April 00 Week 2


April 10
At Dot.Com, Kate runs into Austin and sits with him. Kate tells him that she's so glad she ran into him because they don't spend a lot of time together. Austin, who looks utterly bored, tells his mom that they'll be seeing a lot less of one another soon. Kate says she is sorry about that, but Austin tells her not to be because Victor isn't running a boarding house, and they need time to bond as a family. Kate says the only bonding that she's worried about is the bonding going on between him and Sami, and she asks if he's moving in with her? Austin says he is not going to move in with Sami just yet, they are only dating. He also wishes she would give Sami the benefit of the doubt. Kate says she really should since Sami has changed and has dedicated her life to making the world a better place. Austin says he should give Sami the benefit of the doubt because his relationship with Sami is in better shape than hers is with Victor. Kate says she and Victor would have been married if it wasn't for . . . medical problems. Austin asks why she doesn't marry him now? Kate says she doesn't want to rush into it, and there are other issues to be resolved. Austin asks what other issues? Kate says they are complicate, and realizes she has another appointment and has to go. Kate leaves, and ends up running into Nicholas outside, who gives her a steamy kiss. Kate and Nicholas hop in Nicholas' car, and Nicholas wants to take Kate back to his place. Kate refuses and agrees to drinks and dinner only. Nicholas says he doesn't understand why it has to be this way. Kate tells him to just shut up and kiss her.

Victor meets with Rex at Tuscany and warns him to speed up his coning Nicole out of the rest of his money, because he's afraid Nicole might leave Salem. Victor tells Rex to stay focused on the money, and Rex assures Victor that he's already shown Nicole who is in charge. Later, Nicholas and Kate show up for drinks. Nicholas orders two martinis, and Kate jokingly accuses him of trying to get her drunk so he can have his way with her. Rex eventually says goodbye to Victor, and when Victor gets up to leave, he hears Kate laughing. Over at the bar, Kate gives Nicholas a kiss, and Victor sees something which disturbs him! He glares and Kate and Nicholas with intense hatred! However, a couple was in front of them, and blocked their kiss from his view.

At the mansion, Sami is packing up the last of her things as Nicole watches. Nicole offers to help her if she needs it. Sami wonders what Lucas would think of his wife working for the opposition. Nicole tells Sami that if she wants her help, it would be best she not tell Lucas about this conversation. Sami wonders why Nicole would betray her husband, unless she doesn't love him. Nicole says she loves Lucas, and just because she believes Will belongs with his mother it doesn't mean she's betraying Lucas. Sami apologizes, and says that if she could help her get custody of Will, Eric might see her in a different way. Nicole says that would mean the world to her. Brandon shows up and can't believe they are getting along. Nicole asks Brandon what he wants, and Brandon says Sami asked him to talk to her (Nicole) on her (Sami) behalf. Sami tells Nicole it is not what it sounds like, but Brandon says he won't lie to his sister. Nicole accuses them of working together to manipulate her, but Sami says that Brandon gave her the courage to fight for her son and she thought she would want to help. Nicole says she does want to help, but she needs to know how. Sami tells her that all she has to do is convince Will belongs with his mother. If she can do that, Sami says that maybe they can be friends and Eric will forgive her. Sami says speaking of Eric, she was supposed to meet him at Titan, but it is getting late and she has plans with Austin. Nicole suddenly remembers she has some errands to run, so she leaves. Meanwhile, Brandon tells Sami that Austin won't approve of what she is doing, and Sami says she knows. Brandon asks Sami if she will dump Austin? Sami says no, and tells him to drop this line of conversation. Brandon apologizes and just says he feels protective of her and doesn't like that Austin doesn't understand why she feels the need to do whatever it takes to get her kid back. Sami doesn't know, but she tells Brandon that she is glad he does. Brandon tells Sami that they are connected because they are a lot alike, they both go after what they want. Brandon tells her she needs to wake up and realize she and Austin are a match made in hell. Sami thinks that Austin will forgive her, and she and Austin love one another. Brandon asks why they aren't living together then, and she responds that it is better this way. Brandon thinks she's only saying that because she knows this relationship won't work. Sami says she will make her relationship with Austin work, but in the meantime she needs to surround herself with people who understand her and can help her. Brandon tells her that he is at her service.

At Titan, Greta tells Eric that she plans to cook him dinner at her place, so he says he'll go pick them up a movie. He asks her what she'd like, and she tells him that she's in the mood for something romantic. They eventually decide on Snow White, actually it is Greta's preference and Eric agrees to pick it up. Greta eventually leaves, and Nicole shows up to put the moves on Eric. Nicole pretends to be working, and asks Eric for some opinions on the July cover. Eric tells her it is her decision, and tells her to just believe in herself and forget about the past. Nicole says she wishes she could forget. Eric tells her that she's not a bad person, but Nicole says she is and he wouldn't believe how bad she really is. Eric wonders how she could think she is a bad person when he sees how she's trying to improve? Nicole tells Eric that he is kind, and being with him makes her feel like she can change. However, she's afraid he won't be able to forgive her for what she's done. Eric says he can't forgive her for something he doesn't know, and she needs to forgive herself. Nicole says she doesn't think that is possible. Eric asks her what she thinks she's done that is so wrong? Nicole says she is just too ashamed to tell him. SHe swears she's not trying to play games with him, and his love has changed her forever. She says she'll always be grateful to him for that, and hugs him. She tells him that she loves him so much, goodnight, and runs out of the room. Outside, Nicole cries that she will always love Eric.

Greta goes to Dot.Com, and once again runs into AUstin. He can't believe this has happened again. Austin notices that Greta has some romantic CDs, and Greta says she's planning a dinner for Eric. However, she's nervous that it won't turn out, and she's really worried. Austin asks what she has to be worried about? Greta says the movie for one, she chose Snow White. Austin says Snow White is a good story, it has a real adult theme in it such as if you wait long enough, the right person will come along. Greta asks what if that person is in love with someone else? Austin tries to assure her that Eric isn't in love with Nicole because he is with her now. Greta changes the subject and asks how things are with him and Sami. Austin says that Sami wants to do the right thing now. Greta decides to get home and start working on her dinner.

At the pub, everyone is celebrating Shawn's birthday and Bo and Hope's announcement. Hope wants a major wedding celebration, so Bo tells her that he'll give her the biggest wedding Salem has ever seen. Bo wonders if Hope would be so happy if she knew the truth about the baby, and he tells Hope that he has a very important question to ask her. Bo asks her if she feels any different about this baby than she did when she was carrying Shawn? Hope says the two can't be compared, the situations where totally different. However, when she found out about the baby, even though they weren't physically together, they were emotionally and she knew this baby would bond them together forever. Bo and Hope go for a walk, and continue talking about children. They look in the pub window and see CHloe, and Bo asks Hope how she feels about the Wesley's situation, raising someone else's child that is. Hope asks why she would ask him such a question? Bo says he was just curious. Hope says she'd like to say she'd love that child as if it was her own, wouldn't he? Bo says he would, and Hope says she is grateful that this child she is carrying does come from their love. She says she feels so blessed, and asks him if he doesn't feel that way as well? Bo says he just wants what is best for her. Hope says she and this baby are the luckiest people in the world, and she hugs Bo.

Back inside, Belle asks Shawn how he turned out to be the polar opposite of his parents, who are such romantics. However, she apologizes for criticizing him on his birthday, and asks him to open his gift. He opens it, and it is a Parisian action figure. Belle thought he would like a souvenir of their trip. Mimi thinks Belle's gift is "real thoughtful." Phillip gives Shawn a baseball game, and Mimi notices that Chloe is "wigging out." CHloe is pacing around singing to herself when Caroline comes up to her and introduces herself to CHloe. Caroline asks why she's not hanging out with her friends? Chloe says they aren't her friends, Belle was nice enough to invite her, but she doesn't fit in. Caroline asks her if she can at least get her a soda, but she tells her no thank you. However, Chloe does offer to help her clean up, so Caroline accepts her offer. They talk about Shawn, and Caroline tells Chloe that Shawn is a good kid and she thinks she should get to know him better because she seems like a lovely young woman. Chloe thanks Mrs. Brady. Meanwhile, Shawn and Phillip make a bet over their videogame. Shawn loses the bet, so he has to play the piano for everyone. Shawn agrees to play, but only if Chloe will sing with him. The other kids start teasing Chloe and saying maybe she'll howl at the moon. Belle tells her to do it to show those jerks how talented she is. Shawn asks her to do it for him, so she agrees. Before they start, Chloe gives Shawn his present, a classical CD, which he thanks her for. Shawn gets an idea from her gift, and begins playing one of the songs from it. Chloe sings along with him, and everyone is shocked by her beautiful voice. Afterwards, Chloe runs out when nobody claps. They are too stunned, but begin clapping once she is gone. Belle wants to go after her, but Shawn tells her no, he will talk to her. Shawn tells Belle that Chloe is embarrassed right now, she just exposed her true self to them all. Outside, Chloe wonders how she could have done that.


April 11
At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami tells Brandon that she will make her relationship with Austin work, no matter what. However, she will also do what she has to do to get custody of Will and needs to surround herself with those who want to help her. Brandon tells her that he is here for her, and she is glad that he understands that she needs to do whatever it takes to get her son back. Sami understands why he would want to help her, but she's not totally sure of Nicole's intentions. Brandon says that Nicole believes Will belongs with his mother just like he does, they are both on the same wavelength. Brandon tells Sami that they think alike as well, and he think it is time they got to know one another a little better. Sami says that they know one another pretty well, and in a southern accent, Brandon says he is new to these parts and would enjoy some female companionship. Sami tells him that she's seen the way the women get weak in the knees when they look at him, so he has no trouble in that department. Suddenly, Brandon gets a call from Larry, who demands they set up a meeting.

Brandon meets up with Larry at the basketball court. Brandon insisted they meet at the court instead of Lady Vi's, and Larry thinks he knows what Brandon is up to and won't let him get away with it. Larry thinks Brandon is trying to bail on him, but Brandon says he is not bailing on him, he's just trying to protect him from Abe Carver and get him everything he deserves.

At Tuscany, Victor confronts Kate and Nicholas and says finding them here is a surprise. They invite him to join them, and he asks what the good news is? Kate wonders what he means, and Victor says that it seems like they are celebrating. Nicholas says they were talking about Nicole, and Victor assumes they are talking about the award her and Eric's cover won. Victor asks Nicholas about Billie Reed? Nicholas says he and Billie have lost touch, and he thinks Billie has probably found someone else. Victor doubts she could find anyone who is more charming and special than he is, and he asks Kate if she agrees? Kate avoids the subject, and Nicholas eventually tells Victor that he should take his wife home. However, Victor doesn't want to ruin their evening, so he insists she stay with Nicholas and have a good time. Victor says he is tired, so he is going home, and he'll see her later. Victor gives Kate a kiss, and then leaves. Kate fears that Victor suspects something, and he might have seen them kissing. Kate wants to go home and talk to Victor, but Nicholas refuses to let her. He says that perhaps Victor bought their story, or maybe they should tell Victor that they are falling in love. Kate tells him that is not true, and he should never mention love again. Nicholas knows Kate loves him, but Kate says she lives with Victor and she will marry him. Nicholas thinks that Kate is after the title of Mrs. Kiriakis, but the problem is she needs a boy toy to fulfill her sexual desires. Kate tells Nicholas that he is the one who is begging her to have an affair. Nicholas uses this little fight of theirs as proof that they are falling in love. Kate says this isn't love, it is a disaster! She tells him that she thinks that Victor showing up here tonight is a sign that it wasn't meant to be. Nicholas disagrees, and suggests they make love. Afterwards, Nicholas tells Kate that she can decide if it will work or not.

Victor rides home in his limo and talks with his driver about love and women. His driver, Davis, says he is still looking for Mrs. Right, and he hopes he can find someone as special as Miss. Roberts. Victor begins to feel sorry for himself because he can't satisfy Kate, and he thinks that maybe he should set her free.

Bo and Hope decide to head home and let Shawn enjoy his party with his friends. Lexie runs into Bo and Hope outside the pub and tells them that they look so happy. Bo and Hope say they were celebrating. Lexie says she is on her way to meet Abe, otherwise she would stop in for some birthday cake. Hope asks if she got tied up late at the hospital? Lexie says no, she was visiting her father. Bo looks uneasy, and Lexie says she will not apologize for her father and she believes he has changed. Hope says she will never forget what her father did for her and her baby, and she hopes her father has changed, but only time will tell. Lexie brings up the topic of pre-natal care, and Bo says he's been trying to tell Hope she needs a check up. Hope says she is fine and her baby is healthy, but Lexie thinks Hope is making excuses. Lexie asks Hope what she is really afraid of? Hope says that she's not afraid of anything, she just had other things to do first. Hope tells Lexie that she doesn't enjoyed being pressured like this. Lexie says it is her responsibility as her friend and doctor to urge her to seek care. Hope says that they are right, and she is afraid for her baby. She says that she didn't find out about her baby until she was so far along, and she also smoked when she was Gina. Lexie tells her that if there are any problems they can be corrected in utero before the baby is born. Bo asks Hope if she will go see the doctor tomorrow? Hope agrees, but only if Lexie will do the check-up. Lexie agrees and tells Hope to call her at the hospital tomorrow. Lexie leaves, and Bo asks Hope if she will do it? Hope agrees to go to the hospital for a checkup, but she won't have the amnio.

At the penthouse, John is on the balcony thinking about his conversation with Stefano about making love to Hope on his honeymoon, and the possibility that the baby Hope is carrying could be his. He tells himself that this can't be happening. Inside, Marlena worries about John and wonders what is wrong with him. John looks at his wedding band and says that he and Doc fought so long to get here, and everything was so right and perfect. Marlena puts her hand on his shoulder and asks John to talk to her and tell her how he can't help him. John says it is Hope he is worried about. He asks Marlena what are the chances that Hope will remember the past year? Marlena says she can't be sure, she could remember tomorrow, in ten years, or never. Marlena asks John what he is afraid that Hope will remember? John says he is just afraid for Hope, she must be worrying and it isn't good for her or her baby. They go inside, and John tells Marlena that he knows the past is the past, and what counts is who he is now. John tells Marlena that the man he is right now is so damn crazy about his wife, and he kisses Marlena and begins to slip her robe off. They drop to the couch and make love. Afterwards, Marlena is laying on top of John and asks when he will tell her the truth? John tells her that the truth is what they just shared, and he wants to hold her in his arms for the rest of his life. Marlena asks John what he was thinking about on the balcony? John says he was thinking about their honeymoon, and how his goal in life is to make her happy and to never let her go. Later, Marlena gives John a massage, and their doorbell is rung. Marlena gets up to answer it, but John wants her to get rid of them. When she answers the door, it is Sami! Sami comes in and realizes she has interrupted something, but John tells her not to worry about it and tells Marlena and Sami to have a nice talk. John leaves, and Marlena asks Sami what brings her here? Sami tells her mom that there are some things she needs to know. Sami tells Marlena that Victor threw her and everyone else out of his house. Marlena offers to allow her to live here in the guest room, but Sami says she is living with Eric now. Marlena thinks that is cute and says even as children they refused to have separate rooms. Marlena then realizes she isn't taking Will with her, and she's so sorry. Sami says it won't be for long, she has not given up on getting custody of Will, and Nicole wants to help her. Marlena warns her not to get mixed up with Nicole after what she did to Eric. Sami says that if Nicole tries to pull something like that with her, she will regret it!

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano toasts to his future and says "let the good time roll!" Stefano laughs when he thinks about the fallout that will occur if John Black is the father of Hope's baby. Rolfe asks Stefano what it is with him and the Brady's? Stefano says it is a long saga, and perhaps one day he will share it with him. Rolfe asks Stefano if John remembers everything from the submarine? Stefano says he remembers every moment, and it frightens him to death. Stefano says he's afraid of making love of Hope, and that he loved every moment of it. Rolfe asks if he thinks John will say anything? Stefano is positive that he won't because John has far too much to lose. Stefano also says that he does not playing the part of a spurned lover, in regards to Hope/Gina dumping him for John, so perhaps he should let Marlena know what John was doing on his honeymoon. Rolfe tells Stefano not to make a mistake while focused on revenge, their first priority should be to find out who the father of Hope's child is. Later, Stefano gets a call from John. John tells Stefano that it is payback time. Stefano asks him to elaborate on that? John says he did a lot of work for him and made him a lot of money, so now he wants his word that his family won't be hurt. Stefano says he doesn't have time for this, the word payback isn't in his vocabulary and as he always says, the past is past. Stefano tells John that if he wants something from him, John has to give him something in return. Stefano says they will discuss it later, and hangs up on John. Back at the penthouse, John remembers his mercenary training and says "A trained killer kills!"


April 12
Dustin is sick today, so this is NBC's summary.
Chloe is angry when Phillip sneaks up on her at the pier. After the usual arguing, Philip really throws Chloe for a loop when he tells her she has a great voice. He then proceeds to remove Chloe's glasses. He compliments her eyes and suggests she shouldn't spend her life hiding behind the glasses because without them, she's really pretty... At Lady Vi's, Lexie tells Abe she told Stefano they were trying to have a baby. Abe is upset. He wishes Lexie wouldn't tell DiMera about their personal life. Lexie reminds Abe that Stefano would be the baby's grandfather, and she wants him to be a part of the baby's life. Later, Lexie voices her concerns about raising a child in today's society. There are so many horror stories of innocent children who have been hurt, or even killed. Abe is rattled as he re-lives the memory of Larry being shot... Brandon is angry when Larry makes it clear he's not going to any more doctors. They'll have to find another way to win the lawsuit. Benny intervenes and hopes Larry will change his mind... for 25 million dollars. Benny says that's the amount they'll settle for. All Larry has to do is spend a few days in court and go to a couple routine examinations. Larry is tempted, but his mind is made up. No more doctors! Later, Brandon comes up with an alternate plan... After Greta totally ruins her homecooked meal for Eric, the couple decides to enjoy a stress free dinner at Tuscany. But upon arrival, they run into Nicole and Lucas. Nicole, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to win points with Eric, loudly argues with her husband about Will. Nicole makes it very clear that she thinks the boy should be with his mom. This, of course, doesn't sit well with Lucas who fights back. The battle continues with Nicole saying she doesn't know if she can stay married to Lucas if he's going to act so selfishly. Eric is rocked to the core, having heard this...


April 13
This is once again NBC's summary. I am still sick with a nasty cold flu thing, plus Elian Gonzalez (sp?) updates interupted the shows today
Philip insists on walking Chloe home. She privately wonders if he actually cares about her. Philip, however, chooses not to reveal his true feelings. Later, Philip comments on Chloe's performance at the pub. When she was singing, it was like she was in another place. She showed so much feeling. Philip wishes she'd show that side of herself when she wasn't singing... Shawn's party winds down. The only ones left are Shawn, Belle, Mimi, Jason, and Jan. In a private moment, an upset Mimi tells Belle that her father lost his job, and he's having trouble finding another one. Later, Jason mocks Chloe, but Shawn stands up for her. Belle is inwardly alarmed. Is it possible Shawn is interested in Chloe? Albert tries to persuade Nancy to let Chloe come live with her grandparents, but Nancy refuses. A huge moment as Nancy says she wishes Craig was Chloe's father. Albert wants to know who Chloe's father is, but Nancy won't say. Albert thinks Nancy at least owes Craig the truth... That she's Chloe's mother. Nancy, however, just can't bring herself to tell him. He would be devastated if he ever found out she was with another man... even if it wasn't really her fault... Bo starts to fill Hope in on some of the things Gina did when she was masquerading as Hope. Gina pretended to be obsessed with finding out about her past, but it was all just a cover. In reality, she was working closely with DiMera... making plans to steal the last Renet masterpiece. Later, Hope says she wants to know everything that happened after Princess Gina returned to Salem... Lexie finally manages to convince Abe to at least consider adoption. Meanwhile, John goes to see Stefano and is rocked to the core when DiMera tells him there's no chance the baby is his (Stefano's)...


April 14
This is shorter than usual, attempted to watch the show from bed then dragged myself to the computer to type this, so I may have missed some stuff
Eric falls asleep watching TV and has an erotic dream about Nicole. WHen he wakes up, Nicole is knocking on his door! Eric asks what she wants, and she says she needs his advice on how to help someone. He lets her in, and she tells him this story about how she wants to help Will. She says she knows now that Will needs to be with his mother, she is no substitute. Eric is touched that she cares so much about Will. She says she does, and by helping him she hopes he will see that she's not all that bad. At the Wesley house, Nancy and her father continue their argument about where CHloe will live. CHloe comes home and spies on them. She learns that Nancy had her when she was 19, and her father was 45 at the time! Nancy refuses to allow her father to talk her child from her again. Chloe bursts into the room and announces that she thinks it is best if she goes to live with her grandparents, and then runs up to her room. At the Brady Pub, Phillip returns and finds everyone but Shawn and Belle making fun of Chloe. Phillip goes outside and calls Chloe and convinces her to keep him walking her home a secret. CHloe agrees not to say anything, but is hurt that he asked her. Meanwhile, Mimi and Shawn discuss what type of summer jobs they will be getting so they can get cars. Belle thinks she'd like to get a job too, something important. At the DiMera Mansion, John and Stefano are still talking about Hope. John is shocked to hear Stefano says that he (Stefano) isn't the father of Hope's baby. John relizes he must be the father. Stefano then offers John a deal, he can make sure Hope never remembers sleeping with him. Of course, John has to do something for him in return. At the Blue Note, Bo and Hope continue their discussion about Gina. Before Bo agrees to tell Hope what he is keeping from her, he asks her how she got her memory back. Hope tells him that she remembered who she was when she heard his voice in her head asking "Hope, where are you?" Hope says something pretty big must have happened to cause him to ask that question. Bo remembers asking it right after making love to Gina.
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