the police handle their job. Stefano says he will wait and tells Lexie that she is his rock. Lexie gets beeped away and Stefano makes arrangements to go to the cemetery to see Kristen.

At Marlena's penthouse, Kristen is stuck listening to Marlena talk about Laura. Belle and Brady show up and Belle wants "Susan" to sing her silly song again. "Susan" says she's not feeling well right now and doesn't want to sing. Brady then asks if "Susan" can show him the yo-yo trick. Once again "Susan" claims she'd love to, but she's not feeling well and runs out of the room. "Susan" returns and apologizes and says she thinks she must have a cold. Edmund shows up to see his love and Marlena takes the kids upstairs. "Susan" tells Edmund that seeing Belle and Brady has made her miss her own child and she wants to go back tonight. Edmund tells "Susan" that she can't. "Susan" gets angry and she says she wants to get back to her baby now. Edmund says they can't go back tonight because Violet is taking Elvis to London tomorrow anyways. Edmund manages to change "Susan's" mind and he wonders what could be wrong with "Susan," lately she just isn't herself. Edmund leaves and Kristen calls an airline, but gets a voice message.

Edmund goes to the Brady Pub and tells Shawn and Maggie that he fears that Susan may be tired of him. Maggie and Shawn tell him that he has to be patient with Susan, she's been through a lot lately. Edmund calls his mum, who tells Edmund the same thing that Shawn and Maggie told him. Edmund is cheered up and is back to his old self again.

At the Blake house, John has given the button he found to Abe. Roman says that the button may belong to Susan, but Abe thinks it's Laura's. John gives "Susan" a call and asks her if she can check the clothes she was wearing the night Kristen died and see if a button is missing. "Susan" agrees to check and call John back, but she realizes that everyone is so focused on Laura that they won't figure out she is gone until it's too late. "Susan" calls back and tells an officer that she is missing no buttons from her clothes. Abe then decides it's time to call a judge and get a warrant to search Laura's house.

Back at Marlena's, Marlena continues to talk Kristen's ear off. Marlena says that Brady was saying there was something different about her, but Marlena says she told him that she ("Susan") was missing her own baby. Marlena tells "Susan" about Brady's real mother and says it's odd that Brady never bonded with Kristen. Kristen tells herself that Marlena turned Brady against her and accesses Marlena of being in hussy heaven. Marlena offers "Susan" some tea, but "Susan" says she wants to ho out and do something quickly. Kristen realizes that there is someone who will help her escape from Salem.

Kristen goes to the hospital to see Stefano, but she learns that he's checked out. Kristen asks Lexie where Stefano went and she tells her that he went to the cemetery. Kristen goes to the cemetery and hopes that Stefano will help her get away from Edmund. However, when she sees Stefano, he is talking to Kristen's grave. Stefano tells Kristen that he feels guilty about pushing her away, but at the time he was so furious with her. Stefano says that the truth is that Susan and her boyfriend are morons and now that she is gone, he must raise Little Elvis on his own. "Susan" asks Stefano if he really really means that. Stefano asks her what the hell she's doing here. "Susan" says she overheard him say he wishes Kristen was here to raise Little Elvis. Stefano tries to cover his butt, but Kristen pulls off the cap and takes out the teeth. Surprise Stefano!, Kristen isn't dead.

John comes over to see Marlena, who is feeling guilty about bringing Laura into this. Marlena tells John that if Laura did kill Kristen, she would have to have been in a manic irrational state. Marlena realizes that John believes that Laura may be guilty. John says he doesn't want to believe it, but it's possible.

Laura returns home and starts to panic. We see a flashback of Laura dropping her gun off the pier. Laura suddenly realizes she has to get rid of her gloves, and while doing so she notices a button is missing from her coat. Laura grabs her gloves and heads for the pier. After disposing of them she returns home and wonders why Marlena couldn't have minded her own business. Laura tries to relax, but Abe shows up at her door to search her house!


April 1
Austin is still at the gym punching the hell out of a punching bag. Daryl Lee shows up and tells Austin that he's still got "it." Austin asks Daryl why he's here and Daryl Lee wants him to return to the ring as a heavy weight contender. Austin turns him down, but Daryl Lee knows Austin will come to the old gym.

At the hospital, Carrie is working on Mike's video and talking to Mike about how Craig is really schmoozing over the committee. Mike tells Carrie that he won't stoop to Craig's level and Carrie says of course not. Craig stops by and pokes fun at them both. After he leaves, Carrie says it's too bad they couldn't keep up the boyfriend girlfirend charade. Mike tells Carrie that she didn't really think they could continue fooling him, but Carrie says that she just meant she doesn't like seeing Craig put him down. Mike tells her it's okay and they'll fight a fair fight. Carrie tells Mike he is right and she hugs him. Austin walks in and sees them hugging, though he doesn't say anything about it. Carrie throws her arms around Austin and tells him that she can't wait to spend some time with him tonight. Mike leaves and Craig spots Austin and Carrie. Craig tells Austin that he must have been the guy Mike lost Carrie to. Austin doesn't understand and Craig tells Austin that Carrie was Mike's girlfriend in LA. Craig leaves and Austin asks Carrie what is going on.

Bart has returned to the townhouse while Bo and Hope are still trapped inside. Bart gets a call before going into the house, which gives Bo and Hope time to hide. Bart goes inside and realizes that something isn't right. Bart gives Stefano a call to inform him on a lead on Celeste, but Stefano tells him to handle it himself. Bart eventually leaves and Hope continues to search around. Hope thinks that maybe Celeste could help her, but Bo says that Celeste is missing and it could be because of Stefano. Hope finds a file, but when she opens it, Bart returns. Hope drops it on the floor and runs. After Hope and Bo have left we see a picture of Hope from a newspaper wearing cloths from the 1930s and the paper is Russian.

At Marlena's penthouse, John and Marlena are talking about Laura's involvement with Kristen's death. Marlena tells John that she feels like she betrayed Laura's friendship. John tells her that if Laura is innocent and a true friend they will be able to get past this. Marlena hugs John and tells him how good he makes her feel. Edmund drops by to see Susan, but she's not here. Edmund asks John and Marlena if Susan seems different to them and they say yes, but they give Edmund the same old reasons everyone else has. Edmund then tells John and Marlena the secret he is planning, he is throwing a surprise wedding for Susan tomorrow! They are thrilled for him and Edmund asks John to walk Susan down the isle and to be his best man, which John agrees to.

At Laura's place, Abe and Roman tell Laura that they've come to search her house. Laura asks what they are looking for and they tell her what she was wearing the night Kristen died. Laura says she knows what she was wearing and they didn't need a search warrant to see it. Laura takes them up to her room and excuses herself to answer the phone. Roman finds the coat with matching buttons, but there is no missing button. Abe has the coat analyzed for hair and fibers and chlorine. Laura returns and sees them with her coat. Abe tells her that they are going to have her coat analyzed. Laura asks them point blank if they are accusing her of murder. They don't answer her and Laura starts arguing with them. Roman tells her that if she has nothing to hide then she doesn't have to worry about. Mike returns home and is shocked to finding them searching the house and that Laura is a suspect in Kristen's murder. This angers Mike and he wants to call Mickey for help. Laura tells Mike that she didn't kill Kristen, so there is no reason to call Mickey. Roman thanks her for her cooperation and she tells them she has nothing to hide. Roman and Abe leave and Mike asks Laura why she's a suspect. Laura tells Mike that she went to the Blake House the night Kristen died. Laura also tells him about the bottle of Plasidan, which prompts Mike to call Mickey.

At the cemetery, Stefano is in tears after Kristen reveals to him that she is alive. Stefano doesn't understand who is in the grave and Kristen tells Stefano about her plan to get the baby. Stefano is angry, but Kristen tells him that everyone in Salem, including him, turned their backs on her. Stefano tells Kristen that nobody must know she is alive or she could be sent to prison for murdering Susan. Kristen tells Stefano everything that happened, including the fact that she left Susan in the pool, alive. Kristen says that she needs to return to England tonight to get the baby, but Stefano says it's not that simple. They start arguing about Susan's death. Kristen tells Stefano that the police think Laura is the one who killed her. Kristen also tells Stefano how she took Laura's pills and considered killing herself at one point. Stefano tells Kristen that despite what happened in the past, he loves her and is grateful she is alive. Kristen cries and thanks him for telling her that. Kristen asks Stefano to please help her escape from Salem. Stefano tells her that if she leaves now; it will cause Edmund, John, and Marlena to go after her. Stefano tells Kristen that she has no choice, she must stay in Salem and pretend to be Susan for awhile longer.


April 2
At the hospital, Austin wants to know why Carrie told Craig that she was Mike's girlfriend. Carrie explains why she pretended to be Mike's girlfriend. Austin asks Carrie how close did she and Mike become when they spent so much time together. Carrie tells Austin that nothing happened between her and Mike, they are just friends. Austin says pretending to be Mike's girlfriend sounds like something Sami would do. Carrie tells him that there is no comparison between what she did and what Sami did. Austin tells her that he's sorry and they hug. Carrie is called away by her video editor and Craig talks with Austin. Craig tells Austin that when he was in LA, Carrie and Mike couldn't keep their hands off each other. Austin tells Craig that it was all an act, so Craig says that they were pretty good actors. Austin and Carrie go home and Carrie asks Austin to wear some briefs for her because it's her fantasy. Austin puts some on and Carrie tells him that he looks "hot."

John is trying to convince Marlena that she did the right thing. John calls Roman from Marlena's apartment and Marlena talks to him on the other phone. Roman tells them what he knows and promises to call when they have something more conclusive. Marlena says she wants to go see Laura, so John tells her he'll drop her off on the way to the station. Edmund shows up and says that everything is set for his and Susan's wedding, but he just can't find Susan.

At Laura's place, Laura stops Mike from calling Mickey. Laura talks to Mike and she's hurt when Mike doesn't believe that she is innocent. Mike says he wants to believe her, but she has taken the law into her own hands before. Laura starts ranting and raving, but Mike wants her to listen to him. Mike says that she could have had a blackout that night, but Laura says she remembers every detail of that night. Mike asks his mom to tell him every detail, right now. Mike still wonders about his mom and Laura asks him to please explain his and Marlena's betrayal of her. Laura starts crying and Mike tells her that if she has nothing to hide then she has nothing to fear. Marlena shows up and Laura thanks her for making her the number one suspect in a murder she didn't commit. Laura tells Marlena she stabbed her in the back and become her most dangerous enemy. Laura says she is no friend and it's obvious that she has no conscience. Mike asks his mom to stop it, but Laura says there is nothing she can say that will hurt Marlena a fraction as much as she's hurt her. Marlena tells Laura that her heart is breaking for her, but Laura tells Marlena that she doesn't want her sympathy. Laura also tells Marlena to focus on her own life and decide which man she wants to be with. Laura then wonders if letting both of those men dangle turns her on. Mike demands his mom apologize, but she just laughs. Marlena tries to talk, but Laura tells her to shut the hell up. Laura goes upstairs and tells Marlena to leave. Marlena tells Mike that if the police find any evidence against Laura, then she will stand by Laura. Marlena is sure that Laura didn't know what she was doing, but Mike fears that she may have known exactly what she was doing.

Abe and Roman are at the station waiting for the test results on Laura's coats. John shows up and Abe tells him they are still waiting to hear from the lab, but if Laura has traces of the drugs on her gloves they will have to arrest her. John and Roman start arguing about Marlena and John tells Roman that he will be with Marlena. The report on Laura's gloves come in, they didn't find traces of the pills on them, but they found something. Meanwhile, a fisherman has found Laura's real gloves.

At the cemetery, Stefano tells Kristen that she must pretend to be Susan for a little bit longer or she could face life in prison if she's caught. They start arguing and Stefano tells Kristen that someone else may have killed Susan, thinking she was Kristen. Stefano says if she was to reveal herself, the real killer may try to finish the job. Stefano tells her that she must go to Marlena's and let nobody figure out that the real Susan is dead. Kristen agrees to continue being the mental midget until he can get her out of here.

Kristen goes back to Marlena's penthouse and sees Edmund. Edmund promises "Susan" that if she stays just one more day, then they can go home. "Susan" agrees and Edmund tells her that she won't regret it. "Susan" asks Edmund for some time alone and he grants her her wish. Edmund kisses her and then leaves. Kristen says she doesn't know why it's so important for "Susan" to stay in Salem for one more day, but she is outa here.

Celeste is dreaming and wakes and hallucinates that she has on bloody gloves. Celeste starts walking around her room hunched over in pain. Stefano shows up and finds Celeste at the convent. Stefano tells her that he has come to help her. Celeste asks Stefano what is wrong with her and he tells her that she has jungle madness. Stefano wants to give her the cure, but she panics and runs.

Susan has escaped her room in the compound and is trying to find a way out. She spots some men loading a truck and realizes it is the only way she is going to get out. The truck prepares to take off and Susan gets onboard. The truck takes off, but then it stops and the mean Mr. Guard tells her she must die.


April 3
Eric meets up with Sami and Franco in Salem Place for their photo-shoot. Sami tells Eric that Kate hasn't approved of the campaign, so Sami has to prove it's a good idea. Eric is nervous about taking pictures of Nicole, but he tells Sami that he wants to be the one to tell her they are ready to do the shoot. Nicole tells Eric that her shift is almost up and is ready to go with him. Eric goes to get the car and Nicole tells her boss that she cracked a tooth and needs go to the dentist immediately. Nicole and Eric go over to Titan and Franco gives Nicole a little pep-talk. Nicole changes into the dress Sami gives her to wear and the photo-shoot begins. After the photo shoot, Nicole thanks Sami and tells her that nobody has ever done anything like this for her before. Eric takes Nicole out for a soda and Sami hopes the pictures come out. She says that if they are great then she is going to take them straight to Kate. Franco looks at Sami and says that she can't take them to Kate.

Mickey comes over to Laura's and Mickey is angry that Laura didn't call him when the police showed up with the search warrant. Mickey asks Laura to tell him everything that happened the night Kristen died. Laura says that she told her best friend Marlena what happened and she betrayed her, so she's decided not to say anything about that night except that she didn't kill Kristen. Maggie stops by with some of Alice's donuts and Laura eventually agrees to talk to Mickey. Laura tells Mickey that she decided to go to the Blake House hoping to find Peter and free Jack. Laura says that she didn't see anyone there, so she left, end of story. Laura tells them that she's positive that this investigation will be over soon and Mickey says he hopes so. They switch topics to Susan's wedding and Laura starts ranting about how now that the DiMera's are pretty much gone, Susan can be happy and marry Edmund. Mickey asks Laura to try and tone down her vocal hate for the DiMera's, but Laura refuses to be a hypocrite and pretend like she likes them. Laura decides to go for a walk and has flashbacks of throwing her gun off the pier.

John goes to see Marlena and tells her that there was no plasiden on Laura's gloves. Marlena says maybe Laura didn't kill Kristen after all.

At the station, there was a trace of gunpowder residue on Laura's coat and one of the buttons was sown on recently. Roman is puzzled because Kristen wasn't shot. Outside their office, Stefano calls Kristen to tell her that he's at the police station trying to find out if "Susan" is in the clear concerning the murder case because if she was to leave town, it would draw suspicion. Suddenly Abe and Roman show up and and Roman tells Stefano that he just made his day. They ask Stefano what he is doing here and Stefano says that he wants to know about the case because he wants justice for his daughter's death. Stefano rants on and on and learns that they have everything they need from Susan, but they won't discuss Laura. Stefano demands that Laura be arrested, but Roman and Abe says they can't arrest anyone without solid evidence. Stefano leaves and Abe receives some pressure from the DA to make an arrest. A police officer shows up and gives Abe and Roman the glove that a fisherman found in the river and they have it sent to the lab. Roman calls Marlena down to the station and John tags along. Roman shows Marlena the glove from the river and asks her if she recognizes it. Marlena says that Laura was wearing a similar one the night that Kristen died. The lab says there was no plasiden on the glove, but that is because it was in the water. Roman tells them about the gunpowder on the coat, which confuses them as well. Roman tells Marlena that he wishes he could stay with her and help her get through this, but he has a job to do. After Roman is gone, Marlena says she wishes she never questioned Laura about that night.

Kristen is at Marlena's and is up in her room bitching about having to wear this stupid disguise, of which she only is wearing the glasses. On the other side of the door, Edmund has shown up to tell "Susan" about the surprise wedding he has planned. Edmund knock on the door and Kristen tells him that he can't come in right now. Edmund asks if something is wrong, so Kristen gets into her Susan disguise and lets him in. Edmund tells "Susan" that this will be the best day of her life. When "Susan" says yes it will, Edmund asks her if she knows about his surprise? "Susan" says she hasn't a clue what he's talking about and she asks him what the surprise is. Edmund says he won't ruin the surprise and "Susan" thanks him for letting her borrow his address book. Edmund leaves and Kristen prepares to go to England now that she knows where Elvis is. Kristen calls Stefano and asks when he is going to get her the hell out of Salem. Stefano says that Susan is free to leave town, so he will send a car to pick her up and drive her to his private jet. Stefano tells Kristen that she must leave a note for Edmund and Sister Mary before leaving.

Meanwhile, Edmund goes to the convent to see Sister Mary. Edmund has come to invite Sister Mary to his and Susan's wedding tonight at the Penthouse Grill. Sister Mary says that she wouldn't miss her own sister's wedding. Edmund also makes her promise not to give the wedding away to Susan because it's a secret. Edmund leaves and "Susan" calls her sister to say goodbye because she's going back to England soon. Sister Mary doesn't give away Edmund's surprise though.

Back at Marlena's place, Kristen writes a letter to Edmund in which she says she was only in love with the idea of being in love with him, so she's leaving. Suddenly Edmund shows up with Violet and Little Elvis!

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