The Prisoner of Azkaban Diaries - Severus Snape

Day One:
My worst nightmares have come true. Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban and Remus Lupin is the new DADA professor. I had always hoped to never see Lupin's face again. That battered look of his is still kind of tempting.

Day Two:
To get rid of Lupin's presence, I told the students all about werewolves when I had to do his lesson because of the full moon. But I guess they are all too dump to figure it out.

Day Three.
I just caught Harry Potter sneaking around school grounds at night. He is just as arrogant as his father. And he gets along just as good with Lupin. Hmmph, James Potter also always stood between me and Remus!

Day Four:
I saw Lupin leaving the castle and followed him. He went to the Shrieking Shack. And whom did I find there: Sirius Black!
He looked wild and mad and strong, and he had quite interesting tattoos on his chest. I could see them because his shirt was ripped. We were busy with shouting insults at each other when suddenly Lupin had to meddle in. They were fighting like an old married couple! It's so frustrating, I never could get close to any of the Marauders because the others always were around!
Sirius Black, however escaped and I think Albus had a hand in it. He always had a weak spot for that bastard.

Day Five:
Lupin left Hogwarts. I'm glad, he always was too tempting.

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