The Prisoner of Askaban Diaries - Hermione Granger

Day One:
Ron accused me that my cat tried to kill his rat. Such a stupid boy! But he is also quite sweet. I really don't know whom I like better, him or Harry. They are both really pretty, too.

Day Two:
Draco was attacked by a hippogriff, but it was his own fault. He could not stand that Harry was paying more attention to the hippogriff than to him, so he offended it.

Day Three:
I was prepared for a romantic day in Hogsmeade alone with Ron when Harry joined us. I anyway don't know how to choose between them. Then Harry found out that Sirius Black had been a friend of his father and had betrayed him. It was good that we were there for Harry. I wonder whether bigamy is allowed in the wizarding world? I will search for books about it.

Day Four:
Madame Pince did not want to give me any books about witches and bigamy. She looked quite shocked that I had asked. Hey, I only want to learn everything about the wizarding world, after all I'm Muggle-born. Oh, and Professor Lupin is a werewolf.

Day Five:
Draco's father made sure that buckbeak (Hagrid's hippogriff) would be killed. On the way to Hagrid's hut we met Draco and I have beaten him black and blue!
Then we found Scabbers, but he was not Scabbers but a wizard named Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black is innocent. We found that out when Sirius attacked Ron, dragged him into the Shrieking Shack and we followed. Sirius Black and Professor Lupin had an argument with Professor Snape. That was a really interesting triangle jealousy fight. Ron and I also always argue, though I really, really like him.
Later Professor Lupin turned into a werewolf and Sirius was caught while Peter escaped, but Dumbledore gave us some time to rescue him.

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