The Prisoner of Askaban Diaries - Ron Weasley

Day One:
I met Hermione and Harry today. The first second Hermione and I had a fight because her cat wanted to eat Scabbers! She's quite cute when she is angry... Arrgh, I don't know anymore whom I like better, her or Harry.

Day Two:
There was a Dementor in the train! Harry fainted and I was really worried about him. Hermione was worried, too. Oh, and we met our new DADA teacher. Looks like he is poor, just like me.

Day Three:
Hagrid showed us a hippogriff.
That stupid Draco Malfoy could not stand that Harry paid more attention to the hippogriff than to him and shouted at it. Then he was surprised when the hippogriff attacked him! He should know that he has no chance with Harry. I mean, there is me, there is Hermione... I like her new hairstyle!

Day Four:
I wonder about Hermione, she seems to have learned to appear out of nowhere. Amazing girl!

Day Five:
I was so looking forward to going alone with Hermione to Hogsmeade, and then, what happened? First Malfoy and his gang appeared (I wonder what happened to Goyle?) and then Harry joined us. I mean, I can have Harry anytime in our dormitory, but I am hardly alone with Hermione!

Day Six:
Hermione's cat ate Scabbers! Never going to forgive her.

Day Seven:
Crookshanks did not eat Scabbers. Actually, Scabbers was not even a rat... but a quite disgusting wizard! And I let him sleep in my bed! Oh, and Sirius Black was not evil. And Professor Lupin is a werewolf.
I wonder, though, what was going on between Professor Lupin, Professor Snape and Sirius Black in the Shrieking Shack. They were shouting and fighting, but obviously there was more behind it. After all, Hermione and I also are often fighting and I really, really like her.

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