9.001.01 Flow, Soma, in a most sweet and exhilarating stream, effused for Indra 
to drink. [Yajus. 26.25] 

9.001.02 The all-beholding destroyer of ra_ks.asas has stepped upon his gold-
smitten birthplace, united with thewooden cask. [Yajus. 26.26; variant ayohate 
dron.e for ayohatam drun.a; his gold-smitted birth-place: drun.a_ =a wooden cask 
(dron.akalas'a), or the planks of the Soma press; ayohatam = smitten with gold; 
or, fabricated bya carpenter with a metal tool; Bra_hman.a cited: 
hiran.yapa_n.ir abhis.unoti = golden-handed he presses out theSoma]. 

9.001.03 Be the lavish giver of wealth, most bounteous, the destroyer of 
enemies; bestow on us the riches of theaffluent. 

9.001.04 Come with food to the sacrifice of the mighty gods, and bring to us 
strength and sustenance. 

9.001.05 To you we come, O dropping (Soma); for you only is this our worship day 
by day, our prayers are toyou, none other. 

9.001.06 The daughter of the Sun purifies your gushing streams through the 
eternal outstretched hair. [Thedaughter of the Sun: s'raddha_ = faith; 
Va_jasneyi: 'Verily s'raddha_ is the daughter of the Sun, she purifies him'.The 
hair-sieve used for straining the Soma]. 

9.001.07 The ten sister-fingers seize you in the sacrifice, on the final day (of 
the oblation). [pa_rye divi = sautye'hani, on the day of the Soma effusion; in 
6.026.01, this term is explained as pa_rye ahan, in the final day, or inthe time 
of extremity]. enemy-averting. [Its juice becomes threefold = tridha_tu = lit., 
in three places; or, as filling the three vessels, thedron.akalas'a, the 
a_havani_ya and the pu_tabhr.t]. 

9.001.09 The inviolable kine mingle this fresh Soma with their milk for Indra to 

9.001.10 In the exhilaration of this draught the hero Indra smites all his 
enemies and bestows wealth (on hisworshippers).

9.002.01 Flow on, Soma, seeking the gods, hastening on in your purifying course; 
enter Indra, O Indu, theshowerer. 

9.002.02 O Indu, do you, the mighty showerer (of blessings) most glorious 
upholder, send us food, and sit downin yours own place. 

9.002.03 The stream of effused creative Soma milks out the joy-giving ambrosia; 
the accomplisher of holy ritesveils itself in the waters. [apo vasis.t.a 
sukratuh: a reference to the vasati_vari_ water with which the soma 

9.002.04 (Som), when you will veil yourself in the milk, the mighty streaming 
waters flow to you, the mighty one. 

9.002.05 The juice-distilling Soma, the sustainer, the supporter of heaven, is 
purified in the water-- favouring us,(it is poured) into the straining cloth. 

9.002.06 The mighty golden-hued showerer of blessings utters a sound as it 
drops, beautiful as a friend; it shines(in the heavens) with the sun. [rocate is 
read as, didyute in Sa_maveda; beautiful as a friend: mitro na = yatha_sakha_]. 

9.002.07 O Indu, by the power the busy voices are hallowed which adorn you as 
you drop for our exhilaration.  are your praises. [pras'astayo mahih is read as, 
pras'astaye mahe in Sa_maveda]. 

9.002.09 Indu, do you, longing for Indra, stream upon us with a shower of 
ambrosia, like a raining cloud.[indrayuh = enjoyed by Indra]. 

9.002.10 Indu, you are the giver of kine, of children, of horses, and of food; 
you are the primeval soul of thesacrifice.

9.003.01 This divine immortal (Soma) hastens as a bird to settle on the 
sacrificial vessels. [The dron.as are thelarge troughs called drona.kalas'a]. 

9.003.02 This divine (Soma), expressed by the fingers, and dropping inviolable, 
rushes against the enemies.[hvara_m.si dha_vati = hastens down declivities]. 

9.003.03 This divine (Soma), as it drops, is adorned (with hymns) by the 
sacrifice-desiring priests as a horse forbattle. 

9.003.04 This strong one, as it drops, seems to encompass all desirable things 
with its power and seeks tobestow them upon us. sound. 

9.003.06 This divine (Soma), praised by the priests and giving wealth to the 
worshipper, plunges into the waters.[The waters are those called vasati_varyah, 
with which Soma is sprinkled]. 

9.003.07 Making a sound as it drops in a continued stream it rushes across the 
worlds into heaven. 

9.003.08 As it drops, completing the sacrifice, it passes across the worlds in 
inviolable to heaven. [astr.tahreplaces aspr.tah in Sa_maveda]. 

9.003.09 Divine and expressed for the gods by an ancient birth, the golden-hued 
(Soma) flows in the strainingcloth. 

9.003.10 Produced at our rite and producing abundant food the Soma, efficacious 
in sacrifices, flows effused in astream.

9.004.01 Pure-dropping (Soma), bounteous food, welcome (the gods at our rite) 
and overcome (the demons);and make us happy. 

9.004.02 Soma, give us brightness, give us heaven, give us all good things; and 
make us happy. 

9.004.03 Soma, give us strength, give us wisdom, drive away our enemies; and 
make us happy. 

9.004.04 Priests, press out the Soma for Indra to drink; (O Soma), make us 

9.004.05 Do you, (O Soma), by your power and your protections bring us to the 
sun, and make us happy. 

9.004.06 The pure-flowing (Soma) longs for the fair-formed wide-reaching mighty 
Night and Dawn not yet visible. 

9.004.07 Bright-weaponed Soma, shower upon us wealth abundant for both worlds; 
and make us happy.[dvibarhasam = dvayor dya_va_ pr.thivyoh stha_nayoh 
parivr.d.ham; it means 'double', 'abundant]. 

9.004.08 O you who are unvanquished in battle, smitter of enemies, shower wealth 
upon us, and make us happy.[va_jin replaces rayim in Sa_maveda]. 

9.004.09 Pure-dropping (Soma), they glorify you with the holy rites for their 
own upholding make us happy.[vidharman.i = a_tmavidha_ran.a_rtham; or, yajne--
'they glorify you with the hymns in the sacrifice']. 

9.004.10 Indu, bring to us varied wealth, abundant in horses and all-reaching, 
and make us happy.

9.005.01 The pure-flowing (Soma) shines forth in its brightness, the universal 
lord, the showerer of blessings, therejoicer, uttering a loud sound. [The 
deities, samidh and others are severally invoked in the successive verses.Soma 
is praised in the form of the A_pris, and samiddhah is explained as 

9.005.02 The pure-flowing Tanu_napa_t, rushes sharpening its splendour on the 
height and hastens through thesky. [Tanu_napa_t = a name of Soma, abhyo ams'avo 
ja_yante tatah somo ja_yate, from the waters are bornbeams, from these is born 
Soma; hastens through the sky: that is, to the dron.akalas'a, according to the 
text, 'hetakes a_grayan.a libation with two streams']. 

9.005.03 The pure-flowing bright (Soma), the bounteous giver, worthy of all 
praise, shines forth in its might withthe streams of water. 

9.005.04 The bright golden-hued pure-flowing one rushes in its might, strewing 
the sacred grass in the sacrificewith its points towards the cast. 

9.005.05 The bright golden doors, praised by the priests together with the Soma, 
rise up from the vast horizon. 

9.005.06 The pure-flowing (Soma) longs for the fair-formed wide-reaching mighty 
Night and Dawn not yet visible. 

9.005.07 I  invoke the two divine priests, the two deities who behold men-- the 
pure-flowing (Soma) is radiant andthe showerer (of benefits). [The pure-flowing 
Soma is radiant: perhaps, an identification of Soma with Indra, justas in the 
next verse, Indu (i.e. Soma) is identified with Indra. 

9.005.08 May the three beautiful goddesses, Bha_rati_, Sarasvati_, and mighty 
Il.a_, come to this our offering ofthe Soma. 

9.005.09 I invoke Tvas.t.a_, the first-born, the protector, the leader; the 
golden-coloured pure-flowing Indu isIndra, the showerer, the lord of all 

9.005.10 Pure Soma, consecrate with your streaming ambrosia the green bright 
golden-hued Vanaspati with itsthousand branches. 

9.005.11 O all ye gods, come together to the consecration of the Soma-- Va_yu, 
Br.haspati, Su_rya, Agni andIndra.

9.006.01 Soma, who is the showerer (of benefits), devoted to the gods, 
favourable to us, flow with yourexhilarating stream into the woollen sieve. [In 
Sa_maveda, avyo va_rebhih replaces avyo va_res.vah]. 

9.006.02 Indu,do you, as sovereign, effuse that exhilarating juice, and pour 
forth vigorous steeds. [As sovereign:Lit. 'as Indra', i.e., acting as 

9.006.03 Rain out through the filter, while pressed that ancient exhilarating 
fluid, and pour us forth strength andfood. 

9.006.05 That which sporting in the wood and spurting beyond the sieve, the ten 
sisters press, as (men rubdown) a strong horse. [The ten sisters: the ten 
fingers, as in RV 9.001.07]. 

9.006.06 That desire-showring liquor, effused for the drink of the gods and for 
our exhilaration, mix with milk forprowess in battle. 

9.006.07 The divine Soma, when effused, flows to the divine Indra in a stream, 
since its milk flattens him.[Flattens: pi_payat = fr. pyai (reduplicated form); 
or, pi = its milk swells]. 

9.006.08 The soul of the sacrifice, the effused Soma, flows; with speed bringing 
blessings, and maintains hisancient seer-hood. 

9.006.09 Most exciting (Soma), devoted to Indra, as you pour forth the 
exhilarating juice for his drinking, you emitsounds in the secret (hall of 
sacrifice). [You emit sounds: uparavas = round sounding holes, which are dug in 
theyou store praises in secret (Ka_tya_yana's Sutra 8.4.28].

9.007.01 The excellent streams (of the Soma), feeling a union with Indra, flow 
forth in the ceremony by the pathof sacrifice. [With Indra: Lit., 'with him', 
asya; Indrasya is implied]. 

9.007.02 That which is to be praised as the oblation among oblations is immersed 
in the great (holy) waters, thestream of honey, the pre-eminent. [Immersed in 
the great holy waters: i.e. vasati_vari waters; the pre-eminent:pra dha_ra_ 
agriyah = dha_ra_ mukhyah prapatanti, the pre-eminent streams fall down]. 

9.007.03 The pre-eminent (Soma), the showerer of benefits, the truthful, the 
indestructible, utters continuoussounds in the water, towards the sacrificial 

9.007.04 When the seer (Soma), wearing ample treasures, goes round the praises 
(of his worshippers), then themighty (Indra) in heaven is eager to repair to the 

9.007.05 When the priests excite it, the flowing Soma like a king destroys 
opposing (demons and) men. 

9.007.06 The green-tinted (Soma), dear to the gods, commingled with the water, 
sits down upon the woollensieve, uttering a sound it is greeted by praise. 

9.007.07 He who is assiduous in the functions of (providing and preparing) the 
Soma, goes with exhilaration toVa_yu, Indra and the As'vins. 

9.007.08 The streams of the sweet Soma flow to Mitra and Varun.a and to Bhaga; 
the worshippers knowing its(virtues are rewarded) with happiness. 

9.007.09 Heaven and earth, for the acquisition of this exhilarating Soma food, 
win for us wealth, food andtreasures.

9.008.01 These Soma juices distil the dear desire of Indra, increasing his 

9.008.02 Pure-flowing, filling the ladles, and proceeding to Va_yu and the 
As'vins, may they sustain our energy. 

9.008.03 Soma, pure-flowing, desired for the gratification of Indra, do you 
impel him to sit in the place of sacrifice.[Do you impel him: ha_rdi = 
abhilas.itah; perhaps, ha_rdi = hr.dayam as in RV 8.079.08; the rendering: 
Soma,pure flowing, for Indra's gratification, do you stir his heart to sit in 
the place of sacrifice]. 

9.008.04 The ten fingers strain you, the seven priests caress you, the 
worshippers gladden you. [The sevenpriests caress you: sapta dhi_tayah; but, in 
RV 9.062.17, this is explained as 'seven metres]. 

9.008.05 As you stream on the water and the woollen sieve, we wrap you up with 
milk for the exhilaration of thegods. [On the water: kam = water; as an adverb, 

9.008.06 Purified in the pitchers, radiant and green-tinted, the Soma puts on 
the raiment derived from the cow. 

9.008.07 Flow to us, your wealthy (worshippers); destoy all our enemies; Indu, 
enter your friend. [Your friend: i.e.Indra]. 

9.008.08 Pour down rain from heaven, and abundance upon the earth; uphold our 
strength, Soma, in battles. 

9.008.09 (Adoring) you, the contemplator of men, the beverage of Indra and the 
knower of all things, may we beblessed with progeny and food. [The knower of all 
things: Or, the knower of heaven].

9.009.01 The seer (Soma) having wise designs, when placed between the two boards 
and effused, proceeds tothe stones which are most dear to heaven. [Sa_maveda has 
svanaih for suva_nah; between the two boards: lit.,between the two grand-
daughters, naptyoh. Terms of relationship are used in the Veda often to imply 
materialSoma; another interpretation is that they imply two hands; proceeds to 
the stones: vaya_m.si; alternativerendering: the seer is placed between the 
hands as a most dear banquet to heaven; the knower of the past (orthe wise in 
sacrifice) goes forth effused]. 

9.009.02 Go forth in a most abundant stream, ample for his sustenance, to the 
guileless man, your own, whopraises you 

9.009.03 That mighty and pure son, when born, illumines his mighty parents 
(heaven and earth), the progenitors(of all things), the augmenters of the 
sacrifice. [Alternative rendering: that pure son (the Soma) illumined 
hismothers, he the born, them too born, he the great, them the great, the 
augmenters of sacrifice]. 

9.009.04 Effused by the fingers, (Soma) gladdens the seven guileless rivers, who 
have magnified him one andundecaying. [Seven guileless rivers: sapta is 
separated from dhi_tibhih and connected with nadyah; cf. RV10.008.04]. 

9.009.05 Indra, at your worship, they (the fingers) have provided the present, 
indestructible, and ever-youthfulIndu, for your solemn service. 

9.009.06 The immortal bearer (of the oblation), the conveyer (of content to the 
gods), beholds the seven rivers,full as a well, he has satisfied the divine 

9.009.07 Protect us, manly Soma, in the days of sacrifice purifier, destroy 
those powers of darkness againstwhich we must contend. [In the days of 
sacrifice: kalpes.u = kalpaniyes.vahahsu, in the days which have to bereckoned; 
another interpretation: 'in our rites']. 

9.009.08 Quickly speed on the road for our new praiseworthy hymn; as of old, 
display your radiance. 

9.009.09 Purifier (Soma), you grant us abundant food with male off-spring, and 
cattle and horses; give usunderstanding, give us all (we desire).

9.010.10 Longing for food the Soma juices, uttering a sound like chariots or 
like horses, have come for the sakeof riches. [soma_sah = desiring to seize food 
from their enemies; taken with arvantah, it is translated 'or likeglory-seeking 

9.010.02 Coming like chariots (to the sacrifice), they are upheld in the arms 
(of the priests) as burdens (in thearms) of labourers. 

9.010.03 The libations are anointed with milk as kings with praises, and 
(tended) as a sacrifice by seven priests. 

9.010.04 The Soma juices, when poured forth, are effused with loud praise, and 
proceed in a stream to exciteexhilaration. 

9.010.05 The beverages of Vivasvat and producing the glory of the dawn, the 
issuing juices spread their sound.[Vivasvat = Indra; a_pa_nasah  = 
a_pa_nabhu_tah; spread their sound: an.vam vitanvate = s'abdam 
kurvanti;elsewhere, an.va is explained as the small holes of the filter]. 

9.010.06 The old makers of hymns, men the offerers of the Soma, throw open the 
doors (of the sacrifice).[dva_ra_ is taken with mati_na_m, the ancient poets 
throw open the doors of their hymns]. 

9.010.07 The seven associated ministers like so many kinsmen filling the 
receptacle of the single (Soma), sitdown (at the sacrifice). 

9.010.08 I take into my navel the navel of the sacrifice, my becomes associated 
with the sun, I fill the offspring ofthe sage. [cf. RV 9.073.01; The navel of 
the sacrifice = Soma; offspring of the sage = graha or soma vesselcalled am.s'u; 
am.su may mean filament, read as am.s'am; my eye becomes associated with the 
Sun: 'Since wehave drunk the Soma']. 

9.010.09 The powerful (Indra) looks with the eye of his own resplendent self on 
the acceptable place of theSoma, fixed by the priests in the heart. [Indra views 
the Soma with affection even after it has been drunk by thepriests. 
divas'caks.asa = di_ptasya_tmanas' caks.us.a; guha_ = hr.daye; another 
translation: 'The sun looks withhis eye towards that beloved quarter of heaven, 
placed by the priests in the sacred cell'; div or dyuloka =dron.akalas'a or 
large soma trough. Thus, the sun looks towards the place where the Soma lies 
while it ispressed].

9.011.01 Sing, leaders of rites, to this pure-flowing, Indu, who is desirous of 
offering worship to the gods. [cf.Yajus. 33.62, first line]. 

9.011.02 The Atharva_n.a have mixed with sweet milk for the deity (Indra) your 
divine and god-devoted (juice).[The Atharva_n.a = the priests; have mixed with 
sweet milk: payah is taken to be instrumental; i.e., the meaningshould be: 'have 
mixed milk with your juice']. 

9.011.03 Radiant (Soma), do you pour prosperity upon our cattle, upon our 
people, upon our horses, and uponour plants. 

9.011.04 Recite praises to the brown-coloured self-vigorous (at times) red 
heaven-touching Soma.  

9.011.05 Purify the Soma which has been effused by the stones whirled by the 
hands; mix the sweet (milk) in theinebriating juice. 

9.011.06 Approach with reverence, mix (the libation) with the curds, offer the 
Soma to Indra. 

9.011.07 Soma, slayer of our enemies, the wise one, the fulfiller of the desires 
of the gods, do you shedprosperity on our cattle. 

9.011.08 Soma, who are cognizant of the mind, lord of the mind, you are poured 
forth for Indra to drink for hisexhilaration. 

9.011.09 Pure-dropping Soma, grant us wealth with excellent male offspring, 
grant it to us, Indu, with Indra as ourally.

9.012.01 The most sweet-flavoured Soma libations are poured forth to Indra in 
the hall of sacrifice. 

9.012.02 The wise (priests) call upon Indra to drink the Soma as the mother low 
to their calves. 

9.012.03 The wise soma, the bestower of exhilaration, dwells in the hall of 
(sacrifice), mixed with the waves ofthe river to a chant in the middle tone. 
[Mixed with the waves of the river: i.e. the vasati_vari water; a chant in 
thetvaci (RV 9.101.11); div = sky; cf. RV 9.010.09]. 

9.012.04 Soma, the observant, who is the wise seer, is worshipped in the navel 
of the sky, the woollen filter. 

9.012.05 Indu has embraced that Soma which is collected in the sewers and has 
been passed through the filter.[Indu has embraced: Indu embraces the Soma which 
is a portion of himself-- the deity seems to be thus opposedto the mere Soma in 
its early forms]. 

9.012.06 Indu emits a sound, abiding in the firmament of the sky, and delighting 
the nectar-shedding cloud.[samudra and kos'a = the water into which the Soma 
drops and the dron.akalas'a vessel]. 

9.012.07 Soma, whose praise is eternal, the lord of forests, the shedder of 
nectar, and rejoicing the generationsof men, (is present) in the midst of our 
sacred rites. [The generation of men: ma_nus.a yuga = the varioussacrificial 
seasons, whether occupying one or many days]. 

9.012.08 The sage Soma, urged from heaven, flows in a stream to the beloved 
abodes of his devout(worshipper).  

9.012.09 Purifying Indu, bestow upon us wealth of a thousand radiances, excelent 
in its nature.

9.013.01 The purifying Soma, flowing in a thousand streams and passing through 
the woollen filter, proceeds tothe prepared vessel for Va_yu and Indra. 

9.013.02 Sing aloud, you who are desirous of (divine) protection to he purifying 
wise Soma, effused for thebeverage of the gods. 

9.013.03 The Soma juices flow for the attainment of food, giving abundance of 
strength and hymned (to become)the beverage of the gods. [They become the 
beverage of the gods in the sacrifice, and by that means thesacrificer obtains 
food: va_jasa_taye annasya la_bha_ya]. 

9.013.04 You, Indu, for our attainment of food pour forth abundant streams, and 
splendid and excellent vigour.[Here va_jasa_taye may also be rendered 'for 
battle' ]. 

9.013.05 May those divine libations, when effused, bring to us thousandfold 
wealth and excellent vigour. 

9.013.06 Like horses urged to battle by their drivers, the swift-flowing juices 
have (flown) through the woollenfleece. [urged to battle: va_jasa_taye = for 
battle, in the first clause; for attainment of food, in the second clause]. 

9.013.07 Making a loud noise, the libations flow (to the vessel) like cows 
lowing to their calves; they are held inthe arms (of the priests). 

9.013.08 Acceptable and giving delight to Indra, pure (Soma), do you, as you 
utter a sound, destroy all ourenemies. 

9.013.09 Pure (libations), beholding all things and destroying those who worship 
not, sit down in the place ofsacrifice. [Pure libations: or, this verse may be 
addressed to the gods who are invited to partake of the offering].

9.014.01 The wise (Soma) flows widely round, be taking itself to the waves of 
the river, and uttering a sounddesired by many. [The waves of the river are the 
vasati_vari waters; uttering a sound desired by many:alternative reading may be, 
'bearing a hymn beloved by many']. 

9.014.02 When the five kindred sacrificing races, desirous of accomplishing 
pious rites, honour the sustaining(Soma) with their praise. [The five kindred 
sacrificing races: pan~ca vra_ta_h = pan~ca jana_ manus.ya_yajama_na_h; an 
allusion to the pan~ca jana_h mentioned earlier; sabandhavah = sama_na 
bandhana_h;or,sama_na bandhukah]. 

9.014.03 Then all the gods rejoice in the juice of this powerful (libation), 
when it is enveloped with milk and curds.

9.014.04 Descending from the filters (into the vessel), and passing through the 
cloth's interstices, it becomesunited in this (sacrifice) with its friend 

9.014.05 He who is rubbed down by the grandchildren of the sacrificer like a 
handsome young (horse), andrenders his form like the produce of the kine. [The 
grandchildren: the hand is the sacrificer's son, and the fingershis 

9.014.06 Expressed by the finger, he proceeds obliquely to the produce of the 
cow to mix with it; it utters a soundwhich (the worshipper) recognizes. (Soma). 

9.014.08 Soma, who hols all the treasures of heaven and earth, come favourably 
disposed to us.

9.015.01 This heroic Soma expressed by the fingers proceeds by the sacrifice, 
hastening with swift chariots toIndra's above. 

9.015.02 This Soma engages in many holy rites for the great sacrifice where the 
immortals sit. 

9.015.03 Placed (in the cart) he is brought by a brilliant path when the 
offerers of the libation present him.[Placed in the cart: i.s., placed in the 
havirdha_na he is brought to the a_havani_ha]. 

9.015.04 He tosses his horns as a bull, the lord of the herd, sharpens his, 
bearing treasures (for us) by his might.

9.015.05 He proceeds along impetuous with goldenbrilliant rays, the lord of 
streams. [Golden brilliant rays:rukmi_bhih may also be interpreted as: 'he 
proceeds along with the priests, vigorous with brilliant rays']. 

9.015.06 Overpowering at the juncture of time the discomfited concealers (the 
ra_ks.asas), he descends uponthose doomed to destruction. [Another reading (St. 
Petersburg Dictionary): 'at the juncture of time passingbeyond the solid 
treasures (of heaven and earth), he descends upon the young Soma']. 

9.015.07 The priests express into the vessels this juice which is to be 
purified, the bestower of abundant food. 

9.015.08 The ten fingers, the seven priests, express this (juice), well-
weaponed, and yielding great exhilaration.[Well-weaponed: sva_yudha is used to 
indicate that Soma has the power to slay the ra_ks.asas].

9.016.01 They who express you, the juice of heaven and earth do it for the foe-
destroying exhilaration (of Indra);your flow rushes as a swift horse. 

9.016.02 In pious rite by our fingers we mix with the milk (the Soma), the 
bringer of strength, the sender of kine,who envelopes the water. 

9.016.03 Cast into the filter the unassailable invincible (Soma), abiding in the 
waters (of the firmament) purify itfor the drinking of Indra. 

9.016.04 The Soma of him who is purified by worship flows upon the filter and 
settles in the place common withthe ceremony. [Settles in the place: the vessel 
called dron.akalas'a]. 

9.016.05 The Soma juices flow to you, Indra, with praises, giving you vigour for 
the great conflict. 

9.016.06 Purified in his woollen robe, and attaining all honours he stands as a 
hero amidst the kine. [Kine: Somabeing mixed with milk, here called by metonymy, 

9.016.07 As the lofty rain from heaven, the nutritious strream of the 
invogorating Soma falls easily upon thestraining cloth. 

9.016.08 You, Soma, (process) the worshipper among men, and purified by the 
cloth you wander through thewoollen filter.

9.017.01 Like rivers falling down a steep place, so that rapid foe-destroying 
pervading Soma-streams hurry (tothe pitcher). 

9.017.02 The Soma-drops, as they are expressed, flow to Indra like the rains 
falling upon the earth. 

9.017.03 Soma, with swelling waves, exhilarating, inebriating, flows to the 
straining-cloth, destroying thera_ks.asas, and devoted to the gods. 

9.017.04 It flows to the pitchers, it is poured out upon the straining-cloth, it 
is magnified at sacrifices by praises. 

9.017.05 Soma, mounting beyond the three worlds, you illumine heaven, and 
moving, you urge on the sun. 

9.017.06 The sage performers (of pious rites) glorify (the Soma) at the head of 
the sacrifice, entertainingaffection for him the all-beholding. [At the head of 
the sacrifice: mu_rdhan yajn~asya = on the last day ofworld]. 

9.017.07 Sages, leaders of rites, desirous of sustenance, purify you who are the 
giver of food, with pious rites forthe offering. 

9.017.08 Pour forth the stream of the sweet beverage; sit down, sharp-flavoured 
in the receptacle, alert fordrinking at the sacrifice.

9.018.01 Effused while pressed between the stones, the Soma flows upon the 
straining cloth; you are the giverof all things to those who praise you.  

9.018.02 You are wise, you are a seer; you bestow the sweet (beverage) produced 
from the Soma; you are thegiver of all things to those who praise you. 

9.018.03 All the gods together pleased enjoy your drinking; you are the giver of 
all things to those who praiseyou. 

9.018.04 (You are he) who places in the hands (of the worshipper) all desirable 
riches, you are the giver of allthings to those who praise you. 

9.018.05 (You are he) who milks this great heaven and earth like two mothers; 
you are the giver of all things tothose who praise you. 

9.018.06 (You are he) who at once supplies both heaven and earth with viands; 
you are the giver of all things tothose who praise you. 

9.018.07 This vigorous Soma, while being purified, murmurs in the pitchers; you 
are the giver of all things tothose who praise you.

9.019.01 Whatever wonderful glorious wealth there be in heaven or in earth, do 
you, Soma, being purified, bringit to us. 

9.019.02 You, Soma and Indra, are the lords of all the lords of cattle, do you, 
the rulers, prosper our rites. 

9.019.03 The showerer (of benefits) being purified among men (lies) murmuring 
upon the sacred grass,green-tinted he sits down in his proper place. 

9.019.04 The mothers of the male calf, which are sucked by him, long to cherish 
the bull with their strength. [Themothers of the male calf: vasati_vari_ water 
which is mixed with the Soma; rendering: the sacred rites, themothers of the 
male calf, long for the full-grown vigour of the bull]. 

9.019.05 The purified Soma has implanted many a germ in those (waters) desirous 
of conception, which yieldbright milk. [Many: kuvit; this may ablso be a 
interrogative particle]. 

9.019.06 Bring near to us those who stand aloof, strike terror into our fores; 
pure-flowing one, you do transfer tous their riches. 

9.019.07 Destroy, Soma, the vigour, the energy, the subsistence of our enemy, 
whether he be far off or nigh.

9.020.01 The seer passes through the woollen fleece for the beverage of the 
gods, triumphing over alladversaries. 

9.020.02 Verily he, the pure-flowing, bestows upon his praisers thousands of 
victuals with cattle. 

9.020.03 By the favour you give to us all kinds of wealth, you flow at our 
praise; grant us, O Soma, food. 

9.020.04 Bestow upon us great renown, grant durable riches to those who profuse 
in their libations, bring food toyour praisers. 

9.020.05 Purified one, doer of good deeds, you, Soma, enter our praises like a 
king, O wonderful bearer (of ourofferings). 

9.020.06 Soma, the bearer (of oblations), abiding in the waters of the 
firmament, difficult to be surpassed, beingcleansed by our hands reposes in the 

9.020.07 Soma, you proceed to the straining-cloth, sportive and generous, like a 
gift, giving excellent vigour tohim who praises you. [Like a gift: makhah = 
sacrifice; fr. root magh].

9.021.01 These flowing Soma-juices, foe-destroying, exhilarating, heaven-
conferring, have gone to Indra. 

9.021.02 Showing favour, assailing foes, giving wealth to him who rightly 
effuses them, and bestowing foodspontaneously on their praiser. 

9.021.03 The effused juices come sporting lightly to the common receptacle, they 
drop into the wave of the river.[i.e. the vasati_vari_ water]. 

9.021.04 Like horses harnessed to a car these pure juices bring (to us) all 
desirable blessings. 

9.021.05 Effused Soma-juices, at our indication, bestow manifold blessings on 
this (institutor of the sacrifice),who (at present) has given us nothing. [At 
our indication: asmabhyam a_des'ana_ya = alternative meanign: witha view to us; 
the sacrificer only bestows gifts on his officiating priests when he has 
obtained his desire]. 

9.021.06 As a great man sets before him a commendable charioteer, so do you 
grant knowledge to our lord, andflow glistening with water. 

9.021.07 These effused juices have desired (the sacrifice); powerful they have 
made for themselves anabiding-place; they have animated the intellect of the 
pious institutor of the rite.

9.022.01 These Soma-jices, when let out, neigh as they leap swiftly forth like 
chariots or rapid steeds let loose. 

9.022.02 Like strong winds, like the rains of Parjanya, like the swift-whiring 
(flames) of fire. 

9.022.03 These pure Soma-juices, sagacious, mixed with curds, easily pervade our 
cermonies with theirintelligence. [With their intellignece: vipa_ = 
prajn~a_nena; vip = twigs which form the bottom of the funnel andsuppor the 

9.022.04 Purified, immortal, issuing from the vessels, eager to traverse their 
(assigned) paths and the universe,they are never wearied. 

9.022.05 Spreading in various directions, they pervade the surface of earth and 
sky, you and this highestheaven. 

9.022.06 Descending rivers follow this excellent (Soma) as it spreads out the 
sacrifice; this rits is glorifiedthereby. [As it spreads out the sacrifice: 
tantum = yajn~am; or, alternatively, straining-cloth; 'descending river fillsout 
the outspread threads']. 

9.022.07 You, Soma, hold the wealth of kine which you have won from the Pan.is, 
you have called aloud at theoutspread sacrifice.

9.023.01 The swift-flowing Soma-juices have issued in a stream of the sweet 
exhilarating (beverage), at (therecital of) all the praise (of the sages). 

9.023.02 Ancient swift-going (horses), they (the juices) have traversed anew 
field-- they have a generated a sunto give light. [pratna_sa a_yavah may also 
mean, the arranged place of sacrifice]. 

9.023.03 Bring to us, purifier, the house of our enemy who presents no 
libations-- bestow upon usprogeny-abounding food. [The house of our enemy: a 
metonym for 'wealth']. 

9.023.04 The swift-flowing Soma-juices diffuse exhilarating wine-- they flow to 
the honey-shedding receptacle.[Honey-shedding receptacle: 'the unmixed portion 
of the juice']. 

9.023.05 The Soma flows, the sustainer (of the world), bearing a sense-
invigorating essence-- heroic-- aprotector against calumny. 

9.023.06 Soma, who are worthy of the sacrifice, you flow to Indra and to the 
gods; you, Indu, vouchsafe to giveus food. [Worhty of the sacrifice: sadhama_dya 
= yajn~a_rha]. 

9.023.07 Having drunk of this chief of exhilarating draughts, Indra irresistible 
has slain his foes, and may he everslay them.

9.024.01 The purified effused Soma-juices have flowed forth-- mixing (with curds 
and milk) they are cleansed inthe waters. 

9.024.02 The flowing juices rush (to the filter), like waters flowing down a 
declivity; purified they gratify Indra. 

9.024.03 Purifier, Soma, you proceed to Indra for his drinking-- thence are you 
brought by the priests. [Youproceed: added, 'from the wagon whence they are 
taken by the priests to the a_havani_ya fire' or 'to the vessel']. 

9.024.04 You, Soma, who are the exhilarator of men, flow to (Indra), the 
conqueror of enemies, you who are pureand to be worshipped. [The conqueror of 
enemies: Sa_maveda replaces cars.an.i_dhr.tih for cars.an.i_sahe, i.e.an epithet 
of Soma, 'laid hold of by men', or 'the protection of men']. 

9.024.05 When, Indu, effused by the stones, you have flowed to the filtering-
cloth, you are an ample portion forIndra's belly. [You are an ample portion for 
Indra's belly: indrasya udara_ya parya_pto bhavasi]. 

9.024.06 Utter destroyer of enemies, flow forth, to be propitiated by praises, 
pure, purifying, wonderful. 

9.024.07 Soma, (the yielder) of the exhilarating effusion, is called the pure, 
the purifier, the gratifier of the gods,the slayer of the wicked. [Sa_maveda has 
sutah sa madhuma_n, for sutasya madhvah].

9.025.01 Green-tinted (Soma), do you who are the bestower of strength, the 
exhilarating, flow as a beverage forthe gods, for the Maruts and for Va_yu. 

9.025.02 Purifying (Soma), placed suitably by the sacred rite, (enter) uttering 
a cry the (appointed) place, enterby the sacred function into Va_yu. [i.e. the 
vessel associated with, or set apart for Va_yu, va_yu sambandhipa_tram]. 

9.025.03 This Soma, the showerer (of benefits), the seer, the beloved, the 
destroyer of foes,t he most devout,shines in its appointed place along with the 

9.025.04 Pervading all forms, the pure, the desirable goes to the place where 
the immortals abide. 

9.025.05 Endowed with wisdom of the past, the brilliant Soma, generating sounds, 
flows forth continuallyproceeding to Indra. 

9.025.06 Most exhilarating and sage (Soma), flow through the filter in a stream, 
to attain the station of theadorable Indra.

9.026.01 The priests have cleansed that Soma (swift as) horse, on the lap of 
Aditi with fingers and with hymns.[On thelap of Aditi: i.e., the earth; with 
hymns: or, 'with delicate fingers']. 

9.026.02 The chants celebrate that Indu flowing in a thousand streams, 
inexhaustible, the supporter of heaven.[The chants: ga_vah = gantryah stutayah; 
the reference may be to the cows as contributing their milk]. 

9.026.03 They have elevated to heaven by their praise that creative purifying 
(Soma), the sustainer, the maker ofmany. [bhu_ridha_yasam = bahu_na_m karta_ram; 
it perhaps means, 'the nourisher of many']. 

9.026.04 The worshippers have elevated by the fingers of their arms that 
unconquerable lord of praise abiding(in the vessels). 

9.026.05 The sister-fingers in a raised place press out by the grinding stones 
that green-tinted (Soma), desirableand far-beholding. 

9.026.06 The worshippers offer you to Indra, purifier, Indu, filled with praise 
and bestowing exhilaration.

9.027.01 This seer, the purifying (Soma), lauded by us, passes through the 
filter, driving away foes. 

9.027.02 This invigorating heaven-conquering Soma is poured upon the filter for 
Indra and Va_yu. 

9.027.03 This Soma, the showerer (of benefits), the summit of heaven, the all-
knowing, being expressed isbrought by the priests into the wooden vessels. [Into 
the wooden vessels: vanes.u = desirable; or, 'wooden'vessels, vanani_yes.u 
vanasam.bhu_ta druma vika_res.u va_ pa_tres.u]. 

9.027.04 This Indu resounds as it drops, yearning to give us cattle and gold, 
the conqueror of foes, theirresistible.  

9.027.05 This pure-flowing exhilarating Soma is abandoned by the sun in the 
filter, the sky. [The implication isthat the sun seems to perform on a grand 
scale the same office of the diffusing Soma which the priestsperformed on a 
small scale in the filter, which is metaphorically called the sky. ha_sate = 
parityajyate; arendering: this exhilarating Soma, as it drops on the filter, 
rises with the sun into the heavens]. 

9.027.06 This powerful and purifying showerer (of benefits), the green-tinted 
Indu, flows through the firmament toIndra. [antariks.e = the filter, i.e. the 

9.028.01 This swift-flowing (Soma) placed (in the vessels) by the priests, all-
knowing, the lord of praise, has tothe woollen (filter). 

9.028.02 This (Soma), effused for the gods, flows into the filter, penetrating 
all the (divine) forms. 

9.028.03 This divine immortal (Soma) is brilliant in his own place, the slayer 
of enemies, the most devoted to thegods. 

9.028.04 This showerer (of desire), expressed by the ten fingers, has uttered a 
sound ot the pitchers. 

9.028.05 This purified, all-contemplating, all-knowing (Soma) gives radiance to 
the sun and all the spheres (oflight). 

9.028.06 This powerful invincible purifying Soma proceeds the protector of the 
gods, the destroyer of the wicked.

9.029.01 The streams of this effused (Soma), the showerer (of benefits), flow 
forth, as it seeks to surpass thegods in strength. [Seeks to surpass: 
anuprabhu_s.atah, considered an irregular desiderative particle]. 

9.029.02 The pious performers (of holy rites), the utterers of praise, purify by 
their laudation the radiant courser(the Soma) as soon as generated and meriting 
to be hymned. 

9.029.03 Soma, distributor of abundant wealth, those radiances of yours when you 
are purified areover-powering; fill therefore the praiseworthy ocean-like 

9.029.04 Flow, Soma, in a full stream, conquering for us all treasures-- drive 
our enemies away together. 

9.029.05 Preserve us from the reproach of every one who makes offerings, who 
utters a blame-- that we may befree. 

9.029.06 Indu, pour to us in a stream terrestrial and celestial riches, bring 
brilliant vigour.

9.030.01 The streams of this strong Soma flow without effort into the filter; 
purified, he excites praise. [or, heutters a sound]. 

9.030.02 This Indu, urged by the priests, and purified with a sound in the 
filter, utters loud voice (in the oblation). 

9.030.03 Pour upon us in a stream, Soma, foe-subduing strength, associated with 
male offspring and desired bymany. 

9.030.04 This purified Soma flows out in a stream to take its place in the 

9.030.05 Indu, they press you forth by the stories, most sweet-flavoured and 
green-tinted, into the waters forIndra to drink. 

9.030.06 (Priests) express the most sweet-flavoured beautiful exhilarating Soma 
for Indra the thunderer, and forour invigoration.

9.031.01 The benevolent juices being purified flow forth, they confer 
intellectual wealth. 

9.031.02 Indu, be (to us) the augmenter of the riches of heaven and earth, be 
the lord of food. [Augmenter:cetanam = prajn~a_panam]. 

9.031.03 For you, Soma, the winds are gracious, for you the rivers flow, they 
magnify your greatness. 

9.031.04 Be well nourished, Soma; may vigour come to you from all sides, be (the 
giver) of strength in battle. 

9.031.05 Tawny-tinted (Soma), the cows yield butter and milk inexhaustible for 
you (set) on the highest summit. 

9.031.06 Indu, lord of beings, we desire the friendship of you, the well-armed.

9.032.01 The Soma juices, diffusing exhilaration, rush forth effused at the 
sacrifice for the sustenanceof us abounding in oblations. 

9.032.02 And the fingers of Trita express this green-tinted Soma with the stones 
for Indra's drinking. 

9.032.03 And like a swan entering its own flock, the Soma excites the praise of 
all, like a horse, it isbathed with milk. [As a swan, by its peculiar gait or 
voice excites the admiration of its flock as it entersit]. 

9.032.04 Beholding both worlds, Soma, you hurry, swift as a deer, taking your 
seat on the place ofsacrifice. [Swift: taktah; i.e. mixed with milk; in RV 
9.069.15, this is explained as swift]. 

9.032.05 Praises commend you (Soma) as a woman praises a dear lover; (you hasten 
to the vessel) asa hero hastens to the welcome contest. 

9.032.06 Give to us who are affluent (in oblations), and also to me, brilliant 
fame, wealth, intelligence,and glory. [Glory: s'ravas = ki_rti, glory; it may 
also mean, anna, food].

9.033.01 The intelligent Soma juices rush along like waves of water, like 
buffaloes to the forests. 

9.033.02 The tawny-coloured bright juices hasten to the pitchers with a stream 
of ambrosia, they pourforth sustenance accompanied with cattle. 

9.033.03 The libations effused proceed to Indra, to Va_yu, to Varun.a, to the 
Maruts, to Vis.n.u 

9.033.04 The priests utter the three sacred texts, the kine low (on being 
milked),, the green-tintedSoma goes sounding (to the vessels). [The three sacred 
texts: the three vedas]. 

9.033.05 The many sacred hymns, the mothers of the sacrifice, give praise, they 
purify (the Soma), theinfant of heaven. [brahmi_h = uttered by the bra_hman.as]. 

9.033.06 From every side, Soma, pour upon us four oceans of riches, grant us 
thousands (of desires).[Sa_maveda has mis'vatah for vis'vatah].

9.034.01 Indu, when effused and expressed (by the priests) flows in a stream to 
the filter, breaking down strongplaces by its strength. [To the filter: tana_ 
pavitram (cf. RV. 9.016.08); it may also mean, 'continuously']. 

9.034.02 The Soma effused proceeds to Indra, to Va_yu, to Varun.a, to Maruts, to 

9.034.03 They press the crushed Soma as it pours forth its juice between the 
effusing stones, they milk out itsjuice by their acts. 

9.034.04 The exhilarating Soma is to be cleansed (for the sacrifice) of Trita, 
and for the drinking of Indra; thegreen-tinted (juice) is mixed with the 
ingredients. [i.e., mixed with curds and milk]. 

9.034.05 The son fof Pr.s'ni milk this Soma at the place of sacrifice, the most 
beautiful and grateful oblation (tothe gods). 

9.034.06 Our sincere smooth-flowing praises approach him, and he, uttering a 
sound, welcomes the kine. [i.e.,'our gratifying praises', pr.n.ayitrih stutih].

9.035.01 Pour upon us, purifier, ample riches with that stream wherewith you 
bestow upon us light. [yaya_ jyotirvida_si nah: jyotis = sacrifice, or heaven]. 

9.035.02 Indu, impeller of the waters, confounder of all (our foes), flow forth 
by your power as the supporter ofwealth to us. 

9.035.03 With you, heroic (Soma), as our hero, may we overcome our enemies, pour 
upon the desirable (riches). 

9.035.04 Indu, the bestower of food, the seer sends food to the worshipper, 
showing his favour, acquainted withsacred rites and arms. 

9.035.05 We clothe with praise that Soma who is the inspirer of praise, the 
purified, the shepherd of men.['Ma_dhava, however, takes va_cam as a separate 
word and as a verb, and divides the line into two sentences'.He would explain 
it, 'I address him with praises; we cover (with milk, etc.) Soma who is the 
purified inspirer, thecow-keeper of men'. The shepherd of men: lit., the 
herdsman of men, janasya gopatim]. 

9.035.06 On the worship of whom all men fix their thoughts-- the lord of pious 
acts, the purified, the possessor ofabundant wealth.

9.036.01 Pressed between the boards, (the Soma) has been let loose, like a 
chariot-horse, upon thestraining-cloth-- the courser steps out on the field. 
[ka_rs.man = the god-attracting battlefield called a sacrifice,deva_na_m 
a_kars.anavati yajn~a_khye san:gra_me; alternative, 'the furrow drawn as the 
goal of a race'; or apiece of wood serving for a goal (cf. RV. 1.116.17)]. 

9.036.02 Soma, bearer (of oblation), vigilant, devoted to the gods, flow past 
the honey-dropping filter (into thevessel). 

9.036.03 Ancient purifier, illume for us the luminaries (of heaven), animate us 
for strength-bestowing sacrifice. 

9.036.04 Beautified by the ministers of the rite, expressed by their hands, (the 
Soma) flows through the woollenfilter. 

9.036.05 May that Soma bestow upon the donor (of the libation) all treasures, 
whether of heaven or earth or thefirmament. 

9.036.06 Soma, lord of food, you ascend to the summit of the sky, desirous of 
horses, kine, and male progeny.

9.037.01 Soma, the showerer (of benefits), when effused for the drinking (of the 
gods), rushes to the filter,destroying the ra_ks.as, devoted to the gods. 

9.037.02 The all-beholding Soma, green-tinted, all-sustaining rush to the filter 
(and thence) crying aloud to thepitcher. 

9.037.03 (Fleet as) a horse, the pure Soma, the illume of heaven, hastens, the 
destroyer of ra_ks.asas, past thewoollen fleece. [The illume of heaven: rocana_ 
= rocakah; alternative rendering: (Fleet as) a horse, the pureSoma, the 
destroyer of ra_ks.asas, hastens towards the light of heaven through the woollen 

9.037.04 The pure Soma upon the high place (of the sacrifice) of Trita, attended 
by its kindred rays, has lightedup the Sun. 

9.037.05 The slayer of Vr.tra, the showerer of benefits, the giver of wealth, 
the invincible, the effused Somaproceeds (to the pitcher) as (a horse) to 

9.037.06 The divine Soma, when effused by the priest, hastens in his might to 
the pitchers for Indra. [In his might:Sa_maveda reads mamam.hayan for mam.hana_; 
interpreted as maha_n; as an adverb, prompt].

9.038.01 This Soma, the showerer of benefits, the chariot, dashes through the 
woollen fleece, bearing (to theworshipper) thousandfold food. [The chariot: 
rathah = ram.han.a svabha_vah, swift]. 

9.038.02 The fingers of Trita effuse by the stones this green-tinted juice for 
Indra's drinking. 

9.038.03 The ten fingers, eager in the work, express that (Soma), and by them it 
is purified for the exhilaration (of

9.038.04 That Soma sits down among human beings like a falcon, hastening as a 
gallant to his mistress. 

9.038.05 That exhilarating juice beholds all, Indu, the child of heaven, that 
percolates through the fleece. 

9.038.06 That green-tinted, all-sustaining (Soma), when effused for the drinking 
(of the gods), rushes cryingaloud to its beloved place.

9.039.01 Great-minded Soma, go swift with your body that is most dear (to the 
gods), saying, 'Where are thegods?' [Sa_maveda has bruvan for bravan]. 

9.039.02 Sanctifying the unconsecrated (worshipper) bringing food for the 
offerer, pour down rain from heaven.[(Worshipper): or,( place)]. 

9.039.03 (The Soma) when effused enters the filter with force, giving forth 
light, beholding and illuminating (allthings). 

9.039.04 This (Soma), who light of movement (mounts) toheaven, through the 
filter in a stream of water. 

9.039.05 The effused (Soma) honouring (the gods) whether he is far off or nigh, 
is poured out (as) madhu forIndra. 

9.039.06 The united (worshippers) praise (him), they squeeze (him) forth green-
tinted with the stones; sit down(O gods) at the place of sacrifice.

9.040.01 The pure all-seeing (Soma) has overcome all enemies; (the worshippers) 
grace the sage (Soma) withtheir praises. 

9.040.02 The tawny-hued showerer (of benefits) when effused ascends to his 
place; he goes to Indra; he dwellsin the fixed abode (of heaven). [Sa_maveda has 
sutam for sutah; si_datu for si_dati]. 

9.040.03 O Indu, O Soma, quickly pour upon us from all quarters vast and 
infinite riches. 

9.040.04 O purified Soma, O Indu, bring all sorts of wealth bestow unlimited 

9.040.05 O Soma, being purified, bring us your worshippers wealth with male 
offspring, recompense the praisesof him who glorifies you. 

9.040.06 Indu, Soma, being purified, bring us wealth from both worlds; Indu, 
showerer (of benefits), (bring us)glorious (wealth).

9.041.01 (Praise the Soma-juices) which descend like streams of water, swift, 
brilliant, rapid driving off the blackskinned (ra_ks.asa). [Lit., the black 
skin, or the black cover (i.e. darkness); ra_ks.asas as the personification 
ofdarkness of the night]. 

9.041.02 We praise the auspicious Soma's imprisonment (of the ra_ks.asas) and 
hostile (intent against them),while we triumph over the enemy who performs no 

9.041.03 The sound of the purified, powerful Soma is heard like that of rain; 
(his) lightning moves in the sky. 

9.041.04 When effused, Indu, pour forth much food with cows, gold, horses, and 

9.041.05 Flow, all-seeing (Soma), fill the vast heaven and earth as the sun 
(fills) the days with his beams. 

9.041.06 Flow round us, Soma, on all sides in a bliss-bestowing stream, like a 
river down a steep place. [Or, asthe earth (is surrounded) with water].

9.042.01 The green-tinted (Soma) generating the luminaries of heaven, generating 
the sun in the firmament,clothing himself with the descending water. [Clothing 
himself: or, the earth]. 

9.042.02 He with ancient praise when effused flows in a stream, a god for the 

9.042.03 The Soma juices of unbounded vigour flow for the increasing, rapid 
acquisition of food. 

9.042.04 Milking forth the ancient fluid, the Soma is poured into the filter and 
crying out generates the gods. [i.e.where the Soma is poured forth, the gods are 
continually present]. 

9.042.05 Soma, being purified hastens towards all desirable (wealth), towards 
the gods who favour the sacrifice. 

9.042.06 Soma, being effused pour down to us (wealth) consisting of kine, male 
offspring, horses, and strength,and abundant food.

9.043.01 We invest with praises that Soma who, beloved, is cleansed like a horse 
with milk for the exhilaration(of the gods). [With milk: or, with the 
vasati_vari_ water]. 

9.043.02 This Indu all our praises desiring protection, beautify (new) as of old 
for Indra to drink. 

9.043.03 Pure flows the beloved Soma, beautified by the praises of the sage 

9.043.04 Purified Soma, grant us auspicious wealth, with infinite splendour, O 

9.043.05 Rushing into battle, sounds in the rough, beloved of the gods. 

9.043.06 Flow for the acquisition of food, for the prosperity of the sage who 
praise you; O Soma, grant (me)excellent male offspring.

9.044.01 Indu, you advance to give us abundant wealth; Aya_sya bearing your 
waves (go) towards the gods (tosacrifice). 

9.044.02 The sage Soma gratified by the praise of the pious (worshipper) 
prepared for the sacrifice is sent in astream at a distance (from the filter). 

9.044.03 This vigilant Soma effused for the gods, approaches, all-beholding he 
goes to the filter. 

9.044.04 Flow for us food-desiring, making (our) sacrifice auspicious; (O Soma, 
whom) the priest with the sacredgrass adores. 

9.044.05 May Soma who is pressed forth by the seers for Bhaga and Va_yu, ever 
prosper in, grant us (wealthplaced) among the gods. 

9.044.06 Receiver of sacrifices, knower of (pious), give us this day abundant 
food and strength for theacquisition of wealth.

9.045.01 Indu, do you the beholder of men flow pleasantly for the banquet of the 
gods, for Indra's drinking andexhilaration. [Pleasantly: kam = sukham yatha_ 
bhavati tatha_; sometimes, kam is explained just a particlemeaning nothing, 
inserted only to balance the metre of the verse]. 

9.045.02 Approach the office of the messenger for us; you who are drunk for 
Indra, (pour) on the gods wealth for(us their) friends. 

9.045.03 And we adorn you, the purple-tinted with milk and curd for the purpose 
of exhilaration open the doorsfor our riches. 

9.045.04 Indu passes the filter as a horse in going passes the shaft (of the 
chariot); he proceeds to the midst ofthe gods. 

9.045.05 His friends praise Indu sporting in the water and passing through the 
fleece; their hymns glorify him. 

9.045.06 Flow Indu, with that stream wherewith when drunk you bestow much vigour 
on your discerningworshipper.

9.046.01 Begotten by the stones the flowing (Soma-juices) are effused for the 
banquet of the gods' activehorses. [Begotten by the stones: or, growing on the 
mountain slopes]. 

9.046.02 The Soma-juices pressed (at the sacrifice), adorned like a bride who 
has a father, flow to Va_yu. 

9.046.03 These brilliang Soma-juices, bestowing pleasant food, expressed into 
the vessel, gratify Indra with theceremonies. 

9.046.04 Dexterous (priests) have (to me), taken with the ladle the pure (Soma), 
mix the exhilarating (Soma) withmilk and curds. 

9.046.05 Soma, conqueror of wealth, who know the way (to fulfil my desires), 
flow forth the bestower of vastwealth upon us. 

9.046.06 The ten fingers purify this purifiable pure-flowing exhilarating juice 
for Indra.

9.047.01 By this sacred solemnity the Soma is magnified before the mighty 
(gods); exulting he moves like a bull.[Or, rorars like a bull, i.e., on the 
sounding holes: sa_maveda]. [cetanti may also mean, 'are conscious']. 

9.047.03 When the praise of Indra is recited, then the juice dear to him, 
vigorous as a thunderbolt, give usunlimited wealth. 

9.047.04 When the sage Soma is cleansed by the fingers, he of his own accord 
desires wealth for the piousworshipper in (Indra), the granter of wishes. 
[Indra, the granter of wishes: vidhartari = vidha_tarindre; adding,indren.a 
dhanam da_payitum icchati, he desires to cause Indra to give wealth]. 

9.047.05 You desire to give wealth to those who conquer in combat as (men offer 
fodder) to horses in battle.[You desire to give wealth: sis.a_satuh; another 
interpretation treats this term as 3rd dual, 'they two desirewealth'; bhares.u 
jigyus.a_masi = you are on the side of the successful in battle].

9.048.01 By sacred rites we solicit (wealth) of you, auspicious, bearing wealth, 
abiding in the regions of the vastheaven. 

9.048.02 The overthrower of the resolute (foe), the praiseworthy, to whom many 
solemn observances areaddressed, the exhilarator, the destroyer of a hundred 
cities (of the asuras). 

9.048.03 O (Soma), doer of good deeds, the unwearied hawk brought you, king over 
riches, from this heaven.[Hawk: cf. RV 4. 026.07]. 

9.048.04 The bird brought you, the showerer of water, the protector of the 
sacrifice, the common property ofevery god. 

9.048.05 The contemplator of all, the granter of desires, putting forth his 
energy obtains superior greatness.

9.049.01 Pour down upon us a shower from heaven, a stream of waters, wholesome 
and abundant food. 

9.049.02 Flow in such a stream that the cattle belonging to the (enemy's) nation 
may come here to our dwelling. 

9.049.03 You who are most dear to the gods at sacrifice, shower down water in a 
stream, pour your rain upon us.

9.049.04 Do you for our sustenance hasten to the woollen filter with your 
stream; let the gods hear your sound. 

9.049.05 The purifier (the Soma) flows forth destroying the ra_ks.asas, flashing 
out brilliance as of old.

9.050.01 Forth flow your mystery (streams), like the roar (issuing) from the 
ocean wave; emit your sound like that

9.050.02 At your birth the three voices of the worshipper are uttered when you 
go to the summit of the fleece.[Three voices: the r.g, yajus. and sa_ma hymns]. 

9.050.03 (The priests) effuse with the stones into the fleece the beloved green-
tinted purifying honey-dropping(Soma). 

9.050.04 Most exhilarating sage (Soma), flow in a stream to the filter to sit on 
Indra'slap. [Repetition of RV


9.050.05 Most exhilarating Indu, being anointed with the unguents of milk and 
curds flow forth for Indra's drinking.

9.051.01 Adhvaryu, pour upon the filter the Soma that has been expressed with 
the stones, purify it for Indra'sdrinking. [Yajus. 20.31; Brahma_ gives this 
instruction to Adhvaryu]. 

9.051.02 (Adhvaryus), effuse the most sweet-flavoured Soma, the best ambrosia of 
heaven for Indra, the wielderof the thunderbolt. 

9.051.03 Indu, the gods and the Maruts partake your sweet purifying beverage. 

9.051.04 For you, Soma, being effused, approach the worshipper for speedy 
exhilaration and protection. 

9.051.05 Hasten, sagacious (Soma), when you are effused, to the filter in a 
stream; bestow upon us food andfame.

9.052.01 May the glittering (Soma), the acquirer of wealth; bestow upon us 
strength together with food; hastenwhen effused to the filter. [Sa_maveda has 
svano for suva_no]. 

9.052.02 Your juice dear (to the gods), flowing in a thousand streams, proceeds 
by ancient paths to the fleecyfilter. 

9.052.03 (Soma), send (us) him who is like a pot; Indu, send us now wealth; 
swift-flowing (Soma), send it withblows (of stones). [Who is like a pot: 

9.052.04 Indu, the invoked of many, overthrow the strength of those people who 
challenge us. 

9.052.05 Indu, do you who are the distributor of riches, pour forth for our 
protection a hundred or a thousand ofyour pure (streams).

9.053.01 (Soma) armed with the stones, your powerful streams rise up scattering 
the ra_ks.asas; drive awaythose who are our adversaries. [The stones: adrivah = 
stones used to crush the Soma]. 

9.053.02 (You are) by this strength the discomfited (of foes), I praise you with 
a fearless heart for the sake of(our) line of chariots ranged (against the foe) 
and for the sake of wealth. 

9.053.03 The prowess of you (Soma) as you are poured forth is irresistible 
against the malignant (ra_ks.asas);destroy him who defies you to battle. 

9.053.04 (The priests) plunge Indu, honey-dropping, green-tinted, vigorous, 
exhilarating, into the waters for Indra.

9.054.01 Towards Soma's ancient body the seers milk the flashing fluid, the sage 
who grants a thousand boons. 

9.054.02 He like the sun is the supervisor (of all acts); he hastens to the 
lakes, he unites with the sevendown-descending rivers from heaven. [To the 
lakes: i.e. the thirty uktha pa_tras (vessels or libations offering 
therecitation of the uktha), or thirty days and nights (Niruktam 5.11)]. 

9.054.03 The purified Soma, like the divine sun, abides above all regions. 

9.054.04 Purified Indu, who are devoted to Indra, pour down for our sacrifice, 
food with milk and curds.

9.055.01 Soma, pour forth (in a stream of) food, abundant soft-collected 
(juice), and all good things. 

9.055.02 Indu, since the praise of you as food, since your birth (has appeared), 
sit down upon the grass thatpleases (you). 

9.055.03 And Soma, do you who are the giver of cattle, the giver of horses, flow 
to us in (a stream of) food as thedays quickly pass. ['by reason (or by means) 
of the days quickly passing']. 

9.055.04 Flow forth, O conqueror of thousands, who conquers and is not 
conquered, and attacking slays his foe.

9.056.01 The swift Soma devoted to the gods destroying the ra_ks.asas in the 
filter, bestows abundant food (onus). 

9.056.02 When the hundred rite-loving streams (of the Soma) obtain the 
friendship of Indra, then the Somabrings us food. [Alternative: When soma brings 
us food, his hundred rite-loving streams obtain Indra's friendship]. 

9.056.03 The ten fingers commend you, Soma, as a maiden her lover, you are 
cleansed in order to bestow(wealth on us). 

9.056.04 Do you, Indu, who are sweet-flavoured flow for Indra and Vis.n.u 
preserve the worshippers, yourpraisers, from sin.

9.057.02 The green-tinted Soma contemplating all the holy acts that are pleasing 
to the gods rushes (to thesacrifice) brandishing his weapons (against the 

9.057.03 He, the object of pious observances, cleansed by the priests, fearless 
as a king, sits on the waters likea hawk. [A conjecture: ibhe = ibho, like a 
king among his retinue]. 

9.057.04 Indu, when you are purified, bring us all the treasures that are in 
heaven and upon earth.

9.058.01 He the delighted (of the gods) flows rescuing (his worshippers from 
sin); the stream of the effusedbeverage (flows); he the delighted (of the gods) 
flows rescuing (his worshippers from sin). 

9.058.02 The brilliant (stream), the bestower of riches, knows how to protect 
the worshipper; he the delighted (ofthe gods) flows rescuing (his worshippers 
from sin). 

9.058.03 We have received thousands from Dhvasra and Purus.anti; he the 
delighted (of the gods) flowsrescuing (his worshippers from sin). [Dhvasra and 
Purus.anti: two kings who conferred great wealth on Taranta

9.058.04 We have received from those two three hundred thousand garments; he the 
delighted (of the gods)flows rescuing (his worshippers from sin). [Three hundred 
thousand: Or, thirty robes and thousands].

9.059.01 Flow, Soma, conqueror of cattle, of horses, of all things, of desirable 
wealth; bring us riches with maleoffspring. 

9.059.02 Flow with waters and with filaments, flow with herbs, flow with the 
stones. [With filaments: ada_bhyah =n. sing. 'inviolable']. 

9.059.03 Soma, do you who are the purifier, the sage, overcome all hindrances; 
sit down on the sacred grass. 

9.059.04 O purifying Soma, grant all boons; as soon as you are born you are 
great; Indu, you overcome all(foes).

9.060.01 Hymn with a ga_yatri_ hymn, Indu the purifier, the all-beholding, the 

9.060.02 You, the thousand-eyed, and the supporter of thousands, they make to 
flow through the filter. 

9.060.03 The purifier trickles through the hairs of the filter; he hastens to 
the pitchers, entering Indra's heart. 

9.060.04 All-beholding Soma, flow pleasantly for Indra's gratification; bring 
(us) food with male offspring.

9.061.01 Flow, Indu, for (Indra's) food with that (juice) of yours which in 
battles overthrow ninety and nine (citiesof the foe). [aya_ vi_ti_ may also mean 
'with that food']. 

9.061.02 (Which overturned) the cities in a moment, and for the sake of the 
devout Divoda_sa (subdued)S'ambara, and then that Turvas'a and Yadu. 

9.061.03 Indu, conqueror of horses, shower forth horses with cattle and gold and 
unbounded food. 

9.061.04 We solicit your friendship as you drop flowing over the filter. 

9.061.05 Delight us, Soma, with those your undulations what flow over the filter 
in a stream. 

9.061.06 Soma, who are lord over all, the purifier, bring us riches and food 
with male offspring. 

9.061.07 The ten fingers cleanse this Soma, whose parents are the rivers; he is 
associated with the A_dityas. 

9.061.08 When effused he proceeds to the filter, with Indra and Va_yu, and with 
the sun's rays. 

9.061.09 Do you who are sweet-flavoured and beautiful flow (at) our (sacrifice) 
for Bhaga, Va_yu, Pu_s.an., Mitraand Varun.a 

9.061.10 The birth of your juice is on high; the earth has received (your) 
intense happiness and abundant food,though (these) exist (naturally) in heaven. 
[Yajus. 26.16; though these exist naturally inheaven: api ca dyulokevidyama_nam 
svatas: bhu_mya_ = bhu_mih + a_ (with the lision of the visarga in the sam.hita_ 

9.061.11 By this (Soma) obtaining and desiring to enjoy all the good things that 
belong to men we enjoy (them).[Yajus. 26.18; ena as ena_ni = all these good 
things; aryah = somah]. 

9.061.12 O you who are the possessor of wealth flow for us, for the adorable 
Indra, for Varun.a and the Maruts.[Yajus. 26.21]. 

9.061.13 The gods approach Indu, (who is) completely generated, sent forth by 
the waters, the demolisher (offoes), adorned with milk and curds. 

9.061.14 May our praises foster him who wins the heart of Indra, as cows who 
have young ones (foster) theircalf. 

9.061.15 Soma, pour prosperity upon our cattle, milk forth (for us) nutritious 
food; augment the laudable water. 

9.061.16 The pure (Soma) has generated in heaven the great Vais'va_nara light 
like the wonderful thunder.[Vais'va_nara light: i.e., Agni, the son of 

9.061.17 Bright shining Soma, the juice of you, when your flow enters the 
woollen filter, exhilarating free fromevil. 

9.061.18 Purified Soma, your juice as it increases shines bright; it (makes) a 
pervading universal light to be seen.

9.061.19 Flow forth with that juice of yours which is exhilarating, the best 
gratifying the gods, the slayer ofra_ks.asas. 

9.061.20 You are the slayer of the hostile Vr.tra, the enjoyed of battle day by 
day, the giver of kine and the giverof horses. 

9.061.21 Be now resplendent, mixed with the supporting (products of the) kine, 
alighting like a falcon on yourplace. [su_pastha_bhih = s'obhanopastha_bhih, 
having a beautiful lap, i.e., affording a secure seat]. 

9.061.22 Flow you who did help Indra to slay Vr.tra, who obstructed the great 

9.061.23 May we, possessed of excellent male offspring, conquer the wealth (of 
our enemies), O Soma, thesprinkler; being purified, accept our praises. 

9.061.24 Protected by you, through your protection may we be victorious, slaying 
(our enemies); be vigilantSoma, at our sacrifices. 

9.061.25 The Soma flows, slaying the malignant, slaying the withholders (of 
wealth), proceeding to Indra'sconsecrated (station). 

9.061.26 Bring us, purifier, much wealth; conquer our foes; grant us, Indu, fame 
and male offspring. 

9.061.27 A hundred foes harm you not, purposing to give wealth when being 
purified you are benevolentlyinclined. [Purposing to give wealth: makhasyase = 
asmabhya_m dhanam da_tum icchasi; cf. RV 9.020.07, wheremakhah = da_nam; RV. 
9.064.026, where makhasyuvam = dhanaka_mam; RV. 9. 101.5, makhasyate = 
stutibhihpu_ja_m icchati; thus makhah = yajn~am or dhanam or da_nam; fr. magh = 

9.061.28 You, Indu, when effused, the showerer (of benefits) make us celebrated 
among men; slay all ourenemies. 

9.061.29 (Enjoying) the friendship of you here and you excellent food, Indu, may 
we overcome our assailants.[Food: dyumnam dyotate'ryas'o va_nnam va_ (Nirukta. 

9.061.30 With your weapons which are formidable and sharp for slaying (the foe), 
defend us from the scorn (ofour enemies).

9.062.01 These rapid Soma juices have directed through the filter (to obtain) 
all good things. 

9.062.02 Powerful, repelling evils, bestowing happiness and riches upon our sons 
and horses. 

9.062.03 They advance towards our fair praise, granting to (us and) our cattle 
sustaining wealth and food.[Sustaining: sam.yatam = yad asma_n sam.yacchati, 
that which supports us]. 

9.062.04 The mountain-born Soma flows for exhilaration, mighty in the 
(vasati_vari_) waters; he alights like afalcon on his own place. [ams'u may also 
be interpreted as metal-streaks in an ore block (Kalyan)]. 

9.062.05 The cattle sweeten with their milk the beautiful food that is asked for 
by the gods; the Soma wheneffused by the priests is cleansed in the water. 

9.062.06 Then the ministering priests in the assembly beautify the dice of 
exhilarating (Soma) like a horse, for thesake of immortality. 

9.062.07 Sit down, Indu, on the filter with those streams the shedders of sweet 
(juice), which are let fall for ourprotection. 

9.062.08 Passing obliquely through the sheep's hairs, hasten for Indra's 
drinking, sitting in your place in thewooden vessels. 

9.062.09 Indu, who are most sweet-flavoured, the bestower of riches, drop for 
the An:girasas butter and milk. 

9.062.10 This all-seeing Pavama_na Soma deposited (in the vessels), sending 
forth abundant (food), the productof the waters, is known (by all). 

9.062.11 This Pavama_na Soma, the sprinkler (of benefits), engaged in 
sprinkling, the destroyer of ra_ks.asas,bestows riches upon the donor (of the 

9.062.12 Pour forth thousand-fold wealth, together with cattle and horses, 
delighting many, desired by many. 

9.062.13 This (Soma) the many-hymned, having wise designs being cleansed by the 
priests, is sprinkled forth.[Having wise designs: kavikratuh = kra_ntaprajn~ah 
kra_ntakarmo va_, possessing wisdom or possessingsacred rites; kavih = ka_ntah 
(cf. RV 9.064.30)]. 

9.062.14 Offering thousand-fold protection, having hundred-fold wealth, the 
meawsurer of the world, the sage,the exhilarating (Soma) flows for Indra. 

9.062.15 Generated and praised by song, Indu at this sacrifice is deposited in 
his place for Indra, like a bird on itsnest. 

9.062.16 The pure Soma effused by the priests rushes forth as if to battle, to 
alight vigorously upon the ladles. the gods. [Seven ceremonies: The back are the 
three oblations, the benches are the three vedas, and theceremonies are the 
seven hymns, cha_ndas]. 

9.062.18 Effused of the Soma, urge forward that wealth bestowing rapid vigorous 
steed to go to the battle. 

9.062.19 Entering when effused into the pitcher bringing us all success like a 
hero, he stands among the cattle.[i.e. as a hero resolutely stands among the 
enemy's cattle, so the Soma resolutely stands among the sacrifices]. 

9.062.20 The devout priests milk forth your sweet juice Indu, for the gods for 
the purpose of exhilaration. 

9.062.21 Pour upon the filter for us for the sake of the gods the most sweet-
flavoured Soma, most audible to thegods.  

9.062.22 These lauded Soma juices are let flow for the sake of abundant food in 
a stream for the mostexhilarating (juice). 

9.062.23 Being purified you have the treasures of the kine to enjoy (them); flow 
forth you who grants food. 

9.062.24 And have for us towards all widely renowned food with cattle, being 
hymned by Jamadagni. [Have forus: i.e., grant us]. 

9.062.25 Soma, who are most excellent, flow with your marvellous protection 
towards our praises, towards allhymns (of praise). 

9.062.26 Agitator of all, do you who are the most excellent raising your voice, 
pour forth the waters of thefirmament. 

9.062.27 O sage (Soma) in your might do these worlds stand; to you the rivers 
hasten. [i.e. these worlds honouryou; the rivers observe your bidding]. 

9.062.28 Your unconnected streams descend like the rian from heaven upon the 
white outspread (fleece). 

9.062.29 Purify for Indra the fierce Indu, the means of strength, the lord (of 
wealth), the giver of riches. 

9.062.30 The truthful seer, Pavamaa_na Soma, sits down upon the filter, giving 
great energy to the worshipper.

9.063.01 Pour (upon us), Soma, thousand-fold wealth, with excellent male 
progeny, secure to us ample food. 

9.063.02 You who are most exhilarating effuse food and drink for Indra; you sit 
on the ladles. 

9.063.03 Soma effused for Indra and Vis.n.u and Va_yu drops into the pitcher; 
may he be sweet-flavoured. 

9.063.04 These swift-flowing tawny-coloured Soma juices, with a stream of water 
are let loose upon thera_ks.asas. 

9.063.05 Augmenting Indra, urging the waters, making all our acts prosperous, 
destroying the withholders (ofoblations). [Making all our acts prosperous: i.e. 
making Soma propitious for the sake of our rites]. 

9.063.06 The effused tawny-coloured Soma-juices going to Indra have to their own 

9.063.07 Flow with that stream with which you, Soma, light up the sun, urging on 
the waters beneficial to man. 

9.063.08 The purified (Soma) harnesses the horse of the sun to travel through 
the firmament to man. 

9.063.09 And Indu exclaiming 'Indra!' harnesses the (horse of the) sun to go 
towards these ten regions. [tya_harito das'a: haritah = horses or rays of the 

9.063.10 Sprinkle worshipper, upon the woollen fleece the exhilarating (Soma) 
that has been effused in alldirections for Va_yu and for Indra. 

9.063.11 Purified Soma, grant us wealth unassailable (by our foes), and which 
cannot be destroyed by theenemy. 

9.063.12 Bring to us thousandfold wealth with cattle and horses; bring vigour 
and food. 

9.063.13 Soma, like the radiant sun, when effused flows forth, depositing its 
juice in the pitcher. 

9.063.14 These brilliang Soma-juices (flowing) towards the dwellings of 
respectable (worshippers), effuse foodand cattle in a stream of water. 

9.063.15 The Soma-juices mixed with curds effused for Indra, the wielder of the 
thunderbolt, flow through thefilter. 

9.063.16 Soma, pour into the filter to bring us wealth (your juice), which is 
most sweet-flavoured, exhilarating andmost desired by the gods. 

9.063.17 The priests cleanse in the (vasati_vari_) waters the green-tinted 
powerful exhilarating Indu for Indra. 

9.063.18 Soma, pour forth wealth of gold, horses and male offspring; bring us 
food and cattle. [Yasus. 8.63]. 

9.063.19 Sprinkle upon the woollen fleece for Indra the most sweet (Soma), 
desiring battle as if in battle. 

9.063.20 The (worshippers) desiring protection, cleanse with their fingers the 
purifiable (Soma) the sage; with anoise the sprinkler (of benefits) flows forth. 

9.063.21 The wise (priests) in a stream of water send forth with their fingers, 
and with praise the sprinkler (ofbenefits), the shedder of water. 

9.063.22 Flow, (Soma), let your exhilarating juice proceed in continuous order 
to Indra, rise with your supporting(juice to Va_yu). 

9.063.23 Purified Soma, you squeeze forth the celebrated riches (of the enemy); 
do you who are beloved enterthe ocean. 

9.063.24 Soma, you who are exhilarating flow defeating the enemies, bestowing 
knowledge (on us); drive off thepeople who love not the gods. 

9.063.25 The brilliant purified Soma-juices are let fall amidst all praises. 

9.063.26 The purified Soma-juices flow swift and bright destroying all enemies. 

9.063.27 The purified (juices) are poured forth from heaven and from the 
firmament upon the summit of theground. [The summit of the ground: i.e., the 
raised place, the place of divine sacrifice]. 

9.063.28 Brilliant Soma, do you, purified in a stream, achieving great acts, 
destroy all foes and the ra_ks.asas. 

9.063.29 Destroying the ra_ks.asas, pour forth, Soma, with a noise, brilliant 
and excellent vigour. 

9.063.30 Bestow upon us, Soma, celestial and terrestrial treasures; (bestow), 
Indu, all desirable things.

9.064.01 You, Soma, are the bright sprinkler; you shining (Soma) are the 
sprinkler whose occupation issprinkling; you, the sprinkler, sustain the rites 
(of men and gods). 

9.064.02 O sprinkler, the strengh of you the sprinkler consists in sprinkling, 
your worship consists in sprinkling, your juice consists in sprinkling; you 
truly are always the sprinkler. 

9.064.03 Indu, the sprinkler, you nigh like a horse; you give us cattle, you 
give us horses; open the doors for ourwealth. 

9.064.04 The powerful, brilliant, rapid Soma-juices are effused in the hope of 
obtaining cattle, horses, and maleoffspring. 

9.064.05 The (Soma-juices) beautified by those desirous of sacrifice, cleansed 
by their hands, flow through thewoollen fleece. 

9.064.06 May those Soma-juices pour forth for the offerer (of libations) all the 
treasures of heaven and earth andof the firmament. 

9.064.07 All-beholding Soma, your streams as you are being purified are sent 
forth like the rays of the sun atpresent. 

9.064.08 Soma, you who are the ocean, bestowing knowledge, have from heaven to 
all our various forms, andbestow (variouskinds of wealth on us). 

9.064.09 Purified Soma, when sent forth you utter a cry (when your juice) like 
the sun god passed through thesupporting (filter). 

9.064.10 Indu the enlightener, beloved (of the gods), flows forth at the praise 
of the sages; he lets loose (hiswave) as a charioteer his horse. 

9.064.11 Your wave which, devoted to the gods flows to the filter, alighting 
upon the place of sacrifice. 

9.064.12 Indu, who are exhilarating and most devoted to the gods, hasten to the 
filter for Indra to drink. 

9.064.13 Cleansed by the priests, Indu, flow in a stream for (our) food; 
approach the cattle with food. [ruc = food].

9.064.14 Green-tinted (Soma) lauded by hymns,being dropped into the curds and 
milk and being purified, bestowwealth and food upon the worshipper. 

9.064.15 Purified for the banquet of the gods, go to Indra's station radiant, 
collected together by the vigorous(worshippers). 

9.064.16 The rapid Soma-juices being sent towards the firmament, are poured 
forth expressed by the fingers.[The firmament: samudram may mean the 
vasati_vari_ waters]. 

9.064.17 The swift Soma-juices being cleansed (go to) the firmament without an 
effort; they go to the abode ofthe water. 

9.064.18 Soma, who are devoted to us, guard all our treasures with your might; 
protect our home and offspring. 

9.064.19 The horse of burden neighs, yoked to the sacrifice by the priests, when 
placed in the ocean. [yat =yada_; thus, 'when the horse of burden neighs..., 
then you who are the horse of burden of the sacrifice areplaced in the 
vasati_vari_ waters]. 

9.064.20 When the swift (Soma) takes his place on the golden seat of sacrifice, 
he abandons (the sacrifice) ofthe foolish man. [i.e., he does not approach the 
sacrifice of those who do not worship; he only approaches thesacrifice of 

9.064.21 Devoted (worshippers) glorify Soma; the well-disposed desire to 
sacrifice; the perverse-minded sink(into hell). 

9.064.22 Flow, Indu, for Indra associated with the Maruts, you who are most 
sweet-flavoured, and take your seaton the place of the sacrifice. 

9.064.23 The wise who are the performers of pious acts, who are acquainted with 
holy texts, adorn you; menpurify you. 

9.064.24 Mitra, Aryaman, Varun.a and the Maruts drink, sage (Soma), your juice 
as you drop. 

9.064.25 Brilliant Soma, when purified you utter a sapient speech, feeding 
thousands. [Sapient speech:vipas'citam = prajn~aya_ pavitra_m, cleaning (?) by 

9.064.26 Brilliant Soma, when purified bring (us) a voice, feeding thousands and 
desiring wealth. 

9.064.27 Indu, invoked by many, do you, being purified and being loved by these 
your worshippers, enter theocean. the curds. 

9.064.29 The powerful Soma urged by the urging (worshippers) goes collected to 
the battle like warriors entering(the battle-field). [To the battle: 
metaphorically, for sacrifice]. 

9.064.30 Soma, who are a sage mighty and prospering approaching flow from heaven 
for our prosperity andview. [su_ryah is separated from dr.s'e and explained as 
suvi_ryah; r.dhak = pr.thak, also used to mean'prospering' (Nirukta 4.25)].

9.065.01 The kindred fingers diligently operating, eager to squeeze you forth, 
send out the invigorating the lord(of all), the mighty Indu. 

9.065.02 Filtered Soma, who with reiterated radiance shine in the presence of 
the gods, obtain all boons (for us). 

9.065.03 Pour, purified (Soma), a well-praised shower for the worship of the 
gods; (pour) a continual shower forour food. 

9.065.04 We who perform good works praise you, purified Soma, brilliant with 
radiance, for you are the showerer(of benefits). 

9.065.05 Well-armed (Soma) who does exhilarate (the gods) pour forth for us male 
offspring; come, Indu,favourably to our sacrifice. [Well-armed: or, having fine 
sacrificial implements, such as sphya, kapa_la]. 

9.065.06 When cleansed by the hands you are sprinkled with the water, (taken up) 
with the wooden vessel youattain your abode. 

9.065.07 Sing, as Vyas'va did, to the filtered Soma the great, the all-

9.065.08 (That Soma) whose juice they squeeze out with the stones, foe-
repelling, honey-dropping, green-tinted,for Indra to drink. 

9.065.09 We, who have heaped up oblations, solicit his friendship, (the 
friendship) of you who have won all theriches (of the foe). 

9.065.10 Flow in a stream, you who are the showerer (of benefits); and (be) 
exhilarating to the lord of the Marutsgranting us all (wealth) by your power. 

9.065.11 You, the supporter of heaven and earth, O purified (Soma), the beholder 
of heaven, the powerful one, Isend forth to battle. [Or, I urge you to grant us 

9.065.12 Expressed by these flexible fingers (of mine), do you who are green-
tinted flow forth in a stream; excite(Indra) our ally to battle. [By these 
flexible fingers: aya_ = fr. i, to go; aya_ vipa_ anaya_ = itastato 
gacchandibhireta_bhir madi_ya_bhir an:gulibhih]. 

9.065.13 Swift-flowing Soma, who are the illuminator of the universe, pour down 
upon us abundant food, (andbe) to us the revealer to the path (to heaven). 

9.065.14 Indu, they praise the vessels together with your streams (who are 
endowed) with strength; enter forIndra's drinking. 

9.065.15 Do you whose, sharp exhilarating juice the priests express with the 
stones, flow the destroyer of theevil-minded. 

9.065.16 The king (Soma) purified at the sacrifice is urged by the priests to 
pass through the firmament. [somamra_ja_namakr.i_n.an : Aitareya Brahman.a 

9.065.17 Bring to us, Indu, for our protection increase of kine with hundreds, 
of cattle and a gift of fortune withbeautiful horses. 

9.065.18 (Be) expressed for the banquet of the gods;bestow on us, Soma, 
strength, speed and a form forbrilliance. 

9.065.19 Hasten, Soma, who are most radiant, with a roar to the wooden vessels; 
as a hawk flying to its nest. 

9.065.20 Soma, the enjoyer of the water, hasten (to vessels) for Indra, Va_yu, 
Varun.a, the Marut, Vis.n.u. 

9.065.21 Bestowing food upon our offspring, Soma, pour from all quarters 
thousand-fold (wealth). 

9.065.22 May those Soma juices which are effused at a distance of nigh or on 
this S'aryan.a_vat (lake).[S'aryan.a_vat = possessing sweet juice; reference to 
a lake in the western part of Kuruks.etra region]. 

9.065.23 Or among the R.jikas, or the Kr.tvas, or in the neighbourhood of the 
rivers Sarasvati_, or in the fivecastes. [r.s.ayo vai sarasvatya_m satrama_sata: 
Aitareya Bra_hman.a 2.19; five castes: nis.a_das are added tomake the number 

9.065.24 May those brilliant Soma-juices when expressed pour down upon us from 
heaven rain with maleprogeny. 

9.065.25 The delightful green-tinted Soma, praised by Jamadagni, urged on the 
cow-hide flows (to the vessels). 

9.065.26 The bright Soma-juices, the dispensers of food, being mixed with the 
curds and milk, are cleansed inthe waters like horses urged (by the 
charioteers). [The dispensers of food: Soma grants all the boons in the hopeof 
which the worshipper offers the Soma to the gods]. 

9.065.27 The priests who are present send you forth at the rites at which you 
are effused for the whole of thegods; do you flow with this splendour. 

9.065.28 We have recourse today to your strength, the source of happiness, the 
bearer (of good things), thedefender (against foes), the desired of many. 

9.065.29 The exhilarating, the desirable, the wise, the intelligent, the 
defender (of all), the desired of many. 

9.065.30 (We have recourse) to your wealth and intelligence for our posterity, O 
you to whom fair sacrifices areoffered, and to you the defender (of all), the 
desired of many.

9.066.01 All-seeing (Soma), who are the adorable friend (of the worshippers), 
flow for (us your) friends towardsall (our) hymns of praise. 

9.066.02 You, purified Soma, rule the universe by those two halves (of the lunar 
month) which stand facing you.[Those two halves: dha_mani_ = pu_rva_dipaks.au, 
the first and second fortnights of the lunar month, the sidesor halves of the 
month resembling in their increase and decrease the sides of a creeper, whose 
leaves alternate;or, na_ma_ni am.s'usoma_tmake, the two names (am.s'u and Soma); 
'on earth under the name am.s'u bygranting the desires of all mankind (Soma 
rules) this world; in heaven by giving the gods your lunar digits you arethe 
winner of their affections. The gods drink the digits of the (moon) Soma by 
means of their growth anddiminution one by one (i.e., as the moon waxes and 
wanes); dha_mani_ probably means the two abodes (orstations) of the Soma]. 

9.066.03 Since your splendour abounds, you purified sage, Soma, are everywhere 
(associated) with theseasons. [i.e. Soma whose attributes are the seasons such 
as spring, exists wherever day and night spread;because day and night are 
dependent on the Soma (i.e., the moon)]. 

9.066.04 Soma, who are a friend, do you for the sake of all our desirable 
(praises) approach generating food for(us your) friends for our support. 

9.066.05 Soma, the shining rays of you who are accompanied by brilliance, spread 
the purifying (water) over thesurface of heaven. [pr.s.t.ha = the lower part of 
heaven, i.e., the earth]. 

9.066.06 These your seven rivers flow, Soma, at your command; the kine hasten to 

9.066.07 Proceed, Soma, in a stream when effused, giving exhilaration to Indra, 
bestowing (upon us)inexhaustible food. 

9.066.08 The seven kindred (priests) uttering (praises) and worshipping (the 
gods with oblations) invoked youthe sage at the sacrifice with hymns. [Seven 
kindred priests: Or, the seven kindred rivers urge you with theirfingers, i.e., 
send you forth to be cleansed by the vasati_vari_ and ekadhana_ waters]. 

9.066.09 The fingers cleanse you in the quickly made loud-sounding (woollen) 
filter, when with a noise you aresprinkled with the water. [In the quickly-made 
filter: Or, in the filter which overcomes guilt]. 

9.066.10 Sage Soma, possessor of food, your food-desiring streams when you are 
filtered are let loose likehorses. 

9.066.11 They are let loose in the woollen filter (to go) towards the honey-
dropping vessel; our fingers havedesired them. [i.e., our fingers desire the 
Soma juices in order to cleanse them again and again]. 

9.066.12 The Soma-juices go to the ocean, as kine to their stall; they go the 
place of sacrifice. [To the ocean: thewooden vessel in which the Soma is 

9.066.13 Indu, the flowing waters hasten to our great sacrifices when you are 
mixed with the curds and milk. 

9.066.14 Indu, we abiding in your friendship, desiring to sacrifice, depending 
on your protection, desire yourfriendship. 

9.066.15 Flow, Soma, for the mighty cattle-seeker, the beholder of men, enter 
Indra's belly. 

9.066.16 Soma, you are great, most worthy to be praised; Indu, (you are) the 
most vigorous of the mighty;engaged in battle you ever triumph. 

9.066.17 (You) who (are) mightier than the mighty, braver than the brave, more 
generous than the generous. 

9.066.18 You, Soma, who are a hero (bestow) upon (us) food, (be) the giver of 
sons (to us); we choose you foryour friendship, (we choose you) for your 

9.066.19 Agni, you support our lives, send us nutriment and food, drive far off 
the ra_ks.asas. 

9.066.20 Agni, the all-beholding, who is in the form of the Pavama_na, the 
benefactor of the five orders, thepreceder at sacrifice; him we solicit, who is 
hymned by the great. [Five orders: four varn.as and the nis.a_da; or,the 
gandharvas, pitr.s, gods, asuras, and ra_ks.asas; or, the gods, mankind, 
gandharvas, apsarasas, serpentsand pitr.s]. 

9.066.21 Agni, who are the doer of good, pour upon us brightness and fair-
offspring; may he make me wealthand plenty. 

9.066.22 The purified (Soma) hastens past the adversaries towards the fair 
praise of the worshippers, visible toall like the sun. 

9.066.23 Repeatedly purified by the priests, Indu, abounding with food, placed 
for food, the beholder of allcontinually goes (to the gods). [Continually goes 
to the gods: atyah = deva_n santatam ganta_ bhavati]. 

9.066.24 The purified (Soma) generated the veracious all-pervading bright-
shining light, destroying the blackdarkness. 

9.066.25 The gladsome swift-moving streams of the purified, green-tinted, 
unfadingly radiant (Soma), thedestroyer (of darkness), have been let forth. 

9.066.26 The purified (Soma) possessing many chariots, most radiant with 
beauteous splendours, havinggreen-tinted streams, attended by the Maruts. 

9.066.27 May the purified Soma, the most liberal dispenser of food, pervade (the 
world) with his rays, grantingexcellent male offspring to the worshipper. 

9.066.28 Indu when effused drops through the fleecy filter (into the vessel); 
being filtered Indu (enters) into Indra. 

9.066.29 This Soma sports with the stones upon the cowhide, calling Indra for 
exhilaration. [i.e. then the priestsby means of the Soma, perform Indra's 

9.066.30 Purified (Soma),bless us with long life by means of that your 
nutritious milk which has been broughtfrom heaven.

9.067.01 You, Soma, who are most exhilarating, most powerful, are disposed to 
shed your stream at oursacrifice; flow then you who are the giver or riches. 

9.067.02 You who are the exhilarator o fthe priests, bestowing (wealth upon 
them) and intelligent, do you wheneffused together with food be the especial 
cause of exhilaration to Indra. 

9.067.03 Do you when effused by the stones proceed resounding (to the vessel); 
(grant) bright excellentstrength. 

9.067.04 Indu effused (by the stones) passes through the woollen filter; green-
tinted he roars forth food. 

9.067.05 Indu, you have flowed through the fleece, you grant us food and wealth; 
(therefore grant us), Soma,strength of flocks. 

9.067.06 Indu, Soma, bring us thousand-fold wealth, consisting of hundreds of 
cows, having excellent cows andhorses. 

9.067.07 The purified swift-flowing Soma-juices passing hrough the filter reach 
Indra by their own paths. 

9.067.08 The excellent juice of the Soma dropping (into the vessels) poured 
forth by men of old, the goer (toIndra), is filtered for Indra the goer. 

9.067.09 The fingers express the purified honey-dropping heroic Soma; (the 
worshippers) hail him with praise.[Heroic: i.e., the instigator of everybody's 
good actions (sacrifice)]. 

9.067.10 May the goat-borne Pu_s.an in all his paths be our protector; may he 
bestow maidens on us. [In all hispaths: Or, in this sacrifice; ya_man = yajn~a 
because it is reached, i.e., obtained by the gods]. 

9.067.11 This Soma flows to Pu_s.an, who wears a beautiful tiara like 
exhilarating ghi_; may he bestow maidenson us. [Who wears a beautiful tiara: 
kapardine = kalya_n.a mukut.avate; this also means, having hair braided likea 
cowrie shell (kaparda)]. 

9.067.12 This Soma poured for you, shining (Pu_s.an) flows like pure ghi_; may 
he bestow maidens on us. 

9.067.13 Soma, generator of the praises of the wise, flow in a stream; you are 
the dispenser of treasure amongthe gods. [Generator of the praises of the wise: 
Or, in the midst of the wise, it is you who does generate speech]. 

9.067.14 He has flowed to the vessels as a falcon enters its nest and enters the 
wooden (vessels) with a cry. 

9.067.15 Your juice, Soma, spreads around when effused into the vessel as a 
swift falcon rushes along. 

9.067.16 Flow, Soma, who are most sweet-flavoured, giving exhilaration to Indra. 

9.067.17 (The Soma-juices) are let loose for the banquet of the gods like 
chariots desiring the wealth (of theenemy). 

9.067.18 These effused (Soma-juices), brilliant and extremely exhilarating, are 
let forth for Va_yu. [Or, utter asound; va_yum = s'abdam]. 

9.067.19 Bruised with the stones and effused (by the worshippers), you, Soma; 
enter the filter, bestowing uponyour praiser (wealth), accompanied with 
excellent male offspring. 

9.067.20 This (Soma), bruised (with the stones), and praised by (all), the 
slayer of ra_ks.asas, plunge throughthe woollen filter (into the vessel). 

9.067.22 May that purified Soma, the beholder of all, who is the purifier, 
purify us now by his purifying (might).[Yajus. 19.42]. 

9.067.23 Purify, Agni, our divine (body) with your purifying (light), which is 
diffused in the midst of the light.[Divine body: divine, because it increases, 
viz., sons; the light is the light of the sun, lightning]. 

9.067.24 Purify us, Agni, with your purifying (light) which possesses the light; 
purify us with the effusion of theSoma. 

9.067.25 Shining (Soma), urger of all things, purify me by both, by your 
purifying (light) and by the effusion (of theSoma); purify me in every way 
[Yajus. 19.43; your three...forms: i.e., fire, wind and sun]. 

9.067.26 Purify us, shining Agni Pavama_na, urger of all things, with your three 
most mighty powerful forms. 

9.067.27 May the worshippers purify me, may the Vasus purify (me) by their acts; 
purify me, all you gods, (Agni)the intelligent purify me. [Worshippers: Or, the 
troop of gods, Indra and others]. 

9.067.28 Soma, nourish (us), pour forth for the gods with all your juices the 
most excellent oblation. 

9.067.29 Let us approach bearing the beloved loud-sounding youthful oblation 
fostered by our offerings. 

9.067.30 May the battle-axe of the foe destroy the foe; alone flow tous, bright 
Soma; (slay) the villain only, brightSoma. [The battle-axe: paras'uh = chedakah 
pavama_nah, as if Soma were metaphorically called a battle-axeand implored to 
turn his edge against foes only (tam eva s'atrum na_s'ayatu)]. (his food) 
purified, sweetened by Ma_taris'van. [Ma_taris'van = Va+yu, because it breathes 
in the atmosphere,antariks.e s'vasiti; the food is sweetened and purified by the 
purifying wind and the man eats it]. Sarasvati_ milks milk, ghee and 
exhilarating Soma. [Here follows a khila of 19 verses in praise of 

9.068.01 The exhilarating Soma-juices flow towards the shining (Indra), as kine 
(have to their calves); the lowingkine sitting on the barhis grass hold in their 
udders the pure (juice) welling up. 

9.068.02 He with a noise re-echoes the principal (praises), separating the 
growing herbs, the green-tinted(Soma) sweetens them; passing through the filter, 
(he exerts) great speed, he annihilates the ra_ks.asas, theshining (Soma) 
bestows wealth (upon the worshippers). 

9.068.03 The exhilarating (Soma) who constructed the twin united (heaven and 
earth) does by means of his juicemaintain them growing together, imperishable; 
he has distinguished these two great unbounded worlds,wandering everywhere, he 
has assumed imperishable strength. 

9.068.04 The wise (Soma) wandering through the two worlds, sending forth the 
waters, flattens his station withfood; the Soma-juice collected by the priests 
is mixed with the barley; it is united by the fingers; it protects thehead. [His 
station: i.e., the uttara vedi_, the northern altar; it protects the head: 
s'irah = s'i_rn.am bhu_taja_tam(the withered world?)]. 

9.068.05 The sage (Soma) is born with developed mind; having his place in the 
womb of the water, he isdeposited (by the gods) by rule from far off; even when 
young these two were distinct; the birth (of one half) wasplaced in secret, the 
(other) half was visible. [This may refer to the fact that rain is caused by the 
sun, with whichSoma is identified; the last part of the verse may refer to the 
sun, which appears in the daytime, and the moon,which appears at night]. 

9.068.06 The wise (worshippers) know the form of the exhilarating Soma-juice, 
the food that the falcon broughtfrom afar; they cleanse in the waters the 
fostering (Soma) delighting (the gods), flowing around, and deservinglaudation. 
[The falcon brought from far: a bird in the form of ga_yatri_ brought it from 
heaven]. religious rites and woollen filters; and collected by the priests with 
oblations to the gods you bestow food (uponthe worshippers) for a gift. 

9.068.08 Intelligent praises celebrate the wide-flowing (god) delighting Soma 
who sits in good company, whoexhilarating (falls) in a stream with his water 
from the sky (and) wealth-conquering, immortal, sends out his voice. 

9.068.09 This Soma sends from heaven all water; bring filtered he settles in the 
vessels; effused with the stones,he is cleansed with water and milk; the 
filtered Indu bestow delightful wealth. 

9.068.10 Soma offering (wealth) as soon as you are sprinkled (with the water and 
milk), pour various kinds offood (upon us); let us invoke the friendly heaven 
and earth; do you, O gods, grant us wealth with excellent maleoffspring.

9.069.01 (Our) praise is attached (to Indra) as an arrow to the bow; (the Soma-
juice) is let loose to (Indra) thefosterer as a calf to the udder to its mother; 
(Indra sheds blessings) as a cow having a copious stream of milkyields it when 
coming into the presence (of the calf); in Indra's sacrifices the Soma is 
stimulated. [The fosterer:u_dhani = Indra, because he is the nourisher of 

9.069.02 The praise is united (to Indra); the excellent (Soma) is sprinkled; 
(the Soma stream) emitting pleasantjuice is driven into (Indra's) mouth; the 
filtered diffused exhilarating swift-flowing (Soma) hastens to the fleece 
likethe arrow of the combatants. [Diffuses...arrow: santanih: as an adjective 
with somah, i.e. diffused in the ladles; asa noun, the arrow discharged (by the 

9.069.03 (Soma) seeking his spouse is filtered in the sheep-skin; he separates 
his grand-daughter on the earthfor the sacrificer; green-tinted, adorable, 
collected (in the ladles), exhilarating, he overcomes (his foes);sharpening his 
vigour he shines like one of might. [His spouse: i.e., the herbs, naptih = 
naptr.h, i.e. the fourthgeneration. Praja_pati begets the gods; the gods beget 
the rain; the rain begets the herbs; Or, it means theoffspring of Soma; Soma 
nourishes the herbs with his rays. Soma 'separates' the herbs at the lip to make 
themfruitful (Aitareya Bra_hman.a 2.1.3); r.tam ya_te = yajn~am gacchate, i.e., 

9.069.04 The bull lows, the cows flow around him; the divine (praises) gather 
round the station of the radiant(Soma); Soma passes through the white sheep-
skin; he clothes himself with it as it were a burnished armour. [The first part 
of the verse praises Soma; Soma at the time of entering the wooden vessels makes 
a noise; thecows, the propitiating hymns of praise, gather round him; the hymns 
of praise approach the god's station. 

9.069.05 The immortal green-tinted Soma when purified is arranged in an 
uncleaned shining vestment; he ahscreated (A_ditya) who stands on the back of 
the sky for the destruction (of sin) and purification, (and hascreated) 
A_ditya's brilliance, the cover of the two worlds. [Shining vestment: i.e., the 
milk; A_ditya's brilliance:nabhasmayam = a_dityamayam a_dityasya svabhu_tam 
tejas]. like the sun's rays; they flow to no other person except Indra. 

9.069.07 The exhilarating (Soma-juices) poured forth by the sprinklers effect 
their way to Indra as in a waterfall ofa river the percvading (waters find their 
way) to dry ground; bless on our return our two-footed and four-footedthings; 
may food and offspring ever abide with us. [By the sprinklers: Or, praised by 
the priests who give theSoma; On our return: nives'e = svagr.ham prati 
praves'ane nirgamane va_, on our entering our home or leavingit; dvipade, 
catus.pade are datives from -pad]. 

9.069.08 Pour upon us (wealth) comprising treasure, gold, horses, cattle, 
barley, and excellent male offspring;you, Soma are my progenitors, the chiefs of 
heaven, placed (for sacrificial), the offerers of oblation. [You, Soma

9.069.09 These filtered Soma-juices advance to Indra worthy of honour, as 
(Indra's) chariots advance to battle;expressed (with the stones) they pass 
through the woollen filter, casting off infirmity the horses go towards therain. 
[To battle: sa_tim: an epithet of Indra, sarvaih sambhajani_yam; also, meaning 
'battle, fr. so, to kill; castingoff infirmity: casting off infirmity that 
pervades all their limbs, becoming youthful; vavr. from vr., that which 
coversthe body; haritah = becoming the horses that bear the Sun]. 

9.069.10 Indu, who do make (men) very happy, the blameless one, the destroyer of 
foes, flow for mighty Indra;bring to (me) your worshipper gratifying riches; 
heaven and earth, protect us with auspicious (riches).

9.070.01 For him in the ancient sacrifice thrice seven kine milk forth the right 
mixture; he makes four otherbeautiful waters for purification when he is 
nourished with the sacrifices. [Thrice seven kine: may signify the 12months, the 
5 seasons, the 3 worlds and the sun; the four waters are the vasati_vari_ waters 
and the threeekadhana) waters (Taittiri_ya sam.hita_]. 

9.070.02 He being solicited for auspicious ambrosia opens both heaven and earth 
by his intelligence, he coversthe lustrious waters with his greatness, when (the 
priests) with the oblation recognize the station of the radiant(Soma). [Opens: 
i.e., fills them with water]. 

9.070.03 May those his immortal, inviolable rays protect both classes of beings, 
wherewith he stimulates human(strength) and divine (food); thereupon praises 
reach the royal (Soma). [Both classes of beings: the movable andstationary or 
animate and inanimate creation; or, men and gods; 'the Soma fertilizes the 
plants at the sacrifice,and streams of men flow forth', the plants being part of 
the stationary (stha_vara) creation, and men belonging tothe movable 

9.070.04 Cleansed by the ten well-working (fingers), the companion (of the 
waters) stands among the midmostmothers to measure (the worlds); the beholder of 
men protecting sacred rites (for the sake) of auspiciousambrosia looks after 
both races. [Among the midmost mothers: ma_tr.s.u; madhyama_su = placed in 
theatmosphere; look after both races: gods and men, i.e., 'men by granting them 
their desires, gods by bestowingoblations upon them']. 

9.070.05 Being filtered for Indra's world-supporting strength, stationed in the 
midst of both worlds he goes(everywhere); the showerer destroys the evil-minded 
by his vigour, challenging the asuras like an archer.[Asuras: s'urudhah = s'uca_ 
rundhanti para_n, they avert painfrom others; s'arya_ha = 
haananasa_dhanairis.ubirhanta_ vi_rah; in RV. 67.16.39, s'arya = an enemy; 
s'arya = an arrow, pan.aih s'atru_n.a_m hanta_]. 

9.070.06 He repeatedly beholding his parents (heaven and earth) proceeds with a 
loud noise, like cows (lookingat their calves and lowing), and with a roar (like 
the troop) of Maruts; knowing that water to be the best which isgood for all 
men, the intelligent (pavama_na) chose man to be the offerer of his praise. 

9.070.07 The formidable showerer, the contemplator of all through desire for 
strength roars, sharpening hisgreen-tinted horns; the Soma settles on his well-
prepared station; the cowhide is his cleanser and the sheep-skin(too). [His 
green-tinted horns: i.e., the streams of the Soma juice]. 

9.070.08 Brilliant cleansing his sinless body, the green-tinted (Soma) is placed 
on the high-placed fleece;sufficient for Mitra, Varun.a, and Va_yu the 
exhilarating (Soma) mixed with the three ingredients is prepared bythe 
performers of good rites. [Sinless: Or, motionless, i.e., placed the vessel; the 
three ingredients: tridha_tu,three ores; or, water, curds, and milk]. 

9.070.09 Flow Soma, the showerer, for the banquet for the gods; enter the Soma-
vessel dear to Indra; bring ussafe past the hostile (ra_ks.asas) before the 
oppress us; for he who knows the country tells the direction to himwho asks (the 
way). [He who knows the country: 'as by telling him he protects (helps) him, so 
do you who knowthe roads of the sacrifice protect us by telling us the 
sacrificial paths']. 

9.070.10 Hasten (to the vessel) as a horse when urged (hastens) to the battle; 
flow Indu into Indra's belly; allknowing (Soma) bear us (safe) across, as 
(boatmen bear people) across a river in a boat; fighting like a hero,defend us 
from the reviling (of the foe). [Bear us safe acrss: i.e., across dangers or 
evil spirits, durita_nyati_yapa_raya].

worshippers) against the malignant ra_ks.asas; the green-tinted (Soma) produces 
the all-sustaining water of thesun; (he places) the mighty sun to cover the two 
worlds, to purify (created things). [The all-sustaining water of theSun: Or, 
taking nabhah as accusative, and payah as genitive, 'the firmament the supporter 
of the water'; themighty Sun: Brahma is explained as 'the mighty uplifted one 
that destroys darkness, or the supreme sun;parivr.d.ham, as if deriving brahma 
from vr.m.h or br.m.h]. 

9.071.02 The powerful (Soma) advances with a roar like a slayer of men; he puts 
forth that asura-slaying tint ofhis; he abandons bodily infirmity; the food goes 
to the prepared (altar); he assumes a form advancing to theoutstretched 
(filter). [asura-slaying tint: i.e., green;or varn.am means 'protecting 
strength'; the food: i.e., theSoma; pituh = juice or food; tana_ = in the filter 
outstretched by the sheep-skin]. 

9.071.03 Expressed with the stones by the hands (the Soma) flows; he moves like 
a bull; (worshipped) withpraise he wanders through the firmament; he rejoices, 
he is embraced; (praised) with a hymn he fulfills (thedesire of the 
worshippers), he is cleansed in the waters, he is honoured at the (god) 
protected (sacrifice). [Or, atthe sacrifice which nourishes the gods by 
bestowing oblations on them]. 

9.071.04 The powerful exhilarating Soma-juices besprinkle Indra who dwells in 
heaven, the augmenter of theclouds, the destroyer of the dwelling (of the foe); 
in whom on account of his greatness, the cows, the eaters ofthe oblations, mix 
the best (of their milk contained) in the uplifted udder. [The clouds: 
Or,mountains; inwhom:Indra is here regarded as soma pavama_na; varimabhih = 
urutvair mahattvaih]. 

9.071.05 The ten fingers of the arms urge him near to the ground (of the 
sacrificial altar) like a chariot; he goes

9.071.06 The shining (Soma) approaches the golden seat the station constructed 
by his holy rites, as a falcon(approaches) his nest; (the worshippers) send the 
well-beloved by their praise to the sacred grass; the adorableSoma proceeds to 
the gods like a horse. 

9.071.07 Radiant, wise, flowing in separate streams, (the Soma descends) from 
the firmament; the showeroffered at the three libations responds to the praises 
(of the worshippers); led in a thousand directions, comingand going, he shines 
at many a sunrise like one who sings praises (to the gods). 

9.071.08 His ray creates a shining form; at whatever battle it is present, it 
beats down the adversaries; the giverof water goes with the oblation to the 
divine people, (it meets) with good praise; (Soma) is joined by (a 
hymn)demanding kine as the chief boon. [His ray: varn.a = from vr., keeping off, 
beating back; 'his ray repelling hisfoes']. 

9.071.09 Like a bull approaching the herbs (Soma) roars (as he approaches the 
praises); he appropriates thelustre of the sun; celestial, flying gracefully he 
looks down upon the earth; by his wisdom Soma contemplatesmankind. [Flying 
gracefully: suparn.ah = a hawk; supatanah, going gracefully, because it is 
carried off byga_yatri_ in the shape of a hawk].

9.072.01 They cleanse the green-tinted (Soma); he is harnessed like a swift 
horse; the Soma is combined in thepitcher with the products of the kine. He 
utters a sound, (the worshippers) send forth praise; how many (boons)abundantly 
delightint the utterer of many praises (does Soma bestow). [Abundantly 
delighting: paripriyah =paritah pri_n.ayitr.n.i]. 

9.072.02 Many wise men utter praise together, when they have milked the Soma 
into Indra's belly, whenfair-armed men cleanse the delightful exhilarating juice 
with their ten united (fingers). [Indra's belly: i.e., thedron.akalas'a; with 
their ten united fingers: sanilabhih = lit., having one nest (nida); sani_l.a = 

9.072.03 Unceasing, the Soma goes to mix with the products of the kine, he 
utters a cry dear to the daughter ofthe sun. The praiser brings delight to him; 
he is united to the two kindred sisters (the hands). [The daughter ofthe sun: 
i.e., the dawn, beacause, at that time the noise of the effusion of the Soma is 
great; the praiser:vinam.gr.sah = kamani_yam stotram gr.hn.a_ti_ti; arm]. 

9.072.04 Shaken by the men, expressed by the stones, the delight (of the gods), 
the lord of cattle, ancient,distilling (in the vessels) born in due season, (the 
Soma is placed) on the sacrd grass; intelligent, the material ofthe sacrifice of 
man, pure, the Soma flows for you, Indra,of his own accord. 

9.072.05 Urged by the arms of men, poured forth in a stream the Soma flows for 
you, Indra, for strength; youaccomplish the rites, you overcome enemies at the 
sacrifice; the green-tinted Soma rests upon the cups like abird perching on a 
tree. [For strength: Or, for the sake of food; enemies: matih = abhima_na_n 

9.072.06 The seers, the experienced performers of holy acts, milk forth the 
seer, the loud-sounding undecayingSoma; the regenerated cattle and the praises 
combined repair to him at the place of birth of the sacrifice. [Theplace of 
birth of the sacrifice: i.e., the northern altar]. 

9.072.07 The supporter of the vast heaven, (placed) upon the navel of the earth, 
moistened among the rivers inthe wave of the waters, the thunderbolt of Indra, 
the showerer (of benefits), the possessor of wealth, Somaauspiciously 
exhilarating distils into (Indra's) heart. 

9.072.08 Performer of good deeds, flow quickly round the terrestrial region, 
giving (riches) to the worshipper andthe shaker (of the libation); do not 
deprive us of the wealth that enriches our dwellings; may we be invested 
withabundant wealth of diverse kinds. [The shaker of the libation: a_dhu_nvate = 
making the a_dha_vana (shaking)with the three filaments of the Soma, after the 
ada_bhya libation]. 

9.072.09 On Indu, bring us quickly (wealth) with a hundred gifts, with horses, 
with a thousand gifts, with cattleand with gold; measure unto us abundant riches 
and food; come, purified one, to (hear) our praise.

9.073.01 (The streams) of the dripping effused (Soma) sound together on the jaw 
(of the sacrifice), theSoma-juices flow together to the place of sacrifice. The 
powerful (Soma) has made the three exalted worlds forthe use (of men and gods); 
the ships of the truthful (Soma) satisfy the pious worshipper. [On the jaw of 
thesacrifice: srave = the plank of the Soma press, adhis.avan.a phalaka, which 
is the jaw of the sacrifice; the ships:i.e., the four pots for the a_ditya, 
a_grayan.a, ukthya and dhruva libations. 

9.073.02 The mighty (priests) assembled together send forth (the Soma) together; 
desirous (of heaven) theydrive it to the wave of the river; generating praise 
they nourish the previous body of Indra with the streams of theexhilarating 

9.073.03 (The rays of the Soma) having the means of purification sit round the 
voice (of the firmament), theirancient father protects their (light-giving) 
work; Soma the all-developer has overspread the mighty firmament(with them); the 
skilful (priests) are able to conduct (the Soma) to the all-sustaining (waters). 
[The voice of thefirmament: va_cam = voice of the firmament (or middle world) 
residing in the Soma; 'Soma stand in the firmament;the King Soma sit among the 
gandharvas'' (somo vai ra_ja_ gandharves.va_si_t) (Aitareya Bra_hman.a). 
Thevoice of the firmament is thunder, and the rays of the Soma refer to the moon 
or the Soma juices identified withthe rain]. 

9.073.04 (The Soma rays) in the firmament of a thousand streams (unite with the 
earth) below; in the summit ofheaven, sweet-tongued, in separate drops, his 
rays, swiftly moving, never shut their eyes; fixed each in his place,they are 
the molesters (of sinners). [His rays: spas'ah = sa_rabhu_ta_ ras'mayah; or, 
spies; never shut theireyes: 'but always keep watch to know the evil and the 
good, or always keep on alert as kings to guard againstenemies; fixed each in 
his place: 'in every place there are barriers strewn with snares (to keep off 
and catch thewicked or the ra_ks.asas), or, prisons filled with fetters]. 

9.073.05 (The rays) which were manifested in heaven and earth, illumined by the 
hymn (of praise), consumingthe impious (sacrificers), drive away by their wisdom 
from earth and heaven the black-skinned (ra_ks.asas) hatedby Indra. 

9.073.06 (The rays) which regulating praise and purposing rapidity of action, 
were manifested from the ancientfirmament, them the blind and deaf avoid; the 
wicked traverse not the path of truth. [The blind and deaf: i.e.,spiritually 
blind and deaf, those who do not see good objects-- those who do not hear the 
praise of the gods]. 

9.073.07 The intelligent sages extol the voice (of the firmament) in the 
purifying extended (Soma) with itsthousand streams; the Rudras are their 
servants, swift-moving, inviolable, revered, of goodly aspect, thebeholders of 
men. [Their servants: spas'ah = va_ca_ vas'inah (obedient voices)]. 

9.073.08 (Soma) the protector of the sacrifice, the doer of good deeds cannot be 
resisted; he places in his heartthe three purifiers; he the all-wise looks over 
all worlds; he censures those who are hostile in action, whosacrifice not. [He 
places in his heart: i.e., combines in himself; the three purifiers are agni, 
va_yu and the sun]. 

9.073.09 The threads of the sacrifice spread over the filter extends by its act 
to the tip of Varun.a's tongue; thewise approaching reached it;but he who is 
incompetent for the rite sinks (to hell) even in this world. [Varun.a'stongue: 
i.e., the vasati_vari_ waters, which are on the tip of Varun.a's tongue; the 
wise...reached it: 'it' refers tothe tip of Varun.a's tongue; the wise reach it 
by their praises or oblations.

9.074.01 Born in the water (the Soma) cries out like a child, when powerful and 
brilliant he wishes to enjoyheaven; he comes from the sky tomix with the water 
that nourish the kine; we ask him by our praises for anopulent dwelling. 
[Brilliant: or, swift as a horse; that nourish the kine: payovr.dha_, that feeds 
the milk of kine andthe sap of herbs]. 

9.074.02 The supporter of heaven, the prop (of the earth), the Soma-juice who, 
widely spreading, filling (thevessels), flows in all directions-- may he unite 
the two great worlds by his own strength; he has upheld themcombined; (may he) 
the sage (bestow) food upon (his worshippers). [The prop of the earth: cf. RV. 
9.089.06; mayhe unite: yaks.at = sam.yojayatu; a_vr.ta = by its own unaided 

9.074.03 (There is) abundant food well-prepared made of Soma and sweet for 
(Indra) who comes to the sacrifice;the way to earth is broad; (for Indra) who is 
the lord of the rain (that falls) here, the possessor of cattle, theshowerer of 
water, the leader (of the sacrifice), whose road is hither, who is deserving of 
praise. [Whose road ishither: i.e., to this our sacrifice]. 

9.074.04 Full of sap the butter and milk is milked from heaven, the bond of the 
sacrifice, the water is generated;the assembled liberal givers delight him; (the 
Soma-juices) the leaders, the protectors shower down theaccumulated (water). 
[The bond: na_bhih = binding; fr. nah, to bind]. 

9.074.05 Combining with the wave the Soma utters a cry; he sprinkles his god-
protecting body for theworshipper; he places the germ upon the lap of the earth, 
whereby we acquire sons and grandsons. [Hesprinkles: i.e., distils into the 

9.074.06 May those (juices) which are in the third world, the world of many 
streams, unconnected, bestowingprogeny, descend; the four digits (of the Soma) 
sent down from heaven bearing water bring the oblation and thenectar. [The four 
digits: na_bhah = rays, di_ptayah; or, digits (kalah) of the Soma; derived from 
na_bhas, heavenand the root nah, to bind (na_bhah = nabhaso ba_dhikah, 
obstructing heaven)]. 

9.074.07 When the Soma seeks to gain (heaven) he assumes a white colour; 
showering (benefits), powerful heknows (how to bestow) abundant wealth (upon the 
worshippers). He by his wisdom is associated with excellentrites; he bursts 
asunder the rain cloud from heaven. 

9.074.08 Thus the Soma successfully reaches the white water besprinkled pitcher 
like a horse (reaching) thegoal; the devout (priests) stimulate him with their 
praise; (he bestows) cattle upon Kaks.i_vat who has seen ahundred winters. 
[Successfully reaches: sasava_n = sam.bhajan, enjoying, possessing; who has seen 
a hundredwinters: s'atahima_ya = bahugamana_ya, i.e. one who attains many 
things; elsewhere, s'atahima_ya =aparimita-ka_la_, lasting for an endless time]. 

9.074.09 Purified Soma, when you are diluted with the water your juice passes 
through the woollen fleece;cleansed by the sages, O exhilarating purified 
(Soma), be sweet-flavoured for Indra to drink.

9.075.01 (The Soma) fit for good flows towards the delightful waters in which 
the mighty (Soma) is fostered; thebeholder of all, the great (Soma) mounts 
themighty sun's chariot which go everywhere.  

9.075.02 The tongue of the sacrifice (Soma) distils the delightful exhilarating 
(juice), speaking, lord of this rite,unassailable; the son (the sacrificer) 
assumes a third name unknown to his parents in the briliance of 
heaven.[Speaking: i.e., resounding, or replying to the praises of the 
worshippers; a third name unknown to his parents: aname not given at birth at 
the called cna_makaran.a; rocane divah = dyulokasya_ di_pyama_ne 
somebhis.u_yama_n.e sati_; somaya_jin is an instance of a third name 

9.075.03 Shining, he cries aloud (descending) into the vessels, pressed by the 
priests into the golden receptacle;the milk of the sacrifice glorify him; the 
supporter of the three sacrifices shines (most) on the days of sacrifice.[The 
milk of the sacrifice: 'the priests milk the stones as calves (milk the cows)' 
(Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_ 

9.075.04 Effused by the stones and by the praises, fit for food, illuminating 
heaven and earth the parents (of theuniverse), pure, (the Soma), flows between 
the sheep's hairs, diluted (with the water) the stream of theexhilarating 
beverage (is purified) day by day. 

9.075.05 Soma, flow forth for our welfare; purified by the priests cloth 
yourself in the (milky) mixture; with theexhilarating loud-sounding mighty 
juices which you have, inspire Indra to bestow affluence upon us.[Loud-sounding: 
a_hanasas = having slaughter, or having utterance; or, being struck or pressed; 
or, havingpraises].

9.076.01 (Soma) the sustainer (of all) flows from the firmament, the purifiable 
juice, the invigorator of the gods,worthy tobe praised by the priests; green-
tinted like a horse let loose by the charioteers he easily restores hisvigour in 
the waters. 

9.076.02 Like a hero he carries weapons in his hands, desirous of enjoying 
felicity, mounting his chariot in questof the cattle (of the worshipper), 
animating the strength of Indra, Indu, urged by the wise performers of pious 
acts,is anointed (with the milk and curds). 

9.076.03 Soma who are purified, who desire strength enter Indra's belly in a 
mighty stream; milk heaven andearth for us as lightning (milks) the clouds; now 
with the rite meter (unto us) abundant food. [Witht he rite: i.e., atthe very 
time the rite is being performed]. all-seeing truthful (Indra); he who is 
cleansed by the ray of he sun, the father of praise, the unequalled sage. 

9.076.05 As a bull (entering) the herd you rush to the receptacle, on the top of 
the waters, showering (benefits)crying aloud; you flow for Indra, most 
exhilarating so that we may be victorious in battle protected by you.

9.077.01 The sweet-flavoured beverage sounds in the pitcher, the thunderbolt of 
Indra, more beautiful than thebeautiful; (the stream) of this veracious (Soma) 
approach yielding much milk, dropping water, lowing like kine(laden) with milk. 
[More beautiful: vapus.o vapus.t.arah = sowing seed more than any other sower of 

9.077.02 The ancient (Soma) flows, which the hawk, despatched (for the purpose), 
brought down from heavenpassing through the (third) world; he detaches the 
sweet-flavoured (Soma) flying downwards, with mind full offear of the archer 
Kr.s'a_nu. [He detaches: sah = Soma; a reference to the hawk, who is afraid of 
Kr.s'a_nu, theprotector of Soma. The legend is in Aitareya Bra_hman.a 3.26]. 

9.077.03 May the former and the latter Soma-juices flow to give us abundant food 
and milk, pleasing to look uponlike beautiful well-adorned (women), which 
(juices) perform every prayer and every oblation. 

9.077.04 May this Indu, praised of many, knowing those who desire to slay us, 
slay them with united mind; whobeing in the dwelling of the lord (Agni) deposits 
a germ (in the herds) and hastens to (our) milk-giving herd ofcattle. [Milk-
giving: urubja = fr. uru+ap+jan, producing abundant water (milk)]. 

9.077.05 The maker of all, clever in work, the juice, mighty unassailable 
Varun.a flows from heaven for the sakeof him who go hither and thither; the 
friend of the adorable (Soma) is effused in affliction uttering a sound like 
anardent horse amidst a herd (of mares). [Varun.a: seems to be an ingredient 
mixed with Soma; is effused inapplication: vr.jines.u is explained as locative 
absolute, 'when misfortunes exist, the Soma is effused in order toavert 

9.078.01 This royal (Soma) producing a sound flows forth; clothing himself with 
the water he advances towardsthe praises (of the worshipper); the sheep with its 
fleece lays hold of the impure form; purified he approaches thestation of the 
gods. [The sheep: i.e., the filter]. 

9.078.02 You are effused by the priests, Soma, for Indra; you the observer of 
men, stimulated, intelligent, areimmersed in the water; many are the paths for 
you to follow, infinite are the spreading green-tinted streamsalighting on the 
cups. [Many are the paths for you to follow: or, 'there are ancient paths for 
you to go to Indra, anda thousand bay horses standing in the cups'].  

9.078.03 The nymphs of the firmament seated in the midst flow towards the 
sagacious Soma; they cherish himthe sprinkler of the hall of sacrifice; (the 
worshippers) solicit  Pavama_na (the undecaying) for a boon. [In themidst: in 
the middle of the sacrifice, i.e., in the cups]. 

9.078.04 Soma flows for us, the conqueror of cattle, of chariots, of gold, of 
heaven, of water, of thousandfold(wealth), whom the gods have made for (their) 
drinking, exhilarating, most sweet-flavoured, dropping, purple,causing 

9.078.05 Bestowing all these true riches, loving us you flow, Soma, purified; 
destroy our enemy whether he befar or nigh; grant us a free road and freedom 
from danger.

9.079.01 May the spontaneous Soma-juices flow to us at the brilliant 
(sacrifices), green-tinted, effused; may theybe destroyed who are the 
withholders of food from us; may (our) foes be destroyed; may (the gods) enjoy 
ourpious acts. 

9.079.02 May they flow to us, may they bring us riches-- the honey-dropping 
Soma-juices by whose aid weencounter the powerful (enemy); may we overcoming the 
opposition of every man always bear off his wealth. 

9.079.03 For the (Soma) verily is the foe of his own enemy and the destroyer of 
the enemy of another; as thirstovercomes one in a desert, so purified Soma, who 
are irresistible, slay (both) those (adversaries). 

9.079.04 Your best juice (dwells) in the navel of heaven, that which receives 
(the oblation); your (members) growup thrown upon the summit of the earth; the 
stones devour you upon the cowhide; the wise (priests) milk you intothe water 
with their hands. [The stones devour you upon the cowhide: Soma was poured out 
upon a blackantelope's skin; but,t he Soma was measured on a cowhide for the 
purpose of selling]. 

9.079.05 Thus, Indu, the chief (priests) making the mixture send forth your 
well-lodged, well-formed juice (rasa);purified Soma, destroy (our) reviler; let 
your potent, delightful, exhilarating (juice) appoear.

9.080.01 The stream of the Soma, the contemplator of man, flows forth; it 
invites by the sacrifice the gods (whodwell) above the sky; it shines forth at 
the voice of the sacrificer; the libations cover (the earth) like rivers. 

9.080.02 Giver of food, whom the kine praise, you mount, bright-shining, your 
station fashioned by golden-hands;you, Soma, the health of the worshippers, 
increasing (their) abundant food flow for Indra, the showerer (ofbenefits), the 
giver of exhilaration. [Whom the kine praise: aghnyah = a_hanani_ha ga_vah, the 
kine which arebrought to the sacrifice and milked for the curds with which the 
Soma is mixed, are lowing]. 

9.080.03 The (Soma) flows to Indra's belly for (his) food, giving extreme 
exhilaration, clothed with vigour, givinggood fortune he spreads forth towards 
all beings; sporting (on the altar), green-tinted, swift-moving, the showererof 
benefits, he flows forth. [For his food: or, for the sake of getting food for 
the sacriricer]. 

9.080.04 The priests, the ten fingers, milk you forth for the gods, most sweet-
flavoured, flowing in a thousandstreams; effused by the men, expressed with the 
stone, do you, Soma, the winner of thousand-fold wealth, flowto all the gods. 

9.080.05 The ten fingers of the skillful (one) milk you forth with the stones 
into the water most sweet-flavoured,the showerer (of benefits); Soma, 
exhilarating Indra (and) the celestial people, you rush forth, when filtered, 
likethe wave of a river.

9.081.01 The graceful waves of the purified Soma flow into Indra's belly when 
being effused and drawn forth(together) with the potent curds of the kine, they 
excite the hero to bestow (gifts to the worshippers). [The hero:i.e., Indra]. 

9.081.02 The flows towards the pitchers, like a darught horse, lightly moving, 
the showerer; and knowing bothraces of gods-- those who come to (the sacrifice) 
from the other world and those who (come) from this world.[as'noti is a 
predicate of yat; somah as the subject of as'noti: 'he acquires what is in the 
world above and what isin this world; 'he acquires from the next world what is 
there and from this world what is here']. 

9.081.03 Soma, when purified, strew upon us wealth; Indu, who are possessed of 
affluence, be (the donor) ofample riches; dispenser of food, grant to Vasu 
prosperity through (your) intelligence, scatter not our riches farfrom us. [Our 
riches: no gayam, i.e., asmabhya_m pradeyam dhanam, the wealth to be bestowed on 

9.081.04 May the generous (gods) meet together to us-- Pu_s.an, Pavama_na, 
Mitra, Varun.a, Br.haspati, theMaruts, Va_yu, the As'vins, Tvas.t.a_, savita_, 
and beautiful Sarasvati_. [Beautiful Sarasvati_: suvigraha, havinga fair body]. 

9.081.05 The all-pervading couple heaven and earth, the divine Aryaman, Aditi, 
Vidha_ta_, Bhaga deserving thepraise of men, the spacious firmament, all the 
gods honour the purified (Soma).

9.082.01 The Soma has been effused radiant, the showerer, green-inted; 
magnificent as a king, he cries aloudwhen approaching the waters; purified, he 
passes through the sheep's fleece, to alight on the water-moistenedseat like a 
hawk (on its nest). 

9.082.02 You, who are wise, pass through the adorable (filter) with a desire to 
perform the sacrifice; beingcleansed you rush like a horse to the cattle. 
Driving away misfortunes be gracious (to us), Soma; clothed in wateryou proceed 
to the cleansing (vessel). 

9.082.03 The mighty winged (Soma) whose father is Parjanya has placed his 
dwelling on the navel of the earthamong the mountains; the sisters, the waters 
flow to (the produce of) the kine; he meets with the stones at thebeloved 
sacrifice. [Parjanya: i.e., the rain; somah is implied in mahis.asya parn.inah 
and is the subject of dadhe.The mountains are the grinding-stones; the navel of 
the earth is the oblation. svasarah = fingers]. 

9.082.04 As a wife to her husband, so you (afford) delight to your worshipper; 
(Soma), offspring of Pajra, listen(to the praises) I address to you; in the 
midst of our adorations advance to grant us life; Soma, who areirreproachable, 
be vigilant against (our) foe. [Pajra: i.e., the earth; Soma is its offspring, 
because it is produced inthe ground]. giving them thousand-fold (wealth); so now 
flow for (our) modern prosperity; the waters wait upon your functions.[va_jam = 
strength; amr.dhrah = invulnerable].

9.083.01 Lord or prayer, your filter is stretched out; you who are the 
sovereign, enter its members from all sides;the raw (liquid) whose mass is not 
heated attains not this (filter); it is the boiled (liquids) bearing (the 
sacrifice)which attain it. 

9.083.02 The filter of the foe-scorching (Soma) is spread on the summit of 
heaven; his shining filaments areseparated, his swift-flowing (juices) protect 
the purifier (the worshipper), they dwell upon the summit of the sky intheir 
wish (to approach the gods). 

9.083.03 The chief sun of the dawn (the Soma) shines forth; sprinkler (of 
water), he nourishes the worlds,wishing (to have them) food; by his intelligence 
the intelligent build, the pitr.s, the beholders of men, support thegerm (of 

9.083.04 The gandharva verily protects this station; the marvellous (Soma) 
preserves the races of the gods; thelord of cattle seizes (our enemy) with a 
snare, the doers of good attain the drinking of the sweet-juiced (Soma).[The 
lord of cattle: nidha_patih (the lord of snares) = nidhipatih (the lord of 

9.083.05 Possessed of water, you go clothed in the liquid water, to the great 
celestial abode to (take) thesacrifice; as king you ascend to the battle, 
mounted to your filter-chariot; armed with a thousand weapons youwin (us) 
abundant food. [In the liquid water: havih in contrast to nabhah; to the battle: 
i.e., the sacrifice].

9.084.01 Flow, the exhilarator of the gods, the far-seeing, the giver of water; 
for Indra, Varun.a and Va_yu; grantus this day wealth and health; call the 
celestial people on the spacious ground (of the sacrifice). [Call: when thegods 
hear the Soma flow, they come to the sacrifice; call the celestial people: or, 
speak to the godly folk, i.e. me,

9.084.02 The immortal Soma who is stationed upon the worlds, goes round about 
them all; Indu,binding andunloosing accompanies (the sacrifice) for its 
protection, as the sun the dawn. [Goes round about: i.e., protects;Indu 
accompanies the sacrifice (sacrificer), connecting it (him) with the gods (the 
desired end--phalaih),separating it (him) from the asuras (calamities), as the 
sun for the protection (of sentient beings) accompaniesthe dawn, connecting it 
with light and separating it from darkness]. 

9.084.03 The Soma who is created by the (sun's) rays, (and whom they place) in 
the herbs for the gratification ofthe gods, desiring to go (to the gods), taking 
wealth from (the foe), flows when effused in a brilliant stream,exhilarating 
Indra (and) the people of heaven. [The people of heaven: daivyam is considered 
with indram, 'thelord of the gods']. 

9.084.04 This is the Soma, the conqueror of thousands, who flows stimulating the 
rapid voice (of the priests),awakened at dawn; Indu sends forth his ocean and 
sinks into the pitchers into Indra's heart. [i.e., aindrasyaha_rdi, in such a 
way that Indra's heart is friendly]. 

9.084.05 The kine dilute with their milk that milk augmenting Soma who bestows 
all things by means of praises;(the Soma) the winner of (our foes') wealth flows 
purified by the rite, apt for the rite, wise, experienced, the (giverof) all 

9.085.01 Flow forth, Soma, well-effused for Indra; may disease and the 
ra_ks.asas be (kept) far off; let not thedouble-dealers be exhilarated by your 
juices; may the Soma-juices be full of wealth at this (sacrifice). 

9.085.02 Purified (Soma), animate us in battle; for you are powerful, dear to 
the gods, the exhilarator. Slay ourfoes, approach (us) who desire (to propitiate 
you by) praises; Indra, drink the Soma, destroy our adversaries. 

9.085.03 You flow, Indu, the inviolable, the most exhilarating; you are yourself 
the best support for Indra; maysages approach and glorify you the ruler of this 
world. [The best support: food]. 

9.085.04 The guide of thousands, flowing in a hundred streams, marvellous, Indu 
flows forth for Indra, (his)beloved beverage; approach (the filter) winning (us) 
land, winning water, O Soma, sprinkler, make our pathbroad. 

9.085.05 Crying aloud you are blended in the pitcher with curds and milk, you 
pass through the woollen fleece inthe midst; being cleansed like a horse, 
distributing (gifts), you flow, Soma, into Indra's belly. 

9.085.06 Flow sweet for the celestial people, flow sweet for Indra, whose name 
is worthily invoked; sweet forMitra, Varun.a, Va_yu, Br.haspati, you who are the 
sweet-flavoured, inviolable. 

9.085.07 The ten fingers clean the horse in the pitcher; among the vipras the 
worshippers send forth praises; thefiltered (juices) hasten to the fair praise, 
the exhilarating Soma juices enter Indra. 

9.085.08 (Soma), when filtered, bring us male progeny, extensive pastures, a 
large and spacious mansion; let nohinderer of this (rite) be lord over us; Indu, 
through you may we win all wealth. 

9.085.09 The showerer, the beholder, has taken his station upon heaven, the seer 
has illumined the luminariesof heaven; the king passes through the filter with a 
shout, (the Soma juices) the beholders of men milk forth theambrosia of heaven. 

9.085.10 In the heaven of the bright (ssacrifice) the sweet-voiced Venas 
severally milk forth the sprinkler, themountain-haunting (Soma); (they sprinkle 
him) nourished in the waters, juicy, in the ocean (-like pitcher), in thewave of 
the river; (they sprinkle him) sweet-flavoured, in the filter. [In the heaven: 
na_ke = free from pain, theplace called havirdha_na; divah = dyotama_nasya 

9.085.11 The many voices of the Venas praise (the Soma who dwells) in heaven, 
well-winged, falling (to earth);praises soothe the crying infant, the golden 
bird, reposing on the earth. [i.e. the havirdha_na]. 

9.085.12 The elevated gandharva abides above the sun contemplating all its 
forms; the sun shines with whitelight, radiant he illumines the creative heaven 
and earth. [i.e., ma_tara_ = nirma_tryau; i.e., the two mother; or,the two 
parents (pitarau)].

9.086.01 Your (juices), purified (Soma), all-pervading, quick as thought, go of 
themselves like the offspring ofswift (mares); the celestial well-winged sweet-
flavoured juices, great exciters of exhilaration, alight upon thereceptacle. 

9.086.02 Your exhilarating, all-pervading juices are let loose separately like 
chariot-horses; the sweet-flavoured(Soma) waves (go) to Indra the wilder of the 
thunderbolt as a cow with her milk to the calf. 

9.086.03 Like a horse urged on to battle, do you who are all-knowing rush from 
heaven to the receptacle whosemother is the cloud; Soma the showerer (of 
benefits) is being purified at the top upon the woollen filter for 
Indra'sstrength which supports (the world). [For Indra's strength: dha_yase = 
dha_raka_ya; or, 'to Indra's supporting',i.e. to support Indra]. 

9.086.04 Purified (Soma), your celestial steed-like (streams) as quick as 
thought are poured along with the milkcontinuous (streams) into the midst (of 
the vessel). 

9.086.05 All-seeing (Soma), the mighty rays of you, who are the lord, encompass 
all the sphere; pervading (allthings) you flow, Soma, through your functions; 
you rule lord of the whole world. [Through your functions: 'by thesupporting 
streams of juice']. 

9.086.06 The rays, the tokens of the extant, steady, purified Soma, circulate 
from both worlds; when thegreen-tinted juice is cleansed upon the filter, 
reposing it alights upon its station, the pitchers. 

9.086.07 Soma, the signal of sacrifice, the object of pious worship, flows 
filtered; it approaches the abode of thegods; the thousand-streamed rushes to 
the receptacle, the showerer passes roaring through the filter. 

9.086.08 The royal (Soma) plunges into the firmament, (and) the rivers 
(thereof), mixed with the streams, heassociates with the wave of the waters; 
being filtered he stands upon the uplifted woollen (filter) on the navel ofthe 
earth, the upholder of the vast heaven. [Navel of the earth: yajn~ama_hu 
bhuvanasya na_bhim: Taittiri_yaSam.hita_; associate with the wave of 
the waters: to indicate the effect of the Soma in producing rain bycombining in 
the clouds with the solar rays]. 

9.086.09 Thundering like the summit of the sky (the Soma) roars, by whose 
support both heaven and earth, (areupheld); the Soma flows acquiring Indra's 
friendship, purified he alights upon the pitchers. 

9.086.10 The light of the sacrifice, he distils sweet (juice) delightful (to the 
gods), the parent of the gods, thegenerator (of all), possessed of ample wealth; 
he supports the hidden wealth of heaven and earth, the mostexhilarating, the 
exciting (Soma), the nourisher of (Indra), the juice. 

9.086.11 The rapid (Soma), thelord of heaven, the thousand-streamed, the 
beholder (of all), rushes crying aloudto the pitcher, the green-tinted one 
alights upon Mitra's dwelling place, cleansed by the sheep's hairs and 
thewaters, the shower. 

9.086.12 In the front of the waters rushes the filtered (Soma), foremost (he 
rushes) in the front of the voice, hegoes among the rays; in the front he 
engages in battle (to win) food; well-armed, the showerer (of benefits), he 
ispurified by the offerers of the oblation. 

9.086.13 This (Soma) possessed of agreeable (praise) filtered, and sent forth, 
(quick) as a bird goes with astream (of juice) through the fleece; by your 
sustaining act, by your intelligence, sage Indra, the pure Soma flowspurified 
through both heaven and earth. 

9.086.14 Wearing a coat of mail reaching to heaven, the adorable Soma, who fills 
the firmament (with rain),placed in the waters, generating heaven,passes with 
the water, (and) worships its ancient parent (Indra).[Wearing a coat of mail: 
i.e., clothed in light]. 

9.086.15 (Soma), who first reached Indra's glorious body, gives great happiness 
to the entrance of Indra (thatSoma), whose station is in the highest heaven, and 
through whom (Indra) triumphs in all contests. [Throughwhom: atah = yasma_t 
soma_t (tr.pta indrah); 'since his (Soma's) station is in the highest heaven, 
therefore he(Soma) triumphs']. 

9.086.16 Indu goes to Indra's abode, the friend leaves not the stomach of his 
friend; as a young man meetsmaidens, so the Soma (meets) the pitcher by a 
hundred paths.  

9.086.17 Your thoughtful worshippers (Soma), desiring an exhilarating sound, 
purposing praise, advance into thehalls of sacrifice; the praisers the lords of 
intellect praise Soma, the kine approach him with their milk. 

9.086.18 Radiant Soma, when filtered, pour upon us accumulated unwasting 
nutritious food, which is milked forus three times a day, without hindrance, 
giving forth a sound, yielding strength and delight and fair maleoffspring. 

9.086.19 The all-obsergant Soma, the showerer (of the desires) of his eulogists, 
the increase of the day, thedawn, the sun; maker of rivers he desires to enter 
the pitchers, penetrating to Indra's heart, (praised) by thewise.  

9.086.20 The ancient sage (Soma) is purified by the wise, guided by the priests 
he roars into the receptacles;generating the water of the threefold (Indra), he 
distils sweet juice to gain Indra's and Va_yu's friendship. 

9.086.21 (It is) he (who), when purified, illumines the dawn; he the maker of 
the world is (prosperous) for therivers; this Soma, having milked the thrice 
seven (cows) of their curds and milk, exhilarating, flows pleasantly to(go to) 
the heart. [Is prosperous: abhavat = samr.ddho bhavati]. 

9.086.22 Flow, Soma, to the heavenly abodes; let forth, O Indu, (proceed) to the 
pitcher, to the filter; alightingupon Indra's belly with a noise, guided by the 
priests, make the sun ascend the sky. [To the heavenly abodes:i.e., the bellies 
of the gods]. 

9.086.23 Effused with the stones, you flow, Indu, into the filter entering the 
belly of Indra; Soma, thecontemplator, you do look upon man (with affection); 
you did open the cloud for the an:girasas. [or, you did openthe mountain-side 
which concealed the cattled stolen by the Pan.is]. 

9.086.24 The pious worshippers desirous of preservation have glorified you, 
Soma, when being purified; thehawk brought you from heaven, Indu, adorned with 
all praises. 

9.086.25 The seven kine approach the green-tinted (Soma) who flows purified in a 
stream through the woollenfleece, mighty men urge (you) the sage on the lap of 
the waters to the place of sacrifice. [The seven kine: theseven verses, 
ga_yatri_ and others, or the seven rivers; to the place of sacrifice: or to the 
water; r.tam is added:r.tam yonih = r.tasya yonih, meaning water]. 

9.086.26 Indu, purified, plunges through his foes making all things easy of 
access to the worshipper; making hisbody liquid, lovable and wise, he rishes 
through the filter sporting like a horse. [Liquid: ga_h = rasamaya_n]. 

9.086.27 Separate, hundred-streamed, commingling (with the Soma), water-
desiring, (the sun's rays) approachthe green-tinted (Soma); the fingers cleanse 
him pervaded by rays, in the third sphere illumined by the sun.[Hundred-
streamed: or, s'atadha_raih = Soma and juices; harim : a reference to Indra; 
abhis'riyah = mixed withmilk; udanyuvah = desiring (Indra's rain)]. 

9.086.28 All these are the offspring of your celestial effluence; you are the 
ruler of the whole world; so, purified(Soma) this universe is in subjection to 
you; you, Indu, are the foremost, the supporter of the house. 

9.086.29 You, O sage, are the ocean, you are omniscient; these five regions 
(rest) on your support; you sustainboth heaven and earth; the sun, O Pavama_na 
(nourishes) your luminaries. 

9.086.30 Purified Soma, you are purified for the gods in the filter the 
supporter of the worlds; the chief (priests)desiring (you) lay hold (of you), 
all these worlds offer themselves to you. 

9.086.31 The sounding (Soma) passes through the woollen fleece; the green-tinted 
showerer cries in the waters;the worshippers desiring (the Soma) praise him 
together, the laudations soothe the infant as he cries. 

9.086.32 He invests himself with the rays of the sun stretching out the triple 
thread in the way he knows; guidingthe recent adorations of the truthful 
(worshipper), the protection of women passes to the consecrated (vessel). 

9.086.33 The sovereign of rivers flows pure, the lord of heaven goes with a 
shout by the paths of the sacrifice;the thousand-streamed green-tinted (Soma) is 
poured out, uttering a sound while being filtered, the bringer ofwealth. 

9.086.34 Purified (Soma), you pour forth abundant juice; like the wonderful sun 
(you approach) the fleecy filters;purified by the hands of the priests, 
expressed with the stones you flow for a mighty wealth-yielding conflict. 

9.086.35 You rush, Pavama_na, to (bring) food and strength; you alight on the 
pitchers like a falcon on its nest;(you) the exhilarating effused juice giving 
exhilaration to Indra, resembling the support of heaven, beholding (allthings). 

9.086.36 The seven sister mothers approach the new-born, victorious sagacious 
infant, Soma, abiding amidstthe waters, supporter of water, divine the 
contemplator of men to make him the ruler of the whole world. [Theseven sister 
mothers: i.e., the seven rivers clothe the Soma with their water]. steeds; let 
them dispense the sweet-flavoured shining liquor, may all men be present Soma, 
at your worship. 

9.086.38 You, Soma, are everywhere, the contemplator of men; you, Pavama_na, the 
showerer, hasten to these(waters); do you pour forth upon us (wealth), 
comprising various treasures and gold; may we be (able) to live inthe worlds. 

9.086.39 Flow, Indu, who are the winner of cattle, wealth, and gold, the 
fructifier, placed upon the waters; you,Soma, are a hero, omniscient; you these 
sages approach with praise. 

9.086.40 The wave of the swee-flavoured (Soma) exfites voices (of praise); 
clothed in water the mighty oneplunges (into the pitcher); the king whose 
chariot is the filter mounts for the conflict, and, armed with a 
thousandweapons, wins ample sustenance (for us). 

9.086.41 The all-pervading (Soma) exfites both day and night all praises easily 
borne, productive of prosperity;Indu, when drunk, solicit Indra (to give) us 
food productive of progeny and riches filling our homes. 

9.086.42 At the beginning of the day the green-tinted delightful exhilarating 
(Soma) is recognized by theintelligence (of the praisers) and by their praises; 
approaching the two men he passes in the midst (of heavenand earth, bestowing) 
upon the upholder (of the rite) both human and divine (riches). [The two men: 
i.e., thepraiser and the worshipper; or, secular and sacred people 

9.086.43 (The priests) smear and grease and anoint (the Soma with milk); (the 
gods) taste the invigorating(juice); they smear it over with sweet (milk). 
Purifying it with gold, they plunge it into those (waters) the sprinkler,the 
beholder, falling into the seething torrent. [Smear and grease and anoint: 
an~jate, vyan~jate and saman~jateare synonyms; into the seething torrent: 
sindhor ucchva_se = lit., in the hreathing of the river; i.e., going to 
anelevated place, the receptacle of the juice, rasasya_dha_rabhu_te ucchrite 
des'e gacchantam]. 

9.086.44 Sing (you priests) to the intelligent Pavama_na; like a mighty shower 
he sends forth food; like a snakehe glides out of his old skin, sporting like a 
horse he hastens forth, the showerer, green-tinted. 

9.086.45 (Soma) going foremost, radiant, sanctified by water, placed in the 
firmament as the measure of days isglorified; green-tinted, shedding water, of 
goodly aspect, the source of moisture, borne in a chariot of light heflows 
giving wealth, friendly to the house. [The measure of days: beacause, the rule 
as to the length of daydepends on the increase and decrease of the moon's 
digits, Soma being here regarded as the moon]. 

9.086.46 The supporter of heaven the prepared exhilarating (Soma) is let loose, 
the triple (beverage) rushes tothe waters; the worshippers taste the sounding 
Soma juice, when the reciters of holy texts approach theembodied (beverage) with 
praise. [Triple beverage: tridha_tu = three vessle, the dron.akalas'a, 
a_havani_ya and

9.086.47 The rapid streams of you when you are purified,being collected together 
pass through the interstices ofthe fleece; when you are mixed with water in the 
ladles, you, Soma, on being effused alight on the pitchers. 

9.086.48 Flow for us, Soma, cognizant of (our) worship and deserving praise; 
pour (your) belovedsweet-flavoured (juice) upon the woollen fleece; slay, Indu, 
all the voracious ra_ks.asas; blessed with excellentmale offspring may we offer 
ample (praises) at the sacrifice. [May we offer ample praises: br.had vadema = 
lit.,may we say much (or speak loudly); or, may we solicit much wealth].

9.087.01 Flow fast (Soma), sit down on the receptacle, purified by the priests 
hasten (showing) food (to thesacrificer); cleansing you like a strong horse, 
they guide you with (their fingers for) reins to the sacred grass. 

9.087.02 The divine, Indu well-armed flows forth, the destroyer of ra_ks.asas, 
averting calamity, the protector ofthe gods, the progenitor, the powerful one, 
the prop of heaven, the support of the earth. son of Kavi, or Us.anas the 

9.087.04 For you, Indra, the showerer, this sweet-flavoured Soma the showerer 
has been poured into the filter;the giver of thousand-fold wealth, the giver of 
hundred-fold wealth, the giver of abundant wealth, the powerful ispresent at the 
eternal sacrifice. 

9.087.05 These Soma-juices, (going towards) the thousand viands produced by the 
kine, purified, by the filters,are let loose for ample food and ambrosia, 
desiring food like horses victorious over a host. 

9.087.06 Invoked by many, the Soma, undergoing purification, pours forth all 
food (for the sake of men);falcon-borne, bring us food, conveying wealth send 
forth your juice. 

9.087.07 When effused, this quick-flowing Soma hastens to the filter like a 
steed let loose; while alighting hemoves like a buffalo sharpening his pointed 
horns, like a warrior on a foray for cattle. 

9.087.08 This Soma stream has come from on high and has detected the cattle 
which were in a stall (hidden)somewhere within the mountain; the stream of the 
Soma flows for you, Indra, thundering like lightning emitted bythe clouds from 

9.087.09 And being purified, Soma, you pursue the herd of (stolen) cattle in the 
same chariot with Indra; O youwho give quickly, give (us) when invoked plentiful 
and abundant viands, for they are your (property) O you whoabound in food.

9.088.01 This Soma is expressed for you, Indra; for you is filtered; do you 
drink of it; it is the Indu Soma whichyou have made, which you have chosen for 
your exhilaration, your companion. 

9.088.02 It has been harnessed like a great wagon that bears heavy burdens in 
order to bring us manytreasures; after this may all the races of men expecting 
our (attack) go to the desirable battle. [After this: i.e., afterharnessing of 
the wagon. u_rdhva_ = asma_d virodha_d unmukha_ni; svars.a_ta_ = locative of 
svars.a_ti, 'thatwhich is fitted for the attainment of heaven, i.e., battle]. 

9.088.03 You, Soma, who like Va_yu with his Niyut steeds go where you list, who 
like the Na_satya_s on hearingthe invocation do grant abundant felicity, you are 
of yourself desired by all like the giver of wealth, you are likePu_s.an, swift 
as thought. 

9.088.04 You, Soma, who like Indra perform mighty acts, are the slayer of the 
Vr.tras, the destroyer of those whoare called serpents; you are the slayer of 
every Dasyu. 

9.088.05 Soma who, like Agni let loose in a forest, easily manifests his might 
in the waters like a man who fightsshouting against his mighty (foe)-- so Soma 
when purified urges on his wave. 

9.088.06 These Soma-juices pass through the woollen fleece, like the rains of 
heaven showered by the clouds;the effused juices flow promptly to the pitchers 
as rivers running downwards (flow) into the ocean. 

9.088.07 Flow strong as the army of the Maruts, like the divine blameless folk; 
like waters become quicklyfavourable to us; (you are) of a thousand shapes, 
adorable like (Indra) the victor in battle. [The divine blamelessfolk: i.e., the 
Maruts: maruto vai deva_na_m vis'ah (Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_]. 

9.088.08 Your acts are (like) those of the royal Varun.a, vast and profound, 
Soma, is your abode; you are pureas the beloved Mitra, munificent are you, Soma, 
as Aryaman. [Varun.a: 'I quickly perform the sacrifices of you thecover'; 
varun.a = vara_ka].

9.089.01 This horse of burden moves forth by the (sacrificial) paths; when 
purified you flow like the rain fromheaven; the thousand-streamed Soma sits down 
among us on his mother's lap in the water. 

9.089.02 The sovereign Soma has put on the vestment of the waters, he has 
ascended the most straight-goingship of sacrifice; the dripping juice brought by 
the falcon has increased in the water; the father milks him-- milkshim the son 
of the father. [The father milks him: pita_ (pa_lako loka_h) = Adhvaryu, who 
extracts the juice of theSoma which is born from the heaven as from a father; 
or, the first milk may be the yajama_na and the second theadhvaryu; or duhe may 
be repeated as a mark of respect]. 

9.089.03 (The worshippers) reach the lion-like (Soma) the dispenser of water, 
green-tinted, red, the protector ofthis heaven; a hero in battles, first (among 
the gods) he seeks the (stolen) cows; by his might the sprinkler (Indra)protects 
(the universe). 

9.089.04 (The priests) attach to the broad-wheeled car the glossy-backed 
terrible active graceful horse; thesister fingers cleanse him; the kinsfolk 
invigorate the mighty (Soma). 

9.089.05 The four yielders of butter wait upon him, stationed in a common 
asylum; being purified they approachhim with food, they surround him in numbers 
on every side. [A common asylum: the firmament]. 

9.089.06 The prop of heaven, the support of earth-- all beings (are) in his 
hands; may (Soma) the fountain (ofdesires) be possessed of horses for you (his) 
adorer; the filament of the sweet-flavoured (Soma) is purified for(the sake of 
winning) strength. 

9.089.07 Conquering (and) unconquered approach the banquet of the gods; Soma, 
who are the slayer of Vr.tra,flow for Indra; grant us abundant and splendid 
riches, may we be masters of excellent male offspring. 

9.090.01 Urged (by the priests) the generator of heaven and earth advances like 
a chariot, wishing to distributebestows; Soma is the generator of earth by 
giving rain, and of heaven by obtaining the oblation]. 

9.090.02 The voices of the worshippers resound about him the triple-backed, the 
showerer (of benefits), thegiver of food; arrayed in water as Varun.a (is 
arrayed) in the rivers, the giver of precious wealth he bestowsdesirable riches. 

9.090.03 Flow you who have a host of warriors, who have all the heroes, full of 
strength, victorious, the giver ofriches, sharp-weaponed, rapid bowman, 
irresistible in battle, overthrowing the enemy (arrayed) in (hostile)armies. 

9.090.04 Flow you whose paths are broad, giving security (to the worshipper), 
uniting heaven and earth, wishingto enjoy the waters of dawn, the sun and (his) 
rays you cry aloud, ( to bestow upon) us ample food. 

9.090.05 Soma, exhilarate Varun.a, exhilarate Mitra; O Soma Pavama_na, 
exhilarate Indra and Vis.n.u, exhilaratethe company of the Maruts, exhilarate 
the gods, exhilarate the mighty Indra, O Indu, for his exhilaration. 

9.090.06 Thus (glorified), to you (Soma) like a king, performing your functions, 
flow on destroying all evils by yourmight; Indu, give food (in answer) to (our) 
well-recited praise; do you (O gods) cherish us ever with blessings.

9.091.01 (Soma) on whom the minds of the gods are fixed, chief (of the gods), 
recipient of praise, is let loose witha shout by ceremony as (a horse is let 
loose by the finger) in a battle of chariots; the ten sister (fingers) drive 
thebearer (of the oblation) on the elevated place to the halls (of sacrifice). 
[On whom the minds of the gods are fixed:tasmin hi tes.a_m mana_m.syota_ni 
(Aitareya Bra_hman.a 2.10)]. 

9.091.02 The Soma juice effused by pious mortals (comes) down (to the sacrifice) 
for the food of the celestialpeople; which immortal (beverage) is purified by 
mortal (priests) with the filter, the curds and milk and the waters. 

9.091.03 The Soma juice the showerer (of benefits) roaring to the showerer 
(Indra) goes when being purified to(mix with) the glistening milk of the cow; 
greeted with laudation, cognizant of sacred praise, the hero passesthrough the 
filter by a thousand imperishable paths. 

9.091.04 Demolish the strong dwellings of the ra_ks.asa; Indu, when purified put 
on his strength; cut to pieceswith your destructive weapon (the ra_ks.asas) who 
come from above, from nigh, or from afar and their leader. 

9.091.05 Adorable (Soma), do you as of old grant the ancient paths to your new 
worshipper; doer of many acts,utterer of many sounds, may we obtain those 
(portions) of you which are difficult to defeat, inflicting injury (onfoes) and 
mighty. [Adorable: vis'vava_ra, who is worthy to be chosen by all]. 

9.091.06 Thus, being purified, bestow upon us the firmament and heaven and earth 
and many sons andgrandsons;make our land prosper, diffuse the luminaries widely 
(in the firmament) and grant us long life to seethe sun. [Diffuse the luminaries 
widely: uru = uru_n.i related to jyotim.s.i].

9.092.01 The green-tinted Soma effused and sent forth (by the priests) is let 
loose, like a chariot upon the filter,for the acquisition (of riches); being 
filtered he acquires (Indra's) praise, he gratifies the gods with 

9.092.02 The sage, the observer of men, retaining the water proceeds to his 
place on the filter; like a ministrant

9.092.03 Soma, the intelligent, the knower of the right path, accompanied by all 
the gods, undergoing purificationgoes to his constant abode; he is one who 
delights in all sacred praises; the sage endeavours to approach thefive classes 
of beings. [Accompanied by all the gods: or, having all-pervading light]. 

9.092.04 O Soma Pavama_na, you are the thrice eleven universal gods abiding in 
the secret (heaven); the ten(fingers) cleanse you with the waters upon the 
elevated fleece, the seven great rivers (cleanse you). 

9.092.05 May thatplace of the truthful Pavama_na be quickly ours, when all the 
worshippers assemble (to praisehim) the light (of the Soma) which gave 
manifestation to the day protected Manu-- Soma made it triumphant overthe Dasyu. 

9.092.06 As theministrant priest proceeds to the hall where the victim is 
stationed, as a just king marches tobattle, the Soma undergoing purification 
enters the pitcheers like the wild buffalo in the waters.

9.093.01 The sister (fingers) sprinkling together cleanse (the Soma), the ten 
fingers (are) the efffuse of thesagacious (Soma); the green-tinted one flows 
round the wives of the sun, he hastens like a swift horse to thepitcher. [The 
wives of the sun: jah = jayah; the quarters of the horizon are called the sun's 
wives because theyare made manifest by the light of the sun]. 

9.093.02 Longing (for the deities) the showerer (of benefits) the desired of 
many (the Soma) is sustained by the(consecrated) waters as the infant by its 
mother; going to his station like a bridegroom to his bride, hecombines inthe 
pitcher with the curds and milk. [As the infant by its mother: the infant longs 
for its mother and is sustained byher milk; sandadhanve = has flowed with]. 

9.093.03 And he nourishes the cow's udder; the intelligent Indu is associated 
with his stream; the cows clothe theelevated Soma in the ladles with their milk 
as with newly washed robes. [Nourish the cow's udder: the Somaentering the 
herbs, etc., nourishes the cow who eats them]. 

9.093.04 Indu Pavama_na, do you with the gods, who do long for (our good) bestow 
upon us riches comprisinghorses; may your capacious mind longing for those who 
possess chariots (come) towards us to bestow treasures(upon us). [Your capacious 
mind: purandhi = tvadi_ya_ bahuvidha_ dhi_h]. 

9.093.05 Soma, when you are purified, measure out to us riches and dependents 
and all-gratifying water. Indu,may the life of your praiser be prolonged; may 
(Soma) who acquires wealth by his intelligence come quickly atdawn.

9.094.01 When the fingers vie with each other in this (Soma), as the trappings 
on a horse or the rays in the sun,clothed in the waters he flows desiring his 
worshippers like (a cowherd going to) a pleasant cow-stall for thenourishment of 
his cattle. [Vie with each: spardhanti = aham purasta_cchodhaya_m yaham 

9.094.02 Openingout the abode of the ambrosia on both sides (he passes between); 
for him, the omniscient, theworlds expand. Gratifying laudations eager for the 
sacrifice, call upon Indu, like kine (lowing) towards their stall.[The abode of 
the ambrosia: i.e., the firmament, the home of the waters; call upon Indu like 
kine lowing: svasare= of the laudations on the day of sacrifice; of the kine 
towards their stall]. 

9.094.03 When the sage Soma goes round the praises (of the wise) like a hostile 
chariot (going round) all theregions (of the battle-field), then desirous of 
bestowing upon mortals the wealth that abides with the gods, he (is)tobe 
glorified in the many places of sacrifice for the preservation of the riches he 
has given. 

9.094.04 He (is) generated for prosperity, for prosperity he issues forth, he 
gives prosperity (and) sustenance tothose who praise him; clothing themselves in 
(his) prosperity, they obtain immortality; their conflicts aresuccessful through 
the aid of (the Soma) who moves with measured tread. 

9.094.05 Bring us food and drink, horses, cattle and ample light, exhilarate the 
gods; for all (the ra_ks.asas) areeasily subdued by you; Soma Pavama_na, destroy 
(all) foes.

9.095.01 The green-tinted Soma cries aloud when let loose, sitting when filtered 
in the belly of the pitcher;collected by the priests, he assumes his shape, 
(putting on) the products of the kine, therefore raise praises (tohim) with 

9.095.02 The green-tinted Soma being let loose propels the voice that indicates 
the path of truth as the boatman(propels his) boat; the bright Soma reveals to 
his worshipper on the sacred grass the secret names of the god.[The secret 
names: na_ma, the forms of the gods (s'ari_ra_n.i)]. 

9.095.03 The priests hurrying like the waves of the waters dispatch praises 
towards Soma; adoring him theyapproach and come up together, longing for him who 
longs for them they enter him. 

9.095.04 (The priests) milk forth the Soma cleansed (dwelling) on a high place 
like a buffalo, the sprinkler, placesbetween the grinding-stones; praises attend 
upon the longing Soma; (Indra) who dwells in three abodes supportshim, the 
defeater of enemies, in the firmament. [The priests milk forth: gra_van.o vatsa_ 
r.tvijo duhanti (Taittiri_yaSam.hita_:; who dwells in three abodes: 
or, tritah may be an epithet of somah; varun.am may be anepithet of indram]. 

9.095.05 Indu, being purified, stimulating the praise (of the worshippers) like 
the answer of the hota_ set free theunderstanding; when (you) and Indra are 
present together (at the sacrifice) may we be prosperous, may webecome the 
possessors of excellent male progeny. [Set free the understanding: i.e., make 
his (?Indra's) mindfavourably disposed to grant wealth].

9.096.01 The leader of the host, a hero, advances in front of the chariots 
intent on seizing the cattle (of theenemy); his army exults; making their 
oblations to Indra prosperous for the friendly (worshippers), Soma assumesthe 
hastily made robes (of curds and milk). [Hastily made: rabhasa_ni = indrasya 
vegena_game nimitta_ni,?caused by Indra's hasty arrival] 

9.096.02 The priests express his green-tinted (juice); he mounts the chariot 
unyoked by the horse-drivingsalutations; the wise Soma the friend of Indra goes 
to meet the worshipper. 

9.096.03 Divine Soma, who are the beverage of Indra, flow at our sacrifice for 
(his) abundant food; sendingwater, causing rain to fall upon heaven and upon 
this earth, (come) from the wide (firmament, and) being purifiedbestow upon us 

9.096.04 Flow for our immunity from defeat and slaughter, flow for our welfare, 
for the great sacrifice for all thegods; all these my friends desire this; this 
I desire, O Soma Pavama_na. 

9.096.05 The Soma flows, the generator of praises, the generator of heaven, the 
generator of the earth, thegenerator of Agni, the generator of the sun, the 
generator of Indra, and the generator of Vis.n.u. falcon of the vultures, the 
hatchet of deadly weapons, the Soma passes through the filter with a roar. [The

9.096.07 The purified Soma excites gratifying praises as a river (excites) the 
wave of sound; the showerer (ofbenefits) beholding the hidden (treasure) 
presides over these irresistible powers, knowing about the cattle. 

9.096.08 (Soma) who are the exhilarator, harming (the foe) in battles, 
(yourself) unharmed, who have a thousandstreams, rush against the strength (of 
the enemy), Indu, who are being purified, the sage, uttering cries, urge onfor 
Indra the wave of juice. 

9.096.09 The pleasing delightful Soma approached by gods (proceeds) to the 
pitcher to exhilarate Indra; Indu thethousand-streamed and vigorous proceeds 
like a strong horse to battle. 

9.096.10 The ancient (Soma) the finder of treasure as soon as generated, 
cleansed in the waters milked on thestone, the defender against enemies, the 
sovereign of the world, purified for the sacrifice, shows (the worshipper)the 
right way. 

9.096.11 Soma Pavama_na, by you our ancient and wise progenitors performed their 
religious rites; harming thefoes (yourself) unharmed slay the ra_ks.asas and be 
liberal in enriching us with male offspring and horses.[Yourself unharmed: 
avatah = tair, i.e. s'atrubhir abhigatah]. 

9.096.12 As you did flow to Manu possessing food, slaying enemies, acquiring 
wealth, having oblations, so nowflow bringing us riches; abide you in Indra; 
make manifest (your) weapons. 

9.096.13 Soma who have exhilarating juice, who are connected with the sacrifice, 
clothed with water flow uponthe elevated fleece; alight upon the water-holding 
pitchers, you who are most exhilarating, intoxicating, theespecial beverage of 

9.096.14 (Soma), who flows in a hundred streams, pour rain from the firmament, 
you who are the giver ofhundredfold (wealth), the bestower of food at the 
banquet of the gods; desirous of (the mixture) combine with thewaters in the 
pitchers and with the curds and milk, prolonging our life. [Desirous of the 
mixture: or, with a noise]. 

9.096.15 This Soma (is) purified with praises, like a strong horse he overthrows 
(his) foes; (he is purified) like thestrong milk milked from the cow, (flocked 
to by all) like a broad road, (and guided by the praisers) like awell-trained 
horse of burden. 

9.096.16 Well-armed, purified by those who express you, send your concealed 
desirable form (into the pitchers);like a horse bring us food in our desire for 
food; divine Soma, bring us life, bring us cattle. 

9.096.17 They cleanse the charming infant (Soma) at his birth; the Maruts 
decorate the bearer (of boons) withtheir troop; bring wise with songs, wise with 
wisdom, Soma passes clamorous through the filter. [Wise withwisdom: there is a 
play on the word, kavi; separating gi_bhih from kavih, the explanation is: he 
passes throughthe filter with praise]. mighty Soma desiring to attain the third 
region (heaven), being praised adds lustre to the illustrious (Indra). 

9.096.19 Seated on the ladles, praiseworthy, competent, supporting, acquiring 
cattle, flowing, bearing arms,attending upon the firmament, the sender of the 
waters, the mighty (Soma) attends the fourth sphere. [i.e. theregion of the moon 
which is above that of the sun]. to the receptacle like a bull to the herd, 
(Soma) crying repeatedly enters the planks. [Like a richy decorated man:maryo na 
s'ubhrah; the planks: the ladles; the soma has already been effused and 

9.096.21 Flow, Indu, purified by the venerable (priests), rush through the 
filter crying repeatedly, sporting enterthe planks purified, let your 
exhilarating beverage exhilarate Indra. 

9.096.22 His copious streams flow forth; blended with the milk and curds he 
enters the pitchers; uttering chantsthe skilful chanter (Soma) hasten invoking 
(the gods) towards (the cups) like (a libertine) to the wife of a friend. 

9.096.23 O Pavama_na, eulogized (by the worshippers), distilling (into the 
receptacles), destroying the enemies,you go like a gallant to his mistress; 
falling like a bird alighting on the trees the Soma when purified alights 
uponthe pitchers. 

9.096.24 The lustres, Soma, of you when being purified, approach with abundant 
milk with copious streams like awoman (giving milk to her child); the green-
tinted Soma, the desired of many, has been brought to the waters andcries 
repeatedly in the pitcher of the god-loving (worshippers).

9.097.01 The shining Somabeing purified by the golden hand that urges it forth, 
brings its juice into contact withthe gods; when effused it proceeds with a roar 
to the filter like the ministrant priest to the halls prepared (forsacrifice) 
containing victims. 

9.097.02 The great wise Soma, clothed in his auspicious war-vestments, the 
inspirer of praises-- enter into thevessle when purified, you who are sagacious 
and vigilant at the banquet of the gods. 

9.097.03 (Soma), the most famous of the famous, the earht-born, the conciliator, 
is cleansed for us in theelevated fleece; sound aloud in the firmament when 
purified; do you ever protect us with blessings. [Soundaloud: dhanva_ = 
imperative of dhanv]. 

9.097.04 Sing (to the Soma), let us praise the gods; send forth the Soma for 
(the acquisition of) great wealth. Hepasses sweet-flavoured pure through the 
fleecy filter; our (Soma) devoted to the gods alights on the pitcher. 

9.097.05 Indu coming to obtain the friendship of the god; flows in a thousand 
streams for (their) exhilaration,glorified by the priests (he proceeds) to his 
ancient station, he proceeds to Indra for the sake of great prosperity(to the 

9.097.06 (Soma), when our praise is offered, flow green-tinted and purified, to 
(bring us) riches, may yourexhilarating beverage animate Indra to battle. Go in 
the same car with the gods to (procure us) wealth; do youever protect us with 

9.097.07 Reciting sacred praise like Us.anas the praiser (Vr.s.agan.a) proclaims 
the births of the gods;assiduous in pious observances, of brilliant radiance, 
purifying (from sin), he approaches the filter making a noise(as) a wild boar 
(makes a noise) with its foot. [The praiser: devah = Soma; as a wild boar makes 
a noise with itsfoot: vara_hah = effused on a good (vara) day (ahan)-- epithet 
of Soma; pada = pada_ni, abodes, i.e., the filters].

9.097.08 The Vr.s.agan.as (walking like) swans, (alarmed) at the strength (of 
the foe), having repaired to thehouse of sacrifice, to the swift-shooting foe-
despising (Soma), the friends sound the flut to the praiseworthyirresistble 
Pavama_na. [Walking like swans: ham.sa_sah = wounded by the enemy; ama_t = 
s'atru_n.a_m bala_ttra_sita_h santah; another interpretation: the vr.s.agan.as 
have gone from hence to their home]. 

9.097.09 He moves rapidly (following) the path of (him) the much-praised, 
(other) goers cannot overtake him(though he is) moving easily; sharp-horned he 
displays manifold (radiance); the Soma appears green-tinted byday, and clearly 
visible at night. [The Soma appears green-tinted by day: Soma is not visible in 
the daylight; r.jra= straight going, r.ju-ga_mi_, i.e., clearly visible, 
vispas.t.ah = red or brown]. 

9.097.10 The powerful, flowing Soma having quantities o fjuice flowing down, 
streams forth infusing strength intoIndra for his exhilaration; conferring 
wealth the king of strength slays the ra_ks.asas and harasses the enemy. 

9.097.11 Milked forth by the stones the Soma flows through the (sheep's) hair 
coming into contact (with the gods)with its sweet-flavoured stream; the divine 
exhilarating Indu desiring the friendship of Indra flows for theexhilaration of 
the deity.  

9.097.12 Clothed in pleasant radiance suited to the season, the sportive Indu 
flows purified, reaching the godswith its juice; the ten fingers guide it to the 
elevated fleece. 

9.097.13 (Calling out for the praises like) a red bull bellowing after the kine; 
the Soma goes with a roar throughheaven and earth; (his voice) is heard as the 
voice of Indra, manifesting (himself) he raises this voice. 

9.097.14 Pleasant to the taste, dripping with milk, you flow pouring forth the 
sweet-flavoured juice. Soma, whenpurified and sprinkled, you flow for Indra in a 
continuous stream. 

9.097.15 Thus flow, the exhilarator, for Indra's exhilaration bowing down the 
rain-holder with (your) weapons,assuming brilliant colour, desirous of our 
cattle, flow, Soma, sprinkled (into the filter). 

9.097.16 Gratified (with our praises), Indu, flow into the large (vessel), 
granting us riches coming by holy pathsand easily acquired; beating down the 
ra_ks.asas on every side as with a club, flow in a stream upon theelevated 

9.097.17 Sending us rain from heaven, quick-falling, food-giving, giving health 
to our home, promptly munificent;flow, Indu, seeking these lower winds your 
kinsmen as (one seeking his) beloved infants. [Giving health to ourhome: 
s'am.gayi_m = sakhasya niva_sabhu_tam, inhabiting happiness; the kinsmen: 
because Indra and thewinds are in the relation of praised and praiser; ima_n 
va_yu_n = us approaching you, asma_n tva_mabhigacchatah]. 

9.097.18 (Soma), when filtered loose (me) bound (by sin) as (one loose) a knot; 
(grant me) a straight path andstrength. You, green-tinted, neigh like a horse 
(when you are) let loose; proceed divine (Soma) who are friendlyto man, and have 
a dwelling. 

9.097.19 Indu, who are adequate for exhilaration flow in a stream to the 
elevated fleece at the sacrifice;thousand- streaming, fragrant, irresistible, 
flow for the acquisition of food in the combat. 

9.097.20 These brilliant Soma juices flow like horses let loose inbattle without 
reins, without chariots,unharnessed; approach them, you gods, to drink. 

9.097.21 So, Indu, at our sacrifice pour the water from the firmament into the 
vessels; may Soma bestow upon usdesirable riches in abundance with male 
offspring and strength. 

9.097.22 When the praise of the zealous worshipper sanctiies him as that of a 
noisy (crowd) in front (praises) adistinguished (prince) for the support (he 
affords); then the cows come to the excellent exhilarating Indu, the lord(of 
all, abiding) in the pitcher, eager to gratify him (with their milk). [For the 
support he affords: dharman.i = thereason (nimitta) of the praise; i.e. the duty 
of acquisition and preservation (or the duty of securing property),yogaks.ema 
vis.ayam karma]. 

9.097.23 The divine benefactor of givers, poured (boons) on givers, the 
intelligent (Soma) distils his truebeverage for true (Indra); the radiant (Soma) 
is the upholder of strength, he is entirely restrained by the tenfingers. 

9.097.24 Purified by the filters the observers of man, the sovereign of both 
gods and mortals, the lord ofabundant wealth (Soma) , is twofold; Indu bears the 
auspicious collected water. [Soma is twofold: i.e., abidesamong both gods and 

9.097.25 Hasten (Soma) to give food to Indra and Va_yu like a horse, for (the 
sake of giving us) food, to acquirewealth; give us abundant thousand-fold food; 
Soma, when filtered become the dispenser of riches. 

9.097.26 May the Soma juices which are gratifying to the gods when poured around 
(into the vessels) bring us adwelling and male offspring-- (the juice) 
endeavouring to gain the favour (of the gods), desired by all offering (tothe 
gods) in heaven like the ministrant priests, most exhilarating. [Endeavouring to 
gain the favour of the gods:a_yajyavah sumatim vis'vava_ra_h]. 

9.097.27 Divine Soma, who are the beverage of the gods, flow at the sacrifice 
for (their) abundant food; urged on(by you) may we overcome even mighty (foes) 
in battle; purified do you render heaven and earth happy abodes(for us). 

9.097.28 Yoked by the priests, you neigh like a horse, (you are) terrible as a 
lion, swifter than thought; Indu, pourhappiness upon us by those which are the 
most direct of the paths leading hitherward. 

9.097.29 Your hundred streams manifested for the gods are loose; the sages 
cleanse those thousand (streams);pour wealth upon us, Indu, from heaven; you are 
the precursor of abundant riches. 

9.097.30 As the rays of the days of the sun are let loose (so are the streams of 
the Soma); a prudent king doesnot abandon his friend; as a son preserving in 
pious acts (wins) his father's (safety), do you pour upon thispeople immunity 
from defeat. 

9.097.31 Your exhilarating streams are let loose when you pass purified through 
the woollen fleece; Pavama_nayou flow to the supporting (milk) of the kine, as 
soon as generated you fill the sun with your radiance. 

9.097.32 (The Soma) cries repeatedly upon the path of the sacrifice; you shine 
(being) the abode of immortality;possessing exhilaration you flow for Indra, 
sending forth your voice with the praises of the sages. 

9.097.33 Soma, who are celestial, well-winged, you look down from heaven, 
pouring forth your streams by thepious rite at the sacrifice; Indu, enter into 
the pitcher the receptacle of the Soma; crying aloud approach the sun'srays. 
[Look down from heaven: avacaks.i, an imperative]. 

9.097.34 The bearer (of the oblation) utters the three praises, the thought of 
Brahma that sustains the sacrifice;the kine come to the cowherd asking (to be 
milked), the praisers proceed to the Soma with eagerness. [Thebearer of the 
oblation: i.e., the worshipper; the three texts are: r.k, yajus. and sa_man; 
brahman.ah = thespureme, parivr.d.hasya Soma; the kine come to Soma to mix their 
milk with him]. 

9.097.35 The kine (are) longing for the Soma; wise men (are) inquiring for him 
with praises; Soma being effusedis purified blended (with milk), our adorations 
in the tris.t.ubh metre are united in the Soma. 

9.097.36 Thus poured around (into the vessels), Soma, do you when purified flow 
for our welfare, enter with agreat noise into Indra, foster our praise, generate 
abundant knowledge in us. [With great noise: Sa_maveda hasmadena for raven.a]. 

9.097.37 The vigilant Soma, the knower of true praises, being purified, has sat 
down in the vessels-- (the Soma)whom the adhvaryus touch, combined, emulous, 
leaders of the sacrifice, auspicious-handed. [Touch: sapatispr.s'atikarma_ 
(Nirukta 5.16)]. 

9.097.38 The purified (Soma) approaches (Indra) as the year (approaches) the 
sun, he fills both heaven andearth (with his radiance), he opens (the darkness 
with his light); may he, the beloved (Soma), whose beloved(streams) are for 
(our) preservation, bestow upon us wealth like (wages given) to a labourer. 

9.097.39 May Soma the augmenter (of the gods), self-augmenting, being purified, 
the showerer (of benefits),protect us by his radiance; through whom our 
forefathers, tracing the footmarks, cognizant of all things, stole thecattle 
from the rock. [Stock the cattle from the rock: us. = mus.; i.e. 'stole 
(ransacked) the rock with regard to (i.e.,for) the cattle']. 

9.097.40 The ocean, the royal (Soma), generating progeny in the outstretched 
(firmament, the) supporter of thewater traverses the universe; the showerer (of 
benefits), the brilliant Soma when effused increases abundantly inthe elevated 
woollen filter. 

9.097.41 The mighty Soma has achieved this mighty (work) that, being the germ of 
the waters, he has nourishedthe gods; purified he has given strength to Indra; 
Indu has generated the light in the sun. 

9.097.42 Exhilarate Va_yu for (our) food and wealth, exhilarate Mitra and 
Varun.a as soon as you are filtered;exhilarate the company of the Maruts, 
exhilarate the gods, exhilarate heaven and earth, divine Soma. 

9.097.43 Flow you who are straight going, the slayer of the crooked-goer, 
driving away disease and enemies;mixing your juice with thejuice of the kine 
(you go to the cups); (you are) Indra's (friend), we (are) your friends. 

9.097.44 Pour forth a fountain of wealth distilling sweet juice, pour upon us 
male offspring and riches; flow sweetfor Indra, O Indu, when purified; and pour 
riches upon us from the firmament. 

9.097.45 The Soma effused in a stream, going like a horse flows powerful like a 
river down a descent; purified healights on the wooden abode; Indu mixes with 
the milk and curds, (mixes) with the water. 

9.097.46 The following sagacious Soma flows into the cups, Indra, for you, who 
long (for him)--all-seeing,car-borne, of adequate vigour, who has been sent 
forth like the wish of the god-desiring (worshippers). 

9.097.47 Flowing with (his) ancient food, enveloping the forms of the earth, 
covering the house of sacrifice whichhas a threefold protection, (placed) in the 
waters he advances calling aloud at the oblations like a ministrantpriest. 
[Threefold protection: it protects against cold and rain]. 

9.097.48 Divine Soma, who are car-borne, being filtered (at) our (sacrifice), 
flow quickly into the cups; mostsweet-flavoured in the waters, full of delight, 
offered at the sacrifice, stimulator of all, who like a god are theobject of 
true praise. [Flow quickly into the cups: camvoh = adhis'avn.a phalakayoh; apsu 
is related withparisrava]. 

9.097.49 Being eulogized, hasten to Va_yu, for (him to) drink; being purified, 
hasten to Mitra and Varun.a;(hasten) to the leader, who is quick as thought, 
mounted on a car, to Indra, the showerer, the wielder of thethunderbolt. 

9.097.50 Bring us handsome garments, bring us, when you are purified, cows 
easily milked; bring for ourmaintenance gratifying gold; divine Soma, bring us 
horses fit for chariots. 

9.097.51 Bring us celestial treasures, bring us all erthly (treasures)  when you 
are purified; bring us (the ability)whereby we may acquire riches, make our 
sacred prayer (sweet) as Jamadagni. 

9.097.52 With this filtered stream pour on us those treasures; do you, Indu, 
advance to the brown water; at thisrite may the sun, rapid as the wind, may 
(Indra) the object of many sacrifices grant a son to me approaching (theSoma). 
[Advance to the brown water: ma_m.s'catva = manyama_na_na_m ca_take, 'scaring 
away (?) those whoare respectful'; badhrah = the illuminator of all or the root 
of all--the sun]. 

9.097.53 And flow with this filtered stream at the renowned station ofyou who 
are worthy of renown; (the Soma)the destroyer of enemies has shaken down (for 
us) sixty thousand treasures for victory as (one shakes) a treewhose fruit is 

9.097.54 These two great acts, the raining (of arrows) and the humiliation (of 
foes), are the givers of happiness;they are deadly either in a fight on 
horseback or in a hand to hand fight; he has put the foes to sleep and 
driventhem away; doyou (Soma) drive away the enemies and unbelievers. [In a 
fight on horseback: ma_m.s'catve = ahorse, i.e., a battle fought with horses; 
derived from: maks.u carati; pr.s'ane = ba_huyuddhe, an arm-fight(personal 
combat); unbelievers: acitah = those who do not make an agnicayanam (preparation 
of the sacredfire-place), i.e., infidels]. 

9.097.55 You reach the three outstretched filters, you hasten to the one 
(filter) being purified; you are Bhaga, youare the donor of gifts, you Indu are 
more affluent than the affluent. [Three outstretched filters: the three are 
thefire, wind and sun; the one is the woollen filter]. 

9.097.56 This all-knowing sage Soma, the sovereign of the whole world, flows 
forth; distilling his drops at thesacrifices, Indu passes through the sheep's 
hair on both sides. 

9.097.57 The adorable, unassailable (deities) sip the Soma juice, they hail it 
at its station like worshippers greedy(of wealth); the skilful priests send 
forth the Soma with their ten fingers, they anoint its body with the fluid of 

9.097.58 May we ever, Soma, with you who are purified, (as our ally) win much 
wealth in battle; so may Mitra,Varun.a, Aditi, Sindhu, heaven and earth enrich 

9.098.01 Bring us, Indu, strength-bestowing riches, desired bymany, supporting 
many, far-celebrated andovercoming mighty (foes). 

9.098.02 When effused the Soma juice flows to the woollen (filter) as (a 
warrior) in a chariot is covered in mail;fitted into the wooden (cask), hurrying 
forth, it flows in streams. [To the woollen filter: drun.a_ = hiya_nah 
(tenapu_ryama_n.ah); hitah = sent forth on all sides; or, praised by the 

9.098.03 The Soma juice being effused flows through the fleece diffusing 
exhilaration; who, being exalted goesto the sacrifice in a stream desiring the 
milk and curds as (he goes to the firmament) with radiance. 

9.098.04 For you, divine Indu, grant riches to every man who offers libations, 
thousand-fold and hundred-foldtreasure. [To every man: s'a_s'vate = numerous as 
being possesssed of children]. 

9.098.05 Slayer of enemies, may we by your (people); Vasu, (may we be) extremely 
near your much-covetedwealth; irresistible (Soma), may we be near happiness. 

9.098.06 Whom, celebrated, expressed by the stones, dear to Indra, beloved (by 
all) moving in streams, the twicefiver sister (fingers) bathe (in the sacred 

9.098.07 Him, coveted (by all), green-tinted, brown, they purify with the 
filter; who goes to all the gods with (his)exhilaration. 

9.098.08 For you by his protection have drunk the strengthening (juice of that 
Soma) who, beloved (by all) likethe sun, has bestowed abundant food upon his 

9.098.09 Divine heaven and earth the progeny of Manu, the Soma juice is 
generated at your sacrifices, radiant,abiding in the grinding stones; (the 
priests) bruise him at the loud-sounding ceremony. 

9.098.10 You are poured forth, Soma, for Indra, the slayer of Vr.tra, to drink; 
and for the munificent worshipperwho sits in the halls of sacrifice (to give 
oblations) to god. [Sa_maveda has vi_ra_ya for deva_ya]. 

9.098.11 Those ancient Soma juices flow into the filter at the dawn, driving 
away in the early morning theconcealed and ignorant thieves. 

9.098.12 May you and we, intelligent friends, eat the bright Soma fragrant and 
invigorating, may we obtain foodand dwellings.

9.099.01 They stretch the bow of manhood for the beloved courageous (Soma); (the 
priests) wishing to worshipare the two rebhasunus = son of Rebha. spread out the 
white filter: nirn.ijam vayanti = they weave a garment]. 

9.099.02 Consecrated at the end of the night (the Soma) plunges into the viands, 
when the fingers of theworshipper press out the green-tinted (juice) to go (to 
the vessels). 

9.099.03 We purify the juice that Soma which is exhilarating and fit for Indra's 
drinking; which the approachingworshippers both now and of old take up in their 
mluths. [Approaching: ga_vah; 'which the cows take up in theirmouths, eating it 
in the form of grass]. 

9.099.04 They celebrate the purified Soma juice with an ancient hymn of praise, 
and the fingers exercising theirpressure are able (to prepare the oblation) for 
the gods. 

9.099.05 Him sprinkled (with water) the supporter (of all things) they purify in 
the woollen filter; the wise(worshippers) instruct him as a messenger to 
proclaim (their prayers) beforehand (to the gods). [The wiseworshippers 
instruct: s'a_sate = they desire him]. 

9.099.06 The most exhilarating Soma, being purified, alights on the vessels; 
putting his seed (in the vessels) asin a heifer, the protector of the rite is 

9.099.07 Effused for the gods, the god Soma is cleansed by the skilful 
(priests); when he is recognized amongthese (people) as the giver (of riches), 
he plunges into the mighty waters. 

9.099.08 When effused, Indu, and collected by the priests, you are guided to the 
filter; you alight on the cups forIndra, exciting exceeding exhilaration.

9.100.01 The innocent waters repair to Soma dear to Indra and beloved (of all), 
as the material kine lick thenew-born calf at the beginning of its life. donor 
(of the libation). 

9.100.03 Let loose your stream which is as rapid as thought; as the cloud (let 
loose) the rain; you Soma fosterterrestrial and celestial treasures. 

9.100.04 Your stream when you are effused, swift-flowing bountiful, rushes 
through the sheep's hair like thehorse of a victorious (hero). 

9.100.05 Sage Soma flow in a stream for our enlightenment and invigoration, 
poured forth for Indra, Mitra andVarun.a to drink. 

9.100.06 Flow, Soma, who are the giver of food in a stream, when effused, to the 
filter; (flow) Soma who are mostsweet for Indra, for Vis.n.u, for the gods. 

9.100.07 The innocent maternal (waters) caress you, the green-tinted, upon the 
filter, O Pavama_na, at thesacrifice, as kine caress their new-born calf. 

9.100.08 Pavama_na, you traverse the vast firmament with various rays, hastening 
on you dispel all ra_ks.asasat the house of the donor (of the libation). [The 
vast firmament: s'ravah = s'ravani_yam, i.e. antariks.am]. 

9.100.09 Observer of manifold rites, you support both heaven and earth; O 
Pavama_na, (who are endowed) withgreatness, you put on your coat of mail.

9.101.01 For (the drinking of) the effused exhilarating (juice) of the Soma who 
has placed victory before you, doyou friends destroy the long-tongued dog. 
[i.e., prevent the dogs or ra_ks.asas from lapping the Soma]. 

9.101.02 The Indu good for sacred rites which when effused flows forth in a 
purifying stream, (swift) as a horse. 

9.101.03 Him, the Soma unassailable, adorable, the priests, with all 
comprehending intelligence, express with thestones. 

9.101.04 The sweet-flavoured exhilarating Soma juices effused (and) filtered 
flow for Indra; do you, exhilarating(juices) proceed to the gods. 

9.101.05 The devout (worshippers) say 'Indu flows forth for Indra'; the lord of 
speech (Soma) soverign of all byhis might desires (our) worship. 

9.101.06 The thousand-streamed ocean, Soma the stimulator of praise, the lord of 
riches, the friend of Indraflows day by day. 

9.101.07 This Soma being purified hastens (to the pitcher) fostering, wealth-
giving, to be enjoyed (by all); thelord of all beings, he has illuminated both 
heaven and earth. 

9.101.08 The affectionate emulous cows celebrate (Soma) for his exhilaration; 
the brilliant filtered (Soma) juicesmake paths (for themselves to flow). [Cows: 
or, voice of praise]. 

9.101.09 Bring to us, filtered (Soma), that celebrated (beverage) which is most 
potent, which (waits) upon thefiver orders of beings and by which we may obtain 

9.101.10 The brilliant Soma juices flow for us knowing the right path, friendly 
(to the gods), effused sinless,contemplative, all-knowing. 

9.101.11 Effused by the stones, recognized upon the cowhide acquirers of wealth 
they bestow food upon us fromall sides. [They bestow food upon us: samasvaran = 
lit., they sounded food for us]. 

9.101.12 These filtered Soma juices, intelligent, mixed with curds, swift-
moving, firm in the water (are) brilliant assuns. 

9.101.13 Let no mortal hear the sound of the effused Soma; drive off the dog 
that sacrifices not as the Bhr.gusdrove off Makha. [Let no mortal: 'No death-
giving, i.e., rite-obstructing dog'; ara_dhasam = stingy,ra_dhakakarmarahitam]. 

9.101.14 (Soma) the kinsman (of the gods) is enveloped in the investing filter 
like a child in the arms of itsprotecting parents; he hastens like a gallant to 
a mistress, like a bridegroom (to the bride) to sit upon his station(the 

9.101.15 The green-tinted (Soma), the implement of strength, the hero, who has 
upheld heaven and earth, isenveloped in the filter like the sacrificer (in his 
house) to sit upon his station. 

9.101.16 The Soma flows purified by the sheep's hairs; crying aloud upon the 
cowhide for the showerer (ofbenefits), green-tinted he goes to Indra's prepared 

9.102.01 Performing (sacred rites) the child of the great (waters) sending forth 
the lustre of the sacrifice (Soma)produces all acceptable (oblations) and 
(abides) in the two worlds. 

9.102.02 When the Soma has been taken the secret station of the grinding stones 
(at the sacrifice) of Trita, thenwith the seven supports of the sacrifice (the 
priests praise) the conciliating (Soma). [With the seven supports ofthe 
sacrifice: i.e., with the seven metres; or, deriving sapta from. sr.p, they 
effuse the Soma with the vasati_vari_water]. 

9.102.03 (Support, Soma) with your stream Trita's three (oblations); cause the 
giver of riches (Indra) to come tothe sacred songs. The intelligent (praiser) of 
this (Indra) measures out hymns. [i.e., yojana_ni which may alsomean, roads or 
stages; in RV.1.018.05, yojana_ = a means for inducing the gods to yoke their 
horses, i.e., ahymn]. 

9.102.04 The seven mothers instruct the (Soma) the institutor (of the sacrifice) 
when born for the prosperity (ofthe worshippers) to that this firm Soma is 
cognizant of riches. [The seven mothers: i.e., the seven rivers; or, theseven 
metres; yat = because, tasma_d... dhana_disamr.ddhir bhavati]. 

9.102.05 The universal gods, devoid of malice, assembled together at his rite, 
are to be envied if being delightedthey take pleasure (in the Soma). 

9.102.06 The germ which the augmenters of the rite brought forth at the 
sacrifice lovely to look upon intelligent,most adorable, desired by many. 

9.102.07 He of his own will approaches the great united parents of the sacrifice 
(heaven and earth) when (thepriests) conducting the ceremony anoint him in due 
order with the sacred waters. 

9.102.08 Soma, by your act drive away with your brilliant organs the darkness 
from the sky, effusing into thesacrifice (your juice) the lustre of the rite. 
[di_dhitim is deried from dhr., the supporter of the rite].

9.103.01 Raise a loud voice to Soma the institutor (of the rite), purified, 
gratified by praises, as (men pay) wages(to a labourer). 

9.103.02 Blending with the curds and milk the Soma rushes through the woollen 
fleece; the green-tinted Somabeing purified takes up three stations. [i.e. the 
dron.akalas'a (wooden cask), a_havani_ya (that into which theSoma may run), and 
pu_tabhr.t (holding the filtered Soma)]. 

9.103.03 The Soma sends forth (its juice) through the woollen fleece to the 
honey-dripping receptacle; the seven

9.103.04 Soma, the leader of praises, in whom all the gods are comprehended, 
unassailable, green-tinted whenfiltered, enters the cups. [i.e. camus.u] 

9.103.05 Proceed in the same chariot with Indra to the celestial hosts, a priest 
purified by priests, immortal.[Purified by priests: va_ghat = carried by the 
priests;or, fetching wealth for the worshippers]. 

9.103.06 Like a charger eager for the combat the divine (Soma) effused for the 
gods hastens when purifiedspreading widely into the vessels.

9.104.01 Sit down, friends, sing to the filtered Soma, decorate him with 
offerings to beautify him as (parentsdecorate) a child. 

9.104.02 Associate him the support of the mansion with the maternal (waters) as 
the calf (with the mother) theprotector of the gods, the exhilarator, endowed 
with twofold strength. 

9.104.03 Purify the bestower of strength so that he may make for invigoration 
for the banquet (of the gods) andmay grant much happiness to Mitra and Varun.a. 

9.104.04 For us do the hymns glorify you the giver of wealth; we clothe your 
form with the (products of the) kine. 

9.104.05 Lord of our exhilaration, Indu, you are of brilliant form; be our true 
guide as a friend is to a friend. 

9.104.06 Show us (your) ancient (friendship); (drive off) the voracious 
ra_ks.asa, the impious, the double dealer--drive away our sin.

9.105.01 Hymn, friends, the Soma purified for the exhilaration (of the gods), 
gratify him with oblations and praisesas (men gratify) a child (with ornaments). 

9.105.02 Indu being set forth is sprinkled (with the waters) as a calf (is 
nourished) by its mother-- the protector ofthe deities, the exhilarator, graced 
by praises. 

9.105.03 This (Soma) is an instrument for invigoration; he (is useful) for speed 
(and) for the banquet of yourgods; he is effused most sweet-flavoured for the 

9.105.04 Powerful Indu who are effused, pour upon us (wealth) comprising cattle 
and horses; I mix the pure juicewith the curds and milk. [Sa_ma veda reads 
dha_raya for ddi_dharam]. 

9.105.05 Lord of our bay-coloured (cattle), Indu, who have a most brilliant 
form, do you who are kind to thepriests be for a light to us as a friend (gives 
light) to a friend. 

9.105.06 Do you (show) us your ancient (friendship), drive away the impious 
voracious (ra_ks.asa); Indu who arevictorious overcome those who oppress us, 
(drive) off the double-dealing (ra_ks.as).

9.106.01 May these effused green-tinted Soma juices quickly generated, all-
knowing, proceed to Indra theshowerer (of benefits). 

9.106.02 This effused Soma adorable for battle, is filtered for Indra; Soma 
thinks of the victorious (Indra) as he isknown (in the world). [This effused 
soma...filtered for Indra: 'this munificent effused Soma is filtered for 
Indra'ssutenance; indra_ya bhara_ya is like a gerund]. 

9.106.03 In the Soma's exhilaration may Indra seize hold of wealth to be enjoyed 
(by all) and conquering Vr.tra inthe waters may he wield the thunderbolt the 
showerer (of blessings). [Conquering the Vr.tra in the waters:'Conquering the 
Vr.tra for the sake of the waters'; or, conquering ahi in the firmament]. 

9.106.04 Flow Soma who are vigilant; Indu spread around for Indra; bring 
brilliant overpowering all-obtaining(strength). 

9.106.05 Pour forth for Indra the exhilarating (juice) showering (benefits), you 
who are very beautiful, who havemany paths, the finder of the (right) path, the 
observer (of all). 

9.106.06 You who are the best finder of paths for us, the sweet beverage for the 
gods, come by a thousandpaths crying aloud. 

9.106.07 Flow, Indu, in your strength with your streams for the banquet of the 
gods; sit down, Soma, who aresweet-flavoured, in our pitcher. 

9.106.08 Your drops, goint to the water, have exalted Indra to exhilaration; the 
gods have quaffed you, thedelighter, for immortality. 

9.106.09 Bring us wealth, bright Soma juices effused, filtered, filling the sky 
with rain, shedding water (upon theearth) acquiring all things. 

9.106.10 Some being filtered flows in a stream through the woollen fleece, 
crying aloud when filtered in advanceof the voice (of praise). 

9.106.11 They send forth with their fingers the powerful Soma sporting in the 
water, passing through the fleece;praises celebrate him abiding in the three 
receptacles. [With their fingers: dhi_bhih = dhi_tibih; or, by theirpraises]. 

9.106.12 Desiring (to give the worshipper) food he has been let loose into the 
pitchers like a charger in battle;being filtered, raising a cry he flows (into 
the vessels). 

9.106.13 The delightful green-tinted (juice) flows with rapidity into the 
crooked (pitchers); bringing theworshippers, food and male offspring. 

9.106.14 Devoted to the gods flow with that (stream); (your) streams of 
exhilarating beverage are let loose; with aroar you pass through the filter in 
all directions.

9.107.01 Sprinkle from hence the effused Soma-juice which is the best oblation 
(to the gods), and which, goodfor man, is going into the midst of the firmament; 
(the priest) has expressed the Soma with the stones. 

9.107.02 (Soma) who are unassailable, who are most fragrant, flow around now 
being purified by the fleece;being effused we praise you eminent in the waters 
mixing you with food and the (products of the) kind. [Withfood: andhsa_ = saktu, 

9.107.03 Being effused the Indu flows so as to be seen (of all)-- the 
exhilarator of the gods, the agent (in holyacts), the observer of all. 

9.107.04 Undergoing purification you flow Soma in a stream clothed in the 
(consecrated) waters; the giver ofwealth you sit on the place of sacrifice, 
divine (Soma), who flow forth, who are the origin of gold. 
[deva_na_mhitaraman.i_yah = deva hiran.yayah]. 

9.107.05 Milking the exhilarating agreeable celestial udder (the Soma) sits down 
on its ancient place ofaggregation (the firmament); food-giving, cleansed by the 
priests, observant it flows to the commendableworshipper. [The...celestial 
udder: i.e., the Soma]. 

9.107.06 Soma, who are purified, vigilant, agreeable (you flow) through the 
woollen fleece; you are intelligent,the chief of the An:girasas, sprinkle our 
oblation with your exhilarating juice. you are a seer, most devoted to the gods; 
you have made the sun to mount the sky. 

9.107.08 Effused by the effusers Soma is poured out upon the elevated fleeces; 
and proceeds with itsgreen-tinted stream, as on a mare, proceeds with its 
exhilarating streams. 

9.107.09 Soma combined with the produce of the kine flows with the kine into the 
pitcher, he flows with themilked kine; his enjoyable juices go (to the pitcher 
as waters) to the ocean, the exhilarating (Soma) is expressedfor the 
exhilaration (of the gods). [Into the pitcher: anupe = on the bank; or, in a 
watery low-lying place, nimnedes'e]. 

9.107.10 Expressed by the stones, Soma, (passing) through the sheep's hairs, 
green-tinted, entering the cups asa man (enters) a city, you take your seat in 
the wooden (vessels). 

9.107.11 Desirous of (bestowing) food, passing through the interstices of the 
fleece the Soma is adorned like ahorse in the battle; the Pavama_na, to be 
rejoiced in (by all, praised) by the intelligent, the sages, the reciters 
ofsacred songs. 

9.107.12 You are fed with water, Soma, like a river, for the banquet of the 
gods; with the juice of your filamentyou go to the honey-dropping receptacle, 
exhilarating, vigilant. 

9.107.13 Agreeable affectionate like a son about to be decorated, the Soma is 
clad in a shining robe; they sendfilter]. 

9.107.14 The swift Soma send forth their inebriating juice upon the uplifted 
(filter) of the firmament, intelligent,exhilarating, all-acquiring. 

9.107.15 The divine royal (Soma) vast and true, undergoing purification 
traverses the firmament in a stream; vastand true, being sent forth he flows for 
the support of Mitra and Varun.a [Vas and true: r.tam br.hat relates to theSoma, 
atyantam satyabhu_tah]. 

9.107.16 Regulated by the priests, the divine royal Soma, agreeable, 
intelligent, abiding in the firmament. 

9.107.17 Exhilarating, flows, when effused, for Indra attended by the Maruts; 
thousand-streamed he passesthrough the fleece; men cleanse him. 

9.107.18 Purified in the cups, exciting laudation, the sage Soma rejoices among 
the gods; clothed with thewaters sitting in the wooden bowls, he is surrounded 
with the curds and milk. [Purified in the cups: camu =camus.u; effused on the 

9.107.19 In your friendship, Indu Soma, I have rejoiced day by day; many 
(ra_ks.asas) assail me, tawny-coloured(Soma); overcome these who surround me. 

9.107.20 I (delight) in your presence, tawny-coloured Soma, both day and night, 
for the sake of your friendshipmay we soar like birds far beyond the sun blazing 
with your light. [Sa_maveda has tava_ham for uta_ham;duhanah for sakhya_ya; far 
beyond the sun: parah is an adjective for su_ryam; su_ryam = soma, may we fly 
toyou, the distant sun]. 

9.107.21 Fair-fingered (Soma) being cleansed you utter a sound in the pitcher; 
you bring, Pavama_na, amplegolden-hued much-coveted wealth. 

9.107.22 The showerer of benefits, cleansed and filtered in the woollen fleece, 
you cried aloud in the water;Soma Pavama_na, mixed with the curds and milk, you 
go to the prepared (station) of the gods. 

9.107.23 Flow, Soma, to all praises to procure food (for us); you, the 
exhilarator of the gods, are the chiefsupporter of the firmament. 

9.107.24 Flow quickly, Soma, with your supports, to the terrestrial and 
celestial worlds; the sages express youradiant, O observer of all, with praises 
and with their fingers. 

9.107.25 Your purified juices are let flow through the filter in a stream 
accompanied by the Maruts, exhilaratingpleasing Indra, swift-moving, bringing 
praise and food. [Swift-moving: hayah = horses, ganta_rah]. 

9.107.26 Indu clothed with waters effused by the worshippers rushes to the 
receptacle, generating light,identifying its form with the (products of the) 
kine, he covets now (our) praises.

9.108.01 Soma,who are most sweet-flavoured, most intelligent, the exhilarator, 
flow for Indra, the great, the mostbrilliant,the exhilarator. 

9.108.02 By drinking whom the showerer Indra is invigorated, by drinking you who 
are the beholder ofeverything, the intelligent (Indra) reaches the viands (of 
the enemy) as a horse (reaches) the battle. 

9.108.03 For you, Pavama_na, who aremost brilliant quickly shout to the races of 
the gods for (the sake of their)immortality. 

9.108.04 (You) through whom Dadhyan~c tthe offerer of the nine days' rites 
opened (the cave), through whomthe sustenance of the delicious (ambrosial 

9.108.05 This (Soma) when effused flows most exhilarating through the woollen 
fleece, sporting like a wave ofwater. 

9.108.06 You who by your might extricated from the rock the quick-moving kine 
abiding in the waters, you havespread out a pasturage for cattle and horses; 
like a mailed (warrior) slay (the asuras), brave (Soma).[Interpretation: Who by 
his might cut the quick-moving waters of the firmament from out of the cloud, 
you get aherd of cattle and horses]. 

9.108.07 Pour forth (the Soma), sprinkle it round like a horse, adorable, 
dispenser of rain, dispenser of light,showerer of fluid, swimming in water. 

9.108.08 Thousand-streamed, showererof benefits, augmenter of water, 
affectionate; (pour it forth) for the raceof the gods which water-born is 
fostered by the water, the king, the god, the true, the great. 

9.108.09 Divine (Soma) lord of viands, who are devoted to the gods, bestow upon 
us brilliant and abundant food;separate the mid-aerial receptacle. 

9.108.10 Come, powerful (Soma) effused into the cups, like a prince the 
sustainer of the people; pour the courseof the waters, the rain fromheaven; 
accomplish the rites for the worshipper who seeks cattle. [Into the 
cups:adhis'avana phalaka_yah, in the planks of the press]. 

9.108.11 Him have they milked from heaven, the shedder of exhilarating juice, 
the thousand-streamed, theshowerer (of benefits), bearing all treasures. 

9.108.12 The showerer (of benefits) is manifested begetting (light) immortal, 
destroying the darkness with (his)radiance; glorified by the wise he has assumed 
his shining robe; the triple (oblation is supported) by his act. [Hehas assumed 
his shining robe: he has blended himself with the milk, for the sake of being 

9.108.13 The Soma has been effused who is the bringer of treasures, the bringer 
of riches, the bringer of food,the bringer of fair homes. 

9.108.14 Our (Soma) which Indra drinks, which the Maruts drink and Bhaga with 
Aryaman; through which wepropitiate Mitra and Varun.a and Indra, to obtain his 
powerful protection. 

9.108.15 Soma, collected by the priests, well-armed, most exhilarating, most 
sweet-flavoured, flow for Indra todrink. 

9.108.16 Soma, enter the Somadha_na, Indra's heart, as the rivers (enter) the 
sea agreeable to Mitra, Varun.aand Va_yu, the chief stay of heaven.

9.109.01 Flow, Soma who are sweet-flavoured, for Indra, Mitra, Pu_s.an, and 

9.109.02 Soma, let Indra and all the gods drink of you when effused for 
intelligence and strength. 

9.109.03 So do you who are pure, divine, the beverage of all the gods, flow for 
immortality and a spaciousabode. 

9.109.04 Flow, Soma, who are mighty, the shedder of juice the parent of the 
gods, towards all bodies. 

9.109.05 Soma, who are brilliant, flow for the gods and (give) joy to heaven and 
earth and all creatures. 

9.109.06 You are the upholder of heaven, radiant and good to drink; flow you who 
are strong, at the truthfulsacrifice. 

9.109.07 Do you, Soma, who are possessed of food, who have a copious stream, 
flow through the great sheep'shairs in due succession. 

9.109.08 May, the Soma regulated by the priests, engendered, purified, 
exhilarating, all-knowing bring us all(riches). 

9.109.09 May Indu, purified, extolling (the gods) bestow on us progeny and all 
kinds of wealth. [Extolling thegods: praja_m is separated from ura_n.ah; 
ura_n.ah = uru kurva_n.ah, i.e. deva_n bahu kurva_n.ah]. 

9.109.10 Flow, Soma, for intelligence, for strength, for wealth, strong and 
cleansed like a horse. 

9.109.11 (The priests) who press you purify your juice for exhilaration; (they 
purify) the Soma for abundant food. 

9.109.12 They cleanse the new-born infant, the green-tinted shining Soma, on the 
filter for the gods. 

9.109.13 The auspicious sage Indu flows upon the lap of the waters for 
exhilaration and for wealth. 

9.109.14 The auspicious (Soma) sustains Indra's body, by which he has slain all 

9.109.15 The universal gods drink of it, effused by the priests, mixed with milk 
and curds. 

9.109.16 Being effused the Soma in a thousand streams flows through the sheep's-
hair filter. 

9.109.17 The vigorous Soma flows in a thousand streams cleansed by the waters 
and mixing with the curds andmilk. 

9.109.18 Guided by the priests and effused with the stones go, Soma, to Indra's 

9.109.19 The vigorous thousand-streamed Soma has been sent through, the filter 
for Indra. 

9.109.20 They mix the Soma with the liquid of the sweet (milk) for Indra, the 
showerer (of benefits) for hisexhilaration. 

9.109.21 They cleanse you readily, clothed with water, green-tinted, for the 
invigoration of the gods. 

9.109.22 Indu is effused for Indra's, is effused downward-- fierce, mixing (with 
the milk), flowing (into) the water.[prerayam = stimulating (Indra); tos'ate = 
hanyate, is beaten, abhis.u_yate, is effused].

9.110.01 Hasten, Soma, to bring us sustenance; gifted with endurance (attack 
our) foes; the acquitter of ourdebts, you approach to disperse our enemies. 

9.110.02 In turn we glorify you, Soma, when effused; you attack the (hostile) 
forces, O Pavama_na, to (defend)your great sovereignty over men. 

9.110.03 Pavama_na, by your might you ahve generated the sun in (the firmament), 
the support of the water,hastening on with abundant wisdom that procures cattle 
(for your worshippers). 

9.110.04 Immortal Soma, you have generated (the sun) among mortals in (the 
firmament), the suppor tof thetruthful auspicious ambrosia; streaming forth you 
goe to battle continually. [Streaming forth: sanis.yadat =sambhajan, 
distributing (blessings?): fr. san, to acquire]. 

9.110.05 You have burst open (the filter) with (your) food as (one bursts open) 
an inexhaustible fountain givingdrink to the nation, like one taking up (water) 
with the fingers of his two hands. 

9.110.06 Beholding him certain celestial Vasurucas praise him as a kinsman 
before the shining Savita_ drivesaway the obstructing (darkness). 

9.110.07 The chief (of men) having cut the sacred grass have fixed their minds, 
Soma, on you for abundantstrength and food; do you, O hero, excite us to 
heroism. [The chief of men: or, the men of old]. 

9.110.08 They have milked from heaven from the mighty deep the ancient Soma, the 
beverage (of the gods) ofheaven, which is worthy of praise; they have praised it 
when generated for Indra. 

9.110.09 Since, Pavama_na, you by your might are chief over these two worlds and 
all these living beings, as abull is ruler in a herd of kine. 

9.110.10 Pavama_na Soma sporting like a child drops filtered through the woollen 
fleece, thousand-streamed,having the might of a hundred, radiant. 

9.110.11 This Soma juice undergoing purification, sweet-flavoured, holy, 
dropping; flows for Indra a sweetstream, bestowing food, dispensing wealth and 
life. [Holy: r.tava_ = yajn~ava_n, having a sacrifice]. 

9.110.12 Flow, Soma, overcoming (our) enemies, driving away the ra_ks.asas who 
are difficult to approach,well-armed, triumphing over foes.

9.111.01 With this bright green-tinted stream Soma being filtered overcomes all 
enemies with the (juices) yokedto it, as the sun (overcomes the darkness) with 
the (rays) yoked to it; the stream of the effused (Soma) shines,the filtered 
green-tinted (Soma) is resplendent, which pervade all constellations, with the 
r.kvans, with theseven-mouthed r.kvans. [With the rays yoked to it: svayugvabhih 
refers to surah; the repetition adds dignity; withthe r.kvans, with the seven-
mouthed r.kvans: rikvabhih = stutimadbhih; second r.kvans = tejobhih; thus, 
'withencomiastic splendours' is the rendering; the seven-mouths are for taking 
up the Soma juice]. 

9.111.02 You did discover the wealth of the Pan.is, and are washed in your own 
house at the sacrifice by themothers, the supporters of the sacrifice; as the 
hymn (is heard) from afar, so it (is heard by all, the hymn) in whichthe 
supporters (of the rite) rejoice; the shining (Soma) with its brilliant 
(waters), the supporters of the three(worlds), gives food, gives food (to the 
worshippers). [By the mothers: the vasati_vari_ waters]. 

9.111.03 The intelligent Soma proceeds to the eastern quarter; (your) beautiful 
chariot, (your) celestial beautifulchariot meets the sun's rays; the manly 
praises advance to Indra and stimulate him to victory; (his) thunderbolttoo 
(advances to him); so that you are invincible, invincible in battle. [You are 
invincible: you two, i.e., Soma andIndra; or, better, so that you two, you and 

9.112.01 Various are our acts, (various) are the occupations of men; the 
carpenter desires timber, the physiciandisease, the bra_hman.a a worshipper who 
effuses Soma; flow, Indu for Indra. 

9.112.02 With dried plants (are arrows made), with the feathers of birds (and) 
with glistening stones; the smithseeks a man who has gold; flow, Indu, for 

9.112.03 I am the singer; papa is the physician, mamma throws the corn upon the 
grinding stones; having variousoccupations, desiring riches we remain (in the 
world) like cattle (in the stall); flow, Indu, for Indra. 
[Thesinger...papa...mamma: ka_ruh = maker of praises; 'maker', 'poet'; tatah and 
na_na_ mean father (dada) andmother; or son and daughter respectively]. 

9.112.04 The draught horse (desire) a cart easy (to draw); those who invite 
guests (desire) merriment; the frogdesires water; flow, Indu, for Indra. [Easy 
to draw: auspicious; upamantrin.ah = narmasaciva_h, booncompanions].

9.113.01 Let Indra, the slayer of Vr.tra, quaff the Soma on the S'aryan.a_vat, 
infusing strength into himself, aboutto show great prowess; flow, Indu, for 
Indra. [S'aran.ya_vat: a lake in the Kuruks.etra region]. 

9.113.02 Soma, lord of the four regions, sprinkler (of benefits) flow from 
A_rjika_ effused by a truth-speakingtruthful (man) with faith and devotion; 
flow, Indu, for Indra. [A_rjika_; the country of the r.jika_s]. 

9.113.03 The daughter of Su_rya brought the vast Soma large as a rain-cloud; the 
gandharva seized upon it andplaced the juice in the Soma; flow, Indu, for Indra. 
[Daughter of Su_rya: s'raddha_ vai su_ryasya duhita_(S'atapatha Bra_hman.a]. 

9.113.04 Soma, the utterer of truth, radiant with truth, truth-speaking, 
truthful in act, speaking faith; lord (ofworshippers), you are decorated by the 
upholder (of the rite); flow, Indu for Indra. 

9.113.05 The united streams of you who are vast and truly formidable flow 
united; the juices of you the juicy onemeet together; green-tinted (Soma), 
purified by holy prayer, Indu, flow for Indra. 

9.113.06 Wherever the Brahman, O purified (Soma), reciting the holy rhythmical 
text, engendering the delight (ofthe gods) by the Soma (expressed) with the 
grinding-stone, is reverenced, flow, Indu, for Indra. [Engenderingdelight: 
somen.a_nandam janayan, 'producing joy with the Soma';  'shows his prowess with 
the grinding-stone upon the Soma']. 

9.113.07 Where light is perpetual, in the world in which the sun is placed, in 
that immortal imperishable worldplace me, Pavama_na; flow, Indu, for Indra. 

9.113.08 Where Vivasvat's son is king, where the inner chamber of the sun (is), 
where these great waters (are),there make me immortal; flow, Indu, for Indra. 

9.113.09 Where in the third heaven, in the third sphere, the sun wanders at 
will, where the regions are filled withlight, there make me immortal; flow, 
Indu, for Indra. 

9.113.10 Where wishes and desires (are), where the region of the sun (is), where 
food and delight (are) found,there make me immortal; flow, Indu, for Indra. 
[Where wishes: 'where the desired gods and the inevitably solicitedIndra and 
other gods exist]. 

9.113.11 Where there is happiness, pleasure, joy and enjoyment, where the wishes 
of the wishers are obtained,there make me immortal; flow, Indu, for Indra. [The 
wishes of the wisher: the desired god].

9.114.01 (The bra_hman.a) who attends to the stations of the filtered Soma-
juice-- him men call rich in children,who applies his mind to you, Soma; flow, 
Indu for Indra. 

9.114.02 R.s.i Kas'yapa, raising your voice with the praises of the hymn-makers, 
adore the royal Soma who isborn the lord of the growing (vi_ru_dha_m); flow, 
Indu, for Indra. 

9.114.03 Seven (are) the quarters of the world with different suns, seven (are) 
the ministrant priests, seven arethe divine A_dityas-- with these, Soma, protect 
us; flow, Indu, for Indra.  

9.114.04 Protect us, royal Soma, with the oblation which has been cooked for 
you; let no enemy assail us, orharm anything of ours; flow, Indu, for Indra.

Soma as electrum 

The English translations of verses in Man.d.ala 9, are highlighted in brown-
coloured font to indicate that Soma is meant forthe gods; thus, gods in the 
Rigveda are an allegorical personification of the purification processes (of 
Soma), just as Soma isan a_pri deity, together with other materials and 
apparatus (ladles and vessels) employed in the yajn~a, accompanied byr.cas (or, 

If Soma is electrum and Indra is burning embers (such as charcoal, indha, used 
in a furnace), the yajn~a can be interpreted,at the material level, as a process 
of reduction (or, pavitram, purification), using ks.a_ra, of a metallic ore 
compound(ma_ks.ika_ or quartz or pyrites) to yield the shining metals: potable 
(pavama_na, rasa-- raso varjrah, cf. RV 9.048.03, i.e.rasa, vigorous as a 
thunderbolt) gold and silver (hiran.yam and rayi), after oxidising the baser 
metallic elements (in theunrefined pyrite ores) such as lead (na_ga or ahi or 
vr.tra) and copper (s'ulba). 

Reducing agents include alkaline as well as combustible materials --vegetable 
and animal products-- such as: herbs(ks.a_ra), barley--grains and cooked 
pin.d.a, milk, curds, clarified butter, viands (animal fat), bones (used in 
cupellationprocesses, and for making crucibles, during the bronze-age), sheep's 
hair or wool (reminisced as golden fleece). 

     For e.g., Soma is described as parvata_ vr.dhah in a verse, that the 
pyrites are from the mountain slopes:     9.046.01 Begotten by the stones the 
flowing (Soma-juices) are effused for the banquet of the gods' active horses.     
[Begotten by the stones: or, growing on the mountain slopes].

The exchange value of gold and silver in Vedic times, is elaborated in 
metaphorical terms related to wealth and lineage:such as food, cattle, rain; 

expands into realms of cosmological thoughts, unparalleled in recorded history 
of early human civilizations. Thus, at acosmic level, the Rigveda raises 
profound philosophical questions which have been the fountain-head of 
Indianphilosophical traditions. 

In such a perspective, the entire Rigveda can be viewed as an allegory, the 
human quest for achieving material which hasexchange value, in transcending the 
material level to realms of philosophical explorations, and in expanding the 
semanticand morphological limits of language to attain new insights into the 
very concept of 'meaning', using language, throughmetrical, chanted mantras, as 
a means of understanding the a_tman and the parama_tman, thereby, attaining 
svarga, orbliss. 

All the su_ktas are thus, governed by a framework of four principal metaphors, 
rendered in scintillating, ecstatic, spiritualpoetic resonance : word, prayer, 
gods, material well-being. 

An epitomy of this framework may be seen from the following selections: 

9.063.25 The brilliant purified Soma-juices are let fall amidst all praises.      
9.063.27 The purified (juices) are poured forth from heaven and from the 
firmament upon the summit of the     ground. [The summit of the ground: i.e., 
the raised place, the place of divine sacrifice, or yajn~a]. 


Adapted from Haug's notes from Sa_yan.a's commentary on Aitareya Bra_hman.a:   

     The adhvaryu takes the skin (carma or tvac) and puts on it the filaments or 
shoots of the Soma (am.s'u). He then     takes two boards (adhis.avan.a), puts 
one on top of the Soma shoots, and beats them with the stones     (gra_va_n.a). 
Then the Soma is put between the two boards, and water is poured on them from 
the vasati_vari_     pot. Soma is then shaken in the hota_ cup (camasa), wetted 
again with vasati_vari_ water and put on a stone.     Grass is laid on them, and 
they are beaten so that the juice runs out. The juice is allowed to run into the 
trough     (a_havani_ya), then strained through the cloth (pavitra or 
das'a_pavitra) which is held by the udgata_. The filtered     soma is caught in 
another trough (pu_tabhr.t). Libations are poured from two kinds of vessels: 
grahas or saucers,     and camasas or cups.

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