April 97 Week 2


April 7
Today's Summary by Laney
The show opens with Jack pining over Jenn while watching her at the Titan party on TV. He almost gets in a fight with another inmate when he changes the channel. Jack tells Travis that it would take a miracle to get back together with Jenn. Travis says that miracles don't come easy around here.

Hope and Franco go through the *something's going on with Bo* speech, as Bo tells Abe he wants to tell Hope what's going on. He tells Abe that he'll protect her and Shawn-D and Billie all. (As we see S-D lying on the ground with his friends yelling for help). Franco tells Hope to give up, Bo loves Billie, but Hope says that his actions are speaking louder than his words, as she wonders what's going on between Bo & Abe. Bo tells Abe that he wants to keep up the charade, but to let Hope in on it...he can't stand hurting her any longer. Abe finally says okay...it is Bo's call, as King and Max walk thru the door and King happens to overhear Maggie and Caroline talking about B&H. Bo pulls Billie aside and tells her what he's going to do. Hope and Jenn are talking about Bo & Jack. Hope spots King and tells Jenn that she's going to bring him down. Jenn tries to discourage her (too dangerous) but Hope is determined. Jenn offers her help (after all, she's an experienced? investigative reporter). But Hope says no thanks. (But, Jenn decides to go ahead) Bo walks up and tells Hope they need to talk. Billie spots King and gets Abe's attention and he distracts King as Billie warns Bo. (And he asks Billie to dance...leaving Hope bewildered). Later in the show, Jenn tells Hope that someone (King) wants to make a huge donation, but wants Hope to accept the check on the air (since she is the co-chairperson for the event...huh?) He presents her with a check for $50,000. Mike calls Abe to have him tell B&H about Shawn-D. He tells them and Hope is hysterical. She and Franco take off together, followed a few minutes later by Bo & Billie. Later, Jenn thanks King for the donation and he asks her to dance. They dance to *Unbreak My Heart* (as she is thinking maybe she can get info out of him for Hope). Watching on TV, Jack is upset, but accepts the fact that Jenn has to move on. (Maybe it's just me, but Jenn and King DO look good together). Jack imagines that it is him who is dancing with Jenn. Another inmate tells Jack and Travis who King is and Jack panics and says he has to warn Jenn. After he rushes off, Travis says Jack shouldn't worry, Stephano would never let anything happen to Jenn...she means to much to Peter. Max motions for King and tells him about the shooting. Says it was near the club and involved drugs, so they better check it out. King tells Jenn goodbye and invites her to come by the club sometime and she accepts. After they leave, Jenn's cell phone rings and it's Jack warning her of King. She tells him that she's helping Hope and he says it's too dangerous. The guard tries to take the phone away from him, but before he does, Jenn tells Jack *I Love You*. As the guard takes the phone, Jack stands there looking stunned.

Hope and Franco arrive first and Mike fills them in and she is terribly shaken. Bo shows up and both of them blame themselves. Mike tells them that the bullet penetrated S-D's abdomen and hopefully no vital organs hurt, but they'll have to operate. He's in critical condition. King and Max arrive in time to see Bo and Hope embracing.

At DiMansion, Marlena stands outside calling Susan on her cell phone. John decides to answer it as Kristen comes in. Susan comes out of the shower (looking like a doofus) in a robe and HUGE shower cap. ROFL! Susan answers and M confirms their appointment for tomorrow (thought secretaries did that). Susan tells M that she can't talk right now. John leaves and K wants to know why S is there and proceeds to ball her out. K threatens S with Stephano again and S says she'll just take her chances. S threatens to tell J everything if K fires her, so K backs down. JJr. cries and K snatches him away (S does NOT like that). K tells JJr. that Susan is a weirdo. K wants to know who that was on the phone and S says her friend. K says you don't have any friends (how cruel!). S says yes I do, but no names are mentioned. K looks at S and says *by the way, Susan...lose the hat!* After K leaves, S fawns over the baby and babbles baby talk about *Me and my little Elvis* K goes downstairs (wondering how to explain about S to J) to find that J has a romantic dinner set up. They talk about S and J says they can let her stay a few days and see how it works out. K says she hates to fire her and J talks about how compassionate and caring she is (gag...not for the faint of heart). They begin to make out (put dinner on hold) and end up in bed. Afterwards K says they are now truly husband and wife (as J thinks of M). Later, J hears JJr. crying and goes to check on him. He sees S with the baby and feels a little better about her...until he hears her say *I'm gonna take care of my baby*. He then gets one of his patented confused looks. At her office, Marlena is recording notes on Susan's case and wonders why she feels so close to her and is so fascinated by her case. She guesses it's because they both have suffered separations. Later, M dreams of being reunited with John (as they dance and kiss) and says *Someday*. M looks through pictures and wonders about Roman. She prays that everything is okay with him. Later she calls to DiMansion and wakes K up and asks for John. She asks him if he has any news on Roman. He tells her he'll call if he hears anything. He tells M about S and that he is concerned that she is getting a little too comfortable with the baby (re: what he overheard) and K panics. M says he shouldn't worry, she must just have a natural affection for babies. She apologizes for calling so late, J says anytime. When he gets off phone, he and K discuss S and J says she can stay. Cut to Susan who is rocking JJr. and praying. She thanks God for reuniting her with her baby and for sending Dr. Marleeena Evans her way cause she gave her the courage to stand up to Kristen. But she is upset because she can't tell M everything. THEN...the kicker...she says when he's a little stronger...*We're gonna pull off a BIG FAT SURPRISE on everyone...oh yes we are!* (Susan's got a plan!)...End of show


April 8
Lucas takes Carrie home, and tells her if she ever needs him for anything he'll be there. Carrie thanks him, and as they hug Austin peeks out his door. Sami asks what he's looking at, and he tells her Sami and Lucas are home. Sami invites them in to hear about the party, and then shows him the tape. Austin is annoyed by the video, and later tells Carrie he's sorry for getting angry with her before. Lucas and Carrie leave, and when it's time to go to bed Austin says he is going to sleep on the couch. When Sami asks why Austin says he's a restless sleeper and doesn't want to wake Sami.

Austin wakes up and checks on Sami, then he goes over to Carrie's apartment. Austin tells Carrie he needs to be with her and will stay there until morning. Outside, Lucas thinks he's going to get his chance with Carrie after all, when he sees Austin sneaking into Carrie's window. Lucas knows what he has to do, and calls Sami, but doesn't say anything. Sami shouts for Austin, but when nobody answers she wonders if her terrible dream has come true. Sami can't seem to find Austin, but that maybe Carrie knows his whereabouts. When she realizes she doesn't know Carrie's number she decides to go over to her apartment instead. Sami knocks on the door, and Carrie and Austin think it's Billie. They approach the door, and when they hear Sami's voice Austin hides. Sami wants to know if Austin went out, but Carrie doesn't know. Sami says she's afraid, and wants to come in, but Carrie manages to convince Sami to wait at their place because Will shouldn't be left alone. Austin returns through the fire escape, and says he was just getting some air on the fire escape. Austin says he was just having trouble sleeping, and didn't want to disturb her. Sami makes Austin promise to tell her whenever he needs to leave so it doesn't frighten her. Austin walks Carrie to her apartment, and Carrie says all they have now is their work keeping them together. Around the corner Lucas says he'll make sure their days are interrupted as well.

At the DiMera mansion John and Kristen have just done the nasty. The two talk, and John says that he sees that Susan is very loving toward John Jr. and even refers to him as her son. Kristen says don't expect her to be here for too long, things might not work out.

Susan is with Elvis and is telling him that she has a plan to keep them together forever, and away from mean'ole Kristen. Later Susan listens at John and Kristen's bedroom door, wishing she had a man like John as her husband.

The baby begins to cry, and because Susan isn't with him John gets up to check on Elvis/John Jr. Kristen follows, and despite their best efforts they can't keep him quiet. Suddenly Susan comes in with the baby's laundry and when she asks for the baby Kristen doesn't want to give him up. John tells Kristen to let her try since she's a baby nurse, and Susan manages to comfort the baby quickly, which amazes John. Kristen asks John to ask the cook to prepare some sandwiches since they never ate. After John leaves Kristen is furious for treating John Jr. like her son, but Susan says little Elvis knows who his real mother is, and when it comes down to it, Elvis will always come first.

Kristen leaves the room and calls for help from Stefano. Stefano's man says a contractor is coming tomorrow to build a special secret room to keep Susan in if she gets to much trouble.

John returns to the nursery and thanks Susan for her devotion to his son. When John says he loves John Jr.'s mom very much Susan smiles and says she loves him too. Susan starts to fill John in about her life when Kristen comes in. As Kristen and John go to return to bed Susan asks if Kristen will be back to breast feed the baby. When John suggests Susan bring John Jr. to their bedroom later Susan thinks that's a wonderful idea. Kristen says she's already expressed some milk and it would be a shame to waste it. As John and Kristen go to leave Susan sings the lullaby to John Jr., which sparks John's memory. When he asks her where she learned the lullaby she says her mom taught it to her. John comments that it's the same one Kristen sung to John Jr. at the hospital. When Susan asks Kristen where she heard it Kristen just says "I don't know."

Later Susan has a dream that she confronts John in the Kristen disguise, and takes the wig and teeth. She asks John if he still loves her, and he says loves her no matter what, and kisses her.

Back in the bedroom Kristen tells John that a contractor is coming tomorrow to expand the play room. When John says they should do something special for Susan, Kristen says she's already planning it.

At the hospital Billie and Franco see Bo comforting Hope. Later King is worried that if Bo finds out the guy that shot Shawn D worked for him he could turn on him. He also fears that if Billie sees Bo getting cozy with Hope she could turn on him and rat Bo and J.L. out to the cops. Billie interrupts Bo and Hope to warn Bo that King is here watching him, but Bo only cares about Shawn D. and Hope right now. Franco comforts Hope, and Hope thinks that Billie is feeling very insecure about her relationship with Bo. Hope pledges that if Shawn D. pulls through they will be a family again. King approaches Bo and Hope, and tells him he's very sorry about the shooting, and offers to help in any way he can. Bo suddenly gets a call from Abe, Bo says he wants the bastard who shot his son, and Abe wants that to. Bo also tells him that King is there watching him, but because Hope is in so much pain he has to tell Hope now. Meanwhile King thinks he'll find out what's really going on, and if Bo is lying Bo and his women will be dead by morning.

A nurse comes out to give Bo and Hope the news that Shawn D. is going to be just fine. Everyone hugs, and Bo tells Hope he needs to talk to her about their future, and possibly a wedding. When he says after tonight everything is going to be different he gets interrupted by a call from Abe, who wants to meet him now. Bo tells Hope to stay at the hospital, and Bo and Billie take a walk to see Abe.

Abe and Billie tell Bo he can't tell Hope the truth. but Bo doesn't care, he loves Hope and wants to tell her. Abe tells Bo that the shooting was drug related, and if he let's his love for Hope stand in the way of nailing King Hope may feel differently.

Later King approaches Bo and tells him nobody from his organization shot Shawn D. As a gesture of good faith he gives Bo a diamond ring, since Bo said Billie left town because Bo couldn't afford to buy her an engagement ring to propose with. King says Bo should go give Billie the ring, tonight!

Later Hope says parents should do whatever they have to protect their children, even sacrifice their own happiness if need be. Hope asks Bo if they can continue the talk about the wedding, and Bo pulls out the box with the ring that King gave him. Hope thinks Bo is going to propose to her, but he turns around and proposes to Billie, who accepts!


April 9
Summary by Linda (Dustin has a headache)

Jack is all sweaty and dirty reading the newspaper when Travis comes to speak with him. Travis asks Jack how he likes working in the boiler room and Jack told him it meant being able to talk to his family and was worth it. He also tells Travis that Jen told him he loved him. Travis asked if he heard right. Back at Jens, Alice and Maggie are talking about Jack and how he needs to get out of prison and home with them. Jen admits to Alice that she loves Jack, but Alice knew that all the time. Alice smiles Alice is on the way to the hospital to see about Shawn D. (although we never see her there), and although his shooting was a tragedy, hope it brings Bo and Hope together.

Jack tells Travis the longer he's in prison, the more he realizes how much his family means to him. He tells Travis he has the BEST lawyer in the state working for him (Mickey????) and that the appeal has to go thru so he can get out. Mickey showed up at Jens after Alice left. He and Maggie tell Jen the appeal has a good, but not guaranteed chance. Abby comes down thinking she heard Daddy, but it's only Uncle Mickey. Abby and Maggie go up to read a story and Jen has an idea to overturn Jack's ruling.


Sami irons Austin's shirt. She tells him she IS going to walk again and they can go dancing, etc., then continues to go on about how happy Carrie and Lucas looked together. All A can think about is him and C in bed the night before. Next door, Carrie eats breakfast alone, also daydreaming about her and A in bed the night before. Billie walks into kitchen and pours herself a cup of coffee. (they must have lost her hairbrush). Billie's got a cold and raspy, but sexy, voice. Carrie notices Billie's ring and when Billie tells her Bo gave it to her, all her best friend and roommate (Carrie) says is, Poor Hope. Billie just looks at her. Carrie then apologizes to Billie and Billie tells her about Hope being there when he gave it to her and she feels bad for Hope too.

Billie offers for her and Bo to move out if it makes Carrie uncomfortable. She tells Carrie that she's her best friend and how much her brother loves her (sounds like Billie's about to leave the way she's doing closure with everyone).

Austin tells Sami that Maggie (good old Maggie) is going to stay with Sami during the day while he's at work until they get a housekeeper. When Sami is concerned about cost for the housekeeper, A tells her Kate will pay for it, she wants to help (yeah, right!). Sami bends down and has back spasm and Austin rushes over to rub it. Of course, that's when Carrie walks in (heard of knocking Carrie?). Maggie walks in (door was OPEN this time) with a bag of groceries. Maggie loves the remodel of the apt. that Kate had done. Carrie returns Sami's earrings for Billie while Sami goes on and on about how nice she and Lucas looked at the party. Carrie tells Sami she and Lucas are JUST FRIENDS and she'll be with the right guy some day. Austin gives Sami a kiss on the cheek goodbye and out in the hall gives Carrie and proper one after saying I'M SORRY for the millionth time.

Lucas calls Sami and tells her he'll be right over with something to show her. His next phase to get Carrie away from Austin he mumbles to himself. He holds Will and said he never felt so connected to a kid until Will came along (hmmmm, a clue???). He gives Sami a computer magazine and suggests she do computer classes from the apt. She said she doesn't know anything about computers, does she? Lucas thinks to himself that she knew enough to switch Belle's blood tests. He also said A could work at home if he had a computer there too (didn't realize that's all A did at Titan??).

A tells Carrie that he made reservations at Penthouse Grill for lunch to discuss work. Sorry Lucas, only table for two. Before they leave, Billie comes in and shows Austin, Carrie and Kate her engagement ring. Kate gets all excited and wants to throw her a party. B warns K not to get her hopes up and get dissapointed. Sami calls A and tells him to come home right away and hangs up. (this is just for a stupid computer that she makes him come rushing home?) He & Carrie rush out not knowing whatsup, saying he'll be right back to Kate. Sami already has the computer at the apt. She called Titan using Kate's name and rushed a computer over to the apt. Lucas, like a grinning cat who ate the bird, brings in his and Sami's lunch. Sami had just told A he could work at home now with the computer there. A said whatever would make S get well, while Carrie gives Austin a sideways look that I wouldn't dare put in writing.


Bo and Hope wake up in each others arms on the couch in the hospital (sitting up of course). Bo kisses Hope and she can't understand why he's kissing her yet getting engaged to Billie. The nurse interrupts saying they're needed in S.D.'s room. Shaun D is awake and talking with them (the kid FINALLY has a bed ;-). He remembers Bo and Hope being there last night and hopes that means they'll be together again. He remembers the shooting. Bo kisses Hopes hand and leaves quietly with Hope wondering whatsup

Bo meets Abe in their hiding spot. He tells Abe how confused Hope is and about the ring that King gave him to give to Billie. He hates lying to Hope. Abe encourages Bo to tell Hope the truth now. Jen and Hope are in the hospital talking. She tells Jen about Bo proposing to Billie the night before. She tells Jen she feels Bo's heart wasn't in it and he's confused. Jen tells Hope she is very optimistic about Jack's appeal, and when he gets out, they're going to help B & H nail those drug dealers. Jack calls Jen on her cell phone. She tells J that the judge is going to review his case today. She wrote a letter to the Judge saying that she knew Peter's shooting was an accident and that he was just trying to protect her and Abby. They both admit loving each other and wanting to be with each other. Guard gives him the times up signal and Travis is there. Jack says this may be his last day and Travis thinks to himself, not if Stephano has anything to do with it.

Franco visits Hope at the hospital (get the red jacket and black shirt gang). Hope tells him about Bo kissing her, but giving the ring to Billie. She still senses something is going on, but what? Franco tells her she has to say goodbye to yesterday.

Back at the apt. Billie is daydreaming about Bo getting his tux on and going to the Penthouse Grill to celebrate their engagement. He asks for her ring back, but only to give her the original ring she use to have. That way it's for real, not a pretend engagement (dream on Billie). Bo comes in apologizing for not having time to explain what the ring meant and she says she knew it was all part of the act, no explanation needed. He tells her he never meant to hurt her. She's more worried about Hope right now. Thinking about her past and Curtis, she's worried about all the other kids subjected to drugs and tells him he saved her once, now he has to save all the other kids out there.

Back at the hospital, Hope and Franco see Bo talking to S.D. while he's sleeping. He tells S.D. that he loves him and his mom very much and all he wants is for the 3 of them to be a family again. Hope leans against the door about ready to cry.


Lucas brags to Kate how much money they made at benefit last night. When he said a good time was had by all, Kate said especially by you. She didn't appreciate his exploiting Carrie and Austin's situation. He lashes back that she's not exactly a Mother Teresa figure, is she (ROFL). Yet he hasn't pointed a finger at her, has he? He tells her one day Sami will when she regains her memory. He'd like to help her then, but if she keeps sabatoging his attempts for Carrie, he won't. He plans to marry Carrie.

Austin brings a dozen red roses into Carrie. Kate walks in and Carrie said she was afraid it was Sami coming to say she thought the flowers were for her. Austin gives K the report she wanted and he and C leave.

Show closes with a call from the judge to Mickey (who's visiting Jack with Jen). Verdict anyone?


April 10
Jen is telling Jack she is hopeful that he will be released, but Jack isn't is optimistic as she is. Jack tells her he's glad she's with him, and knowing that she loves him means the world to him. Mickey returns and says that the judge ruled against him, and Jen is furious. Jen starts ranting about getting help from Victor and other powerful people, but Jack says there is nothing more that can be done, he's here for life, he'll never see his daughter again. Jen flashes back to Jack's goodbye speech to Abbey, and refuses to let this happen and walks off. Jack asks Mickey to make sure Jen gets on with her life, and even find a man to be a father to Abbey. Mickey tells him he needs a few days to get over the shock, but Jack says everyone would be a lot happier if he faded out of their lives. Suddenly Jen brings Abbey into the room. Abbey wants to give Jack a kiss, but he can't come out of the booth. Mickey pleads with the guard to let him hold his daughter for just one minuet, and she allows him. Jack hugs and kisses Abbey, and Abbey asks him to come home. Jack says he can't home just yet, and Mickey takes Abbey so Jen and Jack can be together. Jack and Jen kiss, and tells Jack not to give up hope.

Meanwhile Travis talks to the crooked cop, Stefano got the judge to rule against Jack.

At Austin and Sami's, Austin is shocked that Sami has constructed a home office in the apartment so he need not leave. Austin looks at one of the magazines and sees Lucas' name on it. Austin asks to speak to Lucas outside, and then accuses him of setting this up to keep him and Carrie apart. Austin and Lucas get into a huge fight when Carrie and Kate show up. Sami wheels herself out and asks what is going on. Kate suggest they all go inside, and straighten everything out. Sami tells everyone that Lucas brought over the magazine to show her she could take credits at college, but she saw an article about working at home and got the idea. Sami says that she also had another motive, Grace wants Sami to try the rehab center in Hawaii in a few weeks, and he can bring a laptop with him! Carrie says she has to leave, and Austin walks her out. Austin tells Carrie he's sorry, but she doesn't want to here his sorrys anymore. She refuses to put her life on hold for him any longer, and tells him to go back to his wife. When Austin asks her not to do to him she says "To You! What about me!" Austin pleads for her to stick this out. Carrie tells Austin to put his foot down for once, and tell her he can't be their 24 hours a day. Austin says he can't abandon Sami, and Carrie tells him to go talk to Marlena and get rid of his guilt!

Maggie returns, and when Lucas goes to leave Kate walks him out and accuses Lucas of plotting to break up Austin and Carrie, and Lucas admits to it! And this time he's going to break them up for good! Lucas walks off, and Kate begins to pout about how much worse things are going to get when they find the papers Sami has hidden in the apartment.

Carrie and Lucas go to Titan, and Carrie says doesn't blame Lucas, she blames Sami, and Austin for letting Sami manipulate all their lives. Carrie says she thinks the situation is hopeless, and Lucas hugs her. Later Lucas offers to take on Carrie's job responsibilities so she can go to Hawaii with Austin, but Carrie turns him down.

Kate goes back in to the apartment and watches Austin play house with Sami. Kate gets fed up and has to leave, and Austin walks her out. Kate pleads with Austin to come clean with Sami, but Austin says he can't, he'd be just like his father Curtis. Kate says he has no obligation to Sami, but Austin says he can't hurt Sami now because she's different, so sweet and devious.

Kate runs into Billie later on, and doesn't understand why she is so down when she's engaged to Bo.

Back at Austin and Sami's, Sami and Austin are trying to figure out how to work the new computer.

Billie and Abe are talking about the fake proposal, and when Abe says he's sorry Billie tells him she can handle it. Abe also tells her that if the man who shot Shawn D. isn't related to King it may take a whole lot longer to nail King, but Billie wants to do whatever it takes to keep Bo safe and have King brought to justice. Abe gets a call on his cell phone and learns that Shawn D was shot by a guy named Viper.

Meanwhile Max is lecturing Viper for screwing up and shooting a cop's kid. Max tells Viper to get out of town now, or else. Viper leaves, and Max calls J.L. King. King tells Max to spread cash around and make it seem that Viper isn't connected with him.

At the hospital Hope confronts Bo about him telling Shawn D. he still loves Hope and wants them to be a family again. Hope tells Bo he promised to never lie to Shawn D. or her, and asks Bo to tell her the truth, does he want them to be a family again. Hope thinks he's also in trouble, and she knows he still loves her because of the kiss that morning. Bo says he was just sleepy and didn't know what he was doing, but Hope says he knew exactly what he was doing. Hope asks why he gave the engagement ring to Billie, why is he doing this to her? Suddenly Shawn D. starts talking about putting the fish on the grill. Bo tells Shawn to to rest, and paints a scenario of them out on a fishing boat, and Shawn D. says wants to know if they are going to be a family again. Hope asks Bo to tell her the truth. When Bo is about to do it Franco shows up, and Bo gets a call to meet Abe in a stairwell. Bo goes to leave, and tells Hope to stay put, he'll be back to tell her the truth.

Abe tells Bo that guy who shot Shawn D. was a kid himself (looked about 16), and he is connected to King. Bo is furious, but he thinks he should tell Hope because she's already suspicious. Abe pleads with Bo not to tell Hope, they are so close to nailing King.

Bo returns to Hope, and Franco confronts Billie about just what is going on with Bo. Hope asks Bo if he was telling the truth, and Bo says he was. Hope wants Shawn D. to here this, and asks him to go into Shawn D's room. Bo says he'd rather talk out here, because he lied to Shawn D. because he thought it would help him. Hope is furious, and says she refuses to be hurt by him anymore, and she can't believe Bo wants to sit back and play house with Billie. Hope says she doesn't know him at all anymore, but she's going to take down this drug ring herself, since Bo obviously doesn't care about the welfare of the children of Salem, and his own child. Later Hope tells Franco she's been such a fool, and this time she's through with Bo for good.

Bo dresses up like a street guy and pretends to be Vipers brother, but nobody seems to know where Viper is. At the end of the show Bo spots Viper, and chases him into a warehouse and catches him.


April 11
Marlena is at home dreaming and wondering where Roman is. When she wakes up she calls John to tell him about her nightmares about Roman and says she needs to find him for Sami and the family. John tells her he's doing everything he can, and asks her to come over.

In the DiMera mansion Kristen is feeding the baby when Susan tells her how she should be feeding HER boy. Kristen tells Susan John Jr. is her baby, and if she says he's hers (Susan's) again she'll bring bodily harm on her. Susan decides to go shopping for some baby clothes in Salem Place, and after she's gone Kristen starts plotting how she's going to take care of Susan.

The contractor comes to build the secret room, but John is to busy trying to locate Roman so he lets Kristen handle him.

At Salem Place Susan runs into Celeste, who is reading her tea leaves. Susan asks her if she could read her future, because her life is such a mess. Celeste says she senses turmoil in Susan's life, and suddenly she hears Elvis Singing in her head. Susan says her son's name is Elvis, and when Susan asks if they will be together, Celeste tells her she can't sense the future all the time. Celeste does feel a strong bond between them. Later Caroline sees Susan coming out of a clothing store and approaches her. Caroline swears she knows Susan, but Susan doesn't think she knows her. Susan says she is the new nurse for John Black's child, and when Caroline sees all the new clothes she suggests that they give Brady's old cloths to John Jr. Susan thinks it's a wonderful idea, and Caroline gives her the address where the clothes are being stored, Marlena's penthouse! Caroline asks Susan to meet her in an hour.

Marlena comes over and John tries to reach Shane. Eventually John reaches Shane after Marlena has left. Shane doesn't give John very hopeful news by the way John reacts.

Meanwhile Susan has returned from shopping, and is snubbed by Kristen. Susan goes to see Elvis, and tells him Kristen will be gone soon and she and John will be his parents. Susan calls Marlena (who is right downstairs!) and makes sure that she has an appointment set up, and when she says Marlena is the only one who can help her get her baby back, Marlena says she is sure going to try. Susan also says she even thinks she has a chance to be with the baby's father again!

Susan feeds and rocks the baby when Kristen comes in to be with her son, and tells Susan to scoot. Susan says she almost forgot about her meeting with a lady in Salem Place and leaves. After Susan has left the room Elvis/John Jr. gets testy, and Kristen can't seem to calm him down.

Susan goes to Marlena's penthouse, and meets Caroline, Susan never sees the picture of Marlena and the children on the table. Caroline takes Susan upstairs, and Susan begins to go through various clothes, meanwhile Marlena has returned home! Marlena asks why Caroline is at her place, and Caroline says she brought the baby nurse over to get some of Brady's old clothes. Marlena says she's been wanting to meet the nurse for some time, and goes upstairs to see her.

Later Celeste drops by to drop off a present for the baby. Kristen seems nervous about letting Celeste upstairs, but John tells her it's okay. When they go upstairs she sees the contractor, and knows he used to work for Stefano! The contractor says he's on the up'n'up now, and Kristen points the way to the nursery and claims she'll take care of the contractor. Kristen tells him to keep working, but stay clear of Celeste, she has a weird way of knowing things. Back in the nursery Celeste looks at John Jr./Elvis and hears the same Elvis Presley song in her head again. Kristen comes in and says that she almost scarred her contractor away. Celeste says she senses something is wrong with the baby, and says she heard a song by Elvis while talking to a lady in Salem Place, and she heard the same song around the baby. Suddenly Celeste exclaims "This isn't your baby!"

At the hospital Hope confronts Billie. Hope says they were once friends, and hope they could be friends again, even though Bo chose her. Hope asks Billie if she knows what is going on with Bo, he seems to have changed so much from the man she used to know. Billie says she will have to ask Bo, and suddenly Shawn D. wakes up, and when he asks if he heard Bo say they would be a family again Hope says it was a dream. Billie pulls Hope aside and asks her not to tell Shawn D. about her and Bo until the time is right. Hope agrees, and Billie leaves. Later Franco shows up comfort Hope, who thinks Bo doesn't give a damn about Shawn D. Hope says she has no other choice then to find the man who shot Shawn D. herself.

Bo brings Viper into the station where Abe and Bo question him about who his boss is. Viper tries to keep quiet, but Bo tells him that his boy was saved by a doctor, but no lawyer will ever save him. Viper says if he talks he's a dead man, so his threats won't work on him. Bo almost gets violent with Viper, but Abe cools him down. Abe tries to make a deal with Viper, but he refuses to talk. Max calls the station to learn if Viper has said who he works for. Bo tells him no, and asks why it's so important. Max says the boss is upset for Bo and was concerned, and asks Bo to call whenever they learn who Viper works for. Bo goes out for a cup of coffee, and Nan (the crooked cop) plays out a sad story about her brother was gunned down by drug dealers and if Bo learns Viper's boss to tell her, and she makes Bo promise to tell her.

J.L. King has learned that Viper is being questioned at the station. He says if Bo learns one of his men shot his son he has no choice but to kill Bo.

Billie comes to the station to tell Bo how much Hope is hurting, but Bo says it's better she goes through these hurt feelings rather than be put in harms way. Bo hopes once Viper breaks he'll be able to put King away. Billie says if it doesn't work, she has an idea. Billie says she used to be in on the drug scene, and she could possibly find her old dealers and try to find out about the shooting. Bo says it's to dangerous, and she's not to do it. Bo returns to questioning Viper.

Nan calls J.L. King back, and tells him she fears Viper is going to crack. Inside the room Bo threatens Viper bye saying he'll exact his revenge Viper if Viper doesn't tell him his boss' name. Viper cracks and says he'll talk. Bo asks Viper who he works for, and Viper says he works for King.

Meanwhile Billie decides she can't stand by and do nothing, she's going after King herself!

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