April 02 Week 5


April 29
Sami goes to Titan and waits for the cleaning staff to leave so she can sneak in and steal the tape. Meanwhile, Kate and Lucas sneak into Titan using Kate's old key, which she never returned. Sami breaks into Victor's office and attempts to get the tape. She manages to get into his desk and gets the tape just as Lucas and Kate, disguised as security guards, come in and catch her with the tape. Kate demands she hand it over, and Sami of course refuses. A fight for the tape ensues.

Chloe wakes up and is feeling worse than she did before, which worries her. Meanwhile, Craig brings Nancy breakfast in bed for their anniversary, and all he's wearing is an apron and a chef's hat! After breakfast in bed, Nancy surprises Craig with his gift, a palm pilot. Nancy has already put in some digital photos, and they look through them together.

At the Penthouse, Belle can't believe Shawn is blaming her for the loss of Jan's baby and pushing her away. She also doesn't know why she even wants to talk to Shawn anymore. Chloe calls up Belle to talk about the miscarriage, and she can't believe she knows. Belle fears everyone will know about this at school. Mimi calls Belle while she's talking on the phone to Chloe, and Belle tells Mimi that she better have not told anyone else about Shawn and Jan. Mimi says she hasn't. Belle then gets another call, and she thinks it is from Shawn. Mimi tries to convince her not to take it, but she says she has to know who it is. By time she answers the person has hung up.

At the Brady's, the family spent the night in JT's nursery to be close to him, as it was their last night together and this is their last morning together. Shawn stays home from school to be with JT, and they all have breakfast together. Shawn spends some time alone with JT to tell him how much he loves him. Meanwhile, Jen and Roman show up to offer support. After a big breakfast, Bo and Hope give JT a bath. Jen talks to Shawn about how he's feeling, and how its okay to be sad and miss JT, as well as Belle. Jen urges Shawn to call BElle if he misses her, so he says he will. Shawn tries to call her, but nobody answers the phone so he gives up. Later, when Roman learns John is coming over he becomes angry because John has caused enough trouble for Bo and Hope. Roman then calls child services for an update and learns Barb and Glen will be arriving at 2pm to get JT.


April 30
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At the penthouse, Marlena is eating breakfast when John and Shirtless Brady come in from their mourning run. Brady goes to take a shower, and John is completely out of breath. John hoped to see Belle before she left for school, but Marlena tells him that he's too late. John thinks Belle is very brave for going to school when the kids will obviously be talking about the tabloids. Marlena says she thinks Belle can handle the gossip, but she's more worried about the guilt Belle is feeling over Jan's miscarriage. Brady returns and says he's very worried about Belle as well, and asks what can be done to help her. Marlena says Belle will work through this in time, but Brady thinks he should put his own plans on hold for Belle. Marlena asks what plans? John says that Brady wants to move out. Brady tells Caprice about his loft, and Caprice begins to have vibes. She says she is sensing bad news, heartbreaking news. John makes some calls, and learns that Bo and Hope are going to lose JT today. John says Hope wants her to be there, and MArlena offers to go with him. Later, Marlena tells Brady how much they will miss him when he moves out. Marlena hugs Brady and tells him that she loves him and he is special to her.

At school, Belle is embarrassed when she overhears the kids gossiping about the newspaper article. Jason shows up and tries to ask Belle out since their ex's hooked up. He ask her if Saturday night will work for her? Cynthia turns up and tells her to go for it, Jason comes from good stock! Phillip hears Cynthia, and yells at her for trying to hurt everyone. He tells her that she will pay for hurting everyone the way she does! Cynthia and Jason leave, and Belle thanks Phillip for sticking up for her. Chloe shows up, coughing and dropping her books. Phillip rushes to her, but she just wants him to stay away from her. Chloe walks off, and Phillip whines about Chloe leaving him. Belle tells Phillip that he has no one to blame for this but himself! Meanwhile, Mimi becomes concerned about Chloe's health and cough, and suggests she go see the nurse. CHloe insists she is fine. They then discuss how to find the truth out about Jan, and Belle wonders why Mimi and Chloe are acting so buddy-buddy. Belle asks Mimi what she was talking to Chloe about? Mimi says she was just telling Chloe how angry she was for telling her about the whole Jan/Shawn thing this morning. Jason returns and asks Belle out for Saturday again, but Belle says no because she's not ready yet. Jason says he understands, and as he starts talking about Jan and the baby, Mimi blurts out, in front of everyone, that Jan had a miscarriage. Cynthia then says she just talked to Jan and accuses Belle of killing Jan's baby! Phillip defends Belle and tells everyone that it wasn't Belle's fault! Belle breaks down in Phillip's arms and says she never meant to hurt her! Later, Chloe tells Phillip that what he did for Belle was very nice, it's just too bad he wasn't that chivalrous with her. Chloe and Mimi then try to cheer Belle up, but there seems to be no cheering her up. Chloe and Mimi form a new plan to find out what Cynthia really knows by Mimi becoming Cynthia's new best friend. Mimi goes to befriend Cynthia and tries to get her to tell her how Jan really lost her baby. Cynthia just says when Jan wants something, she gets it.

Abe moves back into his and Lexie's old home. Celeste shows up and says she got his message, and she asks why they are meeting here? Celeste is hoping they have moved back home, but Abe says they haven't. Celeste asks if he and Lexie have split up? Abe tells her what is going on, and she says she feared this would happen. Abe asks what her vibes are telling her? Celeste says she shouldn't have said anything, but Abe wants to know what she senses. Celeste says she is worried about her daughter and who she is becoming. Abe realizes that Lexie is worried that LExie has already become a DiMera. Celeste refuses to lose her daughter now, and she rushes out of the house.

Rolfe calls Stefano and tells him that Abe and Lexie are no more, Abe moved out! Lexie catches Rolfe on the phone with Stefano, grabs the phone, and asks her father if he is responsible for this! Stefano says something to Lexie which causes her to worry. LExie says she understands, and hangs up. Stefano told Lexie that Abe moving out won't look good for her in court. Rolfe suggests she simply take Isaac, leave the country, and join her father in Europe! Lexie says she can't leave Abe, she can't give up being a Carver and become a true DiMera for the rest of her life. Rolfe tells her that she is a DiMera, but LExie says becoming a true DiMera would mean becoming more and more like her father, the person Abe despises. Rolfe tells Lexie that if she wants to keep Isaac then she will have to sacrifice Abe. Celeste shows up and tells her daughter that she is moving in, but Lexie says she doesn't need this right now. Lexie says she has to go out, and if her mother is going to stay to make herself useful and keep anyone and everyone out of the house and away from her son! Lexie leaves, and Celeste warns Rolfe that she will be watching him and she won't let him hurt her daughter! The clock chimes, and Celeste realizes something bad will happen in a few hours.

LExie goes to see Abe at their old house. LExie claims she just hasn't been thinking clearly because she's been so afraid of losing Isaac. She says she knows she's done horrible things lately, but she's just been so scared of losing Isaac and him. Lexie begs Abe to come back to her and Isaac. Abe says all she has to do is bring Isaac here, because he will not go back to that house. Abe says the only way to make things right between them is to turn her back on her father once and for all. Abe says she has a choice to make, come back here and risk losing Isaac, or follow in her father's footsteps. HE asks her if she is a DiMera or a Carver?


May 1
At the Brady's, everyone (Hortons and Bradys) gathers to say goodbye to JT. Hope has made a book of everything she can remember about JT since he was born as a gift to Glen and Barb so JT's first two years aren't a blank for them. Hope thinks about losing her own mother at such a young age, and she thinks it must have been so hard on her dad to be both mother and father to her. Doug holds JT and sings "Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye" to JT, and ends up in tears. Meanwhile, Roman is furious that there are reporters outside trying to make a buck off Bo and Hope's pain. The clock ticks away, and Maggie doesn't know how Hope is holding up as well as she is.

Shawn comes downstairs after checking on Jan. Shawn has a big chip on his shoulder, and blows up when his grandparents tell him how proud they are of him for getting into Pepperdine. Shawn says nobody is proud of him anymore, and he's not going to college cause he no longer has a future, and college is a place for people with futures. Caroline tells him that is no example for his little brother, but Shawn says JT isn't going to be his little brother much longer. Caroline doubts the Reibers will cut all contact between them and JT, and even if he does, JT might come looking for them when he grows up and does he really want JT to find some loser of an older brother waiting for him?

John realizes that Bo and Hope's losing JT is bringing back her losing her child years ago to SIDS. Marlena says you never get over the loss of a child, but the pain gets better. The camera pans to the clock on the mantle, which continues to count down the minutes. Maggie asks Bo and Hope if they should leave and let them spend these last minutes alone with JT, but Bo and Hope insist they all stay. Shawn Sr. makes a speech about how much they have to be grateful for, and everyone joins hands for a prayer of thanks. Shawn thanks the lord for the blessing of John Thomas Brady in their lives. Shawn D doesn't think he can have faith in God anymore, but Caroline says having faith is not questioning God's will, just accepting it. Caroline asks Shawn D if he would have turned his back on JT in the beginning if he knew then their time with him would be short? Shawn D says no. Maggie then asks Mickey to read a passage from the Bible for them. Mickey reads from the Bible, a passage about God giving up his own son for us all.

There is a knock at the door, and it is Barb and Glen come to get JT. Barb tells the Brady's that she is going to be having a boy, so JT will have another brother. Glen gathers up JT's things, including a new tricycle they were going to give him for his birthday. Barb and Glen thank the Brady's for everything they've done, and what they are giving them. Hope tries to fill them in about JT, what he needs and what they need to watch out for. Bo gives them the diary about JT's doctor visits, as well as some books on FAS. Hope and Bo also tell Glen and Barb that they can call them if they need anything at all. Glen says that he has a good job in Iowa, and JT will have a big family around him. Bo ends up taking JT from Hope and gives him to Glen. JT begins to cough, and Bo and Hope go into a panic thinking he is having an attack. They scramble to get the equipment, but it turns out that he is just fine. Glen knew how to calm JT down, and Hope thanks him for knowing what to do. Glen says JT owes his life to the Brady's, and Barb says Glen is grateful to them for giving JT such a wonderful life. Glen tells them that they won't let JT forget them, and Barb says they are always welcome to come visit. Hope gives Barb and Glen the baby book she put together for them, and they thank her. However, Glen says they can't take this, he wants them to keep it to remember how much JT loves them. Glen tells them that he wants to keep his name as JT, but he also wants to add Brady to his name. Glen says that he will be known as John Thomas Brady Reiber. Glen says that Bo and Hope have their address in Iowa, and he wants them all to feel free to write to them. Barb and Glen have to go, so everyone says goodbye to JT and then they leave for Iowa. Hope tells them to just leave quickly, and Bo tells them to go out the back to avoid the reporters. Bo, Hope, and Shawn all hug one another.

The show ends with the song "Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye" and we see what the Brady's are all doing. Bo goes to the garage to deal with his anger by using the punching bag, Shawn goes outback to look at JT's playthings, and Hope sits in the nursery looking at the baby book she made. As Hope cries, the camera pans away and we see the empty nursery.


May 2
At the hospital, Nancy learns she is a finalist for the cookie contest. Meanwhile, when Phillip asks Chloe to talk to her for a sec, she accuses him of stalking her. She tells him that she doesn't want to see or talk to him, and threatens to get a restraining order against him! Chloe goes to see Nancy, and Nancy tells her the cookie contest news. Chloe isn't that cheery because she continues to watch Phillip hover around her. Brady shows up, and Nancy takes off so CHloe can talk to Brady alone. Nancy reminds Chloe about her blood test, and this worries Brady. He asks if she is still sick? Chloe says it is no big deal, Craig just thinks she's a little anemic. Brady notices how Phillip is staring at her, and she says she and Phillip are over forever. Chloe takes off for her blood test, and Phillip once again tries to talk to her. However, she tells him to stay away!

Belle and Mimi go to the hospital to work, but are early. Mimi knows Belle is avoiding the kids at Dot.Com, but she doesn't blame her. Mimi tells Belle that she was brave for going to school today. Belle and Mimi end up seeing Phillip staring at Brady and Chloe, and they tell him that Brady may not even be interested in Chloe, and that he needs to learn from his mistakes. Later, Brady asks Belle for the scoop on Chloe and Phillip. She tells him about the tape, which infuriates him. Brady goes after Phillip, calling him a stupid son of a . . . Phillip tells him to get a life, and Brady says he's the obsessed one! As they are about to brawl, a nurse tells them both to stop it because this is a hosptial. However, they both say this is far from over.

Craig looks over Chloe's medical records. Collin shows up and Craig asks him to take on one of this patients due to a conflict of interest. Craig asks him to take on Chloe's case. Craig tells Collin that he doesn't want to worry Nancy or Chloe, so he has to be careful about what he says. Nancy shows up and asks what is wrong? Who has to be careful? Nancy becomes worried about Chloe and asks what is really going on with her. Before they can answer, Chloe shows up for her test and learns Collin will be giving her the tests because of the whole conflict of interest thing. Chloe asks if this is a big deal, and Craig says it isn't.

At the Brady's, Hope wakes up in the nursery and cries as she looks at some of JT's things. Bo tells Hope they should go downstairs, but she says not yet. As Bo grabs her hand, she has a white out and spaces out. He asks her what is wrong? Hope says she just had another white out. Bo suggests they leave, but Hope says she has to stay here just a little while longer. Hope lays back down and has more mysterious dreams about Paris and the white masked man.

Shawn talks to Jan about JT. Jan feels bad for Shawn because he's not only lost JT, but her baby as well. Bo tells Shawn and Jan that he has to leave to take care of something, and asks Shawn to stick around here. Bo leaves, and Jan decides to try and help Shawn feel better. She makes him a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, but he says he's not hungry. They talk about the future, and Jan says she's decided to try and go to Peperdine like him. Shawn, however, says he's changed his mind about college. Jan then suggests they hit the road and just backpack across Europe. Shawn says he can't leave home, not now. Jan says her mom has her dad and the rest of her family, she has no one except him. Jan says she can be there for him, and tries to kiss him. Shawn pulls away and asks her what she thinks she's doing? Jan says she was just trying to give him a hug. Later, after the whole ordeal at Abe's house (see below), Bo returns and goes back upstairs. Hope wakes up and tells Bo about her dream, which she remembers this time!

At Abe's old house, Abe hopes LExie will make the right choice. Bo shows up, and asks Abe to give Hope her son back. Bo says Hope will win the custody battle, why drag it out? Abe tells Bo that he's just trying to distract Bo's grief, he can't replace one baby in Hope's heart with another! Abe tells Bo that he's already given Lexie an ultimatum, she returns to him and gives up the DiMera lifestyle, or they are through. Bo says he's sorry things aren't going well for him, but he does not trust Lexie. Bo warns Abe to keep Lexie in line, or there will be hell to pay! Bo says he will take Isaac, and there is nothing anyone can do about it!

Meanwhile, Lexie returns to the DiMera mansion and orders Eliana to start packing. Rolfe and Celeste ask her what is happening? LExie says she and Isaac are moving out. Celeste thinks she is moving back in with Abe, and Rolfe is furious. HE tells her that she is making a mistake, but Lexie says she knows what she's doing. Rolfe decides to stop LExie on his own and makes a call. Cameron Reese shows up, and Rolfe tells her since she failed at her last job, he has another one for her. Rolfe tells her what he wants her to do. Meanwhile, Celeste is packing Isaac's things, and has a vision that he is taken away (actually she sees an empty crib). She screams, and Lexie asks her what is wrong? Celeste says the baby is gone! Isaac is in his crib, and Celeste says it must have been a vision that he was taken from them. Lexie panics, so Celeste suggests maybe it just meant that he was going back to his old home. Lexie asks her mom to pick up some groceries for her and meet her back at the Carver house. Celeste says okay, and leaves. Lexie goes downstairs, and Cameron tells Lexie that the judge has already ruled that she has 48 hours to turn Isaac over to Bo and Hope! Lexie says there must be some mistake! She refuses to give Isaac up, so Rolfe tells her to call Stefano for help. As Lexie is about to run out of the house, Abe shows up and catches her trying to flee!


May 3
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Lexie is about to leave the mansion when Abe arrives, thwarting her plan. He's suspicious, but Lexie convinces him that she's moving back into their house with him. She tells Abe to take the luggage and says she'll be there soon. Abe goes home and runs into Celeste. Celeste tells him about her premonition and fears that Lexie may be planning something very stupid. Abe says they will know very soon. BAck at the mansion Lexie and Rolf plot her escape; he gives her an untraceable cell phone, passports, and a map to a private airfield where she'll be picked up. Later, Abegets a call from a cop that has been tailing Lexie; he breaks the news that Lexie is leaving Salem.

Hope is still caught up in the loss of JT and doesn't want to leave his nursery. Bo persuades her to go downstairs, where she recalls her dream and tells it to him. SHe tells him that the dream contains three people, John, a faceless man, and a man with a white gloved hand. Bo is intrigued and thinks this may not be a dream, but repressed memories. Hope realizes that her dream takes place in Paris and Bo presses her to remember more, but she can't. Hope says she wants to rest, so she goes back up to the nursery while Bo talks to Doug about how hard Hope is taking this. Later, Bo gets a call with word that Lexie is running away with Isaac. Hope jumps up, determined not to lose another son.

Lucas and Kate are furious that Sami got the tape recorder and are determined to get it back! Sami arrives home ready to play the tape, but Will comes home from a play date before she can. Lucas knocks on the door and Sami stashes the tape recorder in a bag. He tries to get in to look for the tape, but Sami bars his way. The phone rings and she grabs the phone when she hears Will say Austin's name. Austin says he got the ring, but was calling to talk to Will In the meantime, Will rummages through his backpack, causing Sami to snap. SHe tells Will that there is nothing in there him or his daddy needs to see. Lucas realizes the tape must be in there. She gives the phone to Will as Lucas lunges for the backpack. They struggle and Lucas prevails, rushing back into his apartment. Sami follows and bangs and screams outside the locked door. Unfortunately, Lucas and Kate can't find the tape. Back in Sami's apartment, Will has found the tape recorder and he's about to play it and hear all of Sami's lies.

Brandon talks to Jennifer and Abby, and later asks Jen out on a dinner date in front of Abby. Abby asks if Brandon is Jennifer's boyfriend and Jennifer tries to deflect. She says it is okay, and she says she has gotten over her dad moving out. Jen tells her not to say that if it isn't true, and Brandon tells Abby what a special dad she has, and how much her dad loves her. Later Alice arrives, and she agrees to babysit Abby while Jen and Brandon are out on their date. Abby and Jen tell her that she's a finalist in the cookie contest. Jennifer has a meeting to attend, so Brandon offers to drive Alice and Abby home. After Jen leaves, Abby asks Brandon where he is taking her mom, and when will they be back? Brandon says they are going out to dinner, and he'll have her back in time to tuck her in. Later, Alice warns Brandon that he'd better not hurt Jennifer.

Jack goes to The Spectator and begs Harold to get him a job there. As they talk, Oliver calls, and when Harold mentions Jack, Oliver blows up and eventually hangs up on Harold! Jack then sees Vern and tries to convince Vern to help him. Jack actually blackmails him by saying if he doesn't get a job, he'll be living with him and his mom for a long, long time! Vern manages to convince Oliver that Jack can work there if the new editor-in-chief agrees. Jack goes into the editor's office, taken aback that the chair is turned away. He makes an impassioned plea to be hired as a reporter. The chair turns and Jack is shocked to see that Jennifer is the new editor-in-chief of The Spectator.

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