The Prisoner of Azkaban Diaries - Remus Lupin

Day One:
I'm back at Hogwarts! It's like coming home. Everyone's here, Minerva, Albus... and Severus. He looks quite old for his age, but I guess I do so, too. On the train I saved Harry Potter from a Dementor. He looks just like James at his age!

Day Two:
I'm giving Harry private lessons in casting the Patronus spell. Everyday he reminds me more on James and Lily... I've got to be careful to remember that I cannot relive the special relationship the Marauders had. I mean, he is much too young for me.

Day Three:
Severus is quite as nosy as he has always been. His curiosity is quite charming!
In the old days we often acted secretively just because Severus was so cute when he tried to spy after us.

Day Four:
Ok, today I found out that Peter is still alive but evil and that Sirius is innocent.
Sirius is quite out of his mind, and he looks really run-down. But all I wanted to do when I saw him was shag him senseless. But then Severus came into the Shrieking Shack, and he and Sirius had only eyes for each other. Like in old times they were shouting insults at each other, and just like in old times even a blind man could see that in reality they are really deeply in lust with each other. Grrr! I tried to distract Sirius, but his interest always returned to Severus.
Then everything went very fast. Harry knocked out Severus, we left the Shrieking Shack and I turned into a werewolf. Don't remember what happened next, but Albus told me that both Peter and Sirius escaped.

Day Five:
I better leave Hogwarts. I told Harry I'd leave because someone had said that I am a werewolf, but I really leave because I can't stand anymore being near Severus without... Maybe Sirius will be more... welcoming.

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