April 97 Week 3


April 14
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John is shocked by what Shane tells him about Roman. When he asks Shane if he is absolutely sure about this information, and Shane tells him it's verified (we never see or hear Shane).

Upstairs in the nursery Celeste tells Kristen that the baby isn't her's, and all she hears in her head is an Elvis song. Kristen verbally attacks Celeste for thinking of something like that, but Celeste says it's just a feeling. Kristen tells Celeste not to go around telling people her feeling, but Celeste thinks she should be thanking her. When Kristen asks for what Celeste says perhaps a mistake was made at the hospital, perhaps her child was switched at birth. Kristen is furious and orders her to leave. Kristen walks her downstairs and tries to throw her out, but Celeste says she feels a connection to Stefano in this house. John is now off the phone and overheard what Celeste said and wants to know what she is saying about Stefano. Kristen says that she was just saying how she was glad Stefano is dead because if he wasn't and tried to get near John Jr. he'd be dead soon enough. John picks the baby up and says he has Kristen's eyes, and when he asks Celeste if she thinks so too she just says he is her mother's child. John thanks her for stopping by, and then tells Kristen they have to go pay a visit to Doc, he has some news on Roman.

At her Penthouse Marlena learns from Caroline that John Jr.'s nurse is upstairs going through Brady's old clothes. When Caroline talks about how Roman used to give Bo his hand-me downs a sadness overcomes Marlena, and Caroline asks her what is wrong. Marlena just says she is finding herself thinking of Roman often, especially with Sami so ill. Caroline tells Marlena she knows she has feelings for John, but she has always wanted Roman and Marlena to get back together. Marlena says that Roman was to hurt by her affair, but Caroline's says maybe they could start out as friends and see what happens. Caroline says perhaps she should let go of her feelings for John now that he's married, but Marlena says she has reason to believe one days John and her would be together. When Caroline asks if Roman were to come back would it change her feelings for John, Marlena says she and Roman have a lot of things to deal with, and she wants him to be happy. Caroline says she wants Marlena to be happy, and she can't see John breaking his vows to Kristen. When Marlena comments that John won't break them Kristen will Caroline asks Marlena what she is not telling her about Kristen. Marlena tells Caroline she can't tell her the details, and quickly switches topics to the baby nurse. Marlena wants very much to meet him, and the two go up the stairs to see her.

Before they can get upstairs John and Kristen show up with news on Roman. John tells them that Roman is dead, and Marlena and Caroline are wrought with grief. As they comfort each other Kristen spots Susan coming down the stairs! Susan sees the people crying and goes back upstairs, she never sees Marlena. John offers to make some tea, but Caroline wants to keep busy and does it. Kristen tells John to go be with Marlena, and then Kristen tells Susan to go home now! Susan leaves, and Marlena never sees her. Kristen then comforts Caroline while John comforts Marlena. John tells Marlena Roman was on a very dangerous mission and that's why it took so long to find him. John offers to tell Carrie, Sami, and Eric, but Marlena says no. Marlena says she won't believe Roman is dead until she sees her body.

When Marlena drops a tea-pot she yells at John when he tries to help her clean it up. Marlena lets out her emotions, and later blames herself. Caroline says Stefano is the one to blame, and thank god Kristen didn't turn out like him. When Kristen asks if there is anything she can do Marlena says she's done enough.

Upstairs Susan is dreaming about how one day John may love his baby's father one day, and that Kristen doesn't deserve John or Elvis. Susan as this outrageous fantasy where she is in a purple dress with tacky jewelry and John is telling her how she is beautiful.

Hope and Franco are at the Snake Pit trying to learn who is the drug runner, and Hope thinks J.L. King will help her because he was such a nice man. Meanwhile Billie has shown up to gain evidence against King as well.

Up in J.L.'s office King is worried over what Bo may or may not have learned from Viper, and waits Nan's call. When King sees Hope on the monitor he tells Max if Bo comes after him, he'll go after Hope. Nan calls King and says nothing has been said yet. King warns Nan that if he goes down, she goes with him.

King goes down to the club to talk to Hope. He tells her he has offered a reward for the man who shot her son, she thanks him. When J.L. asks what Hope is doing here she tells him she's looking for Salem's drug boss, and asks him to help! King asks why she wants to go after the boss, and she says that she wants to nail the people who hurt her son. King says drugs are a problem in all the clubs, but he is an honest man and can't help her. King and Max walk off, and walk away, and Billie approaches Hope. Hope asks her if she is meeting Bo here, Billie says no, and when Hope asks why Bo isn't doing anything Billie tells her that Bo has already caught the guy who shot Shawn D. Hope wants to head over to the station, but when they try to leave Max asks if they are going somewhere. Billie tells Franco to get Hope away from Max, and when Max tries to sell Hope drugs again Franco pulls her away and says they should just go to the station.

At the station Viper names King, and Bo thinks everything is almost over. Abe says they need a sworn statement from him, that will hold up in court. Bo and Abe leave the room and ask Nan to contact the DA, Bo has promised Viper a deal. While Bo and Abe talk to Pat Hamilton Nan goes in and asks Viper if he named King (she says she's with King). When Bo and Abe return to the room Nan is on the floor unconscious, and her gun is gone! Bo and Abe run to see if they can catch Viper, but can't find him. Bo realizes that Viper is probably with King, and Bo and Abe head to the SnakePit. Billie tells Franco to get Hope away from Max, and when Max tries to sell Hope drugs again Franco pulls her away and says they should just go to the station. Meanwhile Billie buys some drugs from Max, but makes him swear not to tell Bo, unfortunately Hope sees her!

Viper shows up at King's and claims he told Bo nothing. All Viper wants is some money to get out of town. King tells Viper to meet him in the back alley in 5 minuets. Right after Viper leaves Bo shows up and tells King he's looking for someone, the guy who shot his son. When Jl King asks if he named a name Bo says no. King says he has a meeting to go to, but that Hope and Billie are in the club. Meanwhile Abe spots Viper in the alley, and radio's Bo, who's in the club. Bo arrives and when Bo tells Viper to freeze, Viper pulls out a gun and fires!

Celeste continues to feel that there is a connection between John Jr. and Susan. When Celeste runs into Susan in the park she feels something isn't right, she feels the hand of Stefano.


April 15
At Marlena's penthouse John comforts Marlena while Kristen thinks to herself that she has to get John away from Marlena, and get rid of Susan once and for all.

Susan returns home and tells Elvis she brought home some clothes that were his half-brother Brady's, and she learned that Elvis also has a half-sister named Belle. Susan puts on the blond wig and is seen by the carpenter, who wonders what Susan is doing. The carpenter calls Kristen who is furious with Susan, but she can't come home and deal with her with Marlena hanging all over John. Caroline decides to leave to tell Shawn the news, and John asks Kristen to drive Caroline to the pub, he wants to stay with Marlena and wait for Buck Rogers (Major Dodd is his character, but all I see is Buck Rogers) to come with official news on Roman. Marlena blames herself for Roman's death because he ran from the pain their affair caused him, but John tells her all they can hope is that Roman found the time to forgive them. Buck Rogers shows up tells Marlena that Roman was captured by a Middle East terrorist organization and was killed. After Marlena leaves to say goodnight to Belle, and John asks him what he was holding back. Marlena listens in on the conversation, and learns that Roman's last few months were probably painful and horrible. John questions Buck Rogers about Roman's behavior, and learns that he didn't know much about Roman, because he shut everyone else out. The only time he ever showed emotion was when he heard the theme song from Officer and a Gentleman (Love Lifts Us Up) while watching an Officer and a Gentleman. Buck says Roman bolted from the room and cried for Doc. Marlena comes out from the shadows, and Buck says he's sorry she overheard everything. Buck Rogers leaves, and Marlena tells John she killed Roman, he's dead because of her. John tells her that they are not responsible for Roman's death, Stefano is. When Marlena says she'll never be able to face Shawn and Caroline, John says if anyone is to blame it is him. When Kristen calls John later on he tells her he needs to stay with Marlena who needs him. When Kristen says she loves him all John says is same here. Kristen then says "He can't even tell her he loves her in front of his precious Doc, then thanks Roman for picking now to die!!!!!" John comforts Marlena, who decides to tell the children in the morning, and she also comments she wants Eric to come home. She also tells John that he should tell Abe in person.

Kristen finds Susan and tells Susan never to dress up as her again, and to never go near the Brady's again. Susan asks why John isn't still isn't with Belle's mother, the woman that lives in the apartment. When Kristen asks why she care Susan says she bet Kristen STOLE John from her! Kristen denies it, and refuses to tell Susan why he's not with the other woman.

Later Kristen tells Bart the carpenter to finish the secret room as fast as possible. Kristen catches Susan doing aerobics and wonders what she's up too now. Susan tries to make an appointment with Marlena, but she's put all patients on hold. Kristen then tells Susan John has returned home and she is to stay away from him. After Kristen leaves Susan tells Elvis him, her, and John are going to be a family one day soon.

Caroline returns to the pub and breaks the news to Shawn about Roman.

At the Snake Pit Hope can't believe that Billie bought drugs, but Franco says they shouldn't jump to conclusions. Hope approaches Billie and asks what she bought, and Billie makes a really lame excuse that she bought a marked deck for a friend.

King returns to the club and tells Max to lock his safe, he left it open with a gun in it! King approaches Billie, Hope, and Franco. When he asks what they were talking about Billie says it was nothing important, but Hope says they were discussing something very important, drugs. JL says like he said it's very hard to clean up the drug scene, but if she finds anyone selling drugs at the club she should report him to the authorities, King then walks off. Billie tells Hope that's that, and Hope asks Billie if she can see the cards she bought.

In the Alley Bo confronts Viper and shots are exchanged, when Abe looks to see what happened he finds Bo on the ground. Bo is okay thanks to a vest, but Viper has been shot. Bo asks Viper who his boss is, but before he can say anything King shows up. Abe asks King what his connection to Viper is, and King said he's never seen him before. Eventually Viper dies before he can name King, and when JL asks Bo if Viper named his boss Bo says he did, but before he says anything Abe stops him.

Back in the club Billie and Hope learn abut the shoot out in the alley, and Hope and Billie rush out, so Hope never sees what Billie really bought. Bo tells them he's fine thanks to his bullet proof vest. When the coroner examines Viper he says he was killed with a nine millimeter, but Abe is puzzled because both he and Bo had ten millimeters. Hope learns that the dead boy is Shawn D's shooter, and she wants in on the case. Bo tells her their is no case, and Hope walks away with Franco. Later they learn that the bullet that killed Viper came from another gun, and Bo suspects King.

Max drops King's gun that he used to kill Viper off the pier.

Caroline tells Hope that Roman's dead, and asks her to find Bo and bring him to the pub. Later John finds Abe and Bo at the station, and tells them that Roman is dead. Bo goes back to the pub to be with his family. When Hope shows up at the pub she sees Billie comforting Bo.

John returns home and drops a bomb on Kristen, he wants Marlena to move back in with them!

Back at her penthouse Marlena plays her and Roman's song, Love Lifts Us Up.


April 16
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Jen tells Laura how hard it was seeing Jack in jail, knowing that he may spend his life there. Laura says she feels bad that she can't recall what happened, but she knows something is locked within her. Lynn has errands to do, and tells Laura to please remember to take her pill. Laura says she won't forget, and puts the pill in her pocket.

In prison Jack and Travis are in the weight room, and Jack says he wants to take care of Jen and Abby, but he can't because he's in prison. Travis tells Jack there is a way, but he won't like it. Travis tells Jack he has to let Jen go and get one with her life, but Jack says no way. Travis tells him he's in here for life, he can't let her through her life away. Just then Bart (the contractor) calls Travis to make sure he keeps working on splitting Jack and Jen up. Travis returns to Jack, an recounts a story about a man in the same situation, and the woman who was waiting for her husband her whole life grew bitter and began to hate the man. Jack just tells Travis to shut up, and Travis continues to torture him and says that man's children began to hate him too, and he needs to let her go and find another man. Jack can't do that, and Travis says if he loves Jen as much as he says he does then he should want her to be happy. Jack says he can't make Jen love someone else, but Travis says he needs to find someone for Jen to love. Jack says that's impossible to do from in prison, and Travis says he could use his PC to find a man over then net. (What prison lets you have a computer?)

At Shawn and Caroline's place Kim comes home for Roman's funeral. Kim says Gennie and Andrew are in LA, Kayla couldn't come because she had a strained tendon in her leg. Caroline is hurting because she is losing Roman all over again, and Shawn suggests they go to church.

At the DiMera Mansion Kristen wakes up and remembering how Roman picked now to die, and recalls John wants Marlena to move back in. Kristen asks John if it's a good idea to ask Marlena to move back into a house when they're so happy and have a baby now. Kristen says it my remind her of all the things she lost. Suddenly Marlena's housekeeper Chelsea calls John and says Marlena has been up all night looking at a photograph of Roman. John tells her he'll be over, and after he leaves Kristen throws a mini temper-tantrum.

John shows up at Marlena's place, and she is still blaming herself. John tells Marlena that she gave Roman a lot of joy, and now he is with God in peace. Marlena can't get out of her head what Major Dodd said about Roman being held captive all those months. She says Roman took the assignment because of her, but John assures her everything is Stefano's fault. Marlena says she knows that in her head, but not in her heart. John shows Marlena a picture of Sami and Carrie and says she needs to focus her love towards Roman's children. Marlena has to face telling them, and John says he will be there for her. John then asks Marlena to move back in with him and Kristen, and Marlena says NO, she'll get through this alone! John tells her no, she'll never be alone as long as he's around.

Back at the DiMera mansion Kristen is being a spoiled brat about the situation, and when Bart comes over to finish the room Kristen says she has to do something fast. Later Bart shows Kristen the plans for the room, it's accessible through a secret door in the cellar, there is a bed and bathroom, and a slab for food, plus a monitoring camera. Kristen tells him to get started, and Bart says Stefano wants to know if she's tied up other loose ends. Kristen says Laura is fine when she's on her medication, but she's worried about Marlena know that Roman has dies.

Marlena and John were heading to Saint Lukes and they run into Kim and the Brady's. Marlena asks them if they can ever forgive her, and they tell her Stefano is to blame. John says thank God Stefano is out of their lives, but in her head Marlena says Kristen is just as evil and corrupt as Stefano.

Austin helps Sami with her physical therapy exorcises at home as Sami fantasizes about how she imagines her future with Austin when she is able to walk. Sami has a hard time doing sit-ups, and she says that the therapist told them exorcises they could do for motivation. Carrie walks over to Austin's because she needs Austin's signature on some paper, and when she opens the door she sees Sami doing sit-ups with Austin, when she gets to the top she gives Austin a kiss (for motivation I guess). Sami sees Carrie, and Austin helps her back into her chair. Austin explains what they were doing, and Sami asks Carrie if her and Austin don't make a great team? Carrie says she has to get to work and walks out, Austin follows her and tells her he doesn't want her to leave like this. Carrie asks Austin to come with her, but Austin says Sami needs him. Carrie says she feels like she's losing him, and Austin says he'll never lose her.

Just then Marlena and John show up and see them in the hall. Marlena breaks the news to Carrie, who is heartbroken. Austin comforts Carrie, but when they hear Sami shouting after hearing the news they run to her. Sami begs for Austin to help her, and Austin leaves Carrie and runs to Sami's side!

Kristen shows up at Jen's place and learns that the judge turned down Jack's appeal. She says she's sorry, but she has even more bad news. Kristen breaks the news about Roman's death, and all the Horton's are shocked.

Later Kim and the Brady's meet up with the Hortons at the pub. Kristen shows up and says she's truly sorry. When Shawn asks Kristen to be there and support Marlena Laura snaps and says "Oh yeah, like you've been there before." Jen asks Kristen what that was about, and Kristen says she think Laura hates her because John loves her and not her friend Marlena. Later Kristen asks Laura how she's feeling, and Laura tells her she knows she had something to do with her disappearance, and when she does remember what happened her days are numbered.

Later Lynn stop by and reminds Laura to take her pill (how rude!). Kristen makes an excuse to go to her car and tells Lynn she must keep Laura on those pills, and Lynn says she knows. When Kristen goes back inside she overhears Laura give Marlena a call and asks her to meet her in the park in ten minuets.

Jen and Kim have a talk, and Jen says she'll never give up on Jack because she believes she and Jack will be reunited.

Marlena leaves Sami to meet Laura, but assures her she'll be right back. Marlena walks Carrie outside, and Carrie says she doesn't think it's truly hit her yet, but Sami seems the worst. Carrie asks if this shock will bring Sami's memory back, and Marlena says it could. When Carrie returns she can't stand to see Austin comforting Carrie when she needs him too, and leaves the apartment. When John tells Sami he's there for her as well Sami sudden;y exclaims "I remember the past!"

In the park Marlena and Laura meet, and Laura says she needs to talk about John. Laura urges Marlena to tell John everything because she needs him now, but Marlena refuses to tell him. Laura says she feels Kristen is very nervous around her, and she senses something terrible and evil about her. Laura pleads for Marlena to go to John and get her away from Kristen. As they talk they are unaware they are being watched by Kristen!


April 17
In Prison Travis continues to urge Jack to find Jen another man on the internet. Later in the weight room Jack meets a guy in jail for murder, but he claims he was framed and has been trying to work on proving it for 5 years. When Jack asks him if he ever lost hope, and he says yes. He shows Jack a pictures of his wife, , their kids, and her new husband. He tells Jack his wife wanted to wait, but he told her no because it wasn't fair. Later on Jack calls Jen and Abbey, and Jen breaks the news about Roman to him. Jen says this tragedy makes her see how precious time is, and they can't give up hope of being together. Before Jack can say another word the guard tells him time is up and hangs up the phone. Later Jack tells Travis he wants Jen to move on, and decides to find Jen a man.

Sami screams "She remembers!" When John asks what she remembers we see flashbacks of being extremely angry with John, but Sami doesn't understand. Carrie smiles and whispers "She is getting her memory back" into Austin's ear. Sami wants to know why she was mad at him, and asks for him to explanation. Sami only knows she believes John hurt Roman. Everyone tiptoes around her, and Sami becomes furious because she doesn't understand why she is so angry about this. Sami breaks down and tells Austin she was hoping her daddy would come home and help her get better, and now she doesn't know what to do. John and Carrie leave Austin and Sami alone. Out in the hall John and Carrie talk, and wonder if they should fill in Sami's blanks.

Kristen listens in on Marlena and Laura's conversation in the park. Laura urges Marlena to tell John the truth, but all Marlena seems to be doing is blaming herself over Roman's death. As they talk over whether Marlena SHOULD or should not expose Kristen Carrie calls Marlena and asks her to come back to the apartment, Sami is having a memory breakthrough. Laura walks off and catches Kristen in the bushes They get into an argument, and Laura tells Kristen that she will see to it that John knows what kind of person she is. They get into a fight, and when Kristen throws Laura and Jack's affair in her face Laura calls her warped. Laura says Kristen thinks whatever she wants she can just take, but Marlena isn't like that. Kristen then throws Marlena affair with John into the fight, but Laura says that was different. Laura then says even though Marlena won't tell John the truth, she can. When Kristen reminds her of her promise to Marlena not to tell John, Laura says this is a promise made to be broken. Kristen tries to make Laura feel guilty about breaking her promise, but Laura doesn't fall into Kristen's trap and says she's as evil as Stefano and Peter. Suddenly she has a memory of her time held hostage, and swears to Kristen she will prove what happened, and beat Kristen.

At the DiMera Mansion Susan tells Elvis she has a plan to make John love her as much as she loves him. Susan asks the maid if John is here, and she says he went to a funeral. Susan starts going through Kristen's jewelry, which according to Susan she has more of than a dollar store. When she looks at their TV she finds a home video of Kristen and John, which could be of a great help to her. Susan watches the tapes and imitates Kristen's walk and talk. Suddenly Kristen returns home and is about to enter the room when she hears the baby cry. Susan hears Kristen comforting the baby through the baby monitor, and quickly straightens up everything she messed up. Susan then runs to the nursery where Kristen is trying to calm Elvis down. Susan takes the baby and quiets, and when Kristen asks why he won't do that for her Susan says it's because he knows who his real mama is! The baby goes to sleep, and Susan bring Kristen some tea, and watches how Kristen drinks her tea. Kristen is agitated that John hasn't called, and decides to lie down. After Kristen leaves Susan tells Elvis she's going to be Kristen's twin!

Kristen calls Lynn and tells Lynn to increase Laura's dosage because she is remembering things. Lynn goes searching for Laura, who has returned to the church to try and remember. Laura then decides to drive to the Blake House, where she knows she was held. When Lynn can't find Laura she tells Kristen, who decides to look for her on her own.

Marlena comforts Sami, and asks her what she remembers. Sami tells her she remembers accusing John of hurting her dad, and asks Marlena if she knows why. Marlena asks Sami if she remembers the specifics of the argument, but Sami says she doesn't know, but it just hurts. Marlena tells Sami to lie down and rest for awhile as Austin and Carrie think they may finally be together again. John and Marlena talk and Marlena realizes if Sami recalls the affair again she'll turn against her. Marlena says she's really enjoyed having her sweet daughter back. Marlena says that at least Austin and Carrie will be together because she knows what it's like being apart from the man she loves. John says he knows the pain of being apart from man she loves, and has known about it for quite some time. Marlena says she never knew he knew, and John says he has known for awhile, and that's why he wanted to find Roman and bring him home for her. John says he broke up their marriage by forcing her to be with him, but Marlena assures him she really wanted to be with him. John tells her she was vulnerable, but Marlena says she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Suddenly the phone rings, it's Kristen calling for John. Kristen is ticked when John says he can't come home for dinner because he needs to stay a little longer. John says he wants to be there for Sami and Carrie, and Marlena. Marlena goes to make tea, and John asks Roman to forgive him for still loving Marlena. Marlena also asks for forgiveness from Roman as well, for still loving John. When Sami begins to scream John and Marlena go to check on her, she remembers the affair!

Kim stops by to see Jen and thanks her and the Hortons support for the Bradys. Kim says she senses tension and unhappy feelings about Jack in Jen's voice. Jen talks to Kim about the problems, and she says she is even more worried about her mother. Kim says she knows Jack was close to Laura, but doesn't know how close. Jen fills Kim in on all the details of the affair, and Kim gives her her sympathies. However, Jen thinks that Jack's prison sentence could be making her worse, and recounts her missing period of time to Kim. They talk about Laura's problems, and Kim says their is a new drug she wants to research, and she'll tell Marlena.

Later Kim runs into Carrie and Austin and tells Carrie she can't push Sami to hard, if she doesn't remember all on her own she could relapse and lose those memories for ever. When Kim returns to Jen's for dinner Jen tells Kim she fears Jack is giving up hope of getting out of prison.

Message to Days Writers There are a lot of screwed up characters on this show, I think they need a radio/therapy show to help them, Hmmmm who can you get to host that!


April 18
Mike calls Jen from the hospital, he's concerned that Laura never showed up for work, and Jen wonders where she could be. Jen says the last she saw of Laura was at the Brady's place when they went to give them condolences. Mike asks how Laura was, and Jen says she seemed fine other than a concern for Marlena. Mike tells Jen he'll be home in a few minuets and they'll go looking for her together. Mike arrives home and Jen is worried that the same thing will happen but Mike insists the medication will keep her together.

Back at the Blake House Laura has begun her search for the truth, and begins to explore the house. Meanwhile Kristen and Lynn are out driving around trying to find Laura. Kristen hopes she hasn't gone to Peter's house, and decides to go over and stop Laura if she is there. Laura goes upstairs, and Lynn and Kristen see her. Laura find the room the surgery took place, but also remembers a secret door. Laura finds the enterence to the room and is overjoyed that she remembers. Kristen and Lynn see Laura in the secret room and Kristen's jaw hits the floor. Laura talks aloud to herself and knows Peter, Stefano, and Kristen were there, but she can't recall what happened. Suddenly the lights go out and Kristen whacks Laura over the with a candle stick, in the study :-). Lynn tells Kristen she's unconscious, but alive. Lynn says a bump is forming on her head, and she'll know she was knocked out. Kristen tells her they have to make Laura think she was never in the house in the first place.

Lynn brings Laura home, and when Jen asks Laura what happened Laura says that she was at Peter's. She tells them she found a secret room at Peter's, and she's sure that's where they kept her. As she was exploring the room everything went black, and the next thing she knew Lynn was driving her home. Mike asks Lynn what she knows about this, but she says she found Laura by the side of the road. Laura tells Mike and Jen she was there, and begs them to go back with her to prove what she is saying. Mike says he will take her, and Lynn says she will go with them to keep an eye on Dr. Horton, and warn Kristen to get out in time!

Meanwhile Kristen is going over everyone who would hate her if Laura remembers anything. Kristen begins to think how she could seal the room up, but since she thinks she has time she goes home to check on Susan. Suddenly Kristen hears Luara, Mike and Lynn come into the house and she panics.

At Sami's Lucas has shown up, and Sami says she remembers seeing John and Marlena having an affair at a Titan party. Sami cries and says they ruined Roman's life, and all of the rest of their lives. Lucas is already scheming in his head on how to prevent Sami from remembering, because if she does it means Carrie and Austin will end up getting married. When Sami asks if it is true, Marlena says yes and apologizes. Sami says that her dad left Salem because of they betrayed him, and that they caused Roman's death. John tells her that Roman left of his own will, even though Marlena begged him to stay. Sami says she knows her mom didn't mean to hurt her dad, and that she thought Marlena loved Roman so much. Marlena says she did love Roman very much, but that Stefano played a dirty trick on their minds by making them believe John was Roman. Sami says if her parents marriage could fall apart so easily, what of her own? She then asks Austin to promise her he'll never betray her like Marlena did to Roman. Sami says she now sees why her father and Eric fled from Salem, and never wants that to happen to her son. Sami asks Austin to tell her he'll never betray her and Will, and Austin looks at her and promises never to leave her. Carrie stomps out of the room, and Lucas follows her. Marlena decides to let Sami and Austin be alone, and she and John leave. Marlena then comforts Carrie, and tells her at least she's remembering, but Carrie wants to know when she'll remember all.

Austin comes out and tries to reason with Carrie, who is hurt. Austin says he's doing this for them, but Carrie says no he's not, and says it's time they were honest with each other. Carrie says he's doing this for himself out of guilt, and Austin admits he's doing it for both reasons. Austin asks Carrie to hold on a little longer, but she doesn't think she can. Just the Sami calls Carrie wondering where Austin is, and Carrie tells Austin Sami wants to come home. Austin leaves, and runs into Lucas in the hall, who he accuses of spying. Austin goes back to Sami's place, and Carrie tells Lucas she's going to see if Sami's remembered anything. When she goes to Sami's apartment she overhears Sami tell Austin she doesn't ever want to remember the last four years of her life. Carrie thinks to herself that she's lost, it's over.

Marlena and John return to the penthouse to talk, and they hope Sami won't be as angry at them as she was. Marlena says that what Sami said about Eric was right, he stayed away because of his hate for her (Marlena) and the family. John asks her if she's ever tried to ask him to come back, and Marlena says she's tried in small subtle ways. Marlena says Roman was so good with the children, and she says as long as Roman's body isn't found their is still a little hope. John tells her that Shane wouldn't have said Roman is gone if he wasn't 100% sure. Marlena reminds John he has a wife and child at home, and John leaves once Marlena assures him she'll be all right.

After John is gone Marlena gets a call from Major Dodd, who says Roman's body has arrived in town.

Back the DiMera mansion Susan is practicing to be like Kristen. Susan begins having fantasies about being with John, who says he first fell in love with her because he thought she was Kristen, but now he wants to be with Susan. Suddenly John returns home and finds Susan in the Kristen disguise, and he thinks she's Kristen! John tells her he needs her tonight, he wants her next to him and wants to feel their love. John tells Susan he wants to make love to her, and when she says she wants that more than anything they get into bed together!

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