April 00 Week 1


April 3
At Titan, Nicholas can't stop thinking about Kate. He refuses to loose her and vows to do whatever it takes to be with her. In Victor's office, Kate is worried that they haven't heard from Rex. Victor tells her not to worry, but Kate can't help but think that Rex has fallen prey to Nicole's beauty, which would cause the entire scheme to backfire. Victor is not concerned at all, because if Nicole gets the upper-hand, then he will resort to more drastic measures. Still, Kate says that for better or for worse, Lucas is in love with Nicole and she is Will's step mother. Kate doesn't want to do anything to discredit Lucas' marriage now and give Sami the upper-hand. Victor tells her not to worry, he has the means to control Lucas and Sami. After a call from Rex, Victor and Kate begin to celebrate with a kiss, but Nicholas walks in. He apologizes, but Victor says it is okay because he wanted to see him. Victor says that he was supposed to take Kate to dinner, but something came up and he would like him to take Kate out. Kate refuses and says they can cancel all together, but Victor refuses and insists they go out together. After they leave, Victor's guest comes to see him, it's Caroline! She brings him some homemade baklava as a thank you for everything he did helping Bo to find Hope. Victor says the credit goes to Bo, and she and Shawn did a fine job raising him. Caroline thanks Victor and says that means a lot to her. She also thinks that he and Kate will have a wonderful future, especially now that he is back on his feet. Victor says he wishes that was true. Caroline asks if something is wrong then he can tell her. Victor says he and Kate are delighted to be together again and to be raising their son, nothing is more important then Kate and his family. Caroline asks Victor if he and Kate have set a wedding date yet? Victor says they haven't set a date, but they will be married soon. Caroline tells Victor not to put it off too long, there is no sense in putting off joy and happiness. When Caroline wishes him good health, she realizes by his response that something is wrong. Victor insists he is fine, so Caroline leaves. Victor thinks about Kate and doesn't want to condemn her to a life of celibacy, but he loves her too much to give her up.

Nicholas is driving Kate out to dinner, but Kate thinks this is a mistake and wants him to take her home. Nicholas refuses because he thinks they need to spend some time alone. Kate realizes they aren't heading toward Tuscany or her house, and asks where he is taking her? Nicholas stops the car in the middle of nowhere, and takes her cellphone from her so she doesn't call her chauffer. Nicholas tells Kate that sooner or later she will agree that they have to spend some time alone, unless she is afraid of what he might make her feel. Kate says she isn't afraid, and if he wants to have a little truth session then he can be her guest. Nicholas tells Kate that he wants to sleep with her, but she might not know how deep his feelings for her go. Nicholas tells Kate that he needs her, he wants to have an affair with her, he wants to be her lover! They get out of the car, and Nicholas tells Kate that she is a young and vibrant woman, and Victor may never be able to make love to her again. Nicholas says that she is the only woman he wants, he dreams about them being together. He tells her that he wants to make love to her, to feel her heart against his chest, for their bodies to become one. As Nicholas says "Kate, I . . . " Kate tells him not to say it, and kisses him. Nicholas asks if that is a yes? Kate says it is a yes, to dinner. Nicholas says he can settle for that, for now. They get into the car and drive off.

In Rex's office, Rex and Nicole are going at it. Nicole tells Rex that if he shows her a huge return on her investment, she'll show him her assets. He tells her they have a deal, and the clothes come off! Afterwards, Rex tells Nicole that was amazing. Nicole says he's had sex with lots of women, but he's never had sex with the best! Nicole tells Rex that he got what he wanted, now she wants what she was promised. Suddenly, Victor calls and asks if their plan is progressing without un-needed complications? Rex doesn't answer immediately, which worries Victor for a bit. Rex asks Victor to excuse him for a second, and tells Nicole that this is an important call and he has to take it. Nicole says they are finished anyways, and as she is leaving, Rex says he hopes he sees her again soon. Nicole leaves, and Victor tells Rex never to put him on hold again! Rex says that Nicole was just leaving and he didn't want to her to hear him. Victor asks what took so long? Rex says she is complicated and took a lot of convincing, but she gave him a check for one million dollars. Victor asks how long it will be before they get all five million back? Rex thinks that might take some time. Victor tells him to speed it up, and hangs up. Rex tells himself that he's going to take his own sweet time with this one.

Nicole RUNS to church and asks herself why she did that to her body? She tries to convince herself that she did it to protect herself so she never has to be put in that position again. She remembers Rex telling her that he loves her body, and she thinks if her dad could see her now he'd be so proud. She asks herself what she has done? She looks upwards and asks someone to help her. Suddenly, a hand is placed on her shoulder and she looks towards it's owner, Austin! Nicole accuses him of spying on her, but Austin says he wanted to help her. Nicole tells him that she was just pretending to be her mother, she used to drag them to church and beg for God's help. Austin asks for the truth, what is really going on here. Nicole tells Austin that he can go to hell for calling her a liar in church, but Austin knows something more is going on here. Nicole tells Austin that he has no right to come in here and spy on her, he's always spying on her and it is because he wants her! Austin tells her not to do this, and she doesn't get it that he . . . Nicole tells him "is the most annoying person she knows?" She tells Austin that she is a pompous jerk and doesn't have time for him or God, if God exists. She warns Austin that she will make him pay if he tells anyone about this.

At Eric's apartment, Eric can't believe Sami wants him to fall in love with Nicole. Sami says he only has to make Nicole think he's in love with her because it will allow her to get Will back. Suddenly, Austin shows up, and asks what is going on. Sami asks Austin how he knew she was here? Austin says Henderson told her, he came here to apologize for standing her up. Sami says it is okay, and tells her that she is living here now. Austin wants to take Sami out to dinner to celebrate, but Sami says she has some things to do and asks for a rain-check. Austin sighs "fine" and leaves. After he leaves, Eric asks Sami what Austin would think if he knew she was up to her old tricks? Sami asks Eric if he's going to tell on her. Eric says he thought she had changed. Sami says she has changed, but she is doing whatever she can to protect her son. Eric tells her she is crossing the line again and she doesn't see it. Sami says it is only temporarily, but Eric refuses to do this. Sami thinks what this is really about is that he is still in love with Nicole and is afraid to get close to her. Eric says that Nicole only needs him as a friend right now, something is tormenting her and he wants to know what it is. Sami wonders what it is with Nicole, Austin is always trying to save her too. She wonders if they'd care about her if she wasn't so beautiful. Eric says he didn't fall in love with Nicole because of her looks, they connected immediately. Eric tells Sami how he thought they would be together forever, and she was the only thing he could think about. He says he even went again dad's judgement to be with Nicole. He tells Sami that he thought he had found his soul mate, and as he talks about her, Sami begins to cry. Eric asks Sami what is wrong? Sami tells Eric that she feels sorry for herself because she knows Austin will never feel that way about her. Eric tells her that his relationship with Nicole made no sense because he didn't know Nicole, but Austin knows her. Sami says Austin does know her, he knows that she will fight back to get Will. She doesn't know how to keep Austin and Will in her life unless he helps her with Nicole. Eric doesn't know, but Sami says that if Nicole thinks he wants her, she might let something slip, or better yet Lucas might start drinking again. Eric says no, but Sami says all she wants to know is why Nicole married Lucas, and she thinks he'd like to know why she married him too. She thinks they can help each other out. Eric says there is one thing he can do for her. He says if he finds out Will is in a bad situation he will do something about it, but he won't set a trap for Nicole. Sami thanks him, and thinks it is a start. She says all she has to do now is convince Nicole that she has a chance to win her brother back, and she knows the perfect person to help do her dirty work. She picks up the phone and begins to dial.


April 4
Abe and Lexie go out to Lady Vi's to celebrate their anniversary (oops, originally placed them at Tuscany). Abe toasts to Lexie, his best friend, his soul mate, his heart. LExie tells Abe that she thanks God every day that they found one another. Abe suggests they make the most of tonight because they won't have a celebration next year, they'll be home taking care of a baby. Meanwhile, Brandon and Larry are also there meeting, and Larry spots Abe and begins to hyperventilate. Brandon asks Larry what is wrong? Brandon points at Abe and says he did this to him. Suddenly, Sami shows up in disguise to see Brandon, and wonders what is going on. Lady Vi asks Larry if he is okay? Brandon says he needs some air and will take him out the back door, but Vi says it is too narrow, he'll have to go out the front. Larry says no, and calms down. Brandon realizes he can't be seen with him, but Larry asks Brandon not to leave him here alone with Abe! Lexie spots Sami and asks her what she is doing here? Sami says she is just meeting a friend. Brandon sneaks Larry out the back, and he promises Larry that he will make sure his life is better from here on out. Brandon says he has to meet someone back inside, and apologizes to him for this evening. Brandon goes back inside and meets with Sami for dinner. Meanwhile, Abe spots Sami with Brandon, and Sami realizes they have been spotted. Abe doesn't think Roman would be happy about Sami hanging out with Brandon, but Lexie says they are friends, Brandon helped Sami get a job at the hospital. Abe can't help but wonder what Brandon wants from him. Lexie tells Abe that all he wants is her friendship! Sami tells Brandon that it is Abe and Lexie's anniversary, so he arranges a little surprise with Vi. When Abe asks Vi how much they owe her, Vi tells him that it's been taken care of by Brandon Walker. Lexie thinks that is sweet and tells Abe that she told him Brandy was a good guy. Back at the other table, Brandon asks Sami why she wanted to meet him? Sami says she's decided to take his advice, she's found a place to live and she will do whatever it takes to get her son back. Lexie and Abe come over to thank Brandon for what he did for them, and Sami wishes them a happy anniversary. After they leave, Sami asks Brandon if he's still willing to help her? Brandon says he will, until Sami asks him to tell her everything about Nicole. Brandon refuses to betray Nicole, but Sami says Nicole has been a friend lately, she said thinks Will should be with him, and Sami asks Brandon if he can trust Nicole?

At Tuscany, John and Marlena are still dancing and kissing. John tells Marlena that he has big plans for the two of them, and Marlena says she does too. She tells John that she's just so happy to be with the man she knows. John asks "meaning?" Marlena says that he just behaved so differently on the plane, he was a man she didn't know. John tells Marlena that man loved her, no matter what he said or did. John says that he would act the exact same way if she or any other member of his family were in trouble, because there is nothing he wouldn't do to keep his family safe. Marlena calls John her romantic hero, and then they glance over at Bo and Hope. Marlena is glad that Bo and Hope are together again, happy and secure, and more in love than ever before. John wishes it were that simple, but they both know that it isn't. Marlena says he is right, and she wishes that Stefano had died in Europe. John says that he's betting Stefano is on his way to Salem right now, if he isn't here already. However, he knows that love will win over hate, because they are living proof. John and Marlena return to dancing.

Hope asks Bo if he is happy about this baby, is he happy to be becoming a father again. Bo changes the topic to how their love beat out DiMera, but Hope changes the topic back. She realizes that he didn't know she was pregnant when he left Paris, and she thinks that he hasn't had time to get used to this pregnancy, and she has been pushing him to accept it. Bo says he was shocked to learn she was pregnant, and Hope agrees to give him time to get used to it. However, she says it is killing her that she doesn't remember the night they conceived this child. She asks Bo what it was like? Bo tries to open his mouth, but jibberish comes out. Hope tells Bo that she knows he is worried about her health, but she is not a fragile doll. Hope tells Bo that she is strong, and if he remembers they made love right up until Shawn D was born. Bo remembers, and tells her that he's dreamed of making love to her. He wonders if Shawn D would mind staying at the pub tonight with his grandparents? Hope tells him that is a wonderful idea, it would suit her just fine. The call Shawn and ask him to hang out at the pub tonight, and he says it's not a problem. Bo suggests they go over to the Salem Inn, but Hope says no, she wants to go to their boat, she wants to go home.

Bo and Hope tell John and Marlena that they will be leaving, but before they go, Hope and Marlena go to the ladies room. In the bathroom, Hope tells Marlena that she wants to come over and see her wedding photos sometime and get all the details. She also asks Marlena, as a doctor, when she'll start remembering what happened to her this past year? Marlena tells her there are no guarantees that she will get her memory back because they don't know what caused the memory loss. Marlena asks if it was a physical trauma, or an emotional trauma? Hope doesn't know, and she realizes that Marlena feels it would be best that she not remember what happened to her. She wonders why she gets the feeling that nobody wants her to remember. Marlena gives Hope a hug and tells her that they all love her and she should let them take care of her. Hope says "All right, for now." Meanwhile, Bo talks with John and tells him how happy Hope is, and he feels horrible about deceiving her, but what choice does he have? John tells Bo that he knows he doesn't want to lie to her, but what choice does he have? Bo says if this baby could be someone else's, anyone other than DiMera's, it would make this a whole lot easier. Bo wonders how Hope will react to knowing that she and DiMera were intimate. Bo wishes there were some evidence to give them hope that someone else fathered this baby. Bo also fears that she'll find out about DiMera from someone else. John tells Bo that he needs to consider that even though Hope doesn't know DiMera could be the father, DiMera does. Bo also voices his fears that Hope's memory could come back at any time, and then she'll know he's been lying to her. John decides to tell Bo his suspicions, and as he's about to confess that he could be the father, Marlena and Hope return and interrupt his confession. Hope says she is ready to go, so Bo and Hope take off. After they leave, Marlena tells John that Hope was asking her if she would get her memory back. John worries when Marlena tells him that she's afraid it is a real possibility. Bo and Hope return to the boat, and Hope tells Bo that she knows this will be a night she won't forget.

Belle and Shawn are busy studying for a test at the Brady Pub. Shawn is tired, but Belle tells him they have to catch up on all the school they missed while they were gone. Caroline brings them some food, and Shawn would rather stuff his face than study. Bo and Hope give Shawn a call and ask him to hang out at the pub tonight, and he says that would be fine. Belle decides, since they've been working so hard, she will grant them a break. However, it is a musical break, and she asks him to play something for him. SHawn plays a Barry Mannalow tune. Belle is envious that Shawn can play the piano, she took lessons for a year but never practiced. Shawn tells her that she has other talents, like doing amazing things with her hair. Belle pouts and says he's making fun of her, but Phillip says he's just teasing her. Belle realizes that he is just teasing her, but she doesn't understand why Phillip and his friends hurt Chloe. Shawn doesn't know either, but also doesn't understand why Chloe works so hard to be different than others. Belle asks Shawn if he is saying it is Chloe's fault? Shawn says no, but she doesn't help her situation. Belle and Shawn then engage in some playful arguments. Shawn says that men are born smarter than women, which causes Belle to chase him around the place hitting him with her book. Caroline laughs and tells Shawn that not so long ago that was Bo and Hope.


April 5
At Lady Vi's, Sami asks Brandon if she can trust Nicole or not? Brandon is confused and says that Nicole is acting like her friend, and thinks Will should be with her? Sami says right, Nicole thinks that a child should be with his mother. Brandon says Nikki is too much, and Sami asks what that is supposed to mean? Brandon says that maybe Nikki is trying to turn over a new leaf, and Sami blurts out "yeah right!" Brandon says he will talk to Nikki and see what is going on. Sami thanks him, but asks if he had to choose between keeping his sister's secret, and helping her, who would win? Brandon says this isn't about winning. Sami notices two girls drooling over Brandon, and Brandon tells her that he guesses he is their type. Brandon changes the subject to dumping Austin, but Sami says she will never dump Austin. Brandon tells Sami to remember this day, this is the day she swore she'd never dump Austin. Sami asks what is so important about that? He says he'll remind her about it, when they are makin luv! Sami is shocked, and Brandon tells her that he does know how to make love to a woman. The two woman who have been staring with Brandon come over to flirt with him. One of them learns Brandon is a free agent, and says she might have to put him under contract. She slips a note into his pocket, and says she'll see him around. After they leave, Brandon reads the note and says "woah!" SAmi reads it as well and says "Oh my God!" The note gives Brandon the woman's number, and tells him to call her if he ever wants an all nighter. Sami thinks that is disgusting, and Brandon finds Sami's innocence sweet. Brandon drags Sami onto the dance floor, and they join a conga line.

Nancy and Chloe come home from a shopping trip, and someone rings their doorbell. Nancy wonders who it could be, and she's shocked to find out it is her father! Nancy's father asks if she's going to invite him in or not? She does and says she so happy to see him. Nancy asks him what brings him to Salem? He tells her that he was coming home from a business trip and decided to visit his daughter. He looks at her house, and Nancy asks if he likes it? He says it doesn't matter, as long as she is happy. He asks where Craig is? Nancy says he's at the hospital, she's been waiting for him to come home. He asks if she is alone, and when she says yes, he asks who has been drinking the second cup of tea on the table? Nancy says her friend was over here earlier, but Nancy's father finds homework on the table as well, and accuses Nancy of lying to him. Nancy says that she and Craig have taken in a foster child. Nancy's father asks how old this child is? Nancy says 15, and he realizes that she has gotten her own child back. Nancy says she has, and Nancy's father asks how she could be so stupid? Nancy says her daughter's adoptive parents died in a car crash, she had to take her in. Nancy's father asks why she didn't tell him what she had done? Chloe listens in and eventually bursts into the room and says Nancy didn't tell him because she's ashamed of her! When Nancy's father sees Chloe, he collapses. Nancy finds her dad's smelling salts, and he comes to. Chloe calls 911, but Nancy's father tells her to hang up. Nancy wants him to go to the hospital, but Nancy's father says he just had a reaction to the girl. He says they have a lot to talk about before his flight leaves, but Nancy refuses to let him leave and tells him to go upstairs and rest. He says not so fast, he has something to say to Chloe. CHloe tells him that it will have to wait because she's going to bed.

Bo and Hope are making their way to the boat, and when they get there, Bo has had it decorated with lights and welcome home banners. Bo welcomes Hope aboard, and the two go down below. Shawn has left them some sparkling cider, and a note saying how lucky and blessed he is to have them as parents. Hope thinks she is the blessed one to have a wonderful son and a man like Bo. Hope tells Bo that she could sense his determination to find her when she was locked away, and Bo says he sensed her turmoil and desperation. Hope starts talking about her baby and how much she loves him or her, and Bo tells Hope that he has something to tell her, but she has to promise not to get upset. Hope is scared, and asks what he wants to tell her? Bo tells Hope that he knows she wants him to respect her strength, and opinions, but a part of him wants to take her in his arms and protect her. Hope says that doesn't upset her, and she likes being needed. She also likes thinking that when she's not around, he feels a little lost. Bo says he feels a lot lost when she's not around. Bo tells Hope that she makes him want to be a better person. Hope tells Bo that she loves him, she loves the way he touches her, the way he holds her, she loves him so much. Bo and Hope kiss, and he tells her that he loves her and the child she is going to bring into this world. Hope says "the child WE are going to bring into this world." Bo suggests they check out the bedroom, which has been decorated with candles. Bo and Hope begin to kiss, and undress one another. They fall onto the bed, and make love. After they make love, Bo tells Hope to get dressed, because they have been asked to baby sit Bill Shaffer's new boat, and there is nothing more romantic than sailing during the sunrise. Hope refuses to leave the boat, so Bo tickles her in order to get her to agree to go with him. Bo and Hope sail around until the sun rises to the tune of Faith Hill's "Breathe."

John shows up at the DiMera Mansion to see Stefano. John barges his way in, and Eliana apologizes to Stefano. Stefano says it is all right, he has been expecting him, he even has a brandy ready for him. John says he'll pass. Stefano starts rambling on about John being a hero, and he says the real question is "Are you a hero by nature, or by nurture?" John asks him to define that question a little more? Stefano says it is simple, was he born a hero, or trained to be one. John says he is not here to play games, he is here to beg for a favor. Stefano laughs and says that begging is not in his character. John says that is true, but he knows begging will please his big ego. Stefano asks John what he wants? John says he wants to confide a big secret in him in hopes that it will spare his family a lot of pain. Stefano tells John that he has his attention, and asks what this big secret is? John tells Stefano about the cut on his neck, the chip in his neck, and how it popped out onto the floor. Stefano asks what it looked like, and John says it was shiny and metallic and before he could grab it, some priest grabbed it. Stefano asks what the point is? John says before this thing popped out of his neck, he began to remember things. Stefano asks what memories? John says he knows what memories, he was there. Stefano says they have no idea if these memories are real, and John says that is why he is here. Stefano asks if he's told anyone else about these memories? John says no, and he has come here to beg for his life back. He asks Stefano to leave his family, Bo, and Hope alone. He says if he does that, he will never tell anyone what he remembers. Stefano asks why he should agree to such a bargain? John says it is simple, he has as much to loose as he does, if not more. Stefano says he may want to blame him for this, but he was a prisoner with Hope when this and the whole plane thing happened. John says he is still connected to it all, and he tells him if he ever tires of scheming and manipulating. Stefano tells John to cut the crap and get to the real reason why he is here, he is not afraid he will destroy his family, he is afraid that his sexual appetite for another woman will destroy his marriage and family. Stefano tells John that he did indeed make love to Princess Gina Von Amburg during his honeymoon. He tells John that if this truth came out, is marriage to Marlena and his friendship with Bo and Hope would be destroyed! Stefano tells him that Hope, thinking she was Gina, seduced him, and he is afraid that Hope's baby could be his. John tells Stefano that it could be his (Stefano's) as well! Stefano says that the fact is, that baby is not Bo's. Stefano says whoever would have thought that they shared a secret, or that he would come here begging. Stefano also tells John that he knows he is afraid Hope may remember having sex with him. Stefano then says that they should get back to the question that he simply cannot ask, how can my friend Stefano DiMera make sure Hope never remembers. John finally takes the brandy that Stefano had set out for him, downs the glass, and then walks out of Stefano's house. Stefano knows that the reason John rescued him was to find out if his memories were real, and he knows John will be back again because he needs his help.


April 7
Note: This has NOT been proof read! I have been at an archaeology conference all day, and now have a ton of stuff to do tonight before going to bed, and I'm getting up early to head back out tomorrow. If I can proof it before I go to bed I will try.
At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole catches Austin watching her and she accuses him of spying on her, and calls him a pervert. Austin grabs Nicole and drags her outside to look at the flowers. Nicole thinks the flowers are really fascinating, but she has things to do. Austin asks what, drown herself in vodka? Nicole tells him that it is none of his business what she does. Austin tells her that he's trying to help her because he sees some goodness in her, maybe because he has to because she is Will's step-mother. Austin says if she keeps going down this path, she's going to end up a horrible step mother. Austin preaches to Nicole about her responsibilities, and that taking care of Will might actually make her happy. Nicole thinks Austin is a joke, but he tells her that he'll always be there for her if she wants to talk.

Brandon brings Sami some coffee, and she invites him in. Brandon suggests they have it on the patio so they can listen to the birds sing. Sami asks Brandon what the story with Nicole is, is she going to help her get Will? Brandon says he hasn't had a chance to talk to Nicole yet. Sami tells him to hurry up, her future with Will is depending on this! Brandon tells her that he'll talk to Nicole, but she can't expect Nicole to help her if she keeps trashing her. Sami says she will be nice to Nicole, if she is sincere. Brandon says he'll do everything he can to help her, and she thanks him with a hug.

Brandon finds Austin playing with the flowers, and he can't believe he is out here communing with nature while Sami is panicking about loosing her kid, he thought Austin cared about Sami. Austin says this isn't a game, they are talking about Will's future. Austin says the one he is worried about is Nicole, she is in pain. Brandon tells Austin that he is supposed to be Sami's boyfriend, and to leave Nikki alone!

Sami talks to Nicole and tells her that she's found a place to live, she's moving in with Eric. Nicole thinks that would cramp his space with Greta, but Sami says Greta has her own place. Nicole says she knows one thing, Eric and Greta haven't made love. Sami asks her how she knows that? Nicole says she can tell by the look in his eyes, he is not satisfied. Sami tells Nicole that she was talking to Eric last night, and he really had it bad for her. When Sami says that some of the stuff he was saying was right out of a romance novel, Nicole asks Sami what Eric told her? Sami says that it is obvious that he loved her deeply. Sami decides to start packing, and Nicole asks why she doesn't have Eric help her? Sami says that Eric won't come here, he is still too upset about Lucas taking her son away from him. She says Eric is very sweet and says he'd be grateful to anyone who could help her get custody. Nicole tells Sami that she does mean what she said the other day, she thinks Will belongs with her. Sami thanks her and hopes they could be friends again one day. Nicole says she'd like that, and she promises to help Sami get custody of Will.

At the Wesley's house, Craig is asleep and Nancy says she has to make sure that her father doesn't tell him the truth about Chloe. Nancy sneaks out of bed, and Craig wakes up and decides to make some coffee, since Nancy isn't there to here him asking her to make him some coffee. Craig makes himself some coffee and heads downstairs. When he sits down in his favorite chair, he ends up sitting on Dr. Miller's lap! Dr. Miller, Nancy's father, tells Craig that he always told Nancy he was lost in space, and he never proves him wrong. Craig is shocked to see him and asks to what honor do they owe this visit? Dr. Miller says he came here to check up on his little girl. Craig says that she's still married to him. Craig decides to start his day over by going back into the kitchen, but Dr. Miller stops him and tells him he never thought he'd see the day when he'd make Chief of Staff. Back upstairs, Nancy finds Craig is gone, and realizes he must be downstairs. Back downstairs, Craig asks Dr. Miller how long he will be here? Dr. Miller says he was only planning to stay a few hours, until he got the shock of his life. Craig asks him what he's talking about? Dr. Miller says he's talking about Nancy's past coming back to haunt her, her colossal mistake. Nancy comes down the steps and hears her father talking to a cluelees Craig about Chloe Nancy manages to stop her father from revealing her secret to Craig by interrupting. Nancy tells Craig that her father thinks she's crazy to take Chloe in. Craig tells Dr. Miller that Nancy has a good heart and could not turn her away. Dr. Miller doesn't understand what is going on her, and tells Nancy to stop her babbling. Craig says that this is their house and if he doesn't like listening to Nancy babble, then he can leave! Dr. Miller asks if that is supposed to be some kind of expression of manliness? He hands Craig a cigar and tells him to smoke it. Craig thinks that is really manly, and for some reason feels the need to do back handsprings. Craig tells Dr. Miller to keep his cigar, he doesn't smoke. He tells Nancy that he's going upstairs to take a shower. On his way up, Chloe applauds Craig for showing the old jerk up. After Craig leaves, Nancy tells her father that Craig doesn't know the truth about CHloe. Nancy explains the lie she told to Craig about CHloe, and Dr. Miller finds it all absurd. Chloe walks in and tells gramps that she finds it shocking as well, and then she sticks her finger in the side of her cheek and says "Oh Grandfather, can I come live with you, and can we bring mommy, please?" Nancy realizes she deserves that, and runs off crying after she says she guesses she is bound to make her pay for giving her up for the rest of her life. Dr. Miller tells Chloe that she has the Miller spunk, he thought he was the only one who could drive Nancy to tears. He asks "the Little Girl" if she can sing and dance too? CHloe says a little, and not to call her little girl. Dr. Miller says he wants to get to know her before school, and decides to place a breakfast order with CHloe. He leaves to get his medication, and Chloe says "In you dreams old man!" Dr. Miller returns and asks if his tea and toast is ready? Chloe says no, and it won't be. Dr. Miller apologizes if he made her feel subservient, so he asks her if she would be kind enough to prepare some tea and toast for him? Chloe tells him "no problem."

Upstairs, Craig finds Nancy crying and asks her what her father said to her to make her like this? Nancy says "nothing." Craig asks how long they will be blessed with the lordship's presence? Nancy doesn't really know. Craig thinks they should kick him out, but Nancy says they can't do that, he is her father. Craig tells Nancy that her father just gets meaner every year, and he wants to know why he is hanging around? Nancy says her father is angry because he didn't tell him about Chloe, but Craig says there is something more to it. Nancy tells him that he is right, there is more.

Chloe calls Belle, she's returning a message Belle left for her. Belle tells Chloe that Shawn is being given a surprise party, and she is invited. Chloe says she doesn't do parties, but Belle tells her that she is her and Shawn's friend, so she has to come. Chloe says she will think about it.

At the pub, Caroline tells her Shawn that she can hardly believe that their grandson is sixteen years old today (Funny, they must be de-aging Shawn now, wasn't he driving Bo's motorcycle a few months ago?). Shawn comes down for breakfast, and Shawn and Caroline pretend like it is no special day, and they ask him to help them out getting people their breakfasts. Shawn walks off, and Caroline feels terrible about disappointing Shawn because he thinks they forgot his party. Grandpa Shawn says that Hope wants it to be a surprise, but he thinks Shawn will figure it out by time he gets to school. Belle shows up at the pub and pretends like she has also forgot his birthday. Shawn sees Belle has a box, and asks her what it is? Belle says she doesn't know what is in that box. Shawn asks what if it was a snake? Belle says it's not a snake, so Shawn decides to open it up and find out what is inside. Belle yells at him not to do that. Belle decides to leave, but Shawn asks what about the box? Caroline tells Belle that she will give the box to Marlena for her, and Belle thanks her. Shawn calls Belle spoiled and thinks she's pushing something her dad asked her to do off on his grandmother. Belle tells him that she didn't ask Mrs. Brady to take the box, and then she decides to have some breakfast after all. Earlier she told Shawn that she wasn't into the breakfast thing. Shawn and Belle start arguing, and he teases her about her hair and says she has chopsticks in it. Belle stomps out of the pub and gives Chloe a call. Belle tells Chloe that the party is still on, and she's still invited, but she's decided not to go. Chloe says she sounds upset. Belle says she is, and she'll talk to her at school.

Bo and Hope wake up on the Fancyface, and Bo tells Hope that this was a dream come true, he's waited years to make love to her again. Hope tells Bo that he's a little fuzzy on his timeline. Bo realizes his mistake and says what he meant was it seemed like she has been gone for years. Hope puts her head on Bo's chest, and Bo promises her that nothing will harm her as long as he's around. Hope decides to ask Bo about the past year again, she asks him how she became Princess Gina? Bo tells her that he thinks it happened when she had her car accident. Hope asks if that is when she disappeared? Bo says she didn't disappear, she stayed her in Salem and pretended to be Hope. He says that she left for France after John and Marlena's wedding, and that is when they figured it out. Hope asks why Stefano turned her into Gina and made her live as Hope? Bo explains that Stefano used her to steal a painting, but Hope says she hasn't stolen anything in her life. Bo tells her he knows that, it wasn't her, it was Gina. Hope decides to change the topic of conversation and asks if the night they made their baby was as magical as last night. Bo says that every night they make love is magical and romantic. Hope asks "You don't remember, do you? Bo tells her that he doesn't exactly know which time they conceived their child, he doesn't have her ESP. He tells her that he does love her, and Hope tells him that she knows that. Bo tells her to forget about the past, Princess Gina is dead and they are starting their life over again with this baby. Hope says that sounds really good. Bo decides to call Shawn before he goes to school, and then he has a surprise for her. Later, Bo takes Hope up on deck and he tells her that he's been thinking about their vows a lot lately. They recite them, and Bo gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Hope tells Bo yes, she will marry him. Bo slips a ring on Hope's finger, and they kiss.


April 7
This hasn't been proof read, it's been another loooooooong day
CHloe is talking with her grandfather as he is eating his toast and drinking his tea. He wants to know what she thinks about him, so she says he is domineering in an impressive kind of way, but he's not going to intimidate her. Dr. Miller says he thought they'd get a long a lot better than he and Craig do. Chloe says she has to get going to class, but Dr. Miller says she doesn't have a class till second period and asks her to stay because he wants to get to know his granddaughter a little better. Chloe tells him not to get comfortable calling her that, Craig might overhear it. Dr. Miller feels Craig should know the truth because secrets always come out, but Chloe says this one can't get out, ever. Dr. Miller takes a pill, and when CHloe sees his hands shaking, he says it is just old age. Dr. Miller changes the subject and says his daughter still needs him in her life, and judging by the look on her face, she's not the only one. CHloe asks him what he sees? He says that he sees all the features of his family in her face, and he also sees anger in her eyes. Chloe decides to leave, but Dr. Miller says he's not attacking her, just stating the facts. He tells Chloe that he knows things haven't been easy for her, and he is partly responsible. He tells her to be strong and fight for happiness. Up in their bedroom, Craig asks Nancy what she has to tell him about Chloe. Nancy says that her father is less than thrilled that she took Chloe in, and Craig says that is one thing he and her father agree about. Nancy tells Craig that he likes Chloe now, and her father will warm up to her just like he did him. Craig tells Nancy that her father hates him, but nothing will scare him off. However, he wonders why her father is upset about Chloe. Nancy tells Craig that he should go have breakfast at the hospital because that will give her time to work on her father. Craig agrees, and Nancy fears what might happen if Craig learns the truth. Nancy comes down and tells Chloe that is time for school, so she goes to leave. Dr. Miller says he didn't get to ask her about her grades, so Nancy tells him that she gets straight As. Dr. Miller says he knew she was a miller, a Craig, who was just leaving, asks what he means by that? Dr. Miller says that he was talking about her spirit, she has spunk, gets straight As, she'll make this family proud. CHloe says she really needs to get to school, and leaves. Craig can't believe he has made Chloe, a perfect stranger, an honorary member of the family, yet he's known him for ages and hates him. Dr. Miller and Craig start arguing when Dr. Miller says that Chloe has that Miller Mystique. Craig wishes that Dr. Miller would acknowledge that there are some hardworking and respectable people in this world who don't have his last name. Dr. Miller says he doesn't expect everyone to be like him because that would lead to constant disappointment. Craig walks out of his house, and Nancy asks her father why he is so mean to Craig? Dr. Miller says that Craig is thin skinned, and changes the subject to Chloe. Dr. Miller tells Nancy that he wants Chloe to come live with him and her grandmother.

At the high school, Belle gives Shawn and evil glare, and she tells Phillip that Shawn can be such a jerk some times. meanwhile, Mimi asks Shawn why Belle is looking at him like he is the beast. Shawn says he doesn't know, and he doesn't care. He says he has a trig test to go to and doesn't have time to waste thinking about Belle. Mimi says it is too bad he has a test on his birthday. Shawn asks how she knows it is his birthday, and she tells him it is because of the party. Behind Shawn, Phillip and Belle try to signal to Mimi to shut up. Mimi remembers that it was supposed to be a secret, and she tells Shawn that was saying she knew it was his birthday partly because she heard someone talking about it. Mimi wishes him a happy birthday and heads off to class. Shawn goes off to class, and later runs into CHloe after class. She asks him how the test was, and he says he made it through the test because of her. Chloe is glad and tells him that she will help him anytime. Shawn leaves, and Chloe runs into Belle. Belle rants about Shawn and how he is a no person. Chloe asks her why she is upset with Shawn? Belle says she is sick of being made fun of by him. Chloe tells Belle that Shawn has been through a lot lately, and it is his birthday. She tells Belle that if she isn't at his party, it will ruin the whole day for him. Belle asks why? Chloe tells Belle "Like you don't know he has a major crush on you." Belle says that is "so not true," so Chloe tells her fine, but they are still friends so she should go. Belle agrees to go only if CHloe will, and CHloe says she'll be there.

Phillip and Shawn walk home, and Shawn tells Phillip that he's figured out what is going on, they are going to his party at the pub. Phillip thinks he gave it away, but Shawn says he figured it out a long time ago, but he promises to act surprised when he gets there.

At the pub, Bo and Hope are decorating the place for Shawn's party. Hope tells Bo that Shawn will be so surprised by this party, and their announcement. Later, Bo asks Hope to make an appointment with Dr. Miller. Hope is afraid to because she fears something could be wrong. Bo says the doctor in France said the baby was fine, but Hope says he could have missed something. Bo tells her that is all the more reason for her to make an appointment. When Hope asks him if he wants a boy or a girl, but tells her that he just wants the baby to be healthy. When Hope says that if Stefano hadn't been there . . . . , Bo tells her to stop, he doesn't want to hear his name again. Hope tells Bo that he did save her and their baby's life, though she's not sure why. Bo doesn't want to talk about it and says once again she needs to get some tests done. Hope refuses and she suspects that Bo thinks something is wrong. Bo says he doesn't, he just doesn't want to lose her. Hope asks why he would think he would lose her. Bo says he is just afraid that something will tear them apart, but Hope says that will never happen. Bo sees Phillip and Shawn coming, so everyone hides and when Phillip and Shawn come in, they all yell surprise. Phillip is shocked to see Chloe, and she asks him if this party is restricted to mere mortals? Phillip says he came over to tell her that he likes her dress, but she says it is the same one she always wears. Phillip informs her that he was being ironic. Chloe tells him that she never would have expected irony from him. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope decide to make a speech. They say that they used to take Shawn on sailing trips when he was younger, and they wondered what he would be like when he grew up, and now they know they couldn't have asked for a better son. Bo says that he and his mom have Shawn presents for Shawn that they collected for him since he was a little boy, and they've been saving them for his sixteenth birthday. Shawn's first present is a knife from the battle of Nantucket. His second present is a blowgun from an aborigine in Australia. The next three gifts are from South Africa, diamonds for his soul mate. He gets some old sailing antique sailing equipment, and a letter that Hope wrote to him on the day he was born. Shawn's next gift is a motorcycle of his own. His fourteenth gift is his baby brother or sister, so Shawn asks what his next two are? His fifteenth gift is a tuxedo. Bo tells him that is for gift number sixteen, his parents wedding! Everyone applauds, and they share a family hug.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolfe talks with Stefano. Stefano hasn't forgotten what Rolfe did while he was gone, but Rolfe says it isn't his fault that the chip in John's brain went faulty. Stefano says he designed the chip, but Rolfe says he tried to do everything he could to fix it. Stefano tells Rolfe to calm down, he holds the trumph card over John, and that trumph card is Hope. Rolfe is confused and asks him what he means? Stefano says John slept with Hope, but Rolfe says nobody will hold them accountable for that. Stefano tells Rolfe that he knows a lot about the brain, but not the heart. He says that Marlena and Bo couldn't forgive John and Hope for betraying them, and John and Hope will never forgive themselves. Rolfe asks what his next step is? Stefano says they need to find out who the father of Hope's child is. He tells Rolfe that John is one possibility, but not the only one. When Rolfe asks who else it could be, Stefano tells Rolfe that he's looking at him. Rolfe thinks this is his next project, but Stefano tells him that he will not be involved with this, he can't afford anymore blunders. Rolfe doesn't know how he'll learn who the father is without his help? The doorbells rings, and Rolfe asks if he is expecting someone? Stefano says he is, the person who will find out what he needs to know. Eliana answers the door, and it is Lexie! Rolfe hides in the lab, and Lexie comes in and tells Stefano how well he looks. They talk for a bit, and Lexie tells Stefano that she and Abe are trying to have a baby, they haven't had much luck, and Abe doesn't like being poked and prodded. Stefano tells her that she could adopt, but Lexie says they aren't ready to pursue that yet and hope she gets pregnant on her own. Stefano asks, since they are speaking about babies, how Hope's baby is? Lexie says it is fine as far as she knows, but if something does go wrong Salem has the best pre-natal unit anywhere. Stefano prays nothing goes wrong because that girl has suffered enough. Stefano starts questions her about the pre-natal unit at the hospital, and who Hope's doctor would be. When Lexie says it would be doctor Bader, Stefano suggests she be Hope's doctor because Hope needs someone she knows she can trust right now. Lexie is shocked by her father's suggestion. She tells him that she is not an obstetrician, but Stefano tells her that she has delivered babies before, and if something is really wrong she can call in Dr. Bader. Stefano manages to convince Lexie to mention the idea to Hope. He then starts questioning her about what the amniocentesis is, so Lexie explains it to him. Stefano tells Lexie that he prays she is next and has the child she wants so badly. Lexie asks if he really wants to be a grandfather? Stefano says not so badly, but with her he won't mind. After Lexie leaves, Rolfe returns and tells Stefano that he knows what he is up to. Stefano plans to use Hope's amniotic fluid to find out if that child is his. He says that if it does turn out to be his child, there is no way in hell he will allow it to be raised a Brady!

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