April 00 Week 4


April 24
At the hospital, Larry and Sami are busy working. Sami leaves to get them some coffee and runs into Brandon. Sami tells Brandon that Larry is so cool, and he makes working here almost bearable. Brandon asks if she is going to keep working here? Sami's not sure because now she has a plan to get Will back, and it doesn't require her working. Brandon asks what Saint Austin thinks of her plan? Sami tells him that Austin doesn't know about it. Brandon thinks that Sami must have dumped Austin, but Sami says she hasn't. Brandon warns Sami that Austin hates dishonesty, and secrets have a way of coming out. Sami tells Brandon that a lot of people walk around with secrets, but she has accepted who she is, she is a fighter not a quitter. Sami tells Brandon that she has him to thank for that, and he is the only one who really understands that side of her. Brandon tells her that Austin doesn't appreciate her the way he does. Brandon asks what her plan is, so Sami tells him that she made a deal with his sister, if Nicole helps her gets custody of Will, she won't stop her from going after Eric. Sami also tells Brandon that together, she and Nicole will turn Lucas back into a raging drunk. Brandon is shocked and thinks that is a risky plan. Sami says the plan will work. Brandon asks Sami if she really thinks Lucas will drink if it would cost him Will? Sami tells Brandon not to underestimate the power his sister has over Lucas, he doesn't stand a chance. Brenda shows up and tells Sami if she needs more work to do, she can give her some. Sami says she has enough, and tells Brandon that she better get back to work because she does have to be employed when she goes in front of the judge.

Bo is busy trying to feed Hope, but Hope doesn't want to eat the hospital food. Alice shows up with some gifts for Hope to celebrate her leaving today. Lexie shows up and tells Hope that she can leave, and she will call with the results when they are in. Later, ALice asks Bo if something is troubling him, she sees a darkness in his eyes. Bo says nothing is wrong, but Alice has seen that look before when Victor got sick and fell into a coma. Bo tells Mrs. H that she would make a great detective, but he's not ready to talk about it just yet. Hope shows up, now in street clothes, and is ready to go back to the boat. Bo tells her they have someplace to stop off at first, and it is a surprise.

Outside the hospital, Rolfe slips outside the hospital, and the vial shatters! Rolfe calls Stefano and tells him about his careless mishap with the fluid, and Stefano is furious! Rolfe tells him not to worry because there is another vial inside which he will go get. Stefano tells him to get it and not screw up again!

Back inside, Lexie finds that the vial containing Hope's fluid was never taken to the lab. She is not pleased, but is glad she found it when she did. She decides to take it to the lab herself this time. Brandon asks Lexie if there will be any amnios in her future? Lexie says not yet, and if she doesn't get pregnant, she is thinking of adopting. Brandon says Abe can't be happy about that because most men want a child of their own, but he will probably come around. Lexie hopes so, but says even if he does, it can take years to adopt a child. Brandon tells her that's not always the case, and Lexie tells him that he's right. Lexie says she could use her father's connections to speed up the process. Lexie says she'll even bet her father would move heaven and earth to get her a baby. Lexie says it is getting late, so she better get the fluid to the lab before it closes.

Lexie speeds to the lab in her car, and Rolfe is hot on her trail. He hopes that the second vial doesn't break when he runs Lexie off the road!

Bo takes Hope to a reality office and meet with an agent who is going to help them find their dream home. Hope thinks Bo has lost his mind and wants to talk to him, alone. Bo asks Hope what is wrong, she's always wanted a house. Hope tells Bo she doesn't want him to give up his dream, the boat, for her or their baby. Bo tells Hope that it is about time they put down roots. Hope tells him a house requires a lot of maintenance, but Bo says he can handle it. Bo says they'll always have the boat, but he thinks they should have a home to come home to. Hope agrees to go look at homes with Bo. The agent returns with some listings, so they decide to go looking immediately.

Greta helps Austin settle into his place. Greta tells Austin that he is a good friend, she doesn't have many of those in Salem. She tells Austin that he makes whoever he is with feel special. Austin tells her "only if it is true." They start talking about marriage and committed relationships, and how they both feel that sex should wait until marriage. Austin uses his marriage to Carrie as an example as to why you should wait, and be very sure it is right. Greta tells Austin that she does care about Eric, but she doesn't feel the time is right. Austin tells her not to push it, because if she does it will turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Greta smiles and says that Mrs. Horton gave her the same advice about waiting. Austin starts talking about Sami and how he is happy now, and that the most important thing to him is honesty. Greta tells Austin that he is lucky to have found someone so soon after his divorce. Austin says he and Sami have a long history, and she is going through some rough times with the fight over Will. Greta asks him how he thinks that will turn out? Austin thinks Sami will get joint custody of Will, and then he will take care of both Will and Sami.

At Titan, Nicole is planning to get rid of Kate and the Kiriakis creeps and win Eric back. Eric shows up for the shoot, and he finds that Nicole has set everything up already. Eric and Nicole talk about how Nicole really wants to help Sami get Will back. Eric wonders how Lucas would feel if he knew she was consorting with the enemy? They bicker for a bit, and Eric tells Nicole that he does hope she can make things work out for Sami. Nicole starts telling Eric once again that she wants to make amends with him, but Eric doesn't want to hear it. He tells her that he has moved on with Greta, and she needs to get on with her life. Eric asks where this model is he is supposed to photograph? Nicole tells Eric that they are going to do things a little different today. Eric is totally confused when Nicole asks the model, who shows up, to take her make-up off. He asks Nicole what she is planning? Nicole tells Eric that she want to show true beauty in this photo shoot. She tells Eric that he taught her what pure beauty was, that and so much more. Eric asks if he meant so much to her, why did she push him away? He tells Nicole that he has to know why she made him hate her, and why she married Lucas if she was in love with him? Nicole says it was something she had to do, and he didn't marry him for the reasons that he thinks. The model returns, and the photo shoot begins. When Eric looks through his camera at the model, he sees Nicole!


April 25
At the Wesley home, Nancy worries when Chloe doesn't come straight home from school. She decides to call the police, but Nancy's father hangs up the phone. They end up getting into a huge argument about CHloe and how horrible of a parent Nancy is. Nancy's father plans to send Chloe to a private school rather than a public school so she doesn't make the same mistake Nancy did at her age. Nancy tells her father that he has gone too far this time, and she really hates him right now. Dr. Miller tells Nancy that he raised her to have some respect. Nancy asks how she can respect a man who forced her to give up her baby? Dr. Miller tells her that everything is always about her, when will she stop thinking about herself and think about how this has effected him or her mother. Dr. Miller ends up calling Chloe a mistake, which outrageous Nancy. Nancy tells her father that she thinks he is getting off on talking to her this way. Nancy tries to convince her father that she has made a good life for herself, she has a good husband and her daughter back. Dr. Miller tells Nancy that her husband doesn't know the truth about Chloe, and Chloe is miserable. Nancy refuse to have Chloe ripped away from her again, but Dr. Miller says that she's only lived with her a few months, she can't be that attached to her. Nancy tells her father that she has lived with her daughter for fifteen years in her mind. Nancy says that CHloe has been the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up and before she goes to bed. Furthermore, Nancy refuses to allow her father to take her daughter away from her again. Nancy's father tells her that she obviously didn't love Craig enough, she cheated on him and had a bastard child. Nancy tells her father that was his fault, he forced her to hang around older more mature men in order to become more worldly. Nancy's father asks Nancy if Chloe's father is anyone he knows? Nancy tells him that he doesn't deserve to know. Dr. Miller tells Nancy that she is a disappointment. Nancy says she is a failure, Craig is a clown, and he is heartless and cruel for wanting to take her daughter away from her. Nancy tells her father that he deserves to burn in hell for wanting to take her daughter from her for a second time. Suddenly, Nancy's father collapses! Nancy runs to get her father's pills, and when she returns, he is unconscious. Nancy cries that she is sorry and she didn't mean what she said.

At Dot.Com, Chloe and Belle continue talking about how Nancy is Chloe's mother. Belle thinks Chloe is making a mistake going to live with her grandfather because it would be like running away. Chloe says her grandfather's health is failing and she feels she needs to take care of him. Belle doesn't believe her and asks what happened to cause her to want to leave Salem. Chloe says the truth is her mother is ashamed of her and doesn't want anyone to know she is her daughter. Belle tells Chloe that she should give her mom an ultimatum to tell everyone the truth or she will move out. Belle then wonders if Chloe could be the one who is ashamed of Nancy? Chloe asks Belle why she would think that? Belle says that she never wants to be seen in public with her and she acts like she hates her. Belle tells Chloe that she sees that Nancy looks at her with love in her eyes, so why can't she let her mom love her? Belle doesn't mean to hurt her, but CHloe tells Belle that she needed to hear it. Belle asks Chloe why she is so angry? Chloe says for as long as she remembered she used to dream of her mom appearing and telling her how much she loved and missed her, and how she wanted her to come home and live with her, but her mom never came. Chloe says she finally got old enough to realize her mother would never come, but Belle says she did come. Chloe says that the need for her mom was gone, she wasn't a little girl anymore. Belle asks Chloe not to leave Salem without talking to her mom. Chloe asks why this is so important to her? Belle tells Chloe that she cares about her and doesn't want to lose her friend. Chloe agrees to stay, and decides to call her mom to tell her where she is and the news. However, nobody seems to be answering the phone.

At the hospital, Sami learns that Nicole wants to have drinks at Tuscany with her tonight, but Brenda refuses to let Sami leave early. Brenda gives Sami a file on Hope and she tells Brenda that it is incomplete, the status of her amnio is missing. She asks Brenda if she knows it? Lucas shows up and accuses Sami of being up to her old tricks. Sami asks Lucas if she can help him? Lucas says he's here for an AA meeting. Sami asks Lucas if he is worried about falling off the wagon? Lucas tells her no, he has his son to stay sober for. Lucas and Sami start bickering about Will. Lucas assures Sami that he will retain sole custody of Will and she will end up with nothing.

Nicole shows up at Tuscany, and the bartender remembers her brawl from New Years Eve and suggests she only have club soda tonight. Nicole doesn't think so, and orders a Martini. Maggie shows up and asks Nicole if she only drinks when her husband isn't around? Nicole tells Maggie that her commenting on her customers drinking habits is a little unprofessional. Maggie tells Nicole that she is more than a customer, she is family. Nicole thinks she is being judged by Maggie, but Maggie says she is not judging her. Nicole says she doesn't drink in front of Lucas in order not to tempt him, but Maggie tells Nicole what she does or doesn't do shouldn't effect his sobriety. Later, Sami shows up and tells Maggie that she is here to have drinks with Nicole, she's following Mickey's advice to try and get along with Nicole and Lucas for Will's sake. Maggie is proud of Sami and says what is best for Will must come before everything else. Sami and Nicole start drinking and dishing dirt, and Lucas shows up. Lucas learns from Maggie that his wife is here, which shocks him. Lucas sees Nicole with Sami and decides to find out what is going on. Sami and Nicole toast to their plan and Eric. Nicole tells Sami that she and Eric had a wonderful conversation at work today, and she thinks he's coming around. Nicole asks Sami what the next step of their plan is? Lucas hides behind the bar to see what they are talking about, but the bartender is mixing Martinis, so Lucas can't here Sami telling Nicole how to try and get Lucas to talk a drink. Sami spots Lucas hiding, thanks to a mirror behind the bar, and acts quickly. Sami picks a fight with Nicole, and a huge cat fight follows!

Rolfe is chasing Lexie's car in the rain and comments that she drives like Mario Andretti. Stefano calls Rolfe to see if he has the fluid. Rolfe tells Stefano that he is in complete control and will have the fluid, Alexandra will never know what hit her. Stefano asks what Lexie has to do with this? Rolfe tells Stefano that there is no time to explain, and he hangs up. Suddenly, Lexie realizes she is about to be rammed! Stefano calls Rolfe back and tells him never to hang up on him, and he is not to harm Alexandra! Stefano then calls Lexie to see how she is, and she says she is fine, Rolfe has backed off. Stefano tells Lexie that he has done some more research on adoption, so they decide to meet tomorrow morning. Stefano tells Lexie to drive carefully, and then he says goodbye. Lexie eventually arrives at the lab, but the lights are out. She hopes someone is still in there, so she decides to check. Meanwhile, Rolfe puts on a ski mask and attacks Lexie. Lexie does some major butt kicking moves, but Rolfe eventually decks her and steals the fluid.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells Bart that he needs to find a pregnant woman for his plan for Lexie's future happiness. He warns Bart to proceed carefully, because if his daughter found out what he was up to he could lose her. Later, Rolfe returns with the fluid, and Stefano tells Rolfe that he better not have harmed Lexie. Suddenly, Lexie shows up on her father's doorstep and tells him that she has been mugged!


April 26
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At Dot.Com, Chloe thinks that her mom must be out shopping or too busy fighting with her father to answer the phone. Belle tells Chloe that anytime she ever needs anyone to talk to she is here. Chloe thanks Belle, but tells her that she doesn't want anyone else to know the truth about Nancy. Belle doesn't understand why Nancy wouldn't want anyone to know the truth? Chloe says the reason is Craig. Chloe tells Belle that Craig doesn't know she is Nancy's daughter, let alone that Nancy has a child. Chloe asks if they can change the subject, so Belle asks Chloe if she's ever been into any other type of music other than opera? Chloe says she only likes opera. Belle thinks she must have had years of lessons, but Chloe says she's never told anyone that she can sing, and she's only had some piano and flute lessons. Belle is amazed, and tells Chloe that she is amazing. However, she says she wouldn't have run out of the pub after singing like that, and she also says that the dock isn't the safest place to hang out after dark. Chloe asks how she knew about that? Belle tells her that she was spotted at the docks meeting with a guy. Chloe says she didn't go to the dock to meet a guy, they just ran into one another. CHloe agrees to tell Belle who it was, as long as she doesn't tell anyone. Belle agrees.

Mimi and Phillip show up at Dot.Com, and Phillip wants Mimi to buy them some drinks. Mimi refuses and says she bought the last one, he owes her. Shawn walks in and asks what is going on? Phillip says that Mimi has gone cheap on him and is acting like she is down to her last five bucks. Phillip agrees to buy the drinks for them because he is dying of thirst. Mimi ends up putting her food in her purse, and Phillip wonders what is going on. Mimi says she isn't hungry anymore and will save it for later. She changes the subject to Chloe's mystery man, and wonders who would be down on the docks with her. Shawn defends Chloe, and Mimi tells him that if he hangs with geeks then it will rub off on him, and he won't be voted King of the Spring Dance. Shawn doesn't care and says that Phillip would make a better king than he would.

Shawn approaches Belle and Chloe before Chloe can tell Belle who she was with at the docks. Shawn tells Chloe that there are some bad rumors going around about her, but she shouldn't worry. Chloe tells Shawn that she won't be hanging around the docks anymore, especially with the guy she was with because he turned out to be a jerk. After Shawn leaves, Belle asks Chloe who she was with at the docks? Chloe says it was no one important.

At the Miller house, Nancy tells her father, who is now conscious, that she's taking him to the hospital. Nancy brings her father into the hospital, and he is screaming that he wants out of this wheelchair because he is not an inviolate. Nancy asks Brenda for Craig, but Dr. Miller refuses to have Craig as his doctor because he will kill him. Nancy says Craig is a brilliant doctor, but Dr. Miller doesn't want him checking out his heart. Craig shows up and asks Dr. Miller if he's afraid he'll find out he has no heart? Craig asks what is going on, and Nancy explains what happened. She asks Craig to check her father out, so he agrees, but only for her. Dr. Miller refuses to allow Craig the quack to check him out. Brenda, the nurse from hell, tells Dr. Miller that she's heard enough from him. She tells him that this is a hospital and they don't tolerate screaming unless their is pain, and he is a pain in the ass! She also tells him that he is lucky to have Dr. Wesley examine him because he is the best doctor in all of Salem! Dr. Miller is impressed with Brenda, so she wheel him to an examine room. Craig asks Nancy what brought on her father's attack? She tells him they were talking about Chloe, and there is so much she needs to tell him. She says she doesn't have time to go into everything right now, and asks him to just go check on her dad for her. Craig doesn't know how she can be that man's daughter, and leaves. Nancy ponders what to do, if she doesn't tell Craig the truth she could lose Chloe, but if she does tell him the truth, she could lose Craig.

At Tuscany, Maggie and Lucas pull Sami and Nicole off of one another. Lucas blames Sami for this, but Sami says that Nicole started it. Nicole, who thinks Sami really did pick a fight with her for real, says she is going to tell Lucas exactly what she is up to. Sami apologizes to Nicole and says she was out of line, but Lucas doesn't want to hear it. Sami tells Lucas that she has nothing to say to him, she apologizes to Nicole and to Maggie. Sami leaves to freshen up, and Lucas suspects that Sami is up to something because that is the only reason she'd have drinks with Nicole. Lucas realizes Maggie knows something, and asks her to tell him what is going on. Maggie says that Sami wanted to try and work things out with Nicole, but Lucas is still suspicious of Sami. Nicole follows Sami into the bathroom and tells Sami that she gets what happened, and tells Sami that was quick thinking. Sami says that with them working together, Lucas will take one quick drunken tumble down those steps big time, and then she can get Will back. Nicole asks Sami if she thinks Lucas overheard them? Sami says no, if he did she would be black and blue. Nicole says Lucas isn't a violent man, but Sami says Lucas did hit his son. Sami tells that Lucas showing up here will work to their advantage, but Nicole says he almost caught them. Sami says she can make anything work to her advantage, and Lucas almost catching them is definitely a cloud with a silver lining. Nicole and Sami leave the bathroom acting like best buds, and Lucas continues be suspicious. He says that Sami never apologizes unless she is after something. Sami says she is after something, and she's not ashamed to admit it. Sami says she is trying to be civil with him and Nicole for Will's sake. Lucas asks for his barf bag and says she only wants visitation rights with Will. Sami tells Lucas that he is right, and she has realized she has spent far to long fighting with him instead of trying to get along. She thanks Lucas for allowing her to live at the mansion and spend time with Will, and she promises from now on that she will be so nice to him and Nicole that he'll never recognize her. Lucas asks why now, why not months ago? Maggie tells Lucas that he knows that it is when someone is at their lowest that they realize they must change, and she says she is proud of Sami. Sami tells Lucas that she has put him through hell, and she is sorry, but she has suffered to. She asks Lucas, for Will's sake, can they try and work things out? Lucas tells her that he doesn't know what to say, and he'll think about it. Maggie tells Sami that she is proud of her, but Sami informs Maggie that she still doesn't trust Lucas, but will do whatever it takes to keep Will in her life forever.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano comforts Lexie after she tells him that she was mugged. Lexie thanks her father for his concern, and she likes him worrying about her. She then sees that the table is wet, and asks why? Stefano says he's not concerned with that, he's concerned about her, and he asks her to tell her what happened. She explains everything to him. Lexie thanks her father for being here for her, and she really needed her dad tonight. Lexie looks forward to the day her children can come to her with their problems, but she tells her dad that she is not pregnant yet. Stefano brings up adoption and says that perhaps Abe will come around to the idea when he sees how deeply she wants a baby. Lexie gets up to call the station and talk to Abe, but is suddenly hit with a pain. Stefano asks Lexie if the man who mugged her hurt her in any way? Did he punch her in the face? Lexie says he did, and Stefano says that the man will pay for this. Lexie thanks him, but says nobody will probably find him. Stefano has one of his drivers see Lexie to her car, and then goes to deal with Rolfe. Rolfe is working in the lab to learn who the father of Hope's baby is when Stefano comes in and decks Rolfe. The second vial of fluid falls to the floor with Rolfe, and it breaks!


April 27
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At the Titan lab, Nicole and Eric are looking at the pictures from the latest photo shoot. Nicole tells Eric that he did a really good job. As they discuss the shoot, Greta shows up and happens to overhear Eric telling Nicole that she is very good at this job and has great instincts. Austin comes up behind Greta and asks her if she's going in to see Eric? She says no because Nicole is in there with him, and he is going on and on about how wonderful a job Nicole is doing. Austin thought that she wasn't going to be jealous of Nicole anymore. Greta suggests they go elsewhere to talk so Eric and Nicole don't find out that they are here. Back in the lab, Nicole continues chanting her old mantra about how Eric makes her want to be a better person. Eric doesn't want to hear it, but Nicole says she has an update on Sami for him. Nicole tells Eric about how she and Sami are still working together, but she wishes there was more she could do to help Sami. Eric asks her what she's done already? Nicole tells Eric that she is trying to help Sami, but she doesn't know how to convince Lucas that Will belongs with Sami, aside from withholding certain favors. They end up talking about sex, and Nicole thinks that Eric and Greta have finally slept together when Eric says Greta doesn't withhold anything from him, she likes to please him. Eric tells Nicole that it is not like that, and he doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Nicole returns to the original subject, helping Sami, and says there is one way to convince Lucas to give up custody of Will. Eric asks her how? Nicole says she could get knocked up and bring a little Lucas Roberts into the world. Eric tells Nicole that is no reason to bring a child into this world, why would she even consider it? Nicole says it wouldn't be his, and Eric says it could have been. Eric refuses to have this conversation with her. Suddenly, Rex calls Nicole and tells her that he can't stop thinking about her, and he wants her to come over right now. Nicole pretends that she is with her husband, so he says they will have to postpone their rendez-vous, and it will give him time to think about where they have meet before? Nicole tells him that have never meet before, and threatens to cash out her money. He apologizes, and asks if they can meet up later? Nicole says they can, and hangs up. When she goes to return to Eric, she trips and thinks she's broken her ankle.

Austin and Greta go to the pub and have a talk about Eric. Austin tells Greta that her worrying is just making things worse than they really are. Greta confesses to Austin that she has no experience with guys and she even has a hard time saying that she is a virgin. Caroline, who was walking buy to take their order, overhears Greta's admission and says she'll come back to take their order. Austin says they are ready to order, so they order. Caroline leaves, and Greta tells Austin that she can't believe that just happened. Austin tells her not to be embarrassed because everyone was a virgin at one point in their life. Later Austin asks Greta what she wants to do with her life? Greta says she doesn't really know, she hasn't thought about it. Austin tells her that is because she spends all her time focused on Eric. Greta says he is right, and she has a responsibility to do something with her inheritance.

Lexie returns home and tells Abe that she was mugged tonight. Abe is upset and asks if she is all right? Lexie says she is now, her father . . . . Abe asks Lexie what Stefano did to her? Lexie says he went to her father for comfort because he couldn't find her. Abe becomes upset that she went to Stefano instead of him. Lexie tells him to calm down, and he says he is grateful that someone was there for her. Lexie calls Hope and informs her about the mugging, and that her fluid was stolen. Later, Lexie talks with ABe about adoption, but he still isn't crazy about the idea. Lexie thinks he doesn't like the idea because it was her father's. Abe tells Lexie that he is not thrilled that she is sharing their personal stuff with the father-in-law from hell. Lexie and Abe begin to argue. Lexie tells Abe that she wants a baby so badly, and she is going to start making calls to find out what she has to do in order to adopt a baby.

At the Brady Pub, Hope is relaxing while Bo and Caroline sit with her and try to make her comfortable. Later, Hope gets a call from Lexie, who tells her that her amniotic fluid was stolen when she was mugged. Lexie apologizes to Hope, but Hope tells her that it is not her fault. Lexie tells Hope that she's going to have to do the test again, and Hope says she'll talk to Dr. Bader as soon as she can. Bo asks Hope what happen, and she tells him that her amniotic fluid was stolen. Hope thinks she doesn't need another amnio, but will talk to Dr. Bader about it. Bo gives her a look and tells Hope he doesn't want to have to worry about the baby, but then he tells her that she is right and what is important is that she is okay. Later they look at house plans, and Hope finds one she likes, but Bo tells her that they can't afford the house. Hope says they can use her trust fund, but Bo refuses because that is for Shawn's college tuition. Bo tells Hope that this family is his responsibility and he doesn't want her to have to dip into her piggy bank to pay for the house. Bo ends up having a talk with Caroline about how he feels he has to be responsible for buying his families first home, and he doesn't want Hope to use her nest egg. Caroline understands Bo's point of view, considering his upbringing. Caroline tells Bo that she may have a solution to his problem, and asks him to wait for her, she has to go somewhere quickly. Caroline returns with a check and wants to help Bo help with the down payment, but Bo refuses to accept it. Caroline says he and Roman have been giving her and Shawn money over the years, so now it is time to return that money. Bo thanks Caroline and gives her a hug.

In the lab, Stefano begins to beat up Rolfe for hurting his daughter. As a result, Rolfe ends up dropping the file containing Hope's fluid. Stefano blames Rolfe for it, but he says that it is not his fault! Stefano tells Rolfe that he failed him today, this makes twice he's failed him. He warns Rolfe that he deserves much more than whatever he did to Lexie. Rolfe says he is hurting enough as is, he didn't know LExie had a blackbelt in karate, he is in far worse shape then she is. Stefano is even more furious that he will never know who the father of Hope's child is. Rolfe says if Hope were to have another amnio . . ., but he doesn't think she will because Dr. Bader was pleased with the ultrasound. Rolfe also tells Stefano that Hope is pregnant with a boy. Rolfe asks Stefano what he can do to regain his trust? Stefano tells him "turn back the clock, erase my memory!" Stefano says that from now on Bart will be assisting him with his latest plan. Rolfe doesn't think Bart is the man for the job, but Stefano thinks Bart can handle a simple task like finding him a pregnant woman. Rolfe asks Stefano what he is plotting now? Stefano says that he has missed so many things in Alexandra's life, so many things he wants to make up to her for. Stefano says that Lexie wants a child, and Rolfe tells him that there are many African-American babies who need to be adopted. Stefano says that is true, but he has something else in mind. Stefano says that he needs to find a white baby boy due at the same time Hope will be having hers. Rolfe asks why, but Stefano tells him not to ask questions. He refuses to have his daughter heart break when she sees Hope holding her newborn. Stefano tells Rolfe if he really wants to help, he must find him a pregnant woman who can be trusted and won't cause any problems, because there could be post-pardom effects which could have consequences on her health. Rolfe understands, and Stefano says good because neither he nor Lexie will be disappointed!


April 28
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Roman shows up at the station and tells Abe that they have no clues on the perp who mugged Lexie. Roman gets a call about an accidental shooting, and decides to check it out. Abe wants to know the details? Roman says that a fourteen year old boy found a handgun and shot his seven year old brother, and he didn't want to tell him because he knew it would bring back bad memories for him. Abe says the one thing that still haunts him is wondering whatever happened to that kid he shot. Roman asks Abe when he's going to stop beating himself up over this? Abe says he can't help it, and sometimes he feels like he is being punished for hurting a child, and maybe that is why he and Lexie can't have a baby of their own. Roman tells Abe that God doesn't work that way, and it is time he forgave himself.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, the entire gang is sitting down to their last breakfast. Victor is owe so pleased to inform everyone that tomorrow is moving day for them, and they shouldn't look so down because most kids look forward to moving out, though this group seems to want to stay close to mommy forever. Lucas tells Victor that he took Will to see their new house yesterday. Lucas asks Will how big the house is, and he says this big, using his arms to show the size. When Lucas asks who will live in it, Will says all of them. Lucas tells Sami that she was supposed to explain this to him, but Sami says she hasn't gotten the chance! Austin takes Will into the living room, and Lucas yells at Sami for not preparing Will for this. Sami says she just haven't had a chance, but Lucas accuses her of not telling Will because she thought she would get custody of him. Lucas decides to tell Will himself, but Sami says she wants to do it. Lucas warns Sami not to make him out to be the badguy. Sami leaves, and Brandon thanks Victor for allowing him to stay here, and Victor and Kate wish him well. Lucas wants to go spy on Sami, but Victor orders Lucas to stay put and let Sami and Austin deal with will. In the other room, Sami explains to Will that she will not be coming to live with him in his new house. Sami says she will be living with uncle Eric, but she will visit him all the time and he can call her whenever he wants. Will tells Sami that he will miss her, and she hugs him and assures him that it will be okay. Will leaves to get Sami a picture, and Austin comforts Sami. Sami makes the mistake of saying she won't be separated from Will for that much longer. Austin asks Sami what she is up to? Sami says she's not cooking up a scheme, she's hoping to save up enough money to move closer to Lucas and Will so she can see Will as much as she wants to. Austin apologizes, and Will returns with a picture for Sami of his entire family, which includes both her and Lucas.

Back in the other room, Nicole asks Lucas which house he rented while they wait for their house to be built? Lucas says none of them, they will stay here until their house is ready. Nicole is furious and tells Lucas there is no way in hell they are staying here! Lucas says that he doesn't want to uproot Will twice. Nicole says she can't believe this, first he keeps Will from his mother, now he makes her live with people who hate her and treat her like crap. Victor says perhaps it has something to do with her behavior, all she does is sit around here and drink and insult people. Nicole tells them all to go to hell, she doesn't need class when she's got cash. Lucas asks Nicole what she is talking about? Nicole says she has invested some of her money, which angers Lucas. Nicole tells Lucas that he never discussed staying here with her, so why should she have discussed her investments with him. Nicole leaves, and Lucas runs after her. Victor can't believe Lucas' behavior, he's probably going to beg her for forgiveness. Lucas catches up with Nicole, who tells Lucas that she broke his promise to protect and care about her, and to be her partner. Lucas says he was just really concerned about Will. Nicole tells him if he really cared about the kid then he would give him to Sami. Lucas refuses, so she warns him not to be surprised if Will ends up without a mother or a step-mother. Lucas asks if that is a threat? Nicole tells him that it is, and asks how he'd like to end up raising Will by himself!

Nicole finds Sami and tells her that they need to talk, now! Nicole tells Will to go upstairs with uncle Austin, so Austin and Will leave. Sami can guess what happen, Kate and Victor hurt her feelings. Sami says she can't do anything about that, they hate her (Sami) more than they hate her (Nicole). Nicole tells Sami that she may have Will back sooner then she thinks. Nicole asks Sami if Eric still loves her? Sami says yes, she thinks Eric is still madly in love with her, but he'd never make a move on her while she's married. Nicole says right now she's so angry that she could walk out on Lucas right now. Sami asks what happened? Nicole tells Sami that Lucas just informed her that they are going to stay here until their new house is built.

Meanwhile, Victor and Kate continue to talk about the kids. They begin to argue about Phillip, and Kate thinks that Victor thinks she is a terrible mother for spoiling Phillip. Kate tells Victor that she may have had her ups and downs with her children, but his record is nothing to envy. Victor says that nothing good is going to come from this conversation. Kate apologizes and says sometimes she just does feel like a bad mother. Victor tells her that she did a wonderful job with Austin and Billie, but the jury is still out on Lucac.

Sami confronts Lucas and tells him that if he is staying here then by God she is too! Sami says that she just told Will that she is moving out because everyone else is, and if they stay he is going to think she is abandoning him. Victor says he will talk with Will, but that isn't good enough for Sami. Sami warns Lucas that if she is not allowed to stay in the guest house then he might find himself in hell burning with Franco Kelly, the man he shot to death!

At the hospital, Dr. Miller and Nancy continue to argue! Dr. Miller says he is leaving tomorrow and taking Chloe with him, because unlike her he is not embarrassed to let people know she is his granddaughter. Nancy says she is not embarrassed by Chloe, she is just trying to protect Craig. Dr. Miller tells Nancy that she uses Craig ask an excuse for everything. Nancy tells her father that she has decided to tell Craig the truth about Chloe. Dr. Miller tells her that she needs to think this out first, and suggests she go to their house in the Bahamas while he takes Chloe to live with him for a visit. Nancy refuses and says she doesn't trust him to send her back. Dr. Miller wonders if she is afraid Chloe won't want to come back?

Elsewhere in the hospital, Craig informs Lexie that she is fired! Craig tells her that she did not follow procedures for getting the amnio fluid to the lab. Lexie says if she wants to fire someone, he should fire the person who left the fluid in the closet! Craig tells Lexie that if anything happens to Hope's child because of this blunder, he is holding her responsible. Lexie says she might as well just give up on medicine and will go down to personal right now. Craig apologizes and says he does not want her fired, he is just in a lousy mood and it has nothing to do with her.

Craig goes to see Dr. Miller, who says he already knows what his test results are. Craig is impressed by his psychic powers, and recommends he take 30 sleeping pills tonight and wash them down with a bottle of scotch! Nancy tells Craig that was a little over the top. Craig says her father doesn't treat him with respect, so why she he treat him with respect? Craig leaves, and Nancy follows him and asks what is wrong with him? Craig says that her father's presence is driving him nuts, and he wants her father to go home today! Nancy says that she's not ready for her father to leave just yet. Craig asks why she wants him to stay? Nancy says that she is afraid that when her father leaves, Chloe will go with him. Craig thinks something more is going on because she has papers making her Chloe's legal guardian, so he can't take Chloe with him. Craig says earlier she had something important to discuss with him, and Craig asks what that important something was? Nancy says "If I ever lost you . . " Craig asks if Dr. Miller is trying to convince her to leave him? Nancy says no, and she needs to know that he knows she loves him and how much he means to her. Craig says that if he ever lost her, his life would be in ruins.

Brandon shows up for work and visits with Larry. Brandon says that he saw Craig talking with Lexie, and whatever he said to her seemed to upset her. Brandon says he will check it out, and reminds Larry that Lexie can't know about their connection, or his to Abe's. Brandon talks with Lexie about what happened to her, and she tells Brandon that she is okay. Lexie tells Brandon that she's gotten good reports on Larry from the nurses, and they go to visit him. Lexie asks Larry how it is going? Larry says it is going great, everyone has been very nice to him. Lexie asks Larry for a favor, perhaps he could talk to some of her pediatric patients who have disabilities similar to his. She says he is doing so well with his life that he would be a great inspiration to them. Larry doesn't look to thrilled about the idea, Lexie apologizes for putting him on the spot, and then goes back to work. She tells Brandon she feels bad about asking that favor of Larry, but Brandon tells her to forget it, no harm done. Later, Abe shows up to take Lexie to lunch, and she decides to introduce him to Larry! Larry freaks out and screams at Abe not to hurt him! His wheelchair tumbles over, and Lexie wonders what is going on. Abe goes out to the balcony, and Lexie follows him and finds him looking like he's just seen a ghost.

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