April 97 Week 1


March 31
At the Kiriakis Mansion the renovator comes to tell Kate that they finished renovating Austin's apartment, but found nothing. Vivian and Ivan listened from around the corner, and after the renovator leaves Vivian confronts Kate. Vivian says she knows Kate was looking for evidence, but Kate pretends that she has no idea what Vivian is talking about. Vivian says the balance of power is shifting, and soon Kate will end up with nothing. Kate laughs at Vivian and says once she learns what Vivian has on Kristen it will be Vivian who loses. Vivian says she has nothing on dear, sweet, Kristen, but Kate vows to find out. Kate says that if Sami did have something on her, she has amnesia now, while Kristen is in her right mind, Ivan sly says "That's a matter of opinion." Kate says if Kristen no longer needs Vivian anymore she'll find out and use it to oust Vivian. Kate leaves, but not before Ivan's body language gives away the fact that Vivian does have something on Kristen. Vivian scolds Ivan, and Ivan asks her what if Kristen doesn't need her anymore.

At the hospital Carrie tells Lucas that she can't work with him on the European issue of Bella because she's going to Hawaii with Austin. Carrie says that they need some time together, but they need time together. Lucas tells her he hopes she's happy, but in reality he hopes Sami will convince Austin to let her come home. Carrie leaves to go shopping in Salem place, and asks Lucas to tell Austin she had to get some things before their trip. Carrie goes shopping, and has fantasies about being in Hawaii with Austin.

Inside Sami's room Sami springs the news on Austin that she is coming home, and will continue her therapy as an out patient. Sami says she thinks if she's home with her son and husband her memory will return. Austin is in shock, and Sami asks him if he's happy that she is coming home. Austin says he's just surprised, especially since Mike was angry she snuck out last night. Sami says Mike didn't okay it yet, and Austin says he doesn't want her to do anything to jeopardize her recovery. Austin says it would make him feel much better if Mike okay'd this, and leaves to talk to Mike. Austin goes out to see Mike, and tells him that he has to make Sami stay in the hospital so Austin and Carrie can go off to Hawaii. Mike says he's uncomfortable about telling Sami not to go home, but he agrees to talk to Sami. Mike leaves, and Austin sees Lucas glaring at him. When Austin asks what his problem is Lucas calls him a hypocrite. Lucas says Austin is playing the happy husband to Sami, but is really jeopardizing her health by seeing Carrie behind her back. Austin tells Lucas that he's the one using Sami's amnesia to further his desire for Carrie.

Back in Sami's room Mike tells Sami he wants her to be prepared as possible before going home, and Sami says she will wait. Mike leaves the room and tells Austin that Sami will stay in the hospital. Austin is relieved, and when he asks Lucas where Carrie is, Lucas tells him she went to Salem place.

Kate shows up at the hospital looking for Austin, but only finds Lucas. Lucas tells her that Austin is at Salem Place buying stuff for his trip to Hawaii. Lucas and Kate get into a huge fight over her favorite son, and the fact that Kate doesn't give a damn against Sami, because if Sami recovers she'll remember what she has on her. Kate denies that Sami has anything on her, but Lucas says he thinks she does, and that when Austin learns it he probably will turn his back on her, but he's the loyal son. Kate says that she loves all her children equally, but Lucas doesn't believe that because she is determined to see Austin with Carrie. Lucas walks off, and Kate says Lucas is right about one thing, Austin would hate her if he learned what she had done. Kate goes back to Austin's and continues to search for the incriminating papers Sami has on her.

At the DiMera Mansion Kristen gives John Jr. to John, and outside Susan rings the doorbell, and starts knocking on the door. John thinks maybe it's just someone coming to apply for the nanny position, but Kristen fears it's Susan. Kristen has her maid answer the door and if it's someone for the nanny position to send them away. John, John Jr., and Kristen go upstairs, and when the maid answers the door Susan says she's here for the baby. The maid says she knows, and and John Black says for her to come back later. Susan is excited because she thinks she's going to get Elvis back, and says she will come back later and just knock knock knock on the door.

Vivian and Ivan go shopping in Salem Place, where Susan is also shopping. Vivian sees Susan, and asks why she isn't at home expressing milk. Susan tells Vivian that she doesn't have to do that anymore because John is giving Elvis back to her today. Vivian panics and thinks that John knows everything now. Meanwhile Susan has a run in with Carrie, and their packages all fall to the ground. They pick up their packages, and go their separate ways. Austin finds Carrie and tells him that they are going to Hawaii. Austin admits that Sami wanted to come home, but everything has worked out and Sami is staying in the hospital.

Back at the hospital Sami has a nightmare she's at home with Austin and Will when a fire starts. Sami wakes up, and thinks it's only a dream, but is troubled that she ran back into the apartment for a doll. Later Grace (Sami's physical therapist) comes in to check on her, and Sami tells her about her dream. When Grace asks what she though the dream meant, Sami says she thinks it meant she should be at home. Grace sees how excited Sami is to get home, and Grace says she thinks that she could go home today, she just has to check with Mike.

Meanwhile, outside Sami's room Austin and Carrie have come to check up on Sami one last time. Suddenly Mike sees Grace in Sami's room and they all rush in, where Sami announces she's going home!

Back at the DiMera Mansion little John Jr. is crying and John asks her to sing the lullaby she sang to John Jr. while nursing him. Kristen panics, and just starts humming something. Luckily it soothes John Jr., but John says it sounded different. Kristen says that she just made it up as she went along, it wasn't a real song. John goes downstairs to set up the baby monitor, and Kristen calls Susan. Susan isn't home, so Kristen says she's coming over to get more milk for the baby. Before leaving Kristen tells John Jr., he's her baby now, and that's the way it's going to stay.

Vivian shows up at the DiMera mansion, and tells Kristen that for some reason Susan believes she is brining little Elvis home today! John comes down and tells Vivian she has to leave because they are going to interview nanny's. Vivian says that she can help them, because she interviewed many nanny's for Phillip. Vivian instructs Ivan to let interviewees in, and keep Susan out!. John and Kristen interview many nanny's, but John says that the decision is up to Kristen.

Suddenly Susan shows up to get her baby. Ivan tries to stop her, but Susan belts him one! Kristen tells Susan to leave, but Susan refuses to leave without her Elvis.


April 1
At Billie's place Bo tells Billie he has to meet with Abe this morning to go over what happened last night., Billie asks if she's going to get in trouble for leaving the safe house, and taking Terri's car. Bo says he doesn't think so because she saved his life. When Bo asks why she showed up Billie says she had a dream King shot him. Bo tells Billie he's going to find a way to keep her safe, and he also has to keep Hope from learning the truth about him working undercover.

At the Horton place Hope and Alice talk, and Hope doesn't understand why she saw Bo and Billie in the alley kissing last night. Hope decides the only way to get to the bottom of things is to go see Billie in person.

Meanwhile Kate is still searching Sami's place but gives up, and then on her way out she sees Bo leaving Billie and Carrie's place. Kate comes in, and thinks they are back together, but Billie tells Kate Bo is still in love with Hope and always will be. Kate doesn't understand what is going on, so Billie says she'll explain it one day. Billie asks why Kate was at Austin's place, and she says she had it redecorated and was on her way to see Sami. Billie rushes Kate out and tells her to go see Sami, but Kate suspects something is up.

Bo talks to Abe about the problems Hope may cause with her unauthorized investigation. Bo is wondering if this operation is really worth it considering all the hurt he's caused his family. Meanwhile Hope shows up at Billie's place to talk. When Billie asks how she knew she was back in Salem Hope says she saw her and Bo in the alley last night. Hope then asks Billie point blank if she and Bo are back together or aren't they. Billie says it's complicated, and she doesn't want to hurt Bo, but Hope wants the truth. Hope knows Bo still loves her (Hope), but she doesn't know where she stands. Billie asks Hope if she's going to give up, and when Hope says no Billie says good for you. Hope asks Billie as her friend, is she holding onto something that isn't there. Billie just tells Hope that as her friend, she shouldn't move on with her life without Bo just yet. Suddenly Bo shows up, and when Billie asks what he's doing Bo says "I'm moving in", not knowing Hope is there and heard him!

At the DiMera Mansion John shows the baby a picture of Marlena, Belle, and Brady all together, and is sure Marlena will be a big part of his life, just like she's a big part of his. He also tells John Jr. that he hopes one day he finds the one person who will make him happy, and then says even if things don't work out you can move on. He looks at a picture of Kristen and says he fell in love again and is happy, he just doesn't have the same kind of love he shared with doc.

In her office Marlena is dictating notes about Susan into her tape recorder about Susan. She describes Susan as below average intelligence, but shows a deep love for the baby she brought into this world. Marlena feels a connection to Susan because she lost someone she cared about as well. Suddenly John calls Marlena, and asks her to bring Belle and Brady over to meet John Jr. Marlena tells him she's enjoyed having Brady, and is sure he wants him back. Marlena becomes sad, and when John asks what's wrong Marlena says she was thinking of the past, and Roman. John says maybe one day Roman will forgive them and come home.

Downstairs in the DiMera Mansion, Kristen and Vivian try to get Susan to leave, but Susan refuses to go. When Vivian says Kristen had no idea the doctors would release the baby this early Susan shout's liar liar liar, over and over. Susan demands to see John, but when Kristen says John isn't their Susan says she's going to call the police. Vivian stops her, but Susan says either she gives her back her baby or she's calling the police. Vivian says if Susan calls the police they may take the baby away from both of them. Susan plants herself on the couch and says she's not leaving till she speaks with her husband John. Vivian tries to reason with her, and tells her that John will think she's nuts and will put her in an institution. Susan says she can prove to John she had a baby, and when John learns the truth he will give her the baby back. Susan decides to go wait for John and John Jr. in the baby's room, and when Vivian tries to stop her Susan yells at the top of her lungs.

John runs downstairs to see what the commotion was about, and Kristen says that Ivan had a rubber snake and it scarred her. John says "Ivan carries a rubber snake, they are so out of here" but luckily before he can see anything the baby cries and Kristen asks John to check on him. Kristen returns to the parlor and Susan says Kristen lied to her, she heard John, but Kristen says that was the butler. Susan doesn't care who it is, she's still not leaving without Elvis. Vivian and Kristen go out to the entryway to talk, and Vivian tells Kristen the only thing she can do is take John and the baby as far from Salem as possible.

Meanwhile upstairs the baby is hungry, and when the maid asks if she should get Kristen John says he knows their is a bottle of breats milk in the kitchen, so he'll go get it, but Susan is still downstairs! Kristen goes upstairs to talk to John about leaving, and John comes downstairs and sees Susan! John asks Susan if he can help her, and she just looks at John.

At the hospital Sami is so excited that she gets to come home now, but Austin and Carrie aren't. When Sami asks Mike if he'll release her today Carrie says "No you can't go home today!" Sami says she understands that Carrie is still unhappy about falsely accusing Carrie and Austin of having an affair, but she really needs to be home and tells them her nightmare. Sami asks Mike to please release her, and Mike says he will review her chart. Carrie leaves, and Lucas tries to comfort Carrie. Carrie says once Sami is home she will have no time with Austin.

Carrie still wonders if Sami could be faking, but Marlena doesn't think so. Carrie tells Marlena she needs this time alone with Austin, and she asks Marlena to please try and get Sami to stay in the hospital a little while longer, and Marlena agrees to. Back in Sami's room Sami tells Austin she knows the dream was a sign warning her she has to come home or something terrible will happen, and Austin says he'll see what he can do. Marlena goes to see Sami, and Austin leaves Marlena to speak with Sami. Outside Carrie is furious with Austin for telling Sami he want's her to come home, and Austin thinks their may be a way for them to go on their trip.

Marlena tells Sami it would be best if she stays in the hospital for a little while longer. Outside Kate has arrived and wonders if Sami could be faking, and Carrie says she's wondering it as well. Carrie comments about how deceptive she was as a kid, and recalls that Sami hid things from Eric in her toys. Kate says she has to go, but to say hello to Sami and Marlena for her.

Austin returns to the hospital with a bag, and when Carrie asks what's in it he says "Hopefully our tickets to Hawaii." Austin gives Sami the bag, which contains her favorite doll to comfort her. Sami tells Austin that's very sweet, but Mike already told her there is no reason she can't leave the hospital, so she's coming home today.


April 2
Kate is busy searching through Sami's dolls, but she comes up empty. Kate panics because she fears those papers and photographs could trigger Sami's memory, and then she'll be ruined.

Back in the Hospital Sami is dead set on going home today, even though Austin and Mike try to discourage her. Sami tells Austin she wants them to be at home and together, and when she asks Austin if that's what he wants he says sure. Mike gets the papers ready, and when Sami tries to talk to Austin, Austin is too busy watching Carrie talk with Marlena. Mike offers her a nurses aid, but Sami says she'll have Austin to help her, it's his support that will get her through this.

Outside Carrie tells Marlena the trip is off, and she can't keep on doing this, maybe it would be better if she gave up. Marlena tells Carrie she must not give up, but Carrie says the Sharade has gone on too long, she should be Austin's wife, not Sami. Marlena says perhaps being at home will trigger some of Sami's memories, and then they can have the marriage annulled and Austin can marry her. Carrie tells her she hopes that happens, and they hug.

Everyone helps Sami pack, and Lucas shows up to see her home. As Sami is wheeled away Austin promises Carrie that he will find the time for them to be together, but Carrie doesn't believe him. When they get to Austin's place they find Kate there. Kate claims she heard Sami was coming home, and she wanted to make sure everything in perfect order. Lucas asks Kate why she has a doll she says she was admiring Sami's collection. Sami thanks her, and laughs that when she was little she hid things in them, but she doesn't have anything to hide now. When everyone leaves to check out the place Lucas accuses his mother of searching for the evidence Sami has on her. Kate says she doesn't know what he's talking about, and Lucas goes into remember before Austin and Billie how she could always trust him routine. Later Sami tells Lucas she's going to help Lucas and Carrie to become a couple. Everyone wishes Sami well, and Kate asks if Sami remembers anything, but she doesn't. Sami says she guesses Austin and her will have to create new memories. Marlena comforts Carrie, who doesn't think Sami will ever remember because the apartment looks nothing like it used to. Kate apologizes, and claims the apartment was redecorated as a pre-wedding gift for her and Austin. Kate says she thinks she can help, and reminds Austin he and Carrie they have to go to a benefit for Titan tonight. Sami is disappointed that he has to go out on her first night home, and when Austin says he will stay home with her Carrie is appalled. Sami is overjoyed, and when Kate says Carrie really shouldn't go by herself, Sami says Lucas should go with her. When Austin says that's not a good idea, Carrie says she thinks it's an excellent idea, and asks Lucas to be her date. Lucas agrees, and says he'll show her an excellent time.

At Billie's Bo shows up and announces he's moving in, what better way for two people in love to show their commitment to one another. Suddenly Hope comes into Bo's view, and he says he didn't know she was there. Hope asks if it would have mattered, and and Bo says he would have preferred to tell her a different way. Hope says they've moved on with their lives, and she sees everything very clearly now. Hope leaves, and when Billie tells Bo to go after her Bo says he can't put her life in danger. Meanwhile Hope is still confused by Billie's words. Billie finds Hope, and Hope asks her why she's playing sick games with her. Billie says she is her friend, but Hope says she doesn't trust anything Billie says. Billie says she didn't expect Bo to move it, and Hope begs Billie to tell her what's going on. Billie tries to tell Hope the truth, but Bo interrupts them and says he needs her to show him where to put his stuff. Hope walks off, and Bo tells Billie she can't tell Hope anything yet. Billie and Bo return home, and Bo says they important thing is to protect her and Shawn d. from King. Bo also apologizes for her getting involved in this mess, and she's a great friend. Bo says he'll sleep out her on the couch, and when Billie says Carrie still lives here Bo says he'll have to bunk on the floor in Billies room.

Hope goes home and tells Alice what happened, neither of them can figure out what is going on.

At the DiMera Mansion Kristen thinks John is in the shower, but in reality John is downstairs and has run into Susan. Kristen starts packing their bags to leave, and she calls Vivian to make sure the Alamain jet is ready. Suddenly the maid comes out of the bathroom, she was cleaning the shower! When Kristen learns John is downstairs she freaks. Downstairs John asks if there is anything he can do for Susan, and Susan says yes, it's about the baby! John asks if she's here to see the baby, and Susan says yeah. John asks if they've met before and Susan says yeah, again. When he asks her if she's all right she gives him a third yeah. Susan says that she's glad he's hear, she's been waiting to talk to him for a long time. John asks what she wanted to talk to him about, and Susan says it's big news, real big news. Suddenly Kristen comes in, and John says she's just in time to hear her friends big news. Kristen says she's been rude to her guest, and asks John to ask the cook to prepare something. John leaves, but before he's gone he says "This woman is weird" to Kristen. After John is gone Kristen asks Susan, and Susan says nothing yet. The two bicker. when John returns and wants to hear what Susan has to say. Suddenly John gets a call from Abe, and has to excuse himself. Kristen tries to force Susan to leave, and he tells her John already thinks she's nuts. Kristen says if she loves Elvis she should leave, he's far better off with them. Susan says no way, she wants her boy, she wants to watch him grow up, and she wants to take him to Graceland.

John talks to Abe, and then says he should be the one to call Marlena. John gives Marlena a ring. Marlena fills John in on Sami's home coming, and John asks her to stop by the house later, he needs to talk to her in person about something.

John goes back into the room, and asks Susan what it is she had to tell him. Susan says it's about the baby, and Kristen buts in and says Susan was trying to tell him she's the new baby nurse. Kristen starts blabbing off that Susan will have to live here of course, and will be very well paid. Kristen asks if that's acceptable, and Susan agrees. John asks Susan to excuse them, and John and Kristen go to the foyer. John asks her what in the hell in going on, Susan is the least qualified of the applicants, and is WEiRd!. John asks what's going on that would posses her to hire a woman like Susan. Kristen says she feels a maternal instinct that made her pick Susan, and asks him to understand. John says he'll try, and maybe when Doc drops by she can explain to him her weird choice. Meanwhile Susan calls Marlena and says everything has worked out, and she'll explain everything next time she sees her.


April 3
At Sami's Lucas thinks the Titan dinner will be fun now that he's escorting Carrie. Lucas says he has to go home and change, and Sami is so happy that Lucas is going with Carrie, cause gosh darnit he's such a nice guy.

Marlena stops by the apartment to see how everything is going. Marlena looks around for Carrie, but Sami says she's back at her place getting ready for the Titan party. Marlena says she has to go, and tells Austin he's sorry things haven't gone the way they hoped. Sami rattles on about how she hopes one day she and Austin will be able to go to events like the party, and is glad Carrie is going with Lucas. Marlena goes up to the roof, where she expected to find Carrie. Marlena tells her Austin loves her, but Carrie is fed up pretending. Carrie doesn't want to deal with Sami anymore, she has been nothing but vindictive and wicked. Marlena says she wasn't always like that, and if anyone is to blame it's her for having the affair with John. Carrie tells Marlena that she is not to blame, but Marlena says Sami became mean and spiteful after the affair. Marlena tells Carrie she will do all she can for her and Austin, but Carrie says she doesn't think they'll ever be together. Marlena tells her not to lose hope, and she says she has to stop by and see John. Carrie asks if John has finally found out what a evil person Kristen is, but Marlena thinks it's just something to do with the baby.

Austin needs to go talk to Carrie and asks Kate to watch Sami, but Austin never gets a chance to get away. Shawn comes over with Will, and Sami says she has her husband and son, they are finally a family. Shawn tells Sami that Will needs a bath, and Sami says her and Austin can give Will his bath. Sami eventually puts Will down for the night, and tells him how much she loves him and Austin. Later Kate tells Austin to go to the party with Carrie, but Austin won't walk out on Sami, he won't be like Curtis. Kate tells him he's nothing like his father, and it's time to tell Sami the truth. Austin says he can't do that, he is responsible for Sami's accident and wouldn't be able to live with himself if he walked out on Sami. Lucas comes to the door and listens in and hears Austin call Lucas a weasel, but Kate says to try and get along with his brother. Austin leaves when Sami calls for him, and Lucas comes in. Kate asks what he is doing here, and he says he's listening in on her and his weasel brother. Lucas says he's tired being second to Austin, but he's going to be first with Carrie, which is what counts. Lucas is hell bent to prove that Carrie is meant for him, and leaves.

Later Sami turns on the radio and plays a song that was one of his and Carrie's, and Sami thinks it holds special meaning for them when she see's Austin's reaction. Austin says it reminds him of a night of dancing under the stars, and Sami says she can't remember but wants to dance with him again one day. Sami then says she wants to make a beautiful new memory for them tonight. Austin says he'll go out and get some candles, and Sami says she'll be okay on her own. Austin goes over to Carrie's apartment, and when she answers the door she is dressed in an evening gown. Austin begs Carrie not to go to the benefit with Lucas.

Susan is talking to Marlena on the phone at the DiMera Mansion, and says she's been reunited with her child and will tell her all about it. Marlena tells Susan she has to drop by a friends, but she will stop by her apartment on the way home.

John and Kristen are talking about Susan, John wants to see Susan's resume. Kristen says she can't seem to find it, and when John asks just what is going on with her Susan barges in and asks to see the baby. John says he wants to ask Susan some questions, but Kristen says she really wants to show Susan the baby first. Susan asks if they have a cassette player in the baby's room because she really wants to play some Elvis for him. Suddenly the doorbell rings, John hopes it's Marlena so she can explain to him why she's done something so odd like hiring Susan.

Kristen shows Susan up to the baby's room, and asks the maid Elliana to leave them. Susan thinks Elvis is hungry so she wants to nurse him. When Kristen tells her she can't nurse the baby Susan says "Of course I can, he's hungry and he's mine." Kristen tells Susan that John Jr. is her son, and she is under no condition to call his hers, call him Elvis, or nurse him.

Abe comes to the house with news on Roman. Abe is expecting a call at any time about Roman. John is feeling guilty because it was because of his inability to control his feelings for Marlena that drove Roman away and hurt so many people. John also hopes Roman will forgive Marlena and they can make up because he hates seeing Marlena alone. However, Abe says he's not so sure Roman and Marlena could get back together, but John thinks Marlena only considers him a friend.

John and Abe come up to see the baby, and Susan thinks Abe is going to a costume party as Colonel Taylor Parker (he's in his dress blues), but Abe says he's going to a charity event. John says Abe is the police commander, and Susan says it's nice to know a policeman, you never know when you might need one. Kristen tells Susan it's time she ran along, and Susan leaves to go back to her apartment. John tells Kristen that they are not hiring Susan, she is backwards and weird. Kristen tells John she's a real sweet person and they have to give her a chance.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion Vivian and Ivan are trying to think up why Kristen hasn't called. Ivan is chugging brandy's and when Vivian asks how he could be so calm Ivan says he's happy that this mad scheme could finally be over. Vivian says if the truth is revealed she'll have no hold at Titan, so Vivian says she has to find that envelope Sami has on Kate. Vivian decides maybe if she went to see Kristen and offered her her friendship Kristen may continue to support her at Titan.

On her way out Vivian and Ivan come to the and Susan tries to shut them out. John and Abe come down stair, and John yells at Ivan carrying a rubber snake in his pocket and scaring Kristen. Kristen introduces Vivian to their new nanny Susan, and then they go upstairs. John is concerned about Susan, and Abe offers to run a background check on her. Suddenly the phone rings, it's Abe's contact with news on Roman.

Upstairs Vivian asks Kristen what she was thinking, and Kristen says the baby has to be nursed with breast milk because of the surgery. Vivian tells her what she'll do when Mamie Yocum tells John that John Jr. is really Elvis. Kristen says she doesn't know, so Vivian offers to help her try and get rid of Susan once and for all, and Kristen thanks her for all the help she's given her.

At her place Susan puts on Kristen's wig and teeth, says everyone thinks she's Kristen with the wig and teeth (A foreshadow?). Suddenly Marlena knocks at the door, and Susan takes the wig and teeth out and puts them on the table! She lets Marlena in, and Marlena asks where the baby is. Susan says the baby isn't here, but she's going to move in with her husband and the woman he's with now. Marlena doesn't think Susan has thought this through carefully, but Susan says she has a plan to get him back for sure. Marlena says there are other ways to get the baby back, but Susan says everything is okay. Marlena says she is concerned for her, and perhaps she and her husband, and the other woman for a session, and Susan says it might be fun. Susan then offers to fix Marlena a cup of tea, but Marlena has to leave.

Kristen comes in to talk to Susan, but Susan says now is not a good time. Kristen says there has been a change in plans, and shows her an article on Stefano and his crimes. Kristen says if she crosses Stefano she might end up on that list, and nobody would suspect a thing. When Susan asks what she is saying Kristen says she's saying she should forget about John, her, and the baby. Kristen leaves, and after she's gone Susan says she's not going to let anyone get in between her and her Elvis.

Marlena shows up at the DiMera Mansion. She sees the various resumes of the baby nurses, but senses John isn't happy about the baby nurse they hired. When Marlena asks what's wrong with the nurse John says she's just strange, but Abe's going to do a check on her. John then says he needs to talk to Marlena about something important, Roman.

Vivian thinks she's almost beaten Kate.


April 4
Billie and Bo are going to meet Abe when Bo realizes Max is following them. Bo and Billie pretend to be playing a silly lovers game, and manage to lose Max. Billie and Bo meet up with Abe, and when Abe asks if they are going to the Titan dinner together Bo says no, it would hurt Hope to much, and he's not in a partying mood. Suddenly King gives Bo a call, and he wants them to go to the Titan dinner. Billie is happy at the news, and leaves to get ready. Abe tells Bo that he thinks Billie is going to end up hurt, even though Bo has told her not to get emotionally involved. Before Bo leaves he says if someone he loved where to get badly hurt he might have to call the whole thing off.

Austin begs Carrie not to go to the dinner with Lucas, but Carrie says Lucas wants to go, and he doesn't. Austin says he's just playing along with the sharade so they can be together, but Carrie says she's sick of playing. Sami comes in after hearing Austin's raised voice, and asks why he's here. Lucas shows up and wonders the same thing. Austin says they were just discussing business, and Lucas offers to take Sami back to her apartment where Sami has dinner waiting. Austin says this has all been a misunderstanding, but Carrie says she's not going to sit around alone while Austin plays house with Sami. Carrie isn't going to make anymore sacrifices, and she isn't even sure Sami lost her memory. Austin says she thinks she really has amnesia, but will recover really soon. Carrie, however, doesn't share that opinion.

Back at Sami's Lucas says Sami should pop in Sleepless in Seattle after dinner, but Sami doesn't remember the movie. Sami wishes Lucas well tonight, and Lucas tells Sami to have a wonderful evening with her husband. Lucas goes across the hall to pick up Carrie. Billie shows up and wonders what's going on, and Carrie explains the situation, while Lucas throws his date in Austin's face.

Austin returns to the apartment where Sami has been waiting. Sami thanks Austin for being so loyal and good to her, and she guesses that's why she loves him so much. Billie stops by the place to show off her dress, but she doesn't have any earrings. Sami offers to give her some earrings Marlena gave her once, and leaves to get them. Billie is stunned by the new Sami, and she tells Austin to hang in there, things will work out. Austin doesn't know, but he knows one thing, he doesn't trust Lucas. Sami returns with the earrings, and wishes Billie a happy evening. Over dinner Sami and Austin talk, and when he asks what she wants to do tonight Sami looks to see what is on TV. Luckily the Salem Benefit is on a cable channel, so they can watch for Carrie and Lucas! Austin and Sami watch the benefit, and Sami asks Austin to put a tape in and record it. Austin crams the tape in the VCR and watches Carrie and Lucas dance with disgust.

At the DiMera Mansion John tells Marlena he has news of Roman, and it's not good. Outside the mansion Kristen calls Stefano's henchman and says to tell Stefano that the Susan situation has been dealt with. Marlena is in shock over the news, and as John and Marlena embrace Kristen comes in. John explains to her that Roman went out on an assignment, and hasn't reported back, and nobody can find him. John offers to go find Roman, but Marlena says it's to dangerous. John thinks to call Shane at the ISA, and tells Marlena that Roman is a tough one. Marlena switches the topic to the baby nurse, and John says doesn't like Kristen's choice, but if she doesn't show up within a few minuets she's out of a job. Kristen thinks she's in the clear when Susan arrives outside the mansion! Unfortunately Susan runs into one of the other employees, and is shown to the back enterance so she doesn't disturb Mr. and Mrs. Black. Susan thinks that a great idea, and follows her. Back inside Kristen goes to prepare some tea, and Marlena tells John that this is such a blow. She is reminded about Susan and her child, and tells John that he's very lucky to have his son upstairs. John tells Marlena if she needs to talk he's there for her, night and day. Kristen comes back in with the tea and cookies, and when John says the time is up, it's time to hire the english lady. Suddenly the maid says John Jr.'s nurse is right upstairs, she let her in the back way. Kristen is in shock, and Marlena asks why. Kristen says she just didn't think she was going to show up. Marlena wants to meet the nurse, and John suggests they all go up to see her. When they go to the nursery Susan is gone, and Kristen says she'll go have a word with the nanny. Before Marlena leaves she warns Kristen she's watching her, and all she needs is one lie to free John from this marriage. Outside Marlena decides to give Susan a call, and inside the nursery Susan's phone begins to ring, and the only one around is John!

Franco comes to pick up Hope for the Titan Diner, and she is sad that Bo moved in with Billie. Franco tries to comfort her, but Hope is so confused about the situation. Before Hope leaves Shawn asks if he can go to a movie with his friends, but Hope says no because he just got over the flu.

At the Titan dinner Jen has come to cover the event, and Mickey tells Jen that the word of Jack's appeal isn't looking good. Jen says she shouldn't feel down when other people have problems as well, and Jen, Maggie, and Caroline decide to plot to get Bo and Hope together. Lucas and Carrie arrive, and the others are surprised she's not with Austin. Jen tries to get Carrie's mind on other things, like helping them get Bo and Hope to dance tonight!

Suddenly Hope comes in with Franco, and the gang thinks their mission might be harder than they thought. Franco and Hope begin dancing, as do Carrie and Lucas. Caroline and Maggie are stunned that everyone is with the wrong person, but they vow to fix it! Suddenly Bo walks in with Billie, and Bo tells Billie not to go near Franco and Hope tonight.

Jen begins her broadcast, and she says they are going to begin the first event of the evening, the getting to know you dance. Jen tells everyone too look at their ticket and find the person who has a matching number, and that is the person they have to dance with. Abe and Lexee walk in, and Bo tells Abe that he doesn't know what to do tonight because Hope just looks so damn fine he wants to kiss her. Maggie approaches Bo and informs him that his partner is Hope! Bo and Hope dance, and Billie and Franco watch from across the room. As they dance Hope tells Bo she knows what he feels, and won't say. Bo leaves Hope and goes to talk with Abe, he's not in a good mood. Bo tells Abe this case is over he can't do this to Hope anymore, he's telling her the truth tonight.

Lucas and Carrie happen to have matching tickets, and Carrie tells Lucas he's glad she's dancing with him.

Back at the Horton's place Shawn D sneaks out with his friends to go to the movies. Shawn D and his friends take the bus, and end up getting off on the wrong stop. As they are walking through the alley they come upon two guys involved in a drug deal. Shawn D and his friends run, but the two guys chase them, and Shawn D is shot!

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