V I SH N U - P U R A N A

Book One



Glory to Ganesha!

1. victory to you, against the the (darkness), glory to you, against the abode of that moved, be famous, against Hrishikesha, against great Purusha, against that originated to (creation)!

2. yes it grants to us Vishnu, it - existing imperishable Brahman, ruler, spirit -mind, the one who being impel by qualities, (it establishes/installs) the periods of creation, retention/maintaining and destruction (peace/world), the ancestor of pre-matter, consciousness and other (components of peace/world), mind, prosperity and release!

3. after bowing To Vishnu, after honoring ruler entire Brahma and others (gods)I will tell Puranaa, equal (on the significance) To vedam.

4-5. Maytreya bowed to the best of the chosen recluses, to the happy Rishi Parashara, grandson Of Vasishtha, to the expert of traditional histora and Purana, who completely studied Veda and Vedanga, laws and other objects/subjects and respectfully it turned to it:

6. " O to guru, from yougot to know entire science Of ved, step by step (it studied) all laws and all Vedanga.

7. on your favor, against the best of their recluses, many people, even enemies, say that industriously were studied all Veda.

8. O the expert of Dharma, I do want to hear from you, against that allotted by the great fraction/portion, such as was peace/world and what it will again become?

9. of what, against brahman, does consist peace/world, whence (it did occur) moving and not moving (peace/world)? Where did occur destruction (peace/world) and where (again) will begin its death?

10. Is how the phenomenon of prime elements, the origin of gods and others (creation), arrangement and nature of mountains and oceans?

11. (What), against (..) from the recluses, arrangement and the dimensions of the sun and other (celestial bodies), (they are such) the family of gods and other (creation), polygon, and manvantara,

12. Kapla and the subdivision of Kapla, (as) is done chatur"yuga, (which) nature of the end of Kapla, and also ends of all the south?

13. (they are such), about great recluse, biographies of gods, Rishi and kings, (as) did arise the (Conduct) schools, created Shityu v'yasa?

14. (which) dharma of brahmana and other (classes), and also to nayur`~yyuu in the deserts? All thisI want to hear from you, about the descendant Of Vasishtha.

15. On brahman, gracious turn to me your reason so that 4, about great recluse, on your favor would get to know that the fact that I want to learn.

Parashara said:

16. On righteous Maytreya, the expert of Dharma! You caused in my memory (word), said in the old times by the father of my father by godly Vasishtha.

17. it heard, that rakshas, sent By Vishvamitra, gorged (my) father, and me seized immeasurable anger, against Maytreya!

18. And thenit approached the offering, which brings death to rakshasa. this offering turned into ashes hundreds of those wandering in the night (perfumes).

19. When, against that allotted by great fraction/portion, these Rakshasa were on the face of final death, my great father Of vasishtha said to me:

20. " sufficiently furious fury, about son, moderate your passion! Rakshasa are innocent. So it was outlined to your father.

21. Anger is inherent in fools, it did not adhere wise. (if we judge), about son, who by whom is killed, then (it will be explained) that (each) person reaps fruits of his actions.

22. On the child, even for the great, that concentrated its thoughts (devotee), anger - main thing, which ruins glory and askezu, which people (they find) by heavy labor,

23. main reason, which impedes (to reaching/achievement) of sky and deliverance. Rishis , about son, always avoid anger. Do not be to him podvlasten!

24. It is sufficient, end the offering, which burns innocent, that wander in the night (perfumes)! Indeed righteous men are merciful! "

25. This manual was obtainedfrom the great by the spirit of father and, honoring his words, it immediately ended offering.

26. And vozradovalsya best of the recluses godly Vasishtha. Then there arrived the son Of Brahma Of pulast'ya.

27. Great father honored by his presenting, he seated and concluded into the embraces. And said to me great by spirit the elder brother Of pulahi, against Maytreya:

28. " (blazing) by furious hatred, you nevertheless obeyed words sand-box tree and there was miloserden. Therefore you get to know all Sahstra.

29. In spite of anger, you restrained from the destruction of my descendants; therefore I bring to you, against allotted by great fraction/portion, and other great gift -

30. you, against the child, will become the author of the arch/summary Of Purana. You get to know, the how high destination of gods.

31. In the matters of religion and in the mundane matters your reason, against the child, on my favor will become bright and that deprived of doubts ".

32. And then my great father godly Vasishtha said: " will be carried out all the fact that said Pulast'ya!"

33. Your question caused in my memory everything that they told into the old times Of vasishtha and wise Pulast'ya.

34. I will describe to you, against Maytreya, everything, about which you ask. However, heed to the consecutively/serially complete arch/summary Of Purana.

35. Peace/world arose from To Vishnu and it is in it. (To Vishnu) - the creator of existence and predbytiya of peace/world, it - peace/world.

Is such in the first book (of ) Vishnu-Puranaa the first chapter.




Parashara said:

1. glory to constant, pure/clean, intransient highest Atman, which always has united means, to all-conquering Vishnu,

2. to gold embryo Of hari and To Shankara, to defender To vasudeve, to the reason for creation, existence and end (peace/world)!

3. glory to that, whose age-old means is united and manifold, to that, who essentially and rough and finest, to that, whose means and yavlennyy and neyavlennyy, To Vishnu, which is the reason for release!

4. glory to highest Atman, To Vishnu, to that, who appears (by reason) creation, existence and death of peace/world, to that, of whom it consists peace/world, to the source of essences!

5. after bowing to the support of that moved, to smallest of the small, being in all essences, Ach'yute, highest Purusha,

6. to volume, whose age-old means - knowledge, to completely not stained, to that, whose age-old means is in the visible means, caused by error,

7. To Vishnu, to absorber. To ruler of existence and creation of that moved! After bowing to the lord of worlds, nerozhdennomu, inexpressible, eternal,

8.I will describe that the fact that in the old times told the great father, lotosorozhdennyy Bhagavan (Brahma) in response to questions Dakshi and other best wise men.

9. they described (this) (guided) on the coasts of tsar Purukutse's Narmady, it - To sarasvate, and Sarasvata - to me.

10. Who will be able to describe inaccessible to feelings Purushu, highest Atmana, which is in (each individual) atmane, deprived of the distinguishing features of form, color and other,

11. immune to death, free from the aging, increase/growth and generation, which exists always and only?!

12. It - everywhere, and here (in this peace/world) lives in everything - that is why knowing call its Vasudeva.

13. It - highest Brahma, intransient, nerozhdennyy, not perished, beshm{i, its age-old means is united, being always free from the disappearance, it it is not stained!

14. It - its entire, age-old means - yavlennaya and neyavlennaya (primary material), it it is in the means Purushi and in the means feces.

15. First means of highest Brahma, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, Purusha, its two other means - yavlennaya and neyavlennaya (primary material), and one more - means feces.

16. this highest (joint means) - predmateriyu, Purushu, yavlennuyu (primary material) and to feces, scientific people is considered the perfect and highest state Vishnu.

17. these means - predmateriya, Purusha, yavlennaya (primary material), feces, being turned/made havoc (as the external world), they serve as a reason for existence, creation and end of the peace/world, as highest demonstration (Atmana) and existence.

18. To Vishnu, being yavlenna and neyavlenna (by primary material), Purushay, and Kala, it panels as frisky ba. However, listen to about its game.

19. Best of Rishicall predmateriyu, which is the reason neyavlenna (primary material) - primary material; (predmateriya) - finest, intransient, essentially and existing and existing.

20. It not perished, serves itself as support, it is limitless, non-aging, it is durable, deprived (signs/criteria) of sound and of touch, does not possess (by signs/criteria) forms and other.

21. It - the bosom of peace/world, is allotted by three qualities, it does not have beginning, it - source and the refuge of peace/world, it generates everything in the beginning (creation) and absorbs with the death (peace/world).

22. Brahmana, experienced in the consideration Of ved, restrained their feelings, which glorify Brahma, so explain (content) the concepts of " predmateriya ":

23. There was neither day nor night nor sky nor earth/ground nor dark nor light/world and nothing other, understandable by hearing and other (by sensora organs), no consciousnesses and other, but there was then united (triad) - predmaternya, Brahma and spirit -mind.

24. Predmateriya and Purusha - two others of means To Vishnu, others, than its age-old means, against brahman; and still there was its one means, which it unites and separates these two (means) and it is allotted by form and other - it they call Kala, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy!

25. When (neyavlennaya) primary material was affirmed in yavlenna (primary material), as this was already with the previous end of the peace/world, then this destruction of peace/world they began to call " conjugated/combined with the primary material ".

26. Beznachalen godly of feces, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, and its end is unknown, from it (they occur) continuous creations, to tssyetsrbnb`myu also of predbytiya of peace/world.

27. Then in it there is an equilibrium of qualities and spirit -mind is separately (from the primary material).

28. Then it (appears as) highest Brahma, highest Atman, which includes peace/world, the highly penetrating lord of all essences, Atman in all, the highest ruler,

29. Hari, which, after entering at will into predmateriyu and into Purushu, with the approach of the period of creation, set in motion eternal and nevechnyy (peace/world).

30. As smell impels reason by one its proximity alone, but not (by any) another action, so also the highest ruler.

31. It, against brahman, and setting to the motion and powered, it, highest Purusha, is in pre-matter, which is both in state of rest, and in a state of development.

32. Its age-old means consists of the components of the development/scan of primary material and finest substance, it has a means Of Brahma and other gods, its age-old means - yavlennaya (primary material), it - To Vishnu, the ruler of all rulers.

33. Then, about recluse, from this equilibrium of qualities, above which stands that gotten to know field, in the period of creation occurs the demonstration of qualities, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh!

34. Then from the essence of pre-matter appears the great principle of creation, which has three aspects: merciful, passionate and inert.

35. The great principle of creation is wrapped by the essence of pre-matter and as grain (by shell); self-consciousness, which has three aspects, is born from the great (principle of creation): merciful, passionate and (aspect) the source of prime elements, allotted by the properties of stagnation.

36. (self-consciousness) it is the reason (appearance) for prime elements and sensora organs, it is allotted by three qualities, about great recluse, and it is wrapped by the great principle of creation, similarly how the great principle of the creation (it is wrapped) of predmateriyey.

37. The source of prime elements, impelled to the creation, possesses the tanmatra of creation; then from tanmatra of sound was born the space, allotted (by distinctive) sign/criterion of sound. The source of prevoelementov wrapped to tanmatru of sound and space.

38. The space, impelled to the creation, gave birth to tanmatru of touch, and appeared powerful air, conjugated/combined with the quality of touch.

39. Space together with the the tanmatra of sound wrapped to tanmatru of touch, and here is air, impelled to the creation, it gave birth to tanmatru of means.

40. (then) from air arose the light/world, (as the distinctive) quality of which is considered means; tanmatra of touch and air wrapped to tanmatru of means.

41. The light/world, impelled to the creation, gave birth to tanmatru of taste, and then appeared waters, in which is present the taste.

42. Tanmatra of means wrapped the waters, allotted by the tanmatra of taste; the waters, impelled to the creation, gave generation to tanmatre of smell.

43. Further from them occurred the totality (prime elements), highest quality of which is smell; in each (prime element) is contained tanmatra inherent in it, it is that is why considered on the legend that (prime elements) are allotted by sign/criterion tanmatry.

44. Tanmatra are deprived of distinctive properties, and therefore they, deprived of distinctive properties, they are not neither pacifying nor terrifying and nor dulling.

45. Creation - this tanmatra of prime elements, she (it occurs) from the inert aspect of self-consciousness, indicate that from the passionate aspect of self-consciousness proceed the sensora organs, and from the merciful aspect - ten deities

46. and the eleventh - reason; and gods on the legend are considered allotted by merciful aspect; five (organs/controls) feelings are distinguished: the skin, eye, language, nose, ear/eye, after being combined with the consciousness, they receive sound etcetera, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy!

47. (another group): secretora and genital organs/controls, hand, leg and, the fifth, voice, against Maytreya; their functions are called isolation/liberation (and child-bearing), rukoremeslo, walking and speech.

48. Space, air, fire/light, the earth/ground, water are allotted, against brahman, each consecutively/serially, by acoustic fidelities and other.

49. It is considered on the legend that they are allotted by distinctive properties, they are pacified and are terrified and are dulled.

50. But prime elements are allotted by different forces (to the creation); and separately, without being they are connected, against brahman, without having been merged completely (with each other), they cannot create the living beings.

51. After being combined one with others in (united) connection, they, being based on each other, acquire the sign/criterion of single whole and they reach complete unity.

52. On the command Purushi and on the favor of pre-matter from the great principle of creation and other (components of the development/scan Of atmana), from those allotted by the distinctive properties (prime elements) it appears the egg Of Brahma.

53. It gradually grows as circles on the water; this is enormous egg, (composed of) prime elements, resting on the waters and allotted by primary material (it is counted) by phenomenon To Vishnu in the means Of Brahma.

54. The lord of peace/world To Vishnu, whose age-old means the neyavlennyy, (it finds) here yavlennyy means itself is in the age-old means Of Brahma.

55. The inner shell of that allotted by great Atmanom (world egg) it was (mountain) measure, and by outer shell - mountains; pericarpic waters are formed by oceans.

56. And in this egg, against brahman, there were mountain, continents, oceans, planet, worlds, gods, asura and people.

57. From the outer side the egg is wrapped by water, by fire/light, by air, by space, and also by the source of prime elements, to aepbn}kelemr`lyu, by the allotted ten times qualities and by the great principle of creation.

58. And still it is wrapped neyavlenna (by primary material), against brahman, (wrapped) by all by them together with the great principle of creation; these seven shells, allotted by properties primary material, wrap egg as the layers of shell the nucleus/kernel of coco nut.

59. And here (in the egg) vera eternal ruler of moved Hari, entering into the quality of fervency, becomes Brahma, it approaches the creation of this peace/world.

60. Immeasurably powerful/thick Bhagavan To Vishnu, possessing Blagost'yu, directs that created in accordance with yugami up to the end of Kapla.

61. Janardana, impelled by stagnation, assumes/takes at the end of Kapla the means Of Rudra, against Maytreya, (it becomes) terrible and it devours all essences.

62. After devouring essences and after turning peace/world into the united ocean, the highest ruler will recline on the bed from snake, and after waking up, it, the bearing means Of Brahma, again accomplishes creation.

63. So united Bhagavan Of janardana performs the destination Of Brahma, Vishnu and Shivas, creating, preserving and destraing Mir.

64. As creator, To Vishnu creates himself, it and shielded and defender, and as absorber, he, ruler, absorbs himself at the end.

65. this peace, which consists of the earth/ground, waters, fire/light, air and space, all sensora organs and internal essences are called Purushay.

66. The lord of all essences, it, eternal, has all means, so from it proceeds creation etcetera, by its favor are essences.

67. It created and the arbiter of creation, it and preserved, and preserving, it - vkusitel' (peace/world); To Vishnu, as Brahma and other (gods), it has all embodiment, it - desired bearer of gifts, best of that chosen.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the second chapter.




Maytreya said:

1. thus arose capability for creation and other in Brahma, which was deprived of qualities, neizmerim, by pure and was irreproachable essentially.

Parashara said:

2. forces of entire of that existing are the objects of knowledge, but they are not understandable (by reason) because these forces of existence, allotted (by ability k) to creation and other, are inherent In brahme, zh`zh of heats to fire/light, against the best of the devotees!

but 3. heed as the father of worlds, Bhagavan Of brahma, named Narayana, achieved creation. They speak, against the one knowing that (Brahma) it was originated, such usual expression (for the designation of its demonstration).

4. by measure of inherent in it life, for tradition, it is considered hundreds years. this period is also called pair, and its half is known as parardha.

5.it already told you, against the sinless that feces it is age-old means To Vishnu; (by them) is measured the period of wakefulness (Brahma)

6. and other essences, which move and fixed, and also the earth/ground, all mountains, seas and other, against the best of the good!

7. fifteen nimesha, against the best of the recluses, this kashtha, thirty kashtha - this of feces, and thirty feces - this is muhurta.

8. so many (thirty) muhurt on the tradition they are considered day and at night people, and so many (thirty) such days and nights is formed the month, which has two halves.

9. six (months) compose I wilt, and two ayany, southern and northern, they are year; southern ayana - this is the night of gods, and northern ayana - this is the day of gods.

10. Twelve thousand years of gods compose chatur"yugu, which is subdivided into to Crete, To tretu and other.

11. Crete and other (yugi) (they consist) respectively of four, three, two, and one thousand (years of gods); (entire) yugi (they contain) eight thousand (years) gods, the experts of antiquity so say.

12. (To chatur"yuge) precedes (period) known as sandh'ya, in it as many hundred (years of gods), as thousand (years of gods) they are contained in chatur"yuge; after the continuous yuga goes (period), called sandh'yanshaka, it is equal (to period) sandh'ya.

13. The period between the the sandh'ey and sandh'yanshey, against the best of the recluses, is called (chatur)yuga; it must know by the name of Crete, Treta and others.

14. Crete, Treta, Dvapara and potash are called chatur"yuga, and thousand (chatur"yug), about recluse, this the day Of Brahma.

15. During the day Of Brahma there are, against brahman, fourteen polygon; but listen to, as are measured their periods (administration).

16. Since olden times seven Rishis , gods, Shakra, polygon and its sons tsars are born and die in one period.

17. Period polygon, gods and other - this manvantara, it exceeds, against the best of the good, seventy one chatur"yugu.

18. It is considered, on the legend that (manvantara) exceed 852 thousand (years) gods.

19-20. Manvantara, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, consists, against the the multi-wise, of 306752 thousand years of gods without the additional period, about db`df{pnfdemm{i!

21. Fourteen such periods on the tradition are considered as the brahmicheskim day; the name (brahmicheskiy is explained) reason (this day); at the end of this (day) the death of peace/world begins.

22. Then the entire three world blaze, the earth/ground, the peace/world of the sun and moon and others (worlds), and the inhabitants of the peace/world of patriarchs from the heat run into the peace/world of the sons Of Brahma.

23. When the entire three world are turned into the united ocean, Brahma, which appears essentially Of narayana, delighting in, will recline on the bed, that was satiated by the absorption of three worlds.

24. During the night, equal on the extent to day, at the end of which (darkness) god, on anyone concentrated their thoughts those being in the world of the sons Of Brahma of yoginy, again approaches the creation.

25. So (it passes) and the year Of Brahma, and hundreds its years, and hundreds years (it comprises) whole life of this great by spirit.

26. When elapses first parardha Of Brahma, against the sinless, at the end its (there is) great Kaplaa, known as Padma.

27. But begun secondly parardhe, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, first Kaplaa is called Varaha.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the third chapter.




Maytreya said:

1. describe, about great recluse, as in the beginning (of our) Kapla Of bhagavan Of brahma, named Narayana, it created all essences.

Parashara said:

2. listen from me as Bhagavan Of brahma, which appears essentially Of narayana, god, Mr. of patriarchs, created sozdan'ya.

3. after past Kapla of ruler Brahm, in whom repossessed Blagost', it rose from the night sleep and saw peace/world with empty.

4. it, Narayan, that exceeds (limits) thoughts. The ruler of the highest lords, who has the age-old means Of Brahma, Bhagavan is beznachal'nyy, the source in all!

5. let us give this verse about Narayan, god, who has the age-old means Of Brahma, the source of generation and absorption of the peace/world:

6. " waters are named " bunk ", because water - descendants of bunk; (Brahma) on the tradition it is called By narayana, because (in the waters - " bunk") in the antiquity (it occurred) its (first) motive (to the creation) - ayana ".

7. when peace/world was united ocean ruler it got to know, that in the waters (it is located) the Earth. After thinking over, To prajapati wanted it to raise

8. was accepted another body; - similar how before in the beginning of Kapla it (it reembodied) into the fish, the tortoise and other, so also (now) it appeared in the appearance (wild boar) Of varahi.

9. great Atman, Atman in all, highest Atman, To prajapati for retaining/maintaining all worlds accepted the means, which consists of the vediyskih offerings.

10. Glorified By sanaka and other righteous men, who left into the peace/world of the sons Of Brahma, the holder of the Earth, which uses to itself by support, entered into the water.

11. Goddess the Earth saw, that it was touched the roof of underground peace/world and, after being inclined in the bow, with the love -bxakti glorified it:

The Earth she said:

12. Glory to you, who is all essences, against the holder of shell and club! Raise me now from our (underground peace/world) as you raised me in the previous times.

13. On Janardana, from youit arose in the previous times, of youI consist, as other essences as skies and entire other.

14. Glory to you, To atman in highest Atmane, To atman in Purusha, glory to you, to the being predmateriyey and yavlenna (by primary material), appearing Kala!

15. You - the creator of all essences, you - defender, you - destraer; in (periods) the creations and into other you, about ruler, bear the age-old means Of Brahma, Vishnu and Shivas.

16. After absorbing everything, you, against Govinda, on anyone concentrated their thoughts reasonable, you will recline in the united ocean.

17. No one knows your highest means, and nebozhiteli honor that your means, which (you you assume/take) in avatarah.

18. Reading a little you, against highest Brahma, which thirst to be freed tyuey gryadut to the release. Who will find release, without reading a little Vasudevu?!

19. Everything which receives reason, receives eye others (sensora organs), and also everything that is distinguished by consciousness, (all) this your means!

20. I consist of you,I rest on you,it is created by you,I come running to you, that is why me in this peace/world are called Madhavi.

21. Gain victory, against that consisting of entire knowledge, gain victory, against that consisting of the rough (substances), against intransient, gain victory, against Ananta, which is neyavlenna (by primary material), gain victory, about ruler, who consists of yavlenna (primary material)!

22. On Atman, (including) cause and effect, against Atman of that moved, gain victory, about the sovereign of offerings, against the sinless! You - offering, you - vashatkara, you - the style of " ohms ", you - (sacrificial) fires/lights!

23. You - Veda, you - Vedanga, you, about Hari, sacrificial Purusha. Sun and other (heavenly body), planet, star and whole (moved),

24. (everything) having form and not having form, (everything) seen and invisible, against highest Purusha, (everything) said and not said here by me, about the highest ruler,

25. all this is you! Glory to you, glory, glory again and again! Proclaimed so by the Earth the dostochtimyy holder of the Earth emitted the low, rokochushchiy sound, similar to singing (verses) SamaVeda.

26. Here great Varaha, its eyes were as the dissolved lotus, and body it was (dark) as leaves of lotus, by incisors raised from the underground peace/world the earth/ground and arose, enormous, as Nile mountain.

27. When it uplifted snout, flow (water, which gushed out) from its eyebrows, it cleaned Sanandanu and other sinless brilliant recluses, who are in the world of the highest delights.

28. After raising the Earth, gotten wet powerful great Varaha arose, and recluses took pleasure (by contemplation) its body with the reared up hairsprings, it was comprised of Ved.

29. Through the dents from the tips of its hooves into the underground peace/world gushed out the waters, emitting (thunderous) sound " dhah ", the wind of its respiration it swept along the sides of the righteous men restrained feelings, inhabitants of the peace/world Of Brahma.

30. Vozradovalis' the inhabitants of the peace/world of the sons Of Brahma - yoginy, Of sanandana and others (wise men), and, by low- after inclining heads, by high style they they glorified raised his look rescuer, the holder of the Earth:

31. " victories to the highest lord (of all) rulers, ruler Keshaves, to the carrier of club, shell, sword and disk, to the reason for generation, death and retention/maintaining (peace/world)! You - ruler, besides you there is no highest abode!

32. You, about ruler, truly, the spirit -mind of offerings, (your) feet - Veda, canine teeth - sacrificial posts, teeth - offering, mouth - altar', language - sacrificial fire/light, hairsprings on tele- - (stems of grass) darbha!

33. (your) eyes, against great Atman, day and night; your head - refuge for all, highest (abode) Of Brahma; the locks of mane - everything ((Conduct)) hymns; nostril, about god, everything (offering) havis!

34. (your) snout - sacrificial ladle, low roar - after singing (verses) SamaVeda, body - the shed above the the sacrificial altarem, joints - all sacrificial ceremonies, ears - completed and desired (to be completed) dharma; about god, against eternal Atman, against Bhagavan, be gracious!

35. On the imperishable appearance in all, the one who crossed by steps/pitches worlds, who is an end, retention/maintaining and the beginning in all, you - knowledge by that moved, the highest ruler, have pity, about the patron of the moving and fixed peace/world!

36. On the tips of your incisors, about patron, is seen, mounted, entire circle of the Earth, as if you bathed in to pond, (been overgrown with lotus) and to them adhered the zapyatnannyy sheet of lotus.

37. Space between the sky and the earth/ground is occupied with your body. About lord, you, shining by the ability to cover peace/world, yes will stay for the good of that moved!

38. About the sovereign of peace/world, you, truly, the highest target/purpose, there is (nothing) something different besides you! By your mayey is included the moving and fixed peace/world!

39. That your appearance, which we see, is in its essence knowledge you; those, who do not practice to yogi, because of the erroneous knowledge, do not see (true) means of peace/world.

40. Those, who are not allotted (by highest) consciousness, (they do not see that) this entire the peace/world is the age-old means of knowledge, (but) they see its age-old means (only) as the object (of sensual) perception, they wander in the ocean errors.

41. The same, who understood knowledge and was allotted by the purified reason, regain vision, that the entire world is in his essence knowledge, your means, about the highest ruler!

42. Be gracious, against Atman in all, to the good of these worlds raise the Earth! On immeasurable Atman, grant to us happiness, against the the (darkness)!

43. You is allotted By blagost'yu, against Bhagavan! Raise to the good, against Govinda, this earth/ground! About lord, grant to us happiness, against the the (darkness)!

44. Yes will serve your capability for creation as reward for the worlds! Glory (to you)! Grant to us happiness, against The the (darkness)!"

45. Glorified so highest Atman, holder of the Earth, rapidly raised the earth/ground and placed it into the deep ocean.

46. The Earth, similar to enormous boat, sailed on the surface of this flood of waters, without being immersed, because of its extensive body.

47. Then Bhagavan, beznachal'nyy highest Purusha evened the soil (on the surface) of the earth/ground and by mountains it divided (earth/ground) on the part.

48. It, whose desires are free from the error, by its deprived of error will created on the earth's surface all mountains, which burned down during the past creation.

49. Then, after dividing the earth/ground properly into seven continents, it created, as this (already) was before, the earth/ground etcetera, and four worlds.

50. So god, who bears the means Of Brahma, allotted by fervency chetyrehlikiy Bhagavan Of hari achieved creation.

51. But (Brahma) - only the reason for the created during the accomplishment creation, and (from it they proceed) energy -wakti of that created, becoming the reason (appearance) for pre-matter.

52. With exception of this sole reason, no something different, by which (peace/world it was) it was obliged (by its existence); on the best of the devotees, with the aid of its energy -wakti the thing (it finds its essence) as thing.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the fourth chapter





Maytreya said:

1. as this god it did create gods, Rishis , pitarov, danavov, people, animals and other, who dwells on the earth/ground, in the sky and in the water?

2. tell to me in detail, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, as in the beginning rbnpemyu Of brahma did create peace/world, with its qualities, (them) by nature and by means?

Parashara said:

3. against Maytreya, listen toI will attentively, describe to you, as this omnipresent (god) created gods and everything else.

4. in the beginning of Kapla as this was already before, from that concentrating during the creation (Brahma) appeared the creation, which begins from the absence of the consciousness (consisting of) of stagnation.

5. from that allotted by great Atmanom (Brahma) occurred Nevedana; (consisting of) stagnations, errors, great error, the dark and the desperate dark.

6. from that concentrating during the creation (Brahma) arose the quinara creation, deprived of consciousness, deprived of external and internal sensations, essentially - hidden, essentially - fixed.

7. as is known, the fixed objects/subjects (they were created) first - this (it is counted) by primary creation. (Brahma) he saw, that it not perfected planned another creation.

8. from that concentrating (Brahma) occurred creation " tangential channel "; it is known as " tangential channel ", because (in animals) channel (for the passage of food) is arranged/located horizontally.

9. they are called by animals and other, stagnation is characteristic of them, they are deprived (of true) Vedana, they follow incorrectly and ignorance for the knowledge is assumed/taken.

10. In them is inherent selfishness and conceit, and also twenty eight forms of imperfections, they all are allotted by internal sensations and do not associate with each other.

11. Brahma considered and this (creation) not perfected, (again) it surrendered itself to concentration, and from it arose another, the third (creation)" external channel ", allotted By blagost'yu.

12. Those (essence), in anyone predominate the happiness and gladness, those, who are not from without and from within wrapped (by shroud of ignorance), those, who are allotted by external and internal sensations - they, on the legend, are called (by essences, which arose during the creation)" external channel ".

13. Brahma of vozradovalsya to the third creation, whose essence - satisfaction, on the legend it (it contains) all praising of gods.

14. Then, after getting to know, what all (previous creations - primary and other) by their nature are not perfected, it completed another, high creation.

15. Thus, from that reflecting about the truth, that was concentrated (Brahma) appeared that perfected (creation), (proceeding) from neyavlenna (primary material) - it is called " uptake ".

16. (those, who arose during this creation they are called by essences) with the " uptake ", since (food in them) he passes vertically, they are allotted by many external and internal sensations, in them the stagnation is present and fervency predominates.

17. That is why they are subjected to many sufferings both it is again and newly impelled to the action, they - people, allotted by external and to bmsrpemmyulyu by sensations, it is truly perfected.

18. it told to you here, against the best of the recluses, six creations - first of them creation of great (principle of creation), which is also called the creation Of Brahma.

19. The second - (creation) tanmatr, which it is known and as the creation of prime elements; the third (creation) - vaykarika, which will have a reputation as the creation, conjugated/combined with the sensora organs.

20. this creation, is conjugated/combined with the primary material, the absence of consciousness precedes it; and the fourth (creation) - also primary creation, since fixed (objects/subjects) are counted by created first.

21. The fifth creation, which is called " tangential channel ", this (creation) is known as (creation of essences) with the horizontally arranged/located womb; the sixth creation (essences with the " external channel") is considered the creation of gods.

22. The seventh creation - essences with the " uptake " - is this (creation) of man; the eighth creation is called " benefit ", in it are inherent Blagost' and stagnation.

23. (of them) five creations are considered the creations of vaykrita, and three - by creations, conjugated/combined with the primary material. The ninth is considered " youthful " (creation), it and vaykarika, and it is conjugated/combined with the primary material.

24. Are such the enumerated nine creations To prajapati: and to vaykriti, and conjugated/combined with the primary material, they - the radical reasons for peace/world are created by the lord of peace/world. What still you do want to hear?

Maytreya said:

25. About recluse, you briefly told to me about the creation of gods and other (essences),I want to hear from you about it in detail, about the best of the chosen recluses.

Parashara said:

26. (to people) accompany their acts, good and bad, perfected before. They perish during the death of peace/world (people), but they are not freed/released from the consequences (acts).

27. From creating Brahma it is born, against brahman, conjugated/combined with the reason (creation); it is known that it is subdivided into four forms: fixed objects/subjects etcetera, gods and other highest essences, and also people.

28. So (Brahma), desiring to create four forms (essences) - gods, asurov, pitarov and people, was concentrated its reason on itself.

29. In that concentrated reason To prajapati repossessed tanmatra of stagnation, and that is why in that desiring to create (god) first were born from his thigh asury.

30. Then it left this body, whose essence composed (tan)matra of stagnation, and the means left by it it became night, against Maytreya.

31. Desiring to create, (Brahma) found another body and vozradovalsya, since its their mouth appeared the gods, in whom predominates Blagost', against dvazhdyrozhdennyy.

32. this left by it body became the day, in which opnbkerts Blagost', that is why asura were strong at night, and gods - in the daytime.

33. Then it found another body, whose essence composed tanmatra Of blagosti, and from (Brahma), thinking itself by pitarom, were born pitary.

34. After creating pitarov, ruler left this (body), and that left by him (body) became (evening) twilights, gap/interval between the day and at night.

35. Then (god) was accepted another body, essence which composes (tan)matra of fervency, so, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh, were created people and other, who in the surplus was allotted (tan)matra fervency.

36. To prajapati rapidly left this body and became the dawn, which is called (morning) twilights in the east.

37. That is why, against Maytreya, with the approach of dawn become strong people, and in the period of twilights - pitary.

38. Thus, dawn, night, day and (evening) twilights - these are is four bodies of the lord Of Brahma, based on three qualities.

39. Then from Brahma, which accepted another body, whose essence composed (tan)matra of fervency, was born hunger, and anger was originated from it.

40. And then Bhagavan let out forward into the darkness of those torn to pieces by hunger (essences), and these generated (essence), ugly, with the beards, ran up to the ruler.

41. Those (of them), who spoke: " O, is not must, spare (to rakshatam) it!", - (they began to be called) by rakshasami, and others, who spoke: " gorge (to yakshatam) it!", - by yakshami from (word)" pozhiraniye " (yakshana).

42. (when) Vedhasa saw these disgusting (essence), in it (from the head) fell the hair, but, after falling, they again grew on the head.

43. On the legend they became to be called by snakes, because they creep, against that respected, and reptiles, because they fell from the head. Then the angered creator of peace/world created (essence),

44. essence of which composed anger - terrible by its simian painting/color of bhutov and pozhirateley flesh. Immediately after this from (Brahma) they were born, sucking song, gandharvy.

45. They (they are called) by gandharvami, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy because they were born, absorbing (song) from (goddess of speech) Vach. these essences Of bhagavan Of brahma it created, impelled by their creative forces.

46. Then from its desire (it it created) others (creation). From its vital force it created birds, from the breast it created sheep, from the mouth it created goats.

47. From the stomach and the sides To prajapati created cows, from the feet - horses, elephants, donkeys, gayalov, does,

48. camels, mules, antelope and other (hoofed), from the hair on its tele- occurred plant, fruits and roots.

49. After creating in the beginning of Kapla of animals and plant, Brahma, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh, properly used them with the offering in the beginning Of tretayugi.

50. Cow, goat, sheep, horse, mule, donkey are called by domestic animals. (further)I will describe about the wild.

51. (this) - animals for the hunting, animal with the double hooves, elephants, monkey, the bird (they comprise) the fifth (discharge/digit); the animals, that dwell in the water - the sixth; creeping - by the seventh.

52. From its eastern mouth (Brahma) created (size/dimension) gayatri, Pyuchbeds, (arch/summary of hymns) It trivrit, (part) SamaVeda, (by the name) Rathantara and offering of agnishtoma.

53. From its southern mouth it created yajurvedu, (size/dimension) trayshtubha, (arch/summary) the hymns Of panchadasha, Brihatsaman and (part Of samaVeda by the name) Uktha.

54. From its western mouth it created Samavedu, size/dimension to jagati, (arch/summary) the hymns Of saptadasha, (part of the adobe) vayrupa and (offering) atiratra.

55. From its northern mouth it created (arch/summary of hymns) ekavinsha, Atharvavedu, (offering) aptor'yamana, the size/dimension of anushtbuh and (part Of samaVeda by the name) Vayraja.

56. (so) from its members were born essences, greater and small. After creating gods, asurov, pitarov and people, great father To prajapati then in the beginning Of Kapla again created

57. yakshey, pishachey, gandharvov, the assemblies of apsar, and also narov, kinnarov, rakshasov, birds, animals, does and snakes.

58. So pervotvorets, lord, Bhagavan Of brahma created (all) eternal and being transient, that moves and fixed.

59. Those created (sozdan'ya) again found those functions, which were in them inherent during the previous creation -

60. (they) evil and good, tender and severe/cruel, virtuous and other, and in accordance with the fact, by what (by functions) they are impelled, (essence) so behave.

61. Ruler- creator created and distributed all) variety of the objects of feelings, sensora organs, essences and bodies (.

62. (being based) in the words Of ved, it at first determined names, means and behavior for (all) essences and creation, for the gods and other (highest) essences,

63. and were also defined respectively and names for all Rishis , as they were known in Vedah.

64. As (each) season is designated by diverse (regularly) repetitive (basic) signs, so also it began the south (they are characterized) with its signs/criteria.

65. So in the beginning (of each) Kapla (Vishnu) again and again accomplishes a similar creation, it is allotted by energy -wakti, by the desire to create we impel by energy -wakti of the fact that is created.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the fifth chapter.




Maytreya said:

1. you described to me about (creation) the " uptake ", it (creation) people. Tell in detail, against brahman, as it completed Brahma.

2. describe, about great recluse, as it created classes (people), also, with what qualities, what karma was specified to brahmanam by other.

Parashara said:

3. when concentrated on the the true Brahma of vozzhazhdal to create peace/world, from its mouth, against the best of dvadyrozhdennyh, were born people, in which predominated Blagost'.

4. from the breast Of Brahma arose others - in them it predominated fervency, and those, in anyone both the fervency and the stagnation predominated, they arose from his thigh.

5. other people, against best of dvadyrozhdennyh, Brahma it created from its feet, in them predominates stagnation; all four classes are such.

6. Brahmana, kshatrii, vaysh'i and shudry, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh, occurred (respectively) from the mouth, the surface of breast, from the thighs and the feet (Brahma).

7. all these (class) Brahma it created for the accomplishment of offerings; (these) four classes, against that allotted by great fraction/portion, the best tool for (accomplishment) the offerings.

8. gods feed by offerings, and people (by fruits), that grow (because of) to the issuing themselves rains, which create (gods); offerings, about the expert of Dharma, are the source of happiness.

9. them accomplish people, which fulfill their dharmu, which avoid (bad) behavior, righteous men, who follow by righteous way.

10. Accomplishing offerings, about recluse, the people, as a result of their human nature, reach sky and deliverance, people, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, go into the place, which by them is desired.

11. Created Brahma to people it was inherent (division) to four classes, they were priverzheny, against the best of the recluses, to the proper faith/belief and virtues.

12. They lived, where they wanted, serene, released from all difficulties, pure/clean in their internal essence, pure/clean and not stained, since they followed religious establishments.

13. In the depth of their pure/clean reason and clean hearts it was Hari, they regained vision pure/clean knowledge, then that it is called (by highest) state To Vishnu.

14. Then that part Of hari, which is described, according to its essence as feces, it sowed (in the people) although negligible and tiny, terrible

15. grain of nechest'ya, which is called stagnation, it gave birth to longing, against Maytreya, it served as means to (to awakening) in these people of amorous passions and other (sinful impulses).

16. The innate/inherent perfection (people) more did not celebrate; rassolasa and all of other eight forms of the perfections

17. perished, grew/rose sin, and people began to suffer from the pains and the misfortunes, which appear from (sharply) the opposite sensations.

18. Then (people) built strengthenings, (protected) by mountains, by water and by trees/wood, (surrounded them) by ditch and by fortress/serf wall and (built there) cities, villages etcetera.

19. In these cities (and villages) they elevated different dwellings for the protection from the cold, heats also of other calamities, against the the velikomudryy.

20. After placing this barrier/obstacle (elements), people again studied the manual labor, which gives means to existence, which generates karmu.

21-22. Seventeen (forms of grains) are known: fig, barley, wheat, millet, sesame, to priyangu, impact/shock, koradusha, chinaka, Masha, mudga, masura, nishpava, kulatthaka, adhaki, chanaka and shana.

23. these forms of the plants (they are counted) cultural, about recluse; sher{pm`dv`r| of the forms of plants both cultural, and growing wild are suitable for the offerings:

24. fig, barley, Masha, wheat, millet, sesame, the seventh - priyangu, the eighth - kulatthaka,

25. and also sh'yamaka, nivara, jartila, gavedhuka, (plant), called venuyava, and markataka, about recluse.

26. these fourteen (forms) cultural and wild plants are used during the accomplishment of offering, and offering - their highest reason (existence).

27. the same (plant) together with the offerings - highest reason (existences) for people; wise men, who know cause and effect, accomplish the established/installed offerings.

28. Offerings, against the best of the recluses, were accomplished daily, they brought good to people and freed from the transgressions of those, who completed them.

29. The same, against the the velikomudryy, in whose reasons magnificently grew the seed of sin, created By kala, was not turned its reason to the offerings.

30. They despised everything: the followers Of ved and Veda, to karmu, (appearing from the accomplishment) offerings etcetera, and they prevented the accomplishment of offerings.

31. (these) detractors Of ved stepped back from the way of wanderings, they were bad, filled vain hopes.

32. After creating for the people of means to existence, To prajapati established (for them) laws in accordance with their place (in the system of classes), also, with their qualities,

33. to dharmu for the classes and to ashram, against that chosen from those fulfilling dharmu, and (determined appropriate) worlds for all classes, which properly observe dharmu.

34. Peace/world To prajapati is intended for those bringing of the victim of brahmana, the peace/world Of indra - for kshatriyev steadfast in the battle,

35. peace/world of marutov - for the following to its dharme of vaysh'ev, (peace/world) gandharvov - for the castes of excellently obliging shudr.

36. The peace/world of the octoten of eight thousand restrained feelings chaste (ascetics) is intended for brahmana, which live in to guru,

37. peace/world seven Rishiis intended for lesnyh'otshel'nikov, (peace/world) To prajapati - for the chapters of families, (peace/world) Brahma - for (wandering) ascetics.

38. The immortal peace/world of yoginov - highest abode To Vishnu, these yoginy, (reflecting) about one, always concentrate (their thoughts) on Brahme; the gods look at their highest peace/world.

39. Again and again they are rolled and return (into the peace/world) moon, the sun and other planets, but do not return (into the peace/world) those, who about itself repeat duodecasyllabic (praise to god).

40 - 41. For the same, who despises Veda, it prevents offerings and is left its dharmu, is intended the peace/world of the dark, (peace/world) the desperate darks, (worlds) horror and great horror, terrible (peace/world) the countless points of swords, and also the peace/world of lashes feces and (peace/world), in which there are no waves.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the sixth chapter.




Parashara said:

1. then from that concentrating (Brahma) were born the descendants allotted by reason - their bodies and abilities arose from the solid/material (essence Of Brahma).

2. from the members of wise (god) appeared " those gotten to know field ". thisit already told earlier. They all,

3. gods and other essences, and also fixed (objects/subjects) were as the receptacle of three qualities.

4. but, since these essences - moving and fixed, were not multiplied, wise (god) created other, allotted by reason sons, similar to themselves.

5. (these) - allotted by reason To bhrigu, Pulast'ya, Pulaka, To kratu, and also Angires, Marichi, Daksha, Atri and Vasishtha.

6. they, as asserts Puranaa, (they appear) nine times (by new) brahmami; and To sanandanu and other (sons) Of brahma it created (still) before.

7. but they all were indifferent to the mundane (to matters), they were indifferent to the continuation of kind, they were allotted by knowledge, they were deprived of passions and they were free from the envy.

8. (after understanding), that they are indifferent to the creation in the worlds, Brahma, allotted by great Atmanom, it arrived into the fury, it was capable to burn three worlds.

9. from anger Of Brahma flared up the garland of fire/light, began to sparkle wholly the entire three world, about recluse.

10. From it puffing by anger of forehead, (speckled) by wrinkles, (arisen from)

11. frowned eyebrows, arose Rudra, which shines as the midday sun, huge and fierce, by the body of poluzhenshchina-polumuzhchina. " be divided ", said to it Brahma and again it was hidden.

12. (after listening its words), (Rudra) it was bisected, after separating/liberating its female nature from the man, and then man nature it it divided into eleven parts,

13. tender and rough, peaceful and agitated; and female nature godly ruler shared into many parts - dark and light, by his age-old appearance.

14. Then (Brahma) for the protection of people it created, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, ruler the polygon (on the name) Of svayambhuva, it was identical with the initial essence Of Brahma.

15. Godly lord the polygon Of svayambhuva took in wife the woman (on the name) Of shatarupa, purified by askeza of sin.

16. **time-out** from this husband godly Watarupa bear two (son on name) Pri4mvrata and Uttnapada and two daughter (on name Prasuti and Akuti,

17. knowing dharmu and pretty, allotted by noble/precious qualities; (Svayambhuva) returned To prasuti (in wife to patriarch) Dakshe after it returned To akuti (to patriarch) To ruchi.

18. Patriarch (Ruchi) took it in wife and he bore from it (twins): (daughter on the name) Dakshina (donation) and allotted by great force son on the name of yajna (offering), which subsequently to btsrsaukyu into matrimony.

19. Dakshina and yajna gave birth to twelve sons, who in (to manvantare) the polygon Of svayambhuvy were called pits.

20. Daksha and To prasuti gave generation twenty four daughters; listen from me in the order their names:

21. Shraddha (faith/belief), Lakshmi (Schast'e), To dhriti (stability), To tushti (satisfactoriness), To pushti (thriving), Medha (mental energy), Kriyya (ritual action), Buddhi (consciousness), Ladja (modesty), Vapus (body), To shanti (Umirotvorennost'), Riddhi (growth), To kirti (glory), these thirteen

22. daughters Dakshi are taken in the wife of ruler Dharm, and rest eleven the excellent junior daughters

23. (they bore names): To kh'yati (glorification), Sati (faithfulness), To sambhuti (Sotozhdestvennost'), To smriti (legend), To priti (pleasantness) Kshama (tolerance), To sannati (submissiveness), Anusuya (gentleness), Urja (cheerfulness), match-maker (victim to gods), Svadha (victim to pitaram).

24. Recluses To bhiru, Bhava, Marichi, the recluse Of angiras, Pulast'ya, Pulaha and chosen Rishi kratu,

25. Artri, Vasishtha, wachna cods (fire/light) and pitara entered the reject in accordance with To kh'yati and other (by virgins), against the best of the recluses.

26. From (daughters Dakshi) Dharma gave birth to the sons: from Shraddhi -

27. (son on the name) the Kama (desire), from Lakshmi - (son on the name) Darpa (pride), from To dhriti - the son (on the name) Of niyama (restraint), from To tushti - (son on the name) Santosha (contentment), from To pushti - (son on the name) Lobha (greediness), from Medhi - (son on the name) Shruta (legend), from Kriyi - (sons on the name) Dand (Vlast'), (good behavior), and Vinaya (obedience), from Buddhi - (son on the name) Bodha (illumination), from Ladji - (son on the name 28. (son on the name) V'yavasaya (persistence), from To shanti was born Kshema (tranquillity), from Siddhi (perfection) - Sukha (happiness), and from To kirti - yashas (honor).

29. (of them) the Kama it bore from (its wife) Nandi (gladness) of the grandson Of Dharma (on the name) Of harsha (merriment); the wife Of aDharma (Nechest'ya) was Himsa (violence), from it it gave birth to (son on the name) Anrita (lie),

30. and virgin To nikriti (disgrace); from them (they were born sons) Bhaya (fear) and Naraka (Adas) and (daughter) Mayya (Navazhden'e) was known (pain); they entered matrimony (with their brothers).

31. (from Bhai) Mayya bore the destraer of the living beings (son on the name) By mrit'yu (death), and was known it bore (from its husband on the name) Raurava (Adas) of son (on the name) Duhkha (Stradan'e), by children Mrit'yu were V'yadhi (disease), jar (old age), shchoka (grief), Trishna (thirst) and Krodha (anger).

32. They all are considered bringing stradan'e and they are noted nechest'em; they all without the wives, without the children, without the ability to reproduce posterity.

33. They, about the son of that chosen from the recluses, the terrible means Of byuhms, the eternally acting reasons for the death of peace/world.

34. Rulers of people, allotted by the great fraction/portion Of daksha, Marichi, Atri, Bhrigu and others - the reason for eternal creation (peace/world).

35. But polygon and their sons, valiant and rich tsars, heroes, who follow via existence, the reason for a constant retention/maintaining (peace/world).

Maytreya said:

36. Tell to me, against brahman, (which) age-old means of unceasing retention/maintaining, unceasing creations and unceasing destruction (peace/world), about which you told.

Parashara said:

37. Bhagavan destraer To madhu, lord, whose essence of nepoznavayema, incessantly accomplishes these creations, retention/maintaining and the death of peace/world in the means of these (patriarchs) and polygon.

38. The death of all creation, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, is of four kinds: periodic, connected/bonded with the primary material, absolute and unceasing.

39. Periodic (death), called also brahmicheska, (it begins) when Mr. of peace/world (Brahma) will move away to the sleep; the death connected/bonded with the primary material occurs when world egg is dissolved in the primary material;

40. absolute death (it begins) when yogin (by way) of the knowledge (it is dissolved) in highest Atmane; the unceasing death (it is) the unceasing destruction of entire of that originated - (this change) day and night.

41. The creation, which is conceived in the primary material, it is considered connected/bonded with the primary material, then (creation), which (it begins) after the intermediate death of peace/world, it is called transient,

42. and the creation, during which, against the best of the recluses, daily are born the living beings, which regain vision the sense Of Purana, they call unceasing.

43. So being in all bodies, the abode of all essences Of bhagavan To Vishnu creates generation, retention/maintaining and destruction (peace/world).

44. And the one who exceeds these three brazmicheskiye to energiishakti Brahma, which consist of three qualities, goes into the highest abode and does not return again (into sansaru).

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the seventh chapter.




Parashara said:

1.told to you, about great recluse, about the creation Of Brahma, in which (it predominates) fervency. NowI will describe to you about the creation Of Rudra. Listen to my words.

2. in the beginning of Kapla ruler (Brahma) was decided (to create) ts{m`, similar to himself, and from it arose black- red youth.

3. he, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh, ran and roared. " that you roar?" - it turned to the noisy man Of brahma.

4. " give (to me) name!", - it answered To prajapati. " you is betrothed by the godly name Of rudra! Do not cry, be solid!"

5. but, after listening this, (Rudra) it emitted seven additional cries, and therefore ruler gave to it (still) other seven names.

6. by these of seven (rudram), to them belong, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, reigns, wives and posterity, ruler gave the names: Bhava, Sharva, Ishana, To pashupati,

7. Bhima, Ugra, Mahadeva; and it, great father, determined for them reigns.

8. sun, water, the earth/ground, air, fire/light, space, fulfilling its responsibilities brahman and the Moon, (here), correspondingly, body (eight rudr).

9. Suvarchala, Usha, Vikeshi, Shiva, match-maker, Dishas, Diksha and Rohini

10. they are considered, against the best of the people, the wives of the sun and other, named rudrami. However, listen from me, against that allotted by great fraction/portion, about their descendants,

11. sons of which filled this peace/world. Shanayshchara (Saturn), Shukra (Venus), Lohitanga (Mars), Manojava (Himavat),

12. Skanda, Svarga (sky) Of santana and Budha (mercury) - here, correspondingly, (their names). And similar rudra took in wife To sati,

13. which left its body because of anger Dakshi, and then, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh, found rozhden'e as the daughter Of himavata and exchange.

14. And already as to mind godly Bhava again took it in yaseny. To kh'yati gave birth to from Bhrigu of two deities - Dhatri and Of vidhatri, and also (daughter) Shri, to the husband of the god of gods Narayans.

Maytreya said:

15. As is known, Shri it appeared in the old times from the milk ocean, when its pahtali gods in order to obtain nectar bessmertyaya. As you speak: " it was born from To bhrigu and To kh'yati?"

Parashara said:

16. Is eternal and is intransient the mother of the peace/world Of shri, (husband) To Vishnu. As Vishnu it penetrates everywhere, so also it, against the highest of dvazhdyrozhdennyh.

17. To Vishnu - sense (words), it - its sounding, Hari - management/manual, it - good behavior, To Vishnu - vrazumleniye, it - (realization, it - dharma, it - good act.

18. To Vishnu - creator, it - creation; Hari - the holder of the earth/ground, it - the earth/ground; Bhagavan - gladness, and Lakshmi - constant satisfactoriness, against Maytreya.

19. Shri - desire, and Bhagavan - love, it - offering, nm` - sacrificial gift; goddess - offering into the victim of refined oil, Janardana - (sacrificial) flat cake from the ground rice.

20. Lakshmi, about recluse, temple for the women, and destraer To madhu - temple for the husbands; Lakshmi - (sacrificial) altar', Hari - post, (to which they tie victim); Shri - fuel-, and Bhagavan - (grass) large sum.

21. Bhagavan - personified Samaveda, and being in the lotus - rhythm (verses Of samaVeda), Lakshmi - victim to gods, and the patron of the peace/world Of vasudeva - (sacrificial fire/light).

22. Bhagavan Of shauri is Shankara, and Shri - (its husband) Gauri; Keshava - sun, against Maytreya, and being in the lotus - its light/world.

23. To Vishnu - assembly of pitarov, and To padme (their husband) - victim to pitaram, the permanent donor of nourishment; Shri - sky, and To Vishnu, the yavlennaya essence in all - the widely stretched space.

24. Patron Of shri - month, and Shri - his eternal radiance; Lakshmi - the support of peace/world, Hari - everywhere penetrating air.

25. Govinda - ocean, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, and being in the lotus - its shore; Destraer To madhu - leader of gods (Indra), and Lakshmi - (his husband), personified Of indrani.

26. Holder of disk - pit, and being in the lotus - located before it (its husband) Dhumorna; god is the sovereign Of shri - Dhaneshvara itself (ruler of riches/resources), and Shri - (his husband) Riddhi (growth).

27. Lakshmi - Gauri, against that allotted by great fraction/portion, Keshava - Varuna itself; Shri - the army of gods, Hari - leader troops of gods, his defender.

28. Holding in the hand club - the spirit of existence, and Lakshmi - energy to shakti, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh, Lakshmi is kashtha, it - to nimeshe; it - muhurta, it - feces.

29. Lakshmi - moonlight, and Hari (being) are everything and the ruler in all - lamp; the mother of the peace/world Of shri - liana, To Vishnu - the tree/wood, (around which) it winds.

30. Shri - night, and god, the holder of disk and club - day; alloting by the gifts To Vishnu - fiance, in being between lotus - bride.

31. Age-old means Of bhagavana - river (personified as men), while the age-old means Of shri - river, (personified as women); (darkness) - pole, and being in the lotus - banner.

32. Lakshmi is thirst (enjament), and the master of peace/world, highest of Narayan - (satisfaction) longing, Lakshmi and Govinda are similar to enjament and (amorous) passion, about the expert of Dharma.

33. But to what there are many words?! Briefly stated, Bhagavan Of hari exists (all), which among the gods, the animals, the people and other is named by man, and Lakshmi - (everything), which is named by woman. And, besides them, against Maytreya, there is nothing new.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the eighth chapter.




Parashara said:

but 1. listen to, against Maytreya, then, about which you asked me - (history) about Shri, as it it told to me Marichi.

2. RishiDurvasas, wandering along Shankara as (personified part) earth/ground, saw in the hands in the virgin of air the celestial garland

3. of (colors) the celestial tree/wood - its aroma, against brahman, wrapped entire forest and inhabitants of forest.

4. when brahman, which fulfills the vow of folly, saw this shining garland, it asked (it into the gift) in the pyshnobedra young virgin of air.

5. on its request the bol'sheglazaya ordered virgin of air immediately, with the respectful bow, fed to it flower garland.

6. Brahman, which bears the appearance of madman, took garland, laid her to itself on the head and continued its way on the earth/ground, against Maytreya.

7. wandering, he saw god. Husband Of shachi; the ruler of three worlds in the environment/encirclement of gods approached on top of furious (elephant) Ayravate.

8. furious recluse removed/took from his head garland - (in it they hummed) the intoxicated by nectar bees, and it threw its tsar of immortal.

9. tsar of immortal raised garland, laid it on the forehead Of ayravaty, where it shone similarly (to river) To jahnavi at the peak of the mountain Of kaylasy.

10. Elephant, with the eyes darkened from the fury, after sensing the aroma of garland, gripped by its trunk and flung to the earth.

11. Godly Durvasas here best of the recluses became furious and in anger said to the tsar of the gods:

12. " O villain, intoxicated by authority, you is too proud, against Vasava! You do not honor the data to you garland - abode (goddesses) Of shri!

13. After being inclined in the bow, you did not say: - " this is favor!", you did not lay to yourself (garland) on the head with the glad smile.

14. You, about fool, did not show/render high honor that garland, thathe gave to you - that is why will begin end to your happiness, (to personified in the goddess Shri), (it it gives authority) above three worlds.

15. You, against Shakra, considered thatit was such to others dvazhdyrozhdennym, that is why you, haughty, and it applied to me insult.

16. Similarly how you flung to the earth garland this by me, so will perish your authority above three worlds.

17. You, about the tsar of gods, insulted that, whose flared up anger is frightened the entire moving and fixed world and even 4!"

Parashara said:

18. Here great Indra in a hurra descended from the elephant in order to umilostivit' sinless Durvasasa.

19. It was inclined before the benefactor. And it answered The tysyacheglazomu Of durvasas, best of the recluses:

20. " there is no pity in my heart, and it did not become accustomedto pardon! Let other recluses (they will be gracious) to you! Know, against Shakra, me, Durvasasa!

21. Gautama and another (devotees) in vain spospeshestvovali to your haughtiness, but (4) - Durvasas, whose heart is pitiless to everything!

22. You became proud because of Vasishthe and others myagkoserdechnym (to devotees), which loudly praised you by hymns - that is why now you and he applied to me insult.

23. Who in those worlds will not be frightened with the view on my face, with the frowned eyebrows, (in the halo) the sparkling hair, assembled into the knot?!

24. To what there are many words?! About the performer of hundred offerings,I will not give to you forgiveness, whatever subdued form you accepted!"

Parashara said:

25. After saying so, brahman continued his way, and the tsar of gods, against brahman, again villages on top of Ayravatu and it was directed in (its capital) To amaravati.

26. Since then, against Maytreya, came the end to the happiness of three worlds and Shakry, plants and grasses withered,

27. victims were not brought, devotees did not create askezu, people averted their reason from the donations (to brahmanam), and also from other (merciful acts) and from Dharma.

28. They lost Blagost', their sensora organs were dulled, (because of the contact) with all mundane structures, they began to approach the negligible (to targets/purposes), against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh.

29. Where Blagost' - there and Lakshmi; Blagost' is based on the prosperity. In the devoid happiness - whence Blagost'? But without it however, (that to speak o) qualities?

30. Without the qualities the husbands do not have force, valor and other (merits), (husband), deprived of force and of valor, we trample by all.

31. But the studded husband is considered lost reason. Thus, in three worlds, completely deprived of happiness and abandoned By blagost'yu, danavy and sons To diti attempted to overcome gods.

32. The included by greediness, devoid happinesses, left By blagost'yu, dayt'i entered the battle with those abandoned Of shri, gods deprived Of blagosti.

33. After being defeated from dayt'ev, thirty (gods), Indra and other, in the searches for protection left to the allotted by great fraction/portion great father, led Pozhiratelem of offerings.

34. After listening the stora of gods, Brahma turned to the gods.

Brahma said:

Resort to the protection of the lord of the maximum and infinite destraer of asurov!

35. It - the not having reason (appearance) ruler, who is the reason for generation, retention/maintaining and destruction (peace/world), he is Mr. of patriarchs, infinite, invincible Vishnu!

36. The reason for pre-matter and spirit -mind, cause and effect (of all) essences, To Vishnu removes the adversities of those, who worship to it. He will grant on us good.

37. Thus said to all gods the great father Of brahma and left on tsebepm{i the coast of milk ocean - and they accompanied it.

38. After arriving (there) great father, it was surrounded thirty times (by gods), by the entreating words of vosslavil of Mr. maximum and infinite Hari.

Brahma said:

39. I glorify that, who is everything. The lord of entire, infinite nerozhdennogo, the support of those, who are support in the worlds, incomprehensible, indivisible,

40. To Narayan, smallest of entire smallest, most extensive of entire most extensive, of the prime elements and other!

41. It - the one who is everything, from whom arose this (peace/world), the one who (it arose) it is earlier me; it - the god of all gods, it - high (refuge) the highest targets/purposes!

42. It above Purushi and neyavlenna (primary material), it bears the age-old means of highest Atmana, about it reflect yoginy, which thirst release as about the reason for release!

43. In the lord there are no Blagosti and other qualities, inherent in primary material. Yes will be gracious today (to us) spirit -mind, () pure/clean itself from all pure/clean!

44. Yes it will be gracious to us Hari, whose pure/clean energy -wakti is immune to flow feces, kashthi, nimeshi and other intervals of time!

45. Yes it will be gracious to us that Vishnu, who is called by the highest lord, who does not require (not in what) assistance, who appears Atmanom those all having body!

46. Yes will be gracious to us Hari, the one who is the consequence of reason, the reason for cause and effect of consequence!

47. We are inclined before the fact, who is the consequence of the series circuit of consequences, which has by his consequence prime elements, and the consequence of his vera - it itself!

48. We are inclined before the fact, who is the reason for the series circuit of reasons, before the highest ruler, who is (highest) reason (for these) reasons!

49. We are inclined before the highest essence (To Vishnu), before the fact, who has age-old means and vkusitelya and tasted, before the creator and by that created, before the worker and effected!

50. The highest essence To Vishnu is pure/clean, is clarified, is intransient, nerozhdenna, is not perished, eternal, neyavlenna, it is constant.

51. It neither is rough nor is fine, (it) neiz"yasnima; we are inclined before this eternally stainless highest essence To Vishnu!

52. We are inclined before the eternal, that has the age-old means of highest Brahmana, before the fact, whose energy -wakti (to create) the moved (it comprises) one billionth part of its very!

53. Highest essence of the highest ruler To Vishnu of nepoznavayema neither for the gods nor for the recluses nor for me nor for Shankary!

54. The highest essence To Vishnu that, which, as worthy of reflection, regain vision in the style of " ohms " eternally zealous yoginy, the alien virtues also of sin!

55. The highest essence only primordial Vishnu that, whose energies -wakti are identified with Brahma, To Vishnu and by Shiva!

About universal lord, against Atman of entire of that existing, about the support of btsechn, against Achyuta, have pity, against Vishnu, above your admirers -bxaktami, appear to our look!

Parashara said:

57. After listening the words Of Brahma, thirty (gods) were inclined and said: " have pity, appear to our look!

58. On Achyuta, about the refuge in all, we are inclined before your highest essence, which he does not know even Bhagavan Of brahma!"

59. When gods and Brahma finished their speeches, godly Rishis , headed by To brihaspati, they said:

60. " we are inclined before the primordial, before the offering, before the fact, whom must read a little people, before that originated first of all, before the creator of creator, before the inexplicable!

61. On Bhagavan, the lord of that existing and that which will exist, against the having means of offering, against the eternal, have pity above all those inclining (before you), grant to us gift!

62. Here is Brahma, here Trehglazyy (Shiva) together with all rudrami and adit'yami, Pushan, Pavaka together with (by all its) the fires/lights,

63. here are ashviny and to vasu with all hordes, sadh'i, vishvadevy, (here) the tsar of gods lord (Indra).

64. We all to low- bow (to you). All assemblies of gods, conquered by the army of dayt'ev, come running to you as to the refuge ".

Parashara said:

65. The renowned so highest ruler, Bhagavan, holder of shell and disk appeared to their looks, against Maytreya.

66. When gods saw the holder of shell, disk and club, having pre-starting means, allotted by enormous fervency,

67. they were inclined in the bow, and their lotosopodobnye eyes were moistened from the agitation, also, headed by the great father of vosslavili Of lotosookogo.

Gods said:

69. Glory to you, against that not having differences! You Brahma, you - the possessor Of pinaki, you - Indra, Agni, Pavana, Varuna, Savitar and pit, you - assemblies to vasu, marutov, vishvadevy and sadh'i.

69. This entire the assembly of deities, who arrived at you - these are you, the creator of peace/world, that you penetrate everywhere!

70. You - offering, you - vashatkara, you - to prajapati, (you) - the style of " ohms ", (you), which must be known and that that there must not be known, you, against Atman in all, the entire world!

71. Being in the mountain, conquered dayt'yami.my, against Vishnu, we come running to you as to the refuge. Have pity, against Atman in all, protect us by your fervency!

72. To those pores/times (they will exist) to mountain, desire, and also To zabluzhden'e and misfortune, until (essence) it is resorted to your protection, you - absorber of all sins!

73. So grant favor on us, that come running to you, against bright @rl`m, protect (us), about patron by your entire fervency, and also by your energy -wakti!

Parashara said:

74. Vosslavlennyy so by the inclined immortal, the creator of that moved Of bhagavan Of hari, and its look was affable, he said:

75. " O gods,I will increase your fervency, (giving force). Make in the manner thatI will say, about gods!

76. About gods, with the aid of dayt'ev gather into the milk ocean all (medicinal) grasses, make a verticil (mountain) Mandaru, and by rope - (great snake) Vasuki, and pahtayte the nectar of immortality, relying on my aid.

77. In order to secure in this (matter) by the aid of sons To diti (say to them): " you obtain equal fraction/portion from the works.

78. Ispiv the nectar of immortality, obtained with pahtanii of ocean, you will become powerful and immortal ".

79. But then, about gods,I will make so that enemies of thirty (gods) will not obtain the nectar of immortality, but only will divide (painful) transactions ".

Parashara said:

80. Then, after listening the god of gods, all gods, against that respected, concluded union with asurami in order to obtain the nectar of immortality.

81. Gods, sons To diti and danavy gathered different (medicinal) grasses and threw them into the waters of milk ocean, the shining as autumnal clouds.

82. After making a verticil Mandaru, and with the rope Of vasuki, they began to zealous pahtat' ocean, (in order to obtain) the nectar of immortality, against Maytreya.

83. Krishna placed all collected (together) wise (gods) in the tail Of vasuki, and dayt'ev - in its head.

84. From the fiera respiration of the hood of this immeasurably brilliant (snake) all asura were deprived of fervency, (giving force).

85. Its mouth vomited hurricane - and rains discharged from that tail (great snake) and they refreshed gods.

86. In the middle of the milk ocean vera Bhagavan Of hari in the means of tortoise served as support for Medards (during) rotation/revolution, about great recluse.

87. In other means the holder of disk and club (it was present) among the gods, while in (third) means it was between dayt'ev and it pulled the tsar of nagov.

88. (still) in other, enormous means Of keshava it sat on top of mountain - this (means), against Maytreya, we see neither for the gods nor for asurov.

89. One partly its fervency, (giving force). Ruler Hari retained the tsar of nagov, and by another part - are increased (force) gods.

90. (during) churning by gods and by danavami of the milk ocean of the first appeared that respected by the gods (cow) Of surabhi, (giving) milk and sour milk for the offerings.

91. Here, about great recluse, vozradovalis' gods and danavy, their mind was confused, and eyes were moistened.

92. (I thus far) siddhi before the sky they thought: " that this?", - appeared the goddess Of varuni, in the intoxication she revolved by eyes.

93. Then from the revolving milk ocean appeared the delight of godly virgins - (celestial) tree/wood Of parijata, its aroma filled peace/world by fragrance.

94. From the milk ocean was born the assembly of marvellous apsar, allotted by beauty, by dignity and merits, against Maytreya.

95. Then it appeared (shining) by cold rays/beams (moon), it took Maheshvara, and the poison, which appeared from the milk ocean, took nagi.

96. Then appeared vera god Of dhanvantari, dressed in the white clothing, he held the cup, filled with the nectar of immortality.

97. Then was satisfied the reason of all sons To diti and danavov and vozradovalis' they in the same hour together in Rishis , against Maytreya.

98. Then from the waters, shining by beauty, it rose, confusing thoughts, the goddess Of shri, it stood in the shining lotus, in the hands it has the lotus.

99. Included by gladness great Rishiglorified by its hymn, dedicated To shri, in front of (goddess) there were vishvadevy and Paleys gandharvy.

100. Before it, against brahman, danced ghritachi and assemblies of apsar; The ganges other (sacred) rivers by their waters served as it during the ablution.

101. Celestial elephants, after taking gold jugs with the cleanest water, washed goddess, great ruler of all worlds.

102. (god), the bearing means of milk ocean, gave to it garland from the unfading colors, and Vishvakarman prepared by it adornments for the body.

103. In the clothing, with the celestial garland, washed, removed by adornments, it in sight of all gods clung to the breast Of hari.

104. From the view of Hari of Lakshmi clung to the breast, the gods found the highest gladness, against Maytreya.

105. (when) To Vishnu it turned away from dayt'ev, and Lakshmi left they, they, headed by To viprachitti, strongly they became agitated, against that allotted by great fraction/portion.

106. Then, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, allotted by great valor dayt'i took possession of the cup with the nectar of immortality, which was in the hand in Dhanvantari.

107. Then ruler To Vishnu accepted the means of woman, led danavov into error with the aid of mayi, he took in them (cup) and it returned to its gods.

108. Here this nectar of immortality began to drink the assemblies of gods, Shakra and others (gods), and dayt'i, with the uplifted weapon they rushed on them.

109. Ispiv the nectar of immortality, the gods of steel by strong and overcame troops of dayt'ev, and (dayt'i) he rushed past through (everyone) parts of the light/world and were precipitated into hell.

110. Then glad gods, after bowing to the carrier of shell, disk and club as before steel to guide by three worlds.

111. The sun (again) here shining from the gladness ascended in its orbit, and celestial bodies also continued their way, against the best of the recluses.

112. vividly, by the bewitching luster flamed up godly fire/light, and in the thoughts of all essences revived dharma.

113. From the happiness, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh, vozlikovali three worlds, and Shakra, best of thirty (gods), again found honor.

114. After ascending the throne, having again found three worlds and authority above the gods, Shakra of vosslavil goddess, (holding) lotus in the hand:

Indra said:

115. I render the honor of the mother of all essences, emergent from the lotus Shri, its eyes are similar to the lotus dissolved after sleep, it clung to the breast To Vishnu!

116. You - wonderful force, you - victim to gods and victim to pitaram, you - mother, ochistitel'nitsa of worlds, (you) - (morning and evening) twilights and night, authority, prosperity, offering, faith/belief, To sarasvati!

117. (you), about brilliant, the knowledge of offerings, great knowledge, secret knowledge, the knowledge Of atmana. You, about goddess, grant fruit of release!

118. You - logic, three (Veda), science and skill, the science of policy. You, about goddess, in the pleasant and terrible means fill this peace/world!

119. Who by something different, besides you, about goddess, is raised above the god of gods, above the carrier of club, about it reflect yoginy, and its body consists of all offerings!

120. About goddess, the entire three world, abandoned by you, arrived at death and death, but today you inhaled in them life!

121. About allotted by great fraction/portion, from your (merciful) view of muzhi they always find wives, children, dwelling, grain, wealth/riches etcetera!

122. About goddess, by your shaded look to muzham is easily obtained solid/material force, health, authority, death of enemies and happiness!

123. About goddess, you - the mother of all essences, and the god of the gods Of hari - father! On the mother, and To Vishnu we filled this moving and fixed peace/world!

124. On ochistitel'nitsa in all, leave neither our treasure-houses nor barns nor dwelling, do not deprive of us solid/material force and husband!

125. About found refuge on the breast in the god of gods To Vishnu, leave neither our children nor friends nor community nor cattle nor precious adornments!

126. About irreproachable, those people, whom you left, immediately leave Blagost', true, cleanliness, morals and other merits!

127. Under your view even the devoid merits of muzhi immediately find morals and other merits!

128. That, on whom fell your view, about goddess, was allotted by honor, merits, wealth/riches, family, wisdom, heroism and bravery.

129. But, about loved Vishnu, morals and other merits of husband become useless, if you, Derzhatel'nitsa of peace/world, turn away (from it) your face!

130. Describe your merits cannot even languages Of vedhasy! Have pity, about lotosookaya goddess, never leave us!"

Parashara said:

131. Vosslavlennaya as becomes, vozradovavshayasya Of shri, which opea{b`er in all essences, answered the performer of hundred offerings, to it heeded all gods:

Shri said:

132. " O the lord of the gods Of hari! it is contented by your hymn. Select the gift, which you will wish. it arrived at you as the donor of gifts ".

Indra said:

133. If goddess gives gift to me and ifit is worthy gift, then " yes you will leave never three worlds!" - here is the first gift for me.

134. About originated in the ocean, do not leave that, who vosslavit you by this hymn! - here is the second gift for me ".

Shri said:

135. On the best of thirty (gods),I will not leave three worlds, against Vasava. it is contented by laudatora hymn and grant to you this gift.

136. not to otvrashchu its face from that person, who will be evening and to in the morning glorify me by this hymn.

Parashara said:

137. Thus, against Maytreya, in the old times the allotted by great fraction/portion, contented by laudatora hymn goddess Of shri granted the gift to the tsar of gods.

138. At first Shri it was born from To bhrigu and To kh'yati, and (then) again it was born from the ocean, when gods and danavy it is zealous of pahtali the nectar of immortality.

139. Similarly how the master of peace/world, the tsar of the gods Of janardana is born (in the means of different) avatar, so also its friend Of shri.

140. When Hari he was son Aditi, it was originated from the lotus; when it was (it was originated) as frame from the kind To bhrigu, it was Dharani.

141. It was originated as Raghava, it - as sieves; when it was (it was originated as) Krishna, it was (it was originated as) Rukmini, and in another avatarah To Vishnu it was its friend.

142. Whatever appearance is assumed/taken Vishnu, godly or human, it also assumed/took the means corresponding to it.

143. The dwelling of that person, who listened and who read this histora about the generation of Lakshmi, for the elongation/extent of three generations he will not leave Shri.

144. In those houses, about the recluse, where they read this hymn, (dedicated To shri), never will penetrate (goddess of misfortune) By alakshmi, the source of quarrels.

145. Hereit described to you, against brahman, then, about which you me asked, as Shri, previously daughter To bhrigu, it was born from the milk ocean.

146. By alakshmi never it will be affirmed in the thoughts of those husbands, who daily reads this hymn of Lakshmi, which isowent from the mouths Of indry; (this hymn) it is the source of the prosperity of evera kind.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the ninth chapter.




Maytreya said:

1. about great recluse, you told to me everything, about whichhe asked. Still describe to me about the creation, beginning from the creation Bhrigu.

Parashara said:

2. Lakshmi, husband To Vishnu, it occurred from To bhrigu and To kh'yati; Bhrigu it will also give birth to from To kh'yati two sons Of dhatri and Vidhatri.

3. To ayati and To niyati - the noble/precious daughters of great by spirit measure, bore from Dhatri and Vidhatri of two sons,

4. (respectively bearing names) Prana and Mrikandu, and Markandeya - (son) To mrikandu; then from (Markandei) was born Vedashiras. However, listen to about the son Of prany.

5. in Prany was son D'yutimat, and also son Rajavat, from them grew the allotted by great fraction/portion kind of descendants To bhrigu.

6. To sambhuti, the husband Of marichi, gave the generation (to son on the name) Of paurnamasa, the sons of this great by spirit - Virajas and Sarvaga.

7. describing this kind,I will describe (further) about their sons, about the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh. To smriti bore from Angirasa of sons, and also daughters

8. (on the name) Sinivali, Kuhu, cancer/crab and To anumati. Anusuya bore from Atri of the not having sins sons

9. (on the name) catfish and Durvasas, and also yogina (on the name) Of dattatreya. From the the noble/precious To priti in Pulast'i was the son Of dambholi.

10. In the previous generation, in manvantare Of svayambhuvy, it bore the name Of agast'ya. Three sons (on the name) Of kardama, Arvarivat and To sahishnu

11. bore Kshama, the wife of patriarch Pulahya. Husband To kratu To sannati bore vallakhal'ev,

12. sixty thousand high(ly)-native wise men, with size/dimension thumb, that shine by the luster of the sun.

13. Vasishtha gave birth to from Urji seven sons (on the name) Of rajas, Gatra, Urdhvabahu, shroud, Anagha,

14. Sutapas and Shukra, all these seven Rishidid not have flaws. Of agni, (called) Abhimaninom, he was the elder son Of Brahma.

15. From it, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, the match-maker had three brilliant sons (on the name) Of pavaka, Pavamana and Shuchi, (latter) saws water.

16. They have forty five descendants, called fires/lights; they (counting) together with Agni, by the son (of) father himself (Brahma) and by three sons (Agni),

17. were named forty nine times fires/lights. Pitary, created Brahma, as it already told you,

18. were called agnishvattami and barhishadami, the first were deprived of fires/lights, and the second were allotted by fires/lights. From (barhishadov) Svadha bore daughters (on the name) the exchange and Dharani.

19. Both of them, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, were yogini, they knew Veda, they possessed the highest knowledge and they were allotted by all merits.

20. Is such stora about the descendants of daughters Dakshi. The one who with the faith/belief recalls (it), (never) will want posterity.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the tenth chapter.




Parashara said:

1. as has already been spoken, in the polygon Of svayambhuvy it was two high(ly)-valiant sons, the expert of Dharma - Priyavrata and Uttanapada.

2. of them two in Uttanapady from desire and (husbands) Suruchi was, against brahman, the hotly dear son Of uttama.

3. in the tsar was also unloved wife, about tsar, tsarina on the name To suniti - from it, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, it had a son To dhruvu.

4. (once) Dhruva saw brother Uttama on the elbows in father, and that sat on the throne, and also it wanted there to be taken away.

5. but there it was present Suruchi, and tsar did not satisfy the hot desire of the respectfully approached son, (it did not allow it) to climb to himself the elbows.

6. after seeing, that the son of another wife wants to climb the elbows, (while its son) already it sits in father, Suruchi said (these) words:

7. " why, against the child, you do in vain express this high desire? You is originated by another woman and it was not in my bosom.

8. A you unwisely want which is accessible (only) to excellent Uttame. You, truly, the son of tsar, butdid not bear you.

9. this tsarist throne, place of the refuge of all tsars, become only to my son. Why you do cause to yourself ogorchen'e?

10. Why in vain (to express) a similar high desire, as if you is my son? Perhaps you do not know that you is the son To suniti?"

Parashara said:

11. After listening the words of his (second) mother, ba left father and, angered, he went into the rests of its native mother, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy.

12. After seeing, as in the angered son lips barely tremble, To suniti, against Maytreya, planted it to itself on the elbows and asked:

13. " against the child, in what the reason for your anger? Who did not please to you? Who, without knowing, who your father, insulted you?"

14. As the response/answer it told everything that said in the presence of tsar haughty Of suruchi.

15. The stora of son deeply upset to blaguyu'Suniti, its look was carried out compassion and grief, and it pronounced these words:

Suniti. said:

16. To suruchi said truth. Your fate, about son, is negligible. The one who has merits, against the child, does not undergo (to insults) other wives.

17. But do not be distressed, little-one! Who will be able to cross out that which is for you to be done, and that the fact that you (already) made before?! Who will be able to prescribe (to you) nesdelannae by you?!

18. Tsarist throne and umbrella, the best elephants and the best horses (they belong) to that, who has merits. Remember this, son, and calm yourself.

19. Tsar is arranged/located to Suruchi for its merits in the previous generation, `burden the name of the wife, but other merits it is deprived.

20. Its son, allotted by many merits (it is originated as) Of uttama, and you, my son, is originated with the insignificant merits (as) Of dhruva.

21. Therefore you must not be distressed, about son. Reasonable is satisfied by its lot.

22. But if you nevertheless distress the words Of suruchi, then make efforts in order (to have) many merits, which bring everything (good) fruits.

23. Be devoted to the righteous behavior, dharme, it is friendly, pitches about the good of the living beings. As waters flow in the lowland, so also prosperity (it condescends) to the worthy.

Dhruva said:

24. On the mother, your words it is said to me in uteshen'e, (but) by them there is no place in my heart, uyazvlennom by evil speech.

25. I will attempt to reach/achieve this sublimity, highest of all high, which will be read a little deeply by all worlds.

26. it is originated not of the bosom of loved by tsar Suruchi, but you, against the mother, uzrish' my power, (that, who) vzros in your womb.

27. Let brother Uttam's my, carried out by it, obtain from the father tsarist throne.

28. On the mother, data by other,I want to reach/achieve sublimity by my acts. I desire this eternal sublimity, such as did not find even my father.

Parashara said:

29. Thus said to the mother Of dhruva, left maternal house, it left the city and went into the adjacent grove.

30. There Dhruva saw seven recluses, they arrived there earlier and were arranged on the skins of black antelope taken/removed from themselves.

31. The son of tsar bowed to all to them, respectfully greeted they, as it becomes, and he said:

32. " against the good, know thatsons Of uttanapady, originated from To suniti. it appeared before you, by reason to that - my grief ".


33. You - tsarist son, the ba of altogether only of five years. It is unclear, that (it can serve) now by the reason for your grief?

34. Thus far guide tsar, your father, you cannot in by anything require, and it does not seem us, about ba that you is separated with the fact that you desire, and also with other.

35. And we do not reveal in you solid/material ailment. Say, if you do know, in what the reason for your grief?

Parashara said:

36. Here Dhruva transmitted to them the words Of suruchi. Recluses quieted its yu they said to each other:

37. O, as is high the flame of kshatriyev, that the intolerance (it is manifested) even in the ba, it cannot eject from the heart of the word of another wife (tsar)!

38. Say to us, if you do wish, about the son of kshatriya, that you is intended to now undertake, (in order to help) to its grief?

39. If you want so that we would help you in this matter, then say this. We see that you thirst to speak.

Dhruva said:

40. On the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh,I approach neither wealth/riches nor for the tsarist authority. I want to possess this sublimity, such as no one to me found.

41. Say, as it does become that me one should make in order to reach/achieve this sublimity, which is higher than all other sublimity, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh?

Marichi said:

42. Best ie of sublimity is not found by those people, who does not read a little Govindu. Therefore, about the son of tsar, read a little Ach'yutu!

Atri said:

43. That, by whom is contented highest of the high - Purusha, Janardana, reaches the imperishable sublimity. I speak truth.

Angiras said:

44. If you desire the highest sublimity, then read a little Govindu, in it, inexpressible Ach'yute intransient Atmane (concluded/included) are everything.

Pulast'ya said:

45. The one who highest Brahman, the highest abode, it highest Brahma! By the respect of the god Of hari is found not easily attainable release!

Kratu said:

46. When is contented Janardana, in the offering it - Purusha of offering, and in the yogi - highest duhpume, which can be inaccessibly?!

Pulaha said:

47. Reading a little Mr. of peace/world, Indra reached/achieved the highest celestial sublimity. So read a little, against the zealous carrying out vow, Mr. of offerings To Vishnu!

Vasishtha said:

48. Reading a little Vishnu, you will find everything, what not wished by reason, d`fe high from the sublimity in three worlds, against the child!

Dhruva said:

49. You told to me, andrespectfully it was inclined, what god should be read a little. But say, by what prayer it does become to me to ublagotvoryat' him?

50. Let it be allotted by great spirit Rishigracious, with the clear faces they will say to me how to read a little him?


51. About the son of tsar, you must hear from us, how read a little Vishnu those highest muzhi, which dedicated themselves to its respect.

52. First, the husband (it must) to reject/throw thoughts about all objects/subjects (and phenomena) of external (peace/world), and then firm to be concentrated on that, in anyone the peace/world is.

53. Get to know from us, about the son of the ruler of the earth/ground, this prayer, it (one should read) after concentrating thought on one (Vishnu), being (completely) filled it, after restraining itself.

54. " 0m, glory To vasudeve, which has the means of gold embryo, Purushi, neyavlenna pre-matter, to that, who is pure/clean knowledge, samosushchemu!"

55. this prayer read godly the polygon Of svayambhuva. In the old times great father, ublagotvorennyy Janardana

56. it granted to it the wealth/riches, not easily attainable in three (worlds), what he wanted. Therefore you, constantly reading this (prayer), ublagotvoryay To govindu.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the eleventh chapter.




Parashara said:

1. after listening this completely, against Maytreya, the son of tsar bowed Rishiand went from the forest.

2. by all thoughts approaching its target, it, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, left for the coast of yamuny, for sacred (place) by the name Madhu.

3. before there dwelt dayt'ya on the name To madhu, that is why on the earth/ground it was called Madhuvana.

4. after killing powerful rakshasa To lavanu, son To madhu, Shatrughna established there city, on the name Of mathura.

5. I in this sacred place of pilgrimage, which cleans from all sins, near the god of the gods Of hari Of medhasy, it began to accomplish askezu,

6. as to it it was indicated Marichi and (by other) recluses. It reflected about the ruler of all gods being in it To Vishnu.

7. I in it, whose reason was completely submerged in the concentration, was Bhagavan Of hari, against brahman, which penetrates into all essences, allotted by all fractions/portions.

8. I the earth/ground, the support of essences, could not, against Maytreya, carra out the load of this yogina, in reason of which it was To Vishnu.

9. when it stood on the left foot - it was inclined one half of the earth/ground, when it stood on the right - it was inclined second half of the earth/ground.

10. When it stood and by the noses/leading edges of feet pressed to the earth, then entire earth/ground together with the mountains moved,

11. strongly agitated all rivers and seas, and from this agitation, about great recluse, greatly agitated immortal (gods).

12. Then, against Maytreya, strongly were worried deities, named pits, and they began to hold council with The the indra how to interrupt (this) concentration.

13. But many-faced asura of kushmandy together with the great Indra began to undertake desperate (attempt) to interrupt this concentration.

14. (I here) before it (it appeared) to viden'e (in the means) of its mother, named Sunita. Sobbing, she sorrowfully said: " O son!

15. About son, end this destraing body exploit - (indeed)it found you after many expectations!

16. You must not leave me unhappy, lonely, defenseless because of the words of another wife. You, about son, my refuge!

17. Why, why to you, five-year, this severe askeza? Yes will be averted your reason from this heavy exploit, which does not bring (good) fruits!

18. (in the beginning) goes the time of your games, then - uchen'ya, then - (naslazhden'ya) by all (mundane) goods, and at the end - askeza.

19. (now) the time of your children's games, about son. So why you do ruin yourself such of askeza?

20. Love for me - your highest dharma. Responsibilities correspond to age. Listen to me, be averted from this nechest'ya.

21. If you, against the child, do not interrupt now this askezu, you will see, as vital respiration they will be separated from me ".

22. But its reason was concentrated to Vishnu, and even looking, it it did not see their stenayushchey (mother), whose of eye they turned turbid from the tears.

23. " against the child, against the child! Escape yourself! Terrible Rakshasa with the uplifted terrible weapon are collected in this terrible scaffolding/forest! Run away!"

24. She said so was removed, and here appeared Rakshasa with the uplifted terrible weapon, their fierce faces flamed.

25. Terrible cries emitted night perfumes before the son of tsar and they revolved by the sparkling weapon.

26. Hundreds of jackals, their mouth flamed by the reflection (of devoured) output, they howled from all sides, frightening this ba, who surrendered herself yogi.

27. " kill, kill it! Cut, cut it into pieces! Devour, devour it!" - roared these night perfumes.

28. Night perfumes with the snouts of lions, camels and crocodiles growled and they frightened tsarevich by all possible howls.

29. But it, whose thought was submerged in Govindu, perceived neither these rakshasov nor terrible cries nor weapon.

30. The son of the patron of the earth/ground, seized by one thought, unceasing contemplated Vishnu, which is in it very, and (saw) nothing another.

31. Here from all these fraudulent delusions gods, fearing porazhen'ya, were again extremely worried, perturbed (by wonderful) force (Dhruvy).

32. Then gods, torn to pieces by its askeza, (again) resorted to the protection Of hari, it - bosom of peace/world, he - not- originates also of end, it gives refuge.

Gods said:

33. About the god of gods. Patron of peace/world, the highest ruler, highest Purusha! Tormented of askeza Dhruvy, we come running to your protection.

34. As day after the day grows/rises the disk of moon, so also it with the aid of askezy daily moves in the godly power.

35. We are frightened, against Janardana, the askeza descendant Of uttanapady and come running to you after the protection. Interrupt this askezu!

36. We do not know, what it is approached - to the authority Of shakra (or) to the authority Of sur'i, what it does thirst - the authority of the ruler of riches/resources, the ruler of waters (or) of soma?

37. So have pity above us, about ruler, pull out thorns from our hearts! Interrupt askezu of the son Of uttanapady!

Shri Of bhagavan said:

38. He wants neither authority Of indra nor authority Of sur'i, Varuny or sovereign of riches/resources. About gods,I will carra out everything that it will wish.

39. Therefore, about gods, it is quiet, without having been disturbed, return to its abodes. I will stop this ba, whose thoughts are submerged in askezu.

Parashara said:

40. After listening the god of gods and after bowing, thirty (gods) headed by the performer of hundred offerings left for its vladen'ya.

41. But Bhagavan Of hari, Atman in all, contented fact that Dhruva identified itself with it, in the chetyrehrukom means it approached it and said as follows:

42. About the son Of uttanapady, good to you! it is contented by your askeza and appeared as the bearer of gifts. Select gift, against the zealous fulfilling vow!

43. it is contented, that you is indifferent to the objects/subjects (and to phenomena) of external (peace/world) and concentrated your thought on me. Therefore obtain the highest gift!

44. Ba heard the words of the god of gods, opened/discovered eyes and uzrel Of hari, which before he saw in (state) the concentrations.

45. It glanced at Ach'yutu, which holds shell, disk, club, To sharngu, excellent sword and crowned by tiara, and it inclined head to the earth/ground.

46. Hairsprings on tele- Of dhruvy arose by dybom, strong trembling suddenly enveloped it, and it began to think as to vosslavit' the god of the gods:

47. " thatI will say in its voshvalen'e? By what words to vosslavit' of it?" - it was lost and resorted to the protection of this god.

48. " if Bhagavan is vera contented by my askeza, then give to me this gift - to glorify you asI want.

49. As 4, ba, I can vosslavit' you, god, whose way is unknown for Brahma, and also for other experts Of ved?!

50. My reason are overfilled by love -bxakti for you, about the highest ruler, nauchi, as to lay to your to feet/stacks praising!"

Parashara said:

51. And Mr. of the peace/world Of govinda by the point of shell touched the prevailing palms son Of uttanapady, against that chosen from dvazhdyrozhdennyh.

52. And in the same moment the son of tsar with clear face was inclined and vosslavil the support of essences To ach'yutu.

Dhruva said:

53. I glorify that, whose means - earth/ground, water, fire/light, air, sky, reason, consciousness, the source of prime elements etcetera and primary material.

54. I glorify that Purushu, the absorber of qualities, whose means - pure/clean, finest, all-encompassing highest spirit -mind, which exceeds predmateriyu,

55. that, who rule the earth/ground and all other (by prime elements), above the smell, and other (by tanmatrami), above the consciousness and other, that, who exceeds predmateriyu and Purushu!

56. About the highest ruler,I come running as to the refuge to your pure/clean means, which appears in the essence of its Brahma, Atmanom, which exceeds the entire world!

57. I glorify that (your) means, against Atman in all, constant, supporting and covering everything, that, which is understood as Brahma, that, about which reflect yoginy!

58. (you) - Purusha, with thousands of heads, with thousands of eyes, with thousands of feet, that, which covers everything, who is raised above the earth/ground up to the distance into ten fingers/pins!

59. (everything), which was and what will be - this you, against highest Purusha, from you (they occur) Viraj, Svaraj, Samraj, and from you - Adhipurusha!

60. (you) it is not separated from the lower, average/mean and upper (zones) earth/ground, from you - this moved, from you - that which was and that that it will be,

61. from you - this peace/world, which has means, with all real!

62. From you - offering and all sacrificial of vozliyaniya, acid milk, refined oil and sacrificial animals of two forms; from you are generated the hymns Of rigVeda and SamaVeda and ((Conduct)) rhythms!

63. From you are generated the hymns of yajurVeda, and from you - horses, cows with the teeth in one jaw, from you arose the goats, sheep, `mryukno{!

64. From your mouth are generated Brahmana, from the hands - kshatrii, vaysh'i they originate from your thighs, and shudra arose from your feet!

65. From the eyes (generated) the sun, from the vital respiration - wind, and the Moon - from your reason, (your) vital respiration is originated from the main force, the fire/light is generated from the mouth!

66. From the navel it occurred the firmament, from the head - skies, sides of light/world - from the ears, the earth/ground - from the feet. From you arose this entire (peace/world)!

67. As enormous n'yagrodha it is placed in the small grain, so also during predbytiya (peace/world) entire/all moved consists in you, the source of life!

68. As the first flight/escape is let out of the grain, and then grows n'yagrodha, so also from you during the creation grows peace/world!

69. As its stem is seen through the crust and leaves of platan, so also you - stem of that moved, the ruler of retention/maintaining (peace/world) is seen through you!

70. In you as in the united with all that existing, (they are the abilities of reason, which are reason) enjament and other (sensual sensations), but in you, (when) you is deprived of qualities, are absent both the sources of enjament and muchen'ya together with (by enjament themselves and by muchen'yami)!

71. Glory to you, that is divided (to many parts) and united essentially, that is essentially finest (by tanmatrami); glory to you, that is essentially prime elements and being essentially all real!

72. You are considered yavlenna (by primary material), predmateriyey, Purushay, Virajem, Samrajem and Svarajem, and among Purushay in the internal essence - not perished!

73. (you) - in everything, you - entire real, (you) - all, (you) you bear the age-old means in all, from you - all and from you - you (itself). I worship To atman in all!

74. You - the essence in all, (you) are in entire real! WhatI will say to you - you know everything which is located in the heart?!

75. On Atman in all, about the ruler of entire real, against the source of entire of that existing, you, who is entire real, know the expectations of entire of that existing!

76. About patron, you satisfied my desire, created askeza brought fruit, that(with own eyes) I see Mr. of peace/world!

Shri Of bhagavan said:

77. On Dhruva, fruit of askezy - that that you see me. But view on me, about the son of tsar, is not barren.

78. Therefore select the gift, such as itself you will wish. Muzhi, before whose look I appear 4, find everything.

Dhruva said:

79. On Bhagavan, about the ruler of entire real, you are in the heart of each. Perhaps the desire of my reason is unknown to you, about master?

80. I will say to you, about the ruler of gods, whatI approach (by my) vain heart, this is difficultly accessible.

81. But which is not easily attainable, when you is contented the creator of all worlds?! Even dominion Of maghavana above three worlds - fruit of your favor.

82. The first wife of tsar said to me loudly and haughtily: " this tsarist throne not for that, who is originated not of my bosom ".

83. I please, about lord, on your favor give to me the sublimity, which composes the support of peace/world, high from the high, eternal.

Shri Of bhagavan. said:

84. You will obtain the sublimity, about which you request. it was contented by you, against ba, still earlier, in other (your) generation.

85. Before you was brahmanom, whose thoughts were always directed toward me, it was respectful to the parents and followed its dharme.

86. Time went, and you made friends with the son of tsar. In the young years he stormily gave self up to all enjament, it was beautiful and comely.

87. Associating with it, you saw its not easily attainable prosperity, and you wished: " yes I will betsarist sons!"

88. And then in ispolnen'e of your desire you, against Dhruva, found the position of tsarist son, after being born in the trudnodosyagayemom house Of uttanapady.

89. But this sublimity - (generation) in the house Of svayambhuvy, which would be (chosen) gift for others, was not by gift for you, about ba. Andit is contented by this.

90. Reading a little me, man without delay finds release. That reaching/achievement of sky and other for betrayed its reason to me, about ba?!

91. You, against Dhruva, undoubtedly, by my favor will find (great) place, which is raised above three worlds, it will (serve) support for all stars and planets.

92. On Dhruva! Above the sun, the Moon, Mars, son of the Moon (mercury), Jupiter, son of the sun (Saturn), and by other (celestial) heavenly bodies,

93. above by seven Rishi(Ursa Major) and above the gods, who fly in the air chariots will be raised the (great) place, whichI will give to you, against Dhruva.

94. Other gods exist four yugi, others - to manvantaru, to youI will give existence within the limits of Kapla.

95. Your mother, pious To suniti, after becoming star in your air chariot, it will stay near you the same time.

96. Those people, which, having been completely concentrated, will glorify you at dawn and sunset, they will find great merit.

Parashara said:

97. Thus, about great recluse, in the old times Of dhruva obtained gift from the patron of peace/world, god of the gods Of janardany and he were raised to the sublimity.

98. Seeing its haughty and majestic elevation, to guru of gods and asurov Of ushanas read here this verse:

99. " O, such as the power of this askezy and as is great its fruit, that Dhruva began to lead above by seven Rishis !

100. But its pious roditel'nitsa on the name To suniti, who on the earth/ground is capable to describe its velich'e?!

101. After giving generation To dhruve, it reached/achieved the highest sublimity, it became reliable refuge for three worlds, found chosen velich'e ".

102. The one who unceasing glorifies this ascension Of dhruvy at the sky, is freed/released from all sins and finds celestial peace/world.

103. (Dhruva) never will lose this sublimity, be it before the sky or on the earth/ground, but it will exist for long and vera it is happy.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the twelfth chapter.




Parashara said:

1. in happy Dhruvy from (its wife) To shambhu were born (sons) To shlishti Bhav'ya. To shlishti conceived from (by its husbands on the name) Suchchhaya five unblemished sons,

2. (them they called) To ripu, Ripunjaya, To vipre, Vrikala, Vrikatejas. Ripu it conceived from (its wife) To brihati brilliant (son on the name) Chakshusha,

3. which gave birth to from Pushkarini, from the kind Of varuny, the daughter of wise patriarch Anan'i, polygon.

4. brilliant the polygon (from its wife on the name) Of nadvala, which was the daughter of patriarch Vayraji, tiger among dvazhdyrozhdennyh, gave birth to ten brilliant (sons).

5. (the first) nine: (To uru, To the Pur, Shatad'yumna, Tapasvin, Sat'yavach, Shuchi, Agnishtuda, Atiratra, Sud'yumna,

6. and the tenth By abhiman'yu - (they are such originated) from Nadvaly brilliant (sons). To uru from (by its husbands on the name) Agneyi it gave birth to six powerful sons,

7. (them they called): Anga, Sumanas, To kh'yati, To kratu, Angiras and Aushija. Anga from (its wife on the name) Sunitha gave birth to only one son (on the name) Vienna,

8. right hand of which rubbed Rishis , so that posterity would be born from it. From the hand of Vienna, which they rubbed (Rishis ), arose high(ly)-wise

9. tsar, from the kind of Vienna, being famous as Prithu, in the old times it presented the Earth for the good to people.

Maytreya said:

10. But why highest Rishidid rub the hand of Vienna, that also did become the reason for generation high(ly)-valiant tsar Prithu?

Parashara said:

11. Virgin on the name Of sunitha was elder daughter By mrit'yu; returned in wife Ange, she bore Vienna.

12. Being grandson By mrit'yu according to the mother, it inherited from it, about L`irpe, great defects, and it was vicious on the nature.

13. When highest Rishinamed Vienna to the reign, then it, ruler of the earth/ground, he declared throughout (entire) earth/ground:

14. " forbidden if that not was bring victim, grant the gifts to brahmanam and accomplish offerings. Who by other, besides me (it can) to taste offerings? - indeed the ruler of offerings - 4!"

15. Here, against Maytreya, all Rishis , after honoring the ruler of the earth/ground, approached and said to it as it becomes, softly:


16. About tsar, listen, about lord, that we will say to you. For the retention/maintaining of reign and its body and for the highest good of the people

17. yes we will honor the ruler of gods. The ruler of all offerings prolonged offering, part of him (fruit) will be your. Good to you!

18. Ublagotvorennyy by our offering, Purusha of offerings, vsesushchiy Vishnu will carra out all your desires.

19. About tsar, the ruler of offerings To hari grants all that the fact that they will wish, to those ruler of the earth/ground, in its whose reigns they read a little by offerings.

Vienna he said:

20. Who higher than me? Who by other, besides me, is worthy respect? Who this Of hari, whom you do consider the ruler of offerings?

21. Brahma, Janardana, Rudra, Indra, To vayu, pit, Ravi, Vkusitel' of victims (fire/light), Varuna, Dhatri, Pushan, the Earth, the Moon,

22. these and other gods, who send proklyat'ya or blessings, (everyone) they are in tele- of tsar, tsar contains into himself all gods.

28. Knowing this, fulfill in the manner that it is ordered: you, against dvazhdyrozhdennye, must not grant gifts (to brahmanam), accomplish offerings and bring victim.

24. Like highest dharma for the women - to obey to husband, so also your dharma, against dvazhdyrozhdennye, to fulfill my commands.


25. Return order, about great tsar, dharma must not perish! This entire peace/world - fruit of offering. If it arrives at the death of dharma - will perish the entire world!

Parashara said:

26. Thus, repeating again and again, highest Rishiexhorted Vienna, but even then it did not return order.

27. Here all angered and excited recluses said to each other: " yes it will be killed, yes will be killed (this) sinner!

28. It did not adhere to be the ruler of the earth/ground to that, who will not observe dharmu, to that, who blames Purushu of offerings, god, who does not have beginning and end. Lord ".

29. After saying so, the crowds of the recluses (by stems of grass) of large sum, that were sharpened because of mantre, killed tsar. It - the first, who was killed because of his disparagement and other (transgressions) against Bhagavana.

30. Then, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, recluses saw (raised from all sides dust and asked in (standing) near the people: ("that this?").

31. And the people answered by them: " in the reign without the tsar vicious people with the thievish inclinations ventured robbery.

32. Thick dust, that it is visible, against the best of the recluses, is raised by these pilferers, in the excitation and in the hurra they rob (strange good)".

33. Here all recluses consulted and began to zealous rub the thigh of the tsar, who did not leave posterity for the purpose to find (from it) son.

34. When they rubbed its thigh, from there rose husband, by form as burned brand, with the flattened features of face, the folded as dwarf.

35. " that(it must) to make?" - turned this unhappy to all brahmanam. " sit down (Nishida)!" - they said to it, and that is why it became (to be called) nishada.

36. And its descendants, about tiger among the recluses, the inhabitants of the mountains of the Vindhya, nishady, they are noted by the sign of sinful karmy.

37. Through them left the sin of this ruler of the earth/ground, (t.k.) these nishady were porozhden'em of the defects of Vienna.

38. Then they, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, rubbed the right hand (tsar), and from there arose shining Prithu, the son of Vienna.

39. Shining by body, similar to blazing Agni, it (it appeared) before their look; here from the sky fell bow, called Ajagava.

40. From the skies fell also celestial arrows and hauberk. When it was born, vozradovalis' all essences.

41. Bearing this son, allotted by the most great spirit, Vienna it found the sky of pitarov and rescued from hell (for the childless), called of " fetters ".

42. (to the ceremony) anointments (Prithu) to the reign were collected all rivers and sea, after taking all gems and all waters.

43. (I it arrived) Bhagavan great father (Brahma) together with gods and descendants Of angirasa, and all fixed and moving sozdan'ya.

44. (everyone) was collected (to the ceremony) anointments to the reign of this lord of people, son of Vienna. Great father saw on his right hand (sign) of chakry

45. and, after learning into Prithu part To Vishnu, found the highest gladness,

46. indeed sign To Vishnu - chakra - is located on the hand of each (tsar of peace/world) chakravartina, that, whose power is invincible even for thirty (gods).

47. Powerful Prithu, the son of Vienna, being it is set to rule the great reign by the experts of Dharma, by those, who is skillful in the offerings,

48. it removed the griefs of those given, oppressed by his father, and because of their love, earned the title of tsar.

49. When it was released into the way on the sea, ceased waters, mountains were inferior to it road, its banner did not break on the the impenetrable to rpno`u.

50. The Earth did not need tillage and brought fruits, food was prepared with the aid of (one only) the thought, all cows were as (wonderful cow) Kamadudha, in each vessel the honey was located.

51. On the brilliant offering, (dedicated) to generation To prithu, it accomplished great father, in the juice, (squeezed out) from the soma was born wise Suta, during the day, intended for the squeezing of soma.

52. With this great offering was originated the wise man Of magadha. And then those chosen from the recluses said to them both, essence and To magadhe:

53. " yes will be proclaimed the ruler of people To prithu, the powerful son of Vienna. this corresponds (to your) karme, this is worthy of your praising ".

54. Then they, prevailing palms, answered all brahmanam: " is unknown karma of this ruler of the earth/ground, (indeed) it was born today,

55. are unknown its merits and glory about it was not spread. Say, for what acts to us to sing to it praise?"

56. Rishisaid: " yes will be proclaimed this tsar for the acts, which he, powerful chakravartin, will complete (in the future), for the future merits and for other ".

Parashara said:

57. After hearing this, tsar found the highest gladness (he said): " the good merits (they must be) of vosslavleny. Yes you will praise my merits!

58. Therefore those good merits, for which they me will now glorify in the hymn,I will realize, such my intention.

59. But in all, what they to me now advise to avoid,to mill to avoid ", thus solved tsar.

60. Here sladkogolosye Suta and Magadha kishes, as it becomes, hymn to the future acts To prithu, the wise son of Vienna:

61. " is truthful in the speeches the ruler of people, it is generous, holds its word, it is wise, friendly, patient, valiant, it - thunderstorm of villains,

62. expert of Dharma, expert of sacrificial rites, are compassionate, he reads a little offerings and brahmana, it is pious, child loving.

63. Fishing basket justice, about tsar, it is flat to the friend and the enemy!" these merits, sung so Suta and Magadha,

64. it preserved in the heart and completed the acts corresponding to them. The defender of the earth/ground, it shielded this earth/ground,

65. accomplishing different great offerings, accompanied by the abundant donations (to brahmanam). (but soon) at the patron of the earth/ground arrived people - hunger tore to pieces them.

66. " at that time when there was no tsar, perished all plants ", with the bow they said to it in response to a question about the reason for arrival.

People said:

67. While the earth/ground was without the tsar, against the best of the defenders of the earth/ground, all plants were destraed, and that is why, about the ruler of those given, all people perish.

68. You - breadwinner, creator, the personified defender of people. However, give m`l, to the strazhdushchim from the hunger people, the giving life plants!

Parashara said:

69. Then tsar took celestial bow -adjagavu and celestial arrows and in anger he rushed to the keeper of riches/resources (Earth),

70. in order to kill it. Here the keeper of riches/resources was wrapped up by cow, she began to tremble from the fear and dashed through the celestial peace/world, the peace/world Of Brahma and others (worlds).

71. But where not was fixed goddess the support of essences (Earth), everywhere she saw the son of Vienna with the uplifted weapon.

72. The here quivering sovereign of riches/resources (Earth), attempting to avoid its arrows, turned to high(ly)-valiant Prithu:

73. " O the leader of people, perhaps to you not knowingly, what to kill woman - great sin? Why you, about tsar, so attempt to kill me?"

Prithu said:

74. If the death of one villain gives lightening/easing to many, its ubiyeniye brings merit.

The Earth she said:

75. If for the good to people you do kill me, who will serve as support for your those given, against the best of the tsars?

Prithu said:

76. About the sovereign of riches/resources,I will kill you by arrows, you are not subordinated to my authority, I will support people with the force of its yogi.

77. Then the sovereign of riches/resources, shaking by entire body, included by extreme fear, bowed and again it turned to the tsar:

78. " all undertakings are successful, (if for them they are used) unfailing remedies. ThereforeI will name/call to you means. Use (it), if you wish.

79. About the patron of people,it aged all great plants. But, if you wish,(again) I grant them as proceeding from (my) milk.

80. Therefore, against the best of those fulfilling dharmu, for the good of people, give to me such calf, with the aid of which (4), child loving, I will give milk.

81. And even entire earth/ground, about hero so that the milk, which is essentially the seed of the best plants, would evenly spread everywhere.

82. Then the son of Vienna began to pull out mountains by hundred and thousand for the elongation/extent of miriadov of versts, and they were piled up by one to another.

83. The cities or villages were not demarcated in the old times during the past creation on the uneven earth's surface.

84. There it was neither cultivation of cereals nor cattle breeding nor agriculture nor roads for the merchants. All this, against Maytreyya, arose, m`shyum` from the son of Vienna.

85. Everywhere, where the earth/ground became flat because of the tsar, everywhere the lord of those given ordered to place dwellings.

86. Since (to the administration To prithu) perished all plants, and fruits and roots, which use to people by food, were found with the great labor,

87. that the patron Of prithu earth/ground made a calf polygon To svayambhuvu and he began into its hand to milk the Earth.

88. (from this) for the good to people occurred all cereals (and fruits), and by this food people exist eternally.

89. After giving to vital respiration to the Earth, Prithu he became its father, and entire/all the Earth began to be called by daughter Prithu - Prithivi.

90. Then gods, recluses, dayt'i, rakshasy, mountain, gandharvy, uragi, yakshi, pitara and the trees/wood

91. took, each becoming to their group, vessel began, about recluse, to extract (becoming) each (of them) milk, and, both the calf and daar were special for each group.

92. So daughter To prithu - Prithivi, founder, creator, support and wet nurse of the entire world arose from the sole of foot To Vishnu.

93. And so was originated the ruler of the earth/ground valiant Prithu, the son of Vienna, the first, who became (to be called) tsar because of the gratitude of people.

94. That person, which vosslavit this (narrative) against the life Prithu, the son of Vienna, will not find bad fruit, that bad it not completed.

95. And this excellent (narrative) about the generation powerful Prithu progon4et bad sleeps in those husbands, who constantly to it heed.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the thirteenth chapter. Is finished biography To prithu.




Parashara said:

1. U To prithu there were two sons, the experts of Dharma - Antardhi and Of palin; in Antardhany from (its wife) Shikhandini was born Havirdhana.

2. in Havirdhany from (its wife on the name) Dhishana, from the kind Of agni, was six sons: Prachinabarhis, Shukr, Gaius, Krishna, Vraja and Ajina.

3. godly Prachinabarhis was great patriarch; after great tsar Havirdhany it increased the kind of human.

4. it, powerful, became known on the earth/ground by the name Of prachinabarhis, therefore, about recluse, that (during the accomplishment of rites it it placed to the earth grass) large sum (by points) to the east.

5. at the end of great askezy this lord of the earth/ground was married the daughter Savarna (on name) ocean.

6. daughter Of savarna ocean gave birth to from the lord of the earth/ground Of prachinabarhisa of detsr| (sons); they all, named Prachetasami, were skillful in the militara science.

7. fulfilling together religious responsibilities, they completed great askezu and they were in aqueous ocean floor ten thousand years.

Maytreya said:

8. about great recluse, you must describe to me, with what target/purpose great by the spirit Of prachetasy accomplished askezu in the waters of ocean.

Parashara said:

9. before (by beginning of askezy) their father, set by patriarch, it was completely devoted to the target/purpose of an increase in the kind of human, said to them:

10. " O sons, god of the gods Of brahma ordered me: " priumnozh' the kind of human!" - evenit answered: " yes it will be thus!"

11. And therefore, about sons in order to humor me, tirelessly increase the kind of human, indeed order To prajapati should be it must read a little ".

12. After listening the words of father, the sons of tsar said: " yes it will be thus!" - they again posed to it question, about recluse.

Prachetasy they said:

13. About father, by what act we will be able to achieve the goal - to increase the kind of human? You must explain everything to us that it is necessara to make.

Prachinabarhis said:

14. The one who reads a little the bearer of the gifts To Vishnu, undoubtedly, he finds (performance) desires. There is no other way for the mortal. Thatstill I can to you say?!

15. Therefore, if you want to succeed in the increase of the kind of human, read a little the ruler of all essences Of hari, Govindu.

16. The one who wants (to find) to dharmu, enjament and release, must always read a little Bhagavana, beznachal'nogo highest Purushu.

17. It, To prajapati, in the beginning (Kapla) completed creation, read a little it, To ach'yutu, and you increase the kind of human.

18. After listening the words of father, ten sons Of prachetasov were immersed into the waters of ocean and, after being concentrated, they began to accomplish askezu.

19. Ten thousand years, against the best of the recluses, after fixing its thoughts to Mr. of peace/world to Narayan, that exceeds everything in the world,

20. they stood there, after turning its reason to the united god they glorified Hari, proclaimed (by hymn), it it grants the performance of desires to that glorified him.

Maytreya said:

21. On the best of the recluses, you must tell to me that opezhp`tsms~ praise To Vishnu, which proclaimed Prachetasy, standing in the waters of ocean.

Parashara said:

22. Listen to, against Maytreya as in the old times Of prachetasy, being in the aqueous bosom of ocean, vosslavili To govindu, being essentially they are united with it.

Prachetasy they said:

23. We glorify that, who is the eternal theme of all speeches, that, who is beginning and end (peace/world), the highest lord of the entire world!

24. That, who is primordial light/world, who nesravnenen, is continuous and is along his essence the bosom of entire fixed and moving!

25. Glory to that united To kala highest ruler, who does not have means, whose first means is day, or night and twilights!

26. Glory to that, united with the moon, who essentially is the nectar, which taste the gods and pitary!

27. Glory to that, united with the sun, who generates heat, cold and moisture, who, burning, absorbs the dark and sky illuminates by its radiance!

28. Glory to that, united with the earth/ground, (everything) covering, to the refuge of sound and other (tanmatr), to that, who supports this peace/world with his durability!

29. We glorify Hari, Medhasu, ruler, who has the means of water, that, who essentially is the bosom of peace/world, and that, who is the seed those all having body!

30. Glory to that, united with the fire/light Vishnu, who, as pozhiratel' of the victim, intended for the gods, he is the mouth of all gods, and as pozhiratel' of the victim, intended for pitarov, appears (by mouth) pitarov!

31. Glory to that, united with air Bhagavanu, who generates space, who is in tele- as (vital respiration) of five forms and who unceasing generates motion!

32. Glory to that, united with the sky pure/clean, which has infinite embodiment, who stretches space and all other prime elements!

33. Glory To krishne, To vedhase, which has the means of sound and other (tanmatr), to that, who is always the highest place of a stay of all sensora organs!

34. We glorify Hari, Medhasu, which is essentially knowledge, that, who receives the objects of feelings, who is eternal, united with the sensora organs, perishable and not perished!

35. Glory united with that moved, that is essentially the internal essence of man, which reports to Atmana (sensation) from the objects/subjects, perceived by sensora organs!

36. Glory to allotted by the properties of primary material, that, in anyone, Anante, (it is) entire moved, from whom proceeds (moved) and who is the place for death (moved)!

37. We worship to highest Purusha, god, who has the means Of atmana, pure/clean, who, being it is deprived of qualities, by mistake, is considered noted by qualities!

38. We glorify the high state To Vishnu, which there is the highest Of brahma, constant, nerozhdennae, pure/clean, deprived of qualities, not stained!

39. It neither long nor short nor rough nor fine, without the blood, without the tenderness, without the shadow, without the body, without the attachment, without the solid/material (special features),

40. without the space, without the touch, without the smell, without the taste, without the eye, without the ear/eye, without the motion, without the speech, without the sense of smell, without the reason,

41. without the name, without the kind, without the happiness, without the luster, without the reason, without the fear, without the error, without the good, without the age, without the aging, immortal,

42. without the fervency, without the sound, neyavlennae, without the motion, unattainable, without the time and the place, here is high states To Vishnu!

43. It - the highest authority, is allotted by qualities and there is support of all essences; we glorify the high state To Vishnu, which cannot be expressed by language and seen with look!

44. Thus, glorifying Vishnu and after concentrating on it (their) reason, Prachetasy ten thousand years accomplished askezu in the great ocean.

45. And then contented Bhagavan Of hari was it among the waters, and the color of its face (it was such) to the lobe/lug of the dissolved lotus.

46. After seeing with its on top of the tsar of birds, Prachetasy inclined before it the heads, burdened by the burden of love -bxakti.

47. And then Bhagavan said to them: " select the desired gift! it arrived as the bearer of gifts, and my face it is gracious (it was inverted) to you ".

48. After being inclined, Prachetasy said to the bearer of gifts that as reason (their askezy) served prikazan'e of their father to increase the kind of human.

49. Then god gave the desired gift to them and rapidly he disappeared, and they left the waters.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the fourteenth chapter.




Parashara said:

1. thus far Prachetasy accomplished askezu, enormous trees/wood (grew i) they shielded the earth/ground, the death arrived at the people.

2. could not winnow winds, sky was closed by trees/wood, and people could not work ten thousand years.

3. when, after leaving the waters, all Prachetasy saw this, they were angra and in the fura threw out from the mouths wind and fire/light.

4. wind pulled out with the root and dried up these trees/wood, and fierce fire/light burt they, and trees/wood perished.

5. after seeing, that (everyone) trees/wood, with exception of several surviving flights/escapes, perished, tsar (plants) soma arrived (to Prachetasam) and said to these patriarchs:

6. " subdue anger, about tsars, and listen my words. I will conclude the union between you and these trees/wood.

7. this precious virgin, the daughter of trees/wood, 4, knowing future, still before it grew by its rays/beams.

8. it, daughter of trees/wood, is betrothed by the name Of marisha. Yes it will become, allotted by great fraction/portion, your by wife, by the successor of the kind Of dhruvy.

9. from it is born wise patriarch Daksha, who consists half of your and half from my vital flame.

10. (it), allotted by particle me and consisting of your vital flame, flaming as fire/light, will again increase the kind of human.

11. The recluse on the name of Candu lived in the old times, best of the experts Of ved. he accomplished great askezu on the excellent shore To gomati.

12. In order to destroythis (to askezu), the leader of gods sent Pramlocha best of apsara by the name, and that lighing-smile (beauty) destraed askezu of this Rishis .

13. After destraing (to askezu), it conducted with it more than hundred and fifty years in the valley Of mandara, and its reason was submerged in the enjament.

14. And she said to that allotted by the great fraction/portion (to recluse): "I want to leave for the sky. You, against milostivolikiy brahman, must give (to me) pozvolen'e ".

15. After listening its words, recluse, and its reason was devoted to it, he answered: " stay, about good, (still) several days! "

16. Thus, having heeded to its words, ordered (virgin) delighted this great by the spirit (recluse) of already one hundred fifty years.

17. (then) she said to it: " against the godly (wise man), give pozvolen'e,I will go into abode of thirty (gods)". But it again answered: " stay (still)!"

18. When again elapsed more than hundred years, (apsara), whose face shone, she said: " against brahman,I depart at the sky. Gracious razreshi this by the shining smile (to beauty)".

19. As the response/answer the recluse embraced (beauty) with the elongated eyes and he said: " wait a little, about prekrasnobrovaya, and then you will leave for a long time ".

20. After frightening its proklyat'ya, prekrasnobedraya (virgin) conducted with this Rishieven a little less than two hundred years.

21. Again and newly ordered (beauty) requested in that allotted by the great fraction/portion (recluse) (pozvolen'ya) to leave in the refuge of the tsar of gods, but it answered: " stay (still)!"

22. It, tender in the rotation, fearing its proklyat'ya, knowing the pain, which causes the separation with those loved, it did not leave recluse.

23. But the reason of the highest Rishiday and night possessed amplifying and entire new passion to this (to beauty).

24. Once recluse, strongly hurrying, left the cabin, and brilliant (virgin) asked it: " you left and where you go?"

25. He said in response to its words: " day is finished, about brilliant. I will complete the rite of sandh'ya, otherwiseI will not carra out my responsibilities ".

26. Then, gaily smiling, she said to the great recluse: " O the expert of entire Dharma, perhaps today does finish himself your day?

27. Your day, against brahman, consists of many years. But who will not astonish herself, that he is passed? Explain, (as this)?"

Recluse said:

28. At dawn you arrived, about good, to this excellent bank of river. it saw you, about ordered, and you entered z my abode.

29. They begin twilights and day approaches toward the end. What does designate your laughter? Say truth to me.

Pramlocha said:

30. On brahman, it is true, and you do not lie,she arrived at dawn. But from the time of my arrival and on the present day passed hundreds years.

Soma he said:

31. Then brahman, quivering, asked (beauty) with the elongated eyes: " say, about timid, as for longit gave self up love with you?"

Pramlocha said:

32. For you it passed nine hundreds and seven years, and still nursed seven months and three days.

Rishihe said:

33. About timid, you do speak truth, or this is joke? It seems to me thatwas conducted here with you one (only) day.

Pramlocha said:

34. On brahman, asI will say untruth here, before you?! Especially today, when me it asked (about this you), dostochtimyy (recluse), that follows by righteous way?!

Soma he said:

35. After hearing its words, about princes, the recluse began sadly to carra himself: " disgrace, disgrace to me!"

Recluse said:

36. Perished my askeza, is destraed the treasure of the knowledge Of brahmana, difference (between the true and the false) is lost! But who did create this woman in order to introduce me in zabluzhden'e?

37. it restrained itself and (it prepared to find) the knowledge Of brahmana, (accessible only for those, who) were immune to six waves (wrongness and passions). And this way is useless! Alas this tsyuk|mni of passion!

38. And all (sacred) vows, by koimi is found the knowledge Of ved, they became useless because of my attachment, which leads into hell.

39. Thus, blaming himself, the expert of Dharma turned to apsare with these words sitting hereabout:

40. Step, about sinner, where you will wish. You carried out the matter, charged to you by the tsar of gods - it destraed (my) askezu (by your) obol'shchen'yami.

41. I will not turn you into the ashes by the burning flame of anger. Of seven (made together) steps/pitches (sufficiently) for the friendship of good, and (indeed)it lived with you!

42. Yes even in what your sin? And why to me to be angra to you?! Truly, sin is wholly my, thatit did not restrain feelings.

43. (but) you in order to gratify Shakru, made my useless askezu. Disgrace to you, to the infamous gathering of great error!

Soma he said:

44. Thus far braxman- Rishispoke so obladatel'nitse of the finest mill, it strongly began to tremble and (it was covered) by the major drops of perspiration.

45. " step, step!" - angrily said best of the recluses of that quivering (to apsare), whose members, (similar) to lianas, they were covered then.

46. Then it, scolded/quarreled by it, left abode and was raised into air, wiping perspiration by the flights/escapes of trees/wood.

47. this virgin flew over from one tree/wood to the next and by their upper reddish-brown flights/escapes she wiped (its) members, (covered) by the major drops of perspiration.

48. And then the embryo, which put in its body Rishis , in the means of perspiration left the pores/times (the skin) on its terms.

49. Trees/wood caught embryo, and maruty (they gathered it) together, it it ripened under my rays/beams, and then it increased in the sizes/dimensions.

50. And stately (virgin) proceeding from the embryo from the tops of trees/wood, was betrothed by the name Of marisha. Trees/wood will return to you it (in wife). Yes will cease your anger!

51. It - the daughter of Candu, (it) arose from the trees/wood, (it) - my daughter and To vayu, and the daughter Of pramlochi ".

52. But godly Candu, against the good after it interrupted askezu, left, against Maytreya, in the refuge Vishnu, called highest Purusha.

53. There, after concentrating its thought, it surrendered itself to the respect Of hari, after concentrating its reason on one (Vishnu), it read the prayer, which consists of (hymn)" brahmapara ".

54. And this great yogin, about princes, stood with the uplifted hands.

Prachetasy they said:

55. We want to hear, about recluse, the highest hymn of " brahmapara ", reading which Kanda read a little god To keshavu.

56. " To Vishnu - beyond the limits (of all) limits, it beyond the limits of infinite, it exceeds high, it has a means of the highest of yutsryum{, it - essence Of brahmana, it - limit (in all), that consists of the prime elements, it - highest above the objects, inaccessible to sensora organs, it - limit of limits!

57. It - the reason for reasons, it - the reason for the chain/circuit of reasons, it - the reason for the highest reason, and with the acts it, (coming forward) in all appearances (simultaneously) and as effected and as worker, sets in motion entire (peace/world)!

58. It - ruler Brahma, Brahma, which is all essences, Brahma - sovereign of people, it Achyuta, (it) - eternal, intransient, nerozhdennyy Brahma, it - Vishnu, immune (to destruction and to increase/growth), connected/bonded none (by bonds of karmy).

59. It - neproiznosimyy, nerozhdennyy, intransient Brahma, it - highest Purusha! (by its favor) yes will disappear my passions and others (defects)! "

60. Thus, repeating this highest prayer, the hymn, called of " brahmapara ", reading a little Keshavu, it reached/achieved the highest perfection.

61. I will also tell to you, whom before was this Marisha, stora about its noble/precious acts will bring to you (good) fruits.

62. On the good, in the previous times it, allotted by great fraction/portion, after remaining on death of husband childless tsarina, with the love -bxakti glorified Vishnu.

63. Respected by it Vishnu it appeared before its look and said: " select gift!" - it, brilliant, told its desire:

64. " against Bhagavan,from the childhood it is widowed, (my) generation in vain, (my) fraction/portion is sorrowful, andnot (it brought) fruit, about Mr. of peace/world!

65. Your favor yes will be in me in the subsequent generation dostoslavnye husbands and yes there will be in me son equal to patriarch!

66. (yes I will be)it is allotted by beauty and authority, and yes I will be byyour favors originated not of the bosom (woman), against that being all-seeing!

Soma he said:

67. After listening it, the lord of gods, the bearer of gifts, the highest ruler Of hrishikesha, raised that inclining in the bow (tsarina) and said to it:

God said:

68. In other generation you have ten velikodoblestnyh husbands, who will become famous by high acts.

69. And you, about shining, will find son, allotted by the most great spirit, extremely valiant and brave, with the merits of patriarch.

70. From it in this peace/world different) clans of people will occur (, and its descendants will fill the entire three world.

71. You by maeyu favor will originated not of the bosom (woman), will be virtuous, allotted by beauty and high merits and will be enrapture the reason of men.

72. Thus said to bol'sheglaza (to beauty) god and he disappeared. And it was originated as your of the husband Of marisha, about the sons of tsars.

Parashara said:

73. Then, (following) to the words of soma, Prachetasy according to dharme is taken b of wife To marishu, after ceasing to be angra to the trees/wood.

74. In ten Prachetasov from Marishi it was born allotted by great fraction/portion patriarch Daksha, who was before (by son) Brahma.

75. this allotted by great fraction/portion Daksha for the purpose of creation, against the the velikomudryy, (after assigning) by the target/purpose to create people, gave birth to children.

76. On the order Of Brahma it, after reaching/achieving the high degree of concentration, created the low and the high, two-legged and four-footed.

77. Daksha created (them) with the aid of the reason, and then created women, ten (of them) it returned (in wife) To dharme, thirty - Kash'yape,

78. and twenty seven, they knew by the course of time - to Moon. Gods and dayt'i, nagi, cattle and bird,

79. gandharvy and apsara were born from them, and also danavy and other. >From that pore/time, against Maytreya, the people began to be born from the carnal unity.

80. Before people appeared from the will, the view, prikosnoven'ya, from different askez, (accomplished) by zealous ascetics, allotted by wonderful force.

Maytreya said:

81. Daksha, soheard, it was originated from the right thumb (Brahma). How, about great recluse, it was again born as the son Of prachetasov?

82. On brahman, great doubt did settle in my heart, as it, the grandson of soma, (it could) become also his father-in-law?

Parashara said:

83. Generation and destruction is intransient in all essences, (but this) it does not introduce in Zabluzhden'e Rishiand others, allotted by godly viden'em.

84. In each the south there exists Dakshi and other chosen recluses, and (in the periods) destruction (peace/world) they disappear. this is not introduced in Zabluzhden'e of the one knowing (truth).

85. In the previous times, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh, among them there they were neither lowest-order nor elders themselves (on the position), askeza and (acquired by it) wonderful authority, here, which was the reason for their might.

Maytreya said:

86. Tell to me in detail, against brahman, about the generation of gods, danavov, gandharvov, uragov and rakshasov.

Parashara said:

87. " create sozdan'ya!" - so in the previous times ordered Dakshe Samosushchiy (Brahma). However, listen to about that, about great recluse, as it created essences.

88. In the previous times Of daksha first created essences, onpnfdemm{e from the reason: gods, Rishis , gandharvov, asurov and creeping (creatures).

89. When patriarch learned, against brahman, that these generated from the reason sozdan'ya are not multiplied, it again for the purpose of the creation

90. it established/installed so that sozdan'ya would be multiplied according to the law of carnal unity and (for this) it was married Asikni, daughter of the patriarch (on the name) Of virana,

91. priverzhenna to severe askeze, great derzhatel'nitse of peace/world. Five thousand valiant sons

92. gave birth to patriarch, (after assigning) by the target/purpose of creation from Asikni, daughter Of virany. After seeing, that they want to increase kind human, godly Rishiparade it approached them, against brahman, and it was handled this affable speech:

93. " against velikodoblestnye Har'yashvy, you intend to create people, is such, apparently, your intention. But listen this is what.

94. You the silly fellows of (i) do not know middle, height and depth of the earth/ground, as you want to create people?!

95. When your way (in the life) more is not limited by height, extent and depth of the earth/ground, then perhaps you, silly fellows, not you uzrite entire end of the earth/ground?"

Parashara said:

96. After listening these words, they left in different directions of light/world and did not return also on this pore/time, (after disappearing) as rivers, (poured) in the sea.

97. After the death of ruler Daksh's Har'yashvov, the son Of prachetasov, again gave birth to from the daughter Of virany thousand of sons.

98. They, Shabalashvy, also wanted to increase the kind of human, against brahman, but Narada it turned to them with the same speech, as before. And they all said to each other: " is correct izrek great recluse.

99. Truly, we must follow on the feet/stacks of our brothers. In that there is no somnen'ya. We get to know razmer(y) of the earth/ground, and let us then create people ".

100. Following precisely by this method, they left in different directions of light/world and did not return also on this pore/time, (after disappearing) as rivers, (poured) in the sea.

101. Since then, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, the brother, leaving for the searches for brother, perishes, without having reached/achieved result.

102. Allotted by great fraction/portion patriarch Daksha learned, that its sons perished, it was angra and cursed Naradu.

103. Then, as it reached us, against Maytreya, wise patriarch, seized by the desire to create, gave birth to from the daughter Of virany of sixty daughters.

104. Ten (of them) it returned (in wife) To dharme, thirteen - Kash'yape, and twenty seven - to soma, four - By arishtanemi,

105. two - To bahuputre, and two - To angirasu, and also two - To krishashve. On the wise, listen from me their names.

106. To arundhati, To vasu, yami, Lamba, To bhanu, To marutvati, SamKaplaa, Lsuspr`, Sadh'ya, Vishva - (here) ten,

107. ten wives Of Dharma. Listen from me about their descendants: from Vishvy were born vishvadevy, from Sadh'i - sadh'i,

108. from To marutvati - marutvaty, from To vasu - vasu, so says predan'e. Sons To bhanu - bhanu, and muhurtaji - (sons) fly mouths.

109. Ghosh (echo) - (son) Lamby (firmament), and Navagathi (the Milky Way) - (daughter) yami (nights). All objects/subjects (and essence) on the earth/ground are originated from To arundhati.

110. From SamKapla (good intention) was born atman of entire SamKaplaa. But those several to vasu, which precede the vital respiration and light/world,

111. call eight vasu. I will describe about them in detail. Ana (water), Dhruva (Polaris), Som (Moon), Dhara (bosom), anil (wind), Anapa (fire/light),

112. Prat'yusha (dawn), Prabhasa (light/world) - these are, on the legend, names to vasu. In Apy was the son Of vaytand'ya, and also (sons) Shram (Ustalost'), Shanta (Umirotvorennost') and Dhvani (sign).

113. Son Of dhruvy - godly keeper of the peace/world of feces. (son) somata - godly Varchas (radiance), which gave birth to Varchasvina (emission).

114. In Dhara from (its wife) Manohara was the son Of dravina, and also (sons) Hutahav'yavaha, Shishira, Prana and Raman.

115. In anils from its wife of Shivas were two sons - Manojava and Avijnyagati.

116. The son Of agni of coumarone resin was originated in the brushwood of reed - sphere, him (by sons) there were Shakha and Vishakha, Naygameya and Prishthajnya. The descendants Of krittikov (pleiads) there was Karttikeya, so (it says) legend.

117. As is known, in Prat'yushi it was son, Rishion the name it placed, and two sons Of devaly were allotted terpen'em and by reason.

118. Sister/nurse To brihaspati, best of the women, the charming daughter Of virany of yogasiddha, it embraces (by thought) the entire world, without being it is attached to it,

119. she was the wife Of prabhasy, the eighth of to vasu. In it was born allotted by great fraction/portion patriarch Vishvakarman -

120. creator of thousands of skills, mechanics of thirty (gods), the creator of all adornments, best of the skillful individuals,

121. The one who created all air chariots, which belong to gods; with the aid of the skill, allotted by the great

by spirit (Vishvakarmana), people acquire to themselves means to existence.

122. (eleven deities): Ajayekapad, Ahirbundh'ya and valiant rudra Of tvashtri, by the native son Of tvashtri was Vishvarupa, which accomplished great askezu,

123. Jara, Bahurupa, Tr"yambaka, Aparajita, and also Vrishakapi, To shambhu, Kapardin and Rayvata

124. are called by eleven by rudrami, rulers of three worlds. But (in all) count one hundred immeasurably brilliant RUDR-Y2SHCH. Daughters Of Dharma: To aditi, To diti, To danu, feces, Arishta, Surasa, Vasa, Surabhi, Vinata and Tamra, Krodhavasha, Ira, to sequence and Mooney. Listen from me about their descendants.

126. In past manvantare there were twelve best excellent deities. Them they called by tushitami. The day before (flowing at present) (manv)antara Of vayvasvaty,

127. in (by past) (to manv)antare of that proclaimed polygon Chakshushi, they all were collected together and they said to each other:

128. " O gods, give rapidly let us penetrate in (bosom) To aditi let us are born in (following) manvantare, so we will find happiness ".

129. Thus said they all in (to manv)antare polygon Chakshushi and (then) were born (into manvantare Of vayvasvaty) from Kash'yany, son Marichi, and To aditi, daughter Dakshi.

130. Thus, on the legend, again were born twelve dazzling shining adit'ev: To Vishnu and Shakra, Ar'yaman and Dhatri, Tvashtri, and also Pushan,

131. Vivasvan and Savitar, mitre and Varuna, Amsha and Bhaga.

132. Those, who before in (to manv)antare Chakshushi, according to the legend (they were counted) by tushitami, in (to manv)antare Of vayvasvaty, according to legend, (they became) by twelve adit'yami.

133. Twenty seven (daughters of patriarch Dakshi) are known as the zealous carrying out vow husbands of soma. Their descendants shine by dazzling luster.

134. By arishtanemi from its wives it had sixteen children. But the daughters of wise Bahuputry, on the legend, were four lightning.

135. Excellent (deity of mantr) Ritchies, originated from Algirasa, are created by this brahmicheskim Rishis . Sons of godly RishiKrishashvy - deity of weapon.

136. All these thirty three assemblies of deities again (and again) are born according to their desire at the end of each of thousand south.

137. And their constant disappearance and appearance can be here likened (to constant) rise and sunset.

138. these assemblies of deities exist from yugi in to the south. It reached us, what To diti bore from Kash'yapy two sons -

139. To hiran'yakashipu and trudnoodolimogo Hiran'yakshu, and (still) has it the daughter Of simhika, she married To viprachitti.

140. In To hiran'yakashipu there were four of those allotted by the enormous courage of the son: Anuhlada, Hlada, priverzhennyy to dharme Of prahlada

141. and velikodoblestnyy Samhlada, which increased the kind of dayt'ev. From them, allotted by great fraction/portion, is equal to entire that looked,

142. Prahlada dedicated its highest love -bxakti To janardane. The fire/light, lit by the leader of dayt'ev, singed all members (Prahlady), against dvazhdyrozhdennyy,

143. but this fire/light it did not burn that, in whose heart was Vasudeva; and from the motions of wise (Prahlady) - it, connected/bonded with fetters, stood in the waters of great ocean,

144. varied entire earth/ground. The leader of dayt'ev attacked it different weapon, but it could not strike

145. steadfast heart that, whose heart was filled Achyuta. Dayt'i sent to it

146. sovereigns of kites, who vomit from the mouths poisonous flame, but they could not ruin (To prahladu), allotted by high flame. Even pressed by cliffs it, remembering about highest Purusha,

147. did not emit vital respiration, protected by armor of thoughts against Vishnu. Great Prahlada) Prahlada thought was discarded on top

148. by dwelling before the sky ruler of dayt'ev, but (Earth) caught him, and it (it remained) was unharmed. The leader of dayt'ev sent to his body the drying up wind,

149. but it, in whose heart was the destraer To madhu, immediately absorbed this (wind). Celestial elephants broke against its powerful breast incisors and demolished their rabid/furious pride, (after rushing to Prahladu) on the order of the leaders of dayt'ev.

150. Useless became the offerings, which completed the priests of the tsar of dayt'ev, in order to destra

151. that, whose heart there was since olden times priverzheno to Govinde. Shambara sent to it thousand of delusions stupifying thought,

152. but they were (they were split) by the disk Of krishny and rendered harmless. The servants of the leader of dayt'ev gave to wise (To prahlade) fatal poison without varying, (Prahlada) ate poison,

153. but (poison) it did not produce in it changes. Prahlada, completed of the highest friendliness, equally to looked at this peace/world and at all essences (as to sotozhdestvennye with it by itself).

154. It was devoted to dharme and was the highest well of truthfulness, cleanliness and other merits and it always served as an example for other righteous men.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the fifteenth chapter.




Maytreya said:

1. about great recluse, you told about the clans of human about and eternal Vishnu, to the reason for this peace/world.

but 2. who this Prahlada, best of dayt'ev, about which (you), godly, (already) did speak, it does not burn fire/light and it does not strike to death weapon?

3. when that connected/bonded by fetters (Prahlada) stood in the waters of ocean, from the motions of its covered with wounds terms varied the earth/ground.

4. in its ancient times they bespattered by cliffs, but it did not die, it that, wise, you (already) told excellent canto about anyone.

5. O recluse,I want to hear stora about the life of this bhakta - passionate admirer To Vishnu, and about his incomparable power.

6. for what reason, about recluse, in it did throw weapon sons To diti? Why this righteous man was cast into the waters of ocean?

7. why him they did bespatter by mountains? Why its izzhalili great uragi? Why it they did throw out from the mountain peak? And as it did fall into the turbulent flame?

8. why it did become target for the incisors of celestial elephants? Why great asura did send to it the drying up wind?

9. why, about recluse, the sand-box tree of dayt'ev did accomplish there offerings (for the purpose to ruin him)? Why Shambara did send (to it) thousand of ghosts?

10. Why the servants of great dayt'i gave to the ruin to great by spirit (To prahlade) fatal poison, with the aid of its vital flame (Prahlada) overcured it, as food.

11. I want, against that allotted by great fraction/portion, to without delaying hear all this - edifying narrative about the great by spirit To prahlade.

12. And not that is amazing that it did not know how to kill dayt'i, who will be able to ruin (man), whose reason is submerged in Vishnu and not in that something different?!

13. (but strange that) dayt'i, the relations from its clan, appeared (similar) fierce hatred for priverzhennomu to dharme (Prahlade), which unceasing works in the respect Of keshavy.

14. You must explain to me, why sons To diti gripped this that allotted by great fraction/portion, devoted dharme, deprived of the envy of bxakti- admirer To Vishnu.

15. Great by spirit, even enemies, will not attack the similar (to it), allotted by the merits of righteous man, that to pache, if this is son!

16. So describe all this in detail, about bull among the recluses,I want completely to hear about the life of the ruler of dayt'ev.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the sixteenth chapter, (narrating) about the life Of prahlady.




Parashara said:

1. I will tell, against Maytreya, as it is must, narrative about the wise by spirit To prahlade, whose life is eternally elevated.

2. in the old times valiant Hiran'yakashipu, son To diti, allotted by the gift Of Brahma, subordinated to his dominion three worlds.

3. this dayt'ya mastered the authority Of indra itself began to fulfill the responsibilities Of samitara, (this) great asura began (to guide as) To vayu, Agni, the patron of waters and soma.

4. it itself became the tsar of riches/resources, and also pit; asura itself tasted (all) without the remainder/residue of the fraction/portion of offerings, (intended to other gods).

5. all gods in the fear left sky, against the best of the recluses, and they roamed on the earth/ground, after accepting the appearance of mortal.

6. A it, after gaining the victory over three worlds, clothed by authority above all three worlds, glorified by gandharvami, tasted enjament.

7. all siddhi, gandharvy and nagi waited to great by spirit To hiran'yakashipu, when it feasted:

8. (some) played (on the musical tools), Paley's others, and they glorified something different (him); siddhi completed by gladness stood before the tsar of dayt'ev.

9. Apsara danced (before it) in the crystal palace, and contented asura, (sitting in glory) on the excellent throne, saws from the cup.

10. But by its the allotted great fraction/portion young son, betrothed by the name Of prahlada, after being removed in the dwelling of his to guru, studied the writings, which become to bas.

11. Once this righteous man together with to guru appeared before his father, ruler of dayt'ev, and that he feasted.

12. Father To hiran'yakashipu raised the son inclined to his feet/stacks and said to immeasurably valiant Prahlade:

Hiran'yakashipu said:

13. Describe, against the child, properly the vera essence of the fact that you got to know in entire time of instruction.

Prahlada said:

14. About father, listen toI will attentively, tell, according to your order, the vera essence of that how is occupied my mind.

15. I worship before Achyuta, that not having beginning, middle and end, nerozhdennym, not (subjected) to increase/growth and to destruction, to the source of coagulation and development/scanning of peace/world, to the reason for all reasons.

Parashara said:

16. After hearing this, the leader of dayt'ev, and his eyes reddened from anger and lower lip began to shake, it glanced at that arrived (with the son of chsps) and said:

17. " against mean brahman, that this after the absurd praise (to my) enemy, by which you, intended ill, to me in ponoshen'e, trained ba?"

Said to guru:

18. About the ruler of dayt'ev, you must not give will to your anger. That that your son speaks, he learned not of my manuals.

Hiran'yakashipu said:

19. Prahlada, against the child, say, who did learn you to similar? Your sand-box tree speaks: "he did not teach (to this)".

Prahlada said:

20. (me) trained Vishnu, the one who is in the heart of each in this peace/world. About father, who and whom is capable to train, besides highest Atmana?!

Hiran'yakashipu said:

21. Blochead! Who this Vishnu, whose name you do again and newly persistently repeat here before me, by the ruler of worlds?

Prahlada said:

22. The high state (Vishnu), on which are concentrated (their) thoughts of yoginy, not opisuyemo by words; it, To Vishnu, the highest ruler, from which (it occurs everything) and who itself is moved.

Hiran'yakashipu said:

23. Perhaps you do want death, that you do again and again call the highest ruler of other, until I am in good health 4?

Prahlada said:

24. About father! To Vishnu, which there is Brahma, he is creator and creator not only me, but also (all) people and you (also). It - the highest ruler. Have pity! Why you are angry?

Hiran'yakashipu said:

25. What for the evil spirit it was moved in the heart of this fool, whom (as) that obsessed does speak similar unrighteous (speech)?

Prahlada said:

26. Vishnu it penetrated not only in my heart. It is in all worlds. It, that penetrates into everything, directs all behavior of all (essences) - and my, about father, and your and all other.

Hiran'yakashipu said:

27. To derive this scoundrel! Let it be trained in the house of its to guru. Who did learn to its evil design - to deceitful praise (my) enemy?

Parashara said:

28. (Prahlada) listened the aforesaid, and dayt'i they again led it into the house the sand-box tree, where it unceasing understood sciences and worked in the service sand-box tree.

29. The ruler of asurov (again) called Prahladu and said after the long time: " O son, read any verse! "

Prahlada said:

30. Yes will have pity must by me To Vishnu, that, from whom (it occurs) predmateriya and Purusha, that, from whom (it arose) the moving and fixed peace/world, the one who is the reason in all!

Hiran'yakashipu said:

31. Let be killed this nechestivets! What sense to it to live?! Today it betrayed its tribesmen and it became blazing smut/charred log among its relations!

Parashara said:

32. Here, obeying to its order, hundred and thousands of dayt'ev gripped powerful weapon and rushed to kill (To prahladu).

Prahlada said:

33. On dayt'i as (truly) that that To Vishnu it is in your weapon, so is true the fact that this weapon will not strike me.

Parashara said:

34. Then despite the fact that hundreds of dayt'ev chopped with its terrible weapon, it did not perceive not the least pain and seemingly would renew (its forces).

Hiran'yakashipu said:

35. Fool, end to persistently praise enemies, do not be too unreasonable, andI will safeguard you from the fear!

Prahlada said:

36. Whence in me (it will undertake) fear, about father, (thus far) in my reason is the persecutor of the fears Of ananta, thought about whom remove entire tsrp`uyu, appearing as a result generation or old age?!

Hiran'yakashipu said:

37. About snake! By immediately their stings, given to drink by poison, izzhal'te to death of this oslushnika, which embarked on the bad path!

Parashara said:

38. After listening its, splashing by poison snakes Of kuhaka, Takshaka and Andhaka began to sting (To prahladu) into all terms.

39. It stung great uragi, but it perceived not the least pain in its terms - (indeed) it was devoted by thoughts to Krishne and was affirmed in the enthusiastic thought about it.

Snakes said:

40. (our) poisonous teeth are broken, gems (on our heads) are crushed, in (our) hoods - heat, in (our) hearts - trembling. But its skin is not not a bit damaged. About the ruler of dayt'ev, order to make (anything) something different!

Hiran'yakashipu said:

About celestial elephants! Close together incisors and kill it, it was separated from us and (it arose) to the side of enemy. (frequently) sons become the reason of the death of fathers, (similarly), as fire/light burns wooden bar (from which he flared up by the friction path).

42. The here celestial elephants, similar to summits, threw down ba to the earth's surface and they began to pierce by his incisors.

43. (but) thousands of incisors were broken against the breast of that, who remembered about Govinde. And then he said to the father:

44. " the incisors of elephants, solid as the points of copies, were broken. But this (it happened) not because of my force. Adherence to the thoughts about Janardane - here is my protection from the ruin in this great calamity ".

Hiran'yakashipu said:

45. Let its fire/light burn! On asury, take away celestial elephants! You, against Vayu, fan fire/light! Let this sinner burn down!

Parashara said:

46. Then dayt'i sketched around the son of the leader of asurov the enormous heap of firewood in order to burn him, and they lit up fire/light, obeying to the words of its Mr..

Prahlada said:

47. About father! this fire/light, although it fans wind, does not burn lem. Here, around me,I see the refreshing faces of all sides of light/world, covered shityu kushchami of lotus.

48. Then the dvazhdyrozhdennye sons Of bhargavy, great by spirit priests, the sladkogolosye singers of the verses Of samaVeda, they said to the ruler of dayt'ev:

49. " O tsar! Do not be angra to the ba, your native son! Anger will not bring to you (good) fruits in the godly abodes.

50. We will learn your ba, as it is obedient behaving in order to ruin your enemies.

51. Childhood - time of many errors, about the tsar of dayt'ev; therefore you must not excessively be angra to the child.

52. (but), if it oslushayetsya us and will not roll up from the way Of hari, we will use reliable means in order to kill him ".

Parashara said:

53. So priests exhorted the tsar of dayt'ev, and dayt'i derived (tsarist) son from the fatal fire/light.

54. Then, being in the house sand-box tree, ba, in the interruptions between the lessons sand-box tree, (itself) began to teach the children of danavov.

Prahlada said:

55. On dayt'i, the sons of descendants To diti, listen from me the highest truth. Nothing another is worthy of attention, there is no another reason for greediness and other (defects).

56. All essences have rozhden'e, childhood and youth. Then inevitable and gradual aging comes.

57. But then, about the sons of the ruler of dayt'ev, for all essences begins death. this is clearly evident and to me, and to you.

58. Corpses find new generation, and this cannot be otherwise, so assert agamas. But there is no vozrozhden'ya without the reason.

59. Thus far zachat'e, kinds etcetera (they appear) by the reason for new generation, to those pores/times each life cycle (it is conjugated/combined) with the suffering, so is counted.

60. On the stupidity they assume that the satisfaction of hunger and thirst, the elimination of cold and other - is happiness, and this, truly, again suffering.

61. (even suffering from) impact/shock - happiness for those, whose look is clouded by erroneous knowledge, whose the excessively exhausted terms search for happinesses and motions.

62. Body - enormous gathering of mucus and other (phlegms). But where its charm, luster, aroma and other pleasant qualities?

63. That fool, to whom pleasantly this body, which consists of the flesh, blood, pus, excrements, veins/strands, (bone) marrow and the bones, leave for hell.

64. Fire/light brings pleasure because of the cold, water - because of the thirst, food - because of the hunger, and (under other circumstances) thing, to them opposite (they also bring pleasure) because of (precisely) them.

65. About sons To diti, in what measure is acquired the love, in the same measure introduces itself in the heart the suffering.

66. And therefore in what measure essence will find pleasant for the reason of attachment, in the equal measure the thorns of grief are absorbed in its heart.

67. (men), in whose house (there is the object of attachment - property etcetera), where it not left, it fears, as if that did not disappear, it did not burn down, it was not stolen.

68. Great suffering (concluded/included) in rozhden'i. For that dying (they are prepared) terrible flour (in the reign) of pit and (muchen'ya) (new) entries into the womb.

69. If you consider that it is small gladness even in (state) embryo, then yes it will be said, that this peace/world consists of the sufferings of evera kind.

70. Truth I tellyou: in this ocean of existences, in this abode of heavy sufferings, To Vishnu: - only high refuge.

71. Do not think as follows: " we - children, (but therefore we cannot judge this)", (indeed) the personified spirit is eternal in the bodies; old age, youth, rozhden'e etcetera - the laws of body, but not Atmana.

72. (we we are in error, discussing so): "(still) child,I will approach the good, when to the mill of youth. (still) youths, when I reach/achieve old age,I will make (that which is necessary; for its prosperity.

73. it is old, and all my matters are not completed. As(now) I will carra out that the fact that it left nesdelannym in the bloom of forces?"

74. Thus, man, whose reason is removed/abstracted (by sensual) vicious passions, always approaches good, but never not (it reaches it). It thirsts.

75. Giving self up in the childhood to games, and in the youth (to sensual) pleasures, (such people) meet old age in the ignorance and infirmities.

76. But therefore, (even) in the childhood, the one who is allotted distinguishing (by knowledge), albeit always approaches good, free from the conjugated/combined with the body states of childhood, youth, old age and other.

77. Here that thatI declare to you. If you know that this is not untruth, then to the gladness to me call in the thoughts Vishnu, donor of release from (all) knots/bonds!

78. Perhaps it is difficult to call it in the thoughts?! Called in the thoughts, it grants thriving. From daily mental call to it it cleans sin.

79. Yes will turn diurnally and noshchno your thoughts and friendly feelings to it, (pekushchemusya) about the prosperity of all essences, and you will laugh above all wrongness!

80. This entire peace/world strazhdet from the triple calamity; therefore who, that knows (truth), will test/experience hatred for the essences, worthy of compassion?!

81. If essences prosper, but- no, and even then me one should be glad, since failure of the hatred is (good) fruit.

82. If essences are hostile and cause hatred, then for (people), allotted by reason, they are worthy extreme compassion as being in deep Zabluzhden'i.

83. Are such, against dayt'i, given by me reasons (as to pacify hatred). However, listen from me in several words, (that it influences) on those approaching (to truth).

84. (the entire) this world - only stretched out Vishnu; therefore shrewd must look at it as to that identified with itself as to that not separated from itself.

85. After rejecting/throwing (dark) passions of asurov, you and we will attempt to reach/achieve the way of recovery/return -

86. it cannot demolish either Agni, or the arch, or the Moon, or To vayu, or Parjan'ya (rain), or Varuna, or siddhi, or rakshasy,

87. neither yakshi nor leaders of dayt'ev nor uragi nor kinnara nor people nor cattle nor pregreshen'ya; not (age-qualification) states (man) -

88. (such as) old age and other; not the disease: fever, the disease of bowels, spleen, liver and other; either hatred, or envy, or spite etcetera, or passion, or greediness,

89. and also nothing other. Person, who affirmed his heart in Keshave, reaches this eternal, cleanest, not stained (way of recovery/return).

90. TrulyI speak - you will not find satisfaction in the vain rotation of sansara, (but), dayt'i, everywhere you will find rest, (reading a little) To ach'yutu, worship to which (and there is complete) rest.

91. Which is not easily attainable, when it is contented?! Dharma, wealth/riches and enjament - fleeting delights. We, undoubtedly, will find great fruit from the eternal support - brahmicheskogo tree/wood.

Is such in of first, to the book Vishnu-Puranaa the seventeenth chapter by the name " manual Of prahlady ".




Parashara said:

1. Danavy saw, as it behaves (Prahlada) (and), after frightening the sovereign of dayt'ev, they reported (to it) about this. It in a hurra called servants and said:

Hiran'yakashipu said:

2. O of servant, my ill-intended son directs others to the false way. Yes will be without delay killed villain!

3. place into entire his food fatal poison, so that it not gm`k. yes will be destraed this sinner! Do not doubt!

Parashara said:

4. then they so made - they gave poison to great by spirit To prahlade, as ordered it great by spirit father.

5. I then, he, proclaiming the name Of ananty, ate together with the food fatal terrible poison, against Maytreya!

6. I after eating it without the harm (for itself), Prahlada (it remained) in (good) zdravii and sober reason, since poison lost its force, because of the glorification Of ananty.

7. after seeing, as it overcured the strongest poison, the servants shaking from the fear arrived at the ruler of dayt'ev and, PAV of nits, they said as follows:

8. " O the tsar of dayt'ev, we gave (to it) fatal poison, (but) your son Of prahlada overcured him together with the food ".

Hiran'yakashipu said:

9. O the priests of dayt'ev, hurry, now! Immediately complete offerings for the purpose to ruin it!

Parashara said:

10. Then priests approached Prahlade and affectionately turned to respectful Prahlade.

Priests said:

11. On the everlasting, you is originated in the kind Of Brahma, proclaimed in three worlds, (you) son To hiran'yakashipu, the tsar of dayt'ev.

12. Why you must depend on gods, why - from Ananty? Why - from others? Your father - (support) all worlds, and you also will become (by their support).

13. But therefore end to praise enemies, (indeed) your father - highest to guru of all to guru!

Prahlada said:

14. Truly so, allotted by great fraction/portion! The great kind Of marichi is famous in all three worlds. Who can say to you another?

15. And my father guides by this peace/world. this is true,I recognize. Here there is no untruth.

16. There is also not least error in the fact that is said: who of all to guru exceeds my father?!

17. Father, as to guru, without somnen'ya is worthy zealous respect. I do not object to this 4. the same (thought) is also in my reason.

18. (but) when you speak such: Why (it is necessary) Ananta? - who will say that this great assertion? Indeed these words are deprived of tsl{tsk`.

19. After saying so, it hushed, after stopping from respect for these (to priests). Then it smiled and it continued: Why (it is necessary) Ananta? - it is wonderful!

20. Yes, it is wonderful! Why (it is necessary) Ananta? It is wonderful, against my to guru! But listen to, for which (it is necessary) Ananta, if this does not deliver to you ogorchen'ya.

21. Dharma, wealth/riches, enjament and release are considered the targets/purposes of people. And perhaps is useless the one who is the source of this quaternara (target/purpose)?!

22. (patriarchs) Marichi, Daksha and others found dharmu from Ananty, wealth/riches was found by something different, and enjament - other.

23. The same people, which with the aid of the concentrated reflection about the knowledge, get to know its essence, they find release and forever they get rid of the knots/bonds (karmy).

24. Respect Of hari - root of welfare, authority, sublimity of spirit, knowledge, posterity, (pious) acts and releases. What it is not accessible (when read a little Hari)?!

25. Therefore, against dvazhdyrozhdennye, dharma, wealth/riches, enjament and release - the fruit, given im. so perhaps it is possible to say: Why (it is necessary) Ananta?!

26. (but) to what much to say?! You my to guru. Your speeches are righteous or unrighteous -little I am able to reason.

Priests said:

27. When you they burned, about ba, we saved you from the fire/light and thought that you will not speak such. They did not know (we) that (you) it is so unreasonable.

28. If you do not obey us and you will not leave this Zabluzhden'e, then we, against that intended ill, will complete the offerings, which will ruin you.

Prahlada said:

29. What essence does kill or is killed? What essence does save or is recovered? Each kills or saves itself depending on whether it follows evil or good.

Parashara said:

30. After listening its, angered priests of the tsar of dayt'ev completed offerings, and (it appeared) demonitsa, wrapped by the sparkling flame.

31. Under its feet caved in the earth/ground, it, which frightens, it approached (To prahlade) and delivered the swift impact/shock by spear into the breast.

32. But the bleshchushcheye spear reached/achieved the heart of ba and fell to the earth, after being cloven to hundreds of pieces.

33. And vajra will break about the heart, where is the constant ruler Of bhagavan Of hari. However, that to speak about the spear?!

34. Demonitsy, created by the sinful priests of dayt'ev, were attacked (to the priests), rapidly killed them and were removed.

35. Great by reason (Prahlada), seeing, as (priests) they burn demonitsy, resorted to (To Vishnu), saying: " against Krishna, against Ananta, protect (them)!

36. All-encompassing patron of peace/world. The creator of peace/world, Janardana, save these brahmana from my hot, intolerable fire/light, (lighted) mantra!

37. Indeed (you) - To Vishnu, (being) in all essences, the all-encompassing teacher of peace/world, so let will remain to live all these priests!

38. Since my thoughts are occupied with that penetrating into entire Vishnu,I do not feed evil feelings even to (my) enemies, so let will remain to live these dvazhdyrozhdennye!

39. Those, who arrived me to kill, those, who gave (to me) poison, (those, who razzheg for me) fire/light, those, who (ponaslal) celestial elephants to trample me and those, who (it sent) kites in order to izzhalit' me,

40. (all)I consider friends. If in me there is no sin, if this is true, let now remain to live the priests of asurov!"

Parashara said:

41. When he thus said, all dvazhdyrozhdennye rose (from the fire/light), healthy both glad and, having been respectfully inclined, again they turned to it.

Priests said:

42. On the best of the children! Long life (to you)! Invincible power and valor! Yes you will be allotted by posterity, wealth/riches and authority!

43. So said to it priests, about great recluse, and then went and told to the tsar of dayt'ev all, as she happened.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the eighteenth chapter.




Parashara said:

1. after hearing, that demonitsy were created in vain, To hiran'yakashipu it called son and asked him about his reason (force).

Hiran'yakashipu said:

2. against Prahlada, you is allotted by powerful force. Whence it did undertake in rea? Is generated it by mantrami and other (by magic) or it is inherent in you from the generation?

Parashara said:

3. in response to this question Prahlada, child of asura, bowed into the feet to father and izrek such words.

Prahlada said:

4. it is not created by mantrami or anything different and does not accompany me from rozhden'ya; however, a similar force allotted each, in whose heart (it is) Of Achyuta.

5. the one who thinks about the sins of others, (but) considers others similar to itself, it is free, about father, from the consequences of sin, since reason (future generation in that case) does not exist.

6. the same, who by act, by reason or by speech causes to others of suffering, sows grain (of future) generation, and its revival not is merciful.

7.no one I desire, I do not cause and do not foretell evil,I consider that Keshava is in all essences, just as in me.

8. whence in me, whose thoughts are completely purified by it, will undertake the sufferings, caused by body, by reason, by gods and by prime elements?!

9. Therefore pandity, which got to know, that Hari are all essences, must manifest love -bxakti for all essences.

Parashara said:

10. After listening this, the leader of dayt'ev, it was located on the apex/vertex of palace, with face darkened from anger it turned to (its) servants, descendants To diti:

11. " yes will be discarded this villain from (roof) my palace, (by height) into one hundred yojan, let he fall to the mountain range and he will break to himself the bones against the stones.

12. Here all servants, sons To diti, threw out ba; discarded, it flew downward, bearing in (its) heart Of hari.

13. When (Prahlada), Keshave allotted by love -bxakti for the holder of peace/world, fell, it caught (into its ob"yat'ya) Derzhatel'nitsa of peace/world the Earth.

14. Hiran'yakashipu it here saw, that (Prahlada) it was living, and its bones and edges/fins were entire, and said Shambare, best of the magicians.

Hiran'yakashipu said:

15. We cannot kill this ba, (entered) to the bad way. You svedushch in the magic cups/sorcery, destroyit with the aid of the magic cups/sorcery!

Shambara said:

16. to its iznichtozhu, about the leader of dayt'ev! Uzri the force of my l`chyuyu! Uzri of hundreds of miriadov of magic cups/sorcery!

Parashara said:

17. And ill-intended asura Of shambara, desiring to ruin Prahladu, which looked at everything impassively, it caused the magic of cup.

18. But Prahlada, without feeding hatred even for Shambare, concentrated (its) reason, against Maytreya, and it turned thoughts to the destraer To madhu.

19. And here to the protection (Prahlady) on the order Of bhagavana appeared in envelope flame the splendid disk Of sudarshana.

20. Having in a hurra arrived, this defender of ba destraed each of thousands of magic cups/sorcera Of shambary.

21. Then the leader of dayt'ev said to drying up Vayu: " on my order immediately ruin this villain!"

22. Thus, after listening its words, wind easily penetrated in (To prahladu), cold, penetrating, unbearable, it dried up body (ba).

23. The child of dayt'ev he understood that (wind) it penetrated to it inward, (i) fastened its heart (by thought o) great by spirit the holder of the Earth.

24. And then angra Janardana being in its heart absorbed into itself annealing/scorching Vayu, and wind found its death.

25. After disappeared all magic of cup and wind met its ruin, great by thoughts (Prahlada) left in the dwelling of its to guru.

26. Day after the day teacher trained the ba (to science) of the policy, which brings (good) fruits for the state, Ushanas composed it for the tsars.

27. When to guru he saw, that diligent (student) mastered the science of policy, it reported to its father about studied.

Teacher said:

28. Know, about Mr. of dayt'ev, your son Of prahlada mastered the bases of the science of policy, as it was presented by descendant To bhrigu.

Hiran'yakashipu said:

29. On Prahlada, as tsar it must relate to the friends and to the enemies and as (it it must guide during) three periods and in the gaps/intervals between (by them)?

30. How (to bypass) with the ministers, with the advisers, with the strangers, with the relatives, with (secret) messengers, with the townspeople, from (by tsars) the doubtful behavior and with others?

31. On Prahlada, tell properly, with whom to conclude and with whom not to conclude union how to construct fortresses as to be turned with pulindami and mlechchhami and as to eradicate internal confusions?

32. Describe to me all this and increasingly other because you learned everything,I want to know, as you think.

Parashara said:

33. And then Prahlada decorated with obedience was inclined to the feet/stacks of father and, standing with the folded palms, it answered the leader of dayt'ev.

Prahlada said:

34. Undoubtedly, to everything it trained me to guru, andlearned everything, butnever it thought in the manner that (it).

35. It is considered that primiren'e and dar(y), and also separation and punishment - here are the means of the action: (the first) to the friends, and the second - on other (i.e. to the enemies).

36. But do not be angry, about father,indeed I do not make the difference between the friends and others. On the the mogucherukiy, when there is no target/purpose (which must approach), to what of means?!

37. About father, as (possible) to tell about the friend and the enemy in highest Atmane Govinde, it - Atman of all essences. The patron of peace/world, of it consists peace/world.

38. Bhagavan To Vishnu is present in you and in me, and everywhere - in others, that is why as(I can speak) about the friend and the enemy as about the separate (from me very)?!

39. Sufficiently (to speak about) these extremely harmful things - this is nevedana; and internal effort/force, about father, must be directed toward the brilliant (target/purpose).

40. Unreasonable vedana, about father, is born from the false knowledge of false sciences. Perhaps child does not think that the glowworm - is fire/light, about the ruler of dayt'ev!

41. (reasonably) the action, which not (it generates) attachment, that science, which (it conducts) to the release. Other actions - (only) vain efforts/forces, other sciences - (only) the craftsmanship of adept.

42. After getting to know this,(I count any something different) unessential. But listen, against that allotted by great fraction/portion, about that highest target/purpose, (which must approach), after being inclined,I will tell to you.

43. That person, who does not think about the authority, who does not thirst wealth/riches, truly finds that and, etc. in the futures (generation).

44. On that allotted by great fraction/portion, everything are solicited velich'ya, but indeed the fate of people, but not their efforts/forces are the reasons (their good) for existence.

45. About ruler, reign - gifts of fate, them find feeble-minded people, and cowards, and also those, who nesvedushch in the science of policy.

46. Therefore the one who wants great happiness, must be zealous (in the reaching/achievement) good merits, that thirsting the desired release (it must look at everything) as to the equal (and sotozhdestvennae to itself).

47. Gods, cattle, bird, the trees/wood, creeping, (all this) the means Of Vishnu-Ananty, which is separately (from it very).

48. The one knowing this must look at the entire world, fixed and which moves as to the identical with itself as to proceeding from Vishnu, which has a means of that moved.

49. If this is gotten to know, then are contented Bhagavan, beznachal'nyy highest Purusha, Achyuta, if it is contented - end to skorbyam.

Parashara said:

50. After hearing this, To hiran'yakashipu in anger it rose from the splendid throne and kicked son by foot into the breast.

51. Blazing by fury, it bound hands as () desiring to destroypeace/world, and angrily it exclaimed:

52. " O To vayprachitti! On Rahu! On Bali! Connect it with strong/firm with fetters from nagov and throw into the enormous ocean. Do not consider!

53. Otherwise all worlds, and also dayt'i and danavy will follow the study of this villain.

54. We many times retained it from this sin, and nevertheless it praises enemy. Death - here is the reward to scoundrels!"

Parashara said:

55. Here dayt'i rapidly connected with its fetters from nagov and, obeying to the order of its sovereign, they threw into the bosom of waters.

56. From the jerks (of beaten) Prahlady went great ocean, strongly it raged, everywhere it left the coasts.

57. Hiran'yakashipu saw, about great recluse, that enormous (flows) of waters pour the entire terrestrial world, and thus said to dayt'yam:

58. " let all descendants To diti from all sides fling there, into the bosom of waters, any stones! Let they cast aside this that intended ill,

59. which does not burn fire/light, does not strike weapon, not (they can) to ruin either uragi or wind nor poison nor demonitsa,

60. neither magic of cup nor incidence/drop from the height nor celestial elephants! to this ba, extremely vicious by heart, to unnecessarily more live!

61. Being located here, in the ocean, covered/filled with cliffs, let this ill-intended at the end of the millenium emit vital respiration!"

62. Here dayt'i and danavy bespattered by its mountains in the enormous ocean and erected (above it) hill with height into thousands of yojan.

63. But it, multi-wise, in the ocean depths, covered/filled with mountains, concentrated its reason on one (Vishnu), also, in (that pore/time, when they accomplish) the daily day rites, vosslavil To ach'yutu:

64. " glory to you, against the the (darkness), glory to you, against highest Purusha! Glory to you, against Atman of all worlds, glory to you, about (possessor) sharp disk!

65. Glory best of brahmana, friendly to the kind of brahmana! Glory, glory to the holder of peace/world, To krishne, To govinde!

66. Glory to that, who being Brahma, creates that moved, and in (period) the retention/maintaining (moved) shields (it)! Glory to you, to that, who at the end of Kapla assumes/takes the means Of Rudra, to that, who has triple appearance!

67. That that are gods, yakshi, asury, siddhi, nagi, gandharvy, kinnary, pishachi and rakshasy, and also people and cattle,

68. birds, fixed (objects/subjects), nasekomye, creeping, the earth/ground, water, fire/light, sky, air, sound, to osyazan'e and taste,

69. means, smell, reason, to soznan'e, Atman, feces and qualities, high designation/purpose (entire this) and this entire (peace/world) - you, against @sh|~r`!

70. You - to vedana and to nevedana, truth and untruth, poison and the nectar of immortality, you - the prescribed By vedami acts on the way of wanderings and on the way of recovery/return!

71. (you) - vkusitel' (fruits) of all acts, and also all means (realization) (of these) acts, you, against Vishnu, truly, the one who is fruit of all his acts!

72. Your embraces, about ruler, the noted by quality dominions, (they cover) me and other, all essences and worlds!

73. About you reflect yoginy, to you bring the victims of prinositeli of victims, you, the bearing means of pitarov and gods, one you taste the victim, intended for the gods and the victim, intended for pitarov!

74. About lord, moved is in your means of the great principle of creation, and then from it it occurs the peace/world of the finest (energy); the finest means, (being present) in the separate (form) (in all) essences - (all this you), finest (principle), called internal Atmanom!

75. Therefore that means, which is the highest designation/purpose of all objects of feelings, defined as finest and others - indeed this your means out of the limits of thought! Glory to you, to highest Purusha!

76. On Atman in all,I glorify that your infinite eternal energy -wakti, it the refuge of qualities, which is in all essences, about the ruler of gods!

77. I glorify its, highest ruler, who is located out of the limits of the objects of feelings, that, which cannot determine either the speech, or reason, it it can distinguish (only) the one knowing with the aid of the knowledge.

78. Ohms, eternal glory To vasudeve, To bhagavanu, to that, who does not differ (from in all) and who differs from in all (peace/world)!

79. Glory to it, glory to it, glory to it, to great Atman, to that, who does not have a name and a means, who only is reached only (by love -bxakti)!

80. Glory to that highest Atman, whom in the means (of different) avatar read a little nebozhiteli, (indeed) they do not see his highest means!

81. Glory to the highest ruler, to all-seeing Vishnu, to that lord, who is it inside and sees good and evil in all!

82. Glory to that Vishnu, who is not separated from this peace/world! About it one should reflect (as) about the beginning of worlds! Yes will have pity must by me eternal!

83. Yes will have pity must by me Hari, it the support in all, the canvas of that moved, not perished, eternal!

84. Ohms, glory To Vishnu! Glory again and again to you, to that, in whom departs everything, to that, from whom proceeds everything, to that, who is everything, to that, who is refuge in all!

85. (glory) to that, who entered into everything, Anante, to that, who became me, also, from me (it occurs) everything,there is everything, in me, eternal (concluded/included) everything!

86. 4, truly, imperishable, intransient, the refuge of the spirit of highest Atmana, me call Brahma, that, who in the beginning and at the end (peace/world) (it appears as) the highest spirit -mind!

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the nineteenth chapter.




Parashara said:

1. so, reflecting about Vishnu as about that not separated from itself and after becomening similar to it, it, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, began to consider itself, first of all, Achyuta.

2. after forgetting about itself (as about the personality), he knew (already) nothing other and he thought as follows: " 4, truly, eternal Ananta, highest Atman!"

3. I as a result of such yogi in its purified internal essence, and it was free from the sins, it was affirmed Vishnu, which consists of the knowledge Of Achyuta.

4. as (only) in Prahlade by force yogi was born the consisting of To Vishnu god, in the same moment, against Maytreya, immediately broke those winded his fetters from uragov.

5. swept the flocks of sea monsters, great ocean was covered with waves and began to rage, the earth/ground with the mountains, the groves and the forests/scaffolding began to tremble.

6. I multi-wise (Prahlada) threw down from itself the heap of cliffs, sketched on top by dayt'yami, and left the waters.

7. after seeing peace/world, with the earth/ground, by sky and other, it again recalled itself: " (Indeed)- Prahlada!"

8. I it, thinker, again vosslavil beznachal'nogo highest Purushu, after concentrating thought on one (Vishnu), having completely restrained speech, act and reason.

Prahlada said:

9. Ohm, the glory of the highest target/purpose, against the rough and the finest, pronounced and neproiznosimyy, yavlennyy and neyavlennyy, divided and indivisible, about the stainless lord!

10. On the the subject to qualities and the basis of qualities, against Atman, deprived of qualities and which exceeds qualities, personified and not incarnated, enormous by its embodiment and finest in its embodiment, against that opened and closed!

11. On Atman, and terrible by appearance and excellent, against that consisting of vedana and nevedana Of Achyuta, against the having means which exists and which exists, against that existing, against the source of good and neblagogo existence!

12. On intransient and being transient, against developable Atman, (against Atman), which rests on the not being subject to development/scan pure/clean (substances)! Glory to you, against the united and united, against Vasudeva, about original cause (in all)!

13. Glory to that highest Purusha, who rough and finest, to that, who explicit and invisible, to that, who it is not and (at the same time) is all prime elements, to that, from whom (it occurred) moved and to that, who differs from (all) reasons for that moved!

Parashara said:

14. Thus far it, (after surrendering) by heart (To Vishnu) by this hymn glorified god, before it with their own eyes appeared Bhagavan Of hari, robed in the yellow clothing.

15. With the consternation it glanced at it (Prahlada), it arose and, hesitating, m`sh`k, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, to again and again voskliqat6 thus: " glory To Vishnu!"

Prahlada said:

16. About god, against ustranitel' of the griefs (all) of those coming running (to you), be gracious, against Keshava, to again clean me by the gift of your view, against the eternal!

Shri Of bhagavan said:

17. it is contented by the firm love -bxakti, which you appeared. On Prahlada, select from me the gift, such as you will wish!

Prahlada said:

18. About patron, for all those thousands of generation, which for me is in prospect to pass, yes will stay (in me) always firm love -bxakti for you, against Achyuta!

19. Let unceasing gladness, (similar to that), that (they test/experience people), not knowing difference (between the true and false knowledge) with respect to the objects of feelings, (arisen) (in me) with the thoughts about you, (never) it does not leave my heart!

Shri Of bhagavan said:

20. You have love -bxakti for me, and it, truly, eternally will stay (in you). On Prahlada, select from me gift, any.

Prahlada said:

21. Me they began to hate for the fact thatit glorified you. Forgive, about god, that sin, that completed my father.

22. From the hatred (my) terms chopped with weapon, (me) they threw into the turbulent flame, (me) stung uragi, into my food they laid poison.

23. (me) they connected and threw in the sea, to me they piled the heap of cliffs, against me are used other any means,

24. but 4, your admirer -bxakt remained unharmed. (from the sin in all) this by your might, about ruler, free now my father.

Shri Of bhagavan said:

25. On Prahlada, on my favor all this will happen for you. I grant to you one additional gift. Select, about the son of asury!

Prahlada said:

26. On Bhagavan,it is satisfied by this your gift: on your favor (my) love -bxakti for you in future (yes it will stay) meg{akelni.

27. To what of dharma, wealth/riches and enjament, indeed release in the hand of that, who solid in the love -bxakti for you, against the root of all worlds!

Shri Of bhagavan said:

28. Once your heart is firm in the love -bxakti for me, then by maeyu favor you will find high release!

29. After saying so, To Vishnu it disappeared in it from the look, against Maytreya, and (Prahlada) again it went and fell down to the feet/stacks of father.

30. Father was applied to his forehead and he embraced martyr. " you is living, against the child ", he said, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, spilling bitter tears.

31. Great asura was favorable to it and did not tear to pieces (more than son). But the expert of Dharma (Prahlada) began (to fulfill his duties), sluzha guru and father.

32. And when To Vishnu in the age-old means Of narasimhi it ruined its father, it became Mr. of dayt'ev, against Maytreya.

33. Then, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, it reached/achieved the luster of sublimity and, blyudya the cleanliness of acts, (it found) posterity and new most great authority.

34. After (period) its dominion, it, after being freed from (consequences) merits and sins (by way) of concentration on Bhagavane, found high release.

35. Was such, against Maytreya, powerful dayt'ya, multi-wise Prahlada, the admirer -bxakt Of bhagavana, about whom you me asked.

36. The one who listens to this narrative about the life of great by the spirit Of prahlady, immediately is freed/released from the sins.

37. Person, who listens to and who reads narrative about the life Of prahlady, undoubtedly, washes off the sin, perfected by day or at night, against Maytreya.

38. That reading this (narrative about the life Of prahlady) into the plenilune, into the new moon, to the eighth or the twelfth (day of bright half of lunar month) finds fruit, (equal) to the donation of cow, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy.

39. As Hari it shielded Prahladu in all calamities, it so will protect that, who always listens to narrative about its life.

Is such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa the twentieth chapter.




Parashara said:

1. sons Of samhlady were Ayushman, Shibi and Bashkala. In Prahlady was the son Of virochana, and from Virochany was born Bali.

2. U of Bali it was hundreds of sons. Hiran'yakshi they were allotted by the great force:

3. Utkura, Shakuni and Bhutasantapana, and also mogucherukiy Mahanabha, and Kalanabha, and still others.

4. sons To danu were Dvimurdhan, Shankara, and also Ayomukha, Shankushiras, Kapila and Shambara.

5. I mogucherukiy Yekachakra, and allotted by great force Taraka, and also To svarbhanu, Vrishaparvan and great asura Of puloman.

6. they, and also valiant To viprachitti were known as sons To danu. In To svarbhanu there was the daughter Of prabha, and Sharmishtha was the daughter Of vrishaparvana.

7. best of the virgins, named Upadanavi and Hayashiras, and also Puloma and Kalaka, were the daughters Of vayshvanary.

8. two (latter), allotted by great fraction/portion, married (To kash'yapu), the offset Of marichi. They have sixty thousand sons, excellent danavov,

9. which, on the legend, (they are known as) Paulomy and Kalakanji, the offsets Of marichi. these and still others there were valiant and furious danavy.

10. Sons To viprachitti from Simhiki were V'yamsha, strong Shal'ya and powerful Nabha,

11. Vatapi, Namuchi, Ilvala and Khasrima, and also Anjaka, Naraka and Kalanabha,

12. valiant Svabhanu and powerful Chakrayodhin. these excellent danavy increased kind To danu

13. Their descendants were calculated by hundred and thousand. In the kind of dayt'i Of prahlady were originated Nivatakavachi,

14. their souls were purified by severe askeza. In Tamra was six daughters, allotted by great Blagost'yu, who were famous as

15. pike, Sh'eni, Bhasi, Sugrivi, shchuchi, Gridhrika. From the pike occurred the parrots, owls and crows.

16. Sh'eni it bore Sokolov, whereas Bhasi - hawks, Gridhr'ya - finger boards, shchuchi - flock of the planktonic birds, Sugrivi -

17. horses, camels and donkeys, (these mothers) were famous as belonging to the kind Tamry. And Vinaty there were two sons, named Of garuda and Aruna.

18. Suparna was best of that flying and fierce pozhiratelem of kites. (by children) Surasy it was thousands of kites, allotted by immeasurable power,

19. Many-headed, that fly on the sky, great by spirit, against brahman. And it was originated thousands of descendants to sequence, strong,

20. of those allotted by immeasurable power, subject To suparne, about brahman, which have there are many heads. From them the main things were Shesha, Vasuki and Takshaka,

21. Shankha, Shveta, Mahapadma, plaice, and also Ashvatara, elapatra and Naga, Karkotaka and Dhananjaya,

22. these and many others kusachiye and mortally poisonous snakes. Know also about the kind Krodhavashi, from this (kind) went all sharp-toothed (predators),

23. dwelling on the earth/ground, the birds, that dwell in the waters, fierce pozhirateli of flesh. Of surabhi it gave birth to cows and buffalos;

24. Ira - trees/wood, liana, creeping plants and all forms of grasses; Khasa - yakshey, rakshasov, and Mooney - apsar.

25. Arishta gave generation to gandharvam, allotted by great Blagost'yu, (everything) these fixed and moving were known zh`zh the descendants Of kash'yapy.

26. They have hundred and thousands of descendants. Is such, against brahman, on the legend, creation in manvantare Of svarochishchi.

27. But in (to manvantare) Vayvasvaty the creation of the essences (it occurred), as it is considered, when Brahma took the part in ritual deystvah for the great offering, (accomplished) Varuna.

28. Seven Rishis , before generated by it as seven of spiritual (sons), great father (Brahma) (again) created as his sons.

29. (in the battle) gandharvov, zmeev, gods and danavov, against the best of the good, perished sons To diti; and it began to ublagotvoryat' Kash'yapu.

30. That respected by it as becomes, Kash'yapa chosen from the devotees rewarded by its gift, and it selected into the gift

31. sons, allotted by great courage, capable of killing Indru; and best of the recluses gave this gift (by its) husband.

32. Granting this extremely terrible gift, Kash'yapa said to it: " your son will kill Shakru when you will one hundred years bear (in the womb) the embryo of son,

33. after concentrating (its reason to Vishnu); you will be completely restrained (in its feelings) and pure/clean ". After saying so to goddess, the recluse Of kash'yapa drew together himself with it.

34. And it began to bear this embryo, blyudya proper cleanliness. Maghavan, after learning about this embryo, which had to kill its very,

35. it arrived and it became to subdued usluzhat' it, the tsar of immortal, chastiser packs searched for in it weak place.

36. (finally), in last year of century, this case occurred. To diti lay down for a while on the bed, without having completed the ablution of feet,

37. and it fell asleep, and the holder of vajra penetrated in its bosom and rassek that allotted by the great fraction/portion (embryo) to seven parts.

38. That cut by vajra (embryo) terribly roared. " do not roar!" - was again and again repeated to it Shakra.

39. Here Indra was again angra to this (already cut) to seven parts embryo, and by vajra, that cuts enemies, cut each part to seven more parts.

40. Thus arose swift gods, named marutami. They became (to be called) marutami because Maghavan said: " mA bear (do not roar)!" And they made forty nine times gods, by satellites of the holder of vajry.

Are such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa twenty first chapter.




Parashara said:

1. when in the old times Rishiplaced Prithu on (terrestrial) reign, the great father of worlds consecutively/serially created (other) reigns.

2. dominion above the stars, the planets, brahmanami and above all plants, and also above the offerings and askeza Brahma it returned to soma.

3. authority above the tsars (it obtained) Of vayshravana, and above the waters - Varuna, Vishnu he became Mr. of adit'ev, and Pavaka - to vasu.

4. authority above the patriarchs was given To dakshe, above marutami - Vasave, and above dayt'yami and danavami - Prahlade.

5. to govern/control pitarami set the tsar of Dharma pit, and Ayravata obtained supremacy above all celestial elephants.

6. (authority above) by the birds (it obtained) Of garuda, and above the gods - Vasava, Uchchayhshravas - above the horses, and Vrishabha - above the cows.

7. Shesha was set by the tsar above nagami, lion became the ruler of wild beasts, and fig tree/wood - by tsar of trees/wood.

8. after distributing by such means of reign, Mr. of patriarchs Brahma here appointed the keepers of the sides of light/world, the strictly carrying out vow.

9. (son) to patriarch Vayraji (on the name) Sudhanvana he placed by the tsar- keeper of the sides of light/world on the eastern side.

10. The son of patriarch Kardamy on the name Of shankhapada it placed by tsar on the southern side.

11. Great by spirit Ketumat, the imperishable son (patriarch) Of rajasa was set by tsar on the western side.

12. Hiran'yaroman, (son) patriarch Parzhan'i, was set by tsar on the almost inaccessible northern side.

13. And they, according to indication (Brahma), in accordance with dharma also to this day guard entire earth/ground with its continents and cities.

14. All these tsars and others great Atman Vishnu placed on the way of existence as the accomplices of the retention/maintaining existence, against the best of the recluses.

15. Those rulers of the essences, which were, and all those, which left, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, they all - (only) part To Vishnu, which there are all essences, against the best of dvazhdyrozhdennyh.

16. And those, who the tsars of gods, and those, who the tsars of dayt'ev, and those, who the ruler of danavov and the ruler of pozhirateley flesh,

17. and those, who the main things among the cattle, and those, who the main things among the feathered, and those, who the tsars of people, kites and nagov,

18. and those, who the tsars of trees/wood, and mountains, and planets, who left and those, who (now) guide, and others, who will (guide),

19. they all arose as the parts of the god To Vishnu. And no one of other, besides the ruler of moved Hari, is capable

20. to protect the existing peace/world with its retention/maintaining, against that allotted by great knowledge.

21. During the creation (peace/world) it creates peace/world, with the retention/maintaining it, eternal, guards peace/world, with the decease (peace/world) it destras it, being based respectively on the fervency, Blagosti and others (qualities).

22. Janardana, (consisting) of four parts, is present during the creation (peace/world), and in the quaternara (appearance) - with the retention/maintaining (peace/world), and at the end it accomplishes destruction (peace/world), being it is divided into four (means).

23. In its one part it, (as) Brahma, of neyavlennogo (state) becomes personified (by peace/world), in another its part it - Marichi and the remaining main things (patriarchs),

24. Feces - its third part, and other (one fourth) - entire tssyetsrb`, so, allotted by the quality of fervency, it becomes quaternara during the creation.

25. With the retention/maintaining (peace/world) it achieves protection (peace/world): by one its part (as) To Vishnu, another (by its part) in the means polygon and others (patriarchs) and (by third its part) in the means feces,

26. and other (by one its fourth) it is in all essences, (so), being based on the quality Of blagosti, highest Purusha accomplishes preservation of peace.

27. During the end (peace/world) the ruler, nerozhdennyy Bhagavan, being based on nature of stagnation, in their one part have the age-old means Of Rudra,

28. another its part it assumes/takes the means Of agni, Antaki and other (god- destraers), its another (third) part - age-old means feces, and other (the fourth) - all essences.

29. (so), in the quaternara (means) great Atman (Vishnu) accomplishes ruin (peace/world), (such), against brahman, as they say, (quaternary) state (Vishnu) in all periods.

30. Brahma, Daksha and other (patriarchs), feces, and also all living creation - (this) the wonderful forces Of hari, which are the reasons for the creation of peace/world.

31. To Vishnu, polygon and other (patriarchs). Feces, and also all living beings, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, this wonderful forces Vishnu, the reason for retention/maintaining (peace/world).

32. Rudra, feces, Antaka and other (god- destraers), and also all living creation - these are is four (kinds) wonderful forces Of janardany, (is directed on) destruction (peace/world).

33. In the beginning of peace/world and in its middle, up to its destruction, creation, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, accomplishes Dhatri, Marichi and other patriarchs, and also (everyone) living sozdan'ya.

34. Brahma creates in the period of beginning (peace/world), then (patriarchs), beginning from Marichi, (they generate essences), and then living creation unceasing is produced posterity.

35. Fishing basket creation, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, neither Brahma nor all patriarchs nor all living sozdan'ya are free from feces.

36. Is such, against Maytreya, as it is considered, quaternara (means) of the god of gods with the retention/maintaining, and also upon the destruction (and the creation of peace/world).

37. If that generated By blagost'yu (essence) creates anything, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, then in existence this of that created will be present Blagost' - this is the body Of hari.

38. But if someone kills any fixed or moving (to sozdan'e), this, against Maytreya, proceeding from Rudra, the fatal body Of janardany.

39. So Janardana, truly, is the creator of peace/world and the keeper of peace/world, and also pozhiratelem of entire peace/world.

40. It assumes/takes triple (means) in the periods of creation, retention/maintaining and end of the peace/world, being it is allotted (by appropriate) quality (as predominating), and its great high state deprived of qualities.

41. Since the age-old means of highest Atmana - four forms, it consists of the knowledge (of quaternary) essence (Vishnu), we get to know only by them by itself, nesravnenen.

Maytreya said:

42. However, about recluse, describe to me in detail about four forms of existence Of ap`ul{ and tell about his highest state.

Parashara said:

43. On Maytreya, then that there is a reason for all things, is called means (achieving goal), and the tendency to reach/achieve Atmana (it is called) by the target/purpose, (which one should reach/achieve).

44. For yogina, which thirsts release, the controlling of vital respiration and others (yogicheskiye methods) serve as means (achieving goal), and target/purpose is highest Brahma, whence (yogin) it does not return again (into sansaru).

45. Knowledge yoginom of means to the release - (here) the first form (knowledge Of Brahma), of united with the knowledge, about recluse.

46. Knowledge by yoginami, which restrained (its feelings) and (approaching k) Brahme, the means, which lead to the release of the misfortunes - (here) the second part (knowledge), about great recluse.

47. With the aid of these two forms (knowledge) (it understands itself identity) of means and target/purpose, i.e. the knowledge of nedvastvennosti, this, assaid, (third) division (knowledge).

48. And by eliminating (all) differences, (still existing/available) in this triple knowledge, about great recluse, (it understands itself) (fourth step/stage) - the vision of the age-old means Of atmana.

49. (the knowledge), which does not require efforts/forces, neiz"yasnimo, (to vse)ohvatyvayushche, it is incomparable, (the knowledge), as object/subject of which serves the realization (essences) Of atmana, (knowledge), not dependent on existence, which does not have characteristics,

50. pacifying, deprived of fear, pure/clean, not being object/subject for the logical reflection, not needing support, consisting of the knowledge Vishnu, this knowledge there is a high state (Vishnu).

51. Those yoginy, which rejected/threw (everyone) other knowledge, depart (from sansara) and lose the ability to sow their seed on the ploughed cornfield of sansara, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy.

52. Such highest state, called Vishnu, it is not stained, intransiently, (to vse)ohvatyvayushche, it is eternally, it is deprived of all differences.

53. yogin, which reached/achieved this highest Brahma, does not return from there again (into sansaru), in this highest (state) it is free from the good and the evil, from the sufferings, it is super-perfect.

54. (they distinguish) two means Of Brahma - personified and not incarnated, its two age-old of means - perishable and not perished, these (means) are present in all essences.

55. Not perished (means) - (this) highest Brahma, perishable - (this) this entire peace/world. (similarly), as light/world it is extended from the located in one place fire/light

56. and becomes stronger or weaker (depending on) proximity or distance (from the fire/light), thus, against Maytreya, as is known, (it changes) and energy -wakti (Brahma) (in the essences and the substances).

57. Brahma, To Vishnu and Shiva - main moving energies -wakti Brahma, then (they go) gods, against Maytreya, their lower than (they cost) Daksha and others (patriarchs).

58. Then (they go) people, cattle, wild beasts, bird and creeping, another myufe (according to the degree of the content in them of energy -wakti) - trees/wood, bushes and other (plant).

59. This entire imperishable, intransient peace/world is such, against that chosen from the recluses, it first appears, then it disappears, (as if) it was subjected to generation and death.

60. The highest age-old personified means Of Brahma, about it reflected in the ancient times of yoginy in the beginning their yogi, this Vishnu, which consists of all energies -wakti.

61. And conjugated/combined with this great of yogi - it they accompany by mantrami, is reached (yoginom), whose reason is properly inverted to this, about recluse.

62. Of hari - highest and nearest (from Brahma) from the energies -wakti Of Brahma, it - personified Brahma, it is allotted by great fraction/portion and consists of entire Brahma.

63. It - the canvas of the entire world wholly, from it (it occurred) peace/world and in it (it is) peace/world, it - entire peace/world, about recluse.

64. It - Vishnu, which consists of the perishable and not perished, the ruler, who bears on himself the whole (peace/world), which consists of Purushi and neyavlenna (pre-matter), its age-old means (it is characterized) by adornments and by weapon.

Maytreya said:

65. You must describe to me, as Bhagavan Vishnu bears (on itself) this entire the peace/world, which is in the age-old means of his adornments and weapon.

Parashara said:

66. After blessing immeasurable Vishnu, ruler Vishn, I will tell (to you) (so), as it was described to me By vasishtha.

67. Bhagavan Of hari bears (on itself) Atman of this peace/world, not contaminated, deprived of qualities, not stained, in the age-old means of the gem Of kaushtubhi.

68. predmateriya rest upon Anante as the sign of shrivatsa, and consciousness rests upon Madhave in the means of club.

69. Ruler bears (on himself) self-consciousness, (consisting of) two aspects - prime elements and other, the sensora organs and other in the means shell and Sharngi.

70. In its hand Vishnu holds the reason in the age-old means of disk - (proceeding from it thoughts) they fly swiftly, anticipating/leading wind.

71. Necklace To vayjayanti, (belonging) to the carrier of club, it is comprised of five forms (precious stones), is the meeting of reasons (five) for prime elements, and it, truly, necklace from (five) the prime elements, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy.

72. In the means of all its arrows Of janardana it holds all sensora organs, which are connected/bonded both with the consciousness and with the action.

73. The super-stainless precious sword, which bears Achyuta, consists of vedana, but this knowledge is covered by the panel of nevedana.

74. Thus spirit -mind, predmateriya, consciousness and self-consciousness, prime elements, reason, all sensora organs, and also to vedana and to nevedana, all this, against Maytreya, it rests upon Hrishikesha.

75. Hari accepted for the good of those breathing (essences) the appearance of mayi (and), being it was deprived of means, (it appeared) in the age-old means (of its) weapon and adornments.

76. So (darkness) highest ruler bears (on himself) predmateriyu with (by all it) the changes, spirit -mind and entire peace/world.

77. That that is vedana, and the fact that there is nevedana, first that there is that existing and that the fact that that existing, eternal there is - all this (concluded/included) in the lord of all essences destraer To madhu.

78. Infinite, eternal Bhagavan Of hari (it has) age-old means feces it (by subdivisions) to feces, kashtha, nimesha etcetera, on the days, seasons, half-year and years.

79. On the best of the recluses, it, that is omnipresent, is seven worlds: terrestrial peace/world, air peace/world, celestial peace/world, (peace/world) patriarchs, (peace/world) truth.

80. Itself Of hari is as personified Atman of worlds, pervorozhdennyy from all pervo(rozhdennyh), the support of all conducting.

81. That being omnipresent is in many its means - as gods, people, cattle and other. The ruler of entire Ananta, itself without having that personified (means), is in the personified means (of all) essences.

82. It is known in Vedante as (verses) Of rigVeda, yajurVeda, SamaVeda and AtharvaVeda as traditional histora and the sacred science.

83. All Vedanga (collections of laws), presented To man, etc. (by authors), all Puranaa, Sahstra and any ritual collections,

84. all poets slavo(sloviya) and all of pesnopeniya - this is the body of great Atmana Vishnu, which was personified in the sound.

85. Those things (and substance), which have and do not have a form, wherever they not were located, there and here, they all - its body.

86. "there are Hari. This entire (peace/world) is Janardana. Not from whom other appears cause and effect ". The one who thinks so, will not revive again, him it is not touched the suffering of new generation.

87. Thus, against dvazhdyrozhdennyy, to you is properly told the first book Of Puranaa. Slushan'e Of Puranaa frees from the sins.

88. Person, who listens to this (To Puranaa) finds entire that fruit, which (it is reached) by ablution in (lake) Pushkara in (month) karttika in the course of twelve years.

89. Gods and other give presents husband, who listens to about the origin of gods, Rishis , gandharvov, yakshey and other, about recluse.

Are such in the first book of Vishnu-Puranaa twenty second chapter.





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