April 00 Week 3


April 17
Austin and Phillip are playing a computer game at Dot.Com, and Austin beats Phillip for the third time. Austin thinks Phillip is slipping and thinks it is about a girl. Phillip says it isn't what he's thinking, it's not about a girl he wants to go out with. Phillip tells Austin that he blew off this weird girl who he thinks likes him. Austin tells him that he needs to treat women with respect, otherwise he will end up a very lonely guy. Austin sees Greta and says hello to "Snow White." He asks her how dinner was? Greta says her dinner burned up, so they went out to Tuscanny, where they ran into Lucas and Nicole. Greta says she could tell by the love sick look in Nicole's eyes that she wants Eric. Austin tries to assure her that Nicole is just very troubled. Austin tells Greta that she is a special person and Eric is lucky to be with her. Greta tells him that Sami is lucky to be with him. Austin then tells Greta that he's planning a surprise for Sami, he's moving back into his old place next to Eric's place to stay close to Sami. Greta offers to help him redecorate, so they leave.

Mimi tries to return a Ricki Martin CD, but it was opened so she has to talk to the manager. Phillip asks why she doesn't exchange it because she loves Ricki Martin? Mimi says it skips, it is the second CD she bought here which is defective and it is a matter of principle. Mimi gets a refund, and Phillip think they should get some cappuccino, since she has some money on her. Mimi tells him no. Phillip refuses to listen to her, and orders anyways. Mimi tells herself that she really needed that money, now what will she do? Mimi asks if she got some change? He tells her yeah, a quarter. Mimi is upset, and he asks her if she's going cheap on him? Mimi says she's not made of money. She then starts talking about Chloe singing that gross opera. Phillip says Chloe isn't that bad. Mimi asks Phillip if he has the hots for ghoul girl? Phillip says he isn't, and then makes a bet with her that Chloe will flip out at the spring dance, but Mimi doubts that will happen. Mimi ends up running out when Phillip asks her to put her money where her mouth is.

Austin and Greta go back to Austin's old place and begin decorating. They talk, and Greta says that she can't imagine being in a relationship based on lies. Austin tells her that she's lucky to be involved with Eric, because he's an honest man. Greta says that he is honest, honorable, and an all around great guy. Austin asks Greta if Eric knows how much she likes him? Greta tells him that he probably doesn't, so Austin thinks she should find a way to show him.

At Eric's place, Eric tells Nicole to go home to her husband, but she says she can't until she is honest with him. Eric says no, and to just stick to the reason she came here. Nicole says she wants to help Sami regain custody of Will, and maybe it will convince him that they can be friends. Eric says that is all they can be, and if she wants a friend then she has to convince Lucas to give up Will. Nicole says she's tried but he won't. Eric says that Sami will have to go to through the courts. Eric says the only way she can help Sami is if she was to tell a judge that she only married Lucas to help him get custody of Will. Nicole tells Eric that would be a lie because the reason she married Lucas was because of him (Eric). Nicole tells him that she knew the only way she could stay away from him was to give herself to someone else. She tells Eric that she had to make him hate her. Eric tells her that her plan worked, but it made both of them miserable. Nicole says she thought he found happiness with Greta, he is happy isn't he? Suddenly there is a knock at his door, and it is Greta! She wanted to stop by, but sees he is in his PJs, so she says she'll come back tomorrow. Suddenly, Austin shows up and barges into his apartment, and Greta follows. Eric fears he will be cought by Nicole, but Nicole has vanished. Eric asks what brings them by? Austin tells Eric that he's moving back in to his old apartment, but Sami doesn't know because it is a surprise. Austin asks if he has his old radio still? Eric says he does, and it is in his bedroom. He says he'll go get it, but Austin says he'll do that. Nicole is hiding in the bedroom and worries as Austin approaches. Eric tries to stop him because his room is a mess, but Austin says he won't report him to Martha Stewart. Nicole hides in Eric's closet, but ends up being caught by Austin. Nicole begs Austin not to tell Greta that she is here.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano continues to torment John about the sub-sex and Hope's child. Stefano tells John that his secret staying safe depends on whether he tells him what he needs to know. John wants Stefano's word that Hope won't remember, but Stefano says that is not up to him. John says that is not true, he can make sure that she doesn't remember. They start arguing about Stefano's crimes, and Stefano asks John what makes him think he has anything to do with a secret underground art theft ring. John tells Stefano that he remembers, he remembers everything! John tells Stefano everything he remembers, and how he turned into Soldier Black in order to save his family and friends on the plane. Stefano tells John that this is fascinating, but what does it have to do with him? John says that he was behind the bomb, but Stefano says there is no proof. John says he has proof, and he's getting more and more every day. John tells Stefano that he remembers he and Gina stole paintings for him, he remembers that he was his soldier, and he remembers how he was his friend. Stefano asks what he's going to do with these memories? John says he's documented them on a computer, and eventually they will all fit together to spell out his guilt. Stefano says just because he types some phantom memories on a computer does he really think that the authorities will believe them? John says he's not planning to take them to the authorities, he has left instructions that if anything happens to him then the disk will be forwarded to his daughter Alexandra! John tells him "checkmate!" Stefano asks John what he wants? John tells Stefano that if he doesn't want Lexie to know the details of his life then he will guarantee him that Hope will not remember this past year. Stefano says he'll do everything he can to make sure she doesn't remember. Stefano tells John that this conversation never took place, are they clear on that? John says "clear as a bell," but will be expecting to hear from him. John leaves, and Rolfe comes out of the shadows. Stefano tells Rolfe that Soldier Black thinks he has the upper hand, but as they both know, Stefano DiMera does not lose. Outside, John says that he will give the orders this time, and this time Stefano will lose.

At the Blue Note, Hope and Bo are still talking. Hope asks Bo why she felt him call out to her, something major must have happened? Bo remembers that the something major was him making love to Gina. Bo tells her that it was just that special connection they have that she felt. Hope then asks Bo why he is so afraid for her to remember what happened this past year? She says that he isn't the only one that feels that way, Marlena doesn't want her to remember either. Bo tells Hope that they are just afraid something could have happened that would place her in danger. Hope tells Bo that she did have a feeling of danger while locked in the turret around New Years Eve. Bo worries, and Hope asks Bo what happened to him and Shawn D on New Years Eve? Bo remembers his wedding to Gina, and her death. Hope begs Bo to tell her the truth. Bo tells Hope that New Years Eve was the night he married Princess Gina. Hope is in shock and asks how could he marry that imposter? Bo apologizes and says he knew it wasn't her inside, but he pushed those feelings aside because he didn't want to hurt her with his doubts. Suddenly, Hope begins to have labor pains! Bo says they need to get out of the hospital, and helps her outside.

At Lexie and ABe's place, Lexie and Abe have made love in an attempt to have another child. She apologizes to him for it taking so long, but he tells her that she makes him happy enough. Lexie thinks adoption will take the pressure off, and she wants making love to be about what it was life before when it meant something, not when it was about getting something. Abe thinks they should still give the old fashion way little more time. He tells Lexie that she deserves to know the joy of pregnancy that Hope is experiencing. Lexie says that Hope is happy, but for some reason Bo isn't. Abe thinks it might have something to do with Stefano. The start to fight about her father, but Lexie stops it before it goes to far. Abe suggests they think about the baby they just made instead, and perhaps if they are lucky they made twins. Suddenly, Lexie gets a call from Bo, who is driving Hope to the hospital. He tells Lexie that he and Hope were at the Blue Note when she suddenly started to cramp. Lexie tells Bo that she'll meet them at the trauma center and will page Dr. Bader.


April 18
Craig comes home from work and is greeted by Chloe, who is holding Sugar, Nancy's dog. He asks where Nancy's father, the physician who ate Salem, is? Craig asks if he is still here? Chloe says he is planning on leaving town soon, and when he leaves, she is going with him. Craig asks why he would want her to live with him? Chloe says that some people can tolerate her, and older people tend to like younger people around them. Craig tells Chloe that if she goes to live with him it won't be a walk in the park. Chloe thanks him for his concern and says she will be fine. Chloe asks Craig why it matters to him, once she leaves he'll be thrilled. Craig says that is not true, his wife will be devastated and he thought she and Nancy were growing closer. Chloe says she and Nancy will never be close because Nancy is a liar. Craig says everyone bends the truth, but Chloe says Nancy LIES and she's lying to him! Craig asks what Nancy is lying to him about? Chloe tells him to forget it, but Craig refuses to let her leave without explaining. Chloe says that she just hates Salem and wants to leave. Craig asks if something happened to her since he last saw her? Chloe remembers Phillip walking her home, him telling her that she was pretty, and also asking her not to tell anyone that he walked her home. Chloe tells Craig that nothing important happened, she just has to get out of this town and away from the stupid girls and boring boys. Craig sits down on the couch next to Chloe and asks her to tell him who hurt her. Chloe insists she is fine and can take care of herself. Craig asks Chloe to let him help her deal with this, but CHloe says that there is nothing to deal with because nothing and no one can hurt her. Craig tries to convince Chloe to stay, but she refuses to listen. Craig tells her that Nancy can offer her a world of things, and she would be a fool to turn her back on that and run away. Chloe says she's not running away, she's just thinking about what is best for her right now. Craig asks Chloe to think about how good Nancy would feel if she stayed, that is all he is asking of her.

At Eric's place, Greta asks Eric why he is acting so jumpy? Eric says he just didn't expect company, and he's really only half awake. Greta says she and Austin should get going, and she'll go find what is taking him so long, but Eric stops her. In Eric's bedroom, Austin asks Nicole what is going on? Nicole says she can explain everything. Austin says she's damn right she's going to explain, she's going to explain to him and to Greta. Nicole tells him that Greta can't know she is here! Nicole says that she only came by as a friend, and if Greta found out she was here she couldn't handle it. Austin doesn't believe her and wonders when she started becoming concerned about other people's feelings? Nicole tells Austin that he was the one person who could supposedly see the good in her, is he getting cynical in his old age? Austin agrees not to tell Greta, but Nicole thinks there is a catch. Austin starts lecturing her about how she is married to his brother and she wants her word that she will behave with some self respect, so she agrees. Nicole then tells Austin to just leave and get Greta out of here. Austin leaves and tells Greta that they need to get going. Greta apologizes to Eric for interrupting him, but he says it is fine. Greta realizes something is going on because Austin is acting strange. Austin says he's fine, he just thinks they came at a bad time. Greta asks what he means? Austin says they obviously woke Eric up, and it is getting late and he needs to get her home. Greta says okay, so she and Austin leave. Nicole comes out and asks Eric if he is okay? Eric says he is just great, he just spent the last ten minutes lying through his teeth to Austin and Greta. Nicole says they couldn't tell them the truth, but Eric thinks they have nothing to hide. Nicole asks if he really felt that way, why didn't he tell her the truth? Eric says that Greta is just sensitive and new to dating. They start arguing about Eric's relationship with Greta, and Eric tells Nicole that his relationship with Greta is nothing like what they had, so he doesn't need her advice. Nicole apologizes and says goodnight. However, Nicole looks at Austin's apartment and says the night isn't over yet. Back at Austin's, Greta asks Austin to tell her the truth, what was going on in there? Austin says that nothing is going on, he's just in a little bit of a rush tonight. Austin and Greta lock up Austin's place, and Greta happens to smell Nicole's perfume in the hall, thanks to Nicole who sprayed it outside Austin's door. Greta looks at Eric's door and becomes suspicious.

John returns to the penthouse in a real bad mood. He goes out to the balcony for some air and swears that nothing will hurt his family. Marlena finds him and asks where he was? John grabs Marlena and gives her a kiss. Marlena wonders if the kiss was to avoid answering her question, so she asks him again where he was? John tells her that he was with Stefano. Marlena asks John "How could you?" John tells her to relax and assures her that he is in control and he can handle him. Marlena tells John that Stefano is dangerous and he must stay away from him. John says that he can't do that. Marlena asks why? Why did he go see Stefano? John says he went because of Hope. John says he wanted to find out if Hope is going to remember this past year, but he doesn't think that Hope may ever remember. However, John says he has to find out for sure. Marlena is confused about John's concern for Hope. She asks him why he is consumed with Hope remembering her past? John says if Hope remembers she can convict Stefano, but Marlena gets the feeling that he doesn't want Hope to remember her past. John says she is correct, he doesn't want her to remember because if she learned the truth about the baby, it could drive her over the edge. Marlena says the real question is, does Stefano have a way to keep Hope from remembering the past. John doesn't know if DiMera can prevent her from remembering. Marlena asks what his plan is? John tells her that he has to help Bo and Hope, but it won't jeopardize their family. Marlena had to go to a medical convention in Chicago, but thinks she should change her plans. John refuses to let her do that and insists she go. John asks when she has to leave? Marlena says noon tomorrow, so John decides to make the most of their time together. He picks her up and carries her up to their room.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano tells Rolfe that he doesn't have a plan to deal with John just yet because Hope and her unborn child are more important to him right now. Stefano says it is important that Hope remembers nothing from this past year because she will blab everything and confirm all of John's memories. Rolfe says there is another reason he must make sure Hope doesn't remember, the baby! Stefano agrees and says that Hope can't know Bo is not the father of her baby. Stefano asks Rolfe what the chances are that Hope's memories will return? Rolfe says it is possible, but improbable. Stefano reminds him that he didn't think she'd remember being Hope, but she did. Still, Rolfe doesn't think Hope will remember, and if she was to remember it probably would have happened when she got her memories of Hope back. Stefano asks Rolfe how he can be sure? Rolfe says that there is a way, but they will have to do one more thing to her. He says he needs to get her into the lab and scan the chip in her head, but he can't do that while she is pregnant because it could spell disaster for the baby. Stefano hopes that Hope won't remember before then, and that nothing must happen to his child. Rolfe reminds him that the child could be John Black's. Stefano says that is true, and he knows what he has to do. He says that with Lexie's help, he will know if Hope's child is his or not.

Bo rushes Hope into the hospital as she continues to scream that it is too early. Dr. Bader has Hope wheeled into the ER and she tells Bo that she'll be back to talk to him when she knows more. Lexie shows up and talks with Bo. Lexie says that if Hope is in labor and it can't be stopped with medication, then the baby will be premature. Lexie says she will go check on Hope and will be back. Bo thinks it might be best if the baby didn't make it, but realizes that thinking is wrong because this is an innocent child. Fortunately, Hope was only having false labor pains due to stress. Bo comes in to see Hope, and Bo doesn't look to thrilled that the baby is going to be fine. Lexie and Dr. Bader think that Hope should spend the night here because she will be having some tests in the morning. Hope doesn't want to be away from Bo, so Bo says he will stay here in the hospital with her. Hope thanks Bo and tells "their" baby that he or she has the greatest dad of all time. Lexie and Dr. Bader leave them alone, and Hope asks Bo why he wasn't happy when he learned the baby was fine, he's not acting like a father to be. Bo tells her that she is right, he's not. Bo says that he's having conflicting feelings about the baby because he's worried about what it will do to her health and her life. Bo says they are in this life together. Hope asks if they are in this pregnancy together? Bo says of course they are, and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Later, Bo tells Hope that perhaps they shouldn't talk about the last year anymore because it could have been what caused her false contractions. Bo says they should just live in the present, and Hope thinks maybe he is right.


April 19
Bo wakes up at the hospital and Hope is sleeping on his chest. Hope wakes up as well and asks if it is raining? SHawn is standing over their bed sprinkling water on them to wake them up. Shawn asks why his mom had to stay overnight, so Hope and Bo explain to him what happened. Shawn has to go to school, so he leaves. Lexie says that the amnio will begin when Dr. Bader shows up, and she will come back for it, but right now she has to check on some patients. Hope begins to feel guilty about not being able to take care of her baby because she didn't know she was pregnant. Lexie returns, so Bo asks her to hang with Hope while he goes and cleans himself up a bit. Hope talks about her baby, but then apologizes because she knows she and Abe are trying. LExie tells her that doesn't mean she can't be happy for her. Lexie explains how the amnio work, and she says that this will answer all her questions about the baby.

At the penthouse, Belle surprises her dad with breakfast. Marlena has left on her trip, and Belle has been left in charge to take care of her dad. John wonders what the wonderful breakfast is for because she is queen of the snooze alarm. Belle says she just wanted him to know what a wonderful father he was. Suddenly, Phillip calls and asks Belle to have coffee before school, but she says she is having breakfast with her dad. Phillip asks her to come watch him play baseball this weekend, and she says she may come and bring CHloe with her. Phillip says whatever, and that he plays better when she's cheering him on from the stands. Belle tells Phillip that is such a line. Belle returns to her dad, and tells him about how different all her friends' parents are, they are either separated or fooling around, they don't act like they are in love. The phone rings again, so Belle answers it. This time it is Mimi, who has some gossip about Chloe. Mimi tells Belle that somebody saw Chloe on the docks after dark with a guy! Belle asks who she was with? Mimi says she doesn't know, but what type of girl goes down to the docks after dark? Belle says that Chloe is a great girl, and tells Mimi that she will see her at school. Belle talks to her dad about Chloe and how everyone gives her a hard time, but she is such a great girl, and she can sing beautifully. The phone rings yet again, this time it is Shawn. Shawn asks Belle if she's talked to CHloe, he's worried about her. Belle hasn't, and says she will stop by the Wesley's house of the way to school to see if she is okay. Belle tells her dad that she has to stop by Chloe's house on the way to school. She also tells her dad that Shawn's mom is in the hospital, she's having tests on the baby. Shawn had told her where Hope was while they were talking. Belle leaves, and John worries about Hope and the baby.

John shows up at the hospital and asks Bo how Hope is doing? Bo says she is doing okay, and she still doesn't remember the past year. John tries to help Bo by saying they have similar situations, he couldn't love Eric or Sami more if they were his own. Bo tells John that the difference is he knows who their father is, and soon he'll know who the father of Hope's baby is. John asks how he will do that? Bo says he's planning to get some of Stefano's DNA and try to match it to the amniotic fluid from Hope's child.

Mimi meets Phillip in Salem Place and tells him that someone saw Ghoul Girl at the docks last night with a guy. Phillip asks if anyone saw who the guy was? Mimi says no, and he was probably wearing a mask so nobody saw who he was. Later they run into Shawn, and Mimi warns him that a guy was spotted with Chloe last night, and when they find out who it is he will become a social outcast. Shawn tells Mimi that nobody tells him who he should be friends with. Mimi asks where Belle is, and Shawn says she went over to see CHloe. Mimi freaks out and starts crying about how Belle is her best friend and she can't loose her, and she runs off.

At the Wesley's, Craig talks with Dr. Miller about him taking Chloe back to live with him. Dr. Miller says he made the offer but didn't know if she accepted it. Dr. Miller says she has accepted it, and congratulates him on his new tax deduction. Nancy becomes upset and storms off, and Dr. Miller blames him for it. Dr. Miller says that Nancy is always urging him to give her husband a chance, but every time he tries to have a man to man conversation with him, they end up one man short. Dr. Miller and Craig ending up arguing about anything and everything, including Craig and Nancy's lack of children. Craig says he will run upstairs right now and try to impregnate his wife. Dr. Miller is not amused and says postponing having children is the right thing because he is much too selfish to make the necessary sacrifices. Craig wonders what Dr. Miller sacrificed for his daughter, other than her self-esteem? Craig ends up telling Dr. Miller to go to hell, and storms off.

Upstairs, Chloe tells the dogs that they are the only ones around this house that she is going to miss. Nancy shows up and tells Chloe that she'll finish packing her stuff for her so she can go to school. Chloe is shocked that she would do this for her, but thanks her. Chloe goes to leave, and Nancy tells her that rejection is a real bummer isn't it? Chloe asks what that is supposed to mean? Nancy says that she knows that her father is taking her place in her life. CHloe says that with her gone she will have her life back. Chloe tells Nancy that she knows she didn't want her to come back because it almost caused her perfect life and marriage to crash and burn. Nancy tells Chloe that no matter how hard she tries to convince her that she is the reason she is leaving, she won't buy it. Nancy then realize that she is the reason she is leaving, she's afraid someone will find out that she is her mother. She's afraid that if they get close, they may work things out. Nancy also knows she is running from someone else, and she asks who that someone is? Chloe tells her mom that she is so wrong once again and wonders where she got that idea? Nancy says she was just guessing from her own experiences as a teen, but she is right. Nancy asks Chloe to let her to help, but Chloe doesn't want her help and orders her mom out of the room. Nancy says fine, she will go downstairs and alert her father that she is moving in with him this weekend. After she leaves, Chloe tries to tell herself that Nancy and her aren't really mom and daughter, and she doesn't know her.

Belle shows up to see if Chloe wants to walk to school with her today. Chloe says she will walk with her today, but they it won't be a regular thing because she is getting the hell out of Salem. After they leave, Nancy tells her father that she has to put a stop to this. Nancy tells her father that Chloe is really going to go with him, and she can't lose her little girl again.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano asks Rolfe if the satellite is in position? Rolfe says it is, and Stefano is pleased. He says that if Hope should remember anything before the baby is born they will simply zap her brain and erase her memory. Rolfe warns Stefano that this could cause Hope to end up a vegetable. Stefano asks what would happen to the child? Rolfe says the baby will be fine, which is one of two things Stefano cares about. The other is Alexandra's image of him, and he can not let Hope's memories destroy him in Lexie's eyes. Rolfe is stunned that Stefano would want to do this to Hope, but Stefano says he has no other choice. However, he will pray that she doesn't remember anything. Rolfe can't believe that Stefano would pray. Stefano says he is as human as the next man. He prays that Hope will not remember, she will have the baby, and then they will bring her here so he can take care of the chip. Rolfe asks Stefano how he will get Hope here? Stefano says that John will take care of that part. Later, Lexie calls her dad to tell him that Hope is in the hospital. She explains what is going on, and that Hope is going to have the amnio today. After he says goodbye to Lexie, Stefano tells Rolfe to get over to the hospital because Hope is having the amnio today, and he wants that fluid!


April 20
I have to go home this weekend for Easter, so I am busy packing and cleaning my apartment. Therefore this is NBC's summary as I'm not sure if I'll have the time to type up my own summary later tonight
Brandon tells larry he wants to help him get a job. It will prove to the jury that he's a hard working, self-sufficient guy who isn't only out for the big cash settlement. Larry is hesitant at first, but eventually decides to go for it. Later, Brandon corners Nancy and Craig at the hospital. He heard of a job opening at the hospital and thinks his friend larry would make a great candidate. Will Craig go for it? Austin stops by to see Nicole, but it isn't a very friendly visit. Austin says he only wants to help her, but Nicole doubts if that's true. After all, he is a man. And when a man wants to help, there's always sex involved. Austin denies this, but he just can't seem to get through to Nicole... Kate tells Lucas that Sami is not going to be a happy camper once she is forced to move out of the Kiriakis mansion and away from will. Lucas tells his mom not to worry because he's got a plan... If it comes down to it, Lucas won't hesitate to take will and Nicole and move to another country. And there won't be a thing Sami can do about it! Sami brightens when Eric tells her that Nicole truly thinks she deserves custody of will. Sami, desperately needing the dirt on Lucas, asks Eric if he can somehow convince Nicole to open up. Eric doubts that Nicole would ever divulge anything that would discredit Lucas, but Sami has a surefire way Eric can get her to open up... Sami wants Eric to get Nicole into bed...


April 21
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At the high school, Belle tells Mimi that her speech in class was great. Mimi is shocked she is paying her a compliment instead of hanging with her new best friend Chloe. Belle tells Mimi that she is still her best friend, but that doesn't mean she can't be friends with Chloe. Phillip and Chloe exchange looks, and Phillip walks away from her. He then puts something in Mimi's hair, and Mimi chases him through the hall. Belle sees Chloe sneaking away, but Belle refuses to let her get away from her because they need to talk. Belle asks CHloe why she is leaving Salem? Chloe says she doesn't want to talk about it, but Belle tells her that she can't just drop a bomb like that on her. Phillip back up to invite Belle to his baseball game. Belle says she'll be there, and asks CHloe to come. CHloe says no way, and walks off. Phillip says he's glad she's not coming because she might attract bats. Belle wishes a baseball bat would land on Phillip's head, and she walks off after Chloe. Later, Mimi approaches Phillip and she says she figured out who was with Chloe on the pier the other night. Mimi thinks that it is Ace, the newspaper editor. Phillip says she could be right, but who really cares? Meanwhile, Belle tells Chloe that she saw the way she looked at Phillip, and she knows he hurt her somehow. Chloe tells Belle that Phillip could never hurt her, and the minute she leaves town he will disappear from her memory. Belle asks where she will go live? Chloe says she is going to live with her grandfather. Belle says she thought that she didn't have any family and that is why she came to live with Nancy? CHloe says he's not really her grandfather, he is a neighbor of hers she knew growing up who she called Gramps. Chloe ends up crying because she hates lying and is terrible at it. She tells Belle she can't do it anymore, and she's never been so unhappy in her entire life. Chloe says she thought she could tough this out until she was 18, but it is just too hard. Belle asks what she is lying about? Chloe asks Belle to promise not to tell anyone what she's about to tell her. Belle promises, so Chloe tells Belle that Nancy is her real mother.

Sami shows up at Titan to see Nicole and tells her that they are all about to be kicked out of Victor's house and she's not about to let Lucas take Will with him. Nicole says she is trying to help her, but Sami says they need to get down to business, she wants her son back and Nicole wants Eric back. Nicole says that she doesn't want to hurt Eric again, she just wants to prove that she is a good person and perhaps they can be friends. Sami tells Nicole that is a crock and they need to be honest if they are to work together. Sami tells Nicole if everything goes according to her plan, they will both get what they want. Nicole asks Sami what her plan is? Sami tells Nicole that she's going to drive Lucas to drink!

Nicole goes to see Rex about increasing her wealth a little more because he's the man who can make her dreams come true. Rex thinks her voice somehow sounds familiar to him, as if he knows her from somewhere. Nicole ends up seeing a deal Rex is working on, and offers to titillate his senses if she cuts him in. He agrees, so they get down to business. Nicole writes Rex a check for another two million dollars, and then leaves. Rex calls Victor and tells him the good news, and afterwards he remembers where he knows Nicole from. Meanwhile, Nicole tells herself that she is only doing this in order to get Eric back.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano asks Rolfe why he is still hanging around here instead of going to the hospital to steal Hope's fluid. Rolfe says he is leaving now, and Stefano doesn't need to worry. After Rolfe leaves, Stefano talks with Bart. Bart tells Stefano that Rolfe lapsed into a demented state after he learned the chip was malfunctioning. Stefano says that John is not a threat to him at all. Bart is glad, and hopes that Hope chip doesn't start malfunctioning. He then asks Stefano if Rolfe has gone to make sure Hope doesn't remember? Stefano says that he is in complete control of everything and he doesn't need to worry.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Hope that they'll do the ultrasound first and then the amnio. Hope has decided that she doesn't want to know the sex of the baby. When a nurse prepares the needle for the amnio, Hope sees it and panics. Hope didn't realize the needle was so large, and she doesn't think she should go through with the amnio. Lexie tells her that it won't harm the baby at all. Dr. Bader shows up to administer the ultrasound. Lexie looks at the monitor, and Hope asks her if something is wrong with the baby? Lexie says no, she has just wanted a baby for so long and to see one just shocked her. Hope asks Lexie how long she and Abe have been trying? Lexie says they've been trying for awhile, and she thinks that they are just trying too hard. Later, Hope has her amnio, and a nurse ends up handing a vial of the fluid to Rolfe and asks him to make sure it gets to the east side lab! As he uses a syringe to take a sample of the fluid, he overhears two nurses talking about the sex of Bo and Hope's baby. Later as Rolfe is leaving, he slips because it is raining, and the vial flies out of his hands and into the air!

Brandon picks Larry up for his first day of work. Larry doesn't know how long this job will last because he doesn't have much experience. Brandon tells him not to worry, soon he'll have more money then he can dream of. Larry isn't so sure because he has a feeling that something will go wrong with this lawsuit and he'll end up looking like a lowlife. Brandon assures him that won't happen. Brandon soon starts talking about Lexie, and how wonderful she is. Brandon says that Lexie doesn't know Abe shot him, and when Abe sees him at the hospital, he'll start feeling guilty and Lexie will pick up on it.

Brandon introduces Larry to Sami at the hospital, they will be working together. Sami has to get back to work, and Brenda, the nurse from hell, shows Larry the ropes. Lexie asks Brandon who the guy in the wheelchair is? Brandon says his name is Larry Morris. Lexie recognizes him from Lady Vi's, and asks Brandon if that is where he met him? Brandon says no, he met him at the southside center. Meanwhile, Sami and Larry go to work, and Sami tells Brandon that she's glad Brandon got him this job. Larry says that Brandon is a good guy and he thinks he wants to settle down, but he has some things to take care of first. Sami asks Larry what type of things? Fortunately for Brandon, the phone rings and Sami is forced to answer it and abandon questioning him.

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