The Prisoner of Azkaban Diaries - Sirius Black

Day One:
Escaped from Askaban. Woof-woof!

Day Two:
Seen Harry. Looks like James.

Day Three:
Live from rats mostly. Quite tasty, woof!

Day Four:
Grrrr! Asked the Fat Lady to let me into the Gryffindor Common Room, so that I could kill Peter. Was really friendly, but she said no. Grrrr! Destroyed picture, but she screamed so loudly I had to run away!

Day Five:
Grrrrrrr! Saw Peter, but Harry's friend had him, so I grabbed Harry's friend and dragged both into the Shrieking Shack. Harry and the girl followed. Then Moony came, too! Was great to see him again, woof-woof!
Then Snape came. Was not great to see him, I wanted to bite him, but he had a wand. I really got angry when Moony meddled into our fight. Does he want Snape all for himself? Harry knocked Snape out with an Expelliarmus, guess he also wants him for himself. Pronks at least knew how to share. Woof!
Peter escaped by turning into a rat, grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
But at least Harry and the girl helped me escape by giving me a hippogriff. Not as good as a flying motor-bike, but it's a start.
Going to send Harry a broom in return, woof!

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