97 Week 4


April 21Summary by Laney
The show opens with Hope at the hospital with Shawn-D. She tells him that he's going to get to go home tomorrow. This leads to him asking about her and Bo being a family again. He asks if Bo is working on a case and H says she thinks so and S-D says he sure hopes he's careful. Cut to Bo getting shot by a thug (relax, it's a Billie-dream, but I'll get to that later) Hope tells S-D that she's not going to give up on his dad and he asks if Billie is the reason B&H aren't together. About that time Bo walks in and S-D sortof jumps him about why his mom and dad aren't together. Bo tells H that they need to talk and they go out in the hall. H says they got to stop leading him on. She tells Bo she is so sorry about Roman and they embrace and Bo almost breaks down. Bo says he'll never measure up to Roman and H says that Roman always believed in B&H...and so does she...she will not give up on his love.

At Kate's Bill wakes up screaming NO NO and Kate comforts her. She says she's afraid the same will happen to Bo as Roman. She tells K that she loves Bo so much, but....... Kate reassures her and reminds her that Bo chose HER, not Hope and wants to know why she is not happy. Billie asks what if B&H still love each other, but for some reason Bo can't tell her. Kate does not understand, but instead convinces Billie she shouldn't dwell on her insecurity, but go after Bo and Billie agrees (Come on, Billie...how many times Bo gotta tell you he doesn't love you...GET A CLUE, GIRL!) Kate tells Billie she heard of Roman's death...she should go and comfort Bo. Later, Billie decides to drop her drug investigation of King. The longer it takes Bo to catch him, the more time SHE will have to catch Bo. She drops a little vial of what looks like cocaine in her purse and decides she'll get rid of it.

At the church, Shawn, Caroline and Kim are joined by Marlena (who's praying it isn't really R's body). She tells them about this and says she won't be convinced he's dead until she sees for herself. Major Dodd comes in and M asks for proof. He gives her a letter from Shane telling them that Roman is dead...the letter goes on to say that dental records and DNA testing confirms that the body is indeed Roman Augustus Brady. All 4 of them break down together.

At Peter's house, Mike, Jenn and Lynn watch Laura ranting and raving that she is sure the secret room is right here, but can't get the door open. We see Kristen on the other side holding on for dear life. Mike tries also, but no luck. Laura is upset because no one believes her. She gets mad and says FINE, lets go home and stomps out. K breathes a sigh of relief and thinks now, she's gotta get home and see what kind of trouble Susan has gotten into! (Man, if she ONLY knew!) Laura & Co. arrive at Jenn's house (still arguing about the secret room) Lynn trots up with a pill and L refuses to take it and says she doesn't want ANYTHING from any of them and stomps up the stairs. Mike hates to do it, but decides to call Marlena and Lynn gets this panicked look. Marlena is crying over the casket when her cell phone rings. Mike tells her he needs her and she gets upset, thinking something is wrong with Sami. Mike explains what happened and she tells Mike she'll be right there. When M gets there, L recants her story for her. M asks if she had her medication and Lynn suggest they increase dosage and Laura jumps all over her. L says she wants to talk to M alone. Mike returns to the hospital and Jenn goes to check on Abby and Lynn goes to the kitchen (for what else...to make tea!) but listens at the door. L tells M that she is sure K is involved in all this and M says she can believe anything about K...but what about Stephano and Peter...they're dead! L says well, lets go after the one we KNOW is alive...Kristen, because K knows that L is on to her. L tells M she wants her to confront K about her whereabouts this evening!

Back at the hospital, Hope pleads with Bo for the truth, but Kim walks up. She tells them about the letter and Bo breaks down. Bo decides to go to the church to be with S&C and leaves. Kim wants to know what happened between B&H. H says she doesn't know, but can still feel Bo's love, K says she can too. K urges her to go after him and make that stubborn Brady admit his feelings for her. K stays with S-D and H leaves too.

On the pier, Billie throws the drugs into the river. Hope sees this and questions her. Billie tells her she was just cleaning out her purse (Sure, Billie...all women do that) She goes on to politely tell H to mind her own business (that Bo is her fiance and Hope should move on with her life) and leaves. Hope is confused by Billies sudden change of attitude (And frankly, so am I). Bo joins Shawn & Caroline at the church and then Billie shows up to offer her condolences. She tells Bo privately that she isn't going to do anything to interfere with his investigation and back at the pier Hope is VERY curious as to what Billie really threw into the river and what she's up to.

Meanwhile, back at DiMansion, we find John and Susan in bed. He tells her that Roman's death makes him realize how precious life is and you should savor every moment. She tells him to make love to her and then she attacks! J comes up for air and comments on how passionate she is. J tells her they need wine and goes to the cellar. When J gets back, we see K enter the front door calling for him. John makes a toast to *his beautiful wife* and S is eating all this up! J asks her why she isn't drinking and she says cause she's nursing (See S isn't so dumb afterall!) J leaves the room after hearing JJr. crying (to check on him since Susan has the night off) As he goes out the door he says I'll be right back Sweet Heart & Kristen (whose upstairs by now) scrambles for cover. She goes in and finds Susan propped up in the bed and goes ballistic and wants to know *what the hell are you doing?* She balls Susan out, accusing her of trying to seduce John and says she could never be her *you are just a stupid, ugly girl*...she yanks her wig off and tells her to get out of her bed and negligee. Susan goes in to the nursery (as Susan) with John and he returns to Kristen. J notices that K isn't as passionate as she was before, but before she can give him a reason, the phone rings...

M has arrived at DiMansion and wants to talk to Kristen, she calls her on the intercom and tells her she wants to see her right now. Kristen tells John she will be right back and angrily heads downstairs. John goes back to the nursery and Susan is in awe of him. She comments *how wonderful how love sustains you even in your darkest moments*...OOOPS! John had said that to her (as Kristen) earlier and wants to know where she heard that!

In the den, asks Marlena what does she want and Marlena blurts out *I know what you did to Laura tonight!*.....


April 22
Jennifer and Laura talk at home, Jen doesn't want to believe that Kristen can be as evil as Stefano, but Laura knows it was Kristen who knocker her out. Laura is determined to prove she was right, that Peter is alive and Jack shouldn't be in jail. Jen goes and gets the house plans and look for the room, but it's not on the plans. Jen doesn't know, but Laura tells Jen Peter is evil and he is alive. Laura then swears to prove Peter is alive

In prison Jack continues his heartbreaking quest to find Jennifer a man. Later Jen comes to see him and tells him about Laura's accusations about Peter being alive, and what it would mean if it was true. Jack isn't sure, but Jen says hopes it's true because she is desperate to get him out of prison. Jack is eventually taken away, and Jen asks him not to give up yet because she loves him.

Jack returns to his cell and tells Travis the news about Jen's mom Laura, who is having memory flashes about the man Jack murdered being alive.

Back at their house Laura asks god to help her remember the truth. Later Caroline pays a visit to Laura to see how she's been. Laura tells Caroline she knows Stefano and Peter kidnapped her, no matter how crazy it seems. Back in prison Travis tells the crooked guard to call Stefano and warn him about Laura Horton, and that they better put their plan into motion now.

In the DiMera nursery John asks Susan where she heard "Love will sustain us", and when Susan says she must have read it in a book John tells her she heard that from inside his and Kristen's room! Suddenly John says "How could I have been so blind!" Susan goes on about how embarrassed she is and she never meant it for this to happen, and John accesses her of standing outside the door and eavesdropping. Susan claims she heard things over the baby walkee talkee and brakes down crying, cause she's a really really good person and she would never never never do anything to risk her job because John Black is the bestest kindest man in the whole whole world and she loves working for him and she just adores the baby and boo hoo hoo hoo (Susan's words). John comforts Susan and tells her it's okay and he didn't mean to hurt her feelings. John tells her that the security of his house is very important because he's been deceived so many times in his life. Susan says she is so sorry and John takes the baby monitor and says the issue is over, they won't talk about it anymore. Susan thanks him and after he leaves Susan says she know understands why Kristen is frantic to keep secrets from him, but she would NEVER hurt John Black.

Downstairs Marlena confronts Kristen about what she did to Laura. Kristen says Laura is delusional, and she slips up by saying she wasn't anywhere near Peter's house. Marlena catches her and asks how she knew Laura was at Peter's since Marlena never mentioned it. Kristen just says that she assumed that's what Laura said because she's obviously delusional and set on destroying her. Marlena says she thinks Laura did find that secret room and Kristen knocked her out. Marlena says John would be interested in knowing this, and Kristen says it doesn't matter, John would never betray their vows. Marlena responds by saying they'll just see about that, she's going to tell him everything tonight! The two argue, and when Marlena is about to go upstairs Kristen claims John isn't home. Suddenly John walks down the steps and says hello to Doc, and Marlena is surprised to see him since Kristen said he wasn't home. Kristen says she just felt John needed some time alone. Marlena tells John she has to tell him something about Laura, and Kristen butts in and says Laura is accusing her of attacking her at Peter's house and plotting against her with Stefano and Peter. John asks if there is anyway to prove Laura's crazy accusation false, and Marlena says there is a way, Kristen just has to prove where she was tonight. Kristen is shocked that she has to defend herself, and John says that they were together tonight which is why Kristen was hesitant to say something. Marlena says she see and decides to leave, but John asks her to stay and he'll bring her some tea. Kristen asks if that was enough for her, or if she needs some more intimate details about her and John's sex life. Disgusted Marlena decides to leave. Later John tries to pick up where they were, but Kristen's enthusiasm has seemed to have diminished. Kristen decides she better go check on Susan and the baby, and before she goes John says Susan is upset that she can hear them speak through the baby monitor. Kristen is shocked, and once she's out of the room John turns on the monitor he took from the baby's room to see what is going on with it.

Kristen goes upstairs and calls Susan a little slut and demands to know what she did in bed with John. Susan says she only kissed him, but Kristen calls her a lying tramp. Kristen is going to put an end to everything and demands Susan for the wig. As Kristen tries to leave with the wig John comes into the room! Kristen quickly puts the wig behind her back. John came in to check the baby monitor, and Kristen manages to hand the wig to Susan, who stuffs it in a drawer. Kristen and John leave, and Kristen says she has to make a call to the contractor.

Back up in the nursery Susan tells Elvis she will make John love her.

Carrie meets Austin in the hall way because Austin wanted to talk. Austin tells her he wish he didn't feel guilty about Sami, but he loves Carrie and has no plans to give up on her. Carrie tells him that sounds good, but the fact is Sami isn't, and doesn't want to remember the last four years of her life. The conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Caroline who says the rosary is going to be said for Roman. Carrie asks Austin to come with her, but he says Sami needs her as well. Carrie suggests that Lucas stay with Sami, and Lucas comes over and agrees to stay with her while Carrie and Austin go to the funeral. Lucas however messes everything up by dropping a pan and waking Sami up. When Sami sees Austin and Carrie so dressed up she asks what is going on. Carrie tells her Roman's body is in town and they are going to the funeral. Sami says she has to see her father one last time, and when Carrie says the casket will probably be closed Sami just says, "well they'll have to open it."

Carrie, Austin, Lucas, and Sami all arrive at the church, and Sami asks them to open the coffin to make sure it's really her daddy. Kim says that they know it was Roman because DNA test proved it, and Shawn says it's better if the casket remains closed so they can remember him how she was. Sami says this is all because of John and Marlena's affair, but Shawn and Caroline say it wasn't any persons fault, Roman left on his own will. Caroline hopes Sami will be more forgiving towards John and Marlena, and Kim says everyone makes mistakes and wouldn't she want to be forgiven for hers? Sami replies "I could never do anything that horrible!"

Marlena and Carrie talk at the funeral. Carrie asks her if Sami can will her memory from coming back, and Marlena says if she was determined enough not to remember than she could succeed.

Latter Laura talks to Marlena, who has spoken to Kristen. Marlin tells her that John was with Kristen tonight, and he wouldn't lie to her. Laura says that can't be, and asks Marlena if she is going crazy again. Marlena says she only thinks Laura is confused, but Laura sticks with her story, and suggest Stefano made a double of her obviously!

Meanwhile Carrie has decided to go check on Sami, who is busy telling Lucas how important it is that she make new memories, and forget the past. Carrie is appalled at what she hears and says this have to end once and for all. Carrie goes to Austin later when Sami's with Lucas and demands that he end the charade with Sami, NOW!


April 23
At the church Marlena is standing over Roman's coffin talking to him, unaware that she is being watched and filmed. Marlena tells him she's so sorry for hurting him and that she loves him. She tells him she knows he's in heaven, and hope's God's love maybe he can forgive some of the people left on earth. Marlena needs Roman's forgiveness to go on with her life. She tells Roman goodbye, and the other people start coming into the church for the funeral.

John and Kristen come to the pub. John tells Shawn and Caroline he knows he hurt Roman, but he did love him. Shawn and Caroline tell him they know, and they love him like family. Abe comes into the pub and tells the Jonah and Lexie had emergency surgery and couldn't come.

Lucas comes to Carrie's to pick her up for the funeral. Carrie says that's sweet of him, but after today he won't need to fill Austin's place. Lucas asks what she means, and Carrie tells him Austin is going to tell Sami the truth today.

In Austin's apartment, Austin and Sami are getting ready to go to the church, and when Carrie asks if they are ready to go Austin says no, he needs to talk to Carrie alone. Lucas takes Sami to the car, and Austin tells Carrie it's a mistake to tell Sami the truth. Austin says he just can't tell Sami with Roman's funeral today. Carrie says she needs him just as much as Sami does, so Austin promises to tell her everything after the funeral.

At the Kiriakis mansion Billy is afraid she'll lose Bo, and Kate encourages her to do everything she can to keep Bo. Billie gets ready to go to Roman's funeral, and Kate is unhappy with Victor's lack of progress. Kate tells her that she must marry Bo as soon as possible, and Billie tells her she sees now how short life is, so she's going to do everything she can to keep Bo.

At the Horton house Hope breaks the news of Roman's death to Shawn D. Shawn D. fears he may lose his dad like his uncle Roman, but Bo walks in and says he and his mom will have to put up with him for a long long time. Shawn D. wishes they could all go to the church as a family, and Bo tells him they'll always be a family no matter what happens. Bo offers to drive Hope and Alice, and she leaves to get Alice. When Shawn D. asks why his mom and Bo can't be a family, and Bo promises one day he will get his wish.

When Bo leaves to get the car Hope tells her Gran she thinks that the Bo and Billie situation isn't what it seems to be, and that Billie is doing drugs.

Bo and Hope talk to each other outside the church about Roman. Billie shows up for the funeral, and before going in Hope pulls Billie aside to ask her a question. Hope asks Billie point blank if she's using drugs, and Billie says no. Hope says she hope's she's being straight, because she doesn't want Shawn D. around any more drugs. Billie gets ticked and tells her she resents Hope using her past against her, and walks off. Billie goes inside and sits with Kate and Bo, and Hope sits with the Hortons.

Before the services Laura tells Marlena she mustn't blame herself for the past, and to try and think of her future with John. Marlena tells Laura she can't sit here thinking about John because it's just like betraying Roman all over again. Laura says that she knows Kristen, Peter, and Stefano plotted against her and she asks Marlena to help her find the proof. Just then Kristen and John walk in, and Marlena gets a disgusted look on her face when she bows and does the sign of the cross. John looks at Marlena, and Laura gets all excited because she knows John still loves Marlena.

Sami begins crying at the funeral and Austin comforts her. Lucas tells Carrie today may not be a good day to tell her the truth, and when she says "You sound just like Austin" Lucas is happy Austin doesn't want to tell Sami the truth.

The father comes into the church and begins the services. John suddenly senses something is wrong. Abe gets up and begins to speak about Roman when John sees a man taping the funeral. He sneaks over and gets Bo and they chase a man out of the church. Mickey tries to calm everyone down, and the priest suggests they go to the cemetery. Shawn also invites everyone back to the pub afterwards for a Irish send-off for Roman. Meanwhile Sami tells Austin this is the worst day of her life and she doesn't think she can take anymore bad news. Lucas asks Carrie if she heard that, and Carrie says she did, but she can't continue to go on with the charade any longer.

Bo and John chase the man to the pier where Bo grabs the camera. The man dives into the water, and John goes after him.

At the pub friends and family have gathered for Roman's send-off. Abe tells Marlena he knows Roman wouldn't want her to be lonely, and to find love again. Sami wants to check on will, and Lucas takes her to the phone. Once out of range Carrie tells Austin they must tell Sami the truth now and Austin agrees to tell her once they arrive home.

People begin to toast Roman, and when Shawn asks Marlena to speak she doesn't think it's appropriate for her to speak. Caroline says she gave Roman some of the best years of his life, and 2 wonderful children.

Marlena tells Laura that she's decided what to do about Kristen. Suddenly John and Bo show up and at the pub, and John is soaked. They explain what happened, and when Abe hopes they tape and camera bag will give them a clue as to who was behind it John says he already has an idea. John thinks the only one interested in the Brady's enough to go that far is Stefano. Laura says if Stefano is behind it than she was right! Marlena is fearful John may be right, but he promises to protect her. When things quiet down Laura and Marlena resume their talk, Marlena is going to do whatever it takes to get John, and she's going to prove Laura's memories are true!

Later Bo wonders if King could have taped the funeral, but Max says no. Max tells Bo a large drug shipment is coming, and King wants his help.

Billie tells Hope she's sorry she gave her false hope about getting back together with Bo.

When Kristen calls to see if Stefano was behind the taping of the funeral she learns he wasn't, and wonders who could have!


April 24
Vivian is resting at spa with cucumber slices over her eyes and planning her spa and massage appointments. Vivian asks Ivan to dial Kristen's place to see how she is. Unfortunately Susan answers it and fakes Kristen's voice. As Ivan reads the paper he sees that Roman has been killed, and Vivian says this could ruin everything. Vivian is stunned that Kristen didn't mention this because it means John is going to be there for Marlena. Vivian orders Ivan to cancel her appointment and book a helicopter to Salem.

Back at the DiMera Mansion Susan still has the Kristen wig and is telling Elvis that she's going to try and fool the rest of Salem. Susan takes Elvis for a stroll in his carriage, and runs into Vivian and Ivan in Salem Place. Vivian asks how everything is going, and when she asks how that crazy Susan is Susan takes offense and becomes snotty. Susan continues to tell Vivian she and John are fine, and manages to fool her. Vivian and Ivan walk off, and Vivian is concerned that Kristen was so calm about the possibility of John spending time comforting Marlena.

Vivian and Ivan also run into Kate, and Vivian picks up that Kate is scarred about Sami remembering, and Vivian is determined to find out what she has on Kate.

At the pub Carrie tells Kate that Austin is going to tell Sami the truth today and leaves. Kate becomes worried, but Lucas says if Austin tells Sami the truth and she remembers he'll lose Carrie, and she could have her dirty secret Sami has on her exposed. Lucas begs his mom to trust him with this secret Sami has on her, but she says Sami has nothing on her. They get into that old "Carrie could be mine" and "You love Austin more" argument.

Austin and Sami arrive home, and Sami begins looking at her family album. They begin talking about families, and Austin says he'll always be around to love and support Sami and Will, but he has something important to tell her about their history. Sami says she wants to hear everything, and asks him to start at the beginning. Austin says they met through Carrie, and Sami is shocked he didn't want to date Carrie instead of her. The tea Austin made starts to whistle, and when Sami says she'll get it she ends up burning her hand on the kettle. Austin manages to calm Sami down, and Sami picks up on the tension in Austin's voice and wants to know what's wrong. Austin says nothing is wrong, and says he's going to see if Wendy can watch Will for awhile. After he leaves Sami thinks she's done something wrong to make Austin mad. Sami begins to talk to her father and says she doesn't understand or how to deal with her problems with Austin.

John and Abe are watching the tape and wonder if Stefano could possibly be alive and have taped the funeral. Abe checks other idea's out, like the tabloids, but they can find no explanation for the man taping the funeral.

Kristen calls Stefano and says if he didn't tape the funeral than he better think of a way to prove he's really dead. Kristen says that she needs his help in dealing with future problems and asks him to stay in closer touch with him. Kristen hangs up, and bumps into Kate who informs her that Marlena and Laura ran off to the hospital. Kristen panics and fears Marlena may be trying to hypnotize Laura again, and she can't let that happen.

Later Carrie bumps into Kate on the pier, and Lucas isn't far behind. Lucas is concerned that she hasn't eaten anything, and tells her Caroline set food out. Carrie leaves, and Lucas begs once again to tell him what Sami has on her. All Kate says is that what she's done was out of love, and Lucas says everything he's done is out of love as well, but she can't understand it. Kate realizes she's already losing Lucas, and if Sami remembers she could lose Austin and Billie as well.

Lucas returns to the pub and sits with Carrie while they wait for Austin's call. Lucas comes clean and tells her he loves her and begs her not to marry Austin, because he could give her a much better life. Carrie says she's touched, but all she can be is friends with him because Austin is her life. Lucas understands, and Carrie decides to go back home. After Carrie is gone Lucas damns Austin.

When Carrie gets to her apartment she hears Sami sobbing. She enters Sami's apartment to find Austin gone and Sami crying. Carrie asks Sami what is wrong and Sami says this has been the worst day of her life.

Laura and Marlena arrive at the hospital to try and prove Stefano and Peter are alive. Mike brings Marlena and Laura all of Peter's medical records and they hope to find some odd sign in them to see if he could possibly be alive. Mike and Laura argue over Peter's current health status, but nothing he says makes her doubt that Peter is alive. Marlena says that there is no proof of Peter surviving, and says perhaps these are dreams Laura is having because of her deep resentment towards Peter. Laura asks Marlena to come clean with John, but she says she will wait until Kristen to mess things up first. They don't know that Kristen is listening in on their conversation, she thinks Marlena is no longer a threat, now she only has Susan to deal with.

After Kristen is gone Laura says that Marlena isn't telling John because of her guilt she feels over Roman's death. Marlena says she destroyed Roman, and Laura couldn't understand, but Laura understands all too well because her affair with Jack could have kept Jack and Jen from reuniting a long time ago. Marlena begs Laura to stop pressuring her, and she says she will, but she won't give up on proving Peter is alive.

Kristen returns home to find John and Abe discussing the tape and it's possible connection to Stefano, and Kristen suddenly blurts out that Stefano had nothing to do with the tape. John looks at her and asks just how she knows that. Kristen says it's just not his method, he would have had a camera hid in a wall or something, and Abe agrees. However, John still feels Stefano's presence and doesn't understand why. John then decides to clean up and go see Marlena.

John finds Marlena at the hospital, and Kristen is with him. He tells Marlena he fears Stefano is behind the taping of Roman's funeral, and wants Marlena to move back in with him and Kristen! Marlena says she will be fine, and Kristen agrees, so John backs off. John goes to check on John Jr.'s next appointment, and Kristen and Marlena go at it. Kristen accuses Marlena of being responsible for Roman's death! Marlena gets ticked and walks off.

Marlena goes to the pier and runs into Major Dodd. Major Dodd informs her he has a message from Roman, and hands her a letter Roman wrote while he was held hostage.

Back in Salem Place Laura confronts Susan, who she thinks is Kristen, and informs her that she's going to prove to the world what a bitch she is! Laura says she knows everything about her and can't wait to expose her, but Susan doesn't understand and thinks Laura knows she's Susan and not Kristen.

Back at the hospital Vivian runs into Kristen and says she wasn't wearing that outfit earlier. John asks what she's up to know because Kristen has been with him all day. Suddenly Kristen and Vivian realize Susan is running around dressed like Kristen, and pulling it off!


April 25
Austin has gotten Wendy to watch Will for the day and plans to tell Sami the truth. Meanwhile back in the apartment Sami is crying about Roman's funeral and her problem with Austin, and Carrie thinks that Austin told her the truth. Carrie tells Sami it's for the best she knows about her and Austin. Sami looks at Carrie and asks what do you mean and you? Carrie asks her what she meant, and Sami says Austin wants to talk to her, and asks Carrie if she knows anything. Carrie doesn't answer and she picks up that Carrie knows something is going on and wants to know. Austin comes into the room and asks what is going on, and Carrie tells him Sami wants to know about them and wants him to tell her. Austin says that he and Carrie are very concerned for her recuperation. Austin wants them to make sure she's on the road of recovery and don't want her to give up. Carrie says she has to go, and Austin walks her out. In the hallway Austin asks what's wrong, and Carrie explained what happened, and Austin says he didn't think this was the right moment to tell her. Carrie says their is never going to be a right moment, and Austin says he really is going to tell her the truth this time.

Carrie returns to her apartment where Lucas is, and she tells him Austin is going to tell Sami the truth right now, and they don't have to play this stupid game any longer. Lucas tries to convince her today isn't the day to tell Sami, but she refuses to let anything stand in her way again. Carrie tells Lucas she knows he hopes something more will develop, but it's not going to happen, she loves Austin. Carrie and Lucas look through a photo album of Carrie's, and Lucas tries to make Carrie see that if they tell Sami the truth they'll be taking Sami's life, her husband, and her hope to walk again. Carrie and Lucas argue when someone knocks on her door. When Carrie answers it she looks at the person and says "you!"

Back in the apartment Austin tells Sami they need to talk to about the past. Sami begins to cough, and when she asks Austin to get her a glass of water she tries to stand up when Austin has his back to her. When Austin sees her trying to stand he wants to know what she's doing, and Sami falls to the couch. Austin tells her it takes time for her to get better, but Sami thinks that she doesn't have time. Sami fears that Austin was going to dump her for being a burden and breaks down into tears. Austin says what he has to say doesn't matter that she can't walk, but what he says will hurt her. Sami tells him she can take anything as long as Austin is with her, and tells her to what he has to say.

Laura confronts Susan, who is disguised as Kristen and tells her she will expose her evil ways. When Laura calls Susan by the name of Kristen she realizes that Laura thinks she's Kristen, and doesn't know she's really Susan. Susan tries to back out and leave, but Laura tells her she's going to expose her for what she did to her, and she's going to pay big time! Laura walks off and Susan looks at Elvis and says even that strange lady knows Kristen is a loser, and she (Susan) will be the winner!

At the hospital John is angry at Vivian for claiming she saw Kristen in Salem Place and wants to know what game she is playing now. Vivian says she doesn't know what she was thinking, she saw Susan with the baby in Salem Place. John is angry and wonders if Susan knows about the doctors appointment, and even though Kristen says she told him John decides to go to Salem Place and find her himself!

John, Kristen, and Vivian are searching for Susan, and they all find her , thankfully out of the Kristen disguise. John takes the baby to the car, and Kristen tells Susan she ordered her to stop impersonating her. Susan says that she just had to do it one last time so she knows what it's like to feel beautiful, but she's thrown the wig away. Kristen says she better not be lying to her, and Kristen walks off to take John Jr. to his appointment. After Kristen and Vivian are gone Susan pulls the wig out of a bag and says "I fooled you again Kristen."

John, Kristen, and Vivian arrive at the hospital, and before John and Kristen go into the doctor's office Vivian tells Kristen she better find a way to deal with Susan, and Kristen says she's working on it. John Jr. checks out with a clean bill of health, and John goes to make another appointment. When John is gone she asks the doctor if she could switch over to formula, but the doctor says to give John Jr. a little more time. Vivian approaches Kristen and informs her she's canceled the rest of her spa vacation to help her deal with Susan, and Kristen informs Vivian that Susan won't be a problem for much longer.

Marlena is reading Roman's letter to her and asks her to please find love again with John. (See the Misc Fun Facts for the whole letter). Marlena returns to her office for some privacy, when Laura shows up. Laura sees Marlena is hurting, and Marlena shows her the letter from Roman. Laura says that is such an unselfish request, and asks Marlena to abide by Roman's last wish. Marlena thinks she should let Kristen self destruct on her own, and Laura says if there was only a way she could monitor Kristen. Marlena tells Laura that John asked her to move back in, but she turned it down. Laura pleased to her to do it because she might lead them to Stefano and Peter. Laura says that if she can't do it for herself, please do it for Jack. Suddenly Susan calls to confirm her appointment, and Marlena says she can see her today. Laura tells Marlena she shouldn't be taking appointments today, but Marlena thinks by helping others she's helping herself.

In Salem Place Major Dodd gives John a letter from Roman, and lets John have his privacy. John read the letter and is blown away by the letter (see the Misc/Facts Page for the letter).

Susan, Kristen, and Vivian all return to the mansion when Marlena calls to inform Kristen and John she will be moving in with them after all! When Kristen and Vivian leave the room Susan takes a pin off of Kristen's jacket because Kristen said John gave it to her as a symbol of the love for the mother of his child. Susan puts the pin on and leaves to see Marlena.

Downstairs Kristen shows Vivian the secret room she's built for Susan and gives her the grand tour. She even has a little TV set up where She can monitor Susan, and Susan can see what is going on in the house. Suddenly they see John walk in upstairs and Kristen gets Vivian out of the room and they go to see him. Upstairs John is thinking over what to do, but he doesn't tell Kristen about the letter. John goes out to the garden on Kristen's suggestion that it's a nice place to think, and when he's gone Vivian pulls out the letter from Roman she saw John stick in a drawer and hands it to Kristen. Kristen reads the letter and is furious and Vivian says Roman probably sent the same type of letter to Marlena! Kristen says no way is she going to let Marlena move back in, but Vivian asks how she's going to stop her.

Meanwhile Laura and Marlena continue discuss the fact they only need one shred of evidence to prove Kristen is evil, and when they wonder what piece of evidence they need Susan shows up with Kristen's pin on!

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