April 02 Week 1


April 1
Brandon knocks on Jen's door and asks her to come to his room. She is in a robe and says she's not dressed yet. Brandon says neither is he, that is the problem. She opens the adjoining door and says he needs her! What he means is he needs her to tie his tie, which she does. Jen then accidentally locks herself out of her room, and she left her key in there, but Brandon says he has an extra one because the bellman thought they were together. She asks if he was going to sneak in and surprise her, but he says he'd rather wait for an invitation. The two then kiss.

Jack runs into Nicole in the hall, both are shocked the other is here, and they once again begin arguing. Jen and Brandon hear the arguing, and open the door to see what is going on. Jack is shocked to see Jen in a bathrobe, and in the same room with Brandon. Jen says it isn't what he thinks, but Jack says he wasn't thinking anything. Jen explains everything, and then goes to her room to finish dressing for the wedding.

Later, Nicole talks to Brandon about how horrible Sami is. Brandon says he is still Sami's friend, but he's moving on with Jen. Brandon talks to Nicole about her own love life. He thinks she is in love with Austin, but all she can talk about is what Victor can offer her. Brandon tells her not to sell out, if Austin is the man that can make her happy then she should go with it. Nicole says Victor will be good to her, Austin is marrying Sami and there is nothing they can do about it.

Meanwhile, Jack talks to Jen about love, and who she is in love with. Jack says if she's not in love with him or Brandon, then . . . . Later, Jen realizes Collin's wedding is getting to her, and she doesn't know why. She says Jack can never know about her feelings for Collin. Meanwhile, Jack wonders who the man in Jen's heart really is.

Collin talks to someone on the phone about his wedding to Elizabeth. She shows up and overhears Collin tell the person that he doesn't love Liz, could anyone? He says once they are married, the plan will be in motion. Liz storms off as Collin continues talking on the phone. Collin tells the mysteryman that he'll hear from him as soon as he seals the deal. Later, Collin goes searching for Liz. He heads to their room, and finds she has totally packed all of her things and split! Collin finds a note from Liz, telling him that she knows everything and is glad she found out before it was too late. She says she wants nothing to do with him again. Collin then loses his cool, and trashes his room! Collin then calls his contact and says there won't be a wedding, they're going to have to come up with a new plan now.

Austin walks in on Sami fighting with Lucas, and hears her admit that she lied to Austin about him hitting Will. Sami says Austin will believe anything she says! Austin walks in and says no he won't! Sami is stunned, and Austin asks Lucas to wait outside. Sami says she can explain, but Austin says not this time she can't! Austin wonders what else she has been lying about, but Sami says she was just protecting Will. Sami says Lucas is an alcoholic and they can't trust him with Will or any other child. Sami says he will understand when they have children, but Austin says she is not the woman he wants to have children with. Austin says Will doesn't need to be protected from Lucas, he needs to be protected from her! Sami says Lucas and Kate were trying to take Will from her, everything she did was for love. Austin can't believe she would lie to him out of love. He says she has blown it, and he will never trust her again. Austin tries to test something and asks why Victor is transferring him to Hawaii? She says she doesn't know, so he tells her that he does! Austin says he knows the truth, and soon everyone else will. Austin says he knows she blackmailed Victor. She admits she did it to protect Will and to get him away from Kate and Lucas. Austin says he's not going anywhere with her ever, he's through with her. He tells her whatever feelings he had for her are dead! Austin shows her the vows he wrote for her, and he wrips them up. She begs him not to do this and to just forgive her, marry her, and go to Hawaii with her. She says everything will work out, but he refuses to marry her. Austin tells Sami that they are through, he is done with her forever! Austin says he is leaving, and she will not follow him or make a scene! Sami falls to her knees and begs Austin not to leave her because she'll die without him.

Phillip and Belle get ready for the wedding, and try not to think about Chloe and Shawn. They end up running into Lucas, and soon Will and Shawn show up. They are all happy to see him up and about. Belle worries about Sami and wants to check on her, but Lucas tells her not to. Lucas says she doesn't want to be disturbed. Belle says they still don't know where Austin is, so Lucas tells them that he's in there with Sami. Phillip notices that Lucas is in a very good mood, which he claims is because he has Will with him. Belle and Phillip end up leaving, and Lucas and Will wait for Sami and Austin. Lucas tells Will that it is just the two of them now, forever. Lucas reaches into his pocket for something, and realizes it is gone! We soon learn that Lucas' chest pains while with Sami were simply him recording his conversation with Sami proving she lied about him hitting Will. Lucas realizes the tape must have fallen out of his pocket when he and Sami fought, and it must be in the room somewhere. Meanwhile, Will blabs to Belle and Phillip that his daddy lost his insurance policy!


April 2
NOT proofed yet! Sorry!
Chloe and Brady take a walk through Salem Park, and Chloe seems a million miles away. Chloe is still upset with the way Brady dealt with Shawn, and she doesn't understand how Shawn could hurt Belle that way. Brady says Shawn obviously isn't the person they thought he was. Chloe and Brady enjoy their ice cream, and continue walking, and Chloe tells Brady how she is so happy she met him this summer and got to know him. She tells him that he's been a great friend to her, which disappoints him because she used the word friend. CHloe tells him that he is the easiest person in the world to be around. CHloe then wants to swing, so Brady pushes her. However, she soon becomes dizzy, passes out, and falls off the swing! She comes to and claims she is okay, and Brady thinks it is his fault for pushing her too much. Chloe says it isn't him, and then he realizes something is wrong with her wrist. She tells him not to make a fuss, and then passes out again! Brady loads Chloe into his jeep and rushes her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Nancy is worried about Chloe's health. She says she has an odd color about her, and her voice is strained. Craig says she has a bug, that is all. Suddenly, Craig gets a note from the hospital board, who are in an uproar over the possible baby switch. Nancy tells Craig what if this isn't a rumor? Nancy says she thinks Lexie knows something about this, and recalls last May when there was that explosion at Tuscany. Nancy says Lexie was saying something about switching the babies, but she kept quiet because Stefano threatened her. Craig vows to get to the bottom of this, and make Lexie pay if she is involved. Craig makes some calls, and asks Lexie to be called in on a fake excuse so he can talk to her. Later, Nancy begs Craig to set up a physical for Chloe, and he finally agrees to make an appointment for her. However, he says she's responsible for making sure Chloe shows up! Later on, Nancy learns Jennifer entered Alice Horton's cookies into the magazine's cookie contest, and she becomes upset and decides to enter her cookies into that contest. Suddenly, a reporter shows up investigating the baby switch. As Craig is dealing with the reporter, Brady shows up carrying Chloe in his arms screaming for Craig's help. Craig takes Chloe, and Nancy blames Brady for this. Brady says all he did was push her on a swing! CHloe says if anything happens to Chloe she will hold him responsible! Meanwhile, Craig looks over Chloe, and notices that CHloe has a very bad bruise. Craig runs some tests on Chloe, and asks her to get some rest. Craig then orders a blood count on Chloe. Nancy overhears this and asks Craig why he's ordering blood tests? He says it is standard for a complete physical. Brady shows up to see Chloe, and Craig suggests they let Brady and Chloe have some alone time. Brady gives Chloe flowers and tells her that she had him worried there.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe comes home early to talk to LExie, and to spend time with his son. LExie tells Abe that he cannot see Isaac! Abe asks why not? Lexie says she just got him to settle down for a nap. Later, Lexie gets a call about a meeting, and she says she'll talk about this later. Abe asks what that was about, and Lexie lies and claims it was just a dress maker about a fitting. Abe knows Lexie is lying to him, and he refuses to let her get rid of him by claiming she has a headache and wants to lay down. Lexie says she isn't trying to get rid of him, and apologizes for the fight they had earlier. Lexie swears she doesn't feel well and they will talk when she feels better. Abe says he'll be back in an hour, and he wants to talk then. After Abe leaves, Lexie calls up her mystery person and orders them to meet her at the place. As Lexie is rushing out of the house, Celeste shows up! Celeste tells her daughter that she is back! LExie is shocked to see her mother, and Celeste realizes something is going on. LExie promises to fill her mom in later, she has to get out of the house. Celeste refuses to let Lexie go anywhere until she gets to see her grandson.

Glen, Barb, and the social worker arrive at Bo and Hope's to pick up JT for his visit. JT leaves with them, and Hope breaks down into tears. Hope realizes she can't stay in this house without JT, and so she leaves.

Celeste, Lexie, and Isaac all end up going to Dot.Com. Lexie then says she left his diaper bag in the car, and asks her mom to find a place for them to sit. Lexie leaves, and Hope shows up! Hope continues to have odd memories of a gloved white hand, and doesn't know what is going on. Hope goes inside, and sees Isaac with Celeste. Hope talks to Celeste about her trip, but doesn't hear a word she says as she stares at her son. Celeste asks Hope how her little boy is? Hope spaces out and says she hasn't gotten much rest, and asks Celeste to get her a cup of tea. Celeste says of course, and Hope stays with Isaac. Hope then holds Isaac, and begins to cry. MEanwhile, Lexie meets up with a mystery man and hands them all the information Bo and Hope Brady don't want anyone to know!

At their place, Barb and Glen spend some time with JT. Glen tells Barb that he just can't give JT back to them. Barb asks if he's planning on kidnapping him again? Glen says no, he knows the judge will rule in their favor and they will be given full custody of JT.

Bo goes to the station, and runs into Abe, who is not having a good day either. Bo tells Abe that he's here to listen if he wants. Abe thanks Bo, but says he doesn't want to get into it. Bo says he does, they can't keep avoiding this. Bo tells Abe that his wife is in way over her head. Bo asks Abe if he knows what JT is up to? Abe lays into Bo for accusing his wife of being up to something, but then apologizes to Bo for blowing up. Bo says it is okay, Lexie is his wife and he loves her and should be loyal to her. Abe says he should have realizes he is going through a tough time too. Bo says Glen picked up JT tonight for an overnight visit, and he and Hope know they are going to lose Hope. Abe knows when that happens, Hope will come after Isaac.


April 3
In Las Vegas, Marlena worries that this wedding isn't going to happen thanks to Caroline and Shawn's talk of bad luck and ill-omens. John tells her not to worry, he doesn't think anything could happen to stop this wedding. John goes to calm to the troops, and Roman tries to calm MArlena down. Marlena begins to feel better, and thinks Sami couldn't possibly have two ruined weddings with Austin. Meanwhile, John talks to Belle, and he assures his daughter that some day she will be getting married.

Lucas finds his mom and talks to her about Sami and Austin's wedding. Kate says they have to stop this wedding, but Lucas tells her not to worry, this wedding will blow up in Sami's face. He also asks his mom to let him run the show for once. Kate agrees, and goes to the wedding chapel and meets up with Phillip. Roman warns Kate that she was supposed to leave Vegas, but she promises she is not going to interfere with the wedding. Later, Lucas talks to his mom and says things are going well for them, he just has to get back into the bride's room. When Kate asks if he knows what is going on, John overhears her and asks Lucas what is going on? Lucas says he doesn't know anything, and he doesn't care. Lucas says he's only here to see his son.

In the bride's room, Sami falls to her knees and begs Austin not to leave her because she will die without him. Austin tells her to get up, and pulls her up when she refuses. Sami tells Austin that she would let him walk out of her life if she could, but not now, not when she's having his baby. Austin doesn't believe her and says he wants to go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test so she can take it now. Sami caves, and Austin realizes she is lying once again. Austin thanks her for lying to him because a part of him was starting to feel sorry for her and might have forgiven her, but this lie of hers has given him the strength to walk out on her. Sami refuses to let Austin walk out of her life, because she says he knows there is no way he can just walk out on Will. Sami tells Austin that it may have been a lie that she isn't pregnant, but it didn't feel like a lie because she has dreamed of saying it to him for years. She talks about how she thought he was Will's father, and she says even though she knows Lucas is Will's father and that Will loves Lucas, in her heart he is Will's father. Austin says a part of him will always think of Will has his son, but it isn't true. He wonders if there was ever a time she wasn't hustling him and lying to him. Austin tells Sami that she is a lying, back-stabbing schemer, and she'll never change for him or for anyone. Austin then tells Sami that she is a bitch, and she only has herself to blame for her breaking heart. Austin then walks out on Sami! Sami then goes nuts, and begins trashing the room.

Back in the chapel, Brandon tells Jen that he's afraid Nicole is going to do the dumbest thing she's ever done. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to the safe and gets her ring from Victor. She says Austin had her chance, now it is time to move on. Austin goes to the wedding chapel, and Nicole walks in just as Austin announces that the wedding is off. Nicole smiles like a cheshire cat when she hears Austin's news. Roman asks Austin what his reason for not marrying Sami is? As Austin is about to tell them why, Sami runs out and begs him not to say it! Roman is furious and demands to know what is going on here. Austin asks Sami if she wants to tell him, or should he? Sami says she'll explain. Sami thanks them all for coming here, and she says at one point in time she probably hurt them all and probably owes them each an apology, so if they didn't get one, she's sorry. Sami apologizes to Belle for being insensitive to her, and to her grandma for not behaving more like a lady. She also tells her dad that she's sorry for not listening to him. Sami then begins talking about losing her mom when she was little, and how she tried to be extra good and make her mom come back from heaven. She then begins talking about the man she made up to be her guardian and protector, and then her wish for her protector came true the day she met Austin. Austin tells Sami that she doesn't know when to quit. Sami tells Austin he doesn't know what it is like to be her, to know what it feels like not to be whole or happy without him. Sami tells Austin that she loved him even before she met him, and she begs Austin to say he believes her. Austin tells Sami that he and many other people have had rough lives but don't use it as an excuse to act like a selfish brat. Austin says everyone wants to know why this wedding is off, and he has every right to tell them the truth about her. He says when they learn the truth about how she used her son, they may never forgive her! Austin tells everyone that he thought Sami had changed, but he was wrong, and he didn't know until just know what she is capable of. Austin tries to tell them the truth, but can't do it. Roman tells Austin that if he isn't going to marry Sami, they all deserve to know why. Austin says they deserve to know why, but she will have to be the one to tell them. Austin tells them all that he is not going to marry Sami today, or any other day, and he doesn't care if he ever hears the name Sami Brady again. Austin then walks out of the chapel, and Sami collapses into a screaming mess. Meanwhile, Lucas searches the bridal room for the tape, but can't find it!


April 4
At the Casino, Jack continues to wonder what Jen is really up to. Meanwhile, Collin goes to the bar to drink over blowing things with Liz. A beautiful woman begins flirting with Collin, but Greta interrupts. She compliments him on his clean shaven look. Jack shows up, because he's jealous to see her with Collin, and he listens in on their conversation. Greta asks about Liz and their wedding, and Jack realizes that is what Jen was upset about. Collin tells them that Liz left, and the wedding is off. This news does not thrill Jack at all. Jack tells Greta that they should get up to their room. They leave, and Meg continues to talk and flirt with Collin. Meanwhile, Jack runs into two thugs, and drops his briefcase. He quickly grabs it and leaves with Greta. They end up in their room, and Greta is not happy that they have only one bed. Jack says they can't have double beds because Oliver won't believe they are a couple. Jack tries to please her by giving her an engagement ring, and she makes fun of it and says it looks like he got it out of a gumball machine. Jack works out a deal with her to share the bed. Later, Greta asks Jack if he thinks she might have a chance with Collin? Jack doesn't understand why she wants him, and tries to make her think less of him. Greta then thinks Jack is attracted to Collin! Jack denies it, but she says she won't say anymore because she doesn't want to get him all hot and bothered. Greta goes to sleep and has an erotic dream about Collin. She rolls over and asks Jack if he is ready for round two! Jack decides to go look over his resumes. When he opens the briefcase, it is full of money! Meanwhile, the two thugs open their briefcase and find it is actually Jack's! They say they have to find this Jack "Deveruck" and get their money back!

At the chapel, Austin walks out of the chapel, and Sami collapses in a screaming fit. When Sami finally gets off the floor, she goes after Kate and screams that she has done this to her! Marlena and Roman pull Sami out of the chapel and back into the Bride's room, only to find Lucas searching for the tape! ROman asks Lucas what in the hell he is doing here, and why did he trash this room? Lucas says the room was like this, and he is just looking for Will. Roman doesn't believe him, and when Sami starts going after Lucas, Roman tells him to just get out of here. Lucas leaves, and says Sami is the one who is going to pay! Back in the room, Marlena and Roman try to calm Sami down, but all she wants to do is pay Lucas and Kate back. Sami blames them, and especially Lucas. She wants to get to Austin and explain, but Roman tells Sami that AUstin wants nothing to do with her and he feels that if anyone is to blame for what happened, it is her. Sami thanks her dad for blaming her and treating her like a criminal. Sami says this is not her fault, she loved austin and only wanted to make him happy. Roman suggests they just take her upstairs and get her some rest, and then steps on something. However, it turns out to be Sami's cell phone. They then take Sami back up to her room.

Jen tells Brandon that he can probably help Sami, and he should go to her. Brandon says no, he's not going to be the consolation prize. He compares his relationship with Sami to hers with Collin. He asks Jen if Collin's fiancee was to dump him at the alter, would she go running after him. Later, Jen and Brandon hit the Casino, and see Collin with Meg.

Nicole tries to talk to Austin, but he walks away from her. Nicole then turns around to see Victor standing there. He asks why Austin just ran off like that, and Nicole tells him that the wedding is off. Victor says damn, under his breath, and Nicole asks why he cares? Victor says he doesn't, and then he notices that Nicole is now wearing his engagement ring. He asks her if she has accepted his proposal? Nicole says she put it on to see how it would feel, and . . . . . Victor tells Nicole that he knows she was going to marry him because Austin was marrying Sami, but now that he's not she's not so sure. Victor refuses to be anyone's second choice, and says the offer is rescinded and their relationship is over! Victor returns to his room and makes a call. He asks the person to get rid of a problem for him, in their usual manner. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to the bar, and runs into Brandon. Brandon tries to convince Nicole to make a move on Austin.

Austin goes up to his room and begins to pack his things. Kate shows up, and Austin tells her that if she's here to gloat she can leave, and he's not telling her why he's not marrying Sami. Kate says she is only here to tell him that she is sorry. Austin says he just wants to get the hell out of here. Kate tells Austin that all she ever wanted was to see him happy. Austin says he should have listened to her, but Kate says she knows why he couldn't. Kate tells Austin that he always tries to see the best in people and do the right thing. Kate offers to do anything for him he needs done. Austin tells her to let Lucas know that he will make sure he is always a part of Will's life. Austin says he really needs to talk to Will, so Kate goes to get him. Caroline shows up later with Will, and Austin tells him there won't be a wedding. Will is upset that they aren't going to be a family. Austin says he is going to be busy a lot, and that they might not see one another for awhile, but Austin promises to call him and talk. He says so many people love him and his mommy and daddy will be there to take care of him. Caroline then apologizes to Austin for what happened, and tells him to come by the pub if he ever needs anything. Later, Austin leaves, and runs into Nicole. He tells Nicole that he is leaving Salem, but he is not leaving her!

Lucas meets up with his mother, and Lucas tells his mom why the wedding got called off. Unfortunately, Lucas says he lost the tape of Sami's confession. Kate says that tape could be everything they need to get Sami out of their lives forever. Kate tells Lucas they have to get that tape back before Sami finds it! Lucas sneaks back into the room later on to find the tape. Elsewhere, Sami sneaks out of her room after her parents leave her to rest!


April 5
In Las Vegas, Sami goes to the bridal suite and finds Austin has already packed and left. Sami once again begins crying, and daydreams about what could have been. She blames Kate and Lucas for this, and says she will make them and everyone else who has hurt her pay!

DOwn in the lobby, Austin tells Nicole that he is leaving Salem, but not her. Nicole asks him what he means? Austin tells Nicole that just looking at her makes him realize everything will be okay, the two of them will have it all. Austin tells Nicole that Sami really messed with his mind, and he sees things clearly now, and he is free to go after what he wants now. Austin tells Nicole that their futures will be tied together, there is amazing stuff in their futures. Austin tells Nicole that he got the permalash account. Nicole is confused. Austin says he's going to work for Carl in New York. Nicole is happy for Austin, but she says she wanted to do this with him, not without him. SHe can't believe he is leaving Salem and Titan. Austin says it won't be easy for him to leave, and he will miss her. However, Austin says he needs to be alone and away from Sami for the time being. He says he can't be involved with anyone right now, he's not good for a relationship. He tells Nicole that he hopes she understands. Nicole doesn't want him to leave, and refuses to let him leave without knowing what he truly means to her. Nicole says that he has changed her, he makes her want to be a good person. Nicole tells Austin that more than anyone else in her life, he has affected her. Austin tells Nicole that she will be okay without him. Nicole tells Austin that he knows what she's trying to say, she just doesn't know why she can't say it. Austin tells her now is not the time to say it. Austin says what they have will be long distance, but they do have a special relationship. Austin tells Nicole that right now he has to prove to himself that he can make it on his own. Austin says they'll still be working together, just over the phone. Nicole realizes she has to let Austin go, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Austin gives Nicole a real kiss, and then leaves. As Nicole cries over Austin's departure, we see a furious Sami in the background!

At the station, Abe lays into Bo for hammering him and treating Lexie like a stranger. Bo apologizes and says he knows he loves Lexie and is loyal to her. Abe says he's sorry because he knows he's going through hell himself. Bo says it is only a matter of time before they lose JT. Abe says then it will be only a matter of time before they come after Isaac. Bo says that Hope is already going after Isaac. Abe fears what will become of Lexie if she loses her little boy. Bo says he thinks Stefano was involved in the switch, and he wishes they could get Lexie to testify against him. Abe says Lexie will never turn on her father, or give up on her son. The two then begin arguing over whether Lexie knew the truth all along.

At Dot.Com, Hope holds Isaac. Lexie returns, and asks Celeste where Isaac is? Celeste says he is safe, he is with Hope. Lexie freaks out when she sees Hope holding Isaac. Celeste asks Lexie what has her so upset? LExie tells her mom that she has made everything worse! MEanwhile, Hope tells Isaac that soon him, JT, and Shawn will all be one big family. Lexie pushes her way over to Hope, and demands Hope give him to her. Hope says NO! Hope says God gave this boy to her, and only God can take him away! Celeste shows up and asks what is this about? Hope refuses to give Isaac to Lexie, and Celeste asks what is going on here? Hope tells Lexie that if she doesn't tell Celeste, she will! Meanwhile, the people at Dot.Com call the cops. When Isaac calls Hope mama, Hope says "Mama is right here!" Lexie says he is calling for her, but Hope says she can't give him back, she can't let go of her son. Celeste tries to calm Lexie down, and begs Hope to give Lexie back her son. Hope says she can't, she has no choice but to hold onto him. Meanwhile, the police show up and learn what is going on. They ask what is going on here. Hope says this woman stole her baby! Lexie screams "No!" The cops recognize the women as Bo and ABe's wives, and they try and work this out. Hope says Lexie has lied and stolen from their family, and she is going to tell everyone the truth. Hope stands up and yells to everyone that this is her baby! Abe and Bo show up, and Lexie tells Abe that Hope is kidnapping Isaac. Bo talks to Hope, who continues to say that this is her baby and she wants to take him home. Hope says she can't let him go, but Bo says they have to do this legally. Lexie says Isaac is her son, but Hope says she stole her son and all the special moments from her! Hope says she will die before she lets go of her baby again! Celeste asks Abe if this is true, and Abe says it is. She asks how this could have happened? Abe says there was a switch at the hospital, and legally they are Isaac's parents because of the adoption. Abe says legally Lexie has every right to that baby (Actually, since she adopted Marlo's baby, I believe she has every right to JT!) Abe tells Hope that she has to give him up. Bo takes Isaac from Hope, and when he looks into Isaac's eyes, he has an odd memory flash like Hope has been having!

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