8.001.01 Repeat, friends, no other praise, be not hurtful (to yourselves); 
praise together Indra, the showerer (ofbenefits) when the Soma is effused; 
repeately utter praise (to him). 

8.001.02 A bull rushing (upon his foes), undecaying, like an ox, the overcomer 
of (hostile) men, the hater (ofadversaries), the venerable, the displayer of 
both (enmity and favour), the munificent, the distributor of both(celestial and 
terrestrial riches). [Displayer of both: ubhayam.karam = nigraha_nugrahayoh 
karta_ram; distributorof both: ubhaya_vinam = having the faculty of protecting 
both fixed and moveable things; or, being honoured byboth those who recite his 
praises and those who offer oblations]. 

8.001.03 Although these people worship you, Indra, in many ways to (secure) your 
protection, (yet) may this ourprayer be throughout all days your magnification. 

8.001.04 The sages (your worshippers), Maghavan, the overcomers (of foes), the 
terrifiers of (hostile) people,pass over various (calamities by your aid); come 
near and bring manysorts of food, and available for ourpreservation. 

8.001.05 Wielder of the thunderbolt, I would not sell you for a large price, not 
for a thousand, nor for tenthousand, nor, opulent bearer of the thunderbolt, for 
a hundred. [For a large price: s'ata_ya = infinite]. 

8.001.06 You are more precious, Indra, than my father, or than my brother, who 
is not affectionate; you, giver ofdwellings, are equal to my mother, for you 
both render me distinguished on account of celebrity and riches. 

8.001.07 Where have you gone? Where, indeed, are you now? Verily your mind 
(wanders) among many(worshippers); martial, valorous Purandara, come here; the 
chanters are singing (your praise). 

8.001.08 Raise the sacred chant to him who is the destroyer of the cities (of 
the foes) of his worshipper,(induced) by which may the thunderer come to sit 
down at the sacrifice of the sons of Kan.va, and destroy thecities (of their 

8.001.09 Come quickly with those your horses which are vigorous and fleet, and 
which are traversers of tens, orhundreds, or thousands (of leagues). 
[Traversers: or, which are traversers of ten leagues, and are numbered 
byhundreds and thousands. 

8.001.10 I invoke today the all-sufficient Indra, as the milch cow yielding 
abundant milk, of excellent motion, andeasy to be milked; or, as another (form), 
the vast-dropping, desirable (rain). [Of excellent motion: ga_yatravepasam = 
pras'asya vegam, of excellent speed; vast-dropping: anya_m is.am urudha_ra_m 
=bahu_dakadha_ra_m es'ani_yam vr.s.t.im; anyam = unparalleled, 

8.001.11 When Su_rya harassed Etas'a, S'atakratu conveyed (to his aid) Kutsa, 
the son of Arjuni, with his twoprancing horses (swift) as the wind, and 
stealthily approached the irresistible Gandharva. [Gandharva = the sun].

8.001.12 He who without healing materials before the flow of blood from the 
necks was the effecter of there-union, the opulent Maghavan, again makes whole 
the dissevered (parts). [Possibly the description of therestoration of Etas'a, 
wounded in his conflict with the sun]. 

8.001.13 May we never be like the abject, Indra, through your favour, nor suffer 
affliction; may we never be likebranchless trees; for, thunderer, unconsumable 
(by foes) we glorify you. 

8.001.14 Neither rash nor irate, we verily glorify you, slayer of Vr.tra, may we 
propitiate you, hero, for once (atleast) by our praise with great (sacrificial) 

8.001.15 If he hear our praise, then may our libations, flowing through the 
filter, dropping quickly, and diluted withconsecrated water, exhilarate Indra. 
[Through the filter: An epithet is added: the filtering cloth is placed 
slantingly:tiras; a_s'avah = quickly intoxicating; diluted with consecrated 
water: tugrya_vr.dhah =vasati_varyekadhana_khya_bhir adbhir vardhama_na_h, 
increasing with the waters termed vasati_vari_ andekadhana_, water collected and 
kept apart for the ceremonial: Ait. Bra_hm. 2.20]. 

8.001.16 Come quickly to-day to the collected laudation of your devoted friend; 
may the subsidiary praise ofwealthy (worshippers) reach you, but now I wish (to 
offer) your complete eulogy. [Laudation = laudation made byhim together with 
manyother priests; subsidiary praise: upatutih = stotram]. 

8.001.17 Extract the Soma with the bruising stones, wash it with the consecrated 
waters; (for by so doing) theleaders (of the rain, the Maruts) clothing (the sky 
with clouds) as with vesture of the hide of the cow, milk, forth(the water) for 
the rivers. 

8.001.18 Whether come from the earth or the firmament, or the vast luminous 
(heaven), be magnified by this maydiffusive praise; satisfy, S'atakratu, (my) 
people. [S'atakratu = Indra]. 

8.001.19 Pour out to Indra the most exhilarating, the most excellent Soma, for 
S'akra cherishes him who isdesirous of food, propitiating him by every pious 

8.001.20 May I never, when importuning you in sacrifices with the effusion of 
the Soma and with praise, exciteyou like a ferocious lion to wrath; who (is 
there in the world) that does not solicit his lord.[Excite you: bhu_rn.im 
=bharta_ram, my lord]. 

8.001.21 (May Indra drink) with invogorated strength, the strong exhilarating 
(Soma) offered with animating(laudation); for in his delight he gives us (a son) 
the overcomer of all (foes), the humbler of their pride. 

8.001.22 The divine (Indra), the accomplisher of all aims, the glorified by his 
foes, gives vast treasures to themortal who presents offerings at the sacrifice, 
to him who pours out the libation, who hymns his praise. [Glorifiedby his foes: 
ari = prerayitri_, one who utters a hymn]. 

8.001.23 Come here, Indra, be exhilarated by the wonderful (libatory) affluence 
and with your fellow-troopers (theMaruts) fill with the Soma your vast belly, 
capacious as a lake, 

8.001.24 May your thousand, your hundred steeds, Indra yoke to your golden 
chariot, harnessed by prayer, withflowing manes, bring you to drink the Soma. 

8.001.25 May your two peacock-tailed, white-backed horses, yoked to your golden 
chariot, bring you to drink ofthe sweet praiseworthy libation. 

8.001.26 Drink you, who are worthy to be glorified, of this consecrated and 
juicy libation, like the first drinker(va_yu); this excellent effusion issues 
for your exhilaration. [The first drinker Va_yu: pu_rvapa_h = va_yu, who,having 
arrived first in the race, drank the Soma before the other gods. The allusion is 
to the principal grahalibation, called Aindrava_yava, which Indra and Va_yu 
share together: Aitareya Bra_hman.a 2.25]. 

8.001.27 May he who alone overcomes (enemies) through (the power of) religious 
observances, who by piousacts is rendered mighty and fierce, who is handsome-
chinned, approach; may he never be remote; may he cometo our invocation; may he 
never abandon us. 

8.001.28 You have broken to pieces the moveable city of S'us.n.a with your 
weapons; you who are light havefollowed him; wherefore, Indra, you are in two 
ways to be worshipped. [Two ways: dvita_ havyah, by praisersand by sacrificers, 
stotr.bhir yas.t.r.bhis'ca]. 

8.001.29 May my prayers when the sun has risen, those also at noon, those also 
when evening arrives, bringyou back, giver of riches (to my sacrifice). [Also 
when evening arrives: also in the night, s'a_rvare ka_lepi]. 

8.001.30 Praise (me), praise (me), Medhya_tithi, for among the wealthy we are 
the most liberal donors of wealthto you; (praise me as one) who outstrips a 
horse in speed, follows the right path, and bears the best arms. 

8.001.31 When with faith I harness the docile horses in the car, (praise me), 
for the descendant of Ya_du,possessed of cattle, know how to distribute 
desirable riches. [Praise me: tada_ni_m ma_m evam stuhi, then verilypraise me; 
possessed of cattle: ya_dvah pas'uh = ya_dava animal, but pas'u = pas'uma_n, 
having animals; or,pa_s' = dr.s', to see, a beholder of subtle objects, 
su_ks.masya dras.t.a_]. 

8.001.32 (Praise me, saying), "He who has presented riches to me with a golden 
purse; may this rattling chariotof Asan:ga carry off all the treasures (of my 

8.001.33 (So praise me, saying), "Asan:ga, the son of Pla_yoga, has given more 
than others, Agni, by tens ofthousands; ten times the (number of) vigorous and 
brilliant oxen (given by him) to me, issue forth like the reeds ofa lake. [Ten 
times: das'a = das'a gun.ita sahasra san:khya_ka_h]. 

8.001.34 S'as'vati_, perceiving that the sings of manhood were restored, 
exclaims, "Joy, husband, you arecapable of enjoyment".

8.002.01 Give of dwellings (Indra), drink this effused libation till your belly 
is full, we offer it, undaunted (Indra), toyou. 

8.002.02 Washed by the  priests, effused by the stones, purified by the woollen 
filter, like a horse  cleansed in astream. 

8.002.03 We have made it sweet for you as the barley-cake mixing it with milk, 
and therefore, Indra, (I invoke)you to this social rite. 

8.002.04 Indra verily is the chief drinker of the Soma among gods and men, the 
drinker of the effused libation, theaccepter of all kinds of offerings. [The 
chief drinker of the Soma: ekah somapa_h, he alone is to be presentedwith the 
entire libation; the other gods are only sharers of a part, ekades'a bha_jah]. 

8.002.05 (We praise him) a universal kind-hearted (friend), whom the pure Soma, 
the mixture (of it) made withdifficulty, or other satisfying (offerings) do not 

8.002.06 Whom others pursue with offerings of milk and curds as hunters chase a 
deer (with nets and snares),and harass with (inappropriate) praises. 

8.002.07 May the three libations be effused for the divine Indra in his won 
dwelling, (for he is) the drinker of theeffused Soma. 

8.002.08 Three purifying vessels drop (the Soma), three ladles are well filled 
(for the libation), the whole isfurnished for the common sacrifice. [The 
allusion is to the three daily sacrifices. The three vessels are the 
threetroughs used in the preparation of the Soma libations: dron.akalas'a, 
pu_tabhr.t and a_havani_ya. The threeladles are the three sets of cups, 
camas.a_h, used in the three libations]. 

8.002.09 You (Soma) are pure, distributed in many vessels, mixed at the mid-day 
sacrifice with milk, and (at thethird sacrifice) with curds, the most 
exhilarating (Soma) of the hero (Indra). 

8.002.10 These dsharp and pure Soma libations effused by us for you solicit you 
for admixture. 

8.002.11 Mix, Indra, the milk and Soma, (add) the cake to this libation. I hear 
that you are possessed of riches. 

8.002.12 The potations (of Soma) contend in your interior (for your 
exhilaration) like the inebriation caused bywine; your worshippers praise you 
(filled full of Soma) like the udder (of a cow with milk). [Like the 
inebriation:durmada_so na sura_ya_m, like bad intoxications, wine, being drunk. 
This is an allusion to the fermented winesin use, perhaps, according to Manu, an 
inferior sort of spirit; dus.t.amada_ yatha_ pa-ta_ram ma_dayantitadvatva_m 
ma_dayitum parasparam yudhyanta ityarthah; your worshippers praise you: u_dhar 
na nagna_jarante: the praisers praise like an udder; nagna = naked; stota_, a 
praiser, one who does not neglect orabandon the verses of the Veda, chanda_m.si 
na jahati]. 

8.002.13 May the eulogist of you, who are opulent, be opulent; may he even, lord 
of steeds, surpass one who iswealthy and renowned, like you. [Surpass one: the 
praiser of any one wealthy and renowned like you wouldassuredly prosper (much 
more, than of you)]. 

8.002.14 (Indra), the enemy of the unbeliever, apprehends whatever prayer is 
being repeated, whatever chant isbeing chanted. [agor arir a_ ciketa, the enemy 
of him who does not praise, astutus' s'atrur indrah]. 

8.002.15 Consign us not, Indra, to the slayer, not to an overpowering foe; doer 
of great deeds, enable us by youracts (to conquer). 

8.002.16 Friends devoted, Indra, to you we, the descendants of Kan.va, having 
your praise for our object, glorifyyou with prayers. 

8.002.17 (Engaged), thunderer, in your recent (worship) I utter no other praise 
than that of you, the doer of greatdeeds, I repeat only your glorification. 

8.002.18 The gods love the man who offers libations, they desire not to (let 
him) sleep, thence they, unslothful,obtain the inebriating Soma. 

8.002.19 Come to us quickly with excellent viands, be not bashful, like the 
ardent husband of a new bride. 

8.002.20  Let insuperable, delay (coming to us) today until the evening, like an 
unlucky son-in-law. [Let not Indradelay: who, being repeatedly summoned, delays 
his appearance till evening]. 

8.002.21 We know the munificent generosity of the hero (Indra); of the purposes 
of him who is manifest in thethree worlds (we are aware). 

8.002.22 Pour out the libation to him who is associated with the Kan.va 
(family); we know not any one morecelebrated than the very powerful bestower of 
numerous protections. 

8.002.23 Offer, worshipper, the libation in the first place to the hero, the 
powerful Indra, the benefactor of man;may he drink (of it).[In the first place: 
allusion to the aindrava_yava graha]. 

8.002.24 He who most recognisant of (the merit) of those who give him no 
annoyance, bestows upon his adorersand praisers food with horses and cattle. 

8.002.25 Hasten, offerers of the libation, (to present) the glorious Soma to the 
valiant, the hero (Indra), for (his)exhilaration. 

8.002.26 May the drinker of the Soma libation, the slayer of Vr.tra, approach, 
let him not be far from us; let thegranter of many protections keep in check 
(our enemies). 

8.002.27 May the delightful steeds who are harnessed by prayer bring hither 
(our) friends (Indra), magnified bypraises, deserving of laudation. 

8.002.28 Handsome-chinned (Indra), the honoured of sages, the doer of great 
deeds, come, for well-flavoured isSoma; come, for the libations are ready mixed; 
his (your worshipper) now (invites you) to be present at this socialexhilarating 
rite. [na ayam accha_ sadgana)dan = now this (worshipper) in presence (invites) 
you to beexhilarated with (us)]. 

8.002.29 They who praising you magnify you, Indra, the institutor of rites, and 
those (hymns which glorify) youhave (for their object) great riches and 

8.002.30 Upborne by hymns, those your praises and those prayers which are 
addressed to you, all combined,sustain your energies. 

8.002.31 Verily this accomplisher of many acts, the chief (among the gods), the 
wielder of the thunderbolt, hewho has ever been unconquered, gives food (to his 

8.002.32 Indra, the slayer of Vr.tra with his right hand, the invoked of many in 
many (places), the mighty by mighydeeds. 

8.002.33 He upon whom all men depend, (in whom) overwhelming energies (abide), 
he verily is the delighter ofthe opulent (worshipper). 

8.002.34 This Indra has made all these (beings), who is thence exceedingly 
renowned; he is he donor of food toopulent worshippers. [Has made all these 
beings: eta_ni vis'va_ni caka_ra, he has made all these, eitherbhu_taja_ta_ni, 
all beings, or he has performed all these exploits : the death of Vr.tra and the 

8.002.35 He, whom, adoring, and desirous of cattle, the protector (Indra) 
defends against an ignorant (foe),becomes a prince, the possessor of wealth. 
[Desirous of cattle: ratham gavyantam: ratham = ram.han.am, fromvahi, to go; the 
epithet is not a car, because he is the lord, the bearer of riches, ino vasu sa 
hi vol.aha_-- inahi_s'varah]. 

8.002.36 Liberal, wise, (borne by his won) steeds, a hero, the slayer of Vr.tra, 
(aided) by the Maruts, truthful, heis the protector of the performer of holy 
rites. [Wise: or, wise, attaining his object by his steeds]. 

8.002.37 Worship, Priyamedha, with mind intent upon him, that Indra, who is 
truthful when exhilarated by theSoma potations. [Truthful: somaih satyamadva_: 
truth, as applied to a vedic deity, means one who keeps faithwith his 
worshippers, who grants his prayers; so Indra, in his cups, is especially 
bountiful to those who praisehim]. 

8.002.38 Sing, Kan.vas, the mighty (Indra), of widely-sung renown, the protector 
of the good, the desirous of(sacrificial) food, present in many places. 

8.002.39 He who, a friend (to his worshippers), the doer of great deeds, tracing 
the catttle by their foot-marks,being without (other means of detection), 
restored them to those leaders (of rites) who willingly put their trust inhim. 
[Without other means: or, tracing them, though without their footsteps (to guide 

8.002.40 You, thunderer, approaching in the form of a ram, have come to 
Medhya_tithi, one of the race ofKan.va, thus propitiating you. [In the form of a 
ram: S.ad.vim.s'a_ Bra_hman.a 1.1: the legend is also found inBa_s.kala 
Upanis.ad; have come to: or, did carry off, ayah = agamayah]. 

8.002.41 Liberal Vibhindu, you have given to me four times ten thousand, and 
afterwards eight thousand. 

8.002.42 I glorify those two (heaven and earth), the augmenters of water, the 
originators (of beings), thebenefactors of the worshipper, on account of their 
generation (of the wealth so given to me). [Those two heavenand earth: tye 
payovr.dha_ ma_ki_ ran.asya naptya_ janitvana_ya ma_mahe: the substantive is 
added:dya_va_pr.thivau, because, they being pleased such a gift is obtained, 
tayoh prassayor evedam da_namlabhyate; ma_ki_ = nirma_tryau, makers, creators; 
naptya_ = anugrahas'i_le, inclided to be favourable; ran.asya,of or to the 

8.003.01 Drink, Indra, of our sapid libation, mixed with milk, and be satisfied; 
regard thyself as our kinsman, to beexhilarated along with us for our welfare; 
may your (good) intentions protect us. [As our kinsman: or, as ourkinsman, to be 
exhilarated along with us, think for our welfare; this r.ca and r.cas 2-20 are 
used as a praga_tha]. 

8.003.02 May we be offerers of oblations (to enjoy) your favour; harm us not for 
the sake of the enemy; protectus with your wondrous solicited (protections), 
maintain us ever in felicity. 

8.003.03 (Indra), abounding in wealth, may these my praises magnify you; the 
brilliant pure sages glorify you withhymns. [pa_vakavarn.a = 
agnisama_natejasaka, radiant as Agni; the devata_ of the su_kta may be A_ditya]. 

8.003.04 Invigorated by (the praises of) a thousand r.s.is, this (Indra) is  as 
vast as the ocean; the true mightinessand strength of him are glorified at 
sacrifices, and in the realm of the devout. 

8.003.05 We invoke Indra for the worship of the gods, and when the sacrifice is 
proceeding; adoring him, we callupon Indra as the close of the rite; we invoke 
him for the acquisition of wealth. [At the close of the rite: sami_kesampu_rn.e 
ya_ge; or, it may mean san:gra_me, in war]. 

8.003.06 Indra, by the might of his strength, has spread out the heaven and 
earth; Indra has lighted up the sun;in Indra are all beings aggregated; the 
distilling drops of the Soma flow to Indra. [Indra has lighted up the sun:Indra 
restores the sun from the grasp of svarbha_nu, extricates him from eclipse]. 

8.003.07 Men glorify you, Indra, with hymns that you may drink the first (of the 
gods); the associated R.bhusunite in your praise, the Rudras glorify the ancient 

8.003.08 Indra augments the energy and the strength of this (his worshipper), 
when he exhilaration of the Somais diffused through his body; men celebrate in 
due order his might today as they did of old. [The reference is toan increase in 
the vigour of the yajama_na: asyaiva yajama_nasya vi_ryam vardhayati; the 
incitement is appliedto Indra: somapa_nena matta indro yajama_nasya balam 
vardhayati_tyarthah; vis.n.avi: an epithet of made:s'ari_ravya_pake, diffused 
through the body; or, may be an equivalent of yajn~a, at sacrifice]. 

8.003.09 I solicit you, Indra, for such vigour and for such food as may be hoped 
for in priority (to others),wherewith you have granted to Bhr.gu the wealth 
taken from those who had desired from sacrifices, wherewithyou have protected 
praks.an.va. [Taken from those: yena yatibhyo dhane hite: yatibhyah = karmasu 
uparatebhyoyas'tribhyo janebhyo saka_s'a_d dhanam a_hr.tya, having taken the 
wealth from men not offering sacrifices, orceasing to perform holy acts; the 
wealth given to Bhr.gu, for the benefit of the sages, the An:girasas]. 

8.003.10 Wherewith you have sent the great waters tot he ocean; such as is your 
wish-fulfilling strength; thatmight of Indra is not easily to be resisted which 
the earth obeys. [Such is your wish-fulfilling: or, that your 
strengthwherewith... is wish-fulfilling]. 

8.003.11 Grant us, Indra, the wealth accompanied by vigour, which I solicit from 
you; give (wealth) first of all tohim desirous of gratifying you, presenting 
(sacrificial) food; give (wealth), you who are of old, to him who glorifiesyou. 

8.003.12 Give to this our (worshipper) engaged in celebrating your sacred rites, 
Indra, (the wealth) whereby youhave protected the son of Puru, grant to the man 
(aspiring) to heaven (the wealth wherewith) you havepreserved, O Indra, Rus'ama, 
S'ya_vaka and Kr.pa. 

8.003.13 What living mortal, the prompter of ever-rising (praises), may now 
glorify Indra? No one of thoseheretofore praising him have attained the 
greatness of the properties of Indra. 

8.003.14 Who, praising you as the deity, (ever) hoped to sacrifice to you? What 
saint, what sage conveys (hispraises to yo?) When, opulent Indra, have you come 
to the invocation of one pouring out libations, of onerepeating (your) praise? 

8.003.15 These most sweet songs, these hymns of praise ascent (to you), like 
triumphant chariots laden withwealth, charged with unfailing protections, 
intended to procure food. [ Like triumphant chariots: va_jayantahannam icchanto 
ratha_ iva, though the epithets are pl. masc., yet, they agree with ratha_h]. 

8.003.16 The Bhr.gus, like the Kan.vas, have verily attained to the all-
pervading (Indra), on whom they havemeditated, as the sun (pervades the unverse 
by his rays); men of the Priyamedha race, worshipping Indra withpraises glorify 

8.003.17 Utter destroyer of Vr.tra, harness your horses come down to us, fierce 
Maghavan, with your attendantsfrom afar to drink the Soma. [With your 
attendants: beautiful ones, r.s.vaih, i.e. the Maruts]. 

8.003.18 These wise celebrators (of holy rites) repeatedly propitiate you with 
pious praise for the acceptance ofthe sacrifice; do you, opulent Indra, who are 
entitled to praise, hear our invocation like one who listens to what hedesires. 
[veno na (from vena, ka_nti-karma_), yatha_ ja_ta_bhila_s.ah purus.ah 
ka_mayitavyam aika_gryen.as'r.n.oti, as a man full of desire listens attentively 
to that which is agreeable]. 

8.003.19 You have extirpated Vr.tra with your mighty weapons; you have been the 
destroyer of the deceptiveArbuda and M.gaya; you have extricated the cattle from 
the mountain. 

8.003.20 When you had expelled the mighty Ahi from the firmament, then the fires 
blazed out, the sun shoneforth, the ambrosial Soma destined for Indra flowed 
out, and you, Indra, did manifest your manhood. 

8.003.21 Such wealth as Indra and the Maruts have bestowed upon me, such has 
Pa_kastha_man, the son ofKuraya_n.a, bestowed, of itself the most magnificent of 
all, like the quick-moving (sun) in the sky. 

8.003.22 Pa_kastha_man has given me a tawny robust beast of burden, the means of 
acquiring riches. 

8.003.23 Whose burden ten other bearers (of loads) (would be required) to 
convey, such as were the steeds thatbore Bhujyu home. 

8.003.24 His father's own son, the giver of dwellings, the sustainer of strength 
like (invigorating) unguents, Icelebrate Pa_kastha_man, the destroyer (of foes), 
the despoiler (of enemies), the donor of the tawny (horse).

8.004.01 Inasmuch, Indra, as you are invoked by the people in the east, in the 
west, in the north, in the south, so,excellent Indra, have you been incited by 
men on behalf of the son of Anu; so, overcomer of foes, (have you beencalled 
upon) on behalf of Turvas'a. [Inasmuch as: used for although, still]. 

8.004.02 Inasmuch, Indra, as you have been exhilarated in the society of Ruma, 
Rus'ama, S'ya_vaka and Kr.pa,so the Kan.vas, bearers of oblations, attract you 
with their praises, (therefore) come here. 

8.004.03 As the thirsty Gaura hastens to the pool filled with water in the 
desert, so, (Indra), our affinity beingacknowledged, come quickly, and drink 
freely with the Kan.vas. 

8.004.04 Opulent Indra, may the Soma drops exhilate you, that you may bestow 
wealth on the donor of thelibation; for taking it by stealth (when given), you 
have drunk the Soma poured out into the ladle, and havethence sustained pre-
eminent strength. 

8.004.05 By his strength he has overpowered the strength (of his foes), he has 
crushed thei wrath by hisprowess; all hostile armies have been arrested like 
trees (immoveable through fear), mighty Indra, by you. [Allhostile armies: or, 
those wishing to fight, pr.tana_yavah]. 

8.004.06 He who has made his praise attain to you associates himself with a 
thousand gallant combatants; hewho offers oblations with reverence begets a 
valiant son, the scatterer (of enemies). 

8.004.07 (Secure) in the friendship of you who are terrible, let us not fear, 
let us not be harassed; great andglorious, showerer (of benefits), are your 
deeds, as we may behold them in the case of Turvas'a, of Yadu. 

8.004.08 The showerer (of benefits) with his left hip covers (the world), no 
tearer (of it) angers him; the delightful(Soma juices) are mixed with the sweet 
honey of the bee; come quickly hither, hasten, drink. [No tearer of itangers 
him: na da_no asya ros.ati, da_no avakhan.d.ayita_ (do avakhand.ane); dhenuvat 
pri_tijanaka_hsoma_h; i.e. Soma mixed with milk sweet as honey; with his left 
hip: sphigi = kati; or, flames?]. 

8.004.09 He who is your friend, Indra, is verily possessed of horses, of cars, 
of cattle, and is of goodly form; he isever supplied with food-comprising 
riches, and delighting all, he enters an assembly. [With food-comprisingriches: 
wealth-associated food, s'va_trabha_ja_ vayasa_: sva_tram iti dhanana_ma]. 

8.004.10 Come like a thirsty deer to the watering place, drink at will of the 
Soma, whence, daily driving down theclouds, you sustain, Maghavan, most vigorous 

8.004.11 Quickly, priest, pour forth the Soma, for Indra is thirsty; verily he 
has harnessed his vigorous steeds, theslayer of Vr.tra has arrived. 

8.004.12 The man who is the donor (of the oblation), he with (the gift of whose) 
libation you are satisfied,possesses of himself understanding; this your 
appropriate food is ready; come, hasten, drink of it. 

8.004.13 Pour our, priests, the Soma libation to Indra in his chariot; the 
stones, placed upon their bases, arebeheld effusing the Soma for the sacrifice 
of the offerer. [Placed upon their bases: adhi bradhnasya adrayahmu_lasya upari, 
upon the root or base; this is said to be the broad stone slab upon a skin, and 
called upara;da_s'a_dhvaram: da_s'a_ = donor; adhvaram = sacrifice]. 

8.004.14 May his vigorous horses, repeatedly traversing the firmament, bring 
Indra to our rites; may your steeds,glorious through sacrifice, bring you indeed 
to the (daily) ceremonials. [Glorious through sacrifice: adhvaras'riyah= 
sacrifice-haunting, adhvaram sevama_na_h]. 

8.004.15 We have recourse to the opulent Pu_s.an for his alliance; do you, 
S'akra, the adored of many, theliberator (from iniquity), enable us to acquire 
by our intelligence, wealth and victory. [Pu_s.an = a name of Indra]. 

8.004.16 Sharpen us like a razor in the hands (of a barber); grant us riches, 
liberator (from iniquity), the wealth ofcattle easily obtained by us from you, 
such wealth as you bestow upon the (pious) mortal. [sam nah s'is'i_hibhurijor 
iva ks.uram = na_pitasya ba_hvor iva sthitam ks.uram iva, like a razor placed as 
it were in the two armsof a barber]. 

8.004.17 I desire, Pu_s.an, to propitiate you; I desire, illustrious deity, to 
glorify you; I desire not (to offer)ungracious praise to any other; (grant 
riches), bestower of wealth, to him who praises, eulogizes, and glorifiesyou. 
[Who praises: stus.e pajra_ya sa_mne: pra_rjaka_ya stotra_n.a_m, to the 
deliverer of praises; or may beproper name: Kaks.i_vat; sa_man = stotram or 
stotravate, to a praiser; dhanam dehi (to be added); yadva_mpraja_so as'vina_ 
havante (RV. 1.117.10)]. 

8.004.18 Illustrious (Pu_s.an), my cattle go forth occasionally to pasture, may 
that wealth (of herds), immortaldeity, be permanent; being my protector, 
Pu_s.an, be the granter of felicity, be most bountiful in bestowing food. 

8.004.19 We acknowledge the substantial wealth (of the gift) of a hundred 
horses, the donation made to usamong men at the holy solemnities of the 
illustrious and auspicious Ra_ja_ Kurun:ga. 

8.004.20 I, the R.s.i (Deva_tithi), have received subsequently the complete 
donation; the sixty thousand herds ofpure cattle merited by the devotions of the 
pious son of Kan.va, and by the illustrious Priyamedhas. 

8.004.21 Upon the acceptance of this donation to me, the very trees have 
exclaimed; (see these r.s.is) haveacquired excellent cows excellent horses. 
[Have acquired: ga_m bhajanta mehana_s'vam bhajanta mehana_m:man:hani_yam, 
pras'asyam, commendable or excellent; derived from me iha na (Nirukta: 4.4), of 
me here not,i.e., all the people, with the trees at their head, say, a gift such 
as this that has now been given was never givento me; iha_smin ra_jani tad 
da_nam mama na_si_n mama na_si_d iti vr.ks.a-pramukha_h sarvepi jana_h 

8.005.01 When the shining dawn, advancing hither from afar, whitens (all 
things), she spreads the light on allsides. 

8.005.02 And you, As'vins, of goodly aspect, accompany the dawn like leader with 
your mighty chariot harnessedat a thought. 

8.005.03 By you, affluent in sacrifices, may our praises be severally accepted; 
I bear the words (of theworshipper) like a messenger (to you).  

8.005.04 We, Kan.vas, praise for our protection the many-loved, the many-
delighting As'vins, abounding inwealth. 

8.005.05 Most adorable bestowwers of strength, distributors of food, lords of 
opulence, repairers to the dwellingof the donor (of the oblation). 

8.005.06 Sprinkle well with water the pure unfailing pasturage (of his cattle) 
for the devout donor (of theoblation). 

8.005.07 Come, As'vins, to our adoration, hastening quickly with your rapid 
falcon-like horses. 

8.005.08 With which in three days and three nights you traverse from afar all 
the brilliant (constellations). 

8.005.09 Bringers of the day, (bestow) upon us food with cattle, or donations of 
wealth, and close the path(against aggression) upon our gains. [And close the 
path: vi pathah sa_taye sitam = asma_kam gava_di_na_mla_bha_ya tadupa_yaru_pa_n 
ma_rga_n vis'es.en.a badhni_tam yatha_nye na pravis'anti; vi = 
vimun~catampradars'ayatam ma-rga_n, open, or, show to us the paths of profit]. 

8.005.10 Bring to us, As'vins, riches comprising cattle, male offspring, 
chariots, horses, food. 

8.005.11 Magnificent lords of good fortune, handsome As'vins, riding in a golden 
chariot, drink the sweet Soma.[Magnificent lords: or, lords of bright ornaments, 
or of water]. 

8.005.12 Affluent i sacrifices, grant to us who are opulent (in oblations) a 
spacious unassailable dwelling. 

8.005.13 Do you ever carefully protect the Brahman among men, come quickly; 
tarry not with other(worshippers). [Who ever carefully: brahma jana_na_m 
ya_vis.t.am tu_yama_ gatam: bra_hman.a ja_tim, thebra_hman.a class; or, 
parivr.dham stotram havirlaks.an.am annam va_, the great praise or sacrificial 

8.005.14 Adorable As'vins, drink of this exhilarating, delightful, sweet Soma, 
presented by us. 

8.005.15 Bring unto us riches by hundreds and by thousands, desired by many, 
sustaining all. [Desired by many:to be praised by many, bahubhih; or, giving a 
home to many, bahuniva_sam]. 

8.005.16 Leaders (of rites), wise men worship you in many places; come to us 
with your steeds. 

8.005.17 Men bearing the clipped sacred grass, presenting oblations, and 
completely fulfilling (their functions),worship you, As'vin. 

8.005.18 May this our praise today be conveyed successfully to you, As'vins, and 
be most near to you. 

8.005.19 Drink, As'vins, from the skin (filled) with the sweet (Soma) which is 
suspended in view of your car. 

8.005.20 Affluent in oblations, bring to us with that (chariot) abundant food, 
so that there may be prosperity inhorses, progeny, and cattle. 

8.005.21 Bringers of the day, you rain upon us by the (open) door (of the 
clouds) the waters of heaven, or (withthem fill) the rivers. 

8.005.22 When did the son of Tugra, thrown into the ocean, glorify you, leaders 
(of rites)? then when yourchariot and horses descended. 

8.005.23 to Kan.va when blinded (by the Asuras) in his dwelling, you rendered, 
Na-satya_s, effectual aid.[Kan.va blinded; cf. RV. 1.118.7; na_satya_s: i.e. 
those in whom there is no untruth; or, born of the nose,na_sika-prabhavau 
(Nirukta 6.13)]. 

8.005.24 Rich in showers, come with your newest and most excellent protections 
when I call upon you. 

8.005.25 In like manner as you protected Kan.va, Priyamedha, Upastuta, and the 
praise-repeating Atri. 

8.005.26 And in like manner as (you protected) Anshu when wealth was to be 
bestowed, and Agastya when hiscattle (were to be recovered), and Sobhari when 
food (was to be supplied to him). 

8.005.27 So pariasing you, As'vins, rich in showers, we solicit of you happiness 
as great or greater than that(which they obtained). 

8.005.28 Ascend, As'vins, your sky-touching chariot with a golden seat and 
golden reins. 

8.005.29 Golden is its supporting shaft, golden the axle, golden both the 

8.005.30 Come to us, affluent in sacrifices, from afar, come to this mine 

8.005.31 Immortal As'vins, destroyers of the cities of the Da_sas, you bring to 
us food from afar. [pu_rvi_ras'nantau da_si_h: puri_h or bahvi_h, many; so, 
taking away much food from the enemy, you bring it to us]. 

8.005.32 Come to us, As'vins, with food, with fame, with riches, Na_satya_s, 
delighters of many. 

8.005.33 Let your sleek, winged, rapid (horses) bring you to the presence of the 
man offering holy sacrifice. 

8.005.34 No hostile force arrests that car of yours which is hymned (by the 
devout), and which is laden with food.

8.005.35 Rapid as thought, Na_satya_s, (come) with your golden chariot drawn by 
quick-footed steeds. 

8.005.36 Affluent in showers, taste the wakeful desirable Soma; combine for us 
riches with food. 

8.005.37 Become appraised, As'vins, of my recent gifts, how that Kas'u, the son 
of Cedi, has presented me with ahundred camels and ten thousand cows. 

8.005.38 The son of Cedi, who has given me for servants ten Ra_ja_s, bright as 
gold, for all men are beneath hisfeet; all those around him wear cuirasses of 
leather. [Give me for servants: having taken these ra_ja_s prisonersin battle, 
he gives them to me in servitude: yuddhe para_jita_n gr.hitva_ ta_n da-
satvena_smai dattava_n; wearcuirasses of leather: carmamna_h = carma mayasya 
kavava_der dha_ran.e kr.ta_bhya_sah, practised in wearingarmour of leader; or 
carma = caran.a sa_dhana_ni as'va_di_ni va_hana_ni, means of going, vehicles, 
horses andthe like, i.e. exercised in their management in war. 

8.005.39 No one proceeds by that path which the Cedis follow, no other proud man 
as a more liberal benefactorconfers (favour on those who praise him).

8.006.01 Indra, who is great in might like Parjanya the disributor of rain, is 
magnified by the praises o Vatsa. 

8.006.02 When his steeds filling (the heavens) bear onwards the progeny of the 
sacrifice, then the pious(magnify him) with the hymns of the rite. [Steeds: 
vahnayah = va_haka_h as'va_h; progeny of the sacrifice: i.e.Indra]. 

8.006.03 When the Kan.vas by their praises have made Indra the accomplisher of 
the sacrifice, they declare allweapons needless. [ja_mi bruvata a_yudham: 
prayojanarahitam; a_yudham = Indra; ayodhanas'i_lam indram;ja_mi = ja_mim, 
kinsman; they call Indra bearing weapons, brother, bhra_taram bruvate]. 

8.006.04 All people, (all) men bow down before his anger, as rivers (decline) 
towards the sea. 

8.006.05 His might is manifest, for Indra folds and unfolds both heaven and 
earth, as (one spreads or rolls up) askin. 

8.006.06 He has cloven with the powerful hundred-edged thunderbolt the head of 
the turbulent Vr.tra. 

8.006.07 In front of one worshipper we repeatedly utter our praises, radiant as 
the flame of fire. 

8.006.08 The praises that are offered in secret shine brightly when approaching 
(Indra) of their own will; theKan.vas (combine them) with the stream of the 

8.006.09 May we obtain, Indra, that wealth which comprises cattle, horses, and 
food, before it be known toothers. [or, so as to know it, i.e. gain it, before 
others: anyebhyah pu_rvameva jn~a_na_ya]. 

8.006.10 I have verily acquired the favour of the true protector (Indra); I have 
become (bright) as the sun. 

8.006.11 I grace my words with ancient praise, like Kan.va; whereby Indra 
assuredly enjoys vigour. 

8.006.12 Amid those who do not praise you, Indra, amid the R.s.is who do praise 
you, by my praise beingglorified, do you increase. 

8.006.13 When his wrath thundered, dividing Vr.tra joint by joint, then he drove 
the waters to the ocean. 

8.006.14 You have hurled your wielded thunderbolt upon the impious S'us.n.a; you 
are renowned, fierce Indra,as the showerer (of benefits). 

8.006.15 Neither the heavens, nor the realms of the firmament, nor the regions 
of the earth, equal the thundererIndra in strength. [The realms: the names are 
in plural: the heavens, the firmaments, the earths, na dya_vona_ntariks.a_n.i na 
bhu_mayah; cf. RV. 2.027.08]. 

8.006.16 You, Indra, have cast into the rushing streams him who lay obstructing 
your copious waters. 

8.006.17 You have enveloped with darkness, Indra, him who had seized upon these 
spacious aggregated(realms of) heaven and earth. 

8.006.18 Amid those pious sages, amid those Bhr.gus, who have glorified you, 
hear also, fierce Indra, myinvocation. [Those pious sages: (added) the 

8.006.19 These, your spotted cows, the nourishers of the sacrifice, yields, 
Indra, their butter, and this mixture (ofmilk and curds). [or, milk to mix (with 
the Soma)]. 

8.006.20 These prolific cattle became pregnant, having taken into their mouths, 
Indra, (the products of yourvigour) like the all-sustaining sun. [Having taken 
into their mouths: tva_ a_sa- garbham acakriran, you with themouth the embryo 
they made; the plants that sprang up after the destruction of Vr.tra and the 
consequent fall ofrain, were the vigour (vi_rya) of Indra, and by feeding upon 
them the cattle multiply. A legend from the ka_t.hakais cited: After Indra 
killed Vr.tra, his virility (vi_rya) passed into the waters, plants and trees, 
indrasya vai vr.tramjaghnus.a indriyam vi_ryam apakra_mat tad idam sarvam 
anupravis'ad apa os.adhir vanaspati_n; pari dharmevasu_ryam, as the rays of the 
sun generate the sustaining water above the solar orb, as if it was the germ 
orembryo of all things: dharma dha_rakam pos.akam udakam ras'mayo garbharu_pen.a 
bibhrati tadvat; or, thecomparison may be: ya_tha dha_ su_ryah paritah sarvam 
jagad dhatte tadvat kr.tsnasya jagato dha_rakamindrasya vi_ryam, as the sun 
supports the whole world, so is the vigour of Indra, the sustainer of the 

8.006.21 Lord of strength, the Kan.vas verily invigorate you by praise; the 
effused Soma (invigorates) you. 

8.006.22 Indra, wielder of the thunderbolt, excellent praise (is addressed to 
you) on account of your goodguidance, as is a most extended sacrifice. 

8.006.23 Be willing to grant us abundant food with cattle; (to grant us) 
protection, progeny, and vigour. 

8.006.24 May that herd of swift horses, which formerly shone among the people of 
nahus.a, (be granted), Indra,to us. 

8.006.25 Sage Indra, you spread (the cattle) over the adjacent pastures when you 
are favourably inclined towardus. 

8.006.26 When you put forth your might, you reign, Indra, over mankind; 
surpassing are you, and unlimited instrength. 

8.006.27 The people offering oblations call upon you, the pervader of space, 
with libations for protection. 

8.006.28 The wise (Indra) has been engendered by holy rites on the skirts of the 
mountains, at the confluence ofrivers. [The wise Indra: vipra, the sage, Indra; 
or, medha_vi somah; dhiya_ = understanding; Soma is producedby the thought that 
wise men will perform the sacrifice by me. The purport of the r.ca: men ought to 
sacrifice inthose places where Indra is manifested]. 

8.006.29 From the lofty region in which pervading he abides, Indra the 
intelligent looks down upon the offeredlibation. [Libation: samudra, the sea; 
samundana s'i_lam, the exuding or affluent, the Soma; anotherinterpretation: 
Indra, identified with the sun, looks down from the firmament on the ocean (or 
world), enlighteningit by his rays]. 

8.006.30 Then (men) behold the daily light of the ancient shedder of water, when 
he shines above the heaven.[Daily light: Indra is identified with the sun. 
va_saram = an epithet of jyotis. = niva_sakam, clothing, enveloping 
orniva_sahetubhu_tam, the cause of abiding; or, 'during the day': atyantasanyoge 
dviti_ya_, adverbial accusativeof time; kr.tsnamahar udayaprabhr.ty a_stamanam 
ya_vat, the light that lasts throughout the day, form sunrise tosunset; retasah 
= gantuh, the goer; or, udakavatah, water-having]. 

8.006.31 All the Kan.vas, Indra, magnify your wisdom, your manhood, and, most 
mighty one, your strength. 

8.006.32 Be propitiated, Indra, by this my praise; carefully protect me, and 
give increase to my understanding. 

8.006.33 Wielder of the thunderbolt, magnified (by our praises), we your 
worshippers have offered to you theseprayers for our existence. 

8.006.34 The Kan.vas glorify Indra; like waters rushing down a declivity, praise 
spontaneously seeks Indra. 

8.006.35 Holy praises magnify Indra, the imperishable, the implacable, as rivers 
(swell) the ocean. [Theimplacable: whose wrath is unsubdued by others, parair 
anabhibhu_to krodho yasya]. 

8.006.36 Come to us from afar with your beloved horses; drink, Indra, this 

8.006.37 Destroyer of Vr.tra, men strewing the clipped sacred grass invoke you 
for the obtaining of food. 

8.006.38 Both heaven and earth follow you as the wheels (of a car follow) the 
horse; the streams of the Somapoured forth (by the priests) follow (you). 

8.006.39 Rejoice, Indra, at the heaven-guiding sacrifice as S'aryan.a_vat; be 
exhilarated by the praise of theworshipper. [Heaven-guiding: or, to be offered 
by all the priests, svarn.are = sarvair r.tvigbhir netavye;S'aryan.a_vat: the 
country of Kuruks.etra and S'aryan.a_vat is a lake in the neighbourhood]. 

8.006.40 The vast wielder of the thunderbolt, the slayer of Vr.tra, the deep 
quaffer of the Soma, the showerer,roars near at hand in the sky. 

8.006.41 You are a R.s.i, the first-born (of the gods), the chief, the ruler 
(over all) by your strength; you giverepeatedly, Indra, wealth. 

8.006.42 May your hundred sleek-backed horses bring you to our libations, to our 
(sacrificial) food. 

8.006.43 The Kan.vas augment by praise this ancient rite intended (to obtain) an 
abundance of sweet water. 

8.006.44 The mortal (adorer) selects at the sacrifice Indra from among the 
mighty (gods); he who is desirous ofwealth (worships) Indra for protection. 

8.006.45 May your horses, praised by the pious priests, bring you, who are the 
praised of many, down to drinkthe Soma. 

8.006.46 I have accepted from Tirindira, the son of Paras'u, hundreds and 
thousands of the treasures of men.[ya_dva_na_m, from yadu = a synonym of 
manus.ya, ya_dava eva ya_dva_h; or, yadukulaja_na_m, of thoseborn of the race of 
Yadu, who have been despoiled by Tirindira; or, "I among men have accepted..."] 

8.006.47 (These princes) have given to the chanter Pajra three hundred horses, 
ten thousand cattle. [ChanterPajra: pajra_ya sa_mne: to sa_man, the reciter of 
praises; or to one of the race of Pajra, as the r.s.i Kaks.i_vat,the repeater 

8.006.48 The exalted (prince) has been raised by fame to heaven, for he has 
given camels laden with four (loadsof gold), and Ya_dva people (as slaves).

8.007.01 When the pious worshipper offers you, Maruts, food at the three diurnal 
rites, then you havesovereignty over the mountains. [Food at the three diurnal 
rites: tris.t.ubham is.am: chief at the three dailylibations, tris.u savanes.u 
pras'asyam; praised by the three deities, tribhir devaih stutam; accompanied by 
hymnsin the tris.t.ubh metre, i.e., the Soma offering at the mid-day libation]. 

8.007.02 When, glorious and powerful (Maruts), you fit out your chariot, the 
mountains depart (from their places).[nyaha_sata: from ha_ gatau, they move out 
of your way through fear]. 

8.007.03 The loud-sounding sons of Pr.s'ni drive with their breezes (the 
clouds), they milk forth nutritioussustenance. [Breezes: va_yubhih, with the 
winds or the spotted deer, the va_hanas of the Maruts]. 

8.007.04 The Maruts scatter the rain, they shake the mountains, when they mount 
their chariot, with the winds. 

8.007.05 The mountains are curbed, the rivers are restrained at your coming, for 
the upholding of your greatstrength. [Or, when the mountains are curbed at your 
coming, (and) the rivers are stayed for the sustaining ofyour great strength; 
for the upholding: vidharman.e mahe s'us.ma_ya yemire = vidharan.a_ya 
mahateyus.madi_ya_ya bala_ya svayam eva niyamyante. The mountains and rivers are 
of their own accord restrainedfor sustaining your great strength; they abide 
ogether in one place through fear of our coming and strength,yus.mad ya_ma_d 
bala_cca bhi_tya_ ekatraikastha_ne niyata_ vartante]. 

8.007.06 We invoke you for protection by night, (we invoke) you by day, (we 
invoke) you when the sacrifice is inprogress. 

8.007.07 Truly these purple-hued, wonderful, clamorous Maruts proceed with their 
chariots in the height aove thesky. 

8.007.08 They, who by their might open a radiant path for the sun to travel, 
they pervade (the world) with lustre. 

8.007.09 Accept, Maruts, this my praise, (accept), mighty ones, this my 
adoration, (accept) this my invocation. 

8.007.10 The kine have filled for the thunderer three lakes of the sweet (Soma) 
from the dripping water-bearingcloud. [Kine: pr.s'nayah, the cows, the mothers 
of the Maruts: marunma_tr. bhu_ta_ ga_vah; or, the sons ofPr.s'ni, the Maruts; 
or, the hymns at the mid-day libation being recited in a middle tone: 
ma_dhyamika_ va_cah;three lakes: libations of milk, etc., mixed with the Soma at 
the three diurnal rrites; or libations of Soma filling thethree vessels: 
dron.akalas'a, a_havani_ya and pu_tabhr.t; dripping water-bearing cloud: utsam 
kabandhamudrin.am = utsravan.as'i_lam, exuding, dropping; udakam = water; 
udrin.am udakavantam megham, havingwater, a cloud; they have milked the dripping 
water from the cloud]. 

8.007.11 When, Maruts, desirous of felicity, we invoke you from heaven, come 
unto us quickly. 

8.007.12 Munificent, mighty Rudras, you in the sacrificial hall are wise (even) 
in the exhilaration (of the Soma).[Mighty Rudras: sons of Rudra, rudraputra_h]. 

8.007.13 Send us, Maruts, from heaven exhilarating, many lauded, all-sustaining 

8.007.14 When, bright (Maruts), you harness your car over the mountains, then 
you exhilarate (yourselves) withthe effusing Soma. 

8.007.15 A man should solicit happiness of them with praises of such an 
unconquerable (company). [A manshould: or, a man should solicit by his praises 
the happiness which belongs to them, to such an unconquerable(company)]. 

8.007.16 They who, like dropping showers, inflate heaven and earth with rain, 
milking the inexhaustible cloud. 

8.007.17 The sons of Pr.s'ni rise up with shouts, with chariots, with winds, 
with praises. 

8.007.18 We meditate on that (generosity) whereby for (the sake of granting 
them) riches you have protectedTurvas'a and Yadu and the wealth-desiring Kan.va. 

8.007.19 Munificent (Maruts), may these (sacrificial) viands, nutritious as 
butter, together with the praises of thedescendant of Kan.va, afford you 

8.007.20 Munificent (Maruts), for whom the sacred grass has been trimmed, where 
now are you beingexhilarated? What pious worshipper detains you as he) adores 

8.007.21 (Maruts), for whom the sacred grass is trimmed, it cannot be (that you 
submit to be detained), for youhave derived strength from the sacrifice, 
formerly (accompanied) by our praises. [Sacred grass: vr.kta barhis.ah(barhiriti 
yajn~ana_ma) = those by whom the grass has been trimmed, i.e. the priests; "It 
cannot be, for, priests,by your praises preceding (those of others) you have 
propitiated the energies of the Maruts, the objects of thesacrifice"; for you 
have derived strength: or, for by the former praises (of others) you have 
nourished strengthconnected with the sacrifice]. 

8.007.22 They have concentrated the abundant waters, they have held together the 
heaven and earth, they havesustained the sun, they have divided (Vr.tra) joint 
by joint with the thunderbolt. [Vr.tra: they have planted thethunderbolt in 
(Vr.tra's) every limb]. 

8.007.23 Independent of a ruler, they have divided Vr.tra joint by joint; they 
have shattered the mountains,manifesting manly vigour. 

8.007.24 They have come to the aid of the warring Trita, invigorating his 
strength, and (animating) his acts; theyhave come to the aid of Indra, for the 
destruction of Vr.tra. 

8.007.25 The birlliant (Maruts), bearing the lightning in their hands, radiant 
above all, gloriously display theirgolden helmets on their heads. 

8.007.26 Glorified, (Maruts), by Us'anas, when you approach from afar to the 
opening of the rainy (firmament),then (the dwellers on earth), like those in 
heaven, are clamorous through fear. [Us'anas: us'anasa_ ka_vyenar.s.in.a_ 
stu_yama_na_h; or = us'ana_sa_h, i.e. desiring worshipper, stotr.n 
ka_mayama_na_h; clamorous: dyaurna cakradad bhiya_ = like heaven, calls out with 

8.007.27 Come, gods, to (show your) liberality at our sacrifice with your 
golden-footed steeds. 

8.007.28 When the spotted antelope or the swift tawny deer conveys them in their 
chariot, then the brilliant(Maruts) depart, and the rains have gone. [rin.an = 
as they flow in every direction, sarvatra pravahanti]. 

8.007.29 The leaders of rites have proceeded with downward chariot-wheels to the 
R.ji_ka (A_rji_ka) country,where lies the S'aryan.a_vat, abounding in dwellings, 
and where Soma is plentiful. 

8.007.30 When, maruts, will you go with joy-bestowing riches to the sage thus 
adoring you, and soliciting (you forwealth)? 

8.007.31 When was it, Maruts, who are gratified by praise, that you really 
deserted Indra? Who is there thatenjoys your friendship? [Deserted Indra?: i.e. 
they never deserted him, but alone of the gods stood by him in hisconflict with 
Vr.tra. Indra dispersed the clouds with his allies, the winds. Aitareya 
Bra_hman.a 3.20; 12.8: Indradesired the gods to follow him, which they did. When 
Vr.tra breathed uponthem, they all ran away except theMaruts. They remained, 
encouraging Indra, saying: prahara bhagavo jahi vi_rayasva = strike, lord, kill, 
showyourself a hero]. 

8.007.32 Do you  of our race of Kan.va praise Agni together with the Maruts, 
bearing the thunderbolt in theirhands, and armed with golden lances. 

8.007.33 I bring to my presence, for the sake of most excellent prosperity, the 
showerers (of desires), theadorable (Maruts), the possessors of wonderful 

8.007.34 The hills, oppressed and agitated by them, move (from their places), 
the mountains are restrained.[girayo nijihate parvata_s'cin niyemire: nijihate = 
nitara_m gacchanti marudvegena stha_na_t pracyavante, by theviolence of the 
winds they fall from place; niyemire = niyamyante; parvata_h = megha_h, the 
clouds, or largehills, maha_nta_h s'i_loccaya_h, in contract to girayah = 
ks.udra_h s'i_loccaya_h, small heaps of rock]. 

8.007.35 (Their horses), quickly traversing (space), bear them travelling 
through the firmament, giving food to theworshipper. 

8.007.36 Agni was born the first among the gods, like the brilliant sun in 
splendour; then they (the Maruts) stoodround in their radiance. [The reference 
is to the ceremony  called A_gnima_ruta, when Agni is first worshipped,then the 
Maruts; brilliang: chandas = upacchandani_ya, the adorable].

8.008.01 Come to us, As'vins, with all your protections; Dasras, riders in a 
golden chariot, drink the sweet Soma. 

8.008.02 As'vin, partakers of sacrificial food, decorated with golden ornaments, 
wise, and endowed with profoundintellects, come verily in your chariot, invested 
with solar radiance. 

8.008.03 Come from (the world of) man, come from the firmament, (attracted) by 
our pious praises, drink, As'vins,the sweet Soma offered at the sacriice of the 

8.008.04 Come to us from above the heaven, you who love the (world) below, 
(come) from the firmament; the sonof Kan.va has been poured forth for you the 
sweet Soma libation. [World below: adhapriya_ = pleased by theSoma in the world 
below, or please by praise]. 

8.008.05 Come, As'vins, to drink the Soma at our sacrifice, you who are praised 
(by him) and honoured by hispious acts, benefactors of the worshipper, sages and 
leaders of rites. [sva_ha_ stomasya vardhana_ pra kavi_dhi_tibhir nara_: sva_ha_ 
= voc. dual, sva_ha_kr.tau sva_ha_ka_ren.a is.t.au, worshipped with the 
termsva_ha_; sva_ha_ = va_ or stuti, va_ca_ stutau; stomasya = stotuh; 
dhi_tibhi... nara = karmabhir yas.t.uhpravardhakau bhavatam; or, buddhibhir 
a_tmi_yaih karmabhir va_ sarves.a_m neta_rau]. 

8.008.06 Leaders of rites, when the R.s.is formerly invoked you for protection, 
you came; so now, As'vins, comeat my devout praises. 

8.008.07 Familiar with heaven, come to us from the sky, or from above the bright 
(firmament); favourably inclidedto the worshipper, (come), induced by his pious 
acts; hearers of invocations (come, induced) by our praises.[Familiar with 
heaven: svar vidak_ = dyulokasya lambhayita_rau, causing to obtain heaven; 
induced by his piousacts: dhi_bhih... as'vina_, come with your minds (favourable 
ro us)]. 

8.008.08 What others than ourselves adore the As'vins with praises? The R.s.i 
Vatsa, the son of Kan.va, hasmagnified you with hymns. 

8.008.09 The wise adorer invokes you hither with praise, As'vins, for 
protection; sinless, utter destroyers ofenemies, be to us the sources of 

8.008.10 Affluent in sacrifices, when the maiden (su_rya) mounted your chariot, 
then, As'vins, you obtained allyour desires. 

8.008.11 From wheresoever (you may be) come, As'vins, with your thousandfold 
diversified chariot; the sageVatsa, the son of Kavi, has addressed you with 
sweet worlds. [Son of Kavi: vatsah ka_vyah: ka_vyah = kavehputrah, son of the 
sae, i.e. of Kan.va]. 

8.008.12 Delighters of many, abonding in wealth, bestowers of riches, As'vins, 
sustainers of all, approve of thismy adoration. 

8.008.13 Grant us, As'vins, all riches that may not bring us shame, make us the 
begetters of progeny in dueseason, subject us not to reproach. 

8.008.14 Whether, Na_satya_s, you be far off, or whether you be near, come from 
there wih your thousandolddiversified chariot. 

8.008.15 Give, Na_satya_s, food of many kinds dripping with butter to him, the 
r.s.i Vatsa, who has magnifiedyou both with hymns. 

8.008.16 Give, As'vins, invigorating food, dripping with butter, to him who 
praises you, the lords of liberality, toobtain happiness; who desires affluence. 

8.008.17 Confounders of the malignant, partakers of many (oblations), come to 
this our adoration; render usprosperous leaders (of rites); give these (good 
things of earth) to our desires. 

8.008.18 The Priyamedhas at the sacrifices to the gods invoke you, As'vins, who 
rule over religious rites,together with your protections. [Religious rites: 
Taittiri_ya Bra_hman.a as'vins are the ministrant priests,the 
adhvaryus, of the gods, as'vinau hi deva_na_m adhvaryu]. 

8.008.19 Come to us, As'vins, sources of happiness, sources of health; (come), 
adorable (As'vins), to that Vatsa,who has magnified you with sacrifices and with 

8.008.20 Leaders (of rites), protect us with those protections with which you 
have protected Kan.va andMedha_tithi, Vis'a and Das'avraja, with which you have 
protected Gos'arya. [Gos'arya: or, s'ayu, whose barrencow the As'vins enabled to 
give milk; cf. RV. 1.116.22]. 

8.008.21 (And) with which, leaders (of rites), you protected Trasadasyu when 
wealth was to be acquired; do youwith the same graciously protec tus, As'vins, 
for the acquisition of food. 

8.008.22 May (perfect) hymns and holy praises magnify you, As'vins; protectors 
of many, exerminators of foes,greatly are you desired of us. 

8.008.23 The three wheels (of the chariot) of he As'vins, which were invisible, 
have become manifest; do youtwo, who are cognizant of the past, (come) by the 
paths of truth to the presence of living beings. [Paths of truth:patmabhir = 
padair, wheels; r.tasya = truth, water, or the sacrifice, which the paths or 
wheels are said to cause,satyasya udakasya yajn~asya va_ hetubhu_taih padaih].

8.009.01 Come, As'vins, without fail, for the protection of the worshipper; 
confer upon him a secure and spaciousdwelling; drive away those who make no 
offerings. [Protection: vatsasya avase: vatsa = stota_]. 

8.009.02 Whatever wealth may be in the firmament, in heaven, or among the five 
(classes) of men, bestow,As'vins, (upon us). 

8.009.03 Recognize, As'vins, (the devotions0 of the son of Kan.va, as (you have 
recognized) those former sageswho have repeatedly addresswed pious works to you. 

8.009.04 This oblation is poured out, As'vin, to you with praise; this sweet-
savoured Soma is offered to you, whoare alluent with food, (animated) by which 
you meditate (the destruction) of the foe. [Oblation: gharma =pravargyam, a 
ceremony so-called; also the name of a sacrificial vessel, as well as of the 
oblation it contains:gharmasya havis.a a_dha_rabhu_to maha_vi_ro gharmah]. 

8.009.05 Doers of many deeds, As'vins preserve me with that (healing virtue) 
deposited (by you) in the waters, inthe trees, in the herbs. [Healing: kritam, 
made of, done; bhes.ajam (supplied), a medicament; kr.tam =aka_rs.t.am]. 

8.009.06 Although, Na_satya_s, you cherish (all beings), though, divinities, you 
heal (all disease), , yet this youradorer does not obtain you by praises (only), 
you go to him who offers you oblations. [Yet this your adorer:praise, to be 
efficacious, must be accompanied by offerings]. 

8.009.07 When verily you arrive, As'vins, the r.s.i understands with excellent 
(comprehension) the praise (to beaddressed to you); he will sprinkle the sweet-
flavoured Soma and the gharma (oblation) on Atharvan fire.[Gharma: gharmam 
sin~ca_d aharvan.i, in the innoxious fire ahim.sake agnau; or, in the fire 
kindled by the r.s.iAtharvan: tva_m atharvo niramanthata: cf. RV. 6.016.13]. 

8.009.08 Abscond at once, As'vins, your light-moving chariot; may these praises 
bring you down radiant as thesun. 

8.009.09 Acknowledge Na_satya_s, that we may bring you down today by the prayers 
and he praises of the sonof Kan.va. ["Regard (the prayers) of me, the son of 
Ka_n.va, that we may bring you down by these prayers andpraises"]. 

8.009.10 Consider (my praises) in the same maner as (you have considered) when 
Kaks.i_vat praied yo, whenthe r.s.i Vyas'va, when Di_rghatamas, or Pr.thin, the 
son of Vena, glorified you in the chambers of sacrifice. 

8.009.11 Come (to us as) guardians of our dwelling, become our defenders, be 
protectors of our dependants,cherishers of our persons; come to the dwelling for 
(the good of) our sons and grandsons. [Protectors: jagatpa_jan:gamasya 
pra_n.ija_tasya asmadi_yasya pa_lakau, protectors of our moveable living beings-
- either ourdependants, or, our animals; for the good of our sons: or, "come to 
the dwellings of our sons and grandsons"]. 

8.009.12 Although, As'vins you should be riding in the same chariot with Indra, 
although you should be domiciledwith Va_yu, although you should be enjoying 
gratification along with the A_dityas and R.bhus, although you beproceeding on 
the tracks of Vis.n.u, (nevertheless come here). 

8.009.13 Inasmuch as I invoke you, As'vins, today for success in war (therefore 
grant it), for the triumphantprotection of the As'vins is the most excellent for 
the destruction (of enemies) in battle. 

8.009.14 Come, As'vins, these libations are prepared for you; those libations 
which were presented you byTurvas'a and Yadu, they are now offered to you by 

8.009.15 The healing drug, Na_satya_s, that is afar off or near, wherewith (you 
wen) to (his) dwelling for thesake of Vimada, do you who are of surpassing 
wisdom now grant to Vatsa. ["Together with that (drug) do you,who are of 
surpassing wisdom, now grant a dwelling o Vatsa, as (you did) to Vimada"]. 

8.009.16 I awake with the pious praise of the As'vins; scatter, goddess, (the 
darkness) at my eulogy; bestowwealth upon (us) mortals. 

8.009.17 Us.as, truht-speaking mighty goddess, awake the As'vins; invoker of the 
adorable (deities, arouse them)successively; the copious sacrificial food (is 
prepared) for their exhilaration. 

8.009.18 When, Us.as, you move with radiance, you shine equally with the sun; 
and this chariot of the As'vinsproceeds to the hall of sacrifice frequented by 
the leaders (of the rite). 

8.009.19 When the yellow Soma stalks milk forth as cows from their udders, when 
the devout (priests) repeat thewords of praise, then, O As'vins, preserve us. 

8.009.20 Endowed with great wisdom, preserve us for fame, for strength, for 
victory, for happiness, forprosperity. [For victory: nr.s.a_hya_ya = an epithet 
of s'arman.e, for happiness to be borne by men, nr.bhihsod.havya_ya sukha_ya]. 

8.009.21 Although, As'vins, you be seated in the region of the paternal (heaven 
engaged in) holy rites, or,glorified by us, (abide there) with pleasures, (yet 
come here). [Paternal: pituh = dyulokasya, or yajama_nasya; "ifyou abide with 
your praises in the sacrificial hall of the worshipper, or with the pleasure-
conferring (oblations),then come here"].

8.010.01 Whether, As'vins, you are at present where the spacious halls of 
sacrifice (abound), whether you are inyonder bright sphere of heaven, or whether 
you are in a dwelling constructed above the firmament, come here. 

8.010.02 In like manner, as you have prepared, As'vins, the sacrifice for Manu, 
consent (to prepare it) for the sonof Kan.va; for I invoke Br.haspati, the 
universal gods, Indra and Vis.n.u, and the As'vins, with rapid steeds. 

8.010.03 I invoke those As'vins, who are famed for great deeds, induced (to come 
here) for acceptance (of ouroblations), of whom among the gods the friendship is 
especially to be obtained. 

8.010.04 Upon whom (all) sacrifices are dependent, of whom there are worshippers 
in a place where is noworship, those two familiar with undecaying sacrifices (I 
invoke) with praises, that you may drink the sweet Soma.[Upon whom: yayor adhi 
pra yajn~a_h as'vinor upari sarve ya_ga_h prabhavanti: the legend is that 
As'vinsreplaced the head of the decapitated yajn~a (Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_a:; worshippers: asu_re santisu_rayah stotr. rahite des'e yayoh stota_rah 

8.010.05 Whether, As'vins, you abide today in the west, whether opulent in food, 
you abide in the east, whetheryou sojourn with Druhyu, Anu, Turvas'u or Yadu, I 
invoke you, therefore, come to me. 

8.010.06 Protectors of many, whether you traverse the firmament, or pass along 
earth and heaven, whether youascend your chariot with (all) your splendours, 
come from there, As'vins, here.

8.011.01 Agni, who are a god among mortals, (and among gods), you are the 
guardian of religious obligations;you are to be hymned at sacrifices. [Among 
mortals: Agni, you, the divine, are among mortals (and among gods)the guardian 
of religious rites]. 

8.011.02 Victor (over enemies), you are to be hymned at solemn rites; you, Agni, 
are the charioteer of sacrifices. 

8.011.03 Do you, Ja_tavedas, drive away from us those who hate us; (drive away), 
Agni, the impious hostilehosts. 

8.011.04 You desire not, Ja_tavedas, the sacrifice of the man who is our 
adversary, although placed before you. 

8.011.05 Prudent mortals, we offer abundant homage to you, who are immortal and 

8.011.06 Prudent mortals, we invoke the sage deity Agni with hymns to propitiate 
him for our protection. 

8.011.07 Vatsa, by the praise that seeks to propitiate you, Agni, would draw 
your thought from the supremeassembly (of the gods). [Vatsa = yajama_na, the 
sacrificer dear to Agni, as a calf, or child: vatsa samah priyahh(Yajus. 
12.115); would draw their thought: mano yamat = mana a_yamavati; or, mana 
a_hr.tya gr.hn.a_timanonigraham karoti; tva_ma_maya_ gira_ = tva_m ka_maye 
gira_, I desire you with my hymn]. 

8.011.08 You look upon many places, you are lord over all people; we call upon 
you in battles. [You are lord:Sa_maveda has dis'ah for vis'ah: countries for 

8.011.09 Desiring strength, we call upon Agni for protection in battles; upon 
him who is the granter of wonderfulriches (won) in conflicts.  

8.011.10 You, the ancient, are to be hymned at sacrifices; from eternity the 
invoker of the gods, you sit (at thesolemnity) entitled to laudation; cherish, 
Agni, yor own person, and grant us prosperity.

8.012.01 We solicit, most powerful Indra, who are the deep quaffer of the Soma, 
that exhilaration whichcontemplates (heroic deeds), whereby you slay the 
devourer (of men). [We solicit: tam imahe: we solicit you aspossessing that 
exhilaration, ta_dr.n madopetam tva_m ya_ca_mahe]. 

8.012.02 We solicit that (exhilaration) whereby you have defended Adhrigu, the 
accomplisher of the ten (months'rite), and the trembling leader of heaven, (the 
sun), and the ocean. [Trembling: darkness-dispelling, all-leading,tama_m.si 
varjayantam sarvasya neta_ram su_ryam]. 

8.012.03 We solicit that (exhilaration) whereby you urge on the mighty waters to 
the sea, in like manner as(charioteers drive) their cars (to the goal), and 
(whereby) to travel the paths of sacrifice. 

8.012.04 Accepts, thunderer, their praise (offered) for the attainment of our 
desires, like consecrated butter;(induced) by which, you, promptly bear us by 
your might (to our objects). 

8.012.05 Be pleased, you who are gratified by praise, with this our eulogy 
swelling like the oceans, (induced bywhich), Indra, you ber us with all your 
proections (to our objects). 

8.012.06 (I glorify Indra) the deity, who, coming from afar, has given us, 
through friendship, (riches); heaping(them upon us) like rain from heaven, you 
have borne us (to our objects). 

8.012.07 The banners of Indra, the thunderbolt (he bears) in his hands, have 
brought (us benefits), when, likethe sun, he has expanded heaven and earth. [He 
has extended heaven and earth: i.e. when he has refreshedthem both with rain]. 

8.012.08 Great Indra, protector of the good, when you have slain thousands of 
mighty (foes), then your vast andspecial energy has been augmented. 

8.012.09 Indra, with the rays of the sun, utterly consumes his adversary; like 
fire (burning) the forests, hespreads victorious. 

8.012.10 This new praise, suited to the season, approaches, (Indra), to you; 
offering adoration and greatlydelighting (you), it verily proclaims the measure 
(of your merits). [Suited to the season: or, connected withsacrifice, 
r.tviya_vati_; it verily proclaims the measure: mimi_ta it: verily measures; 
indra gata_n gun.a_nparicchinatti, it, the praise, discriminates the good 
properties attached to Indra, ma_ha_tmyam prakhya_payati, itmakes known his 

8.012.11 The devout praiser of the adorable (Indra) purifies in due succession 
the offering (of the Soma); withsacred hymns he magnifies (the might) of Indra; 
he verily proclaims the measure (of hismerits). 

8.012.12 Indra, the benefactor of his friend (the worshipper), has enlarged 
himself to drik the Soma, in likemanner as the pious praise dilates and 
proclaims the measure (of his merits). [Proclaims the measure: like thedilating 
praise of the worshipper, it proclaims; pra_ci_ = prakars.en.a stutyam 
gun.agan.am pra_pnuvati_]. 

8.012.13 I pour the oblation of the sacrifice, like clarified butter, into the 
mouth (of that Indra), whom wise men,addressing with prayers, delight. 

8.012.14 The excellent praise which Aditi brought forth for the imperial Indra, 
for our protection, is that which was(the product) of the sacrifice. [Product: 
or, belongs to the sacrifice, yajn~asya sambandhi bhavati]. 

8.012.15 The bearers of the oblation glorify (Indra) for his excellent 
protection; now, divinity, let yourmany-actioned horses (bear you to the 
offering) of the sacrifice. [Protection: or, for the sake of his protection 

8.012.16 Inasmuch as you are exhilarated by the Soma shared with Vis.n.u, or 
when (offered) by Trita, the son ofthe waters, or along with the Maruts, so now 
(be gratified) by (our) libation. 

8.012.17 Inasmuch, S'akra, as you are exhilarated (by the Soma) on the far-
distant ocean, so be you gratifiednow, when the Soma is effused by our 
libations. [On the far-distant ocean: samudra = Soma, i.e., if you 
areexhilarated by some distant (offering of) Soma]. 

8.012.18 Inasmuch, protector of the virtuous, as you are the benefactor of the 
worshipper offering you libations,or by whose prayers you are propitiated, so 
now (be gratified) by our libations. 

8.012.19 I glorify the divine Indra wherever worshipped for your protection; (my 
praises) have reached him for theprompt (fulfilment) of the (objects of the) 
sacrifice. [Divine Indra: devam devam indram indram: i.e., Indra ispresent at 
the same time at different ceremonies, or in various forms; cf. RV. 6.047.18; 
the verse is addressed tothe priests and the yajama_na]. 

8.012.20 (His worshippers) have magnified with many sacrifices him to whom the 
sacrifice is offered, and withmany libations the eager quaffer of the Soma; 
(they have magnified) Indra with hymns, (their praises) haveattained him. 

8.012.21 Infinite are his bounties, many are his glories; ample treasures have 
reached the donor (of oblations). 

8.012.22 The gods have placed Indra (foremost) for the destruction of Vr.tra; 
their praise has been addressed tohim to enhance his vigour. 

8.012.23 We repeatedly glorify with praises and adorations him who is great with 
greatness, who hears ourinvocations, (to enhance) his vigour. 

8.012.24 The thunderer, from whom neither the heaven and earth nor the firmament 
are separated; from thestrength of whom, the mighty one, (the world) derives 

8.012.25 When, Indra, the gods placed you foremost in the battle, then your 
beloved horses bore you. 

8.012.26 When, thunderer, by your strength you did slay Vr.tra, the obstructer 
of the waters, then your belovedhorses bore you. 

8.012.27 When your (younger brother) Vis.n.u by (his) strength stepped his three 
paces, then verily your belovedhorses bore you. [Vis.n.u: yada_ te vis.n.ur 
ojasa_ = when Vis.n.u by your strength; or, te tava_nujah; veily yourbeloved 
horses: a_d it te haryata_ (ka_ntau) hari_ vavaks.atuh, its having served as the 
burden of the ttwopreceding r.cas]. 

8.012.28 When your beloved horses had augmented day by day, then all existent 
beings were subject unto you. 

8.012.29 When, Indra, your people, the Maruts, were regulated by you, then all 
existent beings were subject untoyou. [Regulated: or, subdued the world for you, 
tvadartham niyacchanti bhu_taja_ta_ni]. 

8.012.30 Whenyou had placed yonder pure light, the sun, in the sky, then all 
existing beings were subject untoyou. 

8.012.31 The wise (worshipper), Indra, offers you this gratifying sincere praise 
along with pious rites at thesacrifice, as (a man places) a kinsman in (a 
prominent) position. 

8.012.32 When the congregated (worshippers) praise him aloud in a place that 
pleases (him) on the navel (of theearth), in the spot where the libation is 
effused at the sacrifice, (then). [Then: tada_ni_m dhanam pradehi:connects the 
verse with what follows-- uttaratra sambandha; na_bha_ yajn~asya dohana_ 
pra_dhvare: the navelis the altar (pr.thivya_ na_bhistha_ni_ye); yajn~a = Soma; 
dohana = dohane abhis.avastha_ne]. 

8.012.33 Bestow upon us, Indra, (wealth), comprising worthy male ofspring, 
excellent horses, and good cattle;like the ministrant priest (I worship you) at 
the sacrifice, (to secure) your prior consideration.

8.013.01 Indra, when the Soma juices are effused, sanctifies the offerer and the 
praiser for the attainment ofincrease giving strength, for he is mighty. 
[Sanctifies: kratum puni_ta ukthyam = karman.a_m karta_ramsto_ta_ram ca; ukthya 
= name of a sacrifice, ukthya_khyam ya_gam]. 

8.013.02 Abiding in the highest heaven, in the dwelling of the gods, he is the 
giver of increase, the accomplisher(of works), the possessor of great renown, 
the conqueror of (the obstructer of) the rains. 

8.013.03 I invoke the powerful Indra for (aid in) the food-bestowing combat; be 
near unto us for our happiness;be a friend for our increase. [bhara = sacrifice; 
for our happiness: when wealth or happiness is sought,  

8.013.04 This gift of the offerer of the libation flows to you, Indra, who are 
gratified by praise, exhilarated bywhich you reign over the sacrifice. [Over the 
sacrifice: barhis.ah = over the sacred grass; i.e. the rite at which it 

8.013.05 Bestow upon us, Indra, that which, when pouring out the libation, we 
solicit of you; grant us thewondrous wealth that is the means of obtaining 
heaven. [svarvidam = svargasya lambhakam; or, one whopossesses or communicates 
knowledge of heaven, svargasya vedita_ram, i.e., a son]. 

8.013.06 When your discriminating eulogist has addressed to you overpowering 
praises, then, if they areacceptable to you, they expand like the branches (of a 
tree). [Overpowering: i.e., able to overpower enemies,s'atru_n.a_m 

8.013.07 Generate your eulogies as of old; hear the invocation of the adorer; 
you bear in your reiteratedexultation (blessings) to the liberal donor (of the 
oblation). [Generate your eulogies: i.e.,by granting the expectedfruits]. 

8.013.08 The kind and true words of him who in this hymn is called the lord of 
heaven sport like waters flowingby a downward (channel). 

8.013.09 Or he, who is called the one absolute lord of men-- praise him, when 
the libation is effused, withmagnifying songs, imploring his protection. [One 
absolute lord: who is called the one absolute lord of men bythose who magnify 
him (with songs) and implore his protection]. 

8.013.10 Praise the renowned, the sapient (Indra), whose victorious horses 
proceed to the dwelling of the devoutdonor (of the libation). 

8.013.11 Munificently minded, do you, who are quick of movement, come with 
shining and swift steeds to thesacrifice, for verily there is gratification to 
you thereby. 

8.013.12 Most powerful Indra, protector of the virtuous, secure us who praise 
you in the possession of riches,(grant) to the pious imperishable all-pervading 

8.013.13 I invoke you when the sun is risen; I invoke (you) at mid-day; being 
propitited, come to us, Indra, withyour gliding steeds. 

8.013.14 Come quickly; hasten, be exhilarated by the libation mixed with milk; 
extend the ancient sacrifice, sothat I may obtain (its reward). 

8.013.15 Whether, S'akra, you be far off, or, slayer of Vr.tra, near at hand, or 
whether you be in the firmament,you are the guardian of the (sacrificial) food. 
[Guardian: or, you are the guardian (by drinking) of the Soma,annasya 
somalaks.anasya pa_nena raks.ita_ bhavasi]. 

8.013.16 May our praises magnify Indra! May our effused libations gratify Indra! 
May the people bearingoblations excite pleasure in Indra! [Excite pleasure: or, 
having rejoiced in Indra, aram.sis.uh]. 

8.013.17 The pious, desiring his protection, magnify him by ample and pleasure-
yielding (libations); the earth,(and other worlds, spread out) like the branches 
of a tree, magnify Indra. 

8.013.18 The gods propitiate the superintending adorable (Indra) at the 
Trikadruka rites. May our praisesmagnify him who is ever the magnifier (of his 
worshippers). [Superintending: cetana = cetayitri_, causing to bewise]. 

8.013.19 Your worshipper is observant of his duty, inasmuch as he offers prayers 
indue season; for you are hewho is called pure, purifying, wonderful. 

8.013.20 The progeny of Rudra (the Maruts) is known in ancient places, and to 
them the intelligent worshippersoffer adoration. 

8.013.21 If, (Indra), you choose my friendship, partake of this (sacrificial) 
food, by which we may pass beyond(the reach of) all adversaries. 

8.013.22 When, Indra, who delight in praise, may your worshipper be entirely 
happy? When will you establish usin (the affluence of) cattle, of horses, of 

8.013.23 Or, when will your renowned and vigorous horses bring the chariot of 
you, who are exempt from decay,that exhilarating (wealth) which we solicit? 
[madintamam yam i_mahe: madasvantam tva_m dhanam, youexhilarated, wealth; wealth 
was it that was solicited; moreover your renowned and vigorous (or desire-
showering)horses bring the chariot of you who are exempt from decay, you, the 
greatly exhilarated, whom we ask (forwealth), atis'ayena madavantam yam tva_m 
dhanam ya_ca_mahe tasya ta ityanvayah]. 

8.013.24 We solicit with ancient and gratifying (offerings) him who is mighty 
and the invoked of many; may he sitdown on the pleasant sacred grass, and accept 
the two-fold (offering of cakes and Soma). 

8.013.25 Praised of many, prosper (us) with the protections hymned by the 
r.s.is, send down upon us nutritiousfood. 

8.013.26 Thunderbolt-bearing Indra, you are the protector of him who thus 
eulogises you; I seek through sacrificefor your favour, which is to be gained by 

8.013.27 Harnessing your horses, Indra, laden with treasure and sharing your 
exhilaratio, come here to drink ofthe Soma. 

8.013.28 May the sons of Rudra, who are your followers, approach and partake of 
the glory (of the sacrifice); andmay (other celestial) people associated with 
the Maruts (partake of the sacrificial) food. [Glory: s'riyam =s'rayan.i_yam 

8.013.29 May those who (are his attndants), victorious (over enemies), be 
satisfied with the station (which theyoccupy) in heaven, and may they be 
assembled at the navel of the sacrifice, that I may therefrom acquire(wealth). 

8.013.30 When the ceremony is being prepared in the hall of sacrifice, this 
(Indra), having inspected the rite,regulates (the performance) in due succession 
for a distant object. [Distant object: for future rewards; "this (Indra)for a 
long prospect, in the east proceeding sacrifice, measures, having considered in 
succession the sacrifice",agam di_rgha_ya caks.ase pra_ci_ prayati adhvare 
mimi_te yajn~am anus.ag vicaks.ya]. 

8.013.31 Your chariot, Indra, is a showerer (of benefits), showerers (of 
benefits) are your horses; you alsoS'atakratu, are the showerer (of benefits) 
the invocation (addressed to you) is the showerer (of benefits). 

8.013.32 The stone (that bruises the Soma) is the showerer (of benefits), so is 
your exhilaration and this Somathat is effused; the sacrifice that you accept is 
the showerer (of benefits),such also is your invocation. [Vr.s.a_: isreiterated 
in the following r.cas; vr.s.a_ yam indra te ratha uto te vr.s.an.a havi = 
ka_ma_na_m vars.ita_]. 

8.013.33 The showerer (of the oblation) I invoke with manifold and gratifying 
(praises) you, O thunderer, theshowerer (of benefits); inasmuch as you 
acknowledge the eulogy addressed to you, your invocation is theshowerer (of 

8.014.01 If, Indra, I were, as you are, sole, lord over wealth, then should my 
eulogist be possessed of cattle. 

8.014.02 Lord of might, I would give to that intelligent worshipper that which I 
should wish to give, if I were thepossessor of cattle. [Wish to give: I would 
wish to give, I would present to that intelligent worshipper, s'iks.eyamasmai 
ditseyam mani_s.in.e]. 

8.014.03 Your praise, Indra, is a cow to the worshipper offering the libations, 
it milks him in abundance cattle andhorses. 

8.014.04 Neither god nor man, Indra, is the obstructor of your affluence, (of) 
the wealth which you, when praised,design to bestow. 

8.014.05 Sacrifice has magnified Indra, so that he has supported the earth (with 
rain), making (the cloud)quiescent in the firmament. [cakra_n.a opas'am divi = 
antariks.e megham opas'am upetya s'aya_nam kurvan]. 

8.014.06 We solicit, Indra, the protection of you, who are ever being magnified, 
the conqueror of all the riches (ofthe enemy). 

8.014.07 In the exhilaration of the Soma, Indra has traversed the radiant 
firmament that he might pierce (theasura) Vala. [or, from which exhilaration he 
pierced Vala]. 

8.014.08 He liberated the cows for the an:girasas, making manifest those that 
have been hidden in the cave,hurling Vala headlong down. 

8.014.09 By Indra the constellations were made stable and firm and stationary, 
so that they could not be movedby any. 

8.014.10 Your praise, Indra, mounts aloft like the exulting wave of the waters, 
your exhilarations have beenmanifested. 

8.014.11 You, Indra, are to be magnified by praise, you are to be magnified by 
prayer; you are the benefactor ofthose who praise you. 

8.014.12 Let the long-maned horses bring the wealth-bestowing Indra to the 
sacrifice to drink the Soma. 

8.014.13 You have struck off, Indra, the head of Namuci with the foam of the 
waters, when you had subdued allyour enemies. [Namuci: legend from s'alya 
parvan, Maha_bha_rata: Indra after defeating the asuras wascaptured by Namuci. 
Namuci however, liberated him on the condition that he would not kill him with 
any weapon,dry or wet, nor by day or night. In evasion of his oath, Indra at 
twilight, or in a fog, decapitated Namuci with thefoam of water; cf. Taittiri_ya 
Sam.hita_ 1.8.7]. 

8.014.14 You have hurled down, Indra, the Dasyus, gliding upwards by their 
devices and ascending to heaven. 

8.014.15 You, Indra, the most excellent drinker of the Soma, destroy the adverse 
assembly that offers nolibations. [Drinker of the Soma: or, you who on drinking 
the Soma become pre-eminent; vis.u_cim = discordant,parasparavirodhena na_na_ 

8.015.01 Glorify him the invoked of many, the praised of many; adore the 
powerful Indra with hymns. 

8.015.02 The vast strength of whom, powerful in both (regions), has sustained 
the heaven and earth, and by itsvigour (upheld) the swift clouds and flowing 
waters. [Swift clouds: giri_n ajra_n = quick mountains, i.e. beforetheir wings 
are clipped]. 

8.015.03 You, the praised of many, reign; you, single, have slain many enemies, 
in order to acquire the spoils ofvictory and abundant food. 

8.015.04 We celebrate, thunderer, your exhilaration, the showerer (of benefits), 
the overcomer (of foes) in battle,the maker of the world, the glorious with your 
steeds. [lokakr.tnu = the provider of a place (for his worshipper),stha_nasya 
karta_ram; haris'riyam = him who is to be served by his steeds, as'vabhyam 

8.015.05 Whereby you have made the planets manifest to Ayu and to Manu, and rule 
rejoicing over this sacredrite. 

8.015.06 The reciters of prayer celebrate that your (exhilaration) now as of 
old; do you daily hold in subjectionthe waters, the wives of the showerer. 

8.015.07 Praise sharpens your great energy, your strength, your acts, and your 
majestic thunderbolt. 

8.015.08 The heaven invigorates your manhood, Indra, the earth (spreads) your 
renown; the waters, themountains propitiate you. 

8.015.09 Vis.n.u, the mighty giver of dwellings, praises you, and Mitra and 
Varun.a; the company of the Marutsimitates you in exhilaration. 

8.015.10 You, Indra, who are the showerer, have been born the most bountiful of 
beings; you associate with youall good offspring. [ i.e. you give offspring, and 
all good things]. 

8.015.11 (Indra), the praised of many, you alone destroy many mighty foes; no 
other Indra achieves such greatexploits. 

8.015.12 When (in the combat), Indra, they invoke you in many ways with praise 
for protection, then do you (soinvoked) by our leaders overcome all (our 

8.015.13 All the forms (of Indra) have sufficiently entered into our own 
spacious abode; gratify Indra the lord ofS'aci_, (that he may give us) the spoil 
of victory. [All the forms: i.e. the various attributes celebrated in 

8.016.01 Glorify with hymns the adorable Indra, the supreme king of men, the 
leader (of rites), the overcomer ofenemies, the most munificent. 

8.016.02 In whom all praises, all kinds of sustenance concentrate, like the 
aggregation of the waters in theocean. [All praises: in whom (as their object) 
all praises, and all kinds of offspring exultingly meet]. 

8.016.03 I worship Indra with pious praises, glorious among the best (of 
beings), the achiever of great deeds inwar mighty for the acquisition (of 

8.016.04 Whose unbounded and profound exhilarations are many, protective, and 
animating in war.[hars.amantah = exulting in, i.e. eager for, war, hars.ayuktah 

8.016.05 (His worshippers) invoke him to take part (in spoiling) the trasures 
deposited (with the foe); theyconquer, of whom Indra is (the partisan). 

8.016.06 They honour him with animating (hymns), men (honour) him with sacred 
rites, for Indra is the giver ofwealth. 

8.016.07 Indra is Brahma_, Indra is the r.s.i; Indra is the much-invoked of 
many, mighty with mighty deeds. [Indrais Brahma_: indro brhma_ parivr.d.ah 
sarvebhyodhikah, the augmented or vast, more or greater than all; r.s.i =the 
beholder of all the a_ryas, sarvasya a_ryaja-tasya dras.t.a_]. 

8.016.08 He is to be praised, he is to be invoked, he is true, powerful the doer 
of many deeds; he, being single,is the overcomer (of his foes). 

8.016.09 Men who are cognizant (of sacred texts) magnify Indra with pious 
precepts, with sacred songs, and withprayers. [With pious precepts: tam arkebhis 
tam sa_mabhis tam ga_yatrais' cars.an.ayah ks.itayah: the last twoimply men; or, 
the first is an epithet of the second-- the seers or understanders of Mantras, 
or texts, such asthose of the yajus. (arka), of the sa)man, and metrical prayers 
not chanted (ga_yatra)]. 

8.016.10 Him (they magnify) who brings before them the spoil, who gives lustre 
in combats, who overcomesenemies in battle. [Or, by his weapon, a_yudhena]. 

8.016.11 May Indra, the fulfiller (of desires), the invoked of many, bear us 
beyond (the reach of) all our enemies,to welfare, as if by a ship (across the 
sea). [To welfare: svasti = happy, ks.emen.a]. 

8.016.12 Do you, Indra, (endow) us with vigour, bestow upon us (wealth, enable 
us) to go (by the right way), leadus to felicity.

8.017.01 Come, we express, Indra, for you, the Soma; drink it; sit down upon 
this my sacred grass. 

8.017.02 Let your long-maned horses, Indra, that are yoked by prayers, bring you 
here, anddo you hear ourprayers. 

8.017.03 We bra_hman.as, offerers of Soma, bearing the effused Soma, invoke with 
suitable (prayers), you thedrinker of the Soma. [We bra_hmna.as = i.e. 
brahma_n.ah = bra_hamn.a_h] 

8.017.04 Come to us offering the libation, accept our earnest praises; drink, 
handsome-jawed, of the (sacrificial)beverage. 

8.017.05 I fill your belly (with the libation); let is spread throughout the 
limbs; take the honied Soma with yourtongue. [Belly: kuks.yoh, in the dual: 
Indra has two bellies, indrasya hi dve udare; fill both the bellies of the 
slayerVr.tra; or, the reference may only be to the right and left sides, or the 
upper and lower portions of the sam ebelly,yadva_ ekasyaiva udarasya 
savyadaks.in.abhedena u_rddhva_dhobha_gena va_ dvitam]. 

8.017.06 May the sweet-flavoured Soma be grateful to you, who are munificent; 
(may it be grateful) to your bodymay it be exhilarating to your heart. 

8.017.07 May this Soma, invested (with milk), approach you, observant Indra, 
like a bride (clad in white apparel).[Bride: janir iva = ja_ya_ iva, like 
brides; s'uklair vastraih sam.vr.tah; sam.vr.tah = covered or invested by, 
anepithet of Soma, payahprabhr.tibhih, by milk and other ingredients]. 

8.017.08 Long-necked, large-bellied, strong-armed Indra, in the exhilaration of 
the (sacrificial) food, destroys hisenemies. 

8.017.09 Indra, who by your strength are the lord over all, come to us, slayer 
of Vr.tra, subdue our foes. 

8.017.10 Long be your goad, wherewith you bestow wealth upon the sacrificer 
offering libations. [Goad: or,crook; an:kus'a = an instrument for drawing 
towards us things out of reach]. 

8.017.11 This Soma, purified (by filtering) through the sacred grass is for you, 
Indra, come to it, hasten, drink.[Sacred grass: or, purified (by being) filtered 
through the cloth called das'a_ pavitra over the sacred grass(strewed on the 

8.017.12 Renowned for radiance, renowned for adoration, this libation is for 
your gratification; destroyer of foes,you are earnestly invoked. [Radiance: 
s'a_cigo: s'akta_ ga_vo yasya, he whose cattle are strong; s'a_cayah =vyakta_h, 
manifest; or, prakhya_ta_h, famous; ga_Vah = ras'mayah, rays, i.e., of renowned 
or manifest brilliance;s'a_cipu_jana = prakhya_tapu_jana, of renowned adoration; 
or, whose hymns are renowned]. 

8.017.13 (Indra), who was the offspring of S'r.n:gavr.s.a, of whom the 
kun.d.apa_yya rite was the protector, (thesages) have fixed (of old) their minds 
upon this ceremony. [S'r.n:gavr.s.a: yas te s'r.n:gavr.s.o 
napa_tpran.apa_tkun.d.apa_yyah = he was, S'r.n:gavr.s.a, your grandson, your 
great-grandson, Kun.d.apa_yya; alegend is cited: Indra takes upon himself the 
character of the son of a r.s.i names S'r.n:gavr.s.a (orS'r.n:gavr.s.an); napat 
= apatya, offspring generally; S'r.n:gavr.s.a = the sun, i.e. s'r.n:gair 
vars.ati, he rains withrays; na-pat = not causing to fall, na pa_tayita_, i.e. 
he who was the establisher of the sun, the heaven, Indra.Kun.d.apa_yya = a 
ceremony in which the Soma is drunk from a vessel called Kun.d.a (Pa_n.ini, 
3.1.130), andthis is said to be te pran.apa_t = tava raks.ita_, the protector of 
you, Indra]. 

8.017.14 Lord of dwellings, may the (roof) pillar be strong; may there be vigour 
of body for the offerers of libation;may Indra, the drinker (of the Soma), the 
destroyer of the numerous cities (of the asuras), ever be the friend ofthe 

8.017.15 With head uplifted like a serpent, adorable, the recoverer of the 
cattle, Indra single, is superior tomultitudes; (the worshipper) brings Indra to 
drink the Soma by a rapid seizure, like a loaded horse (by a halter).[With head 
uplifted: pr.da_kusa_nu = pr.da_kuh sarpah, a serpent; sa iva sa_nuh 
samucchr.tah tadvadunnatas'iraskah, having the head lifted up in like manner; 
sa_nu = sam.bhajani_ya, to be served or propitiated asa snake is, with many 
gems, mantras, medicaments; sa yatha bahubhir man.imantraus.adha_dibhis 
sam.sevyona_lpai evam indropi bahubhis stotra_dibhir yatnais sevyah; by a rapid 
seizure: gr.bha = means of seizing, i.e. apraise].

8.018.01 Let a mortal now earnestly solicit at the worship of these A_dityas 
unprecedented riches. 

8.018.02 The paths of these A_dityas are unobstructed and unopposed; may they 
yield us security and augmentour happiness. 

8.018.03 May Savita_, Bhaga, Varun.a, Mitra, and Aryaman bestow upon us that 
ample felicity which we solicit. 

8.018.04 Divine Aditi, bringer of safety, beloved of many, com propitiously with 
the wise and happy divinities.[Safety: or, whose fostering care is unimpeded]. 

8.018.05 These sons of Aditi know how to drive away (our) enmies; and, doers of 
great deeds and donors ofsecurity, (they know how to extricate us) from sin. 

8.018.06 May Aditi protect our cattle by day, ad, free from duplicity (guard 
them) by night; may Aditi, by herconstant favour, preserve us from sin. [Free 
from duplicity: advaya_h = kapat.arahita_]. 

8.018.07 May the monitress Aditi come to us, for our prosecution by day; may she 
grant us tranquil felicity, andlive away, (our) enemies. 

8.018.08 May the two divine physicians, the As'vins, grant us health; may they 
drive away from hence iniquity;(may they drive) away our foes. 

8.018.09 May the two divine physicians, the As'vins, grant us health; may they 
drive away from hence iniquity;(may they drive) away our foes. 

8.018.10 A_dityas, remove (from us) disease, enemies, malignity; keep us afar 
from sin. 

8.018.11 Keep afar from us, A_dityas, malignity, ill-will; do you who are all-
wise keep afar those who hate us. 

8.018.12 Grant freely to us, generous A_dityas, that happiness which liberates 
even the offending (worshipper)from sin. 

8.018.13 May that man who, from his diabolical nature seeks to do us evil-- may 
he, injuring himself by his owndevices, incu that evil. 

8.018.14 May iniquity pervade hat calumniating and hostile mortal who wishes to 
do us harm, and is treacheroustowards us. [Treacherous: dvayu, double-- he who 
professes kindness to our face and maligns us behind ourback, prayaks.akr.to 
hitam vadati paroks.akr.tas tu ahitam]. 

8.018.15 Deities, you are (propitious) to sincere (worshippers), you know, 
Vasus, the hearts of men, anddistinguish between the single and double-minded. 

8.018.16 We solicit the happiness of the mountains and of the waters; heaven and 
earth, remove sin far from us. 

8.018.17 Convey us, Vasus, in your vessel, with auspicious felicity, beyond all 

8.018.18 Radiant A_dityas grant to our sons and grandsons to enjoy long life. 

8.018.19 The duly-presented sacrifice is ready for you, A_dityas; grant us, 
therefore, happiness; may we everabide in near relationship with you. 

8.018.20 We solicit of the divine protector of he Maruts, of the As'visn, of 
Mitra and of Varun.a, a spaciousdwelling for our welfare. 

8.018.21 Mitra, Aryaman, Varun.a and Maruts, grant us a secure, excellent and 
well-peopled dwelling, athree-fold shelter. [trivaru_tham, a guard against heat, 
cold and wet; or, tribhu_mikam, three-storied]. 

8.018.22 Since, A_dityas, we mortals are of kin to death, do you benevolently 
(exert yourselves to) prolong ourlives.

8.019.01 Glorify (Agni), the leader of all (sacred rites); the priests approach 
the divine lord, (and through him)convey the oblation to the gods. 

8.019.02 Praise, pious Sobhari, at the sacrifice this ancient Agni, who is the 
giver of opulence, the wonderfullyluminous, the regulator of this rite, at which 
the Soma is presented. 

8.019.03 We adore you, the most adorable deity, the invoker of the gods, the 
immortal, the perfecter of thissacrifice. ["We adore you, the most adorable, the 
deity among deities, the invoker.."] 

8.019.04 Agni, the great grandson of (sacrificial) food, the possessor of 
opulence, the illuminator, the shedder ofexcellent light; may he obtain for us 
by sacrifice the happiness in heaven (that is the gift) of Mitra, of Varun.a, 
ofthe waters. [Sa_maveda replaces urjo napa_tam, with apa_m napa_tam: from 
burnt-offerings the rains aregenerated; from them timber; from timber, fire]. 

8.019.05 The man who has presented (worship) to Agni with fuel, with burnt 
offerings, with the Veda, with(sacrificial) food, and is diligent in pious 
rites. [With the Veda: vedena = veda_dhyayanena, by studying the Veda;or, it may 
mean, a bundle of grass]. 

8.019.06 Of him assuredly the rapid horses rush (on the foe); his is most 
brilliant glory; him no evil, whether thework of gods or of men, ever assails. 

8.019.07 Son of strength, lord of (sacrificial) food, may we be favoured with 
your various fires; do you, (Agni),endowed with energy, be well-disposed towards 
us! [Energy: suvi_ra = you who are worshipped by nobleheroes]. 

8.019.08 Agni, when honoured like a guest, is gracious to his praisers; he is to 
be recognized as a chariot(bringing the fruit of the worship); in you verily the 
virtuous are confiding; you are the ra_ja_ of riches. [Confiding:or, perhaps, in 
you also are excellent protections, tva ks.ema_so api santi sa_dhavah]. 

8.019.09 Agni, may he who is the offerer of sacrifice obtain his reward; he, 
auspicious Agni, is worthy ofcommendation; may he by his pious rites become the 
giver of wealth. [May...reward: so addha_ satyaphalah sabhavatu: may he indeed 
be worthy of praise; giver of wealth: sanita_ = effecter of his purposes]. 

8.019.10 He whose sacrifice you preside, prospers, having his dwelling filled 
with male offspring; he is theeffecter of his purposes through his horses, 
through his wise (counsellors), his valiant adherents. 

8.019.11 (So is he) in whose dwelling the all-desired and embodied Agni receives 
praise and food, and conveysoblations to the all-pervading deities. 

8.019.12 Son of strength, giver of dwellings, place the prayer of he devout 
intelligent worshipper, who is mostprompt in offerings, below the gods and above 
mortals. [Above mortals: spread it throughout the sky; avodevanupari martyam = 
sarvam nabhah prades'am vya_paya]. 

8.019.13 He who propitiated the powerful and quick radiating Agni with offerings 
of oblations, with reverentialadorations and with praise, (is prosperous). 

8.019.14 The mortal who propitiates Aditi with his (Agni's) many forms by 
blazing fuel, prospering through hispious rites, shall surpass all men in renown 
as (if he had crossed over) the waters. [Aditi: aditim is an epithet ofAgni, 
i.e., akhan.d.ani_yam, the insuperable; wih many forms such as ga_rhapatya]. 

8.019.15 Bestow upon us, Agni, that power which may overcome any cannibal 
(entering) into our abode, thewrath of any malignant (being). 

8.019.16 Protected by Indra, well-knowing the path that through your power, 
(Agni), we should follow, we adorethat (radiance) of you, by which Varun.a, 
Mitra, Aryaman, the Na_satya_s, and Bhaga shine. 

8.019.17 Those verily, Agni, are of approved piety who as your worshippers, 
sagacious deity, have establishedyou as the contemplator of men, the perfomer of 
good works. 

8.019.18 Auspicious (Agni), they have set up the altar, have presented 
oblations, have expressed the libation ona (fortunate) day; they have won by 
their efforts infinite wealth who have placed their affection upon you. 

8.019.19 May Agni, to whom burnt-offerings have been made, be propitious to us; 
auspicious (Agni), may yourgifts be blessings, may the sacrifice (we offer) be 
beneficial, may our praises yield us happiness. 

8.019.20 Give us that resolute mind in conflict by which you conquer in combats; 
humble the many firm (resolves)of our foes; may we propitiate you by our 
sacrifices. [In conflict: vr.tratu_rye, in conflict, san:gra_me; 
or,pa_pana_s'a_ya (Yajus. 15,39), for the exptirpation of sin; ava sthira_ 
tanuhi = make the strong bows withoutbowstrings, sthira_n.i dhanum.s.i 
jya_rahita_ni kuru]. 

8.019.21 I worship Agni, who has been established by Manu with praise, whom the 
gods have appointed theirroyal messenger, who is the most adorable, the bearer 
of oblations. 

8.019.22 Offer (sacriicial) food to that bright-shining, every-youthful, royal 
Agni, who, (when gratified) by sincerepraises, and worshipped with oblations, 
bestows excellent male offspring. 

8.019.23 When Agni, worshipped with oblations, sends his voice upwards and 
downwards, as the sun disperseshis rays, (we praise him). 

8.019.24 The divine (Agni), established by Manu, the offerer of the sacrifice, 
the invoker (of the gods), the divine,the immortal, who conveys the oblations in 
his fragrant mouth, bestows (upon his adorers) desirable (riches). 

8.019.25 Agni, son of strength, shining with friendly radiance, and worshipped 
with oblations, may I, who,although mortal, am as you are, become immortal. 
[Immortal: ye yatha_ yathopa_sate te tad eva bhavanti = asmen worship, such they 
become; or, may I, although a mortal, become as you, immortal]. 

8.019.26 May I not be accused, Vasu, of calumniating you, nor, gracious (Agni), 
of sinfulness (against you); letnot (the priest) the reciter of my praises be 
dull of intellect or ill-disposed; (may he not err), Agni, throughwickedness. 
[May I not be accused: or, let me not abuse you by calumny or wickedness, na 
tva_ ra_si_yabhis'astaye na pa_patva_ya]. 

8.019.27 Cherished by us as a son by a father, let him (Agni) in our dwelling 
convey promptly our oblation to thegods. 

8.019.28 Agni, granter of dwellings, may I, who am mortal, ever enjoy pleasure 
through your proximateprotections. 

8.019.29 May I propitiate you, Agni, by worshipping you, by the gifts presented 
to you, by your praises; verily,Vasu, they have called you the benevolent-
minded; delight, Agni, to give me wealth. [They have called you: they,the pious 
sages, call you my protector, mama stotur raks.akam tva_m eva brahmava_dinah 

8.019.30 He, Agni, whose friendship you accept, prospers through your favours, 
granting male progeny andample food. 

8.019.31 Sprinkled, (Agni, with the libation), the dripping (Soma), car-borne, 
agreeable, offered in due season,resplendent, have been presented to you; you 
are the beloved of the mighty dawns; you reign over the things ofnight. [ra_jasi 
= you shine amid; or, you illuminate]. 

8.019.32 We, the Sobharis, have come to the thousand-rayed, the sincerely-
worshipped, the universalsovereign, the ally of Trasadasyu, for his protection. 

8.019.33 Agni, on whom your other fires are dependent, like branches (on the 
stem of the tree), may I amongmen, magnifying your powers, become possessed, 
like (other) votaries, of (abundant) food. 

8.019.34 Benevolent and generous A_dityas, amid all the offerers of oblations, 
the man whom you conduct to thelimit (of his undertakings obtains his reward). 
[When you conduct to the limit: yam nayatha pa_ram, whom you ledto the opposite 

8.019.35 Royal (A_dityas), overcomers of (hostile) men, (you subdue) any one 
harassing those (who areengaged in sacred rites) and may we, Varun.a, Mitra, and 
Aryaman, be the conveyers of the sacrifice(addressed) to you. 

8.019.36 The magnificent lord, the protector of the virtuous, Trasadasyu, the 
son of Purukutsa, has given me fivehundred brides. 

8.019.37 The affluent S'ya_va, the lord of kine, has given to me upon the banks 
of Suvastu a present of seventythree (cows). [Durga (on Nirukta): "Moreover, on 
the banks of the Sava_stu (he has given) to me (plenty) ofbeasts of burden and 
garments; he, the affluent leader and lord of three seventy noble dark-coloured 
(cows hasgiven them to me)... prayiyu = dhanam as'va_di; vayiyu = vastra_di; 
bhuvadvasuh = bhavayita_ vasu_na_mpras'a_s.t.a_h; s'ya_mavarn.a_na_m gava_m"]

8.020.01 Far-travellig (winds), alike wrathful, come here, harm us not; benders 
of the solid (mountains), withdrawnot from us. 

8.020.02 Mighty sons of Rudra, Maruts, come with brilliant, strong-wheeled 
(chariots); desired of many,well-disposed to Sobhari, come today to our 
sacrifice with (abundant) food. 

8.020.03 We know the great strength of the active sons of Rudra, the Maruts, the 
shedders of the diffusive rain.[Shedder: vis.n.or mi_l.hus.a_m = vya_ptasya 
es.an.i_yasya vr.s.t.yudakasya es.asya sektr.n.a_m]. 

8.020.04 They fall upon the island; the firm-set (trees) are with difficulty 
sustained; they agitate both heaven andearth; they urge on the waters; bright-
weaponed, far-shining, whatever (you approach) you cause to tremble.["The 
islands fall asunder, the firmest (trees) experience distress; they (the winds) 
distress heaven and earth; thewaters hurry onward, O bright-weaponed, self-
shining ones, when you agitate them]. 

8.020.05 At your coming the unprecipitated mountains and trees resound; the 
earth shakes at your passage. 

8.020.06 (Alarmed) at your violence, Maruts, the heaven seeks to rise higher, 
abandoning the firmament, where(you) the strong-armed leaders (of rites) display 
the ornaments of (your) persons. 

8.020.07 The radiant, strong, rain-shedding, undisguised leaders of rites 
display their great glory when acceptingthe (sacrificial) food. 

8.020.08 The voice (of the Maruts) blends with the songs of the Sobharis in the 
receptacle of their goldenchariot; may the mighty well-born Maruts, the 
offspring of the (bridled) cow, (be gracious) to us regard of food,enjoyment, 
and kindness. [The voice: va_n.a = the lute, vi_n.a_]. 

8.020.09 Sprinklers of the libation, present the offerings to the rain-bestowing 
swift-passing company of theMaruts. 

8.020.10 Maruts, leaders (of rites), come like swift-flying birds in your rain-
shedding, strong-horsed chariot,whose wheels bestow showers, to partake of our 

8.020.11 Their decoration is the same; gold (necklaces) shine (on their 
breasts), lances gleam upon theirshoulders. 

8.020.12 Fierce, vigorous, strong-armed, they need not exert (the energy of 
their) persons; bows and arrows areready in your chariots; the glory (of 
conquest) over (hostile) armies is yours. [Energy: or, rather, they need 
notexert themselves to defend their persons, nakis.t.anu_s.u yetire]. 

8.020.13 One illustrious name is given to them all, as widely diffused as water 
for the gratification (of theirworshippers), like invigoraing paternal food. 
[vayo na pitryam sahah: prasahanas'i_lam; the worshipers may relyupon it]. 

8.020.14 Praise them, praise the Maruts, for we are (dependen) upon those 
agitators (of all things) as a menial isupon his lords; therefore are their 
donations (characterized) by munificence; such are their (gifts). 

8.020.15 Fortunate was he, Maruts, who, in former days, was secure in your 
protections, as is he who nowenjoys them. 

8.020.16 The sacrificer, to partake of whose oblations you approach, leaders of 
rites, enjoys, agitators of allthings, the felicity you bestow, together with 
abundant viands, and the gift of strength. 

8.020.17 May this (our praise) take effect, so that the ever-youthful sons of 
Rudra, creators of the cloud,(coming) from heaven, may be pleased with us. 

8.020.18 Youthful (Maruts), approaching us with benevolent hearts, grant 
prosperity to those liberal men whoworship you, who zealously propitiate you, 
the showerers of rain, with oblations. 

8.020.19 Praise, Sobhari, (and attract here) by a new song the youthful 
purifying showerers, as (a ploughman)repeatedly drags his oxen. [As a ploughma: 
"as a ploughman repeatedly drawing the furrows (praises oraddressed) of his 

8.020.20 Propitiate wih praise he Maruts, the senders of rain, the givers of 
pleasure, the liberal bestowers offood; who are ever victorious in combats, and 
like a boxer who has been challenged over his challengers.[Bestowers of food: 
or, the most illustrious, sus'ravastama_, "who are ever victorious in combats 
and everchallengers, like a challenge-worthy boxer"]. 

8.020.21 Maruts, who are of like wrath, offspring of the maternal cow (Pr.s'ni), 
related by a common origin, theyseverally spread through the quarters of the 
horizon. [Or, Maruts, alike in energy, your kindred, the cows,severally lick up 
the quarters of the horizon; gava_h = sun's rays]. 

8.020.22 Maruts, dancing (through the air), decorated with golden breast-plates, 
the mortal (who worships you)attains your brotherhood; speak favourably to us, 
for your affinity is ever (made known) at the regulated(sacrifice). 

8.020.23 Generous fiends, Maruts, swift gliding (through the air), bring to us 
(the boon) of the medicaments thatbelong to your company. 

8.020.24 With those auspicious protectionw with which you have guarded the 
ocean, with which you havedesroyed (your enemies), with which you provided the 
well (for Gotama), do you who are he sources ofhappiness, the unconquerable by 
your adversaries, bestow happiness upon us. ]The unconquerable:asasacadvis.a = 
s'atrurahitah, destitute of enemies]. 

8.020.25 Whatever medicament there may be in the Sindhu, the Asikni, in the 
oceans, in the mountains, Maruts,who are gratified by sacrifice. 

8.020.26 Do you, beholding every sort, collect them for (the good of) our 
bodies, ad instruct us in their (uses); letthe cure of sickness (be the 
portion), Maruts, of him among us who for his wickedness is sick; re-establish 
hisenfeebled (frame).

8.021.01 Unpreceded Indra, cherishing you (with sacrificial food), desirous of 
your protection, we invoke you whoare manifold in battle, as (men call upon) 
some stout (person for help). [va_je citram = san:gra_mevividharu_pam; vajrin = 
thunderer; va_je = yatha_ vri_hya_dibhir gr.ham pu_rayanto jana_ annavis.aye 
sthu_lamgun.a_dhikam kan~cit ma_navam a_hvayanti, as people filling a house with 
rice and the like call upon somestout, liberal man for food; unpreceded: 
apu_rvya = new, i.e., ever new at the three oblations]. 

8.021.02 We have recourse, Indra, to you for protection at sacred rites; may he 
who is ever young, fierce,resolute, come to us! We, your friends, Indra, rely 
upon you as our protector and benefactor. 

8.021.03 Lord of horses, of cattle, of corn-land, these libations (are for you); 
come, lord of the Soma, drink theeffused Soma. 

8.021.04 Intelligent, but destitute of kin, let us connect ourselves, Indra, 
with you, who abound with kinsmen;come, showerer (of benefits), with all your 
glories, to drink the Soma. [Intelligent: or, we your worshippers(vipra_sah), 
destitute of kin]. 

8.021.05 Gathering like (a flock of) birds round your exhilarating heaven-
bestowing Soma mixed with curds, werepeatedly glorify you, Indra. [vivaks.an.e = 
svargarpra_pan.as'i_le, causing to obtain svarga]. 

8.021.06 We salute you with this adoration; why do you so often mediate (upon 
our requests)? Master of baysteeds, let our desires be granted. You are their 
bestower, we are your (suppliants) and our sacred rites are(addressed to you). 

8.021.07 We verily are the most recent (objects) of your protection, Indra, 
wielder of the thunderbolt, we have notknown of old one greater than you. ["We 
knew you not formerly as the mighty one (but now we know you)"]. 

8.021.08 We acknowledge, hero, your friendship, (the wealth) to be enjoyed 
through you, and solicit both,thunderer, of you; giver of dwellings, Indra of 
the handsome jaws, sustain us in all abundance and in (store of)cattle. 

8.021.09 I glorify friends, for your protection, that Indra who has brought to 
us of old this or that excellent(wealth). 

8.021.10 That man glorifies Indra, the lord of bay steeds, the protector of the 
good, the overcomer of enemies,who rejoices (in the fulfilment of his wishes); 
may Maghavan bestow upon us, his worshippers, hundreds of cattleand horses. 

8.021.11 With you, showerer (of benefits), for our ally, we bid defiance to one 
assailing us in a contest (onbehalf) of a man possessing herds of cattle. 

8.021.12 Indra, invoked of many, may we conquer in battle those contending 
against us; may we resist themalignant; may we, aided by the leaders (of rites, 
the Maruts), slay Vr.tra; may we be prosperous, and do youprotect our pious 
works. [Leaders of rites: nr.bhih = wielders of weapons, a_yudhanetr.bhih; 
vr.tra = the enemy]. 

8.021.13 You, Indra, are by your birth brotherless; from ever are you without a 
kinsman; the kindred you desire is(that of him) who engages in war. ["You, 
Indra, by your birth are from eternity without a foe, without a 
controller,without a kinsman; you desire to show your kinsmanship only by war, 
i.e. it is only by fighting that you are thefriend of your worshippers"]. 

8.021.14 You acknowledge no friendship for the wealthy man (who makes no 
offerings); those who are puffed upwith wine offered you; when you institute 
(the sacrifice), you expelled niggardliness, and you are invoked as aprotector. 
[sura_s'vah = suraya_ vr.ddha_h paramatta_h, intoxicated, or, na_stika_h, 
atheists; yada_ kr.n.os.inadanum samu_hasi = when you utter the inarticulate 
sound of approbation (to the worshipper, implying, 'he ismine'), you bring him 
(wealth); another interpretation: you never find a rich man to be your friend; 
wine-swillersdespise you; but when you thunder, when you gather (the clouds), 
then you are called like a father; as aprotector: or, as a father, pita_ iva]. 

8.021.15 Let us not, like fools, Indra, be regardless of the friendship of such 
as you are; let us assemble togetherwhen the libation is effused. [Like fools: 
"let not us who are yours, Indra, be desolate to those who are ignorant ofthe 
friendship of such as you are", ma_ te ama_juro yatha_ mura_sa indra sakhye 
tva_vatah; ama_jurah =gr.haih putraih dha_dibhis'ca saha ji_rn.a_h]. 

8.021.16 Let us never, Indra, giver of cattle, cease (to benefit) from your 
wealth; let us not accept it (from anotherthan) you; do you, who are the lord, 
connfirm to us permanent (riches), bestow them upon us; your benefactionscannoe 
be arrested. [Another than you: te = vayam tava svabhu_ta_h, we who are thine]. 

8.021.17 Is it Indra who has given to the donor (of the oblation) so much 
affluence? Is it the auspiciousSarasvati_ (who has given) the treasure? Or, 
Citra, is it you? 

8.021.18 Verily the Ra_ja_ Citra, giving his thousands and tens of thousands, 
has overspread (with his bounty)those other petty princes, who rules along the 
Sarasvati_, as Parjanya (overspeads the earth) with rain.

8.022.01 I invoke to-day for our protection that splendid chariot, which, 
adorable As'vins, advancing on the pathto battle, you ascended (to go to the 
wwedding) of Su_rya. [On the path to battle: rudravartani = having a pathwhich 
causes weeping in battle, of whose paths are praised]. 

8.022.02 Celebrate, Sobhari, with praises (that chariot), the benefactor of 
former (encomiasts), the worthilyinvoked, the desired of many, the preserver, 
the foremost in battles, the relied upon by all, the scatterer ofenemies, the 
exempt from ill. 

8.022.03 We incite by our adorations on this occasion the two divine As'vins, 
the overcomers of foes, that theymay come down for our protection and proceed to 
the dwelling of the donor (of the offering). 

8.022.04 One of the wheels of your car moves in every direction; the other, 
impellers of actions, remains withyou; may your favour, lords of rain, hasten 
towards us as a cow (to her calf)! [Impellers of actions: irma_ =antarya_ 
mitaya_ prerakau, urgers or impellers, by the property of internal influence or 
conscience; or, udakasyaprerayita_rau, senders of water or rain]. 

8.022.05 Your celebrated chariot, As'vins, that is three-banked, and caparisoned 
with gold, graces heaven andearth; come with it, Na_satya_s. [Three-baked: 
trivandhura  = having three seats or having two poles and a barbetween them for 
fastening the harness; vandhura = sa_rathistha_nam or dve i_s.e 
tanmadhyerajjusajjana_rthako dan.d.ah]. 

8.022.06 Bestowing upon Manu the ancient (rain) from the firmament, you enabled 
him to cultivate (the soil) withthe plough (and reap) the barley; now therefore, 
As'vins, lords of rain, we glorify you both with praises. [And reapthe barley: 
yavam vr.ken.a kars.athah = you till with the plough barley]. 

8.022.07 Rich in food, As'vins, come to us by the paths of sacrifice, those by 
which showerers (of benefits), youwent to gratify Tr.ks.i, the son of 
Trasadasyu, with vast wealth. 

8.022.08 Leaders (of rites), affluent in rain, this Soma has been expressed by 
the (grinding) stones for you; cometo drink the Soma, drink it in the dwelling 
of the donor. 

8.022.09 As'vins, who are rich in rain, ascend your golden chariot, a storehouse 
(of weapons); bring to usfattening food. [Fattening: pi_varih = purifying, or 
stout; pa_vayitr.n.i sthu_la_ni va_ (annam)]. 

8.022.10 With those protections with which you have defended Paktha, Adhrigu, 
and Babhru, when propitiatingyou, come to us, As'vins, quickly; administer 
medicine to the sick. 

8.022.11 At the tiem when hurrying, devout, we invoke you both speedily going to 
battle, at the dawn of day, withour hymns. [Hurrying: yad adhriga_vo adhrigu_ 
hava_mahe: karmasu tvarama_n.ah, hastening to acts ofworship; s'atruvadha_rtham 
san:gra_me tvaraya_ gacchantau; adhrigu_ = adhr.tagamanau, whose going 

8.022.12 Then, showerers, come to my manifold all-propitiating invocation with 
those (protections), with which,leaders (of rites), you, who are gratified (by 
oblations), munificent (in gifts), and the overcomers of numerous(foes), gave 
augmentation to the well; with such (protections) come here. [Gave augmentation: 
the As'vinsmiraculously filled the well with water, and so rescued Vandana]. 

8.022.13 I address the As'vins, glorifying them at break of day; we solicit them 
with oblations. 

8.022.14 We adore those lords of water, leaders on the road of battle, in the 
evening, at dawn, and at mid-day;therefore, Rudras who are rich in food, give us 
not up hereafter to a mortal adversary; rudravartani_ : yuddherodanas'ilama_rgau 
stu_yama_nama_rgau va_]. 

8.022.15 Adorable As'vins, bring in your chariot at early dawn happiness to me, 
soliciting happiness; I, Sobhari,invoke you as (did my) father. 

8.022.16 (As'vins), who are swift as thought, the showerers (of benefits), 
prostrators of the arrogant, the givers ofenjoyment to many, be ever near unto 
us, for our security, with many and prompt protections. 

8.022.17 As'vins, of goodly aspect, leaders (of rites), deep drinkers of the 
Soma, come to our dwelling aboundingwith horses, with cattle, with gold. 

8.022.18 May we obtain from you (wealth) spontaneously bestowed, comprising 
excellent strength, such as isdesired by all, and unassailable by a powerful 
(foe); may we obtain from you who are rich in food, upon youcoming here, all 
good things.

8.023.01 Adore him who resists (our foes), worship Ja_tavedas the diffuser of 
smoke, of unobstructed radiance.[Who resists: prati_vyam = s'atrus.u pratigamana 
s'i_lam agnim: Agni, who has he property of going againstenemies]. 

8.023.02 Commend with praise, all-beholding Vis'vamanas, that Agni, who is the 
giver of chariots to theunenvious (worshipper). 

8.023.03 The repeller (of foes), the glorified by hyms, arrests the food and 
drink, and the bearer of oblationstakes away the wealth (of those) of whom he 
foreknows (the neglect of sacrifice). [Takes away the wealth:upavida_ vindate 
vasu: upavedana = by proximate knowing, i.e. ete havi_m.s.i deva_rtham 
naprayacchanti_tyetajn~a_nena tes.a_m eva dhanam labhate; "these do not give 
oblations to the gods; by thisknowledge he takes their ealth; those non-
sacrificers, whose food and its juices are arrested, their wealth, too,he takes 
away by his divine knowledge (of their guilt)"]. 

8.023.04 The imperishable lustre rises of that Agni, who is radiant, bright with 
blazing teech, resplendent, andglorious amid troops (of worshippers). 
[gan.as'riyah = who visits troops of worshippers to take their oblations]. 

8.023.05 Rise up with celestial splendour, you who are radiant with great and 
present lustre, who are worthilyworshipped and glorified. 

8.023.06 Proceed, Agni, with pious praises, offering in due order the oblations 
(to the gods), for you are theirmessenger, the bearer of oblations. 

8.023.07 I invoke for you, (worshippers), Agni, the ancient ministrant priest of 
man, I praise him with this hymn, Iglorify him for you. 

8.023.08 (Worship him who is) of wondrous works, who, gladdened (by offerings), 
is present like a friend, whom(the priests) by their sacrifices, according to 
their power, render propitious to the worshipper. 

8.023.09 Pious worshippers, at the place of offerings adore with praise him who 
is gratified by worship, thecompleter of the sacrifice. [Adore with praise: 
jujus.uh = they have adored; upa_sevadhvam]. 

8.023.10 Let our sacrificers, prepared (with their implements), present 
themselves before the chief of theAn:girasas, who is the most renowned offerer 
of oblations among men. [Sacrificers: or, sacrifices, yajn~a_h]. 

8.023.11 These your vast blazing flames, undecaying Agni, are most powerful, 
vigorous as horses. 

8.023.12 Do you, who are the lord of food, give us riches, with male offspring; 
defend us, with our sons andgrandsons. [Defend us: Or, defend our wealth, 
consisting in sons and grandsons, and what has to be guarded inbattles]. 

8.023.13 When Agni, the lord of man, sharpened (by sacrifice), and, well 
pleased, is present in the abode of aman, he verily defends it against all evil 

8.023.14 Hero, Agni, lord of men, hearing this my present praise, consume the 
guileful ra_ks.asas by yourflames. 

8.023.15 No hostile mortal shall have power by fraud over him who by the 
(sacred) offerers of the oblationpresents (offerings) to Agni. 

8.023.16 The r.s.i Vyas'va, desirous (of propitiating) the showerer (of rain), 
has gratified you, the bestower ofwealth; so we too kindle you for (the 
acquisition of) ample riches. 

8.023.17 Us'ana_, the son of Kavi, has established you, Ja_tavedas, as the 
ministrant priest, you as the offererof sacrifice, for Manu. 

8.023.18 All the consentient gods have made you their messenger, may you, divine 
Agni, who are the first (of thedeities), quickly become the object of their 
worship. [May you: may you quickly become worthy of the sacrifice,(as bearing 
our oblations to them)]. 

8.023.19 The pious mortal has appointed this immortal, purifying, dark-moving, 
mighty (Agni), his messenger. 

8.023.20 Let us with uplifted ladles invoke him, the brilliant, bright-shining, 
undecaying, ancient Agni, who is to beadored by men. 

8.023.21 The man who by the (holy) presenters of oblations makes offerings to 
him, receives (from Agni) amplenourishment, with male progeny, and fame. 

8.023.22 The ladle charged with the oblation proceeds with reverence at 
sacrifices to the ancient Agni, the first(of the gods), the cognizant of all 
that exists. [With reverence: or, with the hymn, stotren.a namaska_ren.a va_]. 

8.023.23 Let us, like Vyas'va, glorify the brilliant Agni with these excellent 
and most pious praises. 

8.023.24 R.s.i, son of Vyas'va, adore the far-spreading domestic Agni, with 
praises, like Sthu_rayu_pa.[Sthu_rayu_pa is said to be the name of a r.s.i]. 

8.023.25 Pious men glorify the ancient Agni, the guest of men, the son of the 
trees, for protection. 

8.023.26 Sit down, Agni, on the sacred grass, in the presence of all those 
worshippers diligent (in pious works,induced) by their veneration (to accept) 
the oblations of men. 

8.023.27 Grant us (Agni) many desirable (things), grant us riches, envied by 
many, (comprehending) vigour,offspring, fame. 

8.023.28 Agni, (who are) the desired of all, the humbler (of foes), the youngest 
(of the gods), ever bestow richesupon the tranquil and constant man. [Tranquil 
and constant: sus.a_mne = s'a_s'vate jana_ya s'obhanasa_mavatebahave 
pra_durbhu_ta_ya stotr.n.a_m, tava prasa_da_t: who enjoys tranquility from your 
(Agni's) favour; or,upon the various ricetiers of excellent hymn; sus.a_mn.a = 
s'obhanam sa_ma priyavacanam yasya (cf. Pa_n.ini8.3.98); in the next r.ca 
susa_man is the name of a king]. 

8.023.29 You verily are a liberal benefactor; bestow upon us, Agni, food, with 
cattle, and the gift of abundantriches. 

8.023.30 You, Agni, are renowned, bring hither the truthful, the purely 
vigorous, the resplendent deities Mitra andVarun.a. [ Mitra and Varun.a are 
ordinarily associated with Agni at sacrifices].

8.024.01 Let us earnestly, friends, address our prayer to Indra, the wielder of 
the thunderbolt, for you I praise thechief leader (in battles), the resolute 
(opposer of foes). 

8.024.02 You are renowned for strength; from the slaying of Vr.tra, you are 
(famed as) Vr.trahan; you surpass,hero, the opulent in the donation of your 

8.024.03 Praised by us, bestow upon us riches of wonderful variety; you, the 
lord of steeds, who, at the issue (ofyour weapons) put your enemies to flight, 
are the donor (of treasures). [At the issue of the weapons: nireke cidvasuh = 
tava_yudhanirgamana_d eva s'atravah pala_yante]. 

8.024.04 Burst open to your worshippers, Indra, the highly prized wealth; 
glorified by us, do you who areendowed with resolution, bring (us wealth) with a 
resolute (mind). 

8.024.05 Lord of steeds, in the recovery of the cattle the opponents resist not 
your left hand nor your right, yourenemies (resist you) not. 

8.024.06 I approach you, thunderer, with praises, as (a cowherd goes) with 
cattle to the pasture; gratify thedesire, satisfy the mind of your adorer. 

8.024.07 Fierce destroyer of Vr.tra, bringer (of wealth to your worshippers), 
subduer of enemies, preside over all(the offerings) of us, Visvamanasa, with a 
(favourable) mind. [All the offerings: nah = mana, pu_ja_yambahuvacanam]. 

8.024.08 May we, hero, slayer of Vr.tra, invoked of many become possessed of 
this your new, desirable, andhappiness producing wealth. 

8.024.09 As, Indra, inspirer (of men), your strength is irresistible, (so) 
invoked of many, your munificence to thedonor (of oblations) cannot be marred. 
[Inspirer of men: nr.to = voc. of nr.tu, dancer, or who causes to dance, 
i.e.,agitator, exciter; from Indra's faculty of internal impulse in all beings, 
sarvasya antarya_mitaya_ nartayitah]. 

8.024.10 Most adorable, chief leader (of men), invigorate (yourself with the 
Soma) for (the conquest of) greatwealth; consume, Maghavan, the strong (cities 
of the asuras) for the rich spoil. 

8.024.11 Wielder of the thunderbolt, our solicitations have been formerly 
addressed to other gods, than you; giveus, Maghavan, of your (spoil and guard 
it) for us with (your) protections. 

8.024.12 Verily, impeller (of men), who are to be worshipped by praise, I apply 
to no other than you forsustenance, riches, reputation, and strength. 

8.024.13 Effuse the Soma for Indra, let him quaff the Soma; he by his might 
rewards (the donor) with wealth.[ra_dhasa_ codaya_te = vadha_m.si codayate; he 
by his might rewards: svamahattvenaiva annena sahadhana_dikam stotr.bhyah 
prakars.en.a codayati, he by his might abundantly sends to his worshippers 
wealth withfood]. 

8.024.14 Let me address the lord of steeds, who associates his strength (with 
the Maruts); now hear the words ofthe son of Vyas'va praising you. [daks.am = 
radhah; as'vya = the son of As'va, or Vyas'va]. 

8.024.15 No one, Indra, has ever been born more mighty than you, no one 
(surpassing you) in riches; no one(more powerful) in protection; no one (more 
entitled) to praise. 

8.024.16 Pour out, priest, the most exhilarating (draught) of the sweet 
(sacrificial) Soma, for he, the ever-mightyhero, alone is praised.  

8.024.17 Indra, ruler of horses, no one surpasses your ancient praise, either 
for force or for fame. [None ismightier or more praiseworthy (or richer) than 

8.024.18 Desirous of food, we invoke your lord of viands, who is to be magnified 
by sacrifices (offered) byattentive (worshipers). 

8.024.19 Come, freinds, let us glorify Indra, the leader, who is entitled to 
praise, who, single, overcomes allhostile hosts. 

8.024.20 Recite agreeable words, sweeter than clarified butter, or than Soma, to 
the illustrious (Indra), who isgratified by eulogy, who rejects not praise. 

8.024.21 Whose energies are unbounded, whose wealth cannot be carried away, 
whose bounty extends like thefirmament over all. 

8.024.22 Glorify Indra, the unassailable, the powerful, the regulator (of man), 
as was done by Vyas'va, he, thelord, gives a spacious dwelling to the donor (of 
the oblation). [Donor: yamam = stotr.bhih suniyatam, who isconciliated by his 
praisers; mam.hama_nam gayam = honourale wealth; or, a house for the worship of 
the gods]. 

8.024.23 Praise verily at present, son of Vyas'va, praise (Indra), who is the 
tenth of the pervading (vitalprinciples), the adorable, the all-wise to be 
honoured repeatedly (by sacred rites). [Vital principles: das'aman =the tenth; 
there are nine vital airs in the human body, Indra is the tenth; nava vai 
purus.e pra_n.a_ manus.yes.uvartama_na_ indras tes.a_m das'adha; cf. Taittiri_ya 
Bra_hman.a; Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_ 1.7.9]. 

8.024.24 You are cognizant, wielder of the thunderbolt, of the departure of evil 
beings, as the purifying sun dayby day (is of that) of the birds flying in all 
directions (from their roost). 

8.024.25 Indra, of goodly aspect, bring to the offerer (of the oblation) that 
(protection) wherewith to defend himyou have twice slain (the goe) for Kutsa; 
show the same (care of us). [Bring to us that protection wherewith (youprotect 
your) offerer; send to us (that protection wherewith) you have twice slain (the 
foe) for Kutsa]. 

8.024.26 (Indra) of goodly aspect, we implore you who are entitled to praise, 
for (our) preservation; for you arethe overcomer of all our adversaries. 

8.024.27 (He it is) who rescues men from the wickedness of evil beings, who 
enriches (the dwellers) on theseven rivers; now hurl, you who abound in wealth, 
your weapon at the Da_sa. [Dwelleres on the seven rivers:sapta sindhus.u, i.e. 
the dwellers on the banks of the seven rivers; or, on the shores of the seven 

8.024.28 As you, Varu, have distributed vast wealth to those who have solicited 
(riches) on behalf of Susa_man,(so do you now distribute) to the descendants of 
Vyas'va; (and so too you), auspicious food-bestowing (Us.as).[On behalf of 
Sus.a_man: Varu is said to have distributed these alms that his father, 
Sus.a_man, might go toheaven; Us.as: subhage va_jini_vati: Us.as is added, on 
the authority of S'aunaka; or, Varu himself addressedthe stanza to Us.as and 
asks her to give him wealth for the sons of Vyas'va, as she had given to his 
father for hissuppliants]. 

8.024.29 May the gifts of a humane (price), when offering the Soma libation, 
extend to the Vyas'vas, yes, andsubstantial wealthy by hundreds and thousands. 
[na_rya = narahitasya_patyam]. 

8.024.30 If any ask of you, (Us.as), when anywhere present, where the sacrificer 
(Varu dwells), (reply) thepowerful (prince), the refuge of all, abides on (the 
banks of) the Gomati_ river. [Ask of you: kuhaya_kr.te = oh,you who are honoured 
by those who ask where Varu wells, sa varuh kutra tis.t.hattyetad 
icchaya_bhilaks.an.apravr.ttair jijn~a_subhih puraskr.te (us.as); valah = varah, 
svabalena ava_rakah s'atru_n.a_m, overwhelmer ofenemies].

8.025.01 You two are the protectors of the universe, divine and to be adored 
among the gods; therefore,(Vis'vamanas), you sacrifice to the pair who are 
observant of truth and endowed with real power. 

8.025.02 Mitra and Varun.a, doers of good deeds, (diffusers of) riches, who are 
the charioteers (of men),well-born of old, the sons, (of Aditi), observant of 
vows, (you are worshipped by me). [Charioteers: or, bringers ofriches, tana_ 
rathya_; you are worshiped: you sacrifice to them, ta_ yajase (from the previous 

8.025.03 The great and truthful Aditi, the mother (of the gods), gave birth to 
those two who are possessed of allaffluence, and shining with great splendour, 
for the (destruction of the) asuras. 

8.025.04 The great Mitra and Varun.a, the two sovereign and powerful deities, 
the observers of truth, illumine oursolemn rite. [Sovereign: samra_ja_ = 
perfectly resplendent, samyag di_pyama_nau; powerrful: asura = impellingby being 
the indwelling principle, antarya_mitaya_ prerakam; illumine: ghos.atah = 
svadi_ya_ praka_s'ayatah.Comment: repeated references to battles with asuras 
can, therefore, be interpreted as an allegory: removing thebaser metals from a 
pyrite ore or quartz, to yield the pure silver and gold-- electrum, Soma, the 
resplendent, thera_ja_ (cf. Cha_ndogya Upanis.ad: es.a somo ra_ja_, tad 
deva_na_m annam, tam deva_ bhaks.yanti]. 

8.025.05 Grandson sof mighty strength, son sof energy, doers of good deeds, 
liberal benefactors, they presideover the habitation of food. 

8.025.06 Bestow (upon us) good gifts, viands, whether of heaven or earth; may 
the water-shedding rains attendupon you. 

8.025.07 (These are they) who look upon the great deities as (a bull 
contemplates) the herd, sovereignsobservant of truth and propitious to 

8.025.08 Observers of truth, doers of good deeds, they sit down for the office 
of sovereignty; observant ofobligations, endowed with strength, they acquire 
vigour. [Vigour: ks.atriya_ ks.atram a_s'atuh = balavantau balamvya_pnutah]. 

8.025.09 Through knowers of the path, even before the eye (can see), causing 
(alll beings) to open their eyelids,existing from of old, and shining with a 
mild radiance, verily they have been worshipped. [The r.ca is a referenceto 
Mitra and Varun.a as respectively presiding over day and night, ahora_trayor 
vya_ptena tejasa_]. 

8.025.10 May the divine Aditi, may the Na_satya_s also protect us; may the rapid 
Maruts defend us. 

8.025.11 Munificent and irresistible (Maruts), guard our vessel by day and 
night, so that we may be securethrough your protection. [Guard our vessel: no 
na_vam urus.yata: na_vam yajn~iya_m (occurs in 10.044.06) andseems to mean, the 

8.025.12 We, injured (through his protection, offer praise) to the liberal 
Vis.n.u, who harms not (his adorers); doyou who goes by thyself alone (to 
combat), and cause wealth to flow (to the worshipper), hear (our prayer) 
inbehalf of him who has commenced the sacrifice. [sindho = stotr.n prati 
dhana_na_m syandanas'i_la vis.n.o;pu_rvacittaye = pra_rabdhakarman.e 

8.025.13 We solicit that ample, all-desired, all-guarding (wealth) which Mitra, 
Varun.a and Aryaman hold undertheir protection. 

8.025.14 Yes, may he who causes the waters to flow (Parjanya), the Maruts, the 
As'vins, Indra, Vis.n.u, may all(these deities) together, the showerers (of 
benefits, protect) that wealth for us. 

8.025.15 Those desirable leaders (of men), rapid in movement, break down the 
haughtiness of any (foe)whatever, as an impetuous current (sweeps away all 

8.025.16 This one, the lord of man (Mitra), contemplates many vast things; we 
follow his rites for you. 

8.025.17 We observe the ancient rites of the imperial Varun.a and the renowned 
Mitra, (rites) that are good for(our) dwelling. [Dwelling: okya_ = oko gr.ham 
tasmai hita_ni karma_n.i]. 

8.025.18 (Mitra is he) who has measured with his rays the limits of both heaven 
and earth; who has filled bothheaven and earth with his greatness. 

8.025.19 He, Su_rya, has uplifted his radiance in the region of the heaven; 
kindled and invoked withburnt-offerings, he is bright, like Agni. [Su_rya = 
Mitra and Varun.a; cf. r.ca 21]. 

8.025.20 Raise your voice in the spacious hall of sacrifice (to him) who is lord 
over food derived from cattle, whois able to grant nutritious sustenance. 
[Spacious hall: di_rghaprasadmani: an epithet of yajn~e; vistr.tamsadanam yasmin 

8.025.21 I glorify by night and day that sun (Mitra and Varun.a) and both the 
heaven and earth; do you (Varun.a)ever bring us to the presence of the 
bountiful. [That sun, Mitra and Varun.a: tat su_ryam = the brightness of 
Mitraand Varun.a; su_ryam suvi_ryam tat varun.am maitram ca tejas]. 

8.025.22 We have received from the son of Sus.a_man, the descendant of Uks.an, 
the overcomer (of foes), awell-going chariot of silver, yoked (with a pair of 

8.025.23 Among bay horses these two are pre-eminently the destroyers (of foes), 
and of those eager in combat;the two strong bearers of men. 

8.025.24 Through this new praise (of Mitra and Varun.a) I have obtained at the 
same moment of the mightyprince, two fast-going sagacious steeds, with whip and 
reins. [Steeds: viprau = medha_vinam ucitau, worthy ofthe praisers of a deity].

8.026.01 (As'vins) of irresistible strength, affluent showerers (of benefits), I 
invoke your chariot amid the pious,who are assembled to celebrate your presence. 

8.026.02 (Say), Varu (thus), Na_satya_s, senders of rain, affluent showerers (of 
benefits), as you came toSus.a_man with your protections to (grant him) great 
riches, (so come to me). [Say, Varu, thus: varu, vocative: hevaruna_maka ra_jan, 
evam bru_hi_ti r.s.ir vadati; to grant him great riches: mahe tane = mahate 
dhana_ya;mahyam a_ya_tam]. 

8.026.03 Affluent in nourishment, we invoke you, who are desirous of 
(sacrificial) food, on this occasion at dawnwith oblations. [At dawn: ati 
ks.apah ks.apa_ya atikrame = at the passing of night, us.ah ka_le]. 

8.026.04 Leaders (of rites), let your renowned all-conveying chariot come to us, 
and (do you) recognize thepraisers of the zealous (worshipper) for his 

8.026.05 As'vins, affluent showerers (of benefits), detect the guileful, verily, 
Rudras, vex your adversaries. 

8.026.06 Dasras, who are gratified by sacred rites, of fascinating complexion, 
lords of rain, pass with your fleet(horses) completely round our entier 
(sacrifice). [Complexion: madhuvarn.a_ = ye yuvayo ru_pam pas'yanti tetatraiva 
hr.s.t.a_ bhavanti, they who look upon your beauty are delighted]. 

8.026.07 Come to us, As'vins, with all-supporting riches, for you are opulent, 
heroic, overthrown of none. 

8.026.08 Indra and Na_satya_s, who are most accessible, come to this my 
sacrifice; come, gods, today with(other) divinities. 

8.026.09 Desirous of you who are bestowers of wealth, we invoke you, as did 
(your father) Vyas'va; come,sagacious As'vins, here with favourable intentions. 

8.026.10 Praise the As'vins devoutly, R.s.i, that they may repeatedly hear your 
invocation, and destroy thenearest (approaching enemies) and the Pan.is. 

8.026.11 Hear, leaders (of rites), (the invocation) of me the son of Vyas'va, 
and understand its (purport), and mayVarun.a, Mitra ans Aryaman concurrently 
(grant me wealth). [Purport: you recognize this my (invocation asdevoted to 

8.026.12 Adorable showerers (of benefits), bestow daily upon me (some) of that 
(wealth) which is given by you,which is brought by you for the worshippers. 

8.026.13 The man who is enveloped in sacrifices (offered) to you, like a woman 
with additional raiment,rewarding him, As'vins, you place him in prosperity. 
[Raiment: adhivastra, having another garment over herordinary clothes]. 

8.026.14 Favourably disposed towards me, come, As'vins, to the dwelling of him 
who knows (how to prepare foryou) the most copiously effused (libation) to be 
drunk by the leaders (of rites). 

8.026.15 Affluent showerers (of benefits), come to our dwelling for (the 
libation) to be drunk by the leaders (ofrites), for you bring the sacrifice to 
completion by praise, as the fatal shaft (slays the deer). [Slays the 
deer:vis.udruheva = vis'va_n hinasti s'atru_n iti, s'arah; the allusion: tena 
(vis'udruha) yatha_ vya_dho mr.gamabhilas.itam des'am pra_payati tadvat stutya_ 
yajn~am avaikalyena sama_ptim pra_payathah, as a hunter by anarrow brings the 
deer to the desired spot (to its destination?), so you by praise, cause the 
sacrifice to attaincompletion]. 

8.026.16 As'vins, leaders (of rites), among (all) invocations may my most 
earnest praise invoke you as amessenger may it be (acceptable) to you. 

8.026.17 Whether, immortal (As'vins), you rejoice in the water of the firmament, 
or in the dwelling of theworshipper hear this my (invocation). [Worshipper: is.o 
va_gr.he yuva_m icchato yajama_nasya]. 

8.026.18 Verily this S'vetaya_vari_, the golden-pathed river, is of all rivers 
the especial bearer of your (praises). 

8.026.19 As'vins, following a brilliant course, you acquire celebrity by the 
white river worthily praising you theenricher (of the peole on its banks). [On 
its banks: the river is said to have praised the As'vins, as the r.s.i livedon 
its banks. These banks are golden, and consequently enrich those who live near]. 

8.026.20 Yoke your chariot-drawing horses, Va_yu; bring them, Vasu, encouraged 
(to the sacrifice); then drinkour Soma, come to our daily libations. 

8.026.21 We solicit your protection, Va_yu, lord of sacrifice wonderful son-in-
law of Tvas.t.a_. [Tvas.t.a_: i.e.Brahma_; or, Va_yu, the wind, having taken 
water from A_ditya, fertilizes it, as rain, and is, therefore, as it were,his 
son-in-law, identifying Tvas.t.a_ with A_ditya (Yajus. 27.34)]. 

8.026.22 We, the offerers of Soma, solicit riches from the sovereign, the son-
in-law of Tvas.t.a_; (may webecome) wealthy.  

8.026.23 Establish, Va_yu, happiness in heaven; bear quickly your well-horsed 
(chariot); do you, who are mighty,yoke the broad-flanked (horses) to the car. 
[Happiness in heaven: Va_yu is considered to be the supporter of allthe 
celestial luminaries, sarva jyotis.a_m tvada_dha_ratva_t]. 

8.026.24 We invoke you who are of graceful form, extending through your 
magnitude your limbs in all directions,to our religious rites, like the stone 
(for bruising the Soma). [All directions: as'vapr.s.t.ham = borne on a 
horse'sback; as'va = vya_pta; pr.s.t.ha = sarva_n:ga]. 

8.026.25 Divine Va_yu, foremost (of the gods), exulting in your won mind, cause 
our rites to be productive of foodand water. [Food and water: give us food and 
water, and so cause our rites to be duly performed].

8.027.01 Agni is the Purohita at the sacrifice; the stones, the sacred grass 
(are prepared) for the ceremony. Iinvoke with the holy verse the Maruts, 
Brahman.aspati, and all the gods, for their desirable protection. [Purohita= 
placed in front, (or on the east), on the uttara vedi]. 

8.027.02 You come (Agni) to the victim, to the dwelling (of the worshipper), to 
the touchwood, to the Soma, atdawn and at night; universal deities, givers of 
wealth, knowing all things, be the defenders of our pious acts.[Dwelling of the 
worshipper: pr.thivi_m = idam devasadanam, this chamber of the gods; os.adhih = 
may alsoimply, annual plants; us.a_sa_ naktam os.adhih = you come to dawn and 
might (these being the times for theoffering), and the Soma-grinding stones; 
vasavah = va_sayita_rah, causers of habitations]. 

8.027.03 Let the ancient sacrifice proceed first to Agni, then to the gods, -- 
to the A_dityas, to Varun.a, observantof obligations, to the all-resplendent 

8.027.04 May the universal deities, possessors of all opulence, destroyers of 
foes, be (near) to Manu for hisprosperity; do you, who know all things, secure 
to us an abode safe from robbers through unassailableprotections. [Safe from 
robbers: avr.kam stenarahitam = free from any annoyances, ba_dha_rahitam]. 

8.027.05 Universal deities, united together and of one mind, come this day to 
us, (attracted) by the sacred praiseaddressed to you; and do you, Maruts, and 
the mighty goddess Aditi, (come) to the dwelling, (our) abode. 

8.027.06 Direct, Maruts, your beloved horses (to our rite); Mitra, (come to our) 
oblations; and may Indra, andVarun.a, and the swift leaders, the A_dityas, sit 
down on our sacred grass. 

8.027.07 Bearing the clipped sacred grass, offering in due order the 
(sacrificial) food, presenting the effusedSoma, and having the fires kindled, we 
invoke you, Varun.a, (and the rest), as did Manus. [Varun.a: when Mitraand 
Varun.a are named singly, both are intended, and sometimes even more of the 
Vis'vadevas; cf. S'athapathaBra_hman.a 1.8.1, Manu's sacrifice]. 

8.027.08 Maruts, Vis.n.u, As'vins, Pu_s.an, come here (induced) by my praise; 
may Indra, the first (of the gods),also come, the showerer (of benefits), he who 
is praised by (his) worshippers as the slayer of Vr.tra. 

8.027.09 Unoppressive deities, bestow upon us a mansion without defect, so that, 
subduers (of foes), no onemay injure our defences, whether from afar or near. 

8.027.10  There is identity of race among you, deities, destroyers of foes; 
there is kindred (with me yourworshipper); therefore, utter at once the command 
for our former prosperity and for new happiness. [Kindred withme your 
worshipper: asti a_pyam: i.e., with the r.s.i of the hymn]. 

8.027.11 Deities, possessed of all wealth, I, desirous of offering worship, 
address to you verily unprecedentedpraise, for the sake of obtaining desired 

8.027.12 Devoutly praised (Maruts), when the adorable Savita_ has risen above 
you, then bipeds andquadrupeds, and the flying birds, seeking (their objects), 
enter (upon their functions). 

8.027.13 We would invoke each deity among you (gods) for protection, each deity 
for the attainment of ourdesires, each deity for the acquisition of food, 
glorifying you with divine praise. 

8.027.14 May the universal gods with one consent be together the givers (of 
riches) to Manu; may they, bothtoday and hereafter, be the bestowers of wealth 
upon us and upon our posterity. 

8.027.15 I glorify you, inoxious deities, in the place of praises; no harm 
befalls the man who, Mitra and Varun.a,offers (oblations) to your glories. 

8.027.16 He enlarges his dweling, he has abundant food who offers you 
(oblations) to obtain a blessing; throughhis pious acts he is born on every side 
in his children; all prosper (through your favour) unharmed (by enemies). 

8.027.17 He gains (wealth) without war, he travels along the roads with quick 
(horses), whom Aryaman, Mitraand Varun.a, alike munificent, and acting in 
concert, protect. 

8.027.18 You enable him (Manu) to proceed by an unobstructed road; you grant him 
easy access to difficultpasses; may the weapon (of the foe) be far from him, 
and, inflicting no injury, perish. 

8.027.19 Divinities of benevolent vigour, since you preside over the rite today, 
at the rising of the sun, since,possessors of all wealth, (you are present) at 
his setting, or at his waking, or at the meridian of the day. [Presideover the 
rite: since you uphold the house (rendered prosperous), gr.ham kalya_n.abhu_tam 

8.027.20 Or since all-wise deities, you accept the sacrifice, bestowing on the 
zealous donor (of the oblation) aswelling (such as we may worship in) then, 
possessors of all wealth, distributors of riches, may we worshp you inthe midst 
(of that dwelling). [yadva_bhipitve asura_ r.tam yate chardir yema vida_sus.e = 
yadva_ asmadyajn~amprati yus.ma_kam abhipra_ptau yajn~am gacchate havi_m.si 
dattavate yajama_na_ya gr.ham prayacchatha,since you give a dwelling to the 
donor of the oblation proceeding to the rite, which is to bring you to our 
sacrifice;or, on your approach to our sacrifice]. 

8.027.21 (Gods), who are possessed of all wealth, bestow the desired (opulence) 
upon the intelligent Manu,offering oblations to you at sunrise, mid-day and 
sunset. [Connecting this to the next r.ca: since you give thedesired (opulence) 
to Manu, therefore, we solicit of you...] 

8.027.22 We solicit of you, resplendent deities, as a son (of a father), that 
which is to be enjoyed by many;offering oblations, may we obtain that (wealth), 
A_dityas, by which we may possess abundance.

8.028.01 May the three-and-thirty divinities sit down upon the sacred grass; may 
they accept (our offerings), andbestow upon us both (sorts of wealth). [Both 
sorts of wealth: i.e. cattle and money; or, may they give repeatedly;vidan = may 
they acknowledge us as offerers]. 

8.028.02 May Varun.a, Mitra, Aryaman and the Agnis, with their wives, honouring 
the donors (of the oblation),and addressed with the sacrificial exclamation. 

8.028.03 Be our protectors, whether coming with all their attendants from the 
west, from the north, from thesouth, from the east. [From the west: six 
directions are identified taking nyak as the nadir, ittha_ as the south andthe 

8.028.04 Whatever the gods desire, that assuredly comes to pass; no one can 
resist their (will), no mortalwithholds (their) offerings. [Or, even the non-
offering mortal (must give offerings if they will it)]. 

8.028.05 Seven are he lances of the seven (troops of the Maruts), seven are 
their ornaments, they wear sevensurpassing glories.

8.029.01 One (Soma) brown of hue, all-pervading, leader of the nights, ever 
young, decorates (himself) withgolden ornament. [One Soma brown of hue: babhru 
is an apparent reference to the hue of a commodity; otherepithets appear to 
describe Soma as the moon; leader of the nights: sunara = sus.t.hu ra_tri_n.a_m 

8.029.02 One (Agni) intelligent, resplended among the gods, is seated in his 
place (the altar). 

8.029.03 One (Tvas.t.a_) immoveably stationed among the gods, holds his metal 
axe in his hand. 

8.029.04 One (Indra) holds his thunderbol wielded in his hand, by which he slays 
the Vr.tras. 

8.029.05 One (Rudra) brilliant and fierce, (yet) the distributor of healing 
medicines, holds his sharp weapon in hishand. 

8.029.06 One (Pu_s.an) watches the roads like a robber, and is cognizant of 
hidden treasures. [i.e. roads ofheaven or hell]. 

8.029.07 One (Vis.n.u) wide-stepping, has traversed the three worlds where the 
gods rejoice. 

8.029.08 Two (the As'vins), travel with swift (horses) along with one (bride 
Su_rya), like travellers to foreigncountries. 

8.029.09 Two of like beauty and of royal rank (Mitra and Varun.a), worshipped 
with oblations of clarified butter,have taken their seat in heaven. 

8.029.10 Some (the Atris) when worshipping, call to mind the great Sa_man, 
wherewith they light up the sun.[Sa_man = trivr.t, pan~cadas'a etc.]

8.030.01 There is no one among you, gods, who is an infant or a youth; you 
verily are all of mature existence. [Allof mature existence: sato maha_ntah = 
sarvasma_d vidyama_na_t pr.thivya_m api ye maha_ntas tesatomaha_nta iti ucyante, 
lit., greather than all that is]. 

8.030.012 Destroyers of foes, gods, adored by Manu, who are three-and-thirty, 
and are thus hymned. 

8.030.03 Do you preserve us, do you protect us, do you direct us (to our good); 
lead us not afar from the paternalpaths of Manu, nor from those still more 
distant. [From the paternal paths of Manu: Manu is said to be theuniversal 
father, and the paths he enjoins are those of austerity and ceremonial. 
brahmacarya agnihotra_dikarma_n.i yena ma_rgen.a bhavanti tam evam asma_nnayata; 
lead us not away from the far-reaching paternalpath of Manu, but away from any 
which is distant therefrom]. 

8.030.04 Gods, who are here present, all to whom this full sacrifice is offered, 
bestow upon us, upon our cattleand horses, happiness far renowned.

8.031.01 He who offers oblations (to the gods, again) offers them; he pours 
forth libations and presents (thesacred cake), he delights in reiterating the 
praise verily of Indra. [Sacred cake: pas'u purol.a_s'a, the cake is anessential 
part of the animal sacrifice in the jyotis.t.oma: pas'u devata_ sanska_rah: 

8.031.02 Indra protects from sin that man who offers him cakes and presents Soma 
mixed with milk. 

8.031.03 A brilliant chariot comes to him, sent by the gods, with which, 
baffling all hostilities, he prospers. 

8.031.04 In his house perpetual abundance, accompanied by progeny, (is present), 
and kine are milked day byday. [In his house perpetual abundance, accompanied by 
progeny and cattle, is milked day by day; or, Il.a_ =goddess of cows; hence, 
duhe = milks forth, bestows]. 

8.031.05 Gods, may the husband and wife, who with one mind offer libations and 
purify them, and (propitiateyou) with the Soma ever mixed with milk. 

8.031.06 Constantly associated, may they acquire appropriate (sacrificial) 
viands; may they be able to offersacrifice; may the never be wanting in food 
(given by the gods). [na ta_ va_jes.u va_yatah =devairdattes.vannes.u na 
gacchatah sarvada_ annasahitau tis.t.hata_m]. 

8.031.07 They retract not (their promises) to the gods, they withhold not your 
praise, but offer abundant(sacrificial) food. 

8.031.08 Blessed with youthful and adolescent offsprin, and both having their 
persons richly ornamented, theypass (happily) their whole life. 

8.031.09 Offering acceptable sacrifices, obtaining the wealth they solicit, 
presenting gratifying (oblations to thegods), for the sake of immortality 
enjoying personal union, they (wife and husband) worship the gods. 
[Offeringacceptable sacrifices: vi_tihotra_ = they whose sacrifices procure them 
happiness; kr.tadvasu_ =pa_tres.u_payuktadhanau, bestowing your wealth on the 
suppliant; for the sake of immortality: amr.ta_ya = forthe increase of 
descendants, santa_na_bhivr.ddhaye]. 

8.031.10 We solicit the happiness (afforded) by the mountains, the rivers, and 
Vis.n.u, associated (with thegods). 

8.031.11 May the adorable Pu_s.an, the possessor of opulence, the most 
benevolent patron to all, comeauspiciously; may a wide path (be open) for our 

8.031.12 All men with (devout) minds are the unwearied (praisers) of the 
irresistible deity (Pu_s.an), verily the(most) sinless of the A_dityas. 
[Unwearied praisers: aramatih = alam matih, parya_pta stutih; sinless of 
theA_dityas: verily (the gifts) of the A_dityas are void of evil, therefore we 
praise Pu_s.an for the attainment offood...] 

8.031.13 Since Mitra, Aryaman and Varun.a are our protectors, may the paths of 
the sacrifice be easily traversed(by them). 

8.031.14 I worship the divine Agni, the preceder of you, (gods), with praise, 
(for the sake) of riches; theworshippers (cherish him), the bountiful perfector 
of the sacrifice, like a friend. 

8.031.15 The chariot of the devout worshipper quickly (prevails), as the hero 
(prevails) in all combats whatever;the celebrator of the sacrifice, who desires 
to propitiate the mind of the gods, overcomes those who are nosacrificers. 

8.031.16 Devoted to the gods, pouring out to them libations, you, worshipper, 
shall not perish; the celebrator ofthe sacrifice, who desires to propitiate the 
mind of the gods, overcomes those who are no sacrificers. 

8.031.17 No one obstructs him by his acts, he is never driven (from his 
station), he is never separated (from hisfamily); the celebrator of the 
sacrifice, who desires to propitiate the mind of the gods, overcomes those who 
areno sacrificers. 

8.031.18 To him in this life is a valiant progeny, to him are swift herds of 
horses; the celebrator of the sacrifice,who desires to propitiate the mind of 
the gods, overcomes those who are no sacrificers.

8.032.01 Celebrate with songs the great deeds of Indra, the drinker of the stale 
Soma, when in his exhilaration. 

8.032.02 The fierce (deity) who, liberating the waters, has slain Sr.binda, 
Anars'ani, Pipru, Da_sa and Ahis'uva.[The slave: da_sa = a proper name; da_sam 
ca ahis'uvam ca]. 

8.032.03 Pierce the rain-holding domain of the vast Arbuda; achieve, Indra, this 
manly exploit. 

8.032.04 I invoke the victorious handsome-jawed Indra for your protection, and 
to hear (your praises), as (atraveller invokes) the water from the cloud. [Water 
from the cloud: tu_rn.a_s'am na girer adhi: tu_rn.a_s'a =udaka 
(tu_rn.a_s'amudakam bhavati tu_rn.amas'nute : Nirukta 5.16); as a man in hot 
weather calls for water fromthe cloud, yatha_ gharmebhitptah puma_n udakam 
megham prati hvayati]. 

8.032.05 Exhilarated by the Soma draughts, you, hero, throw open the pastures of 
the cattle and horses like a(hostile) city. [Soma draughts: somyebhyah = 
soma_rhebhyah, i.e. exhilarated, you throw them open to thoseworthy of the Soma 
or to the worthy offerers of the Soma]. 

8.032.06 If you are propitiated by my libation and praise, and bestow food (upon 
me), come with viands from afar.

8.032.07 Indra, who are pleased by praise, we are your adorers; do you, 
therefore, who are the drinker of theSoma, be generous unto us. 

8.032.08 Gratified by us, bring us undiminished food, Maghavan, for vast is your 

8.032.09 Make us (Indra) possessed of cattle, of gold, and of horses; may we 
prosper with abundant viands. 

8.032.10 We invoke Indra, who is greatly to be praised, whose arm is stretched 
out for the protection (of theworld), acting nobly for our defence. 

8.032.11 The slayer of Vr.tra, the accomplisher of a hundred exploits in war, 
achieves them that he may be thegiver of much wealth to his worshippers. 

8.032.12 May S'akra give us strength, may the liberal Indra with all protections 
be the supplier of our deficiencies.[Deficiencies: antara_bharah = chidra_n.a_m 
a_pu_rakah, or chidra_pidha_yi_, the filler up or cover of flaws]. 

8.032.13 Glorify that Indra who is the preserver of riches, the mighty, the 
conveyor beyond (calamity), the friendof the offerer of the libation. [Conveyor: 
ready to be brought by praise[. 

8.032.14 Him who comes near, the mighty, the firm in battles, the acquirer of 
fame, the lord of vast riches throughhis prowess. [Fame: s'ravojitam = the 
winner of wealth or food]. 

8.032.15 No one puts a limit to his glorious deeds, no one asserts that he is 
not generous. 

8.032.16 Verily no debt is due (to the gods) by those Soma-partaking bra_hman.as 
offering libations; the Soma isnot drunk without the expenditure of boundless 
(wealth). [Verily no debt is due: he who has a son, or is chaste, isfree from 
debt, i.e., to the gods and manes: es.a va_ anr.n.o yah putri_ yajva_ 
brahmaca_riva_si_: Taittiri_yaSam.hita_; without the expendiure of 
boundless wealth: aprata_ = avisti_rn.adhanena, by one who hasnot abundant 

8.032.17 Sing praises to the adorable (Indra), repeat prayers to the adorable 
(Indra), address hymns to theadorable (Indra). 

8.032.18 The powerful Indra, the discomfiter of hundreds and thousands, 
unchecked (by foes), is adorable; hewho is the benefactor of the sacrificer. 

8.032.19 Indra, who are to be invoked of man, come to their offered viands, 
drink of (their) libations. 

8.032.20 Drink of the (Soma) purchased by the cow, that (Soma) which is mixed 
with water, that by which, Indra,is especially yours. [Purchased by the cow: 
svadhainava_na_m dhenva_ kr.ta_n soma_n = dhenva_ kri_n.a_ti:Taittiri_ya 

8.032.21 Indra, pass by the man who offers the libation in anger, him who pours 
it out upon a spot disapprovedof; drink this presented Soma. 

8.032.22 Indra, who has beheld our praises, proceed in three directions from a 
distance, pass beyond the fiveorders of beings. [Three directions: i.e., coming 
to us from in front, from behind and from the side]. 

8.032.23 As the sun disperses his rays, do you disperse (wealth upon me); may my 
praises rapidly draw you, aswaters (reach) the low ground. 

8.032.24 Adhvaryu, quickly pour forth the Soma to the hero Indra with the goodly 
jaws; bring the Soma for hisdrinking. 

8.032.25 Who clove the cloud for (the issue of) the rain, who sent down the 
waters, who placed the mature (milk)in the cattle. 

8.032.26 The brilliant Indra slew Vr.tra, Aurn.ava_bha, Ahis'ava; he smote 
Arbuda with frost. [Indra: r.ci_s.ama =r.ca_ di_ptya_ sama indrah]. 

8.032.27 Sing aloud (priests) to the fierce, victorious (Indra) the overpowerer, 
the subduer (of foes), the praiseinspired by the gods. 

8.032.28 Indra, who, in the exhilaration of the quaffed Soma, makes known among 
the gods all pious rites. 

8.032.29 May those two golden-maned steeds, together exulting, bring him here to 
the salutary (sacrificial) food. 

8.032.30 Indra, the glorified of many, let your horses, praised by Priyamedha, 
bring you down to drink the Soma.

8.033.01 We are pouring forth to you Soma like water; the praisers, strewing the 
clipped sacred grass, worshipyou, slayer of Vr.tra, in the streams (falling) 
from the filter. 

8.033.02 The leaders (of rites), repeating praises, shout to you, Vasu, when the 
libation issues forth; when, Indra,bellowing like a bull, do you come to the 
dwelling thirsting fo the Soma? 

8.033.03 Resolute (Indra), bestow abundantly upon the descendants of Kan.va 
thousands of viands; wiseMaghavan, we earnestly solicit you for (wealth) of gold 
and cattle. [pis'an:ga ru_pam = tawny-coloured]. 

8.033.04 Drink, Medhya_tithi, and in the exhilaration of the draught sing to 
Indra, to him who has harnessed hishorses, who, when the Soma is poured out, is 
present, the wielder of the thunderbolt, whose chariot is of gold.[Variants in 
Sa_maveda: pa_hi ga_ andhaso for: pa_hi ga_ya_ndhaso; hiran.ya_ya indro vajri_ 
for: sute saca_vajri_ ratho]. 

8.033.05 He who is well-handled, both left and right, who is the lord, who is 
wise, he performer of numerousgreat acts, the giver of vast wealth, Indra, who 
is the demolisher of cities, who is gratified by praise, is glorified(by us). 

8.033.06 He who is the subduer (of foes), the unresisted, practised in combats, 
possessed of vast wealth, thedemander of the libation, the praised of many, who 
by his acts (of bounty) is like a cow to the competent(worshipper). [Practised 
in combats: s'mas'rus.u s'ritah: s'mas'rus.u = yuddha; deamander of the 
libation: cyavana= he who causes to fall or flow, i.e. the Soma]. 

8.033.07 Who knows him drinking with (the priests) when the Soma is effused? 
What food has he partaken of?He, the handsome-jawed, who, exhilarated by the 
(sacrificial) Soma, destroys cities by his might. 

8.033.08 As a wild elephant emitting the dews of passion, he manifests his 
exhilaration in many places; no onechecks you, (Indra), come to the libation; 
you are mighty, and goes (everywhere) through your strength. 

8.033.09 He who is fierce, unmoved (by foes) and firm, ready equipped for 
battle-- if Maghavan hears theinvocation of his adorer, he will not go apart 
(from us) but come here. 

8.033.10 Verily (Indra), in this manner you are the showerer (of benefits), 
brought by vigorous (steeds) to us,unresisted (by foes); fierce (Indra), you are 
celebrated as a showerer (of benefits) when afar; you are celebratedas a 
showerer (of benefits) when near.  

8.033.11 Showerers (of benefits) are your reins, such also is your golden whip, 
your chariot, Maghavan, is ashowerer (of benefits), so are your two horses; and 
you, too, S'atakratu, are the showerer (of benefits). 

8.033.12 Showerer (of benefits), may the offerer of the libation to you effuse 
the Soma as a showerer;straight-going (Indra), bring (us wealth); arrester of 
your horses, the showerer (of the oblation) has prepared thebountiful Soma to be 
mixed with the waters for you. 

8.033.13 Come, most powerful Indra, to drink of the Soma ambrosia, (for without 
coming) this Maghavan, theachiever of many exploits, hears not our praises, our 
chants, our hymns. 

8.033.14 S'atakratu, slayer of Vr.tra, let your horses, yoked to your car, bring 
you, the lord, riding in your chariot,(to our sacrifices), avoiding those 
sacrifices (offered) by others. 

8.033.15 Greatest of the great, brilliant drinker of the Soma, accept today this 
our present praise; may oursacrifices be most sucessful in exciting your 

8.033.16 The hero (Indra) who has (ever) guided us delights not in your 
punishment, nor in mine; nor in that ofany other. [S'a_satra = s'a_sana, 
governing or punishing; kintu raks.an.a eva ramate; he, Indra, delights only 
inprotecting or preserving]. 

8.033.17 Verily Indra said that the mind of a woman is not to be controlled, he 
declared also that her intellect wassmall. [Mind of a woman: the legend: 
Asan:ga, the son of Playoga, the patron of the r.s.i, has been changed to 

8.033.18 The two horses of Indra, hastening to the exhilaration (of the Soma), 
draw his chariot; the pole of theshowerer rests upon them. 

8.033.19 Cast your eyes (son of Playoga) downwards, not upwards; keep your feet 
close together; let not (men)behold your ankles, for from having been a brahma_ 
you have become a female. [Indra is supposed to say this toAsan:ga as a female].

8.034.01 Come, Indra, with your horses to receive the praise of Kan.va; do you, 
ruling yonder heaven, O radiantwith oblations, return here. [Do you ruling 
yonder heaven...: This is the burden of the su_kta; divo amus.yas'a_sato divam 
yaya diva_vaso = of heaven of that one governing go you to heaven, heaven-
affluent; manyinterpretations are attempted: divam amus.min (indre) s'a_sati, 
tatra vayam sukham a_smahe: when Indra rulesheaven we abide there happily; 
diva_vaso = di_ptahavis.ka; or, dyuna_makam amum lokam s'a_sanam kurvantoyuyam 
svargam gacchato; amus.ya = amus.ma_t pr.thivi_ loka_t-- from this world; 
Indra's presence is necessaryin heaven, he is to be allowed to go back as soon 
he has partaken of the Soma at the sacrifice on earth. divam =soma vessel, 
dyuloka_khya dron.akalas'a]. 

8.034.02 May the grinding stone, yielding the Soma as it utters a sound, bring 
you here with the noise; do you,ruling yonder heaven, O radiant with oblations, 
return here. 

8.034.03 The circumference of these (stones) shakes (the Soma) at this (rite), 
as a wolf (terrifies) a sheep doyou, ruling yonder heaven, O radiant with 
oblations, return here. 

8.034.04 The Kan.vas invoke you here for protection and for food; do you, ruling 
yonder heaven, O radiant withoblations, return here.  

8.034.05 I make offering to you of the libations as the first drink is presented 
to the showerer; do you, rulingyonder heaven, O radiant with oblations, return 
here.[To the showerer: vr.s.n.e = va_yu: Aitareya Bra_hman.a2.25]. 

8.034.06 (Indra) master of the family of heaven, come to us; do you, ruling 
yonder heaven, O radiant withoblations, return here. [Master of the family of 
heaven: smatpurandhi = svargakut.umbin]. 

8.03.07 Sagacious (Indra) bestower of numerous protections, granter of infinite 
wealth, come uno us; do you,ruling yonder heaven, O radiant with oblations, 
return here. 

8.034.08 May (Agni) the invoker, adorable among the gods, the benefactor of man, 
bring you here; do you, rulingyonder heaven, O radiant with oblations, return 
here. [Benefactor of man: manur hitah = placed by men in theirhouses]. 

8.034.09 Let your two steeds, humiliators of the pride (of foes), bring you as 
(his) two wings (bear along) thefalcon; do you, ruling yonder heaven, O radiant 
with oblations, return here. 

8.034.10 Come, lord, from whatever direction, to drink the Soma offered with 
sva_ha_; do you, ruling yonderheaven, O radiant with oblations, return here. 

8.034.11 Come to listen to our praises, when they are being recited-- bestow 
upon us delight; do you, rulingyonder heaven, O radiant with oblations, return 

8.034.12 Indra, who are possessed of cherished steeds, come to us with (your) 
well-fed and like-shaped horses;do you, ruling yonder heaven, O radiant with 
oblations, return here. 

8.034.13 Come from the mountains, from above the region of the firmament; do 
you, ruling yonder heaven, Oradiant with oblations, return here. 

8.034.14 Bestow upon us, hero, thousands of herds of cattle and horses; do you, 
ruling yonder heaven, Oradiant with oblations, return here. 

8.034.15 Bring to us, by thousands, tens of thousands, and hundres (of good 
things); do you, ruling yonderheaven, O radiant with oblations, return here. 

8.034.16 We, the thousand Vasurocis.as, and Indra (our leader), when we obtain 
vigorous herds of horses... 

8.034.17 Such as are straight-going, fleet as the wind, bright-coloured, light-
footed, and shine like the sun... 

8.034.18 Then (having received) the horses, attached to the rolling-wheeled 
chariot, given from afar, we departto the middle of the forest. [Given from 
afar: pa_ra_vatasya ra_tis.u: pa_ra_vata = name of a king; the gift 

8.035.01 Associated with Agni, with Indra, with Varun.a, with Vis.n.u, with the 
A_dityas, the Rudras, and theVasus, and united with the dawn and with Su_rya, 
drink, As'vins, the Soma. 

8.035.02 Powerful (As'vins), associated with all intelligences, with all beings, 
with heaven, with earth, with themountains, united with the dawn and with the 
Su_rya, drink, As'vins, the Soma. 

8.035.03 Associated with all the thrice-eleven deities at this ceremony, with 
the waters, with the Maruts, with theBhr.gus, united with the dawn and with 
Su_rya, drink, As'vins, the Soma. 

8.035.04 Be gratified by the sacrifice; hear my invocation; recognize, deities, 
all the offerings in this ceremony;united with the dawn and with Su_rya, bring 
us As'vins, food. 

8.035.05 Be gratified by our praise as youths are delighted (by the voices) of 
maidens; recognize, deities, all theofferings in this ceremony; united with the 
dawn adn with Su_rya, bring us, As'vins, food. 

8.035.06 Be gratified, deities, by our praises, be gratified by the sacrifice, 
recognize, deities, all the offerings inthis ceremony; united with the dawn and 
with Su_rya, bring us, As'vins, food. 

8.035.07 You alight upon the effused Soma as the Ha_ridrava_ plunges unto the 
water; you fall upon it like twobuffaloes (plunging into a pool); united with 
the dawn and with Su_rya, come, As'vins, by the triple path.[Ha_ridrava_: a 
tree; by the triple path: trir vartir ya_tam, the three daily ceremonies; or, 
come thrice to ourdwelling]. 

8.035.08 As two geese, as two travellers, as two buffaloes (hasten to water), 
you alight, As'vins, upon the effusedSoma; united with the dawn and with Su_rya, 
come, As'vins, by the triple path. 

8.035.09 You hasten like two falcons to the offerer of the libation, you alight 
upon the effused Soma as twobuffaloes (hasten to water), united with the dawn 
and with Su_rya, come, As'vins, by the triple path. 

8.035.10 Drink, As'vins, the Soma, and satiate yourselves; come here; give us 
progeny; give us wealth; unitedwith the dawn and with Su_rya, give us, As'vins, 

8.035.11 Conquer (As'vins), your foes; protect and praise (your worshipper), 
grant progeny, give wealth, andunited with the dawn and with Su_rya, give us, 
As'vins, strength. 

8.035.12 Destroy your foes, repair to your friends, grant progeny, give wealth, 
and, united with the dawn and withSu_rya, give us, As'vins, strength. 

8.035.13 Associated with Mitra and Varun.a, with Dharma, with the Maruts, repair 
to the invocation of the adorer;repair (to him), As'vins, united with the dawn, 
with Su_rya and with the A_dityas. 

8.035.14 Associated with the An:girasas, with Vis.n.u, with the Maruts, repair 
to the invocation of the adorer;repair (to him), As'vins, united with the dawn, 
with Su_rya, and with the A_dityas. 

8.035.15 Associated with the R.bhus, and with the maruts, repair, showerers (of 
benefits), dispensers of food, tothe invocation of the adorer; repair (to him), 
As'vins, united with the dawn, with Su_rya, and with the A_dityas. 

8.035.16 Be propitious to prayer, be propitious to sacred rites, slay the 
ra_ks.asas, remedy diseases united withthe dawn and with Su_rya, (drink), 
As'vins, the Soma of the offerer. [Be propitious to prayer: 
brahmajinvatam:brahma = bra_hman.a. Note: consistent with the epithet, 
ha_ridra_va_ used in an earlier r.ca (8.035.07), there issome association of the 
As'vins with the trees and herbs (to remedy diseases)]. 

8.035.17 Be propitious to the strong, be propitious to men, slay the ra_ks.asas, 
remedy diseases, united with thedawn and with Su_rya, (drink), As'vins, the Soma 
of the offerer. [Be propitious to the strong: ks.atram jinvatamuta jinvatam 
nr.n: ks.atram = ks.atriyam; nr.n = yoddha_, warriors]. 

8.035.18 Be propitious to the kine, be propitious to the people, slay the 
ra_ks.asas, remedy diseases, united withthe dawn and with Su_rya, (drink), 
As'vins, the Soma of the offerer. [Be propitious to the people: vis'ah = 

8.035.19 Humblers of the pride (of your enemies), hear the earnest praise of 
S'ya_va_s'va offering libations as(you did) that of Atri, and, united with the 
dawn and with Su_rya, (drink), As'vins, (the Soma) prepared theprevious day. 
[Soma prepared the previous day: tiro ahnyam = Soma prepared the day before, and 
drunk at earlydaawn, at the worship of the As'vins]. 

8.035.20 Humblers of the pride (of your enemies), accept the earnest praises of 
S'ya_va_s'va offering youlibations as if you were accepting oblations; and, 
united with the dawn and with Su_rya, (drink), As'vins, (theSoma) prepared the 
previous day. 

8.035.21 Humblers of the pride (of your enemies), seize the sacrifices of 
S'ya_va_s'va offering libations as youseize your reins; and united with the dawn 
and with Su_rya, (drink), As'vins,(the Soma) prepared the previousday. 

8.035.22 Direct your chariot downwards, drink the Soma nectar; come, As'vins, 
come (here); desirous of yourprotection, I invoke you; give precious riches to 
the donor of the offering. 

8.035.23 Come, leaders of rites, when the sacrifice, at which your adoration is 
cited, is commenced, to drink ofthe Soma offered by me; come, As'vins, come 
(here), desirous of protection, I invoke you; give precious riches tothe donor 
of the offering. [Offered by me: vivaks.an.asya is an epithet of the speaker, 
i.e., at the commencementadoration of me the offerer of libation; or, it is an 
epithet of the Soma, heaven-bestowing, svargapra_pan.as'i_la]. 

8.035.24 Divine (As'vins), partake to satiety of the sacrificial Soma, 
consecrated with the exclamation sva_ha_;come, As'vins, come (here); desirous of 
protection, I invoke you; give precious riches to the donor of the offering.

8.036.01 You are the protector of the effuser of the libation, of the strewer of 
he clipped sacred grass; drinkjoyfully, S'atakratu, the Soma for your 
exhilaration-- that portion which (the gods) assigned you, Indra, lord of 
thevirtuous, who are the victor over all (hostile) hosts, the conqueror of many, 
the subduer of the waters, the leaderof the Maruts. [Conqueror of many: uru 
jrayas: jrayas = vega; in RV 7.006.27, urujrayas = visti_rn.avya_pin, thewide 
pervader; thus, the victor over all hostile hosts and over wide space]. 

8.036.02 Protect the worshippers, Maghavan, protect thyself; drink joyfully, 
S'atakratu, the Soma for yourexhilaration-- that portion which (the gods) 
assigned you, Indra, lord of the virtuous, who are the victor over all(hostile) 
hosts, the conqueror of many, the subduer of the waters, the leader of the 

8.036.03 You, Maghavan, protect the gods with (sacrificial) food, and yourself 
by your might; drink joyfully,S'atakratu, the Soma for your exhilaration-- that 
portion which (the gods) assigned you, Indra, lord of the virtuous,who are the 
victor over all (hostile) hosts, the conqueror of many, the subduer of the 
waters, the leader of theMaruts. 

8.036.04 You, are the generator of heaven, the generator of earth; drink 
joyfully, S'atakratu, the Soma for yourexhilaration-- that portion which (the 
gods) assigned you, Indra, lord of the virtuous, who are the victor over 
all(hostile) hosts, the conqueror of many, the subduer of the waters, the leader 
of the Maruts. 

8.036.05 You are the generator of horses, the generator of cattle; drink 
joyfully, S'atakratu, the Soma for yourexhilaration-- that portion which (the 
gods) assigned you, Indra, lord of the virtuous, who are the victor over 
all(hostile) hosts, the conqueror of many, the subduer of the waters, the leader 
of the Maruts. 

8.036.06 Wielder of the thunderbolt, reverence the praise of the Atris; drink 
joyfully, S'atakratu, the Soma for yourexhilaration-- that portion which (the 
gods) assigned you, Indra, lord of the virtuous, who are the victor over 
all(hostile) hosts, the conqueror of many, the subduer of the waters, the leader 
of the Maruts. 

8.036.07 Hear (the praises) of S'ya_va_s'va offering the libations, as you have 
heard (those) of Atri engaged inholy rites; you alone, Indra, have defended 
Trasadasyu in battle, animating his prayers. 

8.037.01 You protect, Indra, lord of rites, with all protections in combats with 
enemies, this sacrifice of him whooffers you the libations; slayer of Vr.tra, 
irreproachable wielder of the thunderbolt drink of the Soma at themid-day 
solemnity. [Who offers you the libation: brahma = bra_hman.an; O Indra, protect 
these bra_hman.as withall your protections in combats with enemies, (protect) 
those who offer you the libation]. 

8.037.02 Fierce Indra, defeater of hostile armies, lord of rites, (you protect) 
with all your protections; slayer ofVr.tra, irreproachable wielder of the 
thunderbolt, drink of the Soma at the mid-day solemnity. 

8.037.03 You shine the sole sovereign of this world, Indra, lord of rites, with 
all your protections; slayer of Vr.tra,irreproachable wielder of the 
thunderbolt, drink of the Soma at the mid-day solemnity. 

8.037.04 You alone, Indra, lord of rites, separate the combined worlds (heaven 
and earth) with all yourprotections; slayer of Vr.tra, irreproachable wielder of 
the thunderbolt, drink of the Soma at the mid-daysolemnity. 

8.037.05 You, lord of rites, are sovereign over our prosperity and gains, with 
all your protections; slayer of Vr.tra,irreproachable wielder of the 
thunderbolt, drink of the Soma at the mid-day solemnity. 

8.037.06 You are for the strength (of the world), you protect with all your 
protections, but you need no defender,Indra, lord of rites; slayer of Vr.tra, 
irreproachable wielder of the thunderbolt, drink of the Soma at the mid-
daysolemnity. [But you need no defender: na tvama_vitha; or, did you not 

8.037.07 Hear the praises of S'ya_va_s'va eulogizing you, as you have heard 
those of Atri engaged in piousrites; you alone have protected Trasadasyu in 
battle, augmenting his vigour.

8.038.01 Indra and Agni, you are the pure ministrants, (encouragers) in 
offerings and sacred rites-- hear (thepraise) of this (your worshipper). 

8.038.02 Destroyers (of foes), riding in one chariot, slayers of Vr.tra, 
invincible; hear, Indra and Agni, (the praise)of this (your worshipper). 

8.038.03 The leaders of rites have effused by the stones this sweet exhilarating 
(Soma) for you; hear, Indra andAgni, (the praise) of this (your worshipper). 

8.038.04 Associate in praie, accept the sacrifice; leaders of rites, Indra and 
Agni, come hither to the Somaeffused for this solemnity. 

8.038.05 Accept these sacrifices whereby you have borne away the oblations; 
leaders of rites, Indra and Agni,come hither. 

8.038.06 Accept this my earnest praise, following the path of the ga_yatri_; 
leaders of rites, Indra and Agni, comehere. 

8.038.07 Rich with the spoils of victory, come, Indra and Agni, to drink of the 
Soma, with the deities astir in themorning. 

8.038.08 Hear the invocation, Indra and Agni, of S'ya_va_s'va pouring out the 
effused Soma, (and) the Atris, todrink of the Soma. 

8.038.09 I invoke you both, Indra and Agni, as the sages have invoked you, for 
your protection (and) to drink ofthe Soma. 

8.038.10 I solicit the protection of Indra and Agni, associated with Sarasvati_, 
to whom this Ga_yatri_ hymn isaddressed. [Associated with Sarasvati_: 
sarasvati_vatoh = possessors of praise].

8.039.01 I glorify the adorable Agni, (I invite) Agni with praise to the 
sacrifice, may Agni brighten the gods with theoblations at our sacrifice; the 
sage Agni traverses both (worlds discharging his function) as messenger of 
thegods; may all our adversaries perish. 

8.039.02 (Propitiated), Agni, by our new praise baffle the hostile attempts of 
these against our persons, consumethe enemies of those who are liberal (at 
sacred rites); may all our foolish assailants depart from here, may all 
ouradversaries perish. [All our foolish assailants: a_murah = a_mu_d.ha_h; or, 
ba_dhakah, ra_ks.sas]. 

8.039.03 I pour into your mouth, Agni, praises as others (fill it) with 
delicious butter; do you amidst the godsacknowledge (them), for you are ancient, 
the giver of happiness, the messenger of Vivas'vat; may all ouradversaries 

8.039.04 Agni grants whatever food is solicited; invoked with offerings, he 
bestows on the worshippershappiness springing from tranquility and the enjoyment 
(of objects of sense); he is requisite for all invocation ofthe gods; may all 
our adversaries perish. [Happiness springing from...: s'am ca yos'ca mayah = 
s'a_ntinimittamvis.aya yogajanitam ca sukham]. 

8.039.05 Agni is known by his most powerful and manifold deeds; he is the 
invoker of the eternals; surroundedby victims, he proceeds against the foe; may 
all our adversaries perish. [The eternals: s'asvati_na_m =bahvi_na_m 
devata_na_m; against the foe: prati_vyam = yajn~am; daks.in.a_bhih = pas'ubhih]. 

8.039.06 Agni knows the birth of the gods; Agni knows the secrets of mankind; 
Agni is the giver of riches; Agni,duly worshipped with a new (oblation), sets 
open the doors (of opulence); may all our adversaries perish. 

8.039.07 Agni has his abode among the gods, he (dwells) among pious people; he 
cherishes with pleasure manypious acts, as the earth all (beings); a god 
adorable among the gods; may all our adversaries perish. 

8.039.08 Let us approach that Agni who is ministered to by seven priess; who 
takes refuge in all rivers, who hasa triple dwelling place, the slayer of the 
Dasyu for Mandha_ta_, who is foremost in sacrifices; may all ouradversaries 
perish. [Ministered by seven priests: yo agnih saptama_nus.ah = acting as seven 
priests;mandha_tr. = ma_ndha_ta_, the son of Yuvana_s'va]. 

8.039.09 Agni, the sage, inhabits the three elementary regions; may he, 
intelligent, and richly decorated, themessenger (of the gods), here perform 
worship to the thrice eleven deities, and satisfy all our desires; may all 
ouradversaries perish. [The three elemetary regions: tridha_tu_ni = threefold; 
or, three elements]. 

8.039.10 You, ancient Agni, among men and gods, are alone to us the lord of 
wealth; the flowing waters confinedwithin their own banks flow around you;may 
all our adversaries perish.

8.040.01 Victorious Indra and Agni, bestow upon us riches whereby we may destroy 
our powerful enemies incombats as fire fanned by the wind consumes the forests; 
may all our adversaries perish. 

8.040.02 Do we not invoke you both? We worship especially Indra, who is the 
strongest leader of men; he comesoccasionally with his horses to bestow upon us 
food; he comes to partake of the sacrifice; may all ouradversaries perish. [Do 
we not invoke you both: we do not invoke you both; to bestow upon us food: for 
thereceiving of food]. 

8.040.03 They two, Indra and Agni, are present in the midst of battles; do you 
two, leaders of rites, who are reallysages, when solicited (by the wise), accept 
the offering (from him) who seeks your friendship; may all ouradversaries 

8.040.04 Worship, like Nabha_ka, Indra and Agni with sacrifice and praise, of 
whom is this universe, upon whoselap this heaven and the spacious earth deposit 
their treasure; may all our adversaries perish. [Nabha_ka: the r.s.iof the hymn 
is Na_bha_ka, perhaps a patronymic]. 

8.040.05 Address like Nabha_ka your praises to Indra and Agni, who overspread 
(with their lustre) theseven-rooted ocean whose gates are hidden, and of whom 
Indra by his might is the lord; may all our adversariesperish. [Seven-rooted 
ocean whose gates are hidden: ya_ saptabudhnam arn.avam jihmaba_ram aporn.utah 
=saptamu_lam pihita dva_ram arn.avam tejobhir a_ccha_d_yatah]. 

8.040.06 Cut off (the foe), Indra, as and old (pruner) the protruding (branch) 
of a creeper, humble the strength ofthe Da_sa; may we divide his accumulated 
treasure (despoiled) by Indra; may all our adversaries perish. 

8.040.07 Inasmuch as these people honour Indra and Agni with gifts and with 
praises, so may we, defying hosts,overcome (our foes) with our warriors; let us 
praise those seeking praise; may all our adversaries perish.[Seeking praise: 
vanuya_ma vanus.yatah = stutim icchantah s'atru_n vanuya_ma; let us prevail over 
those whodesire to conquer]. 

8.040.08 Offering oblations, (the worshippers) approach to the worship of Indra 
and Agni, who are of a whitecomplexion, and rise from below with bright rays to 
heaven; they verily have liberated the waters from bondage;may all our 
adversaries perish. 

8.040.09 Indra, wielder of the thunderbolt, instigator (of acts), may the 
numerous merits, the many excellences ofyou, who are the bestower of affluence 
and of male offspring, perfect our understandings; may all ouradversaries 
perish. [Indra, wielder of the thunderbolt, instigator (of acts), of you, the 
gladdener, the brilliant, thehero, the wealth-bestower, numerous (or ancient) 
are the comparisons, numerous (or ancient) are the praises,which exercise our 
understandings; upama_tayah = dhana_ni]. 

8.040.10 Animate with praises that brilliant adorable Indra, the distributor (of 
riches), who by hismight breaks theeggs of S'us.n.a; may he conquer the 
celestial waters; may all our enemies perish. [Eggs of S'us.n.a : 
s'us.n.asyaan.d.a_ni = egg-born offspring; an.d.aja_ta_ni]. 

8.040.11 Animate that Indra to whom sacrifice is due-- sincere, bountiful, 
adorable; him who frequents sacrifices,who breaks the eggs of S'us.n.a; you have 
conquered the celestial waters; may all our enemies perish. 

8.040.12 Thus has a new hymn been addressed to Indra and Agni, as was done by my 
father, by Mandha_ta_,by An:girasa; cherish us with a triply defended dwelling; 
may we be the lords of riches. [Triply defended dwelling:tridha_tuna_ s'arman.a_ 
= triparvan.a_ gr.hen.a, with a house of three joints; in RV. 1.34.6, tridha_tu 
s'arma =va_tapitta s'les.ma dha_tutrayas'amana vis.ayam sukham; in RVV 1.85.12 
s'arma tridha_tu_ni = pr.thivya_dis.utris.u stha_nes.u avasthita_ni sukha_ni 
gr.ha_ni va_; Note: it is possible that the term may simply mean, threeelements, 
copper, silver, gold].

8.041.01 Offer praise to that opulent Varun.a, and to the most sage Maruts; 
(Varun.a) who protects men by hisacts, as (the herdsman guards) the cattle; may 
all our adversaries perish. [By his acts: karman.a_ = karman.i,who protects 
men's religious acts]. 

8.041.02 (I praise) with a like praise, with the praises of (my) progenitors, 
with the eulogies of Nabha_ka, thatVarun.a who rises up in the vicinity of the 
rivers, and in the midst (of them) has seven sisters; may all ouradversaries 
perish. [sindhu_na_m upoday saptasvasa_ sa madhyamah: cf. Ya_ska 10.5]. 

8.041.03 He embraces the nights; of goodly aspect, and quick of movement, he 
encompasses the universe byhis acts; all who are desirous (of his favour) 
diligently offer him worship at the three diurnal rites; may all ouradversaries 
perish. [Quick of movement: utsaran.as'i_lah: usra = morning]. 

8.041.04 He, who visible above the earth sustains the points of the horizon, is 
the measurer (of the universe);that is the ancient abode of Varun.a, to which we 
have access; he is our lord, like the keeper of cattle; may all ouradversaries 
perish. [Measurer: ma_ta_ = nirma_ta_, the maker]. 

8.041.05 He who is the sustainer of the worlds, who knows the hidden and secret 
names of the (solar) rays, he isthe sage who cherishes the acts of sages, as the 
heaven cherishes numerous forms; may all our adversariesperish. 

8.041.06 In whom all pious acts are concentrated, like the nave in the (centre 
of the) wheel, worship him quicklywho abides in the three worlds; as men 
assemble the cattle in their pasture, so do (our foes) collect their horses(to 
assail us); may all our adversaries perish. 

8.041.07 He who, passing amid those (regions of the firmament), given refuge to 
all their races, and all thedeities precede the chariot of Varun.a, when 
manifesting his glories to perform his worship; may all ouradversaries perish. 
[..who, going through these regions (of space) rests on all their tribes, 
surrounding allhomes-- all the gods are engaged in worship before Varun.a's 
dwelling; may all our adversaries perish.]. 

8.041.08 He is the hidden ocean; swift he mounts (the heaven) as (the sun) the 
sky; when he has placed thesacrifice in those (regions of the firmament), he 
demolishes with his brilliant radiance the devices (of the asuras);he ascends to 
heaven; may all our adversaries perish. 

8.041.09 Of whom, present in the three worlds, the brilliant rays pervade the 
three realms beyond, the eternaldwelling of Varun.a, he is lord of the seven 
(rivers); may all our adversaries perish. [tri = of whom, the ruler, 
thebrilliant rays pervade the three earths and the three heavens above-- his 
dwelling-place is immoveable]. 

8.041.10 He who in his successive functions emits his bright rays or turns them 
dark, first made his residence (inthe firmament), and as the unborn sun the sky, 
supports with the pillar (of the firmament) both heaven and earth;may all our 
adversaries perish. [Emits his bright rays: as presiding over day and night].

8.042.01 The possessor of all wealth, the powerful Varun.a, has fixed the 
heaven; he has meted the measure ofthe earth; he presides as supreme monarch 
over all worlds; these all are the functions of Varun.a 

8.042.02 Glorify then the mighty Varun.a; reverence the wise guardian of the 
ambrosia; may he bestow upon usa thrice sheltering habitation; may heaven and 
earth preserve us abiding in their proximity. [Thrice-shelteringhabitation: 
trivaru_tha (RV. 6.46.9) = sheltering from cold, heat and rain; here, 

8.042.03 Divine Varun.a, animate the sacred acts of me engaging in this your 
worship; may we ascend thesafe-bearing vessel by which we may cross all 
difficulties. [Animate the sacred acts: kratum daks.am = sharpenthe knowledge 
and power]. 

8.042.04 The sacred stones, As'vins, the pious worshipers, Na_satya_s, have 
fallen upon their sacred functions,(to induce you) to drink the Soma; may all 
our enemies perish. 

8.042.05 In like manner as the pious Atri, As'vins, invoked you with hymns, so 
(I invoke you), Na_satya_s, todrink the Soma; may all our enemies perish. 

8.042.06 In like manner as the wise invoke you for protection, so do I invoke 
you, Na_satya_s, to drink the Soma;may all our enemies perish.

8.043.01 These repeaters of laudations recite the praises of the wise creative 
Agni, the uninterrupted sacrificer.[Uninterrupted: astr.ta yajvan = the 
invincible sacrificer]. 

8.043.02 Agni, Ja_tavedas, to you, the liberal offerer (of the oblation), the 
all-beholding, I repeat earnest praise.[Liberal offerer: pratiharya = to accept, 

8.043.03 Your fierce flames, Agni, consume the forest, as wild animals destroy 
(the plants) with their teeth. [Wildanimals: aroka_h = arocama_na_h pas'avah; 
cf. S'atapatha Bra_hman.a madhye chidra_n.i; (yourfierce flames) 
glancing, as it were, through the trees]. 

8.043.04 The consuming smoke-bannered fires, borne by the wind, spread diversely 
in the firmament. 

8.043.05 These fires separately kindled are beheld like the tokens of the dawn. 

8.043.06 Black dust is raised by the feet of Ja_tavedas when he moves, when Agni 
spreads on the earth. [Whenagni spread the earth: agnir yad rodhati ks.ami = 
when agni heaps (the dry trees) on the ground; rodhati = rush,whatever grows on 
the earth]. 

8.043.07 Making the plants his food, Agni devouring them is never satiated, but 
falls again upon the young(shrubs). 

8.043.08 Bowing down (the trees) with his tongues (of flame), and blazing with 
splendour, Agni shines in theforests. 

8.043.09 Your station, Agni, is in the waters; you cling to the plants, and 
becoming their embryo, are born again. 

8.043.10 Your lustre, Agni, lambent in the mouth of the ladle, shines when 
offered from (the oblation of) butter. 

8.043.11 Let us adore with hymns Agni, the granter (of desires), the eater of 
the ox, the eater of the marrow, onwhose back the libation is poured. 

8.043.12 We solicit you, Agni, invoker of the gods, performer of sacred rites, 
with oblations and with fuel.[Performer of sacred rites: varen.yakrato = O you, 
who possess desirable knowledge]. 

8.043.13 Holy Agni, to whom oblations are offered, we worship you in like manner 
(as you have beenworshipped) by Bhr.gu, by Manus, by An:girasa. 

8.043.14 You, Agni, are kindled by Agni; a sage by a sage, saint by a saint, a 
friend by a friend. [A saint by asaint: San, sata_ = vidyama_nah, vidyama_nena; 
Aitareya Bra_hman.a 1.16: the fire was produced by frictionfrom the two aran.is 
and was thrown into the a_havani_ya fire, in the atithyes.t.i ceremony; in the 
verse tvamhyagne..., the one vipra (a sage) means one Agni, the other vipra the 
other Agni; the one san (being, existing)means the one, the other san (in sata_) 
the other Agni (Haug)]. 

8.043.15 Do you, Agni, bestow upon the pious donor (of the oblation) infinite 
riches and food with male progeny. 

8.043.16 Agni, (our) brother, who are elicited by strength, who have red horses, 
and are (the performer) of purerites, be propitiated by this my praise. 

8.043.17 My praises hasten to you, Agni, as cows enter their stalls (to give 
milk) to the thirsting calves. 

8.043.18 To you, Agni, who are the chief of the An:girasas, all people have 
severally recourse for the attainemntof their desires. [Have severally recourse: 
yemire = offer oblations]. 

8.043.19 The wise, the intelligent, the sagacious, propitiate Agni with 
sacrifices for the attainment of food. 

8.043.20 Preparing the sacrifice in their mansions, (the worshippers) adore you, 
Agni, the powerful, the bearer(of the oblation), the invoker of the gods. 

8.043.21 You are the lord, you behold all people alike in many places; we 
therefore invoke you in battles. 

8.043.22 Adore that Agni who shines brightly when fed with offerings of butter, 
who hears this our invocation. 

8.043.23 We invoke you, Agni, who are Ja_tavedas, listening (to our praises), 
exterminating our foes. 

8.043.24 I praise this Agni, the sovereign of men, the wonderful, the 
superintendent of holy acts; may he hearme. 

8.043.25 We invigorate like a horse that (Agni) whose might is everywhere 
present; who is noble, strong, andbenevolent. [Stonr: maryam na va_jinam = like 
a strong man]. 

8.043.26 Slaying the malignant (driving away) our enemies everywhere consuming 
the ra_ks.asas, do you, Agniblaze forth with bright (radiance). 

8.043.27 Chief of the An:girasas, whose men kindle as did Manus; Agni, hear my 

8.043.28 We worship with praises you, Agni, who are born in heaven or in the 
waters, elicited by strength. [Bornin heaven: as the sun in heaven, as lightning 
in the waters, (i.e., in the firmament) and as generated on earth byfriction]. 

8.043.29 All these people, the inhabitants (of the earth), offer severally to 
you (sacrificial) food for your eatingand enjoyment. 

8.043.30 Agni, through you, may we, skilled in sacrifices and beholding men all 
our days, pass through (all)difficulties. 

8.043.31 We invoke with cheerful and delightful (hymns) the gladdening Agni, 
dear to many, who abides in thesacrifice with purifying brilliance. 

8.043.32 Shining forth, Agni, like the rising sun, displaying your strength by 
your beams, you destroy thedarkness. 

8.043.33 We solicit from you, strong Agni, that desirable wealth which is in 
your gift and which decays not.

8.044.01 Honour Agni with fuel, awaken him, the guest, with (libations of) 
butter; offer the oblations in him. 

8.044.02 Agni, accept my praise, be invigorated by this prayer; be favourable to 
our hymns. 

8.044.03 I set Agni in the front as the messenger, I adore him as the bearer of 
the oblations; may he cause thegods to sit down here. 

8.044.04 Brilliant Agni, as you are kindled, your great flames start blazing up. 

8.044.05 Let my ladles, filled with butter, come near you, O propitious one; 
Agni, receive our oblations. [Opropitious one: haryata = ka_mayama_na; amiable, 
beloved, spr.han.i_ya]. 

8.044.06 I worship Agni, the exhilarating invoker (of the gods), the priest, him 
who shines forth with various lustre,and is rich in brilliance, may he give car. 
[Priest: r.tvijam = r.tau yas.t.avyam, he who is to be worshipped in dueseason; 
in RV. 5.22.2 = r.tuyas.t.a_ram, he who offers in due season]. 

8.044.07 (I worship) the beloved Agni, the ancient adorable invoker (of the 
gods), the wise, the frequenter ofsacrifices. [The wise: kavikratum = 
kra_ntakarman.am (him by whom rites are performed; RV. 3.2.4 and 
3.14.7,kra_ntaprajn~a, sarvajn~a; possessing wise might]. 

8.044.08 Agni, best of the An:girasas, do you, continually accepting these our 
oblations, conduct the sacrifice atthe due seasons. 

8.044.09 Brilliant-flames giver of food, do you, the knower, when kindled, bring 
the host of the gods here. 

8.044.10 We solicit the wise invoker (of the gods), the beneficent, the smoke-
bannered, the resplendent, thebanner of the sacrifices. 

8.044.11 Divine Agni, produced by strength, do you protect us from the injurer, 
tear asunder our enemies. 

8.044.12 The wise Agni, beautifying his body with the ancient hymn, has grown in 
might through the intelligenthymner. 

8.044.13 I invoke Agni of purifying lustre, the son of (sacrificial) food, in 
this inviolable sacrifice. 

8.044.14 O Agni, adorable to your friends, sit down with the gods on our sacred 
grass with your resplendentradiance. [Adorable to your friends; In RV. 8.19.25: 
mitramahas = anuku_ladi_tima_n, beneficently shining; here,mitran.a_m 

8.044.15 Whatsoever mortal worships the divine Agni in his house (for the 
attainment) of wealth, to him he givesriches. [Wealth: tanvah dhanasya 
pra_ptyartham (Naigh. 2.10); or, in his own house]. 

8.044.16 Agni, the head (of the gods), the summit of heaven-- he the lord of the 
earth-- gladdens the seed of thewaters. [Seed: reta_m.si, the moveable 
andimmovable productions of the creative waters]. 

8.044.17 Agni, your pure, bright, shining flames send forth your splendours. 

8.044.18 Agni, lord of heaven, you preside over (all) that is to be desired or 
given; may I be your eulogist forhappiness. 

8.044.19 You, Agni, the wise (praise), you they rejoice with (pious) rites; may 
our praises invigorate you. 

8.044.20 We ever choose the friendship of Agni, the unharmed, the strong, the 
messenger, the praiser (of thegods). 

8.044.21 The pure Agni shines forth when worshipped the purest offerer, the pure 
priest, the pure sage. [Puresage: kavi = sage (RV 1.31.2); or, kra_ntakarman]. 

8.044.22 May my rites also and my praises ever invigorate you Agni, take thought 
of our friendship. 

8.044.23 Agni, if I were you or you were I, your wishes here should come true. 
[If I were you or you were I: i.e., if Iwere rich like you and you were poor 
like me]. 

8.044.24 Agni, you are rich in splendour, the lord of wealth, and the giver of 
dwellings; may we too abide in yourfavour. 

8.044.25 Agni, my loud praises proceed to you, observant of pious rites, as 
rivers to the sea. 

8.044.26 I glorify with hymns the ever-young Agni, the lord of men, the wise, 
the all-devouring, the performer ofmany acts. [All-devouring: vis'va_dam = the 
devourer of the entire oblation]. 

8.044.27 Let us seek with our hymns Agni, the conductor of the sacrifices, the 
mighty, the sharp-jawed. 

8.044.28 May this (my family) also be your worshippers, adorable Agni; O 
purifier, give them happiness.[Adorable: santya = bhajani_ya; or, phalaprada]. 

8.044.29 You verily are wise, seated at the oblation, wakeful as the seer (for 
the welfare of living beings); Agni,you ever shine in the sky. 

8.044.30 Wise Agni, giver of dwellings, extend our lives,before sins or 
assailants (destroy us).

8.045.01 Those (sages) who kindle Agni, those of whom the ever-young Indra is 
the friend, continually spreadthe sacred grass. 

8.045.02 Ample is their fuel, many their hymns, broad their sacred shaving-- 
whose friend is the ever-youngIndra. [Sacred shaving: svaru = first shaving or 
splinter from the sacrificial post; cf. its use in the sacrifice: Ka_ty.6.4.12; 

8.045.03 Though before powerless to combat, the hero by his might now subdues 
one surrounded by allies, (ifhelped by those) of whom the ever-young Indra is 
the friend. [Powerless to combat: ayuddhah = unopposed;pra_g ayoddha eva; but, 
cf. RV 1.32.6]. 

8.045.04 The slayer of Vr.tra, as soon as he was born, seized his arrow, and 
asked his mother, "who are theterrible, who are renowned?" 

8.045.05 Your strong mother answered you, "he who wishes your enmity fights as 
the elephant in the mountain".[Elephant: apsah = personal charms, teeth (RV 
1.124.7), beauty (RV 5.80.6; here, a beautiful elephant; or, is itthe cloud 
which covers the earth and the mountains (i.e. vr.tra)?] 

8.045.06 O Maghavan, do you hear (our praise); whosoever desires of you, you 
bear to him his request, whatyou fix is sure. 

8.045.07 When Indra, the warrior, goes to battle, desirous of gallant steeds, he 
is the foremost of the lords ofchariots. 

8.045.08 Thunderer, smite all your enemies that you may be scattered-- be to us 
a most abundant benefactor. 

8.045.09 May Indra, whom no foes can harm, send before us a beautiful chariot 
for the acquisition (of ourdesires). 

8.045.10 Surround Indra, may we escape your enemies; may we come to you 
abundantly for your gifts, rich incattle. 

8.045.11 (May we come), thunderer, slowly approaching you-- may we be rich in 
horses, possessed of abundanttreasure, ready to offer, and unharmed (by 

8.045.12 (The sacrificer) gives to your praisers day by day hundreds and 
thousands of excellent and auspiciousgifts. 

8.045.13 We know you, Indra, as the conqueror of wealth, the breaker of firm 
obstacles, the opener, and(guarding from harm) as a house. [The opener: 
a_da_rin.am = a_darta_ram (RV 8.24.4); dr.l.ha_ arujam]. 

8.045.14 Wise (Indra) overcomer of enemies, when we solicit you the barterer, 
may the drops of the Somaexhilarate you the exalted one. [Barterer: pan.i (cf. 
RV 1.33.3: mighty Indra, bestowing upon us abundant wealth,take not advantage of 
us, like a dealer), ma_ pan.ir bhu_r asma_d adhi = do not demand from us the 
strict priceof your gifts. Here, Indra is represented as selling them for the 
offered Soma libations]. 

8.045.15 Grant to us the possessions of that rich man who, through his 
niggardliness, reviles you as to yourbestowal of wealth. 

8.045.16 These friends, effusing the Soma, look on you, Indra, as men with their 
fodder ready (look) on theircattle. 

8.045.17 We invoke you here from afar for our protection, who are never deaf, 
and whose ears are always opento hear. 

8.045.18 If you hear this our prayer, then display your invincible power and be 
our nearest kinsman. 

8.045.19 Whenever, repairing to you in our distress, we offer our praises, 
attend to us, Indra, as a giver of cattle. 

8.045.20 Lord of might, we lean on you as the aged on a staff; we long for you 
in the sacrifice. 

8.045.21 Sing the praise to Indra, who is rich in wealth and bountiful, whom 
none can slay in battle. 

8.045.22 When the Soma is effused, I pour the libation to you, showerer (of 
blessings), for your drinking; satiateyourself, enjoy the exhilarating draught. 

8.045.23 Let not fools,  seeking protection, nor mockers trouble you; favour not 
the enemies of the bra_hman.as.[Enemies of the bra_hman.as: brahmadvis.ah = 
bra_hman.a_na_m dves.t.r.n]. 

8.045.24 Let (the worships) gladden you here with the Soma mixed with milk, for 
the attainment of great wealth;drink it as the buffalo a lake. 

8.045.25 Proclaim in our assemblies those perpetual and ever new riches which 
the slayer of Vr.tra sends fromafar. 

8.045.26 Indra drank the Soma offering of Kadru, (he smote the enemies) of the 
thousand-armed; there did hismight shine forth. [kadravah = belonging to a r.s.i 
named Kadru; or, gen., or abl. of Kadru, the well-known motherof the na_gas; 
sahasraba_hve = battle]. 

8.045.27 Well-knowing those (sacrificial) deeds of Turvas'a and Yadu, he 
overcame Anhava_yya in battle.[Turvas'a, Yadu: the names are associated in RV 
1.36.18, 54.6; 174.9; ahnavayya: he prevailed indisputably inbattle]. 

8.045.28 I praise our common (Indra), the deliverer of your families, the slayer 
(of your enemies, the bestower) ofriches in cattle. 

8.045.29 (I praise) in hymns the mighty Indra, the augmenter of waters, for the 
attainment of wealth, when theSoma is effused with (song). 

8.045.30 (Indra), who clove for Tris'oka the broad womb-like cloud, (and made) a 
path for the cows to issueforth? [The cows: go = water, rain]. 

8.045.31 Whatever you undertake in your exhilaration, whatever you purpose in 
your mind or are thinking tobestow-- O Indra, do it not, but bless us. [Do it 
not, for you have done it for us-- only make us happy]. 

8.045.32 Indra, the least deeds of one like you are renowned in the earth; may 
your care visit me. [The leastdeeds: little has been heard of as done upon earth 
by one such as you  are (Muir, Sanskrit Texts, Vol. V, p.III)]. 

8.045.33 Yours be those ascriptions of praise, your those hymns, through which, 
Indra, you bless us. 

8.045.34 Slay us not for one sin, not for two, not for three; O hero, slay us 
not for many. 

8.045.35 I am afraid of one like you, terrible, the smiter of enemies, the 
destroyer, who endures hostie attacks. 

8.045.36 Wealthy (Indra), may I never have to tell you of the destitutuion of my 
friend or my son; may your mindbe favourable towards me. [s'u_nam = vr.ddham; 
cf. RV 2.27.17: s'u_nam - s'u_nyam, da_ridryam; may I neverhave to tell a 
kinsman's destitution to an opulent, kind, and munificen patron]. 

8.045.37 "Who, O mortals", said (Indra), "unprovoked, has ever, as a friend, 
slain his friend? Who fleeth fromme?" [An anser to r.cas 34 and 35]. 

8.045.38 Showerer (of benefits), when the ready Soma was effused, you did devour 
much, without stint, rushingdown like a gameste. [asinvan = na badhnan; RV. 
7.39.6: apratibadhna_n, not hindering the desires of mortals]. 

8.045.39 I draw here your two steeds, harnessed to a beauiful chariot and yoked 
by hymns, since you givewealth to the bra_hman.as. 

8.045.40 Cleave asunder all the hostile hosts, frustrate their destructive 
attacks, and bestow on us their desirablewealth. 

8.045.41 Bestow on us, Indra, that desirable wealth, which is deosited in 
strongholds, in fastnesses, and inplaces which can stand an attack. [pars'a_ne = 
vimars'anaks.ame; or, a well, ku_pa_di; i.e. hiding wealth in theside of a 

8.045.42 Bestow on us, Indra, that desirable wealth which all men recognize as 
given abundantly by you.

8.046.01 O wealthy Indra, the leader (of rites), we belong to one like you, 
ruler of horses. [We belong to one likeyou: since none other is like you, we are 

8.046.02 You, thunderer, we verily know to be giver of food, you we know to be 
the give of riches. 

8.046.03 O S'atakratu, wielding a hundred protections, whose greatness the 
worshippers praise with theirhymns. 

8.046.04 Fortunate in sacrifice is that mortal whom the guileless Maruts, whom 
Aryaman and Mitra, protect. 

8.046.05 He who is directed by A_ditya ever increases, possessing abundance of 
kine and horses and vigorouschildren; he increases in wealth longed for by many. 

8.046.06 We solicit a gift from this Indra, the displayer of might, the 
fearless; we solicit wealth from the lord. 

8.046.07 In him abide united all secure protections; lord of vast wealth, may 
his gliding steeds bear him to theexpressed Soma for his exhilaration. [All 
secure protections: a reference to the troops of the Maruts whoaccompany Indra]. 

8.046.08 That exhilaration of your, Indra, which is pre-eminent, which utterly 
desroys your enemies, which winswealth from men, and is invincible in battles. 
[From men: nr.bhih = s'atrubhyah, from your foes]. 

8.046.09 Which is invincibel in contests -- O you desired by all-- well-worthy 
of praise and the deliverer (fromenemies); come to our oblations, most mighty 
one, giver of dwellings; may we obtain a stall full of kine. [Delivererfromm 
enemies: tarutr. = jetr. (RV 8.1.28)]. 

8.046.10 Lord of wealth, visit us as of old, go give us cows, horses and 

8.046.11 Verily, hero, I find no limit to your wealth; O Maghavan, the 
thunderer, bestow (your gifts) quickly uponus, and bless our offerings with 
(abundant) food. 

8.046.12 The graceful Indra, whose friends extol him, knows, praised of many, 
all births; him, the mighty, all meninvoke at all times, seizing the ladles (for 
oblation). [All men: vis've ma_nus.a_, all the priests, adhvaryus etc.associated 
with men, sarvepy adhvarya_dayo manus.yasambandhinah]. 

8.046.13 May Maghavan, the wealthy, the slayer of Vr.tra, stand before us as our 
defender in battles. 

8.046.14 At the time of the exhilaration of the Soma, sing, according to your 
hymns, with a loud voice, you wisehero Indra, the humbler of enemies, the 
strong, the ever-worthy to be praised. [Your wise hero: vah = yuyanr; 
or,yus.ma_kam hitaya_;  vaco yatha_ = in the ga_yatri_ or tris.t.ubh metre; 
na_ma = s'atru_n.a_m na_makam]. 

8.046.15 (Indra), invoked by many, speedily give me wealth; give riches, give 
abundance of food in battle.[Speedily: atha = adya]. 

8.046.16 (We praise you), the lord of all riches, the subduer of this obstructor 
waging (attacks), -- speedily giveus abundant (wealth). [Abundant: atyatha = 
adya_pi, apya_dya]. 

8.046.17 I desire the coming of you, the mighty one, we give praise with 
oblations and ymns to the showerer whohastens readily (to the sacrifice), 
associated with the Maruts, you are worshipped of all men; I glorify you 
withadoration and praise. 

8.046.18 (We present) the oblation to those loud-sounding (Maruts) who rush 
along with the streaming trains ofthe clouds; may we obtain in the sacrifice the 
happiness which those deep-roarers bestow. [Streaming trains:ajman = gamanam (RV 
1.166.5), san:gra_ma (RV 1.112.17); here, balair balakarair udakaih]. 

8.046.19 (We worship) the crusher of the malevolent, most powerful Indra, bring 
to us suitable wealth, Oinspirer-- (bring) most excellent( wealth), O inspirer. 
[O inspirer: codayanmate = dhanam prerayanti matir yasya,you whose mind sends 
wealth to his worshipper; in RV 5.86.6, it is applied to the eye, 'having the 
mind as itsinstigator]. 

8.046.20 O bountiful, mos bountiful, mighty, wondeful, best giver of knowledge 
and supremely truthful, by yourprowess, universal ruler, (bring to us) in 
conflicts ample wealth, overpowering those who attack us, and causingenjoyment. 
[bhujyam, pu_rvyam: two epithes applied in RV 8.22.2 to the chariot of the 
As'vins; pu_rvya = goingbefore (in battle); bhujyu = preserver of all]. 

8.046.21 Let him draw near, who, though not a god, would receive this complete 
living gift-- since Vas'a, the sonof As'va, receives it at the dawn of this 
(morning) at the hands of Pr.thus'ravas, the son of Ka_ni_ta. [The verse 
isspoken by as'va or his friends; ivat = gamanavad, gava_dilaks.an.am; pu_rtam = 
pu_rn.am; or, ivat = iyat, such,so great; or, pu_rtam = pious works; Ka_ni_ta: 
son of a maiden, kanya_ya_h putrah]. 

8.046.22 I have received sixty thousand horses, and ens of housands-- a score of 
hundreds of camels-- athousand brown mares-- and ten times ten thousand cows 
with three red patches. [Three red patches: i.e. havingthe head, back, and sides 
white (or bright); the r.ca and the next two r.cas are spoken by Vas'a]. 

8.046.23 Ten brown horses bear along the wheel (of my chariot), of mature 
vigour, of complete power, andtrampling down obstacles. [Of complee power: 
vi_tava_ra_sah = kra_ntabalah pra_ptabala va_, having sleektails]. 

8.046.24 These arehtje gifts of the wealthy Pr.thus'ravas, the son of Ka_ni_ta; 
he, bestowing a golden chariot,has proved himself most liberal and wise, he has 
won most abundant fame. 

8.046.25 Come to us, Va_yu, to bestow great wealth and glorious strength; we 
have offered (libations) to you thegiver of abundant (wealth), we have offered 
immediately to you the giver of great (gifts). 

8.046.26 He who is borne on horses and surrounds himself with thrice seven times 
seventy cows-- he comes toyou with these Soma-libations and Soma-priests, to 
offer to you, drinker of the Soma, drinker of the bright pureSoma. [He = 

8.046.27 He who of his own will has been pleased to give me this honoured gift, 
he, performer of good works,(has determined) on a pre-eminently good action, 
amid Aratva, Nahus.a and Sukr.tvan. [Maybe, names of kingsor officers of 

8.046.28 He who is self-resplendent in his glorious body, who is bright, O 
Va_yu, like ghi_, has given me thisfood, brought by horses, brought by camels, 
brought by dogs. [Self-resplendent: he who is lord over (the kings)uchathya and 
vapus; brought by camels: rajas = a camel or as ass]. 

8.046.29 I have now received (a gift) dear to the beneficent king, sixty 
thousand bulls vigorous like horses. 

8.046.30 As the cows to the herd, so repair the oxen; so the oxen repair to me. 

8.046.31 Since, when the herd were wandering (to the wood), he called a hundred 
camels (to give them to me),and two thousand from among the white herds (of 

8.046.32 I, the sage, accep the hundred from the slave Balbu_tha, the cowherd; 
we here are your, O Va_yu-those who have Indra and the gods for protectors 
rejoice (through your favour). [Cowherd: taruks.a =gava_s'va_di_nam ta_rakah, 
but it is given as a proper name in the gun.a to Pa_n. 4.1.105; a hundred = 
anindefinite number]. 

8.046.33 This tall maiden, adorned with gold, is led towards me, Vas'a, the son 
of As'va.

8.047.01 Mitra and Varun.a, you are great, and great is your protection to the 
offerer; no evil, A_dityas, harmshim whom you guard from the injurer; your aids 
are void of harm, your aids are true aids. 

8.047.02 Divine A_dityas, you know the averting of evils; as birds (spread) 
their wings over (their) young, grantus happiness; your aids are void of harm, 
your aids are true aids. 

8.047.03 Grant us that happiness of yours, as birds (spread) their wings; O you 
possessed of all wealth, wesolicit all riches suitable for our dwelling; your 
aids are void of harm, your aids are true aids. 

8.047.04 To whomsoever these wise A_dityas gran a dwelling and the means of 
life, (for him) they master thewealth of every man; your aids are void of harm, 
your aids are true aids. [Of every man: who does not offersacrifice]. 

8.047.05 May our sins avoid us as charioteers inaccessible place; may we abide 
in Indra's happiness and in theprotection of the A_diyas; your aids are void of 
harm, your aids are true aids. 

8.047.06 Only by painful means does a living man obtain the wealth which you 
bestow; but he whom you, divineA_dityas, visit, wins great (riches); your aids 
are void of harm, your aids are true aids. [By painful means = bypenance, 
religious observances; a living ma: ana = pra_n.a-yuktah, endowed with life; (RV 
4.30.3):pra_n.aru_pena balena; or, just a particle, 'certainly'; verily men 
succumb through the loss of the wealth given byyou?; a_s'a vah = a_s'avah, 
swiftly moving].  8.047.07 Him fierce wrath touches not, nor heavy (calamity), 
to whom, A_dityas, you have given greathappiness; your aids are void of harm, 
your aids are true aids. [Fierce wrath: tigmam: him, though fierce (orharsh) 
wrath touches not; you have iven great happiness: saprathas: neuter nom. sg. 
agreeing with s'arma]. 

8.047.08 Deities, may we abide in you as warriors in their armour; do you defend 
us from great evil, do youdefend us from litt;e your aids are void of harm, your 
aids are true aids. 

8.047.09 May Aditi defend us, may Aditi grant us happiness, the mother of the 
wealthy Mitra, Aryama andVarun.a; your aids are void of harm, your aids are true 

8.047.10 Grant to us, deities, that happiness which is a refuge, auspicious, and 
free from sickness, which isthreefold and fit for a (secure) shelter; your aids 
are void of harm, your aids are true aids. [Threefold: tridha_tu =protecing 
against cold, heat and wind or wet (RV 8.18.21, trivaru_tha); or, simply three 

8.047.11 A_dityas, look down upon us as those who look from the shore; as (men 
lead) their horses to a secureGha_t.a, so conduct us along a good path; your 
aids are void of harm, your aids are void of harm, your aids aretrue aids. [Who 
lok from the shore: spas'ah = spas.t.ah, visible, from spas. to see; as a man 
standing on theshore looks down on the water below or on some one in it]. 

8.047.12 Let there not be prosperit here to our powerul (foe), nor to him who 
threaten or assails us; but let therebe prosperity to our cattle, our kine, and 
our male offspring desirous of food; your aids are void of harm, your aidsare 
true aids. [Nor to him who threatens or assails us: neither to threaten nor to 
assail us]. 

8.047.13 Deities, whatever evil is manifest, whatever is concealed, (let it be 
not found) in Trita A_ptya, keep it farfrom us; your aids are void of harm, your 
aids are true aids. [Trita A_ptya is the r.s.i of the hymn. Trita A_ptyawas a 
deity dwelling in remote distance, and consequently evil was sought to be 
transferred to him; keep it farfrom us in Trita A_ptya]. 

8.047.14 Daughter of heaven, (Us.as), whatever ill-omened dream threatens our 
cattle, keep it, O brilliant one,far from Trita A_ptya; y our aids are void of 
harm, your aids, are true aids. [Far from Trita A_ptya: trita-yaa_ptya_ya: keep 
it far away for Trita A_ptya; R.cas 14 and 15 are used in A_s'vala_yana's Gr.hy 
Su_tras to berecited after an unpleasant dream]. 

8.047.15 Daughter of heaven, whatever ill-omened dream threatens Trita A_ptya, 
we transfer it to the worker ofgold ornaments or to the maker of garlands; your 
aids are void of harm, your aids are true aids. [Whatever evildream threatens 
the worker of gold ornaments or the maker of garlands, that evil, abiding in 
Trita A_ptya (or theson of the waters), we Tr.tas throw off from ourselves; i.e. 
we throw it off on Trita A_ptya]. 

8.047.16 Us.as, bear (elsewhere) the ill-omened dream for Trita and Dvita, who 
eat and do (in dreams) that(which is eaten and done amiss when awake) and who 
obtain that (inauspicious) portion; your aids are void ofharm, your aids are 
true aids. [Bear elsewhere: i.e., let the eating of honey etc., perceived in a 
dream, producehappiness as in a waking state; trita and dvita: for dvita, cf. 
S'atapatha Bra_hman.a]. 

8.047.17 As (in the sacrifice) we put severally together the proper parts and 
the hoofs, and as we discharge adebt, so we transfer all the ill-omened dream 
that rests on A_ptya; your aids are void of harm, your aids are trueaids. [As in 
the sacrifice they place together the kala_, the heart etc., as fit to be cut to 
pieces, and the s'apha,the hoof, bones etc. as unfit; another explanation is: 
kala_ = s'apha or hoof. The words kala_ and s'apha occurtogether in Taittiri_ya 
Sam.hita_ 6.1.10, where the process of buying the Soma is desscribed; s'apha = 
the eighthpart of a cow; kala_ = a very small portion of a cow; that rests on 
A_ptya: or, we transfer all the ill-omened dreamto A_ptya]. 

8.047.18 May we be today victorious, and obtain (happiness); may we be free from 
evil; Us.as, may that ill dreamdepart, of which we were afraid; your aids are 
void of harm, your aids are true aids.

8.048.01 May I, the wise and devout, enjoy the delicious, abundantly honoured 
Soma food, which all gods andmortals, pronouncing sweet, seek to obtain. 

8.048.02 You enter within, and unimpaired, you avert the anger of the gods; 
Soma, enjoying the friendship ofIndra, may you bring us to wealth as a swift 
(horse) its burden. [You enter within: the heart or the sacrificialchamber]. 

8.048.03 We drink the Soma, may we become immortal; we have attained the light 
of (heaven), we have knownthe gods; what now could the enemy do to us, or what, 
O immortal, should the aggriever do to the mortal?[Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_ 3.2.5: 
the past tense is used in the sense of wish, as'am.sadyotana_ya 

8.048.04 O soma, drunk by us, be bliss to our hearts, as a father is indulgent 
to a son or a friend to a friend; OSoma, worthy of wide praise, do you, wise 
one, extend our years that we may live. 

8.048.05 May these glory-conferring protecting Soma-streams knit together my 
joints as cows draw together achariot falling in pieces; may they keep us from a 
loosely-knit worship; may they deliver me from sickness. [Cows:ga_vah = Soma 
streams, as the Soma is mixed with milk, and thus considered the product of the 
cows; aloosely-knit worship: when the Soma is drunk, the ceremony becomes 

8.048.06 Soma, kindle me like the fire ignited by attrition, brighten (our eyes) 
and make us rich; I praise you nowfor exhilaration; come now, full of wealth, to 
nourish us. 

8.048.07 May we partake of you, effused, with a longing mind as (men enjoy) 
paternal wealth; King Soma,prolong our lives, as the sun the world-establishing 

8.048.08 King Soma, bless us for our welfare; we worshippers are yours, do you 
recognize it; the enemy goesstrong and fierce, O Soma; give us not over to him 
as he desires. 

8.048.09 O Soma, you are the guardian of our bodies, you dwell in each limb as 
the beholder of man; though weimpair your rites, yet, divine one, bless us, you 
who are possessed of most excellent food and good friends. 

8.048.10 May I obtain a wholesome friend who, when quaffed, will not harm me, O 
lord of bay horses; I ask ofIndra a long permanence for this Soma which has been 
placed within us. 

8.048.11 May those irremovable sicknesses depart; let those strong (pains) which 
have made us tremble, beafraid; the mighty Soma has climbed into us, we have 
attained that (draught) by which men prolong life. 

8.048.12 That Soma which, drunk into our hearts, has entered, immortal, into us 
mortals-- to him, fathers, let usdo worship with oblations; may we abide in his 
bliss and favour. 

8.048.13 Soma, you in conjunction with the fathers do stretch our successively 
heaven and earth-- to you let usdo worship with oblations, may we be lords of 

8.048.14 Guardian gods, speak favourably to us; let no dreams nor the censurer 
overpower us; may we be everdear to Soma; possessed of brave offspring, may we 
utter our hymn. 

8.048.15 You, Soma, give us food from every side; you are the bestower of 
heaven; enter us, beholder of men; OSoma, rejoicing with your protecting powers, 
guard us from behind and before. [With your protecting powers:u_tyah = Maruts, 
ganta_rah, ava gatau].

8.049.01 I would praise to you the bounteous Indra as is fit, the wealth-
abounding Maghavan, who loves to helpwith thousandfold treasure those who praise 

8.049.02 He rushes on boldly like a weapon with a hundred edges, he smites the 
enemies of his worshipper; thegifts of him who feeds many, swell like the 
streams of a mountain. 

8.049.03 The expressed exhilarate Soma, O Indra, lover of hymns, fills you for 
bounty, O hero, O thunderer, asthe waters flow to their accustomed lake. 

8.049.04 Drink the incomparable, helpful, swelling Soma, the sweet of the Soma, 
that in your exultation you maypour out treasure for us, just as the mill-stone 
pours out meal. [dhr.s.ad = dr.s.ad]. 

8.049.05 Come quickly to our praise--urged on by the Soma-pressers like a horse-
- which the kine make sweet,for you, O Indra, of independent mighty; there are 
gifts (for you) among the Kan.va's. [stomam = somam]. 

8.049.06 We have approached you with homage like a mighty hero, the pre-eminent 
one, of imperishable wealth;O Indra, thunderer, our prayers flow forth as an 
abundant fountain pours  out its streams. 

8.049.07 Whether you are now present at a sacrifice, or whether you are abroad 
on the earth, come from thencewith your swift steeds to our sacrifice, O you of 
lofty counsel, come, strong one, with the strong (steeds). 

8.049.08 Agile and swift are your steeds, overpowering like the winds; with 
which you encircle the race of Manus,with which he whole heaven becomes visible. 
[Or, with which you encircle all...] 

8.049.09 O Indra, we long for such a bounty of yours, rich in kine; (help us), 
Maghavan, as you did helpMedhya_tithi with wealth, as you did help Ni_pa_tithi. 

8.049.10 As you, Mahavan, did give abundant kine and gold to Kan.va and 
Trasadasyu, to Paktha andDas'avraja; as you did give them to Gos'arya and 

8.050.01 I would praise the far-famed, the bounteous S'akra, for the sake of his 
protection, who gives desirablewealth by thousands to the presser of the Soma 
and the offerer of hymns. 

8.050.02 Invincible are his hundred-edged weapons, he mighty arrows of Indra; he 
pours forth blessings on hisliberal worshippers like a mountain rich in springs, 
when the effused Soma has exhilarated him. 

8.050.03 When the effused Soma-drops have exhilarated the beloved one, my 
oblation is offered abundantly likethe waters, O gracious Indra-- it is like the 
kine to the worshipper. 

8.050.04 The prayers which consecrate the Soma flow forth to the incomparable 
one who calls you for hisfavour, the Soma-drops which invoke you, O gracious 
one, have set you in the midst of the hymns. 

8.050.05 He rushes hurrying like a horse to the Soma offered in our festival, 
which the hymns make sweet toyou, O you that love sweet viands, you approve the 
summons to the satisfying Soma. [Paura may be a propername; you approve the 
summons to (the house of) Paura]. 

8.050.06 Praise the mighty hero, wide-grasping, spoil-harrying, who has control 
over vast treasure; you, Othunderer ever pour forth wealth to the worshipper 
like an abundan fountain. 

8.050.07 Whether you are in the far distance or in the earth or in heaven, O 
Indra, god of lofty counsel, yoke yoursteeds, come here, lofty one, with the 

8.050.08 Your harmless steeds which draw your chariot, which surpass the 
strength of the wind, with which yousilence the enemy of man and with which you 
go round the sky. [Or, of Manus, dasyum manus.ah]. 

8.050.09 May we once more know you as such, O gracious hero, as when you did aid 
Etas'a in the decisivebattle, or Vas'a against Das'avraja. 

8.050.10 As you were willing to give, O Maghavan, to Kan.va in the sacrificial 
feast, or to Di_rghani_tha thefriend of the house, as you were willing to give, 
O slinger, to Gos'arya, so give to me a herd of kine shining likegold.

8.051.01 As you did drink, O Indra, the effused Soma beside Manu, the descendant 
of Sam.varan.a, byNi_pa_tithi and Medhya_tithi, by Pus.t.igu and S'rus.t.igu, O 
Maghavan (so do you drink it here). 

8.051.02 The descendant of Pr.s.advana entertained the aged Praskan.va who lay 
rejected (by his kindred);aided by you the seer Dasyave-vr.ka desired to obtain 
thousands of cows. 

8.051.03 Sing that Indra with the new hymn who has no lack of praises, who is 
wise and the inspirer of seers,who is as it were eager to enjoy. 

8.051.04 He to whom they sang the seven-headed hymn with its three parts in the 
highest region, he has madeall these worlds tremble, and has thus brought forth 
his power. [i.e. sun by seven divine singers in heaven]. 

8.051.05 We invoke that Indra who gives us wealth; for we know his new favour; 
may we obtain a stall rich incows. 

8.051.06 He whom you help, O gracious one, to give, obtains abundance of wealth; 
bringing the Soma we invokeyou, Indra, Maghavan, you that love hymns. 

8.051.07 Never are you niggardly, Indra, and give not to the worshipper; but 
your godlike gifts, O Maghavan, arepoured forth more and more. 

8.051.08 He who overpowered Krivi by his might and silences Sus.n.a with his 
weapons, when he spread abroadyonder sky and propped it up, then first the 
dweller on earth was born. 

8.051.09 That wealth, which every A_rya here covets and every miserly Da_sa, is 
sent direct to yo, the piousRus'ama Paviru. 

8.051.10 The zealous seers have sung a hymn, sweet with Soma and dropping ghi_; 
wealth and manly strengthhav espread themselves among us, and so too the 
expressed Soma drops.

8.052.01 As you, S'akra, did drink the effused Soma from Manu Vivasvat, as you 
did accept the hymn from Trita,so do you gladden yourself with A_yu. 

8.052.02 You did enjoy, Indra, the effused drink with Pr.s.adhra, Medhya and 
Ma_taris'van, just as you did drinkthe Soma with Das'as'ipra, Das'on.ya, 
Syumaras'mi, and R.junas. 

8.052.03 (It is Indra) who has appropriated the hymns for himself, who has 
bravely drunk the Soma, for whomVis.n.u strode the three steps according to the 
ordinances of Mitra. 

8.052.04 O S'atakratu, you who are bountiful to him whose praises and oblations 
you delight in, we, desiringwealth, invoke you, as the milkers call a cow which 
bears abundant milk. 

8.052.05 He who gives to us is our father, the mighty, the strong, he who acts 
as the sovereign, may he, thestrong rich Maghavan, give us kine and horses, even 
without our asking for it. 

8.052.06 He to whom you give a present that he may obtain abundance of wealth; 
we, desiring wealth, invokewith our praises Indra S'atakratu, the lord of 

8.052.07 Never are you heedless, you guard both races, (gods and men); O fourth 
A_ditya, to you belongs theIndra invocation, the ambrosia has risen to heaven. 
[i.e. with Varun.a, Mitra and Aryaman]. 

8.052.08 (As you hear) the worshipper who you favour, O Indra, Maghavan, liberal 
one, you that love hymns, so,gracious one, hear our hymns and our invocation of 
praise, like Kan.va's. 

8.052.09 The old hymn has been sun, you have uttered the prayer to Indra; they 
have shouted many br.hati_verses of the rite, many hymns of the worshipper have 
they poured forth. 

8.052.10 Indra has heaped together vast stores of wealth, the two worlds and the 
sun; the bright pureSoma-drink mixed with milk, has exhilarated Indra.

8.053.01 We come to you, O Maghavan Indra, the highest of Maghavans, the strong 
of bulls, the mightiestbreakere of forts, the provider of kine, the lord of 

8.053.02 You who, waxing in might day by day, did destroy A_yu, Kutsa, and 
Atithigva, we invoke you,S'atakratu, with your bay horses, rousing you by our 

8.053.03 Let the stones our forth the Soma for us all, the Soma-drops which have 
been pressed by men afar ornear. 

8.053.04 Smite all our enemies and drive them away, may we all obtain their 
wealth; even amont the S'i_s.t.asare you exhilarating Soma-stalks, where you 
fill yourself with the Soma. 

8.053.05 Indra, come very near with your firmly-wise protections; come, O most 
healthful, with your mos healthfulaid, come, good kinsma, with your good 

8.053.06 Make rich in children that chief of all me, who is victorious in battle 
and a strong protector; properthoroughly with your powers your singers who 
cintinually purify their minds. 

8.053.07 May we be in battle as one who is the sure to gain your protection; we 
worship you with invocationsand prayers wen we obtain our desire. 

8.053.08 With your help, O lord of bay steeds, I always go into prayer and into 
battle, seeking spoil; it is youwhom I insist upon, when I go, longing for 
horses and kine, at the head of plunders. [mati_na_m = mathi_na_m, inthe 
beginning of my prayers].


8.054.01 The singers with their hymns, O Indra, this might of yours; singing 
loudly, they have brought you sacredviands dropping with Soma; the offerers have 
drawn near with their prayers. [Or, the Pauras]. 

8.054.02 They have drawn near Indra with holy rites for his protection, they in 
whose libations you rejoice; as youdid rejoice in Samvara and Kr.s'a, so now, 
Indra, do you rejoice in us. 

8.054.03 You gods, come all with one accord to us; let the Vasus and Rudras come 
for our protection, let theMaruts hear our call. 

8.054.04 May Pu_s.an, Vis.n.u, Sarsvati_, and the seven rivers, favour my call; 
may the waters, the wind, themountains, the trees, the earth, hear my call. 

8.054.05 With yours own special gift, O Indra, best of Maghavans, be you our 
boon-companion for good, ourliberal benefactor, O slayer of Vr.tra. 

8.054.06 O lord of battle, lord of men, mighty in action, do you guide us in the 
conflict; far-famed are those whoobtain their desires by sacrificial feasts, by 
invocations, and by entertaining the gods. 

8.054.07 Our prayers abide in the true one, in Indra is the life of men; draw 
near to us, Maghavan, for ourprotection; milk for the streaming drink. 

8.054.08 O Indra, we would worship you with hymns; O S'atakratu, you are ours; 
pour down upon Pras'kan.vagreat, solid, inexhaustible, exuberant abundance.

8.055.01 Great indeed is Indra's might; I have beheld it; your gift approaches, 
O Dasyaave vr.ka [O foe to theDasyu]. 

8.055.02 A hundred white oxen shine like stars in the heaven, by their size they 
have almost held up theheavens. 

8.055.03 A hundred bamboos, a hundred dogs, a hundred dressed hides, a hundred 
bunches of balbaja grass,and four hundred red mares are mine. 

8.055.04 May youu have the gods propitious to you, O descendants of Kan.va, 
living through youth on youth;step out vigorously like steed. 

8.055.05 Let them praise the seven-yoked team, great is the strength of that 
which is not yet full-grown; thedark-brown mares have rushed along the paths so 
that no eye can follow them.

8.056.01 Your inexhaustible gift has appeared, O Dasyave vr.ka, its fullness is 
in extent like the sky. 

8.056.02 Dasyave-vr.ka, the son of Putakrata, has given to me ten thousand from 
his own store. 

8.056.03 A hundred asses a hundred woolly sheep, a hundred slaves, beside 

8.056.04 There too has been brought for Putakrata a well-adorned mare, which is 
not one of the common horsesof the herd. 

8.056.05 The shining Agni has appeared, the bearer of the oblation, with his 
chariot; Agni has gleamed forthbrilliantly with his bright flame as Sura, he has 
gleamed forth in heaven as Su_rya.

8.057.01 You have come quickly, you two gods, with your car, endowed with 
ancient might, O sacred As'vins,truthful ones, with your powers, drink this 
third libation. 

8.057.02 The three-and-thirty truthful gods saw you before the truthful one; O 
As'vins, gleaming with fire, drinkthe Soma, enjoying our offering, our libation. 
[i.e. before the Sun; the dawns are compared to truthful activewomen; cf. RV. 

8.057.03 That work of yours, O As'vins, is worthy of wonder, the bull of the 
heavens, the firmament and the earth;and your thousand blessings in battle, for 
all these come here to drink. [i.e. the Sun, which they may be said toreveal, as 
they come with the earliest dawn]. 

8.057.04 O sacred ones, this your portion has been placed for you, O truthful 
ones, come to these your praises;drink among us the sweet Soma, succour your 
worshipper with your powers.

8.058.01 He whom the wise priests bring, when they arrange the offering in many 
ways, who was employed as alearned bra_hman.a, what is the offerer's knowledge 
regarding him? 

8.058.02 Agni is one, though kindled in various ways; one is the Sun, pre-
eminent over all; one Dawn illuminesthis all; one is that which has become this 

8.058.03 The brilliant chariot, diffusing splendour, rolling lightly on its 
three wheels, offering an easy seat, and fullof many gifts, at whose yoking the 
Dawn was born, rich in marvellous treasures, I invoke that your chariot 
(OAs'vins), come you here to drink.

8.059.01 These your offered portions stream forth, O Indra and Varun.a, to your 
honour in the oblations; at everysacrifice you hasten to the oblations, when you 
help the offerer who presses out the Soma. 

8.059.02 The plants and the waters were efficacious, they have attained their 
power, O indra and Varun.a, youwho have gone beyond the path of the firmament, 
no godless man is worth being called your enemy. 

8.059.03 True, O Indra and Varun.a, is that saying of Kr.sa's, 'the seven sacred 
voices distil a stream of honey',for their sake help the worshipper, O you lords 
of splendour, who reverence you devoutly in his thoughts. [RV.9.103.3, 'the Soma 
streams through the sheep's wool round the honey-dropping vessel, the seven 
voices of thesacred bards shout to it']. 

8.059.04 The seven sister-streams of the Soma, in the hot the offering, pour 
forth ghi_-dripping streams of yours,O Indra Varun.a, provide for and help the 

8.059.05 To our great happiness we hae declared to these two brilliant ones the 
true might of Indra; O indra andVarun.a, lords of splendour, help us, the 
offerers of ghi_, with the company of thrice seven. [cf. use of the samephrase 
in: RV. 1.133.6: O irresistible one, you destroy not men with the warriors, with 
the thrice seven warriors]. 

8.059.06 O Indra and Varun.a, I have seen what you formerly gave to the seers, 
wisdom, power of song, andfame, and the places which the wise have prepared for 
themselves, as they spread the web of the sacrifice withholy austerities. 

8.059.07 O Indra and Varun.a, give to the offerers cheerfulness without levity, 
and abundance of wealth; give tous offspring, food, prosperity; prolong our 
lives to length of days.

8.060.01 Agni, come here with the fires, we choose you as our invoking priest; 
let the presented offering anointyou, the chief sacrificer, to sit down on the 
sacred grass. 

8.060.02 An:girasa, son of strength, the ladles go to find you in the sacrifice; 
we praise the ancient Agni in ourofferings, the grandson of food, butter-haired. 
[Butter-haired: Agni is called ghr.tapr.s.t.ha_, 'butter-backed' (RV.5.4.3); 
pradi_pta kalas'a stha_ni_ya jva_la_h; pradi_pta kalas'a = pradi_pta kes'a; cf. 
RV 5.37.1]. 

8.060.03 Agni, you, wise, are the creator (of consequences); O purifier, you are 
the involving priest, worthy ofworship; bright one, you are to be praised in our 
sacrifices by the priests with hymns, yourself the chief ministrantworthy to be 
rejoiced in. 

8.060.04 Most youthful, eternal one, bring the longing gods to me guileless, to 
eat (the oblation); giver ofdwellings, approach the well-placed food; rejoice, 
being set in your place with praises. 

8.060.05 Deliverer Agni, you, the truthful and the seer, are widely spread; O 
kindled blazing one, the wisepraisers wait on you. 

8.060.06 Most resplendent (Agni), shine forth and illuminate (us); give 
happiness to your people, to yourworshipper, for you are great; may my priests 
abide in the bliss of the gods, subduing their enemies, possessingbright fires. 
[My priests: su_rayah = stotaro medha_vinah asma_kam putra_dayo va_]. 

8.060.07 As, Agni, you consume old timber on the earth, so, cherisher of 
friends, do you burn our injurer,whosoever evil-minded wishes (our ill). 

8.060.08 Subject us not to a strong mortal enemy, nor to the malevolent; O most 
youthful, guard us with yourunharming delivering auspicious protections. 

8.060.09 Agni, protect us by one (rich), or protect us by a second; lord of 
strength, protect us by three sons;protect us, giver of dwellings, by four. 
[Four: r.k, yajus., sa_man and nigada]. 

8.060.10 Protect us from every impious ra_ks.asa, shield us in battles; we 
approach you, our nearest neighbour,our kinsman, for sacrifice and for increase. 
[Impious: not giving (sacrificial) gifts]. 

8.060.11 Purifying Agni, bestow upon us food-augmenting excellent wealth; and 
(bring) us, O meter-out of good,by auspicious guidance, (a treasure) desired by 
many and bringing its own fame. 

8.060.12 By which we may escape and destroy in battles our impetuous weapon-
aiming enemies; O you who bywisdom establish our rites, bless us with food, 
prosper our wealth-obtaining offerings. 

8.060.13 Agni tosses his horns, sharpening them as a bull; his sharp jaws are 
not to be resisted; he is mightytoothed, this son of strength. [Not to be 
resisted: na = iva (hanava iva); na = prati_dhr.s.e]. 

8.060.14 Since you spread out on all sides, your teeth, bull Agni, are not to be 
resisted; O offerer, do you makeour oblation rightly presented; give us many 
precious (gifts). 

8.060.15 You sleep within your mothers in the woods, mortals kindle you; 
unwearied you bear the offerings of thesacrificer, then you shine among the 
gods. [Your mothers: the two aran.is or pieces of wood from which thesacrificial 
fire is produced by attrition; RV 3.29.2]. 

8.060.16 The seven priests praise you, Agni, giver of good things and unfailing; 
you cleave the cloud with yourfierce splendour; go forth, having overcome our 
enemies. [jana_m = asma_n, proceed to the gods with theoblation, having left us 

8.060.17 Now that we have cut the sacred grass, let us invoke for you Agni, Agni 
the irresistible; having placedthe oblations, let us invoke Agni, abiding in 
many (places), the offerer of sacrifices for men. [Addressed to thesacrificers 
or to the gods: Agni the offerer of sacrifices; when Agni is satisfied, living 
being obtain their desires bythe rain which he causes; cf. Manu, 3.76]. 

8.060.18 (The sacrificer) worships you by praises, Agni, with the experienced 
(priests) in the rite celebrated withbeautiful Sa_man hymns;bring us of your own 
accord for our protection food of various kinds which may bealways in our reach. 

8.060.19 Divine Agni, worthy of praise, you are the guardian of men, the 
consumer of the ra_ks.asas; you aregreat, you the never-absent guardian of the 
(worshipper's) house, the protector of heaven, ever present in thedwelling. 
[Worthy of praise: jaritr. = the singer of praises; i.e. Agni = stutya]. 

8.060.20 O you brilliant wealth, let not the ra_ks.asa enter us, nor the torment 
of the evil spirits; Agni, drive awayfurther than a gavyu_ti from us poverty, 
hunger and the strong demons. [Gavyu_ti: this is a measure = twokros'as; it 
implies an unlimited distance; hunger: ks.udham = ksapayita_ram, the destroyer].

8.061.01 May Indra listen to both these our hymns; may the mightiest Maghavan 
come to us, (pleased) with ourdevoted offering, to drink the Soma. [satra_cya_ 
dhiya_ = come to us with your wholemind; both our hymns: i.e.whether recited 
(s'a_stra) or sung praises (stotra)]. 

8.061.02 Him, self-resplendent, have heaven and earth formed as the showerer, 
him (they have formed) forstrength; therefore, you sit down first of your peers; 
your mind loved the Soma. 

8.061.03 Indra, possessor of much wealth, pour the effused Soma within you; 
possessor of (bright) coursers, weknow you, the overpowerer in battles, the 
unconquerable, the conqueror. 

8.061.04 Indra, Maghavan of unbroken truth, it ever comes to pass as you in your 
knowledge may desire, by yourprotection, O handsome-jawed, may we obtain food, 
speedily, O thunderer, subduing our enemies. 

8.061.05 Indr, lord of rites, give us (our desire) with all your helping powers; 
hero, we worship you as happiness,the glorious, the obtainer of wealth. [All 
your helping powers: the Maruts]. 

8.061.06 You are the increaser of horses, the multiplier of cows; you, deity, 
with your golden body; none canharm the gifts laid up for me in you; bring me 
whatever I ask. 

8.061.07 You are (bounteous), come, may you obtain wealth to distribute to the 
worshipper; shower your bounty,Maghavan, on me desiring cows, shower it, Indra, 
on me desiring horses. [cerave = cetayitre = medha_vin, theworshiper]. 

8.061.08 You grant many hundreds and thousands of herds as a gift (to the 
offerer), uttering long praises, we,hymning Indra, the destroyer of cities, 
bring him before us for our protection. 

8.061.09 Indra, whether it be the unskilled or the skilled who celebrate your 
praise, each rejoices in his desire foryou, O S'atakratu, whose wrath presses 
ever forwards, who meet the foe, proclaiming, "It is I". 

8.061.10 If the strong-armed slayer of enemies, the destroyer of cities, will 
but hear my invocation, we, desiringwealth, will with our praises call one Indra 
S'atakratu, the lord of wealth. 

8.061.11 We are not evil who worship him, nor too poor to offer gifts, nor 
destitute of sacred fires-- sinceassembled together, when the Soma is effused, 
we make Indra, the showerer, our friend. [We are not evil:manamahe = to appear, 
we do not appear evil...] 

8.061.12 We join (to our rite) the mighty Indra, the subduer of enemies in 
battles, the inviolate, him to whompraise is due as a debt; he, the best of 
charioteers, knows (among steeds) the strong racer, and (among men)he, the 
bounteous (knows) the offerer whom he is to reach.  

8.061.13 Indra, give us security from him of whom we are afraid, Maghavan, be 
strong for us with yourprotections; destroy our enemies, destroy those who harm 

8.061.14 Lord of wealth, you are (the bestower) of great wealth and a dwelling 
place upon your worshipper; assuch, we invoke you, bearing the Soma, O Maghavan, 
Indra, who are to be honoured with hymns. 

8.061.15 Indra, the all-knower, the slayer of Vr.tra, the protector, is to be 
chosen by us; may he guard our (son),our last (son), our middle (son), may he 
protect us from behind and before. 

8.061.16 Indra, protect us from the west, from the south, from the north, from 
the east, protect us from every side;keep far from us supernatural alarm, keep 
afar the weapons of the demons. [i.e. protect us from the west, fromthe east, 
from below, from the north]. 

8.061.17 Save us, Indra, every today, every tomorrow, and every succeeding day; 
lord of the good, protect us,your praisers, in all days, by day and night. 

8.061.18 Maghavan is the shatterer, the hero, great in wealth, and the conductor 
to victory (over our enemies),S'atakratu, both your arms, which grasp the 
thunderbolt, are the showerers (of blessings). [Conductor to victory:sammis'lo 
vi_rya_ya = samyak mis'rayita_ s'atru_n.a_m vi_ryakaran.a_ya = bringing us into 
successful collisionwith our enemies; i.e., minging, or associated, with us to 
display his might].

8.062.01 Present the offering of praise to Indra, since he enjoys it; (the 
priests) augment the ample food of theSoma-loving Indra with their recited 
hymns, Indra's gifts are worthy of praise. 

8.062.02 Without a fellow and unlike the other gods, he alone, unconquerable, 
surpasses the men of formertimes, he surpasses in might all beings; Indra's 
gifts are worthy of praise. [Unlike the other gods: nr.bhih =devaih]. 

8.062.03 He, the swift giver, wishes to bestow blessings (upon us) with his 
unurged courser, your greatness,Indra, as you are about to display your powers, 
should be proclaimed, Indra's gifts are worthy of praise. 

8.062.04 Indra, come here; let us perform for you our sacred rites augmenting 
your vigour; by which (rites), mostmightyone, you desire to bless him who wishes 
for food; Indra's gifts are worthy of praise. 

8.062.05 You have made your mind, Indra, more resolute than the resolute, since 
you (wish to give the desires)of him who worships you with the intoxicating Soma 
and adorns you with adorations; Indra's gifts are worthy ofpraise. 

8.062.06 Indra, who is well-deserving of the hymn, looks down (with favour) upon 
us as a (thirsty) man (looksdown) on wells; and being well-pleased he makes the 
energetic Soma-offerer his friend; Indra's gifts are worthyof praise. [His 
friend: yujam = a_tma_nam; he makes the skilled Soma-offerer his friend; 
alternative interpretation:he makes the Soma the friend of the worshipper]. 

8.062.07 Indra, by the example of your power and knowledge the gods attain the 
same; O hymned by many, youare herdsman of the universe; Indra's gifts are 
worthy of praise. [Herdsman: gopati = lord of waters, lord ofhymns]. 

8.062.08 Indra, I laud that might of yours which isnear at hand to the 
worshipper-- (I laud you) that you slay Vr.tra,O lord of rites, by your 
strength; Indra's gifts are worthy of praise. [To the worshipper: for the sake 
of theoffering]. 

8.062.09 As a woman who shows no partiality wins her lovers to her, so Indra 
confers periods of time onmankind;it is Indra who has performed that knowledge-
giving achievement, therefore he is renowned; Indra's gifts areworthy of praise. 
[Who shows no partiality: samana_ = sama_namanaska yos.it; yuga = years, half-
years,seasons, months]. 

8.062.10 Maghavan, rich in cattle, (those who abide) in your happiness have 
greatly augmented your might whenit was born, (they have greatly augmented) you, 
Indra and your knwoeldge; Indra's gifts are worthy of praise.[Greatly augmented: 
by their Soma-offerings and hymns]. 

8.062.11 May I and you, slayer of Vr.tra, be close to you united until wealth is 
obtained; hero, wielding thethunderbolt, even the niggard concedes (that our 
union gives wealth); Indra's gifts are worthy of praise. 

8.062.12 Let us praise that Indra with truth, not with untruth, great is the 
destruction of him who offers not but tohim who offers abundant Soma-oblations, 
Indra's gifts are worthy of praise. [i.e. to him who offers abundantSoma-
oblations (bhu_ri jyotim.s.i) great is the favour conferred by Indra; or, to him 
who offers the Soma great arethe blessing (bhu_ri jyotim.s.i)].

8.063.01 He, (Indra), the chief of those to be honoured, desirous of our 
offerings, approaches; he, the doors ofwhose favour, the sacred rites, Manu, the 
(universal) father, attained among the gods. [a_naje = a_tma_namvyakti_karoti; 
a_naje = a_gamayati; manuh = jn~a_ta_ sarvasya indrah]. 

8.063.02 May the stones which press out the Soma never forsake Indra, maker of 
heaven, nor the praises andhymns which are to be uttered. 

8.063.03 He, the wise Indra, discovered the cows to the An:girasas; I glorify 
that his might. [Discovered the cows:when carried off by the pan.is; cf. RV 
1.6.5; 1.11.5]. 

8.063.04 As in former times, so now too is Indra the blesser of the worshipper 
and the bearer of him who praiseshim; may he come among us auspicious for our 
protection at the oblation of the Soma. 

8.063.05 Forthwith, Indra, as they offer to Agni the lord of Sva_ha_, the 
singers successively praise your deeds,for your attainment of wealth. [As they 
offer to Agni: i.e. as they make the oblations to you in the fire]. 

8.063.06 In that Indra, whom the singers know as the unharming, all past and 
future powers abide. 

8.063.07 When praises are addressed to Indra by the men of the five classes, he 
destroys their enemies by hismight; he, the lord, is the abode of the 
worshipper's homage. 

8.063.08 This praise is yours, for you have achieved those exploits; you have 
guarded the road of ourchariot-wheel (to the sacrificial rite). 

8.063.09 When the various sustenance, given by Indra, the showerer, is obtained, 
all men step over with widestrides for (dear) life; they receive it as cattle 
and barley. 

8.063.10 Presenting our praise, and desiring protection, may we with you (O 
priests) be lords of food, to offersacrifice to (Indra) attended by the Maruts. 

8.063.11 Hero, by our hymns we offer praise to you, who appear at the time of 
sacrifice, and wear auspicioussplendour; with you as our ally may we conquer 
(our enemies). 

8.063.12 The Rudras, the showering clouds, and (Indra) who rejoices with us in 
the battle-challenge which bringsVr.tra's destruction, and who comes in his 
might to the reciter and singer of his praises-- may these gods, withIndra at 
their head, protect us. [May the showering mountain-like (or filling, 
gratifying) Maruts, the sons of Rudra,allies in the battle-challenge which 
brings Vr.tra's destruction; or, may the gods who shower wealth upon us, 
theRudras, and those who have stated festivals (parvatah), who are unanimous in 
the battle-challenge for thedestruction of Vr.tra-- may these gods with Indra at 
their head protect us and him who recites or mutters thepraises, or having 
accumulated wealth, offers oblations].

8.064.01 May our praises exhilarate you, thunderer, make food for us, destroy 
the haters of the bra_hman.as. 

8.064.02 Crush with your foot the pan.is who offer no oblations; you are mighty; 
there is none else like unto you. 

8.064.03 You, Indra, are the lord of the Soma effused or not effused, you are 
the king of all men. 

8.064.04 Come, here, come forth from heaven to our dwelling, shouting for the 
sake of men; you fill both heavenand earth. [Come here: come here, and (having 
accepted the oblation) proceed gladly, praising the sacrificer; divi= divam]. 
[You fill both heaven and earth: i.e. with splendour or with rain]. 

8.064.05 Do you burst, for your worshippers, the gnarled cloud with its hundreds 
and thousands of showers.[The gnarled cloud: parvata = cloud, mountain; giri = 
cloud, mountain; parvata = parvavat = having knots,gnarled]. 

8.064.06 We invoke you when the Soma is effused by day, we invoke you by night; 
fulfil our desire. 

8.064.07 Where is that ever-youthful showerer, strong-necked and bowing to none? 
What hymner worships you?[Showerer: vr.s.abha = a bull]. 

8.064.08 To whose offering does the showerer come down pleased? Who can praise 

8.064.09 In what character, O slayer of Vr.tra, do the sacrificial offerings 
honour you, or the brave praises in thehymn? Who is nearest (in time of battle)?  

8.064.10 For you is this Soma effused among men by me of mortal race; draw near, 
hasten, drink it. [Among men:ma_nus.e jane =  mayi; purus.u = manus.yesu madhye, 
puruna_masu ra_jasu]. 

8.064.11 This is your beloved most exhilarating Soma which grows in the 
S'aryan.a_vat lake by the Sus.oma_river in the A_rjiki_ya country. 
[S'aryan.a_vat lake: cf. RV. 8.7.29 adhi s'ritah = adhi priyah; the lake is in 
the backpart of Kuruks.etra; A_rjiki_ya country: Soma thus grows in a very 
distant country; A_rjiki_ya = name of theVipa_s'a (Ya_ska, Nirukta 9.26)]. 

8.064.12 Come today, Indra, hasten, drink this grateful Soma for our great 
wealth, and for your own foe-crushingexultation. [Grateful: ca_ru = 
ca_ran.as'i_la, quickly moving; in RV 9.61.9 explained as kalya_n.a 
svaru_pa;foe-crushing exultation: ghr.s.vi = s'atru_n.a_m ghars.an.as'i_la; 
lively, vehement].

8.065.01 Whether you are invoked by us, the leaders of rites, from the east, the 
west, the norh, or the south,come here quickly with your rapid steeds. 

8.065.02 Whether you rejoice in the ambrosia-fountain of heaven, or in some 
other heavenward-leading sacrifice(on earth), or in the ocean-like firmament of 
the waters. [Ocean-like firmament: andhas = food; water as thecause of food; 
yadva_ samudra andhasas = or, inthe Soma vat]. 

8.065.03 Indra, by my praises I invoke you, great and strong one, to drink the 
Soma as a bull to eat (his fodder). 

8.065.04 Let your steeds, Indra, bearing you in your chariot, bring hither 
yourmight, (may they bring here) yoursplendour, O divine one. 

8.065.05 Indra, you are invoked, you are praised, the great, the strong, the 
wilder of sovereignty; come here anddrink our libation. 

8.065.06 Bearing the effused Soma and the sacrificial food, we invoke you, 
Indra, to sit on our sacred grass. 

8.065.07 Because you are common to many worshippers, therefore, Indra, we invoke 
you. [i.e. we invoke youbefore the others]. 

8.065.08 The priests have milked for you with their stones this nectar of the 
Soma; drink it, Indra, well pleased.  

8.065.09 Do you, the lord, pass by all other worshippers and come quickly to us, 
and bestow on us abundantfood. [Food: s'ravas, may also mean glory]. 

8.065.10 May (Indra) the king give me cows adorned with gold; O gods, let not 
Maghavan be harmed. 

8.065.11 Upon a thousand cows I obtain gold, abundant, delightful, wide-spread, 
and pure. [Upon a thousandcows I obtain gold: as if the cows came as it were 
laden with gold from Indra]. 

8.065.12 Plunged as I am in sorrow, my children, by the favour of the gods, 
obtain food, and are blessed withabundance in a thousand cattle. [napa_tah = 
araks.itasya; destitute of a protector as I am and plunged in sorrow,(my 
dependants) by the favour of the gods..].

8.066.01 Thronging together, (worship) for your protection Indra full of might 
and the revealer of wealth; (worshiphim), chanting the Br.hat-sa_man at his 
sacrifice where the Soma is effused, I invoke him as (men invoke) abeneficent 
master of a household.  

8.066.02 He, the handsome-jawed, whom, inthe intoxication of the Soma, the 
fierce (demons) withstand not, north firm gods, nor mortal (men)-- who confers 
glorious wealth on him who reverently praises him, offers the Somaand sings 
hymns. [made sus'ipram = mades.u s'ipram; a_dr.tya = from dr., to tear; may 
apply to Indra: who withfavouring regard confers]. 

8.066.03 He S'akra, who is the purifier (of his worshippers), and well-skilled 
in horses, who is wonderful andgolden-bodied-- he, Indra, the slayer of Vr.tra, 
shakes the hiding-place of the numerous herd of kine. [mr.ks.ah =stotr.n.a_m 
s'odhakah, paricaran.i_yah; as'vyah = as'vakus'alah, as'vah praks.a_litah, a 
well-washed horse;ki_jah = adbhutah, wonderful, kim asya kathamja_ta it 
vacana_t; mr.ks.a = currycomb or some such instrument;ki_ja = a similar 
instrument; numerous herd of kine: apa_vr.ti = apavaran.i_yam, to be opened, 
referringapparently to the cave of the pan.is (RV. 1.6.5)]. 

8.066.04 He who verily pours forth to the offerer the buried wealth accumulated 
by many, he, Indra, thethunderer, handsome-jawed, borne on bay steeds, does as 
he pleases, (when propitiated) with sacrifice.[Accumulated by many: puru 
sam.bhr.tam = the buried wealth, plentiful and accumulated; wealth as 
theaccumulated stores from former sacrifices; whenpropitiated: sacrifice is here 
the upa_dhi or necessarypreliminary condition]. 

8.066.05 Hero, praised of many, what of old time you did desire from your 
votaries, that, Indra, we hasten to bringto you-- oblation and recited praise. 
[chid = as of old time (you received) from your votaries, so now we hasten 
tobring you what you did desire (upama_rthe, Nirukta 1.4)]. 

8.066.06 Bearer of the thunderbolt, invoked of many, radiant, drinker of the 
Soma, be present at our libations foryour exhilaration; for you are an abundant 
giver of desirable wealth to him who utters your praises and effusesthe Soma. 

8.066.07 Today and yesterday we have here refreshed him, the thunderer; bring to 
him today our libation effusedfor (success in) battle; let him now hasten here 
on hearing our praise. [From success in battle: savane =samana_, for battle]. 

8.066.08 The obstructing robber, the destroyer of travelling enemies, is 
obedient to him in hiw ways; hasten,Indra, (drawn) by our gorgeous rite, 
welcoming this our hymn. [Destroyer of travelling enemies: vr.kas' cidva_ran.a 
ura_mathih: from ur, to go; but, Ya_ska (Nirukta 5.21): the obstructing wolf, 
destroying the sheep; in hisways: vayunes.u = prajn~a-nes.u, in his counsels]. 

8.066.09 What act of might is there, unperformed by Indra? Who has not heard of 
his famous (heroism)? He, theslayer of Vr.tra, (is renowned) from his birth. 

8.066.10 When were his mighty forces ever languid? When was aught undestroyed 
before the slayer of Vr.tra?Indra by his energy overpowers all the huckstering 
usurers who see only this world's days. [Huckstering usurers:cf. Nirukta 6.26; 
usurers and hucksters; ahardr.s'ah = seeing the day, i.e., seeing only the light 
of this world anddwelling in deep darkness after death; cf. Manu 8.102, re: a 
censure on usurers and traders]. 

8.066.11 Indra, slayer of Vr.ra, invoked of many, we, your many worshippers, 
offer new hymns to you, thunderer,as your wages. [Use of wages as an 
illustration is not inappropriate, as both the hymns and wages are given bya 
definite rul, niyamena]. 

8.066.12 Indra, doer of many great deeds, (other worshippers) invoke the 
manifold hopes and protections whichabide in you; but rejecting the enemy's 
oblations, come to us bestower of dwellings; O mightiest, hear my appeal. 

8.066.13 Indra, we are your, therefore we, your worshippers, depend on you; 
other than you, Maghavan, invokedof many, there is no giver of happiness. 

8.066.14 Deliver from us this poverty, hunger and calumny; give us (our desire) 
by your protection and wondrousworking; O mightiest, you know the right way. [O 
Maghavan: s'acis.t.ha (RV 4.20.9): atis'ayena prajn~a; (RV4.43.3): 

8.066.15 Let your effused Soma be only (for Indra); O sons of Kali, fear not; 
that malignant (spirit) departs, of hisown accord he departs.

8.067.01 We solicit for protection those ks.atriyas, the A_dityas who bless 
(their votaries) abundantly to theattainment of their desires. 

8.067.02 May the A_dityas, Mitra, Varun.a, and Aryaman, bear us across our 
distress, as they know it well. 

8.067.03 To those A_dityas belongs wonderful wealth, worthy of all praise, (laid 
up) for the offerer of oblationsand the sacrificer. 

8.067.04 You are great, Varun.a, Mitra and Aryaman, and great is your 
protection; your protections we implore. 

8.067.05 A_dityas, hasten to us before our death, while we are yet alive; where 
are you, hearers of prayer?[Where are you: kat, ke = who; kva (Nirukta 6.27)]. 

8.067.06 Whatever wealh, whatever dwelling is yours (to give) to the wearied 
offerer of libations-- with thesespeak to us a kindly answer. 

8.067.07 Great, O deities, is (the guild) of the sinner, but to the sinless is 
happiness; A_dityas, you are void ofsin. 

8.067.08 Let not the snare bind us; may Indra, the renowned, the subduer of all, 
deliver us for a glorious act. 

8.067.09 O deities, ready to protect, move us not with the destructive net of 
our wicked enemies.[abhipramr.ks.ata: from mr.j instead of mr.s.: let us not (be 
tormented) by the destructive net of our enemies,deliver us from it. 

8.067.10 I address you, who give abundant delight, the great goddess, Aditi, for 
the attainment of my desire. 

8.067.11 You protect on every side; let not (the net) of the destroyer hurt our 
children, in this shallow water full ofmighhty offspring. [ugraputre, with 
Aditi: O mother of mighty children]. 

8.067.12 Wide-traversing, far-reaching goddess, put forth your power to come to 
us, innocent ones, that ourchildren may live. 

8.067.13 You who are the heads of men, unharming, and of self-sustained glory, 
who, benevolent ones, protectour rites. 

8.067.14 A_dityas, deliver us from the jaws of the destroyers like a bound 
thief; O Aditi, (deliver us). 

8.067.15 A_dityas, let this net, let the malevolent design turn away from us 

8.067.16 Bounteous A_dityas, by your protections we have continually possessed 
enjoyments from of old. 

8.067.17 Wise deities, keep away from us, that we may live, the many doers of 
sin who come against us. [O wisedeities, you help to life many a one who turns 
from sin]. 

8.067.18 A_dityas and Aditi, let that which releases us as a prisoner from his 
bond, be ever the object of ourpraise and worship. [That which releases us: 
either the net or your favour; the net itself is supposed be thefavour of the 
gods to become as it were the instrument of deliverance]. 

8.067.19 Not to us is there strength enough to burst from this (net); O 
A_dityas, do you grant us your favour. 

8.067.20 Let not this weapon of Vivasvat, this net made with hands, A_dityas, 
destroy us before old age.[Vivasvat: i.e. Yama, son of Vivasvat; before old age: 
pura_ = pu_rve nu ida_ni_m sarvadetyarthah jarasahida_ni_m ji_rn.a_n: let it not 
destroy us, now and of old infirm]. 

8.067.21 A_dityas, utterly destroy our enemies, destroy wickedness, destroy the 
closely drawn net, destroy evileverywhere.

8.068.01 Most powerful Indra, protector of the good, we brin you here, rich in 
achievement and subduer ofenemies, as a car for our protection and weal. 

8.068.02 Great in power, rich in deeds, might one, adorable, you have filled 
(all things) with your universalmajesy. [Adorable: mate = pu_jani_ya, adorable, 
stotavya (V 8.18.7); vis'vayamati = an epithet of Indra]. 

8.068.03 You mighty one, whose hands in your might grasp the all-pervading 
golden thunderbolt. [All-pervading:jma_yantam = pr.thivya_m sarvato 

8.068.04 I invoke (Indra) the lord of that might which subdues all enmies and 
bow to none-- (I invoke him)followed by your onsets as his soldiers and 
(surrounded) by the protection of your chariots (O Maruts). [I invokehim to come 
with his protections in the onsets of your soldiers and chariots]. 

8.068.05 (I invoke him) to come to our help, whose might ever waxes more and 
more-- to whom men appeal foraid in various ways in battles. 

8.068.06 (I invoke) Indra, the unlimited, worthy of praise, the mighty, 
possessing excellent wealth, the lord oftreasures (for his votaries). 

8.068.07 To him, to him, Indra, do I direct my praise, that he may quaff the 
Soma to my great gain-- to him, thebringer of success, who rules over the 
praises of the offerers at the opening of the sacrifice. [pu_rvya_m =yajn~a 
mukhastha_m; or, simply ancient]. 

8.068.08 You mighty one, whose friendship no mortal reaches, whose might no one 

8.068.09 Protected by you, O thunderer, with you as our ally, may we win great 
wealth in battles, that we maybathe in the water and behold he sun. [apsu 
su_rye: that we may perform our accustomed bathings in the water,and, when he 
sun is risen, may set about our accustomed tasks]. 

8.068.10 We address you with sacrificial gifts, (we address you) with songs, O 
Indra most worthy of song, as youhave protected me, the offerer of many praises, 
in battles. [Offerer of many praises: puruma_yyam = possessingmuch wisdom; or, a 
proper name]. 

8.068.11 You, the thunderer, whose friendship is sweet, sweet too is your 
liberality, and your sacrificepre-eminently to be performed. 

8.068.12 Give ample (wealth) to our own selves, give ample (wealth) to our 
children, give ample (wealth) to ourdwelling, gran us (our desire) that we may 
live. [To our own selves: tanve tane = a_tmaja_ya tat putra_ya; cf. RV6.46.12 
and 7.104.10]. 

8.068.13 We solicit a spacious (road) for our servants, a spacious (road) for 
our cattle, a spacious road for ourchariot, and (an abundant) sacrifice. 

8.068.14 Six princes come to me in pairs, bearing pleasant gifts, in the 
exhilaration of the Soma. 

8.068.15 I receive two straight-going steeds from Indrota, two from the son of 
R.ks.a, two from the son ofAs'vamedha. [Indrota: these princes with their 
respective fathers are the six mentioned in the previous r.ca. Thesons of R.ks.a 
and As'vamedha had originally commenced the sacriice, but Indrota and his father 
Atithigva cameto see it and added their gifts. The sons are mentioned; the son 
is the father's second self, pitr. putrayorabheda_t]. 

8.068.16 (I receive) two steeds with excellent chariots from the son of 
Atithigva, two with excellent reins from theson of R.ks.a, two with excellent 
ornaments from the son of As'vamedha. 

8.068.17 I have received together (with my other gifts) six horses with their 
mares from te pious Indrota, the sonof Atithigva. [Together: saca_: i.e. 
together with the gifts of R.ks.a and As'vamedha; Indrota's gift is incidental 
andno part of the original sacrifice. The implied meanings could be: trees and 
horses used in the yajn~a]. 

8.068.18 Among these straight-going steeds is numbered a mature mare with 
excellent reins and whip. [Reinsand whip: kas'a_vati_ = dr.pta_, proud, 

8.068.19 O princes, givers of food, even the lover of calumny has thrown no 
censure on you.

8.069.01 Present your sacrificial food with a three-fold song of praise to Indu, 
gladdener of heroes; he will blessyou in your religious rites to the 
accompaniment of your sacrifice. [purandhya_ = bauprajn~aya_; (RV 
7.97.9):bahvi_r stuthi; indu = indra, he who rules (ind) or besprinkles (und) 
with rain; tris.t.ubham = a song of praisegenerally]. 

8.069.02 (Invoke) for yourselves the author of the dawns, (I invoke) for you the 
roarer of the rivers; (I invoke) foryou the lord of the inviolable ones; (O 
sacrificer), you desire kine. [Author of the dawns: anda = utpa_daka; Indrais 
called he author of the dawns as being identified with the sun, as one of the 
twelve A_dityas; inviolable ones:aghnya_na_m = cows]. 

8.069.03 These white kine, giving milk wells, mix the Soma for him at the three 
oblations, rising (in consequece tothe brilliant home of the sun, the birthplace 
of the gods). [When the bright fertilizing rivers (or the white cows,pravr.ddha) 
flow with full waters (or with distended udders), then take...; (RV 6.48.11): 
dhenum sr.jadhvamanapasphura_m = release the cow unobstructed, 
anapaba_dhani_ya_m ; (RV 4.42.10): tam dhenum dhattamanapasphuranti_m, grant us 
that cow (riches) uninured, anavahim.sita_m; alternaive: anapasphuranti_m = 
notgoing to another, i.e., not running away; anapaurah = not struggling against 
being milked; apasphura_m =bursting forth, i.e. when the white cows come without 
starting away, ten take the gushing Soma for Indra todrink]. 

8.069.04 Worship with your praise, as he himself knows-- that lord of kine, 
Indra, the son of Satya, the protectorof the good. [Satya = truth, yajn~a]. 

8.069.05 Let the brilliant bay (horses) drop him down on the cut grass, where we 
will hymn his praise. 

8.069.06 The cows have milked the intoxicating draught for Indra, the thunderer, 
when he finds it near him. 

8.069.07 When Indra, and I ascend to our home, the world of the sun, then, 
having drunk the sweet (Soma), letus be united in the twenty-first sphere of the 
(universal) friend. 

8.069.08 Worship Indra, worship him pre-eminently, worship him, you of the 
family of Priyamedha; let your sonsalso worship him; worship him as a strong 

8.069.09 The drum utters its sound, the leathern guard twangs, the tawny 
bowstring leaps to and fro; let thehymn be raised to Indra. 

8.069.10 When the bright fertilizing rivers flow with diminished waters, then 
take the overflowing Soma for Indrato drink. 

8.069.11 Indra drank (the Soma), Agni drank it, the Vis've Deva_s were 
gladdened; let Varun.a fix his dwellinghere, the waters have praised him as cows 
(low) meeting their calves. [The waters: apah = hymns, a_panas'i_lah]. 

8.069.12 You are a glorious god, Varun.a, across whose palate the seven rivers 
keep pouring as a fair-flowing(stream) into an abyss. [Across whose palate: 
su_rmyam sus.ira_m iva: (Ya_ska Nirukta 5.27); grammariansadvocate the study of 
grammar; seven rivers are the seven declensional affixes; across whose palate 
the sevenrivers keep flowing a (fire penetrates and purifies) a beautiful 
perforated metal image); seven rivers are Gangaetc. and Varun.a's palate is the 

8.069.13 He ho directs towards the worshiper his well-yoked prancing steeds-- 
he, (Indra), the swift bearer ofblessing, (produces) rain-- he, who being 
comparable only to himself is delivered (from all his enemies).[Comparable only 
to himself: upama_ = upama_na bhu_ta; or, in close proximity]. 

8.069.14 S'akra verily overpowers, Indra overpowers all his enemies; he, worthy 
of love, abiding beyond, cleavesthe cloud smitten by his thunder-voice. [Cloud 
smitten: odanam pacyama_nam = rice when cooked; odana = acloud (Ya_ska Naigh. 
1.10); pacyama_na = ta_d.yama_na]. 

8.069.15 (Indra), like a young boy, has mounted his splendid chariot; he makes 
ready for his father and motherthe great deer-like many-functioned cloud. [He 
makes ready: pac = to cook, to mature, vr.s.t.yabhimukham karoti,Indra makes the 
cloud ready for raining; mr.ga = deer-like, wandering hither and thither like a 
deer, to be soughtby all; He roasts (with his thunderbolt) the wild mighty 
buffalo (the cloud) for his father and mother]. 

8.069.16 Handsome-jawed (Indra), householder, mount your golden chariot; then 
let us meet mounted togetheron that bright thousand-footed brilliant 
auspiciously moving sinless (car). 

8.069.17 (The priests), presenting praise, thus worship that self-resplendent 
(Indra); they obtain his well-storedwealth, when (his horsesk) bring him on his 
way for the offering. [His horses: or, their praises]. 

8.069.18 The Priyamedhas have reached the ancient dwelling place of these 
deities, having strewn the sacredgrass and placed their oblations after the 
manner of a pre-eminent offering. [Offering: pu_rva_m anu prayatim:pu_rva = 
mukhya, principal; anu = laks.i_kr.tya; after the manner of former offerings].

8.070.01 I praise that Indra who is the lord of men, who proceeds irresistible 
in his chariots, the breaker-throughof all armies, the pre-eminent one, the 
slayer of Vr.tra. [taruta_ = ta_rakah, deliverer; (RV 8.1.21): conqueror]. 

8.070.02 Puruhanman, honour that Indra for your protection, for in your upholder 
there is a two-fold might; heholds in his hand (to smite his enemies) the 
glorious thunderbolt great as the sun in heaven. [Two-fold might: tosmite your 
enemies and to favour your friends]. 

8.070.03 None can touch him by his deeds, who has made Indra his friend by 
sacrifices-- (Indra) ever givingfresh strength, to be hymned by all, great, 
unconquered, of ever-daring might. 

8.070.04 (I laud) him who is not to be withstood, the mighty, the conqueror in 
hostile hosts; whom, when he wasborn, the strong rushing cows welcomed and the 
heavens and the earths praised. [ks.a_mah = ks.amih; rushingcows: Maruts, the 
sons of Pr.s'ni; or, mankind offering oblations of clarified butter...; the 
earths: the worlds arethree-fold, trivr.to lokah]. 

8.070.05 Indra, were there a hundred heavens to compare with you, or were there 
a hundred earths-- Othunderer, not even a thousand suns woudl reveal you-- yes, 
no created thing would fill you, nor heaven andearth. [Not even a thousand suns: 
there (in bra_hman.a) the sun shines not: Katha Upan. 5.15; no created 
thingwould fill you: the soul within my heart is greater than the earth, greater 
than the sky, greater than the heaven,greater than all these worlds: Cha_ndogya 
Up. 3.14]. 

8.070.06 Mightiest showerer (of blessings), you have filled all (our hosts) with 
your vast bountiful power; OMaghavan, thunderer, guard us with your manifold 
protections, (when we march) against the well-stockedcowpen of our enemies. 

8.070.07 O long-lived Indra, the mortal who has not you as his deity obtains no 
food; (he who praises not) thatsteed-borne Indra, who yokes to his car the two 
variegated, who yokes the two bay steeds. [a_pas = apa tad;hari_ indrah = indro 

8.070.08 Great (priests), worship that Indra who is propitiated by gifts; who is 
to be invoked in the shallows andin the depths, and who is to be invoked in 
battles. [Propitiated by gifts: da_na_ya saks.an.im = who follows for agift]. 

8.070.09 O hero, giver of dwellings, raise up to enjoy abundant food; raise us 
up, Maghavan, for abundantwealth; raise us up, Indra, for abundant fame. 

8.070.10 Indra, who delights in offerings, you satisfy us abundantly with (the 
possession of him) who despisesyou; O you possessed of vast wealth, shelter us 
between your thighs; you smite down the Da_sa with yourblows. 

8.070.11 May your friend, Parvata, hurl down from heaven him who follows other 
rites, the enemy of men, himwho offers no sacrifice and who worships not the 
gods; may Parvata hurl the Dasyu down to the storm smiter(death).[Parvata: (RV 
1.122.3): Parjanya; (RV 7.37.8): a god, a friend of INdra; here, he is a r.s.i, 
a friend of Indra,tava sakhi bhu_tah Parvata r.s.ih; enemy of men: ama_nus.am = 
the enemy of the men who sacrifice to Indra]. 

8.070.12 Most powerful Indra, in your favour towards us, take these cows in your 
hand, as fried grain, to give tous; yes, take them twice in your favour towards 

8.070.13 Associated priests, give good heed to the sacrifice, for how can we 
(worthily) perform the praise of(Indra) the destroyer, who is the recompenser of 
enemies, the sender of reward, the unvanquished? [Therecompenser: bhojah = 
s'atru_n.a_m bhojayita_; (RV 8.3.24): the despoiler of enemies; (RV 2.14.10): 
phalasyada_ta_ram raks.ita_ram ca]. 

8.070.14 Indra, the common object of our worship, you are praised by many 
sacrificing R.s.is; for it is you,destroyer of foes, who thus give calves in 
succession to your worshippers. [In succession: ekam ekam = one byone, i.e., 
many; calves = calves and cow]. 

8.070.15 May Maghavan, taking them by the ears, lead the cows with their calves 
from our three (destructiveenemies), as the owner leads a goat to drink. [vatsam 
nah = vatsam nah, vatsa sahitah; sauradevah = cow, i.e.connected with or won in 
battle (sauradevam)].

8.071.01 Agni, do you protect us by great wealh from every niggard and mortal 
foe. [mahobhh = mahadbhirdhaqnaih, pu_ja_bhih, by our worship; mahadbhih 
pa_lanaih, by your great protections; ara_teh = from thenon-giver, from the non-
giving (i.e. niggardliness) of every one]. 

8.071.02 O you who was born loved, no human anger can hrm you-- you only are the 
lord of night. [We willprotect you from men by day, and you will protect 
yourself by night from evil spirits, as fire then burns brightest]. 

8.071.03 Son of strength, auspicious in brilliance, associated with all the 
gods, give us all desirable wealth. [Withall the gods: sa no vasva upama_si = sa 
no vis'vebhir devebhih]. 

8.071.04 That sacrificing mortal whom you, Agni, protect the niggardly cannot 
separate from wealht. 

8.071.05 Wise (Agni), he whom in his performance of the sacrifice you incite to 
attain wealth, by your protectionwalks (lord) among crowds of cattle. 

8.071.06 You, Agni give to the offerer wealth comprehending many male 
descendants; conduct us to affluence. 

8.071.07 Defend us, Ja_tavedas; deliver us not over to the malevolent, to the 
man whose thoughts are evil. 

8.071.08 Agni, let not the godless take away the wealth which you, the divine, 
have given, for you are the lord oftreasures. 

8.071.09 Son of strength, the friend, the giver of dwellings, you get our 
abundant treasure to us your praisers. 

8.071.10 Let our voices come near the beautiful (Agni) him who bears devouring 
flames; let our sacrifices withour oblations come near him, for our protection, 
who is rich in wealth and rich in praise. 

8.071.11 (Let them come near) Agni, Ja_tavedas, son of strength, for the giving 
of all desirable good things, whois doubly immortal as (perpetually burning) 
among priests, among the sacrificers. [Wh os doubly immortal (amonggods) and 
among men, a being equivalent to ca; vis'i = viks.u yajama_na ru_pasu; in the 
house or in the family]. 

8.071.12 I praise Agni, (O sacrificers), for the inauguration of your divine 
offering; (I praise him) when thesacrifice is proceeding; (I praise) Agni first 
of the gods, at our rites; (I praise) Agni when the enemy approaches; (Ipraise) 
Agni for the attainment of land. [For the attainment of land: the fruit of the 

8.071.13 May Agni in his friendship give us food for he is the lord of all 
desirable things; we solicit abundance forour sons and grandsons from Agni, who 
is the giver of dwellings and the protector of our bodies. [May Agni giveus: 
mahyam = nah; may agni give food to me, his friend]. 

8.071.14 Land with your hymns for our protection, Agni, whose splendour lie 
outspread; laud Agni for wealth, OPurumi_l.ha, for other offerers are lauding 
that far famed one on their own behalf; solicit of Agni a house for (me)Sudi_ti. 
[Whose splendours lie outspread: s'i_ras'ocis.am, s'ayanasvabha_va rocis.kam; 
(RV 4.5.10): as'anas'i_la jva_lam]. 

8.071.15 We praise Agni that he may keep off our enemies; we praise Agni that he 
may give us joy and security;he may be worshipped as the giver of dwellings to 
the r.s.is; he who is as it were the protector of all men.

8.072.01 ()Priests), present the oblation, for (Agni) has come; the Adhvaryu 
again offers (the sacrifice),well-skilled in its offering. 

8.072.02 The Hota_ sits down by (Agni's) hot flame, rejoicing in his friendship 
towards the offerer. [Hot flame:am.s'u = Agni; or, the stalks of Soma]. 

8.072.03 For the sake of the offerer, they seek by their skill to place Rudra in 
the fore-front; they seize, as hesleeps, with their tongues. [With their 
tongues: with their hymns]. 

8.072.04 (Agni), the giver of food, scorches the vast bow (Of the sky); he 
mounts the water; he smites the cloudwith his tongue. [With his tongue: ja_mi = 
pravr.ddham, sarvam atiricya vartama_nam; his own; may be areference to a forest 
conflagration; he mounts the forest, he smites the rock (dr.s.adam) with his 

8.072.05 Roaming like a calf and bright-shining, he finds here no hinderer; he 
seeks a chanter to praise him.[Here: iha = here, in this world, asmin loke, in 
the sky, antariks.e; Agni the lightning and the praiser (ambya) isthe thunder]. 

8.072.06 As soon as the great stout harness of his horses is seen (in the sky), 
the traces of his chariot. 

8.072.07 Seven milk one (cow), the two direct the five, on the resounding shore 
of the river. [One (cow): ekam =gharma, or earthen vessel so called, which is 
used to boil milk in the pravargya ceremony. Seven: the sevenofficiating priests 
or assistants, two of him, the pratiprastha_ta_ and the adhvaryu, are said to 
direct theperormance of the other five, viz., the yajama_na or institutor, the 
bra_hman.a, the hota_, the agni_dhra and theprastota_. Resounding shore: 
exclamations used in the sacrifice performed by the r.s.i of the hymn]. 

8.072.08 Invoked by the ten (fingers) of the worshipper, Indra has caused the 
cloud to fall from heaven by histhree-fold ray. [The ten: the fingers are called 
the ten sisters in RV 3.29.13; Indra = Agni or A_ditya; three-foldray: khedaya_ 
trivr.ta_: khedaya_ = ras'mina_; trivr.ta_ = tri praka_ravartanavata_, revolving 
in three ways;khedaya_ (RV 8.77.3) = rajjva_]. 

8.072.09 The three-hued fresh impetuous (blaze) goes swiftly round the 
sacrifice, the priests anoint it with butter.[Three-hued: red, white and black; 
or, tridha_tu = three elements]. 

8.072.10 They pour out with reverence the inexhaustible cauldron, as it goes 
round circular above and with anopening below: [Cauldron: gharma or maha_vi_ra, 
the contents of which are thrown in to the a_havani_ya fire;avata, a cistern, as 
a metaphor for a cloud, parijman]. 

8.072.11 The reverent priests drawing near pour the superfluous butter into the 
large (spoon), where hey set thecauldron down. [Large spoon: upayamani_, sppon 
from which the sacrificer drinks the milk; down: on the stool,a_sandya_m]. 

8.072.12 Draw near, you cows, to the cauldron; (the two kinds of milk) in the 
sacrifice are plentiful and fruitgiving; both ears (of the vessel) are golden. 
[Two kinds of milk: the milk of a cow and a got is poured into thegharma or 
maha_vi_ra; rapsuda_ = a_ripsoh phalaprade, giving fruit to one who is about to 
begin; or, lipsvoras'vinor da_tavye, to be presented to those who desire to 
receive it (i.e. the As'vins); or, rap, to praise: mantren.ada_tavye; or 
dohani_ye, to be rightly offered or milked (sud) with hymns. OR, rapsu = ru_pa: 
O cows, approachthe altar-trench (catvala), for heaven and earth (mahi_) give 
beauty to the sacrifice; both your ears are golden]. 

8.072.13 Drop into the milked (stream) the admixture, which reaches, (as it 
boils), heaven and earth; set the bullin the liquor. [Admixture: goat's milk 
which is poured into the cow's milk in the gharma; heaven and earth: theAs'vins 
(NIrukta 12.1); bull in the liquor: vr.s.abha = bull, Agni; rasa = rase, liquor 
is the goat's milk. The goat isdedicated to Agni, hence the contact of its milk 
with fire is proper]. 

8.072.14 They know their own abode; as calves with their mothers, so they 
severally assemble with their kin.[Know their own abode: i.e., as the cows come 
to the gharma to be milked, as to their stall]. 

8.072.15 (The priests) minister in the sky the supporting (milk) to (Agni) who 
devours with his jaws; they ministerall the food to Indra and Agni. [All the 
food: svah = divi, in the sky]. 

8.072.16 The wind by means of the sun's seven rays milks the nourishing food and 
drink from the seven-steppedone. [saptapadi_m = the middle tone with gliding 
foot, which is personified in the cow that is milked into thegharma; sarpan.a 
svabha_va pa_dam ma_dhyamikam va_cam gharmadhugru_pen.a_vasthita_m; the thunder 
isoften called the ma_dhyamika_ va_k; the cow (soma krayani) which is given as 
the price of the Soma, has totake seven steps, and it is considered to be va_k 
personified; cf. Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_]. 

8.072.17 Mitra and Varun.a, I take the Soma when the sun is risen; it is 
medicine to the sick. [I take: adude =svi_karoti, he takes, svi_karomi]. 

8.072.18 Agni-- standing in the place which I, the eager offerer, choose as the 
spot for presenting the oblations--fills the sky on every side with his blaze. 
[In the place: uttara veda or the altar outside the enclosure].

8.073.01 Rise, As'vins, on my behalf, as I prepare to sacrifice; yoke your ear; 
let your protection abide near me. 

8.073.02 Come, As'vins, in your chariot which moves quicker than the twinkling 
of an eye; let your protectionabide near me. 

8.073.03 As'vins, you covered the hot (fire) with cold (water) for Atri; let 
your protection abide near me. [Water forAtri; cf. RV 1.116.8]. 

8.073.04 Where are you? Whither are you gone? Wither have you flown like hawks? 
Let your protection abidenear me. 

8.073.05 If today, at some time, in some place, you would but hear my 
invocation-- let your protection abide nearme. 

8.073.06 The As'vins are earnestly to be invoked in emergency; I enter into 
close friendshipwith them; let yourprotection abide near me.  

8.073.07 As'vins, you made a sheltering house for Atri; let your protection 
abide near me. [A sheltering house:when being burned in the cell of the 
consecrated fire]. 

8.073.08 You stayed the fire from its fierceness for Atri, while he praied you 
acceptably; let your protection abidenear me. 

8.073.09 Through his praise of you Saptavadhri set the fire's flame-point (to 
his basket); let your protection abidenear me. [cf. RV 5.78.5] 

8.073.10 Come hither, lords of abundan wealth, hear this my invocation; let your 
protection abide near me. 

8.073.11 Why is this (repeated invocation) addressed to you as if you were 
decrepit like old men? Let yourprotection abide near me. [As if you were 
decrepit: as we see in the world that an old ma does not come, thoughoften 
called, so too is it with you]. 

8.073.12 As'vins, your relationship is common and you have a common kinsman; let 
your protection abide nearme. [Two As'vins were both born from the wife of the 
sun (Vicasvat), who had assumed the form of a mare (cf. RV7.72.2 and the passage 
from Br.haddevata_ cited); common kinsman = sacrificial ladle or the r.s.i 
himself; cf. RV8.27.10]. 

8.073.13 Your chariot, As'vins, moves swifty through the worlds, through heaven 
and earth; let your protectionabide near me. 

8.073.14 Come to us with thousands of herds of cattle and horses; let your 
protection abide near me. 

8.073.15 Pass us not by with your thousands of herds of cattle and horses; let 
your protection abide near us.[Pass us not by: ma_ ati khyata_m; atikhyah = 
pratikhyah, pratya_khyah, do not reject (or neglect) us...] 

8.073.16 The purple-tinted Dawn has appeared, the mistress of the sacrifice 
spreads her light; le tyour protectionabide near me. [Mistress of the sacrifice: 
r.ta_vari_ = yajn~avati_, satyavati_, truthful]. 

8.073.17 As'vins, the splendidly-brilliant (sun cleaves the darkness) as the 
woodman with his axe a tree; let yourprotection abide near me. 

8.073.18 O bold Saptavadhri, distressed by the entangling and detaining 
(basket), break through it as through acity; let your protection (As'vins) abide 
near me. [Addressed by Saptavadhri to himself or by Gopavana toSaptavadhri; 
distrissed by: kr.s.n.aya_ ye ba_dhito vis'a_ = distressed by the black people].

8.074.01 Food-desiring (priests, worship) Agni, who is the guest of all mankind, 
beloved of many; I address tohim in your behalf a domestic homage with hymns, 
for the attainment of happiness. [Domestic: duryam = gr.hyamgr.he bhavam (RV 
2.38.5); gr.hebhyo hita_ (RV 8.1.11)]. 

8.074.02 (That Agni), to whom clarified butter is offered, whom man, bearing 
oblations, worship with praises as afriend. [As a friend: mitram na = like the 

8.074.03 Ja_tavedaqs, the earnest praiser of his worshipper, who sends to heaven 
the oblations presented inthe sacrifice. 

8.074.04 We have come to that most excellent Agni, mightiest destroyer of the 
wicked, the benefactor of men, inwhose army (O rays) S'ruvava_n, the mighty son 
of R.ks.a, waxes great. [...who with his host of rays is kindled inS'rutarva_n, 
the son of R.ks.a]. 

8.074.05 (We have come) to the immortal Ja_tavedas, who shows light across the 
darkness, well worthy ofpraise, and receiving the offering of ghi_. 

8.074.06 That Agni, whom these crowding worshippers honour with oblations, 
offering to him with up-lifted ladles.

8.074.07 This new hymn has been made by us for you, O joyful, well-born Agni, 
glorious in deeds, unbewildered,beautiful, the guest (of man). [Has been made by 
us for you: adha_yy asmada_ = has been borne (or conceived)in us for you, 
asma_su dhr.tam abhu_t]. 

8.074.08 Agni, may it be dear to you, most pleasant and most agreeable-- well 
praised by it, to you wax great.[Most pleasant and most agreeable: canis.t.ha_ = 
atis'ayena_nnavati_, most richly endowed with food;kamani_yatama_ (RV 7.70.2)]. 

8.074.09 May this (hymn) the rich source of wealth, heap abundance on our 
abundance (with stores won fromour enemies) in battle. 

8.074.10 (Worship), you men, the bright (Agni), who goes like a horse and fills 
our chariots (with spoil), whoprotects the good like Indra, and by whose might 
you ravage the stores (of your enemies) and all their wonderful(wealth). [Who 
goes like a horse: ga_m = ganta_ram; cf. RV 1.121.9; 4.22.8; wonderful: worthy 
to be praised,pan.yam]. 

8.074.11 Agni, An:irasa, whom Gopavana by his praise has made the especial giver 
of food-- O purifier, hear thisprayer. 

8.074.12 O you whom the crowding worshippers praise for the obtainment of food, 
attend to them for thedestruction of their enemiess. [Or, vr.traturye, in 

8.074.13 Summoned before S'rutarva_n, the son of R.ks.a, the humbler of the 
pride of his enemies, (I stroke) withmy hand the heads of the four horses (which 
he has given me), as (men stroke) the long wool of rams. [With myhand: vr.ks.a_ 
= kes'avanti_; or, mr.ks.a_, let me stroke]. 

8.074.14 Four swift horses of that most mighty king, yoked to a splendid car, 
bear me forth to seize thesubstance (of my enemies), as the ships bore home the 
son of Tugra. [Son of TUgra: Bujyu's legend; vayah =birds, a metaphor for 

8.074.15 Verily I address you, O great river Parus.n.i, O waters, there is no 
mortal who gives horses moreliberally than this most mighty (monarch).

8.075.01 Agni, like a charioteer yoke your god-invoking steeds; eat thyself 
first, the invoker. 

8.075.02 Divine (Agni), proclaim us to the gods as profoundly killed; assure to 
us all desirable things. [Profoundlyskilled: vidus.t.aras = vidvattama_n, an 
epithet of Agni, you most wise]. 

8.075.03 Since you are truthful and worthy of sacrifice, O most youthful, son of 
strength and everywherehonoured with offerings. 

8.075.04 This Agni is the lord of hundredfold and thousandfold food; he is the 
head, the seer, (the lord) of wealth.[You who are the head (or best) of wealth]. 

8.075.05 O An:girasa, with the deities associated in the invocation draw this 
offering near you as the R.bhus(bend) the circumference of a wheel. [cf. RV 

8.075.06 Viru_pa, with constant voice address your praise to this well-pleased 
showerer (of blessings). [Withconstant voice: nityaya_ va_ca_: an allusion to 
the eternal nature of the hymns, utpatti rahitaya_ va_ca_mantraru_paya_; well-
pleased: abhidyave = abhigatatr.ptaye; abhigatadi_ptaye]. 

8.075.07 What strong enemy shall we overthrow, to win kine, by the help of the 
host of this Agni of unmeasuredradiance? [The host = rays]. 

8.075.08 May he not (forasake) us, the liegemen of the gods, as the milk-
streaming cows (forsake not); the kineabandon not a little (calf). 

8.075.09 Let not the onset of any evil-minded adversary harm us as the wave 
(overwhelms) a ship. 

8.075.10 Divine Agni, men utter your praises for the attainment of strength; by 
strength destroy the enemy. 

8.075.11 Agni, send us abundance of wealth to satisfy our desires; giver of free 
space, grant us abundant room.[gavis.t.i = gava_m es.an.a_ya, I have given it a 
general meaning]. 

8.075.12 Leave us not in this conflict as a bearer his burden win for us the 
plundered wealth of our foes. [asmin =agne]. 

8.075.13 Agni, may your plagues pursue some other to terrify him; increase our 
vigorous strength in battle. 

8.075.14 Agni especially protects (in battle) that praiser or zealous sacrificer 
whose offerings he has attended.[Especially protects: vr.dha_ avati = 
vis'es.en.a gacchati; agni protects him with blessing]. 

8.075.15 Deliver us wholly from the hostile army, shield those among whom I am 

8.075.16 We know your protection, Agni, as of a father in former times, 
therefore we (again) desire of you thathappiness.

8.076.01 I invoke now for the destruction of my enemies the wise Indra attended 
by the Maruts, ruling all by hispower. 

8.076.02 Indra, attended by the Maruts, has cleft the head of Vr.tra with his 
hundred-jointed thunderbolt. 

8.076.03 Indra increasing in might, attended by the Maruts, has torn Vr.tra 
asunder, letting loose the waters ofthe firmament. 

8.076.04 This is that Indra, by whom assisted by the Maruts, yonder heaven was 
conquered, to quaff the Soma.[Yonder heaven: svah: all (sacrificial) actions; 
sarvam karma yadvedam sarvam jagat]. 

8.076.05 We invoke with our praises the mighty  Indra, accompanied by the 
Maruts, the vigorous accepter of theresidue of the Soma oblation. [Residue: 
r.ji_s.in.am, the residue of the Soma (r.ji_s.a) being offered at theTr.ti_ya 
evening oblation]. 

8.076.06 With an ancient hymn we invoke Indra with the Maruts, to drink tis 

8.076.07 Indra, S'atakratu, showerer (of blessings), drink the Soma at this 
offering, accompanied by the Maruts,O invoked of many. 

8.076.08 Thunderer Indra, to you with the Maruts are these Soma-libations 
effused-- they are offered to you infaith, with recited hymns. [In faith: 
manasa_ = bhaktya_]. 

8.076.09 Drink, Indra, with your friends the Maruts, this Soma effused on the 
recurring sacred days, and sharpenyour thunderbolt with (renewed) vigour. [(RV 
1.86.4): divis.t.is.u = in these solemnities which are means to obtainheaven; 
cf. RV 8.4.19]. 

8.076.10 Rising up in your strength, Indra, you did shake your jaws, when you 
had quaffed the Soma pressedbetween the two boards. 

8.076.11 Let heaven and earth follow you, Indra, as you smile, when you beat 
down the Dasyu. [kraks.ama_n.amakr.peta_m = spardhama_nam adadeta_m; anu 
akr.peta_m = anukalpayeta_m; from krap, heaven and earthlonged after you, as you 

8.076.12 I make this sacrificial hymn, reaching to the eight points (of the sky) 
and rising to a ninth (the sun in thezenith), though it is less than (the 
dimensions of) Indra. [r.taspr.s'am = r.ta_vr.dham].

8.077.01 As soon as he was born S'atakratu asked his mother, who are the mgihty, 
who are renowned? [cf. RV8.45.4] 

8.077.02 His strong mother answered, -- Aurn.ava_bha and Ahis.uva, be these, my 
son the foes who you shallovercome. [cf. RV 8.32.26; whom you shall overcome: 
nis.t.urah = tava nista_ran.i_ya_h]. 

8.077.03 The slayer of Vr.tra dragged them along as spokes (are tied fast) with 
a rope in the nave of a chariotwheel; he swelled in vigour, the slayer of 
enemies. [With a rope: cf. RV 8.72.8]. 

8.077.04 At one draught Indra drank at once thirty lakes filled wih Soma. 
[Nirukta, 5.11: a ference to the thirtyuktha vessels presented at the mid-day 
offering (yajn~ika_h); the nairukta_h imply this as a reference to thefifteen 
days and nights in which the collected light of the moon is gradually absorbed]. 

8.077.05 In the realms (of the sky) where the foot finds no resting-place, Indra 
shattered the cloud to bringincrease to the bra_hman.as. [Cloud: gandharva, 
gandharvam; bra_hman.as: brahmebhyah]. 

8.077.06 Indra smote (rain) from the clouds with his far-stretched arrow, he 
secured boiled rice (for men). 

8.077.07 That single shaft of yours, Indra, which you make your ally, is 
hundred-pointed, thousand-feathered. 

8.077.08 Forthwith increased (by our offerings), do you, mighty and firm, by 
that (weapon) brin (wealth) forsustenance to us your praisers, our children, and 
our wives. 

8.077.09 These gigantic far-reaching efforts were put forth by you; you did fix 
them firm in your thought. [Efforts:cyautna_ni = bala_ni, powers, energies; 
here, the mountains, as the supporters or stays of the earth, bhu_mehki_la 

8.077.10 The wide-traversing Sun, despatched by you, brings (to the world) all 
these (waters which you create);he brings hundreds of cattle and rice boiled in 
milk; it is Indra who slays the water-stealing boar. [The sun (herecalled 
Vis.n.u), as the bringer of rain, is said to bring the cattle and food which the 
rain produces; the 'boar'vara_ha is a personification of the cloud as smitten by 
Indra's thunderbolt (cf. Nirukta 5.4). Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_6.2.4 relates the 
legend: the personified sacrifice concealed itself from the gods, and assuming 
the form ofVis.n.u, entered the earth. The gods, streching out their hands, 
sought in vain to lay hold of it; but wherever itturned, Indra, outstripping it, 
stood in front of it. It said to him, 'Who is this that, outstripping me, always 
stands infront of me?' He answered, "I slay in inaccessible places'. Then, it 
said to him, 'You say that you can slay ininaccessible places-- if this be so, 
the boar va_mamos.a (va_mamus.a in Caraka Bra_hman.a) guards for theasuras, 
behind the seven mountains, the wealth which the gods must obtain; prove your 
title by slaying thatboar'. Indra, seizing up a tuft of darbha grass, pierced 
those mountains and slew him. Then he said to thesacrifice, 'You said that you 
could bring out from inaccessible places; bring him out from there'. It brought 
out allthe instruments of the sacrifice (i.e. the altar, Soma jars, cups...) and 
gave them to the gods'. The CarakaBra_hman.a adds that the boar hid behind 
twenty-one stone cities. The seven mountains are the four di_ks.a_sor initiatory 
rites and the three upasads; the boar va_mamos.a (stealer of precious things) is 
the personifiedceremony of pressing the Soma; see also RV 1.61.7]. 

8.077.11 Far-darting is your well-made auspicious bow, unfailing is your golden 
arrow; your two warlike arms areready equipped, destructively overthrowing, 
destructively piercing. [Ya_ska Nirukta 6.33: r.du_pe cidr.du_vr.dha_; like two 
bees delighting in sweetness; r.du = mr.du; madhu, Soma].

8.078.01 (Accepting) our offering of sacrificial viands, O hero Indra, bring us 
thousands and hundreds of cows. 

8.078.02 Bring us condiments, cows, horses, and oil, (bring us) with them 
precious golden (vessels). [Preciousgolden vessels: mana_ = manani_ya_ni; a 
vessel or a weight, i.e., with a weight of gold]. 

8.078.03 O resolute one, bring us many ear-ornaments; giver of dwellings, you 
are renowned. 

8.078.04 There is no prosperer other than you, no divider of the spoil, no giver 
of boons; O hero, there is no(leader) of the sacrificer other than you. 

8.078.05 Indra cannot be brought low, he cannot be over-powered-- he hears, he 
sees all. 

8.078.06 Unharmed he brings low the wrath of mortals; ere any one can reproach 
him, he brings him low. 

8.078.07 The belly of the Soma-drinker, the eager slayer of Vr.tra, is filled by 
the sacrificer's offering. 

8.078.08 In you, O drinker of the Soma, are treasures stored, and all precious 
things and unblemished gifts.[Drinker of the Soma: i.e., Soma, here appliedl to 
Indra, as possessing it (somava_n) or as identified with it afterdrinking it]. 

8.078.09 To you my desire astens, seeking barley, cows and gold-- to you it 
hastens seeking horses. [Barley:yava = barley; in the Atharva Veda and the 
Bra_hman.as, yava and vri_hi (rice) are the principal kinds of corn,while rice 
is not mentioned in the Rigveda]. 

8.078.10 I take my sickle also in hand, Indra, with a prayer to you; fill it, 
Maghavan, with a handful of barleyalready cut or piled. [It is as if the field 
were a barren one and the poet sought from Indra a harvest which he hadnot 

8.079.01 This all-creating Soma, obstructed by none, the conqueror of all, the 
producer of fruit, the seer, thewise, (is to be praised) with a hymn. [Conqueror 
of all: vis'vajit and udbhid are names of two special Somaceremonies, and the 
Soma may be addressed under these names as the principal means of 

8.079.02 He covers what is naked, he heals all that is sick, the blind sees, the 
lame walks. 

8.079.03 Soma, you offer us a wide shelter from the wasting enmities wrought by 
our foes. [yanta_si = bhavasi;you the restraint (yanta) from enemies, etc., you 
are a wide shelter]. 

8.079.04 O R.ji_s.in, by you wisdom and might drive away the enmity of our 
oppressor from the heaven andearth. [O R.ji_s.in: i.e., you who possess the 
remains of the Soma, offered in the third savana, cf. Taittiri_yaSam.hita_ 

8.079.05 The petitioners seek for wealth, they attend the bounty of the liberal; 
(by you) men pour out the desireof the thirsty. 

8.079.06 (Soma) urges him on when the sacrificer obtains (by offerings) him old 
lost wealth, he lengthen out hisunending life.  

8.079.07 Most gracious and conferring joy, void of pride in your acts, and never 
failing, dwell, Soma, auspiciouslyin our hearts. 

8.079.08 O Soma, cause us not to tremble, frighten us not, O king; smite not our 
hearts with your brightness. 

8.079.09 When in my house I watch against the enemies of the gods, then, O kind, 
drive away those who hateus-- O showerer of blessings, drive away those who 
would harm us. [Showerer of blessings: mi_d.hvah = effuserof the Soma, somarasya 
sekta_; or, phalasya sekta_; or, ka_ma_na_m sekta_].

8.080.01 Other than you, S'atakratu, I know no bestower of happiness; Indra, do 
you make us happy. 

8.080.02 O you, the invulnerable, who have always in former times protected us 
for the battle, do you, Indra,make us happy. 

8.080.03 Director of the worshipper, you are the guardian of the offerer; help 
us mightily. 

8.080.04 Indra, protect our chariot; though now left behind, set it in the 
front, O thunderer. 

8.080.05 Up, why sit you still? Make our chariot the first; our food-seeking 
offering is near you. [Food-seeking:va_jayu = annam icchat; s'ravas = annam, 
havirlaks.an.am; or, the race is glorious and swift]. 

8.080.06 Protect our food-seeking chariot, everything is easy for you to do; 
make us completely victorious. 

8.080.07 Indra, be firm (in battle), you are (strong as) a city; to you, the 
repeller (of enemies), comes thisauspicious sacrifice, offered in due season. 
[You are strong as a city: or, be firmly settled (in our sacrifice), youare the 
fulfiller of desires, pu_Rakah ka_ma_na_m asi; the repeller of enemies: 
nis.kr.tam = nis.karta_ram; or,this auspicious sacrifice comes to your appointed 

8.080.08 Let not reproach reach us; far off is the goal; there is the wealth 
stored; may our enemies be excluded. 

8.080.09 When you assume your sacrificial fourth name, we long for it; then you 
forthwith carry us as a protector.[Fourth name: The four names are explained to 
be the naks.atra or constellation-name (i.e., Arjuna, as connectedwith the 
constellation arjuneks.u or phalgunyau? cf. S'atapatha Bra_hman.a which 
calls it guhyamna_ma, hidden name; the hidden name, the revealed name, and the 
sacrificial name somaya_jin]. 

8.080.10 O immortal gods and all you goddesses, Ekadyu_ has honoured you (with 
his praise) and rejoiced you(with his Soma-offering); make his substance 
abundant; and may (Indra), who rewards pious acts wtih wealth,come speedily in 
the morning.

8.081.01 Indra, lord of the mighty hand, do you seize for us with your right 
hand marvellous praise-exciting(riches), worthy to be seized. [ks.umantam = 
s'abdamantam stutyam; gra_bham = grahan.a_rham, thethunderbolt]. 

8.081.02 We know you the achiever of many great deeds, the bestower of many 
gifts, the lord of much wealth,vast in size, and full of protection (for your 

8.081.03 Hero, when you desire to give, neither gods nor men can stay you, as 
(they cannot stay) a terrible bull. 

8.081.04 Hasten here, let us glorify Indra the lord of wealth, the self-
resplendent, let none vex, us by his wealth. 

8.081.05 May (Indra) sing the prelude, may he sing the accompaniment, may he 
listen to our hymn as it ischanted; may he, endowed with wealth, accept us 
favourably. [May he sing the accompaniment: i.e., let him actas prastota_ and 
upagata_; cf. Aitareya Bra_hman.a 3.23; 7.1 for a description of the functions 
of theseassistants at a sa_man]. 

8.081.06 Bring us (gifts) with your right hand, and with your left bestow them 
on us; exclude us not, Indra, fromwealth.  

8.081.07 Come here, and bring us, daring one, with your resolute (mind), the 
wealth of him who is pre-eminentlya niggard among men. 

8.081.08 O Indra, give us abundantly that wealth is yours, and which is to be 
obtained by the wise (worshippers).

8.081.09 May your all-rejoicing riches speedily come to us; full of desires, men 
immediately offer their praises.

8.082.01 Hasten, slayer of Vr.tra, from afar or from near to the exhilarating 
(Soma-libations) in the sacrifice. 

8.082.02 Come here, the strong intoxicating Soma is effused; drink, since you 
are boldly devoted to it. 

8.082.03 Rejoice yourself with this food-- may it forthwith avail to (quench) 
your foe-restraining anger, may itproduce happiness, Indra, in your heart. 

8.082.04 O you who have no enemies, come here; you are summoned from the 
resplendent heaven to the hymnsat this our rite near at hand in this world 
illumined (by the sacred rites). [upame rochane divah = in the highestsplendour 
of heaven; divah = svatejasa_ di_pyama_na_d dyuloka_t, from the world of heaven 
illumined by itswon splendour, i.e., by the deities residing there; rocane = 
agnibhir di_pyama_ne loke; upame = sami_pe,asmadi_ye yajn~e ca]. 

8.082.05 Indra, this Soma, effused for you by the stones and mixed with milk, is 
offered auspiciously (in the fire)for your exhilaration. 

8.082.06 Indra, hear with favour my call; be present at the drinking of this our 
libation mixed with milk and besatisfied. 

8.082.07 Whatever Soma has been poured into the cups and the bowls for you, 
drink it, Indra-- you are thesovereign. [The bowls: Soma libations are poured 
from two kinds of vessels: the camasas, i.e. cups, and thegraha_s, or saucers 
(here called camu)]. 

8.082.08 Whatever Soma is seen in the vessels like the moon (reflected) in the 
waters, drink it-- you are thesovereign. [The vessels: i.e. it is thus seen in 
the eight graha_s; apsu = in the waters, antariks.e, in thesky,nirmalataya_, the 
Soma being likened to the moon for its purity]. 

8.082.09 Whatever Soma the hawk bore for you with its feet, having won it, till 
then inviolate, from the (guardiansof the) upper worlds, drink it-- you are the 
sovereign. [Whatever the hawk bore: legend in Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_6.1; Aitareya 
Bra_hman.a 3.25-27: ga_yatri as a hawk brought the Soma from heaven. The 
portions which sheseized with her feet became the morning and the midday 
libation, that which she seized with her bill became theevening libation].

8.083.01 We solicit that might protection of the desire-raining deities in our 
own behalf, for our own help. 

8.083.02 May those (deities) Varun.a, Mitra and Aryaman, be ever our allies and 
supremeley wise helpers. 

8.083.03 Charioteers of the sacrifice, do you conduct us through the many wide-
spread (forces of our enemies)as in ships across the waters. [Conduct our 
(sacrifices) to completion through the many widespread (forces ofour enemies)]. 

8.083.04 Be wealth ours, Aryaman-- wealth worthy to be praised, Varun.a; it is 
wealth which we ask. 

8.083.05 Mighty in wisdom, repellers of enemies, you are the lords of wealth; be 
not mine the wealth, A_dityas,which belongs to sin. [Be not mine: na pra_pnotu]. 

8.083.06 Bounteous deities, whether we dwell at home or go abroad on the road, 
we invoke you only to benourished by our oblations. [Whether we dwell at home: 
whether we remain at home to perform the agnihotraetc., or go forth in the roads 
to collect fuel, etc.; to be nourished by our oblations: or, to enrich us with 

8.083.07 Come to us, Indra, Vis.n.u, Maruts, and A_dityas, from the midst of 
these your brethren. [Your brethren:Mitra etc.]. 

8.083.08 Bounteous (deities), we forthwith proclaim aloud that brotherhood of 
yours in mother's womb, (first) incommon union, then as born in diverse manner. 
[The legend (Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_ 6.5.6): Aditi is represented asoffering a 
certain offering to the gods, and as conceiving four of the A_dityas on eating 
the remainder which theygave to her. Thinking to conceive a still nobler 
offspring, she next eats the whole of the second offering herself,but she only 
conceives a barren egg. She then offers the third offering to the A_dityas and 
conceives Vivasvat]. 

8.083.09 Bounteous (deities) with Indra as your chief, be present here in your 
radiance; again and again I praiseyou.

8.084.01 I praise Agni your most beloved guest, dear as a friend, who brings 
wealth as a chariot. 

8.084.02 Whom he gods have set like a wise seer in a two-fold function among 
mortals. [Two-fold function: Agni'stwo functions are the ga_rhapatya and 
a_havani_ya fires, or it may refer to his offices connected with thesaacrifice 
in heaven and earth]. 

8.084.03 Ever-youthful (Agni), protect your offerers, hear our praises, and 
thyself guard our offspring.  

8.084.04 Divine Agni An:girasa, son of food, with what voice (shall I utter) my 
praise to you, most excellentscorner of enemies? [Son of food: grandson of the 
sacrificial offering]. 

8.084.05 Son of strength, what worshipper's (offerings) shall we present to you 
with devoted mind, and whenshall I utter to you this praise? 

8.084.06 Cause all our praises to bring to us excellent dwellings and abundance 
of wealth in food. 

8.084.07 Whose many offerings do you gladden, Agni, you who are the lord of the 
house, and whose praisesbring wealth of kine? [Lord of the house: dampate = 
ja_ya_patisvaru_pa, since it abides in the ga_rhapatya fire;whose praises are 
heard in the rite which brings wealth of kine]. 

8.084.08 They keep him bright in their houses, (Agni) famed for glorious deeds, 
the mighty one who pressesforward in battles. 

8.084.09 He who dwells at home with all-efficient protections, whom none can 
harm, but who himself harms (hisenemies)-- he, Agni, (your worshipper), waxes 
strong with heroic offspring.

8.085.01 Na_satya_s, As'vins, come you to my invocation that you may drink the 
exhilarating Soma. 

8.085.02 As'vins, hear this my hymn, this my invocation that you may drink the 
exhilarating Soma. 

8.085.03 Kr.s.n.a invokes you, As'vins rich in sacrifices, that you may drink 
the exhilarating Soma. 

8.085.04 Leaders (of all), hear the invocation of Kr.s.n.a, the hymner, who 
praises you-- that you may drink theexhilarating Soma. 

8.085.05 Leaders, give to the sage who praises you an unassailable dwelling that 
you may drink the exhilaratingSoma. 

8.085.06 As'vins, come to the house of the offerer who thus praises you, that 
you may drink the exhilaratingSoma. 

8.085.07 You who possess showering wealth, yoke the ass to your firmly built 
chariot, that you may drink theexhilarating Soma. [ The verse is addressed to 
the As'vins or the Adhvaryu priest and the sacrificer; or to thesacrificer and 
his wife]. 

8.085.08 As'vins, come here with your three-seated triangular car, that you may 
drink the exhilarating Soma.[Car: trivandhuren.a = triphalaka_sam.ghati.tena, 
compacted of three pieces; trivr.ta = defended by three sets ofplates]. 

8.085.09 Na_satya_s, As'vins, hasten quickly to my praises, that you may drink 
the exhilarating Soma.

8.086.01 Dasras, physicians, sources of happiness, you both were (the objects) 
of Daks.a's praise; Vis'vaka nowinvokes you for the sake of his son; sever not 
our friendships, but fling loose (your reins and gallop here).[Objects of 
Daks.a's praise: an allusion to the thousand R.ks uttered by Daks.a or 
Praja_pati, i.e. the As'vina_S'astra, which was won by the As'vins in a race; 
cf. RV. 1.116.2; Aitareya Bra_hman.a 45.7; sever not ourfriendships: as 
worshipper and object of worship]. 

8.086.02 How Vimanas once praised you, and you gave him understanding for the 
attainment of excellent wealth!Vis'vaka now invokes you for the sake of his son; 
sever not our friendships, but fling loose (your reins and gallophere). 

8.086.03 Gladdeners of many, you have given to Vis'n.a_pu this prosperity for 
the attainment of excellent wealth!Vis'vaka now invokes you for the sake of his 
son; sever not our friendships, but fling loose (your reins and gallophere). 
[Vis.na_pu = name of the r.s.i's son or grandson]. 

8.086.04 We summon that hero to our protection, (the enjoyer) of wealth, the 
possessor of the Soma, who nowdwells afar off and whose hymn is most pleasing 
(to the gods) like his father's, sever not our friendships, but flingloose (your 
reins and gallop here). [We summon that hero: the r.s.i here prays for the 
presence of his absent sonVis.n.a_pu; it is for the son to protect the father; 
possessor of the Soma: r.ji_s.in is an epither of Indra, possessorof the stale 
Soma, r.ji_s. a (RV 3.32.1; 36.10); in RV 1.32.6, r.ji_s.a is applied to Indra, 
as enemy-repelling]. 

8.086.05 The sun-god by truth extinguishes his beams (in the evening); he 
spreads abroad (in the morning) thehorn of truth; truth verily overcomes the 
might of the eager assailant; therefore sever not our friendships, but 
flingloose (your reins and gallop here). [A praise of truth, satyapras'am.sa_; 
as the sun swerves not from hisappointed course, and as truth or adherance to 
right conquers earthly foes, so the As'vins must fulfil the duties ofancient 
friendship and hear the r.s.i's prayer].

8.087.01 As'vins, your praise is filled with plenty as a well (with water) in 
time of rain; hasten here; it is especiallydear to the Soma when it is effused 
in the brilliant (offering); drink, leaders (of rites), as two Gauras (drink), 
at apool. [Your praise is filled with plenty: i.e., it brings abundance to the 
worshipper; dyumni_ = glorious (RV 8.89.2);dyumni_ = dyumni_ka: As'vins, 
Dyumni_ka is your praiser]. 

8.087.02 Drink, As'vins, the exhilarating (Soma) as it drops (into the vessels)-
- seat yourselves, leaders, on thesacrificial grass; rejoicing in the house of 
the worshipper, drink the sacred Soma with the oblation. [As it drops:gharma = 
earthen pot called maha_vi_ra, also signifies the milk boiled in it: Drink, 
As'vins, the exhilarating Somaand the milk; in the house of the worshipper: in 
the house of the man, manus.o duron.e, i.e. the sacrifice which isas a home to 
the deities; cf. RV 5.76.4; drink the sacred Soma: or, protect our lives 
together with our wealth]. 

8.087.03 The worshippers have invoked you with all protections; come in the 
early mornings to the dwelling ofhim who has clipped the sacred grass, to the 
offering loved (by all the gods). [The worshippers: priyamedhah =those whose 
sacrifices are acceptable; or, a reference to R.s.i Priyamedha; with all your 
protections: vis'va_bhiru_tibhih = with prayers for all desirable blessings]. 

8.087.04 As'vins, drink the exhilarating Soma, sit down in your radiance on the 
sacrificial grass; waxing strong(through the libation), come from heaven to our 
praises as two Gadras to a pool. 

8.087.05 Come, As'vins, with your glossy steeds, Dasras, riding in golden 
chariots, lords of good fortune,upholders of truth, drink the Soma. 

8.087.06 We, your wise praisers, invoke you to the enjoyment of the sacrificial 
viands; come quickly, Dasras, atthe sound of our praise, As'vins, graceful in 
your movements, abounding in mighty deeds.

8.088.01 We offer praise with our hymns, as cows (low) to their calf in the 
stalls, to that handsome Indra of yours,(O priests), the overcomer of enemies, 
who rejoices in the excellent Soma. [In the stalls: svasares.u; Ya_ska(Nirukta 
5.4): days; we praise you in the days; excellent Soma: vasoh = vasayi_tuh; cf. 
RV 6.16.25]. 

8.088.02 We solicit the radiant bounteous (Indra), surrounded by powers as a 
mountain (by clouds), thesupporter of many-- (we solicit him) speedily for 
renowned food, rich in cattle, and multiplied a hundred and athousand-fold. 
[Suporter of many: or, to be fed by the offerings of many, purubhojasam; 
renowned: ks.umantam =causing praises by means of the children which it will 
produce, s'abdavantam anena putra_dikam laks.yatestotra_di_ni kurva_n.am; (RV 
2.1.10; 4.8): ks.umantam va_jam = s'abdavantam ki_rtimantam]. 

8.088.03 The vast firm mountains cannot stop you, Indra, whatever wealth you 
would give to a worshipper suchas I none can hinder you therein. 

8.088.04 By your exploits and might you are a warrior you overpower all beings 
by your deeds and prowess, thishymn which the Gotamas have made, causes you to 
turn here for their protection. [The hymn: tva_yam arkau_taye vavartati yam 
gotama_ aji_janan = this hymn (or this praiser) brings you here for their 
protection, whomthey have made manifest (in their sacrifice)]. 

8.088.05 Indra, by your might you extend beyond the limits of heaven, the region 
of the earth cannot contain you;design to bring us food. 

8.088.06 None can hinder your bounty, Maghavan, when you give wealth to your 
votary, most liberal sender (ofwealth), listen to our praise for the attainment 
of food.

8.089.01 Priests sing to Indra the most sin-destroying Br.hat-sa_man, by which 
the upholders of truth producedthe divine all-waking luminary for the god. 
[Br.hat sa_man: a particular sa_man; here, it means a mighty hymn; bywhich the 
upholders: i.e. the vis've deva_h produced the sun for Indra by means of the 
Br.hat sa_man; i.e.theyproduced Indra's own wakeful radiance thereby]. 

8.089.02 Indra, the destroyer of those who offer not praise, has driven away the 
malevolent and has becomeglorious; I indra of mighty splendour, lord of the 
troops of Maruts, the gods press you for your friendship.[Malevolent: 
abhis'asti_h = injuries, enemies; calumnies, abhis'a_pan;  gods press you: 
yemire = tva_mniyacchanti; or, the gods anxiously devote themselves to win your 
friendship. cf. RV 8.98.3]. 

8.089.03 Priests, utter forth the hymn to your great Indra; let S'atakratu, the 
slayer of Vr.tra, smite Vr.tra with hishundred-edged thunderbolt. 

8.089.04 Daring-souled (Indra), there is abundance of food with you-- boldly 
bring it to us; let our mothers (thewaters) impetuously spread over the earth; 
smite Vr.tra, and conquer all. [Our mothers: waters are called mothersfrom the 
passage in Taittiri_ya Upanis.ad 2.1: from the waters come the earth, from the 
earth the plants, from theplants food, from food semen, from semen man]. 

8.089.05 Maghavan, who had none before you, when you were born for the slaying 
of Vr.tra, then you did spreadabroad the earth, then you did prop up the 

8.089.06 Then was the sacrifice produced for you, then too the joyous hymn; then 
did you surpass all, whateverhas been or will be born. 

8.089.07 In the immature (cows) you produced the mature (milk), you caused the 
sun to arise in heaven,(priests), excite (Indra) with your praises as men heat 
the gharma with sa_man hymns. (sing) the acceptableBr.hat sa_man to him who is 
to be honoure dby song. [You caused the sun to arise in heaven: repetition of 
thelegend of he pan.is and the stolen cows of the An:girasas. The R.s.is 
implored Indra for help, who, seeing thatthe stronghold of the asuras was 
enveloped in thick darkness, set the sun in the sky to dispel it; as men heat 
thegharma: for the hymns of the ceremony of heating the maha_vi_ra or gharma 
pot, used in the pravargyaceremony; cf. Aitareya Bra_hman.a 1.21].

8.090.01 May Indra, who is to be invoked in all battles regard our hykns and our 
libationsl he the slayer of Vr.tra,who crushes the mightiest (foes), who is 
worthy of his praise. [Who crushes the mightiest foes: paramajya_h = hewhose 
bowstring (jya) is most excellent (parama) (RV. 8.1.30); jya_ = him.sa_; 

8.090.02 You are the chief giver of wealth, you are truthful and make your 
worshippers rulers; we solicit(blessings) worthy of you, lord of vast riches, 
mighty son of strength. [i.e. produced as the cause of strength, inorder to 
destroy enemies (RV 8.92.14); this strength or victory through strength, is the 
final cause of hisproduction or manifestation by the rite; and the final causse 
being then taken for the efficient, strenth may thus becalled the father]. 

8.090.03 Indra, who are the object of hymns, unexaggerated praises are offered 
by us; lord of bay steeds, acceptthese fitting hymns, which we have meditated 
for you. [Unexaggerated: anatidbhuta_ = sarva_n atikramya nabhavanti, 
indragun.avya_paka_ni yatha_rthabhu_ta_ni; atibhu_ta = adbhuta; hymns: yojana = 
stotra (RV1.88.5)]. 

8.090.04 You are truthful, Maghavan, unhumbled yourself, you humble many 
enemies; most mighty thunderer,cause wealth to meet your worshipper. 

8.090.05 You, Indra, lord of strength, are the glorious possessor of the offered 
Soma, alone with (yourthunderbolt), that protector of men, you smite the enemies 
that none else could oppose or drive away. 

8.090.06 Living one, who possess supreme knowledge, we verily ask you for wealth 
as though it were aninheritance your abode (in heaven), Indra, is vast like your 
glory; may your blessings fill us. [Living one: asura =balava_n pra_n.va_n; 
abode in heaven: your protection is as a vast cloak or hide].

8.091.01 A young woman going to the water found Soma in the path; as she carried 
it home she said, I will pressyou for Indra, I will you for S'akra. [This r.ca 
is said by Apa_la_. S'a_t.ya_yan.a Bra_hman.a has a legend:Apa_la_, the daughter 
of Atri, being afflicted with a disease of the skin, was repudiated by her 
husband; shereturned to her father's hermitage, and there practised penance. One 
day she wen out to bathe, intending tomake a Soma offering to Indra, and as she 
was returning, she found some Soma stalks on the road. Shegathered them and ate 
them as she walked. Indra, hearing the sound of her jaws, thoght it was the 
sound of theSoma stones, and appeared before her, asking whether there were any 
Soma stones bruising there. Sheexplained the reason for the sound, and Indra 
turned away. She called after him, "why do you turn away? You gofrom house to 
house to drinkt he Soma, now then drink the Soma ground by my teeth and eat 
fried grains ofbarley". She then added, without paying him respect, " I knownot 
whether you are Indra, but if you come to myhouse I will pay you due honour". 
Feeling however sure that it was really Indra, she addressed the latter half 
ofthe third verse to the Soma in her mouth. Indra then, falling in love with her 
drank the Soma as she wished. Shethen triumphantly exclaimed (r.ca 4): " I have 
been repudiated by my husband and yet Indra comes to me". Indrathen granted her 
a bon and she thus hose, "my father's head is bald, his field is barren, and my 
body is destituteof hair; make these things grow". Indra granted the three 

8.091.02 You who go from house to house a hero bright in your splendour, drink 
this Soma pressed by my teethtogether with fried grains of barley, the karambha, 
cakes and hymns. [karambha = mixture of fried barley mealand butter or curds]. 

8.091.03 We wish to know you, but here we know you not, O Soma, flow forth for 
Indra first slowly, then quickly.[First slowly: s'amair iva s'anakair iva]. 

8.091.04 May (Indra) repeatedly make us powerful, may he do abundantly for us, 
may he repeatedly make usvery rich; often hated by our husband and forced to 
leave hi, may we be united to Indra.] 

8.091.05 These hree places-- do you cause them all to grow-- my father's (bald) 
head, his (barren) field, and mybody. 

8.091.06 This field which is our (father's), and this my body and he head of my 
father-- do you make all thesebear a crop. [Crop: i.e., make them all hairy, 

8.091.07 Thice, S'atakratu, did you purify Apa_la_, in the hole of the chariot, 
in the hole of the cart, and in thehole of the yoke, and you did make here with 
a skin splendent like the sun. [Thrice did you purify: Indra draggedher through 
the wide hole of his chariot, the narrower hole of the cart, and the small hole 
of the yoke, and shecast off three skins. The first skin became a hedge-hog, the 
second an alligator, the third a chameleon].

8.092.01 Sing priests, that Indra, who drinks your offered Soma-- the foe-
subduing S'atakratu, most liberal ofmen. [Or, to be most honoured of men, 
mam.his.t.ha cars.an.i_na_m]. 

8.092.02 Proclaim that deity as Indra, who is invoked by many, who is praised by 
many, who is worthy of songsand renowned as eternal. 

8.092.03 May Indra who causes all to rejoice, be the giver of plentiful food to 
us; may be, the mighty, bring us(riches) up to our knees. [Who causes all to 
rejoice: nr.tuh = nartayita_, he who causes all to dance; RV 2.22.4;bringer 
(neta) of kine to your votaries]. 

8.092.04 Indra, the handsome-jawed, has drunk of th dropping Soma cooked with 
barley, (the offering) ofSudaks.a assiduous in sacrifice. [Sudaks.a = name of a 
r.s.i; sudaks.asya prahos.in.ah = epithets of Soma]. 

8.092.05 Loudly praise that Indra that he may drink the Soma-- it is this which 
gives him strength. 

8.092.06 The god, having quaffed its exhilarations, by the strength of the 
divine (Soma) has conquered allworlds. 

8.092.07 Bring here for our protection Indra the conqueror of many, who pervades 
all your praises. [R.ca isaddressed by the sacrificer to the praising priest]. 

8.092.08 The warrior, whom none oppose and none can harm, the quaffer of the 
Soma, the leader whose deedscannot be hindered. 

8.092.09 O you worthy of our praise, you who know all things, repeatedly give us 
riches, protect us by the wealthour enemies. 

8.092.10 Come to us, Indra, from there with food of a hundred-fold strength, of 
a thousand-fold strength. 

8.092.11 S'akra, let us go, proved in deeds, to deeds; thunderer, cleaver of 
mountains, let us conquer in battlesby your steeds. [Steeds: by steeds given by 

8.092.12 We refresh you, S'atakratu, with our praises, as (the herdsman) the 
cattle with (different kinds of)paasture. 

8.092.13 All mortal natures, S'atakratu, are moved by desire; we feel wishes, O 

8.092.14 O son of strength, men, uttering their desires, abide happily in you, 
none, Indra, surpasses you. 

8.092.15 Showerer (of blessings), protect us by your action, which is most 
bounteous yet awful, foe-terrifying yetmany-cherishing. [purandhya_ = bahu_na_m 
dha_rayitrya_; (RV 5.35.8): no ratham ava purandhya_ =s'obhanabudhya_;  
Showerer, protect us by your care, by your good providence, which is bounteous 
and yetawful and foe-terrifying]. 

8.092.16 Rejoice us, Indra, S'atakratu, as you rejoice in that most glorious 
exhilaration of the Soma. 

8.092.17 The Soma of yours, Indra, which is most widely renowned, most 
destrucive of your enemies, and mostrenovating to your strength. 

8.092.18 Thunderer, smiter of enemies, truthful drinker of the Soma, we know 
(the wealth) which is given by youto all your votaries. 

8.092.19 Let our voices praise on every side the (Soma) effused to the 
exhilarated Indra; let the priests dohonour to the (Soma) honoured of all. 

8.092.20 We invoke, now that the Soma is effused, that Indra in whom all graces 
are at their height, and in whomthe seven associated priests rejoice. 

8.092.21 The gods extended the heaven-revealing sacrifice in the Trikadruka 
days-- may our praise prosper it.[RV 8.13.18: yajn~am = indra yas.t.avyam; 
Trikadruka days: these are the first three days of the a_bhiplava, areligious 
ceremony which lasts six days and is a part of the gava_ma_yana sacrifice. The 
first three days areseverally called: jyotis., go, a_yus; the latter three: go, 
a_yus. and jyotis]. 

8.092.22 Let the Soma-drops enter you as the rivers the sea: none, Indra 
surpasses you. 

8.092.23 Indra, showerer (of blessings), wakeful one, you have attained by your 
might the drinking of the Somawhich enters your belly. 

8.092.24 Indra, slayer of Vr.tra,may the Soma be enough for your belly, may the 
drops be enough for your(various) bodies. [dha_mabhyah = for your various bodies 
or splendours, na_na_vidhebhyah s'ari_rebhyas tavatejobhyo va_]. 

8.092.25 S.rutakaks.a sings enough for a horse, enough for a cow, enough for a 
house of Indra. [Sings for ahorse: indrasya dha_mne = for a house given by 
Indra; or, Indra's heaven]. 

8.092.26 When our Soma-libations are effused, you are abundantly able (to drink 
them)-- may they be enough foryou, the bounteous. [Abundantly able: bhis.asi = 
bhavasi, pra_paya, bring us abundant wealth]. 

8.092.27 May our praises reach you, thunderer, even from afar; may we obtain 
your (wealth) abundantly. 

8.092.28 You verily love to smite the mighty, you are a hero and firm (in 
battle), yourmind is to be propitiated (bypraise). 

8.092.29 Lord of great wealth, your bounty is possessed by all your worshippers; 
therefore, Indra, be also myally. 

8.092.30 Be not like a lazy bra_hman.a, O lord of food; rejoice thyself by 
drinking the effused Soma mixed withmilk. 

8.092.31 Indra,let not the threatening prowling (demons) obstruct us at night, 
let us smite them with you as ourhelper. 

8.092.32 With you, Indra, as our helper, let us answer our enemies; you are 
ours, we are yours. 

8.092.33 Indra, may your friends, the chanters, worship you, devoted to your 
service and again and againreciting your praise.

8.093.01 You rise, O sun, on (the sacrifice of Indra) the showerer (of 
blessings), the bountiful giver, famed for hiswealth, the benefactor of men. 
[Indra is one of the twelve A_dityas]. 

8.093.02 Who cleft the ninety-nine cities by the strength of his arm, and, 
slayeer of Vr.tra, smote Ahi. [Ninety-ninecities: RV. 2.19.6; ahi = the cloud]. 

8.093.03 May Indra, our auspicious friend, milk for us, like a richly-streaming 
(cow), wealth of horses, kine andbarley. 

8.093.04 Whatsoever, O Sun, slayr of Vr.tra, you have risen upon today-- it is 
all, Indra, under your power. 

8.093.05 When, swelling in your might, lord of the good, you think, 'I shall not 
die', that thought of yours is indeedtrue. [Lord of the good: lord of the 

8.093.06 You go at once, Indra, to all those Soma-libations which are effused 
afar or effused near. 

8.093.07 We invigorate that (great) Indra for the slaying of mighty Vr.tra, may 
he be a bounteous showerer (ofwealth). 

8.093.08 Indra was created for giving; he, the most mighty was set over the 
exhilarating Soma; he, the gloriousone the lord of praise, is worthy of the 
Soma. [made = bale; Indra was created: by Praja_pati at the time ofcreation]. 

8.093.09 The mighty (Indra), unassailed by his foes, hastens to confer wealth on 
his worshippers-- renderedkeen by their praises as a weapon, full of strength 
and invincible. [r.s.vah = ugrah]. 

8.093.10 Indra, worthy of our praise, do you, hymned by us, make our path plain 
even in the midst of difficulties,(hear us), Maghavan, if you love us. 

8.093.11 You whose command and rightful empire neither god nor irresistible hero 
can harm. [Rightful empire:svara_jya = svargasva_mitva]. 

8.093.12 Yes, deity of the handsome jaw, the two goddesses, heaven and earth, 
both worship your resistlessconsuming might. 

8.093.13 It is you that keep this bright milk in the black, red, and spotted 

8.093.14 When all the gods fled in various directions from the splendour of the 
demon Ahi, and when fear of thedeer seized them. 

8.093.15 Then was my Indra the repeller; then did the smiter of Vr.tra put forth 
his might, he who has no existentenemies, the invincible. 

8.093.16 (Priests), I bring to you men, for great wealth, that renowned and 
mighty one who utterly destroyedVr.tra. [a_s'us.e = a_s'is.e; cars.an.i_na_m: 
renowned and mighty among men]. 

8.093.17 O you bearing many names and praised by many, when you are present at 
our various Soma-libations,may we be endowed with a kine-desiring mind. [May we 
be endowed: maywe obtain kine; gavyaya_ = with adesire for milk; come with this 
mind, with this desire for milk, whenyou are present at our Soma-offerings]. 

8.093.18 May the slayer of Vr.tra, to whom many libations are offered, know our 
desires-- may S'akra hear ourpraises. [bodhinmana_ = bodhanmana_h]. 

8.093.19 Showerer (of blessings), with what coming of yours do you gladden us, 
with what coming bring you(wealth) to your worshippers? 

8.093.20 At whose hymn-accompanied libations does the showerer, the lord of the 
Niyuts, the slayer of Vr.tra,rejoice to drink the Soma? 

8.093.21 Rejoicing (in our oblations), bring us wealth a thousandfold; remember 
that you are the giver to yourvotary. 

8.093.22 These Soma-libations with their wives proceed (to Indra) longing to be 
drunk; the stale Soma, pleasingto the taste, goes to the waters. [Ya_ska, 
Nirukta 5.18: patni_vantah = with their wives or protectresses: anallusion to 
the two kinds of water, the vasati_varyah and the ekadhana_h, used in the Soma 
offerings (AitareyaBra_hman.a 2.20). At the time of the avabhr.tha, or 
concluding ceremonies of purification, the r.ji_s.a or staleSoma is thrown into 
the waters. nicumpunan.ah = ni_cama_nena pr.n.a_ti]. 

8.093.23 The sacrificing priests, invigorating (Indra) by their offerings at the 
sacrifice, have by their mightdismissed him to the avabhr.tha. 

8.093.24 May those two golden-maned steeds together exulting bring him to our 
wholesome offering. 

8.093.25 Resplendent (Agni), these Soma-libations are effused for you, the 
clipped grass is spread; bring Indrahere for his worshippers. 

8.093.26 May he give strength and his brilliant heaven and precious things to 
you his worshipper, and to hispraising priests; worship Indra. 

8.093.27 I prepare, S'atakratu, your strong (Soma) and all your praises; be 
gracious, Indra, to your hymners. 

8.093.28 Bring us what is most auspicious, S'atakratu, (bring us) food and 
strength, if you have favour to us,Indra. 

8.093.29 Bring us all blessings, S'atakratu, if you have favour to us, Indra. 

8.093.30 Bearing the effused libation, we invoke you, mightiest slayer of 
Vr.tra, if you have favour to us, Indra. 

8.093.31 Come with your steeds to our effused libation, lord of the Soma-- come 
with your steds to our effusedlibation. 

8.093.32 Indra, S'atakratu, mightiest slayer of Vr.tra, you whose power is known 
in a two-fold way, come withyour steeds to our effused libation. [Whose power is 
known in a two-fold way: i.e., you are known in your terribleform as the slayer 
of Vr.tra, etc., and in your merciful form as the protector of the world]. 

8.093.33 Slayer of Vr.tra, you are the drinker of these Soma juices, come with 
your steeds to our effused libation.

8.093.34 May Indra bring to us the bounteous R.bhu R.bhuks.an.a to partake of 
our sacrificial viands; may he,the mighty, bring the mighty (Va_ja). 
[R.bhuks.an.a: was the eldest and Va_ja the youngest of three brothers.The 
R.bhus have a share in the evening libation between Praja_pati and Savita_ 
(Aitareya Bra_hman.a 3.30);the r.ca is addressed to the R.bhus in the evening 
libation on the ninth day of the dva_das'a_ha ceremony(Aitareya Bra_hman.a 

8.094.01 The cow (Pr.s;ni), the food-desiring mother of the wealthy Maruts, 
drinks (the Soma)-- she is worthy ofall honour, who yokes (the mares) to their 
chariots. [The cow: cf. RV. 1.23.10; 2.34.2]. 

8.094.02 She, in whose presence all the gods observe their functions, and the 
sun and moon move in peace toenlighten the world. 

8.094.03 Therefore all our priests in their worship always sing the Maruts that 
they may drink the Soma. [All ourpriests in their worship always sing that 
(might of the Maruts) that they may drink the Soma; the Maruts 9are tobe invoked 
by us)]. 

8.094.04 This Soma is effused (by us); the self-resplendent Maruts drink of it, 
and the As'vins. [svara_jah: anepithet of asya (Somasya) not of marutah; This 
Soma, the self-resplendent is effused (by us); Maruts drink of it,and the 

8.094.05 Mitra, Aryaman and Varun.a drink (the Soma), purified by the straining 
cloth, abiding in three places,and granting posterity. [Abiding in three places: 
"The Soma, when it is extracted, is poured into the A_havani_ya,a kind of 
trough. Thence, it is poured into a cloth, in order to strain it. This cloth is 
called Pavitra or Das'a_pavitra.below the cloth is another trough called 
Pu_tabhr.t" (Haug); these are the three places of the text. Grantingposterity: 
ja_vatah = stutyajanavantam, having reference to praise-worthy persons]. 

8.094.06 Indra also is eager in the morning to drink this effused (Soma) mixed 
with milk, as a priest (to praise thegods). 

8.094.07 When do the sages flash like waters across (to sky)? When do the 
Maruts, pure in vigour, destroyers ofenemies, come to our offering? 

8.094.08 O shall I today possess your protection, mighty deities, beautiful 
bright in yourselves (thoughunadorned)? 

8.094.09 (We invoke) those maruts to drink our Soma, who have spread our all the 
things of earth and theluminaries of heaven. 

8.094.10 O Maruts, I invoke you, resplendent, of pure vigour, to drink this 

8.094.11 I invoke those Maruts to drink this Soma, who have established heaven 
and earth. 

8.094.12 I invoke that band of the Maruts, abiding in the clouds, the showerers, 
to drink this Soma.

8.095.01 O Indra, worthy of praise when the Soma is effused our songs hasten to 
you as charioteer, they lowtowards you as cows towards their calves. 

8.095.02 Indra worthy of praise, let the bright Soma-libations come to you; 
drink your portion of the Soma; Indra,in all places it is fit for you. 

8.095.03 Drink to your fill, Indra, the effused Soma brought, by the hawk, you 
are the lord of all the divine hosts,you are the self-resplendent. [Brought by 
the hawk: RV. 1.80.2; lord of all the divine hosts: s'as'vati_na_m...vis'a_m = 
bahuna_m marudgan.a_n sarves.a_m devagn.a_na_m ca]. 

8.095.04 Hear, Indra, the prayer of Tiras'ci who worships you, and satisfy him 
with wealth bringing gallantoffspring and cattle-- for you are mighty. 

8.095.05 To him who has made for you this newest joy-giving hymn, do you, Indra, 
(extend) your ancient truthfulprovidence to which all hearts are known. 

8.095.06 Let us praise that Indra whom our chants and hymns have magnified; we 
worship him, desirous tohonour his many deeds of might. 

8.095.07 Come let us praise the purified Indra with a pure Sa_man and with pure 
recited hymns; let the pure(Soma) mixed with milk gladden him waxing strong. 
[Legend from S'a_t.ya_yana Bra_hman.a: Indra, after theslaughter of Vr.tra, 
being polluted by the guilt of brahmanicide, begged the r.s.is to purify him by 
their sa_manhymns. They accordingly said these verses and he became purified; 
and they, then, offered him the Soma etc.] 

8.095.08 Come to us, Indra, purified; purified with your pure protecting hosts; 
purified establish wealth in us;purified and now worthy of the Soma, rejoice. 
[Protecting hostws: the Maruts]. 

8.095.09 Purified, Indra, give us wealth; purified give to your worshipper 
precious things; purified you smite yourenemies; purified you desire to give us 

8.096.01 For him the dawns prolonged their rising; for Indra the nights uttered 
auspicious voices by night; for himthe waters, the mothers, the seven rivers, 
stood, offering an easy passage for men to cross over. [The nightsuttered 
auspicious voices by night: All men read the Veda, etc. in the latter half of 
the night; therefore, the voicesof the night were auspicious; they studied the 
Veda under Indra's direction]. 

8.096.02 By him the thrower, unaided, were pierced asunder the thrice seven 
table-lands of the mountainheaped together; neither god nor mortal could do what 
he, the showerer, in his full-grown strength has done.[Pierced asunderthe thrice 
seven tablelands: the legend in RV 8.8.10]. 

8.096.03 Indra's iron thunderbolt is grasped firmly in his hand, enormous 
strength resides in his arms; when hegoes forth (to battle), there is ample 
employment for his head and his mouth, and (his followers) rush near him tohear 
his commands. [Ample employment for his head and his mouth: i.e. his head is 
employed in fitting thehelmet, etc., and his eyes in seeking the enemy; and the 
mouth issues its various orders]. 

8.096.04 I think you the most worthy among those worthy of sacrifice; I think 
you the overthrower of theimperishable (mountains); I think you, Indra, the 
banner of warriors; I think you the showerer (of blessings) tomen. [Of the 
imperishable mountains: of the heroes not to be overthrown; banner of warriors: 
the manifester ofthyself to your worshippers]. 

8.096.05 When, Indra, you grasp in your arms your pride humbling thunderbolt to 
smite Ahi, when the mountainclouds loudly roar and the cows loudly bellow, then 
the bra_hman.as offer their worship to Indra. [Cows: cowsare the waters pent 
within the clouds; bra_hman.as = the mountains]. 

8.096.06 Let us praise that Indra who produced all the things, to him all beings 
are subsequent; may we maintainfriendship with Indra by our hymns, let us bring 
the showerer (of blessings) near us by our praises. [May wemaintain friendship: 
mitram = maitri_m; let us say by our hymns, may we be friends with Indra]. 

8.096.07 All the gods who were your friends forsook you, flying away at the 
snorting of Vr.tra; O Indra, let therebe friendship to you with the Maruts; then 
do you conquer all these hostile armies. [Friendshi: (AitareyaBra_hman.a 3.20): 
The Maruts alone did not leave him]. 

8.096.08 These sixty-three Maruts were worthy of sacrifice nourishing your 
vigour like cows gathered together;we come to you, do you grant us our portion; 
so will we produce strength in you by this offering. [Thesesixty-three Maruts: 
trih s'as.t.ih = thrice sixty; or, sixty-three; these were the nine companies of 
the Maruts, eachcomposed of seven. S'ukla Yajus. 17.81-86 enumerates six 
companies of seven each; Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_1.5.11: saptagan.a_ vai Maruta_h; 
another gan.a is to be sought in another s'a_kha_; or in a khila; cf. 
Taittiri_yaA_ran.yaka 4.24.25 for three gan.as]. 

8.096.09 Your sharp bow, the host of Maruts, and your thunderbolt who, Indra, 
has ever withstood? The asurasare weaponless and abandoned by the gods, drive 
them away by your discus, O R.ji_s.in. [cf. RV. 8.86.4]. 

8.096.10 Send forth an excellent hymn to great (Indra), the strong, might and 
most fortunate, (that he mayprosper) my cattle; utter many praises to Indra who 
is borne by praise, may he speedily give much wealth to me.[Who is borne by 
praise: cf. RV 1.30.5; 61.4]. 

8.096.11 Send forth your praise to mighty Indra who is borne by hymns, as (a 
sailor sends a traveller) in a shipacross the rivers; bring to me by your rites 
that wealth which belongs to him renowned and beneficent; may hespeedily give 
much wealth. [Legend: Indra, aided by Br.haspati and the Maruts, slew the asura 
Kr.s.n.a, who with10,000 other asuras had occupied the river Am.s'umati_, which 
is said to be the Yamuna_. Another legend fromBr.haddevata_: Soma, being afraid 
of Vr.tra, took refuge with the Kurus by the river Am.s'umati_. Indra followed 
itwith Br.haspati and the Maruts and begged it to return. It however refused, 
and attempted to resist; but it wasultimately conquered and carried back to the 
gods, who drank it and in consequence, vanquished the demons.Draps = a common 
word for Soma, the dropping; or, swift-moving; am.s'umati_ = sunlight]. 

8.096.12 Perform those rites of yours that Indra may accept them; praise him to 
whom praise belongs, worshiphim with your service; O priest, adorn thyself, 
grieve not (for poverty); let Indra hear your praise, may he speedilygive much 

8.096.13 The swift-moving Kr.s.n.a with ten thousand (demons) stood on the 
Am.s'umati_; by his might Indracaught him snorting (in the water); he, 
benevolent to man, smote his malicious (bands). 

8.096.14 "I have seen the swift-moving (demon) lurking in an inaccessible place, 
in the depths of the riverAm.s'umati_, (I have seen) Kr.s.n.a standing there as 
(the sun) in a cloud; I appeal to you, showerers; conquerhim in battle". [This 
is Indra's speech to the Maruts. Though the demon thinks he is concealing 
himself, he isseen as clearly by Indra as the sun is behind a cloud]. 

8.096.15 Then the swift-moving one, shining forth assumed his own body by the 
Am.s'umati_, and Indra withBr.haspati as his ally smote the godless hosts as 
they drew near. [Godless hosts: adevi_h = not shining, dark;not to be praised]. 

8.096.16 As soon as you were born, Indra, you were an enemy to those seven who 
had no enemy; yourecovered the heavens and earth when concealed (in darkness); 
you cause joy to the mighty worlds. [Thoseseven who had no enemy: Kr.s.n.a, 
Vr.tra, Namu_ci, S'ambara etc.; or, you were an enemy to those who had noenemy, 
on behalf of the seven sages (the An:girasas). i.e., inorder to recover their 

8.096.17 Thunderer, you, the resolute one, did smite that unrivalled might with 
your bolt; you destroyed S'us.n.awith your weapons, you recovered the cows, 
Indra, by your wisdom. 

8.096.18 You, showerer, were the mighty destroyer of the hindrances of your 
worshippers; you did set free theobstructed rivers, you did win the waters which 
the Da_sas had mastered. 

8.096.19 He who noble in his exploits rejoices in the Soma-libations, he whose 
wrath cannot be repelled and whois wealthy as the days, he who alone performs 
the rites for his worshipper-- he, the slayer of Vr.tra, men say, is amatch for 
all others. [Who is wealthy as the days: wealth is produced in the days, not in 
the nights]. 

8.096.20 Indra is the slayer of Vr.tra, the cherisher of men; let us invoke him 
worthy of invocation, with anexcellent hymn; he is Maghavan, our protector, our 
encourager, he is the bestower of food that brings fame. 

8.096.21 As soon as he was born, he, Indra, the slayer of Vr.tra, the chief of 
the R.bhus, was worthy to beinvoked; he, performing many sacred acts for men, is 
worthy to be invoked for his friends like the quaffed Soma.

8.097.01 Indra, lord of heaven, with those good things which you have carried 
off from the asuras do youprosper, O Maghavan, your praiser and those who have 
spread for you the clipped grass. 

8.097.02 Those horses, those cows, that imperishable wealth which you have 
seized (from your enemies)--bestow them on the sacrificer who offers the Soma 
and is liberal to the priests-- not on the niggard. 

8.097.03 Let him, Indra, who sleeps away careless of the gods and offering no 
sacrifices-- let him lose hisprecious wealth by his own evil courses, and then 
do you stow him away in some hidden place. [By his own evilcourses: by gambling 

8.097.04 Whether, S'akra, you are in the far-distant region, or whether, slayer 
of Vr.tra, you are in the lower-- thesacrificeer longs to being you, Indra, from 
thence by his hymns as by heaven-going steeds. [Whether you...lower:whether you 
are in the heaven or in the firmament; heaven-going: dyugat: an instrument 

8.097.05 Or whether you are in the brightness of heaven, or whether in some 
region in the midst of the sea, orwhether, mightiest slayer of Vr.tra, in some 
abode in the earth, or whether in the firmament, -- come to us. 

8.097.06 Indra, drinker of the Soma, lord of strength, now that our Soma-
libations have been effused, do yougladden us with wholesome food and ample 
wealth. [With wholesome food: sunr.ta_vata = truthful, accompaniedby truthful 
words, accompanied by children; or, gladden us with generous gifts]. 

8.097.07 Leave us not, Indra, but share our joy; you are our protection, you are 
our kindred; Indra, leave us not. 

8.097.08 Sit with us, Indra, at the oblation to drink the Soma; Maghavan, 
perform a mighty protection for yourworshipper, (seated) with us at the 

8.097.09 Thunderer, neither gods nor mortals equal you by their acts; you 
surpass all beings by your might, thegods equal you not. 

8.097.10 The assembled (priests) have roused Indra, the leader, the conqueror in 
all battles; they have createdhim (by their hymns) to shine-- him the mightiest 
in his acts, the smiter of enemies for spoil, the terrible, the mostpowerful, 
the stalwart, the furious. 

8.097.11 The Rebhas have together praised Indra that he may drink the Soma; when 
(they praise) the lord ofheaven that he may wax strong (by the oblations), then 
he, observant of pious rites, is united to his strength andhis protecting 
guards. [United: by the praises of the worshippers he acquires strength, and the 
Maruts are hisguards]. 

8.097.12 At the first sight (the Rebhas) bow to him who is the circumferene of 
the wheel, the priests (worship)with their praise (Indra) the ram; radiant and 
unharming, do you also, full of earnestness, sing in his ear with yourhymns. 
[The ram: a reference to the legend: Indra carrying off Medha_tithi in the form 
of a ram; RV 1.51.1;8.2.40]. 

8.097.13 Again and again I invoke the strong Indra, Maghavan, who alone really 
possesses might, the irresistible;may he draw near through our songs, most 
bounteous and worthy of sacrifice; may he, the thunderer, make allthings 
prosperous for our wealth. 

8.097.14 Indra, mightiest S'akra, you know how to destroy those cities (of 
S'ambara) by your strength at you allworlds tremble, thunderer-- heaven and 
earth (tremble) with fear. 

8.097.15 Indra, hero assuming many forms, may that truthfulness of you protect 
me; bear us, thunderer, over ourmany sins as over waters; when, radiant Indra, 
will you give us some wealth, desirable to all, manifold in itskinds?

8.098.01 Sing a Sa_man to Indra, a Br.hat to the mighty sage, to the performer, 
of religious rites, the all-knowingone who longs for praise. [dharmakr.te = 

8.098.02 You are the conqueror, Indra; you have lighted in the sun; you are the 
maker of all, the lord of all thegods, the mighty. 

8.098.03 You have pervaded the light of the sky, illumining heaven by your 
splendour; the gods, Indra,submissively solicit your friendship. [Light of the 
sky: rocanam divah; you have pervaded and illumined by yourlight heaven which 
manifests the sun (as being its receptacle). 

8.098.04 Come to us, Indra, beloved one, triumphant, and whom, none can conceal-
- lord of heaven, vast on allsides as a mountain. 

8.098.05 Truthful drinker of the Soma, you surpass heaven and earth; O Indra, 
you are the fosterer of him whoprepares the libation, you are the lord of 

8.098.06 You, Indra, are the stormer of many hostile cities, the slayer of the 
Dasyu, the fosterer of man, the lordof heaven. [Fosterer of man: manoh = the man 
who offers sacrifice]. 

8.098.07 Indra worthy of hymns, we send our earnest praises to you as men going 
by water (splash their friends)with handfuls. [Praises: or, desires, prayers; 
cf. RV 1.81.8; splash their friends with handfuls: in sport; udevagamanta 
udabhih = as men going by the water, i.e. a river, or the waters, i.e., the 

8.098.08 As the lake (swells) with the rivers, so our praises, O hero, O 
thunderer, augment you as you growmore and more day by day. [Grow more and more: 
brahma_n.i vavr.dhva_m.sam = swelling with our praiseseven more than the lake]. 

8.098.09 (The priests) by their hymn yoke in the swift deity's yoked at a word. 

8.098.10 Indra, all-beholding Maghavan, bring us strength and wealth; (we 
solicit you) the host-overpoweringchampion. [Champion: tva_m a_ya_ca_mahe; bring 
us a host-overpowering champion, i.e., a son]. 

8.098.11 You have been our father, O giver of dwellings, you our mother O 
S'atakratu; we pray for thathappiness which is yours. 

8.098.12 Mighty S'atakratu, invoked by many, I praise you desirous of offerings; 
do you give us wealth.[s'atakratu = sahaskr.ta].

8.099.01 Thunderer, your worshippers, ready with their oblations, have today and 
yesterday made you drink (theSoma); listen, Indra, here to us who offer you 
praise and come you to our dwelling. 

8.099.02 Handsome-jawed lord of steeds, rejoice (in the libation); we pray to 
you, your votaries come to youIndra, worthy of praise, may your food be a 
pattern and excellent. [upama_ni = upama_na bhu_ta_ni,magnificent]. 

8.099.03 As the gathering (rays) proceed to the son, so (the Maruts proceed) to 
Indra, and by their power divideall his treasures among those who have been or 
will be born; may we meditate on our share. [bhaks.ata =bhajata (or, 
vibhajante?): (O worshippers), as the gathering (rays) proceed to the sun, so do 
you enjoy all thewealth of Indra; and let us possess like an inheritance the 
treasures which by his power (he distributes) to himthat has been or will be 
born; alternative: the gathering (rays) proceeding to the sun distribute all 
Indra'streasures (to living beings, as rain, corn etc.) may we too by our power 
leave these treasures as an inheritance tohim who has been or will be born]. 

8.099.04 Praise him the bestower of wealth, whose gifts are never evil; Indra's 
gifts are fortunate; he directs hismind to the gift and mars not the desire of 
his worshipper. 

8.099.05 Indra, you conquer in battles all opposing hosts; O opposer who beat 
down those who would opposeyou are the smiter of the wicked, the bringer (of 
evil to your enemies), and the destroyer of all.  

8.099.06 Heaven and earth follow your destructive energy as mothers their child; 
since you smite Vr.tra, all thehostile hosts, Indra, faint at your wrath. 
[Faint: s'nathayanta = to kill; sratha yanta = khinna_ bhavanti, they arewearied 

8.099.07 (Worshippers), summon here for protecting him who never grows old, the 
repeller (of enemies), himselfnever expelled, the swift conqueror, the driver, 
the best of charioteers, unharmed of any, the augmenter of water. 

8.099.08 We solicit for our protection Indra, the consecrator of others but 
himself consecrated by none, producedby strength, possessing a hundred-fold 
protection, possessing hundred-fold knowledge, a common deity tomany, hiding 
treasures in his store-house and sending wealth (to his votaries). [Consecrator: 
is.karta_ram =yajn~anis.pa_dakam; 'satru_n.a_m sam.skarta_ram; is.karta_ram 
anis.kr.tam, director, yourself undirected].

8.100.01 I here go before you with my son, the Vis've deva_s follow after me; 
if, Indra, you keep wealth for me,then put forth your strength on my side. [I 
here go strength on my side: i.e., if you wish to give me the wealth ofmy 
enemies, come and help me to overcome them]. 

8.100.02 I offer the exhilarating Soma first toyou, let the effused enjoyable 
Soma be placed within you; be you afriend on my right hand, then will we two 
smite our many enemies. 

8.100.03 Offer fervently, may war-loving companions, true praise to Indra, if he 
truly exists; Nema says, "verilythere is no Indra", who has ever seen him? Whom 
shall we praise? 

8.100.04 (Indra speaks): "here I am, worshipper, behold me here; I overpower all 
beings by my might; the offerersof sacrifice magnify me by their praises; I, the 
shatterer, shatter the worlds". 

8.100.05 "When the lovers of sacrifice ascended to me sitting alone on the back 
of my well-loved (formament),then my mind verily proclaimed to my heart, ' my 
friends with their children are crying to me' ". [On th  back of mywell-loved 
firmament: haryatasya pr.s.t.he = ka_ntasya antariks.asya pr.s.t.he]. 

8.100.06 Verily all those deeds of yours, Maghavan, are to be proclaimed, which 
you have achieved for him whooffers libations in the sacrifice; that wealth of 
Pa_ra_vat, collected by many; you have opened to S'arabha, thekinsman of the 
R.s.i. [Pa_ra_vat: a certain enemy so-called; pa_ra_vata = brought from afar; 
collected by many:puru sambhr.tam = that wealth of Pa_ra_vat you have opened to 
S'arabha, so that it now is collected by many.S'arabha was a r.s.i]. 

8.100.07 Haste now severally forward; he is not here who stopped your way-- has 
not Indra let fall histhunderbolt in the very vitals of that enemy? [That enemy 
who was running forward and stayed not apart and didnot hinder you-- Indra has 
thrown (nyapi_patat) his bolt in the vitals of that enemy]. 

8.100.08 Suparn.a, rushing swift as thought, passed through the metal city; then 
having gone to heaven hebrought the Soma to the thunderer. [He brought the Soma 
to the thunderer: Legend : Ga_yatri_ as a bird fetchedSoma from heaven. a_yasi_m 
= metal, hiran.mayi_m, golden; an allusion to the cities of the demons as made 
ofmetal on earth, silver in the firmament and gold in heaven (Aitareya 
Bra_hman.a 1.23)]. 

8.100.09 The thunderbolt lies in the midst of the sea, covered with the waters; 
(the foes) flying in front of thebattle bring offerings of submission to it. 

8.100.10 When Va_k, the queen, the gladdener of the gods, sits down (in the 
sacrifice) uttering things not to beunderstood, she milks water and food for the 
four quarters (of the earth); whither now is her best portion gone?[Nirukta 
11.28: Va_k here is the thunder; cf. RV 8.69.14; best portion = the rain, which 
sinks in the earth or istaken up by the sun's rays]. 

8.100.11 The gods produced the goddess Va_k; her do animals of every kind utter; 
may she, Va_k, theall-gladdening cow, yielding meat and drink, come to us, 
worthily praised. [The thunder entering into all beings,becomes the speaker of 
moral truth, es.a_ ma_dhyamika_ va_k sarvapra_n.yantargata_ 
dharma_bhiva_dini_bhavati; animals of every kind: whether their utterance be 
articulare or inarticulate]. 

8.100.12 O Vis.n.u my friends, stride forth lustily; O heaven, give room to 
contain the thunderbolt; let us smiteVr.tra, let us open the rivers; let them 
flow, set free, at the command of Indra. [Give room to contain thethunderbolt: 
Br.haddevata_ is cited: Vr.tra had enveloped the three worlds and stood there in 
his fierce energy;Indra could not conquer him, and he went to Vis.n.u and said, 
"I will smite Vr.tra, do you stride forth and stand bymy side, and let the 
heavens give room for my uplifted thunderbolt". Vis.n.u consented and did so, 
and theheavens gave an open space. All this is related in this r.ca].

8.101.01 That man verily consecrates the oblation for the sacrifice, who brings 
quickly Mitra and Varun.a to theofferer for the attainment of his desires. 
[Verily that man who worships Mitra and Varun.a for the attainment of hisdesires 
and the giving of oblations, becomes thereby perfectly tranquil and able to 
perform the sacrifice: r.dhagdevata_taye]. 

8.101.02 Those two leaders of rites, great in mite, far-seeing, resplendent, and 
most far-hearing, perform theirdeeds like two arms, by the help of the rays of 
the sun. [Like two arms: i.e., they obtain the sacrifice as the armsaccomplish 
an object]. 

8.101.03 Mitra and Varun.a, he who hastens to appear before you, becomes the 
messenger of the gods; hewears a metal helment, he exults in his wealth. [A 
metal helmet: golden, ayas si_rs.a_]. 

8.101.04 He who has no pleasure in questioning, nor in repeated calling nor in 
dialogue-- defend us today fromhim and from his encounter, defend us from his 

8.101.05 O you rich in offerings, sing to Mitra, sing to Aryaman, a reverential 
hymn produced in the sacrificialchamber; sing a propitiating address to Varun.a; 
sing  a hymn of praise to the kings. [Produced in the sacrificialchamber: 
varu_thyam = yajn~agr.he bhavam]. 

8.101.06 It was these who sent the red victory-giving Vasu, the one son of the 
three (worlds); they, the invincible,the immortal, overlook the abodes of men. 
[Victory-giving: jenya, vasu: jetavya, what is to be conquered or won;cf. RV 
2.5.1; 7.74.3; jenyam = jayasa_dhanam; vasu: va_sakam, the Sun as one of the 
Vasus; they send him forthe dispelling of the darkness of the three worlds; vasu 
= wealth, i.e. gold: it was these who sent the red goldvictory-giving; or, the 
reward of victory]. 

8.101.07 O associated Na_satya_s, come both of you to my uplifted glorious 
praises and my rites, come topartake of my offering. 

8.101.08 Deities rich in food, when we solicit your bounty, that (wealth) which 
demons cannot thwart-- then,helping our praise directed to the east, come, 
leaders of rites, worshipped by Jamadagni. [Helping: inspiring; cf.RV 4.6.1]. 

8.101.09 Come, Va_yu, to our heaven-reaching sacrifice with its beautiful hymns 
of praise, this bright Soma hasbeen kept for you, poured out upon the middle of 
the straining cloth. 

8.101.10 The ministrant priest comes by the straighter paths, he brings the 
oblations for your enjoyment; thenlord of the Niyut steeds, drink of both kinds, 
the Soma pure and that mixed with milk. [Priest comes: i.e., from 
thehavirdha_na, a cart for the Soma]. 

8.101.11 Verily you are great, O Sun; verily, A_ditya, you are great; the 
greatness of you, the greatone,ispraised; verily you are great, O god. 

8.101.12 Verily, O sun, you are great in fame; O god, you are indeed mighty 
among the gods in might; you arethe slayer of the asuras, and the preceptor (of 
the gods); your glory is widespread and to be marred by none.[Slayer of the 
asuras: asuryah = asura_n.a_m hanta_; or, beneficent to living beings]. 

8.101.13 She who was created beautiful and bright, bending downwards and 
receiving all praise, has been seenwithin (the world), like a bridled cow, 
advancing to the ten regions (spread out) like arms. [She: us.as, the dawn,or 
the light of the Sun]. 

8.101.14 Three kinds of creatures went to destruction; the others came before 
Agni; the mighty one (the Sun)stood within the worlds; (Va_yu), the purifier, 
entered the quarters of the sky. [Legend: S'atapatha Bra_hman.a2.5.1: Praja_pati 
desired to create and after intense meditation, produced in succession, three 
kinds ofcreatures-- birds, small snakes (sarisr.pa), and serpents; but they all 
died. He then reflected on the cause of thefailure; and, perceiving it to be the 
want of nourishment, he caused milk to be produced in his own breasts. 
Afterthis, he created a fourth kind which were thus fed and lived. The 'others' 
are those which thus survived. Themighty one: the Sun and others; or, 

8.101.15 (She who is) the mother of the Rudras, the daughter of the Vasus, the 
sister of the A_dityas, the homeof ambrosia-- I have spoken to men of 
understqanding-- kill not her, the sinless inviolate cow. 

8.101.16 The divine cow, who herself utters, speech and gives speech to others, 
who comes attended by everykind of utterance, who helps me for my worship of the 
gods-- it is only the fool who abandons her. [Gives speechto others: men are 
silent while they are hungry,but begin to speak when they have eaten food].

8.102.01 Divine Agni, the ever young, the wise, the protector of the household, 
it is you who give abundant foodto the worshipper. 

8.102.02 Resplendent one, do you, the all-knower, bring the gods here with this 
our reverential hymn of praise. 

8.102.03 O ever youthful one, with you as our ally, the sender of wealth, we 
overcome (our enemies) fo rtheattainemnt of food. 

8.102.04 Like Aurva Bhr.gu and like Apanva_n, I invoke the pure Agni, dwelling 
in the midst of the sea. [AurvaBhr.gu: Aurva, the descendant of Bhr.gu 
(sometimes he is called the son, sometimes the grandson, andsometimes only the 
descendant); Aurva became the submarine fire; or, aurvabhr.gu = like Aurva and 
Bhr.gu(dvandva compound); Apnava_na: mentioned as one of the Bhr.gus in RV 
4.7.1; dwelling in the midst of the sea:samudrava_sasam = 
samudramadhyavartina_m, clothed or hidden by the sea]. 

8.102.05 I invoke Agni, dwelling in the midst of the sea, the wise one, roaring 
like the wind, might, with a voicelike Parjanya's. 

8.102.06 I invoke Agni dwelling in th emidst of the sea, like the energy of 
Savita_, like the enjoyments granted byBhaga. [Like the energy of Savita_: savam 
savituh = prerakasya devasya prasavam; cf. 8.100.12; like theenjoyments granted 
by Bhaga: bhagasyeva bhujim = bhaga_khyasya devasya bhogam iva; or, bhuji =like 
thefavour of Bhaga]. 

8.102.07 (Draw) near to Agni the strong, the mightiest, him who expands (with 
his flames), the grandson of theinvincible ones. [Invincible ones: adhvara_n.a_m 
= ahim.sya_na_m balina_m]. 

8.102.08 (Draw near) that he may deal with us as a carpenter (TVas.t.a_) deals 
with the timber he has to cut;may we become renowned by his skill. 

8.102.09 Among the gods Agni has to do with all the successes (of men); may he 
come to us with abundance offood. 

8.102.10 Praise at our rite Agni, the most glorious of all ministrant priests, 
the foremost in the sacrifice. 

8.102.11 (Praise him) the dweller in the sacrifice, of purifying radiance, who 
shines, the chief of the gods andomniscient, in the house (of the sacrificers). 

8.102.12 O priest, glorify him, who is welcome and strong as a horse, and who 
like a friend conquers all foes. 

8.102.13 The sister praises of the worshipper rise to you, proclaiming your 
glories; they stand kindling you in thepresence of Va_yu. [ani_ke = sami_pe 
tva_m samedhayantyas]. 

8.102.14 The waters find their place in him, for whom the triple-jointed grass 
is spread unlimited and untied (inthe sacrifice). [Waters find their place in 
him: waters rest in Agni, who abides as lightning in the firmament;triple-
jointed grass: tridha_tu = triparvan; sacred grass is not tied in bundles in the 
sacrifice; tridha_tu = threeelements]. 

8.102.15 Auspicious is the place of the god who pours forth all desires with his 
inviolable protections; auspiciousis his appearance like the Sun's. 

8.102.16 Divine Agni, blazing with radiance, through our oblations of ghi_, bear 
(our sacrifice) to the gods andoffer it. 

8.102.17 The gods, as mothers, have borne you An:girasa, the seer, the immortal, 
the bearer of the oblation. 

8.102.18 The gods seat you in your place, O wise Agni, the seer, the messenger, 
the most excellent the bearerof the oblation. 

8.102.19 No cow is mine, and no axe is at hand to cleave wood, but yet I bring 
both these to you. 

8.102.20 Most youthful (Agni), when we offer any kinds of timber trees to burn, 
you accept them all. [Any kinds oftimber: Taittiri_ya Sam.hita_ 5.1.10: in 
ancient times they only offered to Agni wood cut with the axe, until the 
r.s.iPrayoga by this verse caused him to accept wood blown down by the wind or 
by other accidents]. 

8.102.21 Whatever timber the ant has gnawed, whatever the emmet has infested-- 
may it all be welcome to youas ghi_. 

8.102.22 Let a man, when he kindles Agni, perform the ceremony with a (devout) 
mind; he kindles him with thepriests. [idhe = indhe].

8.103.01 He, in whom they offer the sacrifices, has appeared-- he who knows all 
ways; our praises rise to Agni,auspiciously born, the helpeer of the A_rya.  

8.103.02 Agni, when invoked by Divoda_sa, ran along the mother Earth as with 
might, towards the gods; he tookhis place in the height of heaven. 

8.103.03 Since men tremble before those who perform the sacred sacrifices, 
therefore, do you devoutly worshipin the solemn rite Agni the bestower of 
thousands of kine. 

8.103.04 Agni, bestower of dwellings, that mortal whom you wish to lead to 
wealth, and who gives offerings toyou possess of himself a strong son, a reciter 
of hymns and a lord of great wealth. [A lord of great wealth:sahasrapos.in.a = 
bahudhanam, nourisher of thousands]. 

8.103.05 Lord of vast wealth, he (your worshipper) spoils with his steed food 
laid up even in strongholds, hepossesses imperishable wealth; in you divine we 
ever possess all desirable treasures. 

8.103.06 To him the invoker of the gods, who ever rejoicing distributes all 
wealth to men-- to Agni proceed ourpraises like the principal cups of the 
exhilarating Soma. 

8.103.07 The liberal worshippers with their hymns honour you harnessed to the 
car like a horse; graceful lord ofmen, grant wealth to us rich in children and 
grandchildren. [With their hymns honour you: chariots of the gods areyoked by 
the praises of their worshippers; riich in children: ubhe and toke are treated 
as dual]. 

8.103.08 Singers of hymns, sing aloud to the mighty Agni, most bounteous, 
observant of truth an dradiant withbrightness. 

8.103.09 The wealthy and glorious (Agni), when invoked and kindled, pours forth 
on his votaries abundance offood with children; may his ever fresh favour 
continually come to us with all kinds of food. 

8.103.10 Praise, singer of hymns, the guest, Agni, the dearest of the dear, the 
driver of chariots. [a_sa_va =stota_]. 

8.103.11 (Praise him) the knower, worthy of the sacrifice, who brings to us 
treasures which have come up (fromthe depths) and are far-renowned-- whose 
(flames), as he hastend to wage the battle by means of our sacred riteand hard 
to be passed through as waves rushing down a declivity. [Far renowned: nidita_ = 
s'ruta_ni; by meansof our sacred rite: dhiya_ = karman.a_; the offering gives 
the god strength for the battle]. 

8.103.12 May none hinder Agni from coming to us, our guest, the giver of 
dwellings, praised by many-- (Agni)who is the excellent invoker of the gods, who 
offers an excellent sacrifice. 

8.103.13 Agni, giver of dwellings, let not those come to harm, who approach you 
in whatever manner with hymnsof praise; the worshipper who offers his libation 
and duly performs the rite praises you that you may be thebearer of the 

8.103.14 Agni, who have the Maruts as your friends, come with the Rudras to 
drinkt he Soma; come to thepraises of Sobhari; delight yourself at our solemn 

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