April 02 Week 4

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April 22
Belle is overwhelmed with confusion when Shawn accuses her of causing Jan's miscarriage. He questions Belle, and she is forced to admit that she did go to Shawn's house and had a fight with Jan. But, Belle swears that Jan was fine when she left; she wouldn't have left her if something was wrong! Driven by grief, Shawn lashes out at Belle, who is crushed that he doesn't believe her. Later, Belle starts to wonder if she did cause Jan's miscarriage. Overwhelmed with guilt, she tries to get Shawn to understand, but the only thing he can believe is that the baby is dead and Belle is to blame. Shawn leaves her in absolute agony, filled to the brim with the worst pain she's ever known... Chloe confronts Philip after seeing the video of him and Cynthia and she barrages him with hateful words. Philip tries to defend, but Chloe says she never wants to see him again. She leaves and almost collapses as her rush of anger wanes. Philip sees this and tries to help, but Chloe won't let him touch her. She gathers enough strength to get out of there on her own. In his frustration and anger, Philip lunges a trash can through the window at Dot Com... Brady reveals his mysterious plan to move out of the Penthouse and into a swinging, trendy new apartment. John has a different idea for Brady and takes him to an older apartment building. It turns out to be the loft where John, Isabella, and Brady lived when he was a child. At first Brady is uncom fortable with the idea of living here, but changes his mind when he accidentally drops a glass object and it doesn't break. He reads into this occurrence as a sign that he's destined to live here. After John and Brady have left, the drapes rustle softly in the still room... Sami, Lucas, and Kate are all waiting, confident that the tape is about to be theirs. However, when the overnight courier arrives, Roman is with him and inadvertently foils Sami's scheme to have the tape delivered to her. Sami, Kate, and Lucas all try to con Roman into handing over the package, but he doesn't trust any of them. Instead, Roman opts to send the package to Austin himself, leaving Sami and Kate vowing to succeed in getting that tape back!


April 23
Bo and Hope spend the day with JT, wanting to make his last few days with them memorable. As Bo voices his concern about Hope's memory flashes, John approaches them with a possible solution. He shows them the chip he removed from Hope's neck at the party and suggests that she may remember everything, including Isaac's father, if he re-inserts it. Hope is tempted, but Bo refuses when John mentions that he's had it tested and no one can figure out how the chip works. Bo smashes the chip and says Princess Gina is dead, and that's the way it's going to stay. He curtly tells John that they will figure this out on their own... Celeste experiences vibes about Lexie's evil deeds, but she can't prove anything. Lexie thinks Celeste senses the stress she's been feeling about Hope trying to take her baby away. She leaves Celeste with the baby and meets with the reporter to give him even more dirt on Bo/Hope. The reporter leaves and Lexie is horrified to see that Brandon is there and overheard everything. He warns Lexie that if she continues this way, she may lose everything... Abe hires Cameron to represent him and Lexie in the custody battle, provided that neither Cameron nor Lexie break any laws to keep Isaac. He asks Cameron point blank if she's the one planting the stories in the tabloids and Cameron honestly denies it. Abe heads out to Salem Place and has a run-in with Brandon and later with John, admonishing him for tying Lexie up to steal a DNA sample of Isaac. John warns Abe to stop Lexie before she turns into a pure DiMera. Everyone is aghast when they see a new headline about Hope and John's affair. Hope whirls around to find Lexie, accusing her of leaking the story... Jennifer finally lets Jack into the house in order to protect Abby. She tells Jack that they are through and any chance they may have had of getting back together has been ruined. Abby is sad, but not surprised by the turn of events. Jack tries to get Alice to talk to Jennifer on his behalf, but Alice is strong and tells Jack that she supports whatever decision Jennifer makes. Despite all of his heinous deeds, Alice, Jennifer, and Abby are heartbroken as they watch Jack leave...


April 24
Hope, Bo, John, and Abe confront Lexie about the scandalous tabloid headlines. Hope accuses Lexie of planting the articles, but Lexie handles them all like a true DiMera, putting her accusers on the defense. When they get home, Abe presses Lexie to tell the truth, but she lies to his face. Instead of believing it, Abe threatens that he will not be able to forgive her if he finds out that she's been lying. Meanwhile, Hope is shattered by the story in The Intruder, which paints her as a promiscuous and unfit mother. Hope is inconsolable and takes JT upstairs before she breaks down in front of Shawn and Jan. She lies down and falls asleep, having a cryptic dream. She's on a foggy pier in Paris. A man appears from the mists and it's John. Hope knows John isn't the father of her baby and he disappears. Later, another man appears with a white face. He also disappears and then a hand touches Hope and she turns, gasping, "It's you!" Shawn brings Jan home from the hospital and she's bent on keeping Shawn and Belle apart. She reminds him of how Belle caused her to lose the baby and Shawn is genuinely horrified by what Belle allegedly did, but still so in love with her. Bo questions Jan's story and how it differs from Belle's, but Shawn is too upset to listen and walks out... Meanwhile, Belle is devastated by Shawn's hurtful words. Mimi arrives and hears about the miscarriage. She's instantly suspicious of Jan and goes to Chloe for help. They join forces to bring Shawn and Belle back together. Philip is in jail after the incident at Dot Com. Victor comes to bail him out. When he mouths off, Victor threatens to let Philip fend for himself. Philip plays the tough guy and says he'll get himself out of jail. Victor starts to go, and privately makes a deal with the manager of Dot Com to drop the charges. He reveals to Philip that he's posted bail, but in return, he'll be working at Dot Com all summer long to pay for the damages... Chloe returns home still shaken from her confrontation with Philip. She gets a call from Juilliard about her upcoming audition for the master class and promises to be there, but she's inwardly worried that she may not be well enough...


April 25
Mickey informs Bo/Hope that the judge made her final ruling and sole custody has been awarded to Glen. Hope is stricken with grief as Bo learns that JT will be taken tomorrow. Mickey is heartsick and leaves Bo and Hope to digest this news. Bo convinces Hope to be strong for JT's sake, but she isn't sure how she'll ever be able to let him go... Sami tries to enlist Brandon's help in retrieving the incriminating tape from Roman, but Brandon refuses. He sets clear boundaries with her because he knows she's still pining away for Austin. She realizes that Brandon won't help her and she decides to get the tape on her own. Roman doesn't know the best way to send the package to Austin, which he thinks contains Sami's engagement ring. As he ponders this, he gets a bogus lead on a case from Lucas, who's luring him out of the office. While Roman's out, Kate slips in to search for the tape. Unfortunately, she's trapped and hides under the desk when Sami arrives to get the tape as well. Roman returns and catches Sami snooping around. She covers and says she needs closure by seeing the ring one more time, but both Kate and Sami are blown away to hear that Roman doesn't have the package anymore; he dropped it off at Titan for Nicole to put in a delivery for Austin. Sami dashes out to Titan and Kate is almost caught by Roman. At the last second, Lucas arrives and creates a diversion so Kate can slip out. After they're out of the station, Kate and Lucas also zip off to Titan... Jack apologizes to Harold for what he did and Harold admits that he understands why Jack lied, although he doesn't condone it. Jack goes to visit his mother Jo, who recently married Jack's old friend Vern, and begs them to let him stay with them for a while. They aren't exactly thrilled with the idea of Jack invading their empty nest, but Jo agrees that Jack can stay for a short time... Jennifer receives a side of beef from Wentworth and gets a strange phone call about a mysterious business meeting. Brandon comes over and they talk about starting fresh-- Brandon without Sami and Jennifer without Jack. Jennifer goes off to her meeting, saying it could change her life...


April 26
Bo/Hope break the news to Shawn that Glen will gain full custody of JT tomorrow. His first instinct is for all of them to run, but Bo says they can't because the transition is inevitable. However, they can make JT's last night with them a memorable one. Bo gets the video camera rolling and they take pictures of JT, play his favorite games and Hope prepares JT's favorite foods for dinner. When Hope mentions Isaac, Shawn loses it. Bo is firm but caring when he mentions that they all love JT, but Isaac is his biological brother. Shawn softens a bit, but becomes worried that Hope's memory flashes indicate that someday Isaac's real father will come to take him away too. At the end of the day, Bo and Shawn join Hope, as they keep vigil next to JT, praying that the morning never comes... Lexie is thrilled by the damaging article about Hope in The Intruder. She calls the reporter and arranges another meeting to feed him more dirt on Bo/Hope, only to turn around and see Abe there. Abe asks her about the call, but she covers smoothly. On the pier, she meets the reporter and gives him information that should kill Bo/Hope's chances of gaining custody of Isaac. They are caught by Abe, who overheard Lexie's conversation and followed her. Back at home, Abe rails at Lexie, trying unsuccessfully to get through to the loving woman he married. Abe threatens to take Isaac and move out, but Lexie fires back threats of her own. With infinite sadness, Abe packs his stuff and moves out, leaving Lexie devastated, yet steely... At Titan, Kate/Lucas are determined to get that tape back before Nicole sends it to Austin in New York, but Sami has already beat them there. Sami's caught by Victor and plays on his anger toward Nicole and Austin, which gets her off the hook. Meanwhile, Victor takes Nicole into his office to talk while Sami pretends she's broken a heel to get the clerk into Nicole's office. As he nervously tries to fix her heel, Sami gets the tape from the package and appears victorious. Suddenly, Kate and Lucas enter and the clerk hides under the desk while they try to get the tape from Sami. In his office, Victor tells Nicole he's unsure if they can work together, but they're interrupted by the commotion in Nicole's office and are furious to see Sami, Kate, and Lucas there. Sami lies about wanting to see the engagement ring one more time, but Victor makes her put the ring back into the package. During the fiasco, the tape recorder gets knocked onto the floor and the mail clerk picks it up once he comes out of hiding, delivering it right onto Victor's desk! Victor has Sami/ Kate/Lucas thrown out of Titan and they all realize that the tape recorder must have been delivered to Victor's office. As they all privately vow to get that tape back, Victor finds the tape recorder, wondering if it is what they were all searching for...
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