Unusual Human Powered Vehicles 


       This site is for homebuilders, inventers and those who are just plain entertained by "outside-the-box" thinking.  It contains pictures of some unusual HPVs and a  wacky patent  page.  A  companion site contains links to many others and to hundreds of HPV patents.  I hope you find something of interest.  [Last revised 4/16/05  -   inputs are welcome.]

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  1.  Land Rowers  -  bikes, trikes and quads [Revised 4/16/05]

           Warren Berger's Rowing Prototypes  

            "Children's Rowers" and Irish Mails 

           Multi-person  Rowing HPVs

           Dr. M. Curry's  Landskiffs          

  2.  Tilting and Lean-steered Trikes  [Revised 3/3/05]

  3.  Rear Wheel and Center Steered  bikes, trikes 

  4.  Folding Bikes and Trikes  

  5.  Tandems  [Revised 8/28/04]

  6.  Multi-person  HPVs  (for 3 to 32 people)  [Revised 1/25/05]

  7.  "Extreme" Unicycles, Bikes and Trikes  [ Revised 9/3/04 ] 

  8.  Convertible Bikes  (upright to recumbent)  

  9.  Prone  bikes and trikes 

10.  Hezi Ismach's  Homebuilt HPVs

11.  Arm Assisted bikes and trikes

12.  Winter Vehicles 

13.  Walking Machines 

14.  Human Powered Boats 

15.  Other HPVs  (none of the above)


[ Compiled  by Roger Gilmore ]


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