April 02 Week 2


April 8
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At the Brady's, Shawn's phone rings, and it is Belle. She reminds him that he's supposed to be taking her to school. Suddenly, Belle appears in his room, and they begin making out. However, Shawn's little dream turns into a nightmare when Belle tells him that he needs to be with Jan now, she is moving on. Shawn wakes up, and wishes he could make Belle understand. He goes to play with JT as usual, but then remembers he is with Glen.

Bo returns from his jog and ends up having his picture taken by a reporter as he picks up the paper. Bo goes inside to see Hope, who is being very quiet. When he asks why she isn't talking to him, Hope tells Bo that he betrayed her yesterday and she doesn't know if she can get passed it! Hope says she is sick of the law and the courts, two little boys are being lost because of the courts. As Hope talks about how unjust the world is, and how her son should be here with them! Shawn walks in and asks his mom "What about JT?" Shawn says she may be ready to let JT go, but he never will! Bo scolds Shawn for being so unfeeling, and he apologizes. Bo then breaks the news Hope that someone has talked to the tabloids about the scandal. Hope is furious. The police show up escorting Glen, Barb, and JT to the house and out of the way of the reporters swarming the house. Glen doesn't want to give JT back, so Shawn throws a fit. He says if Glen doesn't give JT back, he'll give the tabloids something else to write about! Bo keeps Shawn in check, and Glen eventually gives JT back. Glen then tells Bo and Hope that he has spoken to his lawyer and is going for full custody of JT. This news kills the Bradys. Bo tells Glen that he made his point, he can go now. Glen tells them to make the most of the time they have left with him. Later, Bo scolds Shawn for acting like a child. He tells Shawn that they will probably lose JT, and he has to accept that. Shawn says all he cares about is keeping JT with them, but Bo says he can't guarantee that they will get to keep JT. Meanwhile, Hope puts JT in his crib, and when she looks at the pictures of JT and Isaac, she has another whiteout. Hope becomes afraid and wonders what is happening to her. Back downstairs, Bo gets bad news from Mickey. Bo goes to find Hope and Shawn and says Glen has filed for custody, and a hearing has been called this afternoon.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe is furious that someone talked to the press! Celeste says they can't let Lexie see this because she is upset enough as is. Meanwhile, Lexie calls Cameron Reese to have a restraining order put on Hope Brady. Abe walks in on Lexie on the phone with Cameron, and scolds her. Abe hangs up the phone, and Lexie starts screaming her head off. Celeste eventually tells her daughter to put a sock in it! Celeste tells Lexie the courts will not see things the way she does. When Abe reveals to LExie the tabloid's story, she is thrilled and says it is only the truth and it will help their case. Both Abe and Celeste do not like this, because only someone close to them know this truth. Celeste wonders what motivated someone to leak this to the press. LExie says it was probably money, but Celeste thinks it was probably someone out to hurt Bo and Hope. Abe has an investigation launched into who the leak was, and vows to make them pay. LExie says she is going to do whatever it takes to keep Isaac, and storms out. Abe tells Celeste that Lexie is going to have to accept the fact that they are going to lose Isaac to Hope. Meanwhile, Lexie meets with a tabloid reporter and gives him the dirt on Hope Brady and what a horrible family the Brady's really are!

Brady shows up at the Wesley's to see how Chloe is doing. Brady delivers donuts to Chloe, and Nancy is less than pleased that Chloe is so happy to see Brady. Nancy gives them some time alone, and then sees this mornings paper. Back inside, Brady and CHloe engage in a playful fight over the last chocolate donut. The phone rings, and Brady says he'll get it. Brady answers "Chloe's Phone" and Belle replies "It's eight in the morning, what are you doing at Chloe's!" Brady tells her that he brought her donuts because Chloe is sick. CHloe wants to know about the wedding, so Brady asks her. Belle says there was no wedding. Belle asks to talk to Chloe, and they chat. Chloe insists she is fine, she just got dizzy. As Belle tries to talk, Phillip keeps badgering her. Belle says she could find Phillip so they can talk, but she says she'll talk when they get back. Chloe says she'll talk later, and says goodbye. Brady tells Chloe that Phillip obviously set that phonecall up, and she didn't fall for it. Chloe says she and Phillip are trying to work things out, and they will. Brady knows Chloe still hasn't forgiven Phillip, and thinks she never will. They begin arguing about Phillip, and soon talk about Chloe's health. Chloe says she is fine, Craig is a doctor and isn't worried, so he and Nancy shouldn't worry either. Chloe wants to go for a drive or something, but when she gets up, she becomes dizzy. When Brady wants to get Nancy, she tells him if he does then she'll never speak to him again! Brady leaves, and Chloe discovers another bruise on her leg. Brady returns with some water, and Chloe swears him to secrecy about what just happened.

Meanwhile, Craig deals with the hospital problems over the phone. A lab tech tells Craig about the bombshell in the paper this morning. Nancy comforts Craig, and then decides to fix CHloe some breakfast and then throw Brady Black out. Craig then calls the hospital lab and orders them to get the tests done ASAP. Later, Nancy realizes Craig is hiding something from her about CHloe and she demands to know what. Craig says Chloe is fine, she is on meds and is getting bed rest. The phone rings, and Nancy answers it. It is the hospital board members, who are furious about the papers. When Craig gets a minute alone, he calls the lab and is troubled by the results. He think they sound too low and asks them to run the tests again. He also asks them to page him and not call his home. Craig then tries to convince himself that it has to be the antibiotics.

Phillip shows up at the hotel room with bagels and cream cheese for Belle. Phillip then asks Belle for a favor. Belle calls Chloe, per the above phonecall. Phillip is furious, and he says Brady could find that videotape at anytime and show it to Chloe! Belle says Brady would not win CHloe over by showing her a video that would hurt her. Still, Phillip thinks that Brady is probably already turning her against him. Phillip says as long as that video exists, he doesn't have a future with Chloe. Belle says at least he might have a future with Chloe.


April 9
In Vegas, Greta wakes up to an empty bed. She sees Jack sleeping in the chair, and clutching his briefcase. Jack is dreaming about the briefcase full of money. Greta tries to wake him up, and he ends up screaming that it is all his! Greta thinks Jack is acting very odd. Greta then decides to take a shower, and goes into the bathroom. Jack then begins wondering who the money belongs too, and what he should do with it. He decides if it belongs to someone who is looking for it, then he should return it. He also thinks he'll get a reward for doing the right thing. Meanwhile, the gangsters begin searching for Jack Deveruax, but can't seem to find him.

Brandon and Jen are in the restaurant, and Jen is afraid Jack is gunna pop out from one of the plants. Brandon suggests they eat in tomorrow, and by that he says he means room service. Jen is disappointed, and she asks him if he considered knocking on her door last night. Brandon says it occurred to him about a dozen times. They chit-chat about Sami and Collin, and Brandon eventually decides to go check in on Nicole and see how she is doing.

Jen runs into Jack, who for some reason is singing "John Jacob Jinglehiemer Schmit." Jen and Jack bicker, as usual, and Jen wonders why Jack is holding onto his briefcase like it has nuclear codes inside. JAck says he's not, and she warns him not to include him in whatever he is up to now! Jen then makes a deal with Jack that the two of them will henceforth avoid one another. Later, Jack hears the two gangsters plotting to kill him once they find him! Jack runs back to his room, and Greta asks him what is the matter? Jack says they are going to kill him, and then shows Greta the money!

Phillip finds Nicole, who is not wearing Victor's ring, and Phillip says his dad isn't going to be happy about that. Nicole says she never fully accepted Victor's proposal, and certain things have happened, so she won't be marrying Victor after all. Phillip says he's not heartbroken over this news. Elsewhere, Victor talks on the phone and tells someone that Nicole Walker has become a problem that must be taken care of. Later, Nicole stops by to see Victor, but he is cold to her. He claims he knows she is not here to comfort him. She tells him about the deal Austin worked out, and Victor says they'll set up a meeting once they are back in Salem. Nicole leaves, and Phillip shows up and tries to console his dad. Victor says Nicole is a mistake and he has to learn to live without her. Phillip asks his dad if he plans to do something to her?

Brandon runs into Nicole, and wants to talk. Nicole is worried Sami may wrap her tentacles around him again now that Austin is gone, but Brandon says he wants to move on with Jen. Nicole then admits to Brandon that she did have feelings for Austin and she's not ready to give up on him. She then begins wondering why he's so interested in her relationship with AUstin? Brandon admits he never liked Austin, but he likes him a whole lot better than Victor. Nicole tells Brandon that it is over between her and Victor. Brandon is worried Victor might do something to her, but she says not to worry, she knows just how to hurt Victor if he thinks he can hurt her.

Sami has nightmares about Austin leaving her. Marlena comforts her, and Sami begins blaming losing Austin on Nicole because of what she saw last night. Roman shows up, and Sami once again begins ranting that Austin ran off with Nicole, and Kate and Lucas put her up to this. Sami rants and raves that she will make them all pay! Roman grabs Sami and tells her to pull herself together! Sami says without Austin she might as well be dead! Marlena tells her not to say that, not to ever say that! Roman assures Sami that Austin did not run off with Nicole, he left for the airport on his own. Sami thinks he went to Salem, but Roman says Austin went to New York. Roman also says that Austin told him to tell her that he doesn't want to see her again and it is over. Sami refuses to believe this, she says it can't be over. Marlena tells Sami that they can't help her if they don't know why Austin called off the wedding. Sami says she doesn't want to talk about it. Shawn shows up with Will, who wants to know why Austin isn't marrying his mom. Sami thanks Will for being good and patient, and promises him a present, and then says she and Uncle Austin will be getting married sometime. Roman worries that Sami is totally losing touch of reality. Will then begins asking when he can see his daddy?

Kate and Lucas are still conspiring to get a hold of the incriminating tape of Sami. They sneak into the bride's room, dressed as cleaning people, and Lucas is wearing a stupid looking fake mustache. They go in and claim they are here to take over for the guys already working there now. Kate and Lucas search for the tape, but can't find it. Lucas thinks he can get full custody of Will if he has that tape (Obviously he's forgotten about KILLING FRANCO). They leave, and the two guys who were supposed to be cleaning the room return, after having learned that they were not replaced by KAte and Lucas after all. One of the cleaners says at least they found this tape recorder, perhaps they can get a reward for it. Kate and Lucas go down to the Casino, and stupidly talk about the tape out loud. Unfortunately for them, Sami overhears them! Sami spies on them as they learn that a mini-tape recorder was found and turned in, and was sent to Austin's place via an overnight courier. Sami then runs to Marlena and Roman and begins to question them about how fast John's plane flies?


April 10
Belle and Mimi are hanging out in Dot.Com. Belle brought Mimi back some chocolate coins from Vegas. Mimi tells Belle about Jason jumping Shawn, and how she called Brady to help him. Belle asks her why she did that? Mimi asks if she wanted Shawn to be beat-up? Belle says no, but her brother has a huge temper. Mimi says Brady did try and flatten Shawn. Mimi then tells Belle about this morning's paper, and suggests she be there for Shawn. BElle refuses to ever forgive Shawn! Mimi apologizes for getting Belle upset, she just wishes she knew what to say to help her through this.

Brady and Chloe go to Dot.Com and sit outside. Chloe says being treated like a patient is driving her crazy. Brady can't hang out long because he has made a major decision and has an appointment this afternoon that will change his life. Brady and CHloe go into Dot.Com, and Brady asks her about school. Chloe says she'll get her acceptance letters any day now. Chloe assures Brady that she won't give up her own dreams for Phillip. Brady asks her what if she and Phillip end up in the same place? Chloe says she doesn't know what would happen, and it is weird because she and Phillip are coming to the end of their senior year and are now trying to start their relationship again. Brady asks CHloe if she and Phil are getting back together? Chloe doesn't answer, as she sees Belle with Mimi and says they Vegas gang is back. Brady and CHloe go to say hi to Belle, and Brady spends some time with his sister alone. Belle still cares for Shawn, and she tells Brady not to continue hurting Shawn. Brady is proud of his sister for being such a kind person. Belle thanks Brady for protecting her, but not to go beating up Shawn again. Meanwhile, Mimi talks to Chloe about Jan, and Mimi says she thinks something odd is going on between Jan and Shawn. Mimi says she will find out what really happened between those too. Later, Chloe talks to Belle. Belle admits to CHloe she forgot to get rid of the tape of Phillip and Cynthia, and she says she will destroy it when she gets home. Brady then takes Chloe away to talk, so Belle talks to Mimi. Belle admits to Mimi that the tape is still in her room, and she isn't sure where it is! Mimi tells Belle that she better find that tape before someone like Brady does!

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie tells Rolfe what she did, and how she will destroy Bo and Hope's credibility. Rolfe tells Lexie that Cameron called and the hearing for JT's custody has been rescheduled for today. Lexie says she thought Cameron was going to convince Glen to drop the lawsuit. Rolfe says she has failed. However, Rolfe says he has further plans for Cameron Reese. Eliana then shows up and tells LExie that Dr. Wesley called and once to see her pronto. Lexie doesn't want to see that jerk, but Rolfe tells her she must see him and terminate this inquiry into the baby switch. Lexie says she doesn't know how the switch happened, and Craig doesn't want to talk to her, he wants to accuse her!

Lexie goes to the hospital for Isaac's checkup, and Lexie talks to Brenda. She assures Brenda that neither Hope nor her will lose their babies. Craig runs into Lexie, and she says she is not here to talk to him, she is here for her baby. Craig knows about the comments she made about the baby switch the night of the explosion, and about Stefano's threatening Nancy. Craig accuses Lexie of knowing about the switch, but Lexie says she had no part in the switch. Lexie begins to cry fake tears and says she can't talk about this! Craig tells her to save the dramatics for someone who doesn't know her! Craig is then delivered Chloe's test results, and he tells LExie that this isn't over! Craig orders more tests on Chloe's blood sample, because the test results were accurate.

At the Brady's, the family spend time with JT. Shawn and Hope don't want to face reality, so Bo tells them that they need to use this time to say goodbye to JT. Shawn tells his dad that he is patronizing them, so he should just say what he is thinking, that this is the last time they will be together as a family. Hope says they WILL be a family and JT will sleep in his crib every night! Jan shows up and apologizes for intruding, but Hope says it is okay. Jan says she's tired and wants to stay behind and rest, but she says she'll keep her fingers crossed for them. Bo and Hope take off to meet Mickey for the hearing, and Shawn takes JT over to see Alice. Shawn wants to be alone for awhile. Alice, however, refuses to let Shawn be on his own. Alice says he shouldn't be alone right now. Shawn becomes upset because he thinks Alice is also convinced they will lose JT. Alice then asks Shawn why he never thinks about Isaac, or his own child? Shawn says Jan's baby isn't real yet, he or she isn't here yet. Alice asks what they will do with the baby once it is born? Shawn doesn't know, but he thinks Jan will want to keep the baby because it will be the first person to love her, and the first time she'll love someone.

Back at the Brady's, Jan looks at herself in the mirror and says she hates this (getting larger). Jan hopes having the baby is worth it, and she says once this kid is out of her and she has her old bod back, Shawn will be saying "Belle who?" Later, Belle shows up to talk to Shawn, and is shocked to find Jan there! When Belle asks why she is here, Jan tells Belle that she is living here now.

At the court, Cameron tries once again to convince Glen to drop the custody suit, but Glen refuses. The custody hearing begins, and the judge rules in Glen's favor. The judge tells Bo and Hope that her heart breaks for them, but they will have to relinquish all rights to John Thomas. Hope thinks the judge didn't read any of the depositions and decided to rule against them from the beginning! The judge warns her that she will have her removed if she doesn't stop ranting. The judge then says a smooth transition will be made in moving JT in with Glen and Barb, and they will then be moving to Iowa to live with Mrs. Reiber's family. Hope and Bo are stunned that JT will be moving so far away, but the judge cares less. She says she has drawn up a custody plan, and if they do not follow it, they will be brought up on charges. Hope doesn't want to give up, but Bo tells her to think about what they will do to JT in the long run. As Hope looks at Bo as he is talking to Mickey, she has another whiteout! Bo tells Mickey to file the papers for them to go after Isaac. Meanwhile, Cameron calls Rolfe and tells him that JT has been given to the Reibers.


April 11
Less detailed than usual, sorry
Roman and Marlena escort Sami and Will home, only to find a ton of wedding presents waiting for Sami. MArlena takes Will to his room to play a new videogame, and Roman tells Sami that he'll return the wedding presents. Later, Marlena and Roman question Sami as to why Austin refused to marry her. Sami continues to blame Kate, Lucas, and Nicole; but Marlena wants to know why Austin really dumped her. Sami says Lucas was pretending to be a good guy, and got her to let down her guard and made her look bad in front of Austin. Roman wants to know what she said to make Austin leave her? Sami lies and claims she threatened to make sure Lucas never saw Will again. There is a knock at the door, and it is Lucas who says he is her new neighbor. Sami can't believe this. Will comes out to see his dad, and Sami is not pleased. Lucas eventually leaves, and Sami claims she needs a nap in order to get rid of her parents. Both Marlena and Roman think Sami isn't being honest with them.

In Vegas, Brandon gets all romantic with Jen. The two then run into Oliver, who is looking for Jack. Oliver says Jack is late for their meeting. Jen tries to help Jack by saying Jack is probably getting all fired up for the meeting.

Jack shows Greta all the money in the briefcase, and how he doesn't know who or how he got this money. Greta reminds him that yesterday in the casino he ran into that guy and dropped his briefcase, that is how he got his money and since they have his resumes they know who he is. Greta suggests they just give the money back, everything will be fine. Later, Jack turns on the news and learns the guys robbed an armored car, and that is the source of the money! Jack and Greta go down to the casino, and run into Harold, who is here on business. Harold is the last person Jack really wants to run into. Harold ends up going on Jack for being his age and still in the closet. Jack blows up and almost yells he's not gay, when Jen and Brandon show up. Jen asks Jack who this guy is, and Jack claims it is an old college friend. Harold leaves, and Jen tells Jack that Oliver is waiting for him. JAck, unfortunately, can't get to Oliver because the thieves are in the way! JEn talks to Harold, who feels bad for her because she was married to that closet case Jack. Jen refuses to believe Jack is gay.

Meanwhile, Jack is spotted by the thieves, and changed through the casino. Greta saves JAck from them by causing a diversion, and Jack runs off again. Greta then runs into Harold and explains why she and Jack are here. Elsewhere, Jack runs into HArold, and they begin their meeting. Unfortunately, Harold wants to go over his files and resumes, but Jack says its not yet ready. Jack sees the gangster once again, and tries to leave. However, Oliver tells him that if he walks out that door he can kiss this job goodbye! Jack stays, and gets a job offer from Oliver to be editor-in-chief of the Spectator! Jack is stunned, and says that is his dream! Suddenly, Jen, Brandon, Greta, and Harold show up and Harold calls Oliver dad! Everyone is shocked by Oliver and Harold's reunion!


April 11
Once again, less detailed than usual due to illness, sorry
Bo and Hope arrive at Alice's and inform her and Shawn that they have lost JT, and will soon have to give him to Glen and BArb, who are taking him to Iowa. Shawn is furious and says they have to fight for JT, but Bo says they have no chance whatsoever, and the younger JT is when he bonds with Barb and Glen the better off he will be. Bo says the same goes for Isaac. Shawn says he doesn't care about Isaac, he is not his brother! Hope tells Shawn to never say that again, both Isaac and JT are his brothers. Shawn apologizes, and eventually takes off. Bo leaves as well, and Hope has another whiteout. Alice comforts Hope and talks to her about the upcoming fight for Isaac. Hope feels bad about doing what Glen and Barb are doing to her to Abe and Lexie, but Alice tells her this is her child, she has no choice.

Belle arrives at Bo and Hope's and is shocked to learn Jan is now living there. Jan brags to Belle how Shawn tells her how beautiful she looks and how great he is to her. Belle tells Jan to get over it, Shawn doesn't love her. Belle says Shawn loves her, and in time he will grow to hate Jan for taking away all his hopes and dreams. Belle tells Jan that she only got Shawn by somehow tricking him into sleeping with her and getting pregnant! Jan lunges at Belle and calls her a bitch! Jan scratches Belle's face, and falls to the floor. She is okay, and Belle tells her she is pathetic and leaves. Later, Jan plots to use the baby to win Shawn for good. As she is coming down the steps, she trips and falls! Bo comes home and finds Jan passed out at the bottom of the steps!

Belle heads home, and runs into her old nanny Caprice AKA Miss Cleo. Caprice is staying with them now, and Belle is so happy to have her back. The two talk and catch-up. Later, Belle tries to snap herself out of feeling sorry for herself by watching the episodes of friends that Brady recorded for her. She ends up knocking over her stack of tapes, and the tape she puts in is Cynthia and Phillip's naughty night of fun!

In Salem Place, Mimi and Cynthia spot Phillip talking to Chloe. Cynthia wonders why Chloe is even talking to Phillip, she must have seen the tape by now. Mimi says she hasn't, in fact she gave the tape to Belle to destroy! This irks Cynthia, who says Phillip can't get away with this. Later, Mimi runs into Shawn, and asks him why he's in a hurry, is it about Jan? Shawn says no, and wishes people would give Jan a break.

Phillip talks to CHloe and presents her with the necklace he had made of their tree. Chloe is touched, but says it is too much for her to accept just yet. Phillip can live with that, and says he'd really like to see her. The two make plans for a bowling date after Chloe has rested up and is once again feeling like her old self.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe comes home to find Lexie has a special anniversary dinner planned for them. He is shocked she remembered, and gives her his gift, a collection of CDs with the songs played at their wedding reception. Lexie puts on the music, and they dance and dine. Later, they talk about Isaac, who Lexie is positive they won't lose. Abe is being a realist, and later, Abe and LExie are served custody papers! Abe says Hope is sueing them for custody!

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