The Prisoner of Askaban Diaries - Peter Pettigrew

Day One:
Egypt was way too hot!

Day Two:
Squeek! Squeeek! Squeek.

Day Three:
That Granger girl has a cat. I hate cats, squeek!

Day Four:
Stupid cat tried to kill me!

Day Five:
Stupid squeek cat tried to kill me again!

Day Six:
That's enough! It tried to kill me again. I'm moving to Hagrid's.

Day Seven:
Hagrid found me and gave me back to Ron!
I bit him and tried to run away, but he followed me, and when he got me, Padfoot appeared out of nowhere and carried us into the Shrieking Shack! Sirius has broken out of Azkaban? Amazing! Squeek. When Moony came, it was almost like in old times, all of the Marauders together. But, squeek, they wanted to give me to the Dementors!
So I just turned and run away.

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